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Janet's New Life

(As a blonde)

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 Janet's New Life

(as a blonde.)

By Willy


I have never been this happy as I am with my new life in Recife, Brazil. I am free from the men in my life that tried to dominate me. I have a job that I love and enjoy. The hotel where I am employed is overly generous. So are the hotel quests that I have catered to. They have flooded me with gifts and money. With the tips and the free room and board at the hotel, I do not have to touch a penny of my nest egg. I do not have all the money that I had planed to have. If I don’t squander what I have, I will never have worry about money again in my life or men to support me. I can live a very comfortable life with the money I have with out putting a dent in nest egg.

Goodbye Howard, Allen, Peter, Tom and Ted, I hope I never see anyone of you again. I hope that there is no one else in this world looking for me. If will be just my luck if Ted pops out of the woodwork. I was trying to forget about Ted and my past. I was hoping that my past would never show its ugly head again.

I fell alive for the first time in years. I am between quest and enjoying a late lunch at the hotel. I looked around the restaurant at the happy and smiling faces. As my eyes circled the restaurant, I saw Timmy, the hotel youngest bellhop approaching me. I loved teasing him. He is going to be very good-looking man when he grows up. When I see him, I wish that I was still a teenager. He must be driving the young girls in Recife crazy. He wakes up my sleeping libido. I love to tease him. It make me feel young again To get him sexily aroused, all I have to do is explore his body with my eyes and stare at his crotch for a moment then slowly look up into his eyes with a wanton look on my face. The poor thing’s beautiful tanned face would turn to a bright red. I stood up and gave Timmy a hug and a peck on the cheek. I asked, “Why do I have the pleasure of the hotel’s handsomest man?”

I thought that I had a new hotel guest to entertain. Timmy nervously said, “I do not want to interrupt your lunch; there is a gentleman in the lobby that is looking for you. I knew that you were here. But, I told him that I did not know if you were in the hotel. If you want, I can tell him that I could not find you.”

I put my arm around Timmy and said, “I have finished eating. Let’s go see who’s looking for me.”

I wasn’t expecting anyone. Who in hell could this be? We headed for the lobby. I caressed the back of Timmy’s neck and said, “Can you describe the man that is looking for me.”

Timmy looked over at me and said, “I think you know him. I saw you with him a while back. He has gray hair and he is quite old.”

Oh shit, what the hell does he want? I haven’t seen Tom since he gave me my new passport. How in hell does he know that I am working here? As we were approaching the lobby, I saw Tom waiting impatiently. What in hell does he want? I approached Tom, smiled and stuck my hand out to greet him. He did not take my hand. With fear and anger that showed on his face, and with a hateful tone of voice, Tom loudly said, “You lied to me. The FBI is looking for you. You are wanted for murder in the States. There are people here looking for you. I had to report you to the authorities. I called Washington and you are on the most wanted list. I wanted to let you know that I have no choice. I am the one that pushed through your new passport. I had to tell the authorities.”

People in the lobby turned and stared at us, I felt like someone had hit me in the stomach. I could not move. I did not know what to do. I looked around the lobby for help. There was no one there to help me. Everyone in the lobby froze in their tracks and continued to stare at me. Tom turned around and walked away from me. I went into shock. I just stood there. Frozen for a few minutes until Tom words sunk into me. I had to stop the bastard. I can’t let him tell the authorities. I have to have some time to get away from here. I ran out of the hotel after Tom. I caught up with him at his car. I pleaded with him to give me some time before he told the authorities. He said that he had already told the police about me and he promised them that he would try to find me. I begged Tom to give me a few days before he told them where I was. He refused. We were screaming at each other. I held Tom back. I would not let him get into his car. He tried to pull away from me.  A man stepped out of a cab, walked over to us, and asked me if Tom was bothering me. I told him to get lost. Tom pulled away from me and went over to the stranger. They talked for a few moments. The man said something to Tom and walked away. The man turned around and calls me Janet. How does he know my real name? I yelled at him and said, “Who the hell are you?”

He did not say anything else. He got back in the cab and drove away. Again, I pleaded with Tom not to tell the police where I was. Tom would not listen to a word that I said. I did every thing I could to hold Tom back. Tom pulled away from me.  I screamed, yelled and pleaded with Tom. A police car drove up. An officer got out of the police car. Tom rushes over to police officer and spoke to the office in Portuguese. I ran for the hotel. The police officer ran after me and grabbed me just as I was entering the hotel. The employees and the hotel quest stopped and stared at me. I pleaded with them to help me. They did not move. They continued to stare at me and the officer. I fought the officer and tried to get away. He dragged me back to the police car. He locked me in the back seat of the police car. I screamed and pounded on the window for them to let me go. They ignored me. I felt helpless. My knuckles were sore and bleeding from pounding on the window. I collapsed and fell back on the seat and my mind went blank.

My new life in Brazil was gone. It felt like I was in a shell. I had completely given up. My world had collapsed around me I could not see or feel anything. I could not respond to anything they said to me. I knew what was going on around me, but I could not respond, nor did I want to do anything they said. With a little prodding, somehow, I did what they told me to do.

A few days later, I woke up in a jail cell. I asked the guard where I was. He laughed and said, “You are home. They cut your vacation in South America short. Welcome home.”

The last thing that I could remember, I was in a cell full of prostitutes yelling at me to go home. I guess they though that I was trying to take over there business. I did not care or had any desired to do anything. A few days later, they brought in a young attorney. I asked him who had hired him. He said that he was a public defender.  His name was Charles Patterson. He questioned me for hours. I did not cooperate or have the desire to cooperate with Charles. I felt like it was useless. In frustration, he said, “Janet, if you don’t help me, you will spend the rest of your life in prison.”

 After days of reviewing the prosecutor's case with Charles, I knew the bastard do not want to help me. I wanted to kill myself. Who in hell told them about me? Charles tried to get me to assist him with my defense. What could I do? They knew more about me than I knew about myself. I did not want to take the stand. I had given up all hope. I did not care if they sent me to the electric chair. I did not know what went on in the courtroom. I was in a daze. My mind blocked out the sound of their voices. I was in a make-believe world reliving my life. I never looked at the jury or anyone else in the courtroom.  I did not give a damn what would happen to me. In my heart, I knew this was the end of my life. Kill me now and get it over with.

When they dragged me into the courtroom, I glanced around to see if there was anyone in the courtroom that I knew. The bastard that I saw in Brazil was always there sitting in the same seat. I knew that my father would not set foot in the states again. They would lock up his ass. Mom left us when I was only a child. I have never seen my grandparents and I do not know if I have any that are living. I don’t think any of my high school or college friends would want to associate with a murderess. But, I still looked for a glow of help from someone. There was a fat old man sitting in the back of the court room. Every time I looked at him, he would smile and throw me a kiss. Who in hell is he?

I don’t think the Jury was out for ten minutes when they came back with a verdict. They convicted me of murdering Howard and Allen. They gave me a life sentence for each of the murders. Inside of me, I laughed. Are they going to question every newborn baby to find out if they are my reincarnation? After the appeal of my conviction, which Charles lost, they gave me a new home at the states women's prisons.  When they dragged me into the prison, they literally raped me. A woman explored every cavity of my body while two male guards watched. They almost cut all of my hair off. They outfitted me with a new orange wardrobe. Why didn't they give me a red outfit, it is my favorite color. 

My new home, behind bar:

They shackled me and paraded me through the prison. We came to a guard station. One of the guards with me said to the guard at the station, “I brought you a new guest. She won’t be leaving for a long time. Her name is Janet.”

The guard at the station did not say a word. I saw the lust in his face. He patted me down. I knew he wasn’t looking for anything. He only wanted to feel my body.

They opened the gate to the ward and escorted me to my new home. They removed the shackles and shoved me into a cell. As the guards were leaving, one of them said, “Sweet dreams.”

 The bitches in the other cells wanted to know my life history. I did not answer them. I shut them out of my mind. I did not want to talk with any of them. As the days passed I opened up a little to a few of the nicer ones. I had only been in my new home for about a week when a guard rapped on the bars on my cell and told me that I had a visitor. They shackled me and took me to the visitor's booth. At first, I did not recognize visitor. It was the young man that called me by my name in Recife.  He was in the court room every day of my trial. He said, “How are they treating you Janet.”

When I heard his voice, I knew who he was. It was Ted Wallace. He was the bastard that tracked me down. I wanted to kill him. I should have killed him when I had the chance. I held my temper and answered Ted, “Terrible, you are the son of a bitch that found me in Recife. What the hell are you doing here?”

Ted wanted me to tell him what Howard had done with the money that he had transferred from around the world. An argument broke out.  I wanted to kill him for tracking me down.  I wanted to know why he tracked me down. He yelled to me to shut up. I shut my mouth and listened. After he ripped me apart for trying to kill him, with all my anger and hate, I finally realized how he must have felt. I could since the affection that he still had for me. Knowing, there was nothing he could do for me, I still pleaded with him to help me. I did not know what happened to the fifty million. If I knew, I would never tell him. I was not going to tell him where I hid the money that I got from Allen after I killed him. When Ted was leaving, I lost control of my behavior; I went into a tirade and pounded on the plate glass window for Ted to take me with him. I wanted his help so desperately. As he walked out the door, the realization of what my life would be from here on crushed my soul. Emotionally and physically, I blacked out. I could not move or hear what was going on around me. The world around me faded away.

I woke up in a padded cell. I had no idea how long I had been there. Slowly the bit and piece started to come together. The last thing that I remembered was a needle being stuck into my arm and I thought that the sun was going down to fast. It was getting dark to quickly.

When I woke up, my body was wet with urine. I called out and asked the guard to let me go to the bathroom. I pleaded with them. My bladder felt like it was going to bust. Finally, they came and let me go to the bathroom. They removed the straight jacket, let me bathe and gave me a clean orange jumper. They returned me to another padded cell. After another week, they put me back in the ward with the other prisoners.

A few weeks had passed. I was getting to know my new neighbors. One morning after they fed us, a group of guards came to my cell. They shackled me and took me to an office. A woman in her mid forties introduced herself. She told me that her name was Ginger. She questioned me for over an hour. I had very little memory of the trial or anything else that had happen to me since they brought me back to America. I had blocked out everything that happen to me since they dragged me back home. I did not confess in the court room and I did not confess to her. She did not believe me and neither would I. I lied to her like I never lied before. I could not believe that I had blocked out everything that had happen to me since I left Brazil. Ginger finally gave up and sent me back to my cell.

 As the weeks pasted, Ginger continued to question me about my past. Bits and pieces of my life that I could not remember before started to surface. A number of doctors examined me. Each one of them had a different opinion of what had happened to me. After they gave Ginger their opinions, I told Ginger that I felt that I did not want to face what was happening to me and my brain blocked it out. Ginger started to question me about the years before Allen and Howard were murdered. I told Ginger about the tangled web of extortion and embezzlement off the funds by Allen and Howard.  I told Ginger about the beating that Howard gave me in Cancun and the trip back to the states. I knew it was dangerous for a woman to take off alone with three men on a long trip across the ocean. I wanted to get as far away from Howard as I could. It was worth the chance just to get away from Howard. I hired three-men to take me back the Brownsville, Texas. It was a nice trip until the evening that the crew woke me up breaking into my cabin. There was only a small latch holding the door shut. Frightened, I grabbed a pistol from under my pillow. I ordered them out of my cabin. I told them to go up on deck. I followed them. I asked them why they had broken into my cabin. They could not give me a reason. Martinez said that they did not have any intentions of harming me. I asked them a number of times why they had broken into my cabin. They could not or would not give me a reasonable answer. I was not going to tell Ginger about the money that they were trying to steal from me. I told Ginger that I though that they had came to get me and throw me overboard and steal my boat. I order them to get there things and launch the motor boat. When they were in the motor boat, I went below and retrieved the envelopes with the money that I was going to pay them for taking me to Brownsville. When I got back on deck, they were trying to get back aboard the yacht. I untied the rope and threw the rope overboard and watched them fade away in the darkness. That was the last time I saw them. We had hugged the Mexican coast all the way from Cancun.

Ginger said, “The shrimp boat fisherman found them fifty miles off the Mexican coast.”

I said, “They could have drifted out to sea or Martinez must have headed out to sea. The gas tank and the spare tank were filled before we left Cancun. The motor boat does not use that much gas.”

 Ginger continued, “They also found a UZI in your apartment in Recife after they brought you back home. It was used to shoot up Ted Wallace’s apartment.  Why did you want to kill him?”

“I had not reason to kill Ted. He may have shot up his own apartment to draw the blame from himself. One of his friends could have hid the UZI in the attic of my apartment in Recife. Ted was the one that found me in Recife. He could have put it there himself.”

          Ginger shook her head and said, “Janet, why are you lying to me. Ted Wallace wasn’t anywhere close to his apartment when the shooting took place.”

Calmly, I said, “Anyone in the building could have shot up the apartment. It wasn’t me. I am not lying to you. You just don’t want to hear the truth.”

Ginger looked over at the guard and tilted her head. The guard took my arm and brought me back to my cell. After another week of third degree, they finally gave up and stopped questioning me.  Fortunately, Ginger hasn’t questioned me since.

          During the long hours to myself, I looked at all of my options. I could kill myself. I could wilt away in this hellhole or I could try to escape. If I stayed here, what type of life would I have? I will shrivel up and die. If I tried to escape and they caught me, they will drag me back here. If I don’t try to escape, I will go crazy for not trying to escape. If I try to think of a way to escape, at least it would take my mind off this fucking place.

Most of the ward is filled with lifers. The lifers are kept under tight security. Every time I left my cell, they shackled me. They bring my meals to me. The only time that they didn’t shackle an inmate is when they are dead or when they are unconscious. I could see myself trying to break out of here with the damn shackles on.

Once a week they take us outside and let us breathe the fresh air. Oh, how I have missed the warm sun shining down on me. If brought back my life in Recife. Every time I think of Recife, I want to kill myself for not killing Ted when I had the chance. I dreaded it when they rounded us up like a herd of cows and paraded us back to our cells.

The only ones that they did not shackle when they left their cell were the ones that were unconscious. I had to find a way to appear that I was unconscious. How in hell does one pretend to be unconscious and still control what they are doing?  I had plenty of time to practice. I timed myself to see how long I could hold my breath. I had never realized how much discomfort it was. I passed out a couple of times. I taught myself to breathe very slowly and not use up the oxygen to rapidly. If the Buddhist monks can suspend their consciousness for a long period of time, so can I. Otherwise I will spent the rest of my life in this hell hole and never have a chance to escape.

As the months passed, I was given a little more freedom. I had been questioned dozens of times about the missing money by different people. I did not know who to believe, Allen or Howard. Where did the twenty million that Howard embezzled go?  They said that fifty million was still missing. Howard said that Ted had stolen it, yet Allen felt that Howard had stashed it somewhere. If Howard had stashed the money away, why was he living in poverty in Cancun? When Ted came to see me, he said that Allen had transferred the money. Ted said that he did not have access to the master computer or the vault. I do not think Howard was smart enough to do it and if he had, he would not have come looking for me. It had to be Ted or Allen.

          I had plenty of time to reminisce. If they don’t find the fifty million that they say is missing, will Ted come back and questioned me again? Everyone in the country has questioned me so far. I was thinking of the number of times that the guard rapped on my bar, and said that I had a visitor. It has been a few months since I had a visitor. Maybe, now they will leave me alone.

 I was half-asleep when Dale rapped on the cell bars. It scared the hell out of me. I yelled, “Dale, why in hell do you do that every time you come by my cell?”

Dale said, “Sweetheart, I just like to bust your ass. But, today I wanted to wake you up. You have another visitor.”

I asked, “Who in hell is it this time?”

“I don’t know sweetheart. They just told me to send you down to the visitor’s room.”

  Dale only put the handcuffs on me. It was the first time out of my cell without shackles. When I entered the booth, for a moment, I did not recognize who was sitting there. It took a few minutes to recognize Ted. A woman was seated and he was standing behind her. I wondered what the hell he wanted. Was he going to question me again about the fifty million?

Ted said, “Happy birthday.”

Who in hell is that woman with Ted? Ted introduced me to his wife Pam. The guard opened the door behind me and gave me a bag. I looked in the bag. Again, Ted wished me a happy birthday. It was nice of Ted to think of me on my birthday. I make a sarcastic comment about Ted’s face-lift. Pam raked me across the coals. She did not let Ted say another word. She was a smart bitch. She verbally chopped me up. I could see why Ted pick her, what did she pick Ted.  What in hell did Pam see in Ted before he had a face-lift that I did not see? Now he is a nice looking guy. Before Pam had a chance to thrash me again, I thanked them for the presents. Since Pam had given me hell, I wanted to shake her up. I gave Ted a flirtatious smile. I winked at Ted as I left the booth. I envied Pam.  She was free, and had to have a lot of money to be about to afford these expensive gifts. Was this gift bought by part the fifty million that is still missing?

As I was approaching the ward, Dale said, “Who came to see you and what do you have in the bag.”

I sarcastically said, “None of your fucking business.”

The guard that escorted me said, “It was one of her old boyfriends and his wife. Janet is pissed that she did not hook him.”

I lashed out at the guard and said, “When I knew Ted, he was the ugliest man on the face of the earth. The bastard got a face-lift, stole fifty million from the bank and that whore latched on to him.”

The guard that escorted me laughed, and said, “Janet is just pissed that she didn’t marry Ted. I know the woman that was with Ted. She is filthy rich and very beautiful. She is worth a lot more than fifty million. She gives that much to charities.” 

Every inmate in the ward was listening to the conversation. They started to heckle me. I felt like the world had been pulled out from under me. I had not felt this bad about myself since Ted came to the Jail to question me about the money that was still missing. Everyone in the ward started heckling me. This dragged me down emotionally another few notches. Emotionally, I was at the bottom. I felt that I could not go down any further.  I clammed up and didn’t say another word. They all were baiting me. They want to get me into an argument with them. I had learned that if I defended myself, everyone in the ward would be on my ass. Why fight them verbally. I lay down and tried to ignore them. The chatter continued until Dale told them to shut up. I still could not go to sleep. Every time in my life when I have been emotionally slapped in the face: moments like this come back to haunt me. I had never felt this empty in my life. This feeling haunted me for the next few weeks until I kick myself in the ass and said, “Snap out of it. Stop thinking about my short comings; think about the happier times in my life.”

I could not think of any really happy times in my life and I don’t think that there were any. If Pam is as wealthy as the guard said she is, she could afford gifts as expensive as the ones that she gave me. She must have been a rich spoiled brat. I use the gifts sparingly. Months passed, and I still have most of the gifts that she gave me. I do not know when I will have the money to buy the perfumes of that quality again. How in hell did Ted latch onto her. That was the bitch that was with Ted the night we kidnapped him. Howard had gone to sleep. I though we would have had to kidnap the both of them. We should have.

Oh shit, how I miss my old life. Even the miserable life I had with Howard was better than this. Face it; I have to find a way out of this dump. I hope they haven’t found the money that I invested in the states and in Recife. My biggest problem will be to get it out of the country and get it back to Recife. The 12 million that Allen had in his home was a blessing. It took me hours to package it and stuff if in the trunk of my car. Thank God no one showed up at his home while I was there. I would have had to kill them too.

As the months passed, they lightened up on me. I could associate with the other prison inmates. I had never believed that woman were so damn horny. Every bitch I came into contact with wanted to mess around. There weren’t any of them that I wanted to mess around with. On the other hand, there were a number of guards that turned me on. I guess if you want it that much, any body contact would be enjoyable. I had succeeded in putting a little fire in the furnace of a few guards. When I was in my cell, I left the top two buttons on my blouse open and gave them a good view of my thighs. I saw the lust in their eyes when they passed my cell. I would look up and down at their bodies, come up halfway, and stop for a moment or two and give them a sexy smile. I could sense the arousal radiating from their bodies.  Their lust warmed me up a little. I would have invited them in, but there were too many hungry bitches around. I would have started a riot in the ward. Maybe, some day I could use them to brake out of this dump.

I was getting bored. I started to associate with the other inmates. In this little wing of lifers, there were twenty women. I did my best to get them to like me. I would tell them jokes about the men in my life. There were a few bitches that would not give me the time of day. Do they hate me? Why? I had never seen then before. Are they afraid of me because I was convicted of killing Howard and Allen? Or is this what happens to you when you have been locked up for a long time and don’t expect to ever get out?

There was a bully at the end of the wing. The bitch was strong as an ox. I did everything not to antagonize her. I don’t want to go through what Howard had done to me in Cancun. I think she is stronger than Howard was. That poor kid that is her room mate must be going through hell. That bitch could make her do anything that she wants.

 If I was going to pull something, I wanted every one the cellblock to be with me, instead of being against me. Ted wife had told me that I should have seen the type of person that Ted was by looking beyond his facial appearance. She had seen the type of man that he was the very first time she had seen him. She had looked into his eyes, not at his face. I tried to look into eyes of all the women in my ware as Pam had said. I want to know how everyone in the ward felt about me. I could see the friendliness, the envy, the hate and the ones that had no feeling one way or the other about me. I will probably never know how they truly felt about me. I looked at myself and wonder if the people they knew had trusted them as much as Ted trusted me, I am not sure if Allen and Howard had trusted me. I never gave a damn about either one of them. I only used them. Were they using me? Sure they were. Ted was the only one of the three that seamed to like me. Would he have married me? All Allen and Howard want to do was fuck me.

I laid there listening to the snoring, remembering the first time Howard came into my office. The bastard wanted me the first time he laid eyes on me. I knew that I had him hooked the moment he walked into my office. The bastard fooled me with the line of bullshit he gave me. I thought that he was smart enough to pull off the embezzlement without being caught. Where did he screw up?

Early one morning a female guard came in and gave me a strip search. She had me strip down. She looked into my mouth and examined both of my lower cavities. She examined every garment that I put on. She cuffed my hands behind me. I had questioned her when she first came in. I wanted to know why she was searching me. She told me to shut up and not to say another word.

          She called the guards. Two men opened the cell door. With one on each side of me and the female guard following behind, they paraded me through catacombs of the building. The air was musty and damp. We reached an elevator. There were three guards waiting. They helped me into the elevator and left the other three behind. The guard pushed the top button. I could not see around the guard. I did not know how many floors were in the building. When the elevator stopped and the door opened. It was a pleasure to see the world outside through the large windows. It gave me a little taste of freedom and brought back the days when I was free. I wanted to be free again. I wanted to make a dash for it. The damn guards had a tight grip on my arms. The realization of where I was came back to me. 


The Warden:

We stopped at a large oak door. The plaque on the door read, Warden Samuel Claxton. One of the guards knocked on the door. The door was opened by Ginger. What the hell is that bitch doing here? I smiled and said, “Hello.”

The bitch did not say a damn thing. She looked over at a gentleman sitting at his desk. The bastard took a good look at me and smiled. Ginger looked like she was ready to slap me. I smiled at him and he gets up and points to a chair across the desk from where he was sitting. One of the guards led me to a chair that the gentleman had pointed to. He told me to please sit down. On the desk was a plank and it also had Warden Samuel Claxton engraved on it. Claxton nodded his head and the guard walked out of the room. Again I looked over at Ginger, smiled and said, “Good morning.”

Ginger put on a sarcastic smile and nodded her head. Claxton cleared his throat and said, “Janet, Ginger has told me a lot about you. I would like to hear about you from your own mouth. Getting to know the inmates is much better when I can hear and see them with my own eyes and ears. Tell me about yourself. Tell me how you happened to get yourself sentenced for two life terms. It looks like we will be neighbors for a long time. Go back as far as you want. Tell me where in your life did this start.”

Not knowing what I should tell him, I asked, “How far back should I go. To my childhood or start when the jury said that I was guilty.”

          Sam smiled at me and said, “Take your pick, any time between the two.”

          “I have told Ginger about my whole life. I don’t want to waste your time repeating the same thing Ginger had told you.”

          Sam said, “You can start when you were in medical school. Why did you change you curriculum in the middle of a semester from medical to law and accounting?”

          Just thinking about that moment of my life make me made me feel queasy. I felt like I was going throw up. I looked over at Sam; he pushed away from his desk. Ginger looked like she was get out of her chair even though she was close to me. The expression on Ginger and Sam faces blocked my thoughts. I almost laughed. Ginger asked, “Do you have an upset stomach.”

I nodded my head and said, “I remembered the moment quite clearly. We were all standing in an operating room at a hospital. They brought a cadaver into the room that had been opened up. Looking at the cadaver made me terribly sick. Just thinking about the incident almost made me throw up. I will try to think of something else so the nausea will go away. I cannot stand to look at a mutilated body of any degree. Ever since that incident, I become sick at my stomach every time I saw a disfigured person. The University suggested that I give up medical school. I was quit happy that they suggested it. My father was a doctor and he wanted me to take over his practice. He did not know that I would get squeamish and neither did I.”

          Sam said, “Why don’t we change the subject. Janet, why don’t you start when you finished college?”

I said to myself, you had better make it sound good. You want to make the bastard think that you are an angle. I looked up at Sam and forced tears to glisten in my eyes. I bowed my head and said. “My father had just taken his own life. He was very deeply in debt from obsessive gambling. The courts took all of my families possessions. It left me in debt for the balance of my education. After I graduated, I spent the next few years paying off the debt that had accumulated at the University. I was taking job that I could find. After a few years of looking for a decent job, I was finally hired as an assistant to a bank’s manager. The manager and I became very good friends. We dated and I became very attracted to manager. His name was Howard. When they hired me, I did not know that Howard was manipulating the banks funds until the auditors found something wrong with the banks accounting. It appeared that Howard was embezzling money from the bank. I was fired for no reason. I believe that they thought that both of us were involved in the embezzlement. I applied for a job at APB and they hired me as an assistant to their manager.”

“The bank that Howard and I were working for could not find anything to charge Howard with. Howard was going to take them to court. Howard and the bank agreed on a settlement. Howard was forced to resign and was given a very nice severance pay. Mr. Peterson at APB hired Howard and replaced their bank manager with Howard. I believe Mr. Peterson had already started embezzling money from his own bank and he was trying to find an escape goat to blame the embezzlement on. I think that Mr. Peterson knew the problem that Howard had been through and Howard was an excellent choice for an escape goat. The bank went under and they were blaming everyone for the embezzlement, including Howard and I. I told Howard to quit. If he did not, they would surely indict him for embezzlement. Howard and I were still very close. Since the bank went under, they fired most of the employees. I was one of the employees that were fired. Howard resigned and we took the money that he received in the settlement and bought a boat to sail around the world in. We were very happy together. We were planning to be married. We were living on the yacht in Mexico. We could live a very comfortable life with the settlement Howard was given. Howard wanted to go back and defend himself. He had not embezzled any of the banks money. I did not want to go bank. I knew in my heart that Peterson had set up Howard. We argued and our relationship fell apart. During an argument with Howard, he went into a tirade. I was very seriously injured. I was in a hospital for two weeks. To say the least, that ended our relationship. The Mexican police arrested Howard. There was a backlog of cases and our case would not start for six month. I could not stand being on the boat alone. I did not want to be around when Howard was released. I wanted to go back home. I knew it was dangerous to take the trip alone in the yacht. Also, it was dangerous to hire someone that I did not know anything about. I took the chance and hired three men to take me and the boat back to Brownsville. Neither one of them knew the other two. I though that I would be safer if they did not know each other. I wanted to get as far away from Howard as I could. The trip back to Brownville was pleasant. Late one evening after I went to bed, I was awakened by the three men roaming around the yacht. Somehow, they had unlatched my cabin door. The door swung open and the three of them came in. I grabbed my pistol and yelled at them to get out. I thought that they were going to kill me and take the boat. We were almost in Brownsville; I made them get into the motor boat. When they were all in the motor boat, I ran back to my cabin and got the envelopes with their pay in it. I went back up on deck; they were trying to get back aboard the yacht. I aimed the gun at them and they climbed back into the motorboat. I handed Martinez the envelopes and untied the rope that held the motor boat. I watched the boat drift off into the darkness. That was the last time I saw them. In the distance, I heard them starting the motor boat. I assumed that Martinez knew which way to go to get ashore. He had navigated the boat from Cancun.

Ginger spoke up and said that a shrimp boat picked them up fifty miles from shore. We were only 5 or 6 miles off shore. From the bow of the boat I could see the lights along the shore. I have not idea how they got fifty miles from the shore. I dropped the sails, and headed for Brownville under diesel power and returned home. When I got home, everyone was looking for Howard and me. They wanted us for embezzling money from APB. I did not dare go back to my home. I rented an apartment and stayed there. I hardly went anywhere. On the news, I heard that someone killed Allen. They arrested some young girl for his murder. They let her go and started looking for me. I had not seen Allen since Howard and I went to Cancun. I read in the paper that they were looking for me for killing Allen. I fled the country and ended up in Brazil. I think you know the rest.”

          Sam said, “Janet, do you think you were wrongfully accused of murdering Howard and Allen?”

          “Yes sir, I don’t know who killed them. It could have been Allen’s wife, Ted Wallace or someone else at the bank. Allen had to have someone help him move all that money to the other bank. The person that helped Allen move the five hundred million dollars probably killed Allen.  I did not know about the money that was hidden in the other bank.”

          Sam questioned Janet, “The young girl said she left her pocket book in your home. How did her driver’s license get to the crime scene?”

          “I did not know that she had been in my home. Allen must have brought her to my home. Before the bank went under, Allen and I dated. He took me out to dinner a couple of times. He knew where my home was. He must have come for a visit when I was in Mexico. Since I wasn’t around he used it to entertain the young girl. Allen must have been there with the girl and she left her pocket book in my home. I was living in an apartment when I came back from Mexico. Since the police were looking for me, I was afraid to go back to my home. Allen must have come back to my home to pick up her pocket book and left it at his home where the police found it.”

          Ginger rolled her eyes. I knew she did not believe me earlier and Claxton was also taking glances at Ginger. I knew that they did not believe a damn word I said. Sam pushed a button on his desk. The door behind me opened. The guard that brought me in walked over to me. I stood up and he cuffed me. Claxton nodded his head and said, “Thank you Janet. Please don’t cause any trouble. You are still a young woman. Your attorney may take your case to a higher court. If you cause any trouble here, it will kill your chances of getting another trial. Thank you and goodbye.”

          As I was walking to the door, I turned around and gave Sam a lustful smile, winked and said, “Thank you so very much for listening to my side. I won’t give you any trouble.”

          I caught an angry look on Ginger’s face. That bitch must be letting him hump her.

          They paraded me back through the prison and locked me in my cell. I had missed dinner. I asked Dale if they were going to feed me. He yelled, “Sweetheart, if you miss a meal here. You don’t get a second chance.”

          I was ready to give Dale hell, but I kept my cool. The way Sam looked at me after I smiled at him; I think I hooked him. I lay down on the cot and was thinking of how I could use Sam. Dale yelled, “What in the hell did you and the warden do. Did you jerk him off?”

          There was a thunder of laughter and shouting in the ward. I yelled back, “Are you jealous because I didn’t jerk you off.”

           Laughing Dale said, “You must have done something. He is sending your dinner over to you. This is the first time this has happened. What did you do to him?”

          I called back, “I told him the story of my life. I don’t think he or Ginger believed a word that I said. I did not do a damn thing. I could not do a damn thing with Ginger sitting between me and Sam.”

          Dale yelled back, “You could have had a three-sum.”

          With the roar of laughter, I heard the ward gate open. A voice said, “Where is Janet.”

          I got up, stuck my arm threw the bars, waved and said, “Over here sweetheart.”

          I had taken off my brassiere and left my blouse unbuttoned. When the guard saw me, his mouth flew open. I winked at him and said, “Darling it is so nice of you to bring my dinner to me. If I had some money, I would tip you. Would a kiss be enough?”

He nodded his head slightly and tried to slide the tray threw the slot in the cell door. The tray would not fit threw the slot in the door. I yelled at Dale, “Come and open the cell door.”

 He was already on his way. He opens the cell door and the guy sat the tray on the table. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I asked him if he wanted to join me. He shook his head and said, “I have already eaten. I have to wait for the tray and the silverware.”

          I ate silently and watched the young man drooling. It wasn’t the food that he wanted. I think he wanted to eat me. From the look on his face, if we were alone, he would have raped me.

          After my late dinner and the guard left with the tray, the ward went back to its normal self. Lustful women were enjoying themselves. I could hear their moans and groans. I wondered what Dale was thinking when he heard their moans and groans. Just the thought of having sex usually fires me up. Theirs sexual behavior did not excite me. I had other things on my mind. I wanted to get out of this hellhole. I was also wondering what Sam thought about the sob story that I told him. Papa did not kill himself. A friend of Papa’s used a cadaver and told the police that it was Papa. Papa is hiding somewhere in Europe with a new young bride. That cheep bastard left me stranded in college without a penny. If the university hadn’t given me a loan, I would have been on the street peddling my ass.

I did not have a roommate and I did not want one. Ginger is the one that decides who and when you can have a roommate. She told me that I had not been there long enough and it was for my safety. The other inmates might want revenge for what I had done.

          As the weeks and months passed, I enjoyed my privacy, the little that I had. I did not know who I would get as a cell mate. I liked to live in an orderly place. Some of the women were pigs; they had to be threatened before they cleaned up the mess they were living in.


They made me work for my keep, my new job:

          Ginger was looking for a job for me. Since I had a degree in accounting, they gave me a small office where I assisted the prison’s accountant, Paul Sawyer. It was a boring job. I was locked in a room alone and spent many long hours managing the prisons books. I was doing all of Paul’s work for him. Paul didn’t do a damn thing, but sit on his ass all day in an adjoining office. I had only been working for Paul a few days when the bastard hinted that he could make my life much easier if I was a little bit friendlier. There was no question what he want me to do. It was no way in hell he could make it easier for me. He wasn’t going to reduce my workload. The work had to be done by someone and he was not doing a damn thing. Also, I did not want to rush into a relationship with anyone too soon. Over the weeks, Paul became more aggressive. I let him touch me without getting pissed off. I felt that I had him heated up enough that he would do almost anything for me. But, I did not trust the bastard. I had not figure out what the bastard could do for me. I wanted to see what he would do for me before I did a damn thing for him. His aggressiveness slacked off. I don’t know why but it did. I had mixed feeling about it. I was wondering if someone had seen Paul shoving his body against my ass. Through the door and the window in my office, I could see through Paul’s office into the hall where the workers arrived and left the prison. If Paul left the door open between the two offices and the door to the outside hall open, I could walk out of the prison with the other workers. Is there a guard station at the end of the hall? If I am lucky, Paul may forget to lock both doors. Just thinking about this gave me a completely new perspective on my life. Some day I may just walk out of here.

          The door between the offices was usually locked. At times Paul would forget to lock the door between the offices when he left my office. When Paul went to lunch or had gone home for the day, I roamed his office to see what I could steal. I could not take it back to my cell; they searched every part of my body inside and outside before I went back in my cell. As the months passed, they just patted me down. I think they started to trust me.

          Like Howard and Allen, Paul was a thief. He was purchasing items for the prison and having them shipped to a Post Office box. It was a fraction of what Allen and Howard were stealing, but a thief is a thief no matter how little it is. I wondered if Sam was in on Paul little scheme, he must be. I didn’t think Paul could get away with it without Sam knowing about it, Sam had to know.

          I still did not have a plan to escape. I had practiced holding my breath for a long time. I had to take a breath within four or five minutes, or I would pass out. Where would they take me if I passed out? Could I escape? Peggy, a young girl in her early twenties, two cells down from me shot her boyfriend because he would not marry her. The boyfriend felt that he was not the child’s father. Whether he was the father or not, she was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to fifteen years with a possible parole after five years. She is due in a couple of months. I will have to ask her where they took her. They kept me in a clinic inside the prison. 

At times, I became very depressed. I felt that I will never get out of this hellhole in a million years. I wanted to kill myself; I could not bring myself to doing it. I hated it when I became depressed. One side of me yelled, “Snap out of it. Plan on how you are going to get out of this dump. Don’t get so damn pessimistic.”

          Just another day in my little office, Paul was opening a higher level of accounting for me. He was shoving down my throat all of his workload. Two work on the accounts I had to have access to Paul office and his computer. When I was working in Paul office, most of the time Paul was present. When he left his office, he would send me back into my office. As time passed, Paul got a little more relaxed about locking me in my office. I could not do his work while he was not in his office. After a couple of months, Paul very seldom locked the door between the offices.

I had free access to both offices. Going through the stacks of purchase orders, I ran across a transaction that Paul had made. He had ordered some supplies for the prison. There was nothing in the computer that indicated that the supplies had ever reached the prison. I searched through the files for an invoice. On the computer, I searched for “Apple Supply Company.” Every week there was a purchase amounting to fifteen hundred dollars. Looking back through the records, this had been going on for years. The funds were paid out to a bank account owned by the “Apple Supply Company”. I searched all the phone books for the “Apple Supply Company.” There was not a listing in any of the phone books for the Apple Supply Company. The phone in Paul’s office had a direct line to the outside world. While Paul was out for lunch, I called information and asked the operator if there was a local or an 800 number listed for an Apple Supply Company. There wasn’t any. I asked about the adjoining towns. There wasn’t a listing anywhere in the state for Apply Supply Company. I knew damn well if a company did this much business with the prison, that they would have a phone.


The door to freedom:

          Over the months when Paul was out of his office and he had not locked the door between the offices, I meticulously search every file cabinet and desk drawers in his office. Two drawers were locked. I could not find any keys to the two drawers. There was a desk drawer and a file cabinet drawer that were always locked. I had seen Paul taking glances at me when he went into these two locked drawers. I was curious of what he had hidden in them. 

One morning when the door between the offices was unlocked and Paul was not in his office, I put a wad of paper in the door lock between the two offices. I took a deep breath with hopes that it would work. I had done this at the bank and it had worked. I slide a paper clip through the crack and open the door. When the door was locked, the paper would not allow the latch to complete close. A ray of hope and relief went through my body. One door to freedom had opened for me. Months passed, Paul always locked the door to the hall. My hopes for freedom faded, I wanted to see what was out in the hall.

The guard dropped me off at the office at seven every morning except on Sunday. Paul did not come in until around ten in the morning. This gave me three hours five days a week to scavenge through the prison financial files. Saturday, I could relax all morning until the guard came to get me for lunch. When I finished my work, I could look for more evidence of their thievery. I had discovered that all of the top personnel at the prison were getting a share of the prison funds. They had been stealing these funds for years. The Warden, Ginger, Paul and the prisons Commanding Officers were all getting their share. Also, the Doctor that was managed the medical team was getting his cut. What an explosion this would make if this information got out, they would hear it all the way to the state capital and beyond. I had found enough evidence to put them all in jail for a long time. What could I do with these files? I could not take them back to my cell with me. While I was scavenging, I came across a file that looked like no one had opened it for fifty years. I made copies of the files and hid the copies with the old files. The cabinet reminded me of the file cabinets where Howard hid the fifty million.

One morning Paul got a call. He hurried out of his office. I wondered if he had forgotten to lock the drawers. He had been in them. I quickly open the door between the offices. I looked through the window to see if Paul was out in the hall. Thank God he wasn’t outside. I ran over to the desk. My wish had come through. The key was in the desk drawer. I looked again to see if he had returned and opened the drawer. In the drawer was a box of checks for Apple Supply Company. I opened the box and I took the book that was at the bottom of the box. I locked the drawer, put the key in my pocket and went back into my office. I closed the door between the offices. It locked automatically. I hid the bankbook and the key with the old files. I went back to my duties and waited for the explosion. I had a long wait. Paul did not come back until late in the afternoon. Sitting at my computer, I could watch every move that Paul made. He could not tell if I was looking at the monitor or watching him. The first thing that he did was look in his pocket for the key. He pulled on the drawer and it did not open. A surprised look came across his face. He stood up and searched through his pockets. He searched throughout the room for the missing key. He came over to the door to my office and checked to see if it was locked. He pulls on the door. It was locked. Once again, he searches the office. With a disgruntle expression on his face, Paul left the office looking at the floor as he walked out into the hallway. He did not come back for the rest of the day. The following morning, he came in earlier than usual. He went directly to his desk, took a key out of his pocket, and opened the desk drawer. He looked as if he was checking to see if anything was missing. With a look of relief, he took a deep breath, sat down at his desk, and fell asleep. He must have been up all night worrying about the damn key. He went out for lunch and did not return until the following day.

When I first started working with Paul, a nurse came in one morning and climbed all over Paul. Before Paul could look around at me, I ducked behind the monitor. I did not want him to know that I had seen her make a play for him. I would peek around the side of the monitor to see what they were doing. I could watch the reaction of the nurse without Paul seeing me. It appeared that Paul did not want to caress her while I was in the office. She did not seem to care if I was there or not. She became very aggravated from his refusal to cuddle up to her. She looked in my direction, left in a huff, and pointed an accusing finger at Paul as she went out of the door. I saw Paul heading for my office. I stayed crouched down behind the monitor. Out the corner of my eye, I saw him checking to see where I was. He went back to his desk without coming in. Oh, how I wish I could have heard the conversation between them.

It looked like the nurse has a crush on Paul. I was wondering how far the affair went. Paul is married and has three kids. His wife and the kids dropped in one afternoon. I could feel that she knew that Paul had an itch for me or someone else. She wanted to see what the competition looked like. She walked over to the window smiled at me and nodded her head. I smiled back and mouthed, “Hello.”

She walked over to Paul’s desk and sits in his lap. She gave Paul a hot lingering kiss and she peeked over at me to see if I was watching them. I tilted my head down before she could see if I was looking at them. She looked a bit peeved that I was not watching them. The affection ended abruptly. She hastily gathered the kids and left.

The nurse that visited Paul comes to work later than I do. She stopped and checks to see if the door to Paul’s office is unlocked. If the door was locked and she cannot see Paul, she continues down the hall. I was wondering if Paul had changed the time he came to work. I cannot recall a time that she did not checked the door when she came to work. She should know by now that he is not in his office until ten. Has Paul broken up the relationship? I have often wondered if his wife knew about Paul’s philandering. How many other women has Paul had affairs with?  Even though I am in here, the outside world is still going around and I am not a part of it. I have my own little world. If I don’t do something to get the hell out of here, I will be stuck in my own little world for the rest of my life.

Every day Paul became a little more aggressive. When he walked by me, he would rub his body against mine or rub his hand across the lower part of my back. There wasn’t anything that he did that I could say was sexually aggressive. I could see the hunger in his eyes when we made eye contact. I was wondering, how much longer he could wait before he took me into the rear of my office and raped me. With the orange overalls that I was wearing, he would have to remove them before he could rape me. I don’t think he would do it in the office. We did not have very many visitors, but you never knew when one of the guards would come in the door to my office. With the coming and going of the workers there was always someone walking down the hall and glancing in the windows. Paul is a fool; I would not put it past him if he tried to rape me in my office.

          Paul was piling more work on me. The hours became longer every week. Paul kept shoving the work down my throat. With the additional workload, the guard had to pick me up at lunch and at dinner and return me to the accounting office. Some nights I would be working until ten or eleven. During these late evenings, I designed a Social Security Card and a driver’s license using the prison electronic equipment.  I used the name I used for my accounts in Recife. I scanned the credit card that was in Paul’s desk. I laminated all the cards; they looked like the real things. I left the copy of the credit card and kept the originals.

When I was ready to go back to my cell, I had to call the operator and tell her that I had finished my work or that I wanted to quit for the day. She would send a guard to pick me up.

One morning Paul came in earlier than usual, he was in the office before I arrived. The door between the offices was open. I did not have a chance to turn on the computer when he walked up behind me; he puts his arms around me and threshed the lower part of his body against mine. He slowly turns me around and said, “Happy anniversary. You have been with me for six months.”

He reaches down and picks up a shopping bag. He hands it to me with a card attached. I opened the card and it read, “To my vivacious and beautiful assistant, Janet.”

I turned around, gave Paul a peck on the cheek and thanked him for the presents without looking to see what he had brought me. He pulls me up close to him and kisses me on my lips. I stood motionless without stopping his approach. When he started to unbutton the overalls, I begged, “Please, this is not the time and place for us to make love. We both would get into a lot of trouble if anyone saw us. I promised Sam that I would not cause any trouble.”

Paul continued to unbutton my overalls. I did not stop him. He caresses my breast and reached around me under my overalls and unhooks my bra. He lifts my bra up and kisses my breast. He reaches down inside my overalls. Again I said this is not the place to make love. No sooner had I said the words, there was a rattling on the hall door. Frightened, Paul turns around and sees the nurse making her daily ritual of looking for Paul. This time she was shading her eyes and looking around the room. Paul quickly squats down and said, “Tell me when she is gone.”

Usually, the nurse only checks to see if the door is locked. She must have known that Paul was in his office. She must have seen his car in his private parking spot. She continues to look through the glass and knock on the door. I looked down at Paul and said, “I think she know you are in here. Usually she only checks to see if the door is locked and then she leaves.”

With a disgruntled look on his face, Paul grudgingly gets up and heads for the door. He shuts the door between the offices, but he did not push it hard enough to lock it. He looks back at me, shrugs his shoulders and opens the door to the hall. He walks out into the hall with the nurse. I could not see them, but I could hear them arguing in the hall. Suddenly the nurse dashes into the office and is dragging Paul behind her. They went into Paul’s office bathroom and shut the door. I hear them arguing, but I could not make out what they were saying. The door between the offices was still open. I looked at the door to the hall. It was wide open. I button my overalls and made a dash to my office door. I pushed the door open and stopped in my tracks. I looked down at my orange jumper and said to myself. “I won’t get very far with this outfit.”

Oh, how I wished that I was not wearing it. I would have a better chance of get out naked or in my underwear. I open the door between the offices to see if I could make out what they were saying. As soon as I opened the door, they stopped talking. I want to run over to the bathroom and listen to the moans and groans. It would be my luck that they would open the door the moment I reached it. When they talked, I could only make out bit and pieces of the conversation. It appeared that Paul had told her that he was getting a divorce and she wanted to know when. She had not seen him for months and she wanted to know why. She wanted to know if he was having an affair with me, like the affair he had with the girl that I replaced. The discussing slowly quieted down. They were in the bathroom for almost an hour. The nurse came out of the toilet first. She reminded me of the times that Allen and I made love in his office. She looked like a cyclone had hit her and so did I. I quickly shut the door between the offices. At least Paul repaired the damage before he left the toilet. As he leaves the toilet, he glances at the window between the offices. He caught me watching him. He walks over to the hall door and locks it. Paul must have thought that he locked the door between the offices. He did not come over to me for the rest of the day. The nurse must have satisfied his sexual hunger.

When he finely left for the day, I looked to see what he had gotten for me. It was just a bunch of trinkets, which cost no more than a few dollars. I put them in the file cabinet with my files. I could not take them back to my cell with me. I chuckled to myself. At least my body is worth a couple of dollars.

