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Sally and Peg

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Sally and Peg

By Willy


Where is Dustville? Itís the last place anyone wanted to be during the early seventies. Dustville is a nickname of a town that was founded by a carpetbagger after the Civil War. Tom Duster had taken over a beautiful mansion after the Yankee soldiers killed the Rebel owners. Tom Duster named the town Duster Ville. One way or another he stole all the land around Duster Ville. One night a group of men that had owned the land that Tom had stolen, decided to take back their land. They lynched poor Tom in his favorite shade tree in front of his home. After a few decades, the few remaining members of the Duster Clan that survived the lynching reclaimed their heritage. After all the Dusters passed away, a good-for-nothing bastard named Billy Thompson inherited the Duster Farm. The inheritance was questionable. Billy Thompson is now in his late forties. For some unknown reason everyone calls him Old Man Thompson. Maybe everyone thinks he is old because he had lost all of his front teeth before he was thirty and he carried his store bought teeth in his shirt pocket.

All the streets and roads are paved with dirt and gravel. When automobiles invaded Duster Ville, the people christened the town Dustville. The cars would leave a dust trail that never seemed to go away. They looked like the vapor trails from planes, except they were brown. The dust particles seamed to hang in the air for hours.

If Tom Duster were still living, he would be proud of his little namesake. Thieves were still running Duster Ville.

A few months back this poverty stricken little dusty town was a thriving little community. It wasnít Beverly Hills, no way close to it. But with the grace of God and credit cards, the residents of Dustville survived. There was a modern parts factory that provided replacement parts for most of the automobile industry. Everyone in the town, except for a few, worked at the townís only large employer until a large conglomerate bought it out and shut it down. Why would anyone in their right mind shut down a profit making enterprise? You guessed it, to eliminate the competition and money, money, money. This small company was cutting into the profits of the conglomerate.

Dustville had a few prejudice and self-righteous bigots that went to church every Sunday Morning in their fancy duds with their noses in the air. They already had control of the community yet Monday through Saturday they schemed to bleed the last drop of blood from the remaining residences and enslave them. They had been conniving and stealing from the community for many years. The leaders of this Good Old Boyís Club was the local Sheriff, Simon Pinket and of course Old Man Thompson. Simon was a fat loud-mouthed jackass, and a cold-blooded killer. Both of them would kill you without blinking an eye. They and a few or their friends controlled the town and the economy. The Sheriffís little GOBís group had about 10 active members. They had been stuffing the ballot boxes for years. Through threats and intimidation they prevented the minorities from registering to vote. They pulled every trick in the book to make sure that the Good Old Boys were elected to the town and county offices.

In the summer of 1972 in this remote poverty stricken little town lived a young girl name Pamela Harrison. Like most of the teenagers in the town, there was nothing to do but roam the dusty streets of a ghost town.

Pamís parents and most of the other parents in the community had worked at the parts plant. The wages at the plant were at the minimum wage. Most of the employees had no other skills other than the ones they had learned at the plant and they lived from paycheck to paycheck. Most, if not all of them, were in debt up to their necks and had no savings. The closing of the plant made Dustville a social disaster. This destroyed what little family life that remained in the community. The divorce rate had tripled. When the kids were at school or at work the parents packed up their meager belongs and hit the road. Many of the couples did not have the money to go through divorce proceedings. They simply walked away from each other, and went their own way, leaving their children to fend for themselves. It seemed that no one cared what happened to the children of Dustville.

One afternoon Pamís father packed everything that was of any value, loaded it into their only car, and drove away. The following day Pamís Mother under the pretense of looking for Pamís father packed her meager belongings and anything that she thought had any value and stuffed it into her suitcases and left town. Pam had just turned fourteen. She was left in an empty house with no food, no money, and no one to turn to. Pamís world had been turned upside down. Until this time she had never experienced the real world. Nor, knew what went on in the world outside of Dustville. Of course they had TV, but that was another world, a fantasy world, not the world that she lived in. In her young life she never dreamed that she would venture outside the county line.

There were no federal or state social services in Dustville. The federal and state governments were blaming each other for this manmade disaster. Both were dragging their feet hoping the other division of the government would set up some type of relief for the community. FEMA was not going to help out. It was not a natural disaster. There was no flood, tornado, or hurricane, why should they waste their budget on this worthless God forsaken little town. There were no wealthy beachfront homes destroyed. The state excuse was the federal government had allowed this disaster to happen and they should foot the bill. Did I say it was a ghost town? Well it was. There were so many empty houses; you could not give them away. HUD, the banks, and all the other lending institutions that mortgage these homes were stuck with them. Of course, Dustvilleís political party had stolen the townís funds and there werenít any local social services. The local Sheriff and his political cronies had been stealing the town blind for years. This Good Old Boyís club was an offshoot of the carpetbaggers and had been controlling and robbing the community since the Civil War.

Pam had been alone for almost a month. Her Mother didnít leave her any money and what little food that was left in the house was almost gone. Pam roamed the streets everyday in her best hand-me-down faded print dress and worn out sneakers looking for a job. Pam was beautiful, with long blonde hair, a happy smile and extraordinary beautiful blue eyes. Like many mornings she stopped in the only restaurant that was still open. Pam asked the owner, Sammy, if an opening had come up, as usual with a sad look in his eyes he shook his head and he told her no. He could not afford to hire anyone. He was in the same predicament that everyone else in town was in. The crowds that were coming in for their meals had all left town or they were eating at home and could not afford to go out for meals. Sammy knew the plight of the kids and did what he could for them.

Sammy told Pam to take a seat at the counter, and he would fix her a nice breakfast. At the counter was a young man two years older than Pam. He was very good-looking young lad with jet-black hair and a pleasant smile. His name was Tommy Henderson. Tom looked over at Pam and smiled. Pam quickly looked away and blushed. Pam took the seat furthest away from the Tom. She was embarrassed. Pam felt ashamed for the way she looked. Her Mother had taken her best clothes and shoes with her. Her Mother had left Pam with only the things that should have been thrown out months ago. Tom had been left in the same predicament as Pam. Fortunately his parents didnít take his cloths. Pam had seen him at school and she had a crush on Tom. He had given Pam and her girl friend a ride in his car a few months back. Pam didnít know that Tom liked her; he was also a little shy. Tom had thought that Pam was too young for him? Tom moved over to the seat next to Pam and said, "Hello, your name is Pam, isnít it?"

Pam face started to flush and her heart picked up a few beats. Without looking up, Pam nodded her head and whispered, "Yes."

"My name is Tom."

Pam was breathless. For a moment, she didnít know what to say. Pam was not only embarrassed, she was excited. He had remembered her name. With confidence in her voice, "I know that."

Tom put his hand on Pam shoulder and asked her why she was blushing? Pam shrugged her shoulders and giggled then said, "I don't know."

"I think I know. Pam, everyone in town is in the same predicament as we are. I know your parents left you and so have mine."

Until this moment, Pam had not looked at Tom. She turned and looked at Tom with astonishment in her eyes and said, "Your parents have left you too? How do you know my parents left me?"

Without hesitation, Tom said, "Half the kids in town parents have abandoned them. I have seen you walking the streets looking for a job. Are your parents coming back?"

"I don't know, my Mother told me she was going to look for my Father. The house is almost empty, what my Father didn't take my Mother did. The house is empty except for the big things that they couldnít take with them."

Tom whispered, "Same here. I came home one night and almost everything in the house was gone. I thought someone had come in and robbed us. I didn't dare call the Sheriff he was probably the one that robbed us. I went across the street to our neighbors and asked them if they had seen anything going on at our house. They told me that all morning my parents were loading up our car and they had left shortly before I got home."

Tom had whispered because the Sheriff was sitting at the other end of the restaurant.

Pam asked, "Tom, do you remember the first time we met?"

"Yes. I took you and a friend of yours for a ride in my car. You had your first beer and you shared a joint with me."

Pam giggled and said, "Do you still have your black leather suit? You looked so nice in it."

"Yes, I still have it. That is about all I have that is of any value."

Pam had noticed the group of men in the corner of the restaurant. One of the men kept staring at her. It made Pam feel very uneasy. The man that was staring at Pam was Sheriff Pinket.

The booths at the other end of the restaurant were reserved seats for the towns Good Old Boyís Club. Every morning they sat in the corner discussing the problems of the day. Usually they planned scams to fleece the residents of Dustville. Today they were blaming each other for the closing of the factory. The wealth of their little empire was quickly vanishing. Sheriff Pinket was sitting where he could see Pam. Old man Thompson was sitting across from the Sheriff and Dustville Banker Mr. Paul Pierce was sitting next to Thompson. Jasper Hill was sitting next to the Sheriff. Old man Thompson as you know owned most of the land around Dustville. He also owned a number of general stores on his property.

If the field hands that lived on his property didnít have transportation, these stores were the only places they could buy food or anything else. Most of field hands could not afford transportation. A few of the hands had old worn out mules or horses. Without transportation, it was too far to walk to town, even for some of the mules. If they wanted food or anything else, they had to buy it from Thompson. Of course he would sell them almost anything they wanted on credit. You think the Credit Card rates are high. They are a bargains compared to the interest rate Thompson was charging. To make things worse he would also jack up the total price of their purchase when he recorded their purchase in his ledger. The poor field hands were getting poorer and more in debt with every bite of food they ate. Pierce didnít own the bank, but he had been stealing it blind. Hill had a large warehouse that was filled with untaxed cigarettes, liquor, stolen property, and all types of items the Sheriff had confiscated from the poor souls that he arrested. Also, Hill was the local fence for the thieves in the area.

Today they were trying to figure out a way to drain the last ounce of blood out of the remaining residence of Dustville. The Sheriff kept looking at Pam. Thompson said, "What the fuck are you looking at?"

Simon smiled and said, "That little filly sitting at the counter. I would like to ride her little ass all over town."

Thompson yelled, "Get you fucking mind out of the gutter. We got business to attend to."

Normally Thompson would not give a damn who Simon was looking at with a lustful look on his face. He had heard Sammy talking to Pam when she came in. Thompson had had his eyes on Pam for a few years and had fanaticized about making love with her. Pam was a beautiful well developed young lady for her age. Now that her parent had left town, Thompson was trying to think of a way to seduce her. He felt that in a few more weeks of roaming the street, she would be willing to sleep with anyone for a meal. Dustville had a number of women whose husbands had left them. They would shack up with anyone just for a place to live and a free meal.

Tom and Pam overheard the outburst. They both knew what was going on. They had seen Simon making eyes at Pam. Pam had done her best to ignore him.

Sammy was a kind-hearted soul. He gave Pam a large plate filled to the brim. There were two eggs, a slice of ham, a large pile of grits, and three slices of toast. He went back into the kitchen and brought back a tall glass of milk. Sammy felt that this would be the only meal she would have for a while. He knew the plight of the kids in town. Everyone was talked about it, but no one did anything about it or couldnít. One family had abandoned all of their kids and the idea spread like wild fire. Let someone else take care of them or let them take care of themselves. There didnít seem to be anyone in town that gave a damn about these children. If there were, they could not support all the kids that were abandoned.

Tom waited for Pam to finish her breakfast. They walked out of the restaurant together. Tom asked her if he could drive her home. Pam nodded and got into the car with Tom. Tom knew where she lived, but he asked Pam where she lived anyway. She told Tom that she lived about three miles north of Duster Ville on the Old State Road. When they got close to her home Pam said, "That it up there."

There were two houses up the road. Tom knew it was the house on the left. He had deliberately driven by dozens of times with hopes of seeing Pam. He did not want her to know that he had fallen in love with her. Tom asked, "Is it the one on the right or the one on the left?"

Tom had dropped Pam and her friend off at her home only a few months back. Pam looked over at Tom and was wondering why he had not remember where she lived. Pam said, "The one on the left. You dropped me off at my home before. Had you forgotten where I lived?"

Tom with a slight grin on his face said, "No, I did not know if you had moved."

Pam did not question Tom any more. Tom pulled the car into the dirt driveway next to the house. They got out of the car and went into the house. Tom looked around the house to see what her parents had left. Surprisingly, there were some things Pam could sell. He told her that there was a man in town buying up things from people that were moving out of Dustville and could not afford a mover. He wasnít giving them very much, but it was better than nothing. Tom told Pam that he was in the restaurant this morning sitting next to the Sheriff. His name is Jasper Hill.

For the rest of the day they talked about their plight. Tom had sold everything except for a few blankets and his clothing to Jasper. He told Pam it was not safe for her to be in the house alone. Some of the homes in town had been ransacked and the women had been molested. People that had never stole anything in their life, now they were stealing to support their families. Listening to Tom telling her about all the robberies and rapes frightened Pam. Pam asked Tom where he was living. He told her that for a while he was living in his empty home until the owner kicked him out. Pam thought that she would be safer with Tom than being alone in the house and said, "You can stay here with me."

With a surprised look on his face Tom said, "Are you sure you donít mind?"

"There are two beds in the house and the couch and the rent has been paid till the end of the month. There are a few cans of food still left in the house."

For the rest of the day, they went through the house to see what they could sell. Tom estimated that she could get about $500 for everything. He told her it was worth a lot more. But, there are so many people abandoning their homes and selling everything they had for the little money Jasper would pay them.

As the night started to creep up in Dustville, Pam heated up a can of chili. Pam had felt uneasy sleeping in the empty house out in the country even before Tom had told her about the robberies. The house across the road had been empty for a couple of months. Pam felt much more secure with Tom in the house with her. Fortunately the power company hadnít turned off the electricity. They sat on the couch eating their supper and watched television. They discussed what they should do. They couldnít stay in the house and pay another monthís rent. There were no jobs to be had in Dustville or any other place within 50 miles. Tom had tried to find work in the small towns near Dustville and they were as bad off as Dustville. Many of the residents in the adjacent communities also worked at the plant. They stopped talking about their future. Tom looked over at Pam beautiful face. He wanted to reach over and pull her close to him. Not hearing Tom say anything for a while, Pam turned her head and looked at Tom. They gazed into each otherís eyes. An emotional fire started to build inside both of them. Tom cautiously put his arms around Pam, expecting her to pull away, but she didnít. This was the first time anyone outside of Pamís family that had ever hugged her. An emotional surge cascaded through Pamís body. She became short of breath. Tom pulled Pam close to him. Surprisingly Pam snuggled up to Tom. She wanted to wrap her body around Tom. She pulled his shirt out of his pants and ran her hands across his bare chest. They loved the feeling of the warmth of their bodies touching each other. Tom took her chin in his hand and lifted her head and kissed her. Pam caresses the back of Tom neck and held their lips together. Fire flowed through their young bodies. They kissed until their lips were raw. Pam felt safe and secure in Tomís arms. Hours had passed. Pam pulled away and put a hand on Tomís cheeks, gave him a peck on the lips, smiled, and said, "Donít move, I will be back in a few minutes."

Tom had petted before but he never felt like this before. His heart was pounding, perspiration was starting to bead up on his forehead, he also felt short of breath as if he had just ran a mile, and something was bulging in his pants.

About 10 minutes had passed and Tomís foresaid problems had subsided a little. Tom heard a noise and looked up. Pam was walking down the stairs wearing a pink nightshirt that ended just below her crouch. It was buttoned about half way up. Her cleavage and half of her beautiful young breasts were exposed. Tomís problem returned. He tried to hide his embarrassment by putting a pillow over his lap. There were no other words to describe Pam she was ravishingly beautiful.

She walked over to Tom and removed the pillow and sat in Tomís lap. With a wanton look on her face, Pam put her arms around Tom and gave him a long and sensual kiss. Tom stroked Pamís beautiful blond hair, and kissed her on her breast. The young couple alone and embracing each other brought sexual desires to both of them. These desired flooded their minds. Tom hands started exploring Pam's body. After an hour of kissing and exploring each other's body Tom picked up Pam and carried her into the bedroom. Pam allowed Tom to undress her. In turn, Pam undressed Tom. Somehow they both knew that they should not have sexual intercourse. But, they both satisfied each other's sexual desires.

The following morning they got up and showered together and again satisfied each otherís sexual desires. In this very short day both of the young lives had changed. Neither had dreamed the day before that they would be together. 

They searched the cupboard for something to eat. There was another can of chili and a half a dozen cans of mixed vegetables. None of these tempted them. Finally they found a box of dry cereal that was almost empty. They shared the cereal with no milk to wash it down. This was the happiest Pam had been since her parents had left. She felt happier being with Tom than she had been with her parents. There was no more of her parents yelling and screaming at each other and at her. She felt that she was free and this gave her a new excitement in her young life.

Tom left Pam and drove over to the warehouse to see Jasper Hill. Jasper followed Tom back to Pam's home. Jasper with his fat body waddled through the house talking to himself. Pam and Tom followed him through the house wondering how much he was going to offer. All of a sudden Jasper stops, wheels around and said, "I will give you $400. The junk isnít worth anymore."

Tom was no fool; he knew the cost of the refrigerator the television set, the washer and dryer, the kitchen stove and all of the furniture throughout the house would cost well over $3000, if not more. And some of the items looked new. Tom said, "For everything in house."

"Yew, everything."

Tom yelled at Jasper, "You fucking bastard you robbed me. I am not going to let you rob this young girl. We will burn everything in this house and crush it before I let you rob this young girl. This is everything she has. Get your fat ass out of here unless you can come up with a better figure."

"$500, thatís my final offer. Take it or leave it."

"Get the hell out of here and don't come back. We will burn everything before we sell it to you."

$500 was more money than Pam had ever seen in her life. She thought Tom had made a big mistake. With fear in her eyes she looked at Tom as the man walked out the door. She tugged at Tom and started to say something.

Tom shook his head and told her, "He will be back."

No sooner had Jasper walked out the door he stuck his head back in the door and said, "$600."

"$800 and we keep the television set," yelled Tom

Jasper shook his head and said, "$700 and I get the television set."

Tom yelled, "You have so damned many televisions in your warehouse you'll never sell them. $800 dollars and we keep the television set. We are not going to let it go for anything less."

Jasper walked away from the door. Pam again tugged at Tom sleeve. Tom shook his head. Jasper had left the front door opened. Tom walked over and slammed the door shut. Pam was watching Jasper through the window. When he heard the door slam he stopped and turned around with a discussed look on his face. He looked at the house for a moment then turned back around and headed for his car. When he reached his car he paused for a few moments and headed back to the house. Jasper knocked on the door. Tom told Pam to go to the door and tell him that they had decided not to sell the furniture. They were going to have a tag sale everyday until everything was sold. Pam went to the door and told Jasper what Tom had said and started to shut the door. Jasper put his hand on door to stop Pam from closing it.

Jasper growled, "All right, all right. $800 and you get the television set."

Pam said, "That's a deal. When will you come and picked it up?"

"I'll have a couple of men come over here later this morning and I'll pay you tomorrow."

Tom yelled, "The hell you will, it you don't give us the fucking money now, don't think about coming back."

Tom walked over to the door, slammed it in Hillís face, and yelled through the door; "Donít come back unless you got the money on you. You pay this girl before you put your foot in this house."

Pam watched Jasper from the window as he walked to his car. He looked like he was cursing and yelling to himself. He jumped in his car and slammed his foot on the accelerator leaving a cloud of dust as he drove away.

Pam was concerned that he would not return. Tom assured her that this was just an act and part of his game.

An hour had passed and Pam saw a truck with a cloud of dust followed it coming in their direction. She yelled to Tom, "Someone's coming in a truck. Come look!"

Tom walked out in front of the house to see who they were. The truck pulled into the side yard and a couple of burly black men got out of the truck and said, "Mr. Hill told us to pick up some furniture at this house and that he had already paid for it. He told us if anyone gave us any trouble, just push them out of the way and load the truck."

Tom told them that Hill had not paid Pam and he was not going to let them in the house until Hill paid Pam.

One of the men said, "Mr. Hill was right these kids are trying to keep us from taking the furniture."

The men headed for the house. Tom grabbed one of the guys around the waist and tried to stop him. It was like a 2-year-old trying to stop his Father. The guy was dragging Tom across the yard. Tom was losing his grip on the guy and slid down the guy legs. Tom held on and had his arms around the guyís ankles. The guy tripped and fell flat on his face. The other man started laughing and said, "Son, you must be a good football player to be able to tackle Bugger. He was the star running back in high school."

Bugger yelled, "Moon, stop laughing. I think I broke my nose and get that kid off me. Take a rope out of the truck and tie him to the tree."

Moon went over and grabbed Tom by his belt with one hand. He put Tom under his arm as if he was a toy and told Tom, "Son, I ainít going to hurt you. If you kick or hurt me, I will spank your butt."

Pam was standing at the door and saw everything. She ran into her Fatherís bedroom and pulled a chair over to the closet. She was not tall enough to see what was on the shelf. She knew that her Father had stored his shotgun and shells on the top shelf. Hoping that she would find it, she stood on her tiptoes, she felt something, but she could not reach it. She pulled herself up and saw the gun. Her Father in his haste to get out of the house had forgotten the gun. She held on with one hand and grabbed the gun. The chair tilted and she fell to the floor with the gun. She had seen a box of shells but when she climbed back up the shells were gone. For a brief moment chills of fear ran through her body. Then she looked at the floor and saw the box of shells. Her Father had taught her how to load the gun when she was only 7 years old. She had not forgotten. She loaded the gun and ran to the front door. The two men were tying Tom to a tree. Pam fired a shot into the air. Both of the men fell to the ground. Pam told them to untie Tom. They got off the ground and untied Tom. She told them to sit down in the shade and wait until that bastard Hill showed up. One of them said, "He ainít coming. He will be at the bar drinking all afternoon."

"Well we will just have to chain you to the tree until he gets here."

The two men started to argue amongst themselves. One of them said that they should have never taken the job. Tom overheard them talking and asked if they worked for the Warehouse Company. Both of them emphatically said, "NO", at the same time.

They told Tom they made pick-ups and deliveries for Hill at times.

Tom said, "That bastard was going to pay this young lady $800 dollars for the things in the house. They are worth more than $3000."

The men apologized to Pam. They told Pam that Mr. Hill had said that he had paid her parents for the items in the house and that their daughter and her boyfriend would try to stop them from picking up the items. Pam walked back into the house, picked up the phone, and called 911. She told the operator to send a state trooper to her home that someone was trying to steal everything out of the house. She went outside of the house and did not tell Tom or the two men. She noticed a car headed toward her home. It was not the State Police. It was Jasper. When he pulled up he said, "What the hell are you two doing. Get the fuck off your asses and start loading."

The two men looked at each other and then one of them said, "We have a new policy. We donít load anything until we get paid and the owner says it is all right with them. One, we have not been paid and second, they say you have not paid them for their furniture."

Hill started screaming and yelling at everyone. He could not hear what the others heard and saw. Pam saw another cloud of dust coming down the road. The troopers pulled up in the road, got out of the cruiser, and listened to what Jasper was saying. Jasper was digging a hole for himself. The more he said, the deeper he got. The troopers did not interrupt him. When Jasper ran out of steam, one of the troopers said something to him. Jasper whirls around and sees the trooper. His face turned white. It looked as if he had seen a ghost. After the fear faded away from his face he smiled at the offices and said, "Good morning officers what can we do for you?"

"You canít do anything for us. I think we have heard enough. When did you say you paid the girls parent for the furniture? Was it the Mother or the Father that you paid?"

"It was the Father. I gave him $1500 for the furniture."

"Where was he when you paid him?"

"Yesterday afternoon, it was in the front room of the house."

Pam yelled, "You are lying my parents havenít been in this house for almost a month. You came here this morning and looked at the furniture. Officer that old bastard is lying. My parents left me here about a month ago. We have been in the house since nine oíclock yesterday morning until now. Mr. Hill was not here yesterday. He was at Sammyís with the sheriff."

"What are you talking about? You know I paid them. You were standing next to your Father when I gave him the money."

Jasper looked over at the trooper and said, "I'm here to pick up some furniture that I bought from her parents. These kids won't let us in the house."

The office told Jasper to hold on a minute and asked Pam if her name was Pam? Pam nodded her head.

"Your parent worked at the factory."

"Yes sir."

"We have been making a list of the parents that left their kids in Dustville. We have been trying to locate your parents as well as all of the other parents that abandoned their kids."

The trooper looked at Tom and said, "Your parents left you also, didnít they?"

"Yes sir."

"Where are you living?"

Pam and Tom looked at each other and Tom said, "I was living in our home until the landlord kicked me out. Pam said I could stay here with her. There are still two beds in the house and she is afraid to live out here alone."

"How old are you?"


"How old are you Pam?"


"Since you both are sixteen I donít have to take you to the stateís juvenile detention center."

The trooper looked at Jasper and said, "Jasper, your name is Jasper isn't it."

"Yes Sir, my name is Jasper Hill. How do you know my name?"

"We have at a number of complaints about you. You should be ashamed of yourself. The poor folks that worked at the plant have lost almost everything, and then bastards like you come around and take the rest."

Jasper was a little indignant, "What are you talking about. Iím an honest man. I wouldnít cheat anyone out of anything."

Bugger, Moon and the two officers all started laughing. Jasper face turned a bright red and started to say something. One of the officers stopped him and said, "Jasper we have already heard enough out of you. Are you going to pay them for the furniture? I know her parents have not been in town for over a month if not longer. You have been lying to me."

Jasper didnít say anything. The officer asked Pam if she wanted to press charges against Jasper. Tom looked at Pam and he saw that she did not know what to do. Tom looked at the troopers and told them that her parents had deserted her and left her with only the heavy items that they could not take with them. She does not have a job and she needs the money to live on. If Jasper wanted to buy the items for $1500 she would probably not press charges.

Jasper turned around and cursed, "You should lock them up. They are blackmailing me. That gal said she would sell everything in the house except the TV for $800."

One of the officers said to Jasper, "You better keep your mouth shut. You lied to us. The more you talk, the deeper you get. You could get 20 years already."

Jasper shouted, "What did I say, what did I say? 20 years? I havenít done anything."

"You told us that you gave her parents $1500. You have been lying to us and you hired these guys to steal for you."

One of the officers looked at the other and winked. The other officer agreed and said, "I saw a case like this before and old Judge McCain gave the guy 50 years."

Jasper mumbling to himself, reached into his pockets, pulled out a roll of bills, and gave Pam $1500. Before he could put the money back into his pocket Moon said, "What about the $200 you owe us."

"$200, you agreed to move this stuff for $100."

"That was before you told us a bunch of lies. We have been waiting here for almost half the day and you said that it was a small house with not too much furniture. $200 or we are going home."

Jasper reached for the roll of bills again. He peeled off the $200 and gave it to one of the movers.

Moon asked Pam if they could see how much furniture was in the house. Pam took them through the house. Pam asked Moon, "Did your parents name you Moon."

Bugger answered, "Donít tell the Officer, thatís short for Moon Shine. He got himself a still up in the woods. He brews some pretty good stuff."

Moon smiled and said, "You want me to tell you why we call him Bugger?"

Before Pam could answer, Bugger said, "Donít answer that big mouth. He will tell you a bunch of lies. When I was little my brother and sister called me Bugger because I was always picking my nose, and my so call friends have been calling me Bugger ever since. This jackass calls me that every time he wants to embarrass me."

Pam didnít want to get into the middle of old friends. She changed the subject and started telling them what was left in the house and where. Moon told her that she should go through the house and look through everything. Open all the drawers; she may be surprised what she might find. Moon said, "Since we started hauling for Jasper we have found a lot of valuable things that people had forgotten where they had hidden them. Have your boy friend help you. There may be a lot of important papers that you may need later in life. Today they may not seem to have any value; they may be very valuable later on."

Moon told Pam about a ladyís husband that had left her without a cent. She was going to sell everything to Jasper, but she had not closed the deal. They had gone over to see how much furniture was in the house and told her to take all of her personal items out of the drawers before she sold the furniture to Jasper, pack the things she didnít want in boxes and give them to the Salvation Army. Salvation Army would come and pick them up and not charge a dime. Jasper would throw all the stuff in the Dumpster anyway. Also it would make their job easier. The woman did what they suggested. Just a day before she was going to close the deal with Jasper the police came to her house and informer her that her husband had been killed. They told her that he was found in a ditch. He must have fallen asleep and ran off the road.

When she was looking through the drawers she had came across an insurance policy for $100,000 that her husband had through the company that he worked for. If he got killed while he was at work she would get $200,000. He was a salesman and was going between customers at the time of his death. The insurance company gave her the $200,000. She didnít sell her things to Jasper and is still living in the same house. Bugger told them that the woman called them about 6 months later and asked them to come over to her house. The woman gave them both a box of candy with a check for $500 each.

Pam, Moon and Bugger were in the rooms in the back of the house and they heard Jasper yelling to them. They went out front and asked what he was yelling about. He wanted them to start moving the furniture now. Bugger told him that they could not load all the furniture before it got dark and they would come back tomorrow. Jasper did not like this, but what could he say. Pissed off, he left in a cloud of dust as he drove away.

That night Tom and Pam searched through all the drawers and closets. There were a few trinkets, but nothing with any great value except a folder with all the familyís personal photographs and birth certificates. Pam did not know she was born in Florida and that her Motherís maiden name was Spencer. She found a lot of old letters that her Mother had kept.

The following day the movers came and picked up the furniture. They moved everything out of the house except a mattress, a few blankets a couple of chairs, a few cooking utensils and the TV.

The landlord came around and told Pam that they had to get out in two weeks or pay another monthís rent. Through the next few weeks they went through all kinds of ideas of what they were going to do. They both wanted to go to the west coast. They made up their own version of California Here We Come. They packed up Tomís car and headed west. Their few friends came by to see them off and wished them a pleasant journey.


Pam and Tom returns to Dustville:

Almost two years had passed. No one had heard from Pam and Tom, or knew if they ever got to California. Early one morning a couple walked into Sammyís restaurant. Fortunately Sammyís survived the social disaster of Dustville. Sammy and the restaurant had not changed. Sammy looked at them for a few minutes. He knew who they were but for a moment he couldnít remember their names, then he remembered and said, "You are Tom and Pam, where have you been?"

Tom without too much enthusiasm said that they had been roaming around the country for a few years. They brought someone home with them. They showed Sammy a beautiful blue-eyed little girl named Sally. Pam laid Sally on the counter. She turned Sally around so Sammy could see her. Sammyís eyes glistened over. With a lump in his throat he said, "Pam she is going to grow up to be as beautiful as you are. Look at those beautiful blue eyes. How old is she?"

With a smile on Pamís face she said, "She will be 10 days old tonight."

Pam and Tom had their breakfast. Pam asked Sammy if he needed a waitress. Unfortunately, Sammy said that things had not changed since they had left. Pam told Sammy if an opening did come up to please keep her in mind.

When they left the restaurant they went to Tomís old home and they talked to the neighbors. Tom asked if they had seen his parents or any of his brothers or sister. They had not seen any of his family since they left two years earlier. Then they went to Pamís old home. Someone was living in the house. They had came all this distance hoping, just by chance, one of their parents had returned and someone might know where they were.

The stranger told them he had been living in the house for almost 2 years and had no idea who or where the old tenants were. As Tom and Pam were walking away a woman in the house across the street yelled, "Pam."

When she looked across the street she saw a woman waving to her. The woman invited them in. She told Pam that she had worked at the plant with her Mother and she moved in shortly after Pam had moved. She told Pam that her Mother had returned about 6 months after Pam had left. Her Mother was furious that Pam was not living in the house. The woman said that she had argued with her Mother and asked her how she expected a 14-year old kid to pay the rent when she and her husband couldnít. This had not appeased Pamís Mother. She thought that the welfare department would pay the rent for Pam. She said that she reminded her Mother that there wasnít a welfare department in the town at that time. The woman told her that she had heard her parents had divorced a couple of years ago and she did not know where they were. She invited Pam and Tom to have lunch with her. Pam discussed their problems with the lady. The woman told Pam that since she left the federal government had established a few services that may help her, but donít expect too much from them. She told them the State had opened a Welfare Department. She suggested they call the Welfare Department and the Salvation Army.

After lunch they drove to the Welfare Department. The lady that interviewed them was an angle. She found them a furnished apartment. The rent was low and the apartment was much better than the places they had been living in. She arranged interviews for Tom. The woman at the Welfare Department called a number of charitable organizations and they delivered many baby items and clothes for Sally.

For the first couple of years Tom and Pam saved their money and tried to get ahead. A couple of Pamís old high school friends and their parents helped them immensely. Suzanne was a token integrated student in her class. Janet and Pam were Suzanne only friends at school. Janet and Pam were very much alike. They were friendly with everyone. A lot of their classmates hated them because they did not let a personís race, religion, or financial status interfere with whom they chose as a friend. Hate was not embedded in their souls.


When Sally was 6 months old Pam put her in a day-care center the Welfare Department provided for working Mothers. Tom was working at an auto paint shop. He painted murals on vans and other vehicles. Thing were looking up for them. They bought an old 2-story farmhouse that HUD had fixed up. There were so many foreclosures that they were almost giving them away. They didnít have to put anything down and the monthly payments were quit low.

Things had been surprisingly good for them. They were both happy and working until Tom wanted more money for his work. What they were giving him was just at the minimum wage. He had been working there for about 2 years without any increase in salary. They refused to give him a raise and Tom quit. This started to be the downfall of Tom. Tom started drinking. He could not hold down a job. Things went from bad to worse. Pam worked at two and sometimes three part-time jobs. The Welfare Department discontinued the day-care center. For a while Tom became the baby sitter. Pam became the breadwinner. This didnít work out to well. Who was sitting for whom? Pam come home from work and found Tom passed out on the couch and little Sally had climbed into the bathtub. She had removed her diaper and was trying to clean herself in the bathtub. It is a wonder that Pam didnít kill Tom. She ripped him apart. She threatened to have him thrown in jail. Unfortunately nothing worked. When Pam was at work she worried about Sally. She called frequently to see if Tom was awake.

They couldnít quite keep their heads above water. There was one bill that Pam always paid. It was the payments on their home. All the other could wait for another month. Pam did not want to be homeless again.

Suzanne was working with Pam at that time and she knew that Pam was deeply worried about letting Tom watch Sally. At work one morning, out of the blue a thought came to Suzanne. All of a sudden she yelled out, "Why didnít I think of this before."

Everyone in the restaurant turned and looked at her. With her embarrassment she covered her face and ran into the kitchen where Pam was working. Pam said, "What was the racket out there?"

Excitedly, Suzanne said. "Me, I just came up with a solution that will solve your baby sitting problem. I have a perfect baby sitter for you and she loves kids."

"Who is it?"

"I am not going to tell you. After work I will take you over to see her."

Pam was impatient. She wanted to know whom Suzanne had come up with. Time dragged by. Pam couldnít wait for the day to be over. Fortunately, but slowly the day finely ended.

Pam and Suzanne both walked to work. The direction they were walking was not in the direction of Pamís home or Suzanneís. Suzanne still would not tell Pam who the baby sitter was. They had walked almost three miles. They passed a row of old abandoned shotgun houses. Pam said to herself, "I will have to get up at 4 to take Sally out here and to get to work on time.  How much further is it from here?"

"Not too far."

Pam saw a small house with a row of clotheslines. She asked Suzanne, "What is that place where all the sheets hanging on the line? Is it a laundry?"

"That is Grandma Jackson house. You could call it a laundry. She washes clothes for people in town. She has this big black kettle. She fills it with a hand pump one bucket at a time. She heats it with wood that Grandpa Jackson brings home. She is still using the same scrub board that she had when I was a kid. She uses those old flat irons that she heats on a big wood stove. I have been in her kitchen in the summer while she was ironing. It was so hot I couldnít breathe. It didnít bother her. At least that is what she told me. She and Grandpa Jackson are the sweetest and kindest couple in the world. Pop said they have been living there all of his life and they havenít changed. They look the same as they did 50 years ago. Pop has offered to fix the house. He said the structure is fine, but there are big cracks in the walls and the floor. They are big enough to stick your hand through. They are a very proud couple and will not let anyone help them. Yet, they are always helping everyone else. They get up before daybreak and donít stop working until the sun goes down. At the crack of dawn Grandpa hooks his mules to his wagon and goes looking for work. They are always feeding the poor. I think there is someone eating on their back steps now."

Pam asked, "What type of work does he do."

"Anything and everything, I think people take advantage of him and Grandma. They tell everyone how much they will charge and they get it. I have never seen them sitting around. They are always working, even when I visit them."

Pam said, "That house is smaller than my living room. Do they have any utilities? There is no power line going to the house."

"No, there is an old well in the front of the house with a hand pump and an outhouse in the back. They have old coal oil lamps they use for light. Both of them are angels. There is nothing they would not do for you if you needed help."

"Do they have any children?"

"They both love children, but God did not give them any. With all of Maryís desire to have children, she accepted her fate. She knew God must have had a very good reason for not letting her become a Mother."

"I would love to meet her."

"I will take you over to see them when we have more time. Grandpa Jackson isnít home and I want you to meet both of them."

"How do you know he is not at home?"

"His mule is not in the pasture."

"How much further do we have to go?"

"Thatís it over there."

In the distance Pam saw a nice large country home with a big wide front porch encircled by a railing. On the porch were about 6 or 7 little black kids playing. Pam had mixed emotions about bringing Sally way out here in the country. Pam said to Suzanne, "I canít bring Sally all the way out here and pick her up at night. It would take all day."

"Before you make any decisions, you will see there will be no problem."

They waded through the little ones that were playing on the front porch and a cute little girl about Sallyís age with a ribbon in her hair put her arms around Suzanne and said "Mummy."

Suzanne picked up the little girl, hugged her, and told her that Mummy would be right back.

A voice of an older woman came from behind the screen door, "Who is that beautiful girl? That wouldnít be Pam?"

Pam answers, "No that canít be me. I am not pretty. But, I am Pam."

A wiry little lady with the smile of an angle opened the screen door. She opened her arms, embraced Pam, and said, "Honey, you are a lot more beautiful than Suzanne had told me. You have a little girl about the same age as Bonny. With a Mother as beautiful as you, she has to be very beautiful."

Suzanne interrupted her Mom and said, "How would you like another little one."

"I would love it. Is it Pamís little girl?"

Pam said, "No, you have you hand full now. I donít see how you can handle all of them. Mrs. Hudson it is very nice that you want to take care of Sally for me, but I have a problem I canít afford a baby sitter. I donít have a car, and it would take me all day to bring Sally out here and pick her up in the evening."

Suzanne said in a sarcastic tone, "You are not listening to me. I told you that would not be a problem. Dad makes a kiddy run every morning and afternoon. It is his most enjoyable time of the day for him. He hates it when they have to go to school and the school bus comes to pick them up. Mom doesnít want any money for taking care of Sally."

With a smile on her face, Suzanneís Mother said, "Suzanne, wait a moment and let me talk."

Placing her hands on Pamís shoulder she said, "Pam, I have been taking care of kids all my life. The more I have to take care of, the more pleasure I get out of life. As Suzanne said, Ben loves being around the kids and so do I. It would give us the greatest pleasure to have Sally with us. As far as money is concerned Ben is making more money than we can spend. One more little one would not cause us any more trouble. I will leave it up to you. Darling I hope you will let me take care of Sally."

Pam with tears rolling down her cheeks hugged Mrs. Hudson and thanked her for her kindness and said, "Someday some-how, I will pay you back for your kindness."

"Honey, I donít want you to pay me back. I am doing this because I want to and donít call me Mrs. Hudson. Just call me Mom. It you called me anything else I would not know who you were talking to."

Pam asked, "What is your first name?"

"Jennifer, but donít call me that. Within a short time, you will be calling me Jenny. I donít want to be called a female mule."

They all started to laugh and a little boy about 5 years old was standing outside the screen door listening and said, "Granny is a mule, Granny is a mule."

Jennifer pretended that she was going to grab him and the little fellow dashed away saying, "You canít catch me."

Jennifer and Suzanne convinced Pam to let Jennifer take care of Sally. Suzanne drove Pam home in her Fatherís car. Fortunately, today Tom was sober for a change. He had been drinking, but hadnít passed out.

The next morning bright and early there was a knock on the door. It was Suzanne with her Father. He was driving this large van with all of the little ones in the back. Pam hurried and put Sallyís diaper and things in a paper bag and hurried out to the van. Pam thought Sally would cry when they drove away, but she didnít. Sally was so pleased to be with the kids about her own size she didnít even look at Pam when they drove away. Pam was the one that cried. This parting moment brought tears to Pamís eyes and a feeling of emptiness. This was the first time Sally had gone anywhere without Pam being with her. Of course with Sally being home alone with Tom was a little nerve racking for Pam.

Most of the time, on his way home, Mr. Hudson picks up Suzanne and Pam at work. The Hudsonís invited Pam and Sally for dinner many times. Sally loved playing with the other kids. Sally heard the other kid calling Jennifer, Granny. The little vocal cords came out with Nana. Jennifer picked up a new name.

When Sally was about 4 year old she started to notice the difference in her skin color and the other kids. One day she asked Nana why her skin was white and the others skin was black. Jennifer told Sally that it was hereditary. That wasnít enough for Sally. Those big words didnít satisfy Sally. Jennifer then told her that they had spent more time in the sun and had gotten a suntan. At the moment this satisfied Sally.

One weekend at home Pam thought that Sally was in her room playing. When Pam didnít find her in her room she started looking for Sally. Pam found her lying on a blanket naked in the back yard. Pam asked her what she was doing. She told her that she wanted to get a suntan like Nana and the kids. Pam told her that if she stayed in the sun to long she would get burned and it would hurt her.

Sally spent as much time in the sun as she could. One day she noticed a few freckles on her arms. She ran to Jennifer very excited and showed her the freckles and said, "I would do better if Mama would let me stay in the sun. Mama told me I would burn if I stayed in the sun to long."

With determination Sally continued, "When I get to be as old as you are I am going to be as black as you are."

With compassion and understanding Jennifer said, "Honey, I know you will. You will be as black as that stove over there."

Jennifer smiled and said to herself, "It is amazing what kids will do. They are never satisfied with what they are. Blacks are trying to turn white and whites want to be black."

Sally was growing like a weed. At times Tom would tease her and call her Olive Oil. Sally started school and loved it. Sally was a perfect student and was very bright. Pam was very strict with Sally. If she was not at school she was within Pamís sight. The only time Sally visited someone was when Pam and Tom went to Metro with Janet and Ted Swansons.

Sally was only nine years old. On one of the weekends when Tom and Pam went to Metro with the Swansons Pam let Sally spend the weekend with one of her coworkers. Her coworker had a daughter a few years older than Sally. Sally was sleeping with the young girl. The young girl fondled Sally while she was asleep. It awoke Sally and she froze. Sally had experimented like most children. This was something that bothered her little mind. The little girl took Sallyís hand, placed it on her genital area, and whispered to Sally to play with her the same way that she was playing with Sally. Reluctantly Sally did what the girl wanted. The young girl told Sally if she ever told anyone, she would throw Sally into Devils Pond. After a few years the young girl moved away. Sally like most young people learned about sex through their older friends.

As Sally grew older, she noticed that her new classmates became very good friends for a short while and then their friendships seemed to evaporate. They were polite, but Sally was never invited to the functions that other kids went to. She would hear them talking about parties and other private gathering they had attended. Some kids would deliberately talk about the parties in front of Sally knowing that she was never invited. This bothered Sally. It left a lasting emotional impression on Sally. Kids can be so cruel.

Sally didnít know that her Mother danced in a topless bar at night to help pay the bills. Once the newcomers found out what Sally Mother did for a living they forbid their children from associating with Sally. Sally had no choice but to accept her life as it was.

Sally concentrated on her schoolwork and took small jobs to help out at home. She opened a savings account and started a college fund for herself at the age of eleven. She never spent any money on herself. Pam and Tom borrowed money from her and never paid it back. And, they couldnít.

Sally was getting to the age when boy and girls start to date. Pam would not let Sally wear makeup and any outfit they made her look sexy. All of her dresses were long and loose. Sally had a crush on one of the boys in her class. He never looked or talked to Sally. This made Sally feel unwanted. Her desire for male attention was pushing her to the limits of her self-control.


Mom would let me go to the school dances but forbid me from leaving the dances with anyone. On the nights that Mom worked Tom would pick me up after the dance. On occasions Tom would pass out and leave me at the school waiting for him. I would have to walk home. This had happen a few times. Tonight was one of those nights. I wanted to kill Tom.

A group of boys and girls drove by and made fun of me. They called me and parents names as they drove back and forth in front of the school. It was getting late and the school light will be turned off the soon. I had not seen those bastards for a while. I was hoping they had gone home. I started walking home. I had entered an area that was quite dark. There were no more street lights on the road until I reach the center of Dustville. I had walked about half a mile from the school. I saw headlights coming from town. I was hoping that it was the assholes that had be harassing me. Unfortunately it was them. They passed by at a high rate of speed. It left me in a cloud of dust. It was heading in the direction of the school. I knew they would be headed back soon. I ran down the road hoping that I would reach a lighted area before they returned.

I was hoping that they would leave me alone. I was running and I did not hear the car approaching me. All of sudden the headlights of the car was turned on. It scared the living hell out of me. It was almost on top of me. They slammed on the brakes and stopped just inches away from me. Chills of fear ran through my body, I frozen in my tracks. They had turned around at the school and headed back in my direction. They had turned off the headlights and engine of the car and let it coast until they were almost on top of me. I heard a guyís voice asking if I want a ride. I shook my head and said, "No thank you."

I started running again. I heard a girls voice in the car yelling out, "Go get that bitch and we will give her a ride she will never forget."

I ran as fast as I could. The car passed me and the quickly stopped. Two boys jumped out of the car and grabbed me. They dragged me over to the car. I fought for my life. I thought they were going rape and kill me. They threw me into the back seat of the car. I fought them off the best I could. They held me down and a girl in the back seat started to smear make up on my face. I made it worse by trying to stop them. The guys held my face and the girl smeared makeup all over my face. They took me to the middle of town and shoved me out of the car. I fell on my back. I raised my head and watched the car speed away I wanted to kill them all. I jumped up and started running home. I was about 3 miles from home. I thought they had finished with me, but they had not. The group followed me and continued harassing me by yelling profanities at me. This continued until I was in sight of my home. I was exhaust from fear. It took all of my strength to climb up the few steps to the door.

When I went inside, Tom was upstairs asleep in his bed and Mom was in the kitchen. Mom looked at my face and said, "What the hell happen to you."

Mom thought that I was upstairs sleeping. Again, Mom asked me what had happened and I told her. Mom was furious. Mom went upstairs to get Tom. He was passed out cold. She shook his body and slapped him a couple of times. It was useless. Mom went back down stairs and called the Sheriff Office. There was no answer. Mom hung up and called again. This time she let it ring until someone answered; Mom asked to speak with the Sheriff. The woman on the other end of the line told Mom that he was asleep. Mom demanded that the women wake up the Sheriff. To appease Mom she called the Sheriff. When he finally came to the phone and Mom told him what had happened. He shouted over the phone, "Leave the fucking kids along. They were just having fun. If you call here again I will lock up your whole family. Do you hear me?"

Mom slammed the phone down in hopes that it would burst his eardrums. Mom in her frustration started to yell at me. She took me into her room and tried to remove all the makeup. Most of the makeup was removed, but it left shades of red around my mouth and gray areas around my eyes.

The following day Mom went to school with me to see the Principal. Mom told him about my experience the night before. He told Mom it was best to forget about it. He told Mom it would be my word against the others. If Mom insisted he would look into it.

The Principal excused me and had a private meeting with Mom. He told Mom that the kids would all stick together and tell the same lie. More than likely they would harass me more than before. He promised Mom that he would keep an eye on the problem and if anything else came up, we should try to get a witness.

Still fuming Mom told me what the Principal had told her and for me to do my best to avoid them. Surprisingly the kids looked at me and never said a word. I guess that they were wondering what was going to happen to them. During the day they passed me and never said a word to me. When the day was over and I was waiting for the school bus, one of the boys that helped to hold me down came over and threatened me. The other kids overheard him. He turned around and started to leave. I donít know what came over me. I called to him and said, "Big boy you forgot to kiss me good bye."

In wonderment, he turned around and headed for me. He made a fist and walked over to me as if he was going to slug me. He looked at the other kids watching him. I caressed his cheeks and pretended I was going to kiss him. Instead I lifted my knee and crushed his balls. He fell to the ground and coiled up in a fetal position. The kids all laughed. The school bus drove up and all the kids got on. The driver asked what was the matter with the boy on the ground. I told the driver that it was my boyfriend and I had just told him a joke. He thought it was so funny that he could not stop laughing. The poor kid was in so much pain that he could not get up. I felt sorry for him, yet at the same time I wanted to beat his brains out.

When I got home that afternoon Tom was already hitting the bottle. He still did not know what had happened to me the night before. I grabbed the bottle out of his hand and poured it down the sink. Tom yelled at me and said, "You little tramp. What the fuck did you do that for?"

For the first time in my life I yelled back at Tom with tears in my eyes, I said, "You fucking drunk, you forgot or you were so fucking drunk that you didnít remember to pick me up last night. I was kidnapped. I could have been killed while you were laying around here in a drunken stupor."

I had left the front door open when I came in. Mom was coming up the walk when I started to yell at my Father. Mom heard every word that went on. Tom had his back to the door and didnít see Mom walking up. He started to give me hell for talking back to him. Just as he said his first words. Mom yelled at him to shut his fucking mouth. She went up one side of him and down the other. She threatened to kick him out if he ever forgot to pick up me again. With the heat coming from Mom, Tom settled back down and sat in his chair and didnít say another word for the rest of the evening.

It was Friday afternoon and Mom had planned to go to Metro the following morning. She was afraid to leave me home alone. Mom called Janet Swanson across the street to see if Ted would be going with them tomorrow. If he wasnít going, I could go with them. She told her that Ted would be going and asked why she wanted to know. Mom told her what had happen the night before and was a little apprehensive about leaving me home alone. Janet told her that Billy would be home and she would have him keep his eyes open and watch the house.

Sally is home alone:

I had just turned fourteen. My parents and the Swansons had been taking these trips together for as long as I could remember. For the last couple of years they had been leaving me home alone. The Swansons teenage son, Billy, was a year older than I. He also had been staying home alone. When they we were younger we had played together. Billy treated me as if I was one of his sisters. But, I had a crush on Billy and I wanted Billy to treat me as he treated other girls my age.

When my parents and the Swansons were away, Billyís home became the hangout for all the kids in his class. I would sit in my room with the lights out and watch through my binoculars the activity going on across the street. Some of the young couple would go out on the front porch and make love. With the binoculars I could see their faces and the pleasures they were having. I wanted so much to have the attention the girls were getting. I would fantasize that I was the young lady that was being fondled.

Saturday morning we all got up early. Mom was still concerned about leaving me alone after the incident I had with the kids from school. I went to the door with my parents. I kissed Mom and told her not to worry. I would be all right and Billy would be there if I needed help. I slapped Tom on the butt and told him not to get drunk again; if he did I would kick his butt. He turned and gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me he would do his best. I knew that was not much, but it was better than nothing.

Billy never invited me to his parties or to his home when his parents were not at home even though I had played with him all my life.

Knowing that Billy would be home alone all day, I wanted his company and affections. I tried to think of some way to get Billy over to my house when we were alone. I yearned for the pleasures that I had seen him give other girls.

Since he never invited me to his home, I came up with a plan that might get him over to my house while I was alone, but would he make love to me? I unscrewed the fuse for the circuit that ran the TV. I had done this for Tom whenever he was working on one the electrical appliances. I called Billy and asked if he had a spare TV. I told him that my TV wasnít working. He told me no and said that maybe he could fix the TV. Billy told me that he would be right over. I ran upstairs to my Mothers room to put on some makeup. I had never worn makeup, because Mom would not let me. All the girls at school wore makeup. Having never put on makeup before, I had overdone the makeup job and I must have looked like a clown. Billy opened the door and saw my face, he starting to laugh. He could not hold it back. Tears came to my eyes and I turned and ran upstairs to my room.

When Billy realized what he had done he turned and started to leave. Billy had seen his younger sister attempting to put on makeup for the first time. He remembered the pain they went though when he teased them. He turned around and ran up the stairs to my room.

When Billy reached the door of my room, I was laying face down and crying. Billy walked over to the bed and sat on the side of the bed. Billy placed his hand on my shoulder and apologized for laughing at me. He rolled me over and told me that I didnít need makeup. I was beautiful already. Hearing these words soothed my feelings. Billy asked me to forgive him and to let him remove the makeup. He asked if there was any cold cream in the house. I said there was some in my Momís bathroom. He told me to stay put. When he came back he applied the cold cream to my face. He gently cleaned my face. When he finished removing all the makeup, Billy lifted me and gave me a long and lingering kiss. I felt limp from his affection. I enjoyed the feeling of his body against mine. He searched my body with his hands. I did not know what to do, or care. An emotional rapture that I had never felt flowed through my body. His hands continued to explore my body. Billy lifted my dress and genteelly stroked the area under my panties. He slowly removed my panties. I lay quietly and didnít care what he did. He bent over and kissed my vagina. He reached over and dipped his index finger in the cold cream. He gently massaged and spread the cold cream over my genital area. I lay motionless with my eyes closed. I had never felt the passion and ecstasy that ran through my body. Billy slipped out of his pants and started to climb on top of me. I opened my eyes and closed my legs. Fear ran through my body. I began to tremble. Billy could feel my body shaking and saw the fear in my face. I looked into his eyes, I begged, "Please donít."

Billy climbed off of me and continued to massage my personal parts. The fear had gone from my body and I felt that I was in heaven. Billy picked up my hand and placed it on his personals. I had never experienced this type of sexual contact. I had watched the girls and boys at Billyís, and I knew what Billyís wanted. The excitement and stimulation led to oral play. Billy laid on his back and I continued until Billy climaxed. This was a disturbing experience for me. I did not know what I should do. I quickly pulled away and ran into the bathroom. I rinsed out my mouth with mouthwash and brushed my teeth.


The stunned look on Sally face frightened Billy. He put on his pants and ran out of the house. The few minutes that Sally was in the bathroom, she overcame the shock of the experience. The enjoyment of Sallyís first sexual encounter with a boy shadowed the climaxing experience.


I hurried back to the bedroom. I did not know that Billy had left. I looked throughout the house and could not find Billy. I was very disappointed. After I had searched the house and could not find Billy, I screamed, "Ah shit, you stupid bitch."

I frantically ran back upstairs to my room and got my binoculars. I saw Billy pacing the floor in his bedroom. He looked very worried.


Billyís Father had warned him to never force himself on any girl. This was strongly imprinted in Billyís mind; he knew that this would be rape. Billyís Father told him that he could spend his life in jail if he ever raped someone. He wondered if Sally would tell her parents about the incident. He was frightened and confused. He wondered what he should do. He felt ashamed of himself for what he had done to Sally.

Billy glanced out of the window and saw Sally looking at him through the binoculars. He was embarrassed and didnít want to face her. He haphazardly waved at Sally.


I waved back to Billy. I wanted to talk to him. I ran down the stairs and called him on the phone. I knew from the look on his face that he was frightened. I loved Billy and wanted him to feel at ease with what had happened. In a cheerful voice I said, "Hi Billy, where did you go? I looked all over the house for you and you didnít fix the TV."


Billy was not sure if he should return to Sally's. Reluctantly he agreed to come back over and take a look at the TV.


I watched from the window as Billy crossed the road. I knew from the look on his face that he was quite disturbed. I greeted Billy at the door with a hug and a kiss. I apologized for running away. I told Billy about stories I had heard earlier in my life how some girls get pregnant. I knew it wasn't the truth, but I didn't want to take the chance.

I kidded around with Billy hoping that he would get over what had happened. After a while Billy started to lighten up. He apologized to me for what had happened and said, "Please donít tell Mom what we did and don't tell any of the kids at school."

Fervently, I said "Billy, I would never tell anyone what happen."

Billy replied, "Pop would kill me if he knew what we did. Have you ever done this before?"

Sheepishly, I said, "No, you are the first boy I have ever made out with. Did you enjoy it?"

Billy was caught off guard. At first he didnít know what to say. His face turned bright red and he whispered, "Uh, yew."

Again, I promised Billy that I would never tell anyone. It was our secret, and no one would ever know. We both agreed that we would never tell anyone about the incident.

I was hoping that Billy would continue from where we had left off. I gave Billy all kinds of hints. I put my arms around Billy. I thrust my body tightly against him and gave him a long kiss. It didnít faze him emotionally. Nothing that I had done persuade Billy to make love to me. He pulled away from me and walked over to the TV. He tried to fix the television. He tried all of the usual remedies. He kicked it, twisted the knobs back and forth, slapped if on all sides, turned it on and off, and cursed it. Nothing worked. After about a half hour Billy gave up and told me that he was sorry that he could not fix it. He headed for the door. My last effort to keep Billy in the house, I invited Billy for a drink. That didnít work either. I was hoping that he would ask me to go over to his house and watch TV there. He didnít invite me. My plans for a romantic weekend had fizzled. Discussed, I closed the door after Billy left. Again, I loudly cursed myself for leaving the room after Billy had climaxed. Little did I know that my day of excitement was not over.

About a half-hour after Billy left, there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was Billy, I ran to the door with a smile on my face. The smile quickly faded when I opened the door and saw three angry men standing at the door. Two of them I knew, one was the kid that I kicked in the balls, and the other one was the Sheriff. The last one I did not know. Chills ran through my body. It was like an electric shock. I slammed the door in their face and locked it. I dashed through the house not knowing what to do. I heard the Sheriff banging on the door and shouting profanities at me. Without thinking I dashed up the stairs. I was half way up the stairs when the Sheriff burst through the door. I turned and looked at the Sheriff. He yelled at me, "Get your fucking ass down here."

I didnít answer him. I ran up the stairs into my Motherís room and hid in the closet. My whole body shook with fear. As I crouched in the corner of the closet I could hear the footsteps of the Sheriff getting closer. From the tone of his voice I knew that he was getting madder with each step. The sound of footsteps stopped for a few moments. I prayed and hoped that he had gone away.

As I sat motionless in the dark closet the door swung open. The Sheriff grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulling me out of the closet and down the stairs.

The pain was excruciating. I thought that all of her hair was going to be pulled out. I grabbed his arm with both hands and held on as he dragged me down the stairs. My body was wracked with pain as I bounced down the stairs.

I yelled, "You son of a bitch, stop it. You are pulling out all of my hair."

"Shut-up you little whole. You are just like your slut Mother."

I was still holding to Simonís arm, with one hand reached over and grabbed one on Simonís legs. Simon fell on the stairs and let go of my hair. I ran to the rear of the house screaming for Billy. Simon slowly stood up, he saw me running to the rear of the house. I was trying to unlock the back door. Just as I opened the screen door I felt that my head was going to be pulled off. Simon dragged my limp body through the house.


Billy was in his room and saw the Sheriff drive up. He heard Sally screaming for him. He ran to the phone and dialed the State Police. The officer took his call and kept Billy on the line while he radioed a patrol car. From what Billy could hear the troopers were only a couple of miles from Billy's. Billy told the officer about Sallyís previous abduction and that her parents were afraid they would do anything to keep Sally from testifying against them. The officer again radioed the trooper and informed him that Sally had been abducted and physically abused by a group a couple of nights before. Billy told the officer that his parents and Sallyís parents had planned a trip to Metro a few months back and they were not at home. He informed the officer that Sallyís parents reluctantly made the trip because they were afraid that these guys would harm Sally to keep her quiet.

After Billy hung up the phone, he ran out on the front porch. He saw a cloud of dust heading in his direction. He heard Sally screaming. He looked across the street and saw the Sheriff dragging Sally out the front door by her hair. Billy ran across the street, jumped on the Sheriff back, and tried to free Sally from the Sheriff grasp.

The troopers drove up and saw what was happening. They jumped out of the cruiser and ran across the street with their guns drawn. The kid and his Father were hitting Billy and trying to pull him off the Sheriff back. The troopers ran over to the melee, grabbed the kidís Father, and threw him to the ground. The trooper yelled at the Sheriff to let the girl go. When Billy heard the officer, he jumped off the Sheriff back and started pounding on the kid. One of the officers yelled at Billy and told him to stop.

When everything had calmed down, the officer had the Sheriff, and his two companions sitting on the ground next to the house. He took Billy and Sally aside and questioned them. They were far enough away that the Sheriff and the others could not hear what the officers were saying. The officers had Billy and Sally face away from the Sheriff so that the Sheriff could not see their facial expressions and to keep an eye on the group. The officer had heard bits and pieces from other kids of what had led up to this confrontation. He wanted to hear Billy and Sallyís part of the story. The officer warned Sally and Billy that they should tell him exactly what had happened and not to leave out any of the details. One of the officer said that he had heard about Sallyís abduction.

I told the officer what had happen the night of the dance and at school the following day. I said that the guys and girls were giving me dirty looks and threatening me. I turned around, looked at the men sitting next to the house, and said, "After school I went to catch the bus home and that bastard over there was waiting at the bus stop. He doesnít take a bus to school. He came over to me. He cursed me and said that if I told anyone they would take me out to Devil's Pond and throw me in the quicksand. Then he started to walk away. I called to him and told him that he didnít kiss me goodbye. He turned around and gave me this weird look. He started toward me with his fist doubled up. I froze in my tracks; I thought that he was going to beat the shit out of me. He made a fist and showed it to me. I thought that I better get the drop on him before he hit me. I put both of my hands on his cheeks and kneed him in the balls. He curled up on the sidewalk. I got on the bus. And, that was it."

With a slight smile on his face the officer said, "You kicked him in the balls?"

"I donít know what you would call it. He was too close to me for me to kick him with my foot. I would have liked to have kicked his teeth down his throat."

"OK, that enough for now, my name is Norton, when your parents come home tell them to call me. Go in the house and I will take care of everything."

Billy and I went into my home and peeked out the window. The Officer slung one question after another at them. He must have asked them 50 questions in less than a minute. All of them started talking at the same time. It was so confusing that no one knew what question they were answering and what they had said.

The Officer shook his head and said, "The whole bunch of you could spend the rest of your life in prison. Kidnapping and assault to a minor could get you life. Threatening bodily harm after the fact would get you at least another 20. Aiding and abetting is a capital offense Sheriff. It would make you just as guilty as they are. They would not let you guys out on bond for this type of offense. I heard about a case like this that went on for 20 or more years. It cost the family millions of dollars just for the lawyer. Then the victim sued for 20 million and won. Sheriff you better think twice before you jump into something like this. You should have arrested the Father and his kid, not this young girl. I understand that her Mother called you, and you threatened to put her in jail if she pressed charges. This is negligence of duty as well. She is only 14. I think I will have to lock you all up until her parents get home. If they press charges you guys can kiss your life goodbye. If this young girl feels frightened with the three of you on the loose, I will have to lock all of you up."

Sally yelled out the window, "I donít feel frightened. I have Billy here to protect me. I have my Fatherís shotgun and a whole box of buckshot. If they come around I will shoot first and ask question later."

There was a trio of, "We ainít coming around here, no Maíam."

The trooper told them all to go home and if he heard they came anywhere close to this house or the kids he would do what Sally had said, "I will lock your asses up and ask questions later."

The trooper got back in his car and talked on the radio. Then he started writing a report. The Sheriff was yelling at the Father and his son for getting him involved in a federal case. The Sheriff drove off and left them in a cloud of dust. They ran after him to no avail. Then the Father slapped the son on the back of head and asked Tim how he got himself involved in this mess. Not realizing that the sound of their voices echoed back and forth between the two houses, Tim started to tell his Father what had happened.

Tim said, "We saw Sally standing in front of the school waiting for someone for a long time. Someone said letís give her a ride home. Then Martha said yea, letís give that tramp a ride that she will never forget. When we got back to the school, Sally had started walking home. We didnít want to pick her up in front of the school it was all lit up. We turned around and waited for Sally to get out of the lighted area around the school. When we caught up with Sally she was in this lonely stretch of the road just before the school. It was pitch-black and there was no one around. Martha told Charlie and me to go get the fucking bitch. She is nothing but a whore. We got out of the car and asked if she wanted a ride. She told us no. She liked walking home alone. We grabbed her and carried her to the car. That little whore was beating the shit out of both of us. I was lucky that she didnít kick me in the balls then. We put her in the back seat and held her down while Martha painted her face with lipstick and eye makeup. We took her down town and kicked her ass out of the car."

Timís Father asked, "Who the fuck is Martha?"

"Thatís Martha Pierce, her Father owns Dustville Bank."

"Why did you call her a whore?"

"Her mom is a whore. Billyís and Sallyís parent play switch every time they go to Metro."

"They all stay in the same Motel room. What else would they be doing?"

