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My Best Friends and My Family's Secrets  

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My Best Friends and My Family's Secrets

By Willy

If you have never been in New York, do not be surprised that you can find yourself in an ethnic community. There is Little Italy, China Town, German Town, Harlem and many other ethnic communities throughout the five boroughs. At one time in the upper east side of Manhattan was cluster of old builds. They should have been condemned. It only encompassed a few square blocks. It was packed with poor immigrants from Ireland . There were many cold-water flats with only hot plates for a kitchen. The community bath was out in the hall and you were lucky if you found hot water in the pipes. Yet, this was home for many and they thought that their little community was heaven. At least it was a hell of lot better than sleeping on the streets and you could stuff rags and newspaper in the cracks around the decaying window frame to keep the cold out, if you had a window. Some of the apartments in the basement did not have windows, and you had to share it with rats and cockroaches. You did not have to clean the dishes after a meal. If the rats did not clean the plates, the cockroaches did. There is one thing that I liked about New York , it has a little of everything. If you looked long enough, you would find it. New Yorkers are just one big happy family.

The residences of this rundown neighborhood called it Little Ireland. Most of the residences were natives of Ireland or their parents or grandparents were born in Ireland . You may say that birds of a feather flock together. Human are no different. Through word of mouth or through a letter back home, they found little Ireland . New York was the place where they thought that a fortune was waiting for them. Their dreams were shattered. Most of the residences of this little neighborhood had spent their last penny to get to America . They did not have the money for a trip back to Ireland and only a few dollars for food and housing. Most of the older residences and the majority of the new comerís income usually were not enough to feed their families. They had to stretch their dollars just to have a place to live and put some food on the table. With the help and generosity of their neighbors, who were or had been in the same predicament, they helped the newcomers to scrape up enough to survive. They all shared what little they had with their neighbors. Over the years the borders of Little Ireland, if there ever was one, no longer exit. Today Little Ireland is a mixture of all nationalities.

Pat and Frank were eight years old. On a bright sunny day, they watched a black family moving into Little Ireland. They had two children, a newborn baby girl whose name was Ginger and a lad the same age as Pat and Frank. His name was Jimmy Williams. Like Pat, Jimmy was named after his father. Jimmyís father had been working at Mc Noonís bar for about 6 months. Patís father, Officer OíDonnell had put a little pressure on the owner of an apartment building across the street from Mc Noonís to rent an empty apartment to Jim Williams and his family. Jim was well like by everyone in the neighborhood. Patrick was successful. Little Ireland had been integrated.

Jimmy, Frank and Pat were in the same class at school. Jimmy was shy and afraid to associate with the two white lads. Pat and Frank invited Jimmy to play stickball with them after school. Jimmy was still a little reluctant to play with them. After a little persuasion from Jimmyís mother and father, Jimmy started to play with Frank and Pat. It was not long until the three became the best of friends and inseparable. For the next ten years until Jimmy and Frank went to college, it you saw one, you would soon see the other two.

Even when Jimmy and Frank went to college, it they had a free moment they would get together. If they could not get together, they would call each other just to let the others know where they were, what they had been doing, whom they were doing it to or who was doing it to them.

Frank was the brightest of the three; he and a few of his college friends had set up a small software publishing company in Los Angeles . Their business was just on the brink of starting to make a profit. They were struggling like many small companies.

Patís father Patrick Senior was Jimmyís idol. Jimmy wanted to be a NYC cop like Patrick. During Jimmyís first year of college, Patrick pulled a few strings, twisted a few arm and got Jimmy a part time job in Patrickís precinct. During the summer months, Jimmy would assist officers on cases and continue his education during the winter. 

Pat was not as fortunate as Jimmy and Frank. Patís father had scraped up enough money and bought Pat a cab with a medallion. It was not a new cab by a long shot. The medallion was worth twenty times the value of the cab, if not more. Pat had to spend most of his spare time and most of his money just to keep the cab running. You would not think that things could get any worse for Pat, but they did. Patís mother took off with one of her customer and a few months later, his father was murdered by drug dealers in a drive by shooting. For a seventeen year old in New York with no parents, Pat, somehow, made a living and was started to get out of debt and was saving a few buck. Just when things started looking up for Pat, his world fell apart. He was charged with killing a wealthy heiress.

Pat was not the only person that had problems. In the local precinct where Jimmy worked, the world had turned upside down for two veteran cops. They had been on the same case for two years and they were no closer to solving the murder than they were the day they started. The Media and everyone in New York had been on their ass to solve the case. The public demanded action on the murder of Elizabeth Staten. She was a very wealthy lady and the Queen of Manhattan. She had donated millions to the City and the area charities. There was pressure from the Mayor and everyone else to solve the brutal crime. She had been murdered while she slept. Fortunately, she did not suffer.

The egos of Cannon and Paterson were stretched to the limit. They were not going to take any more shit from anyone. Cannon wanted to through in the towel and take early retirement. With persuasion from Cannon, Paterson agreed with Cannon, and they took early retirement to get out of the heat. Their ego was crushed even more when the headlines read, "Veteran cops booted for incompetence."

During the two years that they were working on the case, if they had spent more time trying to solve the case than thinking of ways to make themselves rich, possibly they could have solved the crime. In one way, you cannot blame the old boys. In the archives of NYPD, there are many crimes that still have not been solved, and there is no one working on the cases. 

After they turned in their badges, of all people, Jimmy Williams a rookie detective just out of college was assigned to the case. This was a very heavy load for a young black cop. At first, Jimmy thought they were trying to stick it to him. There was tremendous pressure on Jimmy to solve the murder of Elizabeth Staten. To top it off, they did not assign anyone to assist Jimmy on the case. If they had planned to stick it to Jimmy, he was not going to let them get away with it. Jimmy worked around the clock on the case. If he wasnít researching the records and files, his mind was reviewing everything that he had uncovered that remotely looked as if it may give him a lead on the Elizabeth Staten case?

Shortly after Jimmy took over where James and Larry had fumbled around for more than two years, they were drowning their sorrows one evening at their favorite pub in Manhattan , James said, "That black kid they put on the case will never solve the fucking case. There is not a fucking thing to go on. We ran into a blank wall and so will he."

Larry nodded without even hearing what James had said. His mind was on his bank account. Each month more money was going out than what his retirement was bring in. He said to James, "What the hell are we going to do? I canít live on my retirement."

James agreed and said, "Well we shouldnít have retired."

Larry shouted, "You bastard, you are the one that insisted that we retire."

This lit Jamesí fuse, an argument broke out and a shouting match in profanity filled the bar. The owner threatened to have them locked up. Verbally the owner kicked them out of the bar. They had left the bar and were walking aimlessly down the street. After a few block of fuming over being kicked out of the bar, they settled down. James said, "When we were on the force that bastard would welcome us with open arms and treat us like we were kings. He would give us free drinks all night. I think that bastard doubled the price for our drinks."

Larry almost started another confrontation by saying, "See, I should not have listened to you. It cost forty bucks for drinks. I donít know why I let you talk me into retiring."

James yelled, "Quit whining, you know you wanted to leave as much as I did. We will find something else to do. Why donít you ask them for your fucking job back? Those bastards will laugh in your face."

Larry continued to fume. When he settled down again, he started complaining about the neighborhood. It wasnít the nicest street in New York . Prostitutes and pushers had approached them. A small shop had been broken into and the alarm was ringing. The streets were filled with litter, garbage was stacked six feet high along the curb, and the odor was stifling. Larry said, "The whole fucking world is falling apart. No matter where you are, crimes are being committed. We havenít walked four blocks and I could have arrested ten of the bastards."

James replied, "Things havenít changed Larry. They are just the same when we were working. We just stuck our hand out and looked the other way. Thatís the only way you can get ahead in this world. We canít shake down these bastards now. They will just laugh in our face or blow our brains out. What are we going to do for the rest of our lives?"

Larry grumbled, "Well, what have we been doing all of our life?"

James laughed, "Fucking off, sleeping at our desks, eating too damn much and looking the other way for a few measly bucks. We should have hit them up for more."

Larry chucked, "Now you think of it, now itís too late."

James chucked also and uttered, "I have been thinking about the case we were working on."

Larry laughed, "Since when have you been thinking, especially about that fucking case."

James fired back at Larry, "Shut up and listen. Donít get so fucking funny. Someone made the hit on that old broad. Her old man didnít have a fucking cent. She picked him up at one of those social gatherings that she held to make a few bucks for charity. He must have had someone knock her off while he was playing his piano out west. There wasnít anyone else in the world that would want her dead and he is the only one that got all of her fucking money. He took off with a young chick only a month after she was murdered. When he came back, I asked him about the broad. Kindle told me that it was his daughter. He said that he had given her some money. He said that she and a friend took off to the see the world. I asked him if he knew where she was headed. He said that my guess was as good as his, and he would let us know when he heard from her. We could not find anything about him or if he had a daughter. I donít think Kindle was his real name. We never found out who the young lady was and where she ended up. She was not with him when he came back. She could have iced the old broad and he killed the young bitch. He has another old broad that he is romancing. She has just as much money as he has. I will bet, if we hadnít been hounding him, Kindle would have married her and had that old bitch iced."

Larry replied, "I wouldnít put it pass him. I always thought that he wasnít being upfront with us. When we started checking up on his activities, Allen told us to lay-off. Someone got to Allen. Who was it?"

James thought for a few moments then said, "I donít know. With all the money Kindle inherited, he could have bought off anyone. Allen is not going to tell us. If the brass knew that Allen told us to lay-off, his ass would be mud. They would string him up by his balls. Why donít we blackmail Allen?"

Larry laughed and yelled, "Are you kidding? Allen well lie through his teeth, who would they believe? He would deny that he told us to lay-off of Kindle."

Still pissed James said, "I wish there was some way we could get back at Allen. That son-of-bitch used us."

For the next month, they mulled over what they would do to supplement their retirement income. One morning Larry was looking through the want ads. He yelled at James and said, "You bastard, we have to have a college education just to get a job in a fast food joint. There isnít a damn thing in this paper that we can do without a college education. I am to fucking old to go back to school."

James laughed and teased Larry, "I can see you carrying some young broad books to school. Ha, ha, ha."

"Laugh you son-of-bitch we both will be on welfare if we donít find a way to make some money. We will be on the streets just like all the other bums. You wonít be laughing then. You will have a hat full on pencils and a sign that says, ďPlease Help The Blind.Ē One of those rookie cops will lock your ass up for pan-handling."

After another few weeks of sitting around on their fat asses, they came up with a bright idea of being Private Eyes. They thought all they had to do was nail up a shingle and the money would start rolling in. They opened a small office in a hole-the-wall in New Jersey . For the first month, the only things they did was too snoozed, continuously ate, drank beer, gained another 20 pound each, and farted. They advertised in the local paper. The advertising was costing them a bundle without any results.

As usual, one morning James was reading the newspaper and said, "Everyday you read about some rich bastards getting a divorce. Why donít we help them out? For a price, we will make the divorce quick and easy. No lawyer fees, no waiting around, no court cost, just a small courtesy fee and they end up with all the money and no spouse."

Larry was dozing off, when the comment soaked in he said, "What the hell are you talking about? How are you going to get rid of the spouse?"

James got up from the chair, let out a fart and walked toward Larryís desk. Larry said, "Stop right there. Donít bring your farts to this side of the room. I have enough trouble getting rid of my own."

James stopped and said, "We will get someone to kill them. Another thing, do you remember that bartender in Brooklyn that we tried to nail for setting up the murder of that Staten bitch, and everyone else has been trying to nail his ass for all the murders in New York . He has a damn Ďwholesale murder for hireí business going on. No one has been able to tie him in to any of the murders that he has been accused of or being involved in, and he is still in business. We could give him a few grand to find someone to do the killing for us."

With a frightened look on his face, Larry stood up and yelled, "Are you crazy. I am not going along with any of your shit. Keep me out of it. We have been partners for a long time; this is a little too much. I think you have gone crazy. Keep me out of this shit. Donít you dare include me in any of the shit that is coming out of your mouth."

"Hold on Larry, itís just an idea. Think it over. We will not know who did the hit and I donít give a damn. We will just rake in the money."

Larry sat back down. He grabbed a cigarette and lit it. His hands were shaking so bad that he lit the cigarette in the middle. The tempo of the argument raised up a couple of decibels. Larryís blood pressure looked like it had jumped up another 20 notches. His face was bright red. He looked up a James and said, "There is no way in hell you are going to get me mixed up in one of your crazy schemes. I canít believe you came up with this. They will nail our asses for sure. We would be the one that hired the killer. The bastard will know that it was us; he will blackmail us or have us bumped off. I donít see how we can get away with it. If the cops donít get us, the thugs that do the icing will bleed us to death or kill us. Those fucks donít fool around. We would have to make damn sure we cover our ass. I think I will kill myself if they caught us. I could not face my friends at the precinct."

"Bull shit, Larry. There is not a sole in that fucking precinct that gives a tinkerís damn about us and you know it. We are wasting our money sitting around here. We donít have one client. Tomorrow I am going to get every paper in New York and across the country. We will see how many divorces out there those are worth fooling with. Just donít slam the door on me yet. Itís just an idea and something to think about. We will see how the pickings are out there. I think I will go over and talk to that bar tender in Brooklyn . What his name?"

Larry answered, "Vic La Pitza, La Posia, anyway, his first name is Vic. Do you want me to go with you?"

"Why not, we will get a chance to see the city again. How long have we been holding up in this dump?"

"About four or five months."

It was almost four and they would be butting the rush hour traffic. They were not in any hurry. They didnít have anything else to do. They knew that Vic always had the night shift and he hangs around the bar when he was not sleeping.

They headed down Boulevard East and saw the road to the ferry. Larry yelled, "Letís take the ferry."

James made a u-turn and went down the hill to the ferry. They had not been on a ferry in years. The cool breeze coming off the river was pleasant. The skyline of New York was majestic. They got off in lower Manhattan and took the Brooklyn Bridge . The traffic crept across the bridge. James headed down Flatbush Avenue . They passed Prospect Park . It brought back memories of when they were teenagers. Larry looked down at his potbelly, and then remembered how slim and trim he was the last time he was in the park.

Larryís memories vanished when James stopped the car in front of the bar. Fear ran through his body. James looked at Larry and saw the fear in his face and the perspiration was beading on his forehead. James chucked and said, "What the hell are you scared about."

"Arenít you scared?"


"You lying bastard. You are just as scared as I am. These guys play for keeps."

They waddled to the bar looking around to see who was watching the bar and who was in the bar. Larry felt a little relieved. He didnít see any mobsters or undercover agents hanging around. The neighborhood was relatively quiet. They looked around the bar, and it was almost empty. Vic was in his usual spot. When Vic saw Larry and James entering the bar, he rolled his eyes up and around, and said to himself, "What the fuck are those jerks doing in here?"

Larry and James went to the bar, ordered a couple of beers and a shot of Scotch for Vic. They both stood erect, pulled in their gut, throughout their chest, pulled back their shoulders, pulled their chins against their chest and sashayed across the bar room. Vic looked over the top of his glasses, chucked to himself and thought, "Look at those fucking clowns. What the fuck do they want?"

Larry put the shot of Scotch on the table and they both pulled up a chair across from Vic. Vic did not say a word, and neither did they. They all were waiting for the other one to say something; finally, Vic broke the ice and questioned, "What the fuck do you guys want. You are no longer on the force. Are you wired?

Both James and Larry started to sweat. Nervously they slumped down in their chair, shook their heads and said quietly, "No, no wires."

James stuttered, "IÖ thinkÖ we canÖ do a little business."

Vic snapped back, "What kind of business do you have in mind?"

Larry said, "Just some what-ifs for now."

"What kind of what-ifs?"

James pulled his chair a little closer and a little more brazing said, "You damn well know what we are talking about. Donít play games. What the usual price?"

Vic chuckled, "That depends. What do you want done; who you want it done to. It can vary from a thou to fifty thou. Before we talk price I will have to know everything with the money up front."

"How can we know how much money we have to put up before you know what we want done?"

"You tell me the basics and I will give you a price. You give me the full details and I will give you the full price. If we need more money, you will have to come up with it. Once you say go, you have 24 hours to change your mind. After that, you cannot change anything. The contract goes through."

Larry said, "What if we wanted someone to go to sleep for a long time."

"That depends on who, when and where. Five thou might get you in the ballpark. Also, donít ask who is pulling it off and donít try to find out. You may be the next one to take a long, long nap. Does that answer your question?"

James nodded, "What if we can provide you with a lot of business?"

"There are no bargains on quantity. Every contract cost money. I never know who is going to do the work and you will never know. Every contract is paid in cash; no other way; cash up front."

James got up and pulled his chair away from the table, stuck his hand out. Vic looked at Jamesís hand, then at his face. Cautiously he shook James hand and said, "Thanks for the Scotch."

James and Larry casually walked out of the bar, looking over their shoulders every now and then. Wondering if the Feds or some New York Cops had the place staked out. When they were outside Larry said, "He wants too much fucking money. Where in hell are we going to get that much money?"

James shook his head and said, "We will have to do the first hit ourselves. Then we can hire someone else."

For about a week, they searched through all the papers. Larry was still reluctant to commit himself to Jamesís scheme. He did not have anything else to do. He helped James scan the stack of papers they bought every day. Larry ran across a divorce of a couple in Westchester . The husband wanted a divorce and so did the wife. She had all the money and she was not going to give him a red cent. They had taken it to court. Larry jumped up and yelled, "I found one. I think itís just what you are looking for."

James came over and pulled the paper out of Larryís hands. He asked, "Where is it?"

With pride Larry said, "Look on the second page. The broad is loaded. Her old man does not have a cent. I think itís just what you are looking for."

James nodded as he read the article, when he finished, he said, "We will make a bundle on this one."

For the next couple of weeks, James and Larry dug into the finances of Robert and Mary Stevenson. They were loaded, at least she was. She lived in their home in Westchester and she had a small apartment in the Bronx where Robert lived. James and Larry attended the court hearings and tailed Robert and Mary. To bump her off was a cinch. No dogs, no burglar system that was noticeable. If they had a burglar system and if the security system was attached to the phone lines, access to the phone connection was on the outside of the house and with easy access.

The next problem was to get Mr. Robert Stevenson to go along with their plan. James tailed Robert and Larry tailed Mary. Most of the time, Robert hung around the small apartment in the Bronx . He did not have the money to go anywhere. He hardly ate out or went to the bars. He stole the newspaper from the blind news dealer on the corner or dug it out of the garbage. James wasnít sure if the news dealer was blind or not. The blind man turned his head and followed James as he passed the new stand. It appeared that the news dealer was watching Robert, but he never said a word to Robert. James saw a look of discuss in the blind man face. James laughed to himself. He was thinking, ĎThe fucking blind man is not blind."

James remembered what Larry had said about him having to sell pencils on the street. If he could not get Robert to let him kill his wife, he and Larry may have to open up a newsstand themselves.

Robert bought frozen dinners and never ate out. One evening when Cannon was tailing Robert, Robert was walking aimlessly down the street. He looked at the ground as he walked along. Every now and then he would stop and pick up something. Robert was picking up coins off the street. He checked all the parking meters and pay phones for money. It was obvious that Robert had run out of money and did not have any coming in.

Robert stopped in front of a pub. James could see Roberts hunger for a drink. Robert licked his lips occasionally; he pulled the change out of his pocket and counted it. He cursed, kicked the sidewalk in disgust and started to walk away. James called out, "Hi, arenít you Robert Stevenson?"

"Yes, I am. Who are you?"

James had been rehearsing for the occasion and said, "I am Paul Simpson, we met at one of the parties your wife had, that was a few years ago. You lived in Westchester didnít you?"

"Yes I did, I am sorry, but I donít remember you. I guess that comes with old age. My fucking wife kicked me out."

James shook his head and said, "You are not that old, you have a long life ahead of you. Sorry to hear about your wife kicking you out, my wife left me for a young gigolo. She took everything I had. I wanted to kill that bitch."

Robert said, "I know what you mean. My wife has herself a boyfriend. I am going through that mess now. I am not going to get a fucking nickel. I am down to my last few bucks."

James took Robertís arm and said, "Come on inside and we will have a drink, itís on me."

Robert went along with James willingly. James took a booth in the rear of the bar. All the other customers were up front. James said, "We can talk back here without everyone nosing in on our conversation."

They had been in the bar for an hour and Robert was getting a glow on. He had been pouring his guts out to James. Out of the blue, James said, "Why donít you hire someone to blow her brains out? From what you said, I feel like killing the bitch for what she has put you through."

Robertís eyes lit up and said, "You will have to do it before the divorce is final, otherwise I will not get a cent."

James could not believe what Robert had said. He put his hand on Roberts shoulder, and then said, "I thought of having someone kill my wife. The bastards wanted too much money. He told me that I would have to leave the country while he killed her. I did not have enough money to get out of New York . Much less the money he wanted for killing her."

Robert came alive and said, "Would you kill her for me."

"I donít know Robert; I probably would fuck it up and get caught."

Robert replied, "I canít give you any money now. You kill her and you can name the price."

Jamesí wish had come through. A little excitement was bussing around inside of him. He did not want to fuck it up. He was trying to think of what to say to Robert. His mind drifted back to the Staten case, and he whispered, "You know, you canít stay around here. The spouse is always the prime suspect. You are going to have to be on the other side of the country when it happens with plenty of witness. Do you have any family out west?"

"No but, I have some friends that lives in Portland Oregon ."

"Great, do you have enough money to get you out there?"

"I think I can scrape up enough money. My wife sends me a check every week. It hardly covers my expenses, but sometimes there is a little left over. I will tell her that I am sick and need to go to a doctor. She may send me a few more hundred."

James said, "Listen Robert, I am putting my life on the line. If I kill your wife, I donít want you backing out after I kill her."

For the next ten minutes, Robert tried to assure James of his sincerity, and said, "Look Paul, I am desperate. My whole fucking life will go down the drains if she is not put to rest. You kill her and as I said, you can name your price. I am not going to back out of the deal."

James was happy as hell, but he tried not to show it. James and Robert shook hands to close the deal. James reminded him that if he did not come across with the money, he would have someone knock him off. Robert again assured James that he would not back out of the deal. He felt that having her killed was the best thing that every happen to him. Robert thought that his dreams had come true. Robert looked like a new man. He was happy as hell. James chucked to himself as they parted.

Larry had been tailing Mary. When Larry walked into the office, James was all fired up. He could not wait to tell Larry that he had a contract with Robert Stevenson. Larry said, "Well you better do it quick. The lovebirds had a fight when they were in the motel. I think he is dumping her. She will probably go back to her old man and call off the divorce."

After James and Larry had planned and rehearsed the hit, Robert took off for Portland . Larry had been tailing Mrs. Stevenson. Most of Mrs. Stevenson evening were filled. Sunday night she stayed home and went to bed early to catch up on her sleep. On Thursday evening, she attended a social gathering and came home late. While Larry tailed her James broke into her home. He found a duplicate key for the front door and unlocked a couple of windows just in case they had any trouble getting in the front door. He looked for a murder weapon. He found a wood mallet with a jagged metal surface on one side. It was a meat tenderizer. James hit his hand with the wooden side of the mallet a couple of times thinking that this will do the job. He looked for something to cover himself when he hit her over the head. He did not want to be splatter with blood. He found a plastic raincoat of Roberts. It was a little small for him. It covered most of his body. He put it on backward. After surveying the house, he put everything back where he had found them and locked the doors as he left.

A few days had passed since Robert left for Portland . Robert called as planned. James told him to make sure that he was with a crowd of people Sunday night at nine, west coast time. James reminded him not to show any emotional outburst around that time and have a few drinks to settle his nerves.

All day Sunday, Larry and James were like a couple of caged lion. They checked and double-checked everything they were going to do. They left their office at nine in the evening and headed for Westchester . They arrived over an hour early. They circled the block a number of times. The lights were still on in the Stevensonís home. James was getting impatient and said, "Why in the hell doesnít she go to bed."

Larry was getting apprehensive. His heart was pounding. He wasnít sure if he wanted to go through with the murder. They made another loop around the neighborhood. When they approached the house James said, "Damn it, she is still up."

Perspiration was soaking Larry. He thought that he was going to have a heart attack. As they passed the house again, Larry said, "She always leaves that light in the upstairs hall on all night. If she is awake, she may see our shadows in the bedroom when we walk down the hall."

James fussed, "Why in the hell didnít you tell me this an hour ago. That the only light that been on in the house. We would have had the job done by now."

"I am sorry, I did not think of it until now."

They had passed the house and James did not want to back into the driveway. Still fuming, he said, "That light upstairs is not a problem. We will go up the back stairs. Put on your rubber gloves I am going to circle the block again."

It was eleven fifty-five , and all the lights in the house were out except the light in the upstairs hall. As they approached the house, James turned off the headlights and engine and coasted up the circular driveway. He put of the brakes when the car was behind a large bush. They had removed the overhead light in the car so it would not turn on when they opened the door. The shrubs and trees blocked all the light from the streetlight. They could not see a damn thing. James felt for the door handle and eased out of the car expecting Larry to follow him. Larry hesitated; he had changed his mind. He was not going to go through with the murder. He felt so weak that he could not raise his hand or open his mouth. He did not say a word about his fears to James.

As James got out of the car, fear was racing through his body. He felt his way up the darkened steps to the front door. James whispered to Larry and said, ďBe quiet and donít make any noise.Ē

Larry heard the whisper and did not understand what James had said. Larry said loudly, ďWhat did you say.Ē

James almost went into a state of shock. He thought everyone in the neighborhood had heard Larry. His bladder was full and a little came out. Without thinking James said, ďShut up. Didnít I tell you not to make any noise?Ē

James realizes how loud he was talking and fear struck him again. Another few drops came out. He pulled it out and pissed on the front steps hoping that he was pissing on Larry. When James finishes, he felt around for Larry and could not find him. Fear spread across James body. His eyes had not become accustomed to the darkness. He could not move for a few minutes. Where in hell was Larry, he thought? After the adrenalin quieted down, he slowly looked around and down the steps. In the shadows, it was pitch black. He could not see his hands in front of his face. He was in total darkness. It was so dark that James though that he could see better with his eyes closed. He looked back down the steps. He could not see the steps or Larry. He was afraid to call out to Larry again. Not being able to see in the dark, he felt his way back down the steps to the car. He whispered, ďLarry, where are you.Ē

Larry had lowered the window.

Quite loudly, Larry said, ďI am in the car. I am not going in with you.Ē

Hearing the loud reply from Larry, the sound of Larry voice sent another shock wave through James. He looked around expecting to see a lights being turned on in the house. Standing motionless like a stature for about five minutes James regained his composure. Whispering he said, ďWhat the hell are you doing in the damn car? Donít talk so loud, everyone in the neighborhood can hear you.Ē

ďI am not going to go in with you. You go ahead; I am not going to have any part of this mess that you have gotten me into.Ē

James was starting to get pissed, not thinking he bellowed, ďListen, I am just as scared as you are.Ē

When he heard his own voice, he froze again. He looked around to see if anyone heard him. He looked at the house. He did not see anyone. He continued looking for a few more minutes. He did not see anyone and whispered, ďIf you donít get your ass out of the car, I will blame the whole fucking thing on you if I get caught.Ē

After ten minutes of arguing, Larry got out of the car and followed James up the stairs holding on to the back of Jamesí coat.

The key worked. They quietly entered the house and closed the front door behind them. James opened the closet and felt around for the raincoat. He rattled a few coat hangers and one fell to the floor. They both froze. Cold chills ran through their bodies. Their eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness. The light upstairs help some. Larry whispered, ďWhat are you doing?Ē

James did not reply and continued searching for the raincoat. When he found the raincoat, he gave it to Larry and told him to put it on backward. He told Larry not to move. He was going to get the mallet. James felt his way into the kitchen and retrieved the mallet, and gave it to Larry. Softly they crept up the rear stairs avoiding the light in the front upstairs hall. The light lit up the bedroom enough that they did not need the flashlight. Their eyes had become accustom to the darkness. When they reached the bed, James whispered, ďGo ahead.Ē

Larry handed James the mallet. James would not take it. This initiated an argument. Larry shook his head and whispered, ďI canít do it. You do it.Ē

ďDamn you, do I have to do everything?Ē

Larry on the verge of fainting said, ďI never killed anyone.Ē

James raised his voice and said, ďGive me that fucking mallet.Ē

A woman voice said, ďIs that you Robert? I am so glad that you came home. I have missed you so much. I am sorry that I kicked you out.Ē

They both froze in fear. Larry dropped the mallet on the floor; the light on the end table was turned on. Mary raises up in the bed, lets out a scream, James and Larry scrambled around on the floor searching for the mallet. Mary was screaming hysterically. James found the mallet and turned to hit Mary. Mary let out another blood-curdling scream as James raised the mallet. He could not hit her. His arm frozen in the middle of the swing, Larry yelled, ďHit her.Ē

James could not bring himself to hit Mary. James tried again. His arm was locked in place. He could not hit her. Larry shouted, ďLetís get out of here.Ē

Mary fainted. Fell back in the bed. They dashed for the door. James tripped with Larry fall on top of him. They heard a deep gasp. They slowly got up. Larry peeked over the edge of the bed and looked at Mary, then said, ďI think she dropped dead.Ē

James said, ďLetís get the fuck out of here. She just fainted.Ē

Slowly they got up and Larry walked over to the side of the bed. Larry took her pulse. He could not feel anything and said, ďI think she is dead.Ē

James asked, ďAre you sure?Ē

ďLook at her eyes they are wide open. I think we scared her to death, look at her face. It is frozen with her mouth wide open. I canít feel a pulse.Ē

James chuckled, took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. Larry said, ďLetís start making this look like a robbery.Ē

James still chuckling to his self and said, ďLeave everything just like it is. She died of a heart attack. Letís put the raincoat and the mallet back where we got it and get the fuck out of here.Ē

They hurried down the stairs, and returned the mallet and raincoat. When they got to the front door Larry said, ďWait, someone must have heard her screaming.Ē

They waited for a few minutes. The houses were spaced far apart. James looked out the windows and said, ďI donít see any light being turned on and the houses are too far apart for anyone to have heard her. Letís go.Ē

They felt their way down the steps to the car. They were hoping that no one saw them. James eased out of the driveway to the streets without his headlight on. The streetlights were spaced quite far apart. There was hardly enough light from the streetlights to see the road. Larry said, ďTurn on the fucking lights. You almost ran into a ditch back there.Ē

James again let out a deep sigh of relief and turned on the headlight. He drove carefully. He did not want to get a ticket in the neighborhood. Larry had told him that local cops patrol the streets, hide in driveways and wait for some poor sole hurrying home.

They headed back to their apartment in New Jersey . They were so emotionally and physically exhausted that they could hardly climb the five flights to their apartment. Having huge potbellies did not help.

The next few days they looked in all the papers to see if there was anything in the papers. Over a week had passed and nothing appeared in the papers. Robert called and wanted to know what had happened. James told him that she was dead and no one had discovered her body. Robert cursed and said, ďI should have told you. No one will find her for another three weeks. Our housekeeper comes in once a month. You killed her a few days after the housekeeper was there.Ē

Larry was on the extension and said, ďI think you will be happy to know that her lover dumped her. She woke up when we were in the bedroom and though you were there. She said that see had missed you and she was glad that you came back.Ē

Excitingly Robert said, ďYou should not have killed her. She would have taken me back.Ē

ďWe did not kill her. She just dropped dead when she saw us.Ē

ďI am not going to give you a damn thing. You did not kill her.Ē

James popped in and said, ďDonít play games with us. You wanted your fucking wife dead. You did not tell us how you wanted us to kill her. She would still be alive if we were not there when she turned on the lights. She turned on the lights and when she saw us, she dropped dead. We scared her to death. If you donít pay us, I will blow your fucking brains out. Listen, this is what I want you to do. Call your home a few times and leave a phone number on the answering machine where you can be reached. Then after a few days, called the police and tell them that, you have been out of town. You have called home a couple of times and could not get in touch with your wife. Ask them to check up on your wife.Ē

Robert called ever day for a couple of weeks then he called the local police and told them that he had been in Portland for over a month and he had been calling home and left messages for his wife to call him and she had not called him back. He felt that something must have happened to her. Robert was right the housekeeper had discovered the body. When Robert told the officer his name, the officer told him that his wife had passed away and they were investigating. Robert said that his wife was in good health and he wanted to know what happened. The officer told him that they did not know. Robert persisted and the officer said that he felt that she was scared to death. Robert asked what scared her. The officer told him that was the reason they were still investigating the case.

Robert came home. A quiet service was held for Mary. Only a few friends and Maryís two sons from a previous marriage attended the service. Poor Mary had not changed her Will and Robert got almost everything. James and Larry had not heard from Robert. Over a month had passed. They had followed the stories of her death in the newspapers. Robert was getting second thoughts about letting them name their price. He never answered the phone or returned their calls. One evening he had been out to dinner. When he came in, he was welcomed by James and Larry. They tied Robert to a chair and played Russian roulette with Robert. Of course, the gun did not have a firing pin. They did not want to kill him before they had bled him to death.

Robert did not know the gun would not fire. They also had a tape of the conversations Robert had with James in the bar. When they finished with Robert, they came away with one and a quarter million of the five million that Robert inherited. Poor Robert wished that he had never met the bastards. Little did Robert know that Larry and James would be tapping his wallet until it was empty.

At first, they both did not have the stomach for killing. They hired Vic to arrange the next murder. Vic had told them that the person that committed the murder would never know they requested the hit. Somehow, the assassin found out that they paid for the hit. He wanted more money and tried to shake down Larry and James. James complained to Vic about it. Vic did not give a damn. Vic said, ďThe next time you see him, kill him.Ē

That is just what they did. When the assassin came around for money, James hit him over the head with a hammer. The assassin was the third victim. Larry and James gave the assassin a ride to the pig farms in the meadows of Secaucus and dumped him. They felt that no one would ever find him out there. Larry and James made five more hits across the country before they came back to New York . They did all the hits themselves. They did not want to trust anyone.

They over estimated the wealth of their next New York victim. All they got was an old Rolls and ten thousand dollars. They put pressure on the husband to sell his home. They could get a least a million for the house, if not more. Larry and James had become more brutal after each murder. Larry was getting as ruthless as James. They thought that they were invincible. With all the money that was coming in, they thought they had the world by its tail. Larry and James were spreading out across the country. They had eleven hits under their belts. They felt that nothing could stop them. They were living high on the hog and having a ball. They even took a cruise to see if they could find a rich broad to marry and they would knock her off. The only women that would come close to them were the hookers and the hookers soaked them for a bundle. They gave up the idea of finding someone that would marry them.

When they got back in New Jersey and settled down for a few days, they picked up all of the New York papers as usual. The headlines read, ďSocialite Dumps Groom on Honeymoon.Ē Vic had notified them a few months back that they may be interested in a contract that was coming up in the near future and it was in New York City . He wanted fifty thousand for the information and not a penny less. They felt that the ďSocialite that Dumped the GroomĒ must be the one that Vic wanted fifty thousand for. They scanned all the papers to see if they were right. They checked out all the divorces that had appeared in the papers during the last six months. The only divorces that they had found that would justify a fifty thousand fee was the Socialiteís divorce.

At first, they thought that the couple was not getting a divorce. They had just separated. As time passed, the split widened and court hearing started again. As usual, Larry tailed the bride and James tailed the groom. James had no problem tailing the groom. The bride was always on the move and it was driving Larry crazy. It was costing him a fortune just to follow her. She was out of town as much as she was in town. After a month of recording the bride and the groom movements, they decided to contact the groom. They attended one of the court hearings.


James and Larry made one big mistake. They had not attended one of the earlier hearings. The judge had told the groom that he would never get a cent of the brideís inheritance.


After the hearing, they followed the groom out of the courtroom. They invited him to join them for a short conversation in their car. They told the groom that they knew that he was considering a contract with Vic. Of course, the groom denied it. With their threats, they convinced the groom that doing business with them would be less expensive than doing business with Vic and if he did not go along with them, they would kill his wife and frame him for the murder. This gave the Groom no choice; he agreed to let them do the hit. They wanted two hundreds thousands for the hit.

The bride was a hard one to set up. Her home was surrounded by guards. She was always on the move or with someone else. She never stayed in the same spot long enough to set up the hit. They tailed her to a cabbyís apartment. She went in the apartment with the cabby. They staked out the apartment where the cabby lived for a couple of weeks. They knew that when he came home early, and did not go our again, she would probably show up later. He had been home for a couple of hours and they were about to call it quits. A cab pulled up in front of the building and a young lady got out. She was loaded down with luggage. She had to make three trips into the building. Larry made the comment that her lazy boyfriend should have helped her. James suggested, "Why donít you go help her with her luggage and tell her you are going to blow her brains out tonight."

Larry blew his stack. He started cursing James. Before they made a hit Larry usually would emotionally prepared his self for the hit. Watching the young girl lugging all of that luggage, Larry felt sorry for her. With James comment, it blew him for a loop. Now he did not want to go through with the hit. James let up on him and apologized. After they had been sitting quietly for a while, Larry was starting to regain his composure. There had been only one light on in the apartment, after the young lady had time to get into the apartment every room was lit up. James said, "Letís go get something to eat. We canít go in there when they are awake, everyone in the building will hear them screaming."

They visited one of their favorite hangouts they frequented when they were cops. The bar was loaded. Most of the faces were not familiar. Down at the far end of the bar was Henderson, one of their fellow officers that they had worked with for years. Henderson was half-drunk and about to fall off the stool. James came up behind him and slapped him on the back. Henderson jumped and knocked over his drink. Without looking around he said, "What the fuck did you do that for."

James motioned to the bartender to get Henderson another drink. When Henderson finally looked around and saw who had slapped him on the back, at first, he did not recognize them. Paterson and Cannon were all dress up in new suits. They looked like they were a couple of undertakers and were heading for a funeral. He did not know how close he was. He finally recognized the faces and said, "What the hell are you two all dress up for. Who died?"

Larry and James looked at each other and smiled. James said, "No one that I know off. Where are our old friends? Have they all kicked the bucket?"

Henderson shook his head, "I donít know what happened to them. None of them hang around here anymore and I donít know what I am doing here."

They invited Henderson to have dinner with them. Henderson accepted, they ordered their dinners and took a booth. They pumped Henderson about the young black officer that took over their case. Henderson did not know about the case and he was so stoned that he dozed off a couple times while they were eating.

The bar closed at twelve and they felt that the bride and her boyfriend would be asleep by now. They drove Henderson to the subway. Larry watched Henderson wobbling down the street to the subway and said, "I hope I never look that bad."

James chucked and said, "You already look worse than Henderson ."

As usual, tempers flared up and Larry said, "You should talk. You are forty pound heavier than you were when we retired. All you do is sit around and stuff your fat face."

"Knock it off Larry; I have been trying to lose a few pounds."

They had settled down by the time they had returned to the cabbyís apartment. They parked the car across the street from the apartment. All the lights were still on in the apartment. James said, "Why in the fuck donít those bastards go to sleep, we will be here all night."

Time slid by. Larry and James fell asleep. About three Oíclock Larry woke up and looked up at the apartment. All the lights were out. He nudged James and said, "Wake up. They are asleep now."

James did not realize where he was and said, "Whoís asleep?"

"You are. Wake up, we can go in now."

James opened his eyes, looked up at the apartment, and said, "I think you are right. What time is it?"

ď Three Oíclock . They have to be asleep. Let go."

Apprehension had set in. Fear ran through their bodies. Cautiously, they both looked up and down the street and at the apartments on both side of the street to see if anyone was watching. They did not see anyone. The street was empty. No one was out walking their dog at this hour. They got out of the car and looked around again. There was no one in sight. They started walking across the street, a street light flickered on for a few seconds, and then it went out again. It scared the living hell out of them. They stopped in the middle of the street. The street light turned on again. Larry went for his gun. They both looked up at the light. Again, they looked around. No one else was on the street. The light went out again. James grabbed Larryís arm and said, "Come on, the fucking street light is about to burn out."

James tried to jimmy the lock on the buildings front door. It took longer than he expected before the door opened. Larry was getting impatient. They finally opened the door and listened for an alarm. There was none. They avoided the elevator and slowly climbed the stairs. When they got to the Cabbyís apartment, the lock was not as hard to open as the front door. Even though it took less time to unlock the door, Larry nagged at James to hurry up; it would be daylight before he got the door open. James with all the aggravation from Larry finally opened the lock. Again, they listened for an alarm. There was none. They crept into the apartment, Larry bumped into something and it fell to the floor. They froze in their tracks. James shined his flashlight at the floor. It was a baseball bat. Larry picked it up. They walked down a short hall and saw the cabby lying on the couch. James said, "Hit him over the head with the bat. We donít want him to wake up."

Larry walked over to the couch; it was too dark to see where the cabbyís head was located. He told James to shine the light over at the couch. When the light hit the cabbyís face, he raised up from the couch. Larry hit him across the back of his head. He fell back onto the couch with bloods spurting from the wound. Larry said, "That will keep him quiet."

James nodded and said, "Letís find the woman."

They wandered through the apartment until they found her. She was sleeping on her side with her back to them. Again, Larry said, "Shine the light on her. I donít want to miss her."

As soon as the light shined across her body, she rolled over. She opened her eyes and the bat came crushing down on her face. The muscle in her body continued to pulsate. In frustration, Larry continued slamming the bat across her face. James said, "Stop it. Sheís dead already."

Blood was gushing out of her head. Blood had splattered all over Larry. They had planned to shoot her with a silencer with a pillow over her head. As they started to walk away, James shines the light back at the victim. The muscles in her body were still pulsating. Larry dropped the bat and took out the pistol, grabbed a pillow to muffle the shot and shot her in the head. James said, "What in hell did you do that for.Ē

"I thought that she was getting up. I wanted to finish her off."

"Be quiet, I want to see if anyone heard the shot."

None of their murders had been committed in an apartment building. They stood quietly for a while. They did not hear anyone moving around. Larry reached down and picked up the bat. It was covered with blood. James picked up a phone and dialed the groomís phone number. The Groomís answering machine picked up. Larry said, "The party is over and everyone had a ball."

James hung up the phone. Larry took the bat into the living room. He wiped the blood off the bat on to the cabbies undershirt. Larry picked up the cabbyís hands one at a time and wrapped his finger around the handle of the bat.

They left the apartment and headed down the stairs avoiding the elevator. The sky was starting to lighten. James stuck his head out the door and looked around, then said, "Let get the hell out of here, itís almost daylight."

After they got home, James looked at Larry. The front of his suit was splattered with blood. James told Larry to burn all of his clothes. Larry started a fire and put all of the clothes he was wearing in the fireplace. He started to put his shoes in the fire. He had second thoughts. They were the best pair of shoes he had every purchased. The shoes were very comfortable. They were broken in and he did not want to give them up. He looked around to see if James was watching. James had left the room. Larry hurriedly wiped off the shoes, walked to his room and put his shoes in the far corner of his closet.

They spent the rest of the day taking naps and watching the TV hoping to see something about the murder of the socialite. They both had fallen asleep and missed the late news. The following day it was on all the stations and the headline on all the newspapers. They had arrested the gigolo boyfriend for her murder.


Jimmy Williams:

My earliest memories in this world were when we moved to New York City . I remembered Pop getting mad at me for having to pee every few miles. As I look back through time, they should not have bought me those large sodas.

Pop lost his job and there were too many men looking for work. Every time he saw a job opening in the paper, there were 100 other people applying for the same job. A friend of his from New York was visiting us and he suggested that Pop go to New York and look for a job. According to Mom, he painted a beautiful picture of New York . The streets were paved with gold and the streets were covered with one hundred-dollar bills. I do not remember how old I was, but when we reached Harlem and we got out of the car I started looking for the money. I did not find a penny.

We lived in our car for almost a month until a big white cop that talked funny stopped and asked Pop if we were living in our car. He had seen the car parked in the same spot for over a week. After the cop left, I heard Pop tell Mom that he almost shit in his pants. I thought that was terrible, adults are not supposed to do that. Only kids shit in their pants.

The following morning we had been in the restroom in the subway cleaning up. When we were approaching our car, that big white cop was standing beside it. I though pop was going to mess up his pants again. Mom and Pop turned around and started walking in the opposite direction. The cop blew a whistle and yelled to pop. We turned around and the cop walked in our direction. He was twirling a big black nightstick. He was a giant of a man. I could see the fear in Mom and Popís face. I started to cry. The cop stopped twirling his nightstick and slipped it into a loop on his belt. He smiled at me, picked me up and said, "Laddie, donít cry. I am not going to hurt you."

He held me with one arm and opens a stick of gum, he gave it me and then handed me to Pop. He talked to Pop for a long time. He gave Pop some papers; he put his arm around Pop, patted him on the back, wished Pop good luck and walked away. His name was Patrick OíDonnell. As I look back through the years. I have never met anyone that was as kind and generous as Patrick.

He told Pop to keep in touch with him. If he needed any help, he could always get hold of him at the local precinct. Through Office OíDonnell, we got an apartment to live in and a job for Pop. We no longer had to clean up in the subway.

Officer OíDonnell came to New York with nothing but the clothes he had on his back. He had been through the same thing we were going through. He and his wife had lived in hallways of building at night and roamed the street in the day until someone told them about the Welfare Department and other missions.

 Where was the friend that told us to move to New York ? He had moved to Chicago a week before we got to New York .

Pop worked as a dishwasher in an exclusive restaurant. Sometimes, he helped the bartender. He had been working at the restaurant for about 6 months when he bumped into Officer OíDonnell. OíDonnell told Pop about a job opening at a bar near where he lived. The salary and tips were almost twice the amount Pop was making. And, the boss did not report the tips to the IRS. Pop took the job and worked part time at the bar. It did not take long until he knew most of the customers by their name. Pop always had a smile on his face and had a knack that made everyone smile. Pop told me that his grandfather told him it he smiles the world would smile with him. Everyone liked pop. One night a fight broke out in the bar and old man Mc Noon tried to break it up. Both of the guys were pounding on Mc Noon. Pop jumped over the bar like a cat, grabbed both of the guys by their neck, and calmly said, "That is not a fair fight. You two are much younger than Mr. Mc Noon. If you want to continue the fight we will go outside."

Everyone in the bar was watching. A crowd had gathered at the entrance to the bar. The grip that Pop had on their necks was like a hangman noose. Pop did not say another word he just increased the pressure on the guyís neck and stared them down with a half smile that said, "I dare you to try me."

The pressure that Pop was putting on their necks was beginning to show its effect. Pop had built up his strength over the years from hard work. One of the guys said, "Iím sorry. I had a little too much to drink."

The other guy chimed in and apologized. Pop put his arms around both of them, gave them both a hug and said, "I know you guy didnít mean to hurt Mr. Mc Noon I hope you donít take this to heart. How about a drink on the house, I am buying."

Mc Noon spoke up and said, "The drinks are on me."

Mc Noon invited everyone in bar to have a drink on him. When the bar closed that night Mr. Mc Noon took Pop aside and thanked Pop for what he had done. He asked Pop if he would be the barís official bouncer and bartender. If Pop agreed, Mc Noon would give Pop another hundred buck a week. When Pop came home and told Mom. I had never seen my parent that happy. Mom said, "Maybe the streets of New York are paved with gold."

Pop had been working at Mc Noonís full time for about two months; when he came home one night and said we are moving Mom almost flipped. She started yelling at Pop, calling him all kind of names until Pop quieted her down and told her that we were going to move to a nicer apartment across the street from the bar where he worked.

Mom had thought that Pop was going to move to another town. When Mom found out that we were moving to a white neighborhood, she was a little reluctant to move. We had always living in black neighborhoods and Mom was not quite sure she wanted to live in an all white neighborhood. Pop told her that they had accepted him and he was sure they would accept her. I was afraid and did not want to move. Some of the white kids at school had picked on me because I was black. Since Mom decided she would move, I knew that I could not persuade them not to move. As I look back, it was the best decision that pop ever made. Over the next 10 years that Pop worked for Mr. Mc Noon. He saved a lot of money and bought a half interest in Mc Noonís Bar. Mr. Mc Noon became part of our family. His wife had died before Pop went to work for him. He did not have any kids, brothers, or sisters. He celebrated all the holidays with us and was over generous to all of us. Mc Noon died and left his interest in the bar to Mom and Pop. Pop is still running the bar and is raking in the money.

When we moved to Little Ireland, I was eight or nine, two white kids on the block invited me to hang around with them. At first, I did not trust them. I thought they were going to take me down a dark alley and beat me up. Some of the white kids at school picked on me and called me names. After the first day I played with them, my fears evaporated. My confidence in myself improved. I felt that I could take on the world. As the years rolled by, I knew that I had two wonderful friends. We were like brothers.

I cannot say enough for my friends in Little Ireland especially Frank, Pat, his father, and Mr. Mc Noon . They made me and my family feel that we were wanted and were a part of the community. They all were very generous to us. Even though Patís family did not have very much of anything, he shared what little he had. I remember the first month or so after Patrick got us our first apartment, he would drop in with a bag of groceries. There was always something in the bag for me. I worshiped Patrick, he was like a second father to me and he was a gentle giant. With all his strength, he never hurt anyone. On the other hand, when anyone looked at Patrick, his size would scare the shit out of them. He could pick up a couple hundred pound drunk, put him under one arm and carry him to a sheltered hallway to let him sober up.

Pat grew up to be almost as big as Patrick. I do not know how Pat could have lived in the community with all the comments that were said about his mother. He told me that when he was six years old that he knew his mother was doing something that everyone felt was dirty. He said that there was nothing that he could have done about it, and he just did his best not to think about it. After a while, it never entered his mind. To him it never happened. When someone said that his mother was a whore or something similar he ignored them. If they persisted to irritate him, he would stand up straight, looks down on them, and says, "Where do you want it."

Usually they would walk off looking over their shoulder expecting Pat to beat the shit out of them. On one occasion, a guy took a swing at Pat. Pat caught the guyís fist in mid air and twisted the guyís arm until the jerk was on his knees begging Pat to stop. After this incident, the word got around and no one challenged Pat again. Pat must have inherited his strength from his father.

The women loved Pat. He was like a magnet. All the girls in school, blacks and whites, wanted him. I never dreamed I would have so many girl friends. They all wanted to be near Pat even though they were not Patís date. When we met a group of girls, Pat would let us take our pick. Usually they all wanted Pat. He hated girls that thought that they were the best things that walked the face of the earth. He liked the ones that liked him and would literally melt in his arms. I asked Pat why he picked the ones that he did. They were not always the prettiest one. He said that he did not really know. He could feel the love they had for him. It was the way they looked at him and the way they reacted to him. Anyway, all the women loved him. Mom always thought he and his father were the best-looking men that she had ever seen. So did all the other women in Little Ireland.

Patrick had work for Mc Noonís part time. Pop said that Mc Noon had offered Patrick the full time job that Pop had gotten. The salary was more than what Patrick was making at the NYPD. Pop had asked Mc Noon why Patrick did not take the job. Mc Noon told Pop that Patrick felt that Pop needed the job more than he did. If Patrick had taken the job at Mc Noonís, he probably would still be alive and Pat would have been able to go to college. I will never forget what Patrick had done for us. I am sorry that I never was able to repay him for what he had done for my family and me.

Officer OíDonnell has been my idol since the time Patrick gave me that stick of gum. Patrick was a gentle giant. Everyone in Little Ireland liked and admired him. He would bend over backward to keep from arresting someone. He helped others like he helped us. I do not think he was ever concerned about money. His family was living in poverty and he would give a street person a few bucks for a meal. I wanted to be just like him. He knew that I wanted to become a police officer. When I was eighteen, he took me to his precinct and got me a job as an assistant to the precinct Captain. I have no idea how he persuaded him to hire me. I found out later that the officer that I was going to work for hated Blacks. After I found out that Captain Allen hated Blacks, I thought that Officer OíDonnell had set me up. I did not know if I should have thanked OíDonnell or not. Captain Allen was a real bastard. He did not like me and I did not like him. He did not want me around. But, since I was Black, the bastard was afraid to fire me. He gave me assignments that kept me running all over town. I spent most of my time running errands. I had an unmarked car that I use. Since I was still going to school, I could choose my own hours. In another precinct, Captain Holiday, a Black officer took a liking to me and asked me how I liked working for Captain Allen. He knew that Allen was a prejudice bastard. I was honest with him and told him that I think Allen is using me as tool to say that he is not prejudice. I told Holiday that I had heard him on the phone complaining about the Blackís on the force. Captain Holiday asked me if I wanted to work for him. I was delighted. Allen pretended that he did not want to let me go and he needed me. When Captain Holiday suggested that I stay with Allen, Allen said that it would be good training for me to experience other departments. I was transferred to Caption Holiday precinct and I am still there. I was no longer a Gofer. Holidays put me on cases to assist other officers. I enjoyed my work. I stared to understand the feeling that Patrick had when he was a cop. I wanted to be just like him.

While I was in school, I worked part time. In the summer, I worked full time. During my college years, I assisted in more than a hundred cases. By the time I had finished college, I had been promoted to Detective. I had majored in criminology. After I had received my bachelorís degree, if I was not working around the clock on a case, I took law courses. That ended when I was handed a case that two veteran cops could not solve.

Pat was still driving a cab and Frank was somewhere out west. I missed being around them, especially on the weekends. Pat had some rich chick that was madly in love with him. She was giving him everything.

I was visiting Pat one weekend at the apartment that the chick had given him. We were kidding around and watching a basketball game on TV. We both were good players and we wondered how we would stand up against the pros. Of course, we both thought that we were better than the pros. Ha.

The doorbell rang. Pat had not expected anyone. When he opened the door, he lit up like a flood light. It was his girlfriend Judy. They greeted each other as if they had not seen each other in years and they were a little personal. She was a very beautiful young lady and elegantly dressed. She is the type that everyone would take a second look at her when they passed her on the street, maybe even three or four time. I do not think she expected to see someone else in the apartment. She was embarrassed when she saw me. Her face was a little flushed. I had met Judy before and from the way she reacted, I knew she wanted to be alone with Pat. She was very polite and did not ask me to leave. After she settled down and relaxed. I told Pat that I had to meet someone in the Bronx . He did not say anything. I knew that Pat wanted to be left alone with Judy. Over the years, we had used that line when we felt the other one wanted to be left alone. If the other guy came back with, you can see that jerk tomorrow. It meant that he did not want to be left alone with the person that he was with. Pat smiled at me and winked. It was obvious that Pat wanted to be left alone with Judy. I didnít have anything else to do, so I went home and hit the sack. Every now and then, I run across Pat. I always have a dozen things that I should be doing. Yet, I made it a point to spend some time with Pat on the weekends when I am not working. We never seemed to tire of each other. We could always find something to amuse us.

At the present, I am seeing a very nice young lady that wants me to marry her, but she wants to finish her education before we are married. I am not ready for marriage. I want to save a few more bucks just in case we started a family in the first year of our marriage.

As I had mentioned, I was assigned to the Elizabeth Staten murder case that the two veteran cops had been working on for two year. I was the sucker that they put on the case. I had already gotten a lot of pressure to solve the case before they gave the case to me. I have been on the case for about six months and I am almost certain who was involved in the murder, but I did not have any proof that he was involved in the murder. Similar cases started to pop up. They were copycats or the murderer never changed his MO. I had come across similar murders in a neighboring county and others around the country. As time passed, new murders started to pop up all over the county. The Elizabeth Staten murder and the others cases were very similar. A rich wife was murdered while her poor, grieving spouse was visiting on the other side of the world. They were too many cases that were too similar too be ignored. 

The pressure was bearing down on me. I was getting flack from everyone. The Feds were also working on the Staten case, they had over thirty men working on the case, and they could not solve it either. What the hell did they expect from me? I am not a miracle maker. I have been running all over the country trying to tie the other cases to mine. At least I am making more headway than the than the Feds with the Staten case.  We keep each other up to date on our progress. Most of the information that has been contributed to the Staten case has been from me.


Pat OíDonnell:

Slowly I opened my eyes. I did not know where I was. I saw the bars and I wondered why I was in Jail. I had no memory of why I was locked up. I heard someone talking. I open my eyes and saw a silhouette of a large man standing at the door of the cell. I thought it was my father. The words drifted from my mouth, "Pop where have you been?"

A shorter man was standing next to him and laughed. He said, "That bastard is trying to pull an insanity plea."

They walked away. For a moment, I had forgotten Pop was dead. I yelled out, "What am I doing in here?"

Someone yelled back, "Shut up, you know damn well why you are in here."

I asked him why I was locked up. He did not answer me. The back of my head was throbbing. Every time I yelled, the pain was more intense. I felt my head; my whole head had been bandaged. I begged the guard to tell me why I was locked up. He shouted out, "You know damn well why you are locked up. Shut up, I donít want to hear you whining again."

I lay down on the bunk. I tried to remember who I was, and what had happened. My head was throbbing so badly that I thought it was going to fall off the bunk. Slowly thoughts came to my mind. My childhood life started to emerge. The first thing I recalled, I was playing in the bathroom. I was about four or five years old. I remembered the many times that my Mom had put me in the bathroom to play when one of her many friends came to visit her. When I was five or six years old and Mom wanted me out of the apartment when she entertained her friends. She would tell her friends to give me a dollar so I could go to the movies. I recalled all the dirty remarks my neighbors said about my Mom. I would cry and look the other way. I did not want them to see me crying. I would grit my teeth and make a fist. I wanted to beat up those people. Many times, I would just wander the streets for hours building up hate for everyone. Sometimes, I would return home and Mom would send me out on the streets again. By the time I was eight, I felt that I was immune to all the filthy comments, and I did not give a damn. As I look back, I still burn inside when I think of what Mom had gone through. I have tried to forget those years.

Slowly other memories drifted into my mind. One afternoon I returned home and Mom was still inside the room where she entertained her friends. I tiptoed across the room and peeked through the keyhole. I saw her friend lying on the table without any clothes on. She poured something all over his body. Then she started rubbing her hand all over his body. She did not miss a spot. She put her hand around his tinker and moved it up and down for a long time. I had move away from the door and heard Mom tell her friend to take a shower. I was walking out of the room into the hall when Mom opened the door and saw me. She asked me to go downstairs for a few more minutes.

As I grew older, I knew that the money that Mom made was the only income we had coming in for a long time. Pop had many part time jobs but we never made enough money to pay all the bills. Even after he became a police officer, Mom continued to entertain her friends. The extra money she made helped pay off the loan sharks and the local merchants. I think some of the neighbors felt sorry for us. When I walked the streets, they would give me food and clothing for all of us. Many of the clothes that I wore to school had patches in them. They were clean and Mom made sure that I was clean also. Pop was very embarrassed about the gifts. However, he was very appreciative of the gifts and over the years, he paid everyone back with gifts and favors.

When I was eight, I found a friend that just moved into the neighborhood. We were in the same class at school. His name was Frank OíMalley. Frank and I went everywhere together. I spent more time at Frankís home than I spent at mine.

Another kid our age moved into an apartment across the street from Mc Noon Bar. His father had been working at Mc Noon for a while before they moved in. Frank and I went over to his apartment one afternoon and asked him if he wanted to go the movie with us. He declined and said that he had to do something around the apartment. One afternoon after school, we were playing stickball in the streets when he came home. We asked him if he wanted to play. He declined, but his mother told him to go ahead play with us. After that Jimmy, Frank, and I were never too far apart. I had many other friends but none of them was like Jimmy and Frank. We all liked and did the same things. We could sit around all day laughing and talking about anything and everything and we were never bored or pissed off at each other. I cannot remember a time that we had an argument. None of us had any nice toys. If we could not play in the streets because of the weather, we would play cards with a worn out deck that had some missing cards. I had taken the back of a tablet and cut out cards to replace the missing ones. It would be at Jimmy or Frankís apartment, never in my apartment.

When we were in school Frankís Mom insisted that we come over to her apartment and do our homework. I know now that she knew Mom was servicing one of her friends and I would be sent out on the streets. Jimmyís Mom was usually busy with his little sister. When Frankís Mom was not around Jimmyís Mom took over. The babyís crying did not bother us that much. I think we got use to her fussing. It may have taken us a little longer to finish our homework.

It was a hard rule, as if it was cast in stone. We could not go out to play until all of us had finished our homework. Frank was a great help. When Jimmy and I had a problem with our homework, he would help us. He always got straight Aís. Jimmy and I were not bad students, but we were not the best. It did not make any difference which of the two apartments we went to; everything was set up for all three of us. Cookies and milk would be waiting for us.

I was about nine, as usual, Jimmy checked in with his mother before he went over to Frankís apartment. Frank and I would go straight his apartment. When we came in, Frankís Mom would hug and kiss him. Jimmy mother did the same thing to Jimmy. Frank and Jimmy always looked like they were a little too old for all the mush. I was jealous of the attention their mothers would show them.

I become accustomed to seeing their mothers love them. One day when we walked into Franks, I felt left out; my Mom never welcomed me with the love and affection that their Moms had shown them. Frank and Jimmy took it for granted, and it appeared that they were bored with the affection. How I yearned for that type of love from my Mom. One day, I think Frankís Mom saw the hunger for love in my eyes. After she hugged Frank, she come over to me, put her arms around me and pulled me tightly against her body. I hugged her back. I loved the feeling that ran through my body when she hugged me. She looked down at me with the warmest look on her face that I had ever seen. She kissed me on my forehead and said, "I made some special cookies for you guys. I hope you like them."

I have never forgotten that day. I do not know why she started hugging and kissing me. I did not care why; it was the most wonderful feeling to be loved by someone. Oh how I envied Jimmy and Frank of the affection they were given. At times, I still think I was shortchanged in life. It has always left an empty feeling inside of me.

Memories of our teenage year started to come back. Little by little, more memories surfaced.

I remembered how inseparable that we were until we started to work. The weekends were our time together. I always looked forward to the weekends. Whether it was just the three of us or we had dates, we were together. Frank and Jimmy eventually went to college. Dad did not have enough money for me go to college. Pop bought me a beat up old cab. That was my heritage.

 Jimmy, Frank and I had gotten out of school early and we did not have any homework. We asked Frankís Mom if we could go to Central Park and play ball. We had been playing all afternoon and it was getting dark. Jimmy and Franks Mom would get mad if we stayed out after dark. We hurried home. We split up and headed for our homes. I passed Mc Noonís and saw Pop, I went in and asked Pop if Mom was going out to dinner with us or was she busy. Pop said that Mom had left with a friend and was not coming back. For a few moments, it did not sink in. What did he mean Mom is not coming home? I thought that Pop was kidding. I said, "Pop, you are kidding."

Pop shook his head and mouthed no. No sound came from his mouth. I stood there in disbelief. I did not want to believe him. My whole body felt like it was going to emotionally explode. I looked at Pop he nodded his head. I ran out of Mc Noonís to our apartment. I searched the apartment for Mom. I did not find her. I sat down in front of the TV and cried. I still did not believe Pop. Through the tears in my eyes, I saw an open letter sitting on top the TV. I jumped up and grabbed it. I tried to read the letter with tears in my eyes. I wiped the tears away with my shirtsleeve. It read, "I want the two of you to forgive me for what I am going to do. I cannot live the life that I have been living for the last fifteen years. I cannot stand what I have been doing any longer. I know that you both must have gone through the same hell I have been going through. Even if I did not hate what I have been doing, it would eventually destroy all of our lives. Without me around, your neighbors will forget what you had to live with."

As I continued to read, another bust of tears ran down my face. I did not know that Mom and Pop were never married. I felt like an empty paper bag. A gust of wind was blowing me aimlessly through the streets after each line of the letter; I shook my head in disbelief. I wanted to yell out that it was a lie. I was dreaming. It cannot be. If it was true, I wanted to know why. Still crying, I put the letter back on top of the TV. Pop came up behind me and laid a hand on my shoulder and turned me around. I looked up at him and he said, "She will be happy where she is going. We will miss her. I think it was the best for all of us. It is not her fault. If I had been a better father, this would have never happened. I could not make enough money for us to live on. We would have been out on the streets if she had not gone to work. Do not blame your Mother for leaving. What she was doing was driving her crazy. Patty, I am ashamed of what I put you and your Mom through."

"Pop, I donít blame either one of you. I know that we did not have anything. You both had to work so we all could live. If Mom did not do what she did we would have been out on the streets."