Paul just wanted another body to fuck. It was no way in hell that I was going to give in to him for a few trinkets. Since I was allowed in Paul’s office and the workload got heavier, I had much more freedom with the prisons funds. With the credit card I found I used it for small purchases. I got on the internet and purchased a dress, a pair of red shoes and a few other essentials. I used Paul’s address at the prison for the deliver. The mail always arrives before Paul arrives. The guard that delivered the mail would unlock the hall door and place the mail inside Paul’s office. Over the months, I purchased a small wardrobe and a briefcase. I hid them all in my favorite file cabinet.

As the months passed, I tried to think of what I would do if I walked out with the workers when they went home. Where would I go? I would need cash. Where am I going to get it? The prison was miles out in the country. What type of transportation would I need? I did not know if they searched the workers as they left the prison. If they did, what would they be looking for? As I wrote my list, I became depressed. There were too many unknowns. Maybe my original plan was much better. I would pretend to pass out and with hopes; they would take me to a hospital like they took Peggy when she was having her baby. But, that would not work. Peggy said that they had guards around her 24-hours a day. If she wasn’t going to the bathroom or nursing her baby, they had handcuffs on her. Thinking about the two ways to escape, I felt hopeless. I will spend two life times trying to find a way out of this hell on earth. Depression hit me again. I was ready to give in to the fact that I would never get out of jail. I was thinking about killing myself. I was ready to give in to Paul. If I am stuck in here, I may as well enjoy myself. Since the nurse gave him hell, he hasn’t touched me. Next week I will have been in prison for one year.

It was just another day at the office. The workers were leaving for the day. Paul put on his jacket and walked out the door. The phone rang. I picked up the phone and answered it. It was his wife. I told her that he had just left for the day. She wanted to know if I could catch him. I told her the door to the hall was locked. She asked me to try anyway. I ran over to the door and it was unlocked. The usual crowd had left. I stepped outside and looked in both directions. I did not see Paul. I quickly closed the door and returned to the phone. I did not want to tell her the door was unlocked. I told Paul’s wife that the door was locked and I did not see him in the hall. She thanked me and hung up.


Another doorway to freedom:   

A new ray of light flashed through my body. For a moment, I saw the outside world. When I looked up and down the hall, there were no guards at either end of the hall. There was a city bus leaving with the workers. I wanted to scream with joy. If I only had a key for this door, I could leave any time I wanted to. I was thankful that Paul had continued his relationship with the nurse. He was no longer pestered me. I stuffed some paper into the door lock with hopes that I could unlock the door with a paper clip. I went back into to my office and waited for the guard to take me to dinner.

After dinner, instead of going back to work, I went to my cell. I had to find a way to get a few dollars before I tried to escape. The only things that I had that had any value were the gifts that Ted and his wife brought me. One of the bottles of perfume was worth over a hundred dollars. I sold it for ten. With the remaining makeup and lotions, I now had twenty-five dollars. That should get me into town. Now, when would Paul forget to lock the hall door again? I laughed to myself. If I get out of this hell hole, Ted and his wife financed my escape.

The following morning before the guard picked me up. I stuffed the twenty five dollars in my bra. It has been months since that searched me when I left my cell. I was hoping that they would not search me today. When I arrived at the office I unlocked the door between the two offices. I check to see if the door to the hall was still unlocked. My whole body went into overdrive. I wanted to scream for joy. My wishes had come true. I quickly shut the door. The night crew was walking down the hall. I was so excited that I could not think straight. I was torn between taking the bus now with the night shift workers and waiting until this afternoon. Something inside of me yelled, “Go now, you will never have this chance again. When Paul comes in he will see that he had left the door open. He will make damn sure he locks it tonight. Go damn it, go.”

 I ran back into my office. I changed into my dress and red shoes. I stuffed the documents into my briefcase. I shut the door between the offices. Thankful it locked.  When I got to hall door, most of the night shift had left. I peeked up and down the hall. It was empty. I hurried down the hall to the bus. I did not want it to leave without me. I had combed my hair so that the sides of my face could not be seen.   I was wishing that no one would recognize me. With my heart in my mouth and fear tearing me apart, I prayed that the bus driver did not ask me for some kind of identification. The last of the worker were boarding the bus. I watched to see what they had to do. They did not give the driver anything and the driver didn’t ask for anything. Most of the passenger took the seats in the front of the bus. Thankful, none of the passengers offered me a seat next to them. I took a seat behind the other passenger. The driver did not take off after I got on the bus. He just sat there looking back down the hall. The next five minutes felt like a lifetime. I wanted to tell the driver to get the hell out of here, now one else is coming. I was wondering if he was waiting for an escort guard to check the passengers.

The driver looks at his watch and finally takes off. Most of the passenger took naps on the forty-five minute trip. I was too excited and afraid to close my eyes. There were only about a dozen people on the bus. Most of the workers at the prison headed for the parking lot. They must have car-pools. When the driver pulled over to the curb and the workers started leaving the bus. I was afraid that the driver would say something to me. He was watching the passengers stepping off the bus. As I approached the front of the bus, my heart was in my mouth. Thank God, the driver glanced down at his watch. As I stepped off the bus, I wanted to scream, “I am free.”

I am free:

I went to an ATM machine to see if the card would work. It worked. It had a two thousand dollar limit. I was happy to take the two thousand. I purchase a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses. I went to the bank where the Apply Supply Company had there account and cashed a check for fifteen hundred dollars and signed Paul’s name. The clerk did not question me. So far, I hadn’t had any trouble. With my warped brain, I knew that I would never get away with it. Paul will come in early and set off an alarm. I would never get out of the state.

I had stayed up all night planning what I would do to keep Sam from notifying the police that I had escaped. I was certain that it would not work. But, I tried it anyway. It was nine thirty. I knew Paul would be coming in soon. I had hopes that my plan would work and Paul and Sam would not put out a search for me. I had made copies of all of Paul’s address books, telephone numbers and email addresses. I called Warden Samuel Claxton private phone. The woman that answered wanted to know who was calling. I told her that I was his wife. She said that the Warden did not have a wife. I gave it to her and said, “Listen you bitch if you don’t get Sam on the line in a second, I will have him fire you.”

Within a few seconds, Sam picked up the phone with the bitch in the background telling him that she did not know that he was married. Sam told her that he had been married. Sam said, “Helen, I haven’t heard form you in a long time. How have you been and what can I do for you?”

In a hysterical voice I pleaded, “Sam, please listen to me. I have a young lady sitting next to me. She said that she is one of your prisoners.  She has been telling me about your affairs and the money that you and Paul have been stealing from the prison. She told me that she would kill me and frame you for my murder. Also, she will turn over documents to the authorities that will put you and Paul in prison for the rest of your life if you do not cover up her escape. She wants you to tell the personnel at the prison that you have transferred her to another prison because Paul has been forcing her to have sex with him.”

There was a silence on the other end of the line for a few moments. Sam said, “Tell her that I can not do that.”

“Sam, she is listening in on the extension. She will kill me if you don’t do what she says.”

I dropped the pitch of my voice and said, “Sam, if I have to go back to prison. You and Paul will be there with me. I have copies of the files where you and Paul extorted millions of dollars from the prison over the years. Have you ever heard of the Apple Supply Company? If I see my name in the papers or on TV that I have escaped, I will tell the world about the millions you and Paul stole from the state. Sam, you know what I was convicted for. You ex-wife will not be the only one. Think about Paul’s family, do you want your ex-wife and Paul’s family added to the list of the people they say I have murdered?”

Begging, Sam said, “Please Janet, I will cover up your escape. Promise me that you will not hurt Helen.”

“Sam, Helen promised me that she will never divulge that this conversation ever happened. Not even to you or anyone else. So, do not mention it to her. If you do, she will die of fright waiting for me to kill her.”

I hung up the phone. I rented a car and visited a friend of mine. I had given her a key for a safety deposit box before I took off for Recife. I pulled into her driveway. Her kids were playing in the side yard. They all ran over to welcome me. Penny came out the front door with a smile on her face. I got out of the car and talked to the kids for a few minutes. I looked up a Penny. I thought she was going to faint. An angry look came across her face. She yelled at the kid to leave me alone. She sent them back to the side yard to play and invited me in. I walked into her home. She did not follow me in. I looked back at Penny. She still had that angry look on her face. She walked to the edge of the porch and looks up and down the street. Hastily she walks into the house. If looks could kill, she reaches behind her neck and releases her necklace. She hands me the key and said, “Janet, I don’t know how you got out of jail. I followed your trial and I don’t want you in my home. I will not tell anyone that you have been here. Please leave.”

I took a deep breath and let it out. I started to say something to Penny. I shut my mouth, turned and walk out of her home. I got into the car and looked up at Penny looking at me. I knew how she must have felt. Her life would be destroyed if they knew that I came to her home. For the sake of her family, she did not want any part of me. I respected her wishes and took off for the bank. 

 With every move I made fear flooded my body. As I pulled into the parking lot of the bank fear raised it ugly head. I was frightened out of my wits. Thankful the removable of my things went smoother than I expected. I removed the financial records from the safety deposit box and packed them in my briefcase. I took the key for the storage locker and put it my pocketbook. While I was in jail, I worried how I would get the ten million out of the country. I said to myself to forget it. Worry about it when I get out of jail. Now the time has come. Before Ted found me I rented a mail box at a private company and paid the rent for ten years in advance. I was hoping that it would not go out of business before I mailed the money to Brazil. I had packaged $500,000 in each box with labels.

I picked up the boxes at the storage locker without any trouble. If filled the whole damn car. I added the address of my PO Box in Recife. I looked in the phone book for the address of all the Post Offices. I only mailed one box at each Post Office. To keep the postal clerks from asking what is in the box, I wrote books on the box and told the clerk that I was sending books to a friend in Brazil. None of them questioned me any further. I dropped off the car at the air port and bought a ticket to San Diego. In San Diego, I took a taxi across the boarder, booked a flight to Recife. I checked in at an inexpensive hotel. I did not want to draw any attention to me. I could not believe how smoothly everything went. I watched the news and looked in all of the papers to see if Sam had reported me missing. So far there was nothing in the papers or on TV.

The day after I arrived in Recife; I went to my Post Office to tell them I was expecting some books from America. When I gave the clerk my box number she asked me to follow her to the back of the Post Office. She pointed at a couple of boxes filled with junk mail. She told me that I would have to pay for the extra mail. I paid her for the extra mail and gave her a hundred dollars it she would dump the boxes of mail. I did not quibble about the price. I gave her the money and told her that I was expecting a number of boxes with books and gave her another hundred if she would call me when the books arrived. This brought out the first smile on her face since I came into the Post Office.  She was delighted. I spent the next two weeks looking for an apartment. I found a one bedroom apartment not to far from the beach and settled down for a while.

I could not believe that I was out of prison. I would wake up in the middle of the night; half asleep thinking that I was still in jail. When I was awake, I was constantly looking out the windows expecting to see the police surrounding the building.

One morning I was awakened by the telephone. Half asleep, fear as usual flashed through me. It was my first phone call. Who could it be? Reluctantly, I picked up the phone. It was the young girl from the Post Office, my packages had arrived. I told her that I would pick them up later. She said that I would need a truck to carry them. I rented a van and looked for a storage locker business. I found a locker only a couple of miles from where I lived. I picked up the boxes and there were five boxes missing. I went into shock. Who has the other boxes? Has custom in the states or Brazil opened them?  I tried to be calm. The young lady asked if I was feeling alright. She told me that I looked quite pale. I told her that I think that I coming down with a cold. The clerk called the man that was working with her and told him to help me load the van. He loaded the box into the van. I tipped them both and thanked them for their help. I told the young girl that there would be a few more coming. She said that she would call me when they arrived. Putting the boxes in the storage locker was no problem. Not knowing where the other five boxes were was driving me crazy. I went back home and picked up a few cloths. Turned on the answering machine and checked into a hotel. If the police are involved with the missing boxes, they will certainly check the Post Office for the owner of the boxes.

Every day I check the answering machine. There were no calls. Every time I called an empty feeling ran through me. I was ready to take the boxes that I had and take off. I bought a small van large enough to care all the boxes and my meager wardrobe. I drove over to my apartment and cautiously checked out the area. There were no strange vehicles parked it the neighborhood. I parked the van in the alley behind the building and went in through the back door. Thank God, There was no one in the apartment. I felt a little relieved. While I was packing my wardrobe the phone rang. My whole body went limp. I froze in my tracks. The answering machine picked up the call. It was the young girl at the Post Office; she said that five more packages had arrived. I took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. It made me feel a little more relaxed. I stopped packing and went out to the van. I drove over to the Post Office. When I got to the Post Office, I circled the block to see if there were any fancy cars in the neighborhood. There wasn’t any. I felt a little more confident. I picked up the boxes with no problem and put them in the storage locker. 

 For the next year, I felt that I was still in prison. I did not apply for a job or get involved with anyone. I spent most of my time watching the news, learning Portuguese and Spanish. I stayed away from my old haunts and the hotels along the beach. I bleached my hair, tanned my body and like Ted, I had a face-lift. I could not recognize myself.

One afternoon I was taking my usual walk along the beach, I saw a couple coming out of the water. I could swear it was Ted and his wife Pam. I hesitated for a moment and took another look. If it wasn’t them, the couple certainly looks like them. I turned around and headed back home. I turned and looked at the couple again. It had to be Ted and his wife. I wondered why they were here. I was wondering if the Warden had discretely let Ted know that I was out of Jail. The bastard found me the last time; I am not going to let him find me again.

I think I am free, am I:

I locked myself in my apartment and did not come out unless I needed food. Damn it, I have lock myself in my own jail. I was afraid to leave my own home. The life I was living was like a hermit. My neighbors must think I am a recluse. As weeks past, my demeanor started to change. I could no longer live the life I was living. I told myself that I was not going to let Ted ruin my life again. I should have taken him back to his apartment to sign the confession and killed him the night we kidnapped him.

I am getting worse than Howard. I have been talking to myself since the day I saw the bastard on the beach. I was wrestling with my thoughts. Should I kill him now or should I pack up and leave. If Ted has been looking for me, and he has tracked me down here, there will be others that know about my escape. If I kill him and he is just visiting. I may fuck it up and get caught. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked ten years younger. I thought that the bastard would never recognize me. To hell with it, the next time I see Ted on the beach I am going to walk pass him and see his reaction.

I started visiting the beach where I had seen Ted. A few months had passed. He must have gone home for the summer. I can relax until it starts to get cold back home or maybe I will never see Ted again. In a way, I was pissed off that I did not follow Ted. At least I would know where he was staying. As I was mentally kicking myself in the ass, I heard a young man speaking broken English. I had heard that voice before. I turned around, only a few feet from me, the young bellhop Timmy was talking to a young girl. She sounded like she was from my neck of the woods. When Timmy saw me looking at him, he glanced over at me. A surprised look flashed across his face. Without thinking, I winked and gave him a seductive smile and turned away. Why in the hell did I do that? Me and my stupid habits, I am sure he knows it me. When I worked with him at the hotel, I flirted with him. In the last few years, he has grown into a very handsome young man. Timmy was no long a young boy. I was embarrassed at myself. I am a least fifteen yours older than he is. I walked a little further down the beach and sat down. I kept glancing over at Timmy. I could not believe what I was feeling. Just looking at Timmy had gotten me frustrated like a teenage girl. I was jealous of the young girl that he was talking to. With my envy, I silently said to the young girl. Leave him alone. I knew him before you did. I had not felt like this in years. When I worked with Timmy, I thought that he was too young. In my own self-pity, now, I am thinking that I am too damn old for him. I could not get the lust out of my system. I was telling myself that I cannot get involved with him. He must know about my past. He will tell the authorities that I am wanted for murder. If he knows about my past, I will have to kill him, but I do not want to. He is a very handsome young man. I don’t think I could kill him. The way that I feel now, I would kill myself just to be able to make love with him. This is what the time I spent in jail had done to me. I am a horny bitch. I want to sleep with every good-looking man that I had seen. Not having any sexual contact with a man for a long time has made me horny. I could not believe what was going on in my mind. I have to get out of here. I hope he didn’t recognize me. I got up and headed for my apartment. I circled the beach to get away from Timmy; I did not want him to follow me home. I hated walking along the streets.

“Janet,” someone yelled.

A flash of fear ran through my body. I did not turn around. I kept walking. Timmy must have recognized me. I wanted to kick my ass for flirting with him. How did he know it was me? I could not recognize myself. Again, I heard someone out of breath saying, “Excuse me, aren’t you Janet.”

I still did not look around. Timmy stepped in front of me and smiled. Timmy said, “I will never forget your smile. Where have you been? Everyone at the hotel has been wondering what happened to you. You just vanished in thin air. Since you did not come back, they had me clean out your room. They told me to throw everything in the garbage. When I saw what was in the small blue suitcase, I knew you would be back to pick it up. I have been waiting for that day.”

I could not believe my ears. I spun around, grabbed Timmy and said, “What did you do with the suitcase?”

“I put all of your stuff in a large garbage bag and carried it out to my car in the rear of the hotel. When I went home, I opened the suitcase. Just looking at what was in it, it scared the living hell out of me. I bolted the door, locked the window and pulled the blinds. I could get kill for that much money.”

I asked again, “What did you do with the suitcase?”

With that boyish grin on his face, Timmy whispered, “I still have it and the money that was inside of it. I will pay you back. I only spent a few hundred dollars of it. If I flashed too much around, someone would kill me for it. From the few hundred dollar bill that I spent, I was asked where I had gotten the money. I was afraid someone would break into my apartment and kill me for it.”

I asked, “What did you tell them about the money?”

With a sheepish look on his face he bowed his head and said, “I told them that a rich American gave it to me for helping them with their luggage. Come home with me and I will give it back to you.”

As we strolled along the beach, I asked Timmy how he recognized me.   Embarrassed, he said, “I will never forget your smile and your wink. I have though of you quite often. I missed seeing you at the hotel. I had a crush on you.”

I pulled Timmy over to me and said, “I have a crush on you. You have turned into a very handsome man.”

I was thinking about the lust that flooded my body only a few minutes ago. Timmy interrupted my thought and pointed to a building then said, “See the old building over there. That is where I live. Come home with me.”

It was only a quarter mile from where I lived. As we walked up to his apartment building, his neighbors razzed him. They wanted to know how Timmy got so lucky. I said to the crowd, “With a handsome man like Timmy, I could not resist his affections.”

I pulled Timmy over to me and gave him a kiss. The crowd roared. We walked into the building. Like many times before when I flirted with Timmy, his face turned to a bright red covering his beautiful tan.

His apartment was similar to mine. The décor was defiantly that of a young man.  Timmy opened a closet door.  He motions for me to come and take a look.  My clothes were neatly hung from the shelf. My red shoes were arranged nicely on the floor.  They were some of the nicest clothing that I had ever had.  Looking at my wardrobe tore me apart. I could not hold back the tears. Timmy put his arms around me. I had spent many hours shopping for my beautiful wardrobe. I had never spent that much money on clothes before I went to work at the hotel. I never got to wear most of them. I turned around put my arms around Timmy.  I thanked Timmy for saving my things. I untied my beach robe and dropped it on the floor. I reached behind my back and pulled my bathing suit bra over the top of my head.  Timmy stood there gazing at my body. I put my arms around Timmy and pulled him tightly against my body.

 We spent the evening making love. We fell asleep in each other arm. As the morning sun peaked through the window, I woke up.  Timmy was lying their looking at me. I smiled at him.  He pulled me over to him. The fire in Timmy's furnace was ablaze. We satisfied our desires and showered together. We had a late breakfast together in a small restaurant down the street. As I sat there looking at the handsome young man across from me, my thoughts of my past flowed into my mind. With my past, what kind of life would Timmy and I have together?  He is just a young man without a criminal record and he must be 15 years younger than I am.  Under this young face of mine is an older woman that is an escaped convict and is wanted by the police.  In the short hours I had fallen deeply in love with a young man who has a flawless life.  Just being with me could send him to jail for many years.  Should I or should I not tell him about my past?  Will my past ever come up?  What would he do if I told him?  If I didn't tell him and later he found out about my past, what would Timmy do?  With these thoughts flowing through my brain, Timmy said, "Janet, I love you very much. I have loved you from the first day I saw you. I was so jealous of that old man that was with you. When we worked together, I cherished every moment that I was with you or near you.  I prayed that someday you would fall in love with me.  My dreams have come true.  You did not have to make love to me because I kept your wardrobe and money.  Did you make love with me because I had saved your things for you?"

I looked up at Timmy and reach across the table.  I took his hands and said, "Timmy, I do not want to lie to you.  It was a little of both.  When I saw you on the beach, I fell in love with you. I was jealous of that young lady you were talking to. I wanted you very much. I would have made love to you without you telling me about my blue suitcase. I had given up hope of ever getting it back.”

I looked down and tears started to trickle down my face. Timmy lifted my chin and looked at me. For a moment, I questioned myself about telling Timmy about my past. Without thinking I said, “I have a past that I don’t want you to get involved in. You are still young and have an un-blemished life. There are things in my life that I don’t want anyone to know about, especially you. Let us be friends. Go on with your life as if I never existed.”

Timmy smiled and said, “You do not have to tell me. The management brought us all together and told us that we would be fired if anyone mentions anything about you. They did not want the public to know that one of their employees had been deported for a major crime. It would tarnish the hotel reputation. Through the gossip, I pieced together what happen to you. I did not want to believe it. I did not know how, but I knew that you would be back. My dreams became real when I saw you on the beach.”

“Timmy, I don’t know how much you know about me. I cannot take that away from you. I think that there is a lot more about me that you don’t know. You don’t ask me and I will not have to tell you. As I said, let’s be friends. You go on about your life as if two ships pasted in the darkness and we waved at each other.”

“Janet, if you had not brought it up, I would have never mentioned it to you. I don’t care about your past life. I only care about your future life with me.”

Oh my God, it is going to be worse than I thought. I should not have come back to Recife. I am trapped by another man, or should I say, I have fallen in love with a young boy. I will just have to let my future with Timmy play itself out. With hopes he will tire of me when he realizes how much older I am than he is. I asked, “Timmy do you know how much older I am than you are?”

Timmy looked with sincerity into my eyes and said, “Janet, when I first saw you, I knew how much older you were than I was. I fell in love with a beautiful woman. I did not care then and I do not care now how much older you are than I am. I don’t want to lose you again. I was trying to get enough courage to ask you to go out with me before you left. I dreamed and fantasized about being with you. You vanished from my life. I questioned everyone about your disappearance. I did not believe them then and I still don’t believe them now. Please, if you are in love with someone else, and you don’t care for me, I will understand. I will walk out of your life for ever. Please don’t cast me aside like a used napkin. I love you.”

With tears in my eyes, Timmy was the first person in my life that I really loved. To hell with our age difference, I am going to start living again. I reached across the table and said, “Let’s go to the beach and have some fun.”

I got up, put my arms around Timmy and said, “Darling, I love you too. Let’s just enjoy each other and don’t make any commitments until we are certain that we are in love with each other. You have the rest of your life to live. Don’t screw it up by falling into an empty fantasy. You may tire of me, or we my not like living with each other. That’s enough, let’s go to the beach.”

I was going through the childhood that I should have gone through years ago. Timmy was my first and only true love. My love for him made me feel more like a mother or older sister to Timmy. I was sure that he would walk out one day and want to call it quick’s. Or, would his love for me turn to anger because he did not know how to get out of the relationship and it would end up like my life with Howard. God only know what will happen.

For the next month we were only apart when Timmy went to work. I bought a larger apartment and Timmy moved in with me. We were like a couple of newlyweds. It did not take to long for the honeymoon to end. We settled down like any young couple. I did not know how Timmy felt about our relationship. I did not know anything about his family and I did not ask. I expected to see two strangers walking up to us and asking when are we going to get married or to leave their son alone.

As the weeks pasted, I could tell that he wanted to play the field or join his old friends. He started coming home later than he had been. In a way, I was a little pissed. But, I would not let my jealousy interfere with my new life. I knew that Timmy was too young to be tied down to a married life.  The love I had for Timmy was waning. Like many of my relationships, it was falling apart.  The difference in our age was started to take its toll.  The life that I wanted was not like the life I had with Timmy.

One evening Timmy was walking around nervously in the apartment.  I knew something was bothering him.  I got up from the couch and walk over to Timmy.  I turned his face so he could look at me.  I bluntly asked Timmy, “Have you had enough of me? I knew our life together would not last. We both had good intentions, and I knew the pitfalls of our age difference would tear us apart. Because of my love for you, I want to break off our relationship before we both hate each other. Thankful we are not married and we do not have any children. You can stay here until we find you another place to live.”

Timmy tried to pretend that he still loved me. I knew he loved me like a friend and it wasn’t enough to tie him down with me.

I spent the remainder of the evening convincing Timmy that I did not hate him for wanting a better life than the one that we had together. I could see the relief in his face as the evening passed. I offered him fifty thousand to help him find an apartment.  He did not want to take it, but I insisted. He took me in his arms and he thanked me. I gave him a long sexy kiss and pulled Timmy into the bed. We made love until he fell asleep. I laid there looking at him. The love I had for him was no longer there. I was happy that we were separating. I was tired of waiting around for him to come home. I wanted a completely different life than the one I was having with Timmy. The following morning, I had to re-convince Timmy that our relationship was over and our new friendship was beginning. He packed his meager things in a shopping bag. I walked to the door and kissed him on the cheek. I told Timmy that we would always be friends. I watched him as he strolled down the street, looking back at me occasionally. We waved goodbye. I walked back into the apartment. I was already lonely. I had an emptiness in me that would not go away. I wondered if I had done the right thing. The common since side of me said, “You wanted to end it and you did. You want more out of your life than a teenage bride and now you have it.”

I took a deep breath and tried to retrieve the feeling that I had before I convinced Timmy to leave me. After a few weeks of hunger for Timmy, the desire to make love to Timmy finally left me. I tried not to visit the places that Timmy and I frequented. I did not want to start the romance again or interfere with Timmy’s life. I visited other cities hoping to start another life for myself. The love for Recife was like a magnet. I could not leave the city to long. The love of the nightlife and the beautiful of the city kept pulling me back. I played the field and did not get attached with anyone. I was starting to enjoy the life again.

I had not seen Timmy for months. Late one evening someone knocked on my door. I had never had a visitor and at this time of night. I would never let the men that I went with come home with me. Who in hell could it be? Fear of my past sent chills and panic through my body. I did not want to open the door. Had Ted found me? Had Timmy told someone about the money? I waited and listen. The knocking continued. I pleaded silently to please go away. The only way out of my apartment was through the front door. Finally the knocking stopped. A sigh of relief ran through me. Then a thundering voice shouted in English, “Open the damn door. I know you are in there.”

Without thinking, I yelled, “Who the hell are you.”

“I am a cab driver. I have your boyfriend out here. He passed out in my cab on the way over here.”

I unbolted the door and a burly man lifted Timmy from the floor and dragged him into the apartment. He said, “He owes me twenty dollars American.”

“Please wait, I have to get the money.”

Thankful, I had a twenty dollar bill. I gave it to the cab driver and shut the door behind him. I looked at Timmy lying on the floor. I could no pick him up and put him in bed. I rolled him into a blanket and put a pillow under his head. I turned off the TV and sat there thinking. How did the cab driver know that I spoke English? What had Timmy told him? I said to myself again and again, what did Timmy tell the cab driver? Should I start packing? Where should I go? I should have never started the relationship with Timmy. I could not fall asleep. I Rolled and tossed until daybreak.  Finely Timmy started to move. He slowly removed the blanket and sat up. He looked over at me and said, “How in hell did I get over here?”

I didn’t know what to say to Timmy. He stood up and looked down at me, I said, “Go get cleaned up. You are filthy.”

I waited patiently for Timmy to come out of the shower.  Timmy yelled from the bathroom, "Did I leave any clothes here? I don’t want to put on these clothes. You are right they are filthy.”

I yelled back, “Yes, the ones that were in the laundry hamper when you left. I washed them and put them in you drawer.”

Timmy came out of the bath room without any cloths on. He had a beautiful body. It did not turn me on. I had only one thing in mind. How in hell did that cab driver know where we lived? The same fear that came over me when Howard showed up, I wanted to kill Timmy. I felt that I had no choice. I have to cover my tracks. If I don’t kill him, they will surely find me. I will also have to kill the damn cab driver.

Timmy was taking glances at me. I could read his face. He wanted to make love to me. I looked away from Timmy. He came over to me and lifted the hair off the back of my neck and kissed me repeatedly. A flash of effecting filled my body. The hunger for Timmy was still there. Timmy whispered in my ear and said, “I love you. Do you love me?”

The fear and thoughts I had a few moments ago come to mind. It took all of my willpower; I shook my head and said, “No.”

It wasn’t love. To Timmy it was like all the men in my life. They just wanted to satisfy their hunger. With a voice of anger, I said, “Get dressed. I want to talk to you. What did you tell that cab driver about us?”

With fear in his voice, Timmy said, “Nothing. I just told him to take me home. The next thing I knew. I woke up here, why?”

With a stern voice I said, “Timmy, how did he know that we lived together?”

Timmy shook his head, “Butch knew where I lived. I did not know that he knew that we had lived together. I don’t know why he brought me over here.”

Getting angrier by the minute, I shouted, “Timmy have you ever had a conversation with anyone about my past and our relationship?”

Like the days when I flirted with Timmy, his face turned a bright red. I got up in a fit of temper and grabbed Timmy’s neck and yelled to him, “Tell me everything that you have said about me to Butch and everyone else. Damn it! Try to remember ever word that you have said about me to everyone”

 I saw the fear in Timmy’s face. He tried to say something, but the words never left his lips. Forcibly, I lifted Timmy’s chin and looked into his eyes. Getting angrier by the minute, I knew that I would get more out of him if I stayed calm. I took a deep breath and calmly said, “Don’t be embarrassed. I have been around. You will not embarrass me. Go back to the day that I left the hotel and try to tell me every word that you said about me and don’t leave anything out. This is very important to me. I have to know what you told your friends about me.”

Timmy looked away and said, “Everyone at the hotel knew that I was in love with you. They teased me about it. I did not want to believe the things that they were saying about you.”

I interrupted Timmy, “What did they say about me that you did not want to believe?”

“You didn’t kill anyone did you?”

“No Timmy, I never killed anyone. That is the reason that they let me go. What did you tell Butch about me?”

“Butch asked me where I found you. I told him that you worked at the hotel a few years ago. You came back to Recife and I saw you on the beach and we started seeing each other.”

“When did Butch ask you this?”

“After you came back to Recife, he must have seen us together. One day he dropped off a passenger at the hotel. When I came back out of the hotel, Butch was still parked there. He called me over and questioned me about you.”

With a look of concern on Timmy’s face, he said, “Butch wanted to know where you lived and everything about you. Butch is a Casanova. He chases all the women in Recife. He does not care if they are beautiful or not. He likes them all. He lived here when he was a kid. His parents moved to New York. When he was in his early twenties, he raped a young girl in New York.  His parents put him on a plane and sent him home. He lived with a relative until he got a job as a taxi driver. He lives alone just a few blocks from here.”

“Timmy, you told me about Butch. Now tell me what you told Butch about me.”

Again Timmy face blushed. He said, “I told him that we were living together and we were planning to get married. Butch told me to drop you. He said that you were arrested for murdering some men. I do not believe him and I told him so.”

A jolt of fear went through my body. Now, I will have to kill Butch and Timmy. I asked, “Have you talked to anyone at the hotel about us?”

Still blushing, Timmy said, “Only the other Bell Hops and the Bell Captain.”

“Do they know that I am the Janet that worked at the hotel?”

“Yes and one of the housekeepers saw us together. She recognized you as the Janet that worked at the hotel. She asked me how you got out of jail. I told her that you were not convicted of any crimes and they let you go.”

Damn it, everyone in the world knows about me. I will have to go back into hiding. Soon or later, one of them will let the cat out of the bag and the Police will come after me. After getting Timmy assurance that he would not tell anyone else about me and where I lived. I kicked Timmy out of the apartment.

I knew that I could not stay here any longer. To damn many people know about me. I should not have acknowledged that I was Janet when Timmy approached me. I can’t kill them all to cover my tracks. I have no choice, I have to leave Recife. I put my apartment on the market; I packed my things and rented another apartment out of the neighborhood. I headed south looking for another place to hide. For the next couple of months I visited San Paulo, Rio, Natal, Olinda, Vitoria and Forteza. They all were beautiful places. I found a condo complex on the beach outside of Olinda. The price for a two bedroom condo was very reasonable. It is far enough from Recife that I would not be seeing anyone that may have known me. I would not have Timmy and Butch dropping in on me. I sold my apartment, transfer my account and settled down in my new home.

With the ten million I shipped down here as books, I have enough money that I will never have to work again. I wanted to get as far away from Ted as possible. He is the bastard that tracked me down before. That son of a bitch haunted me before and he is still haunting me. I should have stayed in prison. It will be my luck that that bastard will recognize me. I tried everything to convince myself that Ted would not recognize me. As much as I hated changing my habits and the outfits that I wore, I sold all of my red shoes and dresses. I changed my hairstyle. I hated the way I looked. I only spoke Portuguese and tried to mimic the way the locals talked. I had become another woman. I wondered if Timmy is trying to find me. At night when I am along, I reminisce about the enjoyable moments that I had with Timmy. He was young and I wanted to be young again. He was the only man that I enjoyed making love to. I know the affection that he had for me had waned. He became the wilting lover like all the other bastards in my life. I wonder if he still has the affection for me that he had before we made love. He probably thinks that I am just another old whore and he is glad that I did not want him around. Did he really care for me? Probably not, I wonder if he is telling everyone that I am still in Brazil and about the love affair that we had. I think I will kill the little bastard if I find out that he is telling every one it Recife that I am nothing but an old whore. 

It is getting cold at home. If Ted is living down here during the winter months, I should see him soon. I was afraid to go back to Recife. Yet, inside of me there was a desire to let Ted see me and give him what he had wanted. As much as I hated the way he looked before he had a facelift, there was a deep craving for his body. Knowing how much he wanted me has created lust in me for him. I could not get him out of my mind. Every man that resembles Ted sends a flash of hunger for Ted to my body. I was getting obsessed with the desire to have Ted. I tried to shake the thoughts of Ted out of my mind, but I could not.

 As the weeks passed, the desire to go back to Recife and look for Ted grew stronger. I packed a few things and drove to Recife. For the first night in Recife I stayed at the hotel where I had worked. Surprisingly, not one recognized me. Timmy wasn’t there. I was extremely happy that no one recognized me. The second night I stayed at the hotel that Pete managed. Pete checked me in, looked me over with lust on his face. He did not recognize me. For the next week I roamed the hotels and beaches for Ted with no luck.

One afternoon while I was on the beach, the beach became very crowded. The crowd was talking about a celebration. I thought that I knew all the days that were celebrated in Brazil. It must be a private party. As the sun lowered in the sky it lit up a large sail in the distance. Someone shouts, “There she is.”

I got up walk up the beach to see over the crowd. There was a yacht heading for the beach. I looked down at the crowd and saw a burly man talking to someone on a cell phone. When he turned, a chill ran through me. It was that bastard Butch smiling from ear to ear. How in hell did that bastard know so much about me? A flash of fear flowed through my body. I turned to walk away. Something inside of me told me not to panic. I turned back around and sat down. I could watch everything from where I was sitting.

As the yacht got closer, the crowd got more excited.  The yacht was much larger than the yacht Howard and I had bought. The sails were massive. The yacht made a u-turn and came to a stop. The anchor was lowered and the sails were lowered. They launched a large motorboat over the side. It was filled with people. A flare was shot up into the air. When it opened, it lit up the whole beach. Within minutes the motorboat bow eased up on the beach. Steps with a railing unfolded from the bow of the boat. A group of men quickly walked down the steps. Following them was a couple that I did not want to see. Ted and his bride Pam walked over to the steps. Ted helped Pam down the steps. They were follower by two more couples and two men that appeared to be the crew members. The young man at the end of the line was quite handsome. Pam must have gone crazy with him on board. He certainly kindled the fire in me. It has been years since I have seen a man as handsome as he is. I pushed my way through the crowd. When I got close enough to see Ted, he was talking to Butch. I wondered how in hell they knew each other. I pulled my hat down, and inched close enough to hear what they were talking about. Fortunately, it was not about me. The handsome young man was standing alone. I walked over to him and said, “How was the trip. Did Ted and Pam get seasick?”

He smiled at me and said, “No, I don’t think anyone got seasick. It was a very pleasant trip down. That ship was designed to flatten out the waves. Are you a friend of Pam’s?”

“No, not really, I have known about them for a number of years. Are you a crew member or a member of the family? My name is Nancy. What is your name?”

The young man held out his hand. I took his hand with both of my hands and caressed it. He looked down at our hands, paused for a few moments and nervously looked up at me. He said, “Oh, my name is Bobby. Just call me Bob.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I was watching Ted. He took a couple of quick peeks over at me and Bob. I felt that I should get out of here before Butch notices me. I let loose of Bob’s hand and said, “Enjoy your visit in Recife. I hope to see you again before you leave.”

Bob grabs my hand and said, “There is going to be a party tonight, would you like to be my guest?”

I would love to attend the party. But, with the look that Ted gave me, I thought it was best not to hang around. With Butch knowing about my past, he may tell Ted that I am out of jail. I reached up and pulled Bob down. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you so very much. I’m sorry, I don’t like crowds. Enjoy the party. I am sure we will see each other again.”

I gave Bob another peck on the cheeks and pulled my hand out of Bob’s. I saw the disappointment on his face as I maneuvered through the crowd. I looked back at Bob and gave him one of my sensual smiles and winked at him. It was like a bad habit that I could not control. I caught a glance of Ted looking at me. I wanted to kill myself. Why in hell did I do that? I may as well shouted, “Hello everyone, I am Janet. I tried to Kill Ted.”

 Timmy remembered the way I looked at him, did this bring back any of Ted’s memories of me. I hurried up the beach hoping that Ted or Butch had not recognized me. I don’t know what connection Butch had with Ted. I had done it and there was no way to undo what I had done. I told myself not to let this incident ruin my life. I walked back to my hotel room, took a shower and got ready for bed. I went to bed, but I could not go to sleep. Something inside of me was pushing me to the party that Ted was giving. Without thinking, I got up and started putting on makeup. I did not know what was driving me to the party. Was it the lust for Ted or was it the lust for Bob. Over the years I had become extremely jealous of Pam. Maybe it was my own self destruction that was driving me. Deep within my brain, I yelled, “Don’t be a fool. You are free. It you go to the party, Ted will call the police. Are you hell bent on destroying your life again?”

I could not resist my urges. I walk out of the hotel; a cab was sitting at the curb. I climbed in without looking at the driver. I gave him the name of the hotel where the party was being held. If it was Butch that was driving, I did not give a damn. When we got to the hotel, the bell caption opened the door. He took a double take and said, “Welcome home Janet.”

I did not say a word or acknowledge him. Timmy must have given them all a good description of what I looked like. I headed to the hotel entrance. The door swung open and Timmy started to say something. I shook my head and kept walking. I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I turned, Timmy was following me. I looked at Timmy and said, “You have done enough damage. Don’t do any more. You told everyone at the hotel about me. So, please don’t follow me around.”

I turned and walked away. I no longer heard Timmy’s foot steps following me. I looked over my shoulder; Timmy was still standing in the same spot. The look I gave him must have frozen him in his tracks. I turned around and gave Timmy another hateful look. I was hoping this would shut his blabbering mouth.

I stepped in the elevator. The party was in the penthouse on the twentieth floor. As each floor passed, I told myself to get off at the next floor and go home. Ted will surely call the FBI or the police in Recife. Something inside of me is driving me to self destruct and I could not stop it. I yelled to myself, “Get off the damn elevator and go home.”

  Finely on the fifteen floors, I pushed the sixteenth floor button. The elevator did not stop. I panicked and hit all of the upper floor buttons. The elevator finally stopped on the eighteenth floor. The door opened. I could not move. The door started to close. Without thinking I stuck my hand between the closing doors. The door opened. I stepped out of the elevator. The elevator door closed behind me. I stood there motionless for a few minutes. A door down the hall opened. I looked around and saw an attractive woman walking out of a room. She looked over at me and headed in my direction. As she approached me, she smiled and asks me if I lived in Brazil or was I visiting. I answered her in English using my local dialect, “Both, I live in Brazil and I am visiting Recife.”

It was Ted’s wife. I had forgotten her name, but I had not forgotten her face. She introduces herself and said that her name was Pam. She told me that she had seen me on the beach earlier today and asked if I was coming to the Party on the penthouse floor.  I told her no. Pam said, “I saw you talking to Bob this afternoon. Didn’t he invite you to the party?”

I smiled and said, “Yes he did. He is a very nice young man, but I turned him down.”

Pam with a surprised look on her face said, “Why, I could not of resisted a handsome man like Bob. Surprise him and go to the party with me.”

I thanked Pam for the invitation and said that I had a few errands to do and if I finished them I would drop in later. Pam pleaded with me to join them later and pushed the up button for the elevator. I pushed the down button and said, “If I finish my errands, I will drop in for a few minutes.”

The elevator opened. It was headed down. As the elevator door was closing Pam said, “Please try to make it. I won’t tell Bob, surprise him. What is your name?”

The door closed before I could answer her. The elevator moved rapidly downward. I wanted so much to go to the party. I reached for the button on the elevator. My hand stopped before it reached the buttons. The elevator did not make any stops. When it stopped, I headed for a side entrance of the hotel. I did not want to talk to Timmy or the Bell Caption. There was a cocktail lounge on this side of the building. I needed a few minutes to decide what I should do.

The lounge was almost empty. I ordered a cocktail and asked the bartender where everyone was. He said, “Everyone is on the penthouse floor. Ted Wallace has a party like this every year. There will be a mob up there.”

When the bartender brought my cocktail he said, “Didn’t you work here a few years ago? You look like a young lady that worked here.”

I shook my head and said in Portuguese, “No, I have never worked in Recife.”

I threw a bill on the counter and took my drink with me. If I stayed at the bar, the bartender would be asking more questions. I wasn’t in the mood for small talk and I did not want to be cross examined all evening by a bartender.

I looked out across the beach at the huge yacht. An image of Ted, before he had a face lift flashed through my mind. Surprisingly, it did not make me feel queasy. The first time I saw Ted, if I hadn’t look down at the floor, I think I would have been sick. Through the years, I have become tolerant to nauseating situations. What did Pam see in Ted that I did not see? Of course, I never looked at him long enough to make an opinion of him. What would my life have been like if I saw Ted the way Pam saw him. Could I have talked him into embezzling money from the bank?  Now, he was quite handsome man. When I saw him on the beach I became slightly aroused. I don’t know why I felt that way. The desired to have Ted entered my mind again. There were hundreds of men on the beach that would jump at the chance to make love to me.  Why do I want to make love to Ted?  Ted would have made love to me every day when I worked with him. Part of me said, go home and forget about him.  Again, I was in the path of self-destruction.  The desire for Ted was overwhelming. I could not get him out of my mind.  Without thinking, I got up and headed for the elevator.  I pushed the up button and the elevator door opened.  I stepped inside and pushed the 20th floor button.  Within seconds the elevator stopped on the 20th floor.  The door opened.  The hall was filling with people.  It reminded me of a New Year's Eve party. I pushed my way through the crowd.  I did not see anyone that I knew.  I walked over to the refreshment table and picked up a drink. The ballroom was huge. I did not remember that it was this big when I worked here. It looked like they had removed a few of the penthouse suites. There must be a thousand people in the room. I looked for a place where I could sit down.  All of the tables were filled. As I continued around the room, someone tapped me on my shoulder and said, "Please join me at my table."

Ted’s Party:

I jumped and almost spilt my drink. I hastily turned and saw Ted smiling at me.  He apologizes for frighteningly me.  He said, "You are a friend of Bob's.  I saw you on the beach this afternoon.  Won't you join us?"

I was so frightened I almost wet my pants.  Ted must have seen the shock wave that went through my body.  I stuttered and finally said, "I would love to."

 I could not take my eyes off of Ted.  The lust that was in my body, reemerged.  I wanted to wrap my legs around him. Ted took my hand. An emotional fire flowed through my body. The lust for Ted and the fear that he would turn me over to the police set conflicting emotions through my body. Moments of my life with Ted flashed through my mind. I wanted to pull away from Ted but I couldn’t. Ted guided me through the crowd.  When we reached his table, Pam was standing waiting for us.  She put her arms around me and led me to an empty chair.  She said, "I am so very happy that you could join us. I saw you walking through the crowd and sent Ted to get you.  Now he's looking for Bob."

Pam pulled out a chair and motioned for me to set down. I looked around. I did not see Ted. An empty feedings filled my body. The fear of Ted calling the police flared up again. I slightly pulled away from Pam. She tightened her arm around me. Was she trying to hold me until the police arrived? Was Ted going after the police or was he looking for Bob. My inner self was screaming at me to get the hell out of here.  I nervously looked around the room. Dozens of unknown faces were staring at me. Fear fled through my body.  I wanted to get up and run for dear life, but I could not move.  I could hear Pam talking to me to, but the fear within me blocked the sound of her voice.  Pam said, "Here they come. Look at the smile on Bob's face. If I wasn't marriage to Ted, I would chase Bob all over the ballroom. Isn't he handsome?"

Relieved that the police was not with Ted, I tried to relax. I looked at Pam and said, "Yes, Bob is quite handsome. But I think your husband is a better choice.  You have a very handsome husband.”

Pam thanked me and when Bob approached the table, I stood up and put my arms around him. I gave him a slight hug and a peck on the cheek and said, “I saw Pam in the hall downstairs and she talked me into coming. I was ready to go to bed. I am very happy that I came.”

The way Ted looked at me; I knew that he thought that I was Janet. Bob brought me out of my trance, he said, “Thank you very much for coming. Would you like to dance?”

I put my arm around Bob. We blended into the crowd of dancers. My horny self came alive. I thrush my body into Bob’s and said to myself, “Enjoy yourself this may be your last night of freedom.”

Within minutes I had Bob’s furnace blazing. I could since his embarrassment. He pulled his body away from mine. I glanced down between us, then looked up at Bob and said, “I told you that I did not like crowds. Let’s go where we can be alone together.”

I pulled Bob tightly against my body and kiss him on his lips. Nervously Bob's said, "Where would you like to go?"

"Anywhere, that we can be alone together."

Bob took my hand and guided me through the crowd.  He puts his arm around me and gives me a gentle kiss on my lips and said, “The only place where we can be alone is in my room.”

I kissed Bob and said, “That would be wonderful.”

As Bob and I weaved through the crowd, I noticed Ted and Pam watching us. Pam had a broad smile on her face and she winked at me. I smiled back at her. I could not read Ted face. Was he jealous or had he recognized me. A shot of fear ran through my body. Without thinking, I clamped my hand tightly on Bob hand. Bob looked at me and smiled. He gently lifts my hand and kisses it. As we walked into the hall for a moment I panicked. I wanted to run away from Bob. I wanted to kill myself for coming to the party. With Bob’s gentleness and pleasant domino, I settled down. We hardly said a word to each other until we were in his room. Bob said, “Would you like something to drink? I will call room service.”