The trooper had not left and was listening to the conversation. Norton shook his head in disbelief. Norton had lived in Dustville all his life and knew the Swansons went to see their parents in Metro. With all the kids with them, when would they have time to do anything? Not only did Norton hear them, Billy and Sally heard the conversation. Norton yelled, "Get your asses out of here or I will lock the two of you up."

Timís Father yelled back, "We donít have a ride home."

"That is your problem. How did you get here?"

"The Sheriff drove us."

"Why didnít you go back with him?"

"He ran off and left us. Will you give us a ride home?"

"The only people that get in the back seat of this cruiser either go to jail or the emergency room of the hospital. You are no emergency case. Do you want to go to jail? If not, start moving."

"Maybe they will let us use their phone."

Sally and Billy yelled out, "There is no way in hell we are going to let them in our home."

Norton said, "Get your asses moving I have work to do."

Billy and I were still listening to them until their voice faded out. I had heard enough. I walked away from the window and Billy heard me crying. Billy walked over to me and put his arms around me and asked me why I was crying.

Between whimpers the words started to come out, "My mom is not a whore is she? The Sheriff said that we both were whores and Tim said our parents play switch." In anger, Billy said, "That bastard doesnít know what he is talking about. I have heard the story before. I beat the shit out of the guy that started it."

I cried, "Our parents have been going to Metro together for a long time and they never take me."

"Sally we have gone at least a hundred times. With me, my brothers and sisters along they never had a moment to switch. Do you know what switch means?"

"No," I whimpered.

"Itís when two married couple having sex with the other couple husband or wife. My mom would never have sex with Tom. His breath smells like a brewery. It is bad enough just riding in a car with him. None of us wanted to sit in his lap. Mom made us take turns. I liked going to Metro with them. We had a lot of fun at the nursing home where our Grandparents live. It was like having Christmas 4 or 5 times a year. Grandma and Grandpa would give all of us money and presents."

I said, "Mom makes Dad wash his mouth out with a terrible tasting mouth wash before he goes to bed at night. I used it after we played around."

Billy laughed and said, "I thought that you would have to fill his mouth with concrete to keep the odor inside. The odor is so bad itís like a flame thrower."

I chuckled, "I know what you mean."

"Tim said that both of our families stayed in the same room."

"No way, most of the time we would load up and drive downtown to pick up your Mom and Dad. The only time we all were in the same room together was when Tom and Pam met us at our motel to come home. That was when we could not get a room on the outskirts of town. They came to the door to let us know they were there. Then they went to the lobby and wait for us. With all of us watching TV in the room, it wasnít any room for anyone to sit down. There were only two beds in the room. The youngest one of us would sleep with Mom and Pop, and the rest of us would sleep in the other bed. If I were still going with them it would be four of us in bed together. Now, itís not enough room for me to go along with them."

"Did you ever play with Betty like you played with me? She is only a year younger than I am."

"Hell no Sally, I would never touch my sisters. That would be sick. I feel guilty for what I did to you. I have always felt like you were one of my sisters. You have been very close to me, like another sister. I have always called your Mom, Aunt Pam and your Dad, Uncle Tom.

I asked, "Do you ever play with other girls like we played today?"

Billy face turned red as a beet and at first he didnít want to answer the question. Then he said, "Of course I do and you know it. You watched me from your room through your binoculars."

This took me by surprise. I blushed and asked, "How did you know? I always turn the lights off."

"The lights from my front porch reflected in your binoculars. A guy in my class saw the reflection one night and told me. The following night he brought his telescope and we put it in the upstairs window. We got one of the guys to take his girl friend out on the front porch and make out with her. While you were watching them, we were watching you play with yourself."

I could feel the heat that was coming from my face. My face turned a bright red? I turned and ran up the stairs. Billy called to me and said, "Come back here. We are not going through the same thing we went through this morning."

I sheepishly walked back to Billy. Billy started laughing and put his arms around me. I removed my hands from my face and started giggling.

Billy said, "Everybody plays with themselves. A few years back I saw Betty playing with herself and I told mom. She took me upstairs to my room and locked the door. She sat me down and told me the facts of life. She told me that everyone finds pleasure playing with their body. Different people do different things. Mom said that when we are young we discovery our body and all it parts. As long as you do not become obsessed with it and keep it private, there isn't anything wrong with it. She warned me not to ever embarrass my brothers or sisters if I happen to catch them. And, donít peep or try to sneak up on them. She said that she and Dad would never punish us if they catch us playing with ourselves and she wants all of us to respect the privacy of others. As she walked out of the room she looked over her shoulder and told me to remember who washes the sheets in this house. You think your face was red. Not only was my face red, I felt so small that I could have walk under a sheet of paper."

I was fascinated with Billy and what he told me. Perplexed, I looked at Billy and said, "Billy, mom has never talked to me like that. She would only say, never let some smart bustard touch your body or something similar."

Talking with Billy had unraveled some of my sexual hang-ups. I felt better about my sexuality. Then I started cross-examining Billy again.

"Do you know what Mom and Pop do when they go to Metro?"

"Itís no secret on what Tom does. He heads to the closest Bar and spends the whole weekend there. Mom told me that Aunt Pam has to pull Tom out of the Bar on Saturday night and put him to bed. It takes him all day on Sunday to sober him up."

"What does mom do when she goes on these trips?"

"I am not quite sure. We stay at a motel on the outskirts of town. Dad drops us off and takes your folks to a motel in downtown Metro. The only time that I can remember that your folks ever stayed at the motel that we stayed at, was when there was a convention in Metro and all the rooms down town were booked."

"Why did your parents stay at the motel on the outskirts of town and mine stayed downtown?"

"Sally, you ask a lot of questions. The senior home were my grandparents live is on the outskirts of town. Your mom doesnít have a car and there is no bus service out there. And, your Mom loves to shop."

"Mom goes shopping; she never brings anything home with her."

"If your Mom is like my Mom she can shop all day and never buy anything. They just look."

Billy paused for a few minutes then said, "Sally, I am not supposed to tell you this and I donít know why. I heard Aunt Pam talking to Mom and Mom told me to never mention what I had heard. I still not sure what I heard that I should not mention it to anyone. Sally the only thing I do know, your Mom said that she was looking for someone that was very dear to her and that she lives in Metro. That was about a year ago and she had not found her then."

I asked, "How do you know she was looking for a woman? I bet Mom is looking for her Mom. I heard Mom and Dad talking about her and wondered where she went."

Billy said, "I heard them mention "she" a couple of times. Please donít ever tell anyone that I told you about this. My pop will ground me for a year."

I looked at Billy, kiss him on the cheek and said, "I promise."

Billy asked me if I thought I would be all right. Reluctantly I answered yes. Billy had some friends coming over tonight and he would have invited me, but he would get killed if anything happened to me. He warned me not to peek. If this group caught me, they just might come over. Billy did not want to have to fight them off.

I followed Billy to the front door. As Billy was walking out the doors I took his arm and pulled it around me. I stood on my toes and gave Billy a kiss and said, "Maybe someday you will not think of me as a sister. I will never tell anyone about this morning. It is so nice to know someone in this world likes me."

Billy said, "If I hadnít grown up with you and lived across the street all these years, I would not be leaving now. I would spend the night with you. I canít explain my feeling about you Sally, except I feel the same about you as I feel about Betty. I am very sorry for what happened. Please donít tell anyone."

"Billy, I promise I will never tell anyone."

Billy hugged me and gave her a big long kiss. I was melting in his arms. I had never felt this way about anyone before. I wished that I had grown up on the other side of town.

Sally thoughts:

Even though Billy did not invite me over for the party, I still loved him. I did not want anyone else around when I was with him. I wanted to be alone with him and have him to myself. I did not give a damn about any of the other guys that I had seen at these parties. I think I would through up if any one of them tried to kiss me. As I lay in bed that night I thought about the day with Billy. Thinking about it made me feel like I had been in heaven. The incident with the Sheriff was washed out of my mind by my thoughts of Billy. This was the most gratifying day of my life.

As the morning light started to appear on the horizon my thoughts had been so intense on the previous day that I did not know if I had been daydreamed all night or had fallen asleep and dreamed all the things that went through my mind. The night seemed to be too short. I jumped up and looked out the window hoping to see Billy. All the cars that were there last night had gone.

Sunday was uneventful. I screwed the fuse back in it socket and watched TV and did my homework. I went to the window a hundred times to see if I could see Billy. I did not see him until I looked out and saw Billy talking to my parents in the afternoon. They had just returned from Metro.

By the time I got out of the house Billy had told them about the incident with the Sheriff. Our parents wanted to get together a lynch mob and hang them all. Their tempers were explosive. I had never seen Billyís and my parents so angry. After they had let off a little steam, I went outside. I said, "Mom, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Swanson this is my problem. With Billy and the trooper helping me I donít think we will have any more trouble with them. As you told me Mom it is best to let it die out. I think Officer Norton scared the hell out of them. I donít think we will have any more problems with them. Mom, Officer Norton wants you to call him tomorrow and I think we should ask for his advice. From what he told the Sheriff, Tim, and his Father, they could get life in prison for kidnapping me. I donít want to put anyone in prison for life."

Mom put her arms around me and hugged me tightly and said, "You are a very brave girl. Go back in the house and we will be in soon."

I went back in the house and I overheard Billy telling them that he had some friends over last night. He told them what had happened and I was his cousin. Billy told his friends the names of the guys that were involved and asked them to keep an eye out for me. If I get harassed or hurt by the bastards we will beat the shit out of them. Billy said that they all knew the bastards and would keep an eye on them. Mom hugged Billy and thanked him for looking out for me. As Mom and Dad approached the house, Dad called to me and said, "Come here sweetheart I want to give a brave girl a kiss."

I yelled back, "OK, flame thrower mouth, keep your mouth shut. I donít want to get my hair singed."

Billy heard me and burst into laughter. Everyone else except Dad started laughing. They all knew what I was talking about. After a few moments Dad said, "I donít know what you all are laughing about. I canít smell my breath."

Everyone else chimed in and said, "We can."

Dad sulked and went up the stairs to his hideaway on the third floor. We didnít see him for another 3 or 4 hours. When he came down he had a painting of himself with his mouth wide open with a long flame coming out and he asked me, "Is this what I look like?"

Mom snapped back and said, "Honey you forgot to paint the smell."

"Well, if I breathed on it, it would set the fresh paint on fire."

Dad told Mon he was going to stop drinking. He had said that a thousand times. He would have all the good intentions and do his best. But that was not quite good enough. He would start over in a month or two.

For the next few years nothing eventful happened. If I wasnít working I was studying or at school. I didnít buy anything for myself. I put every cent I made into my saving for my college education. When Dad was not working he was drinking. Mom had to borrow money from me to keep a roof over our heads. At times I had as many as 5 part-time jobs and still found time to do my studying.

Dad was known as the towns drunk and someone had spread a rumor that Mom was the townís whore. When a new kid came to school they would migrate to the one that they thought would accept them. It was always me. As soon as their parents heard the rumors about Mom and Dad, they would forbid their kids from associating with me.

I had heard my parents fight about each otherís infidelities. There had been many days that Dad didnít come home until the crack of dawn. He would be drunk and had lipstick smeared all over him. He never was able to hold a job. He had worked in almost every minimum wage job in Dustville. There were many days of unemployment between jobs. When Dad was drunk he treated me like I was a stray dog. There seemed to be no love shown for me from my Father and only a little from my Mother. I heard Dad curse Mom for having me. He told Mom that I did not look like anyone in his family and I was not his child. This tore my heart apart. I felt that there was no one in this world that loved me or even cared for me. At times I wanted to go out to Devils Pond and jump in. I was to afraid to even think about it. I was afraid that something else would happen to me and I would die an agonizing death.


Through all of this, Sally with a heart of gold forgave her parents. She would do anything to develop a lasting friendship with others. She never knew how the rumors about her parents had started and why the parents of her classmates would not let their children associate with her. Some of her classmates liked her, but due to their parental pressure the friendships were casual.

She accepted her life as it was. She studied hard so that she would be able to attend college. One of her teachers, Mr. Peters tutored Sally. Sally was an excellent student. She had straight Aís in all her subjects. The other kids in her class envied her, with her eagerness; she made the rest of the class look like imbeciles. Mr. Peters helped Sally prepare for college. He guided her through the last 3 years of high school. If it wasnít for Mr. Petersí help, Sally would probably never have left this worthless little dusty southern town.

Through the last few years of high school Sally grew to like Mr. Peters. He was in his mid to late fifties. His physical appearance was nothing to shout about. Much less consider him a hunk. It was the tenderness that he showed all his students. This is one of the reasons that Sally gravitated to him. Also, he was considered one of the best teachers in the state. Not having any love or affection from Tom, Sally grew closer to Mr. Peters. As graduation grew near, Sally wanted to show Mr. Peters her sincere appreciation for all the time he had helped her. With her meager funds, Sally managed to buy all of her teachers a small gift. She had purchased Mr. Peters a very expensive tie. Sally had stretched her pennies and saved the money for the gifts.


On the last day of high school I visited all my teachers and thanked them for helping me. As I walked into Mr. Peterís classroom, he was packing his things for the summer. He had not notice me when I walked in. When Peters saw me, his face turned a bright red.


Peters felt that Sally had read his mind. Peters was daydreaming of the things he would be doing in the summer. He was not married and had no sexual life in Dustville. He would tour foreign countries where prostitution was legal to fulfill his sexual desires.


I glanced down and saw the bulge in his pants. Peters quickly picked up the briefcase he was packing and covered his embarrassment. The briefcase was not closed and when he put it in front of himself the contents flew all over. I got down on my knees and started picking up the papers. I kept taking glances at the bulge in Mr. Peterís pants. I could not stop glancing at the bulge. The more I looked the more embarrassed Mr. Peters became. I finished picking up all the papers; I stood up and continued to take quick glances at the bulge in his pants.

I gave Mr. Peters the nicely wrapped gift, put my arms around him, and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I felt his erection pressing against my crotch. I started to pull away, but Mr. Peters had his arms around my waist. Without thinking, I thrust my crotch tightly against him and gave Mr. Peters a long sexy kiss. For a few moments I had forgotten where we were. When I realized where we were, I quickly pulled away from Mr. Peters. I apologized to Mr. Peters. Again I thanked him for all his help through the years and headed for the door. As I approached the door, I looked at Mr. Peters still trying to hide his embarrassment. I remembered the many hours Mr. Petered tutored me. He looked so pathetic standing there with that sexual hunger on his face. I could not walk out on him now. I knew the sexual hunger that must be going through him. I had experienced the same feeling many times myself. I wanted to relieve him of this hell.

I locked the classroom door and returned to Mr. Peters. I took his hand and led him into the side office of the classroom. He freely followed me across the classroom into the office. I closed the door and looked up at his hungry face. I unzipped his pants. I embraced and fondled him until his sexual desires were fulfilled. After the sexual encounter Mr. Peters begged me not to tell anyone. I promised him that I would never tell anyone. Mr. Peters told me if I ever needed his help to please call him. I again thanked Peters and reached up to kiss him again. As I was walked out the door I turned and through Mr. Peters a kiss.

My parents had lived from hand to mouth and had never saved a dime, not that they didnít want to, they were like the majority of the families in the country. The cost of living is too high, the salaries are too low, and the interest rates on credit card are robbing us all blind. I had scrubbed floors, cleaned houses; nurse the elderly, baby-sat and dozens of other low paying jobs just to pay for my basic needs.


If you looked beyond the outfits that Sally wore, the amateurish makeup and hairstyle, she had grown up to be a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, a continuous happy smile, and a slight dimple in both cheeks. The awkward early teenage look was with Sally almost through her college years. Sally started to mature physically during her latter years of college.

With all of her kindness and her joy for living, Sally could not make or develop a lasting relationship with most of the kids in school and in college. Even though she desperately wanted to make friends and even though she had the ability, she never developed a meaningful relationship during her school years because of her social standings.

Sally finished college. She paid for her education and living expenses by working at nights in sleazy bars, restaurants, and many below the minimum wage businesses. She was one of the top three in her class. There were many recruiters searching for talented students. No one wanted her. WHY? Your guess is as good as mine. They hired young men with big mouths and no brains and ignored Sally.

Sally Leaves Home:

I went back to Duster Ville for a short visit with my parents. Unfortunately, I wasnít blessed with the opportunities that others receive in life. I packed a few my thinks, took the bucks that I had left over from my education, left home and searched for a job. I majored in business administration. Many like me were searching for a job. There were no openings in my field. I went from one town to another until I finely found a job. It wasnít what I wanted, but I had a job. The salary was not great, but it was enough to keep me off the streets if I watched my pennies. I was a sales person in an office supply company names OS Supply.

I did my best to be presentable and worked hard in hopes of getting a promotion due to my education. None of my co-workers had a college degree. It never happened.

I wanted the finer things in life. I had set my expectation higher than I should have. Seeing other women that were better looking than me and had more charm made me try harder to achieve my ambitions.

As I look back, I was stupid. My overwhelming desires blocked my intelligence. I wanted too much too soon. I thought that I would never get the breaks that the other women my age got.

Like most women in this world I wanted to be romanced, have lots of money, and have a happy marriage. I longed for love and affection from a man that loved me, not my body. Every time I saw a happy couple, I asked myself why couldnít that be me. I dated a number of men in college; all they wanted was a one night stand. My Mother had lectured me about being a virgin when I got married. This had kept me out of bed with a number of guys. The attitude and the sexual aggressiveness of many young men had destroyed my respect for a lot of them. I had to fight them off. This had made me uneasy when I dated young men. I am sure there must be someone in this world that will love me for what I am. I have tried many ways to find a nice young man without success. I bought a new car, nice clothes, went to the best beauty salons nothing seemed to work. All the young studs that I had met had the same desires, the 3 "FFF." Find them, fuck them, and forget them. When I didnít jump into bed with them on the first date, I never saw them again.

Due to my obsession to fulfilling my desires, I spent most of my salary on the new car, my new clothes and new furniture. I wasnít saving a penny. I was pushing my credit card to the limit and getting deeper in debt. With my meager salary, I was spending more money than I was making. I explored all the dives in town looking for Mr. Right. I ended up in places where most women would not go with an escort, much less alone. I was desperate for male attention on my terms. I had received a lot of attention from men in bars. The older men wanted any crumb of affection that I would give them. My search for Mr. Right was costing me more money than I had. I was on the verge of thinking that I would never find Mr. Right. I became quite depressed. My money problems were growing. I was looking for a way to make a few extra dollars. I could not take a second job; the hours would be too long. The salary they were paying for part time employees was below the minim salary. They were sweat shops and I did not want any part of it. There were other job out there, but you had to sleep with the bosses to get the job and the salary wasnít any better than the sweat shops.

Sallyís finds another Job:

The older menís desires for affection made them a perfect target for a sham. I was not spending my money on drinks. Everyone wanted to buy me a drink. They wanted me to pay for the drinks they bought me by shacking up with them. There were a lot of prostitutes hanging around the bars. I wasnít that desperate yet. One night as I was lying in bed worrying how I was going to pay my bills I came up with a scheme that I thought might work. Since the older men in the bars wanted my attention and my affection, I may as well make them pay for it. I could hustle some lonely old man out of his money by letting him fondle me in the bar. Give him a sad story and get a few bucks. I thought that some of the older men were so lonely they would give their life savings for my affection. I spent a whole week planning my approach. I practice and rehearsed what I would do and say. I changed my approach a dozen times until I thought I had a good line of bull shit.

The first night that I tried out my approach, I visited the bars that I had frequented. I went in the bar and sit alone in a booth. I survey the customers to see who look lonely and whom I thought would be more generous.

When I saw someone that I felt might be a good hook, I examined everything about him, how he spent his money, his clothing, if his shoe were shined and any indication that he had money. I didnít want any smart-ass young punk. I knew the ones that thought they were hot shit. All they wanted was to take me in a back alley, fuck me and walk away without giving me a cent.

I showed my best assets. I unbutton the top buttons of my dress. I had bought an up-lift bra that almost pushed my breast out of my dress and a very short skirt. I sat in a booth where I could see the bar. Instead of having my legs under the table I crossed my legs in the isle. All of my legs were exposed; with the extra short skirt a part of my butt was also exposed. I sat on the isle side of the booth, if someone wanted to join me, they would have to sit on the opposite side of the table. I did not want to be pushed into a corner if I had to make a quick exit. I wanted an older man that was gentle and was not so picky about my looks and the way I dressed. I felt that they were easier to con than the younger bastard; usually the older men had more money. The younger guys were probably as broke as I was. If I was going to make any money, I had to find a lonely sap that had money. I think they all thought that I was a whore. In Dustville they thought that Mom and I was whores, maybe I am.

When I thought I had found the right sap, I made eye contact and give him a flirtatious smile. When the bar was crowded, it didnít take long for someone to come over, strike up a conversation, and offer me a drink. I invite him to sit with me. In a casual way I would give him the third degree. I would ask what he did for a living, how much money he made, and where he lived and any other thing that came to mind. If I felt he was a good prospect. I would excuse myself and go to powder room. I looked in the in the mirror to repair any damage and rinsed out my mouth so I would not frighten him away with my bad breath. I adjusted my bra so that my nipple almost showed. I hurried back. I did not want to lose him.

When I returned I sat next to him and it he offered me the inside seat, I would tell him that I did not want to bother him every time I went to the powder room. I would insist that he sit on the inside seat. And, if I had a problem with him, I could make a quick retreat. I watched his eyes to see what part of my anatomy he was interested in. I would flaunt that part of my body hoping it would warm him up. By sitting on the outside seat, if it came to a point that I wanted to fondle him, I would be able to block the view of anyone that may be passing by.

Within a few minutes after I returned from the powder room, I laid it on him. I gave him a sad story of how I was in debt up to my ears and how hard it was to make a living. I would tell him about my meager salary, I was behind in my rent and car payments. I would continue until the sap starting to soften up and show some compassion. When the old fart put his arm around me, to comfort me, this was my cue. I put my hand on his thigh. I slowly ran my hand up and down his thigh, stopping on top of his pecker. If he hinted that he was going to help me financially, I would squeeze his pecker. Thanking him for his offer and continue to fondling him. If he did not have a boner, I would continue to fondle him until he did. If he did not go for his wallet within a reasonable time I would remove my hand from his pecker and apologize for being so forward. This pause in foreplay primed him to reach for their wallets. If he were generous, I would reach down and slowly zip down his fly and continue to massage his pecker. At times some of them would have a climax before I had their zipper open. When the men hinted they wanted to have sexual intercourse. I would give them a line of bullshit and put on an act that would make the men feel guilty for asking or thinking I was a prostitute. I would give them all types of excuses and say that I wanted to save my virginity until I was married. That was the only thing that was the truth and of course I was broke. As the weeks passed my approach became very effective. I was starting to get a few bucks ahead of my expenses. I started to get repeat customers. I did not have to go through the line of BS. Usually they would come up with the same amount of money they gave me the last time. I did not have a fixed fee. I took what I could get. Some new customers would give me some money. I would glance down to see how much money they had given me. If I thought it was too little, I would show them the palm of my hand and look them in their eyes. Most of the time, they would give me another ten and sometimes a twenty. As I said, I would take what I could get.

The owner of the one of the bars that I frequented had noticed what I was doing. When I came into the bar one evening, he followed me to the booth. He asked me what I wanted to drink. I told him that I wanted a glass of wine. When the owner came back with the wine, he sat down in the booth across from me. For a moment he did not say anything. For those few moments all hell was breaking loose in my mind. What the fuck have I got myself into now? I got a good thing going and he is going to fuck it up. As usual I expected the worse. Finally he introduced himself and told me he was the owner of the bar and asked me what my name was. I was a little uneasy about telling him my real name. I used an alias and told him my name was Betty. He told me that he had noticed my activities with his customers. I thought he was going to kick me out and not let come back in. I was making more money on the weekends in this bar than all the others. Surprisingly he didnít object to what I was doing. It had increased the number of his customers in the bar. He warned me, if any type of trouble came from my activities I would not be allowed in the bar in the future. With a sigh of relief I thanked him and I promised him that I would do my best to select friends that would not start any trouble.

In the rear of the bar was a small dance floor. If the bar was over crowded I would ask the prospect if he would like to dance. I would warm up the prospect on the dance floor before I made my pitch. At times it worked better than massaging the guyís legs.

My popularity grew. Someone was spreading the word. Who was it? Was it the bar owner? On the good nights I made $200-$300. Most nights I only made around $100. I cruised the bars mostly on Friday and Saturday nights. Occasionally, I would go out during the week. I had gotten a number of repeat customers. When they saw me, they wanted get right down to business. Usually it was over in a few minutes. A few times they were standing in line at the bar waiting their turn. Some nights it was unusually slow. None of my repeat customer came in and no one would approach me. A night like this made me feel that my customers were using the prostitutes instead of me. But, on these nights, it was also unusually slow for them. This bothered me. I wondered what had caused this. Do men have a period each month like women? Is there a period that they donít have any desire to have sex? I became friends with a few prostitutes. One evening I asked one of them about the slow nights. She told me that when a plain clothes cop came around business slows down. The johns donít want to be arrested. That answered my question. I became paranoid. When someone approached me, chill of fear ran through my body. I was torn between making a few dollars and going to jail. The money won. I continued and forgot about the cops. I thought that I could bullshit them enough they would drop the charges.

Around the first of the month when my rent and credit card payment were due and I was short of money I would go out on the week days until I had enough money to pay off my bills. On one of the mid week occasions, I was sitting in the bar all evening sipping on the same glass of wine. I hadnít made a damn dime. I was about to fall asleep in the booth. About midnight the owner came over to my booth and gave me a fresh glass of wine and said to me, "It has been a very slow night. Itís getting late and I am going to close the bar in a little while."

There were only two patrons at the bar. One was a cab drive that came in after work to have a nightcap. The other man was in his mid fifties. He was well dressed and his clothes looked expensive. He looked like a good prospect. He had glanced at me a few times. When I tried to make eye contact with him, he would look away. Business had been so slow the owner had sent the regular bar tender home. The cab driver told the owner good night. The owner went into the room behind the bar.

I picked up my coat and was preparing to go home. I looked up; the man at the bar was heading toward me. When he reached my booth he held out his hand and introduced himself. I took his hand to shake it. When I placed my hand on his, he opened his hand. I saw a folded $100 bill in his hand. Even though there was no one around, I quickly took the bill out of his hand. I closed my hand tightly around the bill. The guy sat down across from me, took my other hand and gently caressed it. He looked into my eyes. He told me that his wife had left him about 6 months ago for a younger man. The last few months before his wife moved out, she would not have any sexual contact with him and he had not had sexual relation with anyone for almost a year. He said that I did not have to go with him and he would understand and I could keep the hundred dollars. If I did go with him, he would give me another $100. I expressed my deepest sympathy and told him I was sorry, I would not go out with him. I didnít go out with anyone and I did not have sexual intercourse with anyone.

He looked dejected. He told me that he only wanted my company for a little while and if I went with him, he would give me $200 more. The bar was closing and he did not want anyone to see us together in the bar. Not only was the money getting to me, the gentle stroking of my hand, his emotions and his overall desires that he expressed starting to arouse me. I said to him, "$300 more and I will go with you."

He nodded and said, "OK."

I looked around to see if anyone was watching us. The bar was empty and the owner was still in the back room. Politely I whispered, "I want the money in advance."

He pulled a money clip out of his pocket, peeled off three more bills, and handed them to me. I lifted the back of my dress, slid the money in my pantyhose, and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

He looked around and said, "I have my car parked across the street we can go anywhere you want."

I said, "I do not want to do anything in this neighborhood. I know a very quiet street where we can be alone. Why donít you leave first and I will meet you outside. My car is in the parking lot at the side of the building. Why donít you follow me?"

He started to leave and the owner came back into the bar. He told the man good night, then he looked over at me and said, "I going close the bar in a few minutes, you are welcome to stay until I close and I will walk you to your car."

I quickly said, "Thank you but, I am getting ready to leave now, thank you."

I picked up my jacket, said goodnight to the owner again and headed for the door. I saw the man getting into a Mercedes across the street. I looked up and down the street to see if anyone else was around. The streets were deserted. A thought came to my mind. If I turn to the right, I could lose him. I could not do it. My conscious would bother me the rest of my life. What would he do to me if he caught me? I turned to the left and headed for my neighborhood. Every few minutes I looked into the rear view mirror and saw the Mercedes following me. I drove to an empty lot near my apartment and stopped. He pulled up behind me. I got out of my car and walked to the driverís side of his car. He had gotten out of the car and he opened the back door for me. As soon as we sat down, he embraced me. His sexual desire was on overdrive. I tried to slow him down.

I said, "Honey, take it easy and you will enjoy it more. I want to enjoy you as much as you want to enjoy me."

He pulled away from me and said, "Iím sorry; I donít know what came over me. I could not hold myself back. I have been thinking about you all evening."

I embraced him and gently stroked his pecker. It was already erect. I zipped down his zipper. I could not get it out. It was so hard that I had to undo his belt and pull his pants down to get to it. I squeezed it with both hands. He moaned. His strong sexual desires were flowing over to me. I was starting to get sexually aroused. I was enjoying the foreplay as much as he was. I could feel the pulsation of his climax. I grabbed a tissue from my bag and wiped away the semen. I continued to massage him even though it started to soften. He had climaxed so quickly that I felt that I had stolen his $400. Also, my sexual urges were growing as I continued the foreplay. I usually would get a little horny when I fondled someone. For some reason my sexual urges were much stronger than usual. I wanted him to fondle me. I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose. I took his hand and rubbed my crotch with it. He took the hint. I was almost ready to lose my virginity. I was desperately trying to get his penis hard again. My mouth started to excrete saliva. Without thinking about what I was doing, I gave him oral sex. I wanted desperately to keep it hard. I wanted him to seduce me. After a few minutes it started to get harder. I started to have a series of orgasms. They came in pulses, as his penis grew harder. The Harder it got the more intense were my orgasms. I could feel the pulsating of the erection. As he climaxed, my orgasms grew to a climatic crescendo. We embraced each other. I had never had this kind of sexual experience with anyone. I looked up at him and gave him a big kiss. We both laid back in the seat and gazed into space. We relaxed for a while. He wanted to make our relationship on a more personal basis. I told him that I would love to but I felt it was best to keep it on a business arrangement for now. I did not want to lose this customer. I told him maybe at a later time. He told me that he would come to see me again in about a week. I pulled up my pantyhose and pulled down my skirt. He help me out of his car and over to my car. I said, "Goodnight, I am looking forward to seeing you next week."

When I got home it was almost 2 AM. I had to be at work by eight. I hurried and took a shower. As I was drying myself off, I remembered that I had put the money in my pantyhose. I had put the pantyhose in the dirty clothes hamper. I opened the hamper and search through the dirty clothes, the money was not there. Fear ran through my mind. Where was the $400? We had parked only a block away. I wrapped a towel around me, grabbed a flashlight, and ran down the street bare footed.

Someone was looking out a window, they saw me running down the street, and dialed 911. They told the operator that a naked woman was running down the street. I was searching the area when a police car turned the corner. I was bending over and searching in the grass. The officers shined a searchlight at me.


One of the officers said, "Nice buns."

"Not bad. I wonder what she is doing out here."


When the lights shined across me, I jumped and started to run away. One of the officers said, "Hold it. What are you doing out here."

I froze in my tracks. The light blinded me. My mind was a blank. I stuttered, "I am looking for something."

"What are you looking for?"

"A friend let me off here a little while ago. I lost Ö (think Sally)Ö an ear ring."

"Are you all right? There is no one chasing you, is there?"

I looked around and said, "I am fineÖÖ NoÖÖ. Why?"

"We had a call that a naked woman was being chased down the street."

"No one has been chasing me." I smiled and said, "I wish there was."

"You better put off looking for the Ö.. your earring until you put some clothes on."

Reluctantly I said, "I guess you are right. I will put it off until daylight Ö and I will put some more clothes on. I didnít think anyone would be up this late. I had just finished my shower and noticed that it was gone. I just wrapped the towel around me and started looking."

The officer asked me where I lived. I pointed at my apartment down the street. He asked if I wanted a ride.

I did not want to get into a copís car with two men. They may arrest me. Even though they were police, I felt uneasy about being necked in a car with two men. They may get ideas. I gave them a nice smiled and said, "Oh, no, itís just on the corner. Thanks anyway and goodnight."

I was walking as fast as I could. I did not want them to change their minds and drag me into the car. I had been dragged into a car once before. Thankful the officers took off. I cursed at myself for losing the money. On my way back to my apartment, I tried to remember where I lost the money.

The devil side of me said, "You stupid bitch. You pulled down your pantyhose in the car."

I was quite depressed. The $400 dollars would almost pay for the long overdue payments on my credit card. I knew that if I lost it in the car he would never bring it back to me. I worried about the damn money until I fell to sleep.

I was hoping that he would find the money and return it to me. It would be just my luck that I never saw the man again.

The next morning I could not think of anything else but the fucking $400. I searched the area again. The money wasn't there. After work at OS Supply I went to the bar that I was at last night. I bought a glass of wine and waited with hopes that he might show up. The bar was as dead as it was last night. I had dropped off to sleep in the booth a couple of times. I would wake up with a jolt, wondering if he had come in and I didnít see him. I was exhausted, to make things worse, no one had approached me. Maybe they thought that I had passed out. I finally gave up and started to leave the bar when the man with the Mercedes walked through the door. I came alive. He headed over to my booth. I got up and walked over to him. I didnít want to talk to him in the bar. I motioned for him to follow me. When we were outside I asked him about the $400.

He smiled and said, "That is why I am here. When I went out to the car this morning I saw the money sitting on the back seat. I knew it was yours."

I stuck out my hand and waited for him to give me the money. He said to me, "Would you like to make another $400?"

I could hardly hold my eyes open, but I said, "Yes."

I went to the same spot where we were the night before and parked. I got into his car with him and he gave me the money. Tonight was not like it was the night before. The enjoyment I had the last time wasnít there. I went through the motions of having an orgasm just to make him feel desired. When I started to get out of the car he said, "I will see you in a couple of weeks."

I got out of the car and drove home. I was so tired that I flopped down on the bed and fell asleep without taking my clothes off and taking my bath.

The man with the Mercedes came in about twice a month. For a while my business was good. Then it started to slacken off. I was spending more time at my scam than I had been at work. I still hadnít had sexual intercourse with any of the clients even though I became quite excited with some of the men. Some of my clients wanted to marry me. From what they said about themselves, I would probably have had a nice life. But none of them fired me up enough to accept their proposal. I had a number of repeat customers, but nowhere close to the number that I would have liked to have had. The prostitutes made more money than I did and so did the strippers. I had been approached by some of the pimps in the neighborhood. They told me how much money I could earn. I knew the hookers kept only a small percentage of the money. I preferred to pick the Johns that I was going to give a hand job to. I had seen the bastards the hookers had to fuck. It made me sick when I thought about the poor girls having to give blowjobs to some of the filth that hung around the bars. I was making a few bucks, I wanted more and I was looking for a new scam. I enjoyed the attention that the older men gave me and the few bucks I made. But, that was not enough.


It didnít take long for someone to take a special interest in Sallyís activities. Sally did not know she had an admirer watching her.


Sally admirer was a Sergeant in the State Police. His name was George. What can I say that is nice about George? Nothing, when George was a young trooper, he was muscle bound and was in very good shape, as time passed his muscles turned to fat. Yet he was still quite strong. He had used his strength over the years to intimidate and threaten his victims. He had no qualms about using his gun to aid his fading strength. George and Jim, the lieutenant over George would do anything for money and power. George stole and extorted from people all over the state. They were his slaves. George was one of Jimís slaves; he had to give Jim a cut of the money he extorted. There were rumors that George had more notches on his gun than all the gunslinger of the old Wild West. Many people across the state had disappeared and George was the magician that preformed the disappearing act.

George spent all of his time looking for poor suckers and bleeding them for the rest of their lives. George didnít have any preference on who he would hook. If he needed a particular individual that would help him in a sham, he would set them up and frame them. He would plant narcotics in the homes of some unsuspecting souls and raid their homes. For a price or a favor he would look the other way. The poor saps usually went along with his threats. The ones that didnít go along with him usually were convicted of possession of a controlled substance. They would lose their job, and would spend all of their saving on a lawyer trying to defend themselves. He would tell his new suckers what had happened to the others in the same predicament. This aided George in recruiting other slaves.

George knew all the trick of the illicit trades. He had people all over the state paying him off for looking the other way. Once he got someone hooked, he would never let them go. He would bleed them to death. George has been bleeding these poor souls for years by threatening their life or spending the rest of their life in jail. George kept them all under his control by fear. Itís a wonder that someone hadnít killed George.



Jim came up through the ranks. The other officers hated him with a passion. Most of the officers under him had no respect for him. He had let more criminals go free than the ones that he set to jail. But, everyone he let go was never free. They would become Jimís slaves. Jim controlled his little kingdom with fear also. Like George, Jimís intimidated his poor slaves with the same threats. He is one of those guys who would smile at you, hug you as if you were his only friend in the world. Within a flash he would blow your brains out.

He was a tall slim individual with dark beaded eyes. When he looked at you, it made you feel as if his eyes were cutting you in half. Jim was a slave also. The State Police Commissioner had his hooks in Jim. As Jim had his hooks in George, the Commissioner bled Jim and Jim bled George and George bled his slaves. Through extortion, blackmail, and just plain thievery, Jim was raking in 10 to 20 thousand dollars a month. Jim had to give the Commissioner his cut and George gave Jim his cut. Jim was not the only slave the Commissioner had hooked. Only God knows how many poor souls were paying off the Commissioner. Who was getting a cut from the Commissioner, the Governor? Who know how high up the ladder this went.

Jim was taking payoffs from every shady charter in the state. You name it, loan sharking, gambling, prostitution, narcotics, untaxed cigarette, liquor, and many other scams.

Sally Gets Hooked:

One evening when I was leaving a bar a handsome young man approached me. He was well-dressed, good-looking and very polite. I was thrilled by his attention. I thought that I had met Mr. Right. I was tickled pink. He wanted information about a street address. He reached for his wallet to get the address. He opened his wallet and pulled out a $100 bill. When I saw the $100, I felt that someone had pulled a rug out from under me. Hell, heís just another john. The bastard thinks I am a prostitute. Seeing him flash the $100 bill ended my sunken feeling. My eyes were glued on the $100 bill, I wanted it. I thought that maybe he would give me the hundred for a quick massage. I smiled at him and said, "Iím not a prostitute, butÖ."

He interrupted me and pretended to be embarrassed. Apologetically he said, "No, no, I have an address written on the bill."

We laughed and chatted for a few minutes. Maybe he is Mr. Right. If he wasnít Mr. Right, I wondered if I could sucker him out of the hundred dollars. The young man kept waving the bill in front of me. At first, I couldnít take my eyes off of the bill. He continued talking to me for a few minutes. He had not looked at the hundred dollar bill for the address. When he held it still for a few moments, I could see that there wasnít anything written on the bill. I was wondered what were his intentions. I said to myself, "OK buster, get to the point, what do you want? I donít have all night."

I felt that if he didnít make a play for me in the next couple of minutes, I was going to break it off and go home. It didnít take long for me to find out what he was up to. Out of the shadows jumps a man with a gun in one hand and a badge in another. He ushered us to his car and shoved us in the back seat and slammed door shut. When he walked away from the car I tried to open the door. It was locked from the inside.

I was scared out of my wits. I cursed myself silently. I was shaking all over. God help me. I saw my life being taken away from me. The young man tried to calm me down. I wasnít listing to him. I wanted to get out of the damn car. I kept yelling, "Why are you arresting me? What did I do?"

The officer was heading to the front of the car. When he heard me screaming he returned to the car. He opened the car door and grabbed my arm and shook me. I thought that my head was going to come off. He slammed me against the young man and shouted, "Shut the fuck up, you little whore. Iím booking you for prostitution. If you donít keep your fucking mouth shut. I am going to stick my fucking fist down your throat."

Every ounce of my strength was draining from my body. I clamed up and didnít say another word. After a few minutes I gathered my composure and watched the officer. He was talking on his portable radio for a couple of minutes. When he returned to the car he verbally ripped us apart. He accused me of peddling my ass. He told the young man he was going to through the book at him for propositioning a young girl. This continued until another officer showed up in his car. This officer yelled and screamed at me and the young man for a few minutes then he took the young man with him. I was left alone in the car with the officer. I was so scared that I felt that I would pee in my pants. For the first few minutes after the other officer left, the officer just stared at me. Then out of the blue he started lecturing me about being a prostitute. Then he would lighten up and tell me that a nice young girl should not be peddling her ass all over town. For over an hour the officer went through this routine. First he cursed me out for a while, and then he would act like an angle. It felt like this went on for hours. He had his gun drawn and aimed at my face. The barrel of the gun was just inches from my face. The way he flipped the gun around I thought it would go off. I visualized my head being blown off of my shoulders. He wanted to know why I was peddling my ass. I tried to explain what had happened. He told me that he had heard all the stories from other whores, they all tell the same stories. He did not want to hear any more lies.

He paused between each of his outbursts for a few minutes. During one of the pauses an old street person that I had seen around came up to the car behind the officer. He just stood there and took it all in without saying anything. Now and then I would glance in his direction. The officer caught me looking at him. The officer jumped out of the car; he cursed, and threatened to lock the old man up. I could see the sorrow in the old manís eyes. He looked as if he wanted to help, but there was nothing he could do.

I thought that I would spend the remainder of my life in jail. I was in a state of shock; under pressure, I admitted I was a prostitute, even though I thought I wasnít. I agreed to do anything he wanted me to do, if he would let me go. I begged and pleaded with him not to send me to jail. In that hour or so he had brain washed me. Physically and emotionally I was emotionally and physically drained. I did not have the strength to lift my arm.

The officer dragged my limp body from the car and threw me against the building. He threatened my life again if I did not keep my promise. I told him that I would never forget. He said, "Sally, I will call you when I need a favor."

He had not asked my name. How did he know who I was? I asked, "What is your name."

"George, donít try to contact me. I will contact you when I need a favor."

George got into his car and drove away. I was so physically drained that I could not move. I tried to stand up, but I couldnít.

Later I tried to get up using the wall of the building for support. I was so weak that I fell to the ground. I sat with my back to the wall of the building. People passed by me without saying a word. None of the locals went to my aid. They did their best to keep as far from me as they could. They all knew George and his reputation. I wondered if this was the cop that scared away all of the johns. I didnít move from that spot for about an hour. I was too weak to even move my legs. If I could get up, I was afraid to go to my apartment. I didnít want George to know where I lived. Little did I know George already knew all about me, where I lived, worked and my life history. My strength was starting to return. As I tried to stand up the old homeless man came out of the shadows and helped me up. He never said a word to me. When the streets looked deserted, I went to my car and drove home. I parked my car a couple blocks from my home. I walked around the block a few times to see if anyone was following me before I went into my apartment.

I had a ritual that I went through every night since I was a child. I would say my prayers and pray that I would have a better and happier life. After my prayers I would review the events of the day. I would look at the mistakes I had made. I would try my best to improve my life each day. 

That night, I had a dream that I had many times before. Whenever I was stressed over something that had happened, that night this particular dream would return. The dream would start with me walking alone on a lonely path in dense forest. Chills of fear would run through my body as I walked along. Some nights I would never get out of the forest. Every turn I took was a dead end and the forest would close in around me. When I awoke the following morning I would be exhausted and very frustrated that I didnít get out of the forest. Some nights I would walk out of the forest into a place I would call my Heaven. I would be on a hill looking down into a meadow below. Flowers would be blooming everywhere. The freshness of the air, the fragrance of the flowers and the soft moss under a bright red shade tree was my heaven. As I lay in the shade of the tree a gentle voice of an old man would welcome me. The voice seemed to come from all directions. The first time I had the dream I thought that it was Godís voice. The voice told me that he was my maternal grandfather. God had given him the responsibility to guide the future generations of his family to Heaven. I had many other dreams and considered this dream just like all the others, just another dream until I wanted help and advice. When I was in trouble and wanted guidance I would pray that my grandfather would appear in my dream. On this night he did. I never had to ask him for advice. He always knew what I wanted to ask him. He told me to change my life style, move to another place, and start a new life for myself.

I had asked my parents and others about my dream. They all would tell me that dreams were nothing but dreams, period. Other friends had told me that was my conscious and subconscious mind talking to each other. Others told me that they were my own thoughts, as if I was daydreaming. I wanted so much to believe this was God or my grandfather that I had never seen.

Being human like the rest of the world, I swore that I would never do those terrible things again, but I would slide back into the same rut. I always had all the good intentions, but the desire for better things in my life would put me back into the main track of self-destruction.

About a month later I took the advice of my dream. I put all the pieces of my life back together. I swore that I would never go back to that area of town again. I quit my job; moved to a much larger city, and sold my car with hopes that George would never find me.

I found a job in another branch of the same office supply company that I had worked for before. The salary at OS Supply Co. was fairly good and I was happy with my new position. I didnít go out very often. I was afraid George would find me.

I saved my money until it started to burn a hole in my pocket. Almost a year had passed. My life was boring as hell. I was sick of watching TV and going to the movies. I went through a buying spree. I took my savings and bought a new car and a small apartment. I bought new clothes and furniture for the apartment. I got myself into debt again and went looking for a second job. It was like a large magnet that drew me to the same type of sleazy neighborhood that I had frequented before. Why I didnít pick a nicer neighborhood to look for work, I donít know. I found an evening job as a waitress. The tips were fair, but the salary was poor.

My desires in life returned. The same frustrations of the past resurfaced. I had been working at the restaurant for about a month, as I was leaving work I noticed a car parked in a no parking zone in front of the restaurant. I was walking to the parking lot and the car that was parked in front of the restaurant started to follow me. I ran to my car. I got in my car and locked the door. The car pulled in front of my car and blocked me from exiting. A man got out the car and walked into the headlights of his car. I froze, "Oh my god itís George."

My whole body shook with fear. I wondered how George found me. (Sally, you should not have bought the car.)

George approached the driverís side of my car and lifted his coat so that I could see his gun. With a gentle voice George asked me to open the window. Reluctantly, I opened the window. George acted as if he had found a long lost love. He told me how he had missed seeing my lovely face and invited me to have a drink when him. I felt that I did not have a choice; still shaking I got out of the car. I walked to a bar with Georgeís arm around me. With all of Georgeís sweeter than sugar small talk I started to relax. George gently crossed examined me until the bar closed. Like a fool, I told George every detail of my life. George walked me back to my car and wishes me the best. George told me that he pulled the paper work on me from the State Police files. He said that Jim had written me up as a prostitute. With everything else that I told George, I had told him about my money problem. George told me that he probably could help me with my money problem. I asked George what kind of job was it. He said, "I have a big fish I want to hook. I think you might be the right bait that will make this hook work. You were doing a good job with those old men."

I laughed and said, "I didnít make enough money to pay the rent."

George smiled and said, "For one nights work, you will make enough money to pay off all your bills."

George had said the right thing, money. I was very excited about making a lot of money so I could pay off my debts. At this moment, I wasnít as frightened as I was on my previous visit with George. George said that he would get in touch with me and walked away.

A few months passed. George had not called me and I had lost all hopes of finding an easy way to pay off all of my debts. When I came home from the restaurant one night, I opened the door of my apartment; George was sitting on my couch and playing with his gun. George stood up and aimed the gun at me. I thought that I was going to die. I was so frightened that I collapsed to the floor and passed out.


George calmly picked Sally up, carried her into the bedroom, and laid her on the bed. George went into the kitchen to get some ice cubes; he wrapped them in a towel and gently wiped the cold towel on her forehead. Sally slowly came to.


When I came back to life, I saw George standing over me. Again I became light headed, but this time I didnít pass out.

George apologized to me and asked me to forgive him. He told me that he was startled when I walked in and it was his natural reaction when he was frightened. After comforting me for a while, he told me that he had a plan where I could make $5,000 to $10,000 in one night. He explained that no one must see us together. George told me that this was the reason that he came to my apartment through the rear door. George told me he would see me in a couple of days. He asked if I would be all right.

Words wouldnít emerge from my mouth. A slow nod finally appeared and I mouthed, "Yes."

George left the apartment. I was so weak I could not get out of bed. My emotions were on a roller coaster. I recalled that just before I passed out, my whole life flashed through my mind. I knew that I was going to die. I had no one to talk to about my problem with George. I prayed that my grandfather would be in my dream tonight. I was too stressed out to dream.

The following morning after George scared the piss out of me, I was still emotionally exhausted. I called work to tell them that I was sick and would not be in for a couple of days. I stayed in bed all morning. I was so nervous that I couldnít eat. My mind was flashing from one thought to another. I did not want to see George again. But, he was the easy way for me to get out of debt. I began to hate myself and my life. I wanted to commit suicide. Like the other night, again my whole life was running passed me. My mind had flashbacks to things that I had not thought of in years. I hated my Mother for not letting me go out with my schoolmates. I had to sneak out of the house on the nights that Mom and Dad were not at home. If they had known, I think they would have killed me. I remembered the fear that went through me the night the guys dragged me into the car, I thought they were going to rape, and kill me. I remembered the day the sheriff dragged me down the stairs.

All of a sudden something happen within me, I started to remember the happier moments of my life. I thought of one of my old fantasies of making mad passionate love with one of the boys in my class and many more enjoyable moments in my life. As the day progressed my mood started to change. There were two creatures in my body. One was the sweet mild little girl with the strength of a bowl of jelly. The other one was hard ass bitch that was hard as a rock with no fear. It was as if someone else had stepped into my body and mind, and taken over my soul. This person was much stronger emotionally than I was. Something within me had thrown an emotional switch that made me reek with hate. I looked at my life through a more positive window. I wanted to kill everyone that I hated, especially George. I had made up my mind that I was going to take control of my life. I wasnít going to let anyone walk over me again. I was going to fight back and make all of my dreams come true. I would do anything to achieve my goals. If George could make me rich I would do anything he wanted me to do. I wanted to get down to business that very moment. Where was George? When was he coming back? I wanted to know how I could make $5,000-$10,000 for one nights work. If I had to sleep with someone, I would, to hell with staying a virgin until I got married. I was not going to let George intimidate me. I was going to turn my life around.


When George left Sally last night the first thing he did was to call Jim. He told Jim what had happened. Jim gave him hell and said that it would take too long to find someone else for the hook. Jim told George if he didnít have Sally or someone else to hook Hacker, he would kill him. Hacker was too big a fish to lose. They had put a lot of time on this hook. If this scam worked, they would be set for life. Hacker was always in the public eye. He could not afford a scandal. Hacker had plenty of money and power. They knew that the only way they could hook Hacker was to set him up with Sally or someone else. They knew he was having affairs all over the country. They had plans to film Hacker having Sex with someone. Sally was that someone.

If someone else had Hacker hooked, it didnít show. George thought their plan was fool proof. He and Jim had been dreaming about this hook for years. The money was blinding them of the possible problems that they may encounter. With all the money and power Hacker had, he could and would enslave them for the rest of their lives if they were caught.


Mr. Hacker:

Billy Hacker is a multi-billionaire. He was born with a diamond studded platinum spoon in his mouth. His ruthless Father built and masterminded Hackerís empire. Hacker wasnít exceptionally smart. He learned from his Father to hire brilliant people and control them. He controls and owes all types of businesses all over the world. Hacker has high-level political connections throughout the world. His business links to almost every business in the world. Just to name a few, he has interest in tobacco, oil, cattle, chicken, utilities, narcotics, automotive, high-tech, the media, the major league sports, casinos and last but not least, big religious groups. You name a high profit business, whether legal or illegal, Hacker is involved. He wants everyone to think that he is squeaky-clean, religious and a kind hearted individual. When he is at home he attended church every Sunday with his family.

Hackerís Father had setup various non-profit charitable institutions around the country to keep track of all the politicians. If he wanted to set a fire under an honest politician and ruin him, Hacker would pull a string and the poor soul would slowly be drawn through the muck and mire of accusations and lies. The institutions would bring all type of charges against him whether they were true or not. The poor soul would spend all his time and money defending himself trying to prove that he was innocent. His future in the political field would vanish. Over the many years of manipulating the media and the voting public he controlled who he wanted to be elected. Hacker controlled both the House and the Senate. If politician didnít bark when Hacker pulled their leash, they were history and they knew it. A few of the honest ones got through when Hacker had his mind on his pecker or some other scams.

How in hell did he control the politicians? MONEY. When he gave someone an offer that they could not refuse, if they refused, Hacker would make their life a living hell. When he crossed their palms with MONEY metamorphosis was set in and it turn a human into a monkey that could not hear, speak, see or think any evil. If their human characteristics ever returned, and they didnít jump through the hoop at Hacker command they would be kissing their life goodbye.

Not only did he control the government in this country. He chose our ambassadors to foreign countries. He gave money to the individuals that he wanted to become ambassadors. They would donate Hackerís money to the campaign of the person that Hacker had chosen to be president. This would insure their appointment to a specific nation that Hacker wanted them to be appointed to. Hacker had the control of the world at his fingertips.

Hacker played with peopleís lives as a kid would play with toys. If he happened to cross someoneís path and they irritated him, there was no limit to the amount of money he would spend to destroy the personís life.

Hacker is a client of every prestigious law firms in the country. These law firms have associates working in federal, state, and local government offices. When he wants a bill blocked or passed, Hacker would pull a string and he would get his wish.

Over the years Hacker has had his slaves appointed to Civil Service jobs all over the country. Now, most of them have seniority and are not likely to be dismissed when a new administration takes over. When the present administration leaves Hackerís moles are well planted in the new administration. He has a pulse on everything that is going on regardless which bureaucracy is in control. If the moleís resigned or was dismissed he always had a replacement in line for that position. These moles were Hackerís information pipelines to every department of the government.

When the elections were on the horizon and Hacker wanted the news media to keep the heat on the candidates, he would call his lobbyist in Washington, Mr. Peel, and tell him that the fourth of July is coming and to prepare the fireworks. Hackerís moles leaked gossip about the candidates. Whether the rumors are true are not, it kept the candidates off guard, this kept both parties busy covering the asses of their candidates.

Hacker was born with the same affliction that his Father had. They both had a problem with the thing that hangs between their legs. When Hacker was a teenager he raped a young girl. Correction, he raped a number of young girls. Hacker senior was proud of his son and paid off the girls and their parents. Hacker senior help the victims move out of town and no one has seen them since; this had happened a number of times. They seemed to vanish from the face of the earth. It was well known through the grapevine that Hacker had a problem with the thing that was hanging between his legs. No one dared mention to anyone about his problem. They were afraid that it would get back to Hacker and there life would come to a sudden stop.

Hacker and a dozen or so of his close friends often imported women from all over the world for orgies. They would fly them in on his private jets to one of his many golf clubs around the country. The club they used most of the time was BB Lodge Inc. It was on the outskirts of Metro. Hacker slaves, and hatch men would arrange the orgies.

A few years back Hacker was displeased with his CEO. He was getting to cocky and spent too much time in the mediaís cameras. He wanted to replace him with someone that wasnít always in the headlines. He had his Think Tank working overtime to find a replacement. The first requirement for his next CEO was he must be familiar with the Justice Department. Second, he must not be a politician or associated with any political party. Third he must be brilliant. Fourth, he had to be loyal and know how to keep his mouth shut and not to draw attention to himself.

After a few months of research on all the people that had worked at and were still working at the Justice Department the Think Tank came up with a list of candidates. The first one on the list was an alumnus of the Justice Department. He was 59 years old and his name was James Picket. When Hacker heard the name, he yelled, "Not that jackass. He couldnít find his way to the shit house if he was in it. I donít know anyone is as stupid as that jackass. Havenít you got someone a little younger? He will probably drop dead in a couple of years. How did you get his name?"

No one said a word. The gentleman with the list scanned down the list for a younger candidate, and then said, "How about Brain Smith? He is only 31 and he settled the case with the power companies."

Hacker snapped back, "You must be kidding. The power companyís lawyers beat the shit out of that pompous little brat. He paraded himself before the media as if he had brought the power companies to their knees. All he did was let the power companies settle for what they wanted to pay. They had offered to settle a year earlier for the same amount. He spun his wheels for a year and gave up. Who else have you got on the list?"

The man with the list fumbled around for a few moments. Hacker was impatient he said, "Who else is on the list"

"Well, Iíll go to the bottom of the list and work up. This one is still working at JD. During the earlier years Frank assisted the older attorneys with their cases. Last year he won a few cases against insurance companies. They were not settling their claims. They had a pile of loopholes in their policies. This was the case where the Justice Department wanted the insurance companies to pay back billions to the policyholder. The insurance companyís attorneys wanted to settle for a fraction of the amount of what they owed their policyholders. The Attorney General gave Frank the case. He almost broke the insurance companies. They all filed for Chapter 11."

Hacker asked, "What is his name?"

"Theobald Frank"

Hacker frowned, "What his last name?"


"Damn it. Thatís the kid I have been watching. I thought that Frank was his first name. See if you can get him to come over and talk with us."

What Hacker wants he gets. But, Frank made him pay for what he got. Hacker hired this brilliant young lawyer, Theobald Frank, to run his empire. Frank was named after his grandfather and he hated the name Theobald. He wanted everyone to call him Mr. Frank or just Frank. Frank signed a ten-year contract with many fringe benefits. Frank managed the legitimate companies that Hacker owned. This was a monumental job in itself.

Hackerís Think Tank was a select group of Good Old Boys that were well hidden from the public, his employees, as well as Mr. Frank.

The Think Tank was the controlling force of Hackerís Good Old Boys Club and ran all of the illegal elements of the corporation and many of his foreign interest. They controlled, or had the means to control every level of government of almost every country in the world. This Club fleeced the world of trillions of dollars every year. You could say they controlled the economy of the world. They could overthrow a third world government if it was profitable to the Club. If they wanted to upset the tranquility of a small country and get the United States involved they would finance a revolution. Hacker Inc. and its associated business were the companies that received most of the large Government contracts for building major highway, military bases, airstrips, and associated facilities. For a contribution of a few million dollars, to the right people, it would assure them of the contracts. These contracts would bring in billions in profit. They would create an environmental disaster so they could get contracts to clean it up. They were always coming up with schemes to fleece the taxpayers around the world.

Frank had known about Hackerís group since he first came to the Justice Department (DOJ). The DOJ with all its resources could not penetrate Hackerís Empire or they were paid off. Frank had tried many times to get information on Hacker Inc. while he was working at DOJ. Now that he was on the inside he was slowly piecing together bit of information about the company and the Think Tank. He knew that the Think Tank ran all of the illegal connections to Hacker Inc. But he didnít have any proof. He knew if he pushed his investigation that his life might be in danger. Frank sensed that Hacker wanted him to get involved with the Think Tank. Members of the Think Tank did not want to open their group to outsiders. They felt that if they admitted someone else it might create a weak spot in the wall of steel that surrounded them.

The BB Lodge was the hangout for Hackerís GOBís Club members and billionaires from around the world. Together, they have enough money to control and to manipulate any government on the earth. Their only purpose on this earth was to have the power to control all the money. No country was immune to Hackers GOB Club. They have influence in every country. They bleed the citizens of the world by controlling the prices of all the essentials for one to live. They have influence in every faction around the globe. They have no qualms about blowing someone away if they were disturbing the status quo. To maintain their control of individuals they use every form of persuasion to keep their slaves in line. If you can think of a way to control someone, they are using it or have used it.

Hacker had slaves in every level of the government. He had connection from Washington down to the little one-horse towns all over the country. Hacker has the largest GOB Clubs in the world. With his influence, he could have been the president. He felt that he could run the country and expand his empire better from outside the White House than from within. He would not have all the opposition assholes picking at him. He didnít need the media breathing down his neck. The media executives were afraid of Hacker. They would squelch every article that might taint Hacker image. They knew if they crossed Hacker, he would buy the company and destroy them. As long as they kept Hacker out of the headlines, Hacker left them alone.

With all the power and money that Hacker had he had an Achillesí heel. Even though Hacker had his private planes, he hated heights. For some reason flying didnít bother him. His Fatherís office was on the top floor. When he was 7 years old, he and his Father were on the office balcony, his Father jokingly threatened to throw him over the balcony wall. He was traumatized by the event. He never got over the experience. Hacker never visited his Fatherís office again. It is rumored that if Hacker saw someone falling he would go into shock. Before he would go to a movie, he would hire someone to see the movie to make sure that there were no scenes of someone falling. Knowing this, Frankís office, and living quarters were on the upper floors of Hacker Inc., this kept Hacker out of Frankís office. Frank knew that Hacker had many sneaks running around the building keeping Hacker up to date of the office gossip. Security was so tight that you could not go to the toilet without security knowing it. Frank had devised various schemes to keep Hackers snitches from knowing what he was doing. Not that he had any secrets; he didnít want Hacker breathing down his neck. Frank has been managing Hacker Inc. for the past 5 years.

Frank was well aware of Hackerís illicit businesses. It bothered him immensely, especially the drug trade. The drug trades profits were the thorn in Frankís side. The billions in raw cash that was stored on properties that Frank managed and partly owned made him paranoid. He felt that he was walking on thin ice and it would crack any day.

Even though he had no direct link to the drug trade, the financial aspects tied into the businesses that he managed and he was part owner. He had warned Hacker of the consequence if someone in the government wanted to investigate his enterprises. Hacker had told him that he would look into it a number of times. That was Hackerís way of telling Frank to lay off the subject.

The only good thing about Hacker was if he liked his employees and associates, he was very generous with bonuses. He enjoyed calling people to his office and rewarding them.

Mr. Frank:

Frank came from a middle class family in the Midwest. His Parents were very supportive. He went to an Ivy League College and graduated with top honors. He majored in law. After his freshman year, the Justice Department was recruiting brilliant young scholars. They wanted Frank to work for them during his summer break. Frank was thrilled for this opportunity to work for the government, so were his Parents. For five years he worked hard, passed the bar examination, and was given a permanent job with the Justice Department. While Frank was working as a law clerk, his primary job was to do research for the prosecutors. Frank came across files that should have been destroyed many years ago. There were files on the personal lives of Congressman, Senators, Governors, and high-ranking officials all across the nation and around the world. There were background checks on individuals all the way back to their teenage years. Also, background checks on their parents and relatives.

Frank worked with the top-ranking prosecutors. He was eager to learn all of the tricks of the trade. During the years he was at the Justice Department, Frank made many contacts. Large corporations were all fighting to recruit Frank. Hacker Inc. was the company that gave him his biggest opportunity. A phenomenal income with stock options and a percentage of the corporations gross income. Hacker gave Frank almost complete control of Hacker Inc. and all the associated companies.

Frank had met a beautiful young lady named Peg at a New Yearís Eve party at the BB Lodge. They were like two peas in a pot. Both were good-looking, had a lot of money, and were very intelligent.

Peg helped Frank and was the bait in some of the hooks that Frank pulled off for Hacker Inc. Frankís approach to the hooks was different than Hackers. If he needed a mole in a company he would look for the sleaziest individual. He never tried to destroy an individual that did not deserve it. Hacker did not care who he ruined and enslaved. If he had the need for someone to accomplish a task nothing would stand in his way. The difference between the two, Frank had a conscience and Hacker wasnít blessed with a conscience.

Frank had a very dear friend and associate name Sam. They had met when they both worked at the DOJ.


Sam had retired from two federal agencies. He is in his late 40ís or early 50ís. He is stocky slightly balding and wears glasses. He has the ability to stand next to someone and never draw attention to himself. At the Justice Department Frank had noticed that when he was around no one talked to him. He could have been a fly on the wall. He seemed to be invisible to everyone else or the completely ignored him. He would be away for weeks and when he returned, no one would have noticed that he had been away. Frank being new in the department noticed everyone. Frank kept a book that listed all of his associates characteristic and peculiarities. Sam had a Doctorate in Psychology. They called him the profiler.

Frank became fascinated with Sam. For some reason no one in the Justice Department associated with Sam or seem to care about him. Frank, the Attorney General and a few others were the only ones that were cordial to Sam. A number of people in the department thought he was a jerk. Frank felt that they were afraid of Sam. He was an easy going; down to earth individual that didnít bull shit you with a lot of crap. He said it the way it was. He was not a two bit four-flushing bastard that thought he was better than everyone else in the world. The pompous ass holes that walked the halls of the Justice Department did not care for anyone except themselves. They didnít care about justice. All they cared about was to nail some poor soul that did not have the money or the power to fight back. They showed no mercy. They did not care if the individual was guilty or innocent. They just wanted to make a name for themselves and win the case and sit around bragging how smart they were. Most of them were not sharp enough to go against the corporate attorneys. If they were given a case where a prestigious law firm represents the client, they would do anything to settle the case out of court.