Pop and I walked out of the apartment together. Pop led me down the stairs. He tried to comfort me. I did not know who to blame. I had heard Mom and Pop discussing our money problems many times. Was this why she left us?

We went to a restaurant down the street. I looked at the empty chair next to me. I saw the image of Mom sitting there. I remember the way she looked at me, smile, reached over and squeezed my arm. At times, I knew she wanted to be more affectionate, but something was holding her back.

I wanted to ask Pop why they never got married. But, I was afraid to ask him. A number of times after Mom moved out, I tried to ask Pop, the words would not come out. As time passed, the thought drifted out of my mind.

 I had been thinking about my past for about three hours. I still could not remember why I had been locked up. I yelled to the cop on duty, "Please tell me why I am locked up. I donít remember."

"I told you to shut the fuck up. You are bothering all the other prisoners. You know damn well why you are locked up."

It wasnít getting me anywhere. I lay back down and tried to go to sleep. My head was throbbing. I tried to think of anything hoping that I would not feel the pain.

When Pop was a cop, he would help all the homeless people that he ran across on his beat. Pop helped those that would help themselves. His precinct Captain was an ass kissing ugly little bastard. Pop hated his guts. I am sure the feeling went both ways. The bastard though that Pop spent too much time helping the people on his beat instead of arresting them. Pop encouraged them to get off the street and get themselves a job. I knew that Captain Allen was jealous of Pop. Pop was a big husky handsome cop and everyone liked him especially the women. The bastard never promoted Pop.

Some pushers started working the neighborhood. Pop tried to be nice about it. He told them he did not care it they sold drug, but not on his beat.

I had been working around the clock. It was two Oíclock when I came home, Jim was sitting on the doorsteps of our apartment. I did not know why he would be sitting there. Jim got up and walked over to the cab. I saw a stressful look on his face. I knew that something had happened. Flashes of tragedy flashed through my mind. I asked, "What happened."

"You father was shot tonight."

I wanted to scream no, it canít be. I burst into tears. Jim put his arms around me. We sat down on the steps together. Jim said, "You father was a wonderful man. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about him."

I interrupted Jim and asked, "How did it happen?"

Jim said, "Patrick came in about eight. He usually sits with his back to the door. For the last few weeks, he had been taking a seat where he could watch the street. Lately, I had noticed that he would glance at the door quite often. I did not think too much about it. About nine Oíclock I saw him staring at the door. I had my back turned and bullets started ripping apart the bar. You father grabbed his gun flipped over a table and started firing back. Everyone in the bar headed to the back room. I grabbed my shotgun from behind the bar. I thought they would come into the bar. After your father empted his gun the shooting stopped. Your father looked over at me and smiled. Blood was flowing out of his body. I grabbed a stack of tablecloths and ran over to him and I laid him on the floor. I wrapped the tablecloths around his body to try to stop the bleeding. I yelled for someone to call an ambulance. Within a couple of minutes, the firefighters on the next block ran in. They did everything they could until the ambulance arrived. I went along with Patrick in the Ambulance. He opened his eyes for a moment, looked at me, smiled and winked. I think he wanted to say something to me. I asked him how he was doing. He did not answer me. He slowly closed his eyes. The medic said that it did not look good. They took him into the hospital. They tried to bring him back. They worked on Patrick for about thirty minutes. They did everything they could before they gave up. The Doctor looked at me and shook his head. They stopped working on your father. I knew that he had passed away in the ambulance. I could almost hear him saying goodbye. When you father would leave the bar, he would look at me smile, and wink at me. Tonight, the last time he opened his eyes he smiled and winked. I knew he felt it was his last goodbye. I could almost feel him drifting away from me. You father was the best friend I have ever had."

Pop always said goodbye by smiling and winking as he left his friends. If he were close to you, he would wrap one of his huge arms around you, hug you, pat you on the back, smile and wink. I had overheard a couple of men talking about Pop. One of them said that if Pop did not smile and wink at you, you knew that you were on his shit list. There were very few people that did not like Pop.

As I laid there with my head throbbing, crying about my father. I think we all take our parents for granted when we have them with us. When they are gone, it leaves an empty spot in our lives and you wish they were still with you.

Jim went to the morgue with me to identify my father. I still do not know why they made me look at Popís bullet-ridden body. I have had nightmares after I saw my father mutilated body. In my nightmares, I am in Mc Noonís and I see the bullets tearing Papaís body apart. I see him struggling to get out of the line of fire. In my dreams, I can see his sole rising from his body and he smiles and winks at me. On his face was that smile that he always greeted me with. I would wake up with tears flooding my face. Cold chills flashing through my body. I would cry uncontrollably until I would fall back to sleep exhausted. God, why have you taken my parents away from me?

I had no way of knowing how to get in touch with Mom and I did not have any money to pay for the funeral. The city did pay for the funeral expenses and the police gave him a heroís send off. I saw that little bastard Allen praise Pop and I knew that he was choking with each word. Pop had a small bank account. The lawyer that handled the paperwork for me took most of it. Pop had a pension plan and I get a few bucks each month from it.

I had to give up the apartment and take a room a few blocks away. I was not making too much money and the cab needed a lot of work. The Medallion was worth a lot of money. A few cab companies wanted to buy it from me. Pop had told me not to ever sell the Medallion. With it, I would always have a job and I could work as much or as little as I wanted.

Once I got things straightened out, I went back to work. For many days, I would work around the clock. I would sleep for a short time in the cab and then go back to work. I work this schedule for about six months. I was just starting to be able to put a few dollars in the bank and enjoy myself. It felt good to go to my apartment, take a shower, set down in front of the TV and fall asleep. I would wake up; the TV station would have gone off the air. During the last six months, I had woken up in the cab so many times. When I wake up at home, I would thing that I was still in my cab. As the cobwebs cleared, I began to remember where I was. It took a couple of weeks before I did not fall asleep in front of the TV and could enjoy watching a program. Life started to return to normal. Now I could chose the hours that I wanted to work. I started to live again. Sometimes I would not go to work for two or three days. It felt wonderful to see the world again without having the windshield and the hood of the cab staring me in the face.

If I did not have a date or was not going to see Jimmy or Frank, and I wanted to get a few more bucks, I would drive all night. On a warm summer night, it was about two in the morning. I was on my way back to Mid-Town Manhattan. I had dropped off a fare in Westchester . I was driving down Fifth Avenue looking for a fare. The streets were deserted. I saw a woman walking on the Central Park side of the street. There had been a number of women attacked in and near the Park. I slowed down and looked at her. She was not drunk but she looked disturbed. I wondered what was bothering her. Did she have a fight with her boyfriend or husband? What was troubling her? What was she doing walking next to the park at this time of night? I stopped the cab. I was about a hundred feet past her. I rolled down the window and waited for her to reach the cab. I question myself, should I ask her if she wanted a cab? I hated to see a young woman exposing herself needlessly to danger. It was not safe for a man walking alone, especially at this time of night. A few years back, Frank, Jimmy, and I would take our girlfriends into the park. I would look for a private spot in the park to mess around. We would see creeps hiding all over the park. It gave us the creeps. We did not know what these bastards were up to. At times, it looked like every bush had someone hiding in it.

Fear for her life came over me. I would kill myself if something happened to her. I was going to ask her if she wanted a ride. As she approached the cab, I look at her beautiful face. She looked a little happier than she did a few minutes ago when I passed her. I called to the young woman and said, "Itís not safe to walk near the park at this time of night. Would you like a ride?"

She called back and said, "Walking alone at night helps me forget about my problem. I enjoy walking alone. It help me to clear my mind and think of happier moments. Thank you for your concern."

I took off. I had only gone a few blocks when I saw a group of men headed in the direction of the woman. Somehow, I have always had a sixth sense of knowing when trouble was about to happen. In my heart, I knew that they would confront that beautiful young woman. I could feel the adrenalin flowing through my body. It felt like warm chills flashing through my veins. It felt like my body went into a defense mode. I made a U-turn and headed back up town. I passed the woman and continued for another couple of blocks. I turned off my headlights and made another U-turn. I stopped the cab about a block behind the woman. I could feel it in my bone. I knew that those men were going to attack her. I reached for my baseball bat just in case I needed it. When the men saw the woman they stopped for a few minutes and talked amongst themselves, then continued. The men said something to the woman. She hastily tried to walk around them. One of the men grabbed her. I could hear her screaming. I turned on the headlights and slammed my foot on the accelerator. The tires squealed and the engine was screaming. The men looked in my direction. When I came upon the group, I slammed on the brakes, the tires squealed and the car stopped instantly. I jumped out of the cab. The man that was holding the woman let her go. He had a knife in his hand. The other two men pulled out knives and followed the man that had been holding her. I had the baseball bat in my hand. I held it behind my back as I approached the men. The man in the lead came at me and thrust the knife at me. I swung the bat and hit him on the wrist. The knife went flying down the street. The impact on the bat spun him around. From the sound of the impact, I think I shattered his wrist.

The woman ran and jumped into the back seat of my cab. The other two men came at me. They were slashing their knives. I stepped back and swung the bat. It hit one of them on his shoulder, the bat bounced off and smashed against his jaw. He spun around and fell to the ground. The last man backed off and ran to the aid of his friends. I backed away, jumped into cab, and sped away. The woman did not say a word. She sat quietly for a while as I continued down Fifth Avenue . I glanced through the rear view mirror. I could not see her face. She was sitting in the dark. After a few minutes, I felt a soft trembling hand on the back of my neck. She kissed me on the back of my neck. A strange feeling ran through my body. She continued to caress my neck and cheeks. With a quiet and soothing voice, she gave me an address on Park Ave. and said, "I am sorry I didnít take your advice. How did you know they would attack me?"

I thought for a Moment then said, "I didnít, when I saw them, it just popped into my mind. I would have never forgiven myself if I read in the news tomorrow that a woman was attacked on Fifth Avenue ."

With the most sincere and passionate voice she said, "Thank you so much. I am sorry that I got you involved in my crazy life. I do not have any money on me. I left my purse at home."

I looked over my shoulder. I saw her face clearly for the first time. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, even with the tears rolling down her face. The look on her face was as sincere and passionate as her voice. I did not want to take my eyes off of her. For a Moment, I had forgotten what she had said before I looked at her. I looked at her again; I remember what she had said, "Thatís OK, this one is on me."

"No, if I had listened to you I wouldnít have put my life as well as yours in danger. I greatly appreciated your help. I may not have ever come home if you did not come along when you did. What is your name?"

"Pat OíDonnell."

"Iím Judy Murray; I donít know how I can repay you for your help."

"You do not owe me a thing. I would have done the same for anyone."

She continued to caress my neck. She did not say anything and neither did I. I pulled up in front this beautiful building. I had passed it a hundred times but I never noticed it before. It was set back from the street. There was a garden in front of the building with a spiked fence around the garden. I got out of the cab, opened the rear door, and took the ladies hand to help her. When she got out of the cab, she put her arms around my shoulder and caressed the back of my neck and head. She was still trembling. She laid her head on my chest. I could hear her sniffling. I lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. I could see tears trickling down her cheeks. Oh how I wanted to hold her in my arms forever. I had never felt this way about any other woman. She whispered to me, "I am not going to let you leave me. Come inside with me. No one has ever put their life in danger for me. I knew they were going to kill me. There are no words that will ever express my appreciation for what you did for me, please come with me. Holding me in your arms makes me feel so secure. I do not want that feeling to go away. Please donít leave me."

Oh, how I wanted to go with her. The look in her face and the want in her eyes were tearing me apart. She was exceptionally beautiful. She reminded me of Mom. I had not seen Mom for six years. Her beautiful blue eyes and long silky black hair looked like Moms. I knew this beautiful woman was way out of my league. I did not want her to pay me back with sex. It would cheapen my love for her. It was no way I could afford to go out with her. As much as I wanted to go with her, I felt that she would soon tire of me. I did not want the disappointment of breaking up with her. I knew that something else was bothering her. I was filthy from the street dust of New York . I tried to think of a reason to excuse myself. She tugged at my arm and wanted me to follow her into her home. I told her that I had been working since four Oíclock this morning. I assured her that she did not owe me anything. She asked me for my address and telephone number. I wrote my name, address, and telephone number on a scrap of paper and handed it to her. Slowly I pulled away from her. Her hands slid down my arms. The tears were still running down her face, as I backed away from her, I through her a kiss. I got into my cab and she waved to me as I drove away, God what a beautiful woman. Why tease me. I could never live up to a woman like Judy. I could not take my mind off of her. I was useless for the rest of the evening. My mind was so intense on this beautiful woman that I passed fares before I saw them. I could not think of anything else, so I went home.

When I got home, it was a little past three in the morning; I hated myself for not going inside with her. My mouth was dry; I poured myself a glass of milk and sat down in front of the TV. I did not turn it on. I sat there staring into space thinking about this beautiful woman. I found a card in my shirt pocket. She must have slipped it into my pocket. I finished the milk and sat the glass on the floor next to me. I was looking at the card. I closed my eyes, still thinking about this beautiful woman. I could not fall asleep. I could not erase the look of fear and depression on the womanís face. I wanted to get up and return to her home. I could not pull myself out of the chair. Eventually I fell asleep.

When the sun peaked through the window and it warmed my face, my eye glanced across the room. The damn place was a wholly mess. There were dirty clothes scattered throughout the room. Dirty dishes were stacked everywhere. The cockroaches were having a feast. As I approached the bath outside in the hall, it did not look any better. I took a shower, shaved, and searched through the pile of clothes for something that at lease looked clean. Everything smelled of perspiration. I gathered all the cloths, sheets and towels, and headed for the Laundromat. I could not recall the last time I went to a Laundromat. While my clothes were being washed, I went down the street and had breakfast at Joeís. I could not take my mind off of Judy. I wanted to drive over to her home, but I could not. I was too afraid. I spent the remainder of the day cleaning my one room apartment. I had hopes that she may call me. I was ashamed of where I lived and the way I lived. Just in case she showed up, I did not want her to see the hellhole I lived in. When I finally removed all the junk and uncovered the answering machine, the light was blinking. I pushed the play button and a voice of a woman said, "Hello Pat, thanks again for saving my life last night. What are you doing for dinner tonight? Please call me. I left my card in your shirt pocket."

I looked around the room for the card. I looked in my pocket. It was not there. I started to panic. I tried to remember where I put it. Did I put it in the laundry? Oh God, no. I have to find it. A feeling of frustration ran through my body. I have to call her back. It took me a few moments before I remembered where I had it last. My heart started pounding away. Damn, I hope I havenít lost it. I had it before I fell asleep in the chair. I pulled the cushion from the chair. I did not see the card. With frustration, I slammed the seat of the chair with my fist. I caught a glimpse of the edge of a card wedged between the armrest and the covering over the springs. I pushed the springs aside and with the tips of my finger, I pulled out the card. As I slid the card out with the tips of my finger, I prayed that it was Judyís card. I looked at the card. I thought it was not Judy card. Judy had told me that her name was Judy Murray. The name on the card was Judy Anderson. The address on the card was the same address as the building I took her to last night. At least someone at that address would tell Judy that I called. Thank God. A sight of relief ran through my body. I took a deep breath. I tried to think of what I was going to say to her. My mind was in a tailspin. I was so excited that my hands were trammeling. I tried to settle myself down. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I had never been this nervous before when I called a girl. What the hell was happening to me? I stopped trying to think. I took a couple more deep breaths and picked up the phone. I did not know what I was going to say to her when she picks up the phone. I dialed the number anyway. The phone kept ringing. Oh shit, I missed her. On the fourth ring, an answering machine picked up. The message said, "It you are a woman, just leave a message. If you are a man come on over or leave a kiss and a message of love."

The buzzer sounded and I said, "Hi Judy, I donít have anything planned for this evening. When can I pick you up?"

I hung up the phone and started scrubbing everything in the apartment. I never felt so ashamed of my meager existence. Most of my life I had lived in poverty. I did not know how I should act with someone like Judy. I did not have an iron and had never pressed my clothes. My clothes would not look any better if they were pressed. I ran down to the street and bought a new shirt and pants. When I looked at my feet, my shoes looked like they had been pulled from the trash. I picked up a new pair of loafers. I could not remember when I had shopped for clothes. I had been wearing some of my fatherís clothes and they were worn out when I started to wear them. Not only that they were worn out, they were a little too big for me.

When I returned to the apartment, the answering machine was blinking again. I was hoping that it was Judy. I pushed the play button and Judy said, "Sweetheart I will pick you up. Last night was on you and tonight is on me. I will be in and out for the rest of the day. If six is not convenient for you, call me back and leave the time you will be available. Love you."

No one had ever made me feel the way Judy had made me feel. I was more excited than I was on my first date. I have been out with many women; none had made me feel the excitement that I felt with Judy. I was hoping her wealth was not making me feel this way about Judy. However, I was not sure it wasnít.

I was ashamed of the way the place looked. I hurried to make everything perfect; when I finished, the place still looked like a dump. I opened the door to the hall and look around. I had never notice what a dump I was living in. Of course, what can you get in New York for $25 dollars a week? I swept the halls and stairs. I picked up all the trash that was scatter throughout the building. The building still looked like a dump. I went back up stairs to my apartment. I shaved again and took another shower. I brushed my teeth three or four times. I used a full bottle of mouthwash. I was ready at five and could not push the clock. The next hour dragged by. I thought that six oíclock would never come. Between watching the streets below and my watch, I was trying to think of what I should say and do. The more I tried to think, the worse I felt about my inadequacies. I could not relax. I had never been this nervous about anything in my life. What was happening to my mind? I continued to watch the street below. I did not know the make of car she had, or if she would be walking. Six had come and gone; there was no sign of her. I was starting to get depressed. Had she lost my address? Was she going to stand me up? A thousands negative thought ran through my mind. I was cursing myself for getting my hopes up. I knew that she would dump me. The time dragged. Each minute seemed like an hour. I continued to stare out the window. I noticed a red convertible that had circled the block before. The first time I saw the car was about ten minutes ago. I thought, "Oh my God, she has been circling the block looking for a parking spot."

I grabbed my jacket and ran down the stairs. The convertible had stopped only a short distance down the street. I walked over to the car. Just as I was approaching the car, it took off. I chased the car down the street. I caught up with it at the corner. I ran over to car panting and gasping for breath. I expected to see Judy. The woman in the car looked up at me with fear written all over her face. With my desperation and my heavy breathing, it must have scared the hell out of her. In fear she yelled, "Get away from me."

Panting heavily, I tried to explain to her who I thought she was. She slammed her foot on the accelerator and ran the red light just missing a number of people crossing the street and a van. The driver of the van slammed on his brakes and just missed the convertible. All the cars behind the van slammed on their brakes.

In my mind, I could hear the crunching of metal. Fortunately, no one had been hit, and none of the cars were damaged. I was relieved for only a moment. I did not know that a police cruiser had come up behind me, a cop yelled, "What the hell are you doing."

I spun around, walked over to the cruiser and said, "I thought that lady was looking for me. I donít know what type of car she has. She had circled the block, and then she stopped in front of my apartment building. I ran down stairs and when I got down, she took off. I ran after her thinking she was the lady I was waiting for."

Little did I know Judy was walking up the street and saw the whole damn thing. While the officer was questioning me, Judy was standing on the curb laughing. The officer smiled at me and pointed at me then said, "I think that is the lady you are waiting for."

I whirled around and saw Judy standing on the curb laughing. I felt like a damn fool. I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. She held her hands out to me with a smile on her face that melted my heart. She took my hands and pulled my arms around her. With Judy standing on the curb and with me standing in the gutter, Judy was almost as tall as I was. We stood eye to eye. She put her hands on my shoulders, and put her lips on mine. I had never felt the love that was flowing through my body. The warmth and affection that was coming from Judy was indescribable. These few Moments were the most precious moments that I have ever had in my life.

We were disturbed by the cars blowing their horns. The stop light had turned green and the cops were there eyeing Judy. The cops were asking Judy to go with them or something else. I had my mind on Judy, not the cops. Judy shook her head and said, "No, not tonight. I am all his."

I stepped up on the sidewalk and put my arms around her. She led me back down the street to my apartment building. With each step, I was torn between being with Judy and her seeing the dump that I lived in. I wanted to be alone with her. When we reached the steps of my tenement, I held back slightly. She pulled my arm and led me up the steps. She did not say a word and neither did I. Judy put one arm around my waist and her head against my arm. She was looking up at me with a smile that stole my heart. We did not say a word. We walked slowly up the stairs to my apartment on the fifth floor. She never took her eyes off me. She had the most beautiful and lovable smile that I had ever seen.

I stopped in front of my apartment. I had forgotten to shut the door when I ran down the stairs. She pulled me inside and closed the door behind us. Without a word, she turned around, reached up, and put her hands on my cheeks. She ran her fingers through my hair and massages the back of my neck. She gave me a peck on the lips. Without looking down, she started slowly unbuttoning my shirt. Our eyes never parted. Her smile was hypnotizing. I could feel the blood rushing through my body. When she finished unbuttoning the last button she spread my shirt apart and ran her soft hands over my bare chest. She slid her arms around my body and massaged my back. Sensations that I have never felt before ran through my body. She pulled me over to the bed and she fell back on the bed pulling me on top of her. I rolled over and pulled her on top of me. She planted kisses along my bare chest. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment.

I do not know how long we loved each other, nor did I care. Darkness had set in. Only the light from the street below lit the room. Judy was lying silently across me with her head on my chest. I felt a tear drop onto my chest. I knew that she was crying. God what did I do to make her cry? I could not think of anything that I had done to make her cry. I did not get fresh. I stroked the back of her neck and whispered, "I hope I havenít done anything to make you cry."

She raised her head and kissed me then said, "No darling, itís what you didnít do, that made me cry. This has been the most beautiful evening in my life. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Last night when you asked me if I wanted a ride, and I said no, when I saw those men, I could have killed myself. When the man grabbed me, I knew that they would kill me. When you appeared out of the darkness, I knew that nothing would happen to me. I do not know what came over me. I knew you would protect me. I cannot explain the excitement that filled my body when you appeared out of the darkness. I wanted to run into your arms. At that very moment, I knew that I was in love with you. Tonight, I wanted to have sex with you. I wanted to give my body to you for saving my life. Since we parted last night, I thought of a million ways to repay you for risking your life to save mine. None of them was as beautiful as this evening. When you did not make advances, I knew you loved me as much as I love you. Just holding you in my arms was wonderful. You have given me a new lust for living. I do not want to ever loose you. I want you for the rest of my life."

I knew what I wanted to say to her, but I could not put my feeling into words that would express my how much I loved her. My mind was blank. Finally I pulled Judy closer to me and said, "Judy I donít know how to express my feeling for you. I wish I knew the words to express how much I love you; I have never felt this way about anyone in my life. Your smile, Ö.. your touchÖ..the twinkle in your eyesÖÖthe way you make me feel and the way you look at me has stolen my heart. All I wanted to do was hold you in my arms forever."

"Darling, I fell the same way about you; I love you more than anyone else in this world."

We lay motionless for a few more minutes then she said, "Excuse me for a few minutes."

I lifted Judy from the bed. I held her in his arms, kissed her on the nose, and said, "I love you. I have never loved anyone like I love you."

Judy tapped me on the nose with her finger a couple of times; she headed for the door. Fear ran through my body. Where is she going? What did I do? She went out into the hall. She looked over her shoulder then smiled and said, "Be back in a minute."

I would have loved to have had sex with Judy. I think it would be beautiful. If we had sex tonight, I would have felt ashamed. I did not want her to feel that she had to have sex with me for what I did last night. I never want her to feel that she had to pay me back in any way for helping her last night, especially not with sex.

While I stood there waiting for her, I didnít know if she was getting ready to have sex with me, refreshing her makeup or getting ready to go to the restaurant. I did not know what had come over me. I did not want her to feel that she had to have sex with me. Of course, sex was on my mind. She was a very desirable woman and she aroused me. I was so much in love with Judy that sex was not what I wanted at that moment. I just wanted her love. I was hoping that she loved me as much as I loved her. I did not want her to feel that I expected sex from her. I wanted her, but it was not lust that I wanted to satisfy. I could not believe that a woman as beautiful and as wealth as she was could fall in love with a homely cab driver. It was too much to ask for. I knew that after she felt she had paid me for saving her from those bastards she would drop me and I would never see her again. I paced the floor and glanced out the window. I was in deep thought and looking down on the darken street below. When she came back into the room she said, "Are you hungry?"

Her words frightened me and I jumped. I turned around and she had a smile on her face. I smiled and said, "I am very hungry. I havenít eaten anything since breakfast."

Judy walked over to me and took my hand. She looked at my face and said, "I am sorry that I frightened you. Come with me. I made a mess of your face. You have lipstick all over you."

We walked into the bath; she moistened a face cloth, rubbed the cloth across the bar of soap and genteelly cleaned my face. When she finished she kissed me and said, "Tinkle, I will wait for you. I do not want anything to interrupt the evening. Donít get the seat wet."

I could not believe what Judy had said. It shocked me for a moment. I felt a little embarrassed. I think she noticed my embarrassment. After Judy shut the door, I chucked to myself. This was the first time that we had joked about something. Somehow, this made me feel a little more relaxed with Judy.

When I came out of the bath, I said, "I was well trained by my mother, I sit down when I tinkle. Mom was tired of sitting on wet seats."

We both laughed and Judy told me her Mom made her Dad sit also. Judy asked, "I hope I did not embarrass you."

I lied and said, "No, Judy. I was just a little surprised."

Judy asked, "Do you mind walking. I have reservation for dinner in Central Park ."

"No, I love walking. I spend too much time sitting on my butt driving a cab."

 We embraced each other, and walking down the stairs without saying anything. Judy looked up at me and said, "Pat, you have an Irish accent, are you from Ireland ?"

"No, I was born in New York and I have lived in New York all of my life. I inherited my accent from my Parents. Both of them were born in Ireland ."

Surprised Judy said, ďI was born in Ireland . Do your parents live here in New York ?"

"My Mother lives somewhere in Florida . I have lost track of where she is. My Father was a New York Cop. Someone killed him in a drive-by shooting. They riddled his body with machine gun fire."

Judy stopped talking and sadness spread across her beautiful face. She apologized for inquiring about my parents. She clung tightly to me. I knew she wanted to know everything about me. She mentioned to me that she was getting an annulment. She was very upset over it. I knew it was too soon for her to fall in love again without knowing whom she was falling in love with. I knew that Judy wanted to know everything about me. Without her asking, little by little I told her about my life and my friends. We enjoyed a wonderful evening together.


Jimmy is back in New York:

I had been out of the City for a few weeks working on a case with an officer in Atlanta . His case was similar to three cases in New York . I was still in Atlanta and in the middle of the night, I got a call from Captain Holiday. After he apologized for waking me, he asked me if I had a friend named Pat OíDonnell. I had told him about Patrick and Pat and he had remembered the conversation. I told him that I did and he said, "Jimmy collect all of the information and come back to New York . I think the hired guns are back in New York ."

I felt like I had fallen into a deep hole. I was falling and there was nothing to hold onto. My life was being sucked out of my body. A cold chill ran through my body, I knew it must be Pat or Judy that was killed. I was afraid to ask. I could not say a word. I did not want to hear the answer. Holiday said, "Jimmy, are you still there."

"Yes I am still here. Is the victim Judy or Pat?"


Oh God, I felt that my world had ended. I could not have felt worst if someone had cut my legs off. Emotionally, I was dead. I had never felt this empty in my life. It felt like my whole body had been drained. I felt so weak that I fell back in bed. I did not want to know the answer to the question that I had to ask. I said, "Did someone kill both of them?"

"No, they just as well have. They killed Judy and Pat is being charged with the murder."

I was dumbfounded. I could not believe what Holliday had said. He had to be mistaken. I took a deep breath and said. "Holiday, there is no way in hell Pat could killed anyone. He would never swat a fly must less kill someone. Pat is madly in love with Judy. He would never kill Judy. He has never laid a hand on any woman, even though he has had many reasons to. Cap, donít play games with me."

"Jimmy I am not playing games. Seriously, Pat has been charged with Murdering Judy Murray. Is it possible that she was leading him on and she could have dropped him? Itís possible you know."

"I hear you Cap. I knew both of them. Itís no way in hell that Pat killed Judy. I will bet my life on it. Who is handling the case?"

"You are not going to like this. It is your old boss, Allen. He called me a few day ago looking for some help on the case. I told him you were out of town on another case. At that time I did not know Pat was involved in the case."

"That son of a bitch is going to frame Pat. He hated Patrick and he hates me. If he knows that Pat is Patrickís son, he will nail Pat just to get even with Patrick and me. Look, I am going to be on the next plane to New York . Do me a favor. Get me on the case or give me a leave of absence or let me take my vacation. I still have two months coming to me. If it hadnít been for Patrick my whole family would have been on welfare and we would still be on welfare."

"Jimmy, I donít know if I can get you on the case. The DA said itís an open and shut case. He said there is no question, Pat killed Judy."

"Damn it Holiday. Listen to me. You donít know Pat. I know Pat could not have done it for any reason. Believe me Holiday . Pat has no reason to kill Judy."

"Jimmy, the DA told me that Judy made Pat her sole heir. There is a huge fortune at stake."

"Pat would not do it. Damn it Holiday, you donít know him like I do. Pat could care less about money. I have known him since we were kids. He would give anyone the shirt off his back and so would Patrick. It is no use talking about it over the phone. I will see you later. Do your best to get me on the case. Pull some strings with the upper brass and get me on it without Allen and the DA knowing about it. Tell them that it ties in to more than a dozen unsolved cases around the country. And, it is best to keep it quiet. We donít want the murderers to be spooked. They have gotten away with twelve murders and they think they are infallible. Please tell them to keep this under their hat. I think I have a couple of leads and I do not want to blow it. We both will be on all the talk shows and make millions from the rights if we solve this case."

"Jimmy, the best I can do is put a long leash on you. So donít fuck me up. I am sticking my neck out and I donít want it chopped off. Do you read me?"

"Yea, boss. I read you. I know where you are coming from. Those white ass bastards will nail our black asses to the top of the Empire State Building . Bye, keep cool."

"OK Jimmy. Please donít jump into it too quickly. Slide in slowly. Do not let them know you are tying this case to the others. Bye."

"Wait, I have changed my mind. You are right boss. Do not tell the brass that I think the cases are linked. It would blow the whole fucking thing if they knew I was trying to get Pat off. Go back to sleep if you can. Goodnight."

I collected all of my papers, and called the airlines; the first flight to the New York did not leave until six. I had almost four hour on my hands. I headed to the Atlanta PD. I told the duty officer that I had to return to New York . They needed me on another case. I asked him to tell Detective Peters to keep in touch with me. I would continue working on his case in New York . I went through the files and made copies of everything that I thought that I would need. In one of the files, I ran across an article that we had collected from a newspaper. The articles related to one of the 12 murders. I had not read it. As I scanned through the article, I noticed that one of the subjects had committed suicide. This blew my mind, why in hell would he kill himself. He was free and clear. His wife was murdered, he had received all of the money and no one was contesting the will. I could not get this out of my mind. I was starting to thing I had been going up a blind alleys and none of the cases are related. This had set me back a notch or two; it was plaguing me so much I could not think of anything else. Why the fuck did he kill himself? Every time I thought of Pat's problem, my mind would slide back to the guy that committing suicide. I was on the edge of thinking that I had been wasting my time and none of the cases were related. I was starting to lose confidence in myself. I was thinking, those bastards thought that I was just another stupid black kid and they were right. God, what have I got myself into. I was starting to think that I did not know Pat as well as I thought. Maybe he did kill Judy for her money. Would I find out that I have been going in circles? I could not believe that I had started to think that Pat killed Judy. I cursed myself for thinking that Pat had killed Judy and swore that I would not let it happen again.

My mood changed. It was as if someone hit me in the face with a brick. I cursed myself for what I had been thinking. I knew to the depth of my heart that Pat did not kill Judy. Something was deadly wrong. I was not going let them get away with convicting Pat for Judyís murder.

All the cases around the country were very similar to the cases we had in New York . For the year that I worked on the cases, it looked like we had a pair of hired guns running around the country settling divorces. Before the two new cases in New York , I had been working on the Elizabeth Staten case and I am still trying to tie it to all the new cases. I knew that there had to be a link between that case and the new ones. Was I wrong? It was driving me up the wall; I could not find the links between the cases. Did the same person or persons kill all the victims? I tried not to be sidetracked. I had to keep my faith in Pat. I knew Pat could not have killed Judy. If I let myself believe Pat had killed Judy, I may jeopardize all the cases.

It appeared that the hired guns was watching the headlines and picking their clients from court battles that were in progress or had been in progress. The bastard was popping off the wives that were involved in the divorce and the wives were the ones that had most, if not all of the money. The husbands were always miles away when the murder was committed. There were too many murders that were almost identical to be coincidental. There were always traces that there was more than one person involved in the murders. The murder of Judy was the same. She had all the money and her husband was in Paris when she was murdered.

What did I know about Judy before she met Pat? I know that she was previously married to a Fred Murray. I knew that Judyís parents had been killed recently in a plane crash. Judy was in the process of getting a divorce when she met Pat. I knew that Murray was trying to get a settlement. Judy had inherited a huge fortune from her parents. Murray had embezzled over a million bucks from her parentís company. Their annulment had gone through. Where was Murray when the murder occurred? Murray was out of the country like most of the others or miles from where the murder was committed. None of them could have killed their wives. They had to have someone else murder their wives. Since Judy had put Pat in her Will, it did not look good for Pat, Judyís ex-husband did not get a damn cent and the Judge said that he would never get any money from the estate. Did he still believe that he would inherit the Estate if she were murdered? Maybe he had a contract with someone and the divorce came through before they could complete the contract. Who knows what that bastard must be thinking?

I had landed in Kennedy and was in a cab heading for the City before I realized where I was. My mind was so filled with Patís problem that I could not remember the flight back to New York and most of the trip from Kennedy to the precinct. Holiday said, "How was the trip?"

I laughed and said, "Hell if I know. To tell you the truth, I donít remember a damn thing about it. I was in Atlanta and the next moment I was walking up the precinct steps. Something interesting came up. I was at Atlanta PD making copies of the files and I came across a news article on the case in St. Louis . The husband in that case committed suicide. Between that case and Patís, it has bugged me since I read it this morning."

"Look Jimmy, I know you and Pat are very close let me put someone else on the case and you take a month off."

"Thanks boss, but if I didnít do everything to save Pat I think I will kill myself. I have to work on Patís case. The murders are too similar to all the others. I have put too much time into the cases to give up now. The hired guns have committed all of the murders. I am positive of it. The hired guns murdered Judy also. Murray and all of the husbands of the other victims hired them. I know it. I can feel it in my bones. Cap, I put Patís case through my meat grinder mind and came up with the same explanation for all thirteen murders. Pat was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pat is lucky that they did not kill him. There is no way Pat could have killed Judy. Not to change the subject, what do you think about the guy in St. Louis committing suicide?"

"Maybe he committed the murder and he couldnít live with himself."

"No Cap, he didnít kill her. He was in Paris at the time of the murder. Someone else killed her."

"Maybe he was depressed and could not live without his wife."

"No way Cap, he was a real bastard and he hated his wife with a passion."

"Since he didnít kill her, maybe he got someone else to kill her. The killer felt the husband would squeal on him and he killed the husband and made it look like a suicide."

"I agree with that, for some reason the killer did not trust the husband and he knock him off. I cannot believe he killed himself. From what I read, he was a heartless bastard. According to the article, and the officer on the case, the husband was a real bastard and there were only a couple of people at his funeral. I think all of these killing have been by the same people or they are copycat. The media plays up all of these high profile divorce cases and another jerk gets ideas. Anyway, what do you have for me?"

"I couldnít sleep a wink all night. I was rolling around in the bed and keeping my wife awake and she kicked me out of bed. I have been bouncing Patís case around in my head. I did not know what Allen knew about your association with Pat. As I told you, Allen had called me the day of the murder and asked if I had an extra Detective that I could put on the case. I told him that everyone was overloaded and you were in Atlanta . He never called me back and I assumed that he had gotten someone. I called Allen this morning and told him you would be back from Atlanta today and you could help him if he needed you. He told me the case had been turned over to the DA. As far as he was concerned, the case was closed. I did a little fishing and found out that he did not know, nor did the media tie Pat to his father. I pulled up OíDonnell on the computer database. We have over a dozen OíDonnellís on the force. I asked Allen to fill me in on the case. He told me that there was nothing to it. The boyfriend killed her for the inheritance. He said if I wanted any other information to call the DA. He has all of the reports. They could not find anyone else that wanted to kill her. Her ex-husband was in Paris and he is loaded. He doesnít need the money."

I snapped back, "That a fucking lie. Pat told me that Judyís X had blown all his money and Judy had to bail him out. He could not pay his attorney for the divorce. His business is holding on by a thread. This case is a classic of the dozen that have been going on around the country. The most obvious suspect is always out of the country. Judyís murder was number thirteen. Out of the thirteen, four of the husbands were in Paris , three were in Rome , three were in London , two were in Hawaii and one was out on the west coast. And, thatís not all; the wives were the wealthy partners and the ones that were murdered. I am going to see Allen. I am not going to tell him that I talked to you. I will tell Allen that you told me to look in on him as soon as I got back from Atlanta . I will tell him that it was a good time to look in on my old friends in the precinct. Please donít let anyone know that I am a close friend of Patís."

"Alright Jimmy, just keep me informed. Donít fuck up. Iím not ready to retire."

"I will try my best. See you later."

As I drove along Fifth Avenue , I looked across the park. It reminded me of all the times Frank, Pat and I spent in the park together. Most of our free time was spent playing ball or petting girls. I remember the time I had my hand on a young girlís thigh, I got a little too close to the forbidden area, and she slapped me. She was too busy getting her jollies watching Frank and Pat getting it on with her girl friends. She was too busy looking to mess around with me.

As I walked up the steps of the precinct office, I noticed the outside of the building. It was aging like all the building in the neighborhood. I opened the door, looked across the room, and there stood the fat bastard, Sgt. Smith. I donít remember a time that I had seen him standing up. What is he doing here? They should have retired him before I joined the force and he was still there. He waddled across the room as if he was going to kick my black ass out. When I yelled, "How are you doing Sarge?"

He stopped in his tracks and looked at me as if to say who in hell are you. I continued across the room and stuck out my hand. He looked up and down at me as if I was dog shit and he was not going to touch it. I knew that he had forgotten who I was. I pulled out my wallet and showed him my badge and ID. He took it out of my hand, looked at it, and said, "Where do I know you from."

"I ran around here for about 3 years until a few years ago. I was Allenís gofer. Where is Allen?"

"Oh, yes. Allen is in his office. Go on in, things have been slow around here lately."

From the way Sarge looked at me, I knew that he was still confused and did not remember me. I walked down the hall and looked the place over. There were a few new faces in the precinct. There wasnít very many that I knew. I wondered where the others had gone. It looked just like the way I had left it. Nothing had changed. I knocked on Allenís door. I heard someone bumping things around, and then Allen said, "Come on in. What are you doing; waiting for an invitation."

"No, Cap, I didnít want to walk in on you while you were sleeping."

I opened the door and walked in and he said, "I wasnít sleeping. I was just reading a report. By the way who are you?"

"Cap, itís only been two years. You have forgotten me already."

With a blank look on Allenís face and his mouth wide open, he said, "You areÖÖoh yes, you are working with Holiday . What can I do for you?"

I smiled at him and said, "I was down in Atlanta and Holiday called me and asked when I would be free. He told me that you needed help. I told him I would drop in to see you when I got back. Whatís up?"

"Oh yes, I did call Holiday . That was a few days ago. The case is in the hands of the DA. It is an open and shut case."

"Tell me about the case. I have been working on a few cases and from what Holiday told me it might give me some ideas on the cases that I have been working on. I have come to a dead end."

"A young gigolo murdered this wealthy woman. She put him in her will and he murdered her for the money. He said he was sleeping, someone knocked him out and he doesnít remember a damn thing. That son-of-a-bitch is lying. He said that when he woke up and found her in the bedroom, someone had killed her. There was blood all over him. It looked like he beat the hell out of her with a baseball bat and shot her. The baseball bat had his fingerprints all over it. There is no question about it; he murdered the women for her money."

"Did you find the gun?"

"No, we think he had an accomplice, another woman. She took the gun with her."

I was mad as hell. I wanted to reach across the desk and put my fist down his throat. I held my cool. There was too much at stake. I cannot blow it; Patís life was on the line. I asked, "Was the woman married?"

"Oh yes. Her husband didnít kill her."

"How do you know he didnít kill her?"

"Her husband was in Paris and he had been there a week. He has a dozen witnesses. He was at a luncheon with some people at the time she was murdered."

"It looks similar to my cases. Who is working on the case? They may give me some ideas on the cases I am working on."

"Go see Henderson ; he is in the squad room. Feel free to drop in any time. Thanks for dropping in. Thank Holiday for having you stop in."

I spun around and headed for the door. Without looking back I said, "Thanks Cap, I will tell Holiday ."

If I had to look that bastard in the face another minute I would have put my fist through his fat face. Pat did not have another girl friend. He was madly in love with Judy. I had never seen him so happy. Pat did not want her money. She was trying to stuff it in his pocket and he was giving it back to her. He was ashamed of himself. He was embarrassed about her putting money in his bank account. He was paying Judy for the new cab she bought him. He would give her three or four hundred dollars each week and she would deposit it into his bank account. These bastards donít know Pat.

I remembered Henderson . He was another one of those fat slobs that sat around all day bull shitting. Getting up from his desk and going to the toilet was too much work for him. He would not get up and get something that he wanted. He would ask someone that was standing to hand him something rather than get off his dead ass and take a few steps. When everyone was seated and he wanted something a couple feet out of his reach, he would ask someone to pick it up and pass it around the squad room. As I walked into the smoke filled squad room, it was like a morgue. Everyone was sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Henderson was asleep with his mouth wide open. I walked over to his desk and bumped it slightly. Without opening his eye he said, "You fucking guys leave me alone. I had a rough time last night. My stomach was killing me."

Someone behind me said, "Wake up, you have a guest."

There was a pause for a couple of moments until the guyís comment soaked in. He jumped up and almost kicked over the desk. I had never seen him move that fast. I choked myself trying not to laugh. When he saw me he yelled, "Stop fucking around you bastards. What do you want kid."

"Allen said you could fill me in on your murder case."

"Which one?"

Everyone in the squad room started laughing. The same voice that I heard before said, "Which one, you only have one."

Henderson growled, "Peckham shut up."

Henderson shuffled the mess on his desk and found a folder. On the label was written Pat OíDonnell. He said, "Who are you and why are you interested in this case?"

"Boy, everyone in this precinct have short memories. I was the precinct gofer for three years; I am Jimmy Williams. I am not really interested in the case. I was in Atlanta working on a case when Allen called Holiday and asked for help. Holiday told me to drop in on Allen when I got back. I just saw Allen and he told me it was open and shut case. From what he told me, it sounds similar to the cases that I am working on. It might give me some ideas on my cases."

"Oh yew, I remember you. Take the folder you can make copies of it. The suspect is locked up down town. If you want to talk to him, tell the guard that you are working with me on the case. That loud mouth bastard over there Peckham, he assisted me on the case. He can fill you in. Excuse me. I am going back to sleep."

I turned around and looked at all the facing looking at me. I was getting ready to ask, who is Peckham? A friendly face smiled and motioned to me to come over. I walked over to Peckham and introduced myself. I stuck out my hand and he gave me a warm handshake. The way he looked at me, I knew we would hit it off. I told him that the cases were similar but I did not think anything would come out of it.

Peckham asked, "Have you eaten lunch?"

"No I havenít"

"Letís have lunch and I will fill you in on the case."

I told Peckham that I wanted to make copies of the files before we left. Peckham helped me make the copies and he returned the folder to Henderson ís desk.

When we got out of the building Peckham said, "I didnít want to discuss the case while I was in the squad room, I donít think the kid murdered that women. Allen and Henderson told me to keep my mouth shut. We had enough problems. Allen said that the case was closed and he turned it over to the DA."

With surprise, I asked, "How did you get involved in the case?"

"I had been sent up from Headquarters. Half of the squad was out on sick leave. Allen called Headquarters and asked for help. When I got to the precinct, it was as quiet as it was today. Henderson and a couple other guys were the only ones at the precinct. The second day that I was there we got the call. Allen turned it over to Henderson and told me to go with him."

"What makes you think that the suspect didnít kill the woman?

"The Doctor said that Pat had a Grade 3 concussion from a hit on the back of his head. It had been about thirty-six hours after the girl was killed before he called 911. We knocked on the front door. No one answered. I tried the door. It was unlocked. We called and no one answered. The shades were pulled and I turned on the lights. The first thing I saw was the blood all over the couch. I pulled my piece and started searching the apartment. When I went into the bedroom where the victim was, Pat was standing there in the dark. I turned on the lights. The first thing I saw was the mutilated face of the young girl. I could not look at her. I looked over at Pat. He was facing the bed. Blood had coagulated all over the back of his body. I spoke to him. He did not answer. He was standing there with a phone in his hand. I had to pry his finger off the phone. He looked like he was petrified. Here are some of the pictures that I took of him." 

As I looked through the pictures, my eyes started to water. Like Peckham, I could not look at the picture of the Judy. I put the pictures back into the envelope. I could not finish my dinner.

Peckham saw my eyes watering. He said, "I know how you must feel. I felt the same way when I saw her. Henderson had called for an ambulance. He also called Allen and told him to send over some more help. When the ambulance came, I escorted Pat to the hospital. He was like a zombie. He was a bloody mess. It looked like someone had wiped the baseball bat off on his under shirt. The blood from his wound had run down his back and dried up. The blood that had been wiped off the bat handle was on the front of his under shirt, it was the girlís blood. The doctor that took the x-rayed and examined Pat said that Pat could not have afflicted the wound himself. Someone else had to have done it. The only thing Allen and the DA wanted to do is find the person that hit him over the head. They both believe that he had someone else helping him. They think itís another woman. I do not think a woman could have hit him that hard or mutilated the victim. The womanís head and face was so mutilated that we had to get her ex-husband to identify her. He flew in from Paris and went to the morgue. I was watching him. He never really looked at her. He said that it was his wife and walked out. He did not show any remorse. If my wife or someone elseís face was mutilated as bad as hers was, I could not have identified them by just glancing at her. The kidís fingerprints were neatly placed on baseball bat. If he had killed her, he would have washed all of her blood off himself before he let someone hit him over the head. He would have wiped his fingerprints off the bat. This fucking mess has made me lose all confidence in the whole fucking precinct. I cannot wait until they send me back to Headquarters. I canít stand this place. It gives me the creeps. We had inquired around to get some background information on the kidís habits. One of the cabbies that knew Pat said that Pat carried a baseball bat for protection. He always carried the bat with him. Who elseís fingerprints would you expect to see on the bat? I think the murderers found the bat in the apartment and used it. They shot her in the head to make sure she was dead."

Jimmy asked, "Where did the murder occur, in OíDonnell apartment or at Mrs. Murrayís home?"

"She was murdered in OíDonnell apartment. OíDonnell asking a couple of time, what happened to Julie? I told him that Judy was dead. It seemed that he would not accept the fact that Judy was dead. He said a couple of times that Judy was not dead. I felt sorry for him. He did not want to accept the fact the Judy was dead."

I was so depressed that I did not want to discuss the case any longer. As I was leaving, Peckham asked, "What were the similarities to the cases you are working on?"

I told him that the only similarities to my cases, the wives were all wealthy and all of the husbands had airtight alibis. I paid for the lunch and thanked him for his time. I asked him if anything else comes up to let me know. I told him that I did not think his case would open up anything for me, but I would like to talk to the suspect. He told me who to see downtown and he would call them and let them know I was coming.

I liked Peckham. He wasnít like the other ass holes at the precinct. I wish I could get him to help me. I will give Holliday a hint.

I knew that Pat did not kill Judy. There was no way in hell that Pat would kill anyone or anything. I am positive that he would never kill Judy. I could not remember a thing in his life that would make me think he would beat up a woman, much less kill someone that he loved. He would do everything he could do not to get into a fight. The only time he would fight was when it was forced on him. He was so strong that he was afraid he would severely hurt them if he hit them. He was just like his father. Both of them were as strong as an ox.

I reached the lockup and checked in. The officer that accompanied me to Patís cell was somewhat nosey. He cross-examined me as if he knew that I was Patís friend. I asked him why he was questioning me. He told me that he always checked out visitors of murderers. I asked him if he always gave officers on the case the third degree. He kind of shrugged his shoulders, gave me a sarcastic look and kept walking.


 The way he looked at me, I knew what he was thinking, what was a black ass bastard like me doing on this case. I took a deep breath shook my shoulder. Pop had told me years ago there would be moment in my life like this and do not let it bother you. Be like a duck with water on it back and just shake it and let it run off. It is the other personís problem, not yours.


When I reached Patís cell I was hoping Pat would not say anything. I did not want anyone to know Pat was my best friend. The guard called to Pat and said that he had a visitor. The guard did not open the cell. Pat looked up and saw me. I though Pat was going to give me away. I was standing behind the guard, I shook my head and our teenage body language still worked. Pat said, "Who in hell do you have this time."

The guard told Pat to cool it and walked away. I introduced myself to Pat and he gave me a little lip and said, "Are you here to nail me to the cross. I didnít kill anyone."

Snickering to himself, the guard went back to his station. When the guard reached his station, I said to Pat, "Buddy how in hell did you get yourself mixed up into this mess?Ē

Pat shook his head and with a very depressed look on his face, he faintly said, "Jimmy I donít know. I woke up here in the cellblock. When one of the guards came by, I called him pop. Jimmy, no one has told me a damn thing. No one has come to see me and I do not know what is going on. The guards will not tell me anything. Whatís going on?"

"Buddy, I hate to tell you. You have been charge for killing Judy. The cops and the DA think you killed her."

"No, no, I didnít kill Judy. I didnít kill anyone."

Pat started to raise his voice; I reached through the bars and put my hands across his mouth.

"I believe you Pat. But, no one else believes you. Someone killed her and we are going to find out who it was."

"Jimmy, Judy is not dead and I didnít kill anyone. All I can remember is waking up in here. I cannot remember what happened to my head. No one will tell me what happened to my head. They will not tell me anything."

"I know you did not do anything. However, everyone else thinks you did. They think that you killed Judy for her money. Letís not talk about it anymore. Do not tell anyone that we are friends. If they know that we are friends, they will not let me come close to you. I do not know how, but I will die before I let them pin this murder on you. How is your memory?"

"I donít know. I cannot remember anything about a murder. Jimmy, I donít know if I am remembering something or itís my imagination. I donít know what is real. I donít know if you are here or I am dreaming. I donít know how long I have been locked up."

"Buddy you are not dreaming and itís not your imagination. What is going on is real. You have been in here for a few days. Pat, you are your best witness. I want you to try to remember everything that happened to you over the last few months. Write down everything that comes into your mind. I donít care if itís your imagination or if itís real. We will filter out what is real later. When I say everything, I mean every moment of every day. From the time, you woke up until you went to sleep. Better yet, go back to the day you met Judy, I want to know what Judy did, what she said, who she talked to, her demeanor, when she was happy and when she was sad. I want you to put them all in sequence. I want you mentally relive both of your lives for the last six months, particular the things that was unusual, new friends and faces. Did Judyís divorce go through?"

"The marriage was annulled."

"Did you go to the preceding with her?"

"Yes, after I met her, I drove her to all of the hearings. She and her attorney did not want me in the courtroom with them. I stayed outside and looked through the window in the door."

"Who else was there?"

"The only other people that were in the courtroom were her husband, Fred Murray and his attorneys, the judge and about three other people that worked in the court."

"Was there anyone else with her husband?"

"No, not that I can remember."

"Was there anyone else in the court room?"

"No, there was no one else insideÖÖÖ.. Wait; one of the timeís that I took Judy to court, there were two guys that came up behind me while I was looking through the window in the door. They excused themselves and asked me if I was going in. I told them no, I was just watching the proceedings."

"Did they go inside?"

"Yes, they went inside and sat in the back row and whispered to each other."

"Did anyone talk to the two guys while they were in the courtroom?"

"No, Fred and his attorney left right after the hearing. Then the two guys left. Judy was still talking to her attorney inside the courtroom. The two guys followed Fred and his attorney when they left the building. Judy and her attorney came out into the hall. They were still talking in the hall; I did not want to listen to them, so I walked away and looked down on the streets below. After Fredís attorneys left him, those two men came over to Fred and started talking to him. Fred started to walk away; one of the guys grabbed him by his arm and led him over to a car. The three of them got into the back seat with Fred in the middle. I told Judy about them and she said that they were probably loan sharks. Fred was in debt up to his ears."

"Did Fred ride off with them and was someone else driving the car?"

"No, after they were in the car for a while, the guy sitting on the curb side of the car got out and stood there for a few minutes talking to Fred inside the car. He would look to see if anyone was around them, I could see the anger in his face when he talked to Fred. After he helped Fred out of the car, he straightened out Fred suit. It looked like they had been roughing him up inside the car. Fred hurried off after they let him out of the car. The guy sitting on the driverís side of the car got out of the car and got in the driverís seat. The other one got in the passenger seat."

"Could you see them while they were in the car?"

"No, the side windows were heavily tinted and I was looking down on the car."

"What kind of car was it?"

"I donít know. It was a big heavy car. Looking at it from the top, I thought it was an old Rolls. The hood was very long; it looked like it had a straight 8 cylinder engine."

"That is enough for today. Donít tell your lawyer about me."

"I donít have a lawyer."

"The court will probably assign you a public defender soon. I hope you get a good one. Do not trust him, at least not for now. See how you get along with him and let me know. If he hears about me, just tell him that I am trying to hang another murder on you. Write down every moment that has happened to you since you met Judy. If anyone asks what you are doing, tell them that you have lost a lot of your memory and you are trying to remember the things that happen before you were hit, tell them it is helping you recover your lost memory. Play up your memory loss. Thatís the only thing that is working for you. One of the cops on your case does not believe you did it and I know you didnít. Donít worry we are going to get you out of this mess. It may take a little time. I will crack this case. Take care and I will be popping in on you when I can. Do you need anything?"

"No, one of the cops on the case brought me a few things from my apartment after I woke up. The guard brought him in to see me. He questioned me about the case. I could not remember anything."

"Do you know what his name is?"

"The guard that brought you down here called him Peckham."

"I met him this morning. He is one of the few that think you are innocent. Have you seen him since he brought the things from your apartment?"

"No. The guard called him and told him that I had woken up. He came to see me and questioned me. I could not tell him a thing. When he was here, I could not remember my name. He asked me if he could bring me anything from the apartment. I told him that I did not know my name much less what was in the apartment. The following afternoon when he came back with a few of my things, I had started to get back some of my memory. I could not help him with the murder and I still cannot remember anything about the murder. I had forgotten about him until you asked me about him."

"Is there anything that I can do for you?"

Pat smiled and said, "Get me the fuck out of this damn cell."

I chuckled, "Buddy, oh how I would love to get you out. Those bastards at your fatherís old precinct want to hang your ass and I am not going to let them. Love you Bud. I will be back as soon I can. Let me know if you need anything."

I looked around to see if anyone was looking, I stuck my hand through the bars, and put my hands on Patís cheek. Tears came to both of our eyes. I turned away quickly and walked down the hall. The guard saw the tears in my eyes and asked me if I was crying over the sob stories that Pat was giving me. I said, "No, I got something in my eye. I tried to get it out and it got worse."

He asked me if the talk with Pat helped me on my case. I told him that Pat wasnít that cooperative and he would see me around a lot more because I am at a dead end on the other cases and this one my give me some ideas.

I left the lockup and headed back to the precinct. I had a long talk with Holiday and filled him in on what Peckham had told me. I told Holiday that I think Fred Murray had the two men that Pat had seen in the courtroom kill Judy. Judy thought that the men were loan sharks. More than likely, they killed Judy with hopes that Fred would inherit her money and they would bleed Fred.

I did not want to waste any time. The only lead that I had on Patís case was the two men and the Rolls. I linked into the DMV database and got a list of all the Rolls in New York and New Jersey . There were a lot of them. I did not know where to start. It was like looking for needle in a haystack. It would take me months to checkout all the Rolls in New York and New Jersey . I called a Rolls dealer and asked if he knew where I could get pictures of all of the older models. I wanted pictures of all of the cars from the last forty years or so, especially the ones with big engines. The sales representative told me that the shop had manuals on all the models. There were pictures of the models in all the manuals. He told me that he would make copies of them for me and I could pick them up tomorrow.

I started reviewing the cases in Manhattan and the two cases in Westchester County . I went through the headlines of all the papers. I reviewed the interviews of all of the victimís relatives and close friends. I found the dates that the breakups started and the dates the divorces hit the headlines. I made a log of every movement the husbands and the victims had made. The husband of Elisabeth Stanton had left the city and I could not track him down. The Westchester DA had given me the files on the two cases in Westchester and he had welcomed my help. I called the husbands and questioned them again. They were pissed off that no one had found the murderers of their wives. They also were upset with me because they felt I was accusing them of murdering their wives. Robert Stevenson was quite well off. His wife was murdered before the divorce came through. John Hillís wife was murdered after the divorce. John got nothing from his late wifeís estate. Most if not all of his wifeís money went to her family. In both of these cases, the wives had most if not all of the money. In the dozen cases the murdered wife had most of the money. This did not look good for Pat. Everyone thinks Pat killed Judy for her money. I knew that Pat could not have killed someone for any reason. My temper boiled when anyone even hinted that Pat had murdered Judy. It fired me up to fight harder.

I opened up my brief case and pulled out the list of all the similar murders. I burned the lines for the rest of the day. I called all of the detectives that were working on the similar cases around the country. I asked all of them to look into the background off the victims and find out when they got divorced and if they had surveillance cameras in or around where the divorce took place. Again, I wanted to know which spouse had the money and where it went. So far, none of them had any leads on the murders. They all were eager to help, but they did not have any concrete evidence on who may have murdered the victims. I could not believe it. Thirteen murders almost identical and none of us could come up with a solid lead. What in hell were we doing wrong? There had to be something to tie them together. What was it?

I asked Detective Springer in St. Louis to look into the finances of the husband that committed suicide. He had already inquired into his finances and said that he had blown two million in less than a year. He was trying to find out where the money went. None of his relatives had received any of the money, and they wanted to know where the money went also. I asked him to keep digging into the money trail; it just might lead to the murderer or murderers. Springer told me that the husband had taken five hundred thousand out of the bank shortly after his wife was murdered and the trail of the money came to a dead end. For the next year until his suicide, periodically he had taken out large sums from the bank in cash until the account was almost completely drained. Springer said that no one could find out where the money had gone. As far as his friends and family knew, he never gambled nor was he a womanizer. He did not make any large purchases that they would come anywhere close to the millions that seemed to evaporate.

When I said murderers, he asked me why I had said murderers. He had felt that there was more than one person involved in the murder in St. Louis . I told him that the three in New York area had evidence that indicated that there may have been more than one person involved in the murder. He told me he would keep digging and would keep me informed if anything else came up. I thanked him, wished him good luck, and started digging again.

The following morning I woke up at four thirty and was getting ready to go to work. It hit me like a ton of bricks. A cold chill ran through me. I had forgotten to call Frank OíMalley. Frank would kill me if I did not let him know that Pat was in trouble. I picked up the phone and dialed his number. I had forgotten it was three hours difference in time. Frank picked up the phone and said, "You have the wrong number."

I shouted, "Frank, donít hang up, itís Jimmy."

"Jimmy who."

"Have you forgotten me already?"

Frank fussed, "What the hell are you doing calling at this time of night. Whatís up?í

"I am sorry Frank, I forgot about the time difference. I have a lot on my mind. Pat is in jail for murdering his girlfriend Judy."

Frank was traumatized. For a few moments, he was in a state of shock. He could not think. Finally he said, "Jimmy donít kid with me. Itís bad enough that you got me up."

"I am not kidding Frank. Pat has been charged for murdering Judy."

"Jimmy my brain is all clogged up. Give me a second to wake up and clear the cobwebs from my brain. I do not believe it. Pat would not kill a cockroach. He would feed the damn thing. Something is terribly wrong. Someone set him up. I will be on the next flight to New York . How can I help?"

"Frank, I just called you to let you know. There isnít anything that you can do at this time. I knew you would kill me if I didnít let you know."

"Look Jimmy, I am coming to New York . I can at least give him moral support. I donít know the schedule to New York . I will be on the next flight out of LA. Thanks for calling. Do you still live on the west side?"

"Yep, the same hole in the wall. You can give me some of that moral support. It has knocked me for a loop since I found out about the murder. I was in Atlanta and my boss called me, he woke me up in the middle of the night, and told me about Patís problem. I could not believe it either. I am looking forward to seeing you. Have a nice trip. Love you."

"Love you too buddy. If you see Pat before I get there, tell him that I know he didnít do it and I will do anything to get him out of this mess, bye."

Tears ran down my cheek. From the tone of Frank voice, I could feel the emotions that were going through him. His voice expressed the love and friendship that the three of us have had for each other since we were kids. I tried to stop the tears. I was trying to shave and the tears were blinding me. When the tears finally dried up, I finished getting dressed and I headed to the precinct.

Later that morning I picked up the pictures of the Rolls and made a trip to see Pat. I showed Pat the pictures. He picked out the ones that were closest to the one that he had seen. I returned to my office and to my surprise, there were only a few Rolls registered for the vintage that Pat had shown me. I went to the hotel across the street and used a pay phone to make the calls. If I called the murderer and they had a caller ID on their phone, I did not want them to call the precinct. I called all of the owners in New York . I told them that I was a collector of old cars, and asked them if they were interested in selling their cars. None of them wanted to sell their car or seemed to have any connection to Judyís murder. In New Jersey , there were two cars of that model. The owner of the first car was an old lady. It was her late husbandís pride and joy. She wanted to give it to one of her grandsons when they are old enough to drive. I called the other owner in New Jersey . A voice that I had heard in the past answered the Phone, he said, " Paterson and Cannon Detective Agency, Cannon speaking."

A shock wave of excitement ran through my body. Emotionally, I thought I had been blindsided by a four hundred pound tackle. I felt like I had stuck my finger into electrical socket and it knock me across the room. My brain was short-circuited for a few minutes. Why havenít I thought about them before? Damn it, how stupid have I been. I should have thought about them before? Are they involved in these murders? I did not want to believe it. They are veteran cops. It made me sick to my stomach to think that a couple of veteran cops would have pulled all of those murders. How could they? Did they get the idea from the Elizabeth Staten murder? Were they pulling a copycat? I could not say anything. I had forgotten about the bastard on the other end of the line. Cannon brought me out of my trance. Cannon said, "Who is this? Is there anyone there?"

I came back to the real world and said, "I am sorry. I dropped my pencil and I was picking it up. I am Charles Letterman; I am a collector of old cars. I was talking to someone in New York about the vintage Rolls that you have. They were not interested in selling their car at this time. They told me that you had one. Are you interested in selling your car?"

"Who told you about my car?"

"Frankly, I donít know his name. I saw a car about the same vintage as yours parked on Park Avenue and I was looking at it, an elderly gentleman came up to me and said, isnít it a beauty. I asked if it was for sale. He told me no, that he was the chauffeur and his boss would not sell it for any amount of money."

"How did this guy know about my car?"

"He said that he was driving past your office and had seen it."

"How much are you willing to pay for it?"

"I have no idea what they are worth. I like the car very much, but I donít know if I can afford it."

Cannon remarked, "You come up with a price, call me back, and I will think about it."

The next thing in my mind was where in hell did Cannon get the money to pay for a car like that? Paterson did not own the car when he worked for the NYPD. He and Paterson both owned cars that should have been scrapped 20 years ago. The database that I linked into before did not have the history of the cars. They only had the present ownerís name. I called the New Jersey DMV. A young lady answered the phone. She identified herself as Peggy Watson. I told Peggy that I was working on a case and a witness to the crime owned an old Rolls. I gave her the registration number of both of the cars and asked her who owned the cars and when they were purchased. The car that the old lady owned was purchase new in the late forties. The other one was purchased a year ago. I asked if the new owned bought the car from a dealer or a private party. She said it was purchased from a private party for one thousand dollars. She said that the previous owner name was John Hill.