Without saying anything, I shook my head. I sat down on the couch. Bob sat down next to me and puts his arm around my shoulder. I smiled at Bob and asked, “Is this your first visit to Brazil?”

Bob replied, “This my third trip to Brazil. I have been working for Ted for two years. A friend my mine told me that Pam and Ted were looking for a crew to run his yacht. I grew up on a yacht that my father owned. I took a vacation from my fathers accounting business and went to work for Pam and Ted. Pam had the yacht built for Ted. She did not tell him about the yacht until after it was built.”

I asked, “How long have you know Pam and Ted?”

“I have known Pam for years. My father has managed her parent’s apartments for as long as I can remember. I have known Ted since he went to work at APB. We crossed paths at the bank and the night clubs that we went to. My father said that he is one on the smartest accountants that he has ever met. He knew that Ted would never been so clumsy embezzling the money from the bank. If Ted had embezzled the money, they would never have traced it back to him.”

As I listen to Bob, my thought went back to when I worked with Ted. I knew that he was no fool. He must have known what Peterson and Howard were doing. What happened to the fifty million that is still missing? Bob interrupted my thoughts and asked, “It was one of the biggest embezzlement in the world. Ted tracked down a woman that was part of the embezzlement. She was living down here in Recife. Wasn’t in the news here?”

How well do I know about my capture. Every time I think about it, I wished that I had killed Ted when he in my home. I did not want to clean up the bloody mess in my home. I think I would have killed myself before I would clean up the damn mess. I looked at Bob, gave him a kiss and said, “Of course it was. I never thought much about it. I had other thoughts in mind.”

I unbuttoned Bob’s shirt and slid my hand under Bob’s belt. I kissed Bob’s chest and continued kissing his body until I was down to his belt. I caressed the bulge in his pants. Bob lifts me up and carried me over to the beds. I looked Bob in the eye as he slowly undressed me. He started to take his cloths off. I told him to let me. I slowly remove his cloths and kiss every part of his body. I straddled Bob necked body. We made love until Bob was exhausted. I climbed off of Bob and cuddle up to him. I looked at Bob’s handsome face and caressed him until he fell asleep. I slowly eased out of the bed and put my clothes on in the dark. I went out into the hall and took the elevator to the first floor. I walked out the side door and walked to my hotel. Fortunately no one saw me. I took a quick shower and cleaned myself. I had no desire to become pregnant. I went to bed and wondered what I should do. I was not going to stay here another day. I felt that Bob and Ted both would be looking for me. The following morning I drove back to my new home.

Ted Wallace:

Butch had called me a couple months ago and said that he had seen Janet in Recife. I called Anderson and told him what Butch had told me. Anderson called me back and told me that he had called the Warden and asked him if Janet had escaped. The Warden told Anderson that he sees Janet quite often and he had seen her the day that he called. Janet was still locked up and still complaining about everything, I called Butch and told him that she was still locked up. Butch was persistent; he said that if it wasn’t Janet, it was her twin. 

When we came ashore tonight I asked Butch had he seen our favorite girlfriend lately. He told me that she had disappeared. When I came ashore tonight, the girl that was with Bob made me think that it was Janet. She was much younger than Janet. During the party when I went to find Bob and tell him that his friend was waiting for him. I asked Bob what her name was. He told me that her name was Nancy. I did not want to pry into his personal life. I did not question him about her.

Our first night in Recife was over. Pam and I did not get to sleep until after three. We slept until noon, I woke up a few times and thoughts of Janet surfacing. Nancy personality was a duplicate of Janet, but she was much younger. I was exhausted and I fell back to sleep.

During breakfast Pam was excited about Bob and Nancy. She felt that they were perfect for each other. I did not want to unset her excitement. She wanted to know if I had heard form Bob and how the relationship was. I told her that I had not talked to Bob or anyone else since we left the party. Pam reached for the phone and I said, “Don’t call Bob. You don’t want to interrupt what they may be doing.”

Pam smiled and said, “Honey, I would not dare call Bob’s room. I think I know what they may be doing. The way Nancy and Bob were dancing, it looked like they did not want to wait until they were alone. I think Nancy feels the same way I felt the first night I met you. I am still kicking my butt for not taking you home with me. I am calling room service. What do you want of breakfast?”

I told Pam to order me the same thing that she was having. I went into to the bath room and turned on the shower. Before I could get the temperature set, Pam climber into the shower with me. We make love, dried each other off, had our breakfast and went back to bed.

The following morning, Pam wanted a repeat of the day before. I asked her if she was serious. She said that she was. We made love and had our breakfast. I was still wondering about Nancy, is she Janet? How did she get out of jail and if she did, why was the Warden lying? The same fears that I had gotten over with had returned. That bitch may be looking for a way to get me alone so she can finish the job that she and Howard started. Knowing that she killed three men and she is out of jail send cold chills through my body. Janet could charm the best of them. Had she charmed the Warden? Had she followed me to Recife? Was she here to get revenge by killing me and Pam? My old fears were seeping back into my mind again. I did not want to go through the same hell that I had gone through before. Pam came over to me and sat in my lap. She took my face and aimed it so she could see my eyes and said, “Don’t lie to me. I know something is bothering my darling. Sweetheart, what is it?”

I looked over at Pam and asked, “Pam, do you think Nancy looks like Janet?

I knew that she would try to relieve me of my worries. She said, “Most women are flirts. They all want every man they see to fall in love with them. Most of the men that they see don’t give a damn about them. If one of them doesn’t look at her with desire, they fall apart. Nancy and I are no different. Just because Nancy has the same flirtatious smile as Janet, it does not mean they are the same person. I do believe that Nancy has had a facelift recently. That does not mean that she is Janet. Women around the world are getting facelifts every day. Honey, please don’t let Nancy drag you through the same quagmire that Janet dragged you through. Let’s go for a walk along the beach. That is why we are here.”

 Seeing the resemblance of Janet in Nancy bothered me. I was afraid that she had followed me to Recife to kill me. One side of me felt that Butch was right, Nancy was Janet. It frightened me when she left the party with Bob. What was her motive? Was she planning on killing Bob for revenge or was she using Bob so she could kill me? Even though, I was still worried about Janet. I took off with Pam for a walk on the beach.  For the most part of the day I had forgotten about Nancy. We had walked from one end of the beach to the other end. When we got back in front of the hotel, we both were too tired to walk any further.

Pam and I were both dozing off. Bob came up and said, “Hello.”

It scared the hell out of me. Pam saw me jump and said, “Honey, it only Bob.”

I looked around expecting to see Nancy. Bob said, “Sorry to have frightened you. If you are looking for Nancy she took off. Last night I fell asleep and when I woke up, she was gone.”

I let out a puff of air. I was relieved that Janet wasn’t with him. I invited Bob to join us. I wanted to question him about Janet. I told him that the cooler was filled with goodies. I wanted to question him about Nancy and I think Pam knew it. When she caught my eye, she shook her head and put a finger across her lips. Pam has a fabulous ability to read my mind and other people expressions. She guided the conversation to everything but the party and Nancy. I noticed Bob’s domino when he walked up. He wasn’t his usual happy self. Pam had brought back the smiling face that was Bob’s personality. Pam and Bob took a dip in the ocean. I watch Pam. She could move the ocean with her gift of gab. She had Bob laughing until they got of the water. After they dried off and had a snack. Without any coaching from Pam or me, Bob opens up and spills his dismay. He had fallen in love with Nancy and when she took off without saying a word to him. It crushed his sole. He was too embarrassed to leave his room. He knew everyone would want to know how he and Nancy felt about each other. With Nancy leaving without a word, he started to wonder what she was hiding. He felt that she was married and was in Recife for a few days and she felt ashamed of herself for being with him and she had to get back to her family.       

 Pam took Bob’s hand and said, “We understand, we all go through moments like that. She could not resist your charm. Women are just like men, they can’t resist someone that is beautiful. When I saw Nancy in the hall before the party, she told me that she was in Recife just for a visit. Bob, you swept her off of her feet.”

With a half smile Bob said, “Thanks Pam, she swept me off of my feet. I fell in love with her the first time she smiled at me. When she vanished in the crowd at the beach, I felt like I had lost a million dollars. I spent an hour looking for her. At the party when Ted told me that a beautiful woman was looking for me, I felt like I was in heaven.”

I knew the feeling that Bob must have gone through. I had the same feeling every time Janet came up behind me and put her warm hand on my neck. Pam makes me feel the same way every time we are alone. To hell with Janet and Nancy, I am not going to let the memories of them ruin my life. I pulled Pam’s favorite bottle of wine out of the cooler and said, “Let’s party.”

I went into the hotel and ordered dinner for the crew and had them set it up on the beach. We partied until midnight. A sweet young lady strolling along the beach latched onto Bob. They left the party before Pam and me. As they were entering the hotel, Pam came over to me and whispered, “She will take Bob’s mind off of Nancy for a while.”

I put my arms around Pam and said, “Darling, when I’m with you, I didn’t think about anyone but you. When the party is over; can I spend the night with you.”

Pam wraps her arms around me, pulls me tightly against her and said, “Yes darling, you can spend every night for the rest of your life with me.”

As we pulled our bodies tighter I said, “There is no one else in the world that I would rather be with.”

For the remainder of our visit in Recife, we did not talk about Nancy or Janet. Butch came to see us before we sailed. With his best intentions, he tried not to mention Nancy in front of Bob. I knew that from his expression that he still felt that Nancy was Janet. Off and on, images of both of them entered my mind. I did my best not to think about them.

When Butch had me alone, the subject was about Janet. He was fanatical about Nancy being Janet. To please butch, I made another call to Anderson. Butch was sitting next to me. When Anderson answered I told him that Butch was positive that Janet was in Recife and I had seen her. Janet was going by the name of Nancy. I asked him to please contact Warden Claxton again. Anderson said that he would call Claxton now and call me back. We waited for about fifteen minutes and the phone rang. I picked up the phone and before I could say a work. Anderson said that he told Claxton that Butch and I saw Janet in Recife. Claxton said that it was impossible. Janet was still locked up. I asked Anderson to tell Butch what Claxton said. I gave Butch the phone and a verbal fight took place over the phone with Anderson. Anderson hung up on Butch. Butch was so mad that it took hours for him to cool down. On the day that we were leaving Recife Butch brought up Janet again. To appease him I said that I would go to see Janet personally when I get home.


The cover up;

          All hell breaks loose at Janet’s old home. With the second call from the FBI, Claxton went crazy. He called all of his cronies to a special meeting concerning Janet whereabouts. Once Ginger, Paul, Colonel Johnson, (the prison commanding officer), and Dr. Pearson (the head of the prison’s medical team): Claxton give Paul hell for being so careless and allowing Janet to escape. When Claxton finished, Johnson said, “The bitch has been gone for almost two year. What’s the problem?”

          Red faced Claxton said, “Janet!”

Johnson said, “Don’t beat around the bush, and get to the point.”

Claxton bowed his head and said, “The fucking FBI called about her today. I told him that Janet was still locked up. I don’t think he believed me. Two men that aided the FBI in finding her said that they saw her in Brazil and they were certain that it was Janet.”

Paul mumbled, “Oh, shit. The fucking bitch, you can’t trust anyone these days.”

Ginger lashed into Paul and gave him hell for screwing every woman he came in contact with. Pearson spoke up for the first time and said, “Stop tearing each other down. Why don’t you tell the FBI where she is and let them pick her up.”

Everyone looked over at Pearson with a surprised look. Ginger said, “Are you crazy.”

 Paul butted in and said, “Do you know that cash bonus that you get every week. Janet knows all about it. If she gets picked up by the FBI, she is going to sing like a canary. We will have to find her and kill her.”

Claxton breaks in and said, “We don’t have the time to look for her. I have a feeling that the FBI doesn’t believe me and they are coming to see her. I just got off the phone with a guy named Anderson. The two men that found her before, both of them have talked to her in Brazil. They are swearing that she is Janet, but she is going by the name of Nancy and it is no doubt in my mind that the person they talked to is Janet.”

Ginger cried, “I should have never asked you to help me when I almost killed that brat with a telephone for sassing me. We will all end up in jail for the rest of our lives. I will never be able to face my friends.”

Pearson broke in and said, “What friends? The only friend that you have is Claxton. You and Paul are just alike. If you are not twiddling you thumbs, you and Claxton are doing it. Like Paul, he has been screwing every bitch that he can get his hand on. I heard the nurses talking about Paul and his promises. His wife will bleed him dry before she lets him divorce her.”

Paul bellowed, “You are not so fucking squeaky clean. Not only have you been fucking some of the nurses, you have dozens of women prisoners that come to be examined on regular bases. You are fucking all of them.”

Pearson shouted back at Paul, “Who in hell has told you that.”

Paul laughed then said, “Dozens of women, the ones that have worked for me and all the nurses that you have been fucking.” 

Claxton interrupts Paul and said, “Pearson, you are the one that told us to stop picking on each other. We have a problem. If we don’t do something soon, we all are going to get locked up. Has anyone got any ideas?”

They all looked at each other expecting someone to come up with a plan. No one said a word. The room became deadly silent for about five minutes. The waiting pushed Ginger over the top. She screamed hysterically, “Why doesn’t someone say something. We are all going to prison for the rest of our lives because of Paul.”

 With fire and furry in her face, she dashes across the room to Paul. Before anyone could get to her, she scratched Paul face to a pulp with her long finger nail. Blood was running down his face. Johnson grabbed Ginger and pulled her off of Paul. Pearson yelled to Claxton to get some towels out of his toilet. 

When the dust settled, Pearson said, “We don’t have a problem. Over the years we have done it dozens of times. The states coroner never comes out here. I perform the autopsy myself and send it to him and he signs it. He hasn’t been out here since I came to work here. He was doing the same thing with the doctor that I replaced. I have two cadavers in the freezer now. One of them is going to be Janet. Claxton, when did you talk with the FBI and what did you tell him?”

          Claxton cleared his throat and nervously said, “I told him that I had seen her a few weeks ago in the dinning hall and I saw her today.”

          “Did you say anything about her health records?”


           “I will use one of the cadavers and cremate it. We will bury the ashes in the prison cemetery.  I will have a cross made with Janet’s name on it. In the coroner’s report I will say that she had breast cancer and it metastasize to her lungs and she died of suffocation. Janet never came to the clinic for help. I am going to send all of you copies of autopsy. Memorize it and do not forget it.  If they ask you for more details, send them to me.  I doubt if anyone would want to dig up the ashes.  If they do we will dig Janet ashes up for them. I don’t believe anyone will go that far.”

          All of Claxton cronies were ecstatic. They all praised Pearson for a job well done and assured him that they would not tell anyone about this meeting. Paul was the only one that had a problem. His wife would probably continue where Ginger left off. His face was a holy mess. Ginger was crying about her broken fingernails. It seamed that there was nothing more important than her finger nails.

 Within a couple of days Ginger invited some on the Janet’s old cell bock friends to Janet’s funeral service. Some of them cried, some said, “Good riddance.”

 Most of them were just glad to get outside of the prison for an hour or so. Saxton crones went back to their regular routine of stealing the states money and screwing anyone they could get their hand on.



Farewell Ted:

The trip back home was wonderful. The sea was calm. We met other yachts that were headed for the States. We stayed close together for fear of reprisal for what Janet had done. Fortunately we did not encounter any trouble. We were welcomed in the ports where we anchored. We were not in a hurry to get back home. Pam loved shopping when we went ashore. I think Bob had forgotten about Nancy by the time we set sail. Unfortunately I had not. The day after I got home, I went to pay Janet a visit. When I inquired about Janet at the front desk, the guard fumbled around with the computer for about ten minutes then he said, “There is no Janet Powell listed in the computer.”

I shook my head and said, “Are you positive. She was sentenced for two life terms.”

I said to myself, “How in hell did she get out of the prison? Butch is right. Nancy is Janet.”

I continued to question the guard. He got pissed off and told me to come around to the back of the desk and search for her myself. At first, I didn’t want to. The guard insisted that I look for myself. To lighten the pressure between the two of us, I went to the back of the desk. He gets up from the computer and said that it was all mine. For the next ten minutes I checked everywhere. I was totally confused. Again, I asked myself, how in hell did she get out of prison. It was loud enough that the guard heard what I said. He said, “There is only three ways that anyone can get out of here. They break out, they get paroled or die. No one has escaped from here in 20 years. There have been a number of attempts.”

I said, “Has she been paroled.”

The guard replied, “I checked the paroled data base. She wasn’t on it either. Get up and let me see if she died here.”

After about a minute he looks up at me and said, “Are you a member of the family.”

I told him that I wasn’t. He asked me why I wanted to visit her. I said, “The bitch tried to kill me. I want to know if she is still in jail. A friend of mine said that he saw her. I wanted to make sure she was still in jail. If she is out of prison, she just might try it again.”

The guard said, “She died a few months ago. They buried her at the prison cemetery. You passed it when you drove up here. It is about a quarter mile down the road. You can’t miss it. There are rows of crosses across the field. You are welcomed to go out there and visit her. It is outside the compound.”

Still with disbelief, I thanked the guard and headed out the door. I was trying to figure the date that Anderson talked to the warden. Did she die before Anderson talked to the warden or after they spoke? If Janet is dead, who in hell is that woman that looks like Janet? Confused, I climbed into my car and headed down the road so engrossed about Janet’s death that I passed the cemetery. I had consoled myself that Janet was no longer a threat. Yet, I wondered, who was the woman that Butch was so certain was Janet.  When I came out of my trance and back to reality, I realized that I had passed the cemetery. I made a u-turn and headed back in the direction of the prison. After a few minutes I saw a field that looked like rows of white flowers. As I approached the cemetery a sinking feeling came across me. The women that I dearly loved, and wanted to kill me has passed away. Mixed feeling ran through my body. As I approached the grave markers I did not realize how many graves would be here. There were thousands of graves. It will take me weeks to find the one where Janet was buried. As I circled the field I noticed that they were aliened by the date of their death. It took me almost an hour until I found Janet’s grave marker. When I read the marking on the cross tears came to my eyes. It seamed that all the hate that I had built up over the past few years went away. The love and the affection she showed me when we worked together came back. For the hate that I had built up for her, I asked her to forgive me. I stood up and looked across the cemetery. I was quite a distance from my car. As I strolled across the field, I was convinced that Janet was dead. Now, what am I going to tell Butch? He was so adamant that Janet was in Brazil. What made Butch so certain that Nancy is really Janet? I reach my car and took off for home. I tried to forget about Janet and Nancy.

When I walked into my apartment, Pam said, “How did the meeting with Janet go.”

I pulled Pam into my arms and said to her, “I will never regret the day you invited me for a drink. As you well know, I had a crush on Janet before I met you. On the way home, I realized how lucky I was to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Not only are you beautiful outside, you are beautiful inside. Hold me for a moment. I want to think about you. I want to forget everything that ever happened between Janet and me, the good and the bad. I did not get to see Janet. She passed away. I visited her grave site and wished her a better life in her new world.”

Pam quickly asked, “If Janet is dead, who was the woman that Bob fell in love with. Butch is so adamant that Nancy is Janet, what are you going to tell him. I think that he would kill you if you disagree with him.”

“I am going to give Butch a call now. This way he can either bust his cell phone against the dashboard of his cab or do nothing. I dialed Butch’s number. The phone rang a number of times. Finally his grumpy voice bellow out, “Who the hell is this.”

“Hi Butch, its Ted.”

Butch’s demeanor changed instantly. He yelled, “Hi Ted how was the trip back home. Did you have any trouble along the Mexican border?”

I interrupted Butch and said, “The trip was fine. We stopped at a number of ports in south and Central American and Mexico. No trouble at all. I went to see Janet today.”

Butch buts in and said, “She wasn’t there was she?”

“Yes and no. She was there but I did not get to see her.”

Butch bellowed, “What the hell do you mean?”

“Butch calm down, Janet has passed away. I visited her grave.”

Butch snaps back and said, “That wasn’t Janet in the grave. That bitch got out of prison somehow. She blackmailed every one at the prison. You will never convince me that Nancy wasn’t Janet. I told you about the affair that she had with that bell hop. She told him that she got out on an appeal. That bitch Nancy looked too much like Janet not to be her.”

I interrupted Butch and said, “You may be right on all counts, but the official records at the prison said that the Janet that I knew was dead and her remains are in the prison’s cemetery. I am not saying you are wrong. But, as they say, I am going to let a dead horse die. Goodbye, I will see you next winter.”

I hung up the phone before he could say anything. I was not going to stay awake all night arguing or worrying about Janet. If she is still alive, at least I know where she is hiding.”

I grabbed my lovely wife and took her out to dinner. As we left our home, I shout the door on Butch, Janet and the rest of the world. Tonight I am going to enjoy myself with the most wonderful woman in the world.

Janet in her new home:

I tried to keep myself busy decorating my new home. I did not want to worry about Ted, Butch and Timmy. Yet, thoughts of them kept popping up. When I furnished decorating my new home, I tried to keep to myself interested on other things, like the hunks that were parading in front of my new home. I wanted to prowl the bars, find new friends that did not know about my past. I wanted to party and have fun. Not counting the party that Ted had, I haven’t been to a party since I left college. I wanted freedom, but I was not enjoying it. If I saw someone staring at me, it would upset me. I would spend the next few days hiding in my new home. I wanted to make friends with my neighbors, but they would surely question me about my past. It seemed like everyone that I met wanted to know where I came from, if I was married, where I was born and where my family was. If I did not talk with any of my neighbors, they would surely talk to another neighbor about me. I spent a week trying to come up with stories about my past lift. It was driving me crazy. I wanted to get out of my home. I was bored stiff. I had to get outside and live again. One morning while walking on the beach, it started to rain. Someone left a newspaper on a bench. I grabbed the newspaper and covered my head. When I got inside, I laid the newspaper on the kitchen counter. I went to my bath room and took off my wet clothes. I put on a robe and went back into the kitchen. While I waiting for the coffee to perk, I glanced down at the paper. One of the hotels was looking for someone that spoke English and Portuguese. I wrote down the telephone number and call the hotel. A woman answered the phone. I asked the woman in English if she could transfer me to the personnel office. The woman asked me in Portuguese if I was asking about the job that was in the paper. I answered her in Portuguese and told her that I was. She said in English, “My name is Agnes; the job is yours if you want it. We have had the advertisement in the paper for two months and no one has called about the job.”

I did not give a damn about the salary. Anything was better than spending the rest of my life inside these walls. I told her that I would take it. In Portuguese, she asked me what my name was. For a few moments, I could not think. I had to damn many aliases; I did not know which one I should use. My mind was blank for a few seconds. The first name that came to mind was the one the pawn broker gave me. Agnes said in English, “Are you still there?”

The sound of Agnes’s voice brought me back to life. “Yes, I am still here. My name is Gladys Santeria. When would you like for me to come in for an interview?”

Agnes said, “Today if you are available. It’s almost lunch time would you like to join me for lunch.”

I said, “I would love to. What time would be convenient for you?”

“Anytime before two, the restaurant closes at two thirty.”

“I will be at the hotel before one thirty. Where will you be?”

“Go to the front desk and ask for Agnes. They will call me. I am glad you called. I am looking forward to meeting you.”

I said, “The same here. I will see you at one thirty.”

I hung up the phone, and took a shower. I looked in the closet at the beautiful red outfits. I tried one of them on. I felt like a new person. A sinking feeling flowed through my body. I can not wear it. I can not be too conspicuous. I am afraid that someone that I knew in Recife would recognize me. The dress was so beautiful, when I had worn it; everyone that I passed looked at me. I don’t want to stand out in a crowd.

One thirty sharp, I was at the hotel front desk. I asked the desk clerk if Agnes was here. He pointed at the entrance to the restaurant and said, "Gladys, she is waiting for you in the restaurant."

I turned and walked across the lobby.  When I got to the restaurant I looked around.  I saw a lovely young lady on the far side of the restaurant looking at me. She stood up and smiled at me.  I returned the smile.  I walked up to her table.  I held out my hand and said, "You must be Agnes.”

She reached across the table and said, "Gladys, I am so happy that you could make it.  Please have a seat."

For the next two hours we talk about everything except the job. I had never told so many lies in my life.  I was afraid that I would not remember what I had said to Agnes.  I started to ask Agnes about the job.  Agnes smiled at me and said, “I hope you take my job. I am getting married and going back home. I have been in Brazil for four years. I met a very nice man that was vacationing down here and we fell in love. He wants me to go back to the States with him.”

I asked, “What does your job consist of. What will be my duties?”

Agnes smiled, and said, "A little of everything. You will be the assistant manager of the hotel. You will welcome the guests. Cater to their wants and make sure all of the employees are doing their job. You will have your own private office with an adjoining apartment on the second floor overlooking the ocean. If you are married, your husband can live with you at the hotel with free meals, with a very nice salary. Are you married?”

I shook my head and said, “No. I haven’t found anyone that I could spend the rest of my life with. How much is the salary? If looks like, you are on duty 24 hours a day.”

The smile on Agnes face faded away. I asked, “Are you on call 24 hours a day?”

With a look of depression, Agnes nodded her head, then said, “Well yes, but you don’t have to stay in the hotel all the time. You can go shopping, go to the beach or go on dates. You do have to have your cell phone turned on 24 hours a day. I have gone days without it ringing.”

Agnes ignored my question about the salary, I said, “And the salary? How much in American dollars are they paying you/”

With a despairing look on her face, Agnes looks away from me and said, “I get a thousand dollars a week.”

I made a quick calculation and said, “Being on call 24 hours a day, that’s only about $6.00 an hour.”

Agnes smiled and said, “You will only spend a couple of hours a day actually working. You can lounge around the hotel, and spend the day hanging around the pool talking to the quest. There are a lot of single men that come from all over the world to look for a bride. As you know, that is how I met my fiancée.”

I looked across the table at Agnes. A look of uncertainty had replaced her smile. I asked, “Who do I have to talk to about the salary, I think a thousand is too little for the amount of time I have to spend on call. I would like fifteen hundred.”

Agnes said softly, “I am only authorized to offer you twelve hundred a week.”

I wanted to know who I was going to work for. Who was the manager of the hotel and why wasn’t he interviewing me.

I asked, “Who do I have talk to get fifteen hundred.”

The look of despair came back on Agnes face and she said, “Mr. Carbono, he is not around now. That is why I am interviewing you. I can call him if you wish.”

I nodded my head and said, “Please do.”

Agnes picked up the cell phone lying on the table and punched in the numbers. She listened for a few moments. She had not looked this depressed. I felt sorry for her. Yet, I wondered why she had not gotten someone to replace her. Someone answered the phone. Agnes asked the person on the other end of the line that she wanted to talk to Mr. Carbono and told them who she was. Still depressed Agnes looks over at me and hinted, one moment, then said, “Mr. Carbono, I have an applicant for my job. I offered her twelve hundred, but she wants fifteen hundred.”

A broad smiles and with tears in her eyes, Agnes turned off the phone and said, “You get the fifteen hundred and you can start today if you wish. But give me a couple of days to pack my things. We will spend the rest of the day going over your duties.”

Agnes led me through the hotel to a private elevator. She inserts a key into key hole on the door frame of the elevator. The door opens and Agnes took my hand and said, “I will take you to the top of the hotel and we will work down.”

She pushed the Penthouse button. I had to hold on to the rail to keep from following to the floor. Within seconds the elevator came to abrupt stop. I felt like I would be thrown through the ceiling of the elevator. The door opens into a lavishly decorated hall. Agnes said, “This is Mr. Carbono office and suite. He is also the owner of the hotel.”

Agnes gave me a tour of the floor. At the right end of the hall was Mr. Carbono suite. Next to the suite was Mr. Carbono’s office. The left door led to a banquet hall with a stage at the far end of the hall. Each side of the hall was a bar. Couches, chair and tables circled the hall. The whole floor was lavishly decorated. Agnes said, “Gladys, twice a week you will have to come up here to see if the maids have kept the rooms spotless. Mr. Carbono is meticulous. He can not stand to see anything that is not neat and clean.”

I smiled at Agnes and said, “I can understand the way Mr. Carbono feels. I can’t stand a place that is not orderly and clean.”

For the next couple of hours we toured the whole hotel and some of the rooms that were vacant. After we left the laundry in the basement, Agnes said, “Now we will go to your office and suite. It is very nice, but not as lavish and large as Mr. Carbono’s suite.”

As I walked into my new office and saw how neat everything was I let out a sigh of relief. Agnes turned and said, “Is something wrong.”

I shook my head and said, “No, I am so pleased with everything. Your desk reminds me of my own when I worked.”

We went into Agnes suite. The rooms were much larger than the rooms in my apartment and very beautifully furnished. I could not believe why this position had not been filled months ago. I asked myself, why hasn’t someone taken the job? Did Agnes or Mr. Carbono turn them down? Will he turn me down?

I had been introduced to everyone that worked in the hotel. Everyone welcomed me aboard with enthusiasm. I was weary about the enthusiasm that everyone had. Was I walking into something that I would regret? Were they as sincere as they appeared? I followed Agnes’s into her office. She turned and gave me the key to her office and a folder that had outlined my duties. She said, “You will find this quite helpful. I wrote down all the things that they said were my responsibility. It took me four years to put it together. The list got larger as the years passed. I hope you enjoy working here.”

Agnes walked me to the front of the hotel. She hugged me and said, “They will expect you to be in the office by nine. I will leave my key on your desk when I leave. Goodbye.”

With a frightened look in her face, Agnes turns around and hastily walked back into the hotel. A cold chill ran through my body. My suspicious mind went on overdrive. I felt the same way when the cop shoved me into the police car in Recife. For a couple of minutes, I could not move. I wanted to go back into the hotel and give Agnes the key and tell her that I did not want the job. Emotionally, I kicked myself in the butt and said, stop worrying. She has a hundred things to do before she leaves. I took a deep breath and headed for home. I dropped the booklet and key on the kitchen table and turned on the coffee maker. While the coffee was brewing, I looked out the window at the beach. Memories of my past started to surface. I had no fear when I killed Allen, Howard and the pawn broker. I think they are starting to haunt me and it will last until I die. The cold chills came back and I felt like I was freezing. I wrapped my arms around me. There were goose pimples all over my arms. I walked over to the air conditioner thermostat and looked at the temperature. It was over eighty degrees.  I grabbed a jacket out of the front door closet and put it on. I still felt cold. The coffee was still perking. I removed the pot, put a cup under the filter and filled the cup, spilling coffee all over the counter; I slipped the pot back under the filter. I wrapped my hands around the cup to warm them. It did not help. I drank the hot bitter coffee without putting in the sugar and cream with hopes it would warm me up, it didn’t. I filled the bathtub with hot water, soaked my chilled body until I feel asleep. When I woke up, the tub was full and the water was going out the overflow drain. The water was no long hot. It was only slightly warm. I dried myself off and went to bed. I could not fall to sleep. The fearful look of Agnes’s face would not go away. I rolled and tossed and could not fall asleep. I laid there wide awake going over the things that I had done in my life. I wanted to be rich. I did not give a damn about being famous. I have so much money that I feel like Timmy when he spent the $100 bills that he took out of my blue suitcase. I am afraid if I spend too much, people will start asking questions. I would feel the same no matter where I went. Every thieving bastard would want to know how I got it. When I came back to the present, I looked over at the clock. It was five thirty and I had been awake for two hours. I got up; it was useless to lie in bed any longer. I was ready for work by seven. It was only a ten minute drive to the hotel. I paced the floor wondering what Agnes was afraid of. 

I have a Job:

          At eight thirty, I walked into the hotel. Every employee that I had met yesterday welcomed me. I wondered if the key Agnes had given me would work on the private elevator. Surprisingly, it worked. A thought came to me; anyone that has a key to the elevator has a key to my suite. I have to change the lock to my suite. I held on to the elevator railing as it shot me up to the second floor. I went down the hall to my new office. The door was open. The shades were drawn and only the light from the hall lit up the office. I turned on the light in the waiting room. The room was immaculate. There wasn’t a thing that was out of place.

          I turned the knob to the office door, it was locked. I put the key in the lock and opened the door to the office. A note and a key were on the desk. I picked up the note. It read, “Good luck Gladys. I hope you enjoy your new job as much as I did. The key is for your suite. Don’t worry about the job. It will take care of it self. It was so nice talking to you yesterday. Love you, Agnes.”

          I unlocked the door to the suite. The shades were draw. I turned on the lights. The suite was as immaculate as it was yesterday. It did not look like anything had been moved. I open the closet at the entrance. Neatly aliened in the closet was a row of jackets and on the floor was a row of shoes. The jackets and shoes looked quite expensive. I would never leave clothing like this behind. I went into the bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinet. It did not look like anything had been taken out. I hurried into the master bedroom. The closet door was open. It looked as if none of the clothing had been removed. Everything in the closet was the same as it was yesterday. The suit cases were in the same place as they were yesterday.

          I did not know what to think. Maybe the hotel is going to ship her things to her. I turned off the lights and went into the office and open the desk drawer. It was neatly arranged. I took the notebook that Agnes had given me and opened it. Today is Wednesday, I lifted Wednesdays tab to see what I had to do. Today was the day that I had to inspect the Penthouse. I took a face towel and a handful of tissues and headed for the elevator. It was swift ride to the Penthouses. A maid was dusting off the furniture. I went into Mr. Carbono office and introduce myself. I told her who I was and asked if Mr. Carbono was here. She shook her head and said that he would not be around for a couple of months. He had gone to Italy and usually stays there for a least three of four months. I thanked her and left the office. I went back to my office to see if there was a cell phone in the desk. There wasn’t any. At least I had my own. I called the front desk and told them who I was and gave them my cell phone number. I said that if anyone needed me they could reach me at that number. I sat back at my desk and looked at the folder to see what else I had to do on Wednesday. The second thing on the list was to walk around the hotel to see if each department had the correct number of employees. It gave a list of places to visit and the number of employees in each department. I took the folder, made the tour and the correct numbers of employees were in all of the departments. I stopped and chatted with most of the people and inquired about their jobs. I had never seen a happier bunch of employees; they all were friendly and helpful. If was lunch time, I spent the next couple of hours going over my daily duties. Every day was more or less the same with only slight changes. On Friday I had to pick up the pay checks for the employees in accounting. I did not have to deliver them to the employees, they were required to pick them up at my office between three and five PM. They had to show me their Photo ID and sign a ledger to indicate that they had received their check.

          I inquired about Agnes departure. No one seemed to know anything about her departure, except that she was going back to the United States. She did not go around to anyone to tell them goodbye nor did they know she had already gone. I called room service and asked them to send someone to remove all of Agnes thinks from the suite and put them in the storage room. Within minutes a crew was there. It took them a little over and hour to pack Agnes things. One of the maids brought me a bag filled with Agnes’s personal notes and letters. I wanted to look at them. I was afraid someone would see me. I put the bag in the back of the office closet to keep me and some nosey bastard from peeking at Agnes personal things. I would not want anyone nosing into my personal life.

          The months had passed and I had not heard form Mr. Carbono and I had no idea how to contact him. I asked Liz when I picked up the employee’s checks if she knew where Mr. Carbono was and how I could get into contact with him if I needed him. She told me that it was best not to try to find him. If he wanted to contact me he would call me and it was best not to mention to the other employees anything concerning Mr. Carbono. He did not like people that tried to pry into his business. Over the years a number of people have been fired for being to inquisitive about the hotel and Mr. Carbono. I thanked her and told her that I would mind my own business and not pry into anyone else’s business.

          Once a month I received a bank statement from accounting. The hotel was making a large profit without me doing a damn think. I spent most of my time talking to the guest at the pool. In the evening if something came up that needed my attention, I would spend the night in my suite. I liked the privacy of my home. I felt that I was under a magnifying glass when I stayed at the hotel. Why did Agnes leave without taking any of her things with her? It was still bugging the hell out of me. She hasn’t written or called me to find out how I was doing. At least she could have sent me a post card about her wedding. She did not leave her new address to anyone. How am I going to forward her mail.

          I was spending the nights in my home, it was around one thirty and Mother Nature woke me up. While I was still in the bathroom my cell phone rang. I had to stop what I was doing and answer it. The call was from the night clerk, Angelo. Mr. Carbono had called him from Italy and told him that we would have special guest from Italy. He said to lock up his office and suite and do not let them take the private elevator to the Penthouse. They would need six of the small suite and do not charge them for anything. I thanked Angelo and said, “I will take care of it tomorrow.”

Angelo said, “Gladys, if I was you, I would come in now and make the arrangement for them. I have been here when these quests arrived before. They don’t want to wait for anything.”

          I did not want to argue with Angelo. He had been there before when the quest arrived. I thanked Angelo and told him that I would be there shortly. Maybe this is why Agnes left so quickly. She expected it to happen before she left. Who is the hell are these special guests from Italy? Why don’t they have to pay for their expenses? Hell with it, just go with the flow don’t make waves. Again and again it crosses my mind. Who in hell are the special guest?

          I walked into the lobby and Martha, the house keeper supervisor was running across the lobby. I went over to Angelo and said, “Why is Martha here.”

          Angelo said, “I called her. You have not had the pleasure of meeting these guests from Italy. Martha has been through this a number of times. She will help you and the maids setup the suites. 

I hurried downstairs to the laundry. Martha was on the phone calling some of the maids. She looked at me scrunch up her face and shook her head. She indicated for me to hold on for a minute. When she finished the calls, she looks up at me and again shook her head and said, “I hate to put the girls through this again. You are not going to like it either. The bastards think that they own us and we have to cater to everything they want. Agnes went through hell the last time they were here.”

I could not imagine what they had gone through. I said to Martha, “Tell me what happened.”

“Didn’t Agnes warn you about the bastards “

“No she didn’t. Tell me what happened.”

 “Agnes took the brunt of the crap. She tried to stop them from molesting the maids. Four of best workers quit and called the police. They all were married and when they went home and told their husbands. There was a rout in the hotel. Mr. Carbono whisked the special guest off to the airport and got them out of the country before the police came.”

I asked, “What happen to Agnes?”

Martha looked down at the floor and said, “Her boy friend had just proposed to her a week before the bastards arrived. She tried her best to get the bastard to stop molesting the maids. She went to the suite where they hung out and they all raped her. There was blood all over the place. The poor thing must have been a virgin or she had her period.  Mr. Carbono gave them hell and ordered them to get their things. He took them to the airport in his limo. The police came just minutes after Mr. Carbono left for the airport. Agnes told the police that the quest had left the hotel and she did not know where they went. When Mr. Carbono came back to the hotel, he gathered us all together and apologized for the trouble that we had to go through. He promised us that it would never happen again. He paid off the husbands of the women that were molested and offered them there jobs back. None on them have come back to the hotel. Mr. Carbono gave Agnes a huge bonus for keeping her mouth shut about them raping her.”

I looked at Martha and said, “It will not happen again. Don’t send anyone to there suite if they are still in the rooms. If they came back while the maid is still working in the suite, tell the maid to leave as soon as they walk in. If they call for room service, send the ugliest bell hop to the room. I will talk to them when they arrive. I don’t want the same thing to happen again.”

I hugged Martha and told her not to worry. I went back upstairs to the front desk. I told Angelo that I would be back soon. I went home and picked one of the most ominous pistols that I had purchased when I returned to Recife. I returned to the hotel and helped the girls setup the suites with beverages and treats for our six special guests.

We were finished long before they showed up. They arrived late in the afternoon. They all looked haggard from the long trip. I welcomed them to Brazil and invited them for dinner in a private dinning room adjacent to restaurant. Angelo had their luggage delivered to their suite. They all spoke Italian. One of them spoke Portuguese, his name was Philippe and another one spoke English, his name was Bruno. I thought that they were to worn out to cause any trouble. I found out later that I was wrong. After they were fed I stood up and asked Philippe to please translate for me. I told them about the incident that their friends had created the last time they were here and how close they were to spending the rest of their life in a Brazilian jail. I told them if they started anything in the hotel that they would have to answer to me. If there sexual desires arose while they were here, they should relieve these desires in one of the many whore houses in Brazil. Bruno stood up and started yelling at me in Italian. Philippe blushed and did not translate what the bastard said. Bruno headed for me. I reached into my pocketbook and pulled out the pistol. I aimed the gun at his head. He stopped in his tracks. It looked like he was going to melt. His domino changed instantly. With a harsh voice I said, “Sit down. Don’t fuck with me. I will blow your fucking ball off before you can reach me.”

Philippe rattled off what I had said. Reluctantly Bruno returned to his seat, I put the pistol back into my pocket book and said, “We want you all to enjoy your visit in Brazil. We want your visit to be enjoyable and prosperous. Please don’t start any trouble with the employees at the hotel. What you do in the hotel effect me and the hotel. I know Mr. Carbono does not want the reputation of the hotel to be tarnished. What you do outside the hotel is none of our business. Don’t draw the police’s attention to our hotel. I know you all had a tiring journey. You are a quest of the hotel. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. Mr. Carbono is picking up the tab at the hotel. Please enjoy yourself and good night.”

I turned and smiled at Bruno. I puckered up my lips and winked at him. He smiled back at me and said something in Italian. Philippe told me that he was apologizing for his behavior and he wanted me to forgive him. I walked over to him. I hugged and kissed him on the cheek. He put a hand on my butt and I grabbed his ball and squeezed them slightly. He winched and pulled away. I said, “The next time you do that I will use my knee.”

  Philippe laughed and translated what I said. The bastard winched and pretended that he was in pain. They all laughed and left the dinning room. I was dead tired. I went to my suite and called the front desk. I told them that I would spend the night in the hotel and if there was any disturbance to call me no matter what time it was. I did not let Bruno know that I spoke English.

I woke up around nine the next morning. I took a quick shower and wore the same outfit that I wore yesterday. If I am going to spend the night here, I am going to have to leave a few outfits in my suite. I called the front desk and asked if any of our special guests had called. Fortunate, no one had called. I called the restaurant, told the chef to use men waiter and do not send any of the waitress to the private dinning room while our special guest were present. I did not want to have another riot at the hotel while I was in charge. I wasn’t sure if I could fight the six bastards off by myself. I did not want to go through the same thing that Agnes went through.

Now I knew why Agnes was in a hurry to leave and why she had a frightened look on her face the last time I saw her. She must have been wondering if she should have told me about the experience that she had gone through. I leaned back into my desk and looked across the street at the beach. Even with the assholes in the building, I was happy that I had taken Agnes’s job. The scenery was magnificent and I was starting to fell alive again. I wanted to get the assholes out of the hotel before I went home and changed.

I must have dosed off, the phone rang. It scared the living hell out of me. I fumbled with the phone and said, “Hello.”

It was Philippe and he wanted to know when and where they could eat. I told him that they could eat anywhere in the hotel that they wished, but the private dinning area adjacent to the restaurant was set up and waiting for them. I told him that the hotel request that the quest do not smoke in the restaurant and a couple of his friends were smoking last night. There are no restrictions in the dinning room where they had their dinner last night, also they could discuss there business in private. I also told him that there was a waiter assigned to the dinning room and they can eat or drop in for coffee any time they wanted.

Philippe thank me and said, “The dinning room will be fine. We have to spend a few hours going over what we will be doing while we are in Brazil. Could you reserve the dinning room for us?”

 I said, “Philippe, the dinning room is reserved for you and your friends as long as you are in Brazil.”

Philippe thanked me and hung up. I called the chef and told him that the quest would be popping in soon and to have a waiter available as long as our special quests are in Brazil.  

There were surveillance cameras in the dinning room, the restaurant, all of the halls, throughout the hotel and grounds.

 Security was sloppy:

            I called Security and asked to speak to the officer in charge. The gentleman on the phone said that there was no one person in charge, the one that was on duty was in charge during his shift. I asked him what his name was. He told me that his name was Daniel, but everyone calls him Dan. I asked Dan to come to my office. Dan wanted to know who was calling. I told him that I was the new assistant manager I was in Agnes’s office. He said that he would come right over. Within a few minutes a husky young man in a uniform walked into my office. I stood up and shook his hand and asked him to have a seat. For the next hour we discussed the hotel’s security system. Half of the cameras did not work and most of the tapes were never replaced. I asked him who serviced the system. He had been working at the hotel for two years and no one has ever come in to repair the system. I picked up the phone and called accounting and asked Liz if she knew who they had servicing the security system. Liz said, “We pay a company named “The Eye” two hundred dollars a month to keep the system in operation.”

          I told Liz to call the security company and tell them to send a technician to the hotel and give Dan a copy of the contract that we have with them.

          I told Dan to go to accounting and pick up the security contract and to wait down stairs for the technician and to bring him to my office. With out new guest in the hotel trivial problems kept popping up all night. I was exhausted. I had hardly slept a wink. As soon as Dan walked out the door, I fell asleep. I could not have been asleep long. There was a knock on the office door. I was in a fog. I was so groggy that I fumbled my way to the door. Dan and the man with him looked at me as if I was drunk. I told Dan to go to the kitchen and get a pot of coffee and some cups. I introduced myself to the man and asked if he was from the security company. He nodded yes. I pointed at a chair in front of the desk and told him to take a seat. I wobbled back to my desk and plopped into my chair. I apologies to the man and told him that I had been awake almost all night. He said, “I can come back later.”

          The way he said it, I knew that he knew why he was here. This pumped a shot of adrenaline through my body. I came alive instantly. The exhausting faded away. I said. “No, since you are here, I want to talk to you and have you maintenance our security system. Dan told me that the system has not been maintained in months. I want you to start working on it as soon as we finish this meeting. What is your name?”

          The man said, “I can’t work on your system today. I am tied up for the rest of the month.”

          As Dan was walking in the door, I yelled out, “You are not going anywhere until the security system is perfect condition.”

          Dan looked down at the man and said to me, “They are going to send someone up with the coffee. Is Joel giving you a hard time?

          “No, Dan. Give me the contract and take a seat.”

          As I thumbed through the contract, I asked Joel, “When was the last time you serviced the security system?”

          Joel said, “Only a month ago.”

          Dan popped in and said, “When did you come in. I have been working here for two years. I have never seen you in the hotel.”

          Joel face turned a bright red and started to say something. I said, “Don’t say another word. We are going to the security room and take a look. ”

          I got up and the two followed me. While we were walking through the halls I was reading the contract. The contract stated that each peace of equipment had a label on it for the service company to sign each time they tested the equipment. Sill without saying a word, I looked at the label on the equipment. Some of the equipment had been in the hotel for more than ten years and has not been tested since. None of the labels had been signed and dated. They only indicated the date they were installed. I pointed at the contract and the labels. Joel started to say something. I beat him to it and said, “Don’t say a fucking word. I don’t want to hear any more lies. Dan will be with you until every piece of equipment in this hotel is in working order. Dan, I want the equipment that monitors the dinner room, the hotels entrances and the halls where our special guest are staying to be repaired within an hour. Joel, don’t plan on going anywhere until all the equipment in the hotel is working.”