Sam was not a lawyer. But he knew more about the law than any one in the department. Some of the smart-ass lawyers would be arguing about some point of the law. They both thought they were right. Sam would let them stick their necks out a mile then he would cut it off. Sam would let them commit themselves to their viewpoints and he would jump in and nail them. Sam knew that they didnít care about him and he didnít care about them. He would come out with some sarcastic remark, telling them they both were full of shit. Both of the lawyers would jump on Sam and ridicule him. He would quote a particular article that they were arguing about. Someone that was not in the argument would research the articles.

It never failed, Sam was always right. You should have seen the faces of the blow-hards. They would dash out of the room grumbling to each other. Frank was one of the youngest lawyers; he was one of lawyers that would look up the articles to prove that Sam was right and embarrass the hot heads. Thatís the one of the reason they didnít particular care for Sam or Frank. They both were smarter and Frank was younger than they were. The Attorney General hardly ever had a private conversation with most of them. They would sit around and try to figure out why the Attorney General always sent Sam on top-secret assignments. Rumors would fly through the DOJ. No one knew what Samís job was.

Another thing Frank had noticed when Sam scanned through books, magazines, and other articles, he did it very rapidly. Sam was an extremely fast reader and had a photographic memory. Samís brain was like a computer chip; it could grasp and retain anything his eyes came into contact with. Sam was new in the Justice Department like Frank.

The heads of the department at that time didnít know the value of these two men. In time they would know. They would regret that they didnít notice their brilliance. Most of the attorneys at the DOJ were politically appointed, pressured by a GOB Club to secure their employment.

After Frank joined Hacker Inc., if he needed personal information on someone or a corporation, he would call Sam. Within a day or two, Sam would come in with a 25-30-page report. It covered almost every detail of the individual or corporation. Frank felt that Sam was getting his information from the government files as well as his own. When Frank ask him how he was able to come up with an elaborate report in such a short time. Sam would put on a smirky smile, wink then say, "I have been in this business all my life. I know everyÖ thing."

Frank said, "If you are so damn smart prove it."

Sam didnít hesitate, he said, "Frank, I bet you the cost of this report, double or nothing. I can tell you when you lie.

Frank laughed, "No way Jose. You have a bet."

Sam said, "When was the last time you slept with a woman."

Frank said, "Last night."

Sam laughed and said, "Bull shit. You havenít had a woman in over a month."

Frank answered, "You canít tell if I am lying."

"Yes I can. What is the name of the girl you slept with?"

Frank hesitated for a moment and said, "Allis."

With a smile on Samís face he said, "You lied again; you donít know a woman named Allis."

Bewilder, Frank shook his head and said, "Sam, I donít know how you did it, you were right both times."

Sam told Frank he didnít have to pay him. It was a sucker bet and he would not take advantage of a friend.

Again, Frank shook his head, "No, it was a bet, you won. Before I give you the money, tell me how did you know that I was lying?"

Sam smiled and said, "I have been observing the reactions of people all my life. I have recorded about 1000 different things people do when they lie. Subconsciously, I look for the facial reactions. It has become as simple as if I am driving a car. Itís automatic, it registerís in my brain. I know it without thinking. Didnít you know I am a top secret; the Feds started testing me when we worked together at the DOJ. Everyone wanted to use me as a guinea pig. They didnít want to pay me a fucking thing. They were paying a political appointee 10 times what they were paying me. They tried everything. I was a military secret; they threatened me in every way possible if I resigned. They had all the branches of the government threatening me. I invited all the assholes that were threatening me for lunch one Sunday afternoon. I had arranged a video camera with sound pickups around the room. My wife prepared a nice lunch and cocktails. After we had lunch and a few drinks, I gathered all of them together and I told them that I had no interest in working for any agency of the federal government any longer. The salaries were too low. I told them that I would work for them on case-by-case bases. My services would be $500 an hour. If I went out of town, they would have to pay me for every hour I was out of town. You should have heard the explosion. I got enough on the tapes that would put them in jail for the rest of their lives. You wouldnít believe the threats that I got. When I felt I had enough to hang them, I yelled to the top of my voice "SHUT UP. SIT DOWN. It woke them up. I ushered them out of the house and I have not seen them since. Different departments have hired me for a day or two when they really have a problem."

Frank hired Sam to work full time for him at Hacker Inc.


The Hook on Hacker:

The plan was to catch Hacker in a compromising situation without letting Hacker know who pulled the hook. Sally was to be the bait. If anyone tries to hook anyone as rich and powerful as Hacker, the poor bastard doing the hook better pray that no one finds out. Revenge, revenge, revengeÖ. With Hackerís money he could destroy them. Sally had no idea the problems this hook may encompass.

Jim knew that Hacker did his philandering at a golf club that he owned. The name of the club was BB Lodge; it was on the outskirts of Metro. All the wealthy men from all over the world were members of BB Lodge. The lodge had a golf course with a number of large homes scattered throughout the complex. The members used these building for their private parties. There was a gated residential area on the complex. The complex was well guarded. There was a massive security system around the perimeter that would detect anything that entered the complex. Lights and alarms would go off if an intruder came on the complex.

 BB Lodge was the only place Jim felt he could catch Hacker in a compromising situation. There was a small airstrip and control tower on the property. They flew in women from all over the world. They knew that the members had stag parties in the larger buildings near the airstrip. Even though they had a slave that was a security guard at BB Lodge, they had not been able to film any of the orgies that were going on. Hacker would beef-up the security when they had the orgies and they could not get anywhere close to the building where the orgies were held. They knew that the only way to film Hacker was on a night that security was relaxed.

George and Jim had tried to hook some of Hackerís employees. When one of the employees got into trouble, within a short time of their arrest a lawyer would show up and pay their bail. The arresting officer would always drop the charges or the employee disappeared.

One of Jimís slaves worked in the security control room. He was a retired state trooper. His name was Jake. Jim had hooked him many years ago and was still using him. Jake was their key to the complex. Jake was to turn the security system off the night they were going to film Hacker. They had to make sure Jake was on duty on the night of the sting. When Hacker was in town he would visit the Lodge on Thursday and Friday nights. Saturday and Sunday were Hackerís family days. Sunday morning Hacker, his wife and children would attend church together.


  Over a month had passed since George had visited Sally. Sallyís personality had changed drastically. She had become a hardened little bitch. She walked around with a chip on her shoulder. She had become a scrappy little gal.  

I came home from work and found George sitting on my couch. This time he didnít have his gun in his hand and I wasnít surprised and I was not afraid of George. I was so pissed at him, I wanted to kill him. I went over to George and slapped him. I said, "Donít you ever point a gun at me again. You scared the living hell out of me. I thought you were going to shoot me."

George had never had anyone slap him or talk back to him. He was boiling inside. When he wanted to be, he could be a very cool cat. He pretended to be a scared little pup with his tail between his legs.

  George apologized and asked me to forgive him. If George lost Sally, Jim would kill him. It was too big a fish to lose by him losing his temper. It had taken too long to find a gal like Sally and it would take too long to replace Sally with another girl.

  I had not forgotten the money George said that I could earn in one night. I yelled at George, "It about time you showed up. I have been waiting for over a month. Donít you remember you were going to get me out of debt?"

A little sheepishly George said, "Yes, I remember."

"What do I do to get the $10,000? Sleep with some guy or kill him."

 Sallyís arrogance and sarcastic attitude caught George off guard. This was not the same girl that he had hooked. He was not sure how to handle her. Was someone trying to hook him? George was a little paranoid. He hadnít dealt with anyone that didnít fear him. This was a new experience for George. At that moment he felt that he could not control Sally. George was between a rock and a hard plate. If he fucked up, his ass would be in trouble. He didnít want to let her know too much about the hook. Jim would kill him if the hook on Hacker blew up in their face. George did not want to blow the caper by telling Sally any of the details of the hook until he was sure that he wasnít getting hooked himself. George decided that he would only tell Sally the basics without the details. He remembered that Sally had told him that she was still a virgin.

Sheepishly George said, "Sally, we have a big fish we want to hook. He likes young girls. If we can catch him fucking around and film him we all can make a bundle. You donít have to let him jump your bones. Just get him to undress with the two of you messing around in the nude and we will do the rest."

"Who is this guy?"

"Itís best that you donít know now. We will set him up so that he want know what hit him. You will have to screw around with him for ten to fifteen minutes so we can get some good pictures. You know what you were doing with the old men. Just do the same thing in the nude."

George reaches for his wallet and pulled out five hundred dollars. He gave it to me and said, "A friend of mine will give you a call. Her name is Jane. When she finishes with you, you will be the sexist bitch in Metro. She will take you shopping and get you a couple of nice outfits. You are going to look so fucking sexy that heís going to want to jump your bones the first time he sees you."

I didnít give a dam about the clothes and looking good. All I wanted was the money to pay off some of my bills. I counted the money a couple of times and shuffled it around in my hand. I looked up at George and said, "I donít need all this money for clothes. Can I use some of it to pay off some of my bills?"

"Hell no, that money is to make you look like a classy babe. Hacker wouldnít fuck around with a tramp."

That pissed me off, I fired back at him, "You think I look like a tramp and you think Iím a bitch. You can get someone else."

I was so pissed that the name Hacker didnít ring a bell. George kept his cool. He wanted to put his fist down Sallyís throat and bite off his own tongue for mentioning Hacker. He put his arm around Sally and said, "Look honey, you are a beautiful woman. I would not have picked you for this hook if you werenít beautiful. The clothes you wear and your make up needs a little improvement. Jane is going to make you look like a million. Just hold off for a couple of weeks. You will have enough money to pay off all your debts and a lot left over. OKÖÖ.."

I didnít know what to say. I had the five hundred in my hands and it kind of kept me from blowing my stack again. Rather than open my mouth and say the wrong thing, I nodded my head. George headed for the back door and said, "I will keep in touch."

George walked down the hall. He looked over his shoulders at me a couple of times. He opened the back door. He looked over his shoulder again, he couldnít hold back his temper any longer, and he blurted out, "Keep your fucking mouth shut. Donít tell anyone what we were talking about. If you mention Hackerís name to anyone I will blow your fucking brains out."

George slammed the door behind him. A cold chill ran through me. The name Hacker rang a chord. I had seen many purchase orders from Hacker Inc. and heard a lot of rumors about him. He is a very ruthless man. I was trapped. No matter what I would do, the both of them would kill me. I didnít want to go through with the hook and George would surely kill me if I didnít. What have I gotten myself into? From what I have heard about Hacker, if I go through with the hook he will hunt me down and kill me. I will never be able to hide from him. There is no place where I could hide.

I wanted to take the five hundred and take off to parts unknown. But I was stuck; I had too much money invested in my car and my apartment. I did not want to lose the money I had invested. And, George had found me before and he would surely find me again.

After a few days my fears quieted down. I was tickled pink to have the $500 and the attention. I decided to bite the bullet and go along with Georgeís hook. I was going to die no matter what I did. At least I would have the ten thousand and maybe I could start a new life somewhere else. Why not enjoy my life while I could.

Jim and George had hooked many suckers in the past. This one was a real big fish. They could not make any mistakes. Jim had a slave working for the local phone service. They had wiretaps on Hacker lines for the last two years. Hacker was a slick character. He never said anything on the phone that would tarnish his lily-white image or his business connections. The big mouth, bragging employees told their friends and associates about Hacker. Listening to the wiretaps was like listening to a soap opera. Everything that the employees were saying about Hacker Inc. and Hackerís life, including his sex life was taped. Jim could not blackmail Hacker with this type of information. Hacker would crush him.

One of the young ladies at his office was telling a friend about a freelance reporter that she knew that was stalking Hacker for about a week. He has not been seen for over a year. He is on the missing person list at the State Police department. How many other poor souls that have looking into Hacker personal life are on the missing person list? Jim and Georgeís egos are driving them over the edge. This is like catching a whale and trying to pull it into a 12-foot boat.

They knew that Hacker was a sexual maniac. They had the location, bait, photographer and the big fish. The big question was how to get Sally in a bedroom with Hacker. How were they going to contact Hacker for the payoff? Whoever it happened to be would soon be dead. How much money would they ask for? Who would pick up the money? How would Jim and George cover their tracks? Killing everyone would bring in state and federal police. The hook had to run smoothly. There could not be any mistakes or leaks. Already there were too many people involved. Doesnít Jim know that Hacker would want to even the score? Someone must have tried to hook Hacker in the past. He is not the type of guy that would let someone get away with a hook. Donít they know that someone else may have tried this scam? Hasnít Hacker thought about someone trying to hook him? He must have. They planned to have Sally take the fall.

The only connection that linked Sally to Hacker was the OS Supply Company where Sally worked. They sold supplies and equipment to Hackerís local office and the BB Lodge. John, the office manager of the OS Supply had been a slave of Jimís for about ten years. Jim had not used him for some time. Jim called John and asked if he would do a friend of his a favor. He told John that there was a bright young lady working for him and her name is Sally. John responded, "Oh yes, Sally."

Jim continued, "Sallyís Uncle has been telling me about Sally and how hard she worked to get ahead and wasnít getting anywhere. I told him that I would put in a good word for her. He told me she loves outside sales and she was good at it. Why donít you try her out for a few months? If Sally doesnít work out, put her back in her old job."

John had no choice. He was afraid of what Jim would do to him if he refused to put Sally in outside sales. This had opened up an old wound in John. He hoped that by transferring Sally to outside sales, it would keep Jim off his back. Jim hadnít asked for a favor for a long time. John was hoping that this would be Jimís last favor. John was trapped into letting Sally work in outside sales. If he refused Jim request, what would Jim do?

John said hesitantly, "Iíll give Sally a try."

George was with Jim during the conversation. When Jim hung up the phone he looked over at George and nodded. George wasted no time he called Sally and told her that John would be offering her an outside sales job and for her to take it and Jane would be calling also. Sally wasnít quite sure why George wanted her to take the outside sales job. She didnít question George and she felt it would be nice to get out of the office once and a while.


John has been a slave since he was caught dipping into the cash drawer at one of his previous employer. Jim got him off and has held it over his head for years. Like many other poor souls John had been used and was still being used. Jim hasnít let him off of the hook.

Jane called Sally and told her where her beauty parlor was located. Jane made an appointment with Sally after closing. She didnít want anyone to know she was working on Sally or have any interruption. Sally kept the appointment. Jane worked on every part of Sally, from top to bottom. She performed miracles Sally was beautiful. The following evening Jane took Sally on a shopping spree. They spent the $500 that George had given Sally and more. Jane told Sally not to worry, the $500 dollars was only pocket money for George, and that he was loaded. Even though Sally looked as if she was a little annoyed with all of the attention, underneath she was exuberant. Sally didnít want to admit it to herself. She had never seen herself look so good. Jane had done miracles.

Sally almost did not recognize herself. Ever bet of Sally looked different, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

Sally started her new job. With her new appearance it gave Sally a new personality, Sally was a completely different person. She looked wonderful. Her whole attitude and confidence in herself were on the positive side. She looked as if she had the world by the tail. George had told her to make frequent visits to Hackerís office and the BB Lodge. He told Sally to do everything she could to get Hacker to make a play for her. In a few weeks Sally had became one of the gang at Hackerís office and at the BB Lodge. Everyone liked her and started calling Sally for their orders. George had told her to make herself look like part of the fixtures at both offices.

Instead of having the shipping department deliver the supplies, George wanted Sally to deliver them personally. It was the only way they could get Sally close to Hacker. She went to the two officesí two to three times a week. Within a few weeks Sally seemed to blend into the offices. Not only would she deliver the office supplies, she would also help put the supplies away. Some of the items were stored in Hackerís private office. She had a free run of Hackerís office building. Sally had seen Hacker more than a dozen times in and around the offices. She had not approached him, nor had Hacker acknowledged Sally.

  The days that I put Hackerís supplies in his office and Hacker was at his desk I would pull up my skirt and fold it under to make it shorter. Instead of squatting down to put the supplies on the lower shelf, I would bend down from the waist. There was only a thin pair of panty hose to cover my butt. I would take a peek between my legs to see if Hacker was looking at me. I caught him sneaking a peek a couple of times. But, he never approached or said anything to me. I would leave his office wondering what in hell was wrong with my body.

On one of the days that I made a delivery to Hacker Inc., I offered to help put the supplies in Hackers Office as I had a dozen times before. Joanne, the supervisor, told me that it wasnít necessary she would have Penny put the supplies away. I was walking away when Joanne called me, she said, "Sally, I changed my mind, honey would you please put these in Mr. Hackerís office. Penny is not around; I would have given them to her."

I jumped at the chance; "It would be my pleasure."

Joanne points to a cart full of supplies. I took the cart and headed for Hackerís office.

  Joanne walked over to Liz and told her that she overheard Penny on the phone a few minutes ago. Hacker had called Penny and asked her to come to his office. And, she had sent Sally to Hackerís office with the supplies. Liz went into a hysterical laughter. Liz said, "Sally going to catch them in the act. If Sally tells Hacker you sent her up with the supplies. You can kiss your job goodbye."

Joanne said, "If he asked, I will tell him, Sally insisted on helping me."

When I got off the elevator I noticed that Hackerís office door was closed. His office door is usually wide open. I hesitated for a moment wondering if I should go in. I decided to knock on the door. If there were no answer, should I go in? I knocked softly on the big oak door. There was no sound from the inside. I slowly opened the door and saw Hacker sitting at his desk. Hackerís desk was a very large mahogany desk with a covered front that extended almost to the floor. Hacker had a funny look on his face. I apologized for entering and said that I had knocked. As I wheeled the cart into the room I noticed two sets of toes sticking out from under the bottom of Hackerís desk. Hacker nervously told me to leave the cart and he would put the supplies away later.

I enthusiastically said, "Oh, it is no trouble Mr. Hacker. I have plenty of time, I would be more than glad to put the supplies away."

Hacker had difficulty getting the words out, "Sally that is awful nice of you, I am quite busy now. I will have someone put them away later."

I was watching Hackerís eyes. He kept looking under his desk. His body was pulsating back and forth. To gain a few more moments in the room, I again offered to put the supplies away and again Hacker refused my help. As I slowly backed out the door I knew that the person under the desk didnít stop what they were doing. Hackerís body was in motion all the time. I waved good-bye to Hacker and puckered up my lips as to kiss him good-bye. With a smile on my face, I winked at Hacker. He glanced down for a moment then looked up and winked at me. I walked down the hall thinking about what I just saw. It must be Penny under the desk; I knew that Joanne had set me up. Joanne would want to know what had happened. I felt the best thing was to pretend that nothing had happened. I felt that Hacker must have approached all the gals in his office for a little affection. More than likely Penny was accommodating Hacker and she had hinted that there was some kind of relationship going on between the two.

While I was in Hackerís office, I had noticed what had looked like an oak panel was a sliding door and it was open. There was suite adjoining Hackerís office. That was the first time I had seen it open. I thought that it might be his private bathroom; it was too big for just a bath.

When I got off the elevator Joanne and Liz both were looking at me with smiles on their faces. I knew that they were expecting me to be embarrassed or make some kind of comment. I smiled back at them and said, "Mr. Hacker was so nice. He would not think of having me put the supplies away. He told me that he would have one of you put them away later. He was very busy on the phone."

I waved good-bye to the gals and watched the smiles fade away. There was only a slight smile on my face, but on the inside, I was hysterical. When I got into my car and closed the door it all came out. The people walking down the street saw me laughing and starter laughing also. This put me into a train of laughter. It was repeated almost continuously until my body was filled with pain from all the laughing.

When the emotional laugher had settled down, I knew that I had indicated to Hacker that I knew what was going on. I didnít know what effect it would have on the hook. Should I tell George about it or keep my mouth shut. I chose the latter. I could not say what was going on under Hackerís desk and who was doing it, even though I had a good idea. It was Hackerís and my secret, oh yes, and the person under the desk.

  Over a month had passed with no contact with Mr. Hacker. This had made George and Jim very uneasy. If the old bastard was as horny as everyone said he was, why didnít he approach Sally? Jim and George felt that Sally would have had him hooked by now. They wondered if Sally should approach Hacker. They agreed if Hacker didnít approach Sally within a week, they would have Sally make a play for Hacker.

  Another week passed with no contact. George called me and said that they could not wait any longer. I told George that the last time I saw Hacker; I tried to put his office supplies away for him while he was in the office. He would not let me put the supplies away. He had thanked me for my offer to help, but he said he would have someone else put them away. That is the closest I have been able to get to him. George said, "Start up a conversation with the bastard."

I shouted back at George, "What the hell do you think I have been doing? Every time I get close to him I smile and flirt with him. He doesnít give me a second look. I am beginning to think I look like shit or he is getting enough and he doesnít need me. Maybe he will get tired of the other girls and go after me later. For now it doesnít look likely. You should have gotten someone better looking than me."

George snaps back "Sally we donít have time to find someone else. You are the fucking bate. The next time you are at Hacker Inc. go to his office and climb all over him. If you donít do something soon Jim is going to kill the both of us. So, get your fucking ass moving or else."

I did not want to approach Hacker. I asked George, "What do you want me to do? Grab his prick."

George said, "Hell yes. That is exactly what we want you to do. We want you make a play for him. We want you to do something that will get him to invite you out with him. Dam it, do any fucking thing that will make him want to fuck you."

I slashed back at George, "He will probably want to do it in his office. How in hell are you going to be able to film us then?"

George fired back, "First you heat him up enough that he will want to fuck you anywhere. So get your ass in his fucking face as much as you can. I donít want to hear any more excuses. If he asks you to fuck him in his office, give him a fucking excuse why you donít want to do in his office."

I snapped at George, "Listen to me; I have done almost everything to get him to approach me. When I put supplies in his office my dress was up so high that he could have seen through me. He didnít say a word to me. I wouldnít be surprised; he might know that we are trying to hook him."

For a moment George did not say anything. What I had said much have shaken him up a little. George cleared his throat and nervously questioned me, "Sally what makes you think that he is on to us?"

I tried to explain my feeling to George, but I knew that he did not want to hear what I had to say, "I have been talking to Liz, she is the receptionist and the most talkative gal at Hackerís. She told me that Hacker hasnít been his usual self for the last few months. He usually flirts with all of the girls in the office. He has been on his good behavior. She told me that Penny, Hackerís favorite was complaining that he must have another girl. He has not been making as many advances, as he usually does. She told me that he stopped flirting about the time I started going there. She asked me if Hacker had made any advances to me. I told her no, he has been a perfect gentleman. She said that that was strange. He has gone after ever woman that has ever worked at Hacker Inc. He doesnít care what they look like. He has tried them all."

George was silent for a while. I said, "George, are you still there?"

"Yes, I am still here. Keep in touch."

George hung up without saying another word. I think he was getting a little worried. Maybe Hacker knows about the hook. I started to worry myself. What will he do to me? I started to feel trapped again.

I had not received any orders from Hacker office or the BB Lodge in the last 4 days. Jim called me at work. He wanted to know why I had not approached Hacker. Now, both George and Jim were on my back. The pressure was getting to me. I lashed out a Jim, "Go to hell, you get someone else to do your dirty work for you."

Jim yelled, "Listen you little bitch, I will blow your fucking brains out if you back out. We have spent too much time on this hook we cannot stop now."

I was furious, I yelled, "Fuck you too you bastard. Go ahead and blow my brains out. You will have to get someone else anyway."

I hung up on Jim and dashed out of my office. I was in an angry and depressed mood. I did not care what would happen to me. I jumped into my car and drove aimlessly through town. I was in a mood of self-destruction. I wanted a moment to think things over. I pulled over to the side of the street and parked. I did what I usually do at night before I go to sleep. I tried to analyze what my life had become. Up to now I had only thought about the money. Other thoughts started flashing through my mind. What if the hook goes off and George doesnít pay me. How am I going to force him to pay me? Hacker will know it was a setup. What would Hacker do to me? Question, question and more questionsÖ.. At this moment I was ready to take off again. I wanted to go as far away from Metro as I could. I tried to think of a plan. I could not think of a way out of my predicament. Every thought that came to my mind had holes in it. George or Hacker would find me. No matter what I did I was trapped. Without thinking I started the engine and drove aimlessly through the city. My mind was so perplexed that I didnít know where I was driving. I had no intentions of going to Hackerís office. I had taken the route to Hackers so many times in the last few months that it was automatic. I stopped at a traffic light, without knowing where I was. I looked up. I was across the street from Hackers office.

It was lunchtime and I saw the receptionist, Liz, waving to me. I pulled to the side and parked. Liz came over to the car. Liz asked me to have lunch with her. I wanted someone to talk to and spill my guts. I agreed to have lunch with Liz. I thought that it might get my mind off of my problems. Liz told me about a quiet little restaurant a few blocks away. I knew Liz had something on her mind. Liz looked as if she was ready to explode. I asked Liz, "What wrong, you look very excited."

Liz smiled and almost jumped out of the seat with enthusiasm. "I will tell you when we get inside the restaurant."

I wondering what would make her so excited. Is she getting married, was she going to have a baby, what is it? When we walked into the restaurant Liz grabbed my hand as if she was afraid that I was going to run away from her. We sat down and I asked Liz, "What the matter? I have never seen you this excited."

Liz told me that the office policy did not allow anyone to discuss anything that went on in the office, nor repeat anything they may have heard. If anyone discussed anything that went on in the office with other employee or anyone else, including their families, they would be fired. Liz told me she would tell me about a conversation she heard if I promised that I would never tell anyone. I promised Liz that I would never mention our conversation to anyone.

Liz whispered to me, "Mr. Hacker got a call this morning on the receptionistís phone line. He usually gets all his calls on one of his private lines. I transferred the call to Mr. Hackerís office. My boss Mr. Frank answered the phone. He put the caller on hold for a few minutes. Mr. Frank transferred the call to Mr. Hacker. I couldnít resist listening in on the conversation. This was the first time Hackerís calls have come through the switchboard. He was talking to someone about you. He wanted them to get a background check on you. Mr. Hacker told the man that you had applied for a job at one of his offices. Mr. Hacker said that you looked like a good candidate for a job he had. He told the man where you worked and where you lived. The man asked Mr. Hacker how far back he should go. Mr. Hacker told him 5 years would be enough. Did you apply for a job at Hackers?"

"No. I have a good job now."

Liz snickered and said, "Mr. Hacker has his eyes on you. Mr. Hacker doesnít usually do the hiring. Mr. Frank does all the hiring and running around for Mr. Hacker. If Mr. Hacker is thinking about hiring you, he has his eyes on you."

After we finished lunch, I thanked Liz and drove her back to her office. I drove around for a while trying to decide what I should do. Why was Mr. Hacker having a background check on me? Was this company policy? Do they look into background of everyone that is hired at Hacker? Should I tell George?

I decided to go home. On my way home I went over everything that had happened to me in the last few years. What would they find out about me? Would the investigator find out about me being arrested by George? Would he find out about the hook that they had planned for Hacker? George had told me that he had pulled my arrest record and he still had it. I could not think of anything that would be unfavorable. If I called George, what should I tell him? What would he say? I didnít apply for a job at Hacker Inc.

I parked my car and slowly walked to my apartment, almost as soon as I entered the door, the phone rang. I put the phone to my ear and said, "Hello."

It was George. He blasted me, "Donít bull shit me, what the fuck were you doing having lunch with Liz. Did you apply for a job at Hackers?"

"Of course not," I snapped.

"What did Liz tell you at lunch?"

I paused for a few moments. I had promised Liz not to tell anyone about the conversation. George already knew about the call, so I decided to tell George, "Liz said that she listened in on a call to Hacker. They wanted a background check on me. I have no idea why they are having a background check on me. Liz thinks that maybe Hacker has the hots for me. She told me that Hacker never gets calls through the receptionist lines, only on his private lines. How did you know about the call and how did you know that I went to lunch with Liz."

"We are listening to all of Hackers calls and I have someone watching Hacker Inc."

I asked George, "What could the investigator find out about me."

"Nothing, he will give you a clean bill of health. I will find out who called Hacker, I will write the report myself."

George didnít know what Hacker had up his sleeve and neither did I. He didnít know if Hackerís dick was getting hard or he just plain curious. George said to me, "I think you are right, just cool it for a while and letís see what Hacker has in mind."

I was young and had no street smarts. Yet, I wasnít stupid. I had let my desires blind my common sense. I was learning fast. As many nights before when I was waiting to fall asleep, I went over everything that had happened that day and compares it with all the other nights. I cross-examined everything that had been happening to me. I wanted to know the motives of everyone around me, Hacker, George, Jim, Jane, and Liz, everyone that I had ever been associated with. Was Liz trying to set me up? Was she lying? Did Hacker put Liz up to it? Did this have anything to with the day that I caught Penny under Hackerís desk? Should I pack up and get the hell out of here?

I just might get myself killed, but I decided to play it out and see what would happen. I was hungry for the money. I liked to wear beautiful clothes and to look beautiful. After Jane worked on me, I looked beautiful and it made me feel great. I had been going to Janeís twice a week. I wondered how long it would last. On my salary I could not afford to go to Janeís even once a week. I didnít know who was paying Jane. Was Jane a slave of George or Jim?

The following day, I went to work as usual. All morning I expected something to happen. Late that afternoon I received a call from Liz. Liz told me that Mr. Hacker needed some stationary with a special letterhead. Liz asked me to come to the office and talk to Mr. Frank? He would give me all of the details. I said that I would be there within an hour. I told Liz that I had a few loose ends to take care of before I could leave the office. When Liz hung up the phone, I called George and told him that I had never received any order from Mr. Frank or Mr. Hacker. They are always called in or mailed in by one of the women at the company or a BB Lodge. After what Liz had told me I was wondering what was go on. George told me to meet Mr. Frank and to let him know what happened. If I couldnít reach him, call Jim.

I gathered up all the letterhead samples I could find and left for Hackerís office. When I walked up to the reception desk, Liz had a face a mile long. Liz called Mr. Frankís office and told him that I had arrived. Liz asked with a look that could kill, "Can you wait for about half-hour. Mr. Frank is in a meeting with Mr. Hacker."

I tried to get a conversation going with Liz. Nothing would work. Something had happened. What was it? Did someone hear us at the restaurant? What had happened to Liz? I saw the anger in Lizís face. Why was she so full of hate?

Everyone else in the front office had gone home and Liz was getting ready to leave also. I would be there alone in the office. Was Liz in love with Mr. Frank? Did she think Frank had the hots for me? Did they know about the hook on Hacker? If they knew about the hook, what would they do to me? Liz got her things together and left without saying a word. I was getting a little edgy sitting in the empty office. I had seen the security cameras all over the building. The one in the reception area was pointed at me. I wondered if I moved around the office would it follow me. I could watch the camera in the reflection in the big glass window. I laid my brief case on the chair next to me and went to the water cooler behind the receptionist barrier. I was right; the camera followed me all over the office. I roamed the office looking at all the beautiful pictures on the walls. I went back and picked up my brief case and watching the camera turn toward me. I walked to the front door and opened it. I stepped outside for a moment holding the door open. The camera followed my every move.

I had seen Mr. Frank, but I never met him and I wondered what he was like. I wondered if I could draw them out. Why were they watching me and why? I went back to the drinking fountain, had a quick drink, and headed for the front door. I pushed the door open real wide and dropped my brief case so the door could not close all the way. I walked to a spot where the camera couldnít see me. As I stepped into the shadows, a balding middle age man ran out of one of the offices. He looked around the reception area, and then he dashed for the front door. When he saw the brief case blocking the front door he shaded his eyes and looked through the window. With the glare of the office lights I knew he could not see me.

I walked back to the door and picked up my brief case. I introduced myself and said that I had an appointment with Mr. Frank. He said that Mr. Frank was still with Mr. Hacker and to please come with him to Mr. Frankís office. I followed him to the elevator and got off on the 28th floor. He asked me if I would like something to drink. I declined. Someone had slipped me a Mickey a few years back and I didnít want it to happen again. I smiled at the bald headed man and asked him his name. He didnít answer. I asked him again. He looked at me and reluctantly said, "Just call me Charles."

I thought that he might know what Mr. Frank wanted. I tried to get a conversation going with no success. Perspiration was running down Charles brow. This bothered me. Frank could have called in the order for the stationary. I had never had to come to Hacker Inc. after working hours to get an order. What were they up to? Did it have anything to do with their background check of me? Do they know about my relationship with George? What would they do to me if they knew?

When we got off the elevator, I was aghast. The office was huge. I had never seen an office so elaborately furnished. Whose office was this? Was this Mr. Frankís office? Did Hacker have more than one office? As I looked around the office I saw Mr. Frankís nameplate on the desk. It had been over an hour since Liz had left. I asked Charles if I could return tomorrow. He told me that Mr. Frank would not be in tomorrow and he should be here soon.

Time dragged by and I was getting restless. I paced the floor. Charles never took his eyes off of me. This annoyed me. I wanted to yell at him and say, "Why in the hell are you looking at me. Stop it or I will kick you in the balls."

Another hour passed and surprisingly the elevator opened. Two silhouettes walked out of the elevator. They excused Charles. A chill ran through my body. The elevator door closed. I had never seen these men before. I wanted to make a mad dash out of the office. The two men blocked the elevator. I did not see any other way out of the office. I was about to pee in my panties.

When the men came into the light, I had never seen either one of them before. Why wasnít Mr. Frank with them? What were they going to do to me? Who were these men?

The older gentleman smiled at me and said, "I am sorry we had to keep you waiting. We were at a meeting with Mr. Hacker and Mr. Frank. Iím Peter and this is Bill. Mr. Hacker has been watching and inquiring about you and he thought you would be perfect for a position at Hacker Inc. Would you like to work for Hacker Inc?"

I had expecting the worse and couldnít say anything. Peter paused for a moment and watched my reaction. Bill asked, "Sally, are you interested? If you accept the job, your salary will be $50,000 a year."

I was overwhelmed. I could not believe what he said. The words would not come out. Was I dreaming? I sat there with my mouth open. It was more than twice my present salary. Bill smiled and said, "Well."

I stuttered and then uttered, "Yes."

Bill said, "Before you commit yourself I want to explain the conditions and terms of the job. If you accept the offer, you will be paid in advance with cash for one year. Do not put the money in an account under your name. Get a safety deposit box and keep the money in it. If you buy a new car or home, do not pay cash. Get a loan and pay it off. Do not leave a money trail. Pay cash for most of the items you purchase. We want you to enjoy your salary. Do not flash it around. No one is to know that you have an income other than your salary at the OS Supply Company. As for as anyone is concerned you will have only one income, that will be the salary you get from OS Supply and that will be what you put on your income tax return. Save your cash for a rainy day. Do not change jobs. You must continue working at OS Supply."

This caught me off guard, I asked, "What do I have to do?"

Peter smiled at Sally and said, "It will be similar to the job you had with George and Jim."

The blood drained from my face. I felt faint. I slumped down in the chair. I looked around the room as if I was looking for a way out of the room. I was trapped. Cold perspiration rolled down my face.

Bill asked, "Are you alright. You look a little pale."

Overcome with fear from hearing Jim and Georgeís names, and being offered a job that paid $50,000 a year, really had me confounded. I was almost on the verge of fainting, I said, "Iím OK, I feel a little light headed."

My thoughts were running wild. How did they know about George and Jim? Who told them? What will they do to me? I sat there for a few moments stirring into space.

Peter said to me, "Is something wrong? Are you sure you are OK?"

For the few moments I was staring into space, I felt the same way as I had felt the night George arrested me. Were they working with George? I cleared my throat and said, "I am very surprised, how did you know about us?"

Bill said, "We have known about Jim and George for a long time, months before you came into the picture. We have been looking for someone like you. You have the background that we need. We think you can keep your mouth shut and play along with us. No one knows anything about you except Jim and George. We can keep them quiet. And, we think you are perfect for a job we have in mind."

I said, "You must know that George had me arrested for prostitution and has the arrest record."

Bill replied, "They donít have anything on you, Jim told me you were clean. They set you up. You do not have an arrest record."

I asked, "What will Jim and George do to me."

Peter said, "We have taken care of that problem. We will keep them out of your life as long as you work for Mr. Hacker. They will never bother you. When you work for Hacker, no one will bother you. It you have any trouble with anyone call Mr. Frank. We will take any action we feel that is necessary. If you accept the offer, do not tell anyone. If you tell anyone that you work for Hacker Inc., you will be on your own. We will throw you to the vultures. As long as you are working for Mr. Hacker, you are under the protection of Hacker Inc. No one should ever know about your association with Hacker Inc."

Bill said, "If some one else causes the leak about your association with Hacker Inc., you will still be employed by Hacker Inc. and will be paid. If you are called to testify in court, you shall testify that your association with Hacker, Inc. is through OS Supply Co. only. You shall not have any personal contact with any employee of Hacker Inc. If you get arrested and it is not your fault we will protect you. Keep your nose clean. Sally don't tell anyone about this meeting."

"I told George about the meeting tonight with Mr. Frank."

Peter said, "We know that. You do not have to make any more contacts with Jim or George and they will not be contacting you."

"What if they do contact me? What do I tell them?

Peter answered, "Tell them we let you off the hook as long as you keep your mouth shut. Tell them we know they set you up and had a gun at your head, any other questions?"

I paused for a few minutes trying to think, but I couldnít. I knew I wanted to ask a thousand questions, I could not think of one. I said, "I guess not, I canít think. My head is spinning."

They gave me a sample letterhead and a purchase order for 10,000 sheets. They told me that I would receive similar orders every 2 or 3 months. I would also be receiving orders from a number of new customers to secure my job at OS Supply. They stressed that if I had any problems for me to call Mr. Frank.

Peter said, "We have a number of things in mind for you. If they go smoothly you will get a bonus. We do not threaten our associates. If we all work together as a team, you will not have to worry about anything."

Bill gave me a package and said, "This is your salary for the next year. Continue your job as if nothing has happened. We will get in touch with you when we need you. We could call you in a week or a year. We do not fire employees that are on special assignments."

The package was quite heavy. It felt like three of four reams of copy paper if not more. Peter and Bill shook my hand and thanked me for coming. They asked if I could find my way out of the building.

I replied, "Of course."

As I approached the elevator, I turned and asked, "If you have known about me for a long time, why did you have someone looking into my background?"

Bill looked at Peter as if to get an approval, Peter nodded his head. "We wanted to find out where some of the leaks were coming from and to check to see if George was still taping our lines. I had an idea that Liz was more than a leak. She was more like a flood. We have a tap on Georgeís line. If he mentioned the conversation you had with Liz, we would know he still had a tap on our office. This would kill two birds with one stone. I want to remind you, never talk to anyone about what you are doing at Hacker Inc. If you do, you are on your own. You will no longer be working for Hacker Inc. and OS Supply. That is what happened to Liz. Does this answer your question?"

"Yes it does and I understand. I was wondering why Liz was so cold to me when I came in this evening, thank you."

I turned and headed for the elevator. I was at a crossroad of my life, what will happen next?

Peter and Bill:

Peter had worked for the CIA for a number of years. Bill was assigned to work with Peter in Europe. During his regular duties of investigating European businesses he uncovered information about a corporation in the US that was linked with a French company that was controlling most of the illegal businesses in France and around the world. His superiors took him off the job and told him the corporation was a front for Interpol. He knew they were lying to him and so he continued to investigate the corporation in his spare time. His superiors found out what he was doing and transferred him and Bill back to the US.

When the corporation found out that Peter and Bill had been digging into their business activities. They didnít want Peter and Bill to stir up any more dust than they already had. The corporation offered them a job they couldnít refuse just to keep them quiet. Peter and Bill jumped at the opportunity and now they were working for Hacker Inc.

 I pressed the button. The elevator door opened. I stepped into the elevator and turned around. As the elevator door closed I waved goodbye. To say the least, I was quite confused about the meeting. Not only because I was confused, I was scared out of my wits. I wondered what the hell I have gotten myself into. What would George and Jim do to me? They would probably try to kill me. Have I been set up? Who were these two men at Hackerís? Were they telling me the truth? I could not wait to open the package that Bill gave me. It is so damn heavy. As I rode down the elevator, a thought came to me. Another flash of fear chilled my body, like the many others that I have had in the last couple of hours. It could be a bomb. When I opened the package, will I find $50,000 or get blown to a million pieces. The old man that took me to Frankís office was very nervous. Why was he so damn nervous? Should I drop the package in the elevator and run like hell out of the building? If there was $50,000 in the box, I would kill myself. The elevator door opened. I was torn between leaving the package and taking it with me. Maybe, there is a timer on the bomb and they would not want it to go off in the building. I ran like hell to my car. I put the package in the trunk of the car. If it was a bomb, and it had a timer, how much time do I have? Would it explode when I opened the package? The package is wrapped in brown paper. I torn the paper and found a cardboard box under the paper. If there was money in the box, what denomination were the bills? The box was too big and weighed too much to be all $100 bills. The more I thought about the box, the more afraid and confused I became. If the box was full, the contents would not fit into one regular safety deposit box. I would have to rent a couple of safety deposit boxes. I closed the trunk and took off.

As I drove down my street, another flash of fear ran through my body. I wondered if George would be waiting in my apartment. Should I go home tonight? Dam it; a car is parked across the street from my apartment. I made a U-turn in the middle of the street. Another flash of chills ran through my body. I almost lost control of the car. My mind was a blur. I had forgotten where I was headed. I saw a sign to the expressway. I was afraid to go home. There were motels about 10 miles away. I wanted to find a motel that had plenty of light. I didnít want to be in a dark area. As I was passed the motels they were dimly lit. I saw headlights in my rear view mirror. Was someone following me? I continued on the expressway. There was an exit a few miles ahead. I could get off at the next exit and see if the car would follow me. As I slowed down for the exit, the car came up behind me. Again chills flooded my body. I screamed at the car behind me, "Get the fuck off of my tail."

I didnít stop at the end of the ramp I turned left under the parkway, got back on the expressway and headed back to town. "Thank God."

I let out a sigh of relief when the car didnít follow me. As I headed back to town I felt a little relieved. I decided to take a chance and go home. Where else could I go? As I headed for my apartment, I had starting to lose the fear that was haunting me. The car that was parked across the street was still thereÖ..What should I doÖ..? I parked down the street and waited for a whileÖÖ I remembered that I had seen a car like this one parked in the same general area before. A sigh of relief came over me. I was getting to feel a little better. I wondered if George was in the apartment waiting for me. I circled the block before I parked in my regular parking spot. I looked around to see if any other cars were parked near my apartment. There was none. I parked my car and approached my apartment causally. Every shadow appeared to have a body in it. As I approached the shadows, I strained my eyes to see if anyone was hiding in the shadows. I slowly walked to the apartment looking in every direction expecting George or Jim to jump out of the shadows. When I got to the door I expected to see George waiting for me. I unlocked the door, reached inside, and turned on the lights. I slowly opened the door. The rooms that I could see were empty. I searched the other rooms. No one was in the apartment. With a sigh of relief I walked back through the apartment and locked the front door. Again, I looked in all the rooms and closets and whispered, "Again, I thanked God,"

A sigh of relief ram through my body. I shouted to myself, "Thank God, George is not here."

I had deliberately left the box in the car. If it was going to explode, let it explode outside. I felt if George was in my apartment and I came in with all that money, he would kill me. I made a snack for myself and got ready for bed. As I lay in the bed trying to go to sleep the day events spun around in my mind. Totally confused and unable to fall asleep, I turned on the TV. As I laid there watching the news, the phone rang. I jumped. It scared the shit out of me. Who would be calling me this time of night? I let it ring 6 or 7 times and reluctantly picked up the phone. I tried to say hello. The words would not come out. It took a few tries before a sound came out.

George said, "Is that you Sally."

I answered, "Yes."

George asked, "What the fuck happened at Hackerís?"

Not knowing what to say to him, I said, "They have known all about you and Jimís plan for a long time."

George said, "I know, Hackerís henchmen invited us to dinner. Those bastards threatened me and Jim. How did they find out about us?"

I didnít want to answer any of Georgeís questions. "I donít know. They have known about Jimís and your hook before you hooked me and from what they said, I think they have both of our phones tapped."

Before I could say another word, George hung up the phone. I knew by Georgeís actions that they must have given him a good scare. I hope they scared the hell out of the bastard.

I turned off the TV and lights and tried to go to sleep. As I was dozing off, I remembered the box. What will I do if someone steals my car? I jumped up, put on my housecoat, and ran to the car for the box. When I got back in my apartment, again I wondered if it was rigged with a bomb. I laid the box on my bed. I took a knife and cut a small hole in the side of the box. There was a strange moldy odor coming from the box. From what I could see, it appeared to be old used bills in the box. I decided to cut a hole in the side of the box big enough to remove some of the bills. I gently pulled out a bundle of bills. All the bills were worn. I was relieved; I did not find a bomb. I noticed a powdery substance on some of the bills. It had an unusual odor. How was I going to take this stuff and put it in a bank? Everyone in the bank would smell it. I got a plastic garbage bag and transferred the money into the plastic bag. I took one of the bundles and put it in a bucket of warm water. I separated each bill and rinsed each bill under the faucet. I strung strings all over the apartment and hung the bills on the strings. I used my hair drier to speed the drying of the bills. The process was slow. I filled the bathtub with water, opened some of the bundles, and dumped them in the bathtub. I rinsed the bills under the bathtub faucet. The apartment was plastered with $1 to $100 bills.

The morning sun started to show on the window shades. I gasped, "Oh my God, its morning I have to go to work."

I had not washed a quarter of the bills. I gathered up the loose bills and put them in garbage bags. They looked like bags of leaves. The closet was full. I filled the washing machine with water and placed all of the other bills in the washing machine. I would let them soak until I came home.

I got dressed, went to work, and was welcomed by John in my office. John said. "Mr. Frank told me about Hackerís order. In a few weeks Hacker Inc. will be opening a new office. He said they would mail in the orders from now on. You donít have to go to Hacker Inc. or the BB Lodge to get the orders. Sally you have done wonders in your job. I will talk to OS Supply district manager about making this a permanent position for you."

As John was leaving my office he shook my hand and gave me a hug. My strength had almost run out. All day I did everything to keep myself from falling asleep. I felt that the day would never end. I think I looked at the clock a thousand times. Finally the day was over. I finished typing up the last few orders and went home. Exhausted I fell asleep on the couch.

The rest of the week was non-eventful. George and Jim seemed to have evaporated from my life. I had washed, pressed, and packaged all the bills. I washed everything in the apartment to get rid of the powder residue. I took all of the clothing in the closet to the Laundromat and dry cleaners. It had taken almost a week. I packaged the money in packs about the size of a brick and wrapped them in plastic. I sealed the bundles with tape. I had hopes that they would not give off an odor and contaminate other items in the apartment. Over the next few months I would use the larger bills to make small purchases. I would get bills that were not contaminated. The number of bundles grew larger as the weeks passed. I would cash my paycheck from OS Supply, save the clean bills and spend the dirty ones. I tried to find places to hide the money. I remembered that when I bought the apartment, I had a new medicine cabinet installed in the bath. There were only four screws holding the cabinet. I removed the cabinet. There was a large space behind the cabinet and the wall. I nailed in brackets and made shelves behind the medicine cabinet. I prayed that Hacker would not give me any more contaminated bills. I had more money than I had ever dreamed of having. What would I do with all the money?

Almost six months had passed since Hacker had hired me. I still had not met Mr. Frank. All the orders were being mailed to me. The unknown was getting to me. They had not contacted me. I had exchanged all of the contaminated bills for clean ones. I had money in a number of bank safety deposit boxes. I had a ledger listing all the banks, box numbers, tagged all of the keys and the amount in each bank. I also listed the amount I had in the bathroom. OS Supply had given me a raise with a commission on the total sales I had made. I was afraid to spend the money. I liked the money, but it did not bring me the life I wanted. I felt that I was trapped in a world that had no happiness. My social life had come to a standstill. Liz was not working at Hackers. I was afraid to ask anyone what had happened to her. I did not have any close friends that I could confide in. I went to fancy beauty salons. The beauticians were good, but Jane was much better. I was afraid to go back to Janeís. I went to all the new movies, dined at fancy restaurants and visited a few nice nightclubs. I had met a number of nice men. I was afraid to get involved with them. I expected that something may happen, and I wanted something to happen. Every time I got a call it startled me, even at work. I was even afraid to talk on the phone. I never knew who would be calling me and I did not know if my phone was still taped. What would I have to do for the fifty thousand they had given me and when would I have to do it?

The Hook:

It was a hot summer night about midnight. The phone rang and woke me from a deep sleep. Bleary eyed I turned on the light and answered the phone. The man on the phone said, "Is this Sally."

Half asleep I said, "Yes, this is Sally,"

"This is Frank at Hacker Inc. Iím sorry to wake you at this time of night. I have a Job I want you to do for me. I have arranged for a limo to pick you up near your home. The driver will pick you up in about a half-hour. He will be driving a black limo and will be parked in front of the drug store about a block from your apartment. Do you know where the drug store is located?"

"Yes, itís down on Court Street."

"The limo should be there when you arrive. The door will be unlocked. Get in the back seat. I want you to wear a veil so the driver cannot see your face. He will take you to Hacker Inc. He will drop you off there. Another limo will pick you up at Hacker Inc. and drive you to the BB Lodge. I know you must be sleepy. Do you understand what I have told you?"

"Yes, I understand."

"I will see you when you get to the lodge."

I was half-asleep and was fumbled around for my clothing. I got dressed and headed for the drug store. There was a limo parked as Frank had said. I got into the back seat. There was no one in the car except the driver. I could see his silhouette through the heavily tinted glass. The driver took off and headed toward the center of town. When we reached the Hacker building, a garage door on the rear of the building opened. The driver pulled into the building and stopped. I got out and the limo drove out through another door. There was no one in the area. The garage door opened and another limo drove in and stopped. I was going to open the limo door, but I hesitated for a moment, not knowing if this was the right car and who was inside. I heard the driver asking me to please get in. Hesitating for a few moments, I opened the door and looked inside. The car was empty except for the driver. I got in and closed the door. Again, I could not see the driver. I lowered the window and watched the city passing me. The drive took about a half-hour, the driver stopped at the BB Lodge guard shack. The guard flagged him through. He drove for a few more minutes and the limo stopped and the door swung open. The driver had turned the headlights off. It was pitch black.

The door swung open, a voice said, "Sally, Iím sorry I had to wake you. I am Frank we finally meet. We have something that we want you to help us with."

I saw a hand reach out to help me out of the limo. I took the hand. It was soft but strong. As I stepped into the darkness the stars were the only light. There were lights inside the limo. The limo door closed and the driver left without turning on his head lights. We were in front of a very large home. I could just see the outline of the building and the steps with the skylight. When we were in the building, Mr. Frank turned on the lights. I was overwhelmed. In all of my dreams, I never thought I would be in a place that looked so beautiful and lavishing. I asked about the house. Frank told me that the out of town member of the lodge and their guest stayed there when they visited the Club. Frank took me to a study off the main entrance. Frank asked me to please sit down and he would explain why he called me.

Frank looked around as if to see if anyone was listening. He said, "Your office will be notified that you are helping me pick out equipment for a new office. We are going out of town and will be back in a few days. I want you to stay here tonight. I did not want anyone seeing us picking you up. Have a good night sleep and we will go over what we want you to do tomorrow morning. Take the stairs at far end of the building. On the second floor, take the first room on the right. There is everything that you might need in the room."

Frank ushered me to the door and pointed to the stairs. I walked up the stairs and took the first room I came to. I opened the door and turned on the lights. I was dumbfounded. I could not believe what I saw. I thought that I must be asleep and dreaming. Never in my wildest dreams had I seen such an elaborate room. As Frank said, there was everything that I needed. There was a very expensive wardrobe in the closet. Frank had told me to wear anything that I wanted. I took a shower; picked a beautiful silk nightgown from the closet and climbed into bed. My head was spinning, but I did drop off to sleep.

When I woke the next morning I couldnít believe how beautiful everything was. The room was in the corner of the building. It had a large window on the rear of the building and a small lanai. I tried to open the door to the lanai. It was locked. There was a huge back yard with a beautiful garden. The side window overlooked a very large detached garage. It was big enough to hold 10 limousines. A covered walk led to the house. I pulled the blinds up and looked out. I saw an airstrip about ľ mile away and a golf course in the distance. I could not see the clubhouse or the clubs office. I never dreamed that the lodge covered this much land. I heard a knock on the door. I slipped on a robe and went to the door. When I opened the door a sweet elderly women wished me a good morning. She said, "Iím Helen, is there anything I can do for you. What would you like for breakfast?"

I asked, "What do I have a choice of."

Helen replied, "Honey you can have anything you desire. If we donít have it we will get it for you."

I smiled and said, "Just some coffee and a bowl of fruit."

Helen thanked me and closed the door.

I started filling the bathtub it was big enough for four or five people. After soaking for about a half-hour I picked a casual outfit from the closet and headed down stairs. An old man in a butlerís suit stopped me and said that they would serve me in my room and Mr. Frank will call me when he returns. He asked me to please stay in my room. They would get me anything I desired. I turned around and went back to my room. I wondered how long I would have to wait for Frank.

While I paced the floor I wondered, what did they want me to do? Were they going to hook someone? Who was it that they were going to hook? What was their plan? What did I have to do? If it were a hook, what would happen to me if I screwed it up? Was this what they had paid me $50,000 for? I climbed back in bed and turned on the TV trying not to worry. Nothing on TV was worth watching. I was impatient. I paced the floor. There was a knock on the door. I opened the door and the old man with the butlerís suit wheeled in my breakfast. I asked him what his name was. He either didnít hear me or he didnít want to tell me. He set up the table and told me if I wanted anything else to dial the number 4 on the phone. I removed the plate cover. I had never seen so many different fruits at one time, not even in at super market and the coffee was superb.

I loved the attention. The waiting around and the unknowns was killing me. I finished my breakfast and laid on the bed thinking about my situation. No sooner had I laid down, there was a knock on the door. The butler wanted to pick up the dishes and Helen wanted to change the linen. How did they know I had finished eating? They must have cameras in the room. I smiled and winked at the old man. He wouldnít look me in the eye. I said to myself, those old bastards have been watching me take my bath. If there was a camera, it was not exposed. How many did they have in the room? Where was the best place to put them to cover the room and the bath? I sat in a chair on the far end of the room. I looked casually around. If someone was watching me, I didnít want them to know that I was looking for the camera. There was a big mirror in the bath. If it was a one-way mirror they could seen everything that went on in the bath. If the bathroom door was open they could see almost all of the bedroom and dinette area.

Helen and the butler finished cleaning the room and headed for the door. I followed them to the door and thanked them with a smile. I asked them if I could take a walk in the garden. Helen told me that Mr. Frank did not want anyone to know that I was at the lodge, please stay in the room. If I wanted anything I should call them on line 4. As soon as they closed the door I causally leaned against the door to see if they were talking about me. If someone was watching me, I didnít want them to suspect that I was listening through the door. The butler said, "She knows."

Helen said, "How do you know."

"I just have the feeling she knows she is being watched."

I thought if they wanted to film someone in bed, the spot to look for the camera was from the bed. I laid on the bed and looked around the room. If there were cameras in the room they were well hidden. I could not find any.

As the day passed, I became more restless. I kept going to the windows and looking out. I saw a plane landing on the airstrip. A limo was waiting at the side of the strip. Four men got out of the plane and got into the limo. If they were going to hook someone, I wondered if one of the men that I saw getting off the plane was the one they were going to hook. I kept pacing up and down the room. I peeked out the door a number of times. No one was in the hall. If there were someone watching me, they would know I am getting impatient. I was going to test them to see if there were cameras in the hall. I walked into the hall and closed the door behind me. I hadnít walked 20 feet when I heard someone hurrying up the stairs. It was the butler. He asked me to please stay in the room. He gave no explanation and waited until I had closed the door. As I walked across the room I heard him locking the door. I turned around and looked at the door and whispered, "Fuck you too!"

Now I knew I was being watched. If they wanted to look at my naked ass, I will give them a show. I was furious. I felt that they were treating me like they would treat a dog. I hated them for locking me in the room.

  Sally had no idea what she had gotten herself into. Sally had only scratched the surface of Hackerís Good Old Boys network. There are hundreds if not thousands of clubs in the world. Most are very small. There are about a dozen very large clubs. Hackerís is the largest in the world. A large number of them are linked, not by their wishes, by the power they have when they work together. Have you wondered where the money comes from for these multibillion-dollar government projects and who gets the contracts? The GOBís hardly put up a cent. They get loans from banks; they may invest 1 billion, and get 10 to 20 billion back. Thatís pretty good, if you can get that kind of return on your money. The 9 to 19 billion is your tax money. They are stealing it from you. If you look where the big money is, you will soon find the club leaders. They have links with dozen of clubs all over the world. Every country has its own GOB Clubs. The heads of these clubs are hardly seen in public together. They have their meeting in places like the BB Lodge. They are flown in under very heavy security. In the US as well as other countries the Clubs supports the political party that will support their companies. The GOBís Clubs control the political parties that are elected. There are other lodges like the BB Lodge all around the world. These are the depot for illegal traffic of all kinds of items, including narcotics and people. The billions of dollars that are made in these activities get back into circulation through the Clubs legitimate businesses that laundry billions of dollars every year. Not in the washing machine like Sally was doing.

The Club likes to buy people and make them slaves. If they canít bribe them, they will blackmail or threaten them. If you are in a position that interferes with their plans, and you donít want to play along with them, one way or the other, they will hook, destroy or kill you. If you go along with them and you screw up, they will frame you and let the federal or state prosecutors go after you. If you ever get hooked, donít fight them. You would be better off trying to pick up an elephant. Use them as much as you can. Save the money you get from them and retire early, if you can. If it is against your morals, go ahead and let them kill you. If you want to find out who they are, donít look in the phone book. They are not listed. If you get too nosey, donít be surprised that you might get an invitation in the middle of the night for a ride in the backcountry.

Sally knew that they wanted to hook some poor soul. What was her role in this hook? She is the bait. If it failed, what would they do to her? Will they kill her? Would they kill him, and then kill her? Did they give her the contaminated money to have a patsy if they needed one? She had no close friend that would be looking for her. She had not seen her family for almost two years. She does not have a girl friend or a boy friend. Her neighbors never even talked to her and she doesnít even know their names. The only ones that would wonder what had happened to her would be the people at OS Supply. Hacker would call them and say she had gone to work for them.

This is something for you to think about. The Republican and the Democratic Parties are two of the largest political GOBís clubs in the world. Look at the money they raise for their political members. The money that is spent for an individualís election would pay their salaries 1000 times over. Why do they spend this amount money? They want a return on the money that they have invested in the election. You and I will pay them back through higher taxes and cost of living.

 Time was dragging by and I was starting to get a little edgy. I picked up the phone and tried to call OS Supply. A recording came on and it said this phone was for use for inside calls only. A man on the other end of the line picked up the phone. He said, "Please dial 4 if you would like anything." Then he hung up.

I had not heard that voice before. I felt that he might be the asshole that has been watching me. I picked up the phone again and dialed 4. Helen answered the phone. I asked, "What do you have for lunch."

"You can have anything you want sweetheart."

I thought, "This may be my Last Supper. That is what they tell the prisoners that are going to be executed."

I replied, "Surprise me," and hung up.

For the hundredth time, I walked over and looked out the side window. A large truck with two men was parked next to the garage. They opened the rear door of the truck. One of them climbed inside while the other one opened one of the garage doors. The man in the truck was stacking boxes near the rear door of the truck. The man on the ground yelled, "Donít stack them too high, I canít reach them."

He tried to slide the top box off the stack, and the whole stack fell and landed on him. Couple of the boxes burst open. I almost fainted and let out a gasp. I hoped that no one heard me. The packets that came out of the boxes looked just like the stack of money Peter and Bill had given me. The man in the truck jumped out of the truck, he looked around and hastily put the bundles back in the boxes. The other man was still on the ground. He tried to get up. He was holding the back of his head. It looked as if he had hit his head on concrete. He took a look at his hands to see if he was bleeding. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and held it on the back of his head. The guy picking up the packets said something to him. He put the handkerchief in his pocket and started picking up the packets. When they finished putting the packets back in the boxes they shut the garage and truck door and headed for the house. I stepped back from the window so they could not see me. I turned and looked around the room as to see if anyone had come into the room while I was watching. I knew that I had seen something I shouldnít have. If the packets were stacks of money, I wondered how much money was on the truck. There must be millions of dollars on that truck. I laid down on the bed and waited for Helen to bring my lunch.

 Helen took about an hour before she brought my lunch. Helen apologized for taking so long. She said that someone had fallen and cut open his scalp. She had to shave a spot on the back of his head and bandage it. When she left him, he was still a little groggy. I tried to cover what I had seen. "I saw a couple of men delivering supplies, I didnít see him fall. Poor guy, I hope he is all right."

Helen said, "We told him to go to the clinic in town the club has insurance."

After Helen left I picked up a bowl of fruit and walked over to the window and took a peek. After I finished my lunch I took another peek out the window. I was still wondering, how much money would there be on that truck? The men had been working for about an hour stacking boxes in the garage. I felt if it were money, they would kill me if they knew I was watching them.

Time dragged by, it was almost 5 PM. I dialed number 4; Helen picked up the phone, and said, "What can I do for you Sally."

I asked, "Do you know when Mr. Frank will be back? Will I be here all night?"

Helen replied, "Mr. Frank had planned to be back around noon. Other than that, I canít help you. I want to go home also. If I hear anything I will let you know? Some time these things take 2 to 3 days."

I thanked her and hung up. What things? What was she talking about? I turned on the TV and tried all the channels. I only had about 30 channels at home. This set had over 100 channels. I turned to the channel that had the 5 Oíclock news. I wondered if the news would give me a clue to who they planned to hook. There was a golf tournament being held at the BB Lodge. From my room, I could only see one fairway through the row of trees. The phone rang it startled me. It was Mr. Frank, he asked me to come to his office down stairs.

I said, "The fucking door is locked"

"Helen will open it for you."

I turned to go to the bathroom to fix my makeup. Helen opened the door and said, "You will have time for that later."

How did that old bat know what I was going to do? Helen escorted me to Mr. Frankís office. Mr. Frank asked Helen if everything had been taken care of. Helen nodded yes.

Frank said, "Good night, I will see you tomorrow."

After Helen shut the door, Frank looked me in the eye and said, "When you are at the BB Lodge you are earning your salary, you are at work. You will not ask questions or roam the grounds unless we tell you to. Never talk to anyone about your visit to the lodge. For everyoneís information you have only been in the lodge office. As you already know, the building is wired. There are cameras all over the place. We are being recorded at this moment. Everything that is said or done is recorded."

As Frank spoke his voice became harsher. This pissed me off. As the tempo in his voice increased, so did my temper.

Frank slammed his fist against the desk. "Can you remember this?"

My temper had been building up all day and the last couple of minutes added to it. I fired back at Frank; "You had me in that fucking room since 2 oíclock this morning. They locked the damn door. I could not walk the hall to stretch my legs. I may as well have been in jail. Do you want your fucking coke smelling money back I will give it to you? I am not a slave of yours. Your fucking guys hired me to do a job. I will do the fucking job, but, donít lock me up like a dog and throw food at me."

At first, Frank was agitated at me. I could feel the anger that was building inside him. I felt that he was about to slap me. The more I yelled at him, the calmer he seemed to get. A smile started to emerge on Frank face.

 Frank loved the spunk in Sally. It reminded him of Peg. A smile came over his face.

 "Donít laugh at me you fucking ass hole." Sally yelled.

Frank stood up and put his arm gently around me and said, "Sally, you are a real ball of fire, I like your spunk. I canít blame you. I think I would have done the same."

We both laughed. Frank calmly said, "Sally, you have to understand, when we hook these guys, they should not have the slightest idea that they are being hooked. The guys we hook shall never know that he was set up and no one else should know. I donít want anyone to know that you are in the building or ever had been this building. The fewer that knows the better off we are. We never know who will show up and we canít take a chance of someone seeing you. Listen very carefully. We will not have a dress rehearsal. We will have only one shot at it. If we fuck up we will all be in trouble. This is what I want you to do tonight. Your part will take less than a minute."