Bingo, I had my first link to the murders. I was so excited that I could not think. A thousand thoughts were flashing through my mind. I was so excited that I could not say anything for a few minutes. Peggy asked if I was still there. I tried to compose my excitement. I asked her to hold on for a few minutes.

My brain was in overdrive. It was trying to put all the pieces together. Damn it, I finely had a solid lead. Paterson and Cannon had not worked on the Stevenson or Hillís case. They had retired before the murders were committed. What association did they have with Hill? My mind had forgotten that Peggy was still on the line. Again, Peggy said, "Are you still there?"

She woke me up. I apologized and thanked her for the information. I gave her my cell phone number and told her if anyone calls and inquires about the car that Hill had owned, please call me and let me know. Do not tell them that someone else was inquiring about the car.

I had just hung up the pay phone and it rang. I made a bet with myself that it would be Cannon. I picked up the receiver and said, "Hello."

The phone was silent for a few moments then a click. I knew it had to be Cannon. I think I spooked him. Before I could get my notes and get out of the phone booth, my cell phone buzzed. It was Peggy Watson. She said that a NYPD officer, Detective Cannon, just called and asked if anyone had inquired about his car. I did not want to say no. I told him that I did not know if anyone had called about his car.

Oh God, it dawned on me, I have gotten this young girl involved in this mess, I said, "Peggy, Detective Cannon does not work for the NYPD at the present. He and his partner opened a detective agency in North Bergen after they retired from NYPD. Peggy, please listen carefully. I want you to write down the time and the conversation you had with Cannon. It is extremely important to the case I am working on. Do not tell anyone at the DMV or your family. This could put all of them in danger. Honey, I do not want to scare you. If I am correct, we are dealing with a very dangerous person. I cannot emphasize it enough. Do not discuss our conversation or the conversation you had with Cannon with anyone. I am sorry I had to get you involved in this mess. A manís life depends on this information. You will be fine if you do not talk with anyone about this conversation, OK."

"Officer Williams what should I do with the notes you told me to write down?"

"When you have time to write down our conversation and the conversation you had with Cannon, sign and date it, then call me at this number. I will find a fax and you can fax it to me. Thanks again, you have been wonderful. Bye."

I went back across the street to the precinct. I went in to Holiday ís office. Holiday looked up at me and saw the smile on my face. He said, "What the hell are you so happy about?"

"I have my first link to one of the murders in Westchester County . And you will never guess who it is."

"Since I will never guess, tell me who it is."

"Itís someone in my old precinct."

"Jimmy, you have me all fired up, tell me before I fire you."

"OK, hold your hat you are going to jump out of your seat when I tell you."

"Jimmy damn it, stop fooling around. Who is it?"

"Whose job did I take over?"

"Cannon and Paterson, you must be kidding."

"I am not kidding, Cannon owns the Rolls that Hill had owned. Hills wife was killed just like all the others. The Rolls is a classic. In the condition that it is in, itís worth at least a hundred thousand. When in hell did Cannon get that kind of money? According to New Jersey DMV, Hill sold it to him for a thousand. No one in their right mind would sell a car like that for a thousand."

Holiday lit up like a Christmas tree, and said, "Jimmy, donít kid around. Are you sure? Make damn sure you are not barking up the wrong tree. If you fuck up, you will never clear Pat."

"Cap, I am not kidding around. I would never fuck around on any case and defiantly not when Pat life is a stake. The only link I have to any of these cases is the Rolls. Hill owned it and for the price, he gave it to Cannon. Pat saw two men approaching Judyís husband. They stuffed him into the back seat of the Rolls and roughed him up. The description of the two men fit Cannon and Paterson. It is just like the Rolls that Cannon owns. Hillís wife murder is typical of all the other cases. I know this is a solid lead. Pat saw two men in a Rolls talking to Judy husband before the murder. Pat thinks he can identify the two men. Do you have photos of Cannon and Paterson?"

"I will find some. There has to be pictures of them in the files."

"Cap, do me a favor, get someone to get me pictures of them as soon as you can. When you get the pictures, let me know, I want to show them to Pat."

Holiday was a cool cat. He had always checked and double-checked everything before he accepted it as a fact. I could see his mind working. All of a sudden, he slammed his fist on the table and said, "Jimmy, I donít want you to go out a limb and have it chopped off. Before you start shaking the bushes, have some more solid evidence on them. If they are involved in these murders, I want to nail their asses. There cannot be a shadow of a doubt that Paterson and Cannon were involved in the murders. Keep digging. If they killed all those people, Jimmy, prove it to me. Jimmy, I know you are right. I would not put it past them, but we have to prove it. They must have gotten the idea from the Elizabeth Staten case. They are not smart enough to come up with this on their own."

I took a deep breath of relief and said, "The murder in the Elizabeth Staten case is cold. If Paterson and Cannon had the same problems I have had on the case, I can understand why they could not get anywhere. I am almost certain they had something to do with Judyís death. Maybe they got the idea from the Elizabeth Staten case or they were involved in it. If they were involved in the Staten case then that is why they did not solve the damn case. I am going to shake them up. I am going to try to get them to show their hand."

"Come on Jimmy, donít do anything foolish. If they think that you have nailed them, they will want to kill you. I do not want you to become another notch in their gun handle. Let me know before you do anything foolish. Letís work together and we will nail their asses."

"I am not going to do anything foolish, and I will keep you informed."

I left Holiday ís office and checked the schedules from LA flights. Also, I checked my messages. Frank had left a message and the time he would arrive at JFK. I picked up Frank at the airport at six thirty . We spent the remainder of the evening talking about the case.

The following day Frank went to the lockup and told them that he was Patís only living relative. They allowed Frank to visit Pat when he wanted to. During the next week, Frank almost lived with Pat. He shuttled information between Pat and me. Pat identified Paterson and Cannon as the men that attended Judyís annulment hearing. If Frank wasnít at the lockup with Pat, he was in court watching the proceedings. They had assigned a temporary public defender to help Pat through the proceedings. Frank was frustrated, he wanted to do more for Pat. He felt so helpless. I could feel the pressure he was under. He begged me to find a way that he could help. I could not think of anything, my mind was a blank. I convinced Frank to go back home and if I came across something that he could do, I would call him.

Reluctantly, Frank made reservation to fly back to LA. On the night of his reservation, it was snowing like hell. He was scheduled to leave on a red eye. I told him that I did not think he would get out of Kennedy tonight. I was going to take him to the airport. He would not let me take him. He did not want me to drive out there in a snowstorm. I walked outside and waited for a cab with him. The snow was getting heavier. We hugged each other. We shook hands, embraced each other and looked into each otherís tearing eyes. Tears started streaming down our faces. I slapped him on the back and opened the cab door. The cabby loaded Frankís luggage in the trunk, I shut the cab door and the cab pulled away. We looked at each other until the cab turned the corner. I looked up into the heavens and as the snow fell down on my face and mixed with the tears in my eyes, I asked God to help me. I told God that I knew Pat did not kill Judy and to tell me what to do. I plodded back up to my apartment. I tried to go to sleep. I couldnít. I laid there trying to think of a way to get Cannon and Paterson to show their hand.


Frank OíMalley:

It was in late February, the outside temperature was 10 degrees. I was in a cab heading for Kennedy International Airport . As the New Englanders would call it, it was a typical Noríeaster. The traffic inched it way through the snowdrifts. When I arrived at the airport, it was jammed with people. Most of the flights were delayed for more than 8 hours or cancelled. Jimmy was right. The way the weather looked, I would be there for another day. I was in no hurry and there was no one waiting for me in LA. Furthermore, I did not want to fly in this weather. I had called the airport before I left the city. They had not cancelled the flight. When I arrived, I looked at the monitor. My flight was delayed for eight hours. Why in hell didnít they tell me this an hour ago?

The terminal was wall to wall with people with many of them sleeping on the floor. The confusion blocked out what had been on my mind. The past week I had been attending court hearings that were charging my best friend Pat OíDonnell with Murder. Pat was accused of murdering a very rich woman for her money. The headlines read, "Gigolo Iced Heiress."

I had not seen Pat for almost 3 years. Pat was only 25 and the pressure he was under had made him look much older. He did not look like the happy carefree lad that I had grown up with. The way he stooped it looked like he was no taller than I was. Normally he was a least a head taller than I. The pressure for the last few weeks had taken a lot out of him. The hit on his head had scrambled his brains. He could not remember anything about the murder. When Judyís death came up, he would insist that Judy was not dead. I would ask him how he knew that Judy was not dead. He had told me, "I know my mind is telling me that Judy is alive and I do not know who I could have killed. I have flashes of seeing someone bloody body. I cannot see the face. I do not know if my imagination is playing tricks on me. Everyone has said that I killed someone. I think that I am starting to believe them."

I tried to get Pat to ignore what people are telling him about Judyís death. We know that he did not harm anyone and we would find a way to prove it. To lighten the ruff moments, I teased Pat about his turban. I asked him if he was changing his religion to Muslim or Hindu. I did everything I could to take his mind off the murder. At the same time, I tried to help him remember what had happened before Judyís murder. He could not recall the things he did before the murder or the days after the murder. Yet, he was adamant that Judy was still alive and he could not explain why he was so sure that nothing had happened to her. I did not pressure him any further. I tried to keep the conversation away from Judyís death. It upset him to think that Judy was no longer alive. He still insisted that Judy was not dead, and he could not explain why he felt that way.

Pat and I had been friends since we were eight years old. We lived in Upper Manhattan in a little community that we called Little Ireland. When I first moved there, almost everyone parents were born in Ireland . I remember some bastard saying that Little Ireland was the dumping grounds for Irish bums. I wanted to kill him. Pat and Jimmy told me to ignore him. The bastard was a bum also. Jimmy said, "Letís face it. We are all bums. What wrong about us being bums. I like being a bum."

Pat laughed and agreed with Jimmy and said, "I am a proud Irish bum. I would not be anything else."

Pat and Jimmy did not get upset when someone ridiculed them, especially Pat. He was cool. Nothing seemed to bother him or he held it in. Maybe he became thick skinned from all the comments that were said about his mother. I would get pissed off at the drop of a hat. Pat and Jimmy had to step in to help me otherwise; someone would have beaten the shit out of me. I was a hotheaded little bastard.

I had been so busy over the years that I never had time to lay back and let my mind wander. As I looked across the crowd, I saw a couple of lads about eight or nine horsing around. Out of my mind popped memories that I had not thought about for years.

It was a hot summer day everyone had their windows open and they were wearing as little as possible. I was hanging out the tenement window looking down on the street below. My mother and my aunt were walking around in their underwear. A young dark headed boy about my age was walking down the street. Everyone he passed turned and looked at him. They would look at the building down the street that he came from. If they were with someone else, they would laugh and whisper to each other then giggle. I wondered why they were laughing at this kid. It wasnít long until I found out why they were laughing. At first, I did not know the meaning of the word prostitute. It did not take long; the kids at school told me what a prostitute was.

Whenever the neighbors saw Pat walking down the street to the movies, the neighborís knew that Patís mother was servicing another client. The neighbors kept a watch on Patís building. They all wanted to see who would come out of the building. Patís mother and her clients had a little trick they played on the neighbors. Sometimes she would go out the front door and go down to Mc Noonís Bar for a drink. The client would go out the back door into the alley or one of the other exits in the building. If he came out the front door, it usually meant the client was single, he did not live in the neighborhood, or he just didnít give a damn. Of course, Patís mother didnít give a damn and she told everyone to shove it.

Patís mother was an exceptionally beautiful woman. She was not married to Patís father and she did not want to marry him. They came to America together. Patís father impregnated her on the trip over. She was hired to be a mistress for an Irish nobleman. She fell in love with Patís father. They took off for America before the nobleman had a chance to seduce her. The rumor was that Patís father was a hired stud for a noblemanís wife.

The story that I had heard later in life was the Irish noblemanís family had selectively bred men and women as they bred their horses. They had been doing this for generations. Patís father, grandfather, and great grandfather were raised on the nobleman estate. Patís mother, Marie OíHara, was a newcomer to the estate and when she found out what they expected of her, she convinced Patís father to go with her to America .

Patís father was a very handsome man; he was well over six-foot tall and as broad as a doorway. All the women in Little Ireland were crazy about him. His Irish buddies got him a job as a New York City police officer. Pat was named after his father Patrick. When Patís father wasnít working, he was whoring around at Mc Noonís. All the women in area were trying to get Patrick to leave Marie and marry them.

I had heard my father tell Mom that Patrick had the best of two worlds. He could sleep with all the women in New York and his wife didnít give a damn. Mom slapped Dad and told him not to get any ideas or she would not sleep with him for the rest of his life. She also said that she had better not hear about him coming out of the back door of Marieís building either.

Pat and I became friends for life. We became inseparable. I cannot remember a time that we were not together. We adopted a black kid, Jimmy Williams, which moved into Little Ireland. His father got a job a Mc Noonís as a bartender and bouncer. Jim was a very likeable man. Patrick and Mc Noonís customers liked him so much they talked a landlord into renting an apartment to Jim and his family. He was very calm and likable, and still is. They called Jim a Black Irishman. They all told Jim that he had to have Irish blood in him. He acted too much like an Irishman not to be one. Working around all the Irish, Jim picked up an Irish brogue. The newcomers though he had came for Ireland .

Jimmy like Pat was named after his father. While Jim seemed to fit right in with the whites, at first, Jimmy and his mother, Jane were a little more reserved. Most of the women in Little Ireland accepted Jane. There were a few bigots in Little Ireland; Mom told Jane that they were not worth bothering with.

Jimmy fit right in with Pat and me. When we first got together, we were all about the same size. But, when we reached 13, Pat and Jim sprouted up like weeds. Both of them were close to 6 feet or taller. I was just 5í-4". With me being short did not bother them. They teased me, but it was all in fun. My height did not keep me from teasing them. None of the big kids at school would mess with me because they knew my pals would beat the shit out of them. My buddies gave me a feeling of security. When I was not with them, fear ran through my body. As soon as I saw them, the fear would float out of my mind. They were my security blanket.

By the age of 14, Pat had grown up to be a very handsome young man. All the girls in school and any other young thing that came around could not keep their hands off of Pat. A few of the young teachers got a little flushed when Pat was around. Even the older women at school and in the neighborhood were a little breathless when Pat was around. I did not think of it at the time, Mom even got a little excited when he came over. Mom never hugged or kissed me like she welcomed Pat. I cannot remember a woman that did not take a second look at Pat and did not get flustered when Pat was around.

Like all teenagers, we had our share of fun times. We did things we should not have done. With Patís good looks, there was never a shortage of feminine attention. Their first choice was Pat and I was their second or third choice. It bothered me that I was never the first choice. I think that is why I havenít gotten married. I always felt a little insecure. It didnít seem to bother Jimmy. He enjoyed having the attention of any of the young ladies. And, it also troubled me when the girls seemed to like Jim more than they liked me.

Patrick did everything he could to help the unfortunate in Little Ireland. Everyone on his beat knew Patrick personally. Patrick generosity and kindness was spreading to everyone in neighborhood. He did not have much, but he gave more than what he had. That was one of the reasons that Pat mother had to service the horny men. Help and love your neighbors. Patrick spent more time helping the poor and incurring them to get a job, than arresting them for loitering or panhandling.

I went off to college and only saw Pat and Jimmy when I came home. They always brought me up to date with what they had been doing.

Patrick got Jimmy a job at the NYPD. Jimmy continued his education at NYU and became a detective in homicide.

Patís mother took off for Florida with one of her clients and left Pat with his father. When Pat was 17, his father twisted someoneís arm and got him a hack license and a medallion cab.

Patrick was killed in Mc Noonís Bar. That was some time ago and they still have not found the killer. The officers that were working on Patrickís case have not made any progress on the case. Jimmy had been working on Patrickís case in his spare time. Now he is working on Patís case.

I came home for Christmas; there was a rumor that Pat was a gigolo. A woman he had saved from a gang showered him with gifts and she fell in love with Pat. She bought him a new cab and an apartment. They had been seeing each other for about six months. She had taken Pat down to the Caribbean for Christmas and I did not get a chance to meet her. She had been married but she left her husband during her honeymoon. Her name was Judy Murray. Her father was a multi-billionaire and had left her his entire estate.

Pat was charged with murdering Judy. The DA and the Cop working on Patís case thought it was open and shut. No one officially was still working on Patís case. Jimmy unofficially was working on the case. Jimmy told the authorities that Pat and I were cousins and I was Pat's only living relative. Otherwise, I would not have been able to visit Pat.

I had not seen Pat for a couple of years. If Jimmy had not phoned me and told me about Patís problem, I would not be here now. It had been a long day and I was starting to get tired. I picked a corner where no one would step on or over me. I used my carry-on bag as a pillow. I was asleep the moment I closed my eyes.

While I was asleep, I heard a women voice calling me. I thought I was dreaming. I forced my eyes open and looked around. Everyone around me was asleep. I stood up to see if anyone was awake. I saw a couple talking to each other. Half asleep, I went over to them and asked them if they heard someone call my name. They looked at each other as if I was crazy. Then the woman eyes lit up as if she remembered something, she said, "There was a page a few minutes ago. I think they called for a," she thought for a few minutes then said, "FrankÖ I do not remember. I think the last name was Irish."

I thanked her, ran to a check-in counter and picked up one of the phones. I dialed the operator. I asked the operator if anyone had paged a Frank OíMalley. She told me that there was a page a few minutes ago and she would see if she could find out who made the page. She kept me on the line as she tried to find out who made the page. She had a lady on the line that said, a gentleman had her page me, but he had left the area. I asked her did he leave his name. She said no. I asked if he was Black. She said yes that he was. I asked her to page Jimmy Williams and if he showed up tell him Frank OíMalley is at gate 44B. I thanked everyone and hung up the phone.

Five minutes had passed and a voice blasted out of the speakers, "Frank, this is Jimmy. Stay put. I will be at 44B in a few minutes."

What the hell is Jimmy doing out here in this storm? We said goodbye this afternoon. I went over, picked up my carry-on bag, and returned to gate 44B. In a few minutes, I saw someone running toward me. It was Jimmy. As he approached, I saw the urgency in his face. The first thing that came to my mind was something had happened to Pat. He took my arm and led me to a corner of the waiting room. He pushed me into the corner and looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was near. He whispered to me, "Frank I need your help. I have tried to convince everyone that Pat is innocent. I know Judyís husband had her killed. Judyís new will left everything to Pat. Murray is blaming Pat for her murder. That son of a bitch is very influential in the city and I think I have a lead on the guys that killed her. Everyone that is involved in the case knows me and I need someone that no one knows. I want to put a squeeze on both ends of this mess."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I donít know why I didnít think of this before you left this afternoon. I want you to call the killers and tell them that Murray wants them to kill me."

"Are you crazy? If they killed Judy they will not hesitate to kill you."

"That is exactly what I want them to try."

Thankful that I could help, I did not want Jimmy to be killed. I went along with Jimmy. We went down to the ticket counter to see what had happened to my luggage. Surprisingly it had not gone far. Everything was jammed up. I canceled my reservations and told the clerk that I would reschedule my flight at a later date.

We crawled back to the city to Jimmyís apartment. It was almost the crack of dawn. I flopped into bed and did not wake up until one in the afternoon. Jimmy had been up for hours and was sitting there watching me sleep. When I finally opened my eyes, Jimmy said, "Get dressed the weather has cleared up and I want you to make a few phone calls."

"Are we going to call from here?"

"No, they have caller ID on their phones. I want you to call Murray and tell him you are a friend of James Cannon and Larry Paterson. Tell him that they have run into a few extra problems and they need more money. Hit him up for a couple of hundred thousand. I want to hear his reaction when you ask him for more money.Ē

Jimmy continues, ďI am certain that Murray had Paterson and Cannon kill Judy, I told Murray that the person that killed Judy had committed a number of murders across the country. They have followed the same MO in all of the murders and they are almost identical to the murder of Judy. I think they are bleeding the husbands of the murdered wives for every cent and then staged a suicide of the husband. They may not have done the hit themselves. They may have hired someone else to commit the murders. It is a possibility that when they go to pay the murderer, they kill the murderer. They may have hired someone to kill Judy and they may hire someone to kill the murderer. I told him if he did not believe me, go down to the public library. I gave him the name of the husband that had his wife killed in St. Louis and the name of the newspaper, where the murders happened and the file numbers of the microfilms in the library. I staked out his apartment all day before he went to the library. I followed him to the library. I watched him pull out the microfilm and displayed them on the screen. When he finished and returned the microfilm. I went to the library supervisor and told him that I was working on a case and I need the microfilm as evidence. I placed the microfilm in an evidence bag and had the supervisor sign a statement that he witnessed me removing the microfilm. I sealed the evidence bag and we both signed the seal. I have Murray jumping out of his skin. I want to keep him jumping. The only difference this time they setup Pat for the murder.Ē

I had been sitting on the edge of the bed in my underwear. The cold had started to sink into my body. Fear as well as the cold had put me into a situation that I did not cherish. My teeth started to chatter. Jimmy asked, "What the matter with you? You havenít done anything yet and you look like you are scared out of your wits."

"Itís the damn apartment. Itís like a damn icebox. Is this a coldwater flat?"

"I have been waiting for you to wake up. I was burning up and I turned down the heat. Go in there and take a warm shower, then we will go out and get something to eat."



I think Frank is scared to death. I do not have anyone else that I can trust with Patís life. While I was waiting for Frank, I walked to the window that overlooked the street. I could not believe my eyes. Damn it, Paterson and Cannon were sitting in the restaurant across the street. Their fucking Rolls were sitting in front of the restaurant. I got my camera and shot a few pictures of the Rolls. I zoomed in on the bastards and snapped a few shots of them. That fucking Murray must have said something to them. I yelled, "Frank, hurry up and we have a change in plans."

"What happened? What changed your plans?"

"Paterson and Cannon are sitting in the restaurant across the street. Murray must have talked to them. I do not want them to see you. I do not know what they have on their minds. I assure you, I am going to change their plans."

Dripping wet with a towel wrapped around him, Frank asked, "Is that them sitting next to the window?"

"That is them; take a good look at them. I want you to remember what they look like."

"Do you have a pair of binoculars?"

"Yep, I use them to peek in on my neighbors."

Frank asked, "Do you remember when we would go up on the roof of my apartment building at night and watch Patís Mom giving those guys a massage?"

Jimmy replied, "Yep, Pat knew what his mother was doing. Everyone teased him about it. He pretended that it did not bother him. I know it tore him apart. One night when it was hot as hell, I went up on the roof to cool off. I saw Pat on the roof of his building down the street. When he saw me, he waved for me to come over. When I got there, I could see that he had been crying. I put my arm around him and asked, whatís was the matter? He told me that nothing was bothering him. I knew that he was lying. I put my hands on his cheeks, turned his head and looked into his eyes. I told him that we were friends and this is what friends are for. He looked at me and put his arms around me. He hugged me. You remember how strong he was. I thought he was going to crush me. I could hardly breathe, but I did not say anything. When he finally let me go, I gasped for a breath of air. He told me how much he hated what his mother did. But, he knew that they would have starved if she didnít jerk those bastards off."

"You are so right Jimmy. One night we came home together and he invited me up for a soda. When we got to his apartment, a "do not disturb" sign was on the door. As we were walking down the stairs, he slammed his fist through the plaster wall. We walked down to the deli and got a couple of heroes and sodas. We went up on my roof and waited until his mother finished. It was almost two in the morning. Mom gave me hell for being out so late. I told her that Pat could not go home because his mother was still working and he was quite disturbed. I did not want to leave him alone when he was so upset. Mom took me in her arms hugged and kissed me, then she pushed me away and ran her hand through my hair and caressed my cheeks and said, "I know, honey you did the right thing. I am sorry that I fussed at you. I know how you must have felt."

Frank continued, "I always wondered what I would do if Mom had to do what Patís Mom had to do."

I shook my head and said, "I have wondered that myself. It made me think, did Mom ever do anything like that. Pat must have gone through living hell knowing what his mother was doing."

"Jimmy, I like to change the subject. It bothers me every time I think of what Pat had to go through. What do you think they are doing down there?"

"They are not down there for lunch. They have been watching the front of this building. We are going to call them at the restaurant and find out."

While Frank was getting dressed, I looked up the phone number of the restaurant. I went into the bathroom and told Frank that I wanted him to call the restaurant, tell them that he was working for Murray , and Murray wanted them to kill me. Also, from now on do not come anywhere close to Murray or you will blow their brains out. Frank looked like he was going to shit in his pants. Then he said, "I donít think I can pull it off."

"Frank, they donít know who you are and they will never know unless I get killed. Come over here. I want to show you something."

I pulled a rug off the floors and lifted up a plank with my pocketknife. I showed Frank copies of the files that I had accumulated to save Pat. I told Frank if I was killed, for him to take the files to my attorney. I told Frank that if they killed me, someone might destroy all the files at the precinct and I did not trust anyone. I gave Frank my attorneyís card and told him not to lose it. Patís life depends on this information. If Frank lost it, he would never find my attorney. In New York , there are two attorneys for everyone and even the attorneys have their own attorneys.

I went back to the window and those bastards were still there. I wondered what they had up their sleeves. I gave Frank the phone and dialed the number. Frank slammed down the phone and said, "What the hell am I going to say to them."

Even thought the room was cold, beads of preparation lined Frankís brow, he took a long deep breath and said, "Damn it Jimmy, if I fuck this up, Pat might lose his life over it."

"Look Frank, we are desperate. If we donít do something, Pat is going to lose his life. I know you can do it. Remember the nights when your parents were out and we made those calls to the gals. You could really give them a line of shit. You are great at ad-libbing Do you remember what I want to say to them?"


"Throw in a line of bull shit. You are good at that."

I turned on the tape recorder and put on the headset, gave Frank the phone and dialed the restaurant. The phone rang for a long time before anyone answered. Frank looked at Paterson and Cannon and said, "No one is answering the phone."

The phone rang a couple more time and finally someone answered and said, "We are busy at the moment can you call back later."

Frank snapped back, "No I cannot. Do you see the two men sitting at the window with their overcoats on? Their names are Paterson and Cannon. Call them and tell them they are wanted on the phone."

We could hear the guy calling them. Frank and I were watching them through the window. When Paterson and Cannon heard their names called they both almost fell off their chair. Cannon got up so quickly that he banged the table and coffee spilled on both of them. Cannon slammed down a napkin and headed for the phone. Paterson stayed behind trying to dry up the coffee that spilled all over him. Shortly after Cannon left, Paterson followed him. Cannon yelled at the waiter, "Where is the fucking phone."

The waiter yelled back, "Donít use that language in here. Itís down that hall."

Cannon waddled down a dark hall with Paterson following close behind. Cannon saw a phone hanging by its cord; he picked up the phone and sarcastically said, "Who the fuck is this."

Frank answered, "None of your fucking business. If you want a name, just call me Willy."

There was a pause for a Moment, Frank said, "Donít look around the room. I can see you but you canít see me."

"How did you know I was looking around the room?"

"Enough of that shit. Donít you or your asshole friend Paterson or anyone else call or come close to Murray . If you do, I will blow your fucking brains out. Another thing, Murray wants you to kill that nosey black officer that has been pestering him. I know you and Paterson killed or had someone kill Mrs. Murray. Hold on a second."

Frank put his hand over the mouthpiece and whispered, "Should I tell him that I know about all the other killing?"

I smiles and said, "Yes, lay it on him."

Frank took his hand off the mouthpiece and said, "You bastards have been cutting in on my trade."

Cannon yelled, "What are you talking about?"

"You have been reading the gossip columns. You have been cutting in on my business. Just look back in Atlanta ; you looked me right in the fucking face. See if you can remember what I looked like. You have stuck your fucking nose too far into my business. I cannot pull this scam again until everything cools off. There are too many fucking Cops looking into these cases. I have to find something else to do. I know who you are, where you live, who you fuck and where you keep your fucking money, thatís my money. When I figure out a way to get it, I am going to enjoy blowing you and Paterson ís brains out. Better yet, I just might turn your fucking asses in. You fat asses are to fucking greedy and have been shaking down the poor saps. You have finally hit one that you could have retired on. But, you dumb bastards waited too long. You and Murray are not going to get a fucking cent out of his wifeís estate. I know how he can get the golden egg. I am going to work with him. You keep you fucking paws off of Murray . Heís mine now. You bastard have left a trail a mile wide. Itís a wonder that the cops havenít figured it out yet. That another reason I called; I want you to kill Williams. He got your asses cold and he is working with people all over the country. It want be long before your bubble will burst. He knows you did it. He is sharing the information with everyone across the country. If he doesnít nail your ass, one of the others will. As I said, Murray is my meat. I am going to milk that son of a bitch dry. For two years, you and Paterson fucked around trying to nail my ass. I was so close to your ass, I could have shoved a knife up it. I wanted to know what you knew about me before I iced you. You had no idea then and you donít know who I am now."

Cannon yelled back at Frank, "Willy, or whoever you are. You donít know a fucking thing. You are just blowing smoke."

"When I wake you up in the middle of the night after I shoot Paterson , I will be blowing smoke from my gun in your face. I am going to cut your jugular vein and watch you bleed to death."

Before Cannon could say another word, Frank hung up the phone. I gave Frank a high-five and we hugged each other. We were looking down on the street and saw Paterson and Cannon rushing to get to their car. We watched the Rolls speed off down the street. After seeing the car from above, I knew it was the car Pat had seen at the courthouse.

Frank asked, "Do you think we spooked them?"

"I know we did. Frank I knew you could do it. If that did not set a fire under their asses, nothing will. I have a couple more calls that I would like you to make. I want you to call Murray . Tell him that you are working for him. Tell him Paterson and Cannon are going to kill him if he gets control of Mrs. Murray estate or not. After they bleed him of every cent of his wifeís estate, they will string him up by the balls. Tell him you were pulling this scam until Paterson and Cannon jumped in. Tell him that there are cops all over the city investigating Cannon and Patersonís activities. Tell him about the other dozen cases. Paterson and Canon couldnít find out that you were pulling this scam and they decided to pull the same scams themselves."

Frank took the phone, and I dialed Murray ís number. Frank was wondering what to say when Murray answered. The phone rang a number of times before it was answered. A young lady answered the phone. Frank asked to speak to Murray . The young lady said that Murray was not available. Very persuasively, Frank said, "Sweetheart, you tell Murray if he doesnít come to the phone he just may never get another chance. For your own sake, get the bastard on the phone. I donít have all day."

"Just a minute please."

She did not muffle the phone and said, "I think it is one of those two men you were telling me about. Do you want to talk with him?"

"No, hang up the fucking phone."

Frank yelled and said, "If you hang up that phone, you will never see another sunrise."

The young girl lifted the phone and said, "He doesnít want to talk to you and I am not going to hang up."

"Tell that bastard to pick up the phone or I will come over there and wrap the fucking cord around his neck."

They were whispering in the background. We could not make out what they were saying. Frank yelled through the phone and said, "On the count of three I will hang up the phone. You can kiss your ass goodbye. One, two,Ö"

"Hello, is this Paterson ?"

"No, this is not Paterson . I am your new bodyguard. Mr. Murray, just call me Willy. That is what Paterson and Cannon called me. Those two bastards took over my business. I am going to pull the switch on them. I am going to turn them over to the cops. They have pulled off over a dozen murders in a very short time. They will pull the same swindle on you. When they bleed you of everything, they will hire some nut to kill you. When they go to pay off the nut that did the hit on you, they will kill him. I do not work that way. I want my clients to be around for a long time. I want them to be very prosperous. The more money they make, the more money I make. Do you follow me?"

Frank paused and listened for a reply. There a dead silence on the phone.

Frank asked, "Are you still there Murray ?"

"Yes, I am still here."

"Do you understand what I am saying?"

"I think so. Are you telling me that they are going to kill me?"

"Thatís exactly what they are going to do. If you donít get the fucking money, they will hire someone to blow your brains out or they will do it themselves. When they bleed you dry, and they cannot get any more money out of you, they will kill you and make it look like a suicide. They tried to find out who I was for two years. Those dumb bastards could not find their shadows if you pointed it out to them. They have pulled this swindle a dozen times. If you donít believe me, ask Williams that black cop that has been pestering you. I told Cannon that I was working for you and you wanted them to kill the bastard."

Murray interrupted, "You are not going to kill a cop are you? That will get every cop in New York on the case."

"Listen Murray, every cop in the city has been working on the case. You and I know that Paterson and Cannon hired someone to kill your wife or they did it themselves. Those bastards were working on one of the hits that I pulled. As I said, they could not solve that case. They were raked over the coals for not solving the case. Their egos were crushed. They decided to retire and do a few copycats. Those nuts didnít know how to pick their new business partners. They have cops all over the country looking for them. Williams has them cold. He has put the whole thing together. That is why we have to ice him, Paterson and Cannon. When the cops put it all together you, Paterson and Cannon will sing like canaries. Your ass will fry just like theirs. That is why I have to kill Williams, Cannon and Paterson. Murray you are not saying anything. Are you still there? Have you put down the phone?"

Murray did not know what to believe. Who in hell is this guy on the other end of the phone. How does he know all of this?

"No, I am still here. Who told you about Paterson and Carson? Are you a cop?"

Frank laughed, "No, I am a business man. When those bastards took over my business, I took an interest in them. I have tailed them all over the country. I was ready to tip off the authorities, then who do you think I saw in the courtroom the day they approached you. I saw those bastards ruff you up. They must have scared the shit out of you. I have to give them credit they have balls. But, they are also stupid. They got to you before I did. I saw them throw you into their car. I only do businesses with people of your caliber. I do not fuck around like Paterson and Cannon. I go for the big money. Paterson has been knocking off jerks that do not have a pot to piss in. Most of them are nothing but four-flushers. Now your situation is a lot different. Your wife was loaded. Those jackasses made a big mistake. They should have killed her lover also. The cops know that in the condition he was in, he could not have killed your wife. If those flunkies had not jumped into my business, you would have net me anyway. We would have made a nice team. We can still work together. They have stirred up so much shit that they have cops all over this country looking for them. Their fucking bubble is about to bust. I am your security against you taking a fall with those two. Williams is not the only one working on these cases. They have pooled their information; they all know Paterson and Cannon are involved in the other cases. We can work together and you will not have to worry about the cops or them. I will blow the fucking brains out of those two nuts and you are in the clear. Oh yes, I have to have a couple hundred thousand as a retainer. I am in a hurry just get the damn money. I have to go now. You should not have a problem with those two bastards. If they give you any trouble let me know."

Frank hung up the phone and I hugged him. The phone rang. Jimmy said, "Thatís Murray , answer it."

There was a silence for a Moment and Frank said, " Murray , what do you want?"

There was a long pause, and then Frank said, " Murray , I knew you would call this number. I am in Williamís apartment to see if he has anything on you. I am trying to clean up the mess that Cannon and Paterson have got you in. When they fry, so will you if I do not cover your track. I came in the apartment after Williams left. I knew you would call this number. I saw the caller ID on your phone when I was in your apartment. Williams has a caller ID on his phone."

Murray cleared his throat and said, "When were you in my apartment?"

Frank rolled his eyes. I was listening. I whispered to Frank and told him to say, the day he went to his attorneyís office. Frank said, "I have been in your apartment a number of times. Usually it is when you go to your attorneyís office."

I whispered, "He is always there a long time and his girl friend goes shopping while heís there."

"You spend a long time at your attorneyís office and you take that bitch with you. Tell her to keep her nose out of your business or I will have to have her iced, any more questions?"

"No, no, Willy. Your name is Willy?"

"Yep, just plain Willy. I donít blame you for checking up on me. You are smart. You will be a lot smarter to keep your mouth shut and let me handle your business. Remember, if Paterson and Cannon give you any trouble, let me know."

Murray asked, "How do I get in touch with you?"

"You donít, I will get in touch with you. As long as you keep out of my hair, we will get along fine and do not try to fuck with me. You will end up in the East River just like Paterson and Cannon. Good bye."

Frank rocked back in the chair, put his hands behind his head, looked over at me and said, "Now what?"

"Frank that was wonderful, you have a wonderful mind. I know I would have screwed it up. His ass is going to be twitching after that call. I have one more call for you to make. I told you about the two cases that I had been working on in Westchester County . I want you to call the guy that owned the Rolls before Paterson stole it from him. His name is John Hill. He does not have very much money. He had to give Paterson his Rolls just to pay him off. Paterson will probably ice him soon. He does not have the money to satisfy Paterson and Cannon."

Frank asked, "What should I say to him?"

"Pull the same shit you pulled with Murray . No wait; tell him you are Robert Stevenson. Tell him that you overhead Paterson and Cannon talking about him. Tell him that you have been paying them off and you have been wearing a wire and recording all the conversation you have had with them. Tell him that your house is wired and when you went to get the money for them, they talked about killing him. They mentioned that they were going to his house next and if he could not scrape up enough money they would kill him."

I dialed the number for Frank. I put on the headset to listen to the conversation. Hill answered the phone, and Frank started to lay a line of bull on him. Frank said, "Mr. Hill I had the same contract with Paterson and Cannon as you had. I want to give you a tip. They are planning to kill you after they bleed you for every cent that you have."

Hill yelled at Frank pretending that he did not know what Frank was talking about. Frank laughed, and said, "Donít give me that shit. I thought that I might save your life. You donít have to listen to what I have to tell you. Let them kill you. If you donít want to die, you better get a bodyguard and have him around 24 hours a day. I am ready to call it quits, and go to the police and tell them the whole fucking story. My life has been hell since I met those bastards. Paterson and Cannon have almost bled me dry."

Hill said, "I donít know what you are talking about. Who is this?"

Frank replied, "Look Hill, I know Paterson and Cannon are robbing you blind. As I said, my house is wired and everything that is said in the house is recorded. I know they killed your wife and they killed mine. You can do anything you wish. I felt at least that I would give you a chance before they killed you. Take off without them knowing it. Hide somewhere before they kill you. I want to die. I am tired of Cannon and Paterson bleeding me to death. They are not going to stop until they have every cent I have. I am not going to let them kill me. I will turn myself in before they kill me."

After a pause, Hill said, "If you turn yourself in, they will throw you in the gas chamber or you will spend the rest of your life in prison."

Frank rebutted, "What would you rather do, spend the rest of your life waiting for them to walk in and shoot you or go to prison for twenty years. I have talked to my attorney. I asked him a hypothetical question concerning our problem. He told me that if the person plea-bargained, he may only spend about 15 years in jail for manslaughter. I do not know how much more of this shit I can stand. I am afraid to take off. They would probably torture me when they find me. I donít know what to do."

Hill asked, "Where did you get your information and what makes you think I killed my wife."

"I saw your divorce in the paper. It was very similar to mine. I had a private investigator follow Paterson and Cannon around for over a month. After hearing what they said on my tapes and read the investigatorís report that they went to your house, I knew that they forced you to go along with them or they would kill you and your wife. They approached me and told me if I did not go along with their plan, they would kill my wife and frame me. My wife was a bitch. I wanted her dead, so I went along with them."

"You are mistaken; I did not have them kill my wife."

"Listen Hill, you can daydream all you want. I know that you did not have the money to pay them off, so you had to gave them your Rolls, next you will sell your home to pay them off. When all of your money is gone, they will kill you. Anyway, I though you would like to know what their plans are."

"Who did you say you were?"

"I didnít say, but I have the same problem you have. You can believe me or not. I think I have had it with those bastards. Goodbye."

I patted Frank on the back and complemented him. Frank asked, "Where do we go from here."

"We will cool it for a while. I have an officer in my old precinct tailing Paterson and Cannon. My precinct Captain got him on loan to help on the other killings that are similar to Mrs. Murray. He knows Pat could not have kill Judy. He told me that Allen had closed the case too soon. He felt that someone was pushing Allen to close the case. He did not know why Allen closed the case so quickly; he felt that it wasnít kosher."

Frank asked, "What do you want me to do now?"

I apologized to Frank for making him miss his flight back to LA, and said, "I hate to ask you to stay around and I will not. I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I did not have anyone around that I could trust to make the calls. After you took off, I remembered how good you were on the phone with the gals. We have lit the fuse and it has not reached the dynamite. I have to sit back and see what happens next. I needed someone to shake them up. I do not want to keep you from your job. Again, I am sorry that I made you miss your flight."

"Buddy, you didnít make me miss my flight. It was cancelled. I have changed my mind. I want to stay here and do whatever I can to help Pat."

"Frank, If they find out that I gotten you involved in this case they will nail my ass and you too. In addition, your company needs you. I donít want them to fall apart because they need your help."

Frank got up from the chair and walked across the room, he turned quickly as if he was going to say something to me and then he looked away. He continued pacing the floor for a few more minutes. I went over and sat down of the sofa wondering what was going on in Franks mind.

Frank turned and headed for the desk; he sat down at the desk, picked up the phone and dialed it. He waited for a few minutes and then said, "Hi Peggy, is Phil in his office,Ö..let me speak to himÖ..Hi Phil, I know it is a new year and you are up to your neck in work. I hate to leave you alone. It is a bad time for me to end our partnership. I have no other choice. My best friendís life is at stake. If I do not do everything I can to save his life, I could not continue living my own life. I could not live with myself. I would not be of any use to you because my mind would be here worrying about Pat. I cannot let them keep an innocent man in jail and possible execute him. I have thought it over; there isnít anything you or anyone else can say that will change my mind. If we do not turn this around in Patís favor and he is convicted, I will stay here until he goes through all of the appeals. I pray that we can get him out of this mess and he will not have to go on trial. Again, I am sorry that I have to make this choice and I hope you understand."

There was as a long silence before Phil replied. "Frank, I can understand what you are going through. We will just have to work harder to keep afloat and we will. We will pray for you and your friends. If you ever want to come back and join us after this is over, we will welcome you with open arms. Again Frank, we all have been thinking of and praying for you and your friends."

"Thanks for understanding Phil; you have a wonderful crew there. I will truly miss them all. Pat and Jimmy would have helped me if I had gotten into trouble and the least I can do is to fight it out to the end. Goodbye and thanks for understanding what we are going through. Give my love to everyone."

Frank hung up the phone. Tears were running from his eyes and he wiped them away with his shirtsleeve. He looked over at me. I jumped up from the couch, I hugged, and I patted Frank on the back. Frank said, "There is nothing in this world that I would not do to get Pat out of this mess. I hate to leave Phil at this time. They are struggling to keep their head above water. If they fail, they will still be able to try it again. Pat does not have that option. What can I do now?"

"We are going to make copies of these tapes and give them to Captain Holliday. I want him to listen to them. There isnít anything on the tapes that indicates that Cannon or Paterson was involved in Judyís death. But, they all are well aware of the events surrounding the murders. I hope Holiday will give me a few more men to work with us."

We made copies of the tapes and I delivered a set to Holiday . I tried to convince Holiday to give me a few more men to work on the case. He said that he would see what he could do. At least Holiday didnít turn me down. I went back home and picked up Frank. I drove Frank up Park Avenue and showed him where Murray lived. Then we went across town to Riverside Drive . I pulled in front an apartment building and told Frank that the young lady that answered Murray ís phone lived in apartment 704 , her name is Nancy Flynn and she is loaded. She does not have to work but she works part time as a cocktail waitress just to keep busy. I gave Frank a list of the places where she worked and we took off again. I headed up town, crossed the George Washington Bridge and headed north along the Parkway. I pulled off the Parkway into a very exclusive neighborhood. I pulled over to the curb and pointed to a brick home down the street. I told Frank thatís where Paterson and Cannon live. The address is 6515 Highland Drive . Frank had taken a small notebook and was writing everything down. He asked, "Where in hell did they get the money to buy a place like that?"

"That what I have been asking myself. They could not afford a house like that on a copís salary. They have been bleeding the victimís husbands. Millions have disappeared from the estate of the guy that supposedly committed suicide in St. Louis ; His family cannot find any of the money that he inherited from his wife. I think Cannon and Paterson got all of his money."

I told Frank that I would not drive by the house; I did not want them to see us together. I do not want anyone to know we are friends and we were working on the case together.

We headed south to North Bergen . I drove pass Cannon and Patersonís office. The Rolls was parked out front. Frank noted the address and took down the plate number. I could have given him the number; I did not want to interrupt his thoughts.

We headed back to the city. Traffic was heavy in the Lincoln tunnel. It reminded me that Frank would need transportation and a place to stay. His parents had moved to Florida a few years back. I had a friend that lived and worked in the city. He had a new car that was rusting away on the streets of Manhattan . I dialed his number after we got out of the tunnel. He answered the phone, "Hello, Sammy speaking."

"Hello Sammy, how would you like to rent your car for a couple of weeks?"

"Who in the hell is this? It sounds like Jimmy. Is that you Jimmy?"

"Yew, itís me. I have a friend that needs transportation for a couple of weeks. Are you planning to use your car anytime soon?"

"Hell no, you clean it up and fill the gas tank, it yours. Who wants to use it?"

"Do you remember Frank?"

"Frank, from high school, the whiz kid"


"Sure, I remember Frank. There was Blackie, Whitey and Fuzzy. Frank is Whitey. Pat was Blackie and you were Fuzzy. Is Frank here to help you with Pat?"

"Yew, Sammy, he is taking a break from his job to help Pat. Thanks for the use of the car. We will clean it up and get the cobwebs out of the engine. How long has it be sitting there? Do you think it will start?"

"It should, I ran the engine for about an hour last week. I did not want the battery to go dead. Tell Frank that he can use it as long as he wants. We wonít be using it until it gets warmer. I wish you guys the very best. Say hello to Pat and tell him we all are pulling for him. Pat has had one miserable life. If it hasnít been one thing itís been another. I hailed him down a couple of months ago. He told me that he had met the most wonderful woman in his life. He told me that he must have been dreaming. He could not imagine that his life could be that wonderful. That kid needs a break once in his life. God bless him."

"You are so right Sammy. It has been one problem after another. I get a little pissed when things do not go my way. I think of what Pat had to put up with and I count my blessings. Where is the key for the car?"

"Ring the Superís button and tell him to let you in, he knows you. Itís on a hook in the kitchen. It has an orange tag on it. Again, tell Frank I want to see him before he goes back to the west coast. I think I can throw some business his way. I would like to talk to him about it."

"Hold on, Frank is right here. You tell him."

Frank smiled and said, "Hi Sammy, have you gotten any better looking over the years? I am just as ugly as I always was."

"Hell no, I still have the pock marks all over my face. I think we had a race to see who could have the most pimples. The pimples have gone but the pock marks are still there. I told Jimmy that I think we can do some business. I need a program designed around my old manís business. I have been working on what is needed and now I need someone to write the program."

"Sammy, when we go to your apartment to get the key for your car, I will leave a note for you. I will not be going back until Pat is free. I know Phil would love to help you out. Just tell him we went to school together. I sure you can get something going for you before I go back. We will get together in a few weeks. Thanks for the use of your car."

"You are welcome to use it as long as you want. Keep in touch while you are here. Fuzzy knows where the keys are. Good luck and say hello to Pat for me. See you later."

Frank hung up the phone and gave it to me. I saw a slight smile on his face. Talking with Sammy must have brought back a few memories. He looked at me and smiled. He took his hand, ran it across my head, and said, "Fuzzy, Sammy told me that you knew where the keys were."

I smiled and looked at Frank and said, "Yew Whitey, I know where the car keys are. I have not thought about our nickname for years. I had completely forgotten about them."

I had no problem with the Super. He had seen me going in and out of Sammyís for years. Sammy hardly ever used the car; he parks it on the streets and uses the city bus, subway or a cab. The exterior of the car was a holey mess. It looked like an abandoned car. Frank and I cleaned up the inside and through away all the junk. Frank drove it to a car wash. When it came out it looked like a new car. I put an undercover license plate on the car, gave Frank a card to put on the dashboard so he could park the car without it being towed. We looked in the paper for a small apartment for Frank. We found one just a little smaller than mine. It was a small one room furnished apartment on West 85th Street . We would communicate with our personal cell phones. With tears in our eyes and hope in our heart, we were going to free Pat. I dropped Frank off at the apartment. Again, I thanked him for staying. We hugged and I pulled away before the tears started to flow. I turned and waved goodbye. I was exhausted and I knew that he must be. It had been too crowded in my small apartment for the last couple of weeks. This would give us both some privacy and a little elbowroom.


Frankís apartment:

After I watched Jimmy drive away, I walked back up the three flights of stairs. I lay on the bed and looked out the window. The apartment reminded me of the apartment that I lived in when I was a kid. The bath was out in the hall and you had to share it with everyone on the floor. Fifty dollars a week was better than a hundred plus a day. Jimmyís apartment was just too small for two men. I had been sleeping on the couch and my body still ached. The first night we tried to sleep in the bed together. We were ramming our elbows in each otherís face all night.

The bed was close enough to the window so I could look across and watch my new neighbors. There were clothes lines strung between the buildings. In the rear of the apartment on the first floor was a small yard. It was covered with snow. Ice cycles hung from the clothes lines. A frozen stiff shirt waved in the breeze. It was starting to get dark. I turned the light off in the apartment to watch what my new neighbors were doing. I could not make out any details; the frost covered most of the window. The steam was popping in the radiators. I could almost feel it getting colder outside. In one corner of the room was a hot plate. At least I could make a pot of coffee or warm a can of soup. I remember the hot nights when I was a teenager peeking at the naked bodies of my neighbors. With the ice on the windows and the cold night, none of my new neighbors were naked. There werenít many lights on across the way. There was an old couple eating in one of the apartments and in another, a young lady came to the window a couple of times to peek out. I do not know if she saw me or not.

The thoughts of my new neighbors faded away. My memories of Pat filled my head. I did not have the privilege of meeting Judy. I wondered what she looked like. I hoped that Pat or Jimmy had a picture of her. How could someone kill her? Pat had called me a few days after he met Judy. I had never seen him this happy about any other girl that he had met and there had been dozen of them. I could not imagine what she looked like. He told me that she reminded him of his mother. His mother is a very beautiful woman. From what Pat had told me about his relationship with Judy, they both were madly in love with each other. She wanted to marry him, but he felt that Judy would soon tire of him. What a shame to destroy such a beautiful relationship. Tears came to my eyes as I thought about her and Patís love for each other. What kind of nut would want to destroy two young loversí lives? Why does God let something like this happen? I closed my eyes and asked God to tell me why this had to happen. I waited and I expected an answer. No answer came. I wanted to curse the world for letting things like this happen to innocent people. Why does this type of thing have to happen? What is wrong with this world? I had built up so much hate for the bastards that kill Judy, I wanted to drive over to Jersey and strangle Cannon and Paterson with my bare hands. I stepped out of my body and looked down at myself. I was ashamed of what I was thinking. Hate had grabbed my sole. I was just as vicious as Cannon and Paterson. I took a deep breath and asked God to forgive me and please help Jimmy and me.

I laid back and let my mind wander. It drifted back to my teenage years. I remembered, when we were young, the girls would melt in Patís arms. I never had a girlfriend that was as affectionate to me, as they were to Pat. A feeling of envy rose up in my mind. I had the same envy when I was a kid. I tried to erase it from my mind, but I could not. Why was I so damn envious of Pat? Someone almost knocked his head off his shoulders and killed the woman that he loved. He never had a home life and his mother left him and his father. I must be going crazy. I will have to talk to someone about this when I get back to the west coast. Just a few moments ago, I was a vicious maniac. Now I am jealous of Pat. I got up from the bed and paced the floor of the dark apartment trying to think of other things, but the damn feeling would not go away. Pat had saved my ass a hundred times. I was the hotheaded little bastard that had a short fuse. If seemed that I would start the fights and Pat and Jimmy had to finish them. Neither one of them ever gave me hell for starting the fights. It seemed that they expected it from me.

Looking back, I cannot remember Pat every hitting anyone. He would grab them and put a bear hug on them. He would tell them to cool down and relax. He would tell them that they did not want to start a fight with him. They would try to break free. I would yell for Pat to hit them. Pat would calmly tell me to be quiet. Pat would tighten his grip on them until they begged Pat to let them go. Pat would release them and tell them to go home. Usually they would meekly walk away looking back to see what Pat was going to do. The more I thought about the way Judy was murder, the more certain I was that Pat could not have killed Judy. I started crying profusely. I did not know why I could not stop crying. The more I thought about me crying, the worse it got. I buried my face in a pillow until I had settled down. When I realized that I was no longer crying, I took a deep breath with hope it would not start again.

I got out the bed, I stood at the window and looking out. Now most of the apartments were lit up. A number of them were preparing dinner or were eating their dinner. With the windows closed, I could still smell the aroma of food cooking. I did not know if it was my imagination, I thought I could smell the food cooking in the apartments in the next block. Of course, the aroma was coming from my building. I was quite hungry. The smell of food cooking intensified my hunger. I grabbed my coat and walked down the three flights of stairs. The aroma of food cooking filled the stairway. I opened the front door and a blast of cold air engulfed my body. Chills ran through me. I wrapped the overcoat tightly around my body, pulled my hat down on my head and walked along the dark slippery street. I had seen a small diner on Columbus Avenue . I hoped it was still open. I did not want to walk too far on the slippery sidewalk. I would slip and bust my ass. There was no one else walking on the street. Most of the shops were closed. The expandable steel fences were pulled across the front of the shops and locked. The shops that were open did not have any customers. The owners were standing inside looking out on the street. When I reached the diner, it was almost empty. There were a couple of street people in one of the booths trying desperately to keep warm. I opened the door and a cold blast of air swept through the dinner. Everyone in the restaurant looked up at me. The shivering soles could have killed me for letting the cold air in. The looks that they gave me told it all. "What the fuck are you doing out here. Why arenít you home?"

I felt embarrassed. I quickly closed the door behind me. I apologized for letting the cold air in. The waiter asked how I was. I told him that I was cold and very hungry. I scanned the menu. I was so hungry that everything looked good. I asked the waiter what was the special for today. He said, "Corn beef and cabbage, Saint Patrickís Day is not too far off."

"That what I wanted, I havenít had corn beef and cabbage in years."

Within a few minutes, the waiter came back with a huge plate; it was overflowing with corn beef and there was a little cabbage. The size of the portion was enormous. I remembered what Pat had told me a few years back. He hits the restaurants a little before they closed. The portions are always much larger. The owners feel that it is better for business to give the food to the customers than to throw it in the garbage. I think those poor souls were waiting for the dinner to close and get a free meal.

I finished my dinner and treaded along the slippery sidewalks back to the apartment. I flopped down on the bed with my clothes on, wrapped a blanket around me and did not wake up until the following morning. The sun was already shinning on the window. The ice on the window had melted. I had a better view of my surrounding. My neighbors were up and getting ready to go to work.

I grabbed a towel and my toilet articles, headed for the bathroom in the hall, and hoping no one was using it. I was in luck. I finished all the essentials, got my phone, and headed for the diner. I had expected to hear from Jimmy by now.

The corn beef that I had last night was still talking to me. I did not feel like a big breakfast. I missed getting up and having my automatic coffee maker spreading the aroma of coffee around the apartment before I got out of bed. The morning sun had started to melt the ice on the sidewalk. I was just entering the diner and my cell phone sang out. I stepped back outside and answered it. Jimmy said, "Where are you?"

"Good morning, I am at the diner on Columbus Avenue . Where are you?"

"I am in your apartment. I have a job for you today. I will see you at the diner in a few minutes."

I took a booth and a cute waitress with swinging hips and bouncing boobs came over. She had a cup of coffee and a glass of water. With a classic Brooklyn accent she said, "You are a sugar and cream man arenít you."

The way she said sugar I knew she was flirting. I wanted to shake her up a little. I tried to sound a little sexy and said, "Honey, I like mine straight, hot and black."

She put the water on the table, turned around in a huff, and said with a little sarcasm, "I will get you something hot and black."

I called to her and said, "I sorry I was kidding. I am a sugar and cream man. How did you know?"

She spun around with a smile on her face. She sat the coffee on the table and sat down across from me. She held her shoulders back and thrust her breasts out and said in a very sexy voice, "What would you likeÖÖÖ..(she strung out "you like", she paused for a few moments and gave me a sexy look and with a smile on her face, then she said) Öfor breakfast."

I had not felt this good about myself in years. I winked at her and said, "You and the coffee will be fine for now."

She reached across the table, put her hand on mine, and said, "You are so sweet."

The chef called and said, "Jenny."

She looked around at the chef, then looked at me, winked and said, "I will be back in a few minutes Honey."

As she walked away, her hips were really swinging. She looked over her shoulder and winked again. Then she looked at the door and smiled. I looked around and Jimmy was coming in the door. My bubble burst and I felt that I had been had. I felt that she flirted with everyone just to get a bigger tip. Jimmy sat across from me and ignored me for a few minutes. His eyes were following Jenny. When she entered the kitchen, Jimmy turned around and said, "Hey buddy, you havenít lost you touch. You got the waitress ready to climb in bed with you."

I blushed and said, "No, I think she got her eyes on you."

"No man, I saw the way she was looking at you before I came in. She got the hots for you. She wants to jump your bones."

I felt a little embarrassed. Jimmy was fumbling around in his pockets; he pulled some papers out of one the pockets and said, "I have a couple of things I would like for you to do today. I think our best bet is Nancy Flynn, and then Murray. Those cops are not going to flinch too much. They are too hardened. I am not sure what will nudge them. I want you to tail Nancy . I want to know where she goes and who she sees. I drove by her apartment on the way over. She did not spend the night at Murray ís. I do not know if she will be working today or not. Just in case someone contacts her, I want to know about it. We will have time to eat and you can continue where you and the waitress left off."

Jenny came back gave Jimmy a cup of black coffee, and then she sat next to me. She asked, "What can I get you two for breakfast."

I told her that I only wanted a bowl of oatmeal with cream and sugar. While she was waiting for Jimmy to select something from the menu, Jenny put her hand of my thigh and squeezed it. She had a piece of paper folded in her other hand. She sled it into my hand. Out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy saw the transaction. Jimmy told Jenny what he wanted for breakfast and asked, "How did you know I like my coffee black?"

Jenny smiled and said, "Frankly I donít know how I do it. When I see someone coming through the door, it just comes to my mind. I am very seldom wrong. If I change what pops up in my mind, I am usually wrong."

We finished our breakfast. I read the note that Jenny gave me. It gave her name, address, phone number, and asked me to give her a call. I left a note for Jenny. I told her I was in town on business and I did not know how long I would be tied up. As soon as I had a chance, I would drop in to see her.

Jimmy walked me to his car and gave me two cameras and a picture of Nancy . He wanted me to film anyone that came in contact with Nancy Flynn.

After Jimmy left, I went back to my apartment and got a note pad and a pen. I made another trip to the John just in case the second cup of coffee wanted to surface.

I was hoping I would be of some help in getting Pat out of jail. I drove over to Riverside Drive and found a spot where I could watch the building. The windows of the car were tinted and I felt that I would not be noticed. I turned on the radio and listened to the news. They expected another snowstorm to show up before the end of the week. I changed the stations until I found one with soft music. The morning sun warmed the inside of the car. After reading the headlines I laid the seat back and relaxed, I hoped that I would not fall asleep and screw up my first job by missing Nancy . Jimmy had pointed out the window of Nancy ís apartment. The blinds were drawn. Occasionally, I would glance at the window. They were still closed, but they looked as if someone had peeked out recently. They were moving. I few women left the building, but none of them looked like the picture that Jimmy had given me. I laid back and relaxed.


 Nancy Flynn:

I had spent the night at Fredís. We went out for a late breakfast and had returned to his apartment. I made us a pot of coffee and we were watching a soap opera on TV. The phone rang and Fred asked me to answer the phone. Someone wanted to talk to Fred. Fred wanted to know who it was. I did not know who it was. I thought it was one the private investigators that Fred had working for him or one of the two ex-cops that were pestering him. Fred did not want to talk to anyone. I had the phone hanging down by my side and heard the caller yelling at Fred and me. He was going to kill us if I hung up the phone and if Fred didnít come to the phone. I told the man on the phone that Fred did not want to talk to him and I was not going to hang up the phone. I told Fred what the man said. Fred grudgingly answered the phone. After acknowledged that he was on the phone, his face turned milky white. I had never seen Fred this scared. I thought that he was going to faint. It looked like he was dead. Whatever the man told him, it took all the life out of Fred. After Fred hung up, he wrote down the number on the caller ID. He dialed the phone and listened for a while. The person on the other end of the line did most of the talking. I think Fred called him Willy. I walked to the other side of the room. I did not want any part of that bastard on the phone. I knew that he could not do anything over the phone. I did not want to hear his voice again. Just listening to him scared the living hell out of me and I was shaking all over. I took a few deep breaths trying to calm myself down. It was not working. With the fear that showed on Fredís face, made goose pimples pop up all over my body. Chills ran through me. It felt like the temperature in the room had dropped a hundred degrees in a few seconds. I was shivering and did not know why. The apartment had felt warm before I answered the phone. Now I felt like I was freezing.

After Fred got off the phone, he flopped down in the chair. I think he was just as scared as I was. He stared at the walls not saying a word for a long time. I had never seen Fred this scared. He looked like all his blood had drained from his body. I was on the other side of the room. I just stood there waiting for Fred to say something. I was afraid to say anything to him. I think he was in a state of shock. I turned off the TV and put the cups and saucers away. When I came back into the room Fred said, "Honey, you are going to have to lend me some more money."

When I heard him say that he wanted more money, the chills in my body went away. I yelled, "Why do I have to give you more money? You have not paid me back all the money that I have lent to you. What did you do with the money I gave you? What happen to the million that you stole from your ex-wife? What have you gotten yourself into? Where is the damn money going? First, you tell me that you had a business deal in the works and I gave you a two hundred fifty thousand. You take off for Europe ; you were over there for months and come back married to some bitch. She kicks you out, and you came running back to me. I had to pay your lawyers or they were going to quit and take over your company. No Fred, after that call I getting as far away from you as I can. Your wife was killed and now they have threatened me. I donít know what you are mixed up in and I donít want any part of it."

"Honey, we have been through this before."

"I know we have. That bastard threatened our lives. I have had it. You wonít tell me what is happening and I donít want to know."

Fred came back politely and said, "Honey, I promise. Soon, I will be out of this mess. I need a couple hundred thousand until I get the inheritance and I will pay you back double."

I yelled, "Bull shit. I heard what the judge told you after the annulment. He said that there was no way in hell you deserve a cent of her parentís estate and especially after you embezzled a million dollars to keep your company afloat. You are not getting another cent out of me. What did you do with the million bucks you stole from her?"

If looks could kill, I saw the fire building in Fredís face. The milky white had turned to a fiery red. Fred blew his stack and yelled, "You fucking tramp. I donít need your fucking money. Get the fuck out of my apartment. I donít want to see that fucking face of yours again."

My fears had subsided for a few Moments. I yelled and cursed at Fred. I cannot remember what I said. I grabbed my coat and slammed the door behind me. I was so damn mad and confused that I had forgotten how scared I was. I did not know what to do. I wanted to know who Fred had gotten mixed up with. I felt that my life was in danger. It they killed Fredís wife, would they kill me? Was this bastard Willy going to kill me? I felt that Fred was getting deeper into a hole and he would never get out, no matter how much money I loaned him. Did these bastards think I knew what Fred was mixed up in? It they killed Fred they might kill me. They do not know what Fred has told me. Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?

Scared and confused I went to one of the bars where I work part time. I wanted to talk to someone. Jake always listened to my problems. He was a dear friend. When Jake saw me coming through the door, he turned around and started my favorite drink. Jake gave me a daiquiri then looked at me and said, "Hi babe, whatís bothering you? You look like you are about to explode. I hope it not something Iíve done."

"No honey, itís not you. I have a problem; I have to talk to someone about it. Do you mind?"

"No sweetheart, what is troubling you?"

"Do remember the blonde headed jerk, Fred Murray, he has been in here with me a couple of times."


 She has been in here with a hundred different men. How in the hell does she expect me to remember any one of them.


 "Babe, Iím not sure I know who you are talking about."