          Joel said, “I may have to go back to my office to pick up a few things.”

          I said, “If the equipment for the areas that I stated are not working, take the equipment that is working and us it to repair the ones that I want to work this morning.   Dan stay with him until those areas are repaired even it takes all night.”

          Joel started to say something. Again, I beat him to it. “Joel, the only thing that I want to here from you is, “All the security equipment is good working order.”

            On my way back to my office, my mind was on our quest from Italy. Why were they here? Were they the same ones that molested Agnes and the other women? My thought were interrupted, the phone ran. I picked up the phone and Dan said, “Miss Santeria, I think we have the area you wanted covered. Would you like to come down a take a look?”

          I said, “Dan, please call me Gladys, I haven’t been call Miss Santeria in years. For a moment, I did not know who you were talking to. I will be there in a few minutes.”

          When I walked into the security room, the monitors were all lit up. Joel pointed at the monitors and told me where the cameras were. I said, “Put labels on the monitors. I want the person on duty to be able to tell where the camera is located.”

          The front entrance was obvious. The other entrances were not and neither were the halls. The dinning room had two cameras. One on each end of the room; the bastards were having their breakfast. I said to Joel, “Are there microphones in the room?”

          Joel reached for the monitor and pushed a button. The sound of their voices was deafening. I shouted, “Turn the damn volume down.”

          Joel apologized and said. “This is one of the best systems on the market. They all have motion and sound detectors. You don’t have to sit for hours waiting for something to appear on the screen. Also, the tapes won’t run out every day.”

          I patted Joel on the shoulder and said, “Please, before you start on another project, finish repairing all of the security cameras.”

          Joel said, “I should be finished before the day is over. I called my office and told them what parts I needed and they are sending someone over with them. I promise you that I will not leave until the security system is in perfect working order. I don’t want to keep Dan from his duties.”

          I thanked Joel and told Dan to come with me. We went back to my office. I shut the door and asked Dan to take a seat. A curious look came across his face. I said, “Were you here when the special guest raped Agnes?”

          Dan shook his had and said, “I wasn’t on duty.”

I asked, “Why didn’t someone stop them? Are these the same quest we have now?”

          Dan nodded his head and said, “Mr. Carbono told us not to get involved with them. He felt that they may kill us if we did. They all packed guns and I have never been allowed to wear a firearm. We did not know what was going on in the rooms until Mr. Carbono showed up. I did not know what happen to the maids and Agnes until Mr. Carbono had left for the airport. I don’t want to even think about what happened. I get so damn mad when I think of what Agnes looked like when I took her to the hospital. She must have fought back and they beat the living hell out of her. They put on a friendly face, but they will shoot you if you blinked an eye. Don’t trust them Gladys.”

          I asked Dan, “Why had Mr. Carbono invite them here.”

          Dan looked around the room for a camera and said, “I don’t think your office is wired. I am not quite sure what they are doing here. I think they are hooked up with the drug trade, but I can not prove it. Two years ago when Mr. Carbono chauffer was sick, I had to chauffer them around. Every day I took them out to a private airport on the other side of Recife. They took a flight into the back country. In the late evening, I would get a call to come pick them up. On one of the evenings, I had a date and I did not wait for their phone call. I went out to the airport early and chatted with one of the employees at the airport. I asked him where they took the bastards. He said that the pilot flew them out to a Cheese Factory in the back country. He would drop them off and come back to Recife with a load of cheese. A truck would be waiting to pick up the cheese. We would get a call from them in the evening for the pilot to pick them up. When they got back to Recife the same truck would be waiting for them. They loaded a number of boxes of cheese onto the truck and called for a ride. The night I came out early, I parked on the outside of the airport. I could watch the airplanes arriving. The same truck was waiting at the airstrip for them.  I watched them load the boxes in a truck. When they finished loading the truck, they headed for the airport office. I pulled in front of the office and they all looked at me with a surprised look on their faces. That burley looking bastard walked over to the limo and said, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I told him that I had a date and I thought that I would be here when they arrived and they would not have to wait 45 minutes at the airport. I think he accepted my answer.”

I asked Dan, “How long do they stay at the hotel?”

“Usually, they are here for about a month, some time longer. They usually come to Brazil about twice a year. None of us at the hotel know when they will arrive and when they are planning to leave. The only indication that they are leaving, the night before they leave they throw a party and invite prostitutes. The night that they molested the maids and raped Agnes, someone called Mr. Carbono, he came over and busted up the party. He called me at home and told me to pick up Martha and any of the maids I could find and come to the hotel. I dropped off Martha and four maids at the hotel. Agnes’s face was a bloody mess and swollen. I took her to the hospital. She was in the hospital for a week if not longer. I had never been so angry. When I got back to the hotel, the suites were cleaned up and the bastards were gone. That was the last time they were here. Mr. Carbono promised us all that this would not happen again. I think I will kill them it they pulled this again.”

I could see the anger in Dan’s face. I thanked Dan and told him not to take it on himself to punish them. I would take care of the problem and to keep as far away from the bastard as he could. He was too nice a guy to be blown away by those bastards.

          For the next week, I reviewed the surveillance tape of the dinning room. They always spoke Italian. The tapes were not doing me a damn bit of good. I bought voice recognition software in Italian and Portuguese, and language translation software. I played the audio through the computer, the programs were not the best, but they gave me a good idea of what they were discussing. They all visited the same brothel together. Bruno visited the brothel more frequently than the others. 

          A month had passed and there was no indication when they would be leaving. In the middle of the fifth week Philippe said they would be going home the following week. I was reviewing the tapes and Philippe got into a hot discussion with Bruno. My name came up a number of times. He had the same vicious look on his on face the day they arrived.

          I locked the door and connected the VCR auto to the computer. The voice recognition program worked exceptionally well, the program had learned the different voices. I ran the translation program. I could not believe what I was reading.  Bruno said to Philippe, “That bitch humiliated me the first day we were here. Before I leave Brazil, I going to fuck her and beat the hell out of her. This has been praying on my mind ever since she pointed that pistol at me.”

          The other guest antagonized Bruno and made him more vicious. They razzed Bruno until he lost control. The other quest had to hold him down until he cooled down. They warned him that if he causes any more trouble and it interfered with the business, the family would take him for a one way trip to the back country. Finally they cooled him down and the group left the dining area.      

          After listening to the tape for the second time, I was going to find Bruno and blow his brains out. I swore to myself that I would kill him if he tried to touch me. I spent the next few nights following Bruno. He visited his favorite brothel alone almost every night and spent almost an hour inside, sometimes longer. I spent a number of sleepless nights trying to come up with a plan to finish off the bastard. When he came out of the brothel the streets were almost empty. It would be the perfect place to pick him up. Time was going past to fast. I only had a few more days before the farewell party. If I was going to get rid of him I had to do it tonight. I had spent the days preparing for my encounter with Bruno. I loaded three pistols. I put my pee shooter in my coat pocket and taped the automatic to the front of my left thigh. I removed the bullets from the revolver and put it in my pocket book. As soon as our guest arrived from the back country, I went to the security room. I told the guard on duty to take a break. I wanted to see what our special guests were doing. I locked the door and watched the monitor. I watched the bastards enter the hotel and go to their suites. When Bruno came out of his room he had his best suit on. The other quest had already gone to the dinning room. He hurried down the hall and disappeared into the elevator. I watch the other monitors. Ten minutes passed. When in hell did he go? Out the corner of my eye, I saw him leaving through the main entrance of the hotel. I grabbed my pocketbook and ran to the parking lot on the side of the building. As I was leaving the parking lot, I saw Bruno passing in a cab. I pulled into the street and followed the cab. The cab pulled in front of Bruno favorite brothel. There wasn’t a parking spot anywhere. I double parked and waited. Over an hour passed, I felt that Bruno might spend the night with one of the prostitutes. It reminded me of the night I kidnapped Ted Wallace. I did not have Howard to nudge me if I went to sleep. I have not had a full night sleep for the last week. I spent most of the night trying to come up with a plan to get Bruno alone. I was about to fall asleep and I saw Bruno leaving the brothel. My whole system came alive. I had never felt so wide awake. I pulled my car up in front of the brothel and stopped. I pushed the button to roll down the passenger side window and said, “What the hell are doing in there? Don’t answer that. Where are you headed?”

          Bruno bent down and looked into the car. I though he was going to faint. Bruno started to say something. He pauses for a moment then said something in Italian. I did not understand what he said, He was probably cursing me. I said, “Can I give you a ride, are you hungry? Why don’t you join me?”

           In English with his Brooklyn accent, Bruno said, “Sure, what are you doing in this neighborhood?”

          “I am heading for a nice restaurant and I saw you standing there. Get in and join me for a late night snack.”

          Bruno hesitated for a few moments then climbed in the car. My heart was on overdrive. I was afraid that he would force me to go some place and beat me senseless. Bruno again said, “What were you doing in this neighborhood?”

          “I told you a few seconds ago. I had been window shopping at the mall and I was heading to a small restaurant not far from here. I get tired of over eating at the hotel.”

          Bruno laughed and said, “Oh, yes, you did ask me to join you. Don’t you want to go back to the hotel? I am starved.”

           I reached over and patted him on his bulging stomach and said, “Both of us have been over eating at the hotel. Please join me. It is a very nice restaurant.”

          The way he looked at me, I knew he had other plans. He was not thinking about food. With a phony smile, he said, “Sure, let’s go.”

          I was wondering what the bastard was thinking. He did not say a word. He kept looking at my pocket book. Out the corner of my eye I saw his left hand reaching into my pocketbook. The bastard took the bate. He slowly pulled his hand out of my pocketbook. With his right hand he reaches across his body and took the pistol from his left had and put the pistol in his coat pocket. The bastard hadn’t forgotten where I kept my pistol.

          I stopped at a quant restaurant along the beach. I spent the next hour listening to Bruno telling me about his life. After dinner Bruno said, “Let’s go down to the beach for a while. I haven’t spent much time at the beach. I will be leaving in a few days. Do you mind?”

          I said, “I know a very lovely spot on the beach where we want be bothered. It away from the hotels and we can enjoy the scenery together.”

          Bruno said, “That wonderful let’s go.”

          From the look on his face and the nervousness in his voice I could almost listen to his thoughts. I pulled into a park that was on a ridge forty feet about the ocean. It had a beautiful view of the city light reflecting in the water. Bruno got out of the car. He bent over and looked through the window and said, “What are you waiting for, come on.”

          I turned on the overhead light and said, “You go ahead. I have to put something on.”

          “What the hell are you going to do, put on your gun belt?”

          I smiled at him and said, “You don’t want to pay child support do you.”

          He almost cracked a smile. Bruno walked away from the car and turns around. He is staring at me. I pretended that I was putting on my diaphragm. He did not take his eyes off of me. I turned off the overhead light and pulled the automatic from my leg. I slid the automatic into the top of my skirt. I covered it with my jacket. I opened the door and put the keys under the car. If he outfoxed me, he will not be able to leave me stranded out here. I stood up pushed the lock button. I slammed the door shut. I hesitated for a few minutes to see what Bruno would do. There was enough light from the city that I saw Bruno reaching for his coat pocket. He pulled out my revolver and pointed it at me. He orders me to take off my clothes. I refused. Bruno raises his voice and yells, “Take your fucking clothes off or I will blow your fucking brains out.”

          I laughed at Bruno and said, “You must be kidding. You didn’t have to point a gun at me. I was going to make love with you. Now there is no way in hell I am going to let you make love to me. I saw you taking the revolver out of my pocketbook. What’s the hell the matter with you?”

          “You fucking whore, you made me look like a fool in front of my friends. I am going to ripe your fucking body apart just like I tore Agnes’s apart. The whore told me that she was a virgin. Don’t tell me you are a fucking virgin. Take you fucking clothes off or I will put a bullet through your fucking head.”

          I yelled at Bruno, “Agnes was a virgin. She had never slept with anyone. You are a loud mouth bully. You big bastard, you pick on the defenseless. This time you picked on the wrong person. You are not a man. You are a hunk of dog shit that you parent scraped off of the streets of Brooklyn. There is not a woman in this world that would give themselves to you. The prostitutes at that whore house that you came out off probably charge you twice what they charge the other customers. You are the most grotesque person that I have ever seen.”

          In the dim light, I could not see his face. From the tone of his voice, he was angry as hell. Bruno lifted his arm, and pulled the trigger. The revolver did not fire. I laughed at Bruno and said, “You dumb bastard, didn’t you check to see if the gun was loaded. Drop the gun. He pulled the trigger a dozen times then threw it at me. I pulled the pistol out of my skirt aim it at his balls and said, “I told you if you fuck with me, I will blow your balls off. I am a damn good shot. I can not miss them from here.”

I fired a shot at Bruno’s feet. He jumped back. After a few moments, he let out a slight chuckle. I shot at a soda bottle lying on the ground next to him; glass shattered everywhere, hitting Bruno. He back peddled and begged me not to shoot him. I told Bruno to take off; I wanted to see how fast he was. He did not move. I fired another shot at Bruno head. The cracks of the bullet passing him must have scared the hell out of him. He turned and started running in the direction of the beach. He slowed down and looked over his shoulders. I fired another shot at his feet. Still looking over his shoulders he plunges over the edge of the cliff screaming as he fell to the rocky shore below. I turned, looked away and covered my ears. I did not want to listen to him scream. I walked over the edge of the cliff. The tide was in. Bruno was splashing around in the water. A fisherman was helping Bruno out of the water. He said, “There is a crazy woman trying to kill me.”

I went back to the car. I picked up the pistol, my car keys and took off for my home. I hid the guns, took a shower and changed my clothes.

          I went back to the hotel and entered through the parking lot entrance hoping that no one saw me entering the hotel. I deleted the files of the translation on my computer. I took the videos that were recorded. I deleted the videos of me arriving during the night. When I finally got to bed, I could not fall asleep. I had a restless night. Wondering what Bruno was going to say to his friends when he gets back to the hotel.  Even when I finally fell asleep, I relived the sound and sight of Bruno falling off the cliff and I would wake up with a jolt and a flash of fear.

I slept until the light of day woke me up. The night with Bruno flashed through my mind. Had he returned to the hotel, what is he going to tell his friends at the hotel?

Where is Bruno?

            I took a long shower and put on a casual outfit. Surprisingly, no one bothered me. I went to the restaurant. I asked the waiter if our guest had gone for the day. He said, “They came in earlier than usual, but there were only five of them. The one that looked like a bear wasn’t with them. After they ate their breakfast, they went to his room and had room service open the door for them. He wasn’t there. When they left they went to front desk and told them to tell Bruno that they had gone to the Cheese Factory and for him to fly out there.”

          I ate my breakfast and went over to see Dan. I told him that Bruno did not show up last night. We reviewed the tapes and we only saw Bruno leaving yesterday afternoon.  I went back to my office and tried to get my mind off of Bruno. I could not get him out of my mind. I felt the same way when I killed Allen, Howard and the pawn broker. But, I did not kill the bastard. I wished that I had blown his head off. Fear of the consequences was driving me up the wall. I could not think of anything else. Even when something drew my attention away from Bruno, within seconds my thoughts came back to the bastard.

          Thankful Liz came with the paychecks. I had forgotten to pick them up this morning. Going through them, took my mind off of Bruno. Late in the afternoon our guest arrived from the Cheese Factory. They came to my office. They were angry as hell. They almost accused me of his disappearance. Talking with Philippe made me think that I should have followed Bruno and knew every where he went. All five of them pounced on me at the same time. I stood up calmly and said, “What makes you think that it is my responsibility to keep track of all six of you. There are about two hundred guests in the hotel. I am not allowed to follow one person around all day. What they do or don’t do is not my responsibility. Do you want me to call the police? I would be more than glad to call them.”

          They all must have known what “policia” meant. They all shouted no, no, no policia. I said, “I do not have the manpower or the authority to look all over Brazil for Bruno. This morning they told me that Bruno wasn’t with you. I went to security and he was seen leaving yesterday afternoon. He never came back to the hotel. Where do you think he went?”

            They all looked at Philippe. He translated what I said, “They walked out into the hall. They discussed the problem for a while.  Philippe stuck his head through the door and said, “Sorry we bothered you, we though he was still in the hotel. We will have to search for him. We though that the person that was working this morning did not give Bruno the message we left for him.”

          I said, “Where do you think he went?”

          Philippe said, “I think he is in love with a young girl half his age. He may not want to go back home without her. Her parents may have found out about him and killed him. In a way, I don’t blame them.”

          The following morning our quest packed their bags and the limo driver took them to the airport before I woke up. The crew at the hotel was glad that they were gone. I went up to Bruno room and opened it with a passkey. The room was still made up from yesterday. I searched the closet and drawers. His clothes and suitcase were still there. I called Martha and told her to send someone up to Bruno’s room and pack all of his things in his suitcase and put it into storage. She said that there were a couple of maids in one of the other rooms and would I tell them. I told her that I would. I walked down the hall and saw a service cart next to a room. I peeked in the room and told the ladies. I told them if they found any money, for them to keep it, but put his clothing in storage. 

          I went down to security and watched our special guest having their breakfast. It appeared that they were discussing the disappearance of Bruno. I wanted to hear what they were saying. I took the tape out of the recorded and put a new one in. The TV in my suite had a VCR in it. After I wired the TV to my computer, I recorded the auto. After translating the speech and converting it to text. I translated it from Italian to English. Dan was right; they were in the drug trade. They were packaging dope in block of cheese. The final shipment left last night. As far as they were concerned about Bruno, they all were glad he was gone. He was always causing trouble. The only fear they had was he might blab about the operation at the Cheese Factory.

            Everyday I expected to see Bruno walking into the building.  Over a month had passed, A fishing boat found a necked body in the water a mile down from the park. The body was so decomposed that they could not identify the remains. I was wondering if someone was sleeping in the park and saw me threatening Bruno. Did someone kill Bruno or did Bruno kill someone.  I was afraid that someone may have seen me with Bruno at the park. Did Bruno die from the fall? Did the fisherman kill Bruno?  Not knowing what happened to Bruno kept me awake many nights. I was becoming paranoid. Everyone that looked at me sent a flash of fear through my body. I kept asking myself, did someone see me shooting at Bruno. Had they told someone else? I had no way of knowing who to look to. I wanted to go back to the park to see the area where Bruno fell. Was Bruno the necked man that they found? I wanted to go back and see who helped Bruno out of the water. If I went back, would the person that saw me recognize me or my car? The unknown was driving me up the wall. I could not stand it any more. I told everyone that I needed a little exercise and I was going to one of the parks and exercise. I put on a casual outfit and some sneakers. I drove out to the park. The parking lot was full. I drove further down the road and parked in a residential neighborhood. It was only a short walk back to the park. Each step I took, something inside of me wanted me to turn around and go back to my car, but I kept going. The park was full of people. I looked up at the hill where Bruno fell. There was a cable stretched across the edge of the cliff with a warning sign hanging from the cable. When I was here before and I don’t recall seeing the cable and warning sign. I took a seat on a bench and watched the crowd for a while. I took a peek over the cliff. With the tide in, it was not that much of a drop. There was a steep path that led down to the water. I climbed down the path. When I reached the waters edge, there wasn’t a sandy beach. There was only coral and rock along the edge of the water. I looked up at the cliff. It looked higher than I thought. When the waves rolled in they covered the rocky shore. The coral and rock were covered with water when Bruno went over the cliff? I climbed further down the path. The waves had hollowed out a cave in the cliff. I walked up to the cave. It was about ten feet above the water level. I walked inside the cave. Someone had been living in the cave. There was a pile of straw and the remains of a camp fire. Laying on a rock was a pair of pants and a suit jacket. I tried to remember what Bruno was wearing the night he went over the cliff. I turned to leave and a bearded old man was coming up the path with a sack in his hand. He was heavily tanned and did not wear any shoes. I had noticed a pair of black dress shoes in the cave. Were these his clothes or were they Bruno clothes. I said hello to him in Portuguese. He replied in Portuguese, “I don’t speak Portuguese.”

          I told him that I spoke English and asked if he spoke English. He just nodded his head. I asked him if the cave was his home. He answered, “Yes, what are you doing in my home?”

 “I’m sorry, I did not know that anyone live in there. Please forgive me. I won’t trespass again. I was just exploring the water front. What do you have in the bag, your dinner?”

          He said, “I don’t have too many visitors. You are a brave young lady to climb down that path. I have enough crabs for two meals would you like to join me?”

          For a moment I did not know what to say. The reason I was here was to find out if anyone had seen me kill Bruno. I said, “I would love to. I haven’t had crabs in a long time. Can I help you?”

          “No, there isn’t much to do. All I have to do is boil some salt water and dump then in it for about ten minutes. Then fish them out of the hot water.”

          We had been talking for a while about his life on the beach. I said without thinking, “My name is Janet. What is your name?”

          “Just call me Jeff.”

          “Jeff, how long have you lived in Brazil?”

          Jeff looks over at me and said, “Do you want the long story or the short one?”

          “The short one will do. It is getting late I don’t want to climb up that path in the dark.”

          Jeff told me that his kids had grown up and left home. His wife found herself a boyfriend and moved in with him. He said that he wasn’t going to spend a fortune on a divorce. He quit his job, sold his house and he always wanted to travel and he ended up in Brazil.

          It was getting late and I thanked him for the dinner and started to leave. He said that he would walk with me and that he had to go home. I said, “Don’t you live her in the cave?”   

          Jeff laughed and said, “Hell no, I love crabs, when I get hungry for them I come down and catch a few and boil them here.”

          I said, “I saw a suit and shoes and thought that you lived down here.”

          “No, I was just kidding you. I came down for some crabs and saw the clothes and shoes lying in the cave. That was over a month ago. No one has come looking for them. There are jerks that jump off the cliff with their cloths on. When they are in the water, their cloths are weighting them down and they have to take them off or the current will take them out to sea. The police have put a stop to it, but some nut will come out here to show off to his friends.”

          I said, “I read in the paper that a fishing boat found someone floating in the water. Could he have jumped off the cliff?”

          Jeff said, “Oh no, that was Pedro. He spends many nights fishing up there by the cave. If the fishing isn’t good or it started to rain, he would go back into the cave and sleep for a while. The police think that he had a little too much to drink and fell into the water. His clothes were weighting him down and he took them off. That did not help, he drowned anyway.”

          Knowing Bruno, that bastard killed Pedro and took his clothes. Where in hell is Bruno?  

          I followed Jeff along a path that gradually went up the hill. When we got to the top of the cliff, it was half the height of the cliff that Bruno went over. Jeff tried to get me to go home with him. I apologized to Jeff and thanked him for the meal. I told him it was late and I was dead tired and we went our separate ways.

          I did not want to go back to the hotel. It I was there, they would pester me. I would not get any rest. I went home and took a long bath and try not to worry about Bruno, but I couldn’t. Thoughts of Bruno kept popping up. Was he still alive? Were those his clothes? I should have gone back to the hotel. It may have taken my mind off of Bruno.

          Worrying about Bruno kept me up most of the night. I never worried about Howard, Allen or the pawn shop owner. I knew that they were dead when I left them. Allen and the pawn shop owner had the same frighten look on their faces. It was too dark; I could not see the expression on Bruno face.

          I had checked the tide for that day. High tide was around midnight. If there was water covering the coral and rocks? It was enough to keep him from hitting the coral? This was driving me crazy. Where in hell did he go? I yelled silently to myself, “Stop thinking about the bastard.”

 I meet my Boss:

          Mr. Carbono came home. He was a very nice looking man. Just being near him warmed an itch for him. I did not know if he was married or had a girl friend. I liked the job and I was not going to screw it up by chasing him. Yet, the itch would not go away. He welcomed me aboard and hoped that I would enjoy my job and stay. He hardly ever came to my office. He was polite and friendly when our paths crossed. I assumed that he was married and I did not flirt with him. I can’t have every thing. At times, I felt that he was deliberately avoiding me.

          Mr. Carbono had been home for about two month. Late one afternoon he came into my office and locked the door behind him, then said, “Would you like to go to Europe with me. Have you ever been to Europe?”

          I had been to all over Europe with Allen. I did not want to turn down the invitation by saying that I had visited Europe. With the excitement of Mr. Carbono asked me to go somewhere with him, I was like a flustered teenager. I accepted his invitation and said, “No I haven’t. Who will run the hotel?”

          He said, “Liz will hand out the paycheck and everyone else will do their job. If they don’t, Liz or Martha will give them hell. When I’m away, I call them once a week to see how things are going.”

          I smiled and said, “Why did you have Agnes and why did you hire me?”

          He smiled and said, “Martha and Liz have enough to do without listing to all the quest complaints. Agnes and you take some of the unnecessary pain off of them. For an example, the way you handled Bruno. I don’t think anyone could have handled him any better than you did. The boys told me what happened the first day they were here. You were lucky that he did not take you out in the bush, rape you and kill you. I heard that he wanted to get even with you for making him look like a frighten pup in front of his friends.”

          I said. “I hear what happened to Agnes and the maids. I was not going to let it happen to me. I came prepared for the confrontation. A boyfriend beat the living hell out of me. I wasn’t going to let that happen again.”

          Carbono said, “What do you think happen to Bruno?”

          I lied and said, “I haven’t the slightest idea. I asked around, some of the workers thought that the husbands of the maids that he raped wanted to get even. Martha called all of the workers after our guest left and they did not know what happen to Bruno. There was a rumor that he was messing around with a sixteen year old prostitute and he wanted to marry her. He may have taken off with her or her parents took care of him. He is a bully and he may have found someone that was a bigger bully. As I said, I haven’t the slightest idea what could have happened to him,”

          I had a feeling that did not believe me. The way he looked at me sent chills down my back. Should I tell Carbono where I last saw Bruno?

          Carbono said, “Don’t make any plans. We will be leaving in a couple of weeks.”

          Carbono walked around the desk and puts out his hand. I took his hand, stood up and shook it. I let loose of his hand, but he held on to mine. He pulled me tightly against his body. I looked up at him and he places a slight kiss on my lips. I thrust my body tightly against his. He held me tightly and planted kisses all over my face and neck. He picks me up and carried me into my bedroom. We had a wonderful hour together.

          We showered together, but he hardly said another word to me. I watched him get dressed. He was still tying his tie as he walked out the door. He looked back at me and winked. For the month that I had been working with him, he hardly had said a word to me. This bothered me. Out of the blue, he walks in and seduces me. Do I have another man in my life that is using me to satisfy his sexual hunger? I should talk. I wanted him as much as he wanted me. What was bothered me, for a month he never came to my office or socialized with me. All of a sudden he seduces me and inviting me to go to Europe with him. The big question is, why? 

          During the next few weeks, I bought a nice wardrobe to take along with me. I did not know how long I would be gone. I packed enough money in case Carbono got tired of me or if someone recognized me. I was frightened about leaving Brazil. It would be my luck to run into Ted Wallace. Would he think I was Nancy or Janet? I am sure he saw the resemblance. I asked myself, why did Mr. Carbono ask me to go to Europe with him? Is he married? If he is married did his wife decide that she did not want to go back to Europe? Again, why did he ask me to go with him? Was it because Bruno is missing and they think that I had something to do with his disappearance? I tried to kick the thought of Bruno and enjoy the trip to Europe.



The trip to Europe:

          The day of departure, Carbono chauffeur picked me up at my home. Mr. Carbono was not with him. On our way to the airport we picked up Mr. Carbono at the hotel.  When he got into the car, he kissed me on the cheek and said, “How are you this morning?  Are you ready for the trip?  We will make a number of stops in Europe, but our last stop will be in Sicily.”

          Carbono reaches into its jacket pocket and pulled out a credit card.  He hands the credit card to me, and said “The trip is on the hotel and there is no limit to how much you can use the card. I want you to enjoy yourself. I will be attending a number of meetings. They are very boring and I don’t want to put you through this.  I wish I did not have to go through it myself.”

          I thanked him for the card and took his hand and squeeze it.  I gave them a peck on his cheek. He glanced at the driver looking at us through the rear view mirror and said, “John, keep your eyes on the road. I don’t want to miss the flight.”

          John quickly turned the rear view mirror down and said, “Yes sir.”

          I smiled at Mr. Carbono and said, “Mr. Carbono, I don’t mind John looking at us.”

          Carbono laughed and said, “John, turn the mirror back. Gladys does not mind you watching us. Gladys, please call me Lou. My first name is Louis, but everyone call me Lou.”

          I looked at Lou and said, “I will call you Lou, but, Mr. Carbono has more authority in it. Lou doesn’t give you the stature that Mr. Carbono gives you. I think you deserve the authority that Mr. Carbono gives you.”

          Lou looks over at me and said, “Gladys, take your choice. You can call me anything you wish.”

          John spoke up and said, “I wish he would give me that choice. I know what I would call him.”

           Lou spoke up and said, “Don’t you dare call me that in front of Gladys. I will fire your ass.”

          John laughed and said, “Gladys, when Lou is not around, I will tell you what Lou doesn’t want to be called. Don’t worry, he will never fire me. I know too much about him that he doesn’t want anyone else to know.”

          Lou said, “See what I have to put up with. We will have to put up with him when we are in Europe.”

          I laughed and said, “When I get to know you a little better, I will tell you some of the things people have called me over the years.”

          John and Lou both laughed. John said, “I know a few names Bruno called you. You are lucky that he did not get you out alone.”

          I already knew what Bruno had called me and there were probably a lot more. John accompanied us to Europe. Going through customs was a breeze. When we arrived in London, there was a limo waiting for us. The hotel wasn’t a dump. It was one of the best. John went with me. He was not only a chauffeur; I think he was Lou’s bodyguards. We stopped in London, Berlin, and Paris. We stayed only four or five days in each city. It gave John and me a chance to see the cities. John was familiar with all the cities. We had a wonderful time together. I enjoyed John’s company very much. John knew just how far he could go with me. At times I wanted him more than I wanted Lou.  I did not want to get John into trouble with Lou. We became very good friends. When we arrived in Rome, John took on a completely different image. The carefree happiness we had for the last three weeks was over. He was very professional at his trade. It reminded me of the days the FBI had me under their custody. I was wondering what changed his demeanor. John dropped me and Carbono off at a very nice hotel. We had separate rooms. Since he seduced me before we left, I expected that he just might want to spend a few nights with me. Maybe he felt that someone might be tailing us.

          After I unpacked and took a shower. I headed for the streets of Rome. As I was leaving the hotel, a young man called me and said, “Miss Santeria, Mr. Carbono asked me to tell you that the two or you would be going out to dinner together. He said that his boss had invited you two for dinner and he did not know the time you would be leaving, and asked for you to please stay at the hotel.”

          I turned around and headed back into the hotel. Why didn’t they say something when I passed the front desk? How did Carbono know that I was leaving the hotel? I went back to my room and looked through my wardrobe. I selected a red outfit that I had purchased in Recife and a pair of beautiful red shoes. I paced the floor wondering when Carbono would call. All the television shows were in Italian. I lounged around in my underwear. I did not want to wrinkle my dress. Not only was it getting late, the only thing that I had eaten was the snack they gave us in the plane. I did not want to order anything at the hotel; I did not want to spoil the dinner. I sat down on a chair next to a window and looked at the roofs of the building below. I dozed off for a few minutes and the phone rang. It scared the living hell out of me. Half asleep I answered the phone. Carbono said, “It sound like you was asleep. I am sorry that I woke you.”

          I lied and said, “No, I had not notice where the telephone was located. When it rang, it frightened me.”

          “Gladys I am sorry that I had not called you earlier. I have been at a meeting since we arrived. I left a message with the front desk that we were invited to dinner tonight. Did anyone notify you?”

          “Yes, I was going to do a little window shopping and a young man stopped me when I was leaving the hotel. When are we leaving?”

          “John will pick you up within an hour. Put on a beautiful outfit that will go with your beautiful face. My boss, Rob loves beautiful women. No matter what outfit you wear.  You will make a good impression on him. I want to apologize again for not getting in touch with you sooner.  I did not have the opportunity to call you sooner."

          "Mr. Carbono, I understand. It gave me a little time to get rid of the jet lag. I hope I don’t embarrass you. I will be ready when John arrives.”

          “Gladys, please call me Lou when we are alone. I hate being called Mr. Carbono when I am with my friends. I think it will be a good idea to call me Mr. Carbono when we are with my boss.”

          “Ok Lou, I will be ready when John arrives. I can’t wait for dinner. I think I will embarrass you by the way I eat. I am starved.”

          Lou laughs and said, “Rob is pleased when his guests enjoy their dinner.  It gives him pride when he sees someone enjoying their meal. Please him by telling him that you loved the dinner whether you like it or not. Bye, see you soon."

          I took a quick shower and refreshed my makeup. I went down to the lobby to wait for John. I looked out the front door. He had just driven up. I walk out of the hotel. John opened the rear door of the limo. I told John that I felt more comfortable sitting in the front seat with him. John was still in his militant mode. I tried to be more social with John.  I could not get him to loosen up and relax.  I was wondering if Lou had said something to him.  If he did, what did Lou say to him?  The ride was uneventful.  I think John drove through the slums of Rome. He did not say a word to me during the whole trip. I would catch him taking glances at me. He would quickly look away. It made me suspicious. I was starting to wonder what I had gotten myself into.

          We had left Rome and were in a scenic area. The homes were far apart and isolated. I wanted to question John about his demeanor, but I was afraid to. The limousine started to slow down.  It turned into a densely foliage driveway.  The driveway circle around a golf course until it reached a fabulous mansion. A large man with a weapon in his hand was waiting.  The windows of the limousine were heavily tinted.  He reached for the rear door. John said, "She's in the front seat."

          He quickly opened the front door and helps me from the limousine.  His assistant wasn't gentle; it was on a forceful side. I thanked him for his assistance.  He nodded his head without saying anything.  Another gentleman with a weapon in his hand opened the door of the building.  The expression on both of their faces was frightful.  Cold chills ran through my body.  We walked down a long hall together.  I tried to start a conversation with him in English.  He said, "No speak English."

          We came to a large door.  He opened the door and almost shoved me into the room.  An older heavyset gentleman with a pleasant voice welcomed me. He said, "Thank you for joining us for dinner.  How was your trip from Brazil?"


Lou’s Boss:

          I looked over my shoulder at the bastard that shoved me into the room and winked at him.  I turned, smiled at the gentleman and said, "The trip was very pleasant. You must be Mr. Luciano. Thank you very much for inviting me for dinner."

          Mr. Luciano offered me a seat across from him and said, "Lou told me that you were a very nice looking, you're not only nice looking. You are beautiful. Tell me about yourself. How did a beautiful American girl like you end up in Brazil?”

          I said, “Mr. Luciano, I visited Brazil a number of times and fell in love with it.  I love the people, the country and the climate.”

          How did Luciano know that I was from America? I don’t remember telling anyone where I was from. Only Timmy and butch knew that I was from America. Someone must have put a background check on me, but who?

Luciano glanced past me and said, "Lou, Gladys is much more beautiful than you told me.”

          Lou said, "I told you that she was a beautiful woman and she is."

          I spoke up and said, “Thanks to both of you. I certainly appreciate your complements. Mr. Carbono said that you specialized in gourmet meals.  I was on my way to have my lunch when I was told that we were invited for dinner. I canceled my plans for lunch and now I am starved.  I will be more able to tell you more about myself with a full stomach.”

Luciano said to me, “Your wish is my desire. Please call me Rob."

          Luciano gets up from his desk and walks around to me and sticks out his elbow.  I took his elbow in my hand and followed him out of the room with Carbono following us.  A waiter was waiting in the Hall. He opened the door to the dining room.  A long table with four seats was centered in a long hall.  The length of the room was long enough to seat a hundred people.  If the dinner is as magnificent as the settings it will be fabulous. I was wondering who would be sitting at the fourth-place. Rob pulled out a chair on the side of the table and I sat down. I watched Rob and Lou take their seats. Rob took the seat at the head of the table and Lou sat across from me. Rob picks up a Bell and rings it.  A waiter comes in and walks over to Rob. Rob said something in Italian and the waiter nodded his head and walked out of the room.  Lou Carbono told Rob about the trip through Europe.

          I sat patiently with my stomach growling for food.  The conversation was boring and meant nothing to me.  I was more interested in the food than the amount of money they were making.  The amount they were paying me was only a drop in the bucket to what they were making.  I was surprised that they were being so open about their finances.

          Finally, the dinner came. I was so starved I hardly said anything during the dinner. It was fabulous and so was the desert.  I waited until Lou and Rob finished their dinner and complemented Rob on the wonderful dinner.

           Rob called the waiter over to him and whispered something.  The waiter went to the kitchen door and opened the door.  I could not believe my eyes.  That son of a bitch Bruno was standing there. The bastard dashed into the room and headed directly at me.  I grabbed a steak knife from the table and stood up. Bruno stops in his tracks.  The same look that he had on his face the day I had breakfast with the special guest. I turned and looked at Rob. He had a gun in his hand.  He told Bruno to sit at the far end of the table.  Bruno sheepishly walked over to the chair and sits down. Rob sits back down and lays the gun on the table. After the two were seated, I sat down. Rob said to Bruno, "Bruno, if you make a move to get up from the table, I will blow your brains out."

           Rob said to me, "Gladys I think you know our guests at the end of the table.  I hope I haven't ruined our first dinner together. Bruno tells us that you tried to kill him.  We have heard Bruno story.  Now we would like to hear your side."

          “Rob, I was hired to run the hotel during Mr. Carbono absence.  When I took over the job of managing the hotel I felt it was my responsibility to prevent any type of confrontation that may occur.  When we were notified about our special guest, stories of their previous visit came up.  I don't think you or Mr. Carbono would want the same thing to happen at the hotel again.  That bastard at the end of the table raped a young girl a number of times and physically beat the hell out of her.  I did not want the same thing to happen to me.  After I asked our guests not to repeat their previous charade, that bastard at the end of the table started to approach me. I was not going to let him beat the living hell out of me as he had beaten Agnes. I tried to be friendly with Bruno. He only had sex and revenge on his mind.”

          “One evening after shopping in Recife, I passed one of the largest Brothels in Recife. Who do you think I saw walking out of the Brothel, Mr. Bruno?  I had hopes that he had gotten over the fit of rage that he showed me the first time I met him. I asked him to join me for dinner. We had a very pleasant dinner together. He wanted me to have sex with him. He was so persistent I finally gave in to him. I am no kid and I felt it was best to get it out of his system in a peaceful manner than to have him rape me at a later time.  I took him to a deserted park where we could be alone.  Bruno got out of the car first.  I did not want him to watch me put on my diaphragm.  I started to put on my diaphragm. I had not turned off the headlights. I looked up and saw Bruno with a gun in his hand.  I felt my pocketbook, Bruno had taken my pistol. The pistol that I had in my pocketbook was never loaded. I had another pistol under the car seat. It was loaded. I put it into the top of my skirt, turn off the headlights and got out of the car. With the street light it was light enough to see Bruno pointing my pistol at me.  He told me to take off my cloths. I refused. He raised the pistol and pulled the trigger. It did not go off. Bruno pulled the trigger a dozen times hoping the gun would fire. He throws the pistol at me. If missed me by a mile. I took the pistol from the top of my skirt and aimed it at the ground next to Bruno. I fired it hoping that he would leave me alone. He laughed at me. Bruno came after me. I told him if he takes another step, I would blow his ball off of him.”

Lou and rob both laughed. Bruno jumps up and grabbed at me. I pulled away. Lou and Rob both jumped up and shouted at Bruno. He sheepishly turns and sits back down.

 Rob told me to go ahead. With anger in my voice, I loudly said, “Bruno, if you take another step in my direction I will kill you. He took a step in my direction. I took a shot at a bottle. The bottle exploded. I aimed the gun at his head. I felt that the crack of the bullet would stop him. I took a shot at his head. I did not want to kill him. I only wanted to scare him. The bullet was so close to his head that I think the crack of the bullet passing his head scared the hell out of him. He took off running. He stopped again for a moment and looked back at me. I think Bruno though he was out of the range of the pistol. I shot a bottle on the ground next to Bruno to scare him. The bottle exploded and scatters glass everywhere. Bruno took off and ran up the hill and vanishes. I did not know where he went. I hurried back to my car and went to my home. I did not dare go back to the hotel in the middle of the night. I think he would have killed me. When Bruno did not show up at the hotel, they told the desk clerk to tell Bruno to fly out to the Cheese Factory. Bruno never showed up. When the crew came back to the hotel that evening, they give me hell for not knowing where Bruno was. I told them that I could not keep track of every person that came to the hotel. They cooled off and I asked them if they wanted me to call the police. I did not have the manpower to search for Bruno. They did not want me to call the police. They were happy just to get rid of Bruno. That is all I know about the confrontation I had with Bruno.”

          Carbono looked at Luciano and shook his head and said, "Bruno, that's not the story you told us.  You told us that Gladys came to your room threatened to kill you if you didn't come with her and had you drive her out to a deserted Park in the country and tried to kill you but you got away.  Is that correct?"

          "That's exactly what happened. That bitch woke me up out of a dead sleep. She sat there and watched me get dressed. We went out the back of the building. She made me drive the car and she gave me the instructions. She told me to get the fuck out of the car. That crazy bitch fired three or four shot at me. I ran for my life and fell over a cliff into the ocean.

          Lou said, “What happened after you fell into the ocean.”

          “Some bastard came out of nowhere and tried to beat the hell out of me with a flashlight. I picked up a rock and creamed him. I must have killed him. I took off my wet clothes and took his dry clothes. I followed a path up the hill to the park. The bitch had gone. I wasn’t going to go back to the hotel, that bitch would kill me. I called the airport; one of the guys out there picked me up and put me up for a couple of days. I called home and they wired me enough money to get back home. You know the rest.”

          Lou said, “You don’t know how to lie very well. I have heard six different versions about your experience. Which one is the truth? The tapes show you leaving the hotel alone in the afternoon. You did not return to your room or the hotel that day. Gladys came to your room late in the afternoon the following day with a maid. Gladys left first and the maid did not leave the room until she had cleaned it. Why have you been telling these lies about Gladys? You did not go to the airport or stay with someone from the airport. You stayed at the whore house. The other members of your group told me that you spent most of your time fucking a young girl. You wanted her to go home with you. She refused to go with you. You beat the hell out of her and they kicked you out of the whore house. You had cashed almost all of the traveler’s checks. You had more than enough money on you to get back to Rome.”

          Bruno jumps up from his chair and ran over to Lou’s side of the table. Lou jumps up and grabs his chair, side steps Bruno and slams the chair on Bruno back. Bruno lands on the floor and didn’t move. Two guards came out of the woodworks and grabbed Bruno and dragged him out of the room.

          Lou said, “Gladys, I am sorry that I had to bring you over here for this. I knew that Bruno was lying the first time he told the story. He told a completely different story the second time he told me. When I reviewed the tapes I was positive that he was lying.”   

 Rob said, “I want to apologize also. Please forgive us for bring you to Rome and putting you through this mess again. I assure you that you will never be abused by Bruno again. Please forgive us.”

 “Rob and Mr. Carbono you do not have to apologize to me. I know that you can not always choose the perfect employee. They all have their hang-ups. The dinner tonight was worth the trip to Rome and having to confront Bruno.”

 Rob reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out an envelope. He walks over to me and hands the envelope to me. I go up and took the envelope and said, “What this for?”

Luciano said, “It is for going out of you way to solve a problem. Do a little window shopping tomorrow and enjoy Rome. You and Lou will be going home in a couple of days. I hope the two of you will have some time together before you have to go home.”

Rob raises his hand and the man that ushered me into Rob’s office (or should I say shoved me into the Rob’s office) came out of the woodworks. Rob told him to take me back to the hotel and keep an eye on me until we left for Brazil. This time he was quit gentle and polite with me. He tried to bend over backward to please me. The day was wasted and I told the driver that I would not be going out. I took another shower and went to bed. I had a restless night. I kept waking up expecting to see Bruno bursting through the door.

The following morning I get up and planned what I was going to do today. While I was in the shower the phone rang. Ringing wet, I picked up the phone. It was the driver. He said to me that Rob wanted to see me and please come to his home as soon as I could. Now, what the hell is going to happen?  I rushed to get dressed. Fear raised its ugly head. I was worrying so much that I could not think straight. I was fumbling around not knowing what I was doing. Finally I walked out of the room. The driver was on the outside waiting for me. He hurried me out the back of the hotel to the limo. He took almost the same route that John had taken. When we reached Robs home, the police were all around the building. The driver drove to the rear of the home and hurried me through the crowd of police into a room adjacent to Rob’s office. I did not know what to expect. When I walked into the room everyone gets up and they offered me a seat. A police officer knew my name and thanked me for coming in. He asked me to please tell him about the dinner the night before. I tried to tell them exactly what had happen. When I finished, the officer asked if there was anything else that I may have forgotten. I had not told him about Lou hitting Bruno with the chair. I told the officer that Bruno was so furious when Lou told Bruno that he was lying that Bruno tried to attack Lou. Lou defended himself with a chair.

Everything that I said was being recorded. They replayed the tapes and I listened to the recording. When the tape ended, the officer told me to agree or not to agree with what I had said about the encounter between Lou and Bruno.  They started the tape and I said, “From the best of my memory the statement that I gave was what had happen the night before.” 

The officer thanked me and said to stay in Rome a few extra days. I told him that Mr. Carbono and I were leaving Rome tomorrow. He looked at me and said, “Mr. Carbono will not be leaving with you.”

He advised me talk to Rob. I asked the driver to take me to see Rob. He gently took my arm and led me through the crowd to Rob’s office. There were a dozen people cleaning up the room. There were bullet holes splattered all over the room. It reminded me of Ted’s apartment the day I sprayed it with my Oozy. There were six women cleaning up the blood from the floor. Visualizing what must have happened, made me feel queasy. For a moment I thought that I was going to faint. My knees buckled. The limo driver caught me before I hit the floor. He lifted me into his arms and carried me through a door to a large patio. The driver said something to Rob in Italian and helped me into a chair. Rob asked if I was alright and came over to me. He sat down next to me and takes my hand and said. “Bruno will never bother you again. I made sure of that. After you left last night Bruno came in through the rear entrance of my home. He came to kill Lou. Lou never had a chance. When I saw Bruno entering the office, Lou saw me looking across the room. Lou turns around and Bruno sprayed him with an Oozy. I pulled an Oozy out from under my desk and killed Bruno. For a moment, I felt that I could feel the bullets that went into Bruno, I empted the gun on Bruno. I am sorry that your trip had to end up this way. The police will not let anyone leave for about a week if not longer. I want you to stay here at my home until you can leave. You will be safer here than you will be at the hotel. Rob pushed a button on his desk and said that Linda will take care of you.”

There was a knock on the door and it open at the same time. A well dressed elderly Italian woman walked into the room and said, “Come with me sweetheart. We will go to the hotel and pick up your things. Gladys, I am Linda.”

Linda puts her arm around me led me out of the room and said, “I am sorry that we have to meet in these circumstances. Rob and I had planned a beautiful week for you and Lou. I had never seen Lou so happy when he told us about you. I think he was going to propose to you.”

