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   My Demise






   My Miserable Life




Aren't they a beautiful group!

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These are the Geniuses of Today.

Where in this world would you find anyone as handsome or beautiful as this group? Nowhere on this rock. In this picture is the author and publisher of this web page. See if you can find that handsome Dude, Willy. He flunked English, Spelling, and most of his other subjects. Everyone said that I was cute. I still donít know what the word meant. The dictionary definition of cute is the following. Pleasing to the eye: ∑ good-looking ∑ comely ∑ handsome ∑ nice-looking ∑ pretty ∑ attractive.

None of the above are what my brother and sisters called me. The above does apply to my classmate.

My mother told me that even though I was ugly she still loved me. Well I guess you canít have everything.

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When do you think this debt will be paid off?

Not in your life time!

The Gross National Debt