Frank explained to Sally, "A guy will come into your room. Make sure that the room is very dimly lit. You will pretend that you are asleep. You will be in the nude. When he comes in the room, have your hair over you face. We donít want him to see your face. He should never be able to identify you. He will fondle you. You will pretend to wake up; you will fight him off, and scream to the top of your voice. Run into the bathroom and lock the door. An older woman will run in. If the lights are not on, she will turn them on. The older woman will pretend to be your Mother. She will call to you and knock on the bathroom door. You will ask who it is. She will say that she is your Mother. When you open the door, you yell, he tried to rape me. Unlock the door and let her in the bathroom with you. A Security Guard will come in to take the man away. Have something handy that you can slip on quickly. A female security officer will take you down stairs. The limo driver will drive you to Hacker Inc. Another one will take you home. We do this so the driver that leaves here does not know where you live. The driver that picks you up at Hacker Inc. does not know where you came from. I will not see you for a couple of days. Remember, lock the bathroom door, and do not let anyone in until the woman security guard comes to get you. As soon as you go in the bathroom, start getting dressed. We want you off the grounds as soon as possible. Again, do not turn your head where he can see your face. When we get him out of your room, we will put you in a limo and take you home. We will take care of the rest."

 If the hook worked, it would almost be a guarantee that Hacker Inc. would get the major share of a multibillion-dollar government contract. The federal government has a very large project that is going to the House Appropriation Committee. Hacker Inc. wants a mole on the committee. The sap they are going to try to hook is a consultant to a high ranking US Representative of the committee. He is self employed and got his job through political pull. His name is Pat Herrington. Mr. Frank had arranged a dinner party for a few guest and Pat. A young friend of Frankís named Peg was playing the lead. Peg had already made contact with Pat at the golf tournament. Peg is a beautiful vivacious young lady. If she were in a large crowd, Peg would be the only person that everyone would be looking at. Pat had approached Peg at the tournament. Peg had been working on Pat all day. She had told Pat she had flown in that morning from the west coast to see the tournament. Her Father was a member of the BB Lodge and she was staying at the Transit House. Peg told Pat that her name was Sue.

  Frank had setup a dinner party at the Transit House. There were four couples attending the dinner. At the dinner party Peg sat next to Pat. When she felt no one was looking she would put her hand on Patís lap. She had him so horny, that itís a wonder he didnít try to seduce her at the dinner table.

After the dinner party was over and the guest had left. Frank told Pat to make himself at home. He had to go to the clubhouse for a while. Peg took Pat out into the garden for a warm up before the final act. Pat had begged her to let him spend the night with her. She had been leading him on all day. Sam had told Peg when he briefed her that Pat had a tattoo on his ass. It looked like lip prints. The bright red lip prints looked as if someone had kissed his ass. Pat was in front of Peg. Peg wanted to see the tattoo, as they were walking through the garden; she reached around Patís waist. Pat stopped. Peg started massaging his hard prick. Peg unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants. She dropped Patís pants and pulled down his shorts. She started stroking his Jolly Roger. Peg also massaged his balls. She pulled up her dress. She wasnít wearing any panties. She pressed her crotch against Patís bare ass. She bent down and kissed Pat on his bare ass. Then she slapped Patís ass a couple of times.

Peg yelled, "Who else have you been fucking around with today, or was it last night. Donít you take a bath after you have sex?"

Pat pleaded, "What are you talking about? I havenít been with anyone except you."

With a touch of anger in her voice, Peg said loudly, "Who in hell kissed you on the ass?"

Pat said, "Thatís a tattoo. I have had it since college. Try to rub it off."

Peg picked up his underpants and scrubbed so hard that Pat asked her to stop. It was hurting him. Peg turns Pat around and put her hands around his balls and his limp prick. "Iím sorry, please forgive me. I thought you had been making love to someone else."

She turned him back around and bit him softly on the cheek of his ass. Peg patting his butt gently and again said, "Iím sorry."

She pulled herself tightly to Pat and caressed his sex toy. It had shrunk a little. Peg apologized to Pat and said she couldnít let his sex toy get any smaller. As she stroked it, she felt the blood pulsating in his veins. She turned him around, lifted her dress, and slid his joystick between her legs. Pat tried to penetrate her. Peg pushed him away. She turned around, lifted her dress, and straddled his joystick. Pat tried to penetrate her again. Peg pulled away. Pat pleaded with her to let him have sex with her. Peg agreed to let him come up to her room for a little while for a couple of drinks. She warmed him up for another few minutes by rubbing her little ass against his hard pecker. She told Pat that she didnít want anyone seeing them going in the room together. She would leave the door unlocked. She gave him Sallyís room number. She told him she would leave the door unlocked and not to get lost. She said she would close the curtains and turn the lights down low. She asked him to wait for about ten minutes. She wanted to freshen up a little.

Peg left Pat and went up stairs. Peg stuck her head in Sallyís room and said, "Hi, get ready he is on his way."

Peg quickly shut the door and ran to her room. Both rooms were setup in a very romantic setting, a bottle of Champagne with two glasses, and a lit candle on the table.

I turned the lights off and hung up my robe. I climbed into bed and buried my face in the pillow. I was shaking. I tried desperately to settle down. I took a couple of deep breaths and tried to relax my body. I tried to think of other thoughts. It appeared to work. My whole body was shaking. If I fuck this up, what will Frank do to me? My thoughts went back to Dustville when those bastards dragged me into the backseat of the car and painted my face. Every time I think about that night, a rage of hate comes over me. The night George pointed his gun at me flashed through my mind. Fortunately, the trembling subsided. I was not shaking like I was a few minutes ago.

Ten minutes had passed and Pat couldnít wait any longer. He climbed the stairs, two, or three steps at a time and looked for the room number Peg had given him.

I was trying to think of something that would calm me down. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Fear again flowed through my body.

Pat opened the door to my room. A candle and a small night light in the bath were lit. Pat saw a nude body laying face down on the bed. He quietly closed the door. The door knob turned and the hinges creaked.

I saw a shadow on the wall. It was getting closer to me. I heard the footsteps approaching the bed. I wanted to look around. This gave me an eerie feeling. My whole body tightened up. Pat sat on the edge of the bed just for a moment. I heard the sound of his shoes dropping to the floor and then his pants fell to the floor. The change or keys in his pants rattled. His warm hands caressed my bare butt. His hands ran across my butt onto my stomach and up to my breast. He cupped his hand around my breast and ran his fingers around my nipple. My fear faded and I became sexually aroused. I had completely forgotten what I was supposed to do. I wanted to turn around and have sex with him. I was thinking to hell with this scam, I wanted to fuck him. I let him fondle me. He pulled his body tightly against my butt and his large prick poked me in my ass. The pain brought me back to reality. I remembered why I was there. I pulled away from him, screamed, grabbed a sheet and dashed into the bathroom screaming.

All hell broke loose. A security guard opened the door and dashed into the room with his gun drawn. He turned on the lights and poor Pat stood there half-dressed in a state of shock. The guard yelled whatís going on. An older woman ran in wearing a nightgown screaming, "Where is my baby?"

Pat gestured and pointed to the bathroom. She knocked on the door and said, "Baby its Mom. Open the door."

I open the door just enough for the older woman to slide through. I yelled out, "Mom a man tried to rape me."

We quickly closed the bathroom door and locked it. I hurriedly dressed. Peg and a lady security guard ran into the room. Peg put her arms around Pat trying to calm him down. He kept saying, "I didnít do anything."

Pat looked pathetic. He stood there in shock, with his clothes half off. His exposed hard pecker was standing erect as he paced the floor. He was totally unconscious. The guard asked him, "What are you doing in this room."

Peg spoke up and said, "He was coming to see me."

Peg persuaded the guards to let her take him to her room. Peg picked up his pants and underwear. Peg was laughing to herself as she gathered all of Patís clothes. Peg held his clothing over his erect prick. Peg took him to her room and the male guard went with them. As soon as Pegís door closed a female guard came in. She led me and the older women out of the room and we ran down the stairs.

A limo driver was waiting. The three of us piled into the limo. The driver dropped the female guard and the older women off at the club office. I was driven home with the stopover at Hacker Inc.

Peg had convinced the male guard that it was a mistake and persuaded him to leave Pat with her. The guard left and Peg asked Pat what had happened. He said, "I donít know, I thought it was you."

Peg asked, "What were you doing with all your clothes off. Were you going to rape me?"

"No, No, I wasnít going to rape you, I thought you wanted me to make love to you. I thought you were pretending to be asleep."

Pat kept shaking his head as to say, no, no, no. Frank showed up and knocked on the door. Peg opened the door. Frank shook his head with an expression of displeasure, "My god Pat, what did you do. The guard told me, I donít believe it. I want to hear it from you."

Pat told Frank everything. Pat asked Frank if he knew who the girl and the old lady were. Pat said, "I want to apologize, I didnít do anything."

Frank asked, "Did they see your face and did you see their faces?"

"I donít know. The old lady was staring at my dick. She never looked me in the eyes."

"Thatís good, they want know who you are. We will get you out of here tonight. Did the girl see your face and did you see her face."

"I couldnít see her face and I donít think she saw mine. The old women may have seen my face. She asked where her daughter was. I pointed to the bath."

Frank asked, "Could you recognize the old lady."

Pat said, "I canít remember anything. Who was the girl?"

Frank said, "She is the daughter of a very wealthy man from the west coast and its best you donít know. Hacker Inc. has enough pull, we will cover it up."

Pat kept saying I want to apologize to her. Frank said, "Pat, I think that they have gone. The guard told me that they hopped in a limo and drove out to the airstrip. We have a plane on standby. They were probably on the plane that was taking off when I drove up."

Nothing seemed to settle Pat down. Frank arranged for a limo to drive Pat to the Metro Airport and made reservations for Pat on the next flight to Washington. Frank told Pat not to worry that he would take care of everything. Peg walked Pat to the limo and told him she was sorry that their night together had to end so abruptly. She said it was her last fling before her arranged marriage. Her Father had planned for her to marry an old coot that would probably drop dead in a couple of years. Pat thought he would drop dead on his wedding night.

Peg and Frank watched the limo until it was out of sight; Frank hugged Peg and yelled, "We did it. Hacker is going to be out of his mind. That old bastard will be dancing in the street. I am not going to call him. No, I want to see his face when I tell him. He has been saying that we would never pull it off."

Pat was the mole that Frank had been trying to hook for over a year. If things went like they had planned, Hacker Inc. would get a contract that every company around the world was trying to get a piece of it.

Frank patted Peg on her butt and picked her up. Peg put her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around Frank waist. They gave each other a big sloppy kiss. When they came up for air, Peg said. "Letís make this a romantic evening. My room is all set up with candlelight and Champagne. I filled the bathtub with warm water and half a bottle of my favorite perfume." start here

Frank was still holding Peg. He put his hands on her little butt and carried her into the house and up the stairs to her room. With Peg still in Frank arms, Peg turned around and opened the door. The fragrance of the perfume flowed from the room. Frank slowly lowered Peg to the floor. With Peg still in his arms Frank unzipped Pegís dress and it fell to the floor. The candlelight reflected off of her smooth, silky body. Frank placed his hands on her tiny little butt and pulled her tightly against him. Frank kissed Pegís soft neck and licked the top of her firm breast. He moves his lips down her breast and put her erect nipples in his mouth. Peg put her hands on his shoulder and pressed his face between her breasts. She pushed his head slowly down her body until his lips reached her crotch. She held his head there for a few moments then pulled him up and started to undress him. As his clothing fell to the floor Peg put a hand around his personals. She bent down and kissed it. She felt the pulsating blood going through his body. Frank lifted her small body above his head and let her soft body slide slowly down his chest. Peg wrapped her legs around his waist. She placed her hands on his personals and slowly slid it into her body. Frank carried her into the bathroom. Still holding each other, Frank lowered their naked bodies into the warm water. Frank turned on the agitator. The hot water flowed over their caressed bodies. They enjoyed the romantic evening together.

 When I got back in my apartment, I was confused. All the things that had happened in the last 24 hours were troubling me. Did they know that I had seen the money that fell off the truck? What were they going to do to me if they knew? My conscience was bothering me. I was almost in tears when I thought of what I had done to the poor man. I never saw his face. The sound of his voice echoed through my brain. I couldnít erase the sound of his pathetic voice from my mind. I wondered who he was. Who were the other women that were involved? I had never dreamed that I would feel so guilty. I was very disturbed for what I had done. Why did they want to hook him? I paced the floor wondering what would happen to me. My brain was filled with questions. This was a new experience for me. I was ashamed of what I had done. I wanted to apologize to the man. What Frank had pulled made me feel sick. Even with the dozen of things flooding in my mind, I finally fell to asleep.

I went back to my daily job at OS Supply. A week had passed and the new receptionist at Hacker Inc. called me. Mr. Frank wanted to go over an order they were placing. I told John where I was going. Mr. Frank had never placed an order before.

Why was he placing an order this time? When I arrived at Hacker inc., Frank wasnít in his office on the 28th floor. He did most of his work in an office on the tenth floor. Frankís secretary told me to go on in. Frank was expecting me. As I walked into Frankís office, Frank had a big smile on his face. He stood up and walked over to me. He gave me a big hug. With great enthusiasm Frank said, "We did it."

I didnít say anything. I had mixed feeling about what I had done. Frank told me he would cover for my visit to his office. He gave me two envelopes. I peeked into the envelopes. One had a stack of new $100 bills. The other was a purchase order. I thanked Frank then asked, "Who was the guy that we hooked?"

Frank said, "At this time, itís best that you didnít know. If anyone questions you, tell them that you were at BB Lodge helping with a dinner party. You did not see anything or hear about anything. If anyone asks you what you were doing after the party, tell them that you went home after you helped to prepare the dinner, OK."

I smiled and said, "Thanks for the order."

Then I lifted the envelope that had the money in it, and smiled.

Frank said, "Thank you, I think we have a good team."

Frank led me to the door and waved good-bye as I walked down the hall. Still with a broad smile on my face, I turned and winked at Frank.

I went back to the office and gave John the order. He congratulated me for doing a great job and told me to take the rest of the day off. I was excited about the money. I waited until I was in my apartment before I counted the money. The $100 bills were new and the stack looked thin. I starting counting the bills 1,2,3.....50, for a moment I could not figure out how much money I had. Then it came to me, I yelled $5,000, and jumped up and down with excitement. I took the money to the bathroom and hid it behind the medicine cabinet. Never in my life did I think that I would have this much money. As the days passed, I thought that I would never get over what I had done to Pat.

 A little over a week after the hook, Frank received a call from Pat. Pat wanted to know what had happened. Pat was climbing the wall. He couldnít wait any longer. He wanted to bring the troubles out into the open. He wanted to know who the girl was and where she lived, this kind of put Frank on the spot. He had told Hacker that everything was under control. Now Pat is breathing down his neck. This was unusual; they usually didnít want to stir up the problem. They usually wanted to forget what had happened. To give Frank a few minutes to think things over and talk to Hacker, Frank told Pat he was on a conference call and he would get back to him. Frank told Pat, the company monitored all calls. Frank felt that it was best to use pay phones at both ends. He asked Pat to find a convenient pay phone and leave the number with the receptionist and he would find a pay phone and call him back. He warned Pat that attempted rape was a very serious crime. Pat insisted that he had no intentions of raping that girl.

With a little anger in his voice, Frank replied, "We all know that. We all have good intentions. Buddy your intentions were not that good, maybe for you, but no for that young girl. The security guard told me that you had your pants off and you had a hard on. What do you think they thought? The girl is only 17 years old and told her Mother that you tried to rape her. Her Mother saw you standing there half-naked and so did everyone else. I am trying my best to keep you out of trouble and you are sticking your fucking head into a noose. I am stuck in the middle with the girlís Father threatening to sue the club and you are egging it on. The female guard heard her say that you tried to rape her and so did her Mother. I will talk to you later."

Frank hung up without letting Pat respond. Frank called Hacker and told him what had happened. Hacker told Frank to try to hold Pat off for a while. He would talk to his Think Tank to see if they had any ideas.

Later that day Frank found a message on his voice mail. Pat had left a pay phone number. Pat still wanted to talk to the girl and her parentís and get to the bottom of it. Frank called one of his slaves at the local Phone Company and asked him to find out whose number Pat had given him. He also wanted to know Patís home phone number. A short time after he hung up the phone, it rang. It was the slave from the Phone Company. He gave Frank Patís home number. He told Frank that the other number was unlisted. He told Frank that usually he could find out who the unlisted numbers were listed to. He had pulled the unlisted number database and the number was not listed. He also told Frank that some times the Phone Company has a secure database that the company uses for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Frank thanked the man for the information. He hung up the phone very slowly. He wondered what Pat had up his sleeve and what agency the phone number may have belonged to.

Franks ass was really twitching now. He had just hooked a fish and it looked as if he was going to be hooked himself. He had been working on this hook for a year. Others had been working on Pat before he got the job. Did someone leak information on the hook? Who could it be? Was Pat working with someone? Who was Pat with at the tournament? There was Peg, Sally, and the limo driver. Was there anyone at the tournament that could have tipped him off? Frank was beginning to feel the hook had failed.

The tournament was filmed. Frank thought that he may be able to identify someone in the film that tipped him off. He called Metro TV and told them that he would like to get a copy of all the tapes of the tournament. Hacker Inc. was doing a promotional program and they could use some of the scenes. The technician told Frank that it was no problem to provide him with the tapes. The technician asked if he wanted tapes from all the cameras or just the televised portion of the tournament. Frank wanted a copy of all the cameras. The technician said that he would copy them on standard VCR cassettes. Frank thanked him and asked when they would be ready. The technician told him anytime after noon tomorrow.

Frank called Peg at home. He told her to come to his office after 5 and to come in the rear garage entrance. He told her that there was a keypad on the left side of the garage door. He gave peg his code number.

Hacker called Frank. Hacker told Frank that he would have a meeting tonight with the Think Tank. Hacker shielded the Think Tank from most if not all of the employees at Hacker Inc. Frank had never been at any of the Think Tank meetings. Hacker always found an excuse for not inviting Frank to the meetings. He had no idea who these men were. This had bothered Frank. The meetings were always held in Hackerís office. How did Hacker get them in and out of the building? In the past he had looked at the building security tapes. None of the tapes showed any new faces entering or leaving the building. How were they getting in and out of the building?

Later that evening Peg arrived at Hacker Inc. She went to Frankís office. Frank told her what had happened with Pat. Frank asked her if she thought that Pat knew they were setting him up for a hook.

Peg replied, "I donít think so. I canít believe he knew he was being setup. I had seen him early in the morning. I had recognized him from your photos. I saw him from a distance a number of times. I didnít want to start on him too soon. It would have been too obvious. I didnít want to approach him. I didnít pick him up. I was standing alone watching the tournament. I turned and Pat was behind me. He was so close to me that my elbow hit him in the stomach. I apologized and things began to develop. You know the rest."

Frank told Peg to go out to the airstrip at the Lodge and a pilot would fly her to Dallas. Frank wanted her to call Pat from a pay phone in Dallas. Take a cab, go to the center of town, find a pay phone and call Pat at his home. See if you can get any information out of him. Get back on the plane, come back here, and let me know what you found out. Tell him you were shopping in Dallas and you called me for his phone number. Tell him how much you have missed him. Feel him out. See if you can find out what he is up to. I think that he feels that he was setup. Honey, donít tell him anything. Try to find out why he wants to know who he tried to rape. Have a nice flight."

Peg kissed Frank and told him not to worry. She knew that Pat was trying to cover his ass. He knows that he is in a lot of trouble and is bluffing. With confidence Peg took off and headed for BB Lodge. Frank looked for a pay phone. He walked a couple of blocks and found one. He called Pat at his home and asked Pat when he could call him. Pat told Frank he would call him in about 15 minutes. Pat asked Frank what his phone number was. Frank gave him the number of the pay phone. As Frank impatiently waited for the call, he was trying to figure out what Pat was up to. The phone rang and Frank answered it. It was Pat. Frank asked, "Pat, what do you want me to do? I am trying to keep you out of trouble and you are doing you best to hang yourself."

Pat wanted to know everything about the young girl that he had fondled in the Transit House. Frank told Pat that he would not tell him anything about her. It was against the clubs policy to give out any information about their members or their quest. Frank told Pat that he had not heard anything more from her family and he wasnít going to put the Lodge in danger of a lawsuit. Frank asked Pat where he was calling from.

Pat paused and then said, "A phone booth."

Frank knew he was lying and said, "Pat if you insist on bothering me I will tell the young girlís Father what you did and where he can find you. Sue called me today to get your phone number. She told me that she had missed you. She was torn between getting married to some old bastard and marrying someone like you. If itís the guy I think it is, Sue is marrying a billionaire."

Pat asked, "Why didnít Sue tell me who she was getting marrying."

Frank was losing his patience, with a heavy voice, "You will have to ask Sue. Sue was a guest at the Lodge and her Father is a member. You just donít ask quests personal questions. Pat if you had kept your dick in your pants, this would be easier to handle. When that young girl woke up and found a prick sticking up her ass, what do you think she thought? If this thing comes out, you can kiss your career goodbye. You could spend the rest of your life in prison."

Pat snapped back, "How did you know that I stuck my dick up her ass?"

A chill ran through Frankís body. Sally had mentioned that Pat tried to stick his dick up her ass. Thoughts flashed through his mind; did Pat think he was set up? Why did Pat ask this question? Frank felt that he must go on the offence and yelled back, "You told me that she was laying face down and the young girl said you tried to rape her. What the hell do you think anyone would visualize?"

Pat backed off, he told Frank to let him know if anything came up. Frank felt a little better since Pat had let up a little. Frank went back to the office not convinced that he had shaken Pat. He called Hacker and told him what had happened. Frank expressed to Hacker his concern about the unlisted phone number. Frank gave Hacker the unlisted phone number. Hacker felt that he could find out whom it was listed to. Hacker told Frank to get a good night sleep and not to worry about it; the Think Tank will do a little investigating.

The next morning Peg called Frank at his office and told him about the trip. If Pat was trying to pull something, it didnít look like it. Pat had tried to get her to forget the marriage and marry him. She had told him that her Father had invested a lot of money into their adventure, and to call it off was impossible. Frank wondered, could Pat be trying a hook them, did Pat know that they were trying to hook him? Frank told Peg to stay away from the office for a while. He would get in touch with her if anything came up. He asked Peg why she didnít drop by last night. She told him that it was too late when she got back to Metro, it had been a long day and she was dead tired.

Frank had the limo driver that carried Pat to the airport come to his office. He talked with him for over an hour. He could not find anything that would indicate that Pat was aware of the hook.

Frank called and asked me to come to his office. From all his questions he asked about Pat, I told Frank that he knows more about Pat than I do. I said to Frank, "I never saw his face. As I told you before, I felt his hot hands all over me and he tried to stick his dick up my ass."

Frank snickered. Sally said "What so fucking funny. It hurt. How would you like it if I stuck a broom handle up your ass?"

Frank laughed and got up and hugged me. He said to me, "Sally, you are something else. You are starting to act too much like Peg. Not only that you look like Peg, you act like her."

I asked. "Who is Peg?"

With a broad smile on his face, he chuckled and said, "I will have to introduce you two someday. She is the young lady that warmed up Pat before he came to your room. Pat thought you were Peg."

Frank slapped me on my butt and said, "Get out of here. On your way out, stop at Hackerís Office he wants to thank you for your help in hooking Pat."

I whirled around in my tracks and asked, "Do you think I will be safe with the old fart."

"Sally, you are on your own when you walk into Hackers office. You better carry your brass knuckles with you."

I could see that Frank was trying to keep from laughing. As I was leaving, I turned and I stuck out a finger at him as to shoot him. He still had that mischievous smile on his face. I wondered what was on his mind.

The elevator stopped on Hackerís floor. As I approached the door, a feeling of confidence flowed through me. I stood tall and with a feeling of importance that ran through my mind. I knocked loudly on the door and I heard Hackerís calling for me to come in. I was wondering how he knew that it was me.

When I opened the door, Hacker got up from his desk and spreads his arms out to welcome me. I thought what the fuck is on that old bastardís mind? If he gets fresh with me I will kick him in the balls. Hacker Jolly Roger was already flying high. His anticipation of having me in the office alone had heated up the old fart. His bush hound was ready to explore my bush. There was no way in hell that I was going to let him mess around with me.

Hacker put his hands around my waist and said, "Sally, Frank told me about the hook. He said it would not have gone off as smoothly as it did if it was anyone else. Frank told me that the hook went as smooth as silk. I want to thank you for doing an excellent job."

Hacker pulled an envelope from his pocket and said, "Just a token of my appreciation for a job well done."

With Hackerís smooth talking he had walked me into the back room with his arms around me. I had seen the room when Penny was under his desk. There was an elevator at the opposite end of the room. Hacker was still giving me a big line of shit. I was more interested in the room than what he was saying. It was a 1-bedroom suite with a private elevator. Hackerís hand started to slide down onto my butt. When I was aware of where I was and what he was doing I put my hands on his shoulder and gave him a kiss on the cheek. And I pushed him away from me and said, "Thank you very much. You are so kind. It was a great pleasure to have worked with Peg and Frank."

Hacker started to say something and I put my index finger across Hackerís lips. I turned and walked toward the door I turned and winked at Hacker. I stared at the bulge in Hackerís pants, smiled, and said, "Maybe some other time."

I opened the door, looked back, threw Hacker a kiss, and closed the door behind me. Hackerís advances gave me back the confidence I had in myself.

A thought ran through my mind. "That old bastard has had the hots for me and he knew about Georgeís hook. That is why he didnít approach me."

I felt 20 feet talk. I hadnít felt this good about myself for a long time. As I passed the front office I felt so cocky about myself, I wiggled my hips, looked over at Penny, and smiled. I could feel the heat of jealousness that was radiating from Penny. Did she know that I had just left Hackers office? No wonder she is burning. If looks could killÖ I didnít want the old fart. Penny can have him.

When I reached my car, I looked around to see if anyone was looking, I jumped into the car and locked the doors. I opened the envelope. It was packed with $100 bills. I took another look to see if anyone was around. I started counting the money, when I was half way through I noticed someone coming toward my car. I shoved the money between my legs under my dress. I was sure that he was coming after me and my money. Fear ran through my body. I froze. I watched him as he approached my car. As the man got closer, he looked at me, smiled, and nodded his head. Cautiously, I nodded with a half smile.

His smile relieved the fear somewhat. I stuffed the money back into the envelope and jammed it into my pocketbook. I headed for home. I said to myself, "Dam it, I have wished for all this money all my life. Now that I have it, I am afraid that everyone is trying to take it from me."

One part of me said, "Take the fucking money and throw it out the window."

I reached for the envelopeÖ. The other side of me grabbed my hand and said, "Stop you stupid bitch. Leave the fucking money alone. Just because that man scared the shit out of you, you donít have to be a fucking jerk. Enjoy the money, you have earned it."

The two sides of me were giving each other hell all the way home. After I bolted the door, I counted the money and hid it in back of the medicine cabinet. Hacker had given me $10,000.

I started to wonder if it was worth what I had gone through for the last couple of years. I was afraid to spend it. I could not invest it. I was afraid to give it away and one side me was telling me to spend it. If George or Jim found out I was flashing big bills around, I knew they would be asking questions. They would think that I had snitched on them. I yelled out, "What the fuck am I going to do with it."

A cold chill ran through my body. I knew the other residents in the apartment building must have heard me.

 Frank got the tapes from Metro TV and spent the rest of the day watching them. He saw Pat nod at another guy a number of times. Who was this guy? Would Peel know who the guy was? Mr. Peel was Hackerís Lobbyist in Washington. Peel had invited Pat to the tournament. Frank did not see Peel in any of the tapes. Where was he all day? Why wasnít he with his guests? Who else did Peel invite?


Mr. Peel was Hackerís personal lobbyist. If Hacker wanted anything at all from any government official, he would call Peel. There wasnít an individual in Washington that Peel couldnít call and be connected with within a few minutes.

Have you ever tried to call an elected official and tried to talk to him or her, 99.999 percent of the people in this country would spend days trying to get in contact with their Congressman. They would talk to dozen of his aids and probably never be able to talk to their Congressman, Senator or any other political official.

Peel had a phone book on his computer that had every government official personal phone number and any other way that they could be reached within a few minutes, whether they were in Washington or any other place in the world. The politicians knew where all of their campaign contributions were coming from. And, they all knew who Peel was representing. If the person that answered Peelís call tried to block his access to the politician, he would be kissing his or her job good-by.

When Hacker called Peel, he wanted to be connected to the individual within a few minutes, everyone from the President on down. Every corporation wanted Peel to be their lobbyist in Washington. Everyone thought that Peel was the best lobbyist in Washington. It wasnít Peel, it was who Peel represented, Hacker. At times Peel used his influence for himself and to make a few bucks on the side.

 Isnít it amazing what the influence of one individual can do to open the doors of the people that the public had elected and are paying their salaries? The public does not have the control or influence on the actions that are taken on bills that are voted on in the Congress and the Senate. It is the individuals that have their hooks in the politicians. The individuals that control the strings that control the Paid Political Puppets, PPP, control what Congress and Senator vote on. What chance does the average citizen have to influence the government? How can the average individual get equal representation in this country? They canĎt and never will.

Most, if not all, Politicians have the desire for power and money. If they already have the money, they are obsessed with the desire for power. You will see them spending millions of dollars for a job that will never give them a return on the money that they have spent to be elected. What drives these individual to seek a political job, and control the lives of others in this world? They want to fulfill their ego and have the prestige that they have so vigorously been seeking.

GOBís groups finance politicians that do not have money. These groups want to be able to influence or control the government officials. With the control of the government, they control your money and your life. Letís go back to Frank.

  Frank called Peel in Washington. Frank set up a similar phone arrangement with Peel as he did with Pat. If someone was tapping their calls, this arrangement would not give them enough time to set up another tap. The only other person that Pat knew was Peelís aide, Thomas. Thomas had come with Pat on the plane. Frank wanted to know what Thomas looked like. Peel described Thomas to Frank. The description that Peel gave Frank fit the description of the guy Pat was nodding to. Peel had spent most of his time in the lounge watching the tournament on TV. Peel said that he was too old to be running around in the hot sun. Peel did not have any information that would help Frank. Peel asked Frank if he wanted to talk to Thomas. Frank asked, "Where is Thomas."

Peel said that Thomas had driven him to the phone booth and he was sitting in the car.

Frank wanted to know about Thomas and asked, "When did you hire this kid?"

"About six months ago."

"What does he know about the hook?"

"Not a damn thing."

"I know we asked you to invite Pat, but how did you go about getting him down here."

Peel chuckled and said, "It was a stroke of luck, Thomas heard me talking about Project X. I didnít have the slightest idea on how to get Pat down to the Lodge. When I finished the call, Thomas said, "I know someone that is working on Project X."

"When he said it was Pat, I almost shit in my pants. I let it go at that time. I wanted to think of a way we could get him down to the Lodge without it being tied to me. It took me a couple of days to come up with a half ass idea. I wasnít too sure it would work. The more I thought about it, I was sure that I would fuck it up. The Monday before the tournament, Thomas was going out for lunch and he mentioned to me that Pat, the guy that was working on Project X had invited him for lunch and he may be back a little late. He asked me if it was OK. I told him to take as long as he wanted. I couldnít think fast enough. So I told him to please wait a couple of minutes, I had something to tell him. I excused myself went into the john. I didnít have to go. I just wanted a few minutes to think. I was standing at the urinal with my pecker in my pants thinking when I heard the damn door open. It was Thomas. I hurried to get my pecker out of my pants. We only have two stalls. He said to me, having trouble, I told him the damn zipper stuck. Damn it, he had to follow me into the john. He is standing next to me talking a mile a minute. For a moment I couldnít think of what I came into john for. Finally it came to me. I asked him what he was doing this weekend. He told me that Pat had invited him to his home for the weekend. He asked me what I had in mind. I told him there was a golf tournament this weekend down in Metro and I had to go down there on business and he could bring his friend along if he wanted. I told him we would be flying down in a private jet with all expenses paid. He jumped at it and brought Pat along."

Frank said, "Let me talk to Thomas."

After a few moments a voice on the phone said, "Hello, this is Thomas."

"Hi Thomas, this is Frank from Hacker Inc., I am sorry I didnít get to meet you when you were in Metro. I was quite busy. I have been trying to clean up some loose end that occurred at the tournament. We had a little problem while you were down there. We had a guest that got himself into a little trouble. It looks like we might have a lawsuit on our hands. The lawyers have been asking me a lot of very embarrassing question that I canít answer. The reason we are having this conference on a pay phone is the complainant has private investigators nosing around. Peel tells me that you invited a guest. What was his name?"

"Pat Herrington."

"What do you know about Pat?

"He is married and has four kids. He is working on Project X. I went to college with him and I touch base with him now and then."

"Did you two hang around together at the tournament?"

"No, as a matter of fact he left me in the morning chasing after a woman. Later I saw him with this woman. I told him the time that we were going back to DC and he told me he wasnít going back with us. When we were ready to go back he wasnít there and we flew back to DC without him."

"Have you talked to Pat since the tournament?"

"No, I expected to hear from him."

"Thanks you Thomas, let me speak to Peel again."

Peel took the phone and waited until Thomas was back in the car. He put the phone to his ear and said, "Yes, Frank."

"Donít tell him about Pat, OK."

"Sure, sure, I wonít tell him a damn thing."

"If he gets nosy and finds out about Pat or Pat tells him and he starts talking about it, put a scare into him. Tell him if he doesnít keep his mouth shut, Pat could go to prison for the rest of his life. You understand where I am coming from."

"Yew, I read you loud and clear."

"Thanks again Peel, and keep in touch. I might send a crew up there to look around. If they need you, give them a hand. See you later."

"Sure thing I will keep an eye on your crew and help them if they need it."

"Peel, do me a favor. Give Henry a call and tell him they may be coming up, OK."

"Will do, I see Henry quite often. Bye."

The conversation Thomas had with Frank scared the shit out of Tom. Tom knew Patís reputation from college and he had seen him with a woman at the tournament. Tom couldnít wait to get out of work. He wondered if Pat had caused the problem. If it was Pat, he thought he would lose his job with Peel. The first thing he did when he got home was to call Pat. When Pat picked up the phone Tom yelled, "Did you screw around when we were at the tournament?"

Pat yelled back, "What are you talking about?"

"What did you do to that woman in Metro?"

"Nothing, Ö. Why?"

"There is a big investigation going on in Metro. If you had anything to do with it, I could lose my fucking job. I invited you."

Pat was trying to cover his ass and said, "I didnít do anything. Tell me what you have heard."

"Pat I know it has to be you. Peel had me take him to a pay phone today and we talked to Frank at Hacker Inc. They have a very big problem down there. Why would Peel have me go with him to talk to Frank? You and I were the only guests that Peel took with him. I know I didnít do anything. It has to be you. Donít lie to me. Tell me what happened."

Pat whispered, "Betty is in the next room. I will call you back in a few minutes."

Pat told Betty that he had to make a few calls. The kids were making too much noise and he was going to his office. Pat went upstairs to his office and called Tom back. Tom knew that it had to be Pat that had caused the problem in Metro. He lashed out at Pat. Pat finally got Tom to quiet down. Then he told Tom what had happened. Again Tom blasted Pat. Tom threatened Pat. He told Pat that if he lost his job over this mess he would tell Betty what had happened. Pat told Tom that he thought that he had been set up.

Tom said, "You told me that you picked up that woman. I know what you did in college. You started the fucking mess when you picked her up. She did not pick you up. I saw you following her all over the damn golf course. You better pray that I donít lose my job over this. I will kill you if they drag me into the middle of your philandering."

Pat was in a corner; he yells back, "OK, Frank is handling it. He is trying to keep me out of it. If you donít tell anyone, everything will be OK. So cool it."

"If Frank is trying to cover your ass you better do everything you can to help him. If this thing comes out in the open you could lose everything you have worked for, including you wife and kids. You could spend the rest of your life in prison."

"OK, OK. Settle down. You are right. I picked up the woman. I know if I had kept my dick in my pants this would not have happened. I will cool it. OK?"

"OK, if this thing goes to court and I have to testify, I will tell them everything that you did in college. I will not lie for you. You bragged to too many people about your conquests and it is sure to come out. You remember that girl that accused you of raping her and didnít turn you in because she didnít want to go through the crap. If this comes out in the public and she finds out about it. Your ass is cooked. She hates your fucking guts. This is just the type of thing that would bring her out in public. I had dated her couple of times before you raped her. I saw her in a bar one night and we had a long talk. She told me that she felt bad about not dragging your ass into court. She wished that she had taken you to court. She felt that you would probably rape some other girl. If she hears about this, she would testify against you. If she testified against you, your ass is surely cooked."

Pat told Tom that he would keep quiet about the mess and hopes it would blow over, Pat hung up.

The following day Frank sent the tapes to Pegís home for her to look at. He asked her to let him know if anything looked unusual in the film and if she did to let him know.

Hacker told Frank that he was having someone in Washington take pictures of anyone that came close to Pat during the next week. Hacker told Frank that the phone number Pat had used was listed to the DOJ. This made chills run through Frankís body. Frank asked Hacker what Pat was doing with the DOJ phone number. Hacker told Frank that some of DOJ employees have home phones that are listed to the DOJ and not to worry about it. And, this may give them a clue to what Pat is up to. If we canít find out what Pat has in his mind within a couple of weeks; then we would have to cool it for while.

A few days had passed, Frank called Sally and Peg, and he told them not to make any plans. He might want to send them on a little trip. He said that he would let them know in about a week.

When I got the call from Frank, I thought that I would flip. I had not been further than a couple hundred miles from where I was born. I was very excited about the trip. I went shopping for a new suitcase, shoes, and everything that I thought I would need. I finally spent some of the money that Frank and Hacker had given me. Emotionally, I was on the top of the world.

Without knowing when I would be leaving I packed all the things I thought I would need in my new suitcase and put it in the closet. Since Frank had called in the middle of the night for the hook, every time the phone rang or someone knocked on the door I jumped with excitement thinking it would be Frank. I was so enthused by the trip that I was afraid to go out of my apartment when I was not at work, I was afraid that I would miss Frankís call.

Sally gets raided:

A couple of days had passed and I was getting anxious. I was sitting in my apartment watching TV; suddenly there was a knock on the door. I jumped. I hadnít forgotten about George. I cut off the TV and tiptoed to the door and peeked through the hole on the door. There were three men standing on my porch. I did not know any of them. I bolted the door and called to the men outside, "What do you want."

There was no answer. Again I yelled, "If you do not tell me who you are and what you want I will not open the door. I am going to dial 911."

One of them yelled back, "Open the fucking door."

"What do you want? I am not going to open the door until you tell me who you are and what you want."

My whole body was shaking. I had no way to protect myself and there were three men pounding on my door.

I ran across the room, grabbed the phone, and dialed 911.

I heard a large bang on the door at the same time the 911 operator answered, "Can I help you?"

I screamed, "Someone is trying to break into my home. There are three men pounding on my door."

I gave the operator my phone number. The operator said, "I do not need your phone number. Where are you? What is your address?"

I gave the operator my address and told her that they are trying to break down the door. I yelled, "I do not have anything to protect myself with. Please send someone immediately."

The operator tried to calm me down. They continued trying to breaking in. The operator could hear the banging in the background. I kept yelling to the operator. The operator said, "The police are on the way."

I could hear the sirens in the distance. The pounding stopped. I laid the phone down and ran to the door. I looked through the peephole. The men were talking to each other. Suddenly they all turned when they heard the sirens approaching. When the police arrived, the men walked slowly down the walk. They all presented their badges to the officers. The police returned to their cars.

I ran back to the phone. The 911 operator was still waiting on the phone. I screamed to the operator, "The police are leaving."

The operator told me, "I will try to find out what is happening, please stay on the line."

After the police left, the men outside slammed their bodies against the door. The bolts flew across the room. The shortest of the three men grabbed me and slammed down the phone. He throws me onto the couch and pointed a gun at me. He said, "Do not say a fucking word, do no move or touch the fucking phone. If you do I will blow your fucking brains out."

The men started searching my apartment. As they searched the drawers and closets they threw my meager processions in a pile on the floor. I was so scared my whole body was shaking with fear. Tears streamed down my face. I wondered, "Who are they? What are they looking for? What have I done to deserve this?"

All of the things that have happened to me since I left home flashed across my mind. I prayed silently, "God forgive me, let me live through this mess."

I wondered if this had anything to with the hook on Pat. Who are these guys? Do they know about the money that Hacker had given me? Question, question and no answers. Why does everything have to happen to me?

The men rummaged through my home for about thirty minutes. They found my suitcase and saw all the new clothes. One of the guys turned to me and said, "Where the fuck do you think you are going."

"I am not going anywhere."

"What do you have this suitcase packed? Donít lie to me."

"I was going home to see my parents, but they wonít be home this weekend."

One of the guys said, "That fucking bitch is lying. She got the fucking money and she is going to skip town."

They cursed to each other. The short guy came back into the room. He grabbed me by the throat. He yelled, "Where is the fucking money."

I could not speak with his hand around my throat. One of the other men yelled at him, "Donít kill her you bastard, we will find it. Stop choking her. She canít talk with you squeezing her throat."

The guy let loose of my throat and squeezed my arm and was yelling loud enough for the people in the apartment building to hear. A crowd had gathered outside, and they started walking toward the apartment. Another one of the guys pulled me away from the short guy.

He said, "Where is the money."

I yelled, "It in my pocketbook."

"Where is it," he yelled.

"In was in the closet, I donít know what you did with it. It must be under all the mess."

The short guy yelled, "The other money."

A shock wave of fear ran through my body. They know about the money. I pleaded with them, "I donít have any other money. I donít have any other money. I get a paycheck every week and it is spent before I get the next paycheck. Why are you here? What makes you think that I have money? I donít have any other money and I am not lying."

One of the men whispered to the largest guy and said, "I donít think Jim and George knew what they are talking about. If she had that much money, this place would not look like a dump."

I overheard the conversation; the comment about my apartment fired me up. I know it looks like shit, but my apartment is not a dump, I said, "You dumb fucking assholes, Jim and George put you up to this. If you kill me, you ass holes are going to get blown apart. Those ass holes have set you guys up. They know they would be killed if they came anywhere close to me."

The short guy looked like he was going to shit in his pants. He had this weird look on his face.

"You should know why I have the suitcase packed. Itís a wonder George and Jim are still in town."

The big guy asked, "What are you talking about."

"Go ask Jim about the hook they had planned and how they got caught. What gave you the idea that I had a lot of money?"

"Jim thinks you snitched on him and they paid you off."

"Jim is lying to you. They knew about George and Jimís hook before George arrested me for jerking off a few old men. George threatened to lock me up if I didnít help them with the hook. The people they were going to hook were aware of what they were up to for almost a year before I got involved. I didnít have to tell them a fucking thing. They knew more about the hook than I did. George threatened me; he said if I didnít keep my mouth shut he was going to kill me. The goon squad of the man they were going to hook told me if I kept my mouth shut and I forgot about the hook they would leave me alone, thatís why I had the damn suitcases packed. I was going skip town after the hook. I knew they would be after my ass after the hook. One of them was tailing George the night George arrested me. They saw George hold the fucking gun to my head. I thought that bastard George was going to kill me for jerking off some old men. They told me if George or Jim gave me any trouble to let them know. They would blow their fucking brains out."

Before I could finish the sentence the men high tailed it out the door. There were people all over the lawn watching as they ran through the yard. They piled into their car and drove away. The crowd rushed into the house to see if I was OK. I had bruises on my neck and on my arm. One of the ladies asked the crowd to help clean up the mess. A few of the neighbors helped to repair the door enough so I could close it and put a padlock on it. While the men were fixing the door a few women were helping me put everything back. Three or four couples came with food. No one asked me what had happened. They all sat around as if they were celebrating a great event. Everyone helped clean up after they ate. They all hugged and kissed me and wishing me the best. A few of them said that one time or the other, they had gone through a similar incident with the police. They said that they were not angles, but they didnít do anything to deserve this type of raid. None of them asked me why they raided my apartment. They all had their own ideas.

When they all had left, I lay on the bed and thought about the wonderful neighbors. Tears came to my eyes. I wanted to do something for all of them. These are the people that I had never spoken to. There had been only a few nods when I passed them. The more I thought how wonderful they had been, the more I cried. I felt that they had adopted me into their family. I turned out all the lights, looked out the window, and paced the floor wondering if they would be coming back. From nervous exhaustion I finally fell to sleep.

I woke the next morning confused. I did not know if these guys were friends of George and if George had my phone tapped. I did not know if I should tell Frank. I thought, "Oh, how I wish I had someone to help me think and solve my problems."

I wanted to tell Frank what had happened. Frank had told me they would call in the orders. I had no excuse to drop in on him.

When I walked into my office, John came out of his office and followed me into my office. He looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was looking and shut the door. He told me he was sorry about the raid. I asked how he knew about it. He begged, "Please donít ask. Sally, Jim hooked me ten years ago. I was picked up for dipping into a cash drawer of a small company where I had worked. I did it to help pay off a debt. I had intensions to pay it back and I did. Jim talked to the owner and got him to drop the charges. Jim has been holding this over my head since then. Every now and then, George or Jim will come by and ask for a favor. I have paid for that mistake a 100 times over. It is like quick sand, the longer you are hooked the deeper you get. Until you are so deep that you can never get out. I have thought about suicide many times. I have wanted to kill both of them. What good would it do, they will probably kill me."

I wanted to know how he knew about the raid on me. John said, "They are plain-clothes state troopers. They came in yesterday and asked me a lot of questions about you. George had called me earlier and told me if I did not cooperate with them, he would blow my balls off. They asked about your association with Hacker Inc. I told them the truth. All I know is that you have a very good account with Hacker. You have brought a lot of business to OS Supply. They pounded on me for over an hour. If I didnít tell them the truth, they would come back and blow me away. I couldnít call you; I think they have my phone tapped."

I went over to John, sat in his lap, and kissed him on the cheek. I told him not to worry, I understood.

I said, "I am going to visit Hackerís. I havenít been there in a week."

John apologized again and walked me to the door.

On my way to Hackerís, I wanted some time to think before I got to Hackerís. I pulled into a parking spot along the street, turned off the engine, and tilted the seat back. Again, my head was spinning. A million questions were popping up. What have I got myself into? After going over all of my options I decided to tell the truth. I was working with Hacker Inc. and they promised to protect me. I was going to take them up on it. I felt that I could not undo what had happen up to now.

As I walked into the building, the receptionist told me that Frank wanted to see me and he is in Mr. Hackerís office. I thought, "Now what does he want. Does he know about the raid? Did John tell him that I was coming over?"

I knocked on the office door. I heard Frankís voice through the door, "Come on in Sally."

I said to myself, "How the fuck did he know that it's was me?"

When I went in the office, I turned around and looked at the door. Then spun around, I asked, "How did you know it was me knocking on the door, I am starting to think I stink or something. Everyone can smell me coming."

"No Sally, you donít stink, the matter of fact, you smell wonderful. I enjoy having you around. The receptionist buzzed me. I had told her to send you up here when you came in and to buzz me. I had called your office and they told me that you were on your way over here."

Frank stopped what he was doing, pushed his chair back from his desk, and asked me to please sit down. He knew what had happened to me and John yesterday. Frank said, "We promised you there would not be any problems with Jim and George. Jim has stepped over the line. Plans are in operation to squeeze their butts. They will not get out of Hackerís grasp for a long time. They will not be putting pressure on anyone else again. We have them under a microscope. If they blink their eyes, we will know about it. In this game you do not pick on someone elseís family."

Frank wanted to know everything that went on. I told him every little detail. I wanted to know if they were going kill them.

Frank laughed, "No, we just bleed them to death and they wish they were dead."

I wanted to know if John was out of their grasp. Frank said, "We are cutting the leashes they have had on a lot people. John was one of them. We have known what they have been doing for a long time. Sam compiled a list of people they were squeezing. Sam has been talking to them and some of them will testify about them if Jim and George are kept in jail. We are building a case against them."

Frank looked into my eyes, "Tell me the truth, if this is getting to be too much for you, you can walk out of here and no one will ever bother you again."

I knew if I left that I would not have the protection of Hacker Inc. I looked right back into Frankís eyes and smiled, "Frank when those goons came into my house I thought I was going to die. I prayed to God to get me through that mess. On my way over here I stopped on the side of the street for about a half-hour. I thought about my problem. I enjoy working for you. I am not going to back out now. Do you want me to stay?"

Frank said, "It is up to you. I will not control someoneís life. You are welcome to work as long as you want and leave when you want. I find that I get better cooperation from my associates when I let them choose their future. This way, I donít have a lot of bastard that want to kill me. I donít threaten them and they donít fear me. I find this approach is a lot better than George and Jimís control of their people."

I stood up and told Frank, "Iím staying with you."

I turned and started to walk out.

Frank said, "Wait a minute, I have something else to discuss with you. How would you like to go to Washington for about a week?"

I lit up like a flash bulb, "I would love it. What am I going to tell John?"

"John knows that you are moonlighting for Hacker Inc. and Hacker Inc. owns OS Supply. He doesnít know what you are doing. Donít tell him or discuss it with him."

Frank said, "In a couple of days a young lady named Peg will pick you up at your home. The two of you will go the Washington. Peg will fill you in and tell you what you have to do. Basically you will be a tourist taking pictures. Take a few days off and do some shopping. Have some fun in Washington."

I wanted to know if it was the same Peg that he had mentioned before. Frank told me it was. I had already been shopping for the trip. I decided it would not hurt to get a few more items.

A couple days later Frank called me. He told me Peg would pick me up the following morning at 8 AM. He told me to let Peg run the show. She is a very sharp little lady. She will keep me out of trouble. I was thrilled to no end. I was prancing around my apartment like a kid knowing Christmas was tomorrow.


Peggy was named after her grandmother. For some unknown reason she hated the name Peggy. Her Father had forbid anyone calling her Peggy; he shortened her name and called her Peg. She was his little Peg. Peg was a very beautiful child with long silky blonde hair and blue eyes. She grew up to be a beautiful young lady. She had an outstanding beautiful face and a magnificent body. She had everything money could buy; she had the finest of clothing, a personal physical trainer, her personal stylist and anything else that would make her attractive. Peg was extremely intelligent, and has lived a very unusual life. She is the daughter of a very wealthy man. His name is Benjamin Franklin Smith. There isnít a fast food store, grocery, retail chain or shopping malls that he isnít financially involved in.

Ben had four marriages before Pegís Mother came along. Ben did not want any children. He was furious with Pegís Mother when she became pregnant. The marriage lasted for less than 2 years. Surprisingly her Father showed Peg the greatest affection and love.

There was no love or respect between Pegís parents. Peg Mother was just a sex toy for Ben. Pegís Mother married Ben for his money. They had been fighting since the first day they were married. Ben would have divorced her, but due to her being pregnant with Peg, his lawyer suggested that he hold off until after Peg was born.

Pegís Mother was much younger than Ben. Ben accused her of cheating on him. It was his cowardly way of forcing Pegís Mother to divorce him. She was always cashing check and taking money from the ATM. Ben never saw what she was spending the money on. There had been a lot of collect calls from a pay phone in Texas. Ben felt that she was sending someone money. He could not prove that she was cheating on him, but the suspicions made him uneasy and like his other wifeís, he divorced Pegís Mother. Due to threats from Benís lawyer Peg Mother agree to leave Peg with Ben.

Ben was a very protective Father and Peg worshipped him. Ben married all of his wives just for sex partners. He never gave a damn about any of them. He treated them all like a hunks of meat. When he no longer enjoyed having sex with them, he would dump them. It was always the gold digging wife cheating on her husband that ended in a divorce. It was well known that Ben framed his wives by providing paid lovers to entrap all of them. In the divorce, he was always the devoted husband who married a cheating gold digger. Pegís Mother was set up a couple of times but she never took the bait. She wanted the divorce as much as Ben, and without any finances to fight Ben in court, she consented to the divorce.

Peg was about five years old when Ben married his sixth wife, Sue. Peg hated Sue. Before Sue came along, it was always Peg and her Father. Peg was the lady of the house. This was Pegís world. Sue came between Peg and her Father. The feelings were mutual. Sue did not like Peg and she despised children. Before Ben married Sue, Peg slept with her Father. Sue did not want Peg to sleep with them. Ben overruled Sue. They had two queen-size beds joined together, to appease Sue. One night Sue thought that Peg was asleep. Sue confronted Ben about having Peg in bed with them when they had sex. The argument started on a quiet low key, but it became a knock down drag out brawl. Sue was cursing and yelling to the top of her voice. It was as if she wanted Peg to hear every word. Peg was listening to every word. Sue yelled, "If you donít get that fucking brat out of our bed your dick will rot off before you fuck me again."

Peg started crying. Ben went into a rage and hit Sue with the back of his hand. He shoved Sue onto the bed and straddled her. With both hands Ben grabbed a hand full of hair. He slammed Sue head against the bed 3 or 4 times. He gritted his teeth as if he was going to kill her. He snarled, "You fucking bitch if I ever hear you say a word about Peg again, I will have your body ground up in one of my beef factories and feed you to jerks all over the country."

Ben climbed off of Sue and slammed her head on to the bed again. He went to the other side of the bed, picked up Peg, and took her to another bedroom.

This was the first time that Sue had seen the real Ben. Sueís whole body trembled with fear. She was afraid to ask Ben for forgiveness and afraid to leave the house. She didnít have any cash, only a credit card. She knew if she left Ben he would have it closed out before the bank opened. She paced the floor trying to figure out what she should do.

Peg had stopped crying and things were quiet. Sue walked softly down the hall trying not to make a sound. She came to the other bedroom and peeked around the door. The night-light was bright enough that she could see Peg lying in Benís arms. She appeared to be asleep. She walked over to the bed, kneeled beside the bed, and pleaded for Ben to please forgive her. With her trembling hand she caressed Ben cheek. Sue again begged Ben to forgive her. For a moment there was no response from Ben. Then he reached over and stroked Sueís long black hair. He kissed his index finger and placed it on Sue lips. With fear running through her body she cuddled up to Ben. Ben put his arm around her and she laid her head on Ben shoulder. Ben whispered to Sue, "Now I have both of my girls in my arms."

Sue was too afraid to sleep. Ben and Peg both had gone to asleep. Sueís body was in pain from lying in the same position for so long. She eased away from Ben and went back to her bedroom. She lay silently and listened to Ben deep breathing down the hall. She thought of the fear she had gone through a few hours ago. Sue felt trapped into a marriage that she hated. She remembered the first time she saw Ben. It was only about 6 months ago when she worked in one of Benís Department stores. She was making only $7 an hour. The department store manager had a meeting with all of the employees and told them to look their best. The owner of the chain was visiting the store for his annual visit. If he didnít find anything to complain about we would not see him for another year. Sue had remembered how frightened the manager looked. Her thoughts reflected back to just a few hours ago. She knew how the manager must have felt.

Of course, at that time she had no idea what Ben was like. Sue wanted to make an impression on the owner. After the meeting she bought a very expensive low cut dress with a very short skirt. The outfit was skintight. She asked the clerk in the cosmetics department to do a million-dollar makeup job on her. When the cosmetician finished Sue looked absolutely astonishing. All of her co-workers felt that the owner would go crazy when he saw her. They were right. When Ben walked through Sueís department and he saw Sue, he flipped. Ben pretended not to notice Sue, but everyone around saw his reaction when he saw Sue. Some of the other clerks had to choke themselves to keep from laughing. Sue felt like a million and strutted around, as if she owned the store herself.

After Ben had left the area all of the clerks ran to Sue. Everyone wanted to know if she thought he was interested in her. Sue was the talk of the store.

About an hour had passed; Sue received a call from the store manager. He told her that Ben was very impressed with the way the store was managed and he was especially impressed with the way Sue handled her area. Ben wanted to have lunch with her to thank her for doing a wonderful job of managing her department. The manager warned Sue that she didnít have to go to lunch with Ben. He hinted that Ben was looking for a lot more than just lunch. Sue told the manager that she could take care of herself and for him not to worry about her.

Ben wined and dined Sue for about 2 weeks. Sue had Ben salivating ever time he saw her. He promoted her to assistant manager with the same salary as the manager. He could not get Sue to sleep with him. Ben could not leave Sue alone. At dinner one night, Ben popped the question and they were married. Sue went from rags to riches over night. Ben flooded Sue with everything money could buy.

Sue was back to reality. She hated the marriage, but she loved the money. Sue gave in to the money. She was going to try and make things work out with Ben. Things went back to normal. Peg was sleeping with them.

Peg would fall asleep in her Fathersí arms. When he thought she was asleep, he would lay Peg at the far side of the bed. If Sue wasnít in bed, he would go to Sue and tell her that Peg was asleep. On the nights that they made love Sue would wait for Peg to fall asleep before she made her grant entrance into the bedroom. Numerous times Peg pretended she was asleep, particularly on the nights that her stepmother wasnít already in bed.

On the nights that Sue wanted to make love, she would take a long bath and wait until she thought Peg was asleep. She would enter the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her. She would stand in front of Ben; spread the towel out like wings exposing her nude body. She would dance around the room. At the end of the dance she would gently cover Benís Face with the towel and then provided Ben with various sexual pleasures. Sue was very imaginative in the sexual pleasures that she gave Ben.

Little did they know that tiny eyes were watching everything they were doing? The little brain was recording everything that she saw. At that tender age, she knew this was something her Father loved.

Peg felt that her Father no longer loved her. Sue was taking him away from her. Peg did everything she could to break up the marriage. She succeeded in destroying the marriage. Peg got her Father back.

For the next two years it was only Peg and Ben. He took her everywhere he went. Peg had a private tutor that traveled with them. The tutor was the best that money could buy. At the age of 7, Peg had the abilities of a 12-year-old. She spoke fluent French, and some German and Spanish. At this early age Peg had experienced things that most adults never experience in a lifetime. Ben was very proud of his little girl. Many times he would take her to the company board meetings. Peg had her own chair at the head of the table. The member of the board would ask her for advice. Peg was not shy. At that young age, Peg knew what they wanted to hear. They were amazed at her ability. Peg had attended many meetings with her Father. She knew how to run the show. Ben loved to watch Peg control the board meetings.

Ben had not brought any of his sex partners home with him since he divorced Sue. In his travels he came across a very beautiful Danish girl named De. Ben would do anything to spend a couple of nights with De. She resisted all of his advances while he was in Denmark. Ben was a major stockholder in the company where she worked. Ben had one of the vice presidentís of the company send De to company headquarters in Metro for a sales conference.

Ben and Peg had been back in the United States for two weeks when De arrived for the meeting. Ben had planned for De to stay at his mansion. De was not aware of the arrangement. At the airport a limousine was waiting for her. She was surprised when she ended up at Benís home. In turn, Ben did not know De was engaged to a very handsome young man. His parents were quite wealthy. Her beauty blinded Ben. He should have known a beautiful young lady, as she was, would have hundred of suitors. De was no fool she knew that something was wrong.

Ben and Peg welcomed De to their home. Ben was falling all over De. He couldnít wait to sleep with her. Peg, on the other hand, saw a rival in her home. She didnít want that woman in her home. A fabulous dinner was provided. The way the conversation was headed, De knew it was time for her to leave. After dinner De told Ben how much she enjoyed the dinner and said that her friends were waiting for her at the hotel and she would be spending the night in the hotel with her friends. With all of Benís charms, he could not convince her to stay. Disappointed, Ben called the limousine driver to pick up De.

Ben had sent Peg to bed earlier. Peg knew that Ben was very depressed. She watched her Father through the railing on the balcony pacing the floor. She hated to see her Father depressed. She wanted so much to make him happy. She had seen the look on his face before when he was married to Sue. Peg had not shown any indication of sexual interest. Peg was not quite eight years old, yet she knew what her Father wanted.

She had seen her Father in the nude a number of times. Ben had seen and bathed the tiny little body since she was an infant. At this early age she knew that there was pleasure in rubbing nude bodies together. Before Peg went to bed she took a bubble bath. Peg had seen Sue prepare for bed. She took some of the perfumes that Sue had left and put them in her bath water.

When she finished her bath, she picked up a towel and walked into the bedroom. With only a towel wrapped around her body she opens the towel like Sue and danced around the room. When she reached the bed, she dropped the towel across her Father face. Her Father didnít think too much of her walking around in the nude. He was laying in his the bed fantasizing about De. He only had a sheet covering him. Peg pulled the sheet off her Father. Ben was startled by Pegís action. She climbed into the bed and laid on her Father. It was the first time that Peg had laid on her Father in the nude.

This was the beginning of a very unusual relationship that would continue for ten years. At first, Ben tried not to make anything of it. The little girl had other things on her mind. She had watched her Father and Sue making love. She was going to be the lady of the house. She knew that this type of activity had made her Father very happy. Peg was not going to let another women come between her and her Father.

When Peg was 10 year old, she was well aware of her sexuality. She wanted more than what she had been doing over the last few years. This strange relationship with her Father continued until Peg was 12. She had talked with other young girls about her fascination with sexual intercourse. It was pushing her into other games she was having with her Father. She wanted to have intercourse with him. Peg had not started her menstrual period. Nor, did she know she would bleed when she lost her virginity. One night during her sexual games with her Father, Ben penetrated her. Peg not knowing what was happening when she saw the blood flowing from her body, she became frightened and started crying. Ben jumped up and took Peg to the bathroom. He sat her on the edge of the bathtub. He turned the water on and helped Peg into the bathtub. Blood was running down the childís legs. Peg began to cry. She had thought she had made her Father angry with her. He took her wet trembling little body and held her against his. He told her that it wasnít her fault and it was what happens when a girl becomes a young lady. He bathed and comforted her. Ben carried her back to bed and held her in his arms until she fell asleep.

They continued fondling each other for a few more months until it became sexual intercourse. After having sexual intercourse with her Father for about three years, it was no longer enjoyable to Peg. She wanted to break it off. Ben did not. The next two years they fought about it. After Peg finished high school her Father sent her to a private institution. Peg was a brilliant student. When she came home on weekends her Father would want to make love. She was getting old enough to think for herself. She was going to end the relationship whether her Father liked it or not. She realized that it was wrong. She knew that she had started it and she was going to end it. Ben had threatened to cut Peg off without a dime if they stopped having sexual intercourse.

Peg had devised a plan that would end the relationship. She hid a video camera in her bedroom. They usually had sex in her Fatherís bedroom. She gave her Father excuses for not having sex until she had everything setup. This was going to be the last time she would have sex with her Father.

Ben was on the phone. Peg walked over to him, pulled up her dress, and rubbed her crotch. She licked her lips with her mouth fully open. She motioned with her finger for him to follow her. Peg went to her room and turned on the camera. She laid in her bed fully dressed. Her Father came into her room and said, "Come to my bedroom."

Peg said, "No" and shook her head vigorously.

Ben sat on the edge of the bed, put his hand on her breast and bent over, and kissed her. She whispered to him, "Rape me."

Ben thought to himself, "If thatís what she wants, why not."

He reached his hand under her dress and ripped her panties off. Peg pretended to fight back. He straddled her and pulled off the rest of her clothes. Ben got up and removed his clothes. Ben straddled Peg again, he told her to give him oral sex. 

Peg said, "No, no." and shook her head.

He pressed his penis against her lips and said," Open your mouth."

Again, she refused. He slid down her body and started giving her oral sex. Peg looked straight into the camera and pretended to be crying. Ben spread Peg legs apart and penetrated her. He lifted her small body and deeply penetrated her. Peg pulled away from him and ran out the room.

Ben shouted to her, "Come back here."

Then, he ran after her. Peg had stopped in the hall out of view of the camera, but only a few feet from it. Her Father grabbed her.

Peg yelled to top of her voice, "Please donít, please leave me alone, and donít rape me anymore."

Ben let her loose, and then Peg slowly walked down the hall. She looked over her shoulder, smiled, and winked at her Father. Ben stood there motionless and bewildered.

Peg packed her bags and went back to school for the rest of the weekend. Ben called her at school and left messages for her to call him. She never returned his calls. This had upset Ben immensely. This had troubled him all week. It was constantly on his mind.

During the week Peg made a dozen copies of the tapes. She put all the tapes, but one, in safety deposit boxes all over town. She said to herself, "When I get home on Friday afternoon, I will secure myself financially for the rest of my life."

The following weekend when Peg reached her home, her Fatherís car was in the driveway. She recovered a gift-wrapped package from the trunk of her car. Peg found her Father in his study. He got up put his arms around her and squeezed her butt.

Peg said to him. "Never put your hands on my butt again."

Ben looked quite surprised. He stepped back from Peg and said, "Whatís the matter with you!"

Peg replied, "Things are going to change around here. I brought you a gift, something for your memories."

Ben opened the package, "What is this?"

Peg said, "Put it in the VCR and you will see."

Ben put the tape in the VCR and pushed the play button. He sat down to see what was on the cassette. Peg stepped back to watch her Fatherís reaction.

His first remark, "Who taped this. I will kill the bastard who taped this."