I looked at Linda and said, “I have only known Lou for a month, I would have married Lou if he had proposed to me. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him.”

We walked through the crowd to the front of the building. John was standing next to a limo. The moment he saw us he opens the rear door. He had a very solemn look on his face. He helped Linda and I into the limo and shut the door gently without saying a word. We sat in silence during the trip back to the hotel. John escorted us to my room, took the key from me and opened the door. He motioned for us to stay in the hall. John was gone for only a few minutes. He sticks his head out the door and looked up and down the hall and motioned for us to come in quickly. After we were in the room, John quietly shuts the door behind us. I walked over to the bed and sat down. I patted on the bed for Linda to sit next to me and let out a deep sigh of relief. Linda sat next to me and puts her arm around my shoulders and said, “I hope you don’t have any other plans for today. I had planned to take you on a tour of Rome. Lou and Rob would have been at a meeting most of the day. Lou wanted me to help you forget what happen between you and Bruno. Now he is gone. It is best to keep busy so you will forget what has happened as soon as possible and start living again.”

I took Linda’s hand and softly caressed it and said, “I will not upset your plans. I was planning to do a little window shopping in Rome today. I don’t want anything to remind me of what happened yesterday. We will shop until we drop.”

I smiled at Linda and she smiled back and said, “I hate it when things like this happen. Why do people have to be so cruel? There are so many things to be happy about. Life would be beautiful if everyone would stop being so cruel. Let me help you pack so we can get the hell out of this room and have some fun.”

“Linda, you are so right. Let forget what happened for a while and do something to cheer us up, like shopping.”

Linda laughed and said, “I will pack your clothes and you pack your make-up. I can’t wait to spend the money that Rob gave me to spend on you.”

I laughed and said, “How much did he give you?”

Linda said, “His credit card and there is no limit.”

Linda looked over at John and whispered, "Rob must like you. He is a tight wad. Don’t be surprised if he asks you for something in return.”

I whispered, “Linda, what are you talking about?”

Linda smiled and whispered, “Gladys, don’t be so naïve. What do you think men want more that money, sex?

I smiled and said, “I expected that the first time he looked at me. Men can’t hide their emotional desires when it comes to sex. It is written all over their face.”

I looked over at John, smiled and puckered up my lips. John smiled at me and said, “I think we better get out of here. I am sure Bruno told his friend where you were staying.”

Linda and I jumped up and started packing. With Linda help, we were out of the hotel in a few minutes. I did not have to go to the front desk to check out. Someone had already taken care of it.

We spent most of the day shopping until our feet were sore, then we took John out for lunch with us. After lunch John took us on a sight seeing tour of Rome. The scenery was fabulous. After the sight seeing tour, we did a little more shopping. I wanted to continue, but Linda said that Rob wanted us home before dark. Bruno had a number of friends and relatives and he felt that they just might want revenge.

What in hell have I gotten myself into? Some bastard out there somewhere wants to kill me. I have to get out of Rome before someone does kill me. The ups and downs of my life are going to kill me. No one else will have to do it. I never thought that someone would want to kill me. What had Bruno said to his friend about me that they would want to kill me? I looked over at Linda and said, “Why in hell would someone wanted to kill me.”

Linda said, “This is a very curial world you have gotten yourself into. All they think about is sex, power, money and revenge. When I was young, I resisted the pressure that they put on me. I found out that it was the best to take the middle of the road. Don’t give in to easy. Put in some resistance before you give in to there desire’s. They will respect you a lot more.” 

I asked Linda, “How long have you been in this family. Were your parent’s members of the family?”

“Hell no, I was a crazy kid, I snuck out of the house in the middle of the night and cruise the bars looking for a handsome young man. I found dozens of them.  All they wanted to do was to have sex with me.  I wasn't quite ready to give up my virginity I had to fight them off.  One evening the bastard's were fighting over me. Peppy came walked in the bar, pulled out a gun and yelled, leave that kid alone or I will blow your brain out. It looked like everyone in the bar froze. The yelling and screaming stopped. It became deadly quite. The crowd parted as Peppy walk toward us. The two men backed away from me with fear written all over their face. Peppy put his arm around me and ushered me out of the bar without saying a word. When we were outside the bar, Peppy lashed into me. He was worse than my parents. He wanted to know if my parent knew that I was hanging around in bars. I could not look at him. Sheepishly I shook my head without saying a word. He puts his hand under my chin and lifts my head and kisses my forehead. He pulls me tightly against his body and said that he knew what I was going through. He said that he had gone through the same things a few years back. He led me over to his car and opened the door. I got in the car with mixed feeling. I knew that I was going to lose my virginity. One part of me wanted him very much, yet I did not want to lose my virginity. Peppy got into the car and asked me where I lived and what my name was. This was the first thing that I had said to him. I told him my name and where I lived. It was only a short distance from the bar. He pulls in front of my home and said to me, I don’t want to see you hanging around the bars. You are a young kid. You are not ready for life after dark. Those bastards would have beat the shit out of you, raped you and left you there with the other human vulture to fight over you body. You are too beautiful to have something like that happened to you. Give me a kiss and promise me that you will wait a few years before you try this again.  I promised Peppy that would not do it again. I kissed him on the cheek and I started to pull away. Peppy pulled me back against his body and kissed me for a long time. I felt like I was in heaven. After we stopped petting, he pushed me away and said that he did not want to catch me in another bar until I had grown up. Over the next four years Peppy was like a guardian angel. We were constantly near or with each other. No one has ever bothered me since then.”

I asked, “Did you marry Peppy.”

Tears came to Linda’s eyes. She took my hand and said, “No, his parents though that I was too young to get married. I think Peppy told his father and mother about me losing my virginity when I was 18. They were very religious. She felt that Peppy had raped me.  Like Lou, some bastard shot him in his back. They never caught the bastard that killed him. They took me into there home and treated me as if I was there own child. They passed away a long time ago and left me their estate. I am still living in their home. Because of the relationship I had with Peppy and his parents, I became part of the family.”

I asked, “Are you and Rob married?”

“Hell no, Rob was Peppies cousin. Rob and I have had an affair, but nothing has come of it. He calls me when ever he needs a favor or wants a little bit. Don’t be surprised, since you will be living in his home. You may wake up with him on top of you.”

I chuckled and said, “I will kick him in the balls if he tried to rape me.”

Linda looked over at me and whispered, “Gladys, Rob is a real bastard. Be very gently with him and plead with him. He has a hell of a temper. He may beat the hell out of you then fire you. He will take your passport and money, and kick you out on the streets. For your sake, please don’t rile him.”

A cold chill ran through my body. I asked myself, what in the hell have I gotten my self into this time. How many times have I said this, hundreds?  My enjoyment of coming to Rome has become a nightmare. What the hell will I do if he takes my passport and money? Without a passport and money, not knowing the language, I will be in a hell of a predicament. Now I was wondering if Rob didn’t kill Lou also. Who would I go to for help? I didn’t say a word until we were back at Rob’s home. I was so deep in thought that the cobble stone driveway noise did not bring me out of the trance that I was in. John opened the door and Linda nudged me. I looked up and said, “We are home already.”

Rob was coming down the long marble steps and yelled to Linda, “I hope you girls didn’t spend all of my money. I won’t be able to pay all of my bills.”

Linda said, “Rob, you bet ten times the amount we spent on a damn horse race. Don’t ruin our day by complaining about the few bucks that we spent.”

We both gave Rob a kiss and thank him for the use of his credit card. He patted the both of us on our butts when we continued up the marble steps to the beautiful front door. Linda led me to my room and John followed with my luggage. Without saying to much to each other, Linda helped me unpack my suitcases. When she finished she said, “I am going home now. Don’t forget what I told you about Rob. Just pay a little hard to get with a smile on your face. If he wants you, he will get you one way or the other. Take the easy way out, give in to him. It will be over in a couple of minutes.”

Linda turned around and headed for the door. As she walks through the door, she looks back at me, smiled and winked. As the door closes, I let out a deep sigh. With the look on Rob’s face when I walked up the front steps, I knew what he had on his mind. Didn’t he have some respect for Lou? It looked as if nothing had happened. I took a long bath, put on my sex’s nightgown. I slipped into a bathrobe and headed down stairs. None of Rob’s body guards were around. Usually there are two or three hanging around. Rob looked up at me with lust on his face. I said to Rob, “I am dead tired; Linda and John took me all over Rome. We had a wonderful time, but I am exhausted.”

Rob led me into the dinning room. In the corner of the dinning room was a small circular couch with a small table. Rob took my hand and led me over to the table. I sat down on the couch and Rob walked around the table to the opposite side of the couch and sits down. He removes the Gold covers from the plates, fills the wine glasses. We ate our dinner almost in solitude. The only thing we talked about was the wonderful dinner. After dinner we talked about our lives, where we lived and what we did for a living. I lied about every moment of my life.

After we talked for a while, I excuse myself and told Rob how wonderful the meal was and how tired I was. It did not deter him a bit. He walked me upstairs to my room and follows me into the room. I thought that if I excused myself and went into the bathroom, he may leave. No such luck. I brushed my teeth, sat down on the toilet, waited for about five minutes, and flushed the toilet a couple of time. With hopes that he had left, I removed my bathrobe and opened the door. Rob was blocking the door. I thought that his chin was going to drop off. Standing there with his mouth wide open, gapping at my body, he wraps his arms around me. He planted kisses all over my body. He lifts my night gown and slides my panties down my legs. I raised my foot so he could remove my panties. He lifted me into his arms and carries me across the room to the bed. He gently lays me down on the bed. He sits down on the edge of the bed and removes his shoes and pants. He stands up and removes his suit jacket and lays it across a chair next to the bed. I noticed a revolver handle sticking out of his inside coat pocket. At the moment I did not think too much about it. With two men being killed yesterday, I was surprised that there weren’t a dozen men walking around the halls of his home. Linda was right, like most of the men in my life it was over in a few minutes. Rob rolls off of me and was asleep in seconds. I got up and took a shower and cleaned myself. I did not want to be carrying Rob’s child. I climbed back into the bed and listen to Rob’s snoring. Thankful I fell asleep, or was I. I woke up when Rob turned on a light next to the bed. I looked up at him sitting up in the bed next to me. He had a smile on his face. Rob’s said, “Hello, Janet. I have been looking for you a long time. Where did you stash that 50 million? When Lou brought you here, I knew that you were the gal that stole 500 million dollars; your name isn’t Gladys, its Janet. I was in the court room every day of your trial. I watched them hall your ass off to prison. I even went to the prison to see you. They would not let you have visitors. When I brought up the fifty million that was still missing, they invited me in to see the warden. I told the warden that I had a contract with the bank to recover the 50 million that was still missing. I offered the warden part of the 50 million. The fucking stupid warden did not like my plan and politely ushered me out of the prison. I did not give up on you. I followed one of the guards home.  I tailed the bastard for a week to see if he was hunger enough to join me in finding the 50 million. The son of a bitch was in debt up to his fucking ears. I thought it was my lucky day. I told him that I had a plan to get you out of jail. He told me that there was no way in hell that anyone would ever get the bitch out of jail. I told him that there was still 50 million missing from the bank and if he helped me find out where you hid it, I would give him 25 million. The bastard believed me. I wasn’t going to give him a fucking cent; I was going to kill the bastard. A while back he called me and said that you must be fucking the warden. They were letting you run all over the damn prison.  I told him to get in tough with me if anything happen. Disappointed, I came back home. What got me interested in you; I was in Recife when they caught you. You pictures were in all the papers. When I hear about the five hundred million that was missing, I did not want to let you out of my sight. I knew that you had stashed it somewhere. You see Janet I don’t work like the Feds. I will beat the fucking information out of you. ”

A cold chill ran through my body. How many other people think that I have the fifty million stashed somewhere. I was so frightened that I could not think. I did not know what to do. What the hell am I going to do? I did not say a word to Rob. Now I have to kill the son of a bitch. I let him continued to blabber. Rob said, “When Martha mailed me your picture. I knew that I had found the bitch that I have been looking for. Where in hell is the fucking fifty million dollars?”

I sat up in bed and said, “What in hell are you talking about. Who in hell is Janet?”

“Janet, you know damn well what I am talking about. You had a fucking face lift and you died your hair. Didn’t you?”

“Hell yes, every woman that is approaching 40 have face lifts and change the color of their hair. If I looked like an old bitch, no one will hire me.”

Before I could say another word, Rob slaps me across the face and asked me again about the money. I yelled, “I did have a thousand dollars, much less a million. Why in hell do you think I am still working? If I had fifty million dollars, I would not be letting every bastard like you fuck me. You men are all alike. That is all you care about. I read about the bitch and saw her on television. What I read in the paper, she will spend the rest of her life in prison. They will never parole her.”

Rob did not say a word. For a few moments I thought that he believed me and I was not Janet. The expression on his face changed. I wondered what he was thinking. I thought about what Linda had said. He did not insist that they bring me to Rome because of the problem I had with Bruno. Rob wanted the fifty million dollars. If he doesn’t kill me, the bastard will take all of my money and passport. Without saying a word, he slaps me across the face. I fell back into the bed. He was sill necked. He tries to spread my legs apart and climbs on top of me. He was trying to penetrate me. I closed my legs. He raises up and looking down between us. I squeaked my legs tightly together. I reached over and pulled the pistol out of his coat pocket. I wrapped the bed sheet around my hand and aimed the pistol at the back of his head. He was still trying to spread my legs apart. I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. His body falls down on me. Blood was flowing all over my body. I could hardly move. It felt like he weighed a ton. I threw the pistol across the room. I heard foot steps running up the stairs. I let out a scream, “Help me. Please help me.”

One of Rob’s henchmen ran into the room and yelled something in Italian. I pointed to the door that went into another room. He pulled out a portable radio and yelled something. He cautiously tries to open the door.  It was locked.  Another one of Rob's guards walked into the room.  He yells out something in Italian. I did not know what was going on.

The guard that was trying to open the door yells out. With all the shouting in Italian, I did not know what was going on.  The guard dashes out of the room. I heard a stampede of footsteps coming up the stairs. They entered the room.  I yelled, "Help me. I cannot get Rob off of me. One of the guards grabbed his cell phone. He was speaking Italian. Two men ran over to the bed.  They looked like they were in a trance.  I pretended I was crying.  I pleaded for them to help me.  I told them I could not lift Rob off on me. They just stood there with their mouths open.

The guard on the phone said something in Italian. I screamed, “I can’t breath. Please roll him off of me. He must weight three hundred pounds. If you don’t roll him off on me, you will have two dead bodies.”

The bastards did not know what I was saying. They did not move. With all of my strength, I screamed and pushed Rob’s bloody head off of my chest. With the shifting of his weight, Rob’s body rolled off the bed onto the floor. I took a deep breath, rolled to the opposite side of the bed and stood up with my necked body covered with blood. All the guards were watching me. I headed for the bathroom. None of them said a word. I lock the bathroom door behind me and let out a sigh of relief. I glanced in the mirror. Looking at myself made me nauseous. My stomach started to cramp. I hadn’t been this nauseous in years. I stuck my head over the toilet and all hell broke loose. I could not stop vomiting. My wonderful dinner was coming out of my stomach.  There was pounding on the door. Someone kicked the door open. I turned my head and looked at them. They all stood there without saying a word. I yelled, “Get out of here.”

One of the guards asked in English, “Can we help you.”

“Yes, get the hell out of here. I think I am going to throw up again.”

They slowly walked out of the bath room and shut the door. The vomiting started again. I thought that my stomach was going to come out. I flushed the toilet. The smell of the vomit was making me sicker. With my head still facing the toilet, I heard the door being pushed open. Without taking my head out of the toilet, I screamed, “Get out of here and let me vomit in peace.”

A gently voice said, “Are you wounded?”

With out turning my head, I lifted my head and shook it. I said, “Please, leave me alone. I have had enough excitement for one day.”

I heard the door shut. I went into the shower and adjusted the temperature. I was still vomiting, but nothing was coming out. I haven’t felt this bad in years. The grotesque look on Rob’s face when I pushed him off of me brought back my memories of the butchered bodies in med school. I had pushed it to the back of my mind years ago. I felt like I was getting over a hangover. The warm water was soothing. The nausea had waned. As I scrubbed away the drying blood, the reality of what had happen started to seep in. Had Rob told anyone else about the fifty million? Did they believe that someone else killed Rob? I think that the guards thought that I killed Rob. I have to show some grief about Rob death or they will think that I killed him. What are they thinking now? I felt that my world was going to collapse around me, more than likely it has already. I grabbed a bathrobe and dried my hair with a towel. I did not put on any makeup. I opened the door. The room was filled with police. The guards had left the room. An elderly gentleman came over to me and guided me to another room. He flashed his police badge and said that his name was Mario. I never met a man so sympathetic. He questioned me for over an hour. I asked if someone could bring my cloths to this room. He said that when they had finished, he would bring them to my room. He looked past me. I turned to see who he was looking at. Another elderly man was leaning against the door frame. He shakes his head and said, “Gladys, I don’t know what I am going to do with you. You have been in Rome for less than a week and three of my best men have been killed. None of my family has been killed in over a decade. You roll into town and all hell breaks loose. Rob, Bruno and Lou families are going to want revenge. I have to pacify them. I can’t get away with this. No body gives a damn about Bruno, but Lou’s and Rob family will want me to take you for a long boat ride with no return ticket.”

With determination, I yelled, “Who the hell are you. You have a hell of a family. Bruno was the one that started this mess, not me. Bruno, the bastard, he tried to rape and kill me. Lou told me that Bruno was a wild man, a bully and a coward. He picks on anyone that he though that he could control. He has always been in trouble. If he was part of your family, you are the one to blame. You put up with Bruno shit. It must have been one of Bruno friends. I did not start this mess. The bitterness between Lou and Bruno has been going on for years. I heard enough of his crap on the surveillance tapes. I did everything possible to get him to like me. When I told him that Lou did not want any trouble like they had last year, he was going to beat the hell out of me. I called his bluff and took my pistol out of my pocket book. I thought that he was going to faint. It wasn’t loaded. I never carry a loaded pistol on me. I did not want to kill anyone. I did not kill Lou, Bruno or Rob. I was lying in bed with Rob on top of me. He was trying to rape me when someone blew his brains out.  I had my eyes closed. I heard a deafening blast. Rob’s body fell down on top of me. Warm blood was spraying all over me. With Rob’s three hundred pound laying on top me, I could not breathe or see who had shot Rob. I heard the noise of something heavy hitting the floor and a door slamming. Go find the guy that pumped two or three bullets into Rob’s head.”

Oh, shit. Why did I have to tell them the number of bullets that were fired?

Mario said, “There was only one bullet in Rob’s head. Did you hear two other shots?”

I yelled back, “There could have been a hundred shots. It scared the living hell out of me. What the hell would you have though if you went through this mess?”

The two men laughed. I was so fucking mad that I lost my temper and yelled. “What so fucking funny. That bullet or bullets miss my head by inches. You two would have shit in your pants. Get out of here and let me get dressed. You did not tell me your name. Who are you?”

What will happen next:

“I’m Tony, everyone calls me Papa.”

Still chuckling, they headed for the door. Tony smiled and said, “Gladys, I like you. You are a real fireball. Linda enjoyed being with you. She is sad that you would be going back to Brazil. Would you like to stay here in Rome with us?”

I shook my head and said, “With all the killing, I want to get as far away from Rome as I can. As you said, there are a number of people out there that want revenge. Now I feel like I am a target and everyone wants to kill me. I will feel a lot safer in Brazil.”

Papa took my hand and pulled me against his body and kisses me on my forehead. He whispered, “I sorry we had to drag you over here. For some reason, Rob wanted to see you in person. I think he fell in love with you when he saw your picture. You are a very beautiful young lady. You even fired up the smoldering embers that are still in my body. If my wife knew this she would kill me. She is a lot like you. When the police are finished, John will take you over to my home. You will be much safer there than you are here.” 

As they left the room, I shut the door, leaned against it and let out a sigh of relief. Where did I hear that comment before? I thought that I would be safer at Rob’s. My damn life is catching up on me. How many more out there know that I am Janet? Who is going to be the next bastard that I have to kill? I was relived that I had Rob out of the way. What would the bastard have done to me if I had not killed him? If he told someone about me, who would it be? What are they going to think? Will they think that I had killed Rob? If he had told one of the guards, which one would he tell? What would they do if Rob had told them about the fifty million? If Rob did not tell Tony, would Rob have told someone else? Why? There were six or seven men that ran into the room, had Rob told one of them? I yelled silently to myself, “Stop thinking about Rob, you are going to drive yourself crazy.”

I tried to think of the happier times, there weren’t any happier times. My life has been a holey mess. 

I locked the door to the room and lay down. I glanced at the clock on the night table. It wasn’t midnight. I rolled over and tried to go to sleep, I couldn’t. The noise from down the hall kept me awake. My thoughts went back to when I was in prison. The only fear that I had there was that bitch that hated my guts. She is strong as a man. She even looked and acted like a man. I wonder if she had a sex change. I felt sorry for the girl that was her cell mate. She looked scared to death of the bitch. I guess we all have our problems.

There was a knock on the door. It scared the living hell out of me. I called, “Who is it?”

A friendly voice answered, “Gladys its John, I have your suitcases and Papa does not want you to spend the night here.”

I jumped out of the bed and ran over to the door. I turned on the light and opened the door. I saw the hunger in John face. I pulled him into the room and locked the door. I put my arms around him and said, “Thank God it you John. I feel that I can trust anyone else in this world but you.”

I pulled away. John held me tightly against his body and said, “Rob forced himself on you didn’t he.”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes he did. If the murderer hadn’t came in when he did, I would not have been able to fight him off. It was like pushing away an elephant. I think the person that shot him thought that he would kill the both of us with the same bullet. No one wanted to lift him off of me. I could not stand to look at the gaping hole that the bullet left in his head. With all of my strength I pushed his head and shoulder to the side and he fell to the floor. Honey, I don’t want to talk about it. It makes me sick to stomach. Give me a few minutes and let me get dress.”

“Do you want me to go outside?”

“No sweetheart, keep me company and keep the door locked. I don’t want any surprises like the one that Rob and I had.”

John sat on the bed and bashfully looked away as I got dressed. I wanted to go over and make love with him. First I wanted to get the hell out of Rob’s home. I enjoyed John’s company so much when we were is Paris. I wish I had make love with him when I had the chance.

I finished getting dressed and we hurried out of Rob’s home. We hardly said a word to each other during the trip to Papa’s home. As we were driving up the long driveway, a guard with an automatic weapon flagged us down. John rolled down the window and said something in Italian. The guard let us continue. Papa’s home was about a mile from the gate where the guard stopped us. We came to another gate. Again, an armed guard stopped us. When the guard saw who was driving, he flagged us through. We approached a huge open field. In the center was a large mansion. The building and the area around the building was lit up. It was bright as day. Papa and a young lady were waiting in front of the house. As soon as John pulled up, the door popped open and Papa reached in to help me out of the car. Papa smiled and pointed at the young lady and said, “Gladys, this is my granddaughter Julie. She will help you to your room.”

          I turned to get my luggage; Julie took my arm and said, “John will get the suitcases for you.”

          We were only a few steps away and John said, “Rob forced himself on her.”

          Papa put his hand across John lips. Julie tugged at my arm. I wanted to hear what John was going to tell Papa. Julie said, “Papa told me that you had a very disturbing evening. You will be safe here. There are guards all over the place. There are more than usual tonight.”

          I interrupted Julie and said, “I thought I was safe at Rob’s. It may have been one of the guards that shot Rob. I don’t know how anyone else that could have gotten passed the guards, but they did.”

Julie hedged around trying to get me to tell her what had happened. She must not have wanted to ask me directly about the evening. I took the hint and stopped as we were walking up the front steps and said to Julie, “Rob was a perfect hoist. I admired him immensely. Linda and I shopped until we were dead on our feet.  Rob had a wonderful dinner prepared for us.  I was starved and ate too much.  I could hardly hold my eyes open.  I excuse myself and headed for my room.  I had just finished my shower and Rob walks into the room.  I did not want to offend him and I politely tried to get him to leave.  He resisted my efforts.  I could not control his advances.  He picked me up and carried me into the bedroom.  He took his clothes off and laid them on a chair next to the bed.  I begged him not to force me.  He put a deaf ear to everything I said.  I gave up and close my eyes.  Rob wanted me to help him.  I refused.  He slapped me across my face a couple of times.  I still had my eyes closed.  A deafening sound rang out.  I felt a hot flash on my face.  Then I felt the warm blood streaming from Rob’s body onto my face. Rob's body fell across me.  I could not move.  When I opened my eyes I caught a glimpse of someone going out the door to another room. I screamed for help. A guard ran into the room.  He yells to me, I pointed at the door.  He tried to open the door.  It was locked.  I heard a crowd running up the stairs. They came into the room and stood there gaping at me and Rob.  I pleaded for them to take Rob off of me. They just stood there looking at me. I lifted Rob's head and pushed it to the side of the bed. With the shifting of his weight, Rob's body rolled off the bed. I looked down at Rob.  It made me deathly sick. I ran to the bathroom and emptied my stomach. Everyone kept coming into to the bathroom. When I finished I tried to wash away the taste in my mouth. I saw my face covered with blood. The nausea started again. By the time Papa showed up, I had showered and made myself presentable. Please tell your grandfather to stop everyone from asking me the same questions over and over again. Every time I think about it, I feel nauseas.”

Julie put her arms around me and said, “I’m sorry I brought it up. I know how you must feel. I will tell Papa to tell everyone to lay off of you. You have had enough for two life times. Your whole experience in Rome has been a nightmare.”

Julie took me to a beautiful room and showed me how to set the alarm. She hugged me and wishes me goodnight. Julie pulled away and looked me in the eyes and said, “I can feel what you must have gone through. You will be safe here. It’s late. Try to relax and don’t worry about anything. Papa will take care of you.”

I followed Julie to the door and watched her walking down the hall. I slowly shut the door and for the second time tonight, I leaned against the door and let out a sigh of relief. But, I wasn’t sure that it was all over. A flash of fear shot through my body. What the hell are they going to do to me? Is it all over or is it just beginning. For a moment I wished that I was back in my prison cell. I did not bother to get undressed. I looked around the room. There was no other door except the bathroom door. I turned off the lights and walk over to the window. The lights lit up the grounds. If I had to go out the window, I would break my neck. I kicked off my shoes and climbed in bed. I listened to the noises. Someone was talking. I could not make out what they were saying. Doors was being opened and closed. I heard the water running through the water pipes. I could not go back to sleep. During the night when I heard a sound it startled me. I would jump up, listen at the door for a minute, run to the window and look out. I could not shake the feeling that something was going to happen to me.

Thank God the night is over. I don’t believe I slept a wink. If they are going to kill me, I wanted to be awake so I can try to stop them. I could hear voice down the hall. I climbed out of bed and rummaged through my wardrobe to see what was appropriate for the occasion. With the death of three men in a short time, I did not think that red was appropriate. I could not find a thing that I could ware. I took another shower and put on my makeup. I stayed away from bright colors. I put on my bath robe and peeked out into the hall. I went down the hall to Julie room. I lightly tapped on the door. Julie asked, “Who is it.”

Without thinking I said, “Janet.”

Quickly I said, “Gladys.”

Julie opened the door and said, “I though you said Janet.”

I shook my head and said, “No, I said Damn it. I turned around and bumped my head against the door frame. I though I heard someone coming up the stairs. When I turned to look, I hit the door frame with my head.”

Julie said, “Let me see. I don’t see any bleeding. Would you like an ice pack?”

“No, no, no, I will be fine. I did not bring any dark dresses with me. I did not foresee what has happened. Would you have a more appropriate dress that I could borrow? Everything I have is not appropriate for what has happened. They are all too bright. I will feel out of place with the outfits that I have.”

“Of course Gladys, follow me.”

Julie open a closet door and said, “Take your pick. I have dozens of back outfits.”

I could not believe my eyes. There was everything a woman would possibly want. The closet was about fifty feet long and about 10 feet wide. There was more merchandise in the closet than most dress shops. I rummaged through the maze of clothing. I found two beautiful outfits with pocket books to match. I was trying to chose between the two and Julie said, “Take both of them and the pocket books. Also, take the shoes below the dresses; I picked them to go along with the dress above them. If they fit you, they are yours. I have more pleasure shopping than wearing them.”

The outfits were fabulous, I would have taken everything in the closet, I tried them on and they looked as if they were made for me, even the shoes. I tried to pay Julie for the things that I had taken. Julie refused to take a cent. I thanked her and went back to my room. It took me an hour to decide which one I should wear. I finally took the one that had a matching jacket and a pair of black closed toe high heals. Julie must have paid a fortune for them. I was just finished and I heard a tap on the door. I said loudly, “Come on in. The door is not locked. I put down my comb and headed for the door. Papa came in the room and shut the door behind him. I noticed that he locked the door. With the look on his face, there was no question about what he wanted. I think he is old enough to be my grandfather. I stuck my hand out to greet him. He took my hand and pulled me up against his body. He kissed me on the neck and around my ear. I pulled away and said, “Please, it is not the time for making love. I am not in the mood. Three men are dead. One was going to rape me. Another tried to force me to have sex with him. Someone came into the room and tried to kill both of us. The bullet was so close that I felt the heat as it passed me. I gave in to the one that I loved. Now they are all dead. I am a grown woman. I feel there is nothing wrong with making love with a friend who respects me. If I have to give in to you to hold my job, let me get undressed before we do anything. Papa backed away and said, “I am sorry. I saw how beautiful you looked and I could not hold back my desire. Please forgive me.”

I put my hand on Papa’s shoulder and pulled him down. I gave him a long sensual kiss. I told him that maybe some time in the future; the kiss was because he apologized to me. Papa asked me not to tell anyone about his behavior. He emphasized that he did not want Julie to know. It would destroy his relationship with his granddaughter. He said that she would kill him. Papa turned around and unlocked the door. He looked back over his shoulder and said, “You have Lou’s job if want it. You can have it as long as you want. I promised you that I will get you back to Brazil as soon as possible. But, please don’t push me.”

I reached for Papa and took his hand and said, “It is our secret and it will always be.”

Papa lifted my hand and kissed it and said, “Thank you. I understand how you must feel.”

For the next three weeks I spent a lot of time with Linda and Julie. We attended all of the services together. I was accepted as part of the family. Surprisingly, both Bruno and Rob’s family did not blame me for their deaths. They all knew the charter of both men. It was not a family secret. Lou’s family was something else. Lou’s family had already picked out a young lady that was already pregnant with Lou’s child and they were engaged. I was disappointed when I heard this. Lou was like all the men in my life, I was just a sex toy to him.

I am not into hugging and kissing of strangers. I only shook their hands. Particular the men, with these solemn events of the funerals taking place, the men were not thinking about their friends that were being buried. I could see it in there eye, all they were thinking about was sex. Every man that I shook hands with mentally disrobed me.

Another week passed and Papa had a farewell dinner for me. Papa invited friends and family of Rob, Lou and Bruno. He also invited the men that had accompanied Bruno to Brazil.  None of them showed any animosity. After all the quest had left, Papa and the Brazil crew went into another room. Julie and I were still talking in the dinning room when Papa called me and asked me to join them in the conference room. Fear struck me. I did not want to go with him. I bit the bullet and went into the conference room. What else could I have done? Julie followed me. As we entered the door, all the men stood up. They waited for me to sit down. They were on their good behavior. Their boss was watching them. Papa walked over to Julie and said, “Sweetheart, we will be talking business. Please wait outside.”

Julie replied, “Gladys has gone through enough. I will never forgive you if she is upset when she comes out.”

She turns and went out the door; Papa closed the door behind her. He turns and said, “Meet your new boss. Gladys will be taking over Lou’s job.”

With an angry look on his face he stared at each of the men without saying a word. I could see the fear in their faces. When he finished he looks over at me and said, “Gladys has been through hell. Bruno tried to kill her, Lou seduced her and Rob tried to rape her. I am disappointed in Lou. I did not expect him to use his position to force someone to have sex with him. Especially when he is engaged to a beautiful young girl that he impregnated, I can not lecture him about his morals. I knew what Bruno and Rob were like. I should have gotten rid of both of them years ago. I just looked the other way. When we send you to Brazil, you are working for me. The hotel that you will be staying in is mine. We have a lot of money invested in it. It is making a good profit now and we don’t want to see it getting a bad reputation. If you do anything that spoils the reputation of the hotel or the Cheese Factory; do not think about coming home.” Just as

“You and Bruno talked about our business at the Cheese Factory. It is a wonder that everyone in Brazil doesn’t know what is going on at the Cheese Factory. If you have to discuss business, ask Gladys for a room that is not wired. I don’t want you to discuss why we are in Brazil with a prostitute or anyone else. It is none of their damn business. Gladys, is there anything that you would like to say to the crew?”

I did not know what to say. I stood up and looked at the different expressions on the men faces. I wonder if Papa really got across to them. I looked over at Papa and said, “Papa, I think that you have said it all. The only thing that I can add is, if you have any problems with the Police in Brazil; don’t drag the hotel, the Cheese Factory and the rest of crew into your problem. Try to resolve the problem yourself. Tell them that you are just visiting the country and you had a little too much to drink. You may be kicked out of Brazil or spent a few months in jail. If you need cash, I am sure Papa will let us pay for an attorney if you need one. Other than that, I think that if you don’t over drink and watch what you say, you should not have any problem. Bruno was a bully. He shoved people around. That is just the type of thing that will get you into trouble. Just enjoy the stay at the hotel, and mingle with the other member of the crew. If you get to close to someone else, people will start to ask question about your visit to Brazil. I know it hard to be away from home for a long period. Don’t force yourself on any of women it Brazil. You may spend the rest of your life in prison. There are a lot of Brothels in Recife. They will welcome you with open arms.”

I looked over at Papa he had a smile on his face. I sat down; he thanked me for my suggestion and dismissed the crew. After the crew left, Julie walked in. She gave Papa a stern look and said, “Do I have to spank you? Did you give Gladys a hard time or get fresh with her?”

I interrupted Julie and said, “He was a perfect gentleman.”

Julie said, “Papa said that you will be going home this weekend. I want to treat you to the best shopping in the world. I saw the expression on your face when you were looking at my wardrobe.”

Julie looked over at Papa and said, “Did you….”

Papa fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a credit card. He hands it to me and said, “I know that Lou gave you his credit card. Now you have your own. If you have to do any traveling for business, just use it instead of you personal credit card.”

Julie said, “Use it for anything you want. Use it whenever you go shopping for yourself. We will use it when we go shopping.”

I spent the next four day shopping with Julie and Linda. Papa even showered me with gifts. They gave me a farewell dinner and Papa took Julie, Linda and I out for dinner the evening before my departure for Brazil. Like usual, I over ate. It made me tired and sleepy. Fortunately, when we reached Papa’s home we all headed for our rooms. I sat down to watch television. I fell asleep and did not wake up until four in the morning. I heard noises throughout the house. I would not be leaving for another three hours. I was afraid to go back to bed. I did not want to spend another day in Rome. I have been having nightmares since I killed Rob. In my mind, I knew that I would never leave Rome alive. I was constantly wondering who else Rob had told about the 50 million. By five thirty, I was packed and ready to go to the airport. I unlocked the door and went down stairs. Papa was already eating his breakfast. He had his bathrobe on and had not combed the little hair he had left. When he saw me, he started to get up. I told him to finish his breakfast. I went over and straighten his hair with my hand and kiss him on his forehead. He looked up and smiled at me and asked, “Join me for breakfast.”

I was on my way to the other side of the table. I turned around and smiled at Papa and said, "I would love to have breakfast with you.”

Papa picked up a small phone and pushed a button. A female voice in Italian said something. Papa answers her in Italian.  Within seconds a cute young lady walked into the room. She reminded me of myself when I was a child. She even looked a lot like me. For a moment I thought that I was looking at myself when I was a teenager. She interrupted my thoughts when she said in broken English, "Gladys, what would you like for breakfast?"

After stuffing myself last night I do not want to feel stuffed on the plane and said, "Surprise me, I over ate last night and I don’t want to fall asleep on the way to the airport.”

She asked, “Would you like some coffee?”

 “Yes thank you.”

As she walked away, memories of my younger life came over me. I watched every step she took. The way she walked and cocked her head was a carbon copy of me.  I was just assuring of myself as she was. Maybe a little bit more than she was. Deep in thought, Papa brought me back to the present and said, “She is a beautiful young lady, isn’t she? That is my great granddaughter. That is Julie daughter.”

Surprised, I said to myself, “Julie is not old enough to have a daughter that age.”

 I came back to life, nodded then said, “She is a very beautiful. She will drive the young men in Rome crazy.”

Papa laughed and said, “She already is. You must have driven the young men crazy when you were younger. You are still driving them crazy.”

I reached across the table and took Papa hands and said, “You are so kind.”

A voice behind me said, “I was only a child when I gave birth to Nanny. I could not wait to grow up. I was a wild kid. I can’t blame anyone but myself. I wanted to be an adult when I was ten or eleven. I matured too soon.”

Julie came over to the table and kissed Papa. Papa got up and hugged Julie then said, “I have had mixed feeling about Julie having Nanny. She missed a big part of her childhood. But, on the other side, it is so wonderful to have Nanny around. We are trying to guide her so she will have a normal teenage life. She has held herself back this far and we hope she will continue to control her urges.”

Nanny had walked in and overheard part of our conversation and said, “How do you expect me to control my urges when you can not control yours.”

Well all laughed. I said, “We all try to hold back our urges, but at times we let our urges overcome us.”

We all chuckled again while Nanny was serving us. While I was eating, Papa gave me a few suggestions on how to handle the Cheese Factory crew and handed me a briefcase. He told me that there were instructions in the briefcase on how to handle the funds from the Cheese Factory and said that once I had memorized the instructions to put the document in a safety deposit box.

After breakfast I went back to my room. I brushed my teeth, and repacked my makeup. One of the guards carried my luggage to a waiting car. Papa, Julie and Nanny were there to send me off. They all hugged me and wished me a pleasant trip back home. The guard was holding the back door open. The windows of the car were heavily tinted.  I still had fear of the unknown. Were they sending me back to Brazil or taking me for a long ride in the country. Reluctantly, I bent down to get into the car and saw John with a smile on his face. He reaches over and helps me into the car. The door slammed shut and the driver started the engine. John looked at the driver and then at me. He shook his head slightly.

On the trip to the airport John pointed out points of interest. We did not discuss anything about ourselves or about the business.  I can see the anxiousness in John's face. What was John thinking about?  I was anxious to get out of the country.  After a couple of hours of anxiety, we were finally on our way to Brazil.  I could see it happening in John's face.  I knew he wanted to say something to me, but I think he was afraid to.  I reached over and took John's hand and said, "Tell me what's on your mind."

John's face turned a little flushed.  He caressed my hand with both of his hands and said, "I saw you falling in love with Lou.  I knew he was engaged to be married and he was leading you on. They would have killed me if I told you why they were taking you to Rome. Bruno had told them that you tried to kill him. I knew it was a lie. I had never been so afraid for anything as much as I was for you. You must have gone through hell while you were in Rome. I knew that Rob had forced himself on you. After Rob was shot, I was certain that Papa would have you killed for killing Rob. I knew that you could not have killed Rob. I tried to convince Papa that Rob had forced himself on you. He must have believed me. I am so very happy that we are both going back to Brazil together. The little time we had together on the trip over, I fell in love with you. I know that you have your life to live and so do I. You have gone through hell and I can’t expect you to fall in love with me now. Maybe in the future you will find a place in your heart for me.”

I leaned over and kissed John on the cheek and whispered to him that I was very fond of him. But, there have been a few very hectic months and I don’t know what my life will be like in the next few months. I suggested that we enjoy each other company and not commit ourselves to anything for a while. John agreed. We forgot about the problems we had gone through in Rome. We relaxed and had a very pleasant trip back home.

Don met us at the airport. He appeared to be a little more cheerful than usual. He did not ask us about the trip or say anything about my promotion or ask about Lou. When we arrived at the hotel, he went around to the rear of the hotel. When he opened the car door he led us up the rear entrance of the hotel. He did not bother getting our luggage. When he opened the rear door all hell broke loose. All the employees were there to greet us. They all knew about the promotion. Papa had called Liz and filled her in on what had happened in Rome. They had set up the conference room for a celebration. With the love and affection they showed me tears ran down my cheeks. It was a wonderful feeling to have them all congratulating me on my new position. The celebration lasted for about two hours until Liz sent them all back to their jobs.

Like many of the employees, John congratulated me and wished me the best. Don escorted me to my suite. My luggage had found it way to my suite. From the trip and the welcome home, I was exhausted. I thanked Don and gave him a peck on the cheek. I shut the door, laid down on the bed and was asleep in seconds. I did not wake up until the following morning.


My promotion:

As Lou had said, Liz and Martha ran the hotel. For the next few months the only thing eventful that happened was Francisco, the manager of the Cheese Factory, he called me and introduces himself and invited me to the Factory. He told me that he would see me at the end of the month for a monthly review of the business. He said that I could come out to the Factory at anytime I wanted, but give him notice so that he would be their when I got there. This remark triggered something that Papa had told me. He told me to make frequent trips to the Factory and never tell them when I am coming. Knowing what was going on out there, I did not want any part of it. It made me feel uneasy. If the government raids the place and finds out that I am associated with the factory. I will end up back in jail. This was a position that I did not cherish.

Francisco visits was cordial. Liz attended the meetings she handled all the paperwork.  All I had to do was watch the transactions.  A week later, Liz sent me a report on the transactions. I made unannounced visits to the Cheese Factory. Francisco was annoyed with my unannounced visits. Especially, when he was not at the Factory, I talked to all of the employees and questioned them about their feelings about their job. Most of them, if not all, that I had talked to, enjoy their work and their salaries. I never mentioned the narcotics business. I did not know it they knew about the narcotics trade.

Back to my personal life, I did not have any.  My job was beginning to bore me.  I wanted to resign.  Papa told me that I could have the job as long as I wanted. Knowing about the business and not being involved with it, would Papa worry about me telling the authorities about the narcotics part of the business. What would he do if I quit. This was constantly on my mind.  I cursed myself for putting myself in danger of going back to prison. 

 As I looked back over the years I was constantly digging a grave for myself. Another year of my life has passed.  How stupid have I been all my life? The hotel has had four visits of our special guest since I came back from Rome without any problems. I was thankful for that. Things were running smoothly. Even though there is no pressure on me. The fear of something happening is driving me up the wall. The anxiety that I have is not worse the life that I am living. I am not getting paranoid, I am paranoid.  Every knock on my door, every time the phone rings, every time the door opens and every stranger that looks at me sends chills through my body. Every morning when I wake up, I try to think of a way to get out of the predicament that I am in. When I was in jail, the only problem I had was, how in the hell am I going to get out of jail. I was isolated from the world.  I hated it.  Now that I am in an open world, I hate it more than I hated being in jail.  Last week I came up with a wild idea.  I was going to take a trip up the Amazon and never come back. Yesterday there was an article in the local paper about the murders in the far reaches of the Amazon. I quickly gave up that idea.  Every day I came up with another bright idea that had hundreds of holes in it.  If I tried any one of them, it would be easier for me just to shoot myself. I feel safer living in my own little home.  If there is a problem at the hotel and the employees know that I am at home.  They usually resolve the problem themselves or wait till I come in the following day.

Since we came back from Rome, John has been pestering me. Even though he is a very nice young man, I do not want to get too deeply involved with any man.  Somehow they all end up dead.

When I went to work this morning the desk clerk said that I had gotten a call from Rome. They said that Papa was coming for a visit. I went to my office and called Papa. Julie answered the phone. She said that something had come up at the Cheese Factory and he had to go out there and resolve the problem. I thanked her and asked her when did he leave Rome? She said that he left this morning. After I hung up, I called Francisco and asked him if there was a problem at the Factory. He said that there was none that he knew of. I did not tell him about the call last night and the conversation I had with Julie. I was bewildered and could not find a reason for Papa making the trip.

I called the staff together and told them that we were going to have a visitor from Rome. I could see the anguish in their faces. When I told them who the visitor was, they all applauded. They went out of their way to prepare the Penthouse suite. From the information that Julie had given me, we knew when he would be arriving. John and I were waiting at the airport when he arrived. I had told John not to question him about the reason that he had came for a visit. I did not want Papa to know that I had called the Factory and asked why he was coming.

Papa was surprised that we knew what flight that he was on. He wanted to surprise us. We surprised him. John and I escorted him to the Penthouse. He asked us to let him rest for a while. The trip had exhausted him. With Papa in the hotel, I did not go home. I spent the night in my suite. The following morning I was awaken by the phone at 5:30. I cleared the cobwebs from my brain and answered the phone. It was Papa. He had miscalculated the time difference and though it was nine thirty. He apologized for waking me and asked what the time was. I told him and he reset his watch and asked what time do I usually have breakfast. I told him that usually I eat around nine. He wanted me to join him for breakfast. I accepted his invitation.

I had been wondering why Papa was making the trip. I knew that Francisco would have called me if there was a problem. Not knowing the networks of the drug business, I could not reason why Papa had make the trip.

I met Papa in his suite for breakfast. What a feast. Usually I don’t eat very much in the morning. To please Papa, I ate until I was stuffed. After the waiter had removed the dishes, Papa asked if I had any other appointment for the day. I told him there wasn’t anything that I had to tend to that could not be resolved by the staff. He wanted to review the financial records of the hotel and the Cheese Factory. Liz and her staff brought up all the ledgers and computer records to the Penthouse, from what I saw, I don’t think Papa knew what he was looking at. He was making a feeble attempt to impress us. When he was finished he congratulated us for a job well done. I caught Liz looking at me. The look on her face told me that Papa did not know what the hell he was looking at. Now I was wondering what the real reason Papa came to Brazil. Was it something that Rob had told him or what Rob had told someone else? Had Papa been fantasying about me since he saw me the first time in Rome. He wasn’t looking at my face he was looking at my body. I had a feeling that he wanted me. If he did, should I give in to his desires? If I did would he do something for me? I did not want to spend another year working with the Cheese Factory. Just maybe he would give someone else that job and sever the link between the Cheese Factory and the hotel. This would take a load off of my mind.   

For the first few days we visited the Cheese Factory and Recife. John took us on a sight seeing tour of the scenic areas. From Papa enthusiasm, I though he was going to move to Brazil. That would be another problem that I did not cherish. I would be stuck with the old fart until he died or until he killed me for deserting him. Every man that I have had a relationship with has ended up dead. If Papa died when I was with him every one in the family would want to kill me. I had to come up with a plan that would keep me out of bed with him. The only thing that I could think of was Julie. He said that Julie would kill him if she knew that he was messed around with me. Also, he said that his wife would kill him. I was never introduced to his wife and I never saw her. Since I was never introduced to his wife, I never questioned anyone about his wife. Why would Julie kill her grandfather if he had a relationship with me? I never met Julie husband and they never talked about him. Who was the father of Nanny? After John and I tired out Papa, all he wanted to was sleep.