"Well it doesnít make any difference. I was over at his apartment earlier today and he got a call. He asked me to answer the damn phone for him. I wish I had never picked up the damn thing. Some bastard was going to come over to Fredís and kill both of us if Fred did not come to the phone. Finally, Fred answered to the phone, when he got off the phone he looked like he was dead, and he wanted to borrow a lot of money from me. I had already lent him money and he has not paid me back. Every time I asked for the money, he would get all bent out of shape. Today was no exception. I told him I would not give him any more money and he went ape and kicked me out. The thing that bothered me is if he needs more money, when is he going to pay me back? He keeps saying that he is going to get his ex-wifeís money. The judge that gave her the annulment said Fred would never get a cent of her parentís money. That bastard stole a million buck from his wifeís company and she didnít press charges against him. I am wondering where the million went. Jake honey, I am sorry I am venting my problem on you. I donít know what Fred is mixed up in. Whatever it is, it is scaring the hell out of me."

"It sound to me he is mixed up with a loan shark. Has he been gambling?"

"I donít know if he gambles. I cannot imagine where he is spending all the damn money. His business would never need all of the money he stole from his wife and the money I lent him. I thought he had a huge corporation. All he has is a small clothing store over on Sixth Avenue . Most of the merchandise has all the labels cut out of them. I think he is selling stolen property."

Jake chuckled, "Hell if I know how he spent that much money. It would take me a life time to spend that much money and I would still have a lot left over."

I finished my drink and gave Jake a kiss for putting up with me. I wished that I had eyes in the back of my head. Not knowing what Fred had gotten himself into, I was afraid someone would kill me. I went home, bolted the door, set the burglary alarm, and went to bed. I could not sleep. Every time I heard the slightest noise, chills ran through my body and the adrenaline would start flowing. Most of the night I was wide awake. From exhaustion, I finally fell asleep.

The morning sun found its way into my bedroom by reflecting off the full-length mirror in my bathroom. I was slowly opening my eyes when I heard a door slam. It scared the hell out of me. I thought someone was in my apartment. I jumped up and hid in the closet. I listened. I could not hear anyone moving around. After a few minutes, I got enough courage to look out of the closet. I peeked out and looked around the room. I could hear a couple down the hall arguing. It was the usual display of temper from my next-door neighbors. You donít know how relieved I was. I had wanted to kill them a hundred times for waking me up. This time I was relieved that it was them. I flopped back in bed and took a deep breath of relief. For the remainder of the morning every time I heard a noise it drained a little more strength from my weakening body. I was getting more exhausted just lying in bed. I had never felt the fear that I felt now. I tried to rationalize why I was so scared. The irrational side of me said that there was nothing to worry about. The least of my worries was losing the money that I had lent Fred. The man on the phone tone of voice had shaken up Fred as well as me. Fredís wife had been killed. Had someone killed her to shake up Fred? Would I be the next victim? This was what scared the living hell out of me. Would they kill me? From what I read in the paper, she suffered a brutal death. I prayed that I would not die as she had.

I tried to shake the thoughts out of my mind. I spent the whole morning primping. I felt that if I kept myself busy, I would forget about it. It did not work. I kept going to the door, putting my ear against the door and listening. If I wasnít listening at the door, I was looking out the window. I had noticed that someone was sitting in a car across the street reading a newspaper. I pulled the blinds and peeked through them. The windows in the car were heavily tented, but you could see that someone was in the car watching the building. Every time someone came out of the building, he stopped reading and watched what my neighbors were doing. I was starting to get nervous. I called Fred and told him about the man watching my building. He asked me to describe the man. I could not see enough of him to describe what he looked like. The best description I could give Fred was I thought that he was a young man in his twenties. Fred had no idea who would be watching my building. Again, Fred asked me for money. When I refused to loan him any more money, he lashed me with profanity that would offend a drunken sailor. I hung up on Fred and looked out the window; the car was gone. I laughed at myself. I had become paranoid.

I wanted to talk with my attorney. Since the car was no longer there, I felt at ease. When I left the building, I looked to see if anyone was watching. I could not see anyone. I ran to the parking lot, when I reached my car I looked around to see if anyone was following me. Thankful, there was no one around.

When I got to my attorney office, it was full. I whispered to the receptionist and asked if there was a chance that she could sneak me in. She looked around the room then at the appointment book and said, "Go down the hall to the conference room and as soon as I can get a chance to talk to Peter, I will send him down."

I had been in the conference room pacing the floor for almost an hour. The door popped open, Peter came over, gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek, patted me on the butt, and he said, "Whatís up sugar? I am sorry to have kept you waiting. It seems everyone in town has a problem. Not only that, this morning I was handed a pro bono case. Itís an open and shut case, he is the guy that killed my cousin and I am expected to defend him. We all have problems. What can I do for you?"

I stepped back with a surprised look of my face. I hesitated for a few Moments. I wondered if his cousin was Judy Murray then I asked, "Is Judy Murray your cousin?"

"Yes and they expect me to defend her murderer. I cannot imagine how these Judges think. I am afraid if I donít defend him, they will nail me. If I defend him, it will not make any difference if I get him off or not, they will still nail me. I am between a rock and a hard plate; I am fucked no matter what I do."

I let out a slight chuckle then said, "We both have a problem. I donít know whether I am in danger or not. My boy friend has gotten himself into a lot of hot water. Judy was his wife."

Peter interrupted and said, "Fred Murray."

"Yes. Fred Murray."

"He is your boyfriend?"

Still chuckling I said, "Yes he is. What a coincidence."

"You must be kidding."

I shook my head and emphatically said, "No, I am not kidding. That is why I am here. I was over at his apartment yesterday. The phone rang and he asked me to answer the phone. The man that called was mad as hell. Fred did not want to talk to him. When I told him that Fred did not want to talk to him, the man went out of his mind. He threatens to kill the both of us unless Fred came to the phone. Finally, Fred went to the phone. While Fred was on the phone, I thought he was going to pass out. His face turned white as a sheet. When Fred got off the phone, he looked as if he was dead. He asked me to lend him some more money, ha, a couple hundred thousand. He had told me that he was going to come into a lot of money and he would pay me back. I had lent him money before he got married to Judy and he never paid it back. Judy wanted an annulment before they had been married a month."

"I know I was Judyís attorney. I know what you must be going through. Fred has an extremely bad temper. He went off the deep end in court. The judge was going to lock him up."

Again I laughed, "I can imagine. You should have heard him yesterday and this morning. I thought that he was going to blow a blood vessel."

"If Fred thinks he is going to get anything from Judyís estate, he is dreaming. Nancy , you can forget about getting your money back. I have tied up Judy estate so no one going to get their finger on any of it. I canít believe this. What a small world. You are going with my cousin ex-husband and I have to defend the bastard that killed his wife, Judy. How did you meet Fred? Tell me everything that you know about Fred."

"Pete, I am a sucker for people that have problems. I had to open my big mouth. I was working one night and this nice looking blond headed man came in. He was very nice. I went out with him a few times. We were getting it on. I thought he was going to marry me. He and his father own a business and he needed a few hundred thousand. He had some type of business deal. He was going to make millions. I fell for his bullshit and lent him two hundred and fifty thousand. A few months later, he married Judy! I was so mad at him that I could have killed him! I wanted to kill both of them. As you know, Judy got an annulment and kicked him out. I should not have let him come back to me. He still owes me a quarter of a million. I hung around expecting to get my money back. Yesterday the whole world started to tumble. Someone wanted to kill both of us. Now, I donít know what to do. Maybe I will just forget about the money like Judy did. He may have someone kill me just to keep from paying me the money I lent him."

Pete asked, "Do you have a loan agreement for the money you lent him?"

"No, I was too embarrassed to ask him. I thought he was going to marry me."

"Honey, you can forget about getting your money back. It does not matter how much you are in love with someone, if you lend them money; get a loan agreement in writing. If he loves you, he will understand. If he gets pissed off, dump the bastard."

"Judy must have known that he would never be able to pay back the million he stole from her."

"Sweetheart he stole money from the corporation. It was the corporationís money, not Judyís. She gave the corporation a million out of her own pocket to get rid of him. That the reason that Fred was not prosecuted for embezzling the million, he had to agree with the annulment and never try to attach her parentís estate. The corporation could still press charges for embezzling the money."

"Where does Fred think he is going to get the money that he is dreaming about?"

"As you said, he is dreaming. If he tries to attach Judy inheritance, I will drag him through the courts for the rest of his life. What else can you tell me about Murray ? What do you know about the man that called yesterday?"

"I donít know a thing about the man that called yesterday, except, he scared the hell out of Fred. Fred called him Willy. Fred told me about the two ex-cops that have been hounding him for money also. He thought the guy that called yesterday was one of them."

"What do you know about the two cops?"

"Nothing really, like the guy that called last night, they also scare the hell out of Fred. They came into Fredís life after Judy filed for an annulment. I think he is paying them off for a debt or something."

"Anything else?"

"I think someone was watching my apartment this morning. That is one of the reasons that I came to see you. After the incident yesterday with Fred, I could not sleep last night."

"What makes you think that someone was watching your apartment?"

"After the call from that guy yesterday, I have been looking over my shoulder constantly. I saw a car this morning parked across the street; it was parked there for a long time. Every time someone left the build he would watch where they went."

"He could be waiting for a girl friend or someone else."

I looked at Pete, shook my head and said, "I know that man was waiting for me. I could feel it. Something dragged me to the window. I looked down on the streets. With all the cars that were parked along the street, the car with the man in it was the first car I looked at."

"Honey, what would you like me to do?"

"Pete, I donít know what I expect from you. I am just scared and wanted advice from someone that I could trust. I am looking for protection from the unknown. The incident at Fredís has me walking on thin ice. I donít know when I am going to fall through."

"Honey, I know that you are frightened from what happened at Fredís. My best advice is, do not go back to Fredís. Be sociable, but keep your distance. Do not lead him on. Be firm with him about the money. Tell him that you gave him all the money you had and leave at that. Ask him where he had gotten the idea that you had unlimited resources. Tell him you have given him most of the money that you had and you believe that he could make you wealthy."

Why didnít I think of that? If Fred asks for more money, I will tell him that he took all the money that I had. I feel a little better, but I am still scared. I thanked Pete for seeing me. I gave him a hug and patted him on the butt. Pete smiled and said, "Now, Donít get fresh with me. You might turn me on. I am too busy to mess around. I will be thinking about you all day."

"Ha, if you canít control yourself, and have a problem, call me, I will come back. Since you helped me solve my problem. I will help you solve your problem."

Pete chuckles and said, "Sweetheart, thatís the best offer I have ever had. I will keep it in mind."

I gave Pete a sexy look and I rubbed his butt as we walked out of the conference room. We both laughed. He told me not to worry and to call him if anything else came up. After I told Pete about the two cops, Willy and Fredís financial problems, he felt that the Pat OíDonnell case might be more than just an open and shut case. Pete asked me to find out what Fred did with the one and a quarter million that he had gotten from Judy and me. I told him that I had already asked Fred and he would not talk about it.

As we parted, I told Pete that I would never go back to Fredís apartment, but I would not break off contact with Fred and I would keep Pete informed if anything new came up. I gave Pete a kiss and thanked him again. I tried to forget about my problem with Fred. I drove back home and tried to get some rest.



I had followed Nancy to her attorneyís office and was waiting in the hall outside the conference room. They had left the door ajar. I leaned against the wall next to the door. I pretended that I was reading. I listened to the conversation between Nancy and Attorney Pete Anderson. The few that pass me in the hall, glanced at me, smiled and kept walking. I was hoping that no one thought that I was eavesdropping. I could not believe what I had heard. Patís attorney is Judyís cousin. A million to one shot or was it deliberate. A sinking feeling ran through me. I was as curious as Anderson , what nut appointed Anderson to defend Pat. He will not defend Pat; he will persecute Pat.

When I heard the conversation ending, I went into the stairwell across the hall and left the door slightly open. I watched Nancy leave the conference room with Pete. Pete was trying to convince Nancy to keep in contact with Fred. He advised her not to go back to Fred. However, Pete wanted her to keep tabs on Murray ís activities and let him know what he was up to. After Pete heard about Murray financial problems and his involvement with two ex-cops, he told Nancy that he felt that Patís case may be more than just an open and shut case. Pete wanted to know what Murray had done with all the money that he had gotten from her and Judy. I hoped that Nancy had triggered Peteís mind. After Nancy left Peteís office, she headed back to her apartment.

After I saw her park and go in her apartment, I called Jimmy. When Jimmy answered his cell phone, I said, "I know who is going to be Patís attorney."

Jimmy asked, "How did you find out."

"Donít you want to know who is going to defend Pat?"

"Yes, you sound too much like me. I want to know how you found out also."

"Itís Nancy ís attorney, Pete Anderson. Do you know who he is?"

"Of course I do. He is Judyís cousin and he was Judy parentís attorney. He also assisted another attorney in his office in Judyís annulment. He is one of the best criminal attorneys in New York . Who in hell appointed him to defend Pat? This could be a double-edged sword for Pat. He is a hell of an attorney, being related to Judy and her parents; he just might let Pat rot in hell."

"Hold on Jimmy, donít jump to conclusions. From the conversation between Nancy and Pete, I think Pete smells a rat. From what I heard, and the questions he asked Nancy , I believe he thinks Fred had something to do with Judyís death. He wants Nancy to keep in contact with Fred and feed him information about Fred. Another thing, Nancy lent Fred a quarter million, he stole a million from Judy and now he wants Nancy to lend him another two hundred thousand. Pete and Nancy are wondering where the money went. From what you have said about the money disappearing in St. Louis , what happened to the money that Fred got from Nancy and Judy? The two hundred thousand that he asked Nancy for is to pay off Willy. The way Nancy talked, Fred is flat broke. Another thing, Nancy mentioned two cops that Fred was mixed up with." 

Jimmy said, "As I asked before, how did you find out about Peter?"

"I followed Nancy to Peteís office. I saw Nancy go into a room down the hall from Peteís office. Later I saw Pete go into the same room. Pete did not close the door all the way. I stood outside and listened to them. It was as clear as if I was in the room."

Jimmy let out a sigh of relief and said, "I hope you are right. Pat needs all the help he can get. Where are you now?"

"I am outside Nancy ís apartment."

Jimmy thought for a few minutes then said, "I have a few things to do before I get out of here. I wonder what Nancy has on her mind. Do you think she will be going to Fredís?"

"Hell no, I donít believe so. From what she said to Pete, I do not thing she will go anywhere close to Fred. But, from the conversation with Pete, she sounded like she would enjoy doing a little undercover work. But, I donít think she is going over to Fredís."

I looked across the street and saw Nancy heading for her car and said, "Hold on; guess who just came out of her apartment?"

Jimmy laughed, "Donít tell me itís Fred."

There was a pause of a few minutes then I said. "No, itís not Fred; Nancy is on the road again. I will catch you later"

"Frank, donít do anything foolish. Keep in touch. I donít want anything to happen to you, Bye."

"Will do, see you later. If she gives me a hint that she know that I am following her, I will cut it off."


Fred Murray:

I was only twenty-two. I had just finished college. I wanted freedom and to travel around the world. My father had other ideas. His company and his health were both falling apart. I did not know a damn thing about his business. Mom was in a nursing home and it was costing us a fortune. I am not the worst looking person in this world and I never had trouble finding a woman. My father told me that if we did not find new financing our company was going to fall apart. Over the last ten years, I have been married four times to woman that were financially well off. My father pressured me to steal from my wives to support the business and I did. After I drained the last financial crumb from my wives, I divorce them. Now both of my parents are in a nursing home. I had to find new blood. I scanned the social column for candidates. On the front page of a Greenwich Village paper was a picture of a lovely young lady. She and her parentís had sponsored an Off Broadway show. All the profits were going to a charitable organization. Her parents were very wealthy. Her name was Judy Anderson. If I had her parentís money, I would never have to worry about money again in my lifetime. Her father and mother ran a financial empire. Both of them were board members on many corporations around the world. They were always donating millions of dollars to charitable organizations.

I tried everything to invade Judyís social circle with no success. It was costing me a bundle. Even if I make personal contact with her, would she marry me? I was financially and emotionally broke. I had given up the idea. I had spent a small fortune trying to make contact with Judy. I knew financially that I could never live up to Judyís standard of living. I felt that her parents had already found someone they wanted Judy to marry. Pop was still controlling the drawstring on our financial pouch. One weekend when I went to visit Mom and Dad, he questioned me about finding another wealthy wife. To get Pop off my back I told him about Judy and I had been trying to find a way to get to know her. He thought it was a wonderful idea. He knew that we were getting desperate. He did not give a damn what I did, we needed money. The nursing home was costing us a fortune and we had to do something quick. We had to get financial help from somewhere soon. I told him that I had already spent every cent that I had and I need more money. He told me find some other woman and use her money to penetrate Judyís social circle. He told me that I should marry Judy and kill her parents. When I was well seated in the company, knock off Judy. I could not believe that my father wanted me to kill someone for their money. This blew my mind. The thought of killing anyone made chills run down my spine. When he finished he smiled at me and patted me on my back. I told him that I could not kill anyone. Pop said that he knew a guy that would set up the contract for me. He told me that I did not have to do the killing; he gave me a name and told me where I could find him. I would give him a grand and he would make contact with a person that would do the hit. I would never know who did the hit and they would not know who I was. Pop said that for a thousand you could get almost anyone iced. This really shook me up when Pop suggested that I have someone killed.

This did not make me feel any better. I knew that over the years my old man had connections with a number of shady characters. I never thought he would go this far. I knew he bought stolen merchandise and did a number of other things that were not legal. I was still doing business with the bastards. At first, I was not going to kill someone for any amount of money. My accountant was telling me that we had to apply for Chapter 11; otherwise, we would have to sell off everything. Pop continued to press the living hell out of me. He told me that if I did not marry the girl, he and Mom would be put out on the street. He really gave me a guilt complex. I felt that I had no choice and pop did not give me a choice.

The name of the man that I was to contact was named Vic. He worked as a part time bartender in Brooklyn . I was reluctant about going to see him. Pop kept calling me and gave me hell. He said that it would kill Mom if she were kicked out of the nursing home.

I finely got the courage to go to Brooklyn . When I got to the bar, I asked the bartender if his name was Vic. He said no, and pointed to an older man playing solitaire at a table in the rear of the bar. Vic had half of an unlit cigar dangling out the corner of his mouth. He had dipped the end of the cigar into a glass of scotch and put it back into his mouth. He wore a hat on the back of his head. The hat and the suspenders made him look like someone out of the roaring twenties. I walked over to Vic and introduced myself. I told him who my father was. He told me that he and Freddie had been doing business together for a long time. Vic did not bother getting up. I pulled out the chair opposite Vic and sat down. Vic starred at me for a while without saying a word. His eyes were pulling me apart. I did not know what was on his mind. He was frightening the shit out of me. I cleared my throat a couple of times hoping that he would say something. After a few minutes, Vic looked down and finished the game of solitaire. What the hell was he thinking about? He started shuffling the deck. His eyes burned holes through me again. Finally, he put down the deck of cards, looked right through me for a few more minutes. Fear flowed through my body. His look was scaring the hill out of me. He looked around the room and then he said, "Little Freddie, you better make damn sure you want to go through with whatever you have on your mind. I do not want to hear what you have on your mind until I have all the money in my hands. You will pay up front. Once you decide to go through with it, there is no turning back. If you want a hit, you cannot stop it once I have the money and it is set up. Usually, I will give you twenty-four hours to change your mind. Once I set it into action, nothing will stop it. If you donít want the twenty-four hours, say so up front. OK? "

How did he know that I wanted someone knocked off? Was that all he did? Take orders for murdering someone? This meeting was scaring the shit out of me. Thinking back, I should have expected it. Pop told me to have her parents murdered. I just wanted to put a tail on them. I did not know what to say to him. He did not push me. He made small talk while he continued to playing solitaire. I cleared my throat and said, "I understand what you are saying. First, I want someone tailed. I want to know everything about them. Then I will decide if I wanted anything else done. Is that acceptable?"

"That is not a problem; I can set up anything you want. All you need is the money to back it up. If the cost is more than is expected you will have to come up with the extra cash. If you are wondering how much money it will cost you, ten thousand will get you in the ballpark."

I thought for a few Moments then said, "What are you saying? If there is a problem and it cost more money, I will have to come up with the extra money?"

"You got it. There are no guaranties in this business. There are too many hidden problems."

I asked myself, what am I getting myself into? If I hired him and he wants ten grand, I could end up paying him a hundred thousand. Pop told me that I could get someone killed for a thousand dollars. I asked Vic how much would it cost me to have someone tailed and give me a report on their activities. He told me it would cost me five hundred a day plus expenses.

If I had Judy and her parents tailed, it was going to cost me a thousand dollars a day. I wanted to think it over for a while. I told Vic that I had to get the money and I would get in touch with him. I called Pop and told him that it would cost me thirty thousand dollars just to have Judy and her parentís tail for a month and I did not have that kind of money. He yelled at me and said, "Find the fucking money and quit fucking around."

I took a loan out on the business and I called Vic and told him that I wanted someone to tail Judy Anderson and her parents for a month. I wanted to know what they did and when they did it. I told Vic I would be there with the money in an hour. When I got to the bar, I gave Vic the thirty thousand and gave Vic the details. As I left the bar, I was wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Vic put a tail on Judy and her parents and, they tailed them around the clock. It cost me thirty-five grand to find out that Judy spent most of her time shopping and eating out. Vic hit me up for another five thousand for traveling expenses. During the time they tailed her parents; they did not do anything but go to work and return home. Once a month they took a three-day trip to San Francisco , thirty five thousand was blown. When I wasnít running my parentís business, I was stalking Judy myself. She traveled in circles that I could not penetrate. It was costing me a bundle and I was letting my family business slide.

In the spring, Judy took off for Europe . I made an arrangement with a private investigator that I knew in England to watch Judy and let me know where she went. While Judy was in Europe , I kept an eye on her parents. Almost every month they took their regular trip to San Francisco . They charted a private jet for the trip. They always used the same air carrier. If I could find someone that had access to the plane, it would be easy to get rid of Judyís parents. I made a trip to Brooklyn . I always took the subway. If someone was following me, it would be easier for me to lose them. I went in the bar through the alley. I felt that if the bar was being watched, they would probably be watching the front. Vic was sitting at his usual table playing solitaire. He looked up and welcomed me. I sat across from him and looked around the bar. Vic said, "They are all regulars donít worry about them. Are we going to do anymore business?"

"That depends, I donít know, if you have someone that can get access to an airplane in San Francisco , if so, I think we can do a little business."

"What do you want done?"

"The couple that you had tailed, they take a business trip to San Francisco around the first of every month. They charter a private jet, fly out on Sunday, and return to New York Tuesday morning. Monday morning they go to a board meeting and the remainder of the day, they shop, go to dinner and sometimes they take in a show. Early Tuesday morning they get up have their breakfast, take a cab to the airport and take the jet back to New York . I want someone to tamper with the plane so it will crash when it takes off. Do you have someone that can get access to the plane?"

Vic smiled and said, "You tell me when you want it done and I will make the arrangement. It will cost you twenty five grand."

"How much time will you need?"

"It would be nice if we had a twenty four hours notice. Anything shorter would be pushing it."

I asked, "If I gave you all the details a month before I want it done. How much time would you need to put it into play?"

"Ideally, if we had everything set up, six hours would be more than enough time."

I had the parents taken care of, now I had to find Judy and get her to marry me. I needed money. Where could I get a couple of hundred thousand? Judy spent more money in a week than I made in a year. I would go through a thousand a day just to get close to her. Where in hell can I get that kind of money?

I was in Jakes Bar, the cocktail waitress came over to me, and she put her hand on my shoulder, and asked, "Honey, whatís bothering you. You have been staring into that glass for over an hour. Can I help?"

I did not know what to say. I looked at her and the words just spilled out of my mouth, "Do you have a couple hundred thousand lying around that is not doing anything?"

"Maybe, what do you need it for? Maybe I can help."

I could not believe what I heard. The way she said it, I felt that she had money. Where would she get that type of money? Did she know a loan shark? I could not think fast enough. If she really had money, I did not want to fuck it up. To give myself time to think, I said, "Sweetheart, I canít take your money. It is nice of you to offer your help. Honey, this is an investment for someone that has lots of money."

Without hesitating, she said, "Tell me why you need the money."

I had a mental block. I could not think fast enough. I knew if she had access to that much money, there had to be strings attached. I put my arm around her, kissed her on the nose, and whispered, "I have an idea how I can make millions, but I need almost a quarter million to pull it off. The banks donít want to take the chance. Business this year has been exceptionally bad. If I had a better year, the banks would have lent me the money. What is your name?"

"Nancy, Nancy Flynn."

"What is your name?"

"Fred Murray, my father and I own Murray ís Clothing. I have come up with an idea to franchise the business. I want to open stores coast to coast. I have been spending every cent that we make on expansion. With the drop in sales this year, it left me shorthanded."

Nancy smiled at me and said, "Wait until I get off and we can talk."

As I waited for Nancy , I wondered where a cocktail waitress would get that type of money. I wanted to ask someone about her. When the bartender came over and asked if I wanted another drink, I asked him why a beautiful girl like Nancy was working as a cocktail waitress. He told me that she does it for fun. He whispered to me that she was loaded.

For the next month, I romanced Nancy and she lent me the quarter million. I took off for Europe and found Judy. She was eating at a sidewalk cafť. I asked her if I could join her. I did not think it would be this easy. It was a chinch. I had her eating out of my hands the first day that I met her.

In less than a month we were married and we went on our honeymoon. We had been married for about two weeks. In the middle of the night, the phone rang. Judy took the phone into another room and shut the door. I jumped out of bed and listened at the door. I had no trouble hearing Judy. I did not have to hear the other side of the conversation. Judy was questioning the party on the other end of the line about what they had told her. After about an hour on the phone Judy hung up the phone. I climbed back into bed. I expected Judy to come dashing through the door. I could not go back to sleep. I had heard enough that I knew that Judy would hit me with a barrage of questions. I rehearsed what I would say to Judy when she questioned me.

The sun rising up behind the mountains lit up the sky. I could hear Judy wandering around the ch‚teau. I could not wait any longer. I took my shower and dressed. I put on my happiest face and opened the door. Judy was sitting on the couch in her nightgown with her head resting on the back of the couch. She was staring at the ceiling, I said, "Good morning darling. What are you doing up so early?"

She looked over at me and said, "We shouldnít have married. I really donít love you and I donít think you love me."

One thing led from another until we were screaming profanities at each other. They could hear us on the street below. Someone on the streets below yelled for us to shut up. I became so mad that I slapped Judy. Judy ran and locked herself in the bathroom. I dashed out of the ch‚teau and took a long walk. It gave me time to think. To salvage the marriage, I had to get rid of her parents, especially her father. I had to do something to salvage the marriage; I had spent too much time and money pursuing Judy. It was her father on the phone last night. He is the one that started this mess. She had questioned him about the tail I had on her and my other marriages. I had given Vic fifty thousand before I left. It was going to cost me twenty five thousand, but Vic wanted another twenty-five in case any additional problems popped up.

It was Saturday morning and Judy parents would be flying back to the east coast Tuesday morning. Vic had enough time to set up the accident. I called Vic and said, "I want you to set up the party that we planned."

Vic said, "This coming Tuesday morning?"

"Yes, this Tuesday morning."

I hung up the phone and headed back to the ch‚teau. I had to get her to forgive me. I could not let Judy slip through my finger. I had to hold on to the marriage. When I walked in I called Judy and I wanted to apologize for the argument. She did not answer me. I ran from room to room looking for her. At first I thought she had gone for a walk. When I got to the bedroom and saw the closet door was open and all of her clothes were gone. I was furious. I tried to destroy everything in the ch‚teau. I smashed everything that was breakable. I tried to put my fist through the walls until my hands were excruciating with pain. I could not stop myself. I started banging my head against the walls. Blood started to run down my face. I finely fell to the floor exhausted and cried. I did not give a damn about Judy, I had thrown away thousands of dollars and I still did not have my hands on Judyís fortune.

Later, I found out that Judy had caught a flight back to New York . I flew back Sunday afternoon. When I got to Judyís Parents home Judy would not let me in. I was afraid that Judy would call the cops. I gave up and returned to my apartment. I tried to think of a way to salvage the marriage. Every time I called Judy, she would hang up before I could say anything. The following morning I went to Judy home. There were two guards watching her home. They would not let me on the property. I watched the house for hours hoping to see her leave. If she had left, she had to leave through another exit. She had disconnected her phone lines. I had no way of finding out if she had a new phone number.

Tuesday morning I was up early. I knew they would not be leaving San Francisco for three or four hours. All morning I watched the news hoping I would see something about the crash. I kept switching channels until I saw a picture of a plane crash in San Francisco . The news media would not tell the names of the crash victims until the next of kin were notified. I went down the street to a pay phone and called Vic. I asked, "How was the party? Did you have any problems?"

Vic said, "It went smooth as silk. I never have any problems Little Freddy."

I thanked him and hung up. Now I had to weave my life back into Judyís life.

I did not call or go to Judyís home. I waited for the announcement of parentís death to be published in the paper before I approached Judy. I called Judyís old phone number. Surprisingly, it rang and the housekeeper answered. Judy was not there. She was making arrangement for the funeral. I ask the housekeeper if she knew where the services were being held. She said that Judy had left a note for her to read if anyone called or inquired. She read the note to me. The funeral would not be for another week. I spent the next week rehearsing what I would say when I saw Judy at the funeral. I arrived at the Church early hoping I would have a few moments with Judy before the services started. She must have arrived earlier or came in through another entrance. By the time the services started the Church was packed. Judy came in with the Pastor and sat in the first row. She had a veil on. I could not tell if she saw me or not. During the services, I never took my eyes off of her. After the services, she left through the rear of the Church. I had only one more chance to see Judy. I walk around the block to the rear of the Church. The hearse and four limousines were parked in the alley behind the Church. Judy or her family had not come out of the Church. About thirty minutes later, Judy, the Pastor and a group came out of the church. Judy walked over to me and thanked me for coming. She invited me to ride with her. She seemed to have forgotten our fight. She never mentioned it. The ride was somber. I do not think we said a dozen words to each other. I held her hand during the burial service and rode back to the city with Judy. During the ride, Judy again thanked me for coming. I do not recalled how we got into the conversation about her having to take over the corporation. I told her that it was going to be a great burden on her. She asked me if she needed help would I help her. I wanted to shout out yes, yes, yes. I tried to cover my excitement. I told her that she could call me at any time for any reason.

As we were parting, Judy said that she did not want to continue our relationship at this time. Losing her parents and her future problems would take up most of her time. We embraced. I told Judy that if she needed help, I would be glad to help her.

A week had passed without any calls from Judy. I was giving up any chances of getting back with Judy. I had thrown away a small fortune and I was no closer to getting my hands on Judyís fortune.

I had been out for breakfast. I passed a new stand. Judy picture was on the front page. I bought the paper. Judyís parents had left her billions. I went back to my apartment and was going to call Judy. I reached for the phone ever few seconds. I stopped myself because I did not know what I was going to say to her. I did not want to fuck up my last chance to put my hands on Judyís fortune. Not knowing what to do was drive driving me crazy. I could almost taste the money. I could not sleep. I walked around my apartment like a caged animal. I had elusions of hearing the phone ring. With excitement, I would grab the phone and hear the dial tone. Depression was setting in. From drinking and exhaustion, I fell asleep on the couch and did not wake up until the following day. I had slept for about thirty-six hour.

I was trying to forget about Judy. I had given up on getting anything from Judy. I had ignored my fatherís business to long. If I had spent more time working on my business and used the money that I spent luring Judy and having her parents killed, I would not be bankrupted now. I was so deep in debt that I did not know what I could do. I was in the shower trying to forget about Judy when the phone rang. I hurried to the phone. I lifted up the phone. It was Judy. It blew my mind. I had given up on Judy calling me. She sounded depressed. I was seriously sympathetic. I think Judy since this in my voice. Judy said, "Fred, I am I sorry that I have to bother you with my problems. I hate running my company. I do not know what the hell I am doing. It is driving me crazy. Could you help me?"

I strangled my excitement and calmly said, "Judy, I want you to know that I will help you in any way that I can. What would you like me to do?"

After a few moments, Judy said, "I am not sure what I want you to do. I do not want to make a fool of myself. I need someone that can tell me what the hell is going on. I have been walking around the offices listening to everyone. My brain is so scrambled that I do not know what they are talking about, particular in the accounting department. Would you attend the meetings with me and tell me in plain English what they are trying to tell me."

"Judy, when will you need me?"

"Tomorrow I am schedule to attend about four meetings. One of the meetings will be a quarterly report of the status of the company financially. I want you to accompany me through all the meeting and take notes. When we are finished, I would like you to explain to me what it all meant."

I felt that I was back on track. The first week I did not know what they were taking about either. I did my best to explain to Judy what I thought they were saying. I could see in Judy reactions that she knew that I was giving her a line of BS. I visited my father and told him my problem. He was no help. I had my hands of her parents business, at least I thought so. I had no idea how wealthy her parents were. I was overcome with the power I had in my hands.

Almost every night I visited Pop at the nursing home. We spent hours discussing how we could take over the business. The end results were, Pop felt that there was no way in hell that we could take over that corporation. He suggested that I transfer money to our business by billing Judyís Company for orders. With my stupidity and greed, I jumped the gun. I created too many false transactions. Looking back, I had transfer to much money in too short a period time to be ignored. In a couple of months, I transferred over a million dollars to my parents business. The fucking accounting department blew the whistle on me. I accused the head of accounting for embezzling the money. There were no way out of it, they caught me red handed. The company is a tight knit group. The employees were like a big family and I was the outsider. I was ushered out of the building by two large guards. They called the police and were going to have me arrested. Judy intervened and did not press charges. She told me if I consented to an annulment that she would not demand that I return the million dollars that I had embezzled.

The guards came back to her parentís home and at her business. She got a court order to keep me away from her, her home and her business. The annulment proceedings started and I was not allowed to talk or come within a hundred feet of Judy. A cousin of Judyís, Pete Anderson, was one of her parents attorneys. He had someone from his office to handle the annulment with his assistance. I think the Judge was paid off. He hit me with everything. I was surprised how much they knew about my life. They must have used the information Judyís father had dug up about me. I knew that I would never get another cent out of Judy. The Judge and Judyís attorneys want to prosecute me for taking the million bucks. Judy wanted me out of her life. She did not want to see my face again. She said that if I go along with the annulment and stay away from her she would not let the company press charges against me. I overheard her telling her attorney it was worth the million to get me out of her hair. I should have never listened to my father. I should have taken the salary they were giving me and not be so fucking greedy. I had no one to blame but myself. I did not want to blame myself so I blamed Pop for pushing me.

The annulment proceeding started I lost my temper and so did Judy. The judge was going to put us both in jail if we did not calm down.

After the hearing, my attorney told me that I had blown it. There was no way in hell I would get a financial settlement and I was lucky that Judy did not press charges for the million that I stole.

I left the courthouse with my attorney. He told me if I did not cool it and go along with the hearing the corporate officials may still press charges and there was no way he could stop it and neither could Judy. As we left the courthouse, my attorney told me that I could get twenty years for stealing the money, and to keep my mouth shut. I bit my tongue and told him that I would try to cool it. He looked up at me, shook his head gave me a Ďyou stupid bastard look.í

I turned around, headed for my car and two men came up to me. They ushered me into the back seat of an old Rolls. I was ready to kiss my ass good bye. I thought they were heavies from Judyís company and they were going to take me for a one-way ride out in the country, I though Judy or someone in the corporation was going to have me knocked off. Perspiration flowed down my face. My bladder was about to let go. One of the men stuck a gun under the back of my coat and reminded me that it was there and not to say a word. The bastards had fake smiles on their faces. They did not say anything until we were in the car.

One of them said that they had been at the hearing and they were there to help me. If they were going to help me, why the fuck did they have the gun in my back. I was still about to piss in my pants. The one with the mustache said, "Relax, we are not going to hurt you. We are here to help you."

I asked, "Why do you have the gun aimed at me."

"Thatís to keep you quiet. We did not want you to yell and scream on the streets. Itís a silencer."

The bastard with the gun laughed and said, "We know how much trouble you are in and we want to help you. We know that you have been over to Vic. He is not going to help you. He promises you that no one will ever know you paid for the hit. That a bunch of shit. He feeds the man that does the contract enough info that he knows damn well who paid for the contract. The bastard comes around and knocked you up for another 20 or 40 grand. We have a flat fee. You pay it up front, we take care of the broad and you donít ever have any more problems. You are going to have to take a trip before we bump her off. You will be the prime suspect if you are around."

Somehow they knew I had been to see Vic. They were going to kill my wife for me and help me take over her corporation. If I went back to Vic, these bastards were going to knock me off. I started to give them a little lip and they started to rough me up. One of them had pushed the gun half way into my stomach. It felt like he had poked a hole into my stomach. They said that if I did not go along with them, they would kill my wife and frame me for her murder. I had no other choice. I agreed to go along with them. They advised me not to tell anyone about our agreement, not even Vic. The guy on the passenger side off the car got out first. He had his gun in his jacket pocket and it was aimed at me. He saw me looking at the gun and said, "You fuck around with us, you will get a better look at my little Wilber. I will put him right between your eyes so you can have a real good look at him."

They let me out of the car, the fat bastard tried to take the wrinkles out of my suit. The oil or grease that he had on his Wilber was smeared all over my Jacket.

They let me go and I headed for the nursing home to see dad. He is the one that got me mixed up with these bastards and I was praying that he knew someone that could get me out of this mess. I did not know what else to do and no one to turn to except my father. I told him what had happened. He was worthless. He was as scared as I was. He told me that I should go along with them that I had no other choice. As I look back over the last few years, we should have sold my fatherís business and we would have been better off. I had wasted a fortune trying to save the fucking business.


Judy Anderson Murray:

I have screwed up most of the 24 years of my life. Even though I was blessed with two of the most lovable parents, anyone could ask for. I was a spoiled brat that was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Nothing seemed to please me. My parents gave me anything I wanted. When I became a teenager, I was still a spoiled little bitch. I thought that everyone in this world had to cater to my demands. My parents enrolled me in a private school. I hated it and I wanted to go to a public school. I was a brat and the school official strongly suggested that my parents return me to a private school or have a private tutor. I hated school. It was boring. I did my homework in class while my teacher was trying to teach the other students. I spent the rest of the time looking out the window. This pissed the teacher off. After I got over being a teenage brat, I started to calm down a little. I was eighteen, and I started to mature. Emotionally and socially, my life turned around. I do not know what happened to me during the last few years, I became somewhat human in my college years. I graduated at the top of my class in business management. I hated the subject, but Daddy insisted that business would be my major. I did not have any brothers or sisters and my father told me that I would have to run our family business if anything ever happened to Mom and him.

After college, I toured the world and had a ball. Like a fool, I was playing the field. They must have thought that I was a slut. I was in Paris on a very beautiful morning I was sitting at a sidewalk cafť having my breakfast. A very nice man asks if he could join me. At first, I did not want to be bothered. I had enough of men for a while. I was getting sick of them. I had planned to spend the day touring Paris . I told him about my plans. He said that he had been in Paris a number of times and he would love to join me. Reluctantly, I told him that I would enjoy his company. We had a very nice day and he was very charming. For the remainder of my visit in France , we were never out of each otherís sight. He proposed I had no intentions of getting married. I had done everything else, what the heck, I am going to have to get married sometime, why not now, and we were married. This was the worst decision I had ever made in my life. As I look back at that Moment in my life. I wish I had yelled, "Get the fuck out of my life."

Less than a year later, I told the bastard just those words. My father was very protective. He sized up Fred on the day of our wedding. He had the since to have Fred investigated. He wanted to make sure his little angle was going to marry a man of quality.

My parents were getting ready to go on a business trip to the west coast. I was on my honeymoon. My father called and told me that he had a background checked on Fred. He told me that Fred had been stalking me for about six months before we were married and he was a financial leach. Fred had been married a number of times and had drained his ex-wifeís bank accounts then divorced them. Dad and I discussed my options for an hour. I was not sure what I wanted to do. Dad had not advised me to do anything. He wanted me to know the facts and make my own decision. I decided to ask Fred and see what his response would be. I thanked Dad, told him not to worry, have a nice trip and spend a little more time in San Francisco .

After Fred woke up, I confronted Fred about the stalking. Of course, he denied it. We yelled, and screamed at each other. He called my father a liar. I slapped him and he slapped me back. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I heard the doors slamming and then it was quiet. After a few minutes of silence, I unlocked the door and search the rooms. Fred had gone.

I did not want to face him when he returned. There had never been any real love for Fred. It was just one of my wild ideas to get married. I packed and called a cab. I wanted to be as far away from Fred as I could. I was going to fly back to Paris . When I reached the airport, a flight to New York was loading. I changed my ticked and went home.

I knew my parents would be flying to San Francisco today and did not want to interrupt their trip. When I arrived home, I called my parents in San Francisco . I told them that I was going to have the marriage annulled and that I was back in New York . They were going to cut their trip short and return to New York . I told them that I would be fine, enjoy their trip, and spend a few extra days in San Francisco . I knew they would not. They flew back to New York on Tuesday morning as usual. The plane crashed on takeoff and both of my parents were killed.

I held off the annulment until after the funeral services were over and the reading of my parents Will. They had left everything to me. There was only one other person left in our family. It was my cousin Pete Anderson. Pete was an attorney and his parents had left him a fortune.

I saw Fred at the funeral. He comforted me at a time that I needed it. I had no idea how to run my parents business. I let Fred run the company. Within a couple of months, he had embezzled more than a million dollars. Everyone wanted me to press charge against Fred. I told Pete to tell Fredís attorney that if he did not contest the annulment I would not press charges and he could keep the million. It was worth it just to get rid of him. It did not get rid of him. He still pestered the shit out of me for more money. Pete advised me to go ahead with the annulment. There was a hearing on the annulment. The hearing was brutal. I saw the real Fred for the second time. I have never seen so much hate in anyone in my life. I was on the verge of joining my parents and leaving everything to charity.

After the hearings, I would go home to an empty house. I had no one to talk to about the annulment. Pete was busy and I did not want to bother him any more than I had to. The more I thought about the annulment, the more depressed I became. I was also very depressed over the death of my parentís and now the damn annulment. Between the two, I was an emotional wreck. I could not stand being alone in my parentís home. One evening I had to get out of the house and get some fresh air. With the walls closing in all around me, I felt that I could not breathe. Usually, when I was depressed, walking alone at night when the city is quiet, it helps me quiet my emotional hangover. I went for a walk along Central Park . I knew that it was dangerous to walk alone at this time of night. The way that I felt, I didnít give a damn if someone killed me. It would save me the trouble. As I walked along the street, my problems usually faded away. Tonight the city was exceptionally quiet. My problems seemed to drift from my mind. I no longer wanted to throw away my life. I made up my mind that I was not going to let Fred destroy my life. This wonderful feeling came over me in a flash. I had a zest for life. I wanted to live again. It was as if a switch was thrown and my whole outlook on my life had changed. I was exuberant about my emotional change. I felt that I could take on the world. My pace picked up and I held my head high. Each breath I took gave me new strength. I had not felt this good about myself for months. I do not know what had come over me, but it was a beautiful feeling and I felt wonderful.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a cab driver hustling a fare. He called to me and said, "Miss, would you like a cab. Itís dangerous for a lady to walk alone at this time of night, especially next to Central Park ."

I could not see his face, but he had a very pleasant voice. I told him that I liked walking and I assured him that I would be fine. He drove off slowly and headed south. I had lost my train of thought and was trying to get back into the beautiful mood that I was in before the cabby came up. My thoughts were interrupted again. I had walked only a couple more blocks when I saw three men approaching me. I heard them make a couple of sarcastic remarks about my body. I was not going to let them scare me. I tightened my fist and tried to barge through them. One of them grabbed my arm and held a knife to my throat then said, "Babe, you are mine. You are going with me and my friends. If you shout or make any noise I will cut your throat."

My whole life flashed through my mind. I thought that all of my problems were about to end. I tried desperately to pull away from him. He shoved me against a tree and slapped my face. I felt that he would have to cut my throat before I would go with them. I kicked and slapped him with my free hand. He raised his knife up against my throat again and pressed his body against mine. I could not move.

Out of the darkness, the sound of squealing tires startled him. I looked up and saw a cab speeding down the street. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. The engine of the cab was screaming. It flew down the street like a rocket taking off. The three men and I were startled at the sound of the cab. The driver slammed on the brakes, the tires screamed again. A tall dark headed young man got out of the cab and headed in our directions. The man let me go and headed for the cab driver. When the group got close to the young man, the man in the lead thrust his knife at the young man. With one hand, the young man swung a baseball bat at the bastard. The bat hit the manís hand and the knife. The knife went flying down the street. It sounded as if every bone in the man hand and arm was shattered. I screamed and ran to the cab and got in the back seat. My heart was in my mouth. Deep down in my heart, I knew that the young man would protect me and nothing was going to happen to me. I feared for the cabby safety. I was praying for him. He had put his life in danger for me. I started crying. Then the other men came after the young man. I was afraid they would kill him. I said to myself, "Why didnít I go with him before. They are going to kill him."

Another man charged at the cabby. The cabby swung the bat and knocked the man off his feet. The third man backed away. The cabby slowly backed away from the man and got into the cab. The third man went to the aid of the men lying on the ground in agony. I did not know what to say to the cabby and how to thank him. He started the cab and drove down Fifth. I wanted to grab him and hold him in my arms. Tears ran down my cheeks. I could no longer hold myself back. I wanted to hold him in my arms. I had put this total stranger in danger of losing his life. I put my hand around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. I told him that I was sorry that I dragged him into my miserable life and that I should have gone with him when he asked me.

I looked up and saw his hack license. He looked much younger in his picture. His name was Patrick OíDonnell. I asked him if they call him Pat or Patrick. He told me that he had been called Pat and they called his father Patrick. I think I told him that my name Judy Anderson. I was so excited that I do not recall if I told him I was Judy Anderson or Judy Murray.

I had a flash back to my childhood. I always dreamed of a knight in shining armor would rescue me from the mouth of a dragon and he would sweep me off my feet and hold me in his arms. This young man was my knight in shining armor. I had never seen his face until he jumped out of the cab, yet I was already deeply in love with him. I had never felt this way about anyone in my life. I wanted to hold him in my arms forever. I felt so secure just being next to him. There was so much love in my heart for him that I cannot remember what I had said to him. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him. I wanted to hold him in my arms and never let him go. My love for this stranger had turned my body into an emotional fire.

Pat asked me where I lived. I told him that I did not have any money on me. He told me that the ride was on him. I gave him my address and he drove me to my home. I did not want him to leave me. I tried to get him to come inside with me. I wanted to make love with him for saving my life. I tried everything to get him to come in with me. I think he was embarrassed by the way that he was dressed. I did not care how he looked. In spite of my efforts, he would not come with me. I slid my card in his shirt pocket and asked him to give me his telephone number and address. He pulled a small pad from his pocket, and scribbled on it. He handed it to me. I took his arms and tried again to get him to go inside with me. He told me that he had been up all day and that he was filthy. He pulled away, I thanked him again and kissed him goodbye. He walked backwards to his cab and through me a kiss as he drove away.

Now I had a reason to live. I had a completely new life ahead of me. All of my life I have never felt so much in love with anyone. I wanted to shower him with gifts. I wanted to be with him every moment of the day. I did not want to let him out of my sight for fear that I would lose him.

The following morning I woke up early. I wanted to run across town to his apartment, climb in bed with him, and make love with him all day. I called his apartment and the answering machine came on. I was disappointed. I wanted to hear his voice. I loved his voice. I loved everything about him. I wanted so much to talk to him. I felt that he was slipping away from me. I left a message, and told him that I wanted to take him out to dinner to show my appreciation for what he had done for me last night.

I had a full day ahead of me. First, I went to Peteís office and told him to rush the annulment as quickly as possible and not to worry about the expense. Second, I bought the sexiest nightgown that I could find and a new outfit for the evening. Third, I went to my favorite beauty salon and had everything done. I wanted to look ravishing for him.

The day did not pass fast enough. When I walked into my home, I ran to the answering machine. The little light was flickering. I had hopes that Pat had called. Pat confirmed our date. Just listening to his voice excited me. I bent down, kissed the answering machine, and played his message repeatedly. I loved the sound of his voice. I pictured him in my mind as I listened to his voice.

I was going to pick up Pat at six. I was ready for my first date with Pat. It was only five oíclock . I was impatient; I wanted to see him now. A drive across town would take only 10 minutes. I got in my car and drove around inside Central Park to pass the time. I had made plans to take Pat to a very nice restaurant in Greenwich Village , but when I saw The Tavern on The Green, I called and cancelled my reservations down town. I parked at the Tavern, made reservations and walked up Central Park West to Pat apartment on 77 Street and Columbus Avenue . I was only a half a block away from Patís apartment. I saw him running down the street after a red car. By the time I caught up with Pat, the red car had run a red light and almost hit a crowd of people crossing the street. A four-car pileup was miraculously avoided and the police were questing Pat. I stood on the curb behind Pat listening to the police questioning Pat. I could not help but laugh at the event. I overheard the officer saying that the lady behind you is probably the lady you were looking for. He turned around with a surprised look on his face. I will never forget the beautiful smile that was on his face when he saw me. He looked so happy that his face glowed. He looked over his shoulder and thanked the officer. He walked over to me and put out his hand to shake my hand. I took his hands and pulled his arm around me. I kissed him on the nose and said, "Who were you chasing."

Embarrassingly he said, "I thought it was you, and you couldnít find a parking spot."

I looked into his sparkling eyes, put my arms around him and kissed him. The officers made some comical remarks and I winked at them. The officer that was driving mouthed something.

I shook my head and mouthed, "No, not tonight. I am all his."

The officer pretended that he was crying. I puckered my lips as to kiss him. The cars behind him started blowing their horns. The light had turned green. The cop waved as he pulled away.

I lead Pat back down the street with my head resting against his arm. I could not tell you what the building looked like or how many flight we had to walk up. My mind was on Pat. The door to Patís apartment was already open. He must have left it open when he dashed down the street. We walked into the apartment and I shut the door. We walked across the room. I started unbuttoning Pat shirt. The muscles rippled on his broad chest. I planted kisses all over his chest. I fell backward onto the bed and pulled Pat down on top of me. We hugged and kissed for a long time. I wanted to have sex with him, but I did not want to be too forward. I knew that he was sexually aroused and I was pleased that I had aroused Pat. I wanted Pat to make the advances. I would have loved it if he had gotten fresh with me. He never fondled or made sexual advances toward me. His respect for me made me love him even more. Since he did not fondle me, I did not want to cheapen myself by fondling him. I was so happy that I was not just another conquest. The more I thought about it, I love him even more for not touching me. In my heart I wanted him more than ever. I was lying across Pat with my head on his chest. I was so much in love with Pat. Even though I had sexual partners before, none had made me have the desire for them as the desire I had for Pat. Thinking about how much I loved Pat made tears came to my eyes and they trickled down my cheek and onto Patís chest. Pat stroked the back of my neck and whispered, "I hope I havenít done anything to make you cry."

I raised my head and kissed him then said, "No darling, itís what you didnít do that has made me cry. This has been the most beautiful evening in my life. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Last night when you asked me if I wanted a ride, and I said no, when I saw those men, I could have killed myself. When the men grabbed me, I knew that they would kill me. When you appeared out of the dark, I knew that nothing would happen to me. I do not know what came over me. I knew you would protect me. I cannot explain the excitement that filled my body when you appeared out of the darkness. I wanted to run into your arms. At that very Moment, I knew that I was in love with you. Tonight, I wanted to have sex with you. I wanted to give my body to you for saving my life. Since we parted last night, I thought of a million ways to repay you for risking your life to save mine. None of them was as beautiful as these last few minutes. When you did not make advances, I knew you loved me as much as I love you. Just holding you in my arms was wonderful. You have given me a new lust for living. I do not want to lose you. I want you for the rest of my life."

I had never felt this wonderful about anything or anyone in my life. When he didnít take advantage of me, I knew that his affection for me was love and it was not sexual. Just holding him in my arms gave me a lust for living that I have never had. I did not know how he felt about me.

Pat interrupted my thoughts, "Judy I donít know how to express my feeling for you. I wish I knew the words to express my love for you, I have never felt this way about anyone in my life. Your smile, Ö.. your touchÖ..the twinkle in your eyesÖÖthe way you make me feel and the way you looked at me has stolen my heart. All I wanted to do is hold you in my arms."

I pulled Pat closer to me and whispered, "I love you very much and I wanted to have sex with you. Not because of what you did last night, I wanted to have sex with you because I love you."

We lay quietly for a while longer. I remembered why I was there. I had come to take him out for dinner. I rose up. Pat lifted me from the bed. He held me in his arms, kissed me on the nose, and said, "I love you. I have never loved anyone like I love you."

I wanted to hold him close to me for the rest of the night.

"Darling, I fell the same about you, I love you more than anyone else in this world."

We stood motionless for a few more minutes then I said, "Excuse me for a few minutes."

I tapped Pat on the nose a couple of time, I headed for the bathroom, I looked over my shoulder, smiled then said, "Be back in a minute."

I washed my face and fixed my makeup. I went back into his apartment and asked Pat, "Are you hungry?"

Pat jumped I think I frightened him. He was looking out the window. He turned around and said, "I am very hungry. I havenít eaten anything since breakfast."

I walked over to Pat and took his hand. I looked at his face it was covered with lipstick. I said, "Come with me. I made a mess of your face. You have lipstick all over you."

We walked into the bath; I moistened a face cloth, rubbed the cloth across the bar of soap and gently cleaned his face. When I finished, I kissed Pat and said, "Tinkle, I will wait for you. I donít want anything to interrupt the evening."

I smiled at Pat, he blushed, still smiling I looked over my shoulder while I walked out of the bathroom, and I winked and said, "I hope you have good aim."

I shut the door behind me. I thought that I had embarrassed Pat.

When Pat came out of the bath, he said to me, "I was well trained by my mother; I sit down when I tinkle. Mom was tired of sitting on wet seats."

I asked, "I hope I did not embarrass you."

Pat replied with a smile on his face, "No, Judy. I was just a little surprised. You made me feel a little more relaxed."

 We both laughed and I told Pat that Mom made Dad sit also. I asked, "Pat, do you mind walking. We are going to have dinner in Central Park ."

"No, I love walking. I spend too much time sitting on my butt driving the cab."

I noticed that Pat had an Irish accent, I asked, "Pat, you have an Irish accent, are you from Ireland ?"

"No, I was born in New York and I have lived all of my life here in the City. I inherited my accent from my Parents. Both of them were born in Ireland ."

I was surprised and said, "I was born in Dublin . Mom said that I was in a hurry and I could not wait for her to get back to New York . I was born in her friendís home. We visited her until I was four of five. It was some of my earliest memories. I remember this beautiful lady that playing with me. Mom and Dad stopped taking me to visit her. It broke my heart every time I had to leave her. I called her Milde. Do your parents live here in New York ?"

"My Mother lives somewhere in Florida . I have lost track of where she is. My Father was a New York Cop. He was killed in a drive-by shooting. They riddled his body with machine gun fire."

I quivered with his words. I felt ashamed for questioning him about his parents. I stopped asking questions. It made me feel sad. I was ashamed of myself for asking him about his life. I apologized for inquiring about his parent. I clung tightly to Pat. I wanted to know everything about him; yet, I did not want to invade his privacy. The way I felt about Pat, nothing he could say would change the way I felt about him.

I do not remember what I had to eat. I know the meal must have been wonderful; I had eaten there many times before. I was so engrossed with Pat that I forgot what I had ordered. We talked and sipped wine until they chased us out. I drove Pat home and we doubled parked and talked until the skies started to lighten. Pat continued to tell me about his life and his friends. I held back and said very little about my life. I had never talked to anyone that was so honest and sincere about their life. I do not think he left out anything about his life. He even told me about his mothers business. I could feel the pain and agony he must have gone through knowing that his mother was a prostitute. I did not want Pat to live in poverty again. My parents had left me more money than I could ever spend in a hundred life times. I wanted to share it with the man I loved.

Over the next few months, I tried to give Pat gifts. I was embarrassing him. He was too proud to except money or gifts. He told me that he could not accept anything for helping me get away from the men. He told me that it would tear him apart if he accepted anything for what he had done.

I finally managed to give him something to make his life a little easier. I bought him a new cab. Late one evening I had it delivered to his apartment and parked it next to his old cab. I called him up the following morning and told him to look out the window. I told him that I would loan it to him for as long as he wanted to use it. We had our first argument over the cab. I stood firm and told him he could pay me back when he had the money and I would not charge him any interest. I told him if I needed a cab, he would have to drive me and I would not have to pay or tip him. We agreed and he started using it.

For the next six months, we saw a lot of each other. He always drove me to the court hearing on my annulment. We kept a low a profile until the annulment came through. When I got the annulment, I invited Pat for dinner at my home. I wore a sexy nightgown that I had bought the day after I met him. We drank wine and talked for a while. I took his hand and led him up the stairs to my bedroom. I pulled back the covers. I unbuttoning Patís shirt and remove it. I pulled his undershirt over his head. I kissed and ran my lips around his chest. I opened the top of my nightgown and exposed my breast. I reached up and pulled his face in-between my breast. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. I pulled Pat over to the bed and I fell backward pulling Pat down on top of me. We made love for hours. I had made love with boys in college and with Fred. I had never felt the intensity of affection that I had with Pat. I never wanted the feeling to end. We finally fell asleep in each otherís arms.

I woke up before Pat and tiptoed to the bathroom down stairs. I took a long shower and cleaned myself. I prepared a beautiful breakfast for the both of us. I put it on a tray and carried it upstairs. Pat was still fast asleep. I sat the tray down, took a cup of coffee, and held it close to Pat. I waved my hand over the coffee pushing the aroma into Patís face. I could see the movement in Patís eyes. A beautiful smile came across his face. He looked around the room as if to see who else was in the room. He saw the bathroom; he grabbed a pillow and put it over himself. He walked into the bath and closed the door. I heard the shower being turned on. I slipped out of my robe and snuck into the bathroom. The shower door was fogged over. I pressed my nude body against the door. Pat opened the shower door, took me by the hand, and pulled me into the shower. I do not know what aroused me when I made love with Pat, it was overwhelming. I could not get enough of him. I wanted it to last forever. I knew that Pat was sexually exhausted but I would not let him stop making love to me. When we were both exhausted. With our arms around each other, we leaned against the wall of the shower and let the warm water flow across our bodies. My lips were started to get sore from all the kissing. I pulled myself together and turned off the shower. I led Pat out of the shower and dried him off. I gave him a towel and he dried me off. We walked into the bedroom and ate our breakfast in the nude. The breakfast was cold. Neither one of us complained.

While Pat was getting dressed, I asked him about his apartment. I told him that he should have a nicer apartment with a private bath. He mulled it over and said that he could not afford a larger apartment. Most people in New York at that time could not afford the cost of an apartment or the rent on one.

When Pat finished dressing, I gave Pat a key and asked him to look at the apartment and see if I would like it. The address was on a tag attached to the key. He looked at me and shook his head. I smiled, gave him a kiss and slapped him on the butt to send him off. It was my apartment when I was in college. I wanted a place where my parent would not be spying on me. I had enough of that when I was in high school.

Some may have said that I was a promiscuous little bitch. I do not think I was any worse than the other girls that I had met. Of course, I had times that I could not control my desire and ending up having one night stands.

Having sex then, I was only satisfying an internal desire that I could not turn off or wanted to. I had too many fantasies and gave in to them.

After my parents were killed in the plane crash, I moved back into my parentís home. I felt alone in my apartment. Being in their home had given me a feeling of security. I felt close to them when I slept in their bed. I could almost feel their presence.

I did not live with Fred after I left him in France even though I let him manage my parents business for a short while. I did not know anything about running a business. Later, I found out that Fred knew less than I did. He stole over a million dollars and tried to blame it on the corporationís accountant and his staff. That was the straw that broke the camelís back. I started the annulment proceeding and had a court order to keep him away from me. I even hired guards for my home. I had to have my phone disconnected because he would call me a dozen times a day pleading with me for money. At the advice of my attorney, I did not give him another cent. Fred has not been around for some time. I hope he never returns.

My apartment was empty and I did not want to rent it. It had too many person memoirs. It also gave me a place to stay when Fred was watching my home. I could come and go any time I wanted without facing him. I did not know then that he had someone following me.

I tried to understand why I had so much love for Pat. What had happened to me? Oh, how I wished that I had met Pat before I met Fred. I did not want to rush into another marriage to soon. The annulment had gone through, but Fred was still trying to get a financial settlement. The million he had embezzled from my parents company before our marriage was annulled was not enough and I did not know where the money was going. I refused to press charges against Fred. The court said that there was no way legally that Fred could get any more money from me. Fred was still pestering me to lend him money.

 After I seduced Pat in my apartment a couple of times, he finally moved in to my apartment. We did not get to see each other too often. I was over my head trying to learn about my parents business and Pat was working around the clock trying to make enough money to pay for the cab that I had given him. I felt sorry for Pat. He was spending every cent that he was making just to entertain me. He was too proud to accept anything from me. I wanted to shower him with gifts. From some deep seeded belief, Pat felt that he had to repay me for the gifts that I had given him. Just to hold him in my arms was worth all the money in this world.

I was trying to get the feel of my new job of running my parent company. I was way over my head. There was so much to learn and my feeble brain was not absorbing anything. I remembered what my father said to one of his friends. I own the business, I tell them what I want done and they have to do it or he finds someone else. It was not learning how to manage the business. I was learning how to manage the people that ran the business. My father had hundreds of men and women running the business. I did not know how vast the business was. There were branches around the world. I spent a week with one of my fatherís Vice Presidents going over all the different businesses that he owned outright or he was part owner and I still did not get to the bottom of the list. The trips that my parents took to Europe were not vacations. They were regular business meeting that Mom and Dad had to attend. Mom had inherited most of the European businesses and Dad had inherited the businesses here in America .

Mom was born in a small village in the wine district of France. Both of my grandparents were quit wealthy. Dad was spending the summer with a friend in Momís village. My grandmother said that it was love at first sight. Mom was not going to let Dad go back to the United States without marring him. She did not marry Dad in France, she following him back to New York and never let him out of her sight until they were married.

Mom told me how she hooked pop. She said that she raped him after a dinner party and threatened him with rape if he did not marry her.

Pop side of the story was that he swept her off her feet and she would not let him out of her sight until they were married. My grandfather said that they were two lovesick kids and you could not pull them apart even when a mule team. Anyway, as far back as I can remember, they went everywhere together, even to the bathroom.

The CEO in New York said that it would be a good idea for me to visit all of my fatherís holding around the world. I wanted Pat to go with me. Knowing that he was embarrassed about receiving anything from me, I told him the company would pay all the expenses. He still felt that he would have to repay someone for the trip, and he would be in debt for years. As it was, our relationship was draining his meager finances. I tried to direct our dates to places that would not be too much of a strain on his wallet. He was doing his best just to pay me for the cab that I wanted to give to him. I re-deposited the money in his account until he realized what I was doing.

From the pressure of my advisers at work, I started taking the necessary trips around the world. At first I pretending I knew everything about the business. It didnít fool anyone. When I stopped pretending and became my own stupid self, everyone went out of their way to help me. They were loving and compassionate. They were very close and dear friend of my parents. With their encouragement I felt wonderful. I became more relaxed and the trips became more pleasurable.

Martha, my mother and fatherís secretary, kept me informed of all of the scheduled meeting around the country and around the world. Some were as short as a few days while others would span as much as a month. She told me that every year there were different scheduled meetings that I should attend or assign someone to attend them for me. It was always a surprise when Martha walked into my office. I would ask her where she was going to send me this time.

Where I slept depended on my schedule. It was a tossup on where Pat and I slept. Most of the time, Pat worked into the wee hours of the morning. If I had a rough day, I would sleep at my parentís home and Pat would sleep in the apartment. If I got a little horny, Pat would join me in my parentís home.

On the days I went out of town for meetings, Pat would always take me to the airport. If I had to catch a late evening flight, we would go out to dinner together before the flight. Oh, how I hated leaving him. When I returned, he would always be waiting for me at the airport. No matter how tired I was, the sight of Pat and knowing that I would soon be in his arms gave me all the strength that I needed.


Larry and James are taking it easy:

After Larry and James murdered Judy, they thought they would sit-back a while and see what developed. James could almost taste the billions they could drain out of Fred. He felt that he had finally caught the goose that laid the golden egg.