Peg replied, "The bastard is right next to you, go ahead. Kill me."

Ben yelled, "You did this to me you little bitch. Why, why."

"You bastard you have been fucking me as far back as I can remember. I can put your ass in jail for the rest of your life. You are going to pay for every time you fucked me. You are going to make me a member of the Board of Directors of our company. Youíre going to pay me $500,000 a year in advance. Also, there is a house on the market for three and a half million, you are going to buy it for me. I have made a dozen recordings of this tape. They are hidden all over town. You may find one or two of the recordings. If you threaten me again, I will take them to the police."

Ben sat silently in his chair for a long time. Finely he looked at Peg and shook his head, "You know you are a chip off of the old block. I think I would have done the same thing. Sweetheart I donít think thereís anything that I could say that would change your mind. I have thought about our relationship many times. After I have made love to you, I would feel guilty. It would stay with me for a day or two before it left my mind. Then, I would yearn for your body. I was physically addicted to you. That is one of the reasons that I never got married again. I cannot blame you for what you are doing. You will get everything you are asking for and more. I hope you will forgive me someday and we can be friends again."

Peg was sitting in the chair with her hands over her eyes. She was crying her heart out. She was confused; there was this deep feeling of love and hate that filled her body. This was the man that she had loved so dearly for all of her life. She was the jealous little girl that had started this relationship. Even though her Father should have stopped it at the beginning, she felt she was to blame. One part of her wanted to scratch out his eyes, the other part of her wanted to seduce him.

Peg got up and walked over to him; she kissed him on the cheek and said, "That is all youíre going to get. I want you to purchase this house this weekend. I have this week off and I want to move into it. I will call the real estate agent and tell him that you are going to purchase the house this weekend. I will move in on Monday or Tuesday."

Peg gave Ben a Fact Sheet on the home and walked out.

For the next couple of years Peg went through one love affair after another until she met Frank at a New Years Eve party, then she settled down.  

Sallyís first flight:

I was up before the crack of dawn. I packed and unpacked a dozen times. I had prepared everything the night before. The dress that I was going to wear was packed. I had to remove everything from the suitcase to get the dress. I was nervous as a wet hen. I realized how excited I was and the calm part of me yelled, "Calm down you bitch. Why are you so fucking nervous?"

I was getting impatient. Every few minutes I would look out the window. I started to think that Peg was not coming. With the excitement of going to Washington, I had forgotten what I had packed. I was bubbling with excitement.

(You have to remember, to someone that hasnít been any further than a few hundred miles to the next little dusty town, this is a dream come true.)

The tenth time I looked out the window, I saw a fancy red convertible. I went into a tizzy; I was running around in circles. I wondered if it was Peg outside. I stuck my head out the door and shouted, "Is that you Peg."

A voice replied, "Yep, itís me."

"I will be there in a minute."

I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I said to myself, "You are the ugliest bitch I have ever seen."

I took a quick look at my outfit. I almost started to cry. On my God, "I look like shit. Why do all the other women get all of breaks? Why was I born so ugly?"

I grabbed my bag and ran to the door. I got outside the door and was locking it and said, "Oh, shit, I forgot my suitcase. I opened the door and grabbed my suitcase and tried to lock the door. I hadnít had it fixed. I had misplaced the key to the padlock and was just propping a chair against the door. One of the men that helped to clean up the mess after the raid offered to help me lock the door. There was a slight breeze and my hat blew off. I dropped my bag and suitcase and ran after the hat. The ground was soft and my high heels were not made for running. The heels of both shoes sunk into the soil. I fell flat on my face. The young man ran after my hat. Peg was sitting in the car laughing her head off. It was like a three ring circus.

The young man caught the hat and returned the hat to me. I pulled the shoes out of the ground and thanked the young man for returning my hat. I asked him if my door blew open would he please shut it. I went back into the apartment threw the shoes and hat into the closet. I put on an old pair of shoes, grabbed my bag and suitcase joined Peg. Peg had a smile of her face.

I sheepishly smiled and said, "Donít laugh."

Both of us burst out into a roaring laughter. We were laughing so hard that tears were trickling down our faces. As we sped away I continued to laugh and I looked at the eye shadow running down Pegís face and said, "Look at your face."

Peg looked into the vanity mirror on the driverís side; her eye makeup was running down her face. Peg said, "Look at yourself."

I flipped down the visor and yapped, "Oh my God, I really look like shit."

Peg snapped back and said, "We both look like shit. Open that makeup kit and take out the purple jar. There are some tissues on the side pocket of my suitcase."

Sally unbuckled her seat belt and was half over the seat. Her skirt blew up and she was mooning everyone that passed. Peg hadnít noticed what Sally was doing and the position she was in. Everyone was waving at her and tooting their horns. Peg waved back at them. I found the jar and stuck my hand back at Peg and said, "Is this the jar."

Peg looked up and saw my rear end exposed and pulled down my dress and said, "Yep, that the one. You better get down from there. I canít drive and hold down your skirt."

I turned my head around saw my dress flying in the breeze and said, "Oh my God, have I been mooning everyone?"

"Yep, you have been giving everyone a show. Fix you face then I will fix mine."

"I was wondering why everyone was yelling and waving at us."

I cleaned my face, and then Peg let me drive while she fixed hers. When the damage was repaired, Peg looked at me with a big smile on her face said, "Good morning Sally."

"Good morning, Peg you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I wish I was beautiful."

"You just gave yourself a compliment. You are beautiful too. Sam was right we do look alike."

"Who is Sam?"

"Sam works with Frank. He is the one that kept Hacker from having you locked up. He is your guardian angel. I will tell you about him sometime."

"No Peg. I will never look as beautiful as you are."

Without any hesitation Peg snapped back, "Sally you are a very beautiful woman. It takes a lot of time to keep myself looking halfway decent. Wait until we get in Washington. You will see what I look like in the morning. Then you will know what Iím talking about."

 It looked as if Sally and Peg were going to get along. Peg had developed a knack for making people feel good about themselves. Not only did the men drool over her, the women felt comfortable being with Peg. They did not resent Pegís beauty.

 Peg and I boarded the plane and were on our way. This was not only my first flight; I had never been out of my home state. As the planeís engines revved up and started down the runway. I grabbed Pegís hand and squeezed it. Peg tried to calm me down. The weather did not help any. The flight was quite bumpy. My stomach was a little upset. When the Stewardess came with the food, I did not want anything. I felt that I would get sick if I ate anything. Peg engaged me in small talk to get my mind off the flight. It was a short flight to Washington. I silently cheered when the plane finally touched down in Washington.

There was a cab waiting for us. Peg knew the driver. When he got out of the cab to help us with the bags, Peg gave him a big kiss and said, "How is my lover?"

He had a beautiful smile on his face and was very nice looking. Peg introduced me to the cab driver and said, "This is my DC lover, Henry. Isnít he a doll?"

Not only was he a doll, I was getting flustered from the way he looked at me. I could not take my eyes off of him. Peg told Henry the name of the hotel where we were going. No, it wasnít the Watergate. Later Peg told me that Henry was a part time comedian as well as a cab driver. He was also on Frankís payroll.

I could not believe it; I think Henry flipped when he saw me. Itís a wonder that he didnít run off the road: he was constantly taking peeks of me through the rearview mirror. I noticed the attention and I would look away every time Henry peeked at me. I was giggly inside like a young kid from his attention. I could feel the warmth of a slight blush on my face. I loved his attention and it stimulated my inner most sexuality.

Peg was well aware of what was going on. It reminded her of two young teenagers on their first date. With all of the flirtation, Henry still amused us by telling jokes. Peg had noticed that Henry had driven all over Washington. It was a very pleasant trip. Henry had both of us laughing all the way to the hotel. The fare was twice the normal rate. In a casual way Peg let Henry know that the fare was twice the usual amount. Peg said. "This inflation is getting to me. The fare from the airport has doubled in a week."

Peg winked at Henry. Henry went over to Peg; he whispered in her ear, "Who is that sweetheart you have with you? I would still be driving around town if I were alone with her. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. I enjoy her enthusiasm about everything. I have never seen anyone as full of life as she is. Oh yes, Frank asked me to pick you up and keep an eye on his sweetheart. I will be around if you need me. You have my number."

I donít think Henry knew that I heard what he said to Peg.

Peg whispered to Henry, "Yep, I got your number. You are a two-timer. I thought you were in love with me."

"I am. Frank would kill me if I let on that I was in love with you."

Peg pretended to be pissed and said, "I will let you off this time. But, keep your hands off Sally. She is a nice kid."

Even though I heard every word they had said, I asked, "What are you two whispering about? I know I look terrible."

Henry put his hand on my shoulder, "I just want you to know, I think you are one beautiful lady. Itís a wonder that I didnít run off the road. I couldnít take my eyes off of you. I couldnít stop looking at you through the rearview mirror. Please forgive me."

I lit up like a neon sign. I blushed. I did not know how I should take his complement. I had never felt this good about myself. Smiling from ear to ear, I giggled, "Thank you that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me."

Peg was watching the two. She knew that cupid had hit his mark. She loved the glow that was in both of our faces.

Peg gave Henry a big tip and said, "Thanks for the show and the tour. The finale was worth every cent."

We were greeted by the Bell Captain. It was obvious that Peg had been there before. The Bell Captain greeted her with open arms. They looked like they were lost lovers. We got the red carpet treatment. The Bellboy carried our bags directly to the room. We did not have to go to the counter to register. I was bubbling with excitement of seeing such a beautiful place. My eyes took in everything.

  Frank knew what he was doing when he sent Sally along. She really looked and acted like a tourist. Of course she was.

  The bellboy put our bags in the closet and Peg gave him a big tip. The moment the door was shut, I was so excited I let it all out and screamed, "This suite is beautiful."

Peg burst into laughter. She could not get over how excited I was. We got undressed. Like most of us gals, we both complained about our feet hurting. We lounged around and discussed our itinerary for the day. Peg was going to take me on a sightseeing trip in the afternoon. That night we were going out to dinner and tour the nightclubs. I was in heaven. It was like a dream come true. I had already forgotten about the raid on my apartment and how frightened I had been. I had shoved it to the back of my mind. The images were still flickering now and then.

I had not brought along an outfit that was suitable for evening wear. Peg told me that I could borrow some of her dresses. We put on some casual dresses and headed for the city. The Bell Captain called a cab, you guessed it; it was Henry. Peg told Henry that it was my first trip to DC and she wanted him to give me the royal tour. Need I list them all? We saw almost every tourist attraction DC had to offer. I was all pumped up with all the excitement of seeing all the places I had read about and never seen. Also the attention Henry gave me enhanced the tour.

Henry let us off at the hotel. Peg had told Henry that she was going to take me to dinner and a night on the town. He asked Peg what time did she want him to pick us up. Peg said that 8 would be fine this would give us about 3 hours to relax and time to get dressed. After we got to our room, we both flopped on the bed exhausted. I was looking at the ceiling and started crying. I climbed into Pegís bed, laid across Peg; I hugged her, and gave her a big kiss.

For a moment Peg was bewildered. With the look on her face, she must have thought that I was gay. She noticed the tears rolling down my cheeks. She hugged me back and asked me why I was crying. I told Peg that this was one of the happiest and most exciting days of my life. Being with Henryís and having his attention, was frosting on the cake. The emotion that accompanied my words struck an emotional chord in Peg. Tears started to trickle from Peg's eyes. I was flooding the bed with tears. I said if I keep this up, the maid would think we peed in the bed. Peg burst into laughter. We laid quietly with our eyes closed and soon we were asleep.

I woke up first. It was getting late. We had been asleep for almost two hours. I climbed out of bed and jumped into the shower.

Peg woke up and heard the shower running and asked, "May I take a shower with you."

"Why not, you can scrub my back. When I was young my Mother would scrub my back. That was the most enjoyable part of my bath."

Peg asked, "Do you want me to wash your back?"

"I would love it; I havenít had my back washed in about 17-18 years."

Peg climbed into shower. She had a perfect body. I wished my body was as perfect as hers. I turned my back to Peg. Peg picked up the bar of soap and starting rubbing my shoulders. Peg massaged my neck. I felt like I was in heaven. The warm water and Pegs soft hands felt wonderful. Peg massaged my back as she washed it. She started at the back of my neck and slowly progressed to my butt. Peg softly squeezed the cheeks of my butt then said, "How was that?"

"That was wonderful. Why did you stop?"

"If I kept it up I would have seduced you."

I smiled; I had also felt a little stimulated. I told Peg that the massage felt wonderful. We finished our shower and Peg said, "Sally, you have a perfect body. Pat must have gone out of his mind."

"Peg, you are too kind. My legs are too long and my butt sticks out too far. I think one breast is larger than the other. You are the one that has a perfect body."

Peg replied, "Thanks. You must have driven those old men crazy. They must have climaxed before they penetrated you."

Surprised, I said, "I never had sex with any of them. I am still a virgin. I mean I have never had sexual intercourse with a man."

Peg questioned, "What, you are still a virgin?"

I did not say anything for a few moments, I looked up at Peg with a determined look on my face, "I have always dreamed of the night of my wedding. I have dreamed of that moment as far back as I can remember. Many times I almost let myself go. So far I am still a Virgin. The thought of giving myself to my knight in shining armor overwhelms me. I want him to devour me wholly. I have had orgasm thinking of this beautiful moment in my life."

Peg hugged me, "That is beautiful. I will never have that moment. I envy you so much. There have been many times that I have wished that I had never lost my virginity. I started when I was 12 years old."

With surprise, "Now, you are kidding me."

"No, Iím not Sally," replied Peg. "I seduced every boy in my class before I left High School. I told them if they told anyone I would say that they raped me."

With doubt, I replied "You are not serious, you canít be."

Peg came back with, "Yes I am, and I kept the underwear of every one of themÖÖ After I washed them, I wrote their names on the shorts. I still have them in a box at home."

I was wondering how many did she have at one time or did she have one at a time. I asked, "Did they ever tell anyone?"

"I think a few talked about it among themselves." said Peg.

Still drying ourselves off we sat on the bed and continued to talk about our sexuality.

"My Mother never discussed sex with me. She would yell at me, donít let any filthy boys touch your body. My Father thought that I was a slut because I wanted to go out on dates. Peg you are the first woman that I have ever discussed my sexuality with. We have only been with each other for less than a day. I feel like I have known you all of my life. I hope I donít do anything to break up our friendship. I love you."

Peg with tears in her eyes looked over at me. She sat up in bed. Put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on my forehead. "Sally, with all the friends I have had, I have never felt this way about anyone. You are the only person in my life that I have felt that I can open up to. I feel that I can open my soul to you. I cannot explain the feeling. I donít feel embarrassed about telling you about the deepest secrets of my life, the secrets that I would never tell anyone else in this world. Being with you today has been the most delightful day of my life. I have never felt this way with anyone else. I donít pray much. I do pray that our relationship will never fall apart. Your enthusiasm about everything has given me a new outlook on my life. I will do everything I can to keep our friendship alive. It gives me a wonderful feeling to be able to talk to you and express our feeling openly. I love you too."

Peg rolled over and gave me another kiss. We hugged each other. Our emotions flowed between us. We cried profusely.

While we were getting dressed we continued to discuss our sexuality. I have always felt that I was an outcast, an ugly duckling. Peg made me feel wonderful about myself. As I was putting on my makeup, I tried to see myself as Peg sees me. I saw some of the same characteristics in my face that I had seen in Peg's face. It made me feel a little better about myself, but I still thought that I looked like shit. Peg told me again that Pat must have gone out of his mind when he saw my beautiful body lying nude on the bed. I felt that she was just trying to get me to look at myself in a more positive way. Peg interrupted my thoughts and said, "I bet he was on the verge of having a climax just looking at you."

I laughed and said. "I was the one that was going to have an orgasm. When he rubbed his hands all over me and stick his pogo stick between my legs, I wanted to forget about the hook and rape him."

We both went into hysterics. Henry must have heard us 20 floors below.

A little embarrassed about telling my inner secrets, I said, "When I was about 9 or 10, Mom would go to Metro, she would let me spent the night with this girl. She was a couple of years older than I was. One night I woke up and she was playing with me. When she realized that I was awake, she told me to play with her. I was frightened to death. She was a real bitch at her young age. I was afraid not to and I fondled her. When we had finished, she made me promise that I would not tell anyone or she would throw me in devils pond. I was so scared of her that I did anything she wanted me to do."

Peg asked, "What is devils pond?"

"Itís not a really a pond with water in it. Itís a pond of quicksand. If you fall into it, you will sink and you canít get out. Cows have tried to walk across it when the crust was firm and the crust would brake and they could not get them out."

Peg said, "I have heard about quicksand, but I have never seen any."

I turned around and said to Peg, "Do you have weird dreams? I have a particular dream quite often and at times I fall into a pond of quicksand. I grab a limb of a tree and pulled myself out, it is so real, when I wake up, and I look to see if I am muddy. I still have this dream."

Peg said, "I dream a lot. Most of the time, I donít remember what I have dreamed. I only remember bit and pieces of the dream. Didnít you go out with boys when you were in school? Didnít they want to have sex with you?"

I didnít want to tell Peg about Billy. I said, "Mom and Dad wouldnít let me go out on dates until I was in high school. I would sneak out on nights when my parents were not at home. I think I started to sneak out when I was in the ninth grade. Not too far from where I lived was an old country store. On Saturday nights they would put a jukebox on the porch. The dusty parking lot was the dance floor. They sold hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, and sandwiches. They had a floodlight that lit the parking lot. There was a big hay field surrounding the store. An old oil-changing ramp was next to the building. They did not sell liquor, it was a dry county. But everyone had a bottle. I always wondered where they got the whiskey. Later I found out the Sheriff sold the liquor. As the night progressed everyone got drunk. The boys and girls would be grinding their crotches together. Two by two they would walk out into the hay field. Some smart-asses would drive their car up the oil ramp. They usually had a spotlight on the car and they would shine it at the dark spots in the field. You would see the shining bare asses running across the field. Everyone would laugh and yell remarks as they ran away. This always seemed to happen just before they shut down the grocery. This is the only time I had a chance to mess around with boys."

Peg snickered, "Did you spend any time in the hay field?"

"No, not really, I went out in the field with a couple guys until it got around that I would only jerk them off. I was surprised how many of the girls went all the way. Some of the girls seemed to enjoy giving them oral sex. They also liked having the guys do the same for them. I must be sick Peg. I am getting horny thinking about it."

Peg laughed, "You are not the only one. Isnít it funny how the brain works? Just thinking about sex turns us on. I wonder if God knew this when he made us. There was a boy in my class that thought that he was a stud. He thought all the girls in the class were crazy about him. Most of the girls pretended to hate his guts. I donít remember who came up with the idea, I was the bait. There were almost 20 girls stuffed into my bedroom. I invited him over to my house. When he came in, I really laid it on him. I had his pecker standing straight up. I helped him remove most of his clothes and then I told him I had to put something on. I told him that he better be ready when I got back and I wanted to get down to it the moment I returned. I told him I couldnít wait any longer. I left the room and left the door open a crack to made sure he was completely undressed. We hoped that he would still have a hard on and it didnít get soft. As soon as he removed all his clothes we burst into the room and started taking pictures. Some of the girls held him down while the other girls took pictures. They pretended to be jerking him off. I believe a bunch of them wanted him. Some of the girls pulled off their panties. They stood over him and mooned the cameras. Some pretended they were giving him oral sex. Personally I think the girls enjoyed it as much as he did. His pecker never went down. He talked the girls out of some of their pictures. He told the guys in school he went to an orgy with a bunch of girls in his class and he was the only guy. He was the big stud at the school. Half of the guys believed him, the other half were not sure."

The conversation shifted to why we were in Washington. I said, "Pat was my first and only hook. I had mixed feelings about doing it. I felt terrible after I left the BB Lodge. My conscience was bothering me all night. It took me a long time to go to sleep."

Without any hesitation Peg explained why I should not let it bother me and said, "Since Frank has taken over Hacker Inc., he has made it clear that he would never hook anyone that does not deserve to be hooked. There are enough bastards that are waiting to be hooked. When I first started, I felt the same as you. I went home and cried all night. I told Frank I was not going to pull any more hooks. He asked me why. I had the same feelings you have. This is why I think we will get along. Frank sent me a fax. He told me to burn it after I read it. In the fax, it gave the background of the man that I hooked. Sally, you canít believe what a bastard he was. I think he would pull your eyes out and sell them to a blind person. He was the rottenest fucking bastard that I had ever been close to. I can assure you that Pat is no angle. He is married, has four kids, and has tried to bribe or blackmail anyone that has come close to him. He gave me this bullshit about wanting to marry me. Between Pat and me, we told more lies in the few hours that we were together than most people tell in ten life times. He kept saying that he wanted to apologize, that was a bunch of shit. All he wanted to do was find out who was hooking him. He wanted to destroy them. Sally, donít worry about the people we hook. As I said, after Frank took over the company he only hooks bastards like Pat. Hacker on the other hand doesnít give a shit about anyone. He would just as soon cut my throat as look at me. He is one dirty bastard. No one has been able to crack the inner circle of Hackerís group. Frank is the legal front of Hackerís empire. It is like an invisible elephant standing behind an ant. This invisible elephant controls the economy of this country and a good part of the world. Frank is the ant. Hacker Inc. is just a fraction of Hackerís empire. From what my Father has told me, Hacker Inc. is just the front for Hackerís other business. I will tell you a little secret, donít tell anyone. Frank is trying to take control of Hacker Inc. About a year ago, Frank bought the controlling shares of Hacker Inc. Hacker still has a lot of stock in the company. Everyone that knows about it is wondering how he got the money to take over. The Feds have been looking into his finances also. The last I heard, Frankís books were in order and all the capital he had made was reinvested. My Father told me that Frank pulled a fast one on Hacker. When he went to work for Hacker, the contract with Hacker stated that Frank would get a percentage of the gross income of all of Hacker Inc. enterprises and the associated businesses. Frank has put every cent he has made into buying Hacker Inc. stock. For the last five years he has bought and sold the stock. He has about 55% of the shares. Hacker only has about 35%. The contract he has with Hacker will not run out for another 4 to 5 years. Frank lives on a fraction of his salary and reinvests it as well as his bonuses. The Feds have been trying to get him on insider trading. From what my Father said, Frank has not crossed the line. Everything is legal. Hacker could buy out the remaining stock in Hacker Inc. with his pocket money. Hacker isnít stupid. Frank has been running all of Hackerís other business ventures and has almost doubled the value if not tripled Hackerís wealth over the last 5 or 6 years. Sally, we better get our asses moving. Henry will be here soon."


Who is the Henry? Frank had met Henry when he worked in Washington. Henry was an excellent standup comic who never got the right breaks. Driving a cab is only part of his occupation. Frank has Henry on his payroll. Henry cab is wired and he selects his passengers. Henry feeds Frank the heartbeat of DC. Henry loves working for Frank. Frank pays Henry much more than he would make driving a cab.

Frank had told Henry to keep an eye on his girls. He had informed Henry of their itinerary. Frank wanted Sally to take pictures of Pat and his associates. Last week Henry had tried to film Pat. Pat seemed to sense he was being followed, and they called it off. Pat was always looking over his shoulders. Henry felt that someone else may have been following Pat, or they were following Henry. Henry cooled it for fear he was being watched also. Things were getting tricky.

The Girls Night Out:

Peg helped me with my makeup and gave me a beautiful cocktail dress. We both looked ravishing. The way I looked made me feel like the Queen of the Ball. I could not stop looking at myself in the mirror. I thought that I was as beautiful as Peg.

Henry was on time. He called from the lobby and we rushed out of the room. I had to take one last look at myself in the mirror. Peg said, "Come on, Henry is waiting. You look beautiful."

As we walked through the hotel, anything that reflected my image, I had to take a peek at myself. When Henry saw me, I thought he was going to flip. The look on his face fired up my emotions. He was flustered and so was I. Peg said to Henry with a little sarcasm in her voice, "Why donít you let me drive and you get in the back seat."

Poor Henry face turned so red that it looked like a stop light. I whispered to Peg, "Please donít pick on Henry. I enjoy it when he takes a peek at me."

Peg said, "He knows that I am kidding."

Henry took us to a very nice restaurant. Henry got out of the cab and opened the door for us. I thanked him and followed Peg. I looked around expecting to see Henry following us. He was getting back into the cab. I stopped and said, "Arenít you going with us?"

With a beautiful smile on his face he said to me, "No I have had dinner already."

I was very disappointed. I wanted some time with Henry even thought we would be with Peg. With a sad look on my face, I turned and followed Peg into the restaurant. Everything was so elegant. I was overwhelmed with everything I saw. It was nothing like this in Dustville or none of the restaurants looked this elegant.

  Pegís began to feel a little upset when she saw the excitement and happiness in Sallyís eyes. Peg felt jilted; she had never felt the excitement that Sally was experiencing. It bothered Sally to see Peg upset.

Something was going on inside Peg. I could see it on her face. I thought that I had done something foolish and Peg was mad at me.

The attention Henry and the waiter gave me made me feel wonderful. We both ordered Lobster. I have never eaten a lobster nor could I have afforded one.

I did not know what was bothering Peg. What in hell did I do to make her look so angry? Was it when I asked if Henry was going to join us or the fuss he made over how nice I look. In a way it upset me, but I was not going to let it interrupt my first night in DC.

When the waiter started to put the bib on me, I thought he was getting fresh. I pulled away and gave him a dirty look. I wasnít going to let some jackass mess around with me in a restaurant. Peg told me that he only wanted to put the bib on me. I nodded approval. I felt like a fool. My ignorance was showing. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to hide my face in a napkin and walk out. I looked around the restaurant. Some of the customers were wearing bibs and others were not. I craned my neck to see what everyone that was wearing a bib was eating. Peg was watching me and asked, "Sally, What are you looking at?"

I leaned over and whispered to Peg, "Now I know why he put the bib on me. Everyone that is eating lobster is wearing a bib. In the places that I have worked, we never had to put bibs on customer that ordered lobsters. Why do they have to wear a bib when they eat lobster?"

Peg giggled, "When you crack the claws sometimes juice squirts out and it gets all over you."

In the restaurants where I had worked, I had served lobster and I never put a bib on anyone. Of course, the greasy spoons that I had works at, you would never notice any difference if the customers clothes got dirty from squirts of lobster juice or not. I ask Peg why they didnít take the lobster out of the shell for us. Peg said, "You can order lobster with or without the shell. We ordered it with the shell."

I had already made a fool of myself and I did not want to act so stupid. I hated it when I acted so stupid. I did not know how I should act or what I should do in a fancy restaurant. During the meal I followed every move that Peg made. We both loved the lobster.

One of the waiters saw what I was doing and snickered.

Now, what did I do wrong? Peg also had noticed the waiter watching me. Every now and then the waiter would look at me and snicker. I wanted to pour a glass of water on the bastard. Peg excused herself and said, "Honey I have to go to the ladies room. I will be back in a few minutes."

 Peg got up and headed to the ladies room, when she passed the waiter that snickered at Sally; she smiled and grabbed him by the balls and slightly squeezed them. Then she grabbed him by the belt and whispered to him, "Honey, we are going to have some fun, follow me."

Peg headed for the ladies room. The waiter stopped at the door. Peg turned around, grabbed his belt, and pulled him into the ladies room. After the door shut Peg slapped him across the face and kicked him in the groin. He landed on a john inside a stall. She told him not to show his face again while they were still in the restaurant. A woman in the next stall climbed onto the john and looked over the partition. Peg looked up at the woman and said, "Sweetheart, if you want to fuck this guy come on over. Otherwise sit your ass down and finish taking your crap."

The woman sheepishly lowered herself back down on the john. Peg washed her hands and hurried back to the table. Sally hadnít eaten a bite since Peg had left. They finished their dinner and went outside. The joker, Henry was waiting and said, "I heard some guy got raped in the ladies room."

I asked, "Peg, did she see anything when you went to the ladies room."

Peg said, "Yep. It was me, I jerked him off."

Henry almost flipped; he was holding his cramping stomach. Poor Sally didnít know what was going on. She got into the car with a stunned look on her face and with her mouth wide open. Peg looked at Sally and said, "Honey, why do you have your mouth open."

I could not believe what Peg had said, I whispered, "You were kidding. You didnít jerk someone off, did you?"

"No honey, I was just kidding Henry."

  Henry took the girls to a number of very lively nightclubs. Henry would follow them in and take a seat away from the girls. The men were literally climbing all over the girls. Sally and Peg knew they were in town on a job and could not get too involved. As the evening passed, Sally drank a little too much and was started to feel a little loose and was hanging onto the men. Sally had not consumed this much alcohol in the last year and it showed. Henry was sitting at the bar watching the girls. Jealousy started to raise its ugly head. He had fallen in love with Sally and he envied the attention Sally was giving the men. Peg sensed that Henry was a little on edge and he might explode any minute. She motioned to Henry to come get Sally. Sally had her arm around one of the guyís neck. Henry went over to Sally, put his arm around her, and whispered to her that it was time to go and they had a busy day tomorrow. One of the guys grabbed Henry and started to push Henry away. Peg pushed her way between Henry and the guy and kicked the guy in the balls. This surprised the other men and they backed away. Henry helped Sally to the door. Sally waved goodbye to everyone, as they walked out of the nightclub. She wasnít aware of what was going on. She had almost passed out. Henry took them back to the hotel. Henry and Peg had to support Sally to the room. They dumped her on the bed and left her there. Peg covered her with a blanket. Peg gave Henry a big tip, thanked him, and said; "We will see you tomorrow lover."

After the night on the town, I woke up with a hangover. I had no memory of what had gone on the night before. My head felt like it was in a vice. The pain would not go away. I was sick to my stomach and wanted to through up and I did. Peg made me a morning after cocktail. She told me that the cocktail was guaranteed to end my headache and to cure my hangover. God only knows what she put in it. After about five minutes I made a dash to the bathroom. Everything came up. I thought that it would never end. I wanted to take my face out of the john, but I thought I would through up all over the room. After the nausea settled down, I crawled into the shower. I let the water spray on my head and the back of my neck for about 15 minutes. The pain and nausea slowly subsided. When I got out of the bathroom I thanked Peg. I was surprise that the headache was almost gone.

Room service had brought a fabulous breakfast. Peg was stuffing her face. I could not look at the food and it made me feel nauseated. I did have a glass of milk. It seemed to help to sooth my stomach.

After Peg finished eating, she got down to the reason why we were in Washington. Frank wanted to know who Pat associated with. Henry knew Patís habits and would position me where I could get the best pictures of Pat and anyone else that was with him. Henry would park in various spots along the path where I would be close enough to Pat that he would not notice me filming him from inside the cab or on the street. Peg would be wearing a red wig and sunglasses and operate a listening device. As Peg continued, the intrigue started to soak in. I was going to spy on Pat. I was a little apprehensive. Fear started to creep into my thoughts. There was a knock on the door and I jumped. It scared the hell out of me. Peg laughed, "Itís probably Henry."

Peg went to the door, it was Henry. She pretended to give Henry hell for knocking to loud.

Peg snapped, "Donít you know we have a sick lady in here. She has a hangover."

Henry apologized and came over to me and kissed me gently on my forehead and said, "Please forgive me. I should have known better."

Peg invited Henry for breakfast. She said that I wasnít having anything to eat and for Henry to help himself.

After breakfast Henry opened a map and spread it across the table. We looked over his shoulders. He showed us the spots where we could film Pat. Henry told us that he had watched Pat for about two weeks. He didnít think Pat had seen him. He would position his cab about 200 feet from where Pat would usually be. Henry told us that Pat almost never drove to work. In the morning, Pat rode two buses almost door to door. In the evening, he would also take 2 buses. He would walk almost a ľ mile to a bus stop. The first bus that Pat took would take him to a small shopping center. He would get off the bus do a little shopping and walk to another bus stop. He would ride the second bus to about 4 blocks from his home. Even though Pat could have taken the same route in the evening as he had taken in the morning, he always took the long route home. Henry thought that this was unusual. Henry had not found any reason for Pat taking the two different routes. The shops that Pat visited varied. He would take the same path through the shopping center. Some days he would stop in one of the shops. Other days he would only look into the windows.

At lunch his activities were random. It wasnít any typical repetition of his activities except for the bus ride. Henry pointed to a spot on the map where Pat worked. It was the only place where they could catch Pat when he left his office and when he returned. Henry felt that I could follow him during his lunch hour. Peg and Henry would follow me in the cab.

We had about 2 hours before Pat would be going to lunch. Henry asked us if we wanted to take a ride. He thought that we would have enough time for him to show us the places were Pat was seen last week. He felt that I should become familiar to the area. We all agreed.

Henry drove for a few minutes. He came to an area of small shops. Peg gave me a picture of Pat. She told me that he was a little fatter than what the picture showed. He looked as if he was putting on a little weight.

Henry stopped across the street from a small shopping center. Henry said, "Pat usually has his lunch at the small restaurant on the corner and is usually in there for about half an hour. When he leaves the restaurant he strolls along the street and window shops. Do you see that little boutique shop on the corner?"

Both of us nodded and Peg asked, "What about it?"

"I believe he goes into the shop to see someone. I don't know who he goes in there to see and I donít know why he doesnít want to be disturbed while he is in there. But, I have a good idea. I have seen him go in, then he puts an "Out to Lunch" sign on the door. I think it would be a good idea for one of you to go into the shop and see who is in there."

Peg responded, "I agree, knowing Pat, he has a lover in there."

I said. "Let me go in. If he hasnít got a girl friend in there, he could be shopping for his wife or another girl friend."

Peg quipped, "Knowing Pat heís not in there shopping for anyone but himself. Go ahead; I think we may have something. I bet he has a girl friend that works in that shop."

Henry laughed; I opened the door and headed for the shop. As I approached the shop, I noticed a very lovely young lady entering the display window. I walked up to the window, smiled at the young lady, and waved. I went into the store and started looking around. The young girl stuck her head through the curtain on the display window and said, "I will be with you in a moment."

I replied, "Donít stop what youíre doing. I am just window-shopping. With these prices, I donít think I can afford anything that you have in the shop."

The young girl responded, "I canít afford them either. It would take my whole weeks salary just to buy one item."

The young lady and I both laughed. She stuck her head from behind the curtain. I shook my head and questioned her, "I do not know how you can work in this shop. I would be broke all the time."

"I am always broke. The only way I can ever pay off all my bills is to stop working here and go on unemployment."

Again, we both laugh. She climbed outs of the window and said, "I am Cindy, what is your name."

I hesitated for a moment. I did not want to tell her my name, but said, "Iím Helen, and this is my first trip to DC. I could not afford to live here. You certainly do have a lot of good-looking men in this town. I would love to live here."

Cindy smiled, "You are so right. If my boy friend didnít give me a few bucks now and then, I couldnít afford to live here."

Sally shook her head, "He must have a good job. Does he work for the government?"

Cindy shook her head. "No, my boy friend doesnít work for the Government. He is a salesman and he is on the road all the time. I hardly see him."

"Donít you have another boy friend, I would have a standby. I have to have a little affection at least twice a week or I get horny." I snickered.

Cindy grumbled, "Between you and me, I think I am going to drop him. I have tried to get him to marry me for about 6 months. He always has something going on."

I had been in the shop for about thirty minutes. Cindy was only a kid. She told me about her problem of living in Washington. I felt that I knew who Cindyís boyfriend was. I told Cindy that I enjoyed the talk, wished her good hunting, and I left the store.

Peg and Henry were getting impatient to find out what I was doing in the shop. When I got in the cab I told them word for word what had happened. At the same time both Peg and Henry said, "Itís got to be Pat."

Henry took us to the location where Pat would be leaving his office when he went to lunch. I stood at the spot where Henry had suggested. At 12:05 PM Pat came out of the office building. He was alone. I followed him. He went directly to the boutique shop. I stopped a few stores before the shop. Henry drove up and motioned for me to get into the car. Henry drove around the corner and stopped next to the alley behind the store. Henry said, "If he leaves through the back we will be able to see him."

Peg told me to go to the little coffee shop across the street and watch the front door. When I crossed the street, I saw a man placing a sign on the doorknob of the boutique. I walked over to the shop to read the sign. It was the "Out to lunch" sign. I walked back to the cab and told them about the sign. I went back to the boutique shop and started to open on the door. I changed my mind and went to the coffee shop.

Henry had the same idea; he told Peg he was going to go to the back door of the boutique, bang on the door and yell, "Police, open up. Come out with your hands up."

Peg was rolling with laughter in the back seat. Peg added to the thought and said, "We can call 911 and tell them that there is a fire in the boutique and we want them to come and hose it down."

Between laughs she continues, "We would catch him twice with his hose hanging out."

Twenty minutes had passed and Pat was leaving. I hurried to the car and said, "We have to hurry, he just left the shop."

Henry and Peg were still laughing. They ignored me. They both were laughing and talking at the same time. I said, "What the fuck is so funny?"

They started laughing again. I said, "Fuck you two, I am going to follow him."

I walked away. Peg jumped out of the cab and grabbed my arm. She told me that he was headed back to his office after a quickie. Just go into the store and see what you can find out.

I felt left out, what were they laughing about? I went into the shop and opened the door. No one was in the front of the store. I looked through the curtain leading to the rear of the store. Cindy was in the bathroom washing her crotch with a towel. She looked up and saw me. The poor girl was scared out of her wits. She picked up her panties from the floor slammed the door shut.

Cindy called out to me, "I will be out in a minute."

As I headed to the front of the shop, I called to Cindy again, "Cindy, I was just passing by and wanted to say goodbye again. Can I help you?"

Cindy didnít answer. I waited, a few minutes passed; Cindy came to the front of the store. She had a sheepish look on her face. I said, "Honey, I think I know what happened? You look upset. Iím sorry that I barged in on you."

Cindy was looking down at the floor. She looks up at me and said, "You just missed my boy friend. You were right; I should have someone around all the time. That son of a bitch came in and told me he would be out of town for about a month. He talked me into having sex with him. He got me all heated up, he climaxed before I did. He got up without saying a damn thing. He left me lying on the floor with my panties off. If you had come in 2 seconds sooner, you would have seen us lying on the floor."

I put my arms around Cindy and patted her on the back. "What is the name of the bastard? If I run across him, I will beat the shit out of him. Where is he going? We may be on the same plane."

"His name is Pat. I am starting to think he is lying about his name. He said he was going to Memphis," Cindy whimpered.

"Cindy, get another boyfriend. I would dump the bastard."

I gave her a hug, wished her the best and headed for the door. As I was walking to the front door, I saw a $50 bill on the display case next to the door. I picked it up and turned around and gave it to her and said, "Cindy, the next time that ass hole comes in, make him give you $500. I got $400 for jerking off a guy."

I headed back to the car. I was pissed off. I was mad at Peg and Henry for laughing at me. Also, I was pissed at Pat for what he had done to Cindy. I thought Cindy had to be in her teens. I turned around in my tracks and headed back to the shop.

Peg and Henry were wondering what I was doing. Peg started to get out of the cab. Henry told Peg to wait, and give me a chance.

When I came into the shop, I did not see Cindy. I walked to the rear of the store. I heard Cindy crying. I opened the toilet door. Cindy was crying so hard that her tears were running down her face. She looked a mess. Her makeup was smeared all over her face. I found a towel and some soap and cleaned Cindy face. I held Cindy at armís length and looked her in the eyes and said, "How old are you."

Cindy answered, "Seventeen, Pat made me feel like Iím a whore by leaving the money on the counter. I hope I never see him again."

I snapped, "You do not have to see him again. I saw the man that left here. He is old enough to be your Father. I have to go. Promise me, that you will break it off with Pat. Find a boy your own age to date. Do your parents know what you are doing?"

"My parents left me two years ago. I didnít want to end up in a foster home. I ran away," Cindy cried.

I was on the warpath, "Listen to me; get your ass out of here. Go to the welfare department. Let them put you in a foster home for a couple of years. Go back to school and get an education. It will be better than what you are doing here."

We hugged each other and I went back to the cab. Peg said, "What the hell went on in there?"

Still pissed, I grumbled something. Henry looked at Peg and shook his head. I spouted out, "While you two assholes were making fun of me, I was getting the goods on Pat."

"What happened?" Peg insisted.

"Pat has been having an affair with a seventeen year old girl. He has been leading her on for 6 months. The poor thing doesnít have a dime and her parents dumped her. I told her to go to the welfare department and get into a foster home. Pat told Cindy that he was going to Memphis for about a month."

Peg said, "I donít believe it. He told me that he would be working on Project X."

Henry told Peg and me that Pat would be going back to work and he would get out at 4:30. We returned to the hotel and Henry asked if he could pick us at 4. Peg said, "Sure honey that will be fine. Would you like to have lunch with us?"

"I would love to. But, I have a few errands to take care of."

I was still a little upset. I was wondering why they were laughing at me. After Henry left I asked Peg, "What was so funny. Did I look that bad?"

"No Honey, we were not laughing at you. Henry was going to scare the hell out of Pat. He was going to knock on the back door and say he was the Police. You would have seen Pat running out the front door with his pants down."

"He would have run me over. I went back. I was going to walk in on them, but I change my mind at the last moment. Henry should have. That bastard should have his pecker cut off for messing around with that young girl. Did you see how old and sloppy he was?"

"Yep, I spent the whole day with that slob. Then I turned him over to you."

"I didnít get to see him. I wasnít going to let him see my face. Peg, are you the one that yelled to me that he is on his way."

"Yep, that was me."

"I was wondering who that was. The other two women didnít sound anything like you. You had a very pleasant voice."

Peg laughed and said, "I wanted to stay and watch you and Pat. It was quite funny watching him walking around with just an undershirt on and his dick sticking out. The damn thing didnít go down for about 10 minutes."

I snickered, "They call that a rock hard. Sometimes they get so stimulated that it will not relax until they have a climaxed. Some of the old men would get a boner on and it wouldnít go down even after they had a climax. They would try to tuck it back into their pants and they couldnít."

Peg laughed, "Isnít it wonderful to be a woman. We are ready to go anytime and as many times as we want. I got to stop this, I have to call Frank."

 Peg went to a pay phone in the lobby and called Frank. She filled him in on the events of the morning. Frank wanted in call Pat to find out if he was headed for Memphis. He also wanted us to get more information on Cindy. He asked Peg to call him back around four. Frank told Peg that he loved her. Peg said, "I love you too honey." Then she hung up.

  I had returned to the room. Peg called me and told me to come back down stairs. When I arrived Peg asked me to call Cindy and get her full name and any information I could about Pat.

While I was in the shop I picked up a business card with the shopís phone number on it. I picked up a phone and dialed the number. Cindy still sounded upset when she answered the phone. I talked to Cindy for almost an hour between customers. Cindy opened up to me about her affair with Pat. Peg had listened to our conversation. She had a good drift of what Cindy had told me. After I hung up, Peg and I went to the room. We took off our shoes and called room service. I was starved. Peg was close to it. Peg told the chief, "We are starved, surprise us and hurry. We are starving."

 Peg knew I was upset. While we were waiting for our lunch, Peg said to me, "Donít get emotionally involved with everyone you come in contact with in a hook. If I had gotten emotionally involved with the people that I had met during hooks, they would fill this room. What we are doing is just another job."

I wanted to adopt Cindy. We discussed everything that Cindy and I had talked about. Cindy didnít tell us anything new about Pat. I insisted that something should be done to help Cindy. Peg said she would tell Frank when she talked to him, and see if there was anything he could do. Peg knew that I was very emotional over my experience this morning. She told me that they could not take care of every poor soul they ran across. But, they would try to get Cindy out of Patís control.

I had not said anything to Peg for a while. Suddenly I said, "Peg, after the hook I wanted to tell Pat what we had done. Now I want to cut his balls off."

Peg said, " Honey, I know what you mean."

There was a knock on the door. Peg opened the door. Room service brought in a feast. Both of us stuff our faces. We were just about finished and the phone rang. Peg picked it up. It was Frank. He told Peg to call him on the pay phone. Before she could get out the door, the phone rang again. I answered the phone. Henry said, "Itís time girls."

I said, "OK, we will be down in a minute."

I grabbed my purse, the food tray and followed Peg down stairs. Peg called Frank. Frank told Peg that Pat was not going anywhere. He is giving that gal a line of shit and to continue as we had planned. Peg told Frank how I felt about Cindy. Frank said, "Cindy could be their second hook in Pat. One of you should talk to her and get more information on the affair she is having with Pat."

Peg snapped back, "Let it be Sally."

"No," Frank said, "You know how to handle it. Give her a couple of thousand and tell her that you are Patís wife. You know what Pat has been up to. Tell her she isnít the only girl that he is seeing. Convince her that he is about to dump her for another girl. And, he doesnít know that a private eye is watching him and you donít want her to be dragged into court, alright."

"OK, when we are finished with Pat, I will stop by the shop," Peg hung up.

"Alright you guys, letís get the show on the road!" Peg snapped.

I was still eating and Henry was helping me empty the food tray. On the way back to where Pat worked we set up all the recording equipment. Henry parked the cab and I positioned myself at the spot where I could watch Pat. Henry had given me a two way radio. The microphone was positioned under the collar of my jacket and the ear phone was behind my right ear. I could hear Peg and Henry talking in the car.

Peg and Henry were watching from the car. Henry had a video camera and Peg was operating the hearing device. They could record and listen to Pat at the same time. Henry noticed a man waiting at the entrance to the office building. He had seen the same guy with Pat last week. He aimed his video camera and zoomed in on his face. Henry told Peg to lock in on the guy with the tan jacket. Henry said to me, "Sally do you see the man with the tan jacket at the foot of the steps leading up to the office front door."

I looked around and saw a heavyset man with tan jacket. I thought that was the man that Henry was talking about. I asked, "Are you talking about the one with the mustache?"

Peg snapped back, "Yep, thatís the one. Go over and stand by him. Donít let him see your face. Try to get as close to him as you can so you can listen to him. Henry had seen him with Pat last week."

I told Peg OK. I could hear Peg and Henry so clearly that I was afraid anyone close to me could hear them also.

Pat was on time; he went directly to the guy wearing the tan jacket. On my way over to them, I snapped a few pictures. I could hear Peg complaining that she couldnít make out what they were saying. She only picked up a word or two of their conversation. They felt that I had taken enough pictures. They told me to put the camera in its case and to get as close to Pat and his friend as I could. They could not hear what Pat was saying to his friend due to the traffic noise. It was interfering with the listening device. I walked up next to Pat. I was listening to the conversation of the two men. Pat was not talking; the other man was doing all the talking. Pat was nodding his head up and down, as if to agree with whatís the man was saying. I could not pick up every word they said. The man was relating information that someone else had given him. Pat was upset. When they came to the street, I stood next to the man that was talking. I could hear everything that he said. Someone had or was going to get some information for Pat. Whoever the individual was, he wanted Pat to pay him. Pat indicated that he did not have the amount of money that the individual wanted. He felt that it was too much money for the information. They continued to argue, but they did not say anything about the information that Pat wanted.

Pat was very irritated. Pat turned around in his tracks and started too walked away from the man. When Pat spun around he came face-to-face with me. Trying to get out of each otherís way, we looked like we were dancing. Pat tried to walk around me in the crowd. I said, "Iím sorry, maybe you can have the next dance."

Pat looked at me and said, "Peg."

I smiled at Pat and asked, "What did you say."

Pat asked, "What is your name?"

I asked, "Are you talking to me?"

"Yea,no,Ö.I thought you were someone I knew."

Pat was so irritated that he lightly pushed me out of his way. The man that Pat was talking to apologized to me for Patís behavior. The man followed Pat for a short distance then he turned around and headed back in my direction. I watched them for a moment then I headed for the cab.

Peg started asking me for details before I could get into the cab. I said, "Pat wanted this guy or someone else to get some information for him. They wanted a lot of money for the information. Pat did not have the amount of money they wanted. All they were doing was arguing over the price. Pat was extremely aggravated with the other man. That is all that I could make out of what they were talking about. But, when Pat turned around and headed back up the street. We were face to face and he called me Peg. I asked him if he was he talking to me. He paused for a minute and said, no."

While Peg and I were talking, Henry was following the man in the tan jacket. The man came to a car parked about two blocks away. There was someone else in the car. Henry parked his car on the opposite side of the street, just beyond the car. Peg aimed the listening device at the open window of the car. Henry reached over the seat and turned on the recorder. The men were saying how cheap Pat was. One of them said, "The best thing Pat could do was to keep his pecker in his pants."

They expressed the danger they would be in, if their supervisor found out what they were doing. The best Peg could figure out was they were going to work for Pat at someone elseís expense. The two of them were not going to put their jobs on the line for friendship. They were not going risk losing their job for nothing.

The car pulled away and Henry followed it. They were headed for Virginia. In about a half-hour the driver dropped his passenger off in a nice middle class neighborhood. I grabbed a pad and scratched down the address. Peg said, "Now we will know who that guy is."

Henry still had an eye on the car. He told them to hold on. Away we went. The tires burned up the street. I yelled, "Put your seat belt on. Henry is going to kill us."

Henry and Peg laughed. Henry said, "We will all go to heaven together."

Peg said, "We will all be in good company. I donít think I will go to Heaven. It will be hell all the way." We all laughed.

The car headed back into DC. When we got close enough to the car Henry gave us the license plate number. I jotted it down. The car stopped at an apartment house parking lot. Henry continued for another block. The driver of the car walked out to the street and looked at the cab. Peg jumped out of the cab and pretended to be paying Henry. She said to Henry, "Pull the cab around the corner; I think he saw us following him."

Peg was right, as soon as Henry drove away, the guy walked back into the parking lot. Peg walked into the complex. She could see the guy walking to another area of the complex. She stopped at a row of mailboxes and pretended to be getting her mail. He watched Peg for a few moments then he went into his apartment, Peg wrote down the apartment number.

Henry said, "This is only a few blocks from where Pat lives. I will drive you by his home and then take you back to your hotel."

Peg said, "Good idea. Letís see where the bastard lives."

As we drove by Patís home I said, "Pat must be crazy. He has a beautiful home, a wife, and four kids. What else could anyone ask for?"

Peg said, "Another young ass to tickle, what else."

Henry and I were hysterical. Henry said, "Peg, how in the hell do you come up with these little gems? Sally isnít she something else, she must drive Frank crazy."

I couldnít answer. I was still laughing. Henry took us back to the hotel. We took the recorder with us. We were going to listen to the tape and see if we could put the pieces of the conversation together.

We called room service, ordered our dinner, and turned on the recorder. Peg told me to write down what I thought they were talking about and she would do the same. Both of us wrote down what we thought was said. After we finished listening to the recording we switched pads. We did this a couple of times. I pieced all the fragment of the conversation together and filled in what I thought they had said.

I said, "Pat had asked these guys, as a favor, to look into a problem he had with a girl. They worked for a government agency and they had been trying to get some information that Pat wanted during their working hours. They felt that it was not worth risking their career for nothing. By helping Pat, they were jeopardizing their jobs. Pat expected them to do more than they had already done. Obviously, from the conversation, they had not done anything. After the conversation with Pat, they decided that they would not help Pat even if Pat was going to pay them. They had agreed earlier to help Pat. Today they felt if they were caught, they could kiss their lives good-bye. They both were not going to do anything else to jeopardize their jobs and their families."

Peg had come up with the same interpretation of the conversation. We felt that this would be the end of Patís friends helping him. We were not sure if it had anything to do with the hook. We felt that if they were looking into the hook. Now, Pat was on his own, they would not have these two guys looking over their shoulders. Since one of the men mentioned that Pat should keep his pecker in his pants, we thought that it had to be related to Patís philandering.

Frank had called Pat at work and told him that the girlís Father was pressing him for details on the attempted rape of his daughter. And, Pat wanted to know who the guy was. Frank told Pat that he assured the Father that it was an accident and that he hoped that they could forget about it. As far as Frank knew, the man that was involved went into the wrong room. The door was unlocked and the room was dark. He did not realize that he was in the wrong room until the lights were turned on by the guard. The girlís Father wanted Pat to pay for the trauma that his daughter has been through. Frank told Pat that he knew a way that may cool the girlís Father down. Pat almost jumped through the phone and asked, "What do I have to do."

Frank laid it on him. The girlís Father has a large investment in one of the Corporations that is bidding on Project "X." If Pat could feed him a few tidbits of information, he may forget about his problem. Pat came back, "No, no, I canít do that."

Frank didnít want to force his hand, and then he asked Pat would he be around for the next few weeks. Just in case the old man gave him any more trouble. Pat replied, "I am so busy with Project X that I wonít be able to take a shit."

  Peg went to the lobby and called Frank. She told Frank the problem they had with the listening device and traffic noise. She told Frank about the men and where they lived. Peg gave Frank their best interpretation of the conversation between Pat and one of the men and what she and I thought they had been doing. Frank again mentioned that he had called Pat at work and Pat wasnít going anywhere.

"That bastard was lying about going to Memphis. He probably wanted to get Cindy off his back for a while," cursed Peg. "I hope we can get him over a barrel and shove a broom stick up his ass."

"You are starting to sound like Sally," Frank laughed. "I will have to separate you two. I wonít be able to tell you apart. Did you go to see Cindy?"

"No, it was too late when we got back in DC. I will go see her tomorrow."

Frank said, "I think we have Pat in a corner. When you go to see Cindy tomorrow, ask her if he has a birthmark or tattoo on the cheek of his ass. It looks as if someone with lipstick kissed his ass," Frank snickered.

"I am not going to tell Cindy that Iím his wife. I going to tell her he dumped me for her. I am sure he must be having affairs with other women. I will try to get this kid out of his clutches. He could destroy her life if this thing gets out of hand. From what Sally said, I believe he is getting ready to dump her anyway. He may have a new girl that he is fucking around with. Cindy was pushing him to get married. How do you know about the tattoo on his ass?"

"Sam told me. Did you know about the tattoo?"

Peg laughed, "It was in Samís report and Sam had told me about it. When we were in the garden, I pulled his pants down. I asked him who he had been out with. I pretended to be mad at him. I wanted to know who he had been screwing at the Golf Tournament. He assured me it was a tattoo. He insisted that I try to rub it off."

From the drift of the events, they thought that things looked promising. Frank told Peg that they had done a good job. He wanted her to call him in the morning after she had talked with Cindy.

Again Frank said, "When you talk to Cindy, ask her about the tattoo. You will be a little more believable. Donít forget to call me tomorrow. Goodbye and good luck and I love you."

Peg squeezed in a quick, "I love you too."

  The following morning Peg and I were up early and went window-shopping, when Henry drove up Henry gave us a loud wolf whistle. We were crossing the street and I looked around to see who he could be whistling at. It had to be me or Peg. It put a glow on my face. I hadnít had anyone whistle at me in my whole life. I walked over to the driver side of the cab. A crowd was watching me. Henry was getting out of the cab. I gave Henry a bear hug and a big kiss. I looked up at the crowd and yelled, "This is the least I can give him for a beautiful compliment."

Peg yelled out, "Hey Kid, he wasnít whistling at you, he was whistling at me." Peg walked over to us and pushed me out of the way and planted a big kiss on Henry.

The men in the crowd all were wolf whistling. I waved at the crowd and yelled, "Thanks, you are a little late, I am all kissed out, maybe tomorrow."

The crowd came back with a, "Ahhhhhhh."

We were all laughing as we climbed into the cab. Peg told Henry our plans for the day. We headed for Cindyís little shop. Cindy was arranging the window when we drove up. Henry stopped far enough away so Cindy could not see me in the cab.

Peg got out of the cab and headed for the shop. Henry turned around, looked at me, and said, "This is the first time I have had a chance to be alone with you and I want to apologize for staring at you. I know it must have made you feel uncomfortable. I know you have caught me taking peeks at you through the rear view mirror. You are very beautiful in so many ways. I just canít keep my eyes off of you."

I started to blush. I wanted to grab Henry and kiss him. I was so excited that I couldnít think of anything to say to Henry. For a few moments we just stared at each other. I opened my mouth to say something and nothing came out. Then my face got redder. Forcing myself, I said, "Henry you donít need to apologize to me. I should apologize to you. I have been sneaking quick peeks at you. Every time you look at me through the rear view mirror, I am embarrassed because you caught me looking at you. I canít keep my eyes off of you. I canít stop taking peeks at you. I feel embarrassed when you catch me looking at you. You are a very handsome man."

While Sally and Henry were asking each other for forgiveness, and getting to know each other, Peg was approaching the store. Cindy was working in the display window. Peg stopped in front of the display window and smiled at Cindy. Cindy smiled back. Strange thoughts ran through Peg mind. Frank was right. Sallyís personality was rubbing off on her. Peg thought Cindy was only a kid trying to make a life for herself. A bastard was trying to knock her up before she got out of her teens. Peg thoughts went back to what her Father had done to her. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. Cindy noticed her tears. Peg could see the tender expression on Cindy face. More tears started to flow. Cindy turned and was climbing out of the window. Before Peg could turn around Cindy popped through the door, put her arms around Peg, and invited her to come into the store.

When they entered the store, Cindy ran and got a box of tissues. Cindy offered them to Peg and put her hand on Pegís shoulder. Cindy whispered, "What is bothering you. Is it something that I have done?"

With Cindy tenderness, Peg was crying uncontrollable. In her mind she was laughing at herself. The tears would not stop. She turned away from Cindy and tried to control her emotions. When the tears stopped flowing Peg turned around and gave Cindy a big hug and said, "Iím sorry I made a fool of myself. My name is Joan and I have come to see you about a problem we both have with Pat. We have the same boy friend."

Confused, and angrily Cindy said, "What? What are you mean? Who are you? What right do you have coming in here and making such a statement? I donít believe you. "

Cindy turned away from Peg and headed for the rear the store crying. Peg followed Cindy and said, "Please forgive me. I did not know any other was way to tell you the truth, and it just popped out. The man that came into your store yesterday during lunchtime had been seeing me until about three months ago. He gave me so many different excuses why he didnít want to get married, I could write a book about them."

When Cindy heard these words coming out of Peg mouth, Cindy stopped. This must have brought Cindy to reality. She turned and looked at Peg with a sense of trust, "You are not kidding me are you?"

"No, Iím not. He is already married and has four kids. He is not a salesman. He has a very good job here in Washington. His wife will not give him a divorce. What has he been telling you?"

Cindy looked down at the floor and said, "He told me that he was a salesman and that he wanted me to marry him. He kept making excuses why we could not get married now. I believed and trusted him. I had a conversation with a very nice lady that came in here yesterday. After I told her about my problems with Pat, she told me to dump him."

After Peg and Cindy chatted about their relationship with Pat, Peg told Cindy that if his wife found out they had been seeing Pat, they both would be torn to shreds in court. Peg told her she didnít want to spend thousands of dollars for an attorney and it would be very devastating for them both. The best thing for them was to fade out of the picture. Cindy told Peg about her financial problems and that she didnít have any money to go anywhere. She said that she didnít have enough for bus fare to get home. She had to walk to work.

Peg told Cindy that money was not a problem and she would help her. Peg told Cindy she should get her out of town as soon as possible. She has a feeling that Patís problem was going to explode soon. Peg said, "Another girl that Pat is going out with is going to confront Patís wife and then she is going to tell her story to the press. I donít want to be dragged into this mess and I donít think you want to either."

Peg could see the fear in Cindyís face. She was scared to death. She was shaking. Peg put her arms around her and said," I will help you move and get you back to your hometown. You are too young to be on your own. There are too many vultures out there. You are lucky a pimp hasnít hooked you into prostitution."

Cindy welcomed Pegís help with open arms. They were going to meet at Cindyís apartment tomorrow morning. From the conversation, the only thing Cindy owned was the clothing on her back. Peg told Cindy that she would take care of her back rent, credit card and airfare to her home in Mississippi.

Peg returned to the cab. She told Henry and me what had happened. I felt relieved. I gave Peg a hug and thanked her. Knowing that Cindy would be getting out of the relationship with Pat, this made me feel wonderful. My eyes started to water. I thanked Peg and gave her a hug. It felt like a heavy load had been taken off of me.

When we got back to the hotel Peg called a dear old friend of hers. She had met him when she was with her Father in Mississippi. He was a retired Judge and he was one of the few honest people she had met in her life. She told him about Cindyís problem and told him that her parents had abandoned her. Peg wanted him to find her a foster home and for him to keep an eye on her. He told Peg that she was welcome to stay with him and his wife. All of their kids have left home and were living on their own. His wife would love to have a young lady to look after. It would give her something to do and have someone to shop for. Peg thanked him and told him that she would let him know when she would be arriving.

 The following morning I went shopping. Henry and Peg went to pick up Cindy at her apartment and Peg was not sure what they would encounter at her apartment. She went to the managerís office and Henry went to Cindy apartment to get Cindy. When Henry reached the apartment the door to Cindyís apartment was open. Pat was standing at the door. Pat looked at Henry and said, "Who are you and what do you want?"

Henry snapped back. "I am a cab driver and who are you? I was told to pick up a young lady. I think thatís her over there."

Pat yelled at Henry, "Get your ass out of here or I will call a cop."

Henry said, "OK, I am not going to get in to any trouble over a cab fair."

Henry turned and walked away and said. "I am not going to get into an argument between a guy and his wife. Iíve been through that route before; they both will want to kill you."

Pat yelled, "What did you say about my wife? Come back here." Pat bit his tongue. "Dam it. What did you say about your wife?"

Henry yelled back, "Not my wife, itís your wife. She is going to be mad as hell. She is out in the cab waiting for this young lady."

Henry looked at Pat. Pat looked at the hate in Cindy face. He knew it was over. Pat ran past Henry, down the stairs, and out the back door. Henry walked back to the door and winked at the young lady. "Hi, Iím Henry. Who was that guy? Are you ready to go to the airport?"

Cindy nodded, "I donít have very much, only these two bags."

The apartment was nothing but an oversize closet. It had a small sink in the corner of the room with a cold-water faucet. The bags were shopping bags. Henry picked them up and they started down the stairs. Peg was paying for the back rent. She looked up at Henry and saw the shopping bags. She turned around and looked at the apartment manager; she gave him $10, and said, "Find me a suitcase. A nice one, and donít give me any shit. You have been ripping this kid off for almost a year. She is only 15. You fuck with me, I will file so many charges against you; you will never get out of jail."

The Manager did not say a word. He got up and headed for the rear of building. Peg followed the Manager through his apartment to a storeroom on the outside of the building. He opened the lock on a door and told Peg to take her pick. Peg pointed to a very nice one on the upper shelf. The manager grumbled under his breath, "Fuck you. I want fifty for that one."

Peg gave him a chop across the back of his neck and slammed her foot into his ass. Face down; he fell into the pile of suitcases. She stepped on his shoulders with her high heel shoes and reached for the suitcase. He turned his head and started to rise up. Peg said, "If you donít want the spike of my shoe up your nose, donít move."

Peg grabbed the suitcase and they walked back through the Managerís apartment. Peg let Henry and Cindy go ahead of her. She lagged back about 10 or 12 feet and watching what the manager was doing. As Henry and Cindy walked out the door of the Managerís apartment Peg dashed over to a desk where the Manager had put the money. She opened the drawer and grabbed a stack of bills. She hurried to catch up with Henry. She told Henry, "Move it and letís get out of here."

Henry jumped into the cab and it was moving before they could close the doors. Peg took the bags and put them into the suitcase. When Cindy wasnít looking Peg slipped the stack of money she had taken from the Managerís desk into the suitcase. Peg gave Cindy an envelope with $2000 and her airline tickets. Peg told Cindy if anyone question her about the money, have them call her. Peg gave Cindy her card with her home address and phone number. Peg asked, "Why was Pat at the apartment?"

Cindy reluctantly told Peg, "He came in at lunch yesterday after you had left and he wanted to make love. I refused. He left pissed off at me. He showed up after work. My boss was there and he pretended to be a customer. I was talking to my boss and told him that my parent insisted that I come home and I had to leave tomorrow. Pat overheard me. He followed me down the street and rode home with me on the bus. I thought that it was over last night, he showed up only a couple of minutes before Henry came to the door."

Peg asked, "What happened up there. I heard a lot of yelling. The next thing I knew someone was running down the stairs. I ducked into the Managerís office."

Henry filled Peg in on what had happened. Cindy wanted to know if Peg was Patís wife. Henry said, "No way sweetheart. Peg is your guardian Angle. You do what this lady tells you and you will have a better life. You saw how much she was crying yesterday. It was for you, not for herself."

On the trip to the airport Peg advised Cindy to finish her education. She told her that she should enjoy her life while she is young and donít get married until she is sure she has the right man.