To get Papa’s attention off of me, early the following morning; I called Julie and invited her to Brazil. I asked her to bring Nanny with her. First she refused because she did not want to interrupt Papa while he is working. I told her that was finished and she, Nanny and Papa could enjoy the beaches. There were some of the nicest beaches it the world. I asked her not to tell Papa that it was my idea to invite them. She said she wanted to go with Papa but he told her that it was a business trip. She said that she and Nanny would be on the next plane to Brazil. Would this stop Papa aggression? Who knows? I hope it does. I did not need another man in my life that was old enough to be my grandfather.

For the next few days Papa wined and dined me. Every waken moment, Papa was with me. I can’t say that he had been fresh with me, but his hugs became a little more than just friendly. The night Julie was to arrive, Papa and I had dinner together in his suite, I was finishing the glass of wine that I had for dinner. The expression on Papa’s face told me to get the hell out of the here. Papa got up from his seat across from me. I stood up also. Papa continued around the table. I smiled at Papa and the look of lust lit up his face. He puts his arms around me and tightly thrust his body against mine. I had two choices. Give in to him or fight him off. If I fought him off, he would surely rape me. With the cool glass of wine in my hand I poured it between us. The shock of the cool wine running down his chest, he jumps back and so did I. I quickly apologized. A fret of anger flashed across his face. I grabbed a napkin from the table and started to wipe off the wine from his chest and down his body. I stopped just above his enlarged penis. I stared at it for a few moments and then looked up at him. Embarrassed he looks down at me and started to say something. The phone rings before he could say a word. I told him that I would get it. I knew it had to be John. He had left for the airport before I joined Papa for dinner. I picked up the phone; John said that they were only a few minutes from the hotel. I thanked him and told Papa to change his suit, John said that we have guest. Papa asked who? I told him that I did not know. He hurried out of the room. I went down to my suite and quickly changed my dress. I went into the lobby and waited for our guest. They arrived before Papa came down. I gave Julie and Nanny a delightful welcome. I excused myself and called Papa’s suite. He picks up the phone and said, “Who in hell came to see me at this time of night?”

I did not want to tell him. I said, “Come down they want to see you.”

I hung up the phone before he could respond. Julie and Nanny wanted to surprise him. They hid in an office behind the front desk. Within a few minutes, Papa came down the hall with a disgusted look on his face. As soon as he reaches the front desk, Julie and Nanny popped out of the office. They ran around the desk into the out stretched arms of Papa. He asked, “Who put you up to this surprise?”

Nanny said, “Mom did. You were always sending people over here and she felt that it was time for us to take a vacation.”

After the greeting was over Papa took them up to his suite and I went to my suite. When I was out of the view of the surveillance cameras inside my suite, I let out a sigh of relief. I chucked to myself, what in hell would Julie do if she knew that Papa was trying to seduce me. I sensed a marital relationship when Papa and Julie saw each other in the lobby. I do not want to believe what I was thinking.  Julie doesn't look like she's over 25 or 26 years old. Nanny has to be 15 or 16 years old. Was Nanny born when Julie was in her early teens? If Papa is the father of Nanny and Julie is her mother. That old bastard should have his balls cut off. Is Julie married to Papa or is she his granddaughter?

I forgot to pull the blinds on the east side of my bedroom. The sun woke me up. The heat from the sun had warmed the room up. I jumped up and pulled the blinds. I wanted to go back to bed, but with our special guest in the Penthouse, they will be calling me.

Within an hour I was having my breakfast in the restaurant. The hotel quest had started to trickle in for breakfast. I looked at my watch, it wasn’t eight yet. I wonder when Papa and his family would be calling me. I took a tour of the hotel. All the wheels were turning smoothly. Everything was on schedule. The pool was open. When I return to the lobby I glanced in the restaurant to see if Papa and his family were having breakfast. They were not there. I checked at the front desk and they had not received a call from the Penthouse. I was starting to wonder why they had not called room service. I went up to security and asked Dan if our guest in the Penthouse had been seen in the hall. He said that he had just returned from breakfast and he did not see any activity before he left and none after he came back. I asked Dan how long he had been gone. He said that he was not quite sure, maybe a half hour or forty five minute. I went to the monitor for the Penthouse hall. There had not been any movement in the hall since they went into the suite. Thankful for the motion detector, I did not have to spend the day waiting for someone to show up.   I leaned back and started watching the empty hall. About ten minutes passed and Julie backs out of the suite into the hall. Papa was following her. Papa shuts the door behind him. Julie was giving Papa hell. They were arguing in Italian. I could not make out a damn thing that they were arguing about. I zoomed in close enough to see them close up. By Julie facial expressions, it told all. Papa looked like a scared pup. Julie reaches up and slaps Papa. Papa grabs her hand. Julie slams her knee into Papa groin. I could almost feel the pain from the expression oh Papa’s face. I grunted, Ohooo, from the pain that showed on Papa face. Dan jumped up and said, “What happened?”

I could not hold back a chuckle and said, “Nothing, I am getting tired of watching. “

Dan sat back down. I looked back at the monitor and Julie was pacing up and down the hall. When Julie passed Papa she said something then thrushes her hand up into the air and continued down the hall. Papa finally moved his hands from his groin and stood up. It sounded as if he was pleading with Julie. Julie turned around and headed back to Papa. When she gets to Papa, verbally she lashes into Papa.  When she stopped talking she slaps Papa across his face. Papa grabbed her hand. Julie tries to knee Papa again. Papa pulled away just in time. Papa grabs both of Julie arms and turns her around. Julie tried to pull away from Papa. After a few moments she relaxes. Papa was pleading with Julie. Julie turns her head around and Papa kisses her. Julie turns around and pulls Papa down and kisses him. They eased back into the room together. I ejected the tape and put in a new cassette. I looked over at Dan. He wasn’t watching me. I took the cassette and stuffed it under my blouse. Dan looked like he was about to fall asleep. I told him not to fall asleep and get someone to bring a pot of strong coffee up to him. I went back to my suite and hid the cassette. I did not know what I would do with it, but someday it just might come in handy. I got a call from room service and they told me that they had received an order from the penthouse. Since I inquired about our quest before, they felt that I would like to know. I thanked them and asked it they had any other request. They said no and that they only ordered meals for three people.

My mind was buzzing. Papa and Julie had to be married. Never in my life had I seen a grandfather kiss a grandchild the way that he did. I was wondering why they kept it a secret. Was it because of Julie’s age when she gave birth to Nanny? Were Julie and Papa related? I don’t think so. I tried to get the subject out of my mind, but it kept coming back. Julie is a grown woman now and she has lived with Papa since Nanny was born. I told myself to forget it. If I tried to use the information, they would deny it and my ass would be mud. Forget about their relationship. I tried, but it would not go away.

Later that morning Nanny came down to the front desk and asked where I was. She had a little trouble with the translation. The clerk could not speak Italian and Nanny could not speak Portuguese. When Nanny mentions my name, the clerk called me.  I told him that I would be down in a minute and don't let her go until I get there.

When I reached the entrance hall, I saw Nanny waiting at the front desk. She was a beautiful young girl. Everyone that passed her took another look.  She did resemble Julie, but there was nothing about her that resembled Papa. She was wearing a short beach robe. When she saw me, her joyful personality lit up. Before I saw the beautiful smile on her face, I had though she had seen her mom and Papa arguing. I went over to her and hugged her. Before I could ask here what she wanted, she said, “I asked Papa if you could go to the beach with me. They did not want me to go alone or with someone that I don’t know.”

I told her that I would love to go to the beach with her. I had not had a chance to go to the beach since I came home. We went up to my suite. She did not take her eyes off of me. I felt a little embarrassed, but I did not say anything to her. I wondered what was going on in her mine. When I finished and we were walking out of my suite, Julie said to me, “Papa told mom that you drove Lou, Rob and Bruno crazy. They all wanted you for their own. I hope that I developed a body that is as beautiful as yours.”

As we waited for the elevator, I told Nanny that she already has a beautiful body, mine is overweight and I would love to have a body as nice as hers. Nanny looked up at me and said, “Do you really think that I have a nice body?”

“Yes darling, when we get to the beach take off your robe and you will see how many men gape at you.”

I did not take my beach robe off and I let Nanny walk a few feet in front of me. With her beautiful smile, every man on the beach stared at her. Her radiant beauty was like a magnet. Even the women on the beach showed resentment; when their companion stared at Nanny. I was quite pleased to see the joy that showed on Nanny's face. I took Nanny hand and took her over to the hotel’s umbrellas and refreshment stand. The attendant saw us and quickly guided us to an umbrella. I asked Nanny if she wanted something to drink. She said not now maybe later. She takes off for the water and I went over to the life guard and told him to keep an eye on Nanny. She was the hotels owners’ granddaughter and I don’t want anything to happen to her. He smiles at me and said, “That is the best request that I have ever had since I came to work for the hotel. I don’t think I can take my eyes off of her.”

I laughed and said, “It is alright to keep your eyes on her, but keep your hands off of her.”

He looked at me and sighed. I was still laughing and said, “If you want to put your hand on someone. I am not off limits.”

A smile came across his face and said, “Gladys, I hope you are not kidding me. You are a very beautiful lady. I just might take you up on that.”

I looked up at the lifeguard and explored his body. He watched me. I could see the embarrassment on his face. I did not want to encourage him any further. I turn around and walked back to our umbrella. I could feel the emotional heat running through my body. It was the same as the feeling that I had for Timmy when I saw him on the beach talking with the young girl.

 I looked out in the water for Nanny. I did not see her. Fear ran through my body. Where is she? I started to get up and run over to the lifeguard. I saw the direction that he was looking. I turned my head in the direction that he was looking. In a crowd of young men was one beautiful young lady. Like I said, she is like a magnet. Watching her made me wish that I was young again. If my mother and farther had not split, would I have enjoyed my teenage years. I envied Nanny and her youth. There is nothing that I can do to turn the clock back. I had fucked up my life. Now, I had to live it.

I heard a voice calling me. I looked around. Julie and Papa were heading in my direction. The attendant quickly brought over two more beach chairs and asked if they wanted anything to drink. Papa orders an expensive bottle of wine. The attendant ran back to the hotel to get the wine.

Julie asked, “Where is Nanny?”

I pointed to the crowd on the beach. Julie smiled and said, “Just like at home. She attracts all of the young men.”

I looked over at Papa. The left side of his face looked like he had spent a few hours in the sun. I bit my tongue and did not say anything about his one sided sunburn. Julie left an impression on him. I talked about Nanny and how beautiful and cheerful she was. I could not have picked a better subject. Julie and Papa both were very proud of Nanny.

I wanted to question Julie about her husband or Nanny’s father. I led the conversation in that general direction, but they did not discuss Nanny’s heritage or theirs. The closest that I got to Julie family was Papa was Julie’s grandfather. From the conversation I still did not believe them.

We all went in the water for a swim. Papa and Julie were like kids. They horsed around in the water until Papa was exhausted. He wanted to go back into the hotel and asked Julie to accompany him. She refused and said, “I did not fly halfway around the world just to sit in a hotel room. Papa, take a nap you will feel more alive when you wake up.”

Reluctantly Papa plodded up the beach to the hotel. Julie joined Nanny and I watched them mingle with the young men on the beach. She did not look like a married woman. She flirted with same the young men that Nanny was frolicking with and a bit more sensual. Now I was more confused.

A couple of hours passed before they left the men that they had stimulated. One of the young men did not want them to leave and he forcibly tried to stop them from coming back to where I was sitting. The life guard looked over at me as if he wanted my permission to intervene. Julie and Nanny were holding them off. Nanny headed up the beach and Julie followed her. The man that was harassing them grabbed Julie’s butt. With out missing a step, she spun around clobbered him in the groin and continued up the beach. She must have crushed his balls. The other young men all started to laugh. Nanny looked around; the lad was rolling on the beach. Julie said something to Nanny and pushed her up the beach without looking back at the guy that she had creamed. With smiles on their faces, they joined me. I asked if they were hungry. In unison they said that they were starved. I asked them if they wanted eat on the beach or in the hotel. Nanny said, “Let’s eat here. I am tired of eating inside.”

She looked over at Julie for approval. Julie nodded and said, “We came to enjoy the beach. I could spend the night out here.”

Nanny selected what she wanted to eat and we selected the same. I called the hotel. They set up a table for four. I asked Julie if I should called Papa and invite him. She shook her head and said, “No, let me call him.”

From the conversation, I do not think Papa wanted to eat on the beach. Julie convinced Papa to join us. After our lunch we all went back to the hotel and washed the sand and sea from our bodies and returned to the beach. We spent the evening talking about our lives. When it came to my turn, I did not know what to tell them. I had lied to Lou, Rob, Bruno, John and Papa and I could not remember what I had told them. I tried to center my life on the few years that I lived in Brazil. I did not know what Papa told them about me. Ha, I knew that they had not talked to Ginger or Sam. I had memorized what I had said to them. I was not going to tell them about my life with Ted, Allen, Howard and the embezzlement. Fortunately, they did not question me about what they may have heard from someone else. Papa and Nanny went back to the hotel together. I think Julie wanted to talk to me alone. We let the waiter cleanup the mess. When Julie and I were alone, she said to me, “Be honest with me. Have you had sex with Papa?”

I looked at Julie and said, “Why would you ask a question like that. No, I have not had sex with Papa.”

“Gladys, he is worse than Lou, Rob, Bruno and the rest of the bastards. He tries to have sex with every woman he has known. I married him so I could have a home for Nanny. I was a wild kid and slept with a lot of guys until I became pregnant with Nanny. My father kicked me out of my home when I was thirteen. My father worked for Papa and Papa adopted me and Nanny. I had no other choice. After I gave birth to Nanny, Papa gentle affection turned to sexual aggression. I had no one to turn to for help. He had taken me in and I felt that I owed him something for providing us with a home. He gave us anything that we wanted. Linda was Papa’s companion when Papa adopted us. I think she was the one that talked Papa into adopting us. Later I think that she regretted that she convinced Papa to adopt us, she wished that she had adopted us. She given in to Papa and she saw the same thing happening to me. I was only fifteen when Papa started to get a little more aggressive. With Linda was around she noticed the change in Papa. When Papa was away on business, Linda took me aside and told me that I should not give in to him until he married me. Also, she suggested that I get an attorney to have him write up a marriage agreement. She took me to an attorney that specialized in marriage agreements. He drew up the agreement and I presented it to Papa. At that time, I believe that he would do anything just to have sex with me. Papa signed the agreement and we were married by a priest in a private wedding. Papa did not want anyone to know that we were married. He said that it was for the best for both of us that no one knew about our marriage. I knew the reason that he did not want anyone to know. He wanted to continue to play the field. In the agreement, it states that if he has an affair. I can divorce him and get fifty percent of his wealth. I have known that he has been having affairs since we were married. I have not been able to get anyone to testify in court that they were intimate with Papa. I have been trying to find someone that would help me get a divorce from Papa. I have seen the way he looks at you. He can not take his eyes off of you when you are around. If you help me, I will give you half of what I get.”

I listened to Julie patiently. I did not know what to think. In a way I wanted to help her. I knew that eventually Papa would force himself on me. I did not want to testify in court. I did not want a picture of me plastered all over the world. I did not know what to tell Julie. The way she was looking at me, I knew she wanted an answer. I did not want to turn her down, yet I didn’t want to commit myself until I had a change to thank about the consequences. I put my arm around Julie and said, “Darling, I want to help you out. I know what you must be going through. I surely don’t want you to think that I am going to turn you down. First, I think the both of us should think of all the consequences. Would we win the case? If we didn’t, what would happen to us? Papa hinted that he might take me for a one way trip because Lou, Rob and Bruno were all killed. I am still worrying. After he seduces me, he may cast me aside and send me on the one way trip. He has a hell of lot of power. He could snap his finger and the both of us would be dead. At times I fell that I am living on borrowed time. He wasn’t too happy when he heard about the death of Rob. I think he believes that I killed him. Has he talked to you about me?”

 Julie shook her head and said, “No, he has not said a word to me that indicates he thinks you killed Rob. He thinks that one of Bruno friends wanted to kill the both of you and they waited until you and Rob were alone. He believes one of Rob’s guards shot Rob and was hoping that he could kill the both of you.”

For no reason, I turned and looked behind us. Papa was headed for us. I nudged Julie and whispered, “Speak of the devil. Here comes Papa.”

When he saw us looking at him he said, “Are you two going to spend the night out here. I was beginning to worry about you two.”

Julie spoke up and said, “It has been a long time since we have visited a beach. I love it here. I would love to live here. I know we are going back home and I just wanted to spend some time out here. I am tired of being cooped up with walls around me all the time. We seldom go anywhere together. You are always on the road and Nanny and I have to entertain your friends and take care of the house. They never show up when you are at home. Sit down and keep us company for a while. The air here is much nicer than it is at home.”

Papa sits down and without saying a word. I asked if anyone was hungry. Julie and Papa both said that they were hungry. I told them that the hotel restaurant was closed, but I knew a lovely spot that was open until midnight and the food was as good if not better than the food at the hotel. Papa said, “I think the food at the hotel is wonderful.”

I said, “Do you want to open the food storage locker at the hotel and warm up the leftovers.”

Julie interrupted me and said, “I don’t feel like leftovers. Let’s go where Gladys suggested.”

Papa nodded his head. We all got up and treaded through the cool sand. There was an outdoor shower where we washed the sand from our feet. We use the beach towels to dry our feet. Papa squatted down and helped Julie put on her shoes. I leaned against a railing on a stair that lead up to the street to put my shoes on. I looked over at Julie and Papa. Papa was having trouble stuffing all of Julie toes into the narrow toe of the shoe. Papa complained that she should ware a shoe that fit her. Julie ignored Papa. She took the shoe out of Papa hand and slid her toes into the shoes. If looks could kill, Julie was pissed off and so was Papa. This is what you get out of marriage. After watching them in the surveillance camera, there was a lot of friction between them. It reminded me of the days that Howard and Allen were pissed off at me for some trivial thing that I had done. I wanted to kill the both of them. A shot of memory ran through my brain. I killed both of them.

I did not want to bother John or take a taxi. We climbed into my car and we were at the restaurant in minutes. With the Portuguese menu, I had to translate every entrée on the menu. The waiter was getting impatient. I told him to come back in a few minutes. I wanted to study the menu. I went back to the beginning of the menu and scanned the page. There was nothing that looked appetizing. I flipped the page and saw the entrée that I had the night I was with Bruno. I pointed to the item on the menu and told Papa that this was a copy of Hungarian Goulash. I had ordered it before and it was delicious. Julie said I love Goulash and so does Papa. Papa nodded his head without saying anything. I waved to the waiter and told him that we wanted 3 Item No. 35. Fortunately, we all enjoyed the meal. I looked over at Papa and Julie. They both looked like they were still pissed about something. Without thinking, I said, “This is the restaurant that Bruno and I went to before he suggested that we go to the beach. You know what happened. After that night, I have often wondered what he was thinking when we were having our dinner. What was going on in his mind? He wanted to go down on the beach. There is always someone on the beach 24 hours every day. At night the beach is lined with fishermen.”

I paused for a moment and Julie said, “He though the beach would be deserted. I can tell you what he was thinking. He was going to kill you after he raped you. He told everyone in the Cheese Factory crew that he wanted to get even with you for embarrassing him. Papa did not want to drag you to Rome; it was Rob that insisted that Lou bring you to Rome. Rob had fallen in love with you after he saw the picture that Liz had sent him.”

Papa glanced over at me. I could tell what he was thinking about. He was thinking about me pouring the glass of wine down his chest. He was pissed at me because I did not give in to him. He ended our dinner by saying that it was pass his bedtime. I paid the tab and we headed for the hotel. We parted in the lobby. I waited until they were gone before I asked Angelo if there had been any problems. He said, “Not really, he had overhead the maid talking about the blood on the floor in Papa’s suite.”

I told Angelo it was best not to tell anyone else about the blood. We do not know if Julie or Nanny may have had their period. I told him not to discuss our guest habits and behavior with anyone. I could see that the rocket launcher elevator had returned to the first floor. I said goodnight to Angelo and went to my suite.

In the weeks that followed Nanny and Julie did not bother me. They kept to themselves. Papa was on the go. He did not discuss where he went and did not invite me to his room. I wanted to ask John where he had taken Papa. But, I was afraid to. John was a loyal servant that did not want to rock the boat by discussing the habit of his employer. I think he was scared as hell of Papa. In a way so was I.

Papa or Julie had enough of Brazil. They were arguing when they wanted to go back to Rome. Papa won, they were leaving this weekend. Before they left Julie caught me alone and reminded me of her offer. Since Papa was planning to go back to Rome with them, I did not think he would try anything while Julie was around. I give them a farewell dinner the night before they were to leave. They had an early flight and did not want to disturb me.

I made sure that I was up before they left. I had a chef and a waiter on duty to cater to our quest. Their luggage was packed and ready to leave. John loaded the baggage in the limo while our guests were having breakfast. I joined them and had a cup of coffee. I wished them a pleasant trip back to Rome. I watched the limo until it was out of sight.   When I got back to my office, I shut and locked the office door. If was a habit that I went through every time I felt relieved, I leaned against the door, sighed and let out a deep breath and said thank God they are out of my hair.

I sat down at my desk and relaxed. I had fallen off to sleep. The phone rang. Still groggy, I picked up the phone. It was the desk clerk. I could barely hear what he was saying. I asked him to repeat what he had said. He said, “Papa was headed for the elevator and the ladies were not with him.”

Holy shit, why didn’t the bastard get on the plane? I did not want to see him. I grabbed my pocketbook and ran down the stairs and went home. I could only imagine why he did not get on the plane. I was unlocking my front door and my cell phone rang. It was John. He said, “Gladys, Papa did not get on the plane. He pretended that he got a call from the Cheese Factory and they needed him there. I knew he is lying. He can not hear his cell phone ring. He is deaf. I have to tell him when the damn phone rings. I don’t know what he is up to. After we let Julie and Nanny off at the airport, I asked him if he wanted me to take him to the small airport. He said, not today. Tomorrow we well go out to the Cheese Factory. I haven’t seen him look like this in years. I don’t know what pumped him up. I knew when he got into the limo that something was bothering him. I was wondering what was on his mind before he pretended that he got a call on his cell phone. Where are you now?”

“John, I got a call from the front desk that he was in the hotel. I went down the fire stairs to my car. I am at home now. Where are you?”

“I am at the parking garage at the hotel. I don’t think you should come back to the hotel while he is here. I saw the way he looked at you when you said goodbye to them. I think that he has something on his mind. Do you know what he was thinking?”

“Yes John, I know exactly what he was thinking. Go into the hotel and tell Dan that we are going to have a practice red alert. Tell him to call Liz and Martha and tell them.”

John asked, “What is a red alert?”

“John, ask Don. He will tell you about the alert. You can help him watch the monitors. He will tell you what he came up with after I met Bruno. When I was in Rome Linda told me that Papa was worse than Bruno when he was younger. Watch for me on the monitors. There is a security button on the back of the desks where the telephones are located. If I need help I will push the button. A blinking light and the room number will appear on the top the monitor. Tell Dan that I want you to be familiar with the system if he is not around. Dan is a smart. He is the one that came up with the idea. Be careful. I don’t know what Papa is up to. He may want revenge for my involvement in the death of Rob and Lou. Don’t trust Papa. He is a very powerful man. I hope we do not have any trouble. Goodbye.”

   John said, “Gladys, I know what Papa wants. I have been around him a long time. He can be worse than Bruno and Rob put together. Believe me, he has sent a number of people that got in his way on a one way trip. Don’t trust the old fart and don’t rile him up. How do you think he got to his position in the family? He fought and murder his way to the top. He can smile at you and kill you at the same time.”

I had heard enough. It was starting to bother me. I told John that we will talk about Papa later. I had to get back to the hotel. I have three calls waiting on my cell phone. On my way to the hotel, I returned the calls. The first call was from the front desk. Papa had inquired about me. He wanted to know where I was and they told Papa that they would try to get in contact with me. The second call was from Liz. Papa wanted to take another look at the books. I called Liz and told her not to go to Papa room. Wait until I get back to the hotel. If Papa wants to look at the books I will go with her. The third call was from Martha, Papa wanted some perfumed bath powder. She wanted me to call the gift shop and have them charge the bath powder to the hotel. She was not going to use her own money to purchase the bath powder. I called the Gift shop and told them to get in touch with Martha and find out the brand of bath powder she needed and to charge it to the hotel. What the hell is the bastard going to do with a bath powder?

As I pulled into the parking lot, vision of what John had said started to sink in. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into the hotel. It took me a few minutes to get enough courage to get out of my car. When Dan saw me on the monitor, he called me and said that the alert was ready for a practice run. I told him to wait for the room number to appear on the monitor before launching the alert. I took a deep breath and headed for the front desk. The clerk told me that Papa wanted to see me in his suite. I thanked him and headed for the elevator. I was already weak in the knees. The damn elevator almost pushed my legs up into my stomach. After I got off of the elevator, I turned around and started to get back on the elevator. The door behind me opened and Papa said, “Where have you been I have been looking for you for over an hour. Something came up at the Cheese Factory and I had to cancel my flight. I haven’t had my lunch would you join me. I nodded my head and said, “Of course.”

Papa said, “There seams to be a discrepancy in the Cheese Factory account. I called Liz and told her that I wanted to go over the books.”

I asked, “Would you like to go over the books now.”

“No, No we can do that any time. I have ordered lunch for us. I will have them bring it up to us.”

Papa and I talked about everything and everyone except Julie and Nanny. After we finished lunch Papa went over to the bar and poured me a glass of wine. I saw him reaching into his pants pocket for something. I could not see what he had in his hand nor see what he did with it. I did see him swearing the wine glass. What the hell has that bastard put into my wine? He gave me the glass and I tipped it up, but I did not take a swallow. The door bell rang. It was the waiter. He came back to pick up the dishes. While Papa was giving the waiter a tip and opening the door for him, I went over to the bar and poured out the wine. I poured myself a fresh glass of wine. I only filled the glass half full. I went back to the table and sat down. After Papa shut the door he came back to the table. He looked at my glass of wine. He picked up his glass of wine and we toasted each other. I finished most of the wine and sat the glass on the table. After we chatted for a few minutes I pretended that I was getting a little woozy. I started slurring my words and I waddled over to the couch and laid down. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was asleep. With my eyes slightly open, I watch Papa’s reaction. With a bewildered look on Papa face, he mumbled, “I put too much of that crap in her drink.”

I attempted to roll over. I almost rolled off the couch. Papa grabbed me and helps me into one of the bedrooms and laid me on the bed. He looked a little disappointed. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was asleep. Papa rolls me over and unzipped my dress and slid my arms out of the dress. He continued to disrobe me until I was completely nude. He removed all of his clothes and stood there looking down at me. Occasionally, I opened my eyes and mumbling, “Where am I.”

Papa tried to assure me that I was at home and nothing was happening. Looking at his old wrinkled body, I chuckled slightly. Papa asked me what I was laughing about. Mumbling my words I told him that I felt happy and I wanted to go swimming. He tried to assure me that I was already in the water. He climbs on top of me and tries to penetrate me. I rolled over to the side of the bed where the phone was. I sat up and tried to stand up. I used the night table to support me. I ran my hand around the table. I found the alarm button. I pushed the button a couple of times and fell back onto the bed. Papa wrapped his arms around me and pulls me back to the center of the bed. I pulled him tightly against my body. I did not want him to get out of the bed until the alert squad had arrived. I heard the door to the hall open and someone steps in the living room. Papa tries to pull away from me. The door to the bedroom opened. A crowd hurried into the room. I eased my hold on Papa and he sits up in bed. He shouts, “Get the fuck out of here. What the hell is going on? Why in hell did you come in here?”

Dan said politely, “The room alarm went off. What happen to Gladys? She looks like she has passed out.”

John runs over to the bed and covers my necked body. Within a few moments the police pushed their way through the crowd. One of the officers ushered the crowd out of the room. They told Papa to put on some clothes. Another officer gently patted my face and told me to wake up. I did not open my eyes. The officer shook me; I opened my eyes and rolled them to the side. I closed them again. Papa yells, “Leave her alone. Let her sleep it off. She had a little too much to drink.”

The officer asked Papa who he was. Papa said that he was the owner of the hotel and wanted to know who had called the police. One of the officers said, “Some one in the hotel. They said that the security system went off. The dispatcher sent us over here.”

 Papa asked why they came to this room. The officer replied, “We saw a crowd of people get on the elevator. The elevator did not stop until it came to this floor. When the elevator came back down, we come up here. The door was open and we saw the crowd in this room. So we came in.”

I made a feeble attempt to get up. I deliberately fell back into the bed. One of the officers said something and they all looked over at me. I attempted to get up again, the sheet slid off of my body. I looked down at my necked body and quickly pulled the sheet around me. I asked the officers to leave the room, I wanted to get dressed. He told me that he could not leave me alone. He turned his back and I haphazardly wrapped the sheet around me and fell back into the bed. The other officers were taking quick peeks at my necked body. Martha came into the room with a pot of coffee and poured me a cup. She lifts me up and told me to drink it. Frankly, I did not trust her. I pretended to take a sip and laid back in the bed. I looked around the room and asked the officer, “What happened?”

He said, “You tell us. Who are you?’

I shook my head and said, “What am I doing here?”

Martha said, “She is the manager of the hotel. I think she had a little too much to drink.”

Martha said, “Gladys, take another sip. It will help you wake up.”

I asked, “What are the police doing here.”

Martha said, “The security alarm went off. Someone must have called them.”

The officer said, “Tell us what happen.”

I shook my head and said, “I really don’t know.  The last thing I can remember, I was having lunch with Papa.”

I asked them to please let me get dressed and leave the room. Martha said she would help me and ushered the men out of the room. I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped my dress on without putting on my underwear. I started to get up and fell back into the bed. Martha helped me and we went into the living room.

One of the officers asked me if I remember what had happen to me.

I looked around the room and saw the glass of wine on the table. I pointed at the wine glass and said, “I was drinking the wine and I felt dizzy. I sat down at the table and fell asleep.”

Papa made a dash in the direction of the wine glass. One of officers stopped him. Another officer pulled a pair of rubber gloves out of his pocket and put one glove on. With the other hand he opens the second rubber glove and pours the remaining wine into the rubber glove and ties the wrist of the glove into a knot. The officer asked how I was feeling. I told him that the room felt like it was spinning around. One of the other officers was leading Papa out the door. I yelled, “Stop, where are you taking him. He didn’t do anything.”

One of the officers said that Papa drugged me and tried to rape me. I told the officer that Papa and I were going to make love and it was consensual. I saw Papa open a new bottle of wine and filled both of our glasses. I only drank part of the glass of wine. I had been up all night and I was exhausted. I just passed out from exhaustion.

They did not believe me. They insisted that they were going to press charges for Papa doping me. I told them that the wine did not affect Papa and I know that Papa did not have a chance to add anything to the wine before he gave it to me. It could have been something from the meal that I ate and it disagreed with me. The officers that had not said anything before asked, “Is he your father?”

 I laughed and said, “No, he is not my father. He is my boss. He owns the hotel.”

The officer that was with Papa told Papa to sit down and don’t leave. All the officers went out into the hall and talked with the alert crew. They confirmed what I had said to them. When they returned to the room, again they asked me if I was going to press charges against Papa. I said to them, “Why should I, it was consensual and I came to the room by myself without anyone pressing me to come. Papa and I had dinner together. That is the last thing that I remember.”

Again they huddled. When they finished, one of them said, “We don’t believe a word you said. That old bastard drugged you and was going to raped you. Since you won’t press charges against him, we have no other choice. We have to let him go. Some day you will regret what you are doing. He could have killed you.”

They all turned around and walked out the door. The hotel employees came back into the room. I asked them politely to please leave. They all filed out of the room. I could see the anger in John’s face. If he only knew that I had just earned half ownership of the hotel.

Papa and I were alone again. I looked over at Papa and said, “What the hell did you put in that wine.”

Papa said emphatically, “I did not put a damn thing in the wine.”

I shook my head and said, “How in hell did I get undressed?”

Papa snapped back, “You took your clothes off yourself.”

“Papa, why in hell are you lying? I was at home when you came back. I got a call from the hotel. They told me that you had returned.”

Papa yelled, “Why in hell did they have to call you?”

“You asked them where I was. That is the reason they called me. I called John and he told me that you did not take the flight to Rome because you had gotten a call from the Cheese Factory and you called Liz about the account. You told Liz that there was something wrong with the Cheese Factory accounting. I called the Cheese Factory and they said that they had not called you and there wasn’t any problem at the Cheese Factory. When I got back to the hotel, they told me you wanted to see me. Now tell me why you drugged me back to the hotel.”

Sheepishly he looked down at the floor. A couple of times he started to say something, but the words did not come out. I said, “Julie is going to kill you. You two had been fighting before you left. There was blood all over the suite. I reviewed the surveillance cameras tapes everyday. I saw you and Julie fighting in the hall. She opened up to me before she went home. She wants a divorce. Why are you holding on to her? You can fuck almost every woman in Rome. Should I say that you have already fucked every woman in Rome? I knew that you wanted me the first time I saw you. When you did not go home with Julie and Nanny, I knew why you came back. I knew that there was nothing I could do to change your mind. I had given up all hopes of not having sex with you. I had ceded with Bruno. The bastard wanted to kill me also. Are you going to kill me or were you planning to kill me if I did not give in to you? I had lost all of my self respect. I was giving in to a man that did not love me. I was just another whore to him. I was selling myself to hold my job.”

Papa did not say a word. He continued to stare at the floor. I got up and went into his bathroom and took off my dress and took a shower. I expected to see him open the shower door and shower with me. He did not enter the bathroom. When I finished I went into the bedroom to get my underwear. The door to the closet was open. I put on my underwear and slipped my dress over my head. I went into the living room. There wasn’t anyone in the room. My cell phone rang. It was the front desk. The clerk said that Papa had left for the airport. He left you a letter at the desk. Do you want someone to bring it up to you? 

“No, I am on my way home. I will pick it up in a few minute.”

I looked around to see if I had forgotten anything. I locked up the suite and took the elevator to the first floor. I picked up the letter and headed home. I through the letter on the kitchen table and opened the refrigerator and took one on the finest bottles of wine that I had stolen from the hotel and went on the lanai and looked down at the beach. I started to reminisce. I relived my life for the next couple of hours and drank the whole bottle of wine. I was so tired that I could not keep my eyes open. I plopped on the bed without taking my clothes off. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

 The following morning I felt alive. In my mind I did not have a worry in the world.

I felt the same as I did when I walked out of the prison. I felt free again. I did not have Papa hanging around my neck. I took off for work, suddenly, I remember the letter. I had left it on the kitchen table. I had not gone into the kitchen. I was going to have breakfast at the hotel. I made a u-turn and headed back home. I hurried into the house. I saw the letter on the kitchen table. All hell broke loose in my brain. I was afraid to open it. The bastard had the last word. Did he take my job away from me? Did he catch the plane last night? Did he come back to the hotel? Why in hell do I suspect the worst? I cautiously lifted the letter. On the hotel stationary, Gladys was scribbled on the envelope. I was tempted to burn the letter up on the gas range. I did not want to know what was inside. For a moment I remembered the gifts that Paul had gotten me. The bastard thinks that I am a whore and left me a few buck. I looked over at the gas range. Being as frugal as I was, I was not going to burn any amount of money. I took a sharp knife and cut open one end of the envelope. I slid the letter out of the envelope. I looked inside the envelope. The bastard did not leave me a cent. I unfolded the letter. There was a scribbled note that filled half of the sheet. It was difficult to read his scribbling and his broken English. I rearranged the notes and wrote my interpretation of the note. “Papa said that he had gone through the same experience with Julie. When he first saw her, he had to have her. She was the first woman in years that had stimulated him enough for him have an erection. The same thing happened to him when he saw me. He had to have me. He was obsessed with me. He could not think of anything else. He was afraid that I would reject him. He spiked my wine so that I would fall asleep. When he was taking my cloths off his erection shrunk. He could not get it up again. In all the confusion it even shrunk more. He felt that it would never rise again. He is going to give Julie the divorce that she wants even though it is going to cost him a fortune. Gladys, please forgive me.”

          A strange feeling flowed through my body. One part of me was laughing while the side of me was crying. I told myself that after Julie gets her divorce, I would go to Rome and help him get it back up.

          I took my translation and Papa’s note and put them in the envelope. I hid it in the back of one of my drawers.

          The next few weeks were non eventful. It was the same old grind and the fear that there would be trouble at the Cheese Factory. With this fear in my mind, I felt that Julie would get the Cheese Factory, I called Julie, but Nanny answered the phone. Thinking it was Julie, I told her to please don’t take the Cheese Factory. She asked, “Who is this?”

          I asked, “Isn’t this Julie?”

          “No, this is Nanny. Would you like to talk to Julie?”

           “Yes I would. Is she there?”

          “Yes, one moment please.”

          I heard conversation in the background. They were talking about the Cheese Factory. Someone came to the phone and asked who was calling. I recognized the voice. It was Linda. I said, “This is Gladys. Is Julie there?”

          “Yes she is. She is outside talking to Papa. I will call her for you.”

          I listen to the conversation in the background. Nana wanted to know who was calling. Linda told her. Nana picked up the phone and said that she and mom had missed me. Before we could get into a conversation, Julie took the phone. She was happy to hear from me. I asked, “How was the flight home.”

          “It was fine. We did not have Papa telling us what to do. Excuse me for a moment.”

          Julie muffled the phone and said to someone, “Please let me talk to Gladys without everyone listening in.”

          A few moments passed and then Julie said, “Since Papa did not take the flight, they gave his seat to a very nice man. He was so nice. I think I am in love with him. He asked me for my phone number and where I lived. I gave him the address of the apartment where we stay when we are in the City. I checked the answering machine. He had called me and said that he had gone to the address that I gave him and no one was at home. I call him back and told him that I stay there when I am in City. I told him that I only stay there when I go shopping in City. I don’t live in Rome. He asked me when I going shopping again. I told him next week, it I can get the chance. I haven’t been out with another man since I married Papa. By the way, did you and Papa sleep together? The bastard faked a phone call from the Cheese Factory. He can’t hear his cell phone ring. I have to tell him that it’s ringing. I did no hear it ring and neither did Nanny.”

          “Julie that is why I am calling you; Papa said that he was going to give you a divorce. Did he tell you what happen?”

          “Yes, he said that someone is screwing around with the account.”

          “Julie there is no one fooling around with the account at the Cheese Factory. Papa is the one that is fooling around. Call the hotel and ask Liz or Martha what happen. I don’t want to be the one that get in trouble for snitching on him.”

          “Gladys, I will no tell him that you or anyone else snitched on him. Just give me a hint. I will get it out on him.”

          I laughed and said, “Just ask him where he gets his date rape drugs? Better yet, call the local police here and ask them what happened.”

          “Gladys, please give me a hint. Did you have sexual intercourse with him?”

          “No, he could not get it up.”

          Julie started laughing uncontrollable. I tried to calm her down. When she settled down, something would start her laughing again. Finely she got control of her laughing and said, “I have been through this a number of times. That is one of the many reasons I want a divorce. My sex life has been on hole for the last few years. I don’t know how much longer I can control my desires. Before he takes off, let me talk to him. He hasn’t said anything about a divorce. Thanks for calling me. I will get back to you after I talk to Papa. Bye.”

          Damn it, that lying bastard did not have any intention on giving Julia a divorce. What the fuck will he do now? He will know that I called Julie as soon as she questions him about not being able to get it up. What John had said about Papa viciousness was starting to sink in. I wanted to kick my ass. The bastard will send one of his henchmen to kill me. Damn it, I will have to give up my condo withdraw all the money that is in my Gladys account. They will surely track me down if I don’t cover my tracks.

I called Liz and told her that I was taking a few days off. I have had dizzy spells since Papa gave me the date rape drug. She was very concerned about my condition. She cursed Papa for what he had done to me. She told me that she and Martha would run the hotel. They had done it a number of times. The crew always pitched in when they had to. I told Liz that if I did not feel better I was going to have a doctor examine me. She said, “Gladys honey, take as long as you want, we will cover for you.”

I thanked Liz and hung up. I made a list of the things that I had to do. I grabbed the Recife adds, there were dozens of apartment and condo listed in my old neighborhood. I finally found an apartment for rent a couple of miles from where I lived before. The apartment was not furnished. I had to furnish it. I wasn’t going to dump a lot of money into it. I may have to move again.

          For the next week I became a new person with a new name that I pulled out of the telephone directory, Millie Franchez. I opened a new bank account and purchase an old car. I could not run around with by blonde hair. I purchased a long auburn wig and wore sunglasses when I was outside. I shopped for a new wardrobe that would not draw any attention to me. I purchase all the furniture from a thrift shop, except for my queen size bed. Once I had the bed installed, I did not have room for anything else in the bedroom. I had to push it against the wall so that I did not have to crawl to the foot of the bed to get out of the bed.

          I lounged around for the remainder of the week. Each day I would call Liz to see if Papa or one of his men had inquired about me. No one had been to the hotel or called for me. There are so many people coming to the hotel every day, anyone of them could be the one that Papa had sent to kill me. Still uncertain about going back to the hotel, I drove the jalopy to the hotel and parked it across the street from the hotel. I spent most of the afternoon watching the quest coming and going. I did not see anyone that looked suspicious. I left my wig and sunglasses on and walked into the hotel. No one even looked at me or questioned me. I went to the regular elevation and got on. When the elevator stopped at the second floor, I took off my amber wig and sunglasses. I went into my office and locked the door. The moment I entered my office, the phone rang. I answered it and Rob welcomed me back and asked how I felt. I assured him that I was getting better and thanked him for enquiring about my health. I asked him how thing had been at the hotel. He said that it had been exceptionally quiet. Since Papa had left and there had not been any indication that we would have special guest any time soon.

Francisco had called Liz from the Cheese Factory; he told her that there had not been any more special orders. The number of normal orders had increased. I spent the rest of the afternoon going through my mail. I notice hand writing on one of envelope. It had to be from Papa. I opened the letter and translated what I though he had written. He thanked me for not telling Julie about his advances. I quickly looked at the envelope. I smiled and thanked Julie for not pointing her finger at me. The post mark was two days after I had called Julie.

          I wanted to move back to my condo. My van was parked on the streets in Recife. I went out the side door of the hotel and retrieved my jalopy. I parked it in my parking spot in the basement. I put on my wig and sunglasses. I walked out the front of the hotel and took a cab. When the driver looked around and asked me where I wanted to go, I recognized the bastard that was driving. It was Butch. What the hell was he doing in Olinda? Had he seen me in Recife and followed me over here. I was so stunned that I did not hear him asking me where I wanted to go. Butch said. “Where do you want to go sweetheart in English. I said to Butch in Portuguese, “What did you say. I do not speak English.”

          Butch apologized and asked me where I wanted to go. I answered him in Portuguese. He asked me if I worked at the hotel. I told him no, that I was visiting a friend that was staying there. He continued to ask me question. I almost lost my cool. I said, “Why don’t you shut up. Do you cross examine all of your passenger. Watch the road. You have had five near misses already. I want to get home in one piece.”

          He clamed up and did not say another word. When he got to my apartment, he told me how much that I owed him. I gave him the exact amount that he asked for. He was still holding his hand out when I turned around. He said in English, “You fucking cheep bitch.”

          I spun around, open up my pocket book and took out the few coins that I had and threw them at Butch and said in Portuguese, “That’s all you are worth. I hope you choke to death on them.”

          He yelled and screamed profanities at me as I walked up to my apartment. The men that hung around in the garden in front of the apartment go up and walked over to Butch. He was still picking up the change that I had thrown at him. The man that was leading the group caught Butch while he was reaching for a coin and put his foot on Butches back.  He pushes Butches face into the pavement. Then he said to Butch, “Apologize to the lady.”

          Butch said in English, “Fuck you and her too.”

          The guy pushed Butch down again and said, “If you don’t apologize to all of us. I am not going to let your fucking ass up.”

          Butch grumbled something silently, and the guy said, “What the hell did you say? Speak up.”

          Butch said in English, “I am sorry.”

          A crowd was gathering. They asked what was going on.

          The guy said in Portuguese, “I don’t speak English.”

          Butch yelled in Portuguese, “I am sorry and I won’t do it again!”

          The guy took his foot off of Butch. Butch looked as if the guy was going to slam him down on the ground again. He cautiously get up and backed away looking at the crowd. They were harassing Butch. Without thinking I removed my sunglasses. As he scanned the crowd, suddenly he looks back at me with a surprised look on his face.

          Mentally, I gave myself hell. What made me take off my sunglasses? Butch hurried around his car to the drives side and jump in. As he sped away, he stared at me. Oh, shit. I have to dump this apartment. Without going inside, I went to get my van and parked it in front of my apartment. I spent the rest of the day packing and loading my personal things.  I was not going to leave the mattress and box spring. They were hell of a lot better than the ones that I had in my condo. I went outside and asked the men if our friend had returned. They all laughed. I asked if they would help me put a box springs and mattress on top of my van. Without mentioning money, they jumped up. They went in my apartment with me. Within a few minuets they had stacked and the mattress and box springs to the top of my van. They ran ropes through the window and tied it to the van. They asked if I wanted them to go with me so they could take it off of the van. I did not want any of them to know where I lived. There were always men walking up and down the beach at my condo. I would not have any trouble getting a couple of surfers to help. I gave them 25 Real to divide between them. Seeing Butch had made me paranoid. Every cab that I saw made chills run through my body. I did not want to see the bastard again. When I got home the surf was down. There were dozens of young men to choose from. I walked out on the beach and asked a group if they wanted to make 25 Real? They all jumped at the chance. They had my new mattress and box springs installed within a few minutes. They helped me bring in the suitcases and boxes inside. I offered them something to drink. They appreciated the soda more than the money. Damn it, I wish I was young again. The same urge that I had for Timmy came over me. Their beautiful young bodies had kindled the burning embers that were smoldering inside of me. I was hoping one of them would linger for a while. No such luck. They all left together. I had not spent a night with a man since I killed Rob. My libido was driving me crazy. Men did not have the problem women have. If they had a few Real, all they had to do was go to a whore house. I took off my clothes and took a bath. Just looking at my own body, kept my libido fired up.

My love for John:

          I went back to work. This kept my mind off of men somewhat. I was beginning to think that every man that I passed knew that I wanted them. The smiles on their faces set a fire within me. The only man that I knew that liked me was John. There were only two men on security. They worked twelve hour shift. When Lou was around, John hung around the pool until Lou wanted to go somewhere. Lou never drove himself. Since I wanted to drive myself, John was hanging around all day with nothing to do. I shorted the hours for security to eight hours. John took over the third eight hour shift. I did not change their salary. I looked up the security schedule. John had the grave yard shit. I looked at my watch and it was only four thirty. It would give me almost eight hours with him. Could I seduce him in eight hours? I had not had any social contact with him since Papa visited us. Where in hell is he staying? I called Liz and asked her if she had the address and telephone number of the men that worked in security. She said to me, “I give you a new list every time we hire someone. You should have a copy.”