They did not see anything that pointed in their direction. They felt that they had covered their tracks and no one could link them to the murders. James felt that with Judyís death, Fred would have the inside track on inheriting Judyís estate. The courts would never give the damn hack drive her estate. Henderson had told them that the case was closed.

They started pestering Fred Murray for more money. Unfortunately, Fred could not come up with any more money. The courts closed his bank account and he could not touch what was left of the million he had embezzled from Judy Company. They told Fred to sell his familyís business.

Fred father was pressured him to continue pressing his attorney to get a settlement from Judyís estate. Fred was knocking his heads against a brick wall. The court was telling Fredís attorney that if Fred continues to press for a settlement, Fred may be charged with embezzlement. He could not convince Fred or Fredís father that they would never get another cent from Judyís estate. To make things worse Patterson and Cannon were demanding more money from Fred.

The black cop that took over their job was bugging their clients. Their clients wanted Larry and James to get him off of their backs. They felt that he was getting to damn nosey and was asking too many questions. This was getting James and Larry a little edgy and they started stalking Jimmy Williams. They were in a restaurant across the street from Jimmy home when one of the waiters calls their names. Not expecting anyone to know that they were in the restaurant, when the waiter announced their names, it scared the living hell out of them. In their excitement, they knocked over their coffee and Larry got the brunt of the hot coffee in his lap. James nervously said, "Who in the hell know that we are here?"

"Hell it I know. Maybe Williams saw us in the restaurant and he wants to join us for coffee."

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Clean up the mess, I am going to answer the phone."

Larry was trying to mop up the coffee and he put up a damn of napkins to keep the flow on coffee on the table from spilling down into his lap. James lumbers across the dining room and asked the waiter, "Where is the fucking phone".

The waiter points down a darken hall and as asked James to watch his language. James gave the waiter a "go fuck yourself" look and headed down the darken hall. He saw the handset hanging by its cord. Larry got up and followed James to the phone. Paterson picked up the phone and sarcastically said, "Who the fuck is this."

James looks around the room then said, "How did you know I was looking around the room? ÖÖWhat are you talking about?"ÖÖ James yelled back, "Willy, or whoever you are. You donít know a fucking thing. You are just blowing smoke."

James looked down at the phone and said, "The son of a bitch hung up on me."

Larry standing there with his mouth wide open said, "Who the fuck were you talking to? Who in the hell is Willy?"

James hung up the phone. With a confused look on his face, he ignored Larry for a few minutes trying to analyze what had just happened. Impatiently Larry said. "Who the fuck were you talking to?"

James said, "Shut the fuck up. I do not know who the hell it was. Some son of a bitch said that we were cutting in to his business. He followed us down to Atlanta . He said that that Williams kid knows we whack all those people and he is sharing his information with cop all over the country. He wants us to stay away from Murray ."

Larry said, "Let get the fuck out of here. Who the fuck could it be? Did you say that he followed us to Atlanta ?"

James said, "Yew. That bastard wants us to kill Williams. He called himself Willy. That fuck has been looking over our shoulders and I havenít the slightest idea who the fuck he is?"

Nervously, Larry said, "Letís get the fuck out of here. How did he know we were here?"

"Hell if I know. He must be in the restaurant using a cell phone. He saw me looking around for him."

"How did he know you were looking around for him?"

James yelled, "He must be in here someplace."

"Come on James, let get the fuck out of here."

Without another word, they hurried out of the restaurant. They kept glanced around the room looking for Willy on their way out. James said, "Did you recognize anyone in the restaurant?"

"Everyone in the restaurant looked suspicious. Letís get the fuck out of the country. Letís go to South America ."

They hurried and got into the car and took off. James looked over at Larryís frightened face and said, "Calm down. They cannot prove anything. How in hell can anyone hang those murders on us? We have not made any mistakes. "

"Willy knows about us. How the fuck does he know about us? Do you think Vic is pissed off at us for killing Murray ís wife?"

"You got a point there. I would not put it pass him. He wanted fifty thousand for the information on that bitch. Willy said that he killed that Staten bitch. He knew that we were on the case. That bastard has been on our tail all that time?"

Larry snapped back, "It this guy Willy knows about us, the cops must know about us."

James knew if he told Larry that William already knew that they were involved in the murders, Larry would surely panic. James still had his eyes on the billions in Judyís estate.

"Cool down Larry. Before we run like a pack of scared dogs, letís find out who the fuck this guy Willy is."

James pulled over to the curb, got his little black book out of his pocket and turned to the M tab and dialed Fred Murray number. The line was busy. He said, "That bitch of Fredís is on the fucking phone again."

Larry said, "Give me the phone. Letís get the fuck out of here. That guy Willy may be on our tail. I will keep dialing Murray ís number."

James was still trying to calm Larry down with little success. Larry kept hitting the redial button. Finally he heard the phone ringing. Larry told James and James grabbed the phone out of his hand. It was Murray on the line. James asked, "Why are you answering the phone? Your bitch usually answers it."

Murray said, "She just left. The fucking bitch want give me any more money."

James chuckled, "You have your problems, donít you? Do you know a guy named Willy?"

Nervously Murray said, "I donít know who the fuck he is. He just called me a few minutes ago. He told me not to talk to you anymore. He knows about you guys killing all of those people around the country. He wants some money from us or he is going to turn us in."

James yelled, "What do you mean he wants money from us? You are the one that got the problem."

"We both got a problem. He is going to turn us in if we donít give him two hundred and fifty thousand."

"That bastard doesnít have a damn thing on us. If he did he could not prove it. You find the money and give it to him. We are not going to give him a damn thing."

James hung up the phone. Larry said, "What was that about money?"

"That bastard Willy wants a quarter million dollars. Fred said that he was going to turn us in."

"James, we have to get out of the country. The whole fucking thing is falling apart. Give Willy the quarter million and letís get out of the country."

"I am not going to give that bastard a damn cent. We earned the fucking money and we are going to enjoy it."

"Look James, it time for us to check out. First it was Willy that knew we did those hits. Now, Fred knows we hit all those old bags. Who else know we made those hits. Fred will squeal on us. The only way we can get out of this mess is kill Willy, Fred, his bitch and Williams. If we start knocking off everyone, we will surely be caught. We have only one chose James; get the fuck out of the country."

James tried his best to quiet down Larry. Nothing that he said would calm him down. The incident with Willy put both of them on the defense. They were constantly looking over their shoulder. Every time the phone rang, Larry would jump. It was starting to irritate James. They were on each other neck constantly. Larry wanted his share of the money and wanted to go into hiding. Larry felt that if Willy knew about what they had been doing, Williams must know also.

James was still dreaming of the billions that Judy had inherited. Fred Murray was the only ticket to the fortune. Fred had told him that he would never get another cent from Judyís estate. If Willy felt that he could get money out of Judyís estate, he could too. Willy was sitting on the golden eggs. James felt that he could whack Willy and still have a chance at Judyís fortune. He was not going to let Larry, Willy or anyone else interfere with his plans.

Willy had been on their tails in Atlanta and they had seen him. This had kept Larry trying to remember who they had seen in Atlanta . After he had gone to bed, he could not go to sleep. He was trying to remember whom he had seen. He wanted to take off with the money they already had. But, James had stashed it somewhere and he would not tell him where it was.

A couple days had passed since they talked to Willy. James had settle down somewhat. He was still a little gun-shy; he felt every man on the street was the bastard Willy. During the day when they were in the office, they tried to figure out whom they had seen in Atlanta that may have been the stalker. All they could remember were the beautiful sexy women.

Since James would not go to South America with him, Larry decided he would go alone. Larry insisted that James come up with his share of the money. He was afraid that someone would start spilling their gut to the police. James had enough of Larry bugging him. James through a packet of ten thousand on Larryís desk and said, "Take the fucking money; go to South America and get the fuck out of my hair."

Larry blew his stack and yelled, "What the hell are you trying to pull. My share is well over three million. You are not going to pull that shit with me. I donít trust your fucking ass. All of these years I had a feeling you were shortchanging me. When the pusher paid us off, you were the one that they always paid. You always had the larger stack of money."

James yelled, "Shout the fuck up. I always took the smaller bills and gave you the larger one. Look what that bastard Willy has done to you. He has us fighting each other."

James got up and walked over to Larry. He spread his arms out and smiled at Larry then said, "Calm down pal. That is what that bastard wants us to do. We stepped on his turf and we are going to find the bastard and blow his brains out."

"Donít try buttering me up. You know as well as I do. It has been over a week and we still donít have a fucking idea who he is. He is one cool cat. He knows just how close he can get to us without us knowing it. Where the fuck is the money?"

Larry pulled his jacket away from his holster and unsnapped the holster. This was not the Larry that James knew. James stopped in his track and put his hand out as if he was blocking Larry approach. Larry continued, "Donít play games with me. I have let you control the show all these years. Since we resigned, you have been controlling everything that I do. You encouraged me to resign. You are the one that dragged me into this fucking mess. I want out now, not tomorrow."

"OK, OK, Larry, I will get the money for you tomorrow."

Larry pulled his pistol, and yelled, "You didnít hear me. I said today, not tomorrow. Where is the fucking money? I want all of my share, not a fucking penny less."

"Itís in safety deposit boxes all over New York and Jersey . I canít get it all out today."

Larry pointed the gun at James, and said, "Donít fuck with me. You donít have to get it all out today, just my three million."

"Larry we will never be able to get it all today. Itís eleven already."

"We will get as much as we can. Go get your jacket and whatever else you need to get the money out of the banks. I want to get the fuck out of the country. Those bastards know we killed all of those fucking broads. The sooner I get out of the country, the better I will feel."

James turned around to get his jacket. Like a flash of light, he spun around knocking the gun out of Larry hand. The gun flew across the room and hit the wall. The gun went off. The bullet pierced Larryís right leg. The impact of the bullet knocked Larry off his feet. James ran for the gun and picked it up. He aimed the gun at Larry and said, "What the fuck has gotten into you. I will give you your fucking share. You have let that fucking Willy get to you. Get up; I will get the fucking money for you."

"I canít get up. The damn bullet got me in the thigh. Call an ambulance." 

"What the hell are you talking about? You want your fucking money get the fuck up."

"Listen to me you fucking stupid bastard. The bullet hit my damn leg."

"Where did it hit you? I donít see any fucking blood."

"Right here you blind fucking bastard."

"Oh, it did hit you. You should not have pulled the fucking thing on me. Itís your own fucking fault."

"Shut the fuck up. Call 911. I am going to bleed to death before they get here."

"Ha, I should let you bleed to death. Then, I wonít have to share the money."

"Your ass will fry. I left a letter with my attorney to open it after my death."

"You fucking dirty bastard. You would squeal on me after all I have done for you."

"What the fuck have you done for me? Call 911 now and shut the fuck up."

Still steaming, and mumbling to himself, James walking over to the phone and stares at it for a moment. He looks back over at Larry thinking that he should let him die. Larry shouts, "What the fuck are you waiting for? The fucking pain is killing me. Call 911 damn it."              

Slowly James reaches for the phone and dials 911. He gave the operator the address and told the operator that his partner was cleaning his gun and it went off and hit him in the leg. After he hung up the phone, James turns around and said, "When they get here, tell them that you were cleaning your gun and it went off. The cops are surely going to come out here and ask questions. If we do not agree on what happened, they will be on our ass wanting to know what really happened. I do not want anyone else noising around. There are too many that know about us now."

Larry shouts, "That is what I have been trying to tell you. You fucking bastard, if you have listened to me, we would be basking in the sun in South America watching those beautiful women parading alone the beaches."

 Little did they know that Peckham had been on their tail for the last week? He was parked across the street and heard the shot. He picks up his radio and called headquarters. He told them to call the North Bergen police and tell them a shot was heard inside of Paterson and Cannon office. Within a few minutes, a police cruiser drove up. The office got out and pulled a shotgun out of the back seat. One of the officers used the car as a shield. The other officer crept to the office door and yelled come out with your hands up. James looked down at Larry and said, "Now look at what you have done. Not only do you have a bullet in your leg, a cop is outside."

James yelled to the cop, "Everything in here is ok. I am coming out."

When James got to the door, the officer said, "Put your hand on his head and come out. If you are armed, hold the gun by the barrel and put it out on the porch."

James obliged the office and put his gun outside, then said, "I am coming out, donít shoot."

James pushed the door open with his feet and walked outside and said, "My partner dropped his gun and it went off. The bullet hit him in the leg."

"Where is he?"

"He is in there on the floor. I called 911 and an ambulance is on the way."

The officer peeked through the door and saw Larry lying on the floor. He asked, "Are you alright?"

Larry answered, "No, the damn bullet hit my leg and I canít get up."

Another cruiser came up. The officer went over to the cruiser and told the officer in the cruiser what had happened. The officer in cruiser asked, "How did you get here so quick?"

"The 911 operator called us."

The officer in the cruiser said, "Someone in NYPD called and said there was a shooting out here. How in the hell did they know about it?"

"Hell it I know. The 911 operator called us."

"It looks like you donít need a backup. We are going to take off."

Within a few minutes, the ambulance came and took Larry to the hospital. James help the officer write out the police report. James locked up the office and took off for the hospital. The officers were still sitting in the cruiser when James left. Peckham got out of his car and went over to the officers. He introduced himself, showed the officer his ID and asked the officer what had happened. One of the officers gave Peckham the detail and asked, "Did you call in the shooting?"

Peckham said, "Yes I did and donít believe anything they said. They were yelling and screaming at each other before the shot went off. Larry wanted James to get some money out of a bank. From what I could hear, James was holding out on Larry and Larry drew his gun. Then I heard the gun go off."

The officer said, "We were wondering how NYPD knew about the shooting."

Peckham explained to the officers that they were under surveillance and asked the officers not to tell Cannon and Paterson. They thanked Peckham and assured him that they would not inform them that the NYPD had them under surveillance.

Peckham got back into his car and took off for the hospital. He found Larryís room and James was with him. Peckham called Holiday and told him what had happened. He felt that Larry had been spooked and he wanted to get out of the country. They knew that Larry would not be in any condition to travel for a couple of weeks if not longer. The bullet had fractured his leg.

The two officers came to the hospital to question Larry about what had happened. James was sitting in a chair next to the bed and said, "He was cleaning his piece and he dropped it. The damn thing went off."

One of the officers said, "We have your statement already. I want to hear Mr. Paterson."

Larry perked up and said, "Yea, yea, thatís what happened. It was just as James said."

One of the officers said, "What was all the yelling about. A man passing by heard the two of you yelling to each other about money. What was that all about?"

The officers could see the tension in both of their faces. James with a phony laugh said, "Ha, I bet Larry that the Yanks would not win yesterday. I didnít have any money on me. I told him that I had to go to the bank and get it. He thought I was trying to chisel him out of the fifty bucks."

Larry said, "He is lying."

James turned a bright red. He started to say something and nothing came out. Larry said, "It was a hundred bucks not fifty."

The officers thanked them and walked out of the room. They looked at each and said, "Those bastards are lying through their teeth. Did you see how Cannon froze when Paterson said that he was lying?"

The other officer agreed.

While back in the room, James was giving Larry hell for scaring the hell out of him. James said, "You bastard I thought you were going to tell them about the three million. You scared the hell out of me. Donít you ever do that again? I donít know if they believe us or not."

Larry chuckled and said, "Now you know how I am feeling. With this guy Willy on our tail and Williams snooping around, you have to be stupid not to realize that they have tied us to the murders. I donít know how, but they know we are involved. Donít be so fucking pig headed. I can feel it in my bones. Soon, they are going to come in and slap cuffs on both of us."

James took a deep breath and said, "Maybe you are right. I will get the fucking money out of the bank and hide it in the apartment. If we have to make a quick retreat, at least we will have the money."


William Hill opens up:

Frank was still sleeping when his phone rang. Half asleep, he answered it. Jimmy said, "How would you like to take a ride up in the country. Your phone call to Hill paid off. He left a message on my cell phone. He wants to talk to me. I have an appointment with him at noon . By the time we eat breakfast and drive up there, it will be noon . Can you meet me at the dinner in about a half hour? Also, I got good news for you. You spooked Cannon and Paterson. Peckham had tailed them to their office. He heard them arguing over money. The argument got quite heated. Larry pulled his piece on James and it went off and Larry got a bullet in his leg."

Still groggy Frank said, "Sure, sure, I will meet you there."

Frank took a quick shower and hurried to the dinner. Jenny was still in her flirtatious mood. She gave Frank a little crap for not calling her. Frank tried to salvage the relationship. Jenny was playing hardball. Jimmy came in, heard the conversation, and told Jenny that they were working around the clock. Jenny put her hand on Frank cheek and apologized for fussing at him.

After breakfast they took off, the drive to Westchester was pleasant. Jimmy did not want Hill to see Frank. Frank let Jimmy off a couple blocks from Hillís home. Jimmy said that he would call him when he left Hillís home.

Hill invited Jimmy in and offered him a cup of coffee. They sat across from each other in the living room. Jimmy noticed the room was almost empty. A number of pieces of beautiful furniture were missing since the last time he visited Hill. Hill had also had lost a lot of weight and aged a bit.

After they changed pleasantries, silence filled the room without anyone saying a word. Jimmy sat quietly and watched Hill pacing the floor. After a few minutes, Hill cleared his throat and said, "I saw you looking at me and the room. I have a problem and I do not know who to talk to about it. A couple of men are stealing me blind. My wife and I were in a bitter divorce. For the first time in my life, I saw my life falling apart. I told a friend about my problem. Without any compassion, he told me to kill her. I told him that I could never kill anyone. He said pay someone to kill her. I told him that I did not know anyone that would do it. He gave me a name of a bartender in Brooklyn that would handle it for a couple of thousand dollars. I mulled it over for a month and was not going to do it. One morning my wife and I had a bitter argument. I could not stop my action. I took off for Brooklyn and saw the bartender. He wanted to know everything about me before we started talking. I started to leave. I was not going to go through with it. My mind flashed back to the argument we had that morning. I sat back down and told him who I was and what I wanted. He gave me a price of five thousand dollars. I told him that I had to think it over. On the way back to Westchester , I made up my mind not to go through with it."

Jimmy asked, "Why did you change your mind?"

"I didnít. About a month later, a couple of men showed up at the divorce hearing. They followed me into the parking garage and pushed me into the backseat of a car. One of them took a gun and held it against me. They had me sitting in the middle of them in the back seat. One of them told me that they had a service that arranges smooth divorces. All I had to do was take a trip for about a month. For fifty thousand they would end all of my problems that I had with my wife. I told them that I had changed my mind and I did not want her killed. They told me that they were going to kill her anyway and frame me for the murder if I did not go along with them. They got out of the car and let me go. As they were leaving one of them said that they would get in touch with me. One evening I got a call from them. They told me to take a trip to Europe and when I got home, all my problems would be solved. I told them that I was not going to go along with the murder. They said suit yourself. Stay here and you will take the rap for killing your wife. I was afraid; I flew to Italy and visited one of my friends. They wanted to know where I would be and how they could get in touch with me. They gave me a phone number to call after I arrived in Italy . I called them and told them where I was staying.

I had been in Italy for about a week and my stepson called and said that someone had killed his mother. I flew back and the police questioned me for about an hour. I think that they thought I had something to do with the murder of my wife. About a week after the funereal was over the two men came for a visit; that is when my problems started. I do not know if they killed my wife or they had someone else kill her. They told me that if I told the cops, they would deny it and have someone take me for a swim in the Hudson River . They have taken almost every Penny I have. I had to sell most of everything I had to pay them off or give them all of my beautiful pieces of furniture and my antique Rolls. I will have to sell my home if they continue."

William paused for a few Moments and pull a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiped the tears from his eyes. Jimmy slipped his hand under his jacket and turned the tape recorder off. He did not want to run out of tape while William was still talking.

William looked over at Jimmy and continued, "I had a very disturbing call the other day. Someone called me and said that the bastards were going to kill me if I could not come up with any more money. He is about ready to confess himself. He told me that I may have to spend fifteen to twenty years in jail. I would rather see those bastards go to the electric chair and spend twenty years in prison than let them take my life. That is about all I have left."

William was crying and shaking profusely. Jimmy got up and sat on the couch next to William. He put his arm around William and sat quietly until William quieted down. Jimmy asked, "Who are the bastards that killed your wife?"

William looked at Jimmy and asked, "Will I go to the electric chair?"

"I donít know what they will give you. From my experience, if someone confesses to a crime and assist in the prosecuting of the guilty parties, sometimes they are very lenient. I want to be honest with you there are no promises. I am not in a position to make any commitments to you. I will tell the DA that without your help we would never have solved this crime. Who do you think killed your wife?"

"James Cannon and Larry Paterson killed my wife."

Jimmy questioned, "If you were out of town how do you know they killed your wife."

"As I said, I cannot prove they killed my wife. I could not get my hand on the money they wanted until the will was read. After the Will was read, I removed enough money to pay for the funereal and other expenses. They had told me that they wanted fifty thousand for the job and threatened my life it I did not pay them. I also took fifty thousand out for those bastards. I went over to New Jersey to pay them the fifty thousand in cash. It was a very hot day. I thought this would be the end of them, but it wasnít. All the windows and doors of their office were open. No one was in the reception area. Cannon and Paterson were in Paterson ís office on the far end of the building. They had their back to me. Paterson was on the phone arguing with someone. He called the man on the phone Vic. It seemed that Vic wanted more money. Paterson said that five thousand was all he was going to pay for a name. After Paterson hung up, Cannon said that five thousand was more than enough for a name. They were talking about other killings where they had someone else do the killing. It was costing them five thousand for Vic and twenty five thousand for the hit man. Paterson said that they saved the twenty five thousand by not getting someone else to do the hit on my wife. I froze; I wanted to kill them both. My whole body shook. I wanted to barge in the office and blow their brains out. I donít know how long I stood there. My mind was a blank. I came back to reality when I heard Paterson say hello William. How long have you been here? I told him that I just walked in. He asked me if I had the money with me. I gave him the money and he said that he would be seeing me in a couple of months. I ask him what for. He said that they had more expenses than they expected. He told me not to come to the office again with the payments. He said they would tell me when and where they wanted me to deliver the money."

Jimmy talked to William for a couple more hours. He used Williamís computer to write William statement. After William signed the statement, Jimmy called the DA, John Harrison. A detective picked up Jimmy and William. They met the DA at police headquarter. Jimmy asked, Harrison to keep the arrest quiet, there were twelve murders that he felt Paterson and Cannon were also involved in. He felt that they should stake out Williamís home. Paterson and Cannon may be calling William to deliver the next payment. John agreed with Jimmy, he felt that Williamís statement was not enough to convict the killers.

Jimmy wanted to agitate Paterson and Cannon enough so they would try to break into Williamís home. The local police were put on alert. They stationed a couple of men inside Williamís home. Jimmy had Frank give Cannon a call. When Cannon answered, Frank said, "I have been tailing that black cop. It looks like he is getting cozy with William Hill and they had been spending a lot of time together. Also, Hill has sold his home and it looked like he is getting ready to takeoff."

Of course, Cannon pretended that he did not know what Frank was talking about and he hung up on Frank.

It did not take long. Paterson was still in the hospital. Cannon took a ride in his Rolls. Cannon drove out to Hillís home and circled the block a couple of times. He slowed down when he passed Hillís house. The cops on duty filmed Cannon stopping in from of the house. Cannon open the car door. The cops were ready to arrest Cannon when he walked in. Unexpected Cannon rushes back to his car and takes off. They did not know what spooked him. Cannon didnít know that Peckham was still on his tail and saw the whole incident. One of Hillís neighbors came out of to get his morning paper. The neighbor saw the Rolls and started to approach it. Cannon took off down the street. Peckham followers Cannon back to New Jersey . Cannon stopped at the hospital to see Paterson . A lid was put on Hillís arrest. The DA and Hill had an agreement that he would not book him. They would put him in protective custody for his safety while they built a case against Cannon and Paterson. Hill felt safer in jail than being in his own home.


Questioning the neighbors:

After the trip to Westchester , the day was shot. Jimmy dropped me off at my apartment. I picked up a couple of Salami heroes with everything on it, and a couple of beers at a deli next to a movie on Broadway. I had never seen the movie. I bought a ticket, went up into the balcony, had my dinner, and watched the movie.

This is something that Jimmy, Pat and I did during the summer month. We would buy deli sandwiches, fries, and sodas, and go to the movie before the price changed. We would go up in the balcony and have a ball. The aroma of the sandwiches and fries would fill the movie. We would sit in the back of the movie and bet on how far the aroma would go. We could tell how far the aroma had traveled by the reaction of the moviegoers. They would turn around and look to see where the aroma was coming from. It must have sparked their appetite. Most of the time, the aroma would fill the whole balcony.

With a full stomach and a boring movie, I dosed off. I woke up startled when a beer bottle fell out of my hand and bounced on the hard floor. For a few moments, I did not know where I was. I laughed at myself, and searched the floor for the bottle. The moviegoers frowned at me. I must have been snoring also. I found the bottle, went to my apartment, and flopped on the bed. I was too tired to do anything. I wrapped myself up in a blanket and fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, my mouth tasted and smelled like a garbage can. I have always wondered why things that taste so good made your breath smell so rotten.

I bathed, gargled, shave and did all of the other essentials. My breath still smell like a garbage can and my stomach was still full. I wanted to go to the dinner and see Jenny. I did not want to offend her with my rotten breath and I did not fell like eating anything. I picked up a quart of milk hoping it would settle down whatever was happening in my stomach.

Jimmy had a meeting with Holiday and some brass this morning. He asked me if I minded tailing Nancy . He knew Fred was desperate and he felt that Fred would approach her. If Fred did approach her, he wanted it on film.

I drove over to Riverside Drive and went back to my job of tailing Nancy . I parked across the street from her apartment. I hooked my cell phone on the visor so it would be handy and lay back in the seat. I was still a little drowsy. My cell phone rang. It startled me; I scrambled around trying to find where I had laid it. I was looking around on the floor. I had forgotten that I had hooked it on the sun visor. As I scrambled around looking for the phone, I bumped the phone with my head and it fell into my lap. Excitedly I answered the phone. When Jimmy heard my voice he said, ďWhat were you doing? Taking a leak?Ē

ďNo, I put the damn cell phone on the visor where it would be handy and I forgot where it was?Ē

ďWhere are you anyway?Ē

ďI am across the street from Nancy ís. I have not seen her today. What up?Ē

ďI am over at Patís apartment. I have something else for you to do. I want to find out if any of Pat neighbors are nosey, someone like Mrs. OíNeal, our old neighborhood watchdog. Come over and give me a hand. You can take one side of the street and I can take the other.Ē

Within ten minutes, I was in front of Patís apartment. I parked the car and looked around for Jimmy. He wasnít in sight. I heard a woman yelling, ďGet out of here. I donít know anything and I didnít see anything.Ē

I spun around and saw Jimmy backing out of a building down the street. Jimmy was trying to quiet down a woman with no success. I walk up and with authority, I asked, ďExcuse me; is this man bothering you?Ē

ďYes he is. Get him out of my building. He is bothering all of my tenants. No one in this building knows anything about the murder down the street.Ē

ďOffice William didnít I tell you are not to arouse the neighbors. They are the ones that solve the crimes.Ē

ďYes sir, you did mention that. I am very sorry I bothered you and your tenants.Ē

I interrupted and said to the woman, ďI am Frank OíMalley and what is your name.Ē

ďMiss Spencer.Ē She emphasizes Miss.

ďI know that you are aware that it is a crime to interfere in or hold back information in a criminal investigation. Office Williams is investigating the brutal murder that occurred down the street, and we would be very grateful for any information that you or your tenants could give us.Ē

Miss Spencer back peddled and said, ďYou are welcome to talk to my tenants. I donít think they know anything about the murder.Ē

Jimmy took my arm pulled me. I said, ďI would like to talk with Officer Williams for a Moment. Miss Spencer, would you please excuse us?Ē

She nodded and we walked out into the street. Jimmy said, ďLook up there on the fifth floor. What do you see?Ē


ďLook closely.Ē

ďAre you talking about the pillow lying on the window sill?Ē

ďYou got it. If anyone saw anything, it has to be the person that lives in that apartment. He or she is the neighborhoodís watchdog; itís their Mrs. OíNeal. I want to talk to her. I could not reason with that woman.Ē

Miss Spencer was still standing at the door watching us. I walked over to her and asked, ďWho lives of the fifth floor in the front of the building?Ē

ďMrs. Sweeney, she is crazy. She has not left that apartment since her husband passed away two years ago. She has everything delivered to her. She is the only person that lives on the fifth floor. Her husband lived in the rear apartment and she lived in the front apartment.Ē

ďDo you think she will talk to us?Ē

ďI doubt it. She held on to the rear apartment so no one would move into it. Her husband was the nicest man. I never knew what he saw in her. Do you want to see her now?Ē

ďI would love to.Ē

ďYou donít want that blÖ.officer Williams to come with you. Do you?Ē

ďOf yes, he is the investigating officer. That is his job.Ē

She curled up her face, looked down at Jimmy, and said, ďI donít think she will let him in her apartment.Ē

I motioned to Jimmy to come on. We headed up the stairs. We were half way up the stairs and Miss Spencer calls out, ďDonít walk to heavy, you will disturb everyone.Ē

I looked around, smiled and yelled, ďWE WONíT MAKE ANY NOISE MISSSSSSÖ.SPENCER.Ē


Miss Spencer stepped back as if the pressure of my voice pushed her. With a look that could kill, she spun around and went into her apartment. We could not hold back our laughter. Jimmy always said that people that were prejudice didnít bother him. It certainly bothered me. When someone called me a fucking Irishman, honky, gringo, and God know what else, it bothered the hell out me. I would be pissed for hours. My thoughts were interrupted by a cheerful womanís voice calling. She said, "You wouldnít be coming up to see me are you?"


We looked up and a smiling grandmotherly face was looking down on us. I counted the floors and I said, "Mrs. Sweeney."



"We are coming to see you."

"Come on up and donít pay any attention to Miss Spencer, she is just a pitiful old maid. She just too picky, there isnít a man is this world that is good enough for her."

I introduced Jimmy to Mrs. Sweeney. Jimmy put his hand out to shake her hand. She wrapped both hands around Jimmyís hand and said, "You are welcomed in my home any time donít pay any attention to Miss Spencer. I was listening to your conversation with her. She pushed you out the door before I could call you. Come on in."

She stood aside and ushered us in. She shook hands with me and patted me on the back.

Mrs. Sweeney sat us down on an old antique couch with a large marble coffee table in front of it. The apartment was crammed with antiques. She asked us if we would like something to eat. We both said no thank you. I was starved and I knew Jimmy never turned down anything to eat. I always wondered if one of his legs was hollow. He could eat more than Pat and I together. He never got fat. He always burned off all the calories.

She said, "Now donít disappoint me. I have been listening to your conversation with Miss Spencer and I have a nice lunch for both of you. I love company."

Before she could say another word, we both told her we were starved. She brought in a large try of food and a pot of coffee. She said, "First we will eat, and then I will tell you all I know about the murder. I always thought that the police would come around to talk to all the neighbors after a crime had been committed, I expected you a few weeks ago."

Jimmy said, "They arrested the young man down the street and they closed the case. We donít think he did it."

Mrs. Sweeney said, "I agree, Patrick would never hurt Judy."

I asked, "Did you know them?"

"Of course I knew them. I have known Judy since she was a teenager. Every time I think about her death, I cry. What a waste of a young life."

Tears came to her eye. She took a handkerchief out of her apron pocket and blotted her eyes. For the next ten minutes or so, Jimmy and I had our mouths full. Mrs. Sweeney asked us about our lives and said that she had lived in Little Ireland long before we were ever thought about. She spoke of the hardships of her and her neighbors in Little Ireland and that she had supported her husband while he went to medical school. Mr. Sweeney opened a country practice in a small town on the shores of Lake Ontario . When he retired, they moved back to the city. They had had enough of the snow. Over the years she had became allergic to sun light but her husband loved the feel of the warm sun on him. She could not go out during the daytime and the sun was always shining into the back apartment. They never had children and they had a nice saving. When the tenant moved out of the front apartment, they rented the whole floor. They had lived in a large old country home filled with furniture. I asked her why she didnít give up the rear apartment. She told us that she had put most of her furniture in storage and the storage cost as much as the rent for the apartment, and she had enough things in storage to fill the other apartment. She loved flowers and they would not grow very well in the front apartment. At night when she wasnít peaking in on her neighbors in the front or walking the street, she would enjoy the flowers and peek in on the neighbors in the rear. I looked at Jimmy and we both smiled.

After she cleaned the dishes off the coffee table, she picked up a cup of tea and asked if we were ready. Jimmy took out a recorder and put it on the coffee table. He asked Mrs. Sweeney to say something so he could test the recorder. The recorder picked up every word she said.


Mrs. Sweeney tells all:

I have a lot of time on my hands during the day. I am always cleaning the apartment. When I get tired of the inside of the apartment, I go over there and sit in my chair by the window. I put a fluffy pillow across the windowsill and watch my neighbors. I remember the first time I saw Pat come over to Judyís. They were a beautiful couple. Their love for each other radiated throughout the whole neighborhood. Everyone would glow; even Miss Spencer would get flustered. Pat was the best-looking man I had ever seen. You will have to forgive me. You both are very good looking. There was something about Patís smile and the way he looked at you that charmed all the women on the block. We all were envious of Judy. She was so proud of Pat. One evening when I was taking my walk, Judy was pulling into the garage. She rolled down the window in the car and asked me to meet her at the front door. When she parks her car in the garage, she enters the building through the garage. I met her at the front door and she invited me in for a cup of coffee. I could see the excitement in her face. She was exuberant. I had never seen her so happy. When I got into the elevator, she said that she had met the most wonderful person in the world. She told me how she met him and that she was going to marry him. Of course, Pat did not know about the marriage. She talked about Pat for over an hour. At my age, just thinking about him makes me feel 50 years younger. I could go on for hours talking about how Pat and Judy loved each other. I know that both of you are waiting for me to tell you what I saw on the day Judy was murdered. I want you to know that Pat could not have killed Judy.

I looked at Frank and he was looking at me. We did not say anything. We did have to, our expression were the same. We let Mrs. Sweeney continue.

About a month before Judy was murdered, every time Judy came to visit Pat, a big black car with two men inside would park in front of this building or in front the driveway next door. When she left Patís apartment, the black car would follow her. During that period, if I saw the black car parked in front of this building I knew Judy was over at Patís. I knew that she was getting an annulment, I had read about the annulment in the papers. I felt that the men must be private investigators. You know how nosey they can be.

On the day of the murder, the men in the big car came around a number of times. They would double park for a while, then leave. Later they would come back, sit around for a while, and leave again.

When Judy goes out of town, Pat usually picks her up in his cab at her parentís home on Park Avenue . The night of the murder, Pat came home around five or six. Usually he has something to eat and go back to work. Patís cab was still parked on the street and I expected Judy to show up soon. I had not seen Pat leave and his cab was still parked on the street. He usually parked in the garage when he stays home. It was about nine in the evening and the men were still watching Judyís building. A cab drove up, I could not see the personís face, and a young lady got out of the cab. I thought it was Judy, but I am not sure. It looked like Judy, but Judy usually would drives over and park in the garage. I could not see her face, the streetlight outside flickers off and on. Sometimes, it would stay out for a long time. The light was out. After the cabby put all of her luggage on the sidewalk, Judy took her luggage into the building. I thought that it was odd that Pat did not come down to help her and he had not picked her up at the airport as he usually does. I could see a light on in the living room of Patís apartment. Earlier I saw Patís shadow on the shades as he walked around. He had cut off most of the lights in the apartment. I thought that he had gone to sleep. I think it took fifteen minutes for Judy to take her luggage up to the apartment. Someone in the apartment turned on all the lights. The men stayed there for about another hour and a half. I heard them leaving about ten thirty. I could see the shadows of Pat and Judy walking around the apartment.

Much later, I heard a car drive up. It was a little after twelve. I looked out the window and saw that the big black car had come back. I was tired and went to bed. I donít sleep very soundly. The slightest bit of noise wakes me up. I donít know what woke me. When I get up in the middle of the night, usually I donít turn on the lights. The street lights light up most of apartment. I got a drink of water and went to the front window. The lights in Patís apartment were turned off. The black car was still there. I headed back to bed and I heard a car door slam. I went back to the window and saw the two men walking across the street in the direction of Judyís building. The streetlight across the street had been flickering on and off for the last couple of weeks. It was off when Judy came home and it was still off. When the men got under the light, it flickers on. Both men jumped. It scared the wits out of them. The way they jumped and twisted around was very comical. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Both of them looked around to see who turned on the light. One of the men looked as if he was going to draw a gun from under his coat. I had not seen their faces before. The one with the mustache looked up at the streetlight and told the other one something. They both looked up. I thought that for a moment they would see me. I remembered that you couldnít see the upper floors when you look up. The reflector blocks the lights from shining on the upper floors. I got a good look at both of them. They went to Judyís building. They were at the outside door for a long time. I was going to call the police, but someone inside opened the door or they finally got their key to work. I went back to bed. About fifteen or twenty minutes later, I heard a car door shut. I go up and saw the big car driving down the street.

The next morning when I looked out everything looked normal except Pat cab was still parked on the street. Even when Judy is visiting, Pat is up at the crack of dawn and returns around ten with fresh bagels and fruit. He always looks up at me. If he sees me, he brings me one of the bagels. If not, he saves it for me until he sees me.

I had been up most of the night. I was surprised that Patís cab was still on the street. Since I had been up most of the night before I went to bed early and woke up early the next morning. I heard a commotion on the street. I got out of bed and looked across the street. There were police cars and an ambulance in front of Judyís building. I feared the worse. After about an hour I saw them taking two stretchers out of Judyís building to the ambulance. I went down stairs and Miss Spencer told me that there had been a murder in Judyís building. She did not know who was killed. The delivery boy brought my groceries. He told me who had been killed. I think I cried for a week without stopping. A few days later, the police hauled Patís cab away.

Jimmy asked, "Have you seen the big black car or the two men since that night?"

"No, I havenít seen them since the night of the murder. I called the police a couple days later and told them about the two men. They thanked me for calling and said that the case was closed and they had the murderer. I had seen in the papers that Pat had killed Judy. I could not believe it. I still cannot believe it. I called the police again and told them that Pat could not have killed Judy. They switch me to a Captain Allen. He said, Lady we have got him cold. He said that Pat killed Judy and hung up.

Jimmy said, "What do your friends and neighbors think happened over there?"

"They all think that Pat and Judy had a fight and he killed her."

Jimmy said, "I do not want you to tell anyone about our visit, do not tell anyone about the two men. If you tell anyone about these men, you may be endangering your own life and someone elseís. Will you promise not to tell anyone?"

"I will never tell anyone, I promise."

Jimmy said, "We have to prove that the two men that you saw going into the building were the ones that killed Judy, not Pat."

Jimmy showed Mrs. Sweeney pictures of Paterson and Cannon. She identified them as the two men that went into Judyís building the night of the murder. Frank used Mrs. Sweeney husbandís computer and typed a statement that stated that Paterson and Cannon were seen going into Judyís building at the time Judy was murdered. Mrs. Sweeney swore to Jimmy that she would not tell anyone about their visit. She gave us both a hug and a peck on the cheek and said that she would pray that they would prove that Pat was innocent.

As Jimmy and I were leaving the building, Miss Spencer asked if Mrs. Sweeney was any help. I said, "MISS Spencer, you were right. She is a real fruit cake."

We continued questioning the neighbors. Most of them had noticed the old Rolls and the two men parked on the street during the period Mrs. Sweeney had stated. One elderly man had taken down and the license plate number and still had it. He told Jimmy that they had blocked the entrance to his garage a number of times and he approached them and said that he was going to call the police if they continued to block the entrance. They showed him a badge and said that they were police officers and they were there on official business. They said that they would move the car if someone wanted to get in the garage. Jimmy checked the license number. It was the license number of the Rolls. The old gentleman got a close up look at Cannon and Paterson. Jimmy showed him the pictures of Cannon and Paterson. He said that Cannon was driving the car and Paterson was on the passenger side of the car. Cannon did all the talking and he was the one with the mustache.

They went back down the street to Judyís building and got the names of everyone in the building. For the next few days, we contacted all of the tenants. No one had seen or knew that Paterson and Cannon were inside the building. They had seen the Rolls parked on the street. They said that you could not miss it. It stood out like a sore thumb.


Judy the businesswoman:

Most of the meetings that I had been attending were boring. Martha told me that the next meetings that I would be going to would not be as boring and between the meeting I should see a little more of Europe and enjoy the trip.

I had been in Europe for over a month. I was mixing business with pleasure as Martha had suggested. I felt wonderful, but I missed Pat. I had called him often and it was enjoyable to talk with him. I had suggested that he meet me in Rome . I told him the company would pay for the trip. He told me that he already owed me more money than he would make in a year. I understood how he must have felt not been able to afford my lavishness.

I attended a meeting in Paris ; everyone was extremely kind to me. I had met some of them when I traveled with my parent and at my parentís funeral. They all went out of their way to help me learn about their end of our business. An elderly Frenchman named Paul Dolive that had knew my parent and had grown up with them. He was about the same age as my father, maybe a little younger. I had met him years ago. Mom and Dad always visited him when they were in France . He told me that everyone in the business was a link in a chain. Everyone must help the weakest link. The corporation was like the chain that held a chandelier. If any one of the links is broken, the chandelier will fall. The same goes for our corporation. The corporation is only as good as the weakest link. If one link in the chain is broken, the whole empire may fall. He said that if my link is broken, then they all may lose and it was their duty to help me through this period of my life. He told me that my great grandfather always helped the weaker links. By helping the weaker links, his link grew stronger as well as all of the other links and that is why the corporation had grown and had been prosperous over the years.

I had dreaded the thought of having to run the business. I was starting to enjoy the challenge. I hated not being with Pat. I told Paul about my relationship with Pat and that Pat was too proud to accept money or help from me.

Paul told me that Pat must be crazy. He told me to forget about Pat and marry him. I told him that I love Pat too much to dump him. I told Paul that if I did not love Pat I just might consider marrying him. He hugged me and thanked me for even thinking about marring him. He became like a second father and joined me at most of the meeting in Europe . Before I took off for Portugal , he told me that he would be in American in a few months and he would talk to Pat. He understood what Pat must have been going through. He himself had a similar experience in his life. His late wife came from a very wealthy family and he was a peasant working for her parents. They had fallen in love and her parents had tried to break them up. They married and lived in a small shack until her father gave in. At first, he did not want to accept anything from her family. His wifeís mother came to him and told him how much his wife loved him and she would not accept anything else from her parents unless he approved. He did not want his wife to suffer because of his pride. He finally swallowed his pride and got over his embarrassment. He and his father-in-law eventually became very good friends.

I was ahead of my schedule. The meetings did not take as long as we had expected. I was lonely for Pat. I could fly back to New York , spend a day with Pat, and still have a couple days before my next meetings in the South of France.

I called Pat and told him to pick me up at JFK. We had a beautiful day and a half together. I do not think we slept an hour during my short visit. I hated to leave him. I had a late afternoon flight. We had lunch in the park and he dropped me off at the airport. He said that he was going home, take a short nap and then go to work. I wanted so much to relieve Pat of the rigorous schedule he had put himself into. If he would let me, he would never have to work another day of his life. He was hardheaded and he was going to support himself. Nothing I said would change his mind. I loved him and I did not want to upset him. At least I had gotten him to use the new cab. I felt that eventually I would get him to marry me. I would get him a job with the company and we would travel together.

My next meeting was in the French Riviera. I arrived in the Riviera it was spectacular. I called Pat to try to get him to join me. The answering machine picked up, but Pat never returned my calls. I called everyday hoping that I would catch him. I felt that the time difference and the cost of the call had kept him from calling me. I was a little disappointed that he did not return my calls when we were not together.

I spent a couple of weeks visiting all the business enterprises that my parents usually visited. Paul had joined me. When we were not in meetings, Paul showed me the beauty of the French Riviera. The meetings were in the morning and were quite short. They included a light breakfast and a casual introduction to the management of the companies. Paul and I had the afternoon and evenings together. Some of the places were extraordinary beautiful. On my final day in France , Paul had arranged a dinner party and had invited all the people that I met during the last few weeks. Paul felt that it was a good idea for me to see them all on a social basis as well as a business associate. He fell that I would make a better impression on them if I met them socially. He was right. I enjoy the evening much more than the meetings.

I was a long way from knowing how to handle a board meeting. Paul managed the meeting and saved me the embarrassment. I hated to leave Paul. He had spent too much time with me and he had to get back to his own business. I left for Italy , Spain and Portugal . The social meeting in the French Riviera set the type of meeting I wanted in Italy , Spain and Portugal . They were more productive and everyone expressed their opinions more freely. In most of countries that I had visited, officials of the corporations accompanied me. I had started to feel like I was being led around by a ring in my nose. I was tired of having someone accompany me everywhere I went. If I could not have Pat with me, I wanted to be left alone. After Italy and Spain , I sneaked into Portugal with only one person knowing that I would be coming. I had told him that I wanted to do a little sightseeing and want to do it alone.

When I had arrived in Portugal , I was two days early for the meeting. I rented a car and toured the city. I stopped at a quaint restaurant for lunch it was only a block from my hotel. Next door to the restaurant was a small shop that sold tobacco. There was a stack of the local papers with my picture on the front page. The picture they had in the paper of me was when I was in my late teens and my hair was much shorter. Of course, it looked somewhat like me, but I do not think anyone had noticed the resemblance. At first, I thought the article was about my visit to Portugal . I paid the shopkeeper for the paper, went into the restaurant, and ordered my lunch. I did not have my translation book with me. I tried to translate the article with no success. After I finished my lunch, I put the newspaper in the car and continued my walking tour of the city. When I returned to the car, I retrieved the newspaper. I went into the restaurant to get something to drink. Again, I tried to translate the article with no success. As I left the restaurant, a young man noticed that I had forgotten my paper. He called to me and told me that I had forgotten my paper. I thanked him and walked the block to my hotel. Along the way, I noticed other shops with stacks of newspapers with my picture. Curiosity was getting the best of me. As soon as I was in my room, I took out the translation books and started to translate the story. Before I had translated a couple of lines, I knew that the article said that someone had killed me for my money. I scanned down the column and saw Patís name. A cold chill ran through my body. I thought I must have been dreaming. I did not know what to do. Who did Pat kill? Why did he kill her? Why was my picture in the paper? The shock had my mind in a web of confusion. I reached for the phone and was going to call Pat. For one moment, I thought that someone was playing a joke on me. I chucked to myself. But, no, the papers were all over the streets.

After the shock faded, somewhat I put on my sunglasses and wrapped my hair in a bun. I wanted to find someone to translate the article. I did not want to bring it to the attention of the employees at the hotel. I remembered the young boy that gave me my paper I had thanked him in English. After I thanked him, he had spoken to me in English. I walked down the street to the coffee shop. I did not see the young boy, I inquired if anyone could speak English as well as Portuguese. The young boy was inside cleaning the floor and overheard me. He said that he was taking English in school. I opened my purse and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and said, "The twenty dollars is yours for trying."

This brought everyone in the shops attention. The young boy went into the rear of the shop and came back with a pen, tablet and his English book.

He painstakingly worked at it for over an hour. Then he hands the translation to me. I gave him the twenty and thanked him. I read his translation of the article. Tears came to my eyes. They were rolled down my cheeks and out from behind my sunglasses. The young boy noticed the tears and asked, "Do you know the lady that was killed."

I told him that she was a very good friend of mine. I hugged and kissed the young boy, and again I thanked him. The boy read the article to the other patrons. Their eye watered when he told them that the girl that was murdered was my best friend. They all gave me their condolences in Portuguese.

I went back to the hotel, called the gentleman that I was going to meet, and told him that a business problem had risen in New York and I had to fly back.

The gentleman had seen the article in the paper and asked if I was related to the young girl that was killed in New York . I told him that I knew her, but we were not related and the problem I had in New York was not related to the murder of the young girl.

It appeared that my explanation satisfied the gentlemanís curiosity. I asked him not to associate the murder with our business. It would not be a good idea to link the murder with our business. The gentlemen agreed and assured me that he would not mention it to anyone. The murder had happen a few weeks ago. There must have linked my visit and the murder. Yet, the translation did not mention that I was in town on business. I called the local paper and asked about the article. The person that answered the phone spoke perfect English. I asked about the article. From what he told me, someone knew that Judy Anderson was coming to town on a business trip. In addition, there was an article floating around that a Judy Anderson was murdered. They had called the company that Judy Anderson was suppose to visit and they told the reporters that the Judy Anderson that was visiting their company was very much alive and they had talked to her on the phone yesterday. The editor said to leave the article in the paper about the murder and remove anything that mention the Judy Anderson would be in town visiting one of her companies. He felt that the public would be confused and it may cause some problem. I thanked him and told him I was the Judy Anderson that was in Lisbon on business and I was very much alive.


Judy returns home:

I took the next flight back to New York . On my flight home, I tried to unravel what had happened. I could not go home. I tried to rationalize what had happened. Pat or someone had killed someone in my apartment. Did they think that I am the person that was killed? Murray had identified the body as being me. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was still alive. Frankly, I was not sure what was going on. Was it a dream or was I dead. If I am dead, how do I suppose to feel? I chuckled and said to myself I am dead and I donít know it."

I tried to untangle what had happened. If someone killed someone, and they thought, it was me, why did they want to kill me? If someone killed the person that was with Pat and Murray identified the person as being me, who was trying to kill me? Was it Murray ? Was it one of Patís old girlfriends? Did Murray think it was me?

If someone was trying to kill me, they must think that I am dead. If I show up, they may try to kill me again. I felt that I could not go home or to Patís apartment. I did not know who wanted me dead. Murray or someone in the corporation may want me dead. I could not think of anyone else. If I were dead, who in the corporation would benefit from my death? I started to feel that I could not trust anyone.

I could not sleep on the plane. I had tried to hide my face as much as I could. I did not want someone coming up to me asking it I was the woman that was murdered. As I approached a cab, I hoped that Pat would be driving it. I felt that this was a nightmare. The driver did not turn his head. Knowing it would not be Pat, I still had to see the drivers face. The last ray of hope still flickered in my mind. I asked the driver if this was his picture on the license. He turned around and said, "I am much better looking than that mug shot."

My hopes had vanished. I agreed with the driver and said, "You are much better looking than the picture."

The driver thanked me and asked where I was going. I asked him if he knew an inexpensive hotel in midtown Manhattan . He told me that there were a few and he would drive by them and let me take my pick.

I chose a small hotel on Eight Avenue and registered under my motherís maiden name. The first day back, I went to the public library and read the stories in all the papers. I was not sure how I should handle the situation. If I went directly to the police, they would still be blaming Pat on the murder. If I went home and cut off the security system, the security company would know someone was in the house and call the police. I called my cousin Pete at his home and at his office. He was not at either place. I was afraid to leave a message because I did not know who was trying to kill me and why. Also, I did not know who Pat had killed and why did they say that it was me.

After spending the day not knowing what to do, I recalled that Jimmy Williams was one of Patís closest friends and he was a police officer. Patís father had helped Jimmy get his job at the NYPD. I thumbed through the telephone book and found dozens of Jimmies, Jim, Jack, and John Williams. I wasnít sure if he was a Jim or a Jack. I started at the top of the list and started dialing. I felt that I could not ask them if they were a friend of Patís. When someone answered I said, "How is Pat holding up under his problem."

I had gone through two columns with, "You have the wrong number."

On the next call, a voice came back and said, "Not too good."

There was a pause, and then the voice said, "Who is this?"

I said calmly, "Jimmy, relax and sit down. This is Judy, and I am not dead. This is not a joke. This is quite a shock to me as it is to you. I am at a small hotel on the corner of 48th Street and 8th Avenue . I am in roomÖ.."

Jimmy interrupted me and said, "Donít say another word, my phone may be tapped. Stay put and I will be there in ten minutes."

Jimmy was knocking on the door in less than ten minutes. I opened the door. We embraced and we both cried. Jimmy said, "If someone has my phone tapped you may be in danger. Letís get the hell out of here. I have been putting pressure on a few suspects and I am not quite sure what they will do. I donít want to take any chances. "

We grabbed my bags and left. We headed up Amsterdam Avenue . Jimmy said, "I am going to take you to my parentís home. You will be safe there. I donít know where to start. Where have you been?"

"Didnít Pat tell you where I was? I have been in Europe on business for almost a month."

"No, I had been out of town myself. I came back after Caption Holiday called me and told me about Pat. Judy, Pat was hit over his head with his baseball bat. He canít remember anything. Who could the girl be that they killed?"

Judy answered, "I have no idea. Where did the murder take place?"

"In your apartment, someone came in and cracked Patís skull then they mutilated the young girlís face so badly that she was unrecognizable. Fred Murray identified her as being you."

"Jimmy, donít lie to me. Did Pat have any other girlfriends that you know of?"

"Judy, Pat has had many girl friends. Women cannot keep their hands off of him. Pat would never kill anyone. He could not have killed anyone and he hasnít been out with anyone else since he met you. I would know it if he had. There are no secrets between us and there hasnít been. We are like brothers. I have never seen him so deeply in love with anyone as he is with you. He worships you."

"Thanks Jimmy, I needed that. But, what was another woman doing in the apartment?"

"I donít know. Has Pat ever called you Julie?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"The first time I visited him in prison. He could not remember the last few days before the attack and still cannot remember very much after the attack."

"He asked me what happen to Julie. I thought he was talking about you. Later he told me he could not have killed you and this time he called you Judy. He has called you Julie three or four times. I didnít think too much of it until now. Could there be someone in the apartment call Julie."

When I heard Jimmy say Julieís name, my whole body exploded like a bolt of lightning had struck me. I emotionally exploded. I did not want to ask Jimmy any more questions. I did not want to hear the answers. I prayed that it could not be Julie. I wanted to kill myself if it was Julie. My parents are dead because of me; Pat is blamed for my murder and now Julie. Everyone that I have touched has been destroyed. I did not want to believe what I was thinking. I screamed, "Oh God, no! It canít be. Please God, let me be wrong."

I pounded my fist on the dashboard. Hysterically I yelled and screamed, "I am going to kill myself."

I wanted to die. I released my seat belt, opened the door and started to get out of the speeding car. Jimmy grabbed me and held me in the car. Jimmy pulled to the side of the street and stopped the car. He pleaded with me. I did not want to listen to him. I screamed at Jimmy, "I have destroyed four people lives. I have caused enough misery in this world. Every time I touch someone, I destroy them. When my father called and told me about Fred, I told him that I was flying home. They cut their trip short because of me; they were going to spend another week in San Francisco . I had told them that they should enjoy the cities that they visited for business, not just turn around and come home. They were killed because of me. Julie was killed because of me and Pat may die because of me."

 Jimmy reminded me that Pat needed my help. Pat is being charged with murdering me. Jimmy said to me, "Judy, think about this, why would Pat kill anyone? He would not hurt anyone. He needs your help. You are the one that can get him out of this mess. They are charging him with your murder. Please, Judy, now he needs you more than ever. You are Patís last chance."

I yelled, "If I get involved, Pat will surely be found guilty. I know it."

Jimmy whispered, "Who is Julie."

Through tears and hysteria I said, "Julie is one of sweetest and most gentle person in the world. Pat would never harm her. Who killed her? Was it Fred?"

"No, Fred was in Paris at the time of the murder. I have a good idea who did it, but I have to prove it. Fred had it done and I would not put it past him to have had something to do with your parentís accident. How do you feel?"

"I feel rotten; I want to kill Fred and those that helped him. What are we going to do?"

"First, you are going to get a little rest. We have a lot of thinking to do. I am almost positive who killed Julie. They thought Julie was you. Could it have been your friend Julie?"

"I donít know of anyone else that may have been at the apartment. I pray that it wasnít Julie. We talked to each other now and then. She called me about six months again. She had told me she might come to New York . I had given her a key to my apartment when we were still in college. I asked if she still had the key. She said that she did and I had told her if I am not around to please feel free to enjoy the apartment and do not worry about cleaning it. I had a housekeeper that came in twice a week and she would take care of everything. I had forgotten about it and I gave the apartment to Pat. She must have surprised Pat and he let her stay in the apartment. We looked very much alike. We both have long black hair and are about the same height. They must have thought it was me."

Jimmy asked, "When did you leave for Europe ?"

"I had been in Europe for over a month. I returned to spend a day with Pat. I missed him so very much. The day before the murder, Pat and I had spent the whole day together. We went to dinner in Central Park . I had taken my bags with me. After Dinner, Pat took me to JFK. We had a wonderful day together. I had stars in my eyes, I wanted to marry Pat and take him to Europe with me." 

Tears were blinding me. I tried to blot them out, but they kept coming. Jimmy handed me some tissues. I continued, "I know Pat felt so insecure. He was so proud. He would squeeze every cent he made just to take me out to dinner. He would not let me pay for dinner or anything when he took me out. I wanted so much to take him with me. His pride held him back. Pat had worked the night before and was dead on his feet. He said that he was going back to the apartment and take a nap. He said that he was going to get up around nine and hit the show traffic. Julie may have been there when he got to the apartment."

I sat quietly looking into space. Jimmy eyes had started to water. He reaches across me and closed the door. He helped me with my seat belt. We did not say a word until we reached Jimmy parentís home. Jimmy parents were wonderful. They calmed me down and turned me emotionally around. They lit an emotional fire in me to fight back.

Jimmy called Frank and told him that I was alive. I spoke with Frank and thanked him for helping Jimmy. I told Frank that I would love to meet him. We agree that we would get together in a couple of days. He and Jimmy would be busy and as soon as things calmed down, we would get together. The DA probably would not let Pat out on bail even if I showed up. They would still hold him for Julieís murder. Jimmy said that the DA and Captain Allen were too far out on a limb and it was about to be cut off. They would do anything to send Pat to the electric chair for the murder of Julie.

I wanted to know who Patís Attorney was. Jimmy told me that it was my cousin Pete Anderson. I asked Jimmy how Pete happened to be appointed. Jimmy said that he did not know and Pete thought that someone was setting him up. I wanted to talk to Pete and tell him that I was still alive. Jimmy did not want anyone to know that I was still alive until they were sure that they could get all of the charges against Pat dropped. Someone out there thought that they had killed me. It they knew I was alive; they may try to kill me again. Jimmy said that if Pete knew I was alive he would get Pat bailed out and parade Pat and me in front of the world and Pat may still be charged with Julie death. Jimmy wanted to talk to Pete outside of his office. The fewer number of people that knew that I was alive the better my chances that I would stay alive. Jimmy did not want anyone else to know.

I asked Jimmy if he thought that someone from my company tried to kill me. Jimmy was adamant. He told me that he knew who had killed Julie. Jimmy said that Fred Murray and a couple ex-cops were responsible for Julieís murder.

Jimmyís Mother put me to bed. She sat with me telling me about Jimmy, Pat and Frank. She was trying to get me to think about more pleasant times. When she left me, I tried to go to sleep. I have not slept since I arrived in Portugal . I could not stop thinking about Pat. I could not fall asleep. Around eight, Jane came in to check on me. I told her that I could not fall asleep. She brought me a glass of milk and a couple of pills. Jane said, "You have to get some rest. You would not be able think unless you get some sleep. I should not give you these pills. But, you need some rest."

Jane was right. I could not sleep and I could not think rationally. I took the pills, dank the milk and before I could lie back down, I was out like a light. I slept for a day and a half. Thank God, my brain was starting to function. While Jimmy and Jim were working, Jane kept my mind thinking about enjoyable moments of my life.



I found out that Pete had been out of town on business. He would not be home for a couple of day. The day he arrived home, he got to his apartment in the middle of the night. I did not want to tell him about Judy. He would demand to see Judy instantly. On the following morning, I parked in front of Peteís apartment. I waited for almost an hour before Pete came out of his apartment. When Pete showed up, I told him that I had someone that wanted to talk to him about his client in the Judy Anderson case. Pete was apprehensive and argumentative. He wanted to know who it was. When I told Pete that the person that he was going to see was his prime witness in Patís defense, Pete demanded that I tell him who the person was. I refused to tell Pete. After a hot argument, Pete reluctantly went with me. Peteís curiosity was getting the best of him. He kept demanding that I tell him who the witness was. I said, "You will know when you see her. If I told you, you would not believe me."

Pete was getting more persistent as we drove along. Repeatedly I said, "If I told you who wants to see you, you would not believe me. It is a very important witness in Patís case. Be patient you will know soon enough."

Pete continued pressuring me until we parked in front of my parentís home. I could see Pete was not too pleased with the neighborhood. He was wondering what he was getting himself into. It wasnít anything like Park Avenue . We got out of the car and walked into the building. Judy must have been watching from the window. When the elevator reached my parentís floor and the door opened, Judy was standing there. Pete went into shock and his knees buckled under him. I grabbed Pete, and helped him out of the elevator. We helped Pete into the apartment and got him something to drink. Judy sat on the couch with Pete and stroked his brow with a damp cloth. Pete was crying profusely. Judy tried to calm him down and answer all of his questions. As suspected, he wanted to let the world know that Judy was alive. It was hard on Pete and it was difficult to hold him back. Judy and I finally got Pete settled down. Judy and Pete talked all morning. I would not let Pete leave until I was sure he would not let anyone know that Judy was alive. I did not want someone trying to kill Judy again.

I did not want the world to know that Judy was still alive until we cleared Pat of Julieís Murder. We still did not have any positive evidence on who had been murdered and who had killed her. Did Paterson and Cannon kill Julie? Was the young girl that was killed Julie? This is the questions that Pete wanted answered, who was killed and why.

The only person that we could think of was Judyís friend Julie. For Judyís sake, I hoped that it was not Julie. If it were one of the hundred of Patís girlfriends, this would have devastated Judy also. It would destroy their relationship. I did not know who was killed and there was nothing I could not do about it.

I was thankful that I finally convinced Pete that Pat was innocent, Pete agreed with us to hold off for a while. When Pete convinced me that he would not do anything that would jeopardize Pat chances of being released and have all the charged dropped, I drove Pete home. During the ride downtown, we agreed to work together. We felt that we needed to talk with Pat.



Jimmy asked me if I had notified my company that I was safe and at home. I told him no. I did not know who was trying to kill me. It could have been someone at the company. Again, Jimmy told me he was almost certain he knew who had committed the murder and it was not anyone in my company. I felt that I should at least tell Martha that I was still alive, Jimmy agreed.

I called Marthaís private line. I did not want anyone else at the company to know that I was safe. When Martha answered, I expected her to faint. When Martha heard my voice she asked, "Honey, where have you been. I have been trying to track you down. I sent one of our Security Officers to Lisbon to look for you. I will have to call him and tell him to come home."

I asked, "How did you know that I was still alive?"

"Sweetheart, I talked to you the day after you were supposable murdered. You told me that you had come back to New York to visit Pat and tried to get him to accompany you back to Europe . How did you find out that someone had been murdered and they thought it was you?"

"There was an article in the Lisbon paper. I was sightseeing and saw stacks of newspapers with a picture of me on the front page. Tell everyone at work hello. Make sure you do not spread it around to much that I am still alive. We do not want the murderer to know that he did not kill me. He just might try to kill me again."

"Do the police and Pete know you are alive?"

"Yes, they both know. The police do not want it to get out that I am still alive. Poor Pete almost had a heart attack when Jimmy Williams brought Pete to see me. He had not told Pete that I was still alive. I saw them drive up and I went out into the hall and wait for them in front of the elevator. When the elevator door opened, Pete collapsed. It was quite a shock for him."

"Why didnít Jimmy tell him before?"

"You can blame Pete himself. He is always so busy doing everything else and he would not have believed Jimmy."

"Judy, I am glad you are back. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"No, just donít spread the word that I am here in New York and I am still alive. You can tell the ones that knew that I was in Lisbon . Frankly, we do not know who was killed and why. Jimmy thinks he knows who tried to kill me. The only person that could have been in my apartment was one of my dearest friends. I am praying that it wasnít her. However, I cannot think of anyone else that it could have been. Sorry I did not get in touch with you sooner. I will keep in touch. Bye."