At the airport they all hugged and kissed each other good bye, Peg had told Cindy that a gentleman would meet her at the airport and look after her until she gets settled. He was a very nice old man. He will treat her as his own grandchild. Cindy wanted to know how she would recognize him. Peg told her to look for a white headed older man in white or light colored suit. He will have a smile on his face and it would appear as if he has a halo over his head. Peg had scribbled on a piece of paper his name and telephone number just in case they missed each other. She reminded Cindy to call her collect at any time and if she wasnít at home, leave a message.

Peg and Henry waited until the plane had left, and returned to the hotel. Peg invited Henry to have lunch with them. Sally had been out shopping, her eyes twinkled with excitement. Poor Peg had never experienced the felling she had when Cindy left. She went over to Sally, gave her a big hug, and kissed her on the cheek. She whispered into Sally ear, "You have given me a new experience in my life that I have never had before. Your great enthusiasm for life and your feelings for the unfortunate have flown over into my body. I think that it is contagious. It is the greatest feeling anyone can have when you care and have love for others. Frank said that I am starting to act like you. I am very happy that I have."

Henry saw the tenderness and love that flowed between Sally and me. A single tear rolled down his cheek and his nose started to run. He pulled out a handkerchief and said, "I think Iím getting a cold."

Peg smiled at Henry and said, "I saw that tear rolling down your cheek. Sally you have a gift. You are making tearjerkers out of both of us. Henry, didnít you have a wonderful feeling flowing through your body after helping Cindy dump that buzzard? I did. I hope she has a better life from now on."

Henry nodded and said, "The city is full of young girls like Cindy. If it isnít the pimp that gets them hooked, itís some bastard like Pat. I have seen it all. I hear the lines of bullshit these SOB are giving these young girls. They come to Washington with stars in their eyes hoping to find a good job and a nice boy friend. Most of them end up just like Cindy with no one to help them. Cindy was one of the lucky ones, thanks to you and Sally. Peg, you were great."

Henry told me what had happened. Tear streamed down my face. I walked over to Peg and hugged her and said, "You are an Angle."

Henry took us to a very nice restaurant. We spent the remainder of day wondering what was going to happen to Pat. We wondered if he really thought it was his wife that had came to pick up Cindy.

For the next few days we followed Pat; nothing unusual happened. He was back to his usual routine, from work to home and back. Pat was burning the midnight oil working on Project X. When Pat did not come out of work at five, we took off. We were not going to spend the whole evening waiting for Pat.

While Pat was at work during the day, Peg and Henry took me on a Royal Tour of DC. They even took me on a tour of the White House. We saw the President walking down the hall. I waved at the President and the President waved back. I almost peed in my panties. I could not get over seeing the President wave at me.

When Peg and Henry had a minute alone they swore to each other that they would not bust Sallyís bubble. Sally was in front of the group and she was so excited that she didnít see everyone in the group waving at the President. They both were ecstatic with the excitement Sally was going through.

  Pat didnít have any one else to go to for help. He continued to pester Frank about the young girlís name. Frank pretended to get upset with his calls. He told Pat that the Father of the girl had came to the BB Lodge and asked questions about the incident. Due to the fact that Frank was not around at the time of the incident and Peg had gone back to the west coast to get married to some old coot. Frank knew the employees would not give the names of any of the guest. Frank told Pat that the girlís Father had came to a dead end. Frank told Pat to lay off of it and let the problem fade away. Again Frank suggested that Pat leak critical information on Project X and he would feed the information to the girlís Father, and maybe with a little persuasion he would forget about the problem. Pat was a little more cooperative and Frank felt that Pat was softening up.

Peg had told Frank about Cindyís exit. Frank thought that he might find it helpful if he knew what occurred after Pat left Cindyís apartment. A few days had passed. Frank wanted to know if he should have Peg and Sally return to Metro. Frank called Pat. During the conversation he asked Pat how his wife and kids were. At first Pat didnít want to talk about them. Frank told Pat that he sounded upset. Frank wanted to know if the problem at BB Lodge was upsetting him. Pat said, "Thatís only the half of it."

Then it all came out. He needed someone to talk to and he had found someone. He told Frank that he was seeing this young lady and someone pretended to be his wife. Whoever she was, it was not his wife. He had gone home and confronted his wife. She didnít know anything about his affair with this young lady. This had blown his mind and his wife took the kids to visit her parents on the west coast. Now he had two problems. He wanted to know who had pretended to be his wife and who the young girl at the Lodge was. He felt that his life was falling apart. Frank came back at Pat and said; "Man canít you keep your pecker in your pants? When are you going to learn you canít fuck around when you are married? I hope this girl wasnít a teenager."

Pat said, "She was 17 also. She was only 16 when it started."

Frank shouted, "There are a lot of women out there that are over 18 just waiting to get fucked. Next time, before you pull your pecker out of your pants ask them how old they are."

Pat mumbled, "Iíll try."

Frank asked, "Do you have any idea who pretended she was you wife?"

"No, I havenít got the slightest idea. I talked to a couple of my girl friends and they denied knowing anything about it."

"Oh, man. How many women are you going out with? Man you are really asking for trouble. If your problem at the lodge gets in the paper and these women hear about it, you ass is cooked."

"I know, I know, I know, this whole fucking mess is driving me crazy. I canít keep my mind on my job and I have no idea what my wife is going to do. Hell, I will miss the kids. They are the only thing that has been keeping our marriage together."

After listening to Pat gripe for a few more minutes, Frank wished pat good luck and told him to keep in touch.

For the next few days Pat was working later and going straight home.

Frank had told Peg to keep an eye on Pat for the rest of the week. Pat was still quite worried about the woman that was pretended to be his wife?

With Patís wife on the west coast and Cindy was out of the picture, I was curious of what Pat was doing in the evening. I asked Peg if we should follow Pat home some night. Peg said, "Why not. Henry said that he takes a different route home in the evening. Letís find out why he takes a different route home."

The next morning we got up early and Henry took us to Patís residence. We were parked down the street and were watching the house. We saw a young woman come to the front door. She look up and down the street and hurried down the street away from Henryís cab. I grabbed the video camera and zoomed in on the young lady. I got a couple of good shots of her face when she looked around.

Henry said, "I saw her a couple weeks ago. Thatís why Pat is taking a different route home. After Pat went to the bus stop I saw her coming out of one of the shops Pat had been in."

The young lady turned the corner then Peg said, "I think I will go shopping this morning after we escort Pat to work."

A couple minutes later Pat came out of his home and walked briskly in the same direction as the young lady.

Peg said, "That bastard, how many women has he got?"

We followed Pat, he caught up with the young lady, and they took the same bus. She got off the bus with Pat and they kissed good-bye. Pat got on another bus that took him to his office. She took a different bus and we decided to follow her. The bus took her to the little shopping center that Pat visited on his way home. I laughed and said, "That bastard must have a good line of bull shit. Or, all of these girls are as dumb as I am."

Jokingly Peg said, "That bastard has a line of bull shit a mile long. No, letís make that 100 miles. That SOB was lying from the first word he said to me to the last. I never heard anyone like him. He spread the shit so thick that I started to smell it."

Henry and I were in hysterics. Peg continued to amuse us with her antics until we reached the shop where the young lady worked. We had reached the shop before the young girl got there. We saw her get off the bus and go into the shop. She must be a little late, the shop was already open. Peg waited for a few more minutes to let the young girl get to work, and then said, "Wish me luck."

I said, "I hope the poor thing isnít being strung along as Cindy was."

Peg shook her head and said, "Pat more than likely giving her the same line of bullshit that he gave me and Cindy."

As Peg walked into the shop the young lady was just coming out of the ladies room at the rear of the store. Another young lady asked Peg if she could help her. Peg told her no, that she was just shopping around.

Peg did not want to approach the young lady. She felt that if she approach her it would be too obvious. Peg picked up a jacket, took it to a mirror, and held it in front of her. The young lady walked over to Peg and said, "That will look beautiful on you."

Peg said, "Thank you. I think it would look better on you. This jacket has a lovely material."

Peg stared at the young lady of a few minutes then said, "Honey I didnít come in here to buy a jacket. I just wanted to talk to you alone."

"What about?"


Peg thought the young lady was going to faint. Her face turned white and her mouth popped open and it stayed open. After the shock subsided she said, "What about Pat?"

"What has Pat told you about himself?"

"Who are you?"

Peg answered, "I am Patís sister and he is in a lot of trouble. He has too many girl friends. His wife has left him and she went home to her parents with their kids. He has at least 3 other girl friends that I know of. He is getting himself deeply in debt. I feel sorry for the girls that he is leading on. He has been like this all of his life. He has gone through to many girl friends. They all trusted him and believed in him. He has gotten a number of them pregnant and walked away from them. I canít afford to keep bailing him out of his problems. I just want to warn you of what a bastard he is. I know that I should not talk about my brother like this. I am just trying to help you out as well as myself and Pat. Please donít tell him I told you about him. I have tried to talk some sense into his head. It goes in one ear and out the other."

Again, Peg asked her what Pat had told her about himself. She told Peg the same line that Pat had given her. Peg said, "Honey he tells all the girls the same story. I have seen him standing at a mirror rehearsing those lines over and over. I think he believes what he is saying."

"How did you know about me?"

With a frown on her face, Peg shook her head and said, "Where did you sleep last night?"

The young girl blushed and bowed her head. Peg said, "You donít have to tell me. I know. You spent the night at his home and made love with him in his wifeís bed. How could he do that? Just imagine how she would feel if she knew. What did he tell you about the house?"

"He told me that he and his wife were getting a divorce and I could come and live with him. And he said it was best not to let anyone know that we were living with each other until the divorce was final."

"Honey, his wife doesnít want a divorce they have 4 kids. It would break their little hearts. She will hold on to him for dear life so the kids donít lose their Father. She will never divorce him. She left him and went to her parents because she found out he was having an affair with a teenage girl. Do the right thing for those kids and for yourself. Go out with a younger man your own age. Dump the bastard."

Bewildered she said, "I will try. I donít know what I am going to tell Pat. You have made me feel so guilty. I am so ashamed of myself."

Peg said, "Tell him the truth. You are ending the affair and let it go at that. Try this jacket on. I think you will look good in it."

The young lady said, "I canít afford it."

She tried on the jacket and it was a perfect fit. Peg said, "It was made for you. I will take it."

The young lady rang up the jacket. Peg had her put it in a gift box. When the young lady handed it to her, Peg asked, "What is your name?"


Peg wrote on the box "To Kathy with love", handed the package to Kathy, and walked out of the store hoping that Kathy would end her relationship with Pat.

When Peg returned to the car Henry said, "What went on in there? You were in there a long time?"

"Donít ask, Sally gave me a hint. I played the sister that was trying to straighten out a wayward brother. I begged her to dump the bastard."

"Do you think that will work?"

"I hope so."

"Sally thanks for the idea."

This had made me feel wonderful. I was hoping that this would save another young girl from losing her teenage years by giving herself to a bastard like Pat. I smiled at Peg and said, "You are certainly welcomed."

Peg called Frank and told him about the last incident. Frank had a credit check on Pat. Pat was living on the edge of bankruptcy. He needed cash and was living above his means. Frank knew why he was in debt, too many women. Frank knowing that Pat was in debt, it might help in the hook if his wife starts divorce proceeding.

Samís Black Box:

While Sally and Peg were following Pat around Washington, Frank was burning the night oil on Project X. In one of the top floor offices at Hacker Inc., Sam had set up an elaborate array of VCRs, television sets, computers, and about a dozen other devices. Also, one that Sam called his Black Box.

Frank was busy all morning preparing quotations on Project X. He had been working almost all night. When he walked in to the office, Sam asked him, "What in the hell happened with you."

Frank replied, "Donít ask. Hacker and his crew had me up all night. That damn Hacker can be a pain in the ass when he finds a way he can rip off the taxpayers. Hacker looked as fresh at 5 AM this morning as he did yesterday morning. He and his crew worked all night. The only thing that didnít look neat was Hackers face. It looked as if he hadnít shaved for 2 days. What is all of this crap you have here? I hope this donít take long."

Sam said, "I will talk to you until you fall asleep. I want waste words on a dead body. Here, have a cup of coffee. You wanted to know about my little Black Box. Thatís it sitting on top of the VCR. I will give you the background on the creation of my Back Box. Then I will explain to you how it works. Take a seat on the couch; this may take about an hour."

Sam leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. Sam began to talk as if he was reading something written on the ceiling. Sam said, "I wanted to find a way that I could program my brain and put it on a computer microprocessor. I have not been able to find a way to connect my brain to a computer. At least, not yet."

Frank said, "You are kidding me. I thought you could do anything."

Sam continued as if he never heard Frank. "When we are young our brain collects information and stores it for future use. We never use some of the information that it is stored in our brain. But, the information is still planted deep in our subconscious mind. Most of us do not remember what is store in our subconscious part of our brain and we donít know how to recall most of it. Your brain knows it is there and it will use the information whenever the brain is asked for this information. We develop traits that we do not realize that are happening and when they are happening. This is the area that I have studied since I was a kid. I believe I told you about that." Frank nodded, yes.

"At first I tried to incorporate too many features in my Black Box. I quickly dropped that approach. I revaluated what I wanted to do. I knew that I could tell when someone was lying. Now, how do I teach a computer to detect when someone is lying without the individual knowing the computer is monitoring him? We can tape him on TV or take a video of him when he does not know it. What do we get when we video someone? We record his voice and his visual actions. I can detect when they are lying by watching his visual actions. I cannot detect his audio reactions."

"Now, how do I combine the two? We can display the complex waveform of the audio and we can display the visual picture of an individual. How do I combine the two? There are a number of voice recognition programs on the market. I bought a copy of all of them. I studied the way the programs were written to recognize what was said. I wrote my own program and I think I have improved the recognition part of the program. First, I tried to detect lies in all the words that were spoken. It did not work. There were too many variables. I reduced the number of words that the program would recognize. I took the words that most of us use all the time. Like, I, you, me, is, an, and, the, a, for a total of only 36 words."

"I recorded someone that I knew that lied quite often. The voice recognition program would only turn on another video recorder when one of the 36 words was spoken. Then it would turn the recording off after 2 seconds. After making a test tape of the individual, I ran the test tape, the video went to the monitor and the sound went to the oscilloscope. The complex waveforms would be frozen on the screen. The printer would print the waveform. Visually I examined the complex waveforms of the some   words. When someone lied there was an obvious difference between the waveforms. I programmed into the voice recognition program the word that indicated that the individual was lying. I played back the original tape. When the speech recognition program came across a word that was a lie a light would appear on the black box. You could freeze the display and observe the visual reactions of the individual."

Frank was on the verge of going to sleep. When Sam turned on the tape that he recorded and the light on the black box lit and the video froze. Frank came alive. Sam told Frank that this guy could not talk without lying. He pointed out the neck muscle of the guy. They tighten up on every word that was part of a lie. Sam asked Frank if he noticed the tightening of the neck muscles. Frank nodded. They played the whole tape without stopping it. Frank was amazed that he knew when the guy lied. Sam told Frank that was an easy one.

Sam put in another tape and loaded a program that was a profile of a man that was doing business with Frank. They had recorded the meeting a few weeks back. He told Frank that this would take about 5 minutes and he would turn the black box off. He wanted Frank to pick out when he though the guy was lying. The tape was played and Frank could not see any difference in the facial or body reactions. Sam told him there was none. Now, I will turn on the black box and you will start to see the differences. Sam rewound the tape, tuned on the dual trace oscilloscope and the black box. Almost every few seconds the light on the black box would turn on. Sam rewound the tape and started it again. He told Frank that this time the program would stop the recording and freeze 2 complex voice wave forms. This way you will be able to see the reaction of the vocal cords when he lies.

They played the tape again. Frank was wide-awake now. He pulled a chair up close to the scope and compared the two waveforms. You could see the obvious difference on the trailing end of the waveform. The voice recognition program picked up the difference between the word that was part of a lie and those that were not. The program was written to detect and record the different waveforms. When a different waveform of the same word would appear, the back box would load the information on the hard drive and the memory of the computer. If you had a floppy drive and there was a disk in the drive, it copied the information on to the floppy.

Frank was overwhelmed of what Sam had developed. He asked Sam if he was going to patent the program. Sam said he had patented it among all the other voice recognition programs. No one would ever be able to use it or try to copy it because the program would hang up their computer. Sam said that you would have to have the processor in the black box for the program to work. Sam thought that the Feds would confiscate the system if they knew about it. He knew that while he worked at DOJ and the Pentagon he had heard rumors about this type of thing happening to trusting individuals. The government would put a top-secret stamp on the device and give the inventor nothing. After a couple years a large corporation would fine-tune the device and would put the item on the market. They would make millions on the item. Someone in the government had sold the invention and made a fortune. The inventor did not get a dime. Sam said that he did not want to put it on the market. He felt that it was a part of himself. Sam knew that Frank would put it to good use and he would not let it get into hands like Hackers.

Frank told Sam that Hacker Inc. would support him in any way that he wanted to promote his Black Box if he decided to market it. Frank gave Sam a list of government officials that he wanted him to tape. Frank knew that with a partisan vote in the house, someone had to be lying. They had taken an oath to uphold the constitution and they would be just as guilty as the President, if the President had lied. From the information that Sam had given him from his visual observation, he wanted to compare it with verbal observation of the computer. This information would give him the advantage in the ongoing negotiations over Project X.

Frank had an idea that Hacker had a hand in disrupting the countryís businesses. Hackerís philosophy was to keep the government in turmoil and they will not have time or desire to investigate anyone. Frank knew that the religious, political, media and industrial groups that were verbally criticizing the President were in Hackers back pocket. Hacker could pull a string and they all would dance.  These individuals were appearing on all of the talk shows and were expressing the same line of BS. They had kept the heat on the President from the time he took office. The money that Hacker would have to invest to keep the heat on the President was like dropping a penny in a wishing well. The influence he had across the country and on the individuals in the government kept these dogs snapping at the Presidents heals.

If Frank could infiltrate the complex web Hacker had on the country, he could have control of Hacker. Frank knew that he could not trust anyone. Hacker had paid slaves to feed him with information from all over the world. In the 5 years that Frank had been running the legitimate businesses aspect of Hackers Empire, he had not been able to scratch the surface of Hacker total empire. He knew there had to be an office or control center that was the hub of his empire. Frank knew that twice a month Hacker took off for parts unknown. The flight plan his pilot made was to Islip, NY. The pilot would drop Hacker off in Islip and return home. Hacker evaporated somewhere in Islip.

Frank knowing when Hacker went to Islip, he had Sam waiting at the airport for Hacker arrival. The plane would enter a hanger and within an hour the pilot would return to Metro without Hacker. Sam had watched the hanger for almost 12 hours and Hacker never emerged from the hanger. There had to be another exit from the hanger. How did Hacker get out of the hanger, if he did? Where did he go?

 Back in DC, Henry and Peg were treating me to all the shops and shopping centers. I returned to the hotel every evening with another suitcase full of cloths. Peg enjoyed helping me select a new wardrobe. I told Peg that I would have to have someone build me another closet for all my new cloths.

During the next few days, nothing came up except for an argument between Pat and his girlfriend, Kathy, we videoed the confrontation.

Peg and I packed our things. I had to buy three more suitcases to carry all the things I had bought. Henry drove us to the airport and helped us check in. I was in tears. I hated to leave Henry. I felt that I would never see him again. I thanked Henry for a wonderful time we spent in Washington. I looked him in the eyes and whispered, "One of these days, I am going to come back to DC. It will be just the two of us. We will have a romantic evening together."

I ended the good-bye with a very sexy kiss and pressed my body tightly against Henryís. Oh, how I hated leaving Henry. Why did I have to go back to Metro?

Henry was in a state of shock. He stuttered, "Oh, oh, sure. Come back anything you want. I will be waiting for you."

Peg overheard what I had said, she hugged and kissed Henry and said, "Sally is still a virgin and when she comes back here to see you, you better keep your pecker in your pants. I will cut it off if you have sex with her and donít marry her. Sally is saving her virginity for her knight in shining armor."

Henry blushed and promised Peg that he would be a gentleman. I gave Henry another kiss and said, "Lover donít worry, I am going to rape you."

We all laughed and Peg and I walked away smiling. Peg had forgotten to give Henry his cab fare. Peg loved to see his face light up every time she paid him. She handed me a hand full of bills and told me to give them to Henry. I walked back to Henry and put one arm around his neck and with the other hand I stuffed the money in his back pocket. I squeezed his butt and pulled his body tightly against mine and said, "This is only a sample of things to come."

I hurried to catch up with Peg. Poor Henry was taken off guard by my affection. He slowly pulled the money out of his pocket. There was a stack of $100 bills. A yell of excitement came out of Henry. Peg and I laughed and wave goodbye. I was hoping that Henry was excited about me, not the money. What the hell, I would be excited about the money. It must have been the money; it was at least a thousand, if not more.

After the plane had taken off I turned to Peg and said, "The first moment I saw Henry, I could see the affection in his eyes, the gentle touch of his hands. At first I thought he was just being nice to me. I was jealous of the affection he showed you. The way his eyes twinkled when he looked at you. I was so jealous I could feel the blood running through my face. I was embarrassed; I felt that everyone knew what I was thinking."

For a moment I couldnít say another work, Peg reached over and took my hand and pulled it into her lap and squeezed it. She turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, "Sweetheart I was watching Henry also. I was jealous of you. I cannot recall a time when anyone has ever looked at me the way Henry looked at you. I felt left out. I have always been the center of attention. I felt so alone. This was the feeling that I had when I was a little girl when my Father showed affection to my stepmother or one of his girl friends. I have had men look at me with lust in their eyes. Sometimes their looks make me feel very good. Other times, I hate the bastards and I want to kill them. At times, they make me feel like I am trash. I think it has happen so many times I am almost immune to any emotional pain. I have never had a girl friend that I could open up to and express my feelings to. Being with you the last few weeks has made me re-think my life. I have lost the better part of my life in a fruitless world. Your kindness, love, and understanding the feelings for others have flipped my feeling around. I started to look at my life through a different window. Sally you have given me a new outlook on my own life. You should not be jealous of me. I am jealous of you."

With tears in my eyes I whispered, "Honey that was beautiful. I donít know how you can be jealous of me."

The flight attendant interrupted our conversation when she brought the snacks. On the flight back home I was a little more relaxed. I even ate the snack the flight attendant had given me. I had just finished my snack, and the plane touched down, I could not believe that I was back in Metro already.

Peg dropped me off at home and told me that she wanted to have me over to her home for dinner in a few days. Peg said she would call me and we could pick a day that was convenient for both of us. As Peg drive away, I waved goodbye until Pegís red convertible faded in the distance.

I had sat all of my suitcases on the curb. One of the men that helped fix the door ran over and asked if he could help with the bags. I said that I didnít want to bother him. But, he insisted. He told me that the neighbors had gotten together and bought a new door for me. They had worked out a schedule for watching my apartment. If anyone came around, everyone that was at home would come out of their apartments and would watch what they were doing. The little short guy drove by a couple of times and stopped. We called each other; then we all walked outside together and stared at him, he would drive away. A day later the same guy came and they did it again. Jackie the girl that lives above me said that my phone had been ringing in the middle of the night.

I said, "Forgive me, I think you told me that your name was Flip or was it Philip."

"You are right. My name is Philip and everyone calls me Flip."

Flip took the new keys from his pocket and handed them to me. It was a beautiful door. It had two dead bolts and a bar bracing the door. Flip showed me how to move the bar when I opened the door from the outside. After I got into my apartment I couldnít believe my eyes. All the damage the jerks had done was repaired and the whole apartment was repainted. The furniture that was broken was repaired or replaced. I broke down and cried. Flip put his hand on my shoulder to console me. I put my arms around him and gave him a big hug. Flip told me that he wasnít the one that did all the work. The Spanish lady, Rosa, and her husband Peppe did most of the work. He said that they worked until late at night painting. They bought the furniture at the Salvation Army thrift shop. They are the ones that you should thank.

Flip brought all the suitcases in and again welcomed me home. I thanked Flip for all of his help as he left the apartment. Tears were still following down my cheeks as I walked through my apartment. The apartment never looked this good. I had bought some gifts for everyone that had helped me after the raid. I had bought a very expensive vase for myself, but I decided to give it to Rosa. I took the vase and 5 crisp $100 bills and wrapped them. I walked over to Rosaís apartment and knocked on the door. There was banging coming from the other side of the door. I heard Rosa say something in Spanish and the door opened up. I looked down and saw the sparkling eyes of five beautiful little one. They all were smiling. One of them yelled something in Spanish. I only understood one of the words. It was my name, Sally with a Spanish flair.

I heard Rosa calling from the other end of the apartment, "Sally, Sally, come on in. I am in the kitchen giving my Bambino a bath. With all of the bright eyed little ones following me, I walked through the crowded apartment. With a loving smile Rosa reached out to me, she pulled me close to her, and said, "God bless you my child."

I started crying again. The children saw me crying and they all hugged me. I laugher and told them not to worry, "I am crying because I am happy."

Rosa told the children in Spanish what I had said. Smiles came across their beautiful faces. Rosa told them to go into the other room and play.

I thanked Rosa for all the work that she and her husband had done. I gave Rosa the gift. Rosa told me that it was not necessary and she did not want to take the gift. I insisted and gave her a hug. I again thanked Rosa and told her I would see her later when she had finished giving her baby his bath. I returned to my apartment and as soon as I shut the door, I heard Rosa very excitedly calling me. I opened the door and saw the concerned face of Rosa. She was caring her naked baby hanging over one arm. I ushered Rosa into the apartment, grabbed a towel, and wrapped the baby in it. Rosa did not want to take the money. She thought it was too much. I tried to calm her down the best I could and explain to Rosa that I would have had to pay someone twice the amount for the work she and her husband had done. I told Rosa that while she was away my boss had given me a bonus. I said that I would have thrown the money away and not have repaired the apartment. I pleaded with Rosa and told her the baby would catch a cold if she didnít take him home. I persuaded Rosa to keep the money and was finely alone.

I noticed the light on the answering machine blinking. It looked as if I had a dozen calls while I was away. I pressed the button and silence, then a hang-up. Again and again, who was calling me? No messages were left. Everyone at the offices knew I was going out of town. It must be George or Jim. Maybe it was the short ass bastard that came to the house when I was gone.

I called John and told him I was back and that I would be in tomorrow. He told me that a guy had been calling me all week and John told him I was out of town. John asked him for his phone number, but he would not leave his phone number. I knew it had to be that short bastard. I asked myself, "What does he want?"

I thanked John and hung-up.

Flip had stacked all of the mail and papers in a neat pile next to the door. I made a cup of coffee and sat down to read the mail, nothing but bills and junk mail. I complained to myself, "No one ever writes me."

I picked up the stack of papers and what did I see? There were three faces in the headlines. Two of them I knew, it was those fucking ass holes, George and Jim. The other bastard was the State Police Commissioner. They were all indicted for extortion, bribery, and murder. There were so many counts against them they would be in jail for the rest of their life if they were convicted. I called John and asked him about George and Jimís problem. He hadnít mentioned it because he thought I already knew about it. The last thing he heard was they were charged with murder and they are being held in a federal prison.

I cut off the conversation with John and called Frank. I asked Frank why he didnít tell us about George and Jim. Frank said, "I didnít want you to worry while you were in DC. This is going to open a big bag of worms. If the FBI comes to see you tell them everything that Jim and George did to you. When you come in tomorrow come to my office. We will go over a few new orders we have in the works."

Frank hung up. I knew that when Frank mention orders and hung up quickly, the phone must be tapped. I wanted to see if anyone found the money behind the medicine cabinet. I removed the cabinet. Nothing had been moved. I had arranged the money in a way that if anyone tampered with the stacks I would know it. I took $2000 from the stack to pay for the door and any other expense that may come up.

No sooner had I replaced the cabinet, the phone rang. I had installed a tape recorder on the phone line. I turned it on before I answered the phone. When I put the phone to my ear and said, "Hello." A voice came back, "You fucking bitch you better keep your mouth shut or I will blow your fucking brains out."

I had heard that voice before. I yelled back, "You short little bastard, didnít George tell you that my phone was tapped. You got the nerve to call me and threaten my life when you know my phone is tapped."

The phone went dead. I called Frank and told him what had happened. Frank told me not to not to worry; he will be taken care of. Frank told me his name was Dino. The local police knew the names of all the troopers that raided my apartment. He and the other two were arrested and are out on bail. Frank assured me that I would be alright. I hoped that Frank was right.

I took the tape and recorder, went to Flips apartment, and asked him if he had a recorder. He told me that he did. I asked him if he would make copies of the tape. I told Flip that the short bastard had threatened me and I wanted someone else to have a copy if anything happened to me. Flip told me that he would make copies for me. I gave him a stack of tapes and asked him to make four or five copies and keep the original.

I felt uneasy after the call. First, there was the beautiful moment with Rosa and now the problem with Dino has raised its ugly head. I unpacked my bags and wrapped the gifts for my neighbors. I took a long bath and tried to forget about the call from Dino. Finally, I fell asleep in the warm water.

The doorbell rang. I jumped and splashed water all over the bathroom. Soaking wet and dripping all over the room, I slipped on a bathrobe and answered the phone. Then I realized that it was the door. I turned on the outside light. I looked through the peephole on the new door and saw a crowd of people standing outside. I opened the door.

Welcome Home:

The crowd flowed into my apartment. One of the ladies saw that I was dripping wet, she yelled, "You guys shut up and set up the party. We got Sally out of the bath tub; I am going to help her get dressed."

"Sally, I donít think you remember my name I am Lilly. Your experience with the police has brought this little group together. We had a party while you were gone and decided we would all stick together. The Police have harassed all of us at one time or the other. We are not angels and we donít claim to be. They may have been justified for arresting us. They were not justified in ripping our apartments apart and walking away and not paying for the damage they had made. We are having this party in your honor."

I did not know what to say. Why were they having a party in my apartment? What had happened while I away? Someone proposed a toast to me. They were all talking at the same time. I put my hands in the air and asked them to be quiet. I wanted to know why everyone was here and why I deserved this attention.

Flip came over to me and gave me the tapes he had recorded, he whispered, "You are serious. You really donít know why we are here."

"Flip, I have no idea, why are you all here?"

I put my hands up and again, "Please tell me, what is going on?"

Jackie stood up and told every to be quiet and to stop talking. Jackie asked me if I had read the papers since I came back. I told her that they were lying there in a pile I hadnít had a chance to read them.

Lilly took over and said, "Sweetheart you are our guardian angel. The 911 call you made a couple weeks ago started an investigation. They put the cronies of that bastard that tore up your apartment in the federal prison. The local police chief and the FBI have had the State Police under investigation for over a year. When they ransacked your house without a warrant the Feds put them in jail. When you called 911 and said the local police came and had left without doing anything. The police chief was notified. A reporter stuck his nose into it and it made the headlines. There were reporters and television news people filled the whole block. When they find out that you are back, they will be back. This is the best thing that has happened in this town for years. Sally you are our hero."

Everyone was talking and telling me their part of the story. Someone mentioned that I would be on the front page when they find out that I had returned home. They said that everyone in the neighborhood have been questioned by the police and the reporters.

When things settled down, I handed out the gifts that I had gotten for them. I insisted on paying them for the door and all of the other expenses that had occurred. I told them to please do not tell anyone that I was back in town. I told them that I had gotten a threatening call. If my company finds out about it, they may fire me. The company frowned on adverse publicity. They all promised that they would not tell anyone that I had returned. Lilly started chasing every one out telling them about me falling asleep in the bathtub. I hugged and kissed all of them as they left. I could not hold the tears back. Each hug opened my tear ducts a little more. The love and affection filled my heart. I could not stop crying.

After everyone had gone and the tears subsided, I called Frank and told him about the party and news media. Frank had known that my name had been in the paper. He didnít know about the media frenzy at my apartment. He said that it would be a good idea for me to live someplace else until things cooled off. He told me that he would have a limo pick me up at the drug store. He would make arrangements for me to stay at the BB Lodge. I wanted to know if I would be locked up. Frank told me that I could go anywhere I wanted to. It would be best not to go anywhere outside the lodge or come in contact with anyone that I didnít know for a week or two. Frank said that he would see if he could get Peg to come visit with me.

I packed a few things and took off. The limo was already at the drug store waiting and the trip made the same stopover at Hacker Inc. This time the lights in the Transit House were on and a guard was waiting for me when we drove up. The guard took my bags and he said that he had seen me the last time I was at the Lodge. He apologized for watching me on the surveillance camera. He assured me he would cut it off. I asked him if he enjoyed the view the last time. He blushed and said that I was a very beautiful lady. I took the same room I had before.

The guard put my bags in the room. I followed him to the door. I put my hand on his cheek tenderly and said, "Sweetheart if you watch me tonight, you will get a show that you will never forget."

I throw him a kiss and winked at him as I shut the door. I quickly got undress, slipped on a nightgown, and turned off the lights. The guard did not have enough time to get back to the control room before I turned off the lights. I laid there laughing to myself. If he had turned on the camera and he couldnít see anything. He would probably spend the rest of the night trying to find out what was wrong with the camera. It was after midnight and I was so tired that I wasnít in bed for a minute and I was asleep. Little did I know that the cameras had infrared capabilities? He could have seen me in the dark.

When I awake the next morning it was almost noon. I heard the water running in the bathroom. I couldnít remember if I had left it on all night. I looked around the room and didnít see anyone. I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. There was someone in the shower. I didnít know if I should open the door or not. I knew I had locked the door last night. I tiptoed to the front door to see if it was still locked. The door was unlocked. Before I could turn around, I heard a sweet voice, "It is about time you got up. I have a very nice day planned for us. As a matter of fact I have planned a few weeks of fun for both of us."

I wheeled around with delight and said, "Peg what you are doing here."

"Frank woke me up this morning and told me that a friend of mine needed a little companionship for a few weeks. He thought that it would be nice for us to have a vacation while things were cooling off. I hear that you are a celebrity."

I told Peg what the neighbors had done for me, about the media frenzy and the threat on my life. Peg snapped back, "That bastard better pray. When Frank finishes with him, he will wish he was dead."

I wanted to know what Frank would do. Peg said with a little anger in her voice, "It isnít what he will do. It will be what he will have someone else do."

From what Peg had read in the papers, there had been a federal and city investigation going on for quite a while regarding the State Police. Peg said. "It was your phone call and a reporter that was talking to his Mother when your call came in. His Mother was the 911 operator that you were talking to. He was using his Mother to get a jump on all the emergency calls that came in. The Feds were not ready to make it public for another few months. Frank wants to know if you make a recording of the threat."

I told Peg that I did and a neighbor, Flip, had made four copies for me. He has the original and a copy. Flip said that he would put the original in his safety deposit box. If anything happen to me, he would make another copy and mail it to the Feds.

Peg told me that Frank had called the FBI and told them that he had transferred me because of the threats and he would get an attorney to get a deposition from me before I left. Peg stressed that I should tell everything that I knew about the State Police. Peg looked me in the eye and said, "Your life before George is no secret. Frank and I talked about you long before Frank stomped on them. Hacker had molds all over the country long before George came into your life. We knew that you were being used and had no control of George and Jim. Sam had a complete background check on you the day after George framed you."

I blurted out, "Everything."

Peg smiled and said, "Yes sweetheart, everything."

My face turned a bright red. Peg laughed and asked me if I made a lot of money jerking off those old men. I dove into the bed and covered my head. Peg came over to me and ran her soft hand along my shoulder and neck.

Peg whispered, "Listen honey, there are a lot of things in everyoneís life that they donít want anyone else in this world to know about. When we get to Hawaii, I will tell you something that I have never told anyone. I have always wanted to talk to someone about it. You are the only person that I have been close enough to and feel that I can trust."

I took my head out from under a pillow and shouted, "What do you mean, when we get to Hawaii?"

Still smiling Peg said, "Frank wants you to be as far away from here as possible for a while. Hawaii is only the first stop. I havenít figured out where else we are going. Baby we are going to have some fun. I always wanted a sister or a close friend, someone like you Sally."

I rolled over and pulled Peg closer to me. I hugged Peg and planted kisses all over Peg face. The last kiss was on the tip of her nose. I whispered, "Not only do I want you be my friend. I want you to be my beautiful adopted sister."

Tears came to my eyes. Peg eyes were a little watery. As we laid in each otherís arms staring at the ceiling the phone rang. We both jumped. Peg was next to the phone; she picked it up and held it to my ear. It was the Attorney and he wanted to know if I could come down stairs for a few minutes. He had prepared a deposition for me. He had used Samís report on me and he wanted to see if there was anything else I could add to it. I told him I would be down in a few minutes.

I brushed my teeth, slapped on some lipstick, jumped into the cloths I had on last night and ran down the stairs. I saw Helen talking to a nice looking young man. Helen said, "Good morning Sally, this is Attorney Williams, he wants to talk with you. You are welcome to use Mr. Frankís office. He will not be here for a couple of hours."

The Attorney and I went into Frankís office. Williams gave me the deposition to read. I could not believe the things that were written about my life. They didnít leave out anything. I felt that I had been naked all of my life. There wasnít anything to hide. It covered everything I had done, good or bad, since I was fifteen. I told Attorney Williams that I wasnít a prostitute and that I was still a Virgin. I never had sexual intercourse with anyone and I had messed around with some old men and fondled them. I said that they may have climaxed, but it wasnít sex. The Attorney asked if I had taken any money for my services. I reluctantly said, "Yes."

Williams shook his head and said, "Whether you think you are or no a prostitute, by taking money from them, others will call you a prostitute. That is what George is going to call you. If you have to go to court, we will tell them that you are a Virgin and they arrested you for being a prostitute. It is best that you donít leave anything out or be evasive about anything. If there is anything that you left out and it comes out in the hearing, they will pound on you about the subject and make you look like a liar. Donít give them anything that is questionable."

Williams asked me for the tape recording that I made. He wanted to know if it had been altered. I told him that a friend had made copies of the original and had kept a copy and the original. I did not watch him record all the copies. I told Williams that I had played all the tapes after they were copied. They were all the same and very clear. The original recording and copies of Dinoís shouting and his threats were excellent.

I signed on the dotted line with regret. Again I told the Attorney that I didnít think I was a prostitute. I said, "The girls in my class at school would jerk the guys off if they got to demanding, or give them oral sex. No one ever felt this was sex. This was just messing around. Every guy that went out with me tried to have sexual intercourse with me. If the guys insisted on having sexual intercourse, I would jerk them off."

The Attorney smiled at me and shook his head. He said, "I learn something new every day."

I wanted to know if he thought that I would be called as a witness at George and Jimís trial. Williams told me that the State Police Commissioner had turned States witness and that he had enough proof on George and Jim that they may go to the gas chamber. It may save the commissioner life, but he may spend the next 25 to 30 years in prison. They should have enough evidence that they would not have to go into my background.

  Williams didnít tell Sally that George had a lot of buddies running around that may be squeezed by Jim or George to get revenge. He as well as Frank wanted Sally in a safe place. Frank felt that by hiring Sally, he might have put Sally in a position that could cost Sally her life. He wanted her as far away from Metro as possible.

 I was still mumbling to myself as I walked into the room. Peg asked, "Whatís the matter."

I told Peg what had happened and asked Peg what she thought about oral sex and jerking someone off.

Peg looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, and said, "You are asking the wrong person. I just fucked them."

I flipped; I walked over to Peg, gave her a big hug and said, "I know what I love about you. Peg you are outrageous."

Peg had asked Helen earlier to serve us in the room after I got up. Helen sent up a feast. While we were having our brunch, we talked about the problem with the State Police. Peg assured me that by the time we get back, it would be history. I also wanted to know about the trip to Hawaii. Peg painted a beautiful picture of Hawaii. Peg had not been back to Hawaii since she was 16. Peg was looking forward to seeing Hawaii as an adult. She wondered if it was as beautiful as she remembered it.

After we had brunch we took a long walk around BB Lodge. I was inpatient about what Peg was going to tell me. Peg asks me not to pressure her. It was a very personal problem that she had and she didnít feel like talking about it now. She had to have the right moment and be in the mood to discuss it. I apologized to Peg and told her that I was sorry that I had brought up the subject.

I couldnít get over how they knew some of the most personal things that had gone on in my life. Peg told me that with all the money that Hacker Inc. had they could find out everything on anybody. I was worrying if anyone knew about the farewell I gave to Mr. Peters. I knew it would have killed Mr. Peters if it got out that I jerked him off. I turned to Peg and asked, "Peg was there anything in Samís report about a Mr. Peters?"

"No, why? Is there something that went on with you and Mr. Peters?"

"Not really, the last few years I was in high school he helped me prepare for collage. We spent a lot of time together. He was the kindest man that I had ever met. I would still be in Dustville if it wasnít for him."

"Dustville, is that the name of the town that you grew up in?"

"No, that the nickname of the town and the town adopted the name. The name is Duster Ville. I donít think most of the people knew its real name. The only paved road in town is Main Street. If it wasnít a state highway it would not have been paved. You can see people coming from miles away. A big cloud of dust follows you everywhere you go. There are a lot of businesses that use Dustville as their business name. There is a Dustville Bank, Dustville Mall, and a lot of business with Dustville in their name."

"Why do you think they would suspect something went on with you and Mr. Peters?"

"Well you know what they have done to the President."

Peg told me that the President was in a gold fish bowel for the whole world to see. Everything that he does is recorded. Every moment of every day of his life is history in the making. There is big money paid for any information regarding any topic he may be talking or thinking about. People plan their finances on what he is thinking and planning.

Peg continued, "Sally with big money, you can find out about anyone on earth. The tabloids make billions getting information on prominent citizens. Today every reporter for miles around would love to interview you. If someone told the media where you were and they could interview you, they would pay you a million dollars."

I shook my head with disgust and said, "Peg, what is this world coming to. Why would anyone pay a million just to talk to me? That's outrageous?"

"Honey, the news media makes millions from this type of thing."

Peg told me that from what she had read in the papers I might have to go underground for a few years. And, from what Frank had told her, the probe into the problems of State Police will be international news. Frank thinks that the investigation just might go into the Governorís office and beyond. If Jim and George cop a plea and testify for the prosecutor this case could go on for years. From what Frank and Sam found out about Jimís GOB club it had links to very high Federal officials. Jim and George were not only trying to hook Hacker for their benefit. There were linked to a very wealthy Texan. They called him Big Hat. They think Big Hat wanted a piece of Hackers action. Hackerís grand father came from Texas after he and Hacker Father had swindled a bunch of oilmen out of millions of dollars. They have been trying for years to topple Hacker and his empire and take it over. Hackerís family has been the king of the hill for three generations. Every time someone tries to dethrone Hacker they end up bankrupted, thrown in jail or they seem to disappear.

I wanted to know what happen to them, "Do they kill them and hide their bodies?"

Peg wasnít smiling when she said, "Your guess is as good as mine. My Father had heard that the Hackerís family hooked a Texas group that was trying to setup Hacker. The Hackerís setup a phony oil deal that got the Texas group into South America. They staged an accident and everyone in the Texas group was killed. Honey you donít know a fraction of what Hacker is up to. Donít trust the old bastard. If he likes you, you are number one, but if he hates or even slightly dislikes you, you are in trouble. My Father and his family have kept out of the Hackers way and never have joined them in any of their schemes. My family and the Hackerís family have had a close relationship and respect for each other for many years. My grandfather saved the Hackers from going bankrupt a long time ago. Due to this, there has been a hand off policy between the two families. My Father has not trusted the Hackers. He feels that all the ruthless things that the Hackers have done over the years will be the downfall of the Hackerís Empire. There are many of Hackerís enemies that are still living or the grandchildren that want to get even. My Father is a friend of a man whose Father was ripped off by Hackerís Father. He has sworn that he will destroy Hacker or he will die trying to destroy Hacker."

I shivered, "Peg, you are making me so damn scared that I want to go hide some place for the rest of my life."

"Honey, I didnít want to scare you. I think that you should be aware of the company you are in. If it hadnít been for Frank convincing Hacker that you would be a natural for the hook of Pat, you would probably be in the same boat with George and Jim."

"God bless Frank, I will have to thank him for what he has done for me." I sniffled.

"Honey, do not say a word to anyone about this conversation. You can thank Frank for the trip and any other thing he has or will be doing for you. Do not tell anyone about our conversation. I just felt that you should be on your toes. When the investigation of Jim and George gets started, you just might get into the middle of it. If the official ask you any questions, do not lie or shade the truth. Stick with your deposition. Donít change a thing. Did you keep a copy of what you signed?"

"Yes, I got a copy in my purse." I tugged at my purse and pulled it out to shown Peg the deposition.

Peg warned me, "Memorize every word of the deposition. Donít tell anyone about it and donít lie. Frank is a very good lawyer. He told me to warn you. You are not to lie about anything that is related to Jim and George. Also, Hacker Inc. owns of OS Supply. If any of the investigators inquire about your relationship with Hacker Inc., OS Supply employs you and you help out at Hacker Inc. and the Lodge at times for Mr. Frank. They increased your salary for the additional responsibilities at the company. Have you got the picture?"

Still confused, and frightened, I said, "I got the picture. What are the chances that they will call me in for questioning?"

"Sally, I wish I knew. That is why Frank is sending us to Hawaii for a while. Trust Frank. We will be all right as long as Frank and Sam are handling the investigators. The only problem is if the press gets a hint where you are, it will be a mess. Keep your mouth shut about where we are going. Do you have to call anyone other than John?"

"No, I have only written my parents three or four times in the last year. They havenít answered any of my letters. I hope they donít read about me in the paper."

Peg laughed, "Frank said that the articles about you have left the front page. You poor thing they have pushed you back to the second page. Without your picture maybe your parents will not know that it is you."

I frowned and said, "I hope so, if my parents felt that there was any money to make in this story, they would sell my soul to the devil. My Father would do it for a shot of liquor or a bottle of beer."

Peg put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Sally, I think we have a lot in common. Not the same type of life, but we both had parent problems. I think that is one of the reasons we like each other."

I asked Peg, "How did Hacker find out that George and Jim were going to try to hook him."

Peg told me that Frank had been trying to change Hackerís attitude and the way hacker handled the people that Hacker had hooked. Through the past few years Hacker had taken Frank advice and allowed Frank to loosen up on some of the people that Hacker controlled. Every time they needed a favor from one of the slaves, Frank would pay them and win their confidence. Frank would assure them that the old times were over. They need not fear Hacker any more. The word got out that Frank would pay for information relating to any unusual activity that was related to Hacker Inc.

Frank told Peg that it was a guard at the BB Lodge. He had overheard one of the other guards complaining to George that he felt that if Hacker were hooked, Hacker would know that he was the one that cut off the security system.

From what Frank had told Peg, George was going to kill the guard if he didnít help with the hook. Peg said to me, "When you were conning the old men in the bars, Sam had been tailing George for some time. Sam had watched George tailing you. Sam was dressed like a homeless person and he saw George hook you. Sam kept tabs on you. Sam said that he was so mad he could have killed George for the way he treated you. Sam became your Guardian Angle. Sam knew when you moved to Metro and when you applied for a job at OS Supply. Frank told John to hire you and keep an eye on you. Frank had seen pictures that Sam had taken of you. The plan to hook Pat was in the works and Frank had to find someone that resembled me. We both had long blond hair and were almost the same size. Sam had said that we looked close enough that we could have been sisters. You are only slightly taller than I am and your dimples are on your cheeks and mine is on my chin. Frank said that Hacker wanted to set up a scam that would put you, Jim, and George away for life. Frank knew that you were being forced into the hook. Frank convinced Hacker that he could use you to hook Pat. Hacker reluctantly went along with Frank. Hacker still does not thank the hook on Pat will help them in getting the Project X contract. Hacker can put on an act that will make you think that he is a saint. Donít trust him. There has been times that he and his family has totally destroyed small businesses that donít sell out to him. He isnít satisfied with bankrupting a man; he will frame him, his family, and their friends. He is a very ruthless bastard."

I said, "I remember Sam, when George had me in the back of the car and he was blasting me. An old man came up to the car and was looking at me. The streetlights were bright enough that we could see each other. George saw me looking out the window. George turned around, yells at him, and said, "You bum, get the fuck out of here or I will run you in."

I paused for a few moment then I asked, "Peg, when you know so much about Hacker and what a bastard he is, why are you hanging around with this group?"

"When I first met Frank, I had only heard stories about Hacker. There was nothing that indicated that he was a real bastard. And honey, I fell in love with Frank. We have been good friends since."

Peg and I talked and walked for most of the afternoon. We walked aimlessly all over the Lodge.

I was getting upset. Peg was still talking, but I wasnít listening. I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. One side of me wanted to run and hide for the rest of my life. The fear also made me want to stay where I was. I felt that from what Peg had said, I would be safer with Hacker and Frank. I looked over at Peg and asked, "Do you really think I am safer with Hacker and Frank or should I run away and start a new life?"

Peg put her hand on my shoulder and stopped me. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Honey, if you go out on your own, the vultures will eat you alive. Hacker would wonder what you are up to. There is nowhere you can hide. They will find you. You are in a situation that you canít change; itís best to stick with us until this cools down. Honey you have the very best team on your side. Frank and Sam will not let anything happen to you. Donít do anything foolish. Let them handle things and just relax. I am sorry I upset you. It you had found out on your own about this mess. You may have done something that you would have regretted. Frank will shield you from the vultures. They have enough money that they can shield you for the rest of your life. If you go out on your own, you will be eaten alive. Not only will Georgeís clowns be after you, the new media will be on your tail no matter where you are. Please stick with us."

Peg continued, "Sam is the king of information. Frank and Sam have been good friends since they both worked at the DOJ. Sam briefed me on Pat before we hooked him. Sam is a living computer. He showed me a few tapes of talk shows and press releases that Pat appeared on. When the tapes were over, Sam asked me if I thought he was telling the truth and why I thought it was the truth. Before Sam ran the tapes the second time, he told me pay attention to Patís lip movements and the wrinkles around his mouth. I could not see anything different or unusual. Sam replayed the tapes again; he stopped them at random times and asked me if I had seen any change in his facial movements. I could not see any difference. He would come to a spot when Pat started to answer a question. Sam pointed out the curling of the wrinkles around his mouth. Sam would play a portion of the tapes over and over until I saw what he was looking at. I finely noticed that at times Pat would tighten his lips and a little curl would appear in the corners of his mouth. When I became familiar with Patís actions, Sam played the interview tape over again. He told me to tell him when I saw the curl. I missed a few, but I got most of them. Sam told me that when Pat curled his cheeks around the corners of his mouth he was lying. Sam gave me a detailed report on Patís life. It was as detailed as the report on you Sally. When I was with Pat, I asked him personal question, which I knew the answer. It was fascinating to know when he was lying. I didnít know that Sam was a hypnotist. Sam asked me if I wanted to have a post hypnotic suggestion that would help me remember what to look for when Pat was lying. I told him that I didnít think that I could be hypnotized. He told me that I already had the post hypnotic suggestion. I told Sam that he had not hypnotized me. He asked me if I wanted to make a bet on it. Frank had warned me, never bet against Sam. Sam will never bet on anything that he isnít sure of. I told Sam that Frank had warned me about betting with him. Sam told me that he did not want any money, just a kiss on the cheek. Sam wrote something on a piece of paper and folded it. Sam asked me not to open the note until after all of the tape was played again. He told me to count the times that I felt that Pat lied. He played the tape again. I counted 32 times. Sam told me to open the note. I opened the note and the number 32 was written on the paper. Sam asked me if I believe him. I told him that I believe him, but I donít know how he hypnotized me. I got up, gave him a big long kiss, and got a little fresh with him. Sam looked at me and gave me a peck the cheek. He told me he was honored by my kiss and thanked me. With a smile on his face he told me that I was a very beautiful and desirable lady. But, there was a more precious lady in his life. Sally it was so beautiful, the way he talked about his wife. It made goose bumps appear all over my body. He had so much love in his voice for his wife. I gave him another kiss and hugged him. I told him this kiss was for the love he expressed for his wife. I felt ashamed and guilty for getting fresh with him."

Peg continued, "Sam is a very brilliant man. He has the ability to almost read everyoneís mind. Frank told me that when the word got out about Samís talents that every branch of the government wanted Sam. There wasnít a department that didnít want him. When he was working with the Justice Department, they lent him to other departments. The Justice Department, FBI, the CIA used him as a profiler. The State Department used him to analyze foreign diplomats. The military also wanted him and wanted to classify him as a top military secrete."

I loved listening to Peg. I encouraged Peg to tell me about the other hooks that she was involved in. Peg told me that I must promise her that I would never tell anyone what we had discussed. I promised Peg that I would never repeat anything that went on between us.

Peg was in a talkative mood. She never had anyone to talk to about the hooks. It was a pleasure to be able to talk about them. I asked, "What were the funniest things that happen to you?"

With a broad smile on her face Peg giggled, "I was at a manufacture's convention in Boston with Frank and he was interested in one of the companies that had their products on display at the convention. It was owned and managed by two elderly sisters. They had inherited it from their Father many years ago. The company was poorly managed and had the same manufacturing facilities it had fifty years ago. Their facilities had never been updated. They had back orders that were stacked a mile height. Frank felt this company could be worth much more if it was better managed. If he had the rights to the patients on their products he would make millions. He could build a new hi-tech plant in another location for half the amount he would have pay for the company. He knew that the old girls respected a close family friendís advice and their friend needed money. His name was Bob Bentley. He gambled and was in debt up to his ears. The girls were as tight fisted as they come. Though they loved him and respected his ideas. They knew about his gambling habit and would not give him a dime to support the habit. He was on their payroll with a livable salary. Frank wanted to put Bob in a position that he would convince the girls to license Hacker Inc., to manufacture their product line. Frank knew the girls would not sale the company. They may be convinced to allow someone to help them meet all of their orders and increase their capital income. If the plan went through, the girls and Hacker Inc. would both make a lot more money and Bob would be able to get out of debt."

Peg continued, "Frank wanted to get Bob in a compromising situation where he would need a lot of money to keep someone quiet about an embarrassing incident. Frank knew Bob would be at the convention with the old girls and Frank wanted to talk to the old girls on a personal bases rather than business relationship. I was to be a maid at the hotel where Bob was staying. They gave me a short hoop skirt to wear. If the skirt made contact with something it would lift up on the opposite side. My job was to get Bob to make an objectionable contact with me. The ruffled panties they gave me to wear were too tight and they irritated my crotch. I decided that I would not wear anything under the skirt. I knocked on the door of Bobís room and Bob answered the door I told him that I had come to clean the room. Bob invited me in. I deliberately backed into the room. The skirt was pressing against the service cart and the dress rose up in the rear. I was looking over my shoulder and watching Bob. He was looking down at my bare butt and his eyes almost popped out of his head. I made sure Bob was at the right vantage point whenever I bent over or pressed the skirt against something. I kept smiling at him until he starts to approach me. I could see that he had an erection. I deliberately dropped a bar of soap on the floor. I gave Bob an unobstructed view of my ass when I bent down to pick up the soap. He ran over to me and asked if he could help. I leaned against the wall and I was totally exposed in the front. I asked him what he had in mind. I looked down at his erected prick pressing inside his pants and wet my lips with my tongue. He came over, kissed me, and grabbed my crotch. I let out a scream. Joanne opened the door and ran over to us. She pulled Bob off of me and gave him hell. She told Bob that she was going to call the police for attacking this poor young girl. Joanne looked at the erect prick in his pants. Bob looked down at his prick. Fluid from his pecker had come through his pants. Joanne yelled at him and scolded him about the wet spot on his pants. Bob pleaded with her. He told her he would give her anything. Please donít call the Police. Joanne had left the door open. At that moment Frank walked by and looked into the room and asked if something was wrong and could he help. Joanne told Frank to hold that man until the police come. Frank was a casual acquaintance of Bob. He asked Joanne what had happen. She told Frank that Bob had attacked me. Frank went to Bobís defense. Frank told Joanne that he knew Bob very well and he knew he would never do anything like Joanne had described. He told Joanne that I must have started it and Bob would never do anything so outrageous. Joanne persisted that she was going to call the police. Frank took Joanne aside while I pretended to be crying. Frank talked loud enough that Bob could overhear what he was saying. Frank told Joanne that it would be a consequential problem if the police become involved. Bob was nodding his head up and down agreeing with Frank. Frank told Joanne that the both of us might lose our jobs. Frank pulled out a big roll of bills and started to bargain with Joanne. I was watching Bobís face. He was scared out of his pants. His pecker had shrunk so small that his crotch looked like a girlís. I heard Frank make his final offer of $5000. Reluctantly Joanne agreed. Joanne put her arm around me and we walked out of the room. Frank stayed with Bob. Bob was very appreciative. He said he didnít have any money on him and he would pay him back. Frank told Bob he could pay him back when he had the money. Bob agreed. Frank knew that there was no way Bob was going to pay him back. If he did, it would not be anytime soon. Bob hung around Frank, like a little puppy, throughout the convention. He introduced Frank to the girls and one thing led to another. Frank gave his sales pitch about licensing Hacker Inc. to manufacturing their product line. With Bobís help the deal went through."

I snickered, "Poor Bob thought he was going to screw you, but he got screwed."

Peg smiled and said, "This is the type of hook Frank likes. Everyone made out. Everyone ending up liking each other and they are all happy. The factory that Frank built produces the orders as fast as they came in. The people that were working at the old factory had been working there for years and the girls didnít want to lay them off. Frank felt that he had gotten what he wanted and it was best to let the girls continue running their small business. They would feel they were doing their share for the extra money they were making,"

I asked Peg, "Was that the same Joanne that played my Mother when we hooked Pat?"

"Yep, thatís Joanne. We will have to have a party some day so you can meet the whole team. What did she say to you when you two were in the bathroom?"

"She almost didnít say a word. She and the guard just hustled me out of there. We didnít talk about anything. We all sat quietly and didnít say a word. I think we all were afraid that the limo drive would hear us and I had never met or knew who they were. They just said good night when they got out of the limo. Joanne introduced herself and told me that they were going to get me out of the lodge. The whole thing went so fast, that I didnít have time to think. I could not remember anything about the trip home. I was so scared that I almost peed in my panties. When they let me out at Hacker's I thought that I would burst. The second limo came in almost at the same time as the other driver pulled out. I had to hold it in till I got home."

Chuckling Peg said, "When I have to pee and canít hold it any longer, I just slip off my panties, pull up my dress, spread my legs and let it go. Sometime ago when I was in New York, I had been drinking beer all evening with a group girls that I had met. After I left the bar, I thought that I would take the subway home. I had no sooner got on the platform and I thought I was going to bust. All the beer wanted to come out at the same time. There was no one around so I looked for a place to pee. There are these big vertical columns holding up the street. I walked behind one at the end of the platform, took off my panties and pissed next to the steel column. Oh what a relief. As I walked from behind the column an older woman had come out of nowhere was giving me a dirty look. She was looking at the pee running off the platform. I said to her, what do you want me to do, piss in my pants. It you donít like it, mop it up. She came back at me in a language that I have never heard. She was really ripping me apart. A crowd started gathering and the old gal wouldnít stop. As the subway approached another older woman asks me what I had done to my Mother. I told her that I scolded my Mother for pissing on the platform. I reminded her that it was not like the old country. When you are out in the field working and you have to go you just squat and piss. All three of us got on the subway and the one that spoke English was giving the other women hell for pissing on the platform. Everyone in the car was giving the lady with the foreign language a dirty look. She looked at all of the angry faces looking at her. She lifted her hands, slapped them to her sides, and shook her head, pointed and wiggles her finger at me and pushed her way through the angry crowd. I felt bad for accusing her of pissing on the platform. I yelled to the crowd that it was me that pissed on the platform not the old lady. It didnít do any good; they all smiled at me as if to praise me for taking the blame."

Laughing my guts out I asked, "OK, Peg was it you or the old lady that pissed on the platform? If it was you, you are terrible." 

I wanted to talk about Sam. I was fascinated with hypnoses and other mysteries of life. I would love to be able to tell when someone is lying. I had been watching the impeachment hearings on television. I had fallen in love with the President. I envied the first lady. Deep down in my heart I thought that all of the Republicans were lying. They got me so mad that I had to turn the sound off until they stopped talking. It I hadnít turned the sound off, I thought that I would throw something at the television.

I thought that the Republicans and the Religious hypocrites had set up the President. I felt that Paula and a group of the President enemies had planned the hook. I felt that the hook didnít go through. Paula was probably a slave of an Arkansas GOB Club and Peg agreed with me.

Peg said, "I wouldnít trust any of the politicians. I feel that all the politicians are liars, 99% will lie about everything. There are three types of individuals that I donít have any respect for and donít want to have anything to do with them."

I wanted to know what they were. I asked and Peg said, "Politicians, Lawyers and Undertakers."

I asked, "Why donít you like Politicians and Lawyers? I can understand why you donít like Undertakers."

"Politicians make the laws that will take all your money away from you and put you in jail. The Lawyers will take all your money and let them put you in jail."

I asked, "What about the undertakers?"

Peg replied, "I thought you knew why I donít like the Undertakers,"

I shivered and shook as if I was cold. Goose pimples covered my body. It felt like my body was dying. I took Peg hand and said, "Peg, I donít want to come anywhere close to them for a million years."

Peg smiled at me and said, "Sally, you are not going to live that long and neither am I."

Still shaking I said, "I know that. I just want to think that I will live that long. What about the Undertakers?"

Peg sarcastically said, "Those bastards not only will take all your money, put you in a box, put you under the ground where you can never get out. Thatís the doorway to hell."

"Peg I wish I hadnít asked. That gives me the creeps. Do you think that we will go to hell?"

"Sally if we go to heaven, we will not have any of our friends up there. We will be without friends for eternity. All of our friends will be in hell. Donít you want to go to hell?"

I laughed and said, "Hell no, everyone has been telling me to go to hell all my life. I donít care where they send me. But, I hope it not to hell. All the bastards that I hate will be there. I have prayed for all of them to go to hell!"

Peg and I had made a loop of the area and were back at the Transit House. Frank had arranged for the jet at BB Lodge to fly us to Dallas later that evening. In Dallas we would catch a non-stop flight to Honolulu.

I had not planned to be away for a long time, much less go to Hawaii. When I heard we were leaving tonight I screamed, "I donít have a thing to wear."

Peg smiled and said, "Donít worry honey. I forgot to tell you. Did you see that purple suitcase in your room? I did some shopping after Frank told me we were going to Hawaii. I hope everything fits. If they donít we will have a shopping spree in Hawaii."

I questioned Peg, "Where are your things?"

"They are over at the airstrip. I dropped them off when I came in this morning."

When we got back at the Transit House, Helen told us that Mr. Frank had not arrived and that she was expecting him at any minute. We hurried and got dressed and I looked through the purple suitcase. I took all the clothes out and tried on a few. They all fit perfect. The price tags were still on the garments. I almost flipped when I saw the prices.

"Peg these outfits are beautiful but, the prices are out of sight. One of the outfits cost more than my yearly budget for clothing. I donít have that type of money on me. I will have to pay you when I get back."

"Keep you money in your pocket. Frank told me to give him the bill. Hacker Inc. will write it off as expenses. Your Uncle Sam will be paying for them."

We were packing and the phone rang. I answered the phone. It was Helen. She told me that Frank would be at the lodge for dinner with us. He wanted to talk to us before we left. She told me that dinner would be ready in about an hour. I thanked Helen and asked what they were having for dinner. Helen said that Frank had ordered a special dinner for the two of us and he had some good news and a surprise for us. For a moment Helen was silent. Then she said, "Honey, I should not have told you about the surprise. Please donít tell Frank I told you. It just slipped out. Please donít tell Peg, she and Frank donít have any secrets between them. What he knows, she knows."

"Darling whatever you have fixed for dinner will be fine. I know how wonderful the meals have been. I know whatever you can whip up, we will love it."

Helen thanked me, "Honey you are a doll, I love you. I think Frank would have blasted me for letting out his surprise."

After I said goodbye to Helen, Peg wanted to know what we were going to have for dinner. I told her Helen had been busy all afternoon and she is going to whip up something for us. Frank was coming out to see us off. Peg said that whatever Helen cooked it would be delicious. She told me that Helen could make a feast out of leftovers.

We finished packing and put on some conformable clothes for the trip. We went down stairs and Sam was standing at the foot of the stairs with a glass of wine in his hand and said, "Donít tell me who that beautiful young lady is Peg. Let me guess."

He reaches out and took my hand. Sam closed his eyes and put the other hand over them. He rocks his body slowly to one side and gently pulled his hand off of my hand. When he removed his other hand from his eyes and looked at me. I thought that he was looking right through me. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me that I would have a wonderful and enjoyable fright to Hawaii. And, he knew that Peg and I would enjoy every moment we were in Hawaii."