          I apologized and said, “I don’t think I have flushed the effects of the date rape drug that Papa gave me. My memory is not as sharp as it was before or I am just getting older.”

          Liz said, “Don’t apologize. If I don’t write down notes, I forget where I am. I am about ten years older than you are. You will notice the change as the years pass.”

            Again I thanked her and searched through the mess of papers on my desk. I had gotten sloppy. A year ago I would kill myself if my desk was this sloppy. I found the employee list. I looked at his home address. He only lived a couple of blocks from me in the same complex. I picked up the phone and dialed his number. No one answered. The answering machine came on. I asked him if he was busy tonight. If not, please give me a call on my cell phone. Inside of me, I felt that he had found himself a girlfriend and he was out with her. I had missed my chances when we were in Europe together. I wanted him then, but I thought that he would be loyal to Lou. I had my chance and screwed it up. He will want to know why I want to see him. What should I tell him? I could not think of a damn thing. The hunger for sex was driving me up the wall. Now I was getting a good taste of what the gals went through in my cell block. If I was still locked up, I think I would have raped every guard that took me to my office and have given in to Paul.

I was deeply in thought about my sex life, the damn phone ran. It scared me. I answered the phone. John said, “Hi, Gladys, what did I do to get my boss to call me.”

“John, please don’t consider me as you boss. You are my favorite friend. Would you let me take you out to dinner?”

“Sure, but the dinner is on me.”

“No John, I am inviting you and I will pay for the dinner. Do you remember the restaurant that we went to with Julie, Papa and Nanny?

“Sure, I am not to far from it. I will pick you up.”

“No John, You are on duty tonight and I am at home. I will meet you there in about 45 minutes. OK?

“Sure, what do you want? I will put in our order and we won’t have to wait while they are cooking it. That is what I like about the restaurant. They don’t serve meals that have been sitting around all day.”

“You have been there more times than I have. Order one of your favorites for me. I know that I will like it. Bye, see you soon.”

I hurried and got dressed. I could not wait until he was in my arms. On my way to meet John, it’s a wonder that I did not get a ticket. When I drove up John saw me and came out to meet me. I could not resist his smile. I grabbed him and gave him a long kiss. When we came up for air, my hunger wasn’t for food. I wanted to say, let’s go to your apartment. John said, “What did you do, fly over here. If would have taken me twice the time it took you. They should have out dinners ready in a few minutes. I have wanted to ask you out for dinner since Papa left. Thanks for asking me. I really enjoyed your company when we were in Europe. I enjoyed being with you. You are the nicest woman that I have ever known.”

I kissed John and said, “John, thank you. I feel the same about you. I did not really like Lou. I had wished that we would never leave Paris. I was falling in love with you. Why don’t we have our dinners packaged to go and go over to your home and eat it there? I have never seen where you lived.”

John took my hand and led me to his car. He said, “If were both go inside they will place our dinner and plates. I will go in and ask them to package it to go. Please wait here.”

 He opens the car door and helps me in. I looked up at the desire that was written all over John face. I held his hand and kissed it as he pulled it away. He hurried inside. I don’t know what he was saying to the waiter. The waiter took off running. Within minutes the waiter came back with to bags. John handed the waiter something. The two times that I had been in the restaurant and seen the waiter, he always had a grumpy look on his face. He was smiling from ear to ear. I did not want John to pay for the meal. I was the one that handed him his paycheck. I was making twice the amount that he was making. I will have to hide fifty Real in his apartment.

John hopes into the car and puts the two bags on the floor of the back seat and drove away. I put my hand on John leg. He takes a quick peek at my hand then looks at me. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and squeezed his leg. I wanted him so aroused that he would not think about the dinner.

I got my wish. Once we were in his apartment, he lifts me up and carried me into his bedroom. I had always seen John is a business suit. I thought that he was a little on the chubby side. When he removed his suit jacket and shirt, he was all muscles. His whole body was muscular. Looking at John took my breath away. I could not wait to hold him in my arms.  I had never had sex with anyone that made me climax as many times as John had. When John climaxed I wanted him to continue. I held him tightly against my body. I made it obvious that I wanted to continue. He smiles at me and said, “You don’t know how many times I have dreamed about making love with you. This has been wonderful. Give me a few minutes and we will start all over where we left off.”

I pulled John down on top of me and said, “Is that a promise.”

“Yes, it’s a promise. Also, I will be waiting for you whenever you want me. Since the first time I saw you, I have only wanted you. No other woman has excited me as you have excited me. Let see if our dinner is still warm. When we are finished, I will keep my promise.”

          We heated up the dinners. John opens a bottle of wine. We sat there eating our dinner and looking at each other. Occasionally we would kiss each other and hold each others hand. When we finished out dinner John come around to my side of the table and takes my hand. I stood up and give him a kiss. He lifts me and takes me into the bath room and removes the few pieces of clothing that we had on. He adjusted the temperature of the water and pulls me into the shower with him. We made love, talked about our lives and made love a number of times.  

          I think we both were exhausted. We took another shower together without making love. John had to go to work. He dropped me off at the restaurant; before we parted we had aroused each other again. I wanted John to call security and ask the security guard that was on duty to stay for another shift. John told me that it is hard enough to do one shift and stay awake. With two shifts he will not be able to keep his eyes open. I watch John drive off. My consciousness started bothering me. I had fallen in love with John. Had I use him as the men in my life had used me? A guilt complex started to raise its ugly head. I had never felt this way with any other man that I had ever met. Was I really in love with John? Or, was it the way that I felt about Timmy? Was it lust or was it love. Will the love I have for John last or will it fall apart like it fell apart with Timmy? I had never really loved anyone in my life. Not even my parents. I knew that my mother did not love me when I was a small child. I was afraid of her and my father. I don’t know which one I hated the most. I never knew what love was really like. Is the feeling that I have for John now, really love and will it last? I had wanted to drop the problem with the Cheese Factory on John. Now, I don’t want him to get involved. I did not want either one of us to be involved with it. How tightly is John relationship with the family? Could he pull himself away from the family? Would he sever his relationship with the family if I asked him to?

          I came out of my dream world when I noticed that I had run a red light. My thoughts about John had vanished. If I don’t watch what I am doing, I want have any worries to worry about. I pulled into the garage and closed the garage door. For a moment my thought drifted back to John. The phone ran. I hurried into the house and picked up the phone. I said, “Hello.”

          There was no replay. I started to hang up the phone and heard John voice calling me. I quickly pulled the phone back up to my ear. John said, “Hi sweetheart, I just wanted to see if you got home safely. I want to thank you for the most enjoyable evening that I have ever had. I want us to have many more like this one. I love you.”

          I had never told anyone in my life that I loved them. Listening to John gave me a felling that I had never felt. I wanted to crawl through the phone lines and hold him in my arms. The words flowed softly out of my mouth, “I love you too. I did not want to leave you. I fell so empty without you near me. When you get off tomorrow, come hear and have breakfast with me and we will continue where we left off.”

          “Darling, that’s the best invitation that I have ever had in my life. Nothing in this world will keep me from you. Have a good night and get rested up. You will need it when I get their. I have to go; they are having a problem down at the front desk.”

          “Darling, call me if you have a problem. Bye.”

          I did not realize how tired I was. I laid down on the bed and fell asleep. The door bell rang. I jumped up. It was already daylight and I had not taken off my clothes. I ran to the door and it was John. I felt like a mess. I did not want him to see me like this. I turned around and said, “I fell asleep with my cloths on. Don’t look at me.”

          I unlocked the door and ran to the bath room and locked the door. I quickly remove my cloths and took a shower, brushed my teeth, put on makeup, and put on a bath robe. When I thought that I was presentable, I open the bathroom door. John was lying on the bed fast asleep. I tipped toed out of the bedroom and shut the door. I prepared breakfast for us and waited, and waited. I went out on the porch and watched the surfers. I dosed off. Something woke me up. I looked around and John was sitting next to me it his bathing suit. He was looking at me with a broad smile on his face. He reaches over and kisses me and said, “Let’s go have breakfast. I am starved.”

          John helped me with the breakfast. We spent the day together and just enjoyed each other company. That evening John took me out to dinner. During dinner, John told me about his life with the family. I brushed over my life. I told John what my parent had done to me. I also told him about the fears I had about the Cheese Factory. I was afraid that someday the official will trace the financial aspects of the business to the hotel. I did not want to spend the rest of my life in prison. I told John that I wanted to talk to Papa about severing the links between the hotel and the Cheese Factory, I felt that they should open up a small business and funnel the money through it and not through the hotel.  The hotel was a gold mind in itself. If we lose the Cheese Factory, why lose the hotel.  John agreed with me.  He thought it was a wonderful idea.  He also wanted to sever his relationship with the family. We were on the same wavelength with all the problems that may occur.  We do not want to spend the rest of our lives living on the edge.  We had just started to live our lives.  We sat down together and discuss what we would do and how we would approach the family.  After going over our plan, I asked John when we should discuss it with Papa.  He felt that we should not procrastinate.  If we do, we will never accomplish what we have planned. We both agreed.  That was one other problem.  Which one of us was going to call Papa?

          We had been in the restaurant for most of the evening. When we got back to my condo, sex was not on either one of our minds. John looked at his watch and said, “I am going to call Papa. Earlier in his life, he would not listen to a damn thing anyone said to him. Now he is starting to listen to others. Lou was the Thinker and Rob was the Enforcer. Since they are gone, he may listen to me. He may thing that I got all of my ideas from Lou. He trusted Lou.”

          Without saying another word to me, he reaches in his pocket for his cell phone and started to dial a number. I yelled wait. Hang up. Use my phone. I want to listen in. I pointed to the phone next to the couch and went into the kitchen. I picked up the remote. When I got back into the living room I nodded to John. He dials a number. I don’t know how John felt about me listening to what he said about Papa, I was scared to death. The phone kept ringing. Why aren’t they answering their phone? John hung up the phone. I had not shut down the remote. I head a voice. I quickly lifted the phone to my ear. It was Nanny. I asked her where Papa was. She said that he took off alone a few weeks ago without his chauffer and we don’t know where he is. He had sent his chauffer on an errand. He got a phone call and takes off by himself. He hasn’t driven a car in years. Every one is out looking for him. John interrupted Nanny and said, “Who took over Lou and Rob job.”

          “Wait a minute, I will call Mom. They don’t discuss these things with me.”

          Impatiently we waited. John looked over at me and said, “I knew something was going to happen. Without Lou and Rob running the business someone has tried to muzzle in. Papa and Rob created so many damn enemies. That is why they had all the guard around? They knew that there were a lot of people that wanted them dead. Bruno is a typical example of what they all were like. Papa, Lou and Rob were not different. Why do you think Lou took me everywhere he went?”

          “He wanted you to protect him. He was afraid someone was going to kill him.”

          I heard Julie talking to Nanny. I motion to John. Julie said, “John, are you there?”

          “Yes, sweetheart, do you have any idea where Papa went?”

          “No, he did not say a word to anyone. We knew that he got a phone call and he sent his chauffer on an errand. Shortly afterward he gets another phone call. He left without telling anyone where he was going. That was two weeks ago. Linda and I sent the guards out to look for him. They can’t find him.”

          “Honey, don’t send the guards out looking for him. You and Linda need all the protection that Papa and Rob had, if not more. Do not leave the compound. Tell Linda to do the same. Don’t let Nanny out of your sight. Put Sandy in charge, you can trust him. He is the only one in the family that has any brains. Have you called Sicily?”

          “No I haven’t. Papa did not want me to get involved with the family business. Like the Cheese Factory, and the others. He felt that I would be in more danger it I knew what was going on.”

          John said, “Don’t tell anyone about this conversation. Stay at home and have Sandy with you and Nanny all the time.”

          John hung up the phone. I asked, “Who is Sandy. Did I meet him when I was in Rome?”

          John chuckled and said. “Yes you did. He watched you push Rob off of the bed. He is the first guard that came into your room. He told me that you were stark necked and had blood all over your body.”

 I said, “He asked all the other guard to pull Rob off of me. They did not do a damn thing except stare at my necked body. I never want to go through that again. Lou said that we were going to Sicily. We never got there.”

          John said, “Maybe it’s good thing you didn’t. They don’t like outsiders.”

          John picked up his cell phone and punched in a few number. Someone answered the phone immediately. John walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I wanted to know who he was talking to. I could hear him talking, but I could not make out what he was saying. I gave up and went into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker. I heard a noise. I went into the living room and looked down the hall at the bathroom. The door was still closed. The frugal side of me said, "I am glad that he is not using my cell phone."

I chucked at myself and though, why am I worried about John spending so damn much money on a phone call. I was thinking it was our money that he is spending on a phone call. Was I thinking that we were already married or going to get married? It amazes me when I have thoughts like this. John is the only person that I have wanted to spend a lot of time with. Without knowing it John walks up behind me and puts his arms around me. I turned around and saw John’s smiling face. He said, “All of our problems are resolved. Papa is fine; he is at a conference in Sicily. They did not want anyone to know about the meeting. He thanked us for worried about him. He mentioned that you had suggested to Julie that we should not link the hotel with the Cheese Factory. He though it was a brilliant idea of yours. If we lose the Cheese Factory we would also lose the hotel. The few dollars that we lose by housing the crew when they come to work at the Cheese Factory is peanut compared to the lost of the hotel. We want have to worry about them anymore. They will find another hotel to put them up in. Darling, I told Papa that I wanted to marry you. He sends his blessings. Will you marry me?”

          I did not know what to say, I looked up into his eyes and saw the love that he had for me. I wondered if this was the same feeling that Pam had when she saw Ted. The only person that looked at me like this was Ted. I said, “You are the first man in my life that I have ever thought about marring. I can see the love in your eyes. I know that you love me. I think that I am in love with you, but I don’t want to lead you on and find out later that there is no love in my heart for you. At this moment I am in love with you. Will our love for each other last or will it falls apart. Let’s live together for a while and see if our love for each other will last.”

Papa is in Sicily:

          They lit up the cigars, poured the drinks and the meeting was call to order. An elderly gentleman at the head of the table stared at Papa for a few moments then said, “Tony, what in hell is going on in Rome. You hire a broad in Brazil, drag her to Rome and three of yours men are killed.”

          Papa laid down his drink and the cigar and stands up. He looks into the faces around the table staring at him and said, “Do you remember the bitch that embezzled the five hundred billion from a bank.”

          Everyone turns their head and looks at the old fart at the end of the table. He nods his head. Everyone looked back at Tony. Tony said, “We all were in Brazil when they found her. It was in all the papers and on TV. Rob came up with an idea to snatch her from the Feds and take the five hundred million from her. I told him that we would not be able to get her out of prison. He was so insistent that I told him to see what he could do. Before the trial started they found most of the money and Janet was convicted and sentenced to two life terms. I almost had to drag Rob back to Rome. We sent Bruno and his gang to Brazil and they gang raped Agnes. Lou had a snitch at the Olinda PD that called him and told him the police were on the way to the hotel. Lou had to fly them out Brazil. The project was not completed and I had to send another crew to finish the project. Lou gave the go ahead for the next project. Rob sent the same crew that caused all the problems. Agnes wanted to quit and get married. I told Lou to let her quiet, but she had to put in writing that she knew about the Cheese Factory operation. Which she did, I talked to her on the phone and she swore that she would not mention the Cheese Factory to anyone including her new husband. After three month of advertising, Agnes gets a call from Janet. Lou hired Janet to run the hotel.  When Rob got the picture of Gladys, he insists that we bring her to Rome to see her in person. Lou, Rob and I though Gladys was the spiting image of Janet. I held off until Gladys scared the hell out of Bruno or tried to kill him. Janet was convicted of killing three men. Rob insisted that we bring Janet to Rome. He felt that he could persuade Janet to tell us about the fifty million that was still messing from the bank. So, Lou brought her to Rome. I think you all know what happened to Bruno, Lou and Rob. I am still not sure who killed Rob. Janet convinced me that someone came into the room and tried to kill both of them. As you know Rob killed Bruno. With the three hundred pound of Rob on top of Janet I don’t think she could have shot Rob. Maybe she did, we will probably never know.”

          Tony pauses and takes a sip of water and sits down. The old fart at the other end of the table started to say something. Tony said, “Hold on, I am not finished. I was getting tired of standing up. I am not as young as I use to be. Where was I? Oh yes, Boss, as we all agreed on cleaning up our business, we had three problem in our family, Lou, Rob and Bruno. Lou and Rob were trying to take over my job. Bruno was a trouble maker. If the men under him did not do everything he told them to do, he would beat the living hell out of them. Hiring Janet solved my problems in a couple of days. Not only that, she is making more money at the hotel in a month than Lou made in three months. We had a labor problem with Lou running the hotel. He fucked every woman that worked there. When I went to Brazil, I nosed around. The whole crew loves her. She has put in an incentive program. All the employees get a small percent of the profits if the profit goes up. Another idea that Janet came up with, she wanted to sever the financial ties between the Cheese Factory and the hotel. We all have been sitting on our hands hoping that our friends don’t double cross us and tell the officials what is really going on at the Cheese Factory. We have dozens of small businesses that we can laundry the funds through.”

          The old fart interrupts Tony and said, “Why in hell did you turn over the hotel to the two bitches.”

          A slight blush came across Tony’s face. Tony looks at all the faces looking at him and was waiting for an answer. Tony clears his throat and said, “It was part of the divorce settlement. Julie wanted the Cheese Factory and the hotel. We compromised she owns the hotel until she dies. A trust is set up for Nanny from the profits from the hotel.”

          The old fart said, “Why in hell is Julie giving half of the profits of the hotel to that bitch?”

          “You will have to ask Julie. Julie worships Janet. Janet is like a long lost sister or mother of Julie’s and she does not want to lose Janet. Julie fell in love with Janet the very first day she met Janet. Janet is quite a woman. She can charm the devil. She talked the president of a bank to steal all the funds from his banks and point the blame on someone else. It the bank manager did not convince the Feds that he did not have any part of the embezzlement, she would have gotten away with the biggest bank robber in history.”

          From the surface, it looked like Tony had answered all the questions his boss wanted. Before they discussed another problem, they all took a piss break. After the piss break they discussed other problems that had to be resolved. The old fart, Tony and few more of the old timers dozed off. If someone snored, the person next to them would nudge them to stop the snoring.  Since most of the Panel could not keep their eye open, they adjourned the meeting.  


Living with John:

          I did not want to lose John. Yet, I did not want to rush into a marriage. Again I mentioned that we should live with each for a while before we committed ourselves. John hugs me and said, “That’s fine with me. Let’s give it a try. If we can’t stand each other, I will move out. I don’t thank there is anything that anyone can do that will stop me from loving you.”

          If was past midnight. We showered together without making love. When we were drying our self off, John said, “Guess who is getting a divorce.”

          For a moment, I could not think of any married couple that I knew that were going to get a divorce. I shook my head and said, “I have not idea, who?”

          John asked, “Who told Papa to give Julie a divorce?”

          “Oh my God, I don’t believe it.”

          John said, “That’s what Papa told me. You told him that Julie wants a better life than the one she is now living and he should give her a divorce.”

          I took John in my arms and looked into his eyes and said, “You know that I have had sex with other men. I am afraid that you will not respect me.”

          John kissed me and shook his head, then said. “I hope you don’t think I am an angle. I am thirty eight years old. I am not a virgin either. I have spent most of my life having sex with other women. There is no one else in this world that has made me feel the way you make me feel. The very first time I saw you, I knew that you were the first person in my life that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was jealous of Lou. I knew that he did not give a damn about you. Do you remember when he told me to flip down the rear view mirror? I told you that some day I will tell you what I called him, he is a whore hound. He has slept with all the women in the hotel including Liz and Martha. I am almost certain that he slept with all of the married women that worked at the hotel. He told Martha to pick the good looking women with big breast. He had someone design the low cut top and short skirts for the women employees. He never hired a married woman. Some of them got married after they work there for a while. He was a cleaver bastard. When he interviewed them he knew which one would drop their panties for him. At times when he wanted someone, he would mess up his room and call Martha and tell her who he wanted to clean his suite.”

Hate for Lou started to creep into my soul. I want to know if he was one of the bastards that raped Agnes. “John was Lou one of the men that raped Agnes.”

“No, no honey. Lou respected Agnes. She told him to stuff the job, if she had to sleep with him. The closest he ever got to Agnes, she would let him kiss her on the cheek or forehead. She knew how to control men. Sweetheart, I love you for who you are. Not for what you have done. I agree with you. Our love for each other may fall apart. But for now, I love you more than anyone else in the world. I don’t give a damn about your past life. That is behind you. I care about our future life together and pray that nothing will spoil our love for each other. I will love you forever.”

          Listening to John and thinking about my past life made me have second thought. Can I ever open up to him and tell him about my past life. How will he feel when I tell him that I killed Rob, Howard, Allen and the pawn broker?  Do I have to tell him? Does he want to know about my past life? I didn’t want to think about it any longer. I grabbed John underpants and pulled him into the bedroom. I fell back on the bed.  John dropped his underpants and lifted my nightgown. With the love and respect that I had for John, it enhanced the pleasure of having sex with him. I did not want it to end. The last few days with John were worth the hell that I had been through. John climaxed and rolls off of me. Suddenly, he jumps out of bed and grabs his cell phone and said, “Dan, I am sorry. I have been quite busy this evening. I forgot I had to go to work. I will be there in a few minutes.”

          John looked over at me and said, “Forgive me; I hate to hit and run. My boss and my coworker will both hate me for being late for work. I love you, goodbye.”

          I smiled at John, and told him that I would not be mad at him and threw him a kiss. He was half dressed. Just looking at his body turned me on. With a body like John's, I knew why Lou had selected him as his bodyguard. He was all muscles. My life was on re-run. Moments of my life flashed rapidly through my mind. I wanted to turn it off, but I couldn’t. Things that I had not thought of in years kept popping up, everything from my childhood, until a few minutes ago. I had to do something to stop it. I climbed out of bed in the dark and took a look at the beach. It was deserted. Looking at the beach brought back the day that Howard almost killed me. I could still feel the pain that I went through. I walked back to the bathroom and took a look at my face. There were still small scares that were not corrected with my face lift. I through on some makeup and grabbed the clothes that I had worn. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like shit, but I did not give a damn.

          I wanted to see John; I called him on my cell phone. When he answered, I said, “Do you want some company?”

          Without questing who was calling, he said, “I would love to have a beautiful lady for company. You woke me up. I was about to go to sleep. Now I am wide awake.”

          “I need your company. I can’t fall asleep without you in my arms. I will be there in a few minutes.”

          The few minutes it took me to get to the hotel, the re-run of my life covered almost all of my life. I screamed, “Turn the fucking thing off. I have already lived it a hundred times. These were the same scenes of my life that I had gone through when they locked me up in the padded cell.

          Pulling into my parking spot cut the scene short. I used my key to go through the private entrance and hurried up the stairs to security. John was waiting at the door. He wrapped his strong arms me and carried me over to the couch. He had gotten a couple of pillows, a sheet and a light blanket. I said, “Where did get pillows and sheets.”

          “Simple, I called room service and told them that I was going to have a guest that wanted to spend the night with me.”

          I sat up and said, “You did not tell them who your quest was did you?”

          “I did not have to. Everyone in the hotel has seen how happy I am when I am around you. A few of the maids have asked me when we are getting married. Can I tell them soon, very soon? ”

          I could not believe what John was saying. I said, “How do they know that I love you.”

          “Sweetheart, I don’t know. Everyone at the hotel thinks that we getting married. You know there is a monitor at the front desk. Angelo called me and said that my lover is coming into the hotel parking lot. I told him that I was expected you and I was watching the monitor also.”

          I shook my head. I knew that I got a little flustered when I see John. I never thought that it was that noticeable. John comes over and tucks me in and gave me a kiss and told me to go to sleep. Just being with John stopped the re-runs and I fell off to sleep.

          When I woke up John was snoring on the floor and Joey was watching the monitors. I think he heard me moving around and looked over at me and said, “Good morning, I am calling room service for my breakfast. John has eaten already. Will you join me?”

          A little embarrassed, I smiled and said, “Sure, order me the same thing you are having. I am going to use your bathroom. Don’t wake John. He has had a very rough night.”

          Joey smirked and said, “I wish I had the same ruff night that John must have had.”

          When I finished in the bathroom, I went back into the security room. John was awake. Room service had prepared a very nice breakfast for the three of us. Not very much was said, I knew that John wanted to be affectionate. He had the same expression that he had when we were in Europe with Lou. To loosen up the atmosphere, I went over to Joey and thanked him for taking care of us and gave him a kiss. John was watching. He looked like a dejected child that did not get his lollypop like all the other kids did. I picked up my coffee and took John’s hand. I pulled on it and he quickly gets up and follows me. He turns to Joey and thanked him for putting up with us. Joey told us that we could share his shift anytime.

          We went to my suite without saying or touching each other. The moment we shut the door to my suite, all hell broke loose. We were all over each other. I dragged John into the bathroom with me. He lets go of my hand and said, “I don’t have a change of clothes. I don’t want to get these wet.”

I slipped out of my cloths and kicked my shoes off and went into the shower. I think we made a world record of get disrobed. My love for John is still there, I could not get enough of him. It wasn’t just sex. I did not want him out of my sight. Just having him near me fulfilled my desires; touching John sent an aurora of love through my body. I had been holding this back for months. Now that I had him, what will our future together going to be like? Will it fall apart or will our love and respect for each other bond us together for ever?

As the weeks passed, our togetherness waned a little. We went back to our regular work schedules and John moved in with me at my condo, but not my suite at the hotel. We did not want everyone in the hotel knowing when we were making love.

This tranquility was short lived. A couple of weeks later, I got a call from Julie. She said something in her broken English. I thought that Papa had killed himself. I could not hold back my emotions. I cried profusely. I felt that I had caused Papa to kill himself. When the tears stopped Julie said, “Why are you crying. You should be happy.”

I asked myself, why should I be happy that Papa is dead?”

Julie said, “I will miss him, but you don’t know the hell that he put me through. He was quite generous with our agreement. He left me the hotel in Brazil. I can live in it and keep all the profits. When I die the property will go back to the family. Our Attorney will be leaving when all the paper work is finished.”

I asked Julie when they were having the funeral. She asked me, “What funeral, who died?”

I said, “Papa, you told me that he was dead.”

“No honey; the bastard is not dead. He is out of my life. We are divorced. Nanny and I are coming to live with you. We will split the profits. Don’t tell anyone. Our Attorney is coming with me. He will explain it to you when we get there. I will keep you up to date if anything changes.”

I chuckled and said, “He kept his promise to me.”

Julie yelled, “What did the bastard promise you.”

I chuckled and said, “He promised me that he would give you a divorce.”

“Thank God, I though that he had promised you something else, like marring you. Don’t ever think about him. Find someone your own age. With all of Papa’s money and his generosity, it still felt like I was living in hell.”

“No darling, I have someone else that I am interested in. He is closer to my age. Why in hell did you stay with him this long? I would have left the bastard.”

“Gladys, I was stuck with him. When I was starting to show my parents kicked me out of their home. I did not have a cent to my name. The bastard that got me pregnant snuck me into his home at night and gave me the money that he stolen from his parents. Papa heard about my problem and he adopted me. Later we were married.  I was just a sex slave that he bought. Honey, I really did not have a choice. I am so glad that you suggested that Papa give me a divorce. Oh yes, since you are not interested in Papa, who are you interested in. Is it someone that I know?”

 “Yes it is. I have never been in love with anyone in my life. I can’t express the feeling that I have for him. I don’t want to let him out of my sight.”

Julie interrupted me and said, “I am positive that it’s John. Oh, did I have a crush on him. When I saw him in the swimming pool, I could not control myself. I had to go inside and lock the door. Just looking at him drove me crazy. I laughed and said, “You know what I have been going through. I can’t let him out of my sight. When he is not with me, it drives me crazy, I afraid that he will not come back to me.”

“When are you and John going to get married? Please wait until we get back to Brazil.”

“Julie, we are not sure when we want to get married. We want to play married until we both are sure that we can stand each other. The way I feel now, I would marry him in a second.”

“I have always dreamed that someday I would find someone that I loved enough to spend the rest of my life with. At this moment, I don’t want to live with anyone else.”

I thanked Julie and told her that I was looking forward to seeing her and nanny. I asked her if Papa was coming with her. In a fit of rage she said, “I never want to see that bastard again. It he comes to Brazil while I am there, I will leave Brazil.”

Julie hung up the phone without saying any thing else. What in hell caused this hatred, did Papa beat here? Was the blood on the floor of the suite from a beating that Papa had caused? Was she treated like a slave and Papa controlled every movement of her life? I remember what John had said about Papa. He was worse than Rob. Maybe she will open up to me someday. If I hated someone as much as Julie hates Papa. I would kill the bastard.

John finally got everything moved in to my condo. The treadmill and all the other exercising equipment fill up the garage. I could not longer park my car in the garage. The other garage was filled my junk that I had accumulated. I told him to sell his condo and invest the money. With a look of guilt he said, “I don’t own it. The family owns it. They just let me stay there rent free because I was on call 24 hours a day.”

Let’s go out and have some fun before Julie and Nanny get here.”

John said that he did not want me to spend any of my money on him. He would pay all the bills. I told him that I had more money than I could ever spend. I told him about the money in the blue suitcase and said that if I married him we would use that money.

Papa called Francisco at the Cheese Factory and told him about the changes. The crew was housed in the hotel where I had worked. Thank God we did not have to cater to the bastards from Rome. I told Papa that I had not had a vacation and was going sight seeing. He said that the business could run it’s self and I did not have to cater to the special guest from Rome. For the next couple of months John and I traveled, made love and enjoyed the life we had together. The more I was with John, the more I loved him. I had never felt this way with anyone else in my life. It was a wonderful and peaceful life. I was ready to give up my job at the hotel. I had not told John about the money that I had in the storage locker. I had told him about the money I had in the blue suitcase and the money that I had in the bank. One evening when we were resting, John said to me, “Why don’t you put the money that you have in the blue suitcase in a bank or invest it. Someone could break in and steal it.”

It caught me off balanced. It was my escape money. It was enough money to get me anywhere in the world if Ted or his friends told the police where I was. I did not want to lie to John and I did not want to tell him about my past. Also, I did not want to look foolish. I looked at John and gave him a kiss and said, “Darling it is my fun money. I worked my ass off all of my life and I do not want to tie it up in an investment. With it we can have a hell of a nice honeymoon.”

He laughed, looked at me and shook his head and said, “Sweetheart, we could have a hundred honeymoons, one after the other. At least put part of it in a safety deposit box.”

I wanted to have the money where I could grab it and run. I do not want the same thing to happen to me when Ted found me. It would just be my luck that Butch would show up with the police.

I cuddled up to John and said, “I have all the protection that I need in my arms. Pacify me and let’s not talk about it. I had a very bad experience in my life because I did not have enough money to resolve the problems that faced me. Please don’t ask me about it. It brings up terrible memories.”

John hugged me and said, “I will never mention it again. If you want the money in the condo, you can. Just put it somewhere that is not so obvious.”

“John, who is going to look in a suitcase for valuables, I think that would be the last place they would look.”

John did not mention it again. As the weeks passed, John and I had a ball. We visited all the places that the normal tourist visited along the coast of Brazil. One evening I got a call on my cell phone. It was the front desk at the hotel. They said that Julie and Nanny had arrived and they were asking about us. I told the clerk to connect me to their suite. When Julie picked up the phone and found out that it was me calling she scream, “I am free of the bastard. Where are you? I want to tell you all about the divorce.”

I told Julie that John and I were having a preview of our honeymoon and we would cut it short and return home. She told me that the attorney was with her and I had to sign a few documents. She told me to enjoy our honeymoon and we would get together when John and I returned. Also, the Attorney fell in love with the area and he was going to extend his trip for a couple of weeks. I told her that it was about time we ended our honeymoon preview. If we stayed any longer we would become bored with each other.

John heard the conversation and said, “When are we going home sweetheart?”

I cuddled up to John and asked, “When would you like to go home. Are you getting homesick?”

“No, no honey. You are my boss. You tell me when my vacation is over.”

I shook my head and said, “Please don’t load me down. I hate making decisions. I think we should go home. There is an attorney with Julie and she said that he wants me to sign a few papers.”

I had not told John that Judy promised me half of what she would get if I got Papa to seduce me and I was not going to tell him. We agreed to head home. In a way, I did not want to go back home. I loved the life that John and I were living. I watch the villages as we passed through them, I noticed an elderly man dragging a young girl behind him. It brought me back to the time I watched Julie and Papa fighting in the hall. I looked over at John and said, “Tell me about Papa. You told me that he was worse than Bruno. For some reason, Julie never wants to see him again. I haven’t seen that side of him.”

John pulled over to the side of the road under a shade tree, He looks at me and said, “I don’t blame Julie, he is a real bastard. Don’t trust him. As I told you before, he did not get to be one of the top family members by being nice. Like Joey and Rob, he can put on a kind, honest and helpful face and be planning a way to kill you at the same time. It’s a wonder that he is giving Julie the hotel. Julie just thinks that he is giving it to her. The family will still own it and control the profits from the business. They can funnel the money from the cheese factory through dozen of other companies. It was a good idea of yours to break the link between the two companies. The family thinks that they are invincible. They control the life of people around the world. They can make a phone call and ask for something to be done. With no question, it is done. Just one phone call can get someone kill or controlled. Honey, don’t trust them. Do you know that you are a member of the family? You joined the family by taking the job at the hotel. Once you are a member of the family, the only way you can cut you family tie is die. Anyone and everyone that have worked for the family are members of the family. If you quit the job the family hired you for, don’t try to quit or leave for any reason on your own. You must have the blessing of the family to stop working. They are afraid that you will squeal on them. Remember sweetheart they don’t trust anyone. If they have the slightest reason to think that the person that leaves the family will squeal on them they will kill them.”

All my plans to cut my ties with the family just flew out the window. I get these moods where I wish that I never left the protection of the prison. If I do have to go back to prison, they will hire some bastard to kill me. They will think that I will squeal on them just to get a little preferential treatment. If I take off, the family as well as the FBI back home will be looking for me.

It was late at night when we got home. We showered together without doing anything. We both were exhausted. The next morning came too soon. Bleary-eyed I looked over at John. I wondered how he could sleep so soundly knowing that he was locked into the family for the rest of his life. Why in hell didn’t I enjoy my life without having to go to work? 

Second thoughts:

I slipped on my beach robe and went to the beach. I wanted time alone to think about my future. I loved John and I did not want to leave him? I felt much safer when I am with him than when I was alone. Since I started going with John, my life has turned around. I want a family life. I envied the women on the beach playing with their children. My mind had drifted back to when my parent were still in love with each other. I remember the first time that my father verbally attached my mother. I did not want to listen to them. There was so much hatred between them. I hid in my closet hoping that I could not hear them, but I still heard every word they said to each other. Hearing their voices again, brought tears to my eyes. I was in a different world. A strong hand touched my shoulder. For a moment, I though that it was my father. I jump around and saw John staring at me. He pulled me into his arms and whispered, “Sweetheart, why are you crying?”

I did not know what to say. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and said, “I was reliving the day that my parents separated. I don’t want that to happen to us. From what you told me about the family, I am afraid they will take you away from me.”

John looked pass me as if he was thinking of an answer. Slowly he looked down at me and said, “There is no way in hell the family is going to separate us. The only thing that will separate us is you. I will always love you. I hope you will always love me. I will go to hell and back before I let anyone take you away from me. The family will not interfere in our love. If they do, I will kill everyone that tried to separate us.”

His word brought back my past. I have killed three men and it still bothers me. Has John ever killed anyone? Would he kill for me? I pulled John tightly against me and said, “Pease don’t kill anyone over me. I am afraid you would not be able to get away with it and you would be taken away from me.”

John snapped back and said, “Janet you have gotten away with it…….”

The look on John face sent cold chills flashed through my body. How long has John know that I was Janet? If Papa, Lou and Rob could not get the information about the fifty million dollars out of me, has the family given John the job of getting the information out of me? I should have never told him about the money in the blue suitcase. Does he think I have the rest of the fifty million?  I pulled away from John and turned away. This brought a new problem to our relationship. My whole body and emotions exploded. I wanted to grab my blue suitcase and run. In those few seconds fifty million questions flashed through my mind. I had never planned for this moment. John put his hand on my shoulder. I tried to pull away. I did not have the strength to move. John pulled my hair from around my neck and kissed me on my neck. He turns me around and looked at me. I could not look up at him. He lifts my chin and said, “Darling, please look at me. I have known about you since they deported you back to America. A crew was down here when the police picked you up. The news stated that you had stolen five hundred million dollars. Rob and Lou convinced the family that they could bust you out of jail and they could force you to tell them where the money was hidden. Their plan fell apart when they found most of the five hundred million and sent you to jail for life. Rob would not give up. He felt that you still had fifty million stashed somewhere. When Rob saw your picture that Liz had sent them, no one could talk him out of having you sent to Rome. From Papa down, they all felt that you were Janet. They admired you for escaping and were curious how you did it. I fell in love with you the very first time I saw you. I don’t give a damn if you killed a thousand people it would not stop me from loving you. Life is not easy. Like your life, my life wasn’t easy. We both have had hectic lives. Together we can make a better life for the both of us.”

I pulled John down and gave him a kiss and asked, “What would you do if I had fifty million dollars. Would you tell Papa or someone else?”

Emphatically, John said, “Gladys, the amount of money you have is your business.  Not anyone else’s.  I love you regardless of how much money you have. What you do with your money is up to you, not me, Papa or anyone in the Family. I did not want you to know that I knew that you were Janet. I would have never mentioned it. The words just came out of my mouth without me thinking about what I wanted to say. I can’t blame you for using an alias.  If I was you, I would do the same. I would do every thing I could to hide my identity. I will never tell anyone that you are Janet, no one. Please trust me. I love you.”

With tears in my eyes I looked up at John and said, “John I love you very much. As I told you before, you are the first person in life that I have ever loved. I have never admitted to anyone that I killed those three men. Yes, I killed them. At the time I felt that I had no other choice. Please don’t betray my trust in you.”

“Gladys, I will not betray you. If I did, I would be killing myself. I could not live with myself and without you.”

With tears streaming down my face, I locked my arms around John and pulled him tightly against me. We stood there for a few minutes. Fear faded from my mind. John lifts me up and said, “Where do you want to eat? I am starved.”

 “Lets eat a the hotel. I don’t feel like cooking. I think we should show our face around the hotel. We have been gone for some time.”


Welcome home;

We did not expect to be welcomed home. Julie and Nanny had set up the dinning room where our special guest had dined. Someone in security had seen us pulling into the lot and notified them that we had just arrived. Martha met us when we entered the hotel and accompanied us to the dinning room. She said, “I hope you haven’t had your breakfast.”

John said, “No, I think both of us are starved. I could eat a horse.”

Martha said, “Good, you can have your appetizer here.”

We walked into to the dinning room and were welcomed by part of the staff. Julie came over to us and welcomed us home with Nanny at her side. Julie must have told everyone that we were getting married. Everyone wanted to know when. When we told them that it was not confirmed yet, they were disappointed. They encouraged us to set a date.  When John told them that we were practiced marriage for a while, they all laughed. This created a much happier mood. Julie cornered me and wanted to know every detail of what we did on our vacation. I told her about the area that we visited and how much we enjoyed the scenery. That was not enough. She wanted to know about the romantic side of our vacation. She was a little disappointed, but she respected my privacy. The remainder of the day was not very eventful. I called Julie and thanked her for the welcome home party. She told me to come upstairs to her office before I went home. I turned to John and said, “Honey, please wait in the lobby for me. I have to go Julie’s office.”

John asked, “What does she want? Do you want me to go with you?”

“No darling, I think she wants to know the intimate part of our vacation. I believe that it would be a little embarrassing with you there.”

John laughed and said, “It will not embarrass me.”

“Honey, it will embarrass me.”

          Leaving John behind, I turned around and headed for the rocket powered elevator. When got off the elevator Julie and a middle aged, heavy set man were waiting in the hall. Julie waved to me and headed in my direction. When she reached me she gave me a hug and said, “I know you can’t wait to get back to John. This will only take a few moments. The Lawyer has some paper that he wants you to sign.”


The Italian Lawyer:


When we reached the door to Julie’s office the Lawyer said something in Italian. I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or to Julie. Since I did not respond to him he looked over at Julie and said something. Julie answered him in Italian then said in English, “I’m going to have to be the interpreter.”

I said to Julie, “Why do we have to have a Lawyer?”

“I am keeping my promise. We will share the profits of the hotel. We will take turns managing the hotel. You will need me here when you go on your honeymoon.”

The Lawyer and Julie talked for about five minutes and looking at the different documents. The Lawyer gave me a pen. I could not read a word of the document. Julie told me to sign my name. I asked her, “What am I signing.”   

Julie said. “It’s the agreement between us to share the profits of the hotel. I told him that you could not read Italian and he is going to send you a copy of the agreement in English when he gets back to Italy.”

I could be signing my confession to the three murders that I have committed. I took a deep breath and prayed that they were telling me the truth. As Julie said, it only took a few minutes since I could not read the documents. They thanked me and Julie walked me to the door. She said, “While you were gone, Liz went over the statement for last year. Without the profits of the Cheese Factory, we could earn over five million a year and we will share it. It would be much more if Papa had kept his Lawyer out of it. Is this satisfactory?  I could not believe what she was saying. I said to Julie, “Honey, I did not expect this amount of money. I feel ashamed for take the money. You deserve it for the hell that you went through.”

“Gladys, if you had not came around when you did, I would still be living in hell. You have never seen the other side of Papa. When he got pissed about something that I did he was the meanest person in this world. Thank God, Nanny will not have to go through what I went through. The bastard had started to mess around with Nanny. She was afraid to tell me because she had seen the worst in him. When we were here earlier this year, I caught him forcing himself on Nanny. Thankful she held him off. I grabbed a metal frying pan from the kitchen and hit him with it. I was going to call the police, but he talked me out of it. He pleaded with me to forgive him. When he got fresh with you later, that clinched the divorce. When we went back to Rome I would not let him in the same house we were in. Thank God, I hope it did not emotionally upset Nanny.”

I butted in and said, “It will be a cross road in her life. She won’t forget it. With hopes she will learn from it. Thanks again. You are too generous. Goodbye”

The Lawyer had squeezed by us while we were talking and had left. When I pushed the button for the elevator, the door opened and the Lawyer was standing there with a hungry look on his face. He must have been waiting for five minutes. I shook my head and said, “Men, they are all alike.”

I pointed to the camera in the ceiling of the elevator and pushed the down button and stepped out of the elevator. I waved at him as the elevator door was shutting. Julie was watching. When she saw me getting off the elevator she came over to me and asked, “Is something wrong.”

I asked, “Are all Italian men alike. The Lawyer was waiting on the elevator for me.”

Julie laughed, shook her head and said, “Yes they are. They want it from every woman they come in contact with. Linda told me that she warned you about Rob. You were lucky that someone killed him. With Lou gone, there is no telling what he would have done to you. I will call the desk and make sure he is gone before you go down stairs.”

“Don’t bother sweetheart, just wait until the elevator get back up here.”

I pushed the button. Within seconds the elevator arrived and it was empty. I kissed Julie and said goodnight to her. When I got to the lobby John was waiting at the entrance to the elevator. He asked, “Who in hell was that bastard that just came down. He looked like someone scared the living hell out of him. I saw the light that the elevator was coming down and went over to get you. When he saw me, he rushed for the door. I stepped aside and let him go.”

“Honey, he was the Lawyer that made me and Julie owners to the hotel.”

“Owner’s of the hotel, what are you talking about?”

I smiled at John, pull him down, kissed him and said, “Julie and I each have half interest in the hotel.”

With a confused look on his face John bellowed out, “How in hell did you get Papa to sign over the hotel to you and Julie?”

I put my hand across John’s mouth to shush him, and then said, “It’s a long story. I don’t want to think about it now. Honey, please don’t talk so loud. Everyone in the hotel will hear you. I don’t want anyone to know about it.”

I dragged John out of the side door to his car. I refused to tell John how Julie and I got Papa to turn the hotel over to us. He was obviously annoyed, but he did not pressure me. It had been a long day. I was too tired to talk; I plopped down on the couch, watched TV and fell asleep. When I woke up, John was looking at me. I could tell he desperately wanted me to tell him how Julie and I got ownership of the hotel. I pulled John over to me and gave him a kiss on his cheek and whispered, “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Gladys, I can’t go to sleep. I can not think of any reason Papa turned the hotel over to you and Julie. It is driving me crazy.”

I pulled John over to the couch with me and laid my head on his lap and told him every detail from the conversation with Julie on the beach until tonight with the lawyer.  He started chuckling when I told him that Papa could not get it up. I told him that is the reason that Julie and I became the owners of the hotel. I excused myself and went to take a shower before I went to bed.

          When John came to bed, I asked, “Do you think you can go to sleep now?”

          He shook his head and I will never be able to sleep until I know why Papa turned the hotel over to you and Julie. That bastard is not that generous. What the hell is his motive? Honey, it’s a good idea to keep the money in the blue suitcase. It is not telling what Papa got in mind.”

Now I could not go to sleep. John was asleep seconds after his head hit his pillow. I never though that Papa had a motive. I finally went to sleep, but when I awake I was still exhausted. I should not have told John.

The end of the year came too soon. Julie was still pressing me to get married. John I have not mentioned marriage for months. John and I were happy with the arrangement that we had, why change it?

Julie and I were sharing the duties at the hotel. We extended the period we worked to a month. This gave both of us a chance to do a little traveling. Since John was with me most of the time, he felt Julie needed a body guard. He could not be with both of us at the same time. The only person in the family that John trusted was Sandy. Since Rob estate was vacant, John called Papa and asked him to let Sandy work for Julie. Papa was trying to find jobs for the remainder of the guards at Rob’s estate. He was glad to take Sandy off of his payroll. Since John and Sandy were working for Julie and I. We had to hire two more security guards. John or Sandy was supervising security at the hotel. Surprisingly, with Sandy with Julie most of the time, they became quite attached to each other. I could see the glow in her face when they were together.

Julie loved shopping. Even when she was on duty she spent most of her time shopping. When I was on duty, I tried to stay around the hotel during the day. One morning when I was lounging around Julie called and invited me to go shopping with her. She did not want to go alone or drag Sandy with her. I accepted the invitation and met her at the hotel. We did not want to worry about parking; we decided to take a cab. We went out to the front of the hotel and a number of cabs were waiting. I opened the door for Julie. She gets in and I followed. As soon I sat down the driver looked over at me. It was the bastard. He had this broad smile on his face and asked where we wanted to go. I knew butch recognized me. I told him one of the shops that were on our list. He takes off glancing into the rear view mirror. I pretended to ignore him, but I was emotionally on fire. If Julie was not with me, I think I would have killed him. Thankful, I had my peashooter with me and it was loaded. He dropped us off at the shop that I requested. He told me in English the dollars that I owed him. I said in Portuguese, “I don’t speak English.”