The following morning Pete picked me up at the precinct and we went to visit Pat. The guard wanted to know why I was with Patís attorney. Pete explained that there were too many other cases similar to Patís and Pat could not have been involved in them and Pete felt that since Pat wasnít involved in the other cases, more than likely he wasnít involved in this case. He was a victim as well as the young lady. It seemed to satisfy the guard at the moment. The guard allowed Pete and me to go into the cell with Pat.

Pat still could not remember anything that happen the night Julie was killed and we were not sure if it was Julie. Pete was still a little stretched out. Seeing Judy alive did a number on Pete emotionally. He knew his nerves were playing games with him. Pete had to turn around one hundred and eighty degrees emotionally. He had felt that Pat had killed Judy and had something to do with her parentís accident. Now he did not want to let Judy down. He had to get the charges against Pat dropped. He took a deep breath trying to clear his rattled brain. After I introduced Pete to Pat, Pat recognized Pete and said, "I know you. You are Judyís cousin."

Pete smiled and nodded. Judy had introduced Pete to Pat after one of the court hearing. Pete seemed to be settling down. He appeared to be less tense. As he talked to Pat, his mind seemed to be a little more interested in the case. Slowly Pete started asking Pat questions about everything, but nothing about the evening of the murder. The line of questioning circle around the evening of the murder, but nothing was mentioned about the murder. Pete asked Pat about his friendship with me. Pete asked Pat how he had met Judy and a number of other questions. With every question, Pat appeared to be more relaxed after each question. How were they treating him? Have the guard been friendly? Then Pete started to get closer to the evening that the young girl was murdered. He asked Pat where he and Judy had dinner the night she returned to Europe . What time did he get home? Each question that Pete asked seamed to open a crack in Patís memory. Pete was excellent. He had Pat laughing about things when he and I were kids. Peteís question would swing away from the murder then back closer to the day of the murder. Pete was asking the questions that were stimulating Patís memory. With each question, Pat started remembering fragments of the evening of the murder. Pete had been questioning Pat for almost an hour, Pete asked, "After you saw Judy off at the airport did you come home."

Pat said that he did. He said that he was up most of the night before and had spent the day with Judy before she left. Pete asked, "When you came home and you entered the apartment, what did you notice. Was there anything different or unusual?"

Pat said, "No, not really, the answering machine light was blinking."

This was the crack that opened Patís memory. Pete asked, "Did you play the recording."

"I think so; I was hoping Judy had called. But she said her name was Julie."

When Pat said Julie, Pete and I looked at each other. Pat answer was going to tear Judy apart. Judy had told me that she would still love Pat even if he was with another woman. She just did not want it to be Julie. Now we knew who the victim was. I knew that Pete questions were starting to revive Patís Memory.

When Pete continued, he methodically questioned Pat and guided him back to the evening that Julie was murdered. Pat said, "When I got home I saw the light on the answer machine blinking. When Judy was out of town, she would call and leave messages on the answering machine. I was disappointed that I had missed her call. I thought she had made the call from the airplane. When I pushed the playback button to listen to Judyís messages and I heard a voice that was not familiar. I did not know who it was. Since it was not Judy, I really did not listen to it. I had to play it over. She said she would be over at Judyís about nine in the evening. I had no way of telling her that Judy was not going to be home. I stayed at home and took a shower. I made a few hors díoeuvres, chilled a bottle of wine, and waited for Julie to show up. I thought she was just coming for a visit. I did not know that she was on her vacation and was going to be in New York for a couple of weeks. While I was waiting for Julie, I fell asleep on the couch. I was half-asleep and though that I had heard the phone ring. It must have been the doorbell. I opened my eye and saw a girl standing in the doorway loaded down with suitcases. At first I thought it was Judy. She was startled and so was I. I was a little groggy. I jump up and Julie started to back out the door. I called her name and she stopped. I walked over, took her bags, and told her that Judy was not home and she was welcome to stay in the apartment. At first, she was a little reluctant. I assured her that she was welcomed. We talked about Judy for hours. She was just as nice as Judy. We ate the hors díoeuvres and drank wine until we both were stuffed. It was almost one oíclock in the morning. We fought over who would sleep on the couch. I won the couch and she took the bedroom."

Pat paused; he did not say anything for a few minutes. We could see him trying to think about what had happened next. Then he said, "Damn it, I donít remember anything else. What I did between the Moment I laid down on the couch and until I woke up in jail, it is still very cloudy. I donít know if itís what happened or what I thought had happened. I have remembered glimpses of moments, I do not know if they really happened or it was my imagination. Pete if you hadnít prodded me I think I would not have ever remembered anything about the evening with Julie."

"They said that you call 911. Did you make the call with your cell phone or your regular phone?"

"I am not sure. I remember someone taking something from my hand and laying it down somewhere. I donít know where I was, probably in the bedroom."

"Where is your regular phone located?"

"I have two outlets in the living room and anther one in the bedroom. The answering machine is connected to one of the outlets in the living room. The phone is connected to the other. There is a portable phone in the bedroom. I do not know if it was my cell phone or the portable phone. It felt that the phone was glued to my hand. I could not open my hand. The cop had to peal my finger off of the phone."

Pat had been pacing the floor. He still wasnít sure if it was Julie or Judy that was killed. Pete asked him to sit down and relax. Pat sat on the end of the bunk. Pete said, "I am going to tell you something. I know you will be very excited with what I am going to say. I donít want you to make and emotional outburst."

Pat asked, "Are they going to let me out on bail?"

Pete shook his head and said, "No, they are not going to let you out on bail. Maybe later, listen carefully. Judy is alive and she is staying with Jimmyís parent. She is quite upset about you and Julie. She needs a little time to get over it. She blames herself for everything that has happened."

Pat could not hold it any longer. He let out a loud gasp and started jumping up and down. I knew that the guard would come running if he had heard the gasp and he did. I grabbed Pat and settled him down before the guard reached the cell. Pete explained to the guard that Pat was just a little frustrated that they could not get him out on bail. The guard left and went back to his post.

Pete explained to Pat that they still had to prove he did not kill Julie. I tried to assure Pat that we would get the chargers dropped. However, it may take some time and for him to be patient. I told Pat that someone had tried to kill Judy and they were still out there. If they knew, Judy was still alive they may try to kill her again. They may even try to kill him. We did not leave Pat until we were sure that he had calmed down. We knew the complex emotions Pat must be going through and we hoped that he would not have an emotional outburst after we had left the jail.

Later that day Pete went to the see the DA and asked to let us visit the crime scene. The DA gave Pete a little hassle, but with Pete insistence, the DA gave in. Pete picked me up. I gave Pete the folder on Patís case. I drove and let Pete read it on the way to the apartment. Pete looked at me and said, "Is this all?"

I let out a short chuckle and said, "That it, there isnít anymore."

"Most reports are three times as large as this one. It looks like no one gave a damn about the case."

"I think someone got to Allen. I donít know who, but I have ideas."

"Who do you think got to Allen?"

"The only ones that could have gotten to Allen are Murray, Cannon or Paterson, or all three. Someone did not want the crime scene investigated. That has to be the murderer. Pat in his conditions could not have bribed Allen."

I parked the car inside the building in one of Patís parking slots. We took the elevator to the third floor. Pete had the key and he opened the door. The apartment looked as if no one had been inside since the day after the murder. I brought a box full of evidence bags, and an array of equipment. We filmed and recorded the answering machine recording of Judy and Julieís messages. We filmed all of the blood stains in the apartment. We summarized that Pat was hit with the bat when he was lying on the couch. There were no signs of a struggle. He was probably asleep when they came in. They hit him while he was lying down. The murderers had gone into the bedroom and killed Julie. Julieís luggage was still in the closet in the bedroom. They all had Julieís name and address on all of the luggage. There was nothing in the police report about the bags. No one had even looked at the nametags on the luggage. Pete and I had been in the apartment for about three hours. We had filmed and photographed every corner of the apartment. When we were getting ready to leave, a thought came to me; I spun around and went to the phone in the bedroom. I turned on the camera, put on rubber gloves and had Pete film me pushing the redial button. It was a speakerphone. I hit the redial button; the phone rang three or four times. A voice answered the phone. I said, "Is this Fred Murray?"

The voice replied, "Yes it is; who is this?"

I replied, "You forget quit easily, donít you. Your buddies killed the wrong woman."

Again, Fred yelled, "Who is this? Are you Willy? You donít sound the same. What are you trying to pull? They killed my wife. I identified the body."

I said, "I am on a speaker phone. You are hearing the echo in the room. You said they killed my wife, who are they? Are you telling me that you hired Cannon and his fat friend Paterson to kill your wife?"

"No, I did not say that. I meant that the boyfriend of hers killed her."

"Why did you say they killed your wife? There wasnít anyone else in the apartment. Are you sure, they killed your wife. I donít think your wife has been murdered. I think they killed someone else."

"What are you trying to pull? I identified Judyís body. I donít know what I said. I do know that young bastard killed Judy. He may have had someone helping him."

"Judyís luggage isnít in the apartment. Someone elseís luggage is in the apartment. It is not Judyís luggage. How do you know he killed Judy? Were you there with them? But, you said they killed your wife. You know as well as I do that you hired Paterson and Cannon to kill your wife. You wanted her money. You will be flat broke if you donít get her money. I found out that you had something to do with Judy parents being killed. I am going to be a secret witness to the crime and get paid fifty thousand dollar. How much money can you and your buddies come up with? If itís enough, I just might have a mental relapse. I donít think the woman Paterson and Cannon killed was your wife. They killed some other woman. Good bye."

Fred yelled, "Wait a minute. Donít hang up. What do you mean? Is Judy still alive? They said that they killed her. Maybe we can work out something. Who told you I had something to do with her parents death."

"There you go again. You keep saying they killed her. Who are they? Who else would want to kill Judyís parents? The Feds have a man hunt out for the men that were seen on the surveillance camera tampering with the plane. I will bet you the million bucks that you stole from Judy that they will sing like canaries when they are caught and it will lead back to you. How much can you come up with?"

Fred did not say anything for a few minutes then he said, "You got me so confused that I donít know what I have said. Whose luggage is in the apartment?"

I answered, "I am not going to tell you. It is not Judyís luggage. You didnít tell me how much money you could come up with."

Another long pause, then Fred whispered, "I think I can get fifty thousand."

I said, "What did you say. Speak up, I didnít hear you."

Fred yelled, "Fifty thousand!"

I chuckled and said, "I was looking for something in the neighborhood of five hundred thousand, isnít your life worth that much?"

Fred snapped back and said, "I canít come up with that much money."

"What about the million you stole from your wife. Or maybe she will lend you another million."

Fred yelled, "Are you crazy. If you are so fucking smart, how am I going to get her to give me the money? They said she was dead. If Judy is still alive, I cannot come within hundred feet of her or they will lock me up. They have a restraining order on me and she wouldnít give me a damn cent."

I said, "There you go again. What exactly did Cannon or Paterson say to you on the night they said they killed your wife. As far as the five hundred thousand, it is Cannon, Paterson and your problem. Keep what I said in mind and do not go fucking around trying to kill your wife again. If you do, I will blow your fucking brains out. She is my hen that going to lay me a million golden eggs. I am at the crime scene now. They beat the living hell out of your wifeís boy friend. Itís a wonder that they didnít kill him."

Fred asked, "What are you doing in Judy apartment? That a crime scene. How did you get in there?"

"It was easy. I can open any door. I wanted to see the botched up job that Cannon and Paterson had done. I got a big surprise when I found out that Cannon and Paterson fucked up again."

I hung up before Fred could say another word. Pete said, "What the hell was that all about."

I smiled and said, "Those bastardies called Murray after they killed Julie. I know Murray hired two ex-cops to kill Judy. There is no question in my mind, Murray hired the cops to kill Judy or had someone else do it for them. There have been over a dozen murders with the same MO as this one. I wanted to shake up Murray . Frank, a friend of mine called Fred and confronted him with having these cops kill Judy. Frank OíMalley, Pat and I grew up together. Frank has been tailing your clients Nancy Flynn. She is or was Fred Murrayís girlfriend. Frank is helping me to keep an eye on all the suspects."

Pete said, "The pieces are starting to fall in place. Nancy was in my office about a week ago. Murray was trying to hit her up for some more money. Nancy is a wild kid with more money than she knows what to do with. She lent Fred a quarter million and now he wants more. I think that someone is bleeding him to death."

"Itís got to be Cannon and Paterson."

"I hope you are right Jimmy. I donít want to end up in a blind alley and have the whole case fall flat."

I put my hand on Peteís shoulder, looked him in the eyes, and said, "Pat didnít kill anyone. He would not harm a fly. It would bother him when I killed a cockroach. Pat was just like his father. Neither one of them has ever hurt anyone much less kill them. We cannot let them pin Julieís murder on Pat. I want you to do everything you can to get Pat out of this mess. I will give my life to save Pat. His father, Patrick, made it possible for my family to live a wonderful life. God know where I would have ended up. As far as ending up in a blind alley, I am positive that Cannon and Paterson killed one of the women in Westchester ." 

Pete looked me in the eye and said, "Jimmy, Judy and I will do everything in our power to find out who killed her parents and Julie. I promise you, we will find the killers and Pat will be cleared of all the charges."

I thanked Pete and gave him a hug and a pat on his back. We gathered all the evidence bags and the equipment and we headed for the door. Pete was a little nervous he fumbled with the key trying to lock the door. It dropped to the floor. We both looked down at the key. Pete picked up the key and saw a bloody foot print on the floor. It wasnít very obvious, he told me about the footprint. I laid the equipment down; I could hardly see the print. I got down on my hands and knees and followed the print to the stairs and down the stairs. With the necked eye, the footprint had faded away before it reached the floor below.

Pete had followed me and said, "Who do you think left the foot prints?"

"The person that killed Julie, it could not have been any of Allenís men they are too lazy. They would have taken the elevator. There was nothing about a bloody footprint in the report."

With a disgusted look on my face I said, "There is a lot more that isnít on the report. I have never seen a report like this one. There is nothing in it about them taking Pat to the emergency room and there are dozens of other things that should be in the report. Patís fingerprints were on the bat, he had Julies blood all over his tee shirt and why would he wipe the blood off of the bat onto his tee shirt. Peckham said that Allen closed the case before any evidence could be taken. He does not know why Allen closed the case so quickly. Allen had something else that was hot or someone told him to cool it. Over the years that I worked for him, he always had people working overtime on cases. He shut the case down just after Murray identified the body as being Judyís. I think Murray had something to do with it. Allen was with Murray when Murray identified the body."

Pete said, "We will have a crew over here this afternoon. I am going to the DAís office and demand that they send a crew over here today. I will tell him that I have positive proof that Pat did not murder Judy. I am not going to tell him about Judy being in Europe at the time of her murder. If he accuses me of withholding evidence, I will tell him to prove it."

I laughed and said, "I can see Allen face now. He will be climbing the wall. I would not tell the DA that Judy is still alive until we can prove someone else killed Julie. Give me the key I want to see where the footprints started."

I opened the door and got down on my hand and knees. I followed the footprints to see where they originated. It appeared that the footprints stopped at the couch and they continued into the bedroom. That is where they originated. I looked up at Pete and said, "Look at this. There are two set of footprints. One is twice as wide as the other one. The one that leads outside is a 10, 11D, or E. The other one is only an A or B. Both of them are at least a 10Ĺ to 11. They took Pat out of here with a blanket wrapped around him. He was barefooted when he left. They took his underwear as evidence."

Pete asked, "Could these footprints be from the investigating officers?"

I shook my head and replied, "Itís possible, but I donít think so. The blood would have dried up by the time they arrived at the apartment. The tracks indicate that the blood was still quite liquid when the foot prints were made. Pat was in here in his bare feet. There arenít any of his foot prints anywhere in the apartment. If Pat had killed Julie, we would see his foot prints. The blood had dried up before Pat came into the room."

Pete was reading the report and said, "Jimmy, this is the worst police report I have ever seen. I canít see how the DA even took the case."

I laughed and said, "From what I have heard, no one in the DAís office has even looked into the case. They said that they have a backlog and wonít even look at it for another few months. Pete stuck out his hand, helped me up, and said, "Iíve seen enough. Letís get the hell out of here. I want to kill those bastards."

As we walked out of the apartment, I filmed the trail of footprints. Pete called his office. He cancelled all of his appointments and told his associated that he would not be handling any more cases for a while. He would have his hands full. He would be working on the defense of the man that supposable killed his cousin.

Pete called the DA and told him that after his visit with OíDonnell and the crime scene, he was positive that Pat OíDonnell did not kill Judy Murray and he wanted to see him. The DA asked Pete when he would like to see him. Pete replied, "Now."

"Hell Pete, I awful busy now. Canít you make it the later part of the week?"

"Charlie, honestly, what are you doing, going out for lunch or Golf?"

Charlie asked, "What makes you thing the kid is innocent? Allen told me that he was positive that the kid killed Mrs. Murray."

"That kid is accused of killing my cousin. From what I have seen in the report, my visit to the crime scene, and what Detective Jimmy Williams has told me, there is no hard evidence that he killed her. Detective Peckham assisted Henderson on the case and he does not think that the kid could have done it. I could not find anything in the report that indicates that any lab work was done. I want to see a crew at the crime scene this afternoon. We found bloody footprints walking down the stairs. There isnít anything in the report about the trail of footprints. The kid was barefooted and someone walked out of the apartment with blood all over their shoes."

"Pete it could have been one of the detectives or the ambulance crew."

"The blood in the room had dried up by the time they got there. From the photographs taken, there wasnít any blood on the kidís feet, top or bottom according to the report. The victimís blood was only on the front of the kidís tee shirt. There was none of the victimís blood splatter on the kid. If he killed her, there would have been blood splatters all over the kid. Jimmy Williams brought his copy of the report and the pictures of the accused. There was no blood splatter on the front of the kid. The front of the kid should have been covered with the victimís blood. The bat was almost clean. If he used the bat to kill the girl, the bat would be covered with blood. The blood had dried on the kidís undershirt. The undershirt was still wrinkled from someone wiping off the bat on the undershirt.Ē

"Pete the kid could have taken a shower after he killed her."

"Damn it Charlie, think about what you are saying. There would be bloody footprints all over the apartment. He was barefooted. There wasnít any. Again Charlie, listen. I want to find the killer. If the kid is the murderer, I want him convicted. If he isnít, I want him to go free. Right now I am positive that he is innocent."

"Alright Pete, I will have a crew over there today. I will have them go over the apartment with a fine toothcomb. How about tomorrow morning about ten, OK?

"Thatís fine; expect to be with me for the whole day and I hope you will have enough evidence so I can get the kid out on bail."

Pete turned to me and said, "Jimmy, I think Pat needs better medical attention. I am going to have the medical examiners re-examine Pat. He needs to be in a hospital, not in jail."

"You can forget about Nancy . She will keep tabs on Murray . If anything comes up, I will let you know. If you have been rattling Cannon and Paterson cages they may take off."

I smiled and said, " Paterson isnít going anywhere soon. He and Cannon were arguing about money. A gun went off. The bullet fractured his leg about his knee. He has a cast on his leg and he is in traction. I think I will shake up Cannon."

"Jimmy, just be carefully. If they committed all the murders as you say they did, they would not hesitate to kill you. How is Judy holding up?"

"Mom said that she is still quite depressed. She still blames herself for her parentís and Julie murder. She wants to see Pat and ask him to forgive her. Mom has tried to convince her that itís not her fault. Mom is keeping her busy with hopes it will keep her mind off of this mess. She must be going through hell."

"Jimmy, keep out of trouble. I will see you tomorrow morning."

Pete dropped me off at the precinct. He thanked me for my help. He again assured me that he and Judy would do everything to get Pat out on bail and clear him of murdering Julie. 

Charlie calls Allen, told him that Pat OíDonnell defense attorney had gone over the files on the case, and he felt that there was not enough solid evidence that OíDonnell killed Mrs. Murray. He questioned Allen about the lack of evidence in the case. He reminded Allen that it was an election year and he did not want anything to muddy up the water. Allen tried to cover his ass. He insisted that they had enough evidence to convict OíDonnell. Charlie lashed out at Allen and said, "Allen you are full of shit. I just finished going over the report, who the fuck wrote it. A fourth grader could have written a better report."

Allen paused for a few minutes. Charlie shouted, "Who wrote the fucking report."

 Allen whispered, " Henderson ."

"Take Henderson off the case. I do not want to be a laughing stock. Do not make any more copies of this report. Scrape up all the copies that you have around, lock them up, and do not let any more get into circulation. Who is Detective Peckham?"

"He is young fellow they sent down from headquarter to help us out. Why?"

"I understand that he doesnít think OíDonnell could have killed the woman. Put him in charge of the investigation and send a crew over there today. It the report that Henderson wrote gets out; we will have the whole city on our necks. If you have to spend the next month examining the apartment, do it. I cannot have someone like Pete Anderson criticizing the department. Remember, this is election year; we do not want anything to upset the party. Remember to keep me informed. Goodbye."

Things started popping at my old precinct. Allen like all the rest had gotten complacent, lazy and incompetent. Allen yelled to Henderson to come to his office. Allen closed the door behind Henderson as he entered his office. Henderson asked, "What the hell do you want? I was taking a nap."

Allen handed Henderson a copy of Pat OíDonnell file and said, "You son-of-bitch, you have gotten us all in trouble. Who in the hell wrote this?"

Henderson took the file and said, "I did, why?"

Allen shouts, "Where is the rest of the file?"

Henderson looked at the file and said, "This is everything that we did. Thatís all Peckham and I could do before you closed the case. After you call me on my cell phone, you told us stop what we were doing and lock up the apartment. I thought Peckham was going to flip out. He was going to report you to Headquarters. I told Peckham that it was in your hands, and not to butt heads with you. I saved your fucking ass. We lock up the apartment. Came back to the precinct wrote up what we had. What started this fucking mess? Did Peckham squeal on you?"

Allen shouted, "Donít blame me for this piece of shit. You wrote it. No. Itís that bastard Attorney Anderson. He has put a squeeze on the DA. He has been over to the crime scene with that little black bastard that was in here a few weeks ago. Anderson told the DA that he has positive proof that Oí Donnell did not kill the Murray woman."

Henderson chuckles and said, "You are the one that reviewed it, signed it, and sent it to the DA. Donít try to blame me for fucking up. If you do, I will tell Peckham to tell his boss what happened. I bet he has already told his boss. If the kid did not kill her, who did?"

Allen screamed, "How the fuck do I know. You are the one that said that the kid kill here. What made you think that he killed her?"


"What the fuck do you mean?"

"Allen, you called me shortly after Peckham and you took Murray to the morgue to identify his wife. Peckham came back to the apartment. He had taken the kid to the hospital and then picked up Murray. He told me that there was no way in hell the kid could have caused the head wound himself. The Doctor told him that a woman could not have hit him either. It had to be a big man and played baseball. His aim had to be good to hit the kid where he had hit him. There was not any of his blood splatter on his back. He must have hit the kid while he was lying down on the couch. You said that it had to be another woman involved. Did Murray or someone else bribe you?"

"What the hell are you trying to accuse me of? You know no one could ever bribe me."

Henderson snickered, "Bull shit, how long have I known you? We go way back. You would do anything for a few bucks when you were a rookie. You had your fucking hand out before you approached a crook. You, Cannon and Paterson were sleeping with the gangs before you got on the force. They had you in their back pocket before you were out of high school."

Allen put his hand across Henderson mouth whispered, "Donít talk so loud. Everyone in the squad room will hear you. Just cool it. If you let this get out, I will hang your ass. I want you to take a two-month sick leave. Maybe this will all blow over by the time you get back. You can take an early retirement."

"Allen, why are you doing this to me? What the fuck have I done? I have been following your fucking orders for years. I havenít done a fucking thing without your approval. If you put me out to pasture, I am going sing my head off. I will take the two-month sick leave. When I get back here, if you try to force me to retire, I will tell everyone how you have been stuffing your pockets over the years. They may not believe me; it will make them start to wonder."

Henderson took a sick leave. Allen did not want to see him around the precinct for a couple of months. If he were out of sight, maybe everyone would forget about him.

Peckham called Jimmy and told him the news. They would be working together on Patís case. He asked Jimmy to meet him at the apartment. He would bring a crew with him. Peckham kiddingly asked, "Would you like to join us?"

Jimmy told him that he would not miss it for the world. He brought copies of the evidence that he had gathered and gave it to Peckham. The investigating crew covered every inch of the apartment. It took them almost a week. The investigation surmised that two men entered the house, found the baseball bat, crack Pat skull, went into the bedroom, murdered Julie, called Murray, then returned to see if Pat was still alive and then left the apartment. They walked down the stairs and left the building through the front door. The report confirmed what Jimmy had been saying. From the size of the shoe prints, it could not have been Pat. Pat wore an 8Ĺ E. We also ruled out the accomplice was a woman. Jimmy always teased Pat of having a womanís foot. Jimmy wears a 10D. Someone else walked through the pool of blood.

The DA was satisfied with the report. He sent a copy of the report to Pete. Jimmy was elated, but he wanted to prove that Cannon and Paterson murdered Julie before it was released to the press. Now, Jimmy knew that he had the NYPD behind him and with their help he would be able to nail Cannon and Paterson and anyone else involved in the cases.

Jimmy felt it had to be Cannon and Paterson that killed Julie. He asked Pete, "With the testimony from Hill, and Mrs. Sweeney putting Cannon and Paterson at the scene of the crime at the time of the murder, was this enough to charge them with the murder of Julie?"

Pete shook his head and said, "I didnít think so. We have to have some hard evidence against them. They would say that Murray hired them to tail Judy. They went in the house to listen at the door or some other wild statement."

With frustration Jimmy said, "They were seen going into the building and they did not visit anyone inside the building. I know I am too deeply involved. Forgive me. I am too close to the case to be objective. What are the chances of getting Pat out on bail? The doctorís statement about Patís condition after the murder, isnít this enough to get Pat out on bail?"

"Jimmy, they still believe that Pat had an accomplice. At this point, they are not going to change their minds. They have committed themselves. Allen and Henderson are backed into a corner. They will fight like cats and dogs. They will not admit they fucked up. Itís best for Pat to stay in jail. If Murray is trying to pin Julieís murder on Pat, and Cannon and Paterson are involved, they will do everything they can to keep Pat in the spotlight. Allen still thinks that Pat killed Judy. We need overwhelming evidence that someone else killed Julie. There are others that are involved. From the Fedís report on the plane crash, someone tampered with the controls. They know who tampered with the landing gear, but they have not arrested them yet. Another thing, I have not had enough time to put all of this together. Emotionally I am in a tailspin. I wanted to kill Pat with my bare hands. I had built up so much hate for Pat and now I have to turn it around. Jimmy, I know how you must feel. I do not want them to get away with killing Julie and Judyís Parent. I want an airtight case against them. Please be patient with me. This may get Pat off. But, would it convict everyone that was involved in the murder? I want to get all the bastards that were involved in killing Julie and Judyís parents also."



I was still a little frustrated that Pete could not get Pat out of jail. I wanted Judy and Pat to be together. I took another trip to the lockup and went over the case with Pat. They had transfer Pat to a medical ward. He was getting a lot better treatment and there were doctors and nurses on duty around the clock. I asked how they were treating him. He said, "The nurses were wonderful. He was glad to be in the medical ward. The bunks were more comfortable and the food was better. He could not wait to see Judy.


Frank and Judy:

Jimmy picked me up and took me to meet Judy at his parentís home. Jimmy had a key and let us in. I had never been in his Parentís new apartment. Jimmy called out, "Mom, I brought your blond headed long lost son to see you and Judy."

A long hall led to a huge living room. Just as we entered the living room, Jane and this beautiful young lady came into the living room from the kitchen on the opposite side from the living room. When I saw them, my first thoughts were, they were Jimmyís and Patís mother. It had been a long time since I had not seen either one of them. Without thinking, I said, "Hello Mrs. OíDonnell and Mrs. William."

Judy said, "Thank you Frank, I wish I was Mrs. OíDonnell."

I apologized, but Judy said, "You donít have to apologize. I would be very happy if I was Mrs. OíDonnell."

Jimmy said, "Mom, how do you like your long lost blond headed kid. He has grown up to be a handsome young man. Judy this is number three of the three musketeers, Blackie, Whitey and Fuzzy."

I could not take my eyes off of Judy. Her beauty mesmerized me. Pat could always attract the beautiful woman and as far as Judy was concerned, he had hit the jackpot. I came out of my trance when Jimmyís Mom put her arms around me and said to Judy, "How do you like my handsome blond headed baby. He is all grown up. I have to look up at him now."

Jane was just as must a Mom to me as my own Mom. Jimmyís Mom and my Mom treated all three of us as if we were their sons. Patís Mom was polite and nice, but she kept her distance. She was not as warm and as affectionate as our Moms were.

Jane said, "I am going to have to spank Jimmy. I donít know why he waited so long to bring you over to see me. Frank, I would have not have recognized you. You are a very handsome man. Are you married?"

I didnít quite know what to say, I was a little embarrassed. I tried to act like a grown man. But, inside of me, I was still the pimple face, white-headed kid that Jane mothered. Judy sensed that I was embarrassed and came over and put her arms around me and said, "Frank, I feel like I have know you all of my life. Jimmy and Pat told me so much about you. I can see why they love you like a brother. I have tried to thank Jimmy for all that he has done for Pat. I want to thank you for coming to help Pat. The two of you amaze me. I donít think there is any way I can repay the two of you for what you have done for Pat. Thank you so very much. Jane you have two very handsome sons. You must be very proud of both of them."

Jane smiled and said, "They both are angels."

Jimmy laughed and said, "Judy donít let Mom brain wash you. We both were hell on wheels. I should say all three of us were hell on wheels."

Jane said, "Son, all boys are like that, but you are also angels."



Judy was an amazing young lady. She cross-examined me like a prosecutor. She wanted to know every minute of Patís, Jimmyís and my life. I did not know at that time that Jimmy had told her about my company and she had gotten in contact with someone and told them to flood my company with work and if we needed any financial aid, give us whatever we needed. For the next two days, we wondered the street talking about everything and anything to keep our minds off of what had happened to Pat and Julie. When their names came up, I could see the emotional shock in Judy face. I would try to steer the conversation in another direction. At one of these moments, I was trying to think of another subject to talk about. Jenny came to my mind. I told Judy about Jenny and Judy asked me if I liked her. I told her that I did, but I had not had time to take her out. Judy said, "That poor girls must be going crazy. She must be going out of her mind waiting for you to call her. Give her a call and ask her to go out with you."

As I looked back, it was the shove that I needed. We passed a pay phone. Judy opened her pocketbook and started to take out some change. She saw her cell phone and asked me for Jenny telephone number. I looked at my watch and said, "She may be at home. Its four thirty and she gets off from work at two thirty ."

I was trying to get out of calling Jenny, but Judy persisted. Judy asked, "What is her telephone number?"

I looked through my wallet and pulled out the piece of paper with Jennyís phone number on it. Judy said, "Whatís the number, I will dial it for you."

Judy listened for a Moment then handed me the phone. I heard Jenny say hello. Like a frighten kid making my first date, I could not say anything. Again, Jenny said, "Hello, can you hear me? I can hear the street traffic in the background."

Tongue-tied and stuttering, "Jenny, this is Frank, how would you like to go out for dinner and a movie tonight."

She did not answer for a few seconds. I could hear her clearing her throat. She said sarcastically, "It is about time. What have you been doing?"

"I have been working with Jimmy. Things have lightened up and I have some free time and I thought I better give you a call before someone else came along and swept you off your feet and I would never see you again."

Sill a little sarcastic, Jenny said, "You are in luck, and I am going to see a movie that is playing on Broadway tonight. If you want you can join me."

I asked, "What about dinner?"

Jenny had lightened up a little and said, "Not at the diner. I could not stand another moment in that place. There is a nice Chinese restaurant just down the street from the movie. It is on the corner Eight Avenue and Forty Sixth or Forty Seventh Street . It is no need for you come all the way out here to pick me up. I will meet you at the restaurant. What time will you be there?"

"What time does the movie start?"

"Eight, if we meet at six we will have two hours to eat. We wonít have to rush our dinner and we will go Dutch."

"Jenny, the dinner and the movie is on me. Six is fine. Thank for saving me the trip to Brooklyn . See you at six."

I started to hang up and Judy mouthed, "Tell here you love her."

I said, "Jenny, I love you."

There was a pause. Then I heard Jenny say, "I love you too, Frank."

The line went dead. Judy smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I said to Judy, "What are you going to do for dinner? Donít you want to go with us?"

Judy laughed and said, "No, I would be the third wheel. Jenny will want your attention without me sitting there and listening. Jim is working late tonight. Jane and I are going to make and old fashion Southern dinner. Ginger is spending the night with a friend and us girls are going to do some women talk and we do not want any men around. You and Jenny get to know each other then when Pat gets out of jail we will all go out together."

I took Judy back to the apartment. Again, she thanked me for helping Jimmy. I could see the love and appreciation in her face. She was quite sincere. Judy hugged me and again thanked me for helping Pat. Judy ushers me to the door and said, "You donít want to be late on your first date with Jenny."

When I got to the elevator, I looked over my shoulder. Judy was standing at the door. As I walk into the elevator, Judy said, "Have fun, tell Jenny that I canít wait to see her and I hope it will be soon."


The love affair:

I went back to my apartment and go all spruced up. I even stopped on the way to pick up some cologne. I do not think I had ever spent so much time getting ready for a date. Something was different about this date it had me flustered. Why was I so damn nerves? I tried to shake it off without any success. Instead of driving or taking the bus or subway, I decided to walk. I was hoping that I would settle down before I saw Jenny. It did not work and I was late. The walk had taken longer than I expected. I was about a block away and I saw Jenny standing in front of the Chinese restaurant. A man that just passed her, he must have made sarcastic remark to her. I could almost hear what she was saying to him, but not clearly. She was giving him hell. As I approached her, she gave me a dirty look. I knew she was going to let me have it. With a sheepish look on my face I said, "Honey, I am sorry that I am late. I did not think it would take me this must time to walk down here. Jenny said, "You walked all the way from Eighty Fifth Street ?"

"Yes, I am sorry I am later."

"That ok, I have only been here a few minutes. You must be exhausted. Let go inside. I had them reserve a table for us in the corner where we can be alone."

For the next hour and a half, we ate and told each other the history of our lives. I did not tell her about Pat and Judy. She had met Jimmy. She did not question me about my association with Jimmy and I did not bring it up. I believe she thought we were working a business problem. Jenny was easy to talk to. When I was talking, she latched onto every word that I said. She was interested in every aspect of my life. She never interrupted me or tried to talk over me. She was very sincere about her life as well as mind. I had never dated anyone that made me feel so at ease. I had always been very tense when I was out on a date. I could not relax. At the beginning, this date was no exception. As the evening passed, I became more relaxed.

We finished dinner and walked to the movie. During the movie, we held hands. Every few minutes Jenny would squeeze my hand and give me a peck on the cheek. I would turn around and our lips would touch for a few seconds.

After the movie, I asked her if she would like to go over to my apartment for a while. At first, she was a little reluctant. I started to flag a cab and she said, "Honey, let walk. If you can walk all the way down here, at least I can walk back with you and take the subway home. We had walk all the way to Fifty Ninth Street without saying a word. We got across the street next to the park she pulled on my arm and she said to me, "Frank, I want to be up front with you. I have been out with a number of men in my life. I have mess around but I have never gone all the way with anyone. When we made eye contact the first day you came into the diner, I had the strangest feeling when we made eye contact. I think that I fell in love with you. I know how men feel about me; it is similar to how I know how people like their coffee. I know when they just want my body or they are just flirting. I flirt and kid around a lot. Most men know that I am kidding around. But, I knew there was something more between you and me. I could see it in your eyes. I hope you feel the same way about me. I do not know how you feel about me, but I like you very much. I have not met a man that makes me feel tingly inside like you made me feel. The days that you were busy and did not call, I was very depressed. I would look at the phone for hours hoping you would call me. I was just about to give up on you. When you called me and asked me for a date, I thought that I would burst with excitement. I had to hold myself back. My next-door neighbor wanted to know what happen to me when she saw me leaving tonight. I was so jumpy that she thought that I had robbed a bank or something. I did not want to blow our relationship. I was so afraid that I would screw it up. I thought that my damn Brooklyn accent would turn you off."

Jenny stopped talking and looked up at me. I did not know what had happened to her. She looked as if she just swallowed a cat or she was choking.

I asked, "Jenny, are you alright?"

She nodded her head without saying anything. I stopped and lifted up her chin and looked at her. Again, I asked, "Jenny, are you sure everything is alright. Do you feel sick or anything?"

On the light side, I was about to piss in my pants. Neither one of us had been to a restroom since we met. I was afraid that she wet her pants and was embarrassed about it. I wasnít quite sure what was going on. Her mouth was wide open, she put her hand over her mouth, she looked at me and she stared at me for a few minutes then she said that she had talked too much and that I must think she is an idiot. I turned her around, pulled her close to me and hugged her. I could feel her heart beating against my chest. It felt like she had been running for a mile. I lifted up her chin again, looked into her eyes, and kissed her. I told her that she was beautiful and I was as nervous as she was. Her eyes started to tear. I pulled her closer to me and told her that we both were a little nutty. I felt that if I did not get home soon I would piss in my pants. I took her hand and headed for the apartment. When we got to the apartment and we were walking up the front steps she stopped. She was a little reluctant about going up stairs with me. She said, "Frank, you better take me to the subway. I donít think I should go into your apartment with you."

I told her that I would not get fresh with her and she said that she was not worried about me, she was worried about herself. I promised her that I would not let her get fresh with me. I saw the uncertainty in her face. I knew how she must feel going into my apartment with me. When I got in the apartment, I asked her if she needed to go. She said, "No, I have a hollow leg. You go ahead."

Of course, she went after I came back and freshened up her makeup. We lay in the bed and we talked, touched, hugged, touched some more, kissed until I had eaten all of her lipstick. I do not know where the time went. We talked until the sun popped over the building. She looked out the window and said, "Oh my God, I have to go to work and we have stayed up all night."

I gave her a towel, a toothbrush and a fresh bar of soap. As Jenny was walking out into the hall, she turned around and asked, "Do you want to join me."

"I would love to but I promised you that I would not let you get fresh with me."

Jenny winked and said, "I will scrub your back and you can scrub mine.

I smiled and said, "Jenny sweetheart that the best offer I have ever had. I would love to scrub your back. You are worried that you cannot trust yourself. I know I could not trust myself."

Jenny through me a kiss and I laid back, closed my eyes, and dozed off.

Jimmy wakes me up:

Things were finally going our way. I did not want Frank to be too evolved in police work any longer. I had stuck out our necks and thankful, they were not chopped off. Nancy was no longer a problem and now I had more help than I could use. I did not want to keep Frank from his work. His support had made things come to a head faster than I expended. His few phones calls had shaken up everyone that he called. I went over to his apartment to bring him up to date. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. Frank was still asleep. I shook him and he called me Jenny. He thought Jenny was getting ready to leave or she had come back. I laughed and asked, "Are you expecting Jenny."

"Frankly, I donít know, we talked all night. She went to take a bath, and she asked me if I wanted to join her. Jimmy you do not know how much will power it took to say no. I wish I had gone with her."

"Sorry that I woke you, are you expecting Jenny?"

"No, no. I donít think so. She may come over after work. She gets off at 2:30 . What time is it?"

"Itís 11:30 ."

"Damn itís late. I brought Jenny to the apartment after the movie and I didnít get to sleep until Jenny went to work this morning. Jenny and I hit it off. I have not had this much fun on a date since I left New York . She is a character. Like me, she has had a number of relationship but none have jelled. I donít believe this Jimmy. I have tried everything to create a mean full relationship with women over the years. My friends on the coast have set me up with a number of different broads. Usually the relationship turns sour on the first date. As much as a flirt as she is, Jenny is not a loose women. She laid down the rules after the movie. This morning when she asked me if I wanted to join her in the shower and she said that we would scrub each other back, I almost flipped."

Jimmy laughed and said, "You didnít have to do anything. Just let her scrub your back."

"Could you have resisted doing something? I couldnít. With all the touching and petting, I donít think either one of us could resist doing it. Enough of that, did Pete get Pat out on bail yet?"

"No, he feels that Pat is safer in jail. We do not have an airtight case yet. We just received video tapes from St. Louis and Atlanta . Cannon and Paterson were filmed going into the courthouses during the days the divorce trial was going on. They also were recorded leaving the courthouse with the victims husbands. The officer in Atlanta said the surveillance camera caught Cannon photographing the victim. It also recorded Paterson and Cannon accompanying the victimís husband when he entered the courthouse. Peckham felt they had enough information to ask Cannon and Paterson to come in for questioning."

I asked Jimmy, "What would you like for me to do."

Jimmy smiled and said, "As you know, Pete told us to forget about Nancy . We are going to ask Cannon and Paterson to come in and view the video. We are going to tell him that the suspect in the Elizabeth Staten case may be on the videos. We are going to show him the tapes from Atlanta and see his reaction and serve him with a search warrant when he gets ready to leave."

We had been talking for a couple of hours. There was a gentle knock on the door and the doorknob turned. Jenny peeked around the door. Frank was in his underwear. He grabbed a pillow, laid it over his personal, and tried to comb his hair with his finger. Jenny pretended that she was embarrassed. I said, "Come on in Jenny, I am just leaving. Frank hasnít had his shower yet. Maybe he will let you scrub his back."

Jenny and Frank both blushed. I slid past Jenny and gently pushed Jenny into the room. I said, "Have fun Frank. Holiday and Allen have put about fourteen Detectives on the case. The FBI is working with us and God only know how many men they have put on the cases. We do not know how many more murders that Patterson and Cannon were involved in. Take a vacation for a few days. Judy is pushing Pete to get Pat out on bail. Maybe you can stay here until he gets out. Judy wants to send him to a private hospital and make sure is he is getting the best attention that is available. You and Jenny enjoy yourselves. If I need you I will give you a call."

I shut the door and shouted through the door, "Have fun."

Jenny yelled back, "We will."

I had not told Jenny about Pat. From what Jimmy had said to me, Jenny started asking question. With a bewildered look on Jenny face she said, "What was Jimmy talking about? Who is Pat? Who has been murdered?"

I did not want Jenny to know what Jimmy and I were doing. Jimmy had opened up a bag of worms. I spent the rest of the afternoon telling Jenny about the Julieís murder, Judy and my two wonderful friends. Jenny wanted very much to meet all them all.  

Cannon is invited to his old precinct:

I wanted to confront Cannon and Paterson with the tapes that I had received from Atlanta and St, Louis. I knew that if I contacted Cannon and Paterson, they would avoid me like the plague. I asked Peckham to contact Cannon and Paterson and ask them to come in and view a tape that may identify the murderer of Elizabeth Staten. Since they had worked on the case longer than anyone else had, they may be able to identify the suspect. Also, I did not want Cannon or Paterson to think we had tied them to Julieís murder.

Peckham dialed Cannonís office. I listened in on the extension with Peckham. Cannon answered the phone. Peckham told Cannon that he thinks that they have a lead on the Elizabeth Staten murder, and since they had worked on the case for two years, they may be able to identify the suspect. Cannon still was not convinced that anyone could pin the murders on them. Although a little doubt still lingered in the back of his mind. Cannon asked, "What did you say you name was?"

"Detective Peckham, I was assigned to the Elizabeth Staten case and they told me you and Paterson had worked on the case longer than anyone else. We have a video and I through that you may fill us in on the men in the video."

At first Cannon wasnít so sure who he was talking to. He asked Peckham, "How did you get stuck with that case. I thought that black kid, Jimmy Williams was working on the case."

Peckham looked over at me and covered the mouthpiece, I whispered to Peckham, "Give him a line of bull shit. Tell him that I fucked up the case, I do not know what I am doing, and they assigned the case to you. That should make him happy."

Peckham removed his hand from the mouthpiece and said, "I donít like to talk about other officers. But, you must know that he is a stupid jackass. He would not know evidence if it was marked. They took him off the case because he is blaming everybody on the street for the murder. If he does not like the way someone looks at him, then the guy is a suspect. Williams has gone up so many blind alleys that they have taken him off the case."

We could hear Cannon laughing. He muffled the handset. He was telling Larry what Peckham had said about me. Cannon was delighted to assist us. He asked Peckham to hold on for a few minutes. We could hear Cannon talking to Paterson again, he said. "Would you like to take a visit to our old precinct?"

Paterson said, "Hell no, I donít want anything to do with the NYPD. Beside, my leg kills me when I ride in a car. I do not think it would do any harm and it might get them off our backs. We have enough trouble with that bastard Willy."

I had to choke myself when I heard Paterson mention Willy.

Cannon asked, "When would you like me to come over. You know that I am in business and I charge a hundred dollars an hour."

Peckham looked at me. I nodded my head. Peckham said, "That will be fine. I am sure that will not be a problem. What are you doing now? Could you come over now?"

Cannon cleared his throat and said, "I am quite busy and have appointments, but I think I can squeeze you in. Itís ten now, would eleven be convenient?"

I smiled and nodded again. Peckham said, "That would be perfect? See you in an hour. Donít get stuck in the tunnel."

Cannon said, "I wonít, I am going to take the 42nd Street Ferry. I am looking forward to seeing the old gang. Paterson cannot make it. He is still in a cast and it hurts him just to move about."

Peckham and I had set up a room that had a one-way mirror. I could watch Cannonís reaction while he viewed the videos that I had received from Atlanta and St. Louis .

Almost exactly an hour later Cannon pops through the door with a big smile on his face. Cannon was quite excited to be back in his old Precinct. All his old buddies greeted him and asked how he liked his retirement. Cannon bragged on how much money he was making and how wonderful it was to be his own boss and on and on. When the crowd around him started to thin out Cannon asked, "Where can I find Peckham."

A voice said, "I think I saw him in the conference room in the back of the building. Do you remember where it is?"

"No problem, I can find my way."

 As Cannon strutted past the offices, he thought how lucky he was to have retired when he did. He would be dead if he had to hang around in this dump.

One of the new Detectives had informed Peckham and me that Cannon was on his way. Peckham went out in the hall and watched Cannon strutting done the hall. When Cannon saw someone that he knew, he would stick his head into the office and chat for a minute or two. Cannon finally made his way to the conference room and Peckham greeted him and thanked him for coming in.

Peckham had a few chairs set up in front of a TV. He asked Cannon to take a seat and said that this would not take too long. Peckham turned down the lights and started the tapes. The tape played for about 10 minutes. Peckham made small talk while the tape was rolling. He said that this was the only break they have had on the Elizabeth Staten murder.

Peckham knew that within another thirty seconds, Cannon and Paterson would be seen accompanying the victimís husband in Atlanta . He deliberately stopped the video. He asked Cannon if he had seen anyone that he knew. Cannon shook his head and said, "No, I donít recognize the area. What part of the City was this taken? I have not seen anyone on the film that I know."

The technician said, "I think we put in the wrong tape."

Peckham said, "Thereís not much more on the tape. We may as well see it to the end."

Cannon started to get up and leave and Peckham said, "There are only a few more minutes on this tape. Letís run it to the end."

Cannon eased back into his chair. Peckham pushed the play button. For a few seconds no one appeared on the screen. Then Cannon and Paterson appeared with the victimís husband walking into the view of the camera and stopped. Peckham froze the view. Cannon let out a gasp and it sounded like he passed out. He sat there with a blank stare on his face. Peckham asked Cannon if he was all right. Cannon did not respond. Perspiration streamed down Cannon face. Peckham asked Cannon if he had seen anyone in the video that he knew. Cannon did not say a word. Peckham asked him if he knew the three men on the screen. Cannon denied ever seeing any of them before. Peckham said, "The man on the left looks a lot like you."

Cannon blurted out, "I donít know any of those men and I have never been to Atlanta ."

Peckham said, "How do you know the picture was taken in Atlanta ."

Again, after the outburst Cannon literally froze with his mouth wide open. Peckham said, "That is you on the left and Paterson on the right. The gentleman in the center is the husband of a victim that was murdered in Atlanta . The police down there want to question you about your acquaintance with this man. They will be coming to New York in a few days and they want to talk to you."

Cannon started to get up. An officer put his hand on Cannonís shoulder. Cannon looked up at the officer and said, "I donít know those men and I want to call my lawyer."

Peckham nodded at the officer and he removed his hand from Cannon shoulder. Peckham said, "Mr. Cannon, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have videos of you and Paterson with other husbands of other victims. Do not plan to take a vacation. The husbands of other victims are ready to spill their guts. One has committed suicide or someone has murdered him. The officers on the case do not think it was suicide. They think he was murdered. Another one is in custody and he want to nail your ass for killing his wife."

Cannon slowly slid out of the chair and started to leave. Peckham handed Cannon a search warrant for his home and office. Cannon looked at the search warrant and asked, "What the hell is this for?"

Peckham said, "Having been a Police Officer, I am sure you know what a search warrant is. Two officers will accompany you to your home and office. A team of investigators from New Jersey will meet them at your office. Please do not try to interfere with the investigation."

One officer rode with Cannon and the other officer followed. The search of the office and home lasted for almost three full days. They confiscated files, ledgers, bankbooks, safety deposit box keys, news clippings and many boxes of clothing.

One of the officers that had been gathering evidence noticed a suitcase with wheels in the back of one of the closets. He thought that it had been opened and nothing was found. He reached over and tried to lift it. It was too heavy to lift. He rolled the suitcase out of the closet and opened it. He calls to the others, "Come take a look at this. The damn thing is filled with money."

A crowd gathered. They sealed the suitcase, labeled it and stacked it with all the other items.

After the search was over, the FBI became more involved in the cases. The major items that tied both Cannon and Paterson to Julieís murder were their shoes. Cannon had removed most of the blood from the outside of his shoes. Blood had flowed down the tongue of one of the shoes to the inside. It was Julieís blood. Patersonís shoe had not been cleaned and it was still in the closet where he had hid them. Inside and outside of the shoe was covered with blood splatters from Pat and Julie. They had enough evidence to arrest them for the murder of Julie and the assault on Pat. As the investigation continued, more evidence from the other cities started to show up. When they brought Fred Murray in, he broke down and testified that Vic was involved in the murder of Judyís Parents. As the days passed, an avalanche of testimony engulfed the investigators. Jimmy and Peckham were working around the clock sorting out the information.

Paterson hired an attorney and plea-bargained with the officials. He would tell all if they did not send him to the electric chair. He blamed Cannon for everything. While both of their lawyers were battling each other, this was helping to build the State and Federal cases against their clients.

The FBI has started to investigate all the cases including the Elizabeth Staten case. Jimmy told them that he felt that Vic handled the murder but he could not prove it. Elizabeth Statenís telephone records showed that someone had called Vicís place of employment a number of times. Prior to her murder, Jimmy could not tie the calls to Vic. The FBI officers said that they would give it a try. Since Murray had stated that Vic was involved in Judyís Parentís murders, maybe they could drain a few more confessions out of Vic.

The FBI ran tests on all of Cannon and Paterson clothing. NYPD had already run tests and they wanted someone else to run the same tests. They did not want any mistakes that would let Paterson and Cannon get a second trial or go free. After the FBI finished examining the bloodstains on Cannon and Patersonís wardrobe, they tied the bloodstains to other victims around the country.

Paterson and Cannon fought extradition to New York but they lost. They could not get out on bail. Bail was set at ten million each and the money they had stashed away was evidence. It was the money that was extorted from the victims.

Jimmyís old precinct was getting a shakeup. Captain Allen was asked to resign without a pension. Murray had given Allen a donation to his favorite charity if he closed the case on Julieís murder. Vic was on the hot seat and his lawyer was pressuring him to plea-bargain. The FBI had put Mr. Staten on their most wanted list. Unbelievably Cannon and Paterson were blaming all the murders on a guy named Willy. The one item that they could not deny, since Paterson did not trust Cannon, Paterson had kept a ledger that stated the amount of money they extorted out of the victims husbands and his share of the take. 


The Media Frenzy:

Before Jimmy and Pete decided to parade Judy before the Media, Pete and Judy gathered Judy staff for a welcoming home meeting. Pete was curious why no one at the company had attended Judy funereal or inquired about her death.

Martha got up and said, " Knowing that it was physical impossible for Judy to be in two places at the same time. I knew Judy was very much alive. I called a meeting to let everyone know Judy was alive and what was going on in the Media was not the truth. Judy and I had talked on the day after she was supposable murdered. I knew that the person that was murdered was not Judy. I tried to track down where Judy was. I was always just a step behind her. I had left messages to have Judy call me if they saw her. We had a meeting and decided that it would not be good for the company if we became mixed up in a murder that Judy was not involved in. I had called Lisbon . I was told that Judy had cancelled the meeting and was returning to New York . We felt that we would wait until Judy returned before we put the company into an embarrassing position and announce that Judy had not been murdered. Since Judy did not call us, and she was expected to be back in New York soon, we were waiting for her before we made an announcement. Pete you were out of town when I called your office. I left a message for you to call me and you never did. I did not tell your secretary why I wanted to speak to you because we did not want anyone outside the corporation knowing about the confusion. We had no idea who had been murdered. Fred Murray identified the victim as being Judy. He lied about our accounting department embezzling more than a million dollars; we knew that he was lying. We did not know what Murray plans were and why he had said Judy was the victim. We decided that it was best not to say anything at that time. After Judy contacted Detective Williams, Judy contacted me. Detective William did not want us to make it public because they did not know for sure who had committed the murder. Since the FBI had a manhunt out for the men that tamper with the plane that her parents were killed in, we did not want someone outside our office to know that Judy was still alive. They may try to kill Judy again. That is the reason you were not informed that Judy was alive."

The welcoming home party was not as enjoyable as you may suspect. Knowing that Judyís parents were murdered, they all wondered if someone in the corporation had killed her parents and were still trying to kill Judy. You could feel the tension in the room. Everyone was suspicious of everyone else even thought the murderers had been caught.

Jimmy and Peckham were being paraded in front of the world. They spent more time in front of cameras than working on the cases. After the media blitz simmered down, life started to get back to normal. Pete kept Judy and Pat out of the headlines. Pat was released on a million dollar bail. After all the excitement with the booking of Paterson and Cannon was over, they still had not dropped the charges on Pat. Judy put Pat into a private hospital for a complete examination for his head injuries. The doctors thought Pat appeared to be improving. Judy did not think so. She did not think Pat was anyway close to being his normal self. She flew in top physicians from around the world to examine Pat. Slowly and surely with Judyís love Pat was returning to his normal self and wanted to go back to driving his cab and supporting himself. Judy would not let Pat go back to work. When they were in New York , they would stay at her parentís home. Neither one of them wanted to go back to the apartment. After the police scraped and re-scraped the apartment for evidence, they allowed the apartment to be cleaned. Judy did not want to sale the apartment. She wanted it to become a memorial to Julie. Judy placed pictures of Julie and herself on the wall over the bed. Julie was flown to California and buried next to her Grandparents. Pat and Judy accompanied Julie. Seeing Julie being buried disturbed Judy very much. The sight of seeing her best friend being lowered into the ground left a lasting emotional scare in Judy. Pat had noticed that when Judy heard something relating to Julieís murder, Judy would become very depressed. She looked as if someone had torn her body emotionally apart.

Pat was feeling better and he was pressuring Judy to let him go back to work. He did not know how he was going to pay Judy and Pete for the expenses that he had accumulated. He had not received any bills, but he felt they would be dumped on him soon. Judy and Pete tried to assure Pat that he did not owe anyone any money. Pat felt that they should not pay for the medical attention he had received. Pat was stubborn and felt that he should shoulder his own expenses.

Pete insisted that the DA drop all the charges against Pat and clear his name. Pete had threatened to publish the original police report on Julieís murder. Charlie had not cleared Pat of all the charges. Pete was going to use the report as a lever if anything else popped up. Charlie obliged Pete, he had a news conference and admitted that they had made a grave mistake and they had charged the wrong person for the murder. He apologized for the ghastly mistake and asked Mr. Patrick OíDonnell to forgive them. Finally, all the charges against Pat were dropped.

Time was flying by and Pat was still in a private hospital under Doctors care. Pat insisted that he was fine. He wanted to get out of the hospital and return to work. Judy would not let him leave until all the Doctors had given Pat a clean bill of health and discharged him from the hospital. With Patís insisting that he was fine, the Doctors reluctantly let Pat go home. Pat moved in with Judy. When they cleaned up Judyís apartment, they moved Patís meager possession into one of the rooms in Judyís home. Judy took Pat on a shopping spree. She bought Pat a fabulous wardrobe. After the shopping spree, they had their second argument. Judy won the argument. Judy told Pat if he did not accept the gifts, she would hang them on the fence in from of her home and give them away. Pat gave in and kept the wardrobe.


Judy wants to get married:

Judy had been hinting marriage to Pat. Pat would love to marry Judy. Down deep inside of Pat, he felt that Judy was way out of his class. He could never support her at the level she was accustomed to. He felt that she would soon tire of him. He did not want to go through the disappointment of losing Judy. Judy continued to shower Pat with gifts that he could never afford or could reciprocate. Pat could not understand why a woman of her statue would fall in love and marry a cab driver? In the morning when he was shaving, he would look at himself and wonder what Judy saw in him. Would their love for each other fade away? How long would it last? Pat loved this rich and beautiful woman; did Judy really love him or was it a passing fantasy? There were moments he felt that he must have been dreaming or the hit on his head had caused his fantasies to appear real. Through his mental lapses, Pat was not sure what was really real. While he was recovering, he felt that things that really happened were things that he may have imagined. As he recovered, he tried to filter out the imaginary things from his real life. His relationship with Judy was so wonderful that he could not believe that it was happening. As the weeks went by, Pat was starting to separate reality from imaginary.


Monsieur Paul Dolive:

Judy had asked Pete to talk to Pat. Pete did not have his heart in getting them married and this put more doubt into Patís mind. Pat still was not sure if Judy really loved him. Since Pat still had not proposed to Judy, Judy called me. I am Monsieur Paul Dolive. I had planned a visit to America later in the year. When Judy told me why she wanted me to come, I dropped everything and flew from Southern France to talk to Pat. Judy met me at the airport and she snuck me into the third floor suite in her parentís home.

I had periodically called Judy after she returned to America . She kept me up to date on what was going on. Judy worshiped Pat. She would give up her fortune if he asked her to marry him. I had a similar experience with my late wife when we married. She gave up her home and life for two years and two children because of my stubbornness. Judyís parents were very dear friends of my wife and I. Judyís grandfather had taken me under his wing when my father-in-law put me to work for the corporation. If he had not helped me and shielded me from my wifeís father, I think I would have been an outcast in the corporation. How could I turn Judy down? I knew that she was very sincere about her love for Pat. This meant the happiness of a child that I loved like my own. I would have loved if my son had married Judy. It would have been the most wonderful moment of my life to see them married. It was not intended to be. When they were little, they were too close. They were like brothers and sisters. When they were teenagers, they could not stand each other. They argued and fussed at each other whenever they were together. If they could not find something to fight about, they would create something. My son fell in love with a young girl in college her name is Doris . They are engaged and very happy and God only knows when they are going to be married. I cannot wait to have Grandchildren. Doris is a very lovely young lady and I love her very much and I hope she loves me.

 Judy had set up a casual meeting with me. She did not want Pat to know that she had flown me from France just to convince him to marry her. Pat and Judy were having dinner in a quaint sidewalk cafť on Columbus Avenue when I strolled by. Judy and I put on an excellent performance for Patís benefit. We looked like long lost friends that had not seen each other for years. She had sneaked up to the third floor this morning to bring me something to eat and planned the agenda while Pat was taking his shower.

I joined them for dinner. The conversation slowly eased into how Pat and Judy had met, and how the love affair had emerged. I point blankly told Pat, "Why didnít you marry Judy when the love affair was in full bloom."

This opened the personal side of Pat and Judyís life. Pat was embarrassed. Pat not knowing what to say, clamed up and did not contribute to the conversation. He just sat and listened to me talk about my own marriage.

I knew that I was not convincing Pat to ask Judy to marry him. I hinted to Judy to take a walk. I wanted to talk to Pat alone. Judy got the hint and she excused herself and went into the restaurant. She watched Patís reaction from inside the restaurant. At first, it did not look like I was make any headway and I wasnít. I said, "Pat itís no use of fighting Judy. When Judy wants something, one way or the other she will get it. I was very much like you when I was young. I was a peasant working for my wifeís father. The first time I saw my wife, we fell in love. There was not a thing her parents could do to split us up. The more they tried, the tighter the bond we had for each other. I was just as hard headed as you are. We were married without her father knowing it. He tried to have the marriage annulled. It did not work. My wifeís father finally accepted our marriage. I was a stubborn jackass. I was depriving my darling wife of her inheritance. Because of my stubbornness, I had put her through hardships that she should have never gone through. Her mother came to me and told me how my pride was robbing both of us the fruits of life that she and her husband had worked to provide for us. I felt the same way that you are feeling now. I was robbing the woman that I loved dearly of everything her parent could give her as well as me. Because of my pride, I felt that I was very selfish. If you truly love Judy, you must forget your pride and marry her. Not to marry Judy will destroy both of your lives. She will never be happy and neither will you. You can drag this out for the rest of your life and you will never have the money that you think you need to support Judy. The money that Judy has was her parentís money, not hers. She wants you to enjoy the wonderful life that it can bring to both of you. Pat, get it out of your head that it is her money. When you marry Judy, it will also be your money. Do you want Judy to go through the same thing that she went through with Fred Murray? She will never be happy with anyone but you. Donít you love Judy? There are millions of young men in this world that would kill to be in your shoes. Judy is a very beautiful young lady and one of the riches women in this world. Pat, you have the one thing that the others do not have. Judy is madly in love with you, no one else."


I was getting a little annoyed. Who was this stranger? I dare him to question my love for Judy. I love her with all of my heart. But, can I let another bastard like Fred mistreat Judy? How will I know if he is mistreating her if I am not around? If I do not marry her, I cannot protect her. Oh God, help me. Should I let my pride hold back my happiness and love for Judy? If I do not marry her and another bastard like Fred comes along, I will kill myself. Maybe he is right. Like him, I have been thinking about myself. How would I feel if she no longer loved me? He is right, if I love Judy, I would not think about how I would feel if she no longer lovers me. I will have to suffer, not her. Maybe I should ask her to marry me.


I waited for Pat to reply. He did not say anything for a while. I knew that I had Pat thinking. Pat with a dazed look on his face was looking out into space and I said, "Well, do you really love Judy enough to marry her and make her happy?"

"Of course I love Judy. I feel that Judy deserves someone better than me. I do not have an education and I am just a hack driver. For the life of me, I cannot see why she would like me. So many other men in this world are more suited for her. I do not want her to be stuck with me for the rest of her life, when she could have a thousand other men."

I stood up, looked down at Pat, and said, "Pat you are a damn fool. Judy is madly in love with you, not someone else. You are the man that she wants to marry and spend the rest her life with. Marriage is based on love and respect from both of you. Many people make mistakes and marry for the wrong reason and the wrong person. Judy did and she regrets it."

Pat asked, "How do I know she isnít making another mistake? She will get tired of me after we are married. We will fight and God know what will happen."

I butted in and said, "How do you know that you will not want to dump her after you marry her. You donít know and she does not know how the two of you will feel in a few years."

Pat said, "I love Judy to much too ever hurt her. I would respect her wishes if she no longer loved me. I feel that she loves me because I freed her from those thugs. Do you really think Judy would marry me?"

I sat down, looked across the table and shook my head then I said, "Pat you are a bright young man. You do not give yourself any credit. Judy is madly in love with you. You want to know if she will marry you. Do yourself and Judy a favor. When she comes back to the table, ask her. Ask her to marry you. She will give you the answer, not me. I assure you, you will never regret it. All you have to do is say these few little words. Darling will you marry me?"

Pat looked over his shoulder to see if Judy was coming. He did not see her. I saw Judy peeking and I motioned for her to come back to the table. I knew Pat wanted very much to marry Judy. His insecurity about himself, the fear of being turned down or having her falling out of love with him had held him back. Pat tried to find an excuse for not asking Judy to marry him and said, "I donít have a ring. I canít ask her to marry me and not have a ring."

I pulled my wedding band from my finger and handed it to Pat then said, "When you and Judy get your own rings, you can give it back to me."