Sam said to Peg, "You two girls are ravishing. I know that you will enjoy your trip."

With a warm look on Samís face he looked me in the eyes and said, "You were beautiful the first time I saw you. Tell me your secret; you are getting more beautiful every time I see you."

The warmth and gentle love that radiated from Samís face gave me the most wonderful feeling that I have ever had. I wanted to hugs and kiss him. I put my hand on his cheek and said, "Sam, I have heard many things about you and they are all wonderful. Even though this is the first time I have met you, I feel that I have known you all my life and I wish I had. I want to thank you for all the wonderful things that you have said about me."

I could not hold myself back I gave Sam a long hug and kissed him on the cheek. I whispered to Sam, "I am so very thankful that you helped me get the job at OS Supply. If you had not put in a good word for me, I might be sitting in jail with George and Jim."

Sam put his hand under my chin and lifted my face. With affection he said, "Sally, there was no way I would have let them put you into jail. You had not done anything to anyone."

He whispered in my ear, "I sorry I had to put in my report about you and the old men. But, I felt that I had to. If I didnít, it may have come out worse than it was."

Frank had heard the conversation and came out of his office. He saw me kissing Sam and whispering to each other. He said, "Sally, what about me donít I get a kiss from you?"

Peg spoke up, "Hey, what about me? Donít I get a little bit of loving?"

Frank smiled and said, "First I am not going to let Sam get a head start on me."

He put his arms around me, kissed me on the cheek, handed me an envelope, and thanked me for doing a good job.

Frank spun around, grabbed Peg, and planted kisses all over Pegís face and neck. When he stopped he was nose to nose with Peg. "Did you really think I would leave you out of this love fest?"

Peg replied, "Yep, if I hadnít said anything you would have been all over Sally. Sam is right. I think she has been taking pretty pills behind my back."

Frank agreed. My face turned a bright red. I felt the flushness in my face. I had never felt this way in my life. I was embarrassed from all the complements. Thankfully I said, "You guys are going make me ruin my makeup if you keep this up. You are to kind."

Frank told us that Mr. Hacker wanted us to have a nice vacation and he wanted to show his appreciation for our work in Washington. Frank told us that there would be more when we returned. Frank told us that Pat had a problem with his wife and needed some extra cash. Pat had given Frank the latest information on Project X and he would keep Frank informed about the project. Frank told them that he had never seen Hacker so happy about any other hook. He felt that with the information Pat would be giving them, Hacker Inc. and its associated companies would get the major part of the contracts.

We sat down to dinner and it was a feast. I was flabbergasted. I swore that I would never eat another packaged dinner again. We all complemented Helen on the feast. Helen brought out a special desert for me. She called it the Sallyís Surprise. It looked like Mud Pie with all kinds of fruit. They all wanted to know why I got the special desert. Helen told them it was to make up for all the trouble that they had put me through. Helen winked at me. I threw a kiss to Helen and told her she was an angle.

Peg looked at me and said, "You told me that we were having leftovers. Helen must have been working on this all afternoon. The dinner was magnificent."

We all agreed that Helen had created a masterpiece.

Time was passing to fast. We gathered our things and headed for the airstrip. Frank and Sam accompanied us to the plane. We all kissed and hugged each other. Tears trickled down our cheeks as we departed.

Frank takes over Hacker Inc.:

Frank and Sam hopped into the limo and headed for Hacker Inc. Frank had no sooner entered his office and his phone rang. Hacker wanted to talk to Frank about Project X. Frank asked if he could bring Sam along. At first Hacker objected. Then with a little uncertainty Hacker changed his mind and told Frank to bring Sam along.

When Frank and Sam opened the door a group of Hacker GOBís Club members stood up, applauded and congratulated Frank for getting the Project X contract. The contract was signed an hour ago. One of the members handed Frank a briefcase with his name embossed in gold. Hacker told Frank to open the briefcase. Frank laid the briefcase on Hackerís desk and opened it causally. The briefcase was filled with Hackerís Inc. stock certificates. Hacker gave Frank a plaque for his desk. "President Frank" was engraved on the plaque. Hacker told Frank that he felt that they could not have gotten Project X without his genius. The entire group toasted Frank and congratulated him for his efforts in getting the contract.

After an hour of congratulation and small talk the group left Hackerís office. Hacker told Frank that he now has all of Hacker Inc. stock except for about 10% that was still on the market. Frank was overwhelmed for a few minutes and speechless. He reached for Hackerís hand and held it with both hands for a long time. Frank expressed his thanks and asked Hacker why he was so generous. Frank wondered what Hacker had up his sleeve. Hacker told him that he and others in the group did not believe that Frank could swing the Project X contract. The stock on his associated companies had sky rocketed since the contract was announced. Hacker had earned 10 times the value of the stock that he turned over to Frank. Hacker felt that Frank had earned the position as President of Hacker Inc. Hacker told him that he had watched him over the years buying up the shares in Hacker inc. Hacker said that at first he was worried about Frank buying up all the stock in Hacker Inc. As time went by he had changed his mind and felt that it would be an incentive for Frank to work harder and his shares in Hacker Inc. was his thanks to Frank for doing an excellent job over the years.

Frank thanked Hacker and told him that it was a little too early to celebrate. Frank told Hacker that he was afraid that the other bidders would do everything to have the contract overturned. He was afraid that there were too many of Hackerís company activities that were on the shady side. It would not take much to find a weak link in the Hacker group.

Hacker reassured Frank that he already had his flanks and all the other sides were covered. They were in place before Project X was in the planning stage. Frank suggested that Hacker take a serious look into his illegal activities that were associated with Hacker Inc. which Frank now owned. Now that Frank had control of Hacker Inc. he wanted to sever Hacker Inc. from Hackerís other businesses. This was going to take some time. This was like severing a hair from an elephant and keeping it alive and continuing to grow. He felt that Hacker would not let him change the setup at Hacker Inc. without a very good reason. With Project X in his pocket, he just might push his illegal activities out of BB Lodge and his other holdings. Frank had noticed that Hacker was much more cautious when Frank first joined the company.

Frank felt that someday the government would no longer allow Hacker to continue to operate illegal corporations, regardless of how much money he contributed to both parties. Some day one of his Slaves would blow the whistle on him. Frank had told Hacker to loosen up on all the slaves that he still controlled by threats and pressure. Frank had hoped that Hacker would take his advice.

The last time Frank had talked to Hacker, he had express his fear, if he continued to controls people with threats and fear, one of them would explode and nothing they could do would stop the explosion. Hacker, like many times before, told Frank that he would have the Think Tank come up with solutions that would slowly loosen the hold on all of his people. Frank had told Hacker that he felt that all of them should be notified that he would no longer pressure them into doing his favors for nothing. He would offer them money for a job. They could accepted or reject the offer. If they accepted the offer, they would pay them up front and record the transaction. If they got cold feet and wanted to back out later before they completed their assignment, they would remind them of the tape and make it clear that if they leaked anything about their assignment the tape would be turned over to the authorities.

Hacker would do almost anything to prevent the lost of Project X. Frank asked Hacker if one of his activities jeopardized the Project X contract, what would he do?

Hacker shook his head and answered, "Frank, I really donít know. That is a good question. I havenít been to the top floor of this building since I was a kid. I would probably got up there and jump off."

With a serious look on Frank face he said, "Think about getting certain operations off of our property and out of the country. If you get one leak we are both dead."

Hacker told Frank as they were leaving he would put his suggest on the top of his list. He told Frank that over the past few years he had felt he had been walking on thin ice. He thought the ice was getting thinner each day. After a few more pats on the back and parting words, Frank and Sam left Hackerís office.

As Frank and Sam were waiting for the elevator, Frank turned to Sam and said, "How would you like a job as Vice President of Hacker Inc.?"

Sarcastically Sam said, "I donít know... what are my duties? Do I chase all the gals away from the water cooler? Or, tell someone to clean the john and keep the girls from sitting on the copying machine with no panties on and making a 1000 copies to hand out to their boyfriends? Oh, yes. How much are you going to pay me?"

"You name the price. Your job is to be my best friend. And, help keep me out of trouble. You have no idea how thankful I am for the advice you have given me since we first met. I would not have made the right decisions on many things without your advice. I would not have had the success that I have had without your help."

With a sincere look on Frank face and a tear sparkling in his eye, he reaches over and gave Sam a hug and said, "Thanks pal for all of your help."

Sam hugged Frank and patted him on the back then whispered, "What are friends for? You are the only person besides my wife that has shown any friendship toward me for many years. Frank, words will never express my gratitude for all the things that you have done for me. I could not have had a better friend."

The night was shot and Frank told Sam that they will go over the impeachment tapes tomorrow night. Frank accompanied Sam down the elevator. On the way back to Frankís suite on the top floor, Frank was exuberant. He wanted someone to share his excitement with. As the elevator door started to close, Frank let out a scream of joy that echo throughout the building. He wanted to call Peg. If Peg were still on the plane, he would be able to call her. When Frank got to his office, he called the plane and the pilot said that he had dropped them off in Dallas a half-hour ago. The pilot did not know what hotel they were staying in. Depressed Frank hung up the phone. Frank had to celebrate his achievement alone.

Frank spent his first day, as President of Hacker Inc. going over all the projects that he had put aside while he was working on Project X. Hacker Inc. part of Project X was minimal. Hackerís other companies had the major share of the contract. Fortunately, Frank wouldn't be deeply involved in Project X. He could concentrate on his Hacker Inc. He wondered if he should change the name of Hacker Inc. to Frank Inc. Frank threw that idea into the circular file. Hacker Inc. was too well known and the lost of the prestige of the company might cost too much. He thought, "Who in hell would do business with a company with a name like Frank Inc.?"

The following day passed to fast. Sam had not been in the office all day. Frank was wondering what had happen to him. As the employees started to leave, Sam with his smiling face walked into Frankís office. Frank with a surprised look on his face said, "Where the fuck have you been. You missed your first day of work at MY Hacker Inc."

Sam snapped, "Hold on Buddy, I did not accept your offer last night. I donít work for you yet. I still havenít accepted your offer. This is going to cut into my personal time. And, you havenít told me what my duties are and how much you are going to pay me."

Frank shook his head, "How much are you worth? What can you do? Have you ever been employed by anyone? Where is your resume and references?"

Sam scratched his head, "Let me think. Should I work for a smart-ass bastard that thinks he is hot shit? I will only get peanuts for my brilliance. What was all that bull shit that was coming out of your mouth last night?"

Frank cut off Sam and said, "All right cut the crap. You will help me run this company. You know that I could not have gotten this far without your help. We will be partners. We will share the profits. We will find a way to put the stock in both of our names. We will split everything down the middle. What do you think?"

With a surprised look on his face Sam said, "Frank, donít kid me. I canít believe what you are saying. You are bull shitting me. I love you as a dear friend. This is too much. You canít do this. You are the one that has kept the food on my table since I quit working for the government. I would feel guilty if I accepted your offer. And, I donít think I could hold up my part of the bargain. There will be too much weight on my shoulder. I donít think that I will be that much help to you."

Frank interrupted Sam by putting his hand on Samís shoulder and said, "All that is expected of you is...just continue doing what you have been doing for me in the past, no more and no less. You are going to run the companyís intelligence department. You are going to run OUR Think Tank. In this business world that we live in, you have to know what the competition is doing every minute of every day to survive I want to know about everyone that we will be dealing with. I want to know when they take as shit, who they fuck and if they enjoyed it. The rest is my job. Oh yes, you will have to share this office with me and smell my farts."

"No way, if you fart once while I am in this office. I will kick your ass out of here."

"OK, no farts. What have you got for me? Letís watch the tapes."

Sam had tapes of all the Impeachment hearings. Frank had asked Sam to profile the Congressman and the Senators. Sam had profiled most of the participants. He gave Frank copies of his profiles. Before Sam started the tapes he briefed Frank and identified the individuals that he should pay attention to. These are the ones that he felt were hiding something or were twisting the truth. Sam felt that someone had written a script. It was very obvious when they repeated the same things over and over. Sam patched a tape of all the Senators and Congressman that had repeated the same line.

Frank laughed, "My God Sam, you are right. It is like a platter that is stuck in one grove. Not only that, they look like they are mouthing it and someone dubbed in the words "lying under oath."

Sam stated, "On this tape I only put in the Senators and Congressman. I may add all of the talk show host and their quest."

"Hell Sam that would be a full length movie of one liner's, lying under oath, with a cast of a thousand or more."

Sam had edited all the tapes similar to the ones he made of Pat. Sam had given Frank a post hypnotic suggestion that would aid him in recognizing when they were shading the truth.

Frank wanted Samís opinion on who was lying on the Judiciary committee. Sam had previewed and taped the House hearings. He edited all of the tapes and profiled all the members. His opinion of the Democrats, of the 16 members, 12 were telling the truth or were so angry that he could not tell and 4 were questionable. On the Republican side with 21 members, 16 were questionable, 4 members were so mad that he couldnít tell and 1 that didnít know or care what was going on.

Sam tells all:

Frank asked Sam when he started reading facial expressions. Sam told him that he grew up out west and his parents were devout Catholics. He was the fifth child in a family of 8 kids. His Father had 5 different jobs just to be able to feed all the kids. His Mother would have gone crazy if she couldnít find ways to keep the kids amused and give her some free time. She would sit them down at the dinner table and pop a large amount of popcorn. She would divide the popcorn evenly between the kids. She gave them a deck of cards and let them play different card games. He said that they started playing poker and betting the popcorn. Sam said, "Frank, when you play poker you have to have a poker face or you would lose all of your popcorn."

Frank chuckled and said, "I wish it was popcorn that I lost to you. How much have I lost to you?"

Sam smiled, "If I told you, you would kick my ass out of here."

"Sam, go on finish what you was saying, or I will kick your ass."

Sam continued, "I started noticing the action of my brothers and sisters. When they were bluffing they all had a nervous reaction. When they had a very good hand a slight smile would replace the nervous reaction. I believe I was 7 or 8 years old when I first noticed the change in their facial expressions. I started to keep records on my brother and sisters. Later I started keeping records of everyone that I met. It was my hobby to learn when a person was lying. I became obsessed with being able to tell when someone was lying. I have cataloged all types of different nervous habits that different individual have when they lie. Frank, I have logged well over 5000 different nervous habits that occur when people lie. Some are almost the same, only with slight differences. Others are combinations of the various habits. If you start taking notice to certain habits, you will soon start to notice the other nervous habits.

Frank asked, "Sam, what is my nervous habit?"

Sam laughed and said, "If I told you Frank, I would not be able to win all the bets with you. (Sam pauses for a minute. He became serious.) No, I was just kidding. It is best not to even think about what you are doing. If I told you, you would be so conscious of it that every time you told a lie, it would be very obvious that you are lying. Donít ever think about it when you are lying. It will show on your face and whoever you are talking to will notice your reactions and suspect that you are lying."

Sam continued and said that his parents could not afford to send the kid to collage. Sam had paid all of his tuition by playing poker in Vegas. When he was 17, he had grown a beard so that he would look older. He would watch a group of players for a while before he would get into the game. If there was someone in the game that did not have a nervous habit, he would not play with the group. He never tried to win too much. Sam felt that if he did, they would not let him play with them again. He would win just enough to make them want to get even.

Sam paused for a moment and said, "Frank, being able to tell when someone is lying to me is a great burden on MY emotions. Most people go through life without knowing when someone is lying. This does not affect them emotionally. When I meet someone, I know almost before I shake their hand that they are not phonies or they are habitual liars. It is very nice and easy for me to enjoy their company when I feel that I can trust them. When they are phonies and lying almost constantly, it is very difficult for me to be sociable. I want to tell them to shut the fuck up."

Sam continues, "I tried to use my ability to select a wife. But, Judy chose me. I have met many girls in my life that I would love to have married. I knew that most of the girls didnít truly love me. I could see through their actions or inactionís that they really didnít love me. I think they all wanted someone better than me. They could not get the guy that they wanted and they were stuck with me or some other slob. They were as desperate as I was. We messed around, but the love that I wanted from them was not there. This was depressing. When I was in high school Judy was in the class below me. Everywhere I went, Judy would tag along. At first I didnít want to be bothered by her. I thought she was too young and she was a pest at times. At times I ignored her when I was chasing another girl. But, this did not deter her. As she matured, she became quite attractive. One evening at a school dance, I got into an argument with one of my classmates. I called him a liar, a fight broke out and I was getting the worst of it. Out of the blue, Judy showed up. She laid a haymaker on the guyís face. Blood from his nose was spraying all over the guy. She had ruptured a small blood vessel in the guyís nose. It blew everyoneís mind, including me. Judy pulled a handkerchief out of her packet book and helped the guy stop the bleeding. Judy and I apologized to the guy. I grabbed Judy hand and we left the party. When I got her out of the building, I told her that this guy and his friends were bullies. They would be coming after us as soon as he rounded up his buddies. If they were by themselves they were scared little bastards. Together they shoved everyone around."

"In one way, you canít blame them. The bigger kids were picking on them when they were alone. They needed each other for the own self-protection. Usually this is beginning of a GOBís club."

"Judy and I took off in Judyís car. Judy drove up into the hills overlooking the city. Only a few kids knew about this spot. It was isolated and seldom used by adults. Judy had hung around with my friends and me at our local hangouts. She was just one of the gang. This was the first time Judy and I had been alone together. We were just friends. At first we talked about the guy that Judy punched in the nose. After that, one thing led to another. We had been talking for about three hours. I was so consumed with Judyís and her affection, I did not think about where we were, nor did I care. As I look back, there had never been anything that Judy had done that would make me think she cared for me. It was more like a friendship. Judy made the first advance. She put her hand softly on my cheek, leaned over, and kissed me. For the next two hours we steamed the inside of the car. Our lips were sore from all the kissing. I tried to get fresh with Judy. She gently pushed my hand away. She put both of her hands on my cheeks, kissed me and said, Honey, just think how much we will love it on the first night of our marriage. Then she gives me a big kiss and pulled me tightly against her body. At that moment I had no plans for getting married. Judy had fallen for me a few years back and she wasnít going to let me get away from her. She followed me to UCLA and attended most of the same classes I had. To this day I have never seen a nervous reaction on Judy that indicated she was lying about our love. When she wants to fib about something trivial, her nose will wrinkle up. I have not told her about the twitch. I know there is so much love for me in that little lady. She glowís and her eyes twinkle when she looks at me. Frank, for the life of me I canít understand what she saw in me when we were kids and what she sees in me today. When I think about this, it blows my mind."

Frank sarcastically said, "It blows my mind that anyone would like an asshole like you."

"Same to you, you smart-ass bastard, from now on, you will never know if I am lying to you."

Frank pleaded, "I sorry buddy, I was just kidding."

"You lying bastard, you forgot, I can tell when you are lying, ha, ha."

"OK, OK, itís getting late, get your ass out of here and go home."

As Sam was leaving he said, "Donít fall asleep. I spent too much time on these tapes for you to fall asleep in the middle of them."

"Iíll try."

Frank continued to watch the hearing. He enjoyed watching them when he knew someone was lying. What really bothered Frank, the public believed the lies the Congressmen and witnesses were telling them. Sam was right; it didnít take long until Frank had dropped off to sleep.


We arrived in Dallas within an hour. We checked into a hotel next to the airport. After Peg and I settled down, I couldnít wait to open the envelope Frank had given me. Peg did not show any emotion relating to the envelope. She through the envelope into her suitcase and didnít bother to look inside. I think she enjoyed watching me. I opened the envelope and found 10 packets. They were all sealed with a piece of tape. I didnít know what was in the small folders. I wondered what Frank had given me. Peg must have seen the bewilderment in my face. I was too embarrassed to ask Peg. Without me asking Peg, she said, "Sally, those are travelerís checks."

I opened one of the packets and started counting the checks. I asked Peg if the amount on the check was what it was worth. Peg nodded, yes. I counted up to $5000 and stopped counting. I compared the stacks I had counted with the ones that were left. I screamed, "It must be $10,000."

Peg couldnít hold back a slight chuckle and a tear. How stupid could I be?

 Like the other times Peg had watched Sally, she had never experienced the excitement and happiness that Sally went through. Yet watching Sally gave her a strange feeling of excitement and happiness. She had a little bit of resentment for not enjoying life the way Sally enjoyed it.

  Peg left me and went into the bathroom and filled the bathtub. She said to me, "I hope you donít mind, I am going to soak for a while."

I answer her, "No, Peg. I have got all night."

I counting the travelers checks three or four time. I wondered if Hacker had given Peg $10,000. Or, did the old bastard think by giving me the money I would have to sleep with him? I thought, "That old bastard ainít going climb in bed with me!"

Then a thought popped into my mind. Only a few months back, I was going to let him mess around with me for much less than the ten thousand. I chuckled to myself.

I laid back and did what I usually do every night before I go to sleep. I reviewed all the events of the day. As I looked at the travelers checks and started to realize how much money it was I felt ashamed for having all of this money. The little money that Rosa and her husband Peppe had, they shared it with me. All the work and money they had spent to repair and replace the furniture, it must have been a burden on them. I promised myself that I would find a way to help them out. They were offended when I gave them the money. Peppe did an excellent job on the apartment. There must be a job that pays a better salary than what he is making now. Another thought popped up. I called Peg and asked her if she thought that Frank could find a good job for Peppe.

Peg yelled back, "Honey, I will hire him to fix up my home. Itís a fucking mess. You havenít seen my home. I have been looking for someone to maintain my house. There is always something that has to be fixed."

I asked, "Sweetheart, you are not doing this just to help me out, are you? If they think I am doing this to repay them for what they did for me, Peppe may not take the job."

Peg replied, "Hell no. I have been putting off having things done too long. When we get in Hawaii tomorrow I will call a friend of mind that will find out where Peppe works and how much he is making. I will have my Dad put him on the corporation payroll. Peppe will not know that you are the one that got him the job. I will tell him that I had heard that he did excellent work and the place needed someone like him to take care of my house. Donít worry; we will take care of Peppe."

Peg looked up. I was leaning over her. I wiped the soap from her forehead and kissed her, "You really are an angle. I just canít believe what is going on in my life. I have wished and prayed for a life that I am living now. I enjoy it very much, but at times I feel guilty for having so much when people like Rosa and Peppe have so little. They seem to be very happy and enjoy the life they are living. One side of me wants to help them. But, if I interfere with their life, will I destroy the happiness they are having now."

Peg interrupted me, and said, "Sally, donít worry your little head. We will only make life better for them and give them some of the things that they have dreamed of having."

I reached and handed Peg a towel and said, "Peg put on your nightgown. You have a very beautiful body. I wish mine was as beautiful as yours. Looking at you is making me horny. Damn it, I wish my body look that good. The men in your life must have gone crazy when they saw you naked."

Peg laughed, "You should talk. You drove Pat crazy."

With a stupid grin of my face, I said, "Peg, I think we both are a little of nuts. Get out of here and let me take a bath."

Peg decided not to wait until tomorrow. Peg picked up the phone and called her Father. She told Ben that she needed someone to take care of her house. She had found someone that she liked and he had very good references. She wanted him and his family to live in her guesthouse. She felt that it would be better if someone was in the house while she was away. She told him where Peppe lived and she wanted to pay him $1,000 a week. She wanted her Father to put him on the company payroll with all the company benefits. To make sure that Ben did what she wanted, she reminded Ben of the tapes. She told him not to haggle with Peppe over the salary, if he wanted more to give it to him. She told him that she would feel safer with Peppe and his family living on the grounds.

Without a question Ben told her he would have his plant manager get in contact with Peppe. He would see that Peppe was moved into the guesthouse as soon as possible. He asked her where she was. She told him that she was on a business trip for Frank and she would not be back for a few weeks, if not longer. She would call Peppe at the guesthouse in a few days to see how things were. She wanted certain things fixed in the house that were long overdue. Peg thanked Ben and told him that she still loved him. He told her that he would always love her.

Peg yelled to me that she had called her Father and Peppe would be living in her guesthouse. He would be paid $1000 a week and have all of Benís companyís benefits.

A smile came across Pegís face. Peg was on an emotional high. She felt the same emotions the day she put Cindy on the plane to Mississippi. The glow of happiness and contentment flowed through her body. A few tears glistened in her eyes. She loved the feeling that was going through her body. She wanted the feeling to last forever. She remembered what Sally had said. She wondered if she was destroying the life of Peppe or making it better. She went back to the phone and called her Father. She told Ben that if Peppe did not want the job, not to force it on him. If he wanted to know how this all came about, tell him a friend of mine highly recommended him.

At this moment Peg was in a very pleasant mood. She wanted to get a load off of her mind that she had had for years. She was going to tell Sally her secret.

Peg called to me, "Honey when you get out of the tub I will tell you my secret."

I had never moved so fast. I jumped out of the bathtub dripping wet with suds all over my body. I quickly dried myself off, rapped a towel around me, and headed for the bedroom. I could not wait to hear what Peg was going to tell me. Peg said, "That didnít take long."

I responded, "I couldnít wait to hear what you wanted to tell me."

"Sally, no matter what, please donít tell anyone about this conversation."

Wide eyed, I frantically swore that I would never tell anyone. As usual, with my eyes and mouth wide open, I stared into Peg eyes. Peg smiled and chuckled at the facial expression on my face, and told me to shut my mouth.

Peg started telling me about the affair she had with her Father. I was in tears from the very beginning. At various points in the story I hugged and kissed Peg. This was a very emotional time for Peg. When Peg was finished she felt as if tons of weight was lifted from her body. Emotionally the weight was transferred to me. I was very depressed over the life that Peg had gone through. I felt all of the emotion that Peg had gone through. I emotionally lived Pegís life as she told the story. I felt the love, hate, joy, and fear that Peg had gone through.

Peg said, "After we started having sexual intercourse, it was more my fault than my Fathers. I demanded that he performed some type of sexual pleasures almost every night. Some days I wanted him to make love with me all day. Later on when I wanted to stop our relationship, he told me that he was addicted to me. At the beginning I was addicted to him. Even now I yearn to have him near me. I canít understand why I feel like this. At times I have wanted to kill him. At other times when this strange feeling runs through my body I yearn for his affection. Many nights I canít fall to sleep thinking about him. I talked to Sam about the problem. I told him it was a friend of mine. I am almost certain that Sam knew it was me that had the problem. At times I think Sam can read your mind. He was sympathetic and comforting about the ordeal. He suggested that I tell my friend to see a shrink. He thought that I was socially to close to him. From what he said and the way he acted, I knew that Sam knew that it wasnít a friend. It was me. He told me to find someone that is not socially or emotionally involved with my friend. As Sam suggested, I went to a shrink. I felt that he wanted to seduce me the moment I walked into his office. I did not go back to him. He called me a couple of times. The last time I told him the truth. He hasnít called since. Sally I hope that you donít mind me telling you my problems. As I have told you, you are the first and only person I have felt that I could talk to about my personal sexuality."

I rolled over and hugged Peg and whispered, "When you feel that you want to get something off of your chest feel free to let it all out. I donít know how to say it. You make me so proud when you trust me with your personal thoughts. I have never felt this way about anyone else in my life. I like to open up to someone at times. I hope you will let me bare my soul to you."

Peg put her hand on my cheek and said, "Anytime honey, anytime."

Peg continued for about another hour telling me about all the strange details of her life. In the middle of a sentence Peg stopped talking. I did not know if Peg had fallen asleep or just didnít want to talk any more. I lay silently without moving until I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. Peg was in a deep sleep. I wondered if I had fallen asleep while Peg was talking. I hoped I hadnít.

The room was dark as pitch. The phone rang, we both jumped. Peg was fumbling around in the dark not knowing where she was. She thought she was still at home. I reached over and turned on the light on my side of the bed. When Peg saw me, she said, "What are you are doing here?"

No sooner had Peg said it she realized where she was and said, "I forgot where I was. I thought I was at home. Then I thought that I was at your apartment."

I picked up the phone and I said, "It was our wake-up call."

Half asleep, we both jumped in the shower together. Thank to the occupants in the next room turning on the hot water, we got a spray of cold water, without rinsing the soap off our bodies. We jumped out of the cold shower. I shuttered, "I thought you only got cold showers in a cold water flats."

Peg groaned, "You will get a cold spray everywhere you go. At least it woke me up. What time is it?"

I said, "Itís 5:30. What time do we have to be at the airport? The Plane leaves at 7."

Peg answered, "We should get there before 6:30. We have to check in and check our bags. These flights are usually packed full. We may have to stand in line for a long time. I think itís best to be there as soon as we can."

I didnít think we would have time to eat breakfast. I knew that it would be a long flight and I remembered the snacks they had given us on their flight to Washington. I asked Peg, "What about breakfast? We will starve on that long flight."

With a smile on her face and a chuckle in her voice, Peg answered, "Donít worry about food Sally. We are going first class. They will give you anything you want. You wonít starve. Just start packing and donít worry about your stomach."

We called the Bellboy to help with the luggage. The Bellboy wasnít a boy. He was a skinny little old black man that brought our luggage to the room last night. Peg had given him $5 last night. I felt sorry for him and helped him load the cart. He reminded me of someone very dear to me when I lived in Dustville. He looked enough like her to be her brother. He said to me, "Donít strain yourself young lady, I have been doing this all my life. I am much stronger than my little old body looks."

While we were waiting for the elevator I continued my conversation with the bellboy, I asked him if he ever lived in Dustville or knew anyone that lived in Dustville. He asked me where Dustville was. I told him and he said that he had never been out of Texas.

I said, "You brought our luggage up here last night. Have you been up all night? You must be exhausted."

"No, I love working on the graveyard shift. It gets slow and we take turns relaxing. I bet I got as much sleep last night as you did."

"You are kidding me."

"No, I just change the place where I sleep and watch TV. I have the days off and do anything I want to."

He put our luggage in the cab and told us to have a nice trip. I pulled $100 bill out of my pocket book and gave it to him. He looked at the bill and reached out for my hand. He slid the bill into my hand and said," This one was is on me. Buy yourself a gift from me."

I leaned over, kissed him on the cheek, and slipped the bill into his jacket pocket without him noticing it. As the cab pulled away I stuck my head out the window and said, "You better check your jacket pocket before you go home. I think I saw something in it."

The bellboy removed the bill from his pocket. He smiled at me and threw me a kiss. With a big smile on my face I threw him a kiss back. Peg laughed at me and kidded me saying that I flirted with all the men. I looked at Peg and said, "I love older men, and I think itís because my Father hated my guts. I have always wanted to have a Father that loved me. I feel at ease with older men. Even the guys that I met in the bars, they listen to what I had to say. Even though I knew they wanted to go to bed with me. I felt sorry for them. They were so lonely, and they craved for a little affection."

A thought flashed through my mind and sent a cold chill through my body. Without being able to control it, I gasped and looked at Peg. I remembered what Peg had told me last night about her and her Father. I looked at Peg sheepishly as if I just got caught stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar.

Peg knew what had happened. She reached over, kissed me on the cheek, and said to me, "I know what you mean. I wanted the very same thing. But, it led to other things. Sometimes I wish I had never started it and at other times I recall how much I enjoyed making love to my Father. A lot of times I forced myself on him. As I grew older I started to feel guilty for what I had started."

I interrupted Peg, "I am very sorry that I brought it up."

Peg looked over at me and said, "I have wanted to talk to someone for a long time. It helps me to get over the guilt I have stored inside me. It helped me when we talked about my problem. I donít want you to hold back your thoughts. Whenever you have anything you want to talk about, please donít be afraid to say whatever you want. Feel free to talk about my problem or any of your problems."

I wanted to change the subject I said, "Peg, I saw something that has freighting me. I believe if certain individuals knew what I saw, they would kill me. I know that you and Frank have a close relationship. I feel if I told you about it, you would tell Frank."

Peg interrupted me. "Sally, Frank and I have a close relationship. Of course, we make love and care for each other. But, I donít tell him everything and I know that he doesnít tell me everything. He is a very kind man and he trusts me. There are things I could not get out of him. Whatever you say to me in confidence I will not tell anyone. You be the one that judges what you want to tell me. I will never insist that you tell me anything that you want to keep to yourself."

I cautiously whispered to Peg, "Chills go down my back every time I think about what I saw. When I was in the room at BB Lodge the day we hooked Pat, I saw a truck loading with money being store in the limo garage. It must have been millions of dollars on that truck. I think it was drug money. Hackerís men paid me with money that was in packets just like the ones that were stored in the garage."

Peg put her hand on my shoulder. "I know what you mean; at times I donít want to go to the BB Lodge. I am afraid that there will be a raid by the FBI or someone will be fighting over the money. You only saw a drop in the bucket. There are much larger buildings that are full. I told Frank that I was afraid to go to the Lodge. Frank said that there are clubs all over the country that are stuffed with drug money. They are running out of places to store the money. Hacker himself feels uneasy about having the money stored at BB Lodge. They canít laundry the money fast as it is coming in. Hacker buys the money for 10 to 20 cents on a dollar. He invests the money for the cartels in legitimate business all over the world. He takes the rest of the money and feeds it into all of his companies. He reinvests the profits and never pays taxes or pays very little taxes on all his profits. Hacker uses a lot of the money to pay his associates. Hackerís men paid me off with a pile of that money a couple of times. I had no idea where it was stored. Some of the stuff had mold all over it. I told Frank if he wanted me to work with him they better not give me any more of that crap. He hasnít given me any more since. Sally, from what I have heard, they are flying millions of dollars in and out these clubs every day. They canít get rid of the money as fast as itís coming in. The damn stuff is stored all over the country."

I interrupted Peg; "It only cost those bastards 5 to 10 thousand dollars for the money they paid me. It took me a week to clean and iron the stuff. I put the stuff in the washing machine and I had strings running all over the apartment to dry out the wet bills. I think they gave me more singles than any other denomination."

Peg laughed and said. "Honey that not the way money is laundered."

The door of the cab opened up. The skycap said, "I hate to interrupt the fun. Would you like me to take your bags?"

He must have seen the smile on Pegís face. The skycap put our luggage on a cart and checked us in. Peg could not stop laughing. "Sally, I canít wait until we can continue this conversation. I want to know all about your cloths-line. Or, should I say money-line."

Boarding the plane didnít take long. We were through security and on the plane within 20-25 minutes. After we border the plane I told Peg the remainder of my money-laundering ordeal. I had burned my finger a hundred times while I was ironing the money. Peg told me that she just through the boxes in a closet in the basement and when she needed a few buck in cash she would dip into it. A thought flashed through Pegís mind and she said, "What will Peppe think if he found the money?"

"Peg. Peppe and Rosa would never steal from anyone. I would bet my life on it. They are to kindhearted to steal from anyone."

Peg laughed and said, "I think I am getting senile, I forgot. I put the boxes in a metal cabinet about six months ago and I have the key to the cabinet."

I said, "If I had thrown it in a closet, those bastards would have found it when they broke into my apartment. I canít imagine what they would have done with me if they had found it. I would not be on this flight. I would probably be pushing up daisies or on a chain gang."

As usual, I gaped at everything that was going on. All of this was new to me. I enjoyed watching the other passenger as they got on the plane. I could not get over all the different nationalities that were getting on the plane. I nudged Peg and asked if we were on the right plane. She said that we were on the right plane. I could not believe it. I thought that we may be going to China, Japan, or some other oriental country. I wondered how they all had learned to speak English. Peg saw my bewilderment and asks me, "What was the matter."

I whispered to Peg, "Are sure we on the right plane?"

"Of course honey. Why do you ask?"

"The plane is almost full with Orientals."

"Honey, Hawaii is the western doorstep to the United States. You will see many Orientals in Hawaii."

The Flight Attendant interrupted Peg when she came around and asked what we wanted to drink and offered us a beautiful selection of fruit. Peg took a couple pieces of fruit, rolled over, and went to sleep. I was pumped up with all the excitement of the flight and the Flight Attendant kept coming with all kindsí of wonderful things to eat, I was wide-awake. After the plane took off I walked up and down the aisles of the plane smiling at everyone on the plane. I struck up conversations with a number of passengers. I talked to one of the Flight Attendants during the movie. I thought that being a Flight Attendant was the best job in the world. You got to see the world and were paid for it. I wanted to know everything about becoming a Flight Attendant. If I decided to quit Hacker, I would become Flight Attendant.

 Peg woke up and didnít see me. Time passed and I hadnít returned. Peg thought that she better look for me. When she found me, I was helping the Flight Attendant serving the other passengers. They had found a Hawaiian wrap and an apron for me.

Peg went back to her seat chuckling to herself, "Sam did it. Frank was right. Donít bet against Sam. How does he do it? I wish I could hypnotize someone without them knowing it. She hasnít shown any signs of being afraid on the plane."

I finished helping the attendant and returned to my seat. I told Peg how much fun I have had on the flight and all the wonderful people I had met. I leaned back in the seat and started taking inventory of my life. I was very enthused about the trip. My new life was like a dream. Just a few months ago I could not afford the minimum requirements I needed to support my meager existence. Now, I was on my way to Hawaii. In those few short months my life had completely turned around. Emotionally, I was torn. I wondered if I deserved my new life. I thought about Mom and Dad scraping together a simple life. Tears came to my eyes.

Peg had been catnapping. She glanced over and saw the tears trickling down my cheeks. She asked, "Honey, why are you crying. Is it something that I have done?"

"No, I feel selfish for all the things I have now. Mom and Dad, and all the other poor souls in this world have so little and I have so much. I want to share it with everyone. But, if I shared it with everyone I wouldnít have anything."

Peg smiled and chuckled, "We do have our problems. Honey, donít feel that way. As I told you earlier, you canít adapt everyone in this world. Sometimes we can help those that help themselves. We helped Cindy and we are going to help Rosa and Peppe. Sit back and relax and enjoy the flight. You deserve everything that you have and every cent that you have earned."

I didnít say another word. I was going to drown my thoughts with the free drinks they had been offering me since I came on the plane. I asked the Flight Attendant for drink. As soon as I finished one I asked for another. The drinks had not stopped me from thinking about the poor soul around the world that had nothing. With the cost of the flight, they could live for a year. I had about 3 drinks in the last half-hour. The attendant bent over and whispered in my ear that she shouldnít give me any more drinks. She told me that I would enjoy Hawaii much more if I were sober. I apologize to the attendant and thanked her.

After we landed, we headed for luggage area. As we walked along the ramp, I noticed a sign that read "Peg and Sally." I asked Peg, "How did they know we were coming? What do they want?"

"They are here to greet us and take us to the hotel. Relax."

"I was afraid that Georgeís friends knew we were here."

As we approached the couple with the sign, the man said, "Aloha, are you Sally and Peg?"

Peg said, "Aloha, yes this is Sally and I am Peg."

The young lady put leis around our necks. I could not hold back the excitement that flowed through me. My face lit up with a smile from ear to ear. Then the man put leis on us. He gave both of us a kiss. Peg knew that I was in my own little heaven. We both thanked them for the welcome. They helped us with our luggage and we were on our way to the hotel.

I had noticed how beautiful the plantings were at the airport. But, I was surprised that along the highway all the beauty had vanished. It looked like any big city. It had all the same businesses. I had visions of Hawaii as a primitive oasis with nothing but palm trees and tropical flowers. I mentioned it to Peg. Peg assured me that I would see plenty of palm trees and tropical flowers before I left Hawaii. She reminded me that it was the twentieth century.

By the time we reached the hotel I was jumping with excitement. I was overwhelmed at the attention and friendliness of everyone. We both were smothered with Leis. The fragrance and colors of the Leis were beautiful. I had never seen an arrangement of flowers this beautiful. 


The welcoming committee helped us to our room. The moment I entered the room I dashed to the window and looked out, I let out a gasp. The bellboy thought that I had been hurt. He ran across the room and put his arm around me and said, "Did you hurt yourself?"

I looked at him and said, "Oh no, Iím not hurt. This is the most beautiful scene I have ever seen. Hawaii is so beautiful. I wish I could live here for the rest of my life. Everything is so beautiful, the fragrance of the flowers. Now I can understand why they call it paradise. I think this is the closest I will ever get to heaven. How long have been in Hawaii?"

The young man answered me, "I was born here. I love Hawaii also. I have been away, but I always come back home."

I asked, "Would you mind if I enjoyed your home for a short while."

He smiles and said, "Why not, I wouldnít object to anyone wanting to enjoy the beauty of my homeland."

Peg came over to the window and looked out; she looked at the bellboy and asked, "Has this little tramp been bothering you."

Blushing he said, "Oh, no Maíam, she was enjoying the view."

Peg gave him a twenty and thanked him for helping with the bags. She smiled, winked, and gave him a sexy look. Again he blushed and thanked her for the tip. With the suggestive look on Peg face, he must have thought that we were going to rape him.

After the bell hop shut the door I looked at Peg and put my hands on my hips and said, "Call me a tramp, look who is talking, I saw the way you looked at that boy. I donít think he is over 15. You old slut, you should be ashamed of yourself. I think he thought he was going to get raped before he left the room."

We both tried desperately to hold a straight face. The laughter burst out of our mouths like an explosion.

I could not wait until I could put my feet into the Pacific Ocean. This is the first time in my life that I have been anywhere close to an ocean. I had noticed that Peg did not seem to enjoy nor had the excitement I had. I asked Peg if there was something bothering her. Peg said, "No, why do you ask?"

"You look like you are not enjoying the trip. Do you miss being with Frank?"

"Honey, I am just as happy as you are. Of course I miss Frank. But, that is not going to keep us from having fun."

I knew something was wrong and said, "Peg, I know something is bothering you. Is it something that I have done? I have seen that look on your face before. I know it must be something that I have done. What is it?"

Peg still had the troubled look on her face. She laid on the bed and said, "Sally, it not what you have done. It has been what I have done or not have done. I am a rotten spoiled brat. I envy you. I have never had the excitement and job that I see you are having. When I wanted something, no matter what it was I got it. If I did not get it immediately I was a raving maniac. I have never had the enthusiasm you have about everything in life. I feel that I have been deprived of all the wonderful feeling that you have about everything. I am envious of you. I feel that my life has been an empty shell. When I have these spells of envy, I am still that spoiled brat that I have been all of my life. I think Sam is right. I should go see a shrink. Forgive me for acting the way I am. I am trying to pull myself out of the hole that I am in. Emotionally, at times that spoiled brat side of me comes out. I cannot stop it. Watching you enjoy the beauty of Hawaii and the enthusiasm you have shown has brought back my spoiled brat attitude. Forgive me for the way I have acted. I want so much to enjoy life as you do. Have patients with me."

I was so ashamed of asking Peg why she looked so sad. I felt terrible about opening an emotional problem that was so deeply embedded within Peg. Being my stupid self, I had created an emotional problem inside of Peg.

My thoughts ended when Peg said, "Enough of this bull shit. As you said Sally, I think we both are fruitcakes. Let get dressed for the beach and get out of this room. I want to enjoy the fresh air and the ocean."

I was hoping my excitement of being in Hawaii was starting to flow over to Peg. While we were getting dressed, I noticed that Pegís enthusiasm was growing. I saw a slight smile on her face. It made me feel much better.

Peg had no trouble finding a bathing suit. Her suitcase was well organized. My suitcase was a fucking mess. When I opened the suitcase in Dallas to see what Peg had bought me, I just crammed everything back in the suitcase. I had no idea where my bathing suit was or what it looked like. As I rummaged through the suitcase Peg said, "Honey, I think I put your bathing suit in the top pocket of the suitcase. Itís Pink."

I unzipped the pocket and pulled out two small pieces of cloth. With my stupid look, with my mouth and eyes wide open I said, "You donít expect me to wear this on the beach and in the hotel?"

Peg trying not to laugh said, "Why, doesnít it fit?"

"This swimming suit doesnít cover anything. I may as well go necked."

"Why donít you? You have a very nice body. Try it on and let see what you look like in it. I assure you there will be a lot of women out there with less on."

Cautiously I put on the swimsuit. The suit was a little elastic and I could stretch it out a little. Peg had one very similar. Peg looked wonderful in her bathing suit. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was never so proud of the way I looked. Peg told me that there was a hat and jacket to match in one of the suitcases.

I put on my sunglasses and a broad brimmed hat that went with the outfit. Peg and I both looked very sexy in the outfits. With our beach jackets unbuttoned, our backs were almost the only things that were covered. Our cute little butts were bare.

Peg looked at me and smiled, "You look beautiful; donít ever tell me how ugly you are again. If you do I will kick your butt. If I was a man I would seduce you right now."

I blushed, nodding my head in embarrassment and said, "Thank you Peg, I love you. I wish I could pick out outfits as nice as the ones that you have picked out for me. I never know what to buy."

We hurried out the door and rushed to the elevator. It seemed like eternity before the elevator came. I was ready to walk down the stairs. When the elevator came, there were a couple of men in the elevator. The men could not take their eyes off of us. We both knew what the men were thinking. It didnít seem to bother Peg. I started to blush. When the elevator reached the lobby, we walked hastily out of the lobby and headed for the ocean. When we got out of ear shot of anyone I said, "The way those men looked at us, I felt that I was naked and they were going to rape us in the elevator. Do you think we should change to something else?"

Peg laughed and said, "Sally, all men are like that. Just wait and see what the other women are wearing on the beach. Compared to what they will have on, we are over dressed."

Still with my mouth wide open, I could not believe that anyone could wear anything less. It was quite a surprise when I saw the other women wearing the postage stamp and band aide size bathing suits. A lot of bathing suits were made of a string around their waist and a small triangle piece of cloth covering their personal.

We both were overcome by the beauty of the palm trees, the beautiful flowers, the little Penguins, the fishponds, many beautiful birds, the quaint shops along the way, and the beautiful swimming pools. We were torn between going into the shops and continuing to the beach. The beach won out.

There was a warm breeze swaying the palm trees. In the distance, over the ocean, there was a rain shower. The sun reflecting off the rain created a beautiful rainbow. It was the largest and most beautiful rainbow that either one of us had ever seen. The beach was filled with sunbathers. Almost everyone on the beach had taken out their cameras and was snapping pictures of the rainbow. I wanted so much to get a few pictures of the rainbow. I asked a young lady if she know where I could buy a camera. She points to a small gift shop. Peg and I thanked her and dashed for the gift shop. There were four or five people waiting to be served. Peg reached across the counter, pick up one of the disposable cameras, and started snapping pictures of the rainbow. The sales clerk looked a little surprised. I told her not to worry that I would pay for the camera. After the sales clerk had finished with the other customers, I gave her a hundred-dollar bill. After I got my change, I gave the young lady a ten-dollar bill and thanked her. I was hoping that the ten would sooth the flare of anger that had shown on her face.

Peg was still snapping pictures. The rainbow started to fade away. The sunbathers returned to their beach mats. After the crowd laid back down on the beach I saw an old man walking up and down the beach with an object in his hand. Every now and then he would stop and dig up something with a scoop that he held in his left hand. I pointed at the man and asked Peg, "What is he doing?"

Peg told me that he was looking for diamonds and gold. With enthusiasm I blurted out, "Is there gold and diamonds in the sand?"

Peg nodded and said, "Yep, do you remember when the plane was approaching the island, the pilot pointed and told everyone to look to the right of the plane and said thatís Diamond Head."

I thought that I would try my luck and find a diamond. I found a vacant spot in the sand and started to sift through the sand. The old man saw me sifting through the sand and thought that I had lost something. He came over to me, and asked, "Did you lose something?"

I looked up at him and replied, "No, I am doing the same thing you are doing. I am looking for gold and diamonds."

A small crowd had gather around me and they were wondering what I was doing. The old man told me that I would wear my knees down to the bones before I found anything. The crowd chuckled. I looked over and saw Peg laughing her guts out. I knew that I had been had. I had never felt so stupid.

I thought for a minute, I didnít want all these people to think I was a dope. I picked up one of my hands with a 2-caret zircon ring and said, "I found this one."

I stood up, put my arm around the old man, and thanked him for helping me out of a very embarrassing situation. I introduced myself and asked what his name was. He smiled at me and said, "I am Francis, if you want to find diamond and gold on the beach, get yourself a metal detector. You didnít find that ring over there. I went through that area just a few minutes ago."

I told him no and pointed to Peg and said, "That bitch grinning like a jackass told me you were looking for diamonds and gold. Like a fool I believed her."

Francis smiled and said, "I am looking for diamonds and gold. If I didnít have this metal detector, I wouldnít find anything."

I looked over where I was searching. There were about half dozen people sifting through the sand. I told Francis that I better let them know that I was just kidding about finding the ring. On the way over, I thought, they will kill me for playing a trick on them. When I got to the crowd, I thanked them for helping me look for my contacts. I told them they probably had dried up by now.

Someone said, "I thought you had lost a diamond ring."

I quickly said, "Oh, I found that."

I lifted up my hand; the poor souls slowly go up from the sand and walked off talking to themselves.

I looked over and saw Peg and Francis smiling. I told Peg, "I am going to get you for this. Donít you dare tell anyone back home about this."

I shook a fist at Peg. We thanked Francis, wished him good hunting, and headed down the beach. We were lucky to have sandals on. The sand was hot from the sun. The water was refreshing. The beach was filled with sunbathers. The beach was bumper to bumper with bodies. Or, should I say butt to butt. It was hard to walk on the hot sand. It was almost completely covered with bodies. About the only place to walk was in the water. At spots the water was crowded. We came upon an area that was covered with young ladies sunbathing topless. The bottom part of the swimming suits was not much bigger than a Band-Aid. And, some were less than a postage stamp. Peg told me that there were places in Hawaii and around the world where no clothing was worn at the beach. What was on the beach left nothing for your imagination. I was wondering, where are all the men, I thought that there would be a crowd of men with this type of scenery. The men looked at them casually and continued walking. At home, there would have been a riot on the beach if this happened. I had been comparing my body with the girls lying topless. I thought with pride, "I have more than they have. Some of the breast looked like a couple of eggs frying in a pan."

I noticed that Peg seemed to be staring at something down the beach. I looked over at Peg and asked her what she was looking at? Without pointing she showed me a couple out in the water. She told me that they were doing it in the water. Peg said that they must be newlyweds. I looked at the sunbathers and said, "Everyone on the beach is watching them and they donít seem to care."

Peg favorite word, "Yep. Look at the faces of everyone on the beach they all would like to change places with them. Everyone on the beach is horny. That girl in the pink is playing with herself."

I asked, "Which one, the gal wearing the red hat."

"No Sally, the one with the yellow towel over her lap. She playing with herself or she has crabs. She looks like she enjoying herself."

I didnít see the girl with the yellow towel. In my excitement I said loudly, "Where is the girl with the yellow towel."

I was so loud that everyone turned and looked at us. The girl with the yellow towel looked up and saw Peg looking at her. Embarrassment flooded the poor girl face. She jumped up, grabbed her things, and ran down the beach.

Peg scolded me, "Damn you Sally. You interrupted the show and you embarrassed the girl."

We looked back at the couple doing it the water and Peg said, "See the reflection of the sun on her left hand? If they had been married for a while she would not be wearing her diamond in the ocean. You saw me hide my rings in the room. When you put the sunscreen on you, your hands and fingers get very slippery. When you go into the water they slide off your finger. Francis should follow her around. She is too busy making love, she will lose her ring."

I said, "I am going out there and tell her to go put her rings in the hotel."

Being uncertain of what I would do, Peg said, "Donít you dare?"

I countered, "Yes I am, while she is gone to the room I am going to take over where she left off. You just canít leave a man in that condition. I am getting horny just watching them. Look, I think it slipped out. She took her hand off his shoulder, reached down between them, and put it back in. I defiantly going out there and tell her to hide her rings in her room. I canít stand it any longer."

Peg threatened, "If you go out there, both of them will kick the shit out of you. So will I and everyone on the beach will help. Look at all the faces. They all are looking at the same thing just like you. They all are drooling and so am I. I am not going to look any longer; if I do I will be out there joining them."

I told Peg, "I think I would do the same thing that the girl is doing on my honeymoon. I think I would be doing it every minute for the first couple of months."

Peg laughed, "You are a horny bitch."

I was still watching the young couple. The guy saw me looking at him and he pulled away from the girl. His bride did not know why he was pulling away. She tried to continue. She was reaching into the water and trying to grab the guyís prick. The young guy told her what was happening. She looked at the crowd staring at them. She gave them the famous finger, wrapped her legs around, him, and pulled his face into her breast. She wasnít going to let the crowd interfere with their honeymoon.

I heard a loud horn blowing. The sound came from a sailboat. One of the crew was blowing through a big conch shell. They heard him call for everyone to come aboard. Peg said, "Letís go for a boat ride and stop thinking about them screwing."

I agreed and we ran for the boat. The boat was pulling away from the beach when we were stepping onto the stair on the boat. One of the crew helped us aboard. We paid our fair and looked for a place to rest. There was a webbed rope net between the two hulls on the catamaran. We asked one of the crew if we could lie on the rope net. He told us that we might get wet. Peg said to me, "Letís go for it. I want to get wet. The sun is quite warm."

We climbed along the hull holding onto the riggings to reach the rope net. The skipper weaved between the coral reefs. The bow of the boat sliced through the waves. We could see the bottom passing under us. The water was crystal clear. We laid on our stomach and watched the bottom passing by. We were looking to see if we could see any fish. We reached down into the water. Our hands sliced through the water like the bow of the boat. I got up and put my feet into the water. I invited Peg to do the same. We sat with the water rushing around our feet and enjoyed the beauty of the shoreline. With Diamond Head on one end of the beach and the mountains in the background, the palm trees lined the beach it was a beautiful scene.

The sailboat ride lasted almost an hour. The salt-water spray, the wind, and the sun made us look a little bit rustic. After the boat ride, we headed back to the hotel. The young couple was no longer in the water. And the topless young ladies had deserted the beach. I saw another man with a metal detector searching the beach. There were gold rings and chains decorating his body. When he found something he didnít use a scoop to pick up his find, he dug in the sand with his foot and picked it up with his toes.

As we approached the hotel we looked at each other and almost simultaneously said, "We look like shit."

We headed for the elevator. We did not want anyone to see us in this condition. Going up in the elevator Peg told me that she wanted to take me out to a very beautiful place for dinner. We did not want to waste any time. We showered and put on makeup in record time. It looked as if we were in a race.

We walked into the lobby and asked the Bell Captain to call us a cab. There was a line of cabs waiting outside. The Bell Captain waved to the front cab. The driver drove up to us; he hopped out of cab and opened the rear door. We got in the cab. He bowed and said, "Welcome ladies to my carriage."

He jumped in the front seat and asked, "Ladies, where can I take you."

Peg said, "We would like to go to the Royal Hawaiian."

The driver turned and said, "Ladies your wish is my command."

I said, "You are a very elegant gentleman. Do you always greet you passengers in this fashion?"

"My dear lady, there is no other way to treat a lady. I think all men should treat ladies with sincere respect."

Peg laughed, "Loosen up, we are not ladies, we are just a couple of tramps. Do you know where we can find a couple of rich Johns?"

We saw the expression on his face. It looked as if he was going to swallow his Adams apple.

I jumped in and said, "Speak for yourself you tramp. I am a lady. I donít care what you think you are. I am a very refined lady. "

The cabby started to laugh. Peg and I burst out laughing also. The cabby asked, "Where are you from? I am from the mainland."

Peg said, "We are from the mainland also."

I said, "This is my first visit to Hawaii."

The cabby asked, "What about the lady that said she is a tramp."

Peg answered, "I was here about 10 years ago. Hawaii has changed since I was here. But, it is as beautiful as I remembered it."

When the driver came up to the street where the Royal Hawaiian was located there was a traffic jam. Peg gave the driver a twenty. She told him to keep the change. It would be faster if we walked the rest of away. The driver wished us a lovely vacation. We walked to the hotel.

The beauty of the old hotel fascinated me. The woodwork, the majestically look of the hotel gave me a feeling of the past. Peg was surprised that the hotel had been excellently maintained.

We went directly to the restaurant. We requested a seat as close to the beach as possible. It was a beautiful night the moon was high in the sky and there was a slight breeze. Peg had suggested that we bring along our jackets just in case it was cool. The jackets were not needed; it was very comfortable without a jacket.

The cocktail waitress came over and asked us if we would like a cocktail. We had been looking at the cocktail menu and we could not decide what we wanted to drink. I said, "After the hangover in DC I donít think I want to get drunk. I had enough to drink on the plane."

Peg agreed, "Letís skip the cocktails. What non alcoholic drink do you suggest?"

The waitress said that her favorite was a Hawaiian Sunrise. It had a mixture of all the local fruits juices with a small scoop of macadamia nut ice cream and it was fantastic. We thought that was great and we both ordered the Hawaiian Sunrise.

When the waiter came I wanted to know what the chef special was for today. He sputtered out something. Neither one of us knew what he said. We ordered the chef special anyway. We would find out what we ordered when we got it. Peg ordered a shrimp cocktails for both of us. I had never eaten shrimp. The waiter told me the shrimp were raised on a shrimp farm on the island and they were excellent. The waiter brought out the shrimp cocktails.

There were 8 large finger size shrimp hanging on the rim or the dish with the sauce and lemon in the center. I thought that the arrangement of the shrimp cocktail was too pretty to be eaten. I watched Peg to see how she ate the shrimp. Peg squeezed a little lemon juice on the shrimp. She picked up the tail and dipped the shrimp into the sauce. Peg took a small bite of the shrimp and continued this routine until she finished the shrimp. On the last bite of the shrimp Peg bit on the shell at the tail. The meat inside the shell popped out of the shell. Peg laid the tail on the saucer. I followers each step except I didnít see what Peg did with the tail.

I ate all the shrimp and the shell over the tail. I had eaten a couple of shrimps and said, "What makes the shrimp so crunchy?"

Peg smiles and asks, "You are not eating the tail are you?"

I asked, "What tail."

Peg points out the tail fin of the shrimp and told me that I shouldnít eat the shell. Red face, I cringed and said, "Oh."

Peg could not hold back a chuckle. "Donít laugh at me, I havenít eaten shrimp before."

Peg apologizes and told me how to eat the last bit of the tail without eating the tail. She watched how I ate the rest of my shrimp. When I was finished Peg says, "That a girl you did it. How did the shell taste?"

I looked at Peg dish and said, "You have one left. Why donít you try it?"

Peg hesitated for a moment and then agreed. She put the whole shrimp in her mouth. As she crunched away she pretended that she hated it and she was going to spit it out and was looking for something to spit it in. Then Peg swallowed the shrimp. I was hysterical with laughter and asked how the shrimp was.

Peg wanted to make me to feel at ease, she grumbled, "That was terrible. I didnít mind the crunching, but when I swallowed the shell it scratched going down."

While we were waiting for our dinner to arrive, I mentioned to Peg that I could not understand why Frank wanted to hook Pat. I thought the money that we were paid was too much for the little work I had done. Peg wanted to know if I wanted to give the money back to Frank.

Excitedly, I said, "Hell no, I am going to keep every cent. I donít know when I will get any more. I feel like this is all a dream and I will wake up and all of it will be gone. Peg told me that I had earned every cent they had given me. The money they gave me was a drop in the bucket compared to the money they will be making from the information that Pat will be giving them. This project will be costing the taxpayers billions of dollars. Hacker will keep people working on this project for the next 15 years. They can well afford the few dollars they give us. If it had not been for Patís lust, they would have had to find some other sap to hook. If we didnít hook Pat, they would not have had time to find another sap."

Peg said that our part of the hook put Project X in Hackerís back pocket. Frank had told her that whenever Hacker is dead set on winning a contract, he would get it one way or the other.

The waiter came with our dinner. I asked the waiter again what the entree was. Again we could not understand what he said. They had put thin slices of veal and covered it with a sauce that was delicious. Also on the plate was something wrapped and cooked in a palm leaf. I thought the ingredients in the palm leaf were a combination of pork and rice with a delightful taste. The portions were large. We were so full that we could not eat any desert. We gave the waiter and the cocktail waitress a big tip and took a walk along the beach.

There was a light breeze and a full moon. The reflection on the moon in the water was spectacular.

We took our shoes off and waded in the warm water. We ran out of the sandy part of the beach. We decided to walk along the street. We washed the sand from our feet and headed for the shops. The streets were crowded with tourists. The shops were full and it was difficult to shop. I thought the prices were way too high. The Japanese tourists were buying everything. Their arms were full. The shops were overcrowded. We headed for the street. We had a long day. Our legs were getting tired. We stopped for a moment, sat on a bench, and did a little people watching. It was fun to watch the crowd passing by. There were all kinds of shapes and styles of the human race walking past us. The ones that came from the mainland are called Haole. The Haoles were the worst dressed people on the street. They all looked so sloppy and overweight.

Peg notice that a couple of young girls down the street had cornered an Oriental man. While one of the girls was dry humping him, another was taking his wallet out of his pocket. She took the wallet and through it to the third girl. The third girl quickly ran around the corner and gave the wallet to a man.

Peg asked me, "Do you want to make a few bucks."

I looked at Peg, "What do you have in mind?"

"We could get a couple of tricks and it would pay for the evening," smiled Peg.

Being gullible, I thought Peg was serious. I told Peg, "I wouldnít sleep with anyone that I have seen so far. I might give one of them a hand job. But, I am not going to do anything on the street."

With that smart ass look on Pegís face, she stuck out her chin, "I will charge them 50 bucks. If they were real good, I wouldnít charge them anything."

Peg pointed to a young guy watching the hookers. They had approached him a couple of times. Peg grabbed my hand and said, "Come on Sally lets go get him."

No sooner than Peg said it, a cruiser came around the corner, and four cops jumped out. One took off after the guy with the wallet. The other cops grabbed the three girls. I said, "Look at that, you would end up in jail. If you are going to peddle your tail, you can count me out. I have had enough of that shit. It would be my luck; the first John that I approached would be a cop. Another George, I would never get off of this island. They would make an example out of me and send me up for 20 years."

We noticed that the other hookers had vanished as soon as the cops drove up.

Peg said, "Now the cop and hookers are gone, we have the street to our selfís. I want that young guy on the corner. We will make it a threesome."

She grabbed my hand, pulls me off the bench, and was dragging me down the street. I was dumfounded. I tried to hold Peg back; I whispered to Peg, "You are crazy. That guy could be a cop. Let me go, you can do it alone."

Peg didnít let loose of my hand. She was dragging me behind her. My heart was pounding as we approached the young man. When Peg reached the young man she let loose of my hand. I froze in my tracks with my usual shocked facial expression. I looked as if I was screaming and nothing would come out. Peg stepped in front of the young man. She was so close that her breast was pressed against his chest. The guy appeared to be in a state of shock. Like me, his mouth flew wide open and nothing was coming out. Peg told him that I fell in love with him that afternoon. Peg pointed to me. Peg asked him where the young lady that he was with was. His face turned a bright red. He stood there as if he was in a trance. I remembered his face and smiled, "Oh, we saw you on the beach this afternoon. Where is your beautiful wife?"

On top on the sunburn, his face got even redder by the minutes. He was speechless. Peg saw his wife headed in our direction with a fiery look on her face. She was ready to kill. Peg quickly walked away and left me standing next to the guy. I did not see her coming. His wife lashed into me calling me everything in the book. I was in shock. I was getting cursed out for nothing. A crowd was starting to gather. My temper was starting to burn. I let loose, "Listen you bitch if I had a husband as good-looking as yours, I would not let him out of my sight. The streets are full of hookers. You are lucky I came along. He was standing alone and one hooker after another approached him. You are lucky you have a nice guy like him. That bitch over there..." I pointed in the direction where Pegs had been standing, Peg was no there. The woman turned to look where I was pointing and said, "I donít see anyone over there. What are you trying to pull?"

The young guy said his first word, "Yes, Honey there was another woman here. She left as soon as this Lady came up. I think she thought this lady was a Cop."

I started walking away. I looked over my shoulder and yelled, "You leave him along on the streets again I will book him for soliciting. Oh yes, I enjoyed the show this afternoon."

I walk away leaving the crowd and the young couple bewildered. I went looking for Peg. I could not find her; I was going to blast her when I found her. Each step I took, I cool off a little, and it became a joke. A big smile came across my face and I began to laugh out loud. The people on the street started to stare at me. The more they looked at me, the more I laughed. I felt a pinch on my butt. I jumped and looked around ready to slap some asshole. Peg said, "What the hell are you laughing about?"

Trying to be serious I said, "You bitch, I was going to kill you. How could you do that to me? That woman could have killed me. Where did you go? You vanished in thin air."

Still with a broad smile on her face, Peg said, "Iím sorry; Iím a coward at heart. I knew you could take care of that gal."