He said in Portuguese, “Nice seeing you again Janet.”

I asked him in Portuguese, “How much is the fare.”

Appearing to be irritated he tells me the amount in Real. I paid him and Julie and I went into the shop. My mind was not on shopping and Julie noticed it. She asked me if I was feeling alright. I told her that I felt fine and I wasn’t in the mood to shop, but this gave me a chance to be with her alone for a while. I tried not to upset her and tried to put on a happier face.

I did not purchase anything. I helped Julie carry the shopping bags out of the shop. The bastard Butch was waiting at the curb. I said to Julie, “Lets walk and window shop. There are a number of nice shops on this street.”

She agreed. Butch got out of the cab and opened the rear door. We ignored him and walk down the street. At the first shop, I stopped and looked into the window. I could see Butch in the reflection of the window. We continued down the street to the corner and turn down the street and Julie followed me. I leaned against the wall and told Julie that I think I have a pebble in my shoe. I pulled the shoe off and pretended to empty my shoe. As I was still shaking the shoe, butch turns the corner and did not notice us until he had passed us. I slipped the shoe back on and we continued down the street that we were shopping on. The first shop that we came to was a jewelry shop. I told Julie to come in with me I want to look at the wedding bands without John with me. I had no intention of buying a ring. I walked to the rear of the shop and looking back at the street. Julie was going crazy looking at the beautiful items on display. The clerk kept her busy while I watch the window. A few minutes passed and Butch slowly cruised down the street. I joined Julie and the clerk and took glances at the street. Again Butch passed the shop. I don’t think he could have seen us inside the shop. Julie bought a beautiful watch. I walked to the front of the shop and looked out. I did not see any cabs on the street. Julie joined me and we continued shopping.

I wasn’t going to take a chance of running into Butch again. We shopped for a couple of hours. I suggested that we go somewhere in Recife for dinner and invited the guys to join us. I did not have to twist her arm. She loved the idea. I called John, told him where we were and to bring Sandy with him. I said not to use the limo, use his car because I have a Janet problem. John knew what must have happen.

John and Sandy were going to meet us at a small coffee shop. There a number seats available outside. I told Julie that I preferred to eat inside. I did not like the gas fumes from the cars. Of course, I did not want Butch to see me. By the time we finished out coffee John and Sandy arrived. When John got out of the car he surveyed the streets before he came in. I don’t know what he had told Sandy, but they both were in the security mode. John asked if we were ready to leave. I told him that we were. John went out the door first glancing up and down the street with me and Julie sandwiched between them. John opened both doors of the car and let Julie and Sandy into the back seat. He helped me into the front seat. He closes the door and hurriedly circled the car and got in. Julie sensed that something was wrong and asked Sandy. Sandy said that they were trained to protect the people that we were with. It appeared that Sandy convinced Julie. She still had that happy cheerful attitude.

We had a wonderful dinner together and forgot about Butch, almost.  We dropped off Julie and Sandy at the private entrance. I told them how much I enjoyed their company, which I did. Knowing that Butch was around upset me. As we were leaving the hotel, I asked John to go past the cabs that lined the front of the hotel. As he passed the line of cabs, Butch was at the end of the line. I told John to take a look at the driver. To my surprise, John knew of him. He had been told before not to pick up passages at the hotel. They had gotten complaints from women about his aggresses to women guest at the hotel. John circled around and pulled up behind Butch. John said, “Stay here, I will make sure you will not see him around the hotel again.”

John gets out of the car and walks over to the driver side of the cab.  He opens the door and asked Butch to get out. Butch refuses. With one hand John picks up Butch by the throat and drags him out of the car. With one hand around Butch’s neck and another on the rear of Butch’s belt, they walk across the street together. Butch’s was walking on his tip toes. They faded into the darkness. I waited for a few minutes until fear got the best of me. I took out my peashooter and headed across the street. I saw John coming into the lighted area without Butch. I walked back to the car and got in. When John got in the car he saw my peashooter in my hand. He smiled at me and said, “Sweetheart, you can put it away. He is not going to be seen around here again.”

When we got home John made a fresh pot of coffee. It was late and I was wondering why he was having coffee. He brought two cups of coffee. He sat one in from of me. He bends down and gave me a kiss. He looked at me as if he was looking through me. He said to me, “If we are going to get married or just live with each other, I want you to know who you are living with and I want to know who I am living with. For us to live a happy life together we must be honest with each other. I am going to tell you about my life and I want to know about your life after I have finished. I will not leave out anything. I want you to do the same.”

I have told so many damn lies about my life that I don’t know if I can remember the truth. I loved John, but can I trust him with the secrets of my life. I reached across and took his hand and said, “Can I trust you with the secrets of my life?”

“Janet or Gladys, I will never repeat to anyone anything that you tell me. I hope you will not tell anyone about my life.”

For the next hour John told me about his life as a poor kid in Rome that had to fight to stay alive. He had been beaten by his father and kicked out of home when he was only 15. He made a living by delivering drug for pusher. It got around that he had drugs on him and the other pushers robbed him. The pusher that he worked for did not believe him and almost beat him to death. He pretended that he was dead and they put him in a dumpster. When he came to, he could hardly move. He made his way to a Catholic hospital and told them he was homeless and had been hit by a car. They healed his wounds, found a home for him and educated him. In his latter teenage years he worked for a health spa. When he was not working he used the machines and competed in wait lifting. Papa family was looking for body guards. They offered him a job and John could not turn down the money they offered him. Over the years as a body guard he had to kill two men in the defense of Lou and himself.    

When it came my turn, I told John about my father leaving me without a cent. Then I told him about killing Howard, and Allen. John wanted to know what motivated me to kill Allen. After Howard tried to kill me in Mexico, he understood why I killed Howard, but I did not make it clear why I killed Allen. I told John that Allen and I planned to blame Howard for sealing the 500 million dollars. Howard wasn’t quite that stupid. He had covered his ass. The three of us would go to jail if Allen and I pointed the blame at Howard. Howard had come up a plan to blame Ted. That fell through. Allen had promised me a very larger share of the money. Allen had become involved with a young girl. When I went to get my share that he promised me. He laughed at me and tried to kick me out of his home without any of the money. The confrontation became so heated, in desperation I shot him.

I told him about Ted and Butch finding me in Recife and my escape from prison. I felt I had to tell him about my affair with Timmy. But, I left out the night I spent with Bob. He knew about the Lou, Rob and Papa. I also left out the money in the storage locker. So far nothing seamed to bother him.

I stopped talking and looked across the table and waited for him to say something. I could almost read his mind. I thought that he wanted to know about the fifty million dollars. I said, “If you want me to tell you about the fifty million dollars, I don’t have it. I think Ted or Allen found out that Howard was transferring money out of the bank to banks in central and South America. Someone beside Howard had transferred all the money that Howard transferred to another account someplace else in this world. John still had not said a word. The money in the blue suitcase is some of the money that was left over after I came back from Mexico.

Without saying anything John takes my hand. He heads for the bedroom. I followed.

We both laid there not saying anything. I was getting impatient. I wanted him to say something. My patients were running out. I yelled to John, “Say something; you are the one want that wanted us to spill our gets.”

          John chuckled. “We are a pair, aren’t we?”

          I chucked and said, “Yes we are a pair.”

          John cuddled up to me until we both finally fell asleep.


Butch panics:


          Pam and I were sound asleep. The damn phone rang. It scared the hell out of me and Pam. With anger wondering who in hell is calling. I picked up the phone and slammed it down. On the way down I head a formulary voice. I quickly picked up the phone. Butch was yelling to me. He blamed me for almost getting him killed. I had not idea what the bastard was talking about. I yelled back at him and said, “What the hell are you talking about?”

          “Ted, that bitch is tied into the Mob. I almost got myself killed tonight. I picked up Janet and another woman at a hotel that is owned by the Mob. I took them over to Recife and dropped them off at a shop. Somehow those bitches shook me. I lost them. I went back to the hotel and waited for them to return. I was sitting in my cab and this bastard drags me out of my cab and pulls me by my neck over to the beach. He gave me a lecture about messing around with the women that leave the hotel. He makes me get undress and takes my clothes. He pulls out a pistol and aims it at me. He asked me how far I could swim. I told him I did not know how to swim. He said for me to learn now or he would blow my brains out. I took off and swam out until I could not see him on the beach. With the city light I saw him going over the crest of the beach. I swam back to the beach and I could not find my clothes. I ran across the street necked.  Fortunately my keys were still in the car. I just got home a few minutes ago. That Bitch is not dead. She alive and walking the streets down here.”

          Ted said, “When we get back down there we will have a party at the hotel where you saw her. I will bet she is Nancy, the girl that Bob went out with. As long as she doesn’t try to kill me, I am going to let Janet rest in her grave. Good night and Good bye.”

          I could hear Butch still yelling when I was hanging up the phone. Pam said, “Honey, let’s go back to sleep.”


I got married:

          Another year has passed, with all the money I was making I did not have to touch the money in the storage locker. I had not told John about it. Each time Liz gave me a check for my shire of the profits I added a few hundred thousand and bought stock for the hotel where I had worked and other hotels along the coast.

          John and I took a trip to Paris. We visited some of the same places that we visited when Lou was with us. Even though John and I have been living with each other for a long time, this brought back the memories of Paris when we were here before. We were having dinner in a quaint restaurant that had curtains hiding the booths. John helped me into the booth and slides me over. He usually set across from me. I did not think anything about it until he puts his arms around me. He gave me a kiss and turns my head. With his lips pressed against my ear and he whisper, “Will you marry me?”

I turn my head, and kissed him. I wanted to shout out, “Yes’” and I did.

The love and affection for John seamed to flow through my body. The feeling that I had for John on our first trip to Paris was still within me. The love that radiated from John flowed into me. I had not felt this excited before. I wanted the feeling to last forever. I drifted off of the cloud that I was on. The waiter opened the curtain and excused himself. I hugged John and said, “I can’t speak French you have been living with me a long time, you knew what I liked to eat.”

John said, “Give me a hint.”

I nibbled on John’s ear and whispered, “You.”

The waiter chucked and looked at me. John blushed and gives the waiter our order in English.

I was not afraid of marring John. My only fear was that the same things that ended my other relationships, it not similar would end our relationship. At the moment I did not want anything to interfere with us getting married.

We did not want anyone that we knew at the wedding, except one. We were married by a Catholic Priest that was a friend of John’s in his teenage years. It was a simple wedding without any guest. We flew to The Riviera for a week. I had been very frugal over the years. But, not on our wedding, money was no object. We had the best of everything.

          The day before we left The Riviera, I called Julie and told her that we had gotten married and we were on the way home. She was a little disappointed, but she was ecstatic over use getting married. She told me to take another month off. I told her no, we were ready to go back home. We had been gone for 6 weeks. After we got home and back to our regular routine. The love was still there, but the excitement was gone.  

          During our vacation we had over eaten and it started to show. John and I were going to try to lose the weigh that we had gained. To start off with, we were going to take long hikes along the beach everyday. We got up early and hit the beach. I wanted to be on time for work. In the distance across the bay I saw a huge yacht anchored off the beach at the hotel. At first I didn’t think about it. There had been hundreds of yacht anchored near the hotel. John mentioned that this one was the largest that he had seen. I saw the height of the mast and a shot of fear went through me. John noticed the expression on my face and said, “What the matter? You look like you have seen a ghost.”

          “Ted Wallace! I hope he is not here for the reason that I am thinking. He is the only person that I know that has a yacht that large. His wife had it build for him. He is the bastard that found me. I don’t blame him; I kidnapped him and was going to kill him. He usually stays at a hotel in Recife. I hope he did not make reservation while we were gone.”

          I took my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed the front desk. I told the clerk who I was and ask him if he knew who owned the yacht that is anchored in front of the hotel. Without hesitation he said, “A Mr. Ted Wallace.”

          In a streak of fear, I quickly turn off the phone and said, “John we are going on another vacation. Ted Wallace owns that Yacht and they are staying at our hotel. Julie or someone must have registered them with we were in Paris.”

          “Gladys, I am not going to let him mess up our lives. If I have to I will invite him to the Cheese Factory. That is where the family sends all of our unwanted guest.”

           A fit of rage flashed through me. I had felt the same way before I went to prison. John saw the change in my expression and said, “Hold on, don’t go off the deep end. Nothing has happened yet. Just play it cool. We will go about our life as nothing has happened. Let them play their hand. If this guy Wallace is looking for you again, don’t panic. I will take care of it. We will live out lives as usual and let him make the play. He does not know me and no one in his party knows me.”

          I looked up at John and said, “Do you remember the cab driver that was following me?”

          “Yes what about him?”

          “I think that cab driver helped Wallace find me. Once before when Wallace came to Recife, the cab driver was waiting for Wallace when he came ashore.”

          “Gladys lets go to work and see what develops. I have a number of friends that will keep them from bothering us.”

          We walk back along the beach. I kept looking over my shoulders. We did not take very long getting ready for work. Not to be obvious, we went in the private entrance of the hotel. John went to security. I went to my office. As soon as I walked in the phone rang. It was Julie. In a harsh voice she said, “Honey, would you please come to my suite.”

She hung up the phone before I could say a word. I wanted to ask her why she wanted to see me. My suspicious mind went into overdrive. I was thinking the worst. As I was walking to the elevator I got a call from John. He told me that Julie wanted to talk to him privately. I told John to meet me in the hall next to the elevator on the second floor. I still had not settled down. What the hell is wrong now? For the life of me, I could not think of any reason why she would want me to come to her suite. Also, why does she want to see John alone? When the elevator stopped and the door opened, John reaches for my hand and helped me into the elevator. During the short ride we both were curious why Julie wanted to see us.

          As we approached Julie’s suite we saw her leaving her suite. She had a surprised look on her face. She looked like the world had collapsed. Before we could say anything, in a commanding voice Julie said, “Please come in.”

          As she open the door all hell breaks loose. It looked like the whole day shift was there. Julie introduced us to the crowd as Mr. and Mrs. John Karano. The staff was all over us, congratulating us on our marriage. The crowd had separated John and me. I glanced around the room for John. I almost collapsed. Beyond the crowd were two familiar faces. What the hell are they doing here? Pam with a broad smile on her face waved at me. Behind her was Ted. He tried to fake a smile. He had the same expression on his face the day I kidnapped him. He was definitely worried about something. I had two choices, run for the nearest exit or greet them with open arms. I turned around and asked Julie about the two guests that she had invited to the gathering. She looked around and said, "That's Ted, he booked a suite for him and his wife and his crew for two months. Also, we are catering a large party in the main ballroom tonight. He was kind of nosey and asked about the hotel. I told him that my sister and I owned the hotel. Do you mind me for calling you my sister? It seamed to satisfy his curiosity.”

          “No darling, you are my sister. We are part of the same family.”

          Julie shook her head and said, “How will I know. I will never be able to forget it.”

          I was happy as hell. I was glad that she said that we were sister and we both owned the hotel. It relaxed me somewhat. I gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek. I pushed my way through the well wishers and went over to Pam and gave her a hug. I thanked them for coming and I whispered to Pam, “Please don’t say anything about the last time I saw you. My name is not Nancy, its Gladys. I met Bob before I met John. I don’t want my past life to interfere with my life with John.”

          With sincerity and with an affectionate look on our face, Pam nodded her head and said, “Sweetheart, your secret will never leave Ted and I, Neither one of us will ever mention it to anyone in this world. Don’t worry about Bob, he is married and has gone back to work with his father. Also, he did come with us. I think he needs money. I think his new bride became pregnant on their honeymoon. I am sure that he does not want anyone else to know about the evening you two had together. Please don’t worry about it. It’s our secret.”

          “Did Bob tell you what happen?”

          Pam with a slight smile on her face said, “Not exactly, he said that he fell asleep and when he woke up you were gone.”

          “Is that all he said?”

          “Yes Gladys that is all he said about the evening. I was hoping that you and Bob would have an enjoyed evening together.”

          I gave it away by smiling, and said, “Yes, we had a very enjoyable evening.”

          Pam smiled, looked at Ted, and said, “I know how you feel. I had a similar occasion.”

A slight blush came across Ted face. I recalled the many times that I warmed him up. I wonder if he felt dejected. With a sigh of relief I hugged Ted and again hugged Pam. I whispered. “I hope you understand my feelings. I love John and I don’t want to hurt him in any way.”

          Pam again assured me that she and Ted would never say anything about my date with Bob. She invited John and I to the party tonight and asked if we would be there. I said that I was on duty today and we would be there. I turned to leave and heard and heard Ted say to Pam, “Where in hell did she get the money to buy this hotel?”

          I turn around and looked at Ted. Pam was whispering something to Ted. The look that Ted had on his face made me thing he had pissed in his pants. I said with an aggressive look on my face, “Ted, did you inquire about my ownership of the hotel?”

          With a sheepish look on his face, he nodded his head.

 “It was a gift from our family to Julie and me. Is there anything else that you would like to know about me?”

          Pam intervened, and said, “Ted and I were admiring you and Julie. I also inherited my parent’s property. We think that you and Julie are doing a wonderful job of managing the hotel.”

          “Thank you Pam. Please excuse me. I want to thank the other quest for coming. Please enjoy yourself.”

          Pam took Ted hand and led him to the far end of the ballroom. I wish I knew what she was telling him.

            I went back and thanked everyone for coming. I finally got back to Julie. At least now, I did not have to worry about Bob. Julie had introduced John to Pam and Ted as they were leaving. Finally the only guests that were left were the crew to clean up the ballroom. We walked Julie and Nanny to their suite. Julie turns around, hugs me and congratulates me again.  I told Julie that I was happy that she considered me her sister. If I did have a sister, there was no one else in the world that I would want to be my sister. We all hugged and kissed again. We turned and headed for the elevator. Nanny said. “Congratulation Uncle John and Aunt Gladys I wish you the very best, I love you.”

          I ran back over to Nanny and hugged her and said, “I love you too and I always will.”

          John picks up Nanny and gave her a kiss and said, “If you ever need my help in any way, Uncle John will be their waiting. I love you darling.”

          The affection John showed Nanny and Julies brought tears to my eyes. This is the first real family I have ever had. I tried to hide the tears, but they all saw them. We all hugged and kissed each other. Julie said, “Gladys, I have never had a family that loved me. I was always pushed around and ignores. There was never any love from anyone in my family. I hope our little family will never fall apart.”

          After another round of hugging and kissed we got on the elevator. I want to tell John about Ted and Pam. I could not wait until I was out of sight of one of the surveillance cameras. As soon as I closed the door to my suite, I told John about our two special guests. To my surprise, John said that he had been to a few of Ted and Pam parties. This shook me up for a moment. I was wondering if he was at same party when I met Bob.

          John knew that Ted was the guy that found me and had me deported. He had overheard Lou and Rob talking about my arrest and the trial. I told John that I did not know if I should take off or stay. On the way to our suite we went over the different scenarios. John felt that we should not jump to conclusions. He said, “If anything happens, I will get us out of the country and cover our tracks. And, I don’t think Ted would start anything. Since he knows you and Julie owns the hotel and are sister, it would not fit into the life you have told me about. So please don’t worry.”

          Still reluctant, I went along with John ideas. I had more fear about Butch than I had about Ted. John went to security and watches Ted and Pam leaving the hotel and walked out of the range of the security cameras. They were gone for a while. He was about to give up when he saw a cab pull up in front of the hotel. Pan and Ted got out of the cab. John zooms in on the cab driver. It was the same cab driver that followed Gladys and Julie. He did not want to upset Gladys and he did not tell her. He had another idea about the problem. He would make a phone call. Butch would get a few new passengers that were not very nice. He would get ruffed up and warned not to set foot in Olinda again.

Ted and Pam:

          As I watch Janet walk back into the crowd, Pam jerked my arm and led me across the ballroom. The look on her face made me think that she was going to kill me. She pushes me against the wall next to a window. She takes a deep breath and then said, “I have never been so embarrassed in my lift. I know that you think that Gladys is Janet. You have let Butch scare the living hell out of you. If Gladys is Janet, I don’t give a damn. If she wanted to kill you she would have kill you the last time she saw us. If she is Janet, why did she come to greet us when we came ashore and then come to the party. If I had been Janet, I would never have come close enough for you to see me.”

          Ted said, “Honey, I am sorry that I embarrassed you. I didn’t think she could hear me.”

          “Ted, you were loud enough for everyone in the hall to hear you. Your voice carried across the ballroom. The workers ten feet away from us turned when you opened your mouth. ”

          Ted apologizes again then said, “Butch told me that the hotel is a front for the Mob. He said that one of them tried to kill him. He had picked up two women here at the hotel and took them downtown. One of them was Janet. He lost them it the city and came back to the hotel to see if they returned. He said that a man as strong as an ox came up behind his cab, opened the door and carried him by his neck down to the beach. He pulled a gun on him and made him take off all of his clothes. He told Butch to take a swim and if he came back to the shore he would kill him. Butch swam out far enough that he could not see the guy. There was no one else on the beach and he waited until he saw someone leaving the beach in the streetlights. Also, he said that for the last ten or twelve years a bunch of rowdy bastard from Italy have been showing up here four or five times a year. They stayed at this hotel. Butch said that for the last year they have been staying at the hotel that we usually stayed at.”

          Pan said, “I am glad that we changed hotels. The girls probably kicked them out. If Janet was mixed up with the Mob, Honey, you and I would not be here today. You found Jane and squealed on her. If she was involved with the Mob, they would have killed you and everyone else around you. Ask Butch if he thanks that Janet is mixed up with the Mob? This will give him something else to think about.”

          As we were walking out of the ballroom we thanked Julie for inviting us. She introduced us to Janet husband. John genteelly picks up Pam hand and kisses it. Pam was so thrilled that I though she would rape him. When John took my hand I thought that he was going to crush it. From the way that he crushed my hand, I thought that it was a hint for things to come. I thought that he wanted revenge. He was going to beat me to death because I turned Janet over to the police. I felt that he would kill me before I left the hotel. I still wasn’t relieved when we were out of the hotel. I kept looking over my shoulder expecting someone to put a gun in my back and guide me to a waiting car. Butch said that he was afraid to wait for us in front of the hotel after the guy tried to drown him. Fortunately, no one followed us. Before we could get into the cab he was saying, “It was Janet wasn’t it, wasn’t it.”

          “Cool down Butch, we don’t know if it was Janet or not. The two women passengers that you had are the owners of the hotel. The daughter of the other woman looks very much like Janet looked a few years back. It is very possible that they are related, but not to Janet. Janet had never been out of the country when I knew her. These two girls have relatives in Italy. I think we should close the files on Janet. Pam and I don’t want the Mob on our backs and I don’t think you do either.”

          Butch did not say another word. He had driven us around the block a couple of times before he dropped us off at the hotel. We went to our room and relaxed. Tonight we will be up all night. Pam and I both undress and climbed into bed. We fell asleep almost instantly.

John and Gladys:  

          When John and I got back to our suite he said that Ted and Pam had taken a walk around the neighborhood and had returned to their room. He told me that he was going down stairs and workout in the gym. I told him that I was still upset about seeing Ted and Pam. I was afraid to leave the hotel. I kissed John goodbye and lay down on the bed. Even though I was quite worried, I fell asleep.

          John went down to the gym and went into a tanning room. He made a call on his cell phone. When his call was answered, he told the person on the other end of the line that he wanted to talk to Benny. After a few moments Benny picked up the phone and said, “Who is this?”

          “How buddy, this is Karano. Do you know a cab driver named Butch? I’ve seen him around for some time.”

          “Yew, I know Butch. What about him?”

          “He has been harassing a lady friend of mine. I want him to knock it off or I am going to have someone take care of him.”

          “Yew John, that bastard is always chasing some broad. Do you want him ruffed up.”

          “No Benny, Just scare the hell out of him. Just tell him that someone is looking for someone to do a hit on him for sticking his nose into someone business.”

          “Consider it done John. The bastard is always chasing some broad. I will take care of it personally.”

Ted and Pam’s Ball: 

          The party was a gayer affair. Everyone seamed to enjoy the party. Thankful, nothing about my past life arose. Butch did not show up. I wonder why he was not there. Didn’t
Ted invite him? John saw me looking around the ball room. He asked me who I was looking for. I did not want to worry him and said, “I just want to see if there is anyone else in the crowd that I may know.”

          John smiles at me and said, “If you are looking for Butch, I don’t think he will be here. I asked someone to tell him that he is not welcomed in this hotel. The hotel is off-limits for him and not to show his face anywhere close to the hotel.”

          Thankful, I relaxed and enjoyed the party. Ted seamed to have forgotten about Janet and was having a ball. He even asked me to dance with him. Pam saw us dancing together and went over to John and asked him to dance with her. For a brief moment, I was jealous. Thankful, I forgot about my past and enjoyed the company of Pam and Ted. Pam made me feel that I had known them for years. With Pam camaraderie she may the evening enjoyable. I ate and drank two much and it made me drowsy. It was past two, but the party was going full blast and it looked like it was not going to stop anytime soon. I looked through the crowd for John. I saw him talking with Ted and Pam.  A shot of adrenaline woke me up.  What the hell are they talking about?  I pushed through the crowd and joined Pam and Ted.  John had a glow on. I have never seen him this drunk. I put my arms around him and thanked Pam and Ted for inviting us. I told them that I thought that I had to put John to bed before he passed out on the dance floor. John showed some resistance, but he came with me. He waddled out of the ball room with me and over to the elevator. I had never seen John intoxicated. Fortunately, he did not pass out before we went into our suite. The moment he shut the door behind us, he sobered up. I chucked and said, “I though that I would have to carry you down the hall. I though you had too much to drink.”

          John picks me up, kissed me and said, “You thought that I was drunk didn’t you. Do you think that Pam and Ted though that I was drunk?”

          “I certainly though that you were drunk; I was worried that they were pumping you for information about me. Did they?”

           John smiled and said, “Yes they did. They wanted the life story of both of us. It they believe half of what I told them, I don’t thank they will bother you any more. I told them that we both grew up in Italy and you ran away from home and ended up working at the Cheese Factory as a visitor guide. You did not know that your parents owned the Cheese Factory. You had been away from home for a couple of years when your parents visited the Factory. They took you back home with them. You finished college and wanted to come back to Brazil and work here. You had fallen in love with Brazil. They gave you a job at the hotel as the assistant manager. When the manager quit they gave you and Julie ownership of the hotel. After I finished, we started talking about their lives. Your name did not enter the conversation again. Honey, I hope you will light up and live again.”

          I pulled John down and gave him a kiss and told him that I would try. John and I were exhausted. We took a quick shower together and went to bed. After we had gone to bed, we could hear the music coming from the ball room. John was asleep before I was. My eye lids were so heavy that I could not hold them open. The music must have helped me fall asleep.

          For the next two months Julie and I entertained Ted and Pam. Pam, Julie and I went shopping many times. In a way I did not want to ruin the relationship I had with Pam. With Ted being her husband, I was never at ease when I was with her. I had to think about every word that I said before I said it. Julie had not been to the Cheese Factory and I don’t think she knew about the narcotics that were shipped in large blocks of cheese. I asked John if we could take Ted and Pam to the Cheese Factory. He said, “Why not, the Cheese Factory is a tourist attraction. When they are going to make shipment, they do not allow visits during that time. I think it’s a wonderful idea.”

          John made the arrangement and we all flew out to the Factory. There were complementary sample of all the different cheeses. Pam ordered a number the Factory variety packs and had them shipped home. Also she bought a number of variety packs for the crew and the trip back home.

My confession:

          It was less than a week before Ted and Pam would be heading back home. Even though I enjoy their company, I still did not trust Ted. I was certain that he still believed that I was Janet. At times when he looked at me, I could read his mind. I knew what he was thinking I was almost certain that he would tell the authorities that I had escaped and where I lived. I was torn between telling him that I was Janet and keeping my mouth shut. As their departure neared I felt that I must do something before he went back to the states. I came up with a crazy idea. I was going to try to seduce him. I could hold this over his head. Pam had gone shopping with Julie and Nanny. She wanted to show her appreciation for making her visit so enjoyable. I had done enough shopping and I was on duty and that gave me an excuse for staying at the hotel. I was wondering where Ted was hiding and what he was up to. I went to security and looked at all the monitors. I saw him sitting at the bar next to the restaurant. I though I would join him. I went to my suite and freshened up. I was still wondering how I should approach him. Memories of the many times that I warmed up Ted flashed through my body. For a moment I wanted to take him to my suite and make love to him. With all the security cameras in the hotel, if I took him to my room Don would know about it. I washed that out of my mind. When I entered the bar Ted was facing the bar. An uncontrollable impulse flashed through me. I could not control my actions. I slid my warm hand across his neck and down his chest. Frightened, Ted quickly turns around. He had the same expression on his face that I had seen when I caressed him at work. My damn libido started to rise. With hunger within me I kiss Ted on his cheek. With that peck on his cheek, a flame of desire lit up his face. His subconscious reaction was the same that I had seen many times. I took his hand and said, “Join me outside. The scenery on the lanai is much better than the bar. Without any resistance Ted follows me. When we were outside and out of the view of the cameras, I pulled a chair out from under a table and motioned for him to take a seat. I stood behind him and massaged his neck and chest. I told Ted to relax. I could feel the emotional high that was firing up in both of us. I bent down and kissed Ted on the neck and asked, “Have you been unfaithful to Pam.”

          “No, I have not been unfaithful to Pam.”

          “Have you ever had the opportunity to be unfaithful?”

          “No Janet, I love Pam. I think she would kill me if I was unfaithful.”

          “Ted you have the chance now. They will be shopping for the rest of the afternoon.”

          “Janet, you are not serious are you?”

           “Ted, my name is Gladys. Who is Janet?”

            Ted turned and looked at me. I had run my hand down to his belt. Ted takes my hand and asked me to sit down. I did not let go of his hand and pulled the chair close to his. I ran my fingers across his palm. Ted looks down at his hand then looks up at me and said, “Janet was a beautiful young lady that I worked with and she is still beautiful. I loved her very much. She kidnapped me on the night that I met Pam. She and a friend were going to kill me. That evening is still haunting me. Fortunately, I escaped. As you see I am still alive. If you are not Janet, I apologize. There is no one in this world that could imitate Janet. There is only one Janet. If you are not Janet, you are a duplicate of Janet. Are you Janet?”

          With a sexy wanton smile on my face, I whispered softly, “What would you do if I was Janet?”

          “I really don’t know. They have her ashes burred outside the women’s prison back home. I visited Janet’s grave, said a prayed for her and cried. I don’t believe in reincarnation. Not to a full grown adult.”

          “Ted, just assume for a moment that I am Janet. Would you turn me over to the police?”

          Ted shook his head and mumbled something. I asked, “What did you say?”

          “Nothing Janet, you don’t know how confused I am. I don’t know what I would do. Probably, nothing.”

          I said, “Don’t you want revenge? If someone tried to kill me I would. Don’t you want to clear your conscious?”

          “No, my conscious is clear. I turned Janet in. Some how, she escaped. I am afraid that she still wants to kill me for turning her in to the police.”

          “Ted, what if I told you that I have had many chances to kill you, and it very obvious that I did not kill you.”

          Ted was looking down. He raises his head and looked into my eyes and said. “Gladys, all I want in this world is a peace of mind. That has not been possible since Butch called me and told me that he had seen and talked with Janet. I am still afraid that something will happen and you will hunt me down and kill me.”

          I took my hands and caressed Ted and said, “I am a person of my word. I will never kill you. But, if something happens to me. John and the family will want revenge. They will not rest until they get revenge. I want your word that you will not tell anyone that I am Janet. I am not Janet, I am Gladys. I have never been in America. I was here when you turned her in to the police. My family said that I looked like her. I think she is older than I am. I can still see the anguish that was on her face. I felt sorry for her. I hope that I will never have to go through what Janet went through. It is a complement for me if you think that I am Janet. She is a very beautiful woman and very smart. She talked two men into robbing 500 million dollars from a bank. They reneged on their agreement. She shot them. I would have done the same thing.”

          Ted looked at me and said, “Pam knows all about my past and my obsession with finding Janet. Pam has told me a number of times to live and let live. Let the past be forgotten. I have done my best not to turn Janet in. I truly did not want to see her go to prison. I fell in love with her when we worked together. I still have a spot in my heart for her. Not that I don’t love Pam. I love her very much. At times, I remember how much I loved Janet and how upset I was that she loved Howard and Allen. I still love her, but not as much as I love Pam. Janet, no Gladys, how did you get involved with the underworld?”

          I said, “I was born in it. Ted, it’s a long story and I don’t want to talk about it. I hope you don’t ask again.”

          “Gladys, I will never mention it again. I am so happy that we had this conversation. I had felt like the world was riding on my back. In a way, I think I can relax now.”

          I took Ted’s hand and said, “Enough has been said, lets go get something to eat.”

          Before we could get up, I heard Julie shout, “There they are. We have been looking all over for you two. To thank John for putting up with us, Pam is going to take us all out for dinner. She knows a very nice place in Recife that she found. She loves the cooking there and she hopes that you will love it also. Come on John is waiting for us.”

          Ted went over and kissed Pam. I wonder what he would say to her. For the first time, I had a feeling that Ted would not turn me in and with hopes Pam would not pressure Ted to turn me in. I felt somewhat relieved, but what about Butch. I haven’t seen him since John chased him into the ocean.

          I sat in the rear of the limo with our guest while Pam guided John to her favorite restaurant. I was sitting between Julie and Ted. When I had a chance, I would put my hand on Ted leg and squeeze it. Ted would look at me and I would pucker up my lips as if I wanted to kiss. He would take a quick look at Pam to see if she was watching us. That did not happen, Pam and John was to busy giving instruction and following them. When we pulled up in front of the restaurant, John and I did not say a thing. Julies said, “This is the restaurant that Gladys took us to. Pam the food is wonderful.”

          Pam said, “I thought that I would give you all a treat.”

          I said, “Pam, it is a treat. You could not have picked a better place to have dinner.”

          The evening was cordial. The tension that I saw on Ted’s face had faded. He appeared to be much happier. I hope so. We dropped off the group at the hotel and I told John that I wanted to go home. If there was a problem I would came back alone.

          John plopped down on the couch and said, “Honey, don’t put me through that again.”

          Not knowing what he was talking about. I chuckled and said, “Did the girls tire you out. A big hung like you let three little women tire you out.”

          John laughed and pointed at me and said, “One little woman can tire me out.”

          “Sweetheart, I did not mind taking them from shop to shop. It was the uncertainty about where they wanted to go and when they wanted to go. How was your day?”

          “Emotional and exciting, I had a long talk with Ted. I felt that I had to do something before he went back home. In my heart, I knew that with Butch prodding him and his uncertainty about me. I had to test him out before he went back home. I felt much better after we talked. I did not admit that I was Janet, but he still has some doubt about who I am. I hope he doesn’t go back on his word. Ted seamed quite relieved after our meeting. I don’t think he and Pam will ever tell anyone where I am. Maybe, I should not have talked to him. I was afraid, with Butch pestering him and from his own reactions; he knew that I was Janet. At times I am so afraid that the next knock on the door or the next phone call will be the end of my life. I don’t want to go through what I had to go through before. At times, I thought about killing myself.” 

          Patiently John listened to me. He did not interrupt my train of though. When I finished, John patted on the couch next to him. I walked to him and he pulls me down on his lap. He held me in his arms and kissed me then said, “I know what have been going through. I will do every thing in my power to keep you from having to go through that part of your life again. If Butch is your only problem, don’t worry about him. He is the least of your worries. He is getting a sample of what can happen to him if he tramples on our soil.”

          “John, please don’t hurt him, I have enough nightmares now. I don’t need any more. If I am forced into a corner, I would not hesitate to blow him away and suffer more nightmares. Let’s go to bed. I don’t want to talk about my problems any more. I may not be able to go to sleep anyway.”

          It was a long night. John was asleep by the time he closed his eyes. I lay there for hours going over what had happened today. I tried to talk myself into relaxing and go to sleep. It did not work. I got up and put on my beach robe and slipped out of the house. There was a full moon and the city lights shined on Ted yacht. It was so larger that I felt that I could reach out and touch it. When I got to the bay, I turned around and headed back home. I saw a silhouette of a large man walking in my direction. A flash of fear sent goose pimple all over my body. I froze in my tracks. I could not run if I wanted to. I saw my life ending here on the beach. My body went into a defensive mode. If he was going to attack me, I was going to make him pay for it. Fear slid from my mind. I reach into my pockets for something to defend myself with. The only thing that I found was my key ring. The keys circled a large ring. I grabbed the ring and pulled the keys out of my pocket. If he touches me, I will slam the keys across his face. It may distract him long enough for me to get away. I was fired up for a fight far my life. I had never had to fight to defend myself. With each of his steps it reminded me of the night I shot at Bruno. Why in hell didn’t I take my pea shooter with me? He was only a few steps from me. I raised my arm and was ready to tear up his face. I was on the verge of letting out a blood curdling screen. A soft friendly voice said, “Sweetheart, what are you doing out here. You should not walk the beach at this time of night alone. There are a lot of people living on the beaches. They would kill you for our beach robe.”

          I had burn up all of my energy preparing for a fight. I fell to the ground. John picks me up as if I was only a child. I laid my head on his shoulder and kiss him. He did not say another word to me. He did not scream at me. I wanted him to put me down. He shook his head and said, “Honey, you are in no condition to walk and I love holding you in my arms.”

          John sat me down on a beach chair and brushed the sand from my feet. He washed my feet with the garden hose, dried them with a towel, lifted me with one arm and carried me to bed. He pulled a light sheet over me and turned out the light. He climbs in the bed and whispers to me, “I can only imagine how you must feel. You must be going through hell. Please let me carry part of your problems. I have broad shoulders.”

          “Daring, I don’t want to load you down with my problems.”

          “Sweetheart, your problems are my problems. Please don’t leave me out of your life.”

          I kissed John and said, “There is no way that I can share my nightmares with you. Please don’t worry about me.”

I cuddled up to John and kissed him and said, “Thank you darling. I have taken up enough your time. Let’s go to sleep.”        


Ted, Butch is lost:       

        My cell phone rang. I thought that I was dreaming. Pam said, “Honey, please answer your cell phone.”

          “Damn it honey, who in hell could be calling at this time of night.”

          Pam said, “I don’t know who would be calling you at this time of night.”

          I fumbled around trying to find the light switch. I could not remember where I left the damn cell phone. The damn ringing started to get the best of me. At least I found the light, where in hell is the cell phone? Pam said, “What are you doing? That can wait, answer the phone.”

          “I can hear the damn thing, but I don’t know where I put it.”

          Pam sits up in bed and said, “Look in your vest pocket in your jacket. That is where you usual put it.”

          I picked up my jacket and it was where she said it was. I answered the call it was Butch on the line. Hysterically, he was blabbering that he was lost. Then he said, “What took you so damn long to answer your phone.”

          I said, “What the hell are you doing calling me at this time of night.”

          “I am lost and I don’t have any transportation. Would you come and get me.”

          “When in hell are you?”

          “I don’t know.”

          “How in hell am I going pick you up if I don’t know where you are?”

          “I am out in the jungle somewhere.”

          “How in hell did you get out there?”

          “Two men climbed into my cab when I was waiting for a fare. They said that they would give me instruction as we drove along. They did not know the name of the place they were going to, but they knew how to get there. We get out in the middle of nowhere and they said this is it. There was nothing around, just jungles. They pulled out guns and dragged me out of the driver’s seat. They blind folded me and forced me in the back seat. One of them drove and the other one kept a gun poked into my side. He told me not to try to peek. I had been watching the meter; I had driven thirty miles before they took over. They drove for another half hour if not longer. Then they shoved me out of my cab and drove off with my cab. The bastards took my wallet. When I got the blind folder off of my eyes, they were gone. Fortunately, I had my cell phone in my shirt pocket. They did not search me. What the hell am I going to do.?”

          Ted look over at Pam and shook his head then said, “Butch, the best thing I can think of, call 911 and tell them what had happened. I have no way of finding you. Good luck, I hope you get some help.”

          Butch shouted, “Hold on. I think it had to do with that bitch Janet. I bet she had something to do with it.”

           “Butch, here we go again. She has been here at the hotel working all morning and with me most of the afternoon. I am convinced that she is not Janet. You know she owns the hotel and you told me that the Mob own the hotel. If I was you I would not fool around with her. You were lucky that those guys just robbed you. They could have killed you. As I said call the police and let them find you.”

          I shut down the phone before Butch could respond. I put my cell phone back where I had it. I was hoping that I would remember where I put it. I climbed back into bed. Pan said, “Honey, what was that about?”

          “Two guys robbed Butch and took him out in the jungle and left him there. He doesn’t know where he is and he wants me to find him. I told him to call the police. Sorry honey. Good night.”

          Sympathetically Pam said, “Honey, why should you look for him. Butch has lived here most of his life; he should have an idea where he is. Maybe not, Brazil is a large country. You would not know where to start.”

          Pam whispers as if someone in the hotel was listening to every word that we were saying, “Do you think that Janet had anything to do with.”

          “Honey, anything is possible.”

          “Ted you did not tell me that you spent most of the day with Gladys. What did you talk about?”

          Me and my big mouth, I turned on the light next to the bed and sat up. “Pam, I did not want to bring up the subject again. You told me to live and let live. I am almost certain that Gladys is Janet. She strongly hinted that she was Janet. She asked me to assume that she was Janet. She wanted to know what I would do if I knew that she was Janet. I told her that I would probably not do anything. I told her that I was afraid that someday she might kill me. She promised me that she would not harm either one of us. But, if something happens to her, she will not be able to stop John or the family from doing anything. It leaves me where I was before. Except, I don’t have to worry about her doing something, but I will have to worry about what John and the family will do.”

          Pam interrupted me, “How did she get involve with the family. She wasn’t involved with the family when you knew her, was she?”

          “I don’t know, I asked her how she got involved with the family. She told me that she was born in the family and it was a long story and did not want to talk about it. She also asked me not to ask her again.”

Pam asked, “Do you think that the family had anything to do with getting her out of prison?”

          “It’s possible. If Gladys is Janet, what ever she or the family did had to muzzle all of the prison officials, from the warden on down.”

          Pam said, “It had to be the family, she could never done it by herself. Let go back to sleep if we can.”  

Gladys gala send off for Ted and Pam:

            Julie and I prepared a farewell breakfast for Pam, Ted and the crew in the special guest dinning room. It appeared that we would never see each other again. Julie and Nanny and the crew did not know what was in the back of the minds of Pam, Ted, John and I. I did my best to show my love for them.

          I did not want to tread through the sand to the beach. As John was escorting them out the door, I pulled Ted to the side to wish him a pleasant trip home. With the devilish in me, I pulled him tightly to my body and gave him a long lingering, sexy kiss. I thrush my body against Ted and whispered, “You had you chance and you did not take it. Maybe when you came back you will be in the mood.”

          I did not know that Nanny was still in the room, she said in perfect English, “Are you two going to stay here and make love.”

          Ted blushed and I smiled at Nanny and said, “Ted and I have known each other for a long time. I was asking him to please come back to see us.”

          Nanny looked at Ted and then at me and said, “I think the both of you wish that Ted could stay longer.”

          Ted smiled and said, “Too much of something wonderful will make you tire of it to soon.”

          Ted took Nanny’s hand walked out the door without looking back. A hollow feeling seeped into my body. I felt so alone in the room by myself. Then suddenly I remembered the damn security cameras. The whole damn thing was on tape. I looked up at the camera and through a kiss at the security guard.  I went to security and no one was there. The camera was zoomed in to the spot where Ted and I were standing. I rewound the tape and played it. It had captured every movement of my body and every word that I said. I took the tape and looked at the roster to see who was on duty. As I was walking out of security the guard was hurrying down the hall with one of the hotels maids. When they saw me, I though that they were going to die of shock. I showed the tape to the guard and said, “If anything that is on the tape gets out, you will be looking for another job. Also, don’t use the hotel for reference.”

          The guard said, “Gladys, I will never tell anyone what I saw. I promise you.”

          I said, “You have already told someone. If John hears about this, what will he think? First he will find out where the rumor started, then he will beat the living hell out of the person that started it.”

          As I was walking away, I was kicking my own ass for what I had done. Why in hell am I always sticking my foot in my mouth? To hell with it go to the beach and see them off. I took my high heals off and ran to the beach. The gang was still there. Pam was all over John. Ted was watching with a smile. They looked up at me running over to them. I through my arms around Ted and gave him a lingering kiss and apologized to him. He told me that an apology was not needed and kissed me again. I went over to Pam, we hugged and kissed. Again, I wished them a pleasant trip home. We waited until they pulled up the anchor. We saw Ted and Pam waving from the stern of the yacht.

          As we were walking back to the hotel John said, “Ted got a phone call from Butch. From what I could hear Ted saying, Butch got a ride in the back of truck with load of pigs. Also, the police had impounded his cab for parking in a tow away zone. It cost him $500 dollars to get it back. From what Ted said, Butch must have though you had something to do with it. Ted told Butch to lay off of you, if you are a member of a Mob, he may get a one way trip into the back country. Ted also said that it could have been the husband or a boyfriend of one of the hundreds of women that he said he had messed around with. From the best I could make out, you don’t have to worry about Butch anymore.”

I looked up at John and said, “John, you did not have anything to do with Butch being taken for a ride into the back country, did you?”

He smiles at me and said, “It possible.”

I hugged John and we followed the crowd back to the hotel.

 The begging of the end of my new Life:

        Hopefully, I had Ted and Butch out of my hair. The few minutes that I had with Ted have not been leaked out. I was thankful for that. I started to live again. Now I wanted a family of my own. For some reason it never happened, but it was not for not trying. Julie and Nanny was my family. My pass life had seamed to fade away. The nightmares are much further apart. I had not told John about the money in the storage locker. I was using some of it to purchase shares in the other hotels. If the family decided to take the hotel away from Julie and me, at least the money I have invested would keep us from having to dig into the money in the storage locker.

            Over the next ten years Ted only visited us three times. The trips to Brazil were getting boring for them. They visited other countries around the world. John and I were doing the same. Papa was still living. He had jumped up a few notches in the family. This would secure Julie and my income for a while longer. John and I both were getting the middle age spread. The problem was that we both loved to eat and the amount of time we were exercising was getting shorter. When we were at far away places, I sent greeting card to Ginger, Warden Claxton and Paul. I still had the trinkets that Paul had given me. I mailed them back to him and said, “No thank. Give them to your wife. She will throw them in your face.”

As I lay here in bed with John next to me, I am thinking about my two lives.

I do not want a third life. Two is enough.


 Written and Published

By William W. Wynne


Copyright Ó 2008 by William W. Wynne

All Rights Reserved

Printed in the United States of America