I was incredibly nervous. This stranger had convinced me to ask Judy to marry me. Now I felt guilty if I did not ask Judy to marry me. I did not want to disappoint Paul after all the encouragement he had given me. If Judy loved me as much as I love her, Paul would be right. If I did not ask Judy to marry me, I would destroy the love we have for each other. I felt that no one else in the world could love her as much as I loved her. I tried to boost my courage enough to ask Judy.


Judy came back and put her hands on Pat shoulder. It scared the hell out Pat. He jumped, knocking the table and almost spilling the wine. Judy apologized to Pat for startling him. Judy was behind Pat. Judy gently stroked his cheeks with both hands; she turned his head around and gave him a lingering kiss. Judy wondered if Paul had encouraged Pat enough for him to ask her to marry him. She looked over at me and I nodded my head slightly. Judy almost let out a scream; Pat looked up at Judy and started to say something. Judy knew what he wanted to say, but the words would not come out. Judy wanted to say the words for him. She smiled and looked him in the eye with a flirtatious look, as to say go ahead and say it. I am waiting; please ask me to marry you. Pat could not resist the way she looked at him. He could not hold back any longer. He whispered almost inaudibly, "I love you very much. I want to marry you. Will you marry me?"

She read his lips and yelled out, "Yes, yes, I will marry you."

Tears flowed down both of their cheeks and I could not hold back my emotions. Pat took her hand and slipped the ring over her ring finger. It was big enough to go over two fingers. Judy took a handkerchief and threaded it through the ring, she said, "Now, thatís a perfect fit."

The lunch crowd and the people passing saw and heard Judyís emotional outburst. They all applauded. Judy sat in Patís lap and kissed every inch of his face. I got up and said, "Judy, I see that you are in good hands. I wish you both many years of happiness. I will check in on you now and then to see how the two of you are doing. You better invite me to your wedding."

Judy looked up and said, "You are not going anywhere. You are going to give me away. Here is a key to my home. The suite on the third floor is yours until you give me away."

Paul smiled, lifted his hands to the heavens, he held them as if he was holding something in them said; "You are a beautiful couple. Vous ferez de beaux bťbťs."

Pat looked confused and asked Judy, "What did he say?"

With jubilance, Judy through both hands up in the air and yelled, "Sweetheart, he said that we will make beautiful babies."

The crowd again applauded them. Poor Pat face turned bright red. He looked around at the diners and the passing crowd. They were all smiling. A few more started to applaud and they stood up. The crowd toasted them. Judy stood up, bowed, and thanked them all. She took Patís hand and said, "Come on honey, letís go home and practice making babies."

Judy did not waste and any time. She knew that I had to go back to France . Within a week, Pat and Judy had a quiet marriage on Marthaís Vineyard . Jimmy and Frank both accompanied Pat to the altar. I gave Judy away. Judy and Pat flew off to the Caribbean for a short honeymoon. They did not tell anyone where they would honeymoon. They left poor Jimmy and Frank to hold down the fort while they were gone. New York was a madhouse. Defense attorneys and prosecutors from all over the country were trying to get into the middle of the action for political or financial reason.

Politicians from around the country that had nothing to do with solving the case, defending the accused, or prosecuting the guilty were hogging the Media. They were on all the talk shows getting paid large fees for doing nothing but promoting their own image.

The attorneys were prosecuting, defending, or suing. Knowing about Judyís fortune they all thought that they could chip off a million or two. Pete and his staff were holding back the vultures.

All the networks were milking the murders for over a year. They had dissected, tried, and convicted everyone that was slightly involved in the cases. It looked like they would be milking the murders for another five years. Everyone was starting to think the rest of the world had stopped living.

Jimmy was the one that solved the murders. He was the one that took all the shit from everyone. He was not invited on any of the talk shows or interview by any of the reporters. Oh yes, there was a small article in the middle of one of the papers that said he had worked on the case.

After things settled down in New York , Frank popped the question, he asked Jenny to marry him and accompany him back to LA. She accepted, and quit her job at the diner. They did not set a wedding date. Judy planned a farewell dinner for them all. Judy invited Jenny and Anne to accompany her to her beauty salon. The girls had a ball. Anne had been dating Jimmy the longest. She had known Pat before he met Judy. She had been in school during most on the time that Judy and Pat were going together. Anne had met Judy about a month before Julie was killed. Jimmy had kept Anne informed about the murders and Pat case.

The girls compared the stories that Jimmy, Frank and Pat had told them. It appeared that the guys had colored the stories and added a few touches. The girls had a wonderful afternoon together. They were pampered all afternoon and they all looked ravishing.

The dinner that evening was held in a private room at a very nice restaurant. After the dinner, Pat stood up and rapped his wine glass with a spoon. With tears in his eyes he said, "I am not very good at making speeches. I do not know how to put my thought into the words that express how I feel. At times like this, I am not sure if I have completely recovered. During dinner, I was wondering if the evening was real, or was I dreaming. I had to reach under the table and pinch myself to see if I was awake. I looked around the table and saw everyone smiling. I have never felt this good in my life. I looked back to the days when we wore our patched up clothes to school. I remembered the days that we sat on the roof of Jimmy build and make a pledge to each other that we would be brothers forever. We have always been there for each other. During the last few months if it had not been for you, we would not be here today. I want to thank you for standing beside me at a time when I really needed it. My bride has been telling me that everything that is hers is also mine. I still cannot believe it. If what she says is true, do not ever hesitate to ask Judy and me for help. There is no way that I can ever repay you for what the two of you have done for Judy and me. You are part of our family and I want you to feel free to come to us whenever you want. I have loved you both since we were kids. I will love you until I die."

With tears in his eyes, Pat slowly sits back down. Jimmy and Frank reached across the table and shook Pat hand. Frank asked everyone to stand up and take the hand of the ones next them. When everyone was ready, Frank bowed his head and thanked God for helping them solve the murder of Julie and end the hell that Pat had gone through. He asked God to look over them for the remainder of their life.

The love for one another had spread through their hearts and the memories of their friendship brightened the moment. Tears flowed from everyoneís eyes. The eye makeup on Jenny face was running down her face. Frank puts his arms around Jenny and said, "This is one of the reasons that I want to marry Jenny. I have never met anyone that has so much compassion for others. Jenny, I love you. I think you better go fix your make up."

Anne and Judy joined Jenny and left the boys alone. Now that they all were young men, in their heart and mind they were the same little roughens they were twenty years ago.

Pat drove his cab for the first time since he was hit with the baseball bat. He drove Frank and Jenny to JFK. Judy had Martha make the reservations for them. Martha booked First Class. Frank accepted the tickets. He had never been able to afford first class. He did not want to offend Judy by making a fuss about it. She had enough trouble with Pat. Also, his credit card was about to reach the limit and he had not had a paycheck for a while. He did not know that Judy had doubled his pay and Judy Company was paying his salary. Franks paychecks for the couple of months that he was in New York were waiting for him in LA.

Judy told Jenny she and Pat would take care of shipping her things to LA after they had settled down. Jimmy has not asked Anne to marry him yet. Anne was working on her Doctorate and did not want to commit herself to anything until she had her Doctorate. She had to go back to Yale in New Haven and was not there when Frank and Jenny left for LA.

Pat, Jimmy, and Judy saw Frank and Jenny off at JFK. Pat asked Frank to promise him that he would invite them to their wedding. After an emotional goodbye, they waved and through kisses as they boarded the plane. Tears were running down Judyís face. Pat wanted to know why she was crying. Judy looked up at Pat, put a hand on Pat cheek and said, "If Frank had not stayed to help Jimmy. You may still be in Jail. You have two of the most wonderful friends anyone could have. I am so thankful that Frank and Jimmy came when you needed them."

Jimmy looked at Judy and said, "Judy, we have always been like brothers. There is nothing we would not have done for each other. Our friendship was bonded when we were very young and I donít think anything will ever tear us apart." Start here



It was a solemn ride back into the City. I sat in the back of the cab alone and kept quiet. I felt that Judy wanted to sit up front with Pat. I think this incident had taken more out of Judy emotionally than it had out of Pat and I knew why. She had lost her parents and her best friend because she had marring Fred. If she had not married Fred, her parents and Julie would still be alive. I had told Judy that Frankís Company was on the verge of going bankrupt since Frank came to help Pat. I felt if I mentioned it, she just might help them out. Later, Judy told me that I did not have to worry about Frankís company. Judy had instructed her staff to look into the financial condition of Frankís company. She did not care how much it would cost her. She left it up to her staff to decide what form of aide they would provide. The staff decided to merge with Frankís company. She did not want Frank to know that she was behind the merger. She felt that Frank might be just as stubborn as Pat. She would rather hear the explosion after she helped Frank than before she helped him. A few days before Pat and Judy were married, Frank told me that Phil had called him and told him to stay in New York as long as he wanted. They were loaded down with orders and Phil had to hire more people to take care of the work. Even though Frank knew about the new business, he was certain that his company would soon have to declare bankruptcy. I wanted to tell Frank that Pat and Judy owned part of his company. I just listen to him complain. He dreaded what he would find when he got back home.

Phil had told Frank that he had to find another office. The old office was too small. When Frank walked into the new office and saw all the employees, he could not believe what he was seeing. He thought that he was in the wrong office. Peggy was sitting at the receptionist desk and Frank asked, "Peggy am I in the right office?"

"Yes you are. Welcome home. How do you like our new office?"

Peggy jumped up, gave Frank a hung. Peggy buzzed Philís office. Phil answered, "Yes Peggy."

"Guess who just walked in?"

Phil had been expecting Frank. He said, "Frank?"

"Yes it is."

"Send him back here. I will meet him."

Peggy said, "Philís office is the last office down that hall. He said that he would meet you."

Still in a state of shock, Frank ambled down the hall. Peeking into the offices as he passed them, Frank looks up, he sees Phil hurrying down the hall. Phil ran up to Frank, hugged him and said, "Welcome home. I do not know how you did this. We will never have to sweat it again. We have enough work to keeps us busy for the next twenty years."

Bewildered, Frank said, "What are you talking about? I did not have anything to do with this."

Phil smiled and said, "By giving up everything and going to help your friend caused this to happen. I was told not to mention it to you until you returned. Judyís company owns fifty percent of our company. At first, I did not know who was behind the merger. When the merger was complete, I got a letter from Judy telling me not to tell you until you were back in LA. She did not want to go through the same thing with you as she was going through with Pat. You had mention to Jimmy that you felt that we would be out of business when you got back to LA. Jimmy told Judy that you had given up your business to help Pat. Judy felt that the least she could do was to help us out. Frank, look around, this is what she did."

Still a little light headed, "Phil, I dreaded coming home. I did not know what you guys would be up against. I felt sorry for you. I had bailed out and left you all in a mess. I wish I had known. I would not have been like Pat. I would have welcomed Judyís help with open arms."

Phil took Frank to his office. It was magnificent. They spent the day going over the contract and the merger agreement. Frank looked over at Phil and asked, "How in hell did you get an agreement like this? Everything is in our favor."

Phil smiled and said, "It was simple. I told them what I wanted and they agreed, simple as that."

It was a tremendous load off of Frankís back. He could concentrate of his work without worrying about finances. Frankís business had tripled in the number of employees. They were getting more orders than they could handle. They were continuously hiring more employees just to take care of the workload. Frank called Judy and thanked her. He assured her that they would hold up their end of the agreement.

Judy wanted to know if he and Jenny had set a date. Frank told her that as soon as they agreed on a date, he would let her know. Frank said that Jenny is like Pat. He wanted her to finish college and not to work. He wanted to support Jenny. Jenny wanted to support herself and pay for her share of the expenses. Judy said, "Donít fight with her. Let her do what she wants. Just love her for the way she is. As I look back, I think that is one of the reasons that I loved Pat so much. Help her when she needs it."

Frank again thanked Judy, told her to drop in on them if they were in the area, and promised to invite them to the wedding.

 Judy offered Jimmy a job as head of security at her corporation. His salary would be in the millions. The salary was hard to turn down. Jimmy had been promoted and he had always dreamed of being a police officer and admired for his contribution to the force. His dream had come true. Down deep inside of Jimmy, he did not want to leave the NYPD. This is what he had dreamed of most of his life. Judy told him that there was no deadline on him accepting her offer. The job would be there if he ever decided to take it.


Pat learns the business:

Judy and Pat are learning about the family business. They had a tutor that comes in a couple times a week to help them with their business obstacles that pop up during the week. Pat and Judy are enjoying the challenge of the business world. Like Judyís parents, they traveled together to all of the scheduled meetings. Pat still did not feel that he was earning his keep; he was receiving a seven figure yearly income. He felts that Judy was giving him the money. He wanted to give Judy the check he received each week. She told him that was his money. He wanted to help pay for the cost of running the house and the salary for the maids. Judy cupped Pat face in her hands and kissed him. She said that the home was a tax write-off. The home was part of the corporation and being president of the corporation she was entitled to enjoy the experience of live there. Their home came with the job. Pat had opened a saving and checking account. He also applied for a credit card. The only expenses that he had were those he had when he and Judy went out on the town in New York . The corporation had given him a credit card that paid for all of the expense they incurred while they traveled around the world.

Pat and Judy were settling down to their jobs. Pat was an assistant to the VP of marketing, Jerry Pitman. He had told Jerry that he did not know a damn thing about the business. He did not want Jerry to feel that since he was the husband of CEO, Jerry could criticize him if his ideas were ridiculous. If Jerry felt that Patís ideas were stupid, Pat did want Jerry to be afraid to tell him so.

Judy as President of the corporation was doing what her father was doing, watching the bottom line. If it dropped she was in there trying to find out what had happened and why.  


Pat searching for his Mom:

When Judy and I were not on the road, we stayed at home. It felt wonderful just to set around and be at home together. One evening after dinner Judy and I were looking through her albums. She was telling me about her parents and her life. She missed having her parents around. When she had them around her, she felt that they were smothering her. Now that she did not have them, she yearned for them. She still blamed herself for Julie and her parentís death. At times, she became very depressed. I tried to assure her that it was not her fault. Fred was the one that started the chain of events. Since we were married, Judy and I spent a lot of time talked about our families. I enjoyed listening to her. She felt ashamed of herself for taking more about her Parents than I talked about my parents. Most of my life I had blanked out my familyís life. Most of my memories were about Jimmy and Frankís families. One evening I was watching a basketball game on TV. Judy was thumbing through her family Album. She asked, "Honey, do you have any pictures of your family?"

"No Honey, Mom took the albums that she had with her. Pop never took an interest in the pictures or looking at the albums that Mom had."

Judy asked, "Would you like to find your mother?"

I had mixed emotions about Mom. When I was young, I wanted my mother to embrace me like Jimmy and Frankís mothers had embraced them. Mom was always too busy or too tired and she never seemed to find the time to be a mother. I knew Mom was always working and we would not have had a home if she wasnít working. Mom was the only other person that I knew that was left in my family. I had tried to locate Mom after Dad was killed. I was not successful. I told Judy that I often thought of Mom. Judy said, "Pat, the company has a division that does nothing but search for people. Would you like them to look for your mother?"

I told Judy that I was afraid that Mom may still be a prostitute and I would be embarrassed if anyone in the company knew it. Judy suggested that Pete would give me a list of Private Investigators that he had used and I could interview the Investigators myself. In addition, she suggested that I could look for my mother. Judy said that the library at the office had telephone directories of all the major cities in the world. I may be able to find her myself.

The following morning, I scanned the directories of all the major cities of Florida for Marie OíHara. I talked to dozens of Marie OíHaraís. I gave up the search. That night Judy and I discussed other ways that I could possibly find Mom. Judy asked if my father had kept any records of my family or corresponded with others in our family. I shook my head and said to Judy, "No. I never saw my father writing to anyone."

Judy could see the depressed look on my face. She reaches across the table and puts her hands on mine. She said softly, "Did your father have any records, passport, birth certificates, documents or pictures in your apartment?"

I pulled back quickly. Damn I had forgotten about the black file box that I had stored in the Williams apartment. I said to Judy, "There is a small file box. Mom and Dad kept their important document in the box. There may be something in that box."

Judy asked, "Do you still have the box?"

"Not really, I didnít have very much room for anything in my apartment. As you know, it was quite small. After Pop was killed, Jimmyís mother helped me clean out the apartment. They had a spare room. She said that I could store things in the spare room if I wanted. There were a few pieces of nice furniture in the apartment. I gave Jane the furniture and she let me leave my things in a room. As you know, they moved to the Bronx after Jimmy went to college. She could have thrown it away with all of the other junk. I told her to through everything away if she did not want it. I hope she still has the box. I will give her a call."

I picked up the phone and called Jane. Jim answered the phone. When Jim heard my voice, he asked me how my heads was doing. I told him it was still a little tender in spots, otherwise I felt OK. Jim said, "I sorry Jimmy isnít here. He and Anne have taken a vacation on the Fingers Lake for a month. They want a place where no one will bother them. Jimmy is finally taking some of his vacation and Anne is working on her Doctorate."

I laughed and said, "Jim, you should know by now that Jimmy and I never go anywhere without letting the other one know where they are going. It is a Federal Offense if we do not tell each other where we will be if we are not in each otherís shadow. I am calling to see if Mrs. Williams still has any of my junk. I have been trying to find Mom. This goes back a few years, do you remember after pop was killed and I gave up our apartment. Mrs. Williams let me keep some of the furniture in the spare room in your old apartment. I left an old black file box in the room. Do you know if Mrs. William has thrown it out?"

"Pat, that is out of my department. Let me ask Hun."

Jim muffed the phone and I could hear him yell, "Hun, Pat is on the phone. Do you have anything of his that he left in the old apartment?"

"Yes I do, let me talk to him."

Jane took the phone and said, "Sweetheart, how have you been. I havenít seen you since the wedding. Have you and Judy started a family?"

I chuckled and said, "Not yet, but we are trying."

Jane said, "Try harder, you wonít regret it. What are you looking for? I gave the items that I did not want to the Salvation Army."

"Pop had an old black file box that he kept some important papers in. I have been trying to find Mom, without any success."

Jane interrupted and said, "Sweetheart, I still have the box and some of your furniture. There is a problem. I opened the box and saw your parentís passports and citizenship papers in the box. I put a lock on the box so Ginger wouldnít get her finger in it. That has been a few years back. Here is the problem. I have not seen the key for some time. I put the key where Ginger would not find it and now I cannot find it. You will have to break the latch if I canít find the key. Do you need some of the documents that are in the box?"

"No, I have been trying to find my mother without any success. I have hopes that there is something in the box that has Momís Florida address on it. I have called all of the Marie OíHaraís in Florida and still havenít been able to find her. I will be over in a little while and pick it up."

Jane said, "Sweetheart, it is almost eleven. It will take you an hour to get up here. Jim will take it to Mc Noonís in the morning. You can pick it up there and save you from making the trip up here."

I told her that was fine and I had not looked at my watch. I did not realize that it was that late. She said, "Honey, I hope you find her. She was here looking for you after you father passed away. We had given her Jimmyís address. I do not think she contacted Jimmy. He was out of town when she was here. Good luck, and take good care of yourself. I love you and give my love to Judy. I cannot wait to see your children. I know they are going to be beautiful."

I thanked Jane for everything and told her I would pick up the box at Mc Noonís.

I got up early and went to Mc Noonís. Jim had been there for a couple of hours. He had his crew cleaning up the bar. I had not been in the bar for a couple of years. Jim had purchased the building next door added a restaurant and expanded the bar. The place looked wonderful. The bar was decorated with all type of Irish memorabilia. It looked just like an Irish Pub. I asked Jim if he was going to change the name of the bar to Jimís. Jim told me that he would never change the name of the bar. Mr. Mc Noon was like a father to him and his family. He felt that Mr. Mc Noon was up there keeping an eye on him. Jim told me that he talks with Mr. Mc Noon every day and somehow he feel that Mc Noon answers him. Jim said, "One day I bought a picture of a small village. I thought that it was an Irish Village . I hung the picture on the wall, turn around and the picture fell to the floor. I put it back up. I made damn sure that it would not fall. I had no sooner turned my back and the damn picture fell again. After the fourth attempt to hang the damn picture, I thought I heard Mc Noon. I looked up. I swear; I heard Mc Noon say that it was not an Irish Village . I took the picture back to the gallery where I bought it. I asked the clerk where the picture was painted and where was the village. The clerk did not know and he took the picture to the owner and asked him. He looked at the signature in the corner and said that the artist is a French painter and it was probably a French Village . Pat, I looked up and I could see Mc Noon smiling at me. I am not sure if we can communicate with people on the other side. But, somehow, Mc Noon is communicating with me. As Jimmy had told me about you, sometimes you did not know what was real or what was imaginary. I donít know if itís real or my imagination is playing tricks on me."

I laughed and said, "Jim, I have a funny feeling when I am making love with Judy. I can feel her parents watching us and hoping that Judy will get pregnant. I havenít hit a homerun yet, but we are trying. Judy cannot wait to get pregnant."

Jim smiled and said, "I tell Hun that you are doing your best to make little Pats and Judies. I heard her telling you to try harder. She will be very happy. She thinks you and Judy will have the most beautiful children in this world. She thinks you and Judy are the most beautiful couple she has ever seen and she cannot wait to see the babies. Pat you do have a very beautiful wife."

I thanked Jim and told him to thank Jane. I agreed with them about Judy. But, I could not agree with her about me. I see my ugly face every morning and at times, I cannot stand to look at it.

I thanked Jim for bringing me the black box. There was a locksmith only a few blocks away. He had it opened within a minute. I was impatient. I wanted to see what was in the box. I told the locksmith that it was very important that I examine the contents of the box. I asked the locksmith if he had a place where I could look at the documents. He took me into the back of the store and told me that I could dump the contents on a large table. I went through every piece of paper in the box. There were all of our birth certificates, passports, old pictures that were fading, and a few letters from a Mildred OíHara in Ireland . There were no envelopes with return addresses with the letters. The only thing that was left in the box was scraps of paper that had been torn from some of the documents. I looked inside the box for the fourth or fifth time. It was empty. I went through all the documents a couple more times. I still could not find anything that would help me. I had never been so frustrated. I let out a sigh of disappointment. I took one more look. I held the box under the overhead light. I looked down into the box. On the side of the box at the bottom was a scrap of paper stuck to the box. I tried to remove it. I took my knife and pealed it off. It was one of those address stickers that you get in the mail. Printed of the label was Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fox, 385 Grove Street Hollywood , Florida .

I put all the documents back into the box. Paid the locksmith and gave him an extra ten for the use of the table. I did not know if Mom had gotten married. I went to the office and found the Hollywood directory. There was a Henry Fox in the directory, but it had a different address. I dialed the number and a young girl answered. Chills ran through my body. At first, I started to hang up, and then I asked, "Is there a Marie OíHara living at this address?"

The young girl said, "No."

I felt so let down. I was getting ready to hang up when I heard a familiar voice say, "Nicky who is on the phone?"

"Someone is looking for a Marie OíHara."

There was a short pause then I hear my Mom say, "Give me the phone. Who is this?"

I wanted to say Mom its Patrick. I could not get the words out of my mouth. I said, "I am Patrick OíDonnell and I am looking for my mother Marie OíHara. We lived in New York City ."

I hear a gasp and then uncontrollable crying. A very nervous voice said, "Patty, is that you?"

"Yes Mom, itís me, how have you been?"

There was a silence for a few Moments. Mom said, "Darling I canít believe itís you. Where are you?"

"I am in New York ."

"How did you find me?"

"I have talked to dozens of Marie OíHaraís. Pop must have gotten a letter from you. He kept the return address sticker. I found it in the black file box we have. I was about to give up. Pop told me you had moved to Florida . I hoped that the man you went away with was named Henry Fox. Thank God it was."

"Patty before I lose you again. Give me your address and phone number. Are you coming to Florida ?í

"Yes, if you want me to."

"Of course, I want to see you. When will you be coming?"

"I am not sure; I will have to let you know."

"When you find out let me know. Patty, hold on for a minute. Nicky, go down to the store and get a six-pack of soda. There is money on the kitchen table."

"Mom, can I have an ice cream cone?"

"Yes you can, donít bring it in the house. Finish it outside then clean your sticky hands with the garden hose."

"OK, Mom"?

Marie took her hand off the mouthpiece and said, "Patty, Henry is the only one that knows about my past. I tried to erase my life in New York . I changed my name to Helen OíBrian. Henry still calls me Marie and the kids call me Mom. The kids think my name is Helen Marie. I have wanted to apologize to you for the type of life I led and for leaving you and your Dad. Honey, this has bothered me for many years. I tried to talk to you many times and never had the courage. I was too embarrassed and afraid of what would happen if I opened up my life to you. I could not bring myself to telling you how sorry I was for what I put you through. I cannot blame you if you never wanted to see me again. I prayed that someday you would forgive me for the way I treated you. I want to ask you to forgive me. I have wanted to tell you this for years. Again, I am very sorry that I left you and your father. I stayed with your father as long as I could. We never loved each other and we both knew it. I met Henry and he loves me very much. He loved me enough that he forgave me for the type of work that I did. He gave up his business just to get me out of New York . We are still married and as you know, we moved to Hollywood , Florida . We are very happily married and now you have two brothers and two sisters. After I married Henry, I wanted to hide my past. Over the years, Henry tried to get me to look for you. I tried to find you about a year after your father was killed. I did not know that your father had been killed. I went to his precinct and no one knew where Patrick and you were. As I was leaving a young man had been listening to the conversation between me and the officer on duty and told me that your father had been killed the year before and he did not know that Patrick had a son. No one in our old neighborhood knew where you lived. They had seen you around, and thought that you were driving a cab. I called all the cab companies. They looked through their list of employee and you were not listed."

I interrupted Mom, "Mom, you donít have to apologize. I know that you supported Dad and me for years. I am very glad that you are happy. I never knew that you and Dad didnít like each other. I never saw you fighting with Dad. I knew that dad chased women and I could not understand how you could put up with it. Dad told me that you went to Florida , but he did not know where in Florida . I became a cab driver after you left Dad. He bought me a hack license and a medallion cab. Frank and Jimmy were planning to go to college and Dad felt that I would always have a job if I owned a cab. I think Dad knew he had only a short time to live and that someone was out kill him. He never mentioned it to me. I could see the stress that he was going through shortly before he was killed. I had asked him if he was sick. He assured me that he was fine. He told me not to worry about him. I think he knew that he would not be around to send me to college, so he made sure that I would always have a job. He emphatically told me, do not sell the medallion and I would always have a job. He made me promise that I would not sell the medallion."

Mom asked, "Are you still driving a cab?"

"No Mom, I met the most wonderful young lady in this world. If I wasnít driving the cab, I would not have net her."

For the next hour, I told Mom how I met Judy, how we fell in love, about Julie murder and that I married the most wonderful person in the world. I did not mention that Judy was very wealthy.

Mom said, "Henry mentioned that he had read something in the paper about someone named Patrick OíDonnell being held for murdering someone. It never occurred to me that it could have been you. When did you get married?"

"We have been married for three months and fifteen days. About 6 months ago, I was locked up for a murder that I did not commit. With the help of Jimmy and Frank, they solved the case. Mom I would like very much to see you, Henry and my brothers and sisters. Also, I want you to meet my Beautiful Bride. She looks very much like you. You both are very beautiful. When can I come to see you?"

"Patty, you can come to see me any time you want. When would you like to come? Henry is busy at work. The kids are out of school. By the way, I named your two brothers after your best friends, Jimmy and Frank. I knew how much you liked them. I could not think of any other names that would give me more pleasant memories of my past life. It was one of the most precious moments of my past life, and I sincerely enjoyed watching you boys playing together. I would look out the window between customers and watching the three of you playing in the street. Your father would block off the end of the streets to keep the cars out. I watched him play with you boys. Patrick loved you very much Patty. Watching you and your friends playing together was the most enjoyable part of my life in Little Ireland. I wanted to say, to hell with making money. But, I could not. The loan sharks were hounding your father and me for the money they had loaned your father. When I had paid off the loan sharks, I just did not give a damn what anyone thought. I could not find a job anywhere that would pay me the money I was making. It did not bother your father and he encouraged me to keep working. Enough of that, I am sorry I mentioned it. Honey, we have not planned to go anywhere. Come when you want. We can make room for you and Judy you can stay with us. I would love to meet Judy."

"Mom, let me speak to Judy and find out when she will be free. I will call you and let you know when we can take a break. Mom, I am very happy for you. I am looking forward to seeing you and the rest of my family. Give everyone our love. I love you. Bye."

I went to Judyís office. Martha said that Judy was taking a break and for me to go on in. I opened the door and said, "I found Mom. She lives in Hollywood , Florida . When will you be free? I want you to meet her. I have never told you that you and Mom look very much alike. You both are very beautiful."

"Honey, you told me that we looked alike on our first date. I would love to meet your mother. I canít wait to see her. Honey, we can leave whenever you want. When would you like go?"

"I donít remember telling you that you and Mom looked alike. Maybe the hit on my head is not completely healed. Tomorrow, is that too soon?"

"No, tomorrow is great." Judy pushed a button on the intercom and said, "Martha, could you book us a flight to Hollywood , Florida ?"

"Not to Hollywood , how about Fort Lauderdale ?"

"Thatís fine. Do you have anything planed for us for the next couple of weeks?"

"Nothing, that canít be postponed,"

"I will call you and let you know where we will be. I am going to meet my mother-in-law and I canít wait to see her. Pat said that we look alike."

"You and Pat have a nice trip and donít worry about the business. It will take care of its self."

I called Mom and told her that we would be arriving tomorrow afternoon. I told her that I hoped that we were not inconveniencing her. She said, "Patty, you and Judy are part of our family. This is Judyís and your home. The door is always open to you. You and Judy can come anytime you want. I cannot wait to see the both of you. We are looking forward to seeing you. I love you. Do you want us to meet you at the airport?"

"Thanks Mom, we are scheduled to arrive at twelve-thirty. No, we have rented a car. I cannot wait to see you all. I love you. Bye."

"Bye darling."

We landed in Fort Lauderdale ; Martha had a limo waiting for us at the airport. I felt embarrassed; I did not want to shock my long lost family by driving up in a limo. I asked Judy if she mind if I rented a smaller car. She replied, "Sweetheart, you can rent anything you want."

I rented the smallest car that I could find. The only criteria, it had to hold all of the luggage. The trunk and the back seat were full. It looked like we had enough luggage to stay in Hollywood for a year. After I squeezed the last bag into the back seat, we headed for Hollywood . I told Judy that Mom had changed her name and the kids did not know about her past. I felt that Mom had a new life, she was very happy, and I did not want to destroy her happiness. I was afraid that Judy and I would upset Momís happiness. I was about to make a u-turn and go back to New York . I felt guilt for bringing back old and forgotten memories.

Without thinking, I pulled off to the side of the road and stopped. I sat quietly thinking. Judy looked at me, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She said, "What are you thinking about Honey."

"Mom sounded so happy; I donít want to upset Momís happiness. She has a new life and I am afraid that I will turn it upside down."

We sat quietly for a while. Judy reached across and turned my head. She looked me in the eyes and said, "I will never tell your mother that you told me that she was a prostituted, or mention it to her. If she brings it up, I will not condemn her for her past or discuss it unless she wants to. I am sure from what you have told me. She had to do it for you and your father; otherwise, she would have never done it. I am not proud of many things that I have done in my life. I am sure many people regret some of the things they have done. From what you have told me, she must be very excited to see us. We cannot disappoint her now."

I lifted Judyís hand and held it tightly. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she was still looking at me. I wondered what was going on in her mind. Without looking in her direction I said, "Sweetheart, you are wonderful. I donít know how to thank you."

I turned and gave Judy a hug. I could see in her forgiving eyes that she would never embarrass Mom. The excitement of seeing Mom was flooding my body. I thanked Judy again, and started the engine and we continued on our way. I had an illusion that the car was not moving, the palm trees were speeding passed us, and we were just floating in space. Like the palm trees, passing us by, I was thinking of the years that had passed me by. I could not wait to see Mom.


Marie OíHara:

After I hung up the phone with Patty, I hid in the bathroom from my children. I did not want to explain to them why I was crying. I had not told them that they had an older brother. I had pushed my life with Patty and Patrick to the back of my brain. I could not forgive myself for the life that I had put Patty through. Many times, I have cursed myself for the way I treated Patty when he was a child and through his teenager years. He was fifteen years old when I left him and his father.

I looked back and asked myself if I would have been a better mother if I had stayed. With Patrick dead, I would still be scraping up a living doing the same thing and acting the same way with Patty. I was selfish. I had had enough of the life Patrick could give me. I would still be servicing over sexed men. Sooner or later, the cops would have arrested me and taken Patty away from me. I felt that men would soon want more than what I gave them or look for someone younger to fulfill their sexual desires. 

I finally stopped crying and repaired the mess that I had made of my face. I wanted to go somewhere alone and think. The kids were roaming all over the house. I had to have a quiet place to think. I repaired the damage to my face. I called the kids and told them that I was not feeling well and I needed a little peace and quiet. I asked them to go into the recreation room, watch TV and turn the sound down low. I went into the bedroom. I started crying again. I locked the door just in case the kids decided to burst in on me as they usually do. I took off my dress and pulled down the covers. I crawled into the bed and closed my eyes.

My head was spinning. Flashes of moments of my life were flooding my mind. I was worried how the kids would react if they found out about my past life. My thought drifted further back into my life. I was wondering how I would have felt if I found out my Mom was a prostitute. I could not imagine my Mom doing what I had done. Would I have forgiven her? It the kids found out, would they forgive me? My mind drifted back to where I was born. I thought of things that I have not thought of in years. I remembered how much I loved my older sister Mildred. She was my security blanket, my idol, my friend, and she was only a little over a year older than me. Whenever something happened to me, I would go to Mildred. She would show me more sympathy then my mother or my father. She would put her arms around me and hug me tightly. She would comfort me until I had forgotten my problem. She was always there for me when I needed her.

We were born in a small village in the southern part of Ireland . My father and mother scraped a meager existence working part time for other people. We owned a small farm that only produced enough food to supply our family. I do not think either of my parents was educated. The money they made was just enough to keep us fed and keep a roof over our heads. Living conditions were tolerable, but not enough for a couple of teenage girls. There was a big world out there and we wanted to see it all. Mildred and I wanted more out of life than what our parents could give us. There wasnít a job anywhere close to where we lived. We would lay in bed at night fantasizing about thing we knew that would never happen. We wanted to see more of the world. We tried to think of a way to convince Mom and Dad to let us go to the big cities and look for work. Actually, it wasnít a problem. I think our parents were wondering when we would fly out of the nest. I felt that they were pushing us out of the house. We told Mom and Dad that we could make a living on our own in a larger city and they would not have to support us. Surprisingly they agreed. Our parents did not know how wrong they were and neither did we. We had no idea how much it would cost to live in the city. The little saving that we took with us would be spent in one day just to eat and have a roof over our heads.

We packed our meager belonging and headed for Dublin . The only way we could get to Dublin was to stand on the road with a sign asking for a ride. We were very excited about the trip. Our excitement was starting to wane. I was about to go back into the house and forget about leaving home. Mildred convinced me to wait a little longer. If we did not catch a ride today, we would try every day until we got a ride. I was ready to head back home when a farmer stopped and offered us a ride. The Moment I saw the look on his face, I knew that he had other things on his mind than giving us a ride. I told Mildred that I was afraid to get in the truck. She reminded me that we had been waiting for a ride for a few hours and she did not want to wait any longer. If we do not take this ride, we may be standing out here for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Mildred told me that she would sit next to the man and I followed her into the truck. It did not take long until the farmer started to fondle Mildred. She would politely pick up his hand with her thumb and index finger and put it back into his lap. It would not be long before he would start fondling Mildred again. She returned his hand to his lap a number of times and he never got the hint to stop.

After we had ridden for a couple of hours, he pulled off the main road into a dirt road. He drove a few hundred feet down the dirt road and pulled the truck into a clearing. Mildred rolled her eyes and gave me a weird look. She looked at the driver, reached down, and unbuttoned his pants. He smiled and watched her. She pulled it out and satisfied his sexual desires before he had time to think. It was over in less than a minute. After he got over the sexual excitement, he looked at Mildred and said, "Why in hell did you do that for? I didnít want you to do it with your hand."

Mildred said with a stern voice, "I know what you had on your mind and I did not want any part of it. I have satisfied your sexual urge, turn the truck around and head for Dublin . I just paid you for the trip."

The farmer did not say another word. He was fuming all the way to Dublin.   He let us off in the middle of Dublin and he said, "This is far as I am going to take you. If you were nicer, I would take you wherever you wanted to go and put you up for the night. If you tell anyone what happened, I will tell them you are nothing but a couple of whores."

Mildred laughed and said, "I hope you do. Tell those men over there that we are whores. I dare you."

The farmer gave Mildred a weird look and said, "They would believe me, not you."

Mildred laughed again and said, "How many virgin whores do you know."

Mildred nudged me to get out. I did not want to get out. It was drizzling and we would be soaked in a minute. We crawled out into the miserable weather. We roamed the streets looking for a place to stay. The prices for rooms were out of our reach. We both were soaking wet from the rain and our hair looked like a tangled patch of weeds. We looked like a couple of tramps, which we were. We huddled in doorways until we were kicked out. It was already dark. We saw a darken hallway leading up to a rear door. We cuddled up next to the door. We had only been there for only a few minutes. The door swung open and we fell into the room. An old bitch cursed us and chased us away. We gathered our things went out into the rain. We wandered the street in the pouring rain. Stopping in doorway and shelters until someone chased us away. We passed an alley and I saw a larger cardboard box under a shed. I said, "Letís sleep in it. It is better than hanging around on the street. With our last bit of strength, we crawled into our new home. Both of us were exhausted and starving. Oh, how I wished I had not left home. Anything was better than this. We were wet but the box sheltered us from the wind. We closed the flaps on the box and cuddled tightly together. Our body heat was starting to warm our wet bodies. We were asleep within a few minutes.

At the crack of dawn, a garbage man was dragging our box, with us in it, down the alley, it awakened us. I stuck my head out the box and yelled, "What the hell are you doing."

He said, "The shop owner wants the box out of the ally, as well as you."

We pleaded with him to leave the box. Mildred and I held on to the box and we were not going give it up. The garbage man grabbed the other side of the box and pulled, the box ripped apart. We both yelled at him as he walked away with the box. As he walked away with our home in his hands, he turned, looked at us, chuckled and shrugged his shoulders as if to tell us, what else could I do?

We had no idea what things would cost. We never had very much money to buy anything. We did not have enough money to eat much less rent a place to stay. Bread was the cheapest thing that we could buy. We lived on bread and water for the next few weeks, and slept in doorways after the shops were closed. We went to all of the shops asking for a job. They would look at us and chase us out of the shops. Looking back, I could not blame them. We even stood on the street corners begging for a few coins. An elderly woman that had given a few coins on a previous day stopped and asked Mildred if we had any housekeeping experience? Of course, Mildred said that we were excellent housekeepers. That was a lie. Mom took care of the house and the laundry. We slopped the pig, fed the cows, goats and chickens. Mom was always after us to keep our room clean. The room was so small that there wasnít any place to put anything. Everything was stacked in piles six feet high. There wasnít a closet in the room or drawers or shelfís to store anything.

The little old lady asked us to follow to her home. Everyone on the street that we passed was whispering among themselves. I thought they were thinking that we might rob the old lady. (Later, we found out that she had other things in her mind.) A couple men followed us down the street to the old ladies house. They were out in the street watching the house for a couple of hours until they saw me sweeping the front porch.

Miss Mulligan was an Angle. She paid us twice what she should have paid us. She fed us and bought us some decent cloths. It was a modest nine-room house. The house was beautifully furnished. We had never been in a home with such lavish furnishing. She gave both of us a room to ourselves. This is the first time in my life I had slept alone. For the first few days, I would wake up in the middle of the night and wanted to cuddle up to Mildred. I would sneak out of my room and climb in bed with Mildred. She told me that she had the same felling. She felt lonesome in the bed alone.

Miss Mulligan wanted the whole house cleaned. She wanted us to start on the third floor and work down. The rooms on the third floor looked as if no one had been in them for years. The dust was so thick that you could write your name in the dust. Mildred and I both worked harder than we ever had. We thought that we had found heaven and we hoped that we would never leave. It was obvious that we did not know how to cook. Miss Mulligan would assist us when we tried to prepare the meals. We never had it this good at home. It took us only a couple of weeks to clean and polish everything in the house. We were afraid that she would kick us out as soon as the house was cleaned. One night I snuck into Mildred room and we talked about what we would do when she dismissed us. We swore that we would not steal anything from Miss Mulligan. She had been very good to us. We felt that she would surely kick us out as soon as we were finished cleaning the house.

At the breakfast table, the following morning Miss Mulligan told us that we could stay as long as we wanted. This blew my mind. If we stayed and kept the house neat, she would still pay us and we would still have free room and board. She said we could still have separated rooms if we wanted. She asked if we wanted to share the same room. Mildred nudged my leg under the table. We knew that somehow she knew that we had slept together and possible heard our conversation. At times, it was nice to have your own room. At night, I was a little afraid of the dark and I wanted to have Mildred near me. Mildred opened her big mouth and said, "My little sister hasnít slept alone since she was a child. At night when she feels lonesome, she came in to sleep with me. You know how children are."

I kicked Mildred leg under the table and she jumped. If looks could kill Mildred would be dead. We both told Miss Mulligan that we did not have another job and if she wanted us to stay for a while longer, we would love to stay. I did not tell her that we wanted to save a lot more money before we left her home. We had not spent any of the money that Miss Mulligan had paid us and we were going to save enough to rent a place of our own if Miss Mulligan kicked us out.

Miss Mulligan had her own friends. She would come and go at various times. She had her little world and we had ours. She never told us when she would leave and when she would return. We never knew where she went and whom she saw. No one had come to visit her while we were living with her.

We had been living with Miss Mulligan for about three month. There was a knock on the door. Miss Mulligan was not at home. This was the first visitor we had seen since we moved in. Mildred went to the door. A very well dressed man asked if Miss Mulligan was at home. Mildred told him no and that she did not know when she would be returning. He told Mildred that he would wait. He was in his late twenties or early thirties. He was sure that Miss Mulligan would be home soon. He said that he was a very close friend of Miss Mulligan and he had visited her many times. Mildred had fallen for him.

He knew his way around the house. He went into the kitchen, pulled out a couple of wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Mildred and he were ignoring me. I do not think he even looked at me. I was jealous and it crushed my pride. I felt left out, so I went up stairs to my room. I looked at myself in the mirror. The boys always liked Mildred more then they liked me.

Mildred and the gentleman were having a ball. I had never heard Mildred laughing and giggling so much. I wanted to see what was going on. I peeked in on them a couple of times and Mildred was falling all over him. As far back as I can remember she never drank anything stronger than a cup of coffee. He had his hands all over Mildred and she did not move them. She looked as if she was enjoyed his advances. She was letting him tough every part on her body.

I was at the top of the stair watching when he started to unbutton her dress. He was well below her breast, almost to the middle of her dress. The front door rattled. I saw the fear that ran through Mildred face. She was a little intoxicated. Wobbling, she found her way to the stairs and hurried up the stairs. I helped Mildred into her room and helped her button up her dress. She was too drunk to go downstairs. I told Mildred to stay in her room, if it was Miss Mulligan, and she asks about her, I would tell her that you felt ill. I went down the stairs and I heard Miss Mulligan talking to the gentleman. I did not go into the room. I listened from outside the door. They were whispering. I could not make out what they were saying. Miss Mulligan was trying to hide her laughter. Oh, how I wished I knew what they were laughing about. When I came into the room, they both stopped talking instantly. They looked at each other as if they thought I had heard what they were saying. I told Miss Mulligan that Mildred was not feeling well and she would not be down until she felt a little better. The gentleman confirmed that Mildred looked a little uneasy when she was down stairs and he had suggested that she go upstairs and rest. That was a liar. I do not think he said a word that was the true for the rest of the evening.

Later Mildred came down. She did everything she could not to say a word to him or look at him. Whenever he would say something to her, she would give a short answer and then shut up. During dinner, Miss Mulligan never introduced us to the gentleman. I thought it was quite strange that Miss Mulligan never mentioned his name.

After the gentleman left, Mildred and I went upstairs to bed. I felt that something was going on between them. I could sense it. I did not know what it was but I knew that I could not trust them. It bothered me so much that I told Mildred not to trust them. I told Mildred that I felt there was a strange relationship going on between the two. She did not think so. She was so much in love with the gentleman that she did not listen to anything I had to say. She was only seventeen and she was in love with a man twice her age. She thought that he was the greatest man in the world. While we lay there quietly, she said to me, "I think George wants to marry me."

If George loved her and wanted to marry Mildred, I wished her the very best. I had never seen Mildred this happy. She was floating on air. I did not want to upset the beautiful mood she was in. I was very happy for her.

The following morning when I went down to prepare breakfast I asked Miss Mulligan what was the gentleman name. She stuttered a little and said that his name was Samuel. She was not a good liar. Mildred had told me that his name was George. Who was lying? Was it Miss Mulligan or George? Now I did not believe either one of them.

The next few weeks seemed to fly by. George would drop in three of four times to see Mildred. He always came in when Miss Mulligan was not around and leave about fifteen minutes before Miss Mulligan returned. Miss Mulligan would leave everyday about the same time and a few minutes later George would show up. What a coincident. It was as if they had planned it. Mildred was getting deeper in love with George. She was constantly going to the front door and looking out to see if he was coming up the walk. When he arrived, Mildred was in another world. Mildred would ask me to get lost and leave them alone. There was nothing else in the world except George. She worshiped him. She would hang around the house all day waiting for George to show up.

I wanted her to go out on the town with me, visit a few pubs and have a little fun. She knew that George was going to ask her to marry him and she did not want him to catch her going out with someone else. She thought that she would be unfaithful to George if she went out with another man or not at home when he arrived. I was not going to hang around the house just to keep Mildred company while she was waiting for George. As time passed, we never knew when George would pop in. The meetings became further apart.

I went out to the pubs alone. I had to have a little excitement. I met a number of nice men. They all wanted something that I was not going to give them. One evening a very handsome man came into the pub. All the women went out of their minds over him. Later I found out that his name was Patrick OíDonnell. They all flocked around him. He was teasing all of them. He would hug and kiss one then turn to another. He would put his hands on their butts and press his body tightly against them. Some of the girls appeared as if they were having an organism. He was quite a man. All the lassies wanted his body. I was no different. He set off a buzz inside of me. But, I did not want to face the competition. I stood back and watched all the girls make fools of themselves. I wanted him, but I would not fight for him. He had to come to me. If he wanted my body, he had to come to me. I promised myself that I would never beg a man to come to me. He must want me as much as I wanted him.

George would come around to see Mildred for a few days, and then he would be gone for a long while. He said that he had to go away on business. The last time George came to see Mildred, she told me that he was pressing for a sexual relationship. She would not let him have her and they fought about it. I had told her not to give in and I repeated, "Do not trust him. All he wants is your body and donít cheapen yourself."

George had not been around for some time. Mildred missed not having him around. She wanted to talk to someone else about the relationship. She knew I did not trust him and she needed support from someone else. Miss Mulligan hinted that George loved Mildred very much. She did not say that Mildred should have sexual relations, but she came very close. She would tell Mildred what a beautiful couple they were and they would have a beautiful family.

Mildred felt that Mom would be on her side and tell her what she wanted to hear, "George loves you."

Mildred asked Miss Mulligan if it would be all right for us to visit our parents. She said that would be wonderful.

We had been at home for a week. Mom and Mildred had a long talk about George. Mom was noncommittal. Mom told me to leave Mildred alone. She had to make the decision herself. She would be the one that had to live with her decision. I was getting bored at home, I returned to Dublin without Mildred. The nights were empty. I had nothing to do but read. During the evening, I was strolling through the various neighborhoods. One evening I passed a college campus. I got the bright idea that I wanted to get a college education. I had not finished my last year in school and they would not allowed me attend the classes. Never the less, they were very helpful. They told me I could go to classes at night and finish my high school education. They were quite helpful. They helped me fill out the paperwork for the night courses.

Mildred had graduated from high school before we left home. When Mildred came back, she was a great help. She helped me over the rough spots and it made my studying much more enjoyable. It was an accelerated course and I finished it in six months. We both signed up for evening classes at the college. We did not make a habit of hitting all the local pubs. We found a quiet place where we could study and have coffee instead of beer. It was a nice neat little pub with very few customers. It was not noisy like some of the other pubs. One evening I thought my heart was going to jump out of my body. Patrick OíDonnell walked into the pub and headed toward me. His eyes were glued on me, not Mildred. This was the first time in my life that a boy chose me instead of Mildred. This heightened my ego. I was so excited that I felt like I was going to faint. I felt the blood running up into my face. My breaths became faster. My body started to tremble. He walked over to our table and pulled up a chair and said, "You are Marie OíHara, I saw you over a Sallyís Pub. You have not been over there for some time. Where have you been? I asked around and someone told me your name. I thought that you had vanished. What have you been doing?"

I was so nervous that I could not open my mouth. I could not believe it; he had been looking for me and he knew my name. My mouth was dry and I tried to say something. I had to clear my throat before the words would come out. I introduced Patrick to Mildred and told him that I had been going to school and it had taken up most of my evenings. After about thirty minutes, Mildred excused herself and went home. She lied and said that she had something important to do and left me alone with Patrick. I saw the slight smile in her face as she left the pub. I wondered what she was thinking.

Without Mildred next to me, I could not think of anything to say. Patrick would ask me a question and I would give him a short answer and would not contribute to the conversation. Slowly as the evening progressed, I started to question Patrick. I was so nervous that it was hard for me to think of something to say. For the remainder of the evening we talked about each otherís life until the Pub closed. I did not climb all over him even though I wanted to. I did let him put his hands around my waist when he walked me to Miss Mulliganís home. It was a non-eventful parting; I thanked him for walking me home and gave him a peck on the cheek. Oh, how I wanted to climb all over him. I was no better than the other young girls that I had seen with him in the Pub. Now I knew how the other girls felt when they were in his arms. A fire had been burning inside of me all the time I was with Patrick. Now, I knew how Mildred must have felt when she was with George.

For the next few weeks, Patrick showed me parts of Ireland that I had never seen. He took me out to the place where he worked and lived. It was like a castle with endless grounds in all directions. There were the most beautiful horses that I had ever seen. Patrick said he and the last four generations of his family had worked and were been born on the estate. He encouraged me to come and work on the estate. He said that they would pay me much more money than Miss Mulligan would and I could still go to college.

Patrick said that he could get Mildred and I jobs at the estate. I talked it over with Mildred. She was still in love with George even though his visits were getting further apart. She still felt that he would eventually ask her to marry him. She felt that if she left Miss Mulliganís home George would think she no longer wanted him. She was not going to give up on George. When I tried to persuade Mildred that he was just leading her on, she would vigorously defend George and would walk away from me. She never fussed at me or told me to mind my own business. She would simple walk away from me with a determined look on her face. Mildred love for George was pushing Mildred and me farther apart. It was the first time I felt that Mildred wanted me to get lost. She would not listen to reason. Nothing that I could say or do would convince her to drop George. Still, she had not given in to George. She wanted George to ask her to marry him before she gave in to his desires. From what I had heard George say to Mildred, I was almost certain that he would never ask Mildred to marry him, especially not anytime soon. He had other things on his mind and they did not include a family. He had not been around for a few months and she did not know when he would return. I tried to get her to go out with other men she still refused. I stopped trying to convince Mildred that George would never marry her. Like Mildred, I was deeply in love also. I would go to the end of the world with Patrick.

Patrick got me a job at the estate. The money was great and the work was easy. I could still attend college at night. Patrick and I were getting a little closer every day. I did not know how much longer I could hold him off or myself. I wanted him as much as he wanted me. I was becoming weaker every time I was with him. Patrick had not mentioned marriage and neither did I. I was not ready for a commitment. Yet, I wanted Patrick. I had preached to Mildred about giving in to George. Now look at me. I should practice what I had preached to my sister. Now I knew how hard it was not to give in to your desires. It was tearing me apart.

I had been working at the estate for about three months. On a bright and sunny morning, I felt wonderful. I was so happy with my new life. There was a tap on my door. I opened the door. To my surprise, it was the head housekeeper. She had never been to my quarters. I asked her to come in she declined. She told me that the lady of the house wanted to have a talk with me. I followed her out of the building to the main house. I was trying to think of what she would want to talk to me about. I had been worked my butt off. I wanted to make a good impression on everyone. I was thinking the worse. Maybe I was spending too much time with Patrick. Before I got to the main house, I was certain that she was going to fire me. But why?

My wonderful day was destroyed. The housekeeper did not say a word to me. She always had a hatred look on her face. We walked over to the main house. The housekeeper still had not said a word to me. She led me up a curved flight of stairs. I felt this was my last day at the estate or they were going to tell me to leave Patrick alone. We had been spending too much time together. Again, the housekeeper gave me an angry look and I expected the worst. The housekeeper knocked gently on the door. The door swung open and the Lady asked me to come in. I was so scared that I could not move. I was ready to run back down the stairs, grabbed my things and go back to Miss Mulliganís. I was hoping that she would let me come back. Then Lady Allison motioned for me to come in. I stood there motionless for a minute. She reached out her hand took my arm, led me into the room and shut the door. She said, "Come in Marie. I am Lady Allison, how do you like working for us? Please have a seat."

Of course, I loved the pay and the work was easy. I have the evenings free and most of the weekends. What else could I say, "I love it very much. I have enjoyed living out her in the country. The air and everything is so clean and beautiful."

Lady Allison said, "I am very glad that you like it here. We are like a big family. We all try to please everyone living out here. We want you to enjoy your life out here and never have to worry about anything again. I understand you and Patrick have been dating each other. Patrick is a very nice young man. We are very close and I want him to be happy. Do you like Patrick?"

I adored Patrick. I wanted to marry him. I knew what she was going to say, keep anyway from Patrick. He is mine and I do not want a young bitch like you sleeping with him. I was not going to let her walk all over me. I would quit the damn job before I would let her tell me whom I could love.

I cleared my throat and sat up straight in the chair and said, "I am very much in love with Patrick. I think he would be a wonderful husband. I wish that he would ask me to marry him. I do not know if he likes me. I hope he like me. He told me that he loves me, but he has not asked me to marry him."

Lady Allison said, "I see, do you expect him to marry you?"

What a question to ask. With fire in my eyes, I said, "Of course I do, I would marry Patrick in a minute if he asked me."

Lady Allison looked around the room and did not say anything for a few minutes. She looked as if she was trying to think of something to say to me. She smiled and said, "Would you be friendly with him if he did not ask you to marry him?"

I had to think about what she was saying. It did not sound right. Wouldnít I be friendly with him? What did she mean? I said, "I have always been friendly with Patrick. At least up to this point in our relationship. I am not quite sure what you mean."

Allison smile again. She looked me up and down and said, "Of course you know what I mean. He is the best-looking man in Ireland . Donít you want to be intimate with Patrick? He needs a woman like you to fulfill his manhood. Men must be serviced. We must do everything we can to make them happy even if we are not married to them. What are a few moments of passion between two friends? I think you should be a little friendlier with Patrick. Think about what I am saying. We all must work together to keep everyone happy. I know you understand what I am saying. You can go now. We will talk again soon."

Lady Allison got up took my hand and led me to the door. The way she looked at me scared the hell out of me. She is asking me to give in to Patrick. Let him do whatever he wants. How does she know that we have not had a sexual relationship? Has Patrick told her?

For the remainder of the day, I could not think of anything but Lady Allison requesting that I have a sexual relationship with Patrick without being married to him. She said that we have to keep everyone happy. Do I have to spend the day having sex with every man on the estate? Does she think I am a whore?

After I finished my work, I went to my room. Patrick was lying on the bed. I stood there looking down on him without saying anything. Had Allison told him that I would have sex with him and he was waiting for me to jump in bed with him? Patrick called me over to him, I did not move. I glared at him and he said, "I understand that Lady Allison talked to you today."

I shut the door behind me and I asked, "What did you tell her about our relationship?"

Patrick smiled at me and said, "She asked me if we had been intimate. I told her no, but we were very much in love. She was quite disappointed that we had not been intimate."

"Why in hell is it any of her business whether we are intimate or not. Who does she think she is? Just because I work for her, she has no right to tell me who I should have sex with."

I could not read the look on Patrick face, what was he thinking. Was he expecting me to jump in bed with him just because Lady Allison suggested that I be friendly with him? Did she hire me to service everyone on the estate? The more I thought about it, the more humiliated I became. I did not want to blame Patrick. I was still very much in love with him. I wanted to kill Miss High and Mighty. I dare, she tells me who I should sleep with. The more I thought about Allison request, the more humiliated I became.

At this point, I was furious; I did not want to discuss the matter. I might say something that I would regret. I asked Patrick to please leave. Patrick got up and glared at me as he walked across the room. I shut the door behind him. I lay down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. My thoughts went back to this morning when the Bitch suggested that I give myself to Patrick I wanted to strangle the Bitch. What will she do if I refuse to have sex with Patrick? If the Bitch had kept her mouth shut, Patrick and I would have become intimate within a couple of weeks. I knew that I could not resist his advances much longer. Should I let her fire me or I should I quit? Would Patrick still want me? Would I let my pride ruin my life? Should I give in to her wishes and sleep with Patrick. I was so mad and confused that I could not think. I decided to take a long walk. I looked across the meadows. The estate was so huge that I could not see where it ended. I walked until it was almost dark. I looked around and I could not see the buildings. I wanted to continue walking and never come back. Where would I go? I would have to go back to my quarters to get my things. I headed back to the buildings. I had not realized how far I had walked. The walk out was enjoyable. There was no moon in the sky. Now it was pitch black. I could not see the lights from the buildings. A chill ran through my body. I was afraid that I was lost. I had always been afraid of the dark. I stumbled across the darken fields. I felt that I had been walking forever. Finally I could see the building in the distance. As I got closer to the building, I noticed that I was approached the building from the opposite side. I had been walking in a circle. When I got back to my room, I was exhausted. I flop down on the bed and did not wake up until morning.

 As I look back to that day, I was only a sixteen-year-old child. What a decisions I had to make. At college, I was studying about the world. I was fascinated about America . I had read so many wonderful things about America that I wanted to see all of it. America was so far away and away from the rest of the world that I had lived in. I had fantasized about taking a trip to America . America was so huge. You could drive around for years and never see it all. It was a whole new world out there waiting for me. If I asked Patrick to go with me, would he go? Would he tell her Royal Highness?

For a teenager, it was a major decision to make. I was so confused and lost in this world. I was mad at Mildred because she did not want to give up on George. Yet, I did not want to give up Patrick. I felt that we both had our fantasies and they would never come true. For the next few nights, I roll and toss in bed for hours wondering what I should do. At last, I had stopped thinking about Patrick and the Bitch. I had dreamed about taking a cruise on a big ship and crossing the Atlantic Ocean to a new world. My mind was made up; I am going to go to America . I had forgotten about one thing, money. I had saved enough money to get me there. What would I do after I got to America ? I had to solve that problem after I got to America . I felt that I could always get a job. First, I must get the hell out of this place with or without Patrick. I was not going to let that Bitch control my life.

The following morning I was more determined to go to America than ever. When I saw Patrick, I told him that I wanted to talk to him when I finished work. He wanted to know why. I did not know if he would tell Lady Allison. I knew she would talk him out of it. I told him to wait and we could talk about it that evening.

I was not going to ask him to go to America with me until I knew that he still loved me. All day I rehearsed what I would say to Patrick about our relationship. It turned out to be a wasted effort.

That evening when Patrick came to my room, I hit him with barrage of questions and he would not commit himself. He twisted everything around that I said and left me in a quandary. I still did not know if he loved me. I shut up and let him talk. What I had said to Patrick had gone in one ear and out the other. He wanted us to live together without us being married. I had made up my mind; I was not going to have sex with him until we were married. When he finished talking, my mind was scrambled. I could not think rationally. Now, more than ever I wanted to go to America . When my brain settled down, I asked Patrick, "Would you like to go to America . I am going to America with you or without you. Nothing you can say or anyone else can say will change my mind."

Patrick did not answer me. He sat up in bed with a dazed look on his face. I wondered what was going on in Patrickís mind. From his facial expressions, I felt that he wanted to go with me. I could see the excitement in his eyes. I do not think he ever thought of leaving Ireland . In his face, I could see his mind working. He tightened his lips and looked up at me. For a Moment or two, he did not say anything, and then he said, "When are we leaving?"

He caught me off guard. I could not believe what he had said. I thought I was dreaming. I was so excited I ran over and jumped in bed with Patrick. I felt that he loved me. I was so happy about his answer that I could not believe him. I asked Patrick again, "What did you say?"

"When are we leaving? I have to close my bank account. It is going to cost me every cent I have."

I knew that he loved me. I climb all over him. I almost gave in to my desires.

In less than a week, we were on our way to America . Patrick and I were up on deck watching the ship plow through the waves. The moon was just peeking over the horizon. It painted a path across the water. The air was cool. Patrick opened his coat and pulled me close to his body. He wrapped the coat around me. I wrapped my arms around his body. Feeling the warmth and strength of his body, I want to give myself to him. We hugged, kissed and touched every part of our bodies. Patrick with his powerful arms picked me up and carried me to our cabin. It was three flights below deck. He laid me in one of the bunks. I laid there motionless and watched him undress. Patrick had a beautiful body. His muscles rippled as he moved around the cabin. He sat on the edge of the bunks next to me. He removed my jacket. He pulled me against his bare chest and slowly unbuttoned the back of my dress. He pulled the dress up over my head. I did not have anything on under the dress. My firm breasts were exposed. I had never let any man see my naked body. He cupped my breast in his hands and kissed the nipples. He laid me down and removed my panties. I wanted to say no, but I could not. I gave Patrick my virginity. It was the most romantic experience in my life. For the remainder of the trip every evening we made love. I did not want it to ever end.

When we arrived in America , it seemed like an endless process of getting into the country. Our next problem was to find a place to stay. We could either eat or spend all of our money on a room. We ate and slept in alleyways and doorways for the first two weeks. Someone told Patrick about the welfare department. They found Patrick a part time job scrubbing floors in a larger building and a small room for us to live in. I found a couple of part time jobs. They only lasted a week or two. A month had passed and I missed my period. I did not think anything about it. When I missed my second period and I was starting to feel a little uneasy in the morning. I knew that I must be pregnant. As time passed, I began to show. The unemployment office would not send me out on other jobs. I canvassed the streets asking for work. They would look at me and glace down at my stomach. They were polite, but they would not hire me. We did not have any money or health insurance. One evening when Patrick came home, I was trying to empty an empty stomach in the toilet. This was one of the few times that Patrick had showed me any sympathy. He took me to a doctor a few blocks away. The doctor was short, fragile, and not much over five feet tall. I think that he was Jewish. He name was Amos Rubenstein. Amos gave me a complete examination and asked my age. I could see the disappointment in his eyes. He gave Patrick an angry look. I felt that I knew what he was thinking, "How in hell could a young girl my age get herself in this condition."

I had never been so embarrassed. I was ashamed of being pregnant and having him look at every part of my naked body. He touched or felt parts of my body that I had never felt. Yet, he was a gentle old man and very professional. After it was all over, my embarrassment about him examining me had faded away. I had more trust in Amos than anyone else that I have ever known. He gave me some pills to help with the nausea and told me to come see him every month. He gave me his office number and his home number and told me if I had any problems, I should call him regardless of what time it was. Fortunately, I did not have any major problems. Every month he examined everything. I was no longer embarrassed when he touched my body. I became very attached to Amos. I felt that I had known him all my life. His concern for my baby and me won my love for him. I would always give him a couple of kisses on his cheeks. It always brought a beautiful smile to his face. He would pat me on my back and escort me into the waiting room. This was one of the joyful moments of my pregnancy. The most joyful moment was when Patty little body slid out of my body into Amosís hands.

On the evening, that my water broke Patrick was not at home. I was scared to death. I called Amos at his home and told him what had happen. Within ten minutes, Amos was knocking at the door. A few minutes later Patty was born. Amos held Patty by his feet and gently patted Patty on his butt. Patty cried for the first time. Amos cut the cord, wrapped Patty in a towel and gave Patty to me. Amos had called an ambulance. When the Ambulance arrived they wrapped Patty and I in a blanket and slid me onto a stretcher. It they had not strapped me into the stretcher I would have slid off as they carried me down the five flights of steps. They admitted me into the hospital reluctantly. I had not made any arrangements and I did not have any insurance.