I snarled, "You started the whole fucking thing and got me into trouble, then you walk away. I get my ass ripped apart from some bitch. I should drag your ass back down there and tell her what happened. You should have stayed around and seen the fireworks. She gave me hell. I told her that she was blowing her stack over nothing. I told her if she leaves him alone on the street again I would book him for soliciting."

"Yep, you drag me back down there and I will tell her that you wanted to send her into the hotel to hide her rings and you wanted to take over while she was gone. You still want to go back?"

"No, just let it alone. Was that the guy we saw on the beach fucking in the water?"

"Yep, didnít you notice the way he blushed when we brought it up?"

"I was looking at his body, not his face. I wanted all of him. I was fantasizing about what was going on under the water, not so much of what was above the water. The way she looked, he must be a good hunk. Damn it, something must be wrong with me. I am getting horny just thinking about the two of them." I shook my head in disgust.

Peg put her arm around me and said, "Sweetheart, there is nothing wrong with you. If you were not like you are, I would say that something is wrong with you."

We walked slowly back to the hotel stopping at the different shops along the way. It had been a long day. We were exhausted and we flopped into the bed.

Tour of Oahu:

  After our first night in Waikiki, Peg arranges a tour of Oahu for us. She had not told me about the tour. I tried to express my thanks. Peg told me that it was Frankís idea. Down deep inside of me, I knew that Peg had done this on her own and I told her so. We got up early and went to a breakfast buffet at the hotel. As usual I was overwhelmed. I could not believe my eyes. There was almost anything you could possibly want to eat; the biggest problem was to decide what I wanted to eat. Peg as well as I had never seen so many different things to eat for breakfast. Surprisingly, neither one of us over ate. The dinner from the night before had trimmed our appetite.

Peg had ordered a limo to tour the island. Peg had room service prepare a lunch for us and the driver. It took three men to put the cooler in the limo. The drivers introduced himself and said that his name was Kupo. Peg told Kupo our names and we were on our way.

Our first stop was the Arizona Memorial. We stayed for almost two hours at the memorial. As we looked down on the sunken ship and watched the bubbles of oil floating to the surface and spread across the water. I wondered about the sailors that were still inside the ship. I wanted to dive into the water and tear open the hull and free them. I wondered what they were thinking as the ship sank. I could feel the fear that must have ran through their minds. In my heart and mind I lived the last moments of the crewís life. I felt the pain and fear they must have felt. How did they die? Were they kill instantly, did they drown or did they suffocate. I thought, why did this have to happen? Wasnít there something they could have done to save the men? We walked quietly back to the limo without saying a word. Kupo saw the look on our faces and he knew what must be going on in our minds. He didnít say a word until we spoke.

Pegs eye makeup was marred somewhat; it didnít take long to rescue her beautiful face. On the other hand, my whole face was a mess. It looked like I had turning into a zebra. There were parallel streaks running down my face. Fortunately the limo had a small sink and a mirror. I tempted to repair the damage with little success.

We left Pearl Harbor and headed north for Aiea and Pearl City. There was quite a bit of traffic through Pearl City. I could not understand why there would be so much traffic on such a small island. Kupo laughed when he heard my remarks about the traffic. He asks me if I had noticed the towers that we had just passed in Pearl City. Kupo explained that with all of the tourist coming to Hawaii, there wasn't enough room on the island for everyone that lived there, so we have to stack everyone on top of each other. Peg laughed and told Kupo that he would have to forgive me, I was just a little country girl. I was accustomed to the wide-open spaces.

Pretending to whimper, I said, "Why donít you stop picking on me. Iím canít help it that Iím a poor little country girl."

I pretended I was crying, Kupo thought that I was really crying. He pulled to the side of the road. Peg and I both wondered, now, what the hell did we do. Why did he stop the car? With a surprised look on our faces we looked at each other. Sam had warned both of is that we were guests in Hawaii and some Hawaiians resent the Haoles coming to Hawaii. There were many Hawaiians that wanted their independence from the U.S. Sam thought the United States had robbed the Hawaiiís of their country.

Kupo got out of the car and walked to my side of the car. He opened the door and apologized to me. We both were embarrassed. Peg told him that he shouldnít believe everything we say. I pointed to Peg and said, "Particular her. I was just kidding around."

A broad smile came to Kupo face. Peg asked Kupo to please take his cap and jacket off. Roll up his sleeve and join the family. Kupo was the host and we were his guests. We would feel much better if he became one of the families and relax. It would make us feel much easier when he was not so formal. We were just a couple of gals on vacation.

I said, "As you know, I am just a country girl. I run around in my bare feet and an old print dress. You donít have to open the door for us. Please join us and have fun."

Kupo returned to the front seat with a smile on his face. He had his cap, jacket, and shirt off before he hit the front seat. He said, "Thank you, I was sweltering with that jacket on. I hate getting out of the air condition car with this suit on."

He told us the next town that we would be passing through would be Mililani. He told me that this was where a lot of the traffic was coming from. There are small planned communities all over Hawaii. The town after Mililani was Wahiawa. Wahiawa was a military town. There are two military bases surrounding Wahiawa. On the other side of Wahiawa, they will be running into the Pineapple fields. He mentioned that there were two places that he thought we would be of interesting to us. One is a small exhibit of pineapple plants of all types. The other is a shop where you could buy all types of pineapple articles and souvenirs. At times they will let you drink all the pineapple juice you wanted for free. They also have an area where you can rent a horse and go into the backcountry.

We told him we would love to stop at both places, but we would skip the horseback riding. I said that I may be a country girl. But, my butt was sore enough from sitting and I didnít need the horse to make any worse. Peg echoed the same feeling. We both were thirsty and could not wait for the Pineapple juice. We had not opened the cooler. We should have.

We stopped for a few minutes at the Pineapple Plants exhibit. We took a few pictures of the different Pineapple plants and the Pineapple fields with the mountains in the background. Our thirst for Pineapple juice was winning over the view of the Pineapple fields. It was a short drive from the Pineapple exhibit to the gift shop. It was a tossup of who would get to the free Pineapple juice first.

We spent almost an hour sampling all the different Pineapple flavored delicacies. We both had a couple of shopping bags filled with all types of Pineapple novelties. We shared our tasty morsel with Kupo. Kupo told us that the next town was Haliewa; it's a quaint little village on the north shore of Oahu. There were a few nice restaurants, shops of all types; charted fishing boats and the localís favorite in Haliewa was the shaved ice. Kupo said that they could make up any flavor of shaved ice you could think of. His Father would take his family on Sunday and holidays to the north shore to surf. The kids always insisted on stopping for shaved ice. Kupo didnít have a favorite. He just wanted to try them all when he was a kid and still does. I thought the shave ice was the top of my list. Peg agreed. Kupo knew just where to stop. We all piled out of the limo and walked across the street to the shaved ice booth. Kupo led the way. When he reached the booth, they heard someone shout, "Kuuipo."

I asked Kupo "Is your name Kupo or Kuuipo?"

Kupo said, "My Mother called me Kuuipo when I was born. She wanted to name me Kuuipo. My Father thought that it was too feminine. They compromised on Kupo. I never shook Kuuipo. The other kids would tease me and call me Kuuipo. It has stuck with me all life. All my friends and family call me Kuuipo except my Father. He calls me Kupo. Kuuipo has the similar meaning as sweetheart."

Peg told him that she was going to call him Kuuipo. I nodded and said, "Me too. You are a sweetheart."

We let Kupo select the flavors for all of us. He asked for three Kupo Specials. When they brought our shaved ice, the ice was speckled with different flavors all over the cone. The adjoining flavors complemented each other. There must have been a dozen different flavors. The mixtures of flavors were delicious. There was no question Kupo had a winner.

We left Haliewa still enjoying the shaved ice and the scenic view of the north shore. We came upon Waimia Bay. It was beautiful. We yelled to Kupo, "Letís stop here."

Kupo said, "OK, I was going to tell you about Waimia Bay. I was in heaven enjoying the shaved ice and I forgot."

We wanted to go in swimming and we had to change our clothes. We raised the tinted windows and jumped into our bathing suits. The surfers were all lined up on the beach. The bay was almost flat. I asked, "How is the surf."

The surfers all looked at me and them to each other. They all shook their heads. They must have thought, "Who in hello is this idiot."

We had a delightful swim and headed to the shower. There was a group of young bastards hanging around the showers. They blocked the entrance to the ladies room. One of them approached Peg; he put his hands on her breast, and asked her to give him oral sex. Peg smiled at him, reached down, unzipped, and unbuttoned his shorts. His shorts fell to the ground. Peg grabbed his prick and almost pulled it off. She came up with her knee and crushed his balls. He bent over in pain. She grabbed his shoulders and kneed his face. The whole incident took only a second. The other little brats were stunned for a moment. One of them grabbed me. I slammed the butt of my hand on the guyís nose. The guy with the busted nose turned and asked the other guys for help. They were frozen in their tracks. The guy rolling around on the ground yelled, "What the matter with you guys? Kill the fucking bitches."

Two of them went after me. They stopped as if they had run into a wall. Kupo had a neck in each hand. The other three took off for the woods. The guy that Peg kneed was still rolling on the ground. Peg grabbed his pants and through them on top of the shelter. Kupo told the other three to drop their pants. I gathered the pants and through them on the roof of the shelter. Kupo told them to take off their T-shirts. I gathered the tee shirts and we all took off for the limo. The brats all ran into the men room. I yelled to them, "You little Kuuipos have a nice day. Donít get sun burned on your cute little butts."

We were full on sand and wanted to take a shower. Peg asked Kupo if he knew where we could take a shower with hot running water. He told us all the public showers only had cold water. We could get a shower at the Hilton at Turtle Bay. Also there are motels near the Polynesia Culture Center. The Culture Center is where we had planned to go. We wanted to know how long it would take to get to the Culture Center. Kupo told us it would take about 30 minutes.

I was searching through the cooler. What a feast they had packed. There were all types of sandwiches, fruit, wine and a variety of desserts. We all stuffed our faces for the next half-hour. Kupo pulled into the motel, we went inside, and got a room. We carried some of the items from the cooler and a bottle of wine. We invited Kupo to go inside the motel with us. When we were in the shower, Kupo took a catnap. He had been up since 5 AM. When we come out of the shower, we didnít wake him. We left a note and $100 and told him that we would be at the Culture Center.

We took in all the shops and were loaded down. We wanted to attend the luau and the show that evening. We left the center and went back to the motel. Kupo was still asleep. We dropped off our bounty and started out the door. A voice behind us said, "Wait for me." Kupo joined us for the show and luau.

We had a wonderful evening together. We all loved the show and the luau. Peg and I retrieved our souvenirs from the motel and Kupo headed for Waikiki. I wasnít in the limo for 5 minutes and I was asleep. Before Kupo reached the city he stopped and put on his Cap and Jacket. I opened my eyes for a second. It looked like nothing would wake Peg. We were both sleeping when the Bell Captain opened the door. They must have moved the cooler and all of our shopping bags without waking us up. Kupo gently shook me. I slowly opened my eyes. Without knowing what was going on I said, "I donít want any more wine."

Laughter broke out. Peg opened her eyes and shook me. "Wake up you drunkard tramp. We are home."

I jumped, "We are home?"

Surprised, I look around and said, "For a moment I thought that I was really home. I was very disappointed. Thank God, we are still in Hawaii."

The Bell Captain helped us out of the limo and a Bell Boy escorts us to our room. We were too tired to get undressed. We flopped on the bed and didnít awake until the next morning.

 Peg was the first to wake up. I was still half asleep. Peg thought it would be a good idea to call Frank and see what was new. Sam answered the phone. Peg said, "Sam you are amazing. I donít think Sally even knew she was on a plane. She was running all over the plane. I think she night leave us and become a flight attendant. Where is Frank?"

"You just missed him. He was here a few moments ago. Hold on I will see if I can find him. Oh, here he is. Have fun and give Sally a kiss for me. I will give you a kiss when you get back."

"I will take you up on that kiss lover."

Frank had picked up the extension. "Hey, what this with you and Sam? I thought I was your honey."

"I got the hots for both of you lover. Every night I canít go to sleep. I am thinking about the bath we took together. I canít wait to do it again."

Frank panting, "You keep that up, I will be on the next plane to Hawaii."

"Iím waiting, come on over. I will turn on the hot water."

Frank said, "Peg stop it, you should see what you have caused. I have a bulge in my pants. I canít leave the office or even stand up. I will be too embarrassed."

"I will be on the next flight home. I will use Sallyís own words. I can't leave a man in that condition. By the way, what is new? Anything we should know about? What happened to that bastard that threatened Sally? Did they lock him up?"

"I talked to the Prosecutor and ask him if they had anything else to hang on Dino. I told him that Sally didnít want to press charges. She was afraid that one of his GOBís would bump her off. He said that he had enough to put him away for a long time without Sallyís charges."

Peg said, "Honey, I really miss you and I wish you were here."

"Sweetheart, you could come back now if you want and leave Sally out there."

"No, I am not going to leave her alone she would be screwing all the hunks on the Island."

I was half-asleep and my ears perked up and I looked at Peg and shook a fist at her.

"You shouldnít talk about Sally that way," Frank laughed, "She is a nice kid."

"I think I will come back. If looks would kill, she just killed me."

"Suit yourself, have fun and I really do miss that sweet little smile of yours. We are planning another hook for a contractor on Project X. At the moment we have the inside track and Hacker sales force have been in Washington for the last two weeks with the Military. Everything at this point looks good. We may not have to have the hook. I think Hacker already has pulled a few strings. I love you and give Sally a hug for me."

When Peg hung up the phone I jumped up and ran to Peg with a big smile on my face. All wide-eyed and anxious I waited for Peg to say something. Peg ignored me, went to the window, and looked out without saying a word. I was tagging along wishing that Peg would tell me about the romantic evening she had with Frank. Peg didnít say a word. I could not wait any longer and said, "You have a secret. Donít you? You didnít tell me about it. I am not going to ask you to tell me about it and you do not have to tell me anything. I refuse to listen to anything that you say."

Peg smiled and said, "You have big ears, donít you? I am not going to tell you anything. You are going to have to stay up all night wondering what my secret is. No matter how hard you try I am not going to tell you a thing. I see the look on your face. Sam told me how to read faces. You are dying to know what happen between Frank and me the night we hooked Pat. You think that I get all excited like you when I mess around. No way Jose, I will not tell you what happen when we took each otherís clothes off, he picked up my naked body, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to the hot tub of water and lowered our bodies slowly into the warm water. We clung to each other so tightly that we could fell the rapid heartbeat in each otherís body."

Peg paused and walked into the bathroom. I followed Peg. I wanted Peg to tell me more about her night with Frank. Peg did not say another word. She looked at my anxious face. I could tell by the smile on her face she was going to tease me about the evening. I desperately wanted Peg to tell me every detail of their romantic evening.

Peg thought she would let Sally suffer for a while. Sally looked like a stray dog that had not eaten for months. Her master had a piece of meat that she wanted. The master would not give her a crumb. Neither one of them said a word for about 15 minutes. Sally was lying on the bed fantasizing and wondering what they did. She knew they must have had sex. That was not enough. She wanted to hear every little detail. She wanted to know every time they touched each other and how Peg felt. Sally was in another world when Peg came into the room and said, "What the fuck are you thinking about? Your look as if you are about to have an orgasm."

I almost jumped out of the bed. I said, "That is not fair. You interrupted my daydream. I could see you and Frank making love in the tub. I had put myself into your body. You really did have a beautiful romantic evening."

Peg cursed, "Damn it Sally you have ruined it. I was going to tell you every little detail. I knew that is what you wanted me to do even though you told me not to tell you. Since you have read my mind and screwed my boyfriend, I donít have to tell you about my romantic evening with Frank."

With a feeling and embarrassment I turned away from Peg and said, "Iím sorry Peg. I didnít want you to tell me about you personal feeling and desires. I feel terrible for being so nosy. Itís none of my business. Iím sick of myself. Please forgive me. I want be so damn nosy in the future. Not having sex with a man has made me fantasize about everyone elseís sexual relations."

"Honey, donít feel bad. I was teasing you. Frank and I have had a relationship going on for over four years. We met at a New Years Eve Party at BB Lodge. We have not tried to keep it a secret, but we donít make it obvious. We havenít made any plans and I am not ready to make any. We enjoy each otherís company and I like working with him. We are very good friends and we would do anything for each other. I have needed someone like you for a long time. I treasure our friendship. My life has started to turn around and I am very happy with my new life. You are the one that has turned me around. I cry at things now that would never draw a tear to before."

Peg sat on the side of the bed and put her hand on my shoulder. "What do you want to know?"

I reached up with both hands and caressed Pegís cheeks. "Sweetheart you have already told me everything that I wanted to know. I am so very happy for you. For the last couple of days, I have wondered and worried about you. I am extremely happy that you and Frank are seeing each other. I only wish that Henry and I could have a relationship as nice as yours and Franks. If it were as nice as yours, I would be very happy. Itís enough of that, what are we going to do today."

"Sally, I donít know about you, I would love to sit on the beach with a nice view of everything that is going on and relax. Maybe this afternoon we will take a submarine ride. I love seeing tropical fish swimming in their own environment. I enjoy aquariums, but I hate to see the fish swimming around in circles. They make me feel like they are pacing the floor and locked in a room."

"I know what you are talking about. I hate to see anything locked up. I felt that way the day we hooked Pat. If Frank had warned me before, I donít think I would have felt trapped after they locked the door. I did not know what was going to happen to me. I would love to go on a submarine. Letís have our breakfast at the restaurant next to the beach."

Peg said, "Letís get moving."

I asked, "Did you call Peppe yet."

"I almost forgot I will call him now." Peg picked up the phone and dials her guesthouse phone number. The phone rang a number of times before a frighten femaleís voice answered. Peg expected a male voice and she called me.

Peg whispers, "There is a woman on the line and I have forgotten her name. She sounds as if she is frightened to death. What is her name?"

I answered, "It must be Rosa, let me talk to her."

Peg gave me the phone, "Hi, Rosa this is Sally. How do you like your new home?"

With a sigh of relief Rosa answers, "Sally, how are you. Everyone is looking for you at your apartment. We are moving in a little at a time. Who was the lady on the phone?"

"That was Peg; she wants to know if you and Peppe are happy with you new home. And she would like to talk to you and Peppe. I am going to give Peg the phone. Please hold on."

I handed the phone to Peg. I was hoping that Peg would not frighten Rosa.

At first Peg didnít know what to say to Rosa. Then she got her thoughts together and said, "Rosa, I am Peg, as Sally has said, I hope you and Peppe will enjoy living there. I want you to feel at home in either house. There is a lot of food in the fridge and the freezer. I wish you would use it up before it spoils, if it has spoiled please through it away. Let the kids run free in the house. Donít worry about them breaking anything. They are just children, let them have fun. May I speak to Peppe?"

Rosa said, "Just one minute."

Peg could hear Rosa telling the kids in Spanish to go and get their Father. After a few moments she heard footsteps running down the hall. Out of breath Peppe answered the phone, "Hello, this is Peppe."

Peg answered in Spanish and asked Peppe if he would feel better talking in Spanish. He told her yes. Peg asked Peppe a dozen questions, if he like the house, was the salary enough, and many more. Peppe seamed grateful for everything. Peppe wanted to know what work she wanted done first. Peg told him that the inside needed painting. She did not want Peppe to do the painting. Peg told Peppe to call her Father and he will send out a crew. She wanted the walls painted the same color. Peg told him to take his pick for the other things that need repaired. If he needed any supplies to call her Father and he will get them. Peppe told her that the man from her Fatherís company told him to call him if he needed anything. Peg told Peppe that was fine and thanked him for taking the job. She asked him if he enjoyed his new home. Peppe was overwhelmed with his new home and the job. He told Peg that Rosa and the kids had never been so happy. They loved their new surroundings.

I knew only a few words in Spanish. When Peg hung up the phone I asked Peg what Peppe had said? Peg told me that Peppe hated the place and the salary was to low and he thought the place was a dump. I snapped back, "I donít believe a word you have said. Rosa and Peppe are not that type. If you hurt that sweet couple I will kick your butt."

Peg laughed and said, "Peppe, Rosa and the kids love their new home. I could tell from their voices. Letís go, we are wasting time."

We quickly did the essentials. Loaded up on sunscreen and were headed for the restaurant. We had a beautiful view of the ocean. We ordered our breakfast. While we were waiting, Peg ran out to the beach and ordered chairs and umbrellas and chose a wonderful spot on the beach. She gave the attendant an extra twenty dollars and told him she would kick his butt if he let anyone take the spot. He promised her that he would kill anyone that tried to take the seats. Peg thanked him. She had forgotten that Kupo was waiting outside for us. She yelled at me and told me where she was going.

When she got to the front of the hotel, there was no Kupo. She walked over to the Bell Captain and asked if he had seen him. He pointed to chair in the lounge and said, "You got him trained, he has been here for a couple of hours."

Peg thanked the Bell Captain and went into the lounge. She walked over to the back of the chair. She put her hands over Kupo eyes. Kupo said, "This is an easy one, it has to be Peg. I smell that wonderful perfume you were wearing yesterday."

"That is not fair. Come have breakfast with us and change that outfit."

Kupo told her he had a change of clothes in the limo. Peg told him to bring a bathing suit and to meet them in the restaurant on the beach side of the hotel.

It wasnít long before we were all together. We had a beautiful breakfast. Peg and I ate too much. We waddled out to the beach as if we were both pregnant. My stomach felt like it was going to burst. Peg asked the attendant for another chair and umbrella. We had brought a big pot of coffee and the paper. After the full day yesterday, we enjoyed a relaxing morning people watching. Off and on we took a dip in the water to cool off. The sun was still low on the on the horizon. Every now and then a cloud would pass over and then a light shower. As the shower went out over the water and the sun reflected off of the rain a beautiful rainbow appeared. We were all in awe. Kupo said that he has seen rainbows since he was a child and he was still fascinated by their beauty. He has always been amazed at the beauty of Mother Nature. He felt that God made Hawaii last after he had made mistakes all over the world.

The morning mostly was filled with sleeping, eating and taking dips in the ocean, until I noticed a man in the water wearing a headset, facemask, and a snorkel. I wanted to know if he was listing to a tape or a radio while he was looking under the water. Kupo said, "No, that is Bill, he is looking for jewelry that has been lost in the water."

I couldnít believe that he could look for things in the water. All the others were searching on the beach. Kupo suggested that I ask him to let me try it. I was embarrassed to ask a stranger. Kupo said to tell him you are a friend of mine. He does this for pleasure. Itís a hobby of his. Peg told me to go ahead; he is not going to bite you. All he can say is no.

I cautiously approached Bill. Only the top of his snorkel was showing. All of a sudden his head popped out of the water. I jumped back. "My, those are the nicest legs that I have spotted all day. A nice body also. You made my day. That is what I have been looking for all morning."

I came back with, "You are not looking for legs. I know what you are looking for."

"Who told you about my secret? You are right; I am looking for pretty girls like you. This outfit draws them like flies."

"No, you are looking for diamond and gold. Francis told me what you guys are doing. Kupo told me also."

"Where is Kupo?" I pointed at Peg and Kupo.

"That lucky devil, he gets all the beautiful girls. He doesnít only have one he has two beautiful ladies. Would you like to try your luck?"

I was excited and a little frightened, and said, "How does that thing work? Can I?"

"Of course you can."

Bill put the headset on my head and gave me the detector. He put the detector in my right hand and the scoop in the other. He took my arm and swung the detector from side to side. He through a few coins in the water ahead of me and told me that when I came close to the coins, a buzz would sound. The closer I came to the coin the louder the signal would be. He told me to swing the detector left to right and slowly move forward. If I heard a signal, try to center the detector over the spot where it was loudest then scoop up the sand and with luck I just might find a treasure.

I knew exactly what to do. I had watched Francis and the others searching. Within a few minutes I had found the first coin. I let out a yell and everyone on the beach looked up. I scooped up a coin. I jumped up and down and yelled to Kupo and Peg that I had found something.

Bill had told me to have fun; he was going to see Kupo. He left me alone with the detector. For the first minutes, I felt a little uneasy. I was sure that I would somehow screw up the detector.

Before Bill got to Kupo, I had found another coin. I could not help myself. I sang out again. Everyone on the beach had smiles on their face.

Kupo jumped up and hugged Bill. He thanked him for letting Sally play with the detector. Kupo introduced Peg. Bill smiled and said, "Kupo has all the luck. You are always with beautiful women."

Peg said, "Thanks for the complement. I heard that you are a very lucky also. Kupo told me how lucky you are at finding treasures on the beach. I understand that your wife is the prettiest girl on the beach. I think I saw her this morning. She was jogging down the beach. She wore a very beautiful multiple colored hat and a Pink bathing suit under her white shorts. If that was you your wife, you are a very lucky man."

"That was her; you will find her running on the beach every morning. She is addicted to running on the beach."

"I thank that is wonderful and very healthy. She is in terrific shape. I want to thank you for letting Sally use your metal detector. She is having so much fun. I get the biggest kick out of watching her excitement over the simplest thing that most people take for granted."

Sally was busy searching. Bill noticed that Sally arm was getting tired. It was much harder swinging the detector in the water than it was on the beach. Peg and Kupo thanked him again for letting Sally use the detector. Bill started to walk away. He turned around and went back to Peg and Kupo. He told them not to tell Sally. He had found a small wedding band earlier. He was going to plant it where she would be sure to find it. They both promised him that they would not tell her. Peg jumped up, gave Bill a kiss. A few tears trickled down her cheek. Peg said, "This will really make her day. Thank you so very much."

As Bill walked to the waterís edge he got Sally attention by telling her, "Donít let the boat run you over."

Sally quickly turned and looked the other way. Bill threw the ring next to the detector.

Sally turned back around, "Donít scare me like that. You are as bad as Peg."

No sooner had Sally turned around the detector picked up the ring.

Sally said, "I found another one of your coins."

Sally scooped up the sand, as the sand slowly filtered out of the scoop the ring appeared. For a moment Sally was frozen. Bill said, "What is that? That not a coin."

Sally let out a scream, "Itís a ring."

She took it out of the scoop and put it on her finger. She held her hand out and gazed at the ring. With the water on the ring and the sun reflecting off of the gold, it was beautiful. To Sally it was as precious as a 40 carat diamond. It had small diamond chips all around the band. A crowd was gathering to see what Sally had found. Sally held the ring up so everyone could see it. Reluctantly she slowly took the ring off of her finger and handed it to Bill.

Bill said, "Itís beautiful, you are lucky. I have been out here all morning and I only found about 50 cents in coins. You could see the excitement drain from Sallyís body. She looks like a small child that had been deprived of a piece of candy. And, she had to give it up. Kupo and Peg had come over to see what had happened."

Bill handed the ring back to Sally. Sally would not take the ring. She pushed Billís hand away. Bill said, "Here, it is your ring."

Bill said, "You found it and it is yours."

Sally and Bill were passing the ring back and forth for a few minutes.

Bill said, "Wait a minute, I will sell the ring to you. You give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we will call it a deal."

Sally said, "I was going to give you a hug and a kiss for letting me use your metal detector. I give you $500 for it."

Bill said, "It is worth about $800."

Sally came back, "I will give you $800 for it."

Bill told her that he couldnít accept money for something that someone else had found. Bill insisted that she keep it to remember her trip to Hawaii. If she didnít keep it he would have to throw it out into the deep water. There is a Hawaiian curse that forbids him from taking something that someone else had found. Bill asked Kupo if he wasnít right. Kupo said, "Sally if you donít keep the ring, Bill will be cursed for the rest of his life. You donít want that to happen to him."

I halfway believed them and at the same time I didnít believe them. I gave Bill a hug and a big kiss on each cheek. I put a hand on each of his cheeks and pulled his head down and kisses him on his forehead, on the end of his chin, the tip of his nose, I hugged him again and gave him a big kiss on his lips. The crowd that had collected applauded. Bill and I held hands and bowed to the crowd. They shouted and applauded again. Everyone was laughing. Peg reached over, kissed Bill on the cheek, and whispered to him, "That was beautiful; I will always remember you for this."

Bill put on his gear and continued down the beach. Kupo and Peg complemented me on my find. I was in my own type of heaven. I couldnít stop looking at the ring. I said, "I feel like I just got married and this is my wedding ring. If Henry and I get married I hope he want mind that I ware this ring also."

Peg said, "Of course he will. If he doesnít I will kick his butt. Letís go for a ride on the Submarine,"

We abandoned the beach and headed for the room. Kupo told us that he would meet us at the entrance to the Sub.

 When they returned Sally was still looking at the ring. Peg wanted to feel the emotions that Sally was going through. Material thing had never excited her. Her Father would buy her anything she wanted. She had an assortment of Jewry that would stock any small jewelry store. Peg hungered for the emotions that Sally was going through. She remembered the look that Sally had earlier that morning when she laid on the bed thinking about her and Frank. Peg wished she could have the same feeling. Her body yearned for something she never had. With all the money she had she could not buy the feelings that Sally experienced. Internally she was being torn apart. At times she wishes she had not been born in a wealthy family. There had been times that she just wanted to take off and start another life. When the time came for her to walk out of one life into another, she would remember the time someone had stole her purse in New York. She could not make a phone call. She tried to get people to give her money so she could take the subway. Creeps thought that she was a hooker. She had to walk for a number of miles in the cold wet rain to her hotel. Along the way she notices the homeless crouching in the doorways to keep dry and warm. These thoughts always surfaced when she thought of starting a new life.

 During the boat ride Kupo told us the names of all the different fish. He told us how the number of fish had dwindled over the years. He amused us with tails of his childhood years growing up in Hawaii. Kupo told us the stories that his grandfather had told him about his life on the island many years ago and how Hawaii had changed. Peg and I both were all ears. It was a tossup between the submarine ride and Kupo stories. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening.

The surprise party:

A couple of weeks had passed. Kupo had taken us to all of the tourist attractions on Oahu. Peg and I had developed beautiful tans and started to dress like the locals. We had met a number of nice couple since we arrived in Hawaii. We had been invited to some of their homes and it looked like we were going to stay in Hawaii permanently. Peg came up with an idea of having a mini luau at the hotel.

Peg had invited Kupo, his girl friend Lannie, Bill and his wife Gilda, and a few other couples that they had met in Hawaii. Peg had ordered a magnificent display of Hawaiian dishes and reserved a large executive suite. The quest had arrived and the party was well on its way. The phone rang and I pick up the phone. It was Frank. I said, "Hello, Frank, you should be here, we are having a party."

Frank responded, "Sally, We had called your room and no one answered. It only took Sam a couple of minutes to find you. What are you talking about a Party? You are having a party and didnít invite me. Who did you invite?"

Frank didnít want Sally to know that they were in the lobby of the hotel. Sally said, "We have invited a few friends that we met here in Hawaii."

Frank said, "Wish I could join you. Is Peg around? I have only a few minutes and I want to tell her how much I miss her. Donít tell her itís me."

I called Peg, "There is someone on the phone that wants to talk to you."

Peg excused herself and took the phone. "Hello."

Before she could say a word, Frank said, "I hear you are having a party and you didnít invite me."

"Iím sorry honey. We came up with this idea last night. We have met some very nice people and we wanted to show our gratitude for their kindness and hospitality."

Frank interrupted Peg, "Honey, I have a very important meeting to attend. I will get in touch with you later. I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you. Give my regards to all. Bye."

Peg asked, "Sally, what did Frank say to you? He seemed to be pissed off. He only said a few word and hung up."

Peg paused for a few moments, with a very determined look on her face. She said. "What did you say to Frank?"

I felt that Peg was mad at me. Also, I felt that Frank was mad at us for having a party and he may have thought that we had men with us and I said, "I told him we were having a party with a few friends. Do you think he is jealous?"

Peg smiled, "I hope he is. This would be the first time Frank has shown any indication that he is jealous. Forget it, if he is jealous, I couldnít be happier. It would make my day."

With a big smile across her face, Peg rejoined the party.

  Frank hung up the phone and looked at the crowd behind him, Sam, Judy, and Henry waiting for Frank to say something. Frank had a big smile on his face.

Henry said, "Well, take that stupid grin off of your face; you look as if you just stole a cookie and got away with it. Where are they?"

"They are having a party and we are going to crash it. They donít have any idea that we are here on the island. Letís go party."

They headed for the party. Henry and Frank had smiles on their faces. Sam and Judy looked a little worried; they were wondering if the kids would be OK with the sitter that the hotel had provided. Henry couldnít wait to see the surprise on Sallyís face. He had Sally on his mind almost constantly since he left them at the airport in DC. Frank also could not wait to see Pegís reaction when she opened the door.

They planned to have Judy knock on the door. Neither Peg nor Sally had ever met Judy. Judy was to knock on the door and to complain about the noise coming from their room. Judy approached the door and knocked. Sally opens the door and Judy lashed out at Sally, "What the hell are you people doing in there? I am trying to watch TV. You are making so much noise I canít think."

I was taken by surprise. I didnít think anyone was making too much noise. I said, "I am very sorry; we will try to keep the noise down. Would you like to join us?"

Judy smiled, "Could I bring a few friends with me?"

Reluctantly I said, "Yes."

Judy turned around and yelled, "Come on gang we are going to party tonight."

Peg looked at the door, she had heard the conversation and was wondering who I had invited to the party. Peg saw a women motioning to someone, "Come on in, they have lots of food."

As soon as Peg reached the door Frank stuck his head through the door, "Surprise."

Peg mouth hung wide open. Nothing was coming out. Frank grabbed her and said, "Shut your mouth I want to kiss you."

Peg put both hands on his neck and held his face between them. "Donít bother, I am going kiss you, then I am going to kill you for pulling this on me. When you hung up on me, I thought you were jealous and, you thought that I had a lover with me. I was feeling happy that you were jealous. It made me feel you wanted to be with me and here you are. You couldnít trust me."

"Honey I was jealous of all the hunks around the hotel. I thought that I was going to lose you. Why do you think I flew 6000 miles to see you? I love you."

They locked into an embrace. I let out a scream. Peg broke away from the kiss and saw me and Henry locked together. She looked at Frank and said, "You are an Angle. That is the best gift you could have given Sally. She had been thinking about Henry since we arrived in Hawaii."

Frank put a finger across her lips, "Honey, Henry has been calling me since you and Sally left Washington. All he wanted to do was talk about was Sally. We got the Project X contract and I told Hacker that it would not have been possible without you, Sally, Sam and Henry. He wanted to thank you all personally. He had me fly Henry to Metro and Hacker gave him $100,000. When I told Hacker where you and Sally were, he literally kicked me out of the office and sent me out here to tell you how much your help has meant to Hacker Inc."

Peg put her finger across Frankís lips, "Now it is my turn."

Peg stood on her toes and pulled Frank closer and their lips melted together. The guests were frozen while they watched the two couples. Bill looked at Gilda and Kupo looked at Lannie. Bill said to Kupo, "Isnít love wonderful, if they keep that up the windows are going to fog over."

Gilda put a hand over Billís mouth and said to him, "Shut-up, love is beautiful. Letís have something to eat and leave the lovers alone."

Peg and Frank came up for air first. Peg yelled to Sally, "Hey, you two. We have guest and we want to party. You can continue later. Everyone let me introduce you to the party crashers. This blushing dude, that canít keep his hands off of me, and I canít keep my hands off of him, he is my lover, companion, and business partner. Monkey business, that is. That masher groping Sally is her lover, Henry. That distinguish gentleman in the corner is Sam and that beautiful lady with him better be Judy, or his ass is going to be in trouble. The couple in the corner is Bill and Gilda and the beautiful lady with the beautiful muumuu is Lannie with her is our fabulous tour guide Kupo."

She continued introducing the other guest, then said, "Everyone, please help yourself to anything you want. Ladies donít you dare touch Frank. He is all mine, and I donít share."

We all laughed. We all stuffed ourselves, and drank too much. The party continues for another few hours. Everyone was having a wonderful time. The crowd trickled down until Henry and I were alone. Peg had taken Frank to our room. It took a while until I realized that we were the only two in the large suite. I looked around the room and didnít see anyone else. I said to Henry, "Where the hell did everyone go. I canít believe that we are alone. Come on, letís look around."

Henry replied, "Honey, I know we are alone. I couldnít wait until Peg and Frank left. Letís look around anyway. There could be someone hiding in one of the bedrooms."

Henry grabbed my hand and we looked in all the rooms and closets. We were alone. We started to kiss and the doorbell rang.

We both moaned, "Who can that be."

Henry opened the door and it was room service to clean up the room. I told them to leave the food in refrigerator. I told them that we were going to hibernate in the room for a week. Room service cleaned up the room and removed all the extra chairs. Henry and I were getting impatient. We helped the crew clean up the room and literally kicked them out of the room. When they finely finished Henry shut the door and we both hugged each other and I silently yelled, "Alone at last."

Henry picked me up and carried me into one of the bedroom. He laid me on the bed and sat down beside me. He softly held my cheeks and kissed me repeatedly. Henry pulled away from me and reached into his pocket. He said to me, "I have a surprise for you. Frank has asked me to work for him in Metro. He has given me two jobs. One that is similar to the arrangement you have with Hacker Inc. and the other is to be his chauffeur and confidant. I am going to make enough money to support both of us. I hope you will say yes to what I am going to ask you."

With stars in my eyes, I kissed Henry, and whispered, "Darling, I will do anything you ask of me."

Henry interrupted me and said, "Before you change your mind, will you marry me?í

"Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times, YES." I planted kisses all over Henryís face. I was never so happy in my life. I put my arms around Henry and felt that if I let him go, I would lose him for the rest of my life. I whisper softly, "Darling, from the first day we met, I have been wishing that someday you would ask me to marry you. The love that I had for you that flowed through me had not stopped. I will always love you. "

Henry pulled out a large diamond ring from a small satin covered box and placed the ring over my finger. There are no words that would justly describe the look and emotions that were going through me. My dreams had come true. I felt that from all that had happened that evening, I must be in heaven. The rapture that I felt as I looked at Henry and the ring seemed to produce a glow of light in the dimly lit room. The room sparkled from the tears in my eyes. I held and caressed Henry face. We sat quietly for a long time just holding and kissing each other.

As we lay in bed I rose up and slowly unbutton Henry shirt. Henry lay motionless as he watched me. Henry felt as if a ball of fire was flowing through his veins.

I slowly removed each items of his clothes. Henry was embarrassed. He pulled a sheet over his genital area. I stood on the side of the bed and slowly removing my cloths. Our eyes radiated the desires and emotions that flowed through our bodies. The soft silky texture of my body reflected the soft light. I pulled the sheet from Henryís body and slowly slid my body across Henry. Neither one of us said a word. The look in our faces told our feeling. Slowly Henry pulled away from me and said, "Honey I want you very much. I know that you are still a virgin and you want to wait until you are married. If you want to do something, we will. Donít do it for me. I can wait until we are married."

The rapture that was going through me cooled. I looked at Henry and said, "Peg has been telling my secrets again. Sweetheart, I just wanted the first time to be beautiful, and very romantic. Tonight has been all of those and more. I want it to last forever."

I again caressed Henry. We continued to fondle each other. I saw the rapture in Henryís face. I knew that Henry was going to have a climax. I held him tightly to my body. I could feel the pulsation of the flow of blood going through his veins. I felt the membrane give way as he penetrated deep into her body. My whole body trembled. I felt the pulsation of Henry climaxing and the sensation of his climaxing flowed through my body. I wanted the feeling to last forever. The feeling was much greater than I had ever had imagined. Our bodies were pressed tightly together. We rolled over and over in the large bed. As Henry desires waned, I got out of bed and pulled Henry out of the bed with me. I led him into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stepped into the warm water. I motioned for Henry to follow. I washed the blood from my body and from Henryís. As I washed his body and rubbed it against mine. Henry pulled me up and lifted my body. I wrapped my smooth silky legs around Henryís waist and he again penetrated my body. I looked into Henry eyes and placed my lips on his. It was a beautiful moment. Henry and I were in ecstasy. This was the moment that I had dreamed of. We made love off and on for the rest of the night. When we finely fell to sleep the sun was just peeking over the rim of the ocean.

Peg and Frank had enjoyed a romantic evening also. It was a beautiful evening for all of them. As Peg and Frank approached the door of the suite, Frank cautioned Peg, "Honey, I donít think we should disturb them. I would not have liked it if someone interrupted our evening. I am sure; they donít want us to interrupt them."

Peg insisted, "I know, I just want to see if they are awake. I want to share this beautiful moment with them."

"Peg Honey, they are probably still asleep. We would not want anyone to interrupt us. Please donít go in."

Frank shook his head as Peg slowly tip toed across the suite, opened the door to one of bedrooms, and saw the two nude bodies embraced. They looked as if they were fast asleep.

Frank picked up Peg and carried her out of the room and into the hall. He whispered, "Now you have seen them, what do you want to do?"

With disappointment Peg said, "Frank, you donít understand. Sally has been telling me about this moment so many times that I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to jump into bed with them and hug them. I would have loved to have seen Sally when she lost her virginity. When Sally told me about her dreams, I fantasized about this moment. I wanted to share her feeling with her. In the short time I have known Sally we have had some beautiful moments together. Sweetheart, I have enjoyed every minute with you. Even though I am very much in love with you and the lust to have sex with you drives me crazy. I still envied Sally for having this precious moment. Donít say it. I know that I am a selfish bitch."

Frank pulled Peg close to him he lifted her pretty face and kissed her on the nose. "Sweetheart our moments have been just as beautiful as their moments. Last night when I held your beautiful body against mine, there could not have been a more beautiful moment than we had together. I love you as much as Henry loves Sally and a lot more. The first time we made love, no one on earth could ever have had a more beautiful, romantic moment."

Peg put her arms around Frank's neck and kisses him over and over again. Tears rolled from her eyes and Peg said, "Honey, you are right. I just canít describe the feeling that went through me the first time we made love. It was beautiful. Forgive me, I was so caught up in Sally happiness that I forgot our own. I am a very selfish person. Will you ever forgive me?"

Frank smiled and looked into Pegís eyes and gave her a peck on the lips, "Honey, you havenít done anything that requires forgiveness. Of course, I will forgive you. But I donít know what for."

Frank lifted Peg and was kissing her when the door opened. Sally questions them, "How long have you two love birds been out there? I thought that I heard someone talking in the living room, I was wondering who would be in there. Have you two lovebirds been making love in the hall? Come on in here, you will give this hotel a good reputation. Ha, Ha. Henry, get dressed we have company. They have been making love outside our door all night."

I told Peg and Frank the fridge was loaded with food. I would get my lover dressed and presentable for our distinguish guest. I walked into the bedroom and shut the door. Henry was just started to clear the cobwebs from his head. Henry was embarrassed lying naked on the bed with just a sheet covering him. I could not resist my sexual desires. I dropped my robe and stood there silently for a few minutes and let Henry observe my nude body until I noticed the sheet over Henry genital area started to rise. I ran across the room and removed the sheet that was covering Henry nude body. I laid next to him and kissed his bare stomach. I slowly slid up his body placing kisses laterally across his chest until I was nose to nose with Henry. I place my hands on his cheeks and whispered to him, "Sweetheart, come with me you are going to wash my back."

I jumped up, grabbed Henryís hand, and pulled him from the bed. I looked down at Henry genital area and said, "We cannot waste that!"

Almost a half-hour had passed. Peg was getting impatient she open the bedroom door and shouted, "I know what you two are doing. I am getting hungry. You can do that all night tonight. I hear the shower running. Turn it off, you are going to be waterlogged and wrinkled it you donít stop now."

Peg rushed into the room peeked into the bathroom. She saw two nude bodies embraced through the frosted glass enclosing the shower.

Frank went into the room pulled Peg outside and closed the door. Frank shouted through the door, "Take your time we have all day and Peg has been stuffing her face with the food from the fridge."

Frank told Peg, "Honey, you are a little brat. You just wanted to peek in the room and see what they were doing. I know if I was Henry, what I would be doing."

Peg smiled and added, "What would you be doing, lover?"

"If you are so naive that you donít know what I would be doing, I am not going to tell you. You know, I think you are one nutty broad. Come on letís go down stairs and have some champagne while we are waiting. You are not going to be able to eat anything after you raided the fridge."

Frank shouted through the door again and said, "Sally, we will be down stair at the restaurant. Take your time."

Frank heard Sally replying, "We want be long, see you down stairs."

Peg started to say something. Frank put his hand over her mouth, lifted her with one arm, and carried Peg out of the room into the hall. He put her down and asked Peg what she was going to say to Sally?

Peg paused for a moment then said, "I donít think you would be interested. But anyway, I was going to tell her to do it one more time just for me."

As they walk into the elevator, Peg looked into the security camera, smiled, and winked. She put her arms around Frankís neck, jumped up, and wrapped her legs around his waist. With her lips slightly puckered up and with a disappointed child look on her face she whispered into Frankís ears and said, "Letís have a quickie. I got horny thinking about Sally and Henry. I feel like I have been left out of all the fun."

Frank lifted her skirt, put his hand on her bare butt, and said, "Peg Honey, if you are that horny we will just go to the room and have breakfast sent up."

No sooner had he said it the elevator stopped. The door open and there was a crowd of men looking at them with a variety of looks on their faces. They all exited the elevator. Frank carried Peg into the elevator. The guy that was holding the door open reach inside the elevator for the control panel, pushed the close door button, and said, "We will take the next one."

As the door started to close, Peg smiled at the crowd and through them a kiss. They both started to laugh. When the elevator reached the bottom floor, Peg slid down Frank body very slowly while another crowd watched with smiles on their faces. As they walked through the crowd someone started to applaud which started applause across the lobby. Peg looked around and did a royal curtsey and through kisses to the crowd and yelled, "Thank you, thank you, we both thank you."

Sam and his family had already had their breakfast and they were enjoying the beach. From the restaurant they had a panoramic view of the beach. Frank and Peg took a seat where they could watch Sam with Judy and the kids. Sam and Judy were playing in the water with the kids. Peg thought it was beautiful. She envied them. She looked at Frank and said, "Honey, letís get married and have a gang of kids like Sam and Judy."

Frank looked at Peg and said, "Sweetheart, we were working at it all night. I didnít have any protection on, did you?"

With a quick response Peg said, "Nope, I never have had any protection when we make love. And, neither have you. I may be pregnant now. If I am, I would be the happiest girl in the world."

Frank had been waiting for this moment alone with Peg. He had not told her that he was now the President and the major stockholder at Hacker Inc. He turned to Peg and told her that he had something to tell her and he did not want her to make a scene. Peg promised Frank that she would not do anything to embarrass him.

Frank cleared his throat and said, "From now on, you can call me President Frank."

Before Frank could say the next word Peg said in a high pitch cocky voice, "President of what."

Everyone in the restaurant and those nearby on the beach looked over at Peg. Frank closed his eyes, nodded his head, and leaned over as to put his head under the table. Peg looked around at everyone looking at them and motioned for them to go on about their business and said, "When I find out what he is President of, I will write you all a letter and tell you all about it."

They all smiled and continued whatever they were doing. With disappointment on his face, Frank said, "Darling, I asked that you donít make a scene and you told everyone in the restaurant and on the beach. I think you like to embarrass me."

With a smirk on her face, Peg said, "Iím sorry, please forgive me. Why should I call you President Frank? Are you moving to the White House?"

Henry and Sally walked up and overheard Peg last comment. Sally asked them in an excited voice, "Is Frank running for President."

When the people heard Sally comment everyone in the restaurant turned around again. Frank stood up and pushed his chair back as to leave the table and said, "Before this gets out of hand and all the rumors start flying and these two big mouth brats confuse the whole nation, I will tell you all and the two brats at the same time. Just a few weeks ago I became the President of my own company. I came out her to tell these two brats in private and now you all know."

Frank sat down and the crowd stood up they all applauded. Frank nodded an acknowledgment. When the applause and the noise from everyone conversation quieted down; Frank told Sally and Peg about the meeting on the night they were in Dallas. He said he had tried to find out where they were staying, without any luck.

Both girls went over and hugged Frank, congratulated him, and wished him good luck. Peg apologized and so did I.

Even with all the interruptions, Frank was bubbling to tell his friends about his new accomplishment. Peg, Sally, and Henry all sat attentively listing to Frank for about an hour. During the hour they had their breakfast and sipped the delightful champagne.

We were people watching for another hour or so. I noticed Sam son Jimmy on the beach calling to Sam in the water. He waved a phone in the air. He could not get Samís attention. I told Frank. He excused himself and ran out on the beach and Jimmy gave Frank the phone. Everyone at the table watched intently. Frank walked along the water edge and finely got Samís attention. Sam swam ashore and talked with Frank for about ten minutes. Frank dialed a number on the phone and talked for another ten minutes. When he hung up, he gave Sam the phone, and he raises his arms in disgust. Frank slowly walked back to the restaurant. Those waiting at the table knew something was wrong.

Frank sat down at the table and looked at everyone waiting for him to say something. Frank with an exasperating look on his face said, "I am sorry to say the vacation is over. Sam and I will have to head back on the next plane. A Senator is making a lot of flack about Project X. He wants to have a long investigation into why Hacker Inc. got the contract. He wants to set up a special panel to investigate everything related to Project X. Sam doesnít think there will be any problem. Sam said that the Senator has been trying to have the site location changed from the beginning. Sam feels the Senator had been losing ground in respect in his state and he will do anything to keep his name in the headlines. Frank told them that he had warned Hacker that it was too soon to celebrate. Too much was lost by the other bidders on Project X and they would not give up without a fight.

Frank told them that they could stay if they wanted to. Judy was staying with the kids for another couple of weeks. Peg said, "Honey I am going back with you. Sally can stay here with Judy and the kids."

Frank told Henry that he could stay with Sally and when things cooled off a little later, they could come home. If they want to go back they could stay at Samís home.

Peg jumped in and said, "They can stay at my house."

Late that afternoon we all were on our way back to the mainland. On this flight, I hardly left my seat. I was holding Henry hand all the way back home. I would turn and give him a peck on the cheek every ten or fifteen minutes. A cloud of sadness hung over all of us.

The plane set down in Dallas just as the sun started to peek over the horizon. A private jet was waiting to carry us back to Metro. We made the usual change in limousines at Hacker Inc. Frank, and Sam stayed at Hacker Inc. Henry, Peg, and I went to Pegís home.

When we got to Pegs, Peppe was working outside the house. He was quite surprised to see me and he had only caught a glimpse of Peg when she dropped me off after the trip to Washington. Peppe asked me if Peg was my sister and I told him that we were only good friends. Peppe thanked Peg for hiring him and also thanked me for recommending him. He told them that he, Rosa, and the kids love their new home. Peppe was very appreciative.

Peg showed Henry and me to our room and told us that she going to sleep all day. Peg pointed to another room down the hall and whispered to Henry, "If Sally gets to fresh, you can move to the room at the end of the hall."

I said, "Donít you worry about Henry he can take care of himself."

Frank and Sam met the Think Tank:

Sam and Frank caught a couple of hours of sleep at the office before Hacker disturbed their sleep. He wanted to hold a strategy meeting in about an hour. Without thinking, Hacker said that his Think Tank would be there and he wanted Sam to attend also. Hacker changed his mind and said, "Frank, I changed my mind. What donít you come alone?"

"Mr. Hacker, Sam knows more about Project X than I do. He thinks he can clear up the problem. I strongly suggest that he knows what everyone wants before we tackle the problem."

Reluctantly, Hacker consented, and told Frank to bring Sam along. The next hour flew by. When Frank and Sam approached Hackerís office there were two security guards. One of them opens the door for them. Inside Hackerís office were a number of men seated around the oval conference table. Hacker didnít introduce the men. This was the first time Frank and Sam had seen Hackerís Think Tank members. None of the faces were familiar.

Hacker controlled the meeting. He told Frank and Sam to take notes and at the end of the meeting to give them their opinion relating to their present problem. The meeting went on for approximate 4 hours. Everyone was giving their opinion and options on how to shut up the Senator. When it came to Franks turn he was very diplomatic in his approach. He told them they all had very good ideas on how to resolve the problem. The only catch was if they used anyone of their plans and it failed, what would be the consequences? Frank knew that they should have an alternative plan in case the solution to the problem did not work. He felt that if one plan fell through another one should take its place. If they did not do anything, it may or may not blow over. Also, how long should we wait and how long can we wait? Frank suggested that they do not make a decision today. If they reacted too quickly, their reaction would indicate we are on the defense. Then Frank turned it over to Sam.

Everyone else had remained seated when they spoke, Sam stood up. Frank notices the almost hypnotic stare in Samís eyes and motions. The tone of his voice was mesmerizing. Frank did his best not to listen to what Sam was saying or watched him. He knew the bastard was going to try to hypnotize the whole group.

Sam slightly smiled and assured everyone that Frank ideas would work and Frankís guidance through this confrontation would be the best approach. He stresses that the Senator was just blowing smoke to try to get reelected. In the end we all would be successful in cleaning up this problem. My name is Sam and what is yours.

Sam sat down and looked around the oval table. They all looked as if they all were in a state of shock. One by one they all introduced themselves, including Hacker. Sam tapped his finger on the table a couple of times and they all came out of their trance. Frank could hardly hold back from laughing. Hacker thanked Frank and Sam for coming and excused them.

Frank and Sam walked to the elevator and instead of pushing the up button, Sam pushed the down button. They both knew the whole place was bugged and didnít say a word until the elevator was almost to the bottom floor. Sam asked Frank to have lunch with him and they strolled out of the building without saying a thing until they were about a block away.

Frank jump all over Sam, "You bastard, you were going to hypnotize me too. Werenít you? Why didnít you warn me?"

Sam snapped back, "If I had asked you, would you have let me? Didnít you hire me to be head of your Intelligence Department and didnít you want me to get the names of all of Hackers Think Tank? Well, I did."

Frank interrupted Sam, "You got the names of all the men in the Hackerís Think Tank?"

Sam looked puzzled and asks; "Didnít you hear them introduce themselves, including Hacker?"

Frank said, "No, I didnít hear a damn thing." Frank paused for a moment and continued, "Come to think of it, the only thing that I can remember is when you were telling them that they should follow my lead. You could not have gotten their names. I would have heard them. I know you did not hypnotize me."

Sam smiled at Frank and questioned, "Are you positive that the only thing you heard was when I told them that they should follow your lead?"

With determination Frank replied, "I am positive. I was wondering why you didnít say more. If you got their names, who are they."

With the usual smirk that irritated Frank, Sam answered. "I did and I got pictures of all of them. And you thought that you were not hypnotized. I put you in a trance just like all the others. The only difference between them and you is you suspected it and tried to resist. You went under just before you looked away from me and so did the rest of them. That whole bunch from now on will think you are some kind of genius. Do you object to that? None of them will ever remember that they all told me their names, where they came from and what connection they had with Hacker Inc."

Frank couldnít believe what Sam was telling him. And, he said as much. Sam pulled a little video camera from his pocket just enough for Frank to see it. Sam told Frank to come home with him after work, they would watch the whole meeting together, and Frank agreed.

Sam looked at Frank with the same smirk that Frank hated and said; "I planted a bug in Hackers office, while they were under."

Frank snarled at Sam, "Take that stupid grin off your face. You look like one of those bastards of the OIC. What do you mean; you put a bug in Hackerís office? He has a sensor that will go off if a bug is in the room."

"Look Frank I would not have put a bug in his office that could be detected. That would be stupid. If they find it they will never know where it came from and who put it in his office."

"Sam, sometimes you scare the shit out of me. You donít know what a bastard Hacker is."

"You forgot that I worked at the DOJ. I had access to all the files on Hacker and his company before you came to work there. We will be OK. The signal rides on a 60-cycle carrier. With all the wiring in his office his sensors would be going off constantly."

Frank asked, "Where do you have the receiver?"

"In my pocket, I can plug it in any outlet within 1000 yards and still receive a good signal."

When they were seated in the restaurant Sam unplugged a small light at their booth and plugged in the receiver. He put a small earpiece in his ear and listened for a moment then he gave it to Frank. Frank put the earpiece in his ear. A smile came across his face and he said, "Penny just came into Hackerís office. This is going to be X-rated."

Sam said, "Give them a little privacy. We have to concentrate on the Senator."

Frank nodded and unplugged the receiver. Frank said, "Do you remember when Sally first came into the picture?"

Sam let out an almost silent, "Yew."

Frank continued, "And Hacker wanted to kidnap Sally and sell her to that slave trader in northern Iraq."


"After we hired Sally, every time Hacker saw Sally, he would become so horny that he would have Penny come to his office to relieve his lust. I donít know what Sally did to turn him on; it really set Hacker on fire."

Sam said, "Look Frank, Peg drives you up the wall every time she comes into your office, right?"

"Yew, yes she does."

"The next time Sally comes into your office take a good look at her. Just looking at her will set a fire in your pants."

Frank chuckled, "I already have. Why do you thing George picked Sally to hook Hacker. She was driving those guys crazy. Enough of that shit, I am getting horny just thinking about it, let get down to what we came here for."

With a chuckle in his voice Sam said, "OK, but it is nice to think of something stimulating once and a while."

At the restaurant they both agreed that the Senator didnít have a chance in hell of bumping the whole Senate. The only thing they could do was to find a way to shut him up. Sam told Frank that he had a file on all the Senators and he would see what he had on this guy tonight. If they decided to call Senator Bigmouth they would use pay phones in case someone had him wired. After lunch they both went back to the office and told the receptionist that they would be busy for the rest of the day and tell the callers that they would call them back. They both were dead tired and needed some sleep. Frank gave Sam a pillow and a blanket. Sam curled up on the couch and Frank headed for his sleeping quarter.

It was about five Oíclock when Frank woke up. Sam had awakened earlier and had dozed off again. Frank nudged Sam and said, "I think we better get back to work. It is getting late."

They straighten themselves up and headed for Samís. When Sam got home, he called Judy in Hawaii. She was not in her room. He left a message for her to call him when she came in. He told the clerk for her to call him no matter what time it was on the East Coast.

They went to Samís private little workshop in the attic. Frank had never seen it and no one else except Judy and she had no idea what all the equipment was for. Frank was bewildered. As Sam went through his neatly organized microfilm files, Frank was more confused than ever. He had no idea what all the equipment was for.

Sam Put the microfilm into a machine and it started pumping out prints. Sam went into another vault and came out with a couple of videotapes. Sam picked up the stack of printed sheet and put the microfilm back into its vault; he locked both vaults, and loaded one of the tapes into a VCR and the matching one in another. Sam asked Frank to wait for a few minutes. He wanted to read over his report on Senator Bigmouth. After Sam finished reading the report he pushed a button on the VCR and there was the pesky Senator Bigmouth testifying before a house subcommittee. Sam told Frank to watch the Black Box and when the little red light starts blinking push the freeze button. Almost as soon as the Senator started talking, the light started blinking.

After a few minutes Sam said, "Frank, weíve got him. That bastard lies all the time. He hasnít said an honest thing in his life. You could question him on something that he said or did. He lies so much that he wouldnít remember what he had said. He is constantly lying to cover his ass."

Sam pointed out the way Senator Bigmouth squinted his eyes and throughout the whole tape Frank picked out most of the lies. It was difficult because he was lying all the time. Sam was taking notes as the tape progressed.

At the end of the tapes, Sam asked Frank to rewind all the tapes. Meticulously Sam replaces the tapes and got another one. This time Sam got a tape of Senator Foghorn, a Senior Senator in Senatorís Bigmouth party. As Senator Foghorn started to talk, Sam mimicked Senator Foghorn voice. It sounded like an echo coming from the opposite side of the room. Frank was confused. Frank asks Sam, "What happen to the sound? You have an echo."

Senator Foghorn voice was very distinctive. Sam stopped the tapes and mimicked Senator Foghorn voice and said, "You bastards will never get away with this."

Frank spun around; he expected to see Senator Foghorn. As Frank looked around the room for Senator Foghorn, Sam burst into laughter and said in Senator Foghorn voice, "You smart ass bastards will never get away with this. I will nail your asses to the cross."

The room was dimly lit and Frank could not see Sam lips moving. He did not know where Senator Foghorn voice was coming from. Frank interrupted Sam, "Hold on a minute, Sam what are you up to?"

Sam smiled at Frank and said in his own voice, "Donít worry, your problem with the Senators, it will be over tonight. Tomorrow it will be Headline News. And, we can put our energies to more important things. Have you ever call up someone and pretended that you were someone else. That is what we are going to do."

Frank asked Sam, "Was that your voice and when did you learn how to do that?"

Sam replied, "Donít you remember all those nights that we watched Henry? He is a lot better at this than I am. We have to make a couple of phone calls tonight. Henry would be better at it than I am. Would you want him to make the calls?"

Frank shook his head, "No, does anyone know you can do this? Itís best that no one else knows about it. Since Henry is working for us, if someone starts looking into your plan. Henry has mimicked almost every high official in DC. If anyone is suspected, Henry would be the first one they would check out. It is best that Henry doesnít know a damn thing about this."

Sam answered, "To answer your question, you are the only one that knows that I can mimic voices. I have only tried this five or six times. Letís get out of here and get it over with."

Sam outlined his plan to Frank. Frank was apprehensive about Samís plan. But, he felt that they couldnít tie them to Samís scheme, so why not. Sam had a map of all the pay phones in Metro. He kept a record of all the times that he used them and why. Sam chose a phone as far away from Hacker Inc. and his home to make the calls.

Sam Hooks the Senator Bigmouth:

First Sam called Senator Bigmouthís office using Senator Foghornís voice. Sam told the young lady he wanted to locate Senator Bigmouth and that it was a very important call. The young lady said, "Yes sir, Senator Foghorn. He is just down the hall."

When Senator Bigmouth got on the line the young lady told him that Senator Foghorn wanted to talk to him. In Senatorís Foghorn voice, Sam asked the young lady to please hang up and do not listen in on their conversation. The young lady assured Sam, "I never listen in on any of the calls, Senator Foghorn."

When the young lady called Sam "Senator Foghorn again", he knew that she thought he was Senator Foghorn. As soon as the young lady hung up Sam lit into Senator Bigmouth. Sam asked him why he was rocking the boat on Project X. Senator Bigmouth came back, "You told me to, why are you changing you mind?"

Sam pretended to be talking to someone on his end of the line. Senator Bigmouth was impatient, "What going on?"

Sam pretended to excuse himself and apologized to someone next to him. He went back to Senator Bigmouth and said, "Damn it, hold on a minute."

Sam put his hand over the mouthpiece and said, "Yes sir, I will take care of it. It will be in the Headlines tomorrow, I can promise you that."

Sam uncovers the mouthpiece and said, "We are in big trouble. I want you to have a news conference tonight. Donít wait until tomorrow. Forget about investigating the Project X contracts. Donít ask me why. Just do it. Do you remember the hearing that you testified at last year? Someone has got us cold. He is holding it over our heads. Shut up about Project X, he knows everything about us lying to the committee. If this gets out, we will be spending a lot of time together. The guy that wanted us to undermine Project X is still pushing us to delay the Project as long as we can. When he hears about your news conference he will be in my office and demanding me to do anything to delay the Project. He is trying to buy up all the adjacent property to Project X. He is trying to raise the money and he needs time. Well I am not going to stick my neck out for him. If I call you and he is around I will pretend to be giving you hell. Do your best to keep under cover for the next couple of weeks. Keep out of my sight and away from any phone. If I yell and screen at you, do not give in. If anyone asks if it was your idea to investigate Project X, you tell them you have gone over all the bids and you are satisfied that the contract was given ethically. It was your idea to investigate the Project and your idea for the Project to go forward."

Senator Bigmouth responded to Sam, "Who the fuck has us."

"Donít ask, you donít need to know. Do you want to spend the next 10 years behind bars?"

"Hell no, is it that fucking Hacker? How did he find out?"

"No, itís not Hacker. I donít know how he found out but he knows everything."

Bigmouth said, "I went out on a limb for you and now you want to cut it off. Donít ever get me into this type of corner again. You had told me that one of your supporters was pissed because he didnít get the contract. Now you are saying that they want to buy up the property next to Project X. I am getting sick and tired of being used. Make sure I get my share of the partyís money for my reelection."

Sam told Senator Bigmouth, "You are right, he was pissed about not getting the contract. Now, if he canít get the contract he wants to purchase all the adjacent property. You will get everything that is coming to you."

Sam hung up before he could say another word.

Frank said, "Dam it Sam if I wasnít standing next to you I would swear that was Senator Foghorn. Letís get back and look at the meeting with the Think Tank. You said that you put me under I want to see what I looked like under hypnosis."

They had not gotten back in the office a minute too soon. The network interrupted the regular program. One of Senator Bigmouthís aides had gathered about 3 or 4 TV reporters and told them that Senator Bigmouth wanted to talk to them. He had a brief statement and would