When Patrick came home and could not fine me, and saw the blood on the bed, he went out of his mind. He noticed the pad with Amos telephone number on it and called Amos. Amosís wife answered and told Patrick where we were.

I had never seen Patrick cry. When he entered the room and saw Patty nursing, he burst into tears. At that moment, it was worth the nine months of nausea. The love and affecting that came from Patrick overwhelmed me. It was one of the beautiful memories of my life. Patrick loves Patty. He was Patrickís pride and joy. He would take walks with Patty and show him off to everyone in the neighborhood.

Having Patty had put us deeply in debt. Amosís bill was not that bad. It was the Ambulance and the hospital bill that put us in the hand of the loan sharks.

One evening while Patrick was scrubbing floors the night watchman asked Patrick why he did not get a job as a cop. He felt that a big young Irish lad like himself would not have any problem getting a job in the NYPD. Patrick applied for a job. There was one reason after another why they did not hire him. With Pattyís needs, it was costing us more money than what was coming in. We were getting deeper in debt every day. The salary of the part time jobs that Patrick had was not enough to pay all the bills. I did not know it; Patrick had been borrowing money from loan sharks. Every day we were getting deeper in debt. We both were taking any job that was offered to us. We were getting desperate. One evening I was watching the street from the front window of our room. The prostitutes were pulling four or five tricks an hour. Patrick was lying on the bed and I told him to come over to the window and take a look. I have regretted that moment since I said it. He stood behind me and looked down on the streets, then asked, "What are you looking at?"

"The prostitutes, they are pulling a least four tricks an hour."

The next few words that came from Patrickís mouth destroyed my love for Patrick. I never forgave him for what he said. In some ways, I wish I had. How could someone say these words to someone that they loved? Patrick said, "What donít you go down there and do a few tricks. I donít have enough money for a beer."

I could not believe what he had said. God only knows how much I wanted to kill him. I felt like every ounce of my strength had left my body. I wanted to slap his face and claw out his eyes. I looked around the room for something to hit him with. Fortunately, I took a deep breath and cooled down. Yet, hate and anger was ripping me apart. I wanted to grab my baby, walk out of the apartment, and never come back. I looked across the room and saw Patty sleeping so beautifully. If he only knew, what his father wanted me to do. I have never told Patty what his father wanted me to do. There was no way that I would walk away from my baby. I was fuming for a half an hour. I wanted to see if Patrick really meant what he said. To spite Patrick, I put on my nicest dress. Patrick watched me getting dressed; he did not say anything to me. I opened the door hoping he would say that he was just kidding. He did not say a word. I was crushed. I was too mad to cry. My whole life had flipped over. The man that I loved wanted me to be a whore. I had to sell my body so he could have a beer. I had to support my child and myself. If I had to sell my body to support my baby, I would. As I walked down the stairs to the street, one part of me was saying, "He is just kidding. He will call to me and tell me to come back."

He did not stop me or call to me. I stopped and looked back hoping Patrickís was coming after me. I did not see him. I looked up at the apartment; Patrick wasnít looking out the window. I expected to see him coming out of the front of the building. I waited for a few minutes hoping that he would catch up with me. I was humiliated. I swore that if he did not stop me, I would never marry him. I crossed the street where the girls were standing. I was surprised. The girls were quite friendly. They asked me who I was working for. I told them for myself. One of the girls said that her pimp might not like it. I told her that I would take the chance and that he did not own the streets or the customers. I asked them how much were they charging. One of the girls said that she started at fifty, but she will go down to twenty-five if she had to. She said that we would have to pay the hotel manager five dollars for the use of the room and the pimp would take ten.

I hadnít been on the street a few minutes; a meek young man came up and asked me how much I charged. I told him that I wanted fifty bucks. He handed me the fifty and I took his hand led him down to alley that went behind my building. I took him into the back hall. I started to open up his pants. He pulled away and said, "Are we going to do it here?"

I continued to unbutton his fly and said, "Do you want to pay a hundred buck and go to a hotel room."

He shook his head and said, "No."

I took his personal in my hand and satisfied his sexual desire. He was a little upset with me and said that he wanted to have sexual intercourse. I asked, "Do you have five hundred dollars?"

Again, he replayed, "No."

"Sweetheart, you donít get to use all of my body for only fifty dollars."

I pointed to the door that led to the alley. He hesitated then led the way out the door. I went to the corner and only one girl was still there. I walked up to her. I saw fear written all over her face. She tried to warn me with her eyes. I did not take the hint. A black man came out of the shadows and said, "Get the fuck off of this corner. You are cutting into my business."

I asked, "How much did you pay the city for this corner."

"Babe, I am not going to tell you again. Get the fuck out of here. If you donít I will beat your fucking face to a pulp and no one will ever want you."

I looked up at my apartment and Patrick was looking down on us. He looked like a giant standing in the window. I said, "See the man in the window up there, if you touch me he will blow your brains out. He does not mind sharing his corner with you, but he will not let you take it over. If you touch me he will kill you."

I did not know if the sight of Patrick standing in the window scared him or he did not want any trouble. Anyway, he turned around and walked away. I made four more tricks before I went upstairs. They all expected me to go all the way. My last trick wanted his money back. I refused to give it back to him. He pushed me against the wall; I kneed him in the groan. He fell to the floor. I told him that my pimp would kill him if he touched me again. I went out the back door. I headed for the corner. The incident frightened me. I decided to call it quits. When I got to the room, Patrick was asleep with his mouth wide open. I wanted to stuff the money down his throat. The two hundred and fifty dollars was going to pay off some of the bills. What I had left over would go to pay off the loan sharks.

I continued servicing men in the back of the building until we had enough money for a larger apartment on the top floor of a building down the street. I set up one of the rooms where I could give my friends a nice massage in private. I was getting repeat customers. I no longer had to pick up customers off the street. My business was growing. Someone was spreading the word. Over the months, I paid off all the loan sharks and got a few bucks ahead. Some of Patrickís Irish friends pulled a few strings and Patrick became a police officer in the local precinct. With both of us working, life became a little easier. As the years went by Patrick and I grew further apart. We had never gotten married and neither one of us wanted to get married. He had his girl friends and I had my business friends. We had stayed together for Patty sake. Patrick and I very seldom had sex. On special occasion when we went out on the town or when I felt a little horny, I gave into Patrickís and my urges.

As the years flew by, I became sick of massaging menís personals. For a long time I did not care to have sexual intercourse with anyone including Patrick. We could not afford to live in two separate apartments. I had my space in the apartment, Patrick had his and Patty had a bunk in my room. The third bedroom is where I serviced my customers. I do not think it would have made any difference in my relationship with Patrick if he lived in another apartment. Most of the time, Patrick was never around. I hated what I was doing and what I was doing to my son. When Patty was five, I did not want him to be in the apartment when I serviced my customers. I would ask him to play in his fatherís room or the bathroom, or send him out on the streets. I hated myself for what I was doing, and what I was doing to Patty. Each day I hated it more. I could not give up my business. We could not live on Patrickís salary alone. I had to continue servicing my business friends.

Through all the hell I had been through, something wonderful happened to me. One day a very nice man came to my apartment. I thought that he wanted to be serviced like all the others. He gave me my usual fee and sat on the bed where I serviced my customers. I told him to take off all of his clothes. He looked up at me and asked, "How long do you usually take with a customer."

I laughed, I thought that was a strange question and said, "It can very. It can be as short as ten minutes or as long as thirty or forty minutes. That depends on the individual"

He said, "Marie, may I have thirty minutes of your time, I want to talk to you."

"Sure, you have thirty minutes. What can I do for you?"

"I just want to talk to you. Is that OK?"

No one had ever come to me just to talk to me. This guy must be a fruitcake. I asked, "What do you want to talk about. Are you a religious freak that is trying save me from my sins, are you? I cannot afford to give up my business."

With a straight face he said, "Yes and no. I have seen you around the neighborhood for some time. I know what you have been doing. I know you had to do something to support yourself, Patrick and your son. I have fallen in love with you. I am obsessed with you. I want to marry you and take you as far away from this hellhole that you are living in. I will take you to the other side of the world if you want."

I could not believe what he was saying. I did not know what to say. A stranger has fallen in love with me. He wants to take me away from the mess that I am living in. I had the strangest feeling running through my body. I wanted to grab him and go. I was not thinking about Patrick or Patty. I was thinking only about myself. I would do anything to get out of the world that I was living in. Who is this man? Could I trust him? I cannot believe he is real.


A voice said to me, "Donít throw everything away. You do not know anything about this man. Who is he? Can you trust him? Tell him that you want to think about his offer. Ask him to tell you about his life. Ask him why he thinks that he in love with you."


I sat next to him and said, "You seem to know everything about me. I do not know anything about you. Tell me who you are and why I should believe you."

He cleared his throat and said, "I am Henry Fox. I am an accountant. I have my own office here in New York . A few years ago, I saw you on the street. Instantly, I fell in love with you. I cannot explain why I fell in love with you, but I did. I had to know everything about you. The more I knew about you, the more I loved you. At first I thought you and Patrick were married. I tried to forget about you. I knew I could never have you. But, I could not forget about you. The further away I felt you were, the more I want to marry you. I became obsessed with you. About a month ago, I found out that you and Patrick were not married. I could not hold myself back. I wanted to come over at that very moment and ask you to marry me. I knew so much about you that I felt you knew everything about me. When I came back to reality, I realized that you knew nothing about me and why would you want to marry me. I could not think of a way to approach you. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my office and my secretary saw that something was bothering me. She asked me if she could help. I told her that I was very much in love with someone that did not even know that I existed and I wanted to tell her how much I loved her. She told me to tell you that I was in love with you. The worst that can happen, you will slap me and tell me to get lost. At least you will know that I love you. It would draw your attention to me. All night I tried to build up enough courage to come over here. I want very much to marry you. It has hurt me so much to see you with other men. I want you to know that I will always love you whether you love me or not. I will never hold what you are doing against you. I promise that I will leave you alone if you do not want to have anything to do with me. If sometime in the future, you think that there is a chance you might love me. I will be waiting for you."

 Tears rolled down my cheeks. From the tone of his voice and the way he expressed himself, I could feel the love he had for me, it was radiating through my body. I put my arm around him and kissed him on the cheek. He looked over at me. Tears started to water his eyes. I smiled at him and said, "I donít know what to say to you. You have presented me with an irresistible offer. I should grab it. You have put me into a very awkward position. I am very thankful for your concern about me. Let me think of the consequences this presents to me. I would have to leave my companion and our son. Can I do it? I do not know if I can give up my son. Patty would never leave his father because he worships him. I have to think about your offer. I do not know how long your love for me would last. It is a very difficult decision to make. Now that you have told me that you love me, let us both think about how our life will be if I married you. In the future, will you still love me the way you say you love me now. How long will that love last. Will it burn out tomorrow, next week, a year from now? When? Once you have me, will you still want me? Neither one of us knows how we will feel about each other, tomorrow, next week, next month, or ten years from now. How long will it last. Will you fulfill my desires and wishes? We do not know. We both will be going into another life with our eyes closed. Let both think about it for a while."

"Marie, I donít know why I have falling in love with you. But, I have. I have tried to answer this question myself. I do not know if its love or respect I have for you. I am not sure what I feel is really love. I do not know if the way I feel about you will last. I do know that I have had this feeling about you for a long time. It has taken all of my strength to ask you to marry me."

I gave Henry a kiss and again thanked him for the offer and said, "Let both think about what we are getting ourselves into. Let think about it for a week. Come back next week. If you still want to take me away, maybe I will take you up on your offer. If I do take you up on your offer, donít betray my trust, I will leave you is a second."

Henry swore to me that he would keep his word and never lie to me. I could not stop thinking about Henryís offer. Every free moment I had, I questioned myself. Should I take him up on his offer? He is a very attractive man. Will the feeling I have for him last? How long? Will the thought of leaving this life make me go with him? Can I leave Patty and Patrick?

I have hated every day that I serviced my friends. I thought of the night Patrick suggested that I prostitute myself so he could have a beer. I will never forgive him for that. He has never shown any hatred or jealousy for my customers. It has always been so matter of fact, as if it was just another day at the office. That has hurt me more than anything that he has done. I have never had sexual intercourse with any of my customers; I wish I had with a few of them. Patrick never knew if I had sexual intercourse with any of them and he never asked. I wonder if he thought that I had intercourse with all of my customers. Many times, he would spend his salary on another woman, and not contribute a cent for us to get out of debt. We hardly ever went out to the movies or to dinner together. Simply, we were not a family. Oh, how I want to have a normal family life. How I have yearned to have a big family and never have to send them out on the streets as I had to with Patty.

After mulling over the question whether I should take off with Henry, I wanted to know how sincere he really was and what were his plans. I had not made any appointments for the rest of the day. As suggested, Henry came to visit me the following week. Henry and I talked for hours. I questioned him about everything I could think of. I do not know if it was love or the respect that he had for me that I loved. I have lived long enough to know that love alone does not make a marriage. You must also have respect for each other. I had wished for a long time for a way to end the hell I was in and Henry had handed it to me on a silver platter. I would be a fool not to go with him. We both wanted to live in Florida . After a few more meetings, I agreed to go with Henry. We set a date to leave for Florida . Henry flew to Florida and put a deposit on a house. When Henry returned he closed his office and sold his apartment and shipped all of his furniture to our new home. I did not want to face Patrick and Patty. On the day that we left, I knew if I saw Patty, I would never leave. I left a note to Patrick and told him I was leaving him. I could not live the way we had lived since we came to America . I wanted a better life than Patrick could ever give me. Since we were not married and there was no argument over the guardianship of our son, it made the transition from one life to another quite smooth.

On our trip to Florida , Henry did not touch me. He said that he wanted to sleep in separate rooms. I told him no, we could sleep together. He did not want to have sex with me until we were married. I respected him for it. We had been in Florida for less than a month, Henry and I had a private wedding. We honeymooned in Key West . He would not let me work. He wanted a family and so did I. It was the life that I had dreamed of since I was a child. Henry kept me pregnant until I had trouble on my fourth pregnancy. We agreed that we had our share of children. Four was enough. Henry did not want me to go through another pregnancy. He said that he would kill himself if he lost me during another pregnancy. The last one was just to close and we would not take the chance on another one. Many nights, I have thought about Patty. I wanted to know what he was doing. I regretted leaving my baby. I was selfish. I did not think nor did I want to think of what I was putting Patty through. I tried to forget my past life. I could not do it. I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about Patty and Patrick. I felt that Patty knew what I was doing was indecent, but I was not sure. When I was servicing men, I did not think about how it would affect Patty. That was another thing; I tried to block it from my mind. It would keep surfacing. I tried to think of it as just another job, but it was not. Over the past years, I have had time to think of what must have gone through Pattyís mind. How the other kids must have harassed him. How my neighbors must have thought about me. God forgive me for being so thoughtless.

Henry had asked me a number of times to get in touch with Patrick and see if he would let Patty come live with us. I knew the answer and I did not want to face Patrick or Patty. I just wanted to let bygones be bygones. I did not want to destroy my new life. Every time my past life surfaced, Henry would bring up the subject again. I was yearning to see Patty again, but I was too ashamed to face him. I have had time to think of what he must have gone through. Henry felt it was unfair to Patty. Finally, with Henryís continuous pressure, I went to New York . I went to our old neighbor and asked around. I was told that Patrick had been murdered. I went to Mc Noonís and asked Jim if he knew where I could find Patty. He told me that Patty was driving a cab and he did not know where he lived. Jimmy knew where Patty lived, but Jimmy had been sent out of town to investigate a murder. Jim gave me Jimmyís address. I left a note with the Super telling him that I was in town looking for Pat. I spent a week looking for Patty and hoping Jimmy would come home. I could not find Patty and I was not sure that he wanted to see me. I wanted my Patty, but I was not sure that I could face him. I returned to Florida with a heavy heart. I stayed awake at night wondering where he could be. Could he support himself? Had someone taken him in after Patrick was murdered? I wanted to know if he had been looking for me. I had written Patrick a number of letters and he never answered them. This had left and empty spot in my life. If I could find Patty, it would fill the emptiness that was tearing me apart. Yet, I was afraid to face Patty. I do not know how he would feel.

Not being able to find Patty was not my only problem. Over the years, Mildred and I had been keeping in touch with each other. As I predicted, George never married her. She gave in to him and became pregnant a year after I gave birth to Patty. After George found out Mildred was pregnant, he left her and she has not seen him since. Mildred was too embarrassed to go home. Mom and Dad had warned us about giving ourselves to a man before we were married. We both made the same mistake. Miss Mulligan watched over Mildred and had a nurse and a doctor visited her until the baby was born. The nurse continued her visits until Mildred was well enough to take care of her baby alone. Mildred named her baby Judy after our mother. Mildred did not have any money or a husband. Miss Mulligan suggested to Mildred that she should give up her baby and she would help her find suitable parents for the baby. She assured Mildred that her babyís new parents would take excellent care of her baby. She would not let anyone adopt Judy until they were thoroughly scrutinized. She would make sure the parents would be quite wealthy and possibly give Mildred some money.

Miss Mulligan brought in a couple and they fell in love with Judy. Mildred still had not consented to let Judy be adopted. Miss Mulligan spent many hours trying to convince Mildred to let them adopt Judy. The couple told Mildred that they would send her an allowance every year, send her pictures of Judy as she grew up and if she wanted to visit Judy, she could. If they adopted Judy, they did not want Mildred to tell Judy that she was her mother. It she did, they would not let Mildred see her again. After a couple of months of Miss Mulligan telling Mildred of the hardship that Judy and she would have being a single mother, Mildred consented to the adoption.

Before Miss Mulligan gently shoved Mildred out of her home, Mildred went into Miss Mulliganís room that she called her office. She found more than she expected. Reading through the files, Mildred discovered that the sweet Miss Mulligan was running a baby factory and selling the babies to the highest bidder.

She would walk the streets of Dublin looking for good-looking, homeless young girls. Hire a stud to romance them and impregnate them. She would go through the same routine that Mildred and I went through. Little did I know she had someone planned to romance me? I deserted her little factory before she set the plan into action. Another young girl was brought in from the streets to take my place. She was pregnant and out of the house before George messed up Mildred life.

Mildred had found the names of the people who had adopted Judy. They lived in America and when they were in Europe , they had arranged to let Mildred see Judy. After Judy was old enough to start asking questions about the woman that her parents brought her to see, the visits stopped. They sent pictures of Judy to Mildred. Now and then Mildred would send pictures to me of her beautiful daughter. Judy was an extraordinary beautiful young lady just like her mother.

 After I spent the afternoon and part of the evening locked in my room, Henry knocked on the door. He had come home and the kids told him that I was sick and wanted to relax. He had taken the kids down to their favorite pizza parlor and brought home one for me. When they got back, Henry called me and asked if I was feeling well enough to have a little pizza. I got up, open the door, and put my arms around Henry. I whisper to him that my old life was catching up on me. Patty had called and wants to come visit us with his new wife. I told him that I spent the afternoon reliving my life and trying to find a way to tell the kids that they had another brother. Henry took me into his arms and said, "I will tell them for you. I have thought of this moment myself. Come on into the dining room and eat something. You know you always have a headache if you miss a meal. I am sure the kids will help you with the pizza even though they are stuffed."

We went into the dining room; Henry called all the kids and told them to have a seat. After they were all seated, Henry told them to keep quiet and do not ask any question until he said they could. He told them to zip up their lip and seal them.

All of their eyes were on their father. He had a way of grabbing their attention and holding it. Henry said, "How was the pizza?"

At first, they did not say a word. Henry nodded and they all yelled, "Wonderful!"

Henry pulled a finger across his lips. They all clammed up. Henry said, "How would you like to have another brother?"

He nodded and four different opinions came out of there little mouths. Henry said, "I just want a yes or a no."

Henry nodded. Our youngest daughter Betty, she is only four said, "Daddy will he take my teddy bear?"

Henry smiled, shook his head, and said, "No, he will not take your teddy bear."

Betty smiles and said, "Since he will not take my teddy bear. I want a little brother."

This caught Henry a little off guard and said, "He isnít going to be younger than you, he is going to be older than all of you."

Agnes our oldest and she is nine, said, "Mom is he is the man that called today. I liked the way he talked. My answer is yes."

We had heard from the ladies of the family. The two boys Jimmy 7 and Frank 6 looked at each other and Frank said, "Jimmy wonít be the big brother anymore."

Henry said, "Now Frank, donít pick on your brother. Jimmy will always be older than you will. Do you guys want a big brother? They both chimed in and said, "Sure."

Jimmy stood up, made a fist, and said, "He can go to school with us and beat up those bullies that are always picking on us."

I sat there quietly and let Henry be barraged with all the questions. After he had them all settled down, he said, "When you mother was very young she was married to another man. She had a boy who name is Patrick. The marriage was not a happy one and Mom fell in love with me. Patrickís father would not let Patrick live with me and your mother. Patrickís father is no longer living and Patrick called Mom and asked if he could come and see us. He is married and he and his wife will be here soon. I want you to accept him as you accept your brothers and sisters. He has had a sad life not being with Mom. Please do not make him feel he is not wanted in our family. I want you all to promise that you will make him feel at home and this is his home as well as it is yours." 



 As the distance between the airport and Henry and Marieís home got shorter, strange emotions again started to seep into my mind. I wondered if I was invading my motherís new life. Should I barge into her life and bring back all the emotions that we had gone through almost ten years ago. I pulled to the side of the road and stopped again. Judy asked why I had stopped. I told her that I felt that I was destroying my motherís new family. There will be many questions asked and I did not want to answer them. Judy said to me, "Honey, you do not know what your mother has told the kids. If they ask any question that you feel that you should not answer. Tell them it was a long time ago and their Mom or Dad could answer it better than you could. I am certain that Henry and Marie have thought about this meeting a number of times and they have prepared the kids for it. I know you do not want to put your mother on the spot. You can also say you donít remember and just leave it at that."

I resumed. Within a few miles, I pulled up in from of a modest two-story house with a manicured lawn. A fenced in swimming pool on the side yard, a basketball hoop attached to the garage and a basketball sitting next to the sidewalk going up to house. I parked the car and Judy and I got out of the car. Frank was looking out the window. The window was open. He saw us getting out of the car and yelled, "Pat and Judy are here."

We heard a stampede inside the house. Henry had taken off for the day and was at home. Jimmy saw how tall I was and said, "Wow, Dad do you think I will grow up to be that big."

Henry came to the door, rubbed Jimmy on the head, and said, "I donít see why not. You will have to wait and see."

I could not resist picking up the basketball. The basketball was like a magnet, it drew me to it. The crowd popped out the door. I sent the basketball toward the garage. Everyone eyes were on the ball. It went through the hoop without touching it. My shot at the basket won over all the kids. They were all over me. Jimmy ran after the ball and he gave it to me and said, "Do it again."

I did not want to. The first shot was a lucky one and I would be a failure if I missed the second shot. Henry and Mom nodded and said to go ahead, you can do it. As the ball left my hands, it looked like it was in slow motion. I felt the ball was just floating in the air. The ball hit the inside of the rim and spun around inside of the rim. For a moment, it looked as if it would spin out of the basket. I was holding my breath and so was everyone else. The ball lost it momentum and dropped through the basket. Everyone let out a cheer. Frank ran for the ball and wanted me to try it again. Henry said, "Let Pat go see Mom. It has been a long time since they have seen each other. I am sure Pat will play with you all later."

Tears were running down Momís cheeks. I went over and put my arms around Mom. Mom hugged me tightly and kissed me repeatedly. I whispered to Mom, "Mom, I have been waiting for a hug like this for a long time. I donít want it to end."

Mom looked up at me, caressed my cheeks, and said, "Patty, it will never end. You can hold me for the rest of our lives." 

We stood in the middle of the sidewalk silently embracing each other when Betty broke the silence saying, "Mommy, I want to hug and kiss Patty too."

We both looked down at Betty. I said, "Betty, I want you to give me a hug that will make up for all the hugs that I have missed."

I picked up Betty and she planted an open mouth kiss on my cheek and squeezed me around the neck. When she finished, she asked, "Was that big enough?"

I smiled at her and said, "That was the best hug and kiss I have ever had. Can you give me one more?"

Betty repeated the performance and asked, "Which one was the best?"

I said, "Itís hard to tell they both were wonderful."


After we all received our share of hugs and kisses, we welcomed Patty and Judy into our family, we all went into the house. The conversation stayed on the happier times of our lives. My earlier life never immerged. After dinner when all the tears had cleared from our eyes, I remembered that Pat had said that Judy looked a lot like me. There was a resemblance, but Judy looked more like Mildred. Even some of her facial characteristics were the same as Mildredís. I recalled one of the recent pictures that Mildred had sent me. Surprisingly, Mildred daughter was also named Judy. A strange feeling ran through me. Is Judy Mildredís daughter? The latest pictures I had of Mildredís Judy were three or four years old. I did not want to believe what I was thinking. My son had married his cousin. I tried to stop thinking of it, it was nagging me and I could not put it out of my mind. After dinner, we talked until almost midnight . Pat said that they had made reservations and did not want the kids to be bundled together. The kids were already bundled together on a pallet on the second floor. They had fallen asleep and the TV was still on.

After more hugs and kisses, Pat and Judy promised me that they would come back tomorrow. I watched Pat drive away. I looked at Henry and said, "Honey, Patty told me that Judy looked like me. Do we look alike?"

Henry turned my face around, looked at my left profile, then the right profile, and said, "You both are very beautiful. I think you are the pettiest."

I grabbed his chin and shook it then said, "Honey be serious. Is there any resemblance between Judy and me? Pat had told me that we looked alike. Be honest with me."

Again, Henry looked at my face for a few moments and said, "There are some characteristic that are similar. I think she looks more like your sister when she was younger."

I let out a sigh and said, "Oh my God, honey, thatís what I did not want to hear. I think Judy is Mildred daughter. Since Pat and Judy are first cousin, and they are married, do you think they will have a problem if they have children?"

Henry took me in his arms and held me at armís length and said, "Sweetheart, do not jump to conclusions. Before you do something that you will regret, think about what would happen if you told them that they were cousins. From what you have told me, they are very much in love and they both worship each other. To tell them that they are cousin may destroy their love and you may be wrong. Letís go to bed. Do not even bring up the subject again while they are here and do not say a world about it in front of the kids. You may think they are not listening. Their ears and minds are like sponges. They pick up ever word we say."

Henry went into the bathroom to take a shower. I did not say another word. Nevertheless, my mind was still thinking about Judy. I rummaged through the drawers for the latest pictures I had of Mildredís daughter. I found the album with the pictures. Like many things in the house that I never had time to do, the pictures were not placed in the album. I dumped the contents of the album on the bed and started separating the pictures. I had to look on the back of the picture to determine if the picture were of Mildred or her daughter. They looked so much alike. When I got to the more recent pictures of Mildredís daughter, I was certain that Patís wife Judy and Mildredís daughter Judy was the same person. I hurried and put the pictures away before Henry returned. I did not want to get into an argument with him. I looked at the clock. I knew that Mildred would be getting up soon. I reached for the phone and started to pick it up. Henry walked in and said, "The bath is all yours. I have to go to the office early tomorrow. Honey, I may be asleep when you return. Give me a kiss."

I gave Henry a peck on the cheek and headed for the bathroom. Henry gave me a gentle pat on my butt. I was so engrossed on Judy that everything Henry said went in one ear and out the other. It never registered in my mind. I finished my bath and went to bed. I could not go to sleep. Mildredís desire to find her own daughter was praying on my mind. If I told Mildred and it was not her daughter, what a disappointment it would be for Mildred. The sun had just cleared the horizon when I finally fell asleep. I was half-awake when Henry was getting ready to leave for the office. All of my adrenaline had burned out. I could hardly open my eye as Henry left. Henry saw the exhaustion, smiled, and pecked me on the cheek. It was only seconds after Henry had left that the hoard invaded my bedroom. They all wanted to talk about their newfound brother. I tried to stay awake and talk with my little monsters, but I was too exhausted. They finally gave up and let me sleep.

For the next two weeks, Pat and Judy took the kids to every amusement park within fifty miles of our home. On the third week, they flew the family to Disney Land for a week. By that time, everyone was happy just to be back at home and just sit around and do nothing. I wondered where Pat got all the money to spend on them. He would not let Henry pay for anything. I felt that Pat would be working for the next year to pay off the charges on his credit card. I did not want Pat and Judy to be so deeply in debt. I asked Henry to talk to Pat and help him pay for some of the expenses. Henry said, "I am sure Pat will not have any problem paying off his credit card. He and Judy probably have more money than anyone in Florida . I do not want you to think that I am nosy, I checked up on Pat and Judy. I heard Judy on her cell phone talking to someone. She mentioned the name of the company she represents. I knew about the corporation when I was in New York . If I had just a fraction of their accounting business, I would have to hire 50 more people if not more. I felt guilty about checking out the management of the company. Judy is the CEO of the company. Please donít tell them."

"Honey, I will never tell them. What amazes me is how they met. It looks as if God had brought them together. Pat rescued Judy from a bunch of thugs; they fell in love and were married. Itís is almost like a miracle, he rescued his own cousin without knowing it."

Henry shook his head and said, "You donít know for sure that they are cousin. Donít be too hasty."

I persisted, "Sweetheart, do me a favor. Find out what Judyís maiden name was. If it was Anderson , she is Mildred daughter. Mildred told me that the documents that she saw in Miss Mulliganís office said that her name was listed as Judy Anderson. On the first day that Pat and Judy came, I looked at the pictures that Mildred sent me. Judy is the spitting image of Mildred daughter."

At that time, I did not know Henry already knew Judyís maiden name was Anderson . Henry questioned me, "What if Judyís maiden name is Anderson ? Are you going to tell Mildred? She will want to see her."

"Henry, donít you think she should know what has happened to her only child?"

"Yes, I can see your point. I would go to the end of the earth to find my lost daughter. Let put this aside until we can find out what both of the Judyís maiden names were. I do not think we should tell anyone about this until we know for sure. In addition, I will look into the marriage laws in New York and see what problems children will have it their parents are cousin. Another thing, we have to think about the effect on all that are concerned. Not only Mildred, we have to think about what Pat and Judy will think if we tell them. They may hate us for the rest of their lives. If we tell Mildred, do you think she will tell Judy?"

"Honey, I know that she would want to talk to them if we told her. What I will do is simply ask Mildred if she is still interested in finding her daughter and see how she reacts when I ask her. I know the answer before I asked Mildred. I know she will never stop wanting to find Judy."

Henry had a firm do a background check on Judy Anderson OíDonnell. From the report, Judy Anderson was born in Dublin Ireland . Her parents were Elizabeth and John Anderson who resided in New York City . She was born in the home owned by a friend named Susan Mulligan on September the ninth.

Henry brought the report home and showed it to me, I said, "Judy Anderson is Mildredís daughter. I lived in that house for almost two years. I knew from the first day George showed up something was going on between Mulligan and George. She lied about his name and I am sure George lied about his name. Henry, I am going to call Mildred. I am going to ask her what she would do if she found her daughter. If she was married and had her own life and did not know that she had been adopted would she interfere with her life."

"Marie, I know I cannot stop you from talking to Mildred. All I can ask of you is to be very careful with what you say. You may regret it later."

It did not take long to get the answer. I forgot the time difference and called Mildred. I was so nervous that I could not say anything for a few moments. The words finally slipped out of my mouth, "Mildred, what would you do if you found Judy?"

Mildred shouted, "Have you found Judy."

I softly said, "No, Henry and I were talking and I just wanted to know what you would do."

Mildred said, "Why did you call me in the middle of the night to ask such a stupid question. You are not playing games with me, are you? You know damn well what I would do. Do you know where she is? If you know tell me. I do not care where she is, if I felt that she was in the remotest part of the world I would find some way to get there. Marie, do you know where Judy is?"

"Sis, forgive me. I am sorry I woke you up and got you so excited. Since you told me the couple that adopted Judy lived in New York City , I have been keeping my eye open. Go back to sleep. I am sorry I woke you."

Henry was listening on the extension. He came into the bedroom, he put his arms around me, and said, "Now we know what Mildred would do if she knew where to find Judy. Letís hold off before we do anything else."

I agreed. Mildredís reactions were a little too much and I did not want to upset anyone else. I asked Henry, "Hon, if cousins get married and have children is it against the law?"

"Marie, I havenít the slightest idea. I do not know if cousins can get married. I do not know if their children would have health defects. I will look into it. Please donít call Pat or Mildred until we know what the consequences are."

"Hon, I wonít even think about calling them after Mildred reactions until we know for sure that Mildred is Judyís mother. I do not think Pat would tell Judy even if I told him. At least I hope he wouldnít."

For the next month, Henry searched the internet trying to find out what the consequences of first cousins marring. The information that Henry uncovered was clear as mud. Half of the states let cousins marry the other half would not. Some would let cousins marry, but would not let them have children. We were in a quandary; we did not know what to do. Henry did not want to do anything. I felt that if there was a shadow of a chance that Judy was Mildredís daughter, I should at least tell them. If they found out later that Judy was not her daughter, no real harm would come from it. 

Henry had given up on trying finding out what would happen if cousins had babies. Almost two months had passed since Pat and Judy had been to see us. I was still fired up about Mildredís and Patís Judy being the same person. When we went to bed, Henry was asleep when his head hit the pillow. With his snoring and me wondering if Judy was Mildredís daughter, I could not go to sleep. All of a sudden, it came to me. There are a number of things that are common to Patís wife and Mildredís daughter. Both of their names are Judy, their parents names were Anderson , they were born in the same house in Dublin ; were both of them born on September the ninth? I could not remember what Henry had told me. What was Patís Judy birth date? I Jumped out of bed, ran down stairs and got my address book. I looked up Pat telephone number. I dialed the area code, and then it struck me. What time is it? I looked at my watch. It was two thirty in the morning. I hung up the phone and started to go back to bed. Then it dawned on me that the report on Patís Judy had her birth date on it. I scrambled through everything trying to find the report. I could not find it. I had all of these things that were common to both Judyís. If the birth date were the same, I would call Pat and ask him to come see me. I did not want to tell him over the phone. I wanted to see his reaction when I told him that I think he and Judy are first cousins. I wanted Mildred to tell him about her daughter in my presence. When I finally went back to bed, Henry was still snoring and my adrenaline was flowing. I could not go to sleep. From exhaustion, I finally dozed off. No sooner had my eyes closed, I heard Henry taking a shower. I was exhausted and could not hold my eyes open. I waited for Henry to come out of the bathroom. I fought to keep from going back to sleep. When I heard the bathroom door open I said, "What was Patís Judyís birthday?"

"I am not sure. I think it is the same as Mildredís daughter. I believe that they were both born on September 9. Why do you want to know?"

"There was no one else but Mildred and Miss Mulligan in the house at the time Judy was born. Too many things were common about the two Judies. I am positive that Patís Judy is Mildredís daughter. This has been tearing me apart. There could not have been two Judies born in the Mulliganís house on the same day. I want to ask Pat to come back to see us. I want to tell him what I think and have Mildred tell him about her daughter. I think it is our responsibility to tell Judy, Mildred and Pat what we know. I may be wrong, but I do not think so. I donít think it will do any harm as long as we donít over excite any of them."

Henry pulled me into his arms and softly said, "Darling, I donít know how Pat and Judy are going to react. I would tell Pat what we found out. Show him the pictures of Judy. Let him tell Judy. He knows more about how she may react than we do. If everything goes well and Judy is rational about the situation then we will ask Mildred to come for a visit and let her meet Judy. Then we will tell her."

 I called Pat. Judy answered the phone. I asked her if she and Pat could come to see us for a few days. I had a family problem that I wanted to talk to Pat about, and I did not want to discuss it over the phone. I heard Judy telling Pat. She told him that he could go alone or she would go with him if he wished. I could hear Pat questioning Judy. He was wondering why I wanted to talk to him in person. Judy said, "Honey, If your mother wants you to go back to Florida , go. You did not have enough time together alone when we were there. Since you two have not seen each other in ten years, I am sure she must have a thousand things she wants to discuss with you. Would you like me to go with you?"

Still questioning why I wanted to talk to him, Patty came to the phone and agreed to come see me. He wanted Judy to come along. They said that they would catch a flight tomorrow and see us later in the day.

From the time I hung up the phone, until I saw Pat and Judy pulling in the driveway I was arranging the evidence. I had outlined what I was going to say and what sequence I would present my case. When Henry came home for lunch, he took the kids with him. He felt that the kids would be too much of a distraction.

When Pat and Judy arrived, I was very nervous. I was afraid that I might be opening a bag of worms. They both may hate me forever. Hesitantly, I went to the door, hugged and greeted them. When I saw the look on their faces, I knew that I had stuck my neck out to far. They may think that I am a nosy bitch. I could see it in both of their faces, what is this all about? Judy had not been in the house a couple of minutes and she said that she would like to take a walk around the area so Pat and I could talk privately.

We did not try to stop her. As soon as she was out the door, Pat questioned, "Mom, what is it that we did not discuss when we were here? I think we both told each other everything that happened since you came down here. What did you forget to tell me?"

I put my arms around him. Looked him in the face and said, "Judy and you."

"Mom, I think Judy told you everything about herself and you know everything about me."

"Honey, There are some things about both of you that you donít know. First, I want to show you a picture and I want you to tell me who it is."

I took the latest picture of Judy, she was only in her late teens or early twenties and I showed it to Pat and asked if he knew who it was. He looked at the picture then asked, "How did you get this picture of Judy? It was taken just after her graduation from college."

I smiled at Pat. Now I knew positively that Judy was Mildredís daughter. I said to Pat, "Sit down on the couch. I want to show you some more pictures. Your Aunt Mildred sent me a couple of dozen pictures of Judy over the years."

Since Pat and Judy were here, I had put all the pictures in an album. I gave Pat the album and he opened it. You could see the amazement across his face. He said, "These are picture of Judy. Judy showed me these pictures of her and her Parents. Some of these are the same as the ones that Judy has in an album at home. That man in the picture is Judyís father. Mom, where did you get these pictures?"

I turned Pattyís face around to make sure that he was looking at me then said, "Donít get excited until I have finished talking. Your Aunt Mildred sent these pictures to me. When she was very young, she had a daughter. She named her after your grandmother, Judy. She gave her baby up for adoption. The man and woman in the picture is the couple that adopted your cousin Judy."

Before I could say another word, my Patty was accusing me of trying to pull some type of scam. He told me that Henry and I had stolen these pictures and were trying to get extortion money from Judy. I had never seen Patty this mad. I shut up and let him get it off his chest. While he was still steaming at me, I dialed Mildredís number. When Patty saw me talking to Mildred he shut up. When Mildred answered, she asked why I was calling so late again. I explained to her that Pat did not know he had a cousin and I wanted her to tell him everything that happened to us before and after we left home. She asked, "Everything?"

"Yes, Mildred, everything. Do not leave out anything."

Sarcastically, Mildred asked, "Why donít you tell him. You know as much as I do."

"Honey, settle down. Patty has already blasted me. I want him to hear it from your mouth. Patty thinks that Henry and I are trying to pull some type of scam."

"Alright, is Patty listening?"

"No, I will give him the phone."

I handed Patty the phone. I headed for the kitchen. I listened to the conversation on the extension. Patty asked Mildred what was this all about. Mildred said, "I donít know. I think your mother is crazy. She has called three times in the middle of the night and now itís two Oíclock in the morning here."

I spoke up and, said, "So I am crazy. Pacify me."

For the next hour we listed to Mildred tell Pat about our life before we went to Dublin . When she left out something personal, I would remind her. She was a little embarrassed about some of the things that we did. I reminded her that Patty was a grown man and he was married to the most beautiful girl in the world. Pat had settled down and was enjoying the story of our early life.

Judy returned from her walk when Mildred was telling Patty about our first trip away from home. Judy wanted to know if she had come back to soon. I told her no and that she could listen to Patís aunt telling him about our young lives. I gave her the portable phone and she stood in the doorway where she could watch Pat and me. Judy had a smile on her face when Mildred told Patty about our first few days in Dublin . When Mildred mentioned we had lived with Miss Mulligan, Judyís expression change drastically. I could not imagine what was going on in her mind. I was not sure if it was hate, curiosity, or confusion. Mildred had told me that her visits with Judy were at Miss Mulliganís home. When Mildred came to visit with her daughter at Miss Mulliganís, tears started to flow down Judyís cheeks. She did not say a word. Soon, she was crying profusely. She held the mouthpiece away from her lips and put her hand over her mouth. She still tried to continue listening to Mildred. Judy was crying uncontrollably. Mildred asked, "Who is crying? Is that you Marie?"

There was a short pause and Judy said, "No Mommy Milde, It your daughter Judy."

Those words started an explosion of emotions. We all were crying. I went over to Judy and gave her a hug. Pat laid the phone down, came over and put his long arms around the both of us. We embraced for a few minutes then I heard Mildred yelling for someone to pick up the phone and talk to her. I told Judy that her mother wants to talk to her. Pat picked up the phone in the living room and I went back into the kitchen. I listened to the excitement that was going on at both ends of the phone line. Mildred in her excitement had woken Mom and Dad and they wanted to know what all the racket was about. After we all ran out of tears and settled down, Judy talked to her mother and grandparents quietly for a long time. She told them that she would be in Ireland as fast as she could.



After I talked to my Mom, Grandpa and Grandma, I asked Pat, "Would anyone like to talk to Mom."

Pat took the phone and told Mildred that he could not wait to visit Ireland, and see the rest of his family. He thanked her for telling him about his Mom and my life as well as her own. While Pat was talking to Mom, I took Marie into the kitchen. There was so much love in Marie that it flowed into my body. I had never felt the warmth that was coming from her. This beautiful lady is my aunt as well as my mother-in-law. I had mixed feeling about Marie. From all the love and affection that was coming from her, I could not believe that she was the woman that I had pictured in my mind. I could not imagine a woman with this much love could be a prostitute and had abandoned her son. I cannot imagine what she must have been going through to do such a thing. Shortly afterwards, Pat came in. I told Pat and Marie that I had suspicions of being adopted for a long time. I wasnít positive, but there were a number of things that led me to believe that I had been adopted. When I was five or six, I felt that my parents were steering me away from my dearest friend. When they went on their European business trips, they always left me at Miss Mulligan. Milde always came to see me. These visits started when I was very young. We have pictures of Milde and me when I was just an infant. From the time Mildred arrived at Miss Mulligan to the Moment I left, I was with Milde. We were never out of each otherís sight. There was so much love between us. The way she played and talked with me made everything so exciting. For hours, she would read to me. I do not know exactly how old I was. I had just started to learn to read. The way Milde read stories to me, gave me the desire to learn to read. The love and warmth that I felt when I was with her has never left me. Through the years when I was depressed, I would think of the times that I was with Milde.

There was one special Moment in my life that I will never forget. I think Milde wanted to tell me that she was my mother. I cannot remember how it started. I remember that I was very excited and I knew Milde was going to tell me a secret. Then she changed her mind. I was very disappointed. Milde had taken me to a park. We had been playing together for a few hours. We both were tired. Milde had brought a blanket so we could sit on the ground or lie down and take a nap. We were lying on the blanket and looking up into the heavens. We could see funny faces in the clouds. Milde asked me if I wanted to hear a story about a young girl. Of course I did. She told me a story about a young girl that ran away from home. She had gotten herself in trouble. She was afraid to tell her mother what she had done. She was afraid that her mother would not love her anymore. She said that the girl was wrong. After she told her mother what she had done, her mother still loved her very much. Milde said to me, "If you ever get into any trouble and you are afraid that that your mother and father would be mad at you for what you did. You can always come to me. I will never get mad at you. Can I be your secret mother?"

I asked Milde if that was her secret. She nodded her head. I told her that I wanted her to be my second mother and we did not have to keep it a secret. She said to me, "We donít want to make your Mom unhappy, do we. It can be our secret and she will not be unhappy."

I told her that I did not want to make anyone unhappy and I would keep it a secret. I said that I would call her Mommy Milde and I would never tell anyone about our secret.

I was always very excited when Mom told me that we were going to see Milde. When Mom told me we were going to see Milde, I wanted them to stop everything they were doing and leave at that very instant. I did not want to wait any longer. One time I was so excited that we were going to see Milde that I wet my panties. Mom was furious with me. I could see the anger in her face. She scolded me and gave me a solid whack on my butt. I was very frightened of Mom. Almost instantly, I saw the fright and fear in Momís face. She hugged and kissed me and asked me to forgive her. She swore that she would never fuss and spank me again. Dad never scolded me. He would sit me down and talk me to death. A couple of times I fell asleep while he was talking to me.

Leaving Milde was the worst experiences of my young life. The last time I saw Milde, I wanted to spank Mom and Dad for not letting me take Milde home with me. I can still remember the hate I had at that time for my parents.

The last time I saw Milde was when Mom and Dad came to take me back to New York , I asked them to take Milde with us. They told me a number of reasons why I could not take Milde home with me and I did not want to hear any of it. All that I wanted was to have Milde come home with me.

The following year when Mom and Dad dropped me off at Miss Mulliganís she had someone else taking care of me. It was not the same. She was nice to me, but there was not any love. I asked them what had happened to Milde. They all said that they did not know. I thought that Milde no longer loved me. One time, I heard Miss Mulligan talking to someone. Miss Mulligan told the woman that they felt that someone was getting too attached to her mother and her parents felt that it was best not to let them become too attached to their mother. When I first heard the conversation, I thought they were talking about someone else. I was confused. I was still quite young. I could not understand why they did not want a child to be attached to their mother. I had forgotten about it. In my mid teens, I put it together. Still, I was not completely certain that I had been adopted.

Mom and Dad loved me and I loved them. The love they gave me was not the love that I felt with Milde. I think they respected me more than they loved me. I asked. "Do you know what I mean?"

Marie said, "I know exactly what you mean and I can feel the difference."

I know Mom and Dad were very busy. I had a Nanny that took care of me until I was seven or eight. I did not like her and I think the feeling was mutual."

I was thirteen or fourteen and I had started to put on makeup. Mom had a closet full of makeup. I went into her room to get something. I do not remember what I was looking for. I found a letter to Miss Mulligan with pictures of me and a note telling Miss Mulligan to send the pictures to Mildred without a return address, silently, I blew my stack. I hated my parents for lying to me. I was never going to forgive them for taking Milde from me. I became a real bitch. I heard them talking about my demeanor behind my back. They could not ignore the change in my mood. I was not going to tell them why I was a bitch. After about a month of being a little bitchy, I cooled off. Things got back to normal; as normal as it usually was. Mom and Dad bent over backwards to please me. Without them knowing it, I forgave them for lying about Milde.

After being a total ball of fire for two or three years. I started to cool off. I became halfway human. Peace and quiet had returned to our home. No more fits of temper. No more yelling and screaming. No more demanding that the world get down on their knee and treat me like a queen. I realized what a total jackass that I had been. Mom and Dad continued to give in to anything I wanted. I could have asked for the world and if it was within their power, I believe they would have given it to me, anything to please the little bitch.

In my early twenties, my supply of makeup was larger than Momís. I cannot remember exactly what I was looking for. I was searching through Momís things. I ran across a letter to Miss Mulligan. It had a picture of Dad and me when I graduation from college. In the note, it said that I know you both will be proud of this picture. My fiery temper started to build. Fortunately, it cooled almost as fast as it started. I wanted to know who else would be proud of me graduating from college. Mom and Dad were out of town and I was alone. I went down stairs to the library and found one of the older picture albums. I opened it. I opened it to a close-up picture of Milde and me. I looked at the picture of Dad and me. Milde and I looked very much alike. A chill ran through my body. I though the image of Milde was stuck in my mind. I closed my eyes and held them closed for a few minutes. In my mind, I could still see the image of Milde or was it the image of me. I opened my eyes; I put the picture of me next to the one of Milde. I could see some differences, but they were very slight. I knew that I must be related to Milde. The love I had for her re-immersed in my body. I think I cried for hours. My face was red from blotting the tears from my eyes. If Mom and Dad were at home, I think that I would have confronted them. They were gone for about a week. I had settled down before they came home. They were so sweet to me that I could not confront them. They had been so very kind to me over the years that I would not dare upset them. As Milde had said, "You donít want to make them unhappy."

Before I met Fred in Paris , I went to see Miss Mulligan. I had not seen her in years. She was a feeble little old woman. She looked nothing like the woman that I had remembered. I felt sorry for her. I did not want to upset her. But, I point blankly asked her where was Milde. She swore profusely that she did not know where Milde was and she had not seen her for years. I knew that she had not seen Milde, but I was certain she knew where Milde was. I saw that she was getting quite upset. I knew that I was not getting anywhere with her. I did not want to upset her any more than I already had. I changed the subject, thanked her and left. As much as I wanted to know if I was adopted, I felt ashamed of upsetting Miss Mulligan. I did not want to confront Mom and Dad. Even though I wanted to know if I was adopted, I felt that they would tell me if they felt that I should know. I was torn between asking and not asking Mom and Dad. I thought that they had waited too long to tell me and now they were afraid to tell me. They may be very embarrassed when it came out that I was adopted. I was afraid to ask them. I did not know how they would feel if I asked them. I was already grown up and I just could not bring myself to ask if I was adopted.

I met Fred. I had no intentions of getting married. Marriage was the furthest thing in my mind. Fred proposed to me, like a fool and not thinking what I getting myself into, I accepted his proposal. Since I was getting married and Mom and Dad were coming to the wedding, I did not want to upset them at the wedding by asking if I was adopted. Mom and Dad were angels at the wedding. They showed me the type of love that I had wanted from them for years. I dropped the idea of ever asking them. Unfortunately, they were killed and I will never know how they would have felt if I asked them if I was adopted. I do not know if they would ever have told me if I was adopted. I think you know the rest.

Pat had been standing with his arm around me and listening intently. He gently hugged me with a broad smile across his face and said, "Welcome to your family in more ways than one. We all love you and we hope you like your family."

I smiled, kissed Pat and said, "We have one messed up family, but I love my family."



When I heard my baby calling me Mommy Milde, I could not control myself. I screamed for the jubilation that had fulfilled my dreams. Nothing in the world would have given me more pleasure. Marie had found my baby. Mom and Dad had been furious with me when I told them that I had given up my baby for adoption. I did not think they would ever forgive me for giving up my daughter. I had listened to Miss Mulligan and not to my parents. Mom and Dad wanted so much to have a grandchild that they could hold in their arms and love. They had missed the excitement of being with Marie and me. They had to leave us with someone else while they slaved to make a living. They were exhausted at the end of the day and they did not have the energy to play with us.

After the excitement settled down Mom and Dad went back to bed. I was so fired up that I could not go back to sleep. I relived my life and remembered all of the crazy thing that Marie and I had done. When I got to the time that I first met George, I remembered it so vividly. I was only seventeen. I was so madly in love with George, if Miss Mulligan had not came in when she did, I would have lost my virginity the day I met him. I let my love for George blind me. I have cursed the first time we had sex. Especially after he disappeared when I told him, I was pregnant, with his child. I was afraid to go home. I was ashamed of what I had done. I had not listened to Marie or my parents. I felt so stupid. It was my sexual desire that made me give in to Georgeís lust. I was overcome by his affection. In my heart, I knew that George was going to marry me. It became obvious later that Marie and my parents were right. Did he want to fulfill his lust or was he being paid by Miss Mulligan to impregnate me. As I look back, I knew that he was paid to impregnate me. Oh God, what a gullible and fool hearted child I was. I let my dreams ruin most of my life. Thank you God, I do not regret having Judy. I regret giving her away.

That bitch, Miss Mulligan took me under her arms and sheltered me after I became pregnant. I thought that she was an angle from heaven. She pretended that it was her fault that George had gotten me pregnant. She was going to pay for all the expenses. I wanted to go home and have my baby. Miss Mulligan gave me a thousand reasons why I should not go home. Now I know why. She did not tell me how much money she would get for my baby. I went home anyway. I wanted to confess to my parents about my problem. They could not have afforded the expense of me having a baby at home. I went back to Miss Mulligan to have my baby. She paid and sheltered me during the latter part of my pregnancy.

I recalled one night a few week before Judy was born, I lay in the bed with my swollen belly exposed and felt my baby moving around inside of me. I wrapped my arms around my belly pretending I was holding her in my arms. The sensation of feeling her moving in my arms and hands made me change my mind about giving her up for adoption. I was never going to let anyone else have my baby. To keep her, I would have her by myself on the streets if I had to.

When I told Miss Mulligan that I was not going to give up my baby for adoption, I saw the shock in her face. She did not know what to say. Looking at her from what I know now. My decision not to give up my baby had put her into a very awkward position. She probably already promised someone my baby or someone had already paid for my baby.

Until Judy was born, she bombarded me with reason why a single young girl my age should not and could not raise a child alone. She was well versed for this occasion. I think that she had been through this many times before. The young girl that came to live at Miss Mulliganís after Marie left, she went through the same thing I was going through. I could hear the conversation that went on between her and Miss Mulligan. Like a fool, I gave in to Miss Mulligan.

A nice couple came to visit Judy and me when Judy was only three months old. I do not know if they really loved Judy, or were they acting. Anyway, I thought that I was a hard bargainer. Ha, I got a few things I wanted. After the couple took Judy away, Miss Mulligan no longer had a use for me. She told me that she no longer needed my help and she politely kicked me out. Even if I had another job, living in Dublin was impossible. The rates for rooms were more than the money I could make. I had to go back and live with Mom and Dad.

The visits that I had bargained for only lasted for six years. I am still getting a cashier check that they had promised. It was mailed to me each month and I am still getting them. I do not know where it is coming from. It is mailed in Dublin , and I think Miss Mulligan must be mailing them.

During the first six years, I had two long visits with Judy each year. There were other visits. The amount of time varied. Sometimes, it was only for a week and at other times, I spent as long as a couple of months with Judy. The visits were always at Miss Mulliganís. She must have been paid a fortune for arranging these visits. Over the six years there were other girls visiting their children at Miss Mulliganís. Miss Mulligan did everything to keep us apart. We would sneak behind her back and discuss our arrangements with Miss Mulligan. I was surprise, most of the girls were not getting any money from the couple that had adopted their baby, nor did they visit their babies as often as I had.

As Judy grew older, we became very close. We both loved each other very much and it became harder for Judy to leave me. At times, I wanted to kidnap Judy. I wanted to take Judy home with me and never return. I did not have the money or the courage to take my baby back. Judy had temper tantrums, and did not want to go home without me. The last three years when I went to Dublin to visit Judy, Judy would already be at Miss Mulliganís. She would be waiting at the window for me. When she saw me, I could see the excitement in her face. A beautiful smile would flash across her face. She would dash for the open door run out to greet me. This was the most precious moments in my life. We both would spread our arms apart as she ran to greet me. It was the most wonderful feeling to see the smile and love on her face as she approached me. We never tired of each other. Miss Mulligan did not want Judy to sleep with me. Between Judy and me, Miss Mulligan had no choice. She would have to put up with Judy screaming all night or give in. Miss Mulligan gave in.

The last visit I had with Judy, Judy was six and I wanted to tell her that I was her mother. I had an agreement with her parents. If I told her, they would not let me visit her again. I came so close to telling her, that I had to change my thoughts in the middle of the conversation. I asked Judy if I could be her secret mother and it would be our secret. Judy agreed, when we were alone. She would call me Mommy Milde. When she left that year, it was quite emotional. Judy wanted her parents to take me home with them. She did not like her Nanny and she wanted me to be her Nanny. It was quite a problem for her parents. She gave them hell. I could not stand to see my daughter going through this traumatic experience. I went to her and held her in my arms. I told her that we could be with each other from afar. We could close our eyes and see the wonderful moments we had together. I told her to think about me and I would think about her. It did not dry up the tears, but it did quiet her down. I stood at the door as her parents took her away. God, why did I have to give her up?

As the years passed I went to see Miss Mulligan a number of times trying to find out why Judyís parents were not bringing Judy to visit me. I knew that Miss Mulligan was lying to me when she said that Judyís parent had moved and she could not find them. She said that her parents though Judy was getting too attached to me and it was not good for Judy to go through the experiences of leaving me.

The first time Marie called in the middle of the night, and asked what would I do if I found out where Judy was, I did not think too much of it. We had talked a number of times about finding Judy. I thought that she had forgotten about the time difference and just called to say hello.

When Marie called and wanted me to tell Patty about my life, I did not know what to think. All the time I was reliving my life with Patty, Marie was pushing me to tell Patty about my affair with George, it made me wonder what was going on. I tried to ask Marie a couple of times why she wanted me to tell Patty about my life and my personal secrets. I felt very embarrassed. But, when I hear Mommy Milde coming out of Judy mouth, I knew that Marie had found my baby. I started to live again. The emotions that surged through my body were indescribable. I will remember that feeling for the rest of my life.



Everyone had a chance to talk to Mildred, Mom and Dad. Patty and Judy were sitting on the couch telling me about their new world. I was so happy for them. Their enthusiasm about their new life was refreshing. I no longer worried about them being cousins. I prayed to myself that their children would be normal. All the fears that I had a few hours ago had melted away and were replaced with happiness.

Henry was still out with the kids. I was starting to get a little worried. It had been dark for a while. I had wondered where Henry had taken the kids. I jumped when I hear the gang coming in the front door. The fear that had started to build instantly vanished. I excused myself and went to see what they had been up to. Henry had told them that Judy, Pat and I had some very important things to discuss and that we needed peace and quiet. He sent them upstairs to watch TV in our room.

All of my planning and strategy went out the window when Judy heard Mildred tell Patty about the visits she had with her daughter Judy, Judy knew that Mildred was her Mommy Milde. Judy said that throughout her life, there had been incidences that made her believe she was adopted. She had heard whispers between her parents and she did not see any resemblance between her and her parents. She loved her parents very much. They had given her a wonderful life, and she was reluctant to discuss it with them.

Judy and Pat talked alone for a while longer. When they came in to the living room, Pat asked, "Mom we are going to Dublin tomorrow, Judy want to see her Mom. Would you like to go with us?"

"I would love to go with you. But, I canít leave Henry alone with the kids."

"Mom, we will take them with us. Henry can come along too."

Henry said, "I would love to go with you, but I canít. I am loaded down with work and I cannot go now. Honey you and the kids go with Pat. I know their grandparent would love to see them."

I would not miss going back for anything.

I called my brood and told them that Pat and Judy wanted to talk to them. You could hear the stampede coming down the stairs. Pat, Judy and the monsters huddled together on the floor, talked, and horsed around for a couple of hours. Pat told them about the trip. I was bombarded with questions about my parents. We sat and listened to Judyís enthusiasm about going to see her mother. After Pat and Judy left, Henry and I spent a couple of hours packing for the kids. I hated to leave Henry alone. I wished that he could come along. He saw us off at the airport. The brood smothered their father with hugs and kisses. Pat and Judy entertained the kids during the trip. I had time to close my eyes and think about my parents. It had been many years since I had seen them.



Patty and Judy were coming to see the rest of their family. On the day that they were to arrive, a minute felt like a year. An hour was like eternity. The time dragged its feet. I went to the door a thousand time to see if they had arrived. It reminded me of the many times that I had waited for George. I had walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I cannot remember what made me dash out to the front door. I saw Patty getting out of a limousine. He was holding the back door open and Marie stepped out. The passenger side front door opened. I could not believe my eyes. I saw a younger version of myself getting out of the limousine. I opened the door and dashed across the yard. Judy dropped her purse and ran to me. We stopped a few feet from each other. We looked into each other eyes. Tears streamed down our faces. We wrapped our arms around each other and twisted our bodies from side to side. I could feel the tears from Judy trickling down our faces. I did not want to let her out of my arms again. Patty and Marie were watching us. Marie and I had aged a little. Patty looked just like the way that I have remembered Patrick. I knew why Marie had fallen in love with Patrick. Patty like his father is a very handsome man. I had never seen Mom and Dad so happy. This was the first time they had see their grandchildren. Daddy took Patty and the kids for a tour of the farm. Mom was very possessive; she would not let Judy out of her sight. If Judy walked over to someone else, Mom was right next to her. Mom did not want to share Judy with anyone. She had already prepared dinner for us all. We all squeezed everyone around the small kitchen table. We put a tablecloth on the floor for the kids. Mom had overdone herself. She fixed a fabulous dinner. We all spent the day telling each other what had happened over the last twenty-five years.

When Marie and I were alone, she told me about her business. She told me that she had gotten the idea from what I did for the farmer that took us to Dublin . She said that she ran a massage parlor in her apartment in New York . As I listen to what she had gone through, I felt sorry for her. We both went through hell. For what we have now, it was well worth every minute of our misery.

Judy and Patty showered Mom, Dad and I with gifts. Judy arranged for a new home to be built for Mom and Dad. She rented a large house for us to live in while the new house was being built.

Patrick wanted to see where his father had grown up. He had heard many wild tales about his father. All of us went to see where Patrick grandparents had lived. A new generation had taken over the estate. Patty distant cousins welcomed us. It was surprising how much they looked like Patty. Some of the residents at the estate remembered Marie and Patrick. They recalled the day that Patrick and Marie took off for America . We were given a tour of the estate and Patty was shown pictures of his ancestors. We stayed at the estate for a couple of days. Dad was overwhelmed at the size of the estate and the beautiful horses. Mom almost fainted when she saw the kitchen. It was twice the size of our house. Judy and Patty were fascinated about the history of his father and his fatherís parents. Marie was not quite sure how she felt about the visit. Lady Allison had passed away and her oldest son had taken over after his mother had died. When they were ready to leave, Patty cousins invited us to come back again for a longer stay.

Judy and Patty had been in Ireland for over a month before they headed home. I had felt a fulfillment when they first arrived. Now a feeling of emptiness had returned. I hated to see them go.

We moved into the house that Judy had rented for us and stayed in it while the new home was being built. I think Mom and Dad did not want to leave the old house. It was their home with so many memories.

To please Judy they moved into the new house after it was completed. The contractors advised them to tear down the old house. Mom and Dad had helped build the house and they would not let them tear down their home. After a few words from Judy, they let the contractor repair the house; add indoor plumbing and a few extras that Mom had wanted. It has been a tossup on which house they slept in. I think when Dad wanted to be a little romantic; they slept in the old house and left me alone in the new house.

They were just finishing the final touches of our new home. One afternoon, I was working in our new garden, Judy walked up behind me with a very elegant gentleman with her. I looked like a holy mess. I was filthy. I had dirt all over me. My nose had been running and my face was muddy from me wiping my running nose with my dirty hands. I was never so embarrassed. Judy introduced us. His name was Paul Dolive. I excused myself, went into the house, and cleaned my face and hands.

Again, Judy introduced us. They invited me to have dinner with them. After I cleaned up, the three of us went out to dinner. Paul is older than I am, but his charming ways stole my heart. After a few months of dating, Paul asked me to marry him. I could not turn him down. I loved him very much. I did not have to think it over. I said yes, and we flew to his beautiful home in France . Everyone in our family attended and participated in our wedding. A local Priest married us.

We went on a cruise for our honeymoon. Paul has gone out of his way to make me happy. He made me feel like a Queen. We are somewhere in the middle of the Pacific and I received a wire from Judy. She was expecting. She was not due for another three months. I do not give a damn if Judy and Patty were cousins. If they loved each other and were happy, that is the most important part of marriage. Judy said that it looked like she was going to have twins. They think there is going to be another boy and girl in the family. I told Paul that we would have to end our honeymoon soon. We would have to leave for New York two weeks before Judyís due date. A grandmother had to take care of her grandchildren. If they were born sooner, we will fly back to New York to see the babies.



Over the next years, Judy spread her wealth to all of her family. Henry had so much business that he had to rent a whole building to house the employees.

Judy bought the adjoining property around her grandparentís new home and hired a crew to take care of the property. She made financial arrangement for her mother and grandparents so that they would never have to deprive themselves of anything for the lack of money. Mom and Pop had been so frugal over the years that they did not know how to spend all the money that was coming in. They are saving it for their grandkids. Dad is still milking the cows, slopping the hog, feeding the chickens and shoveling the crap out of the barn even though they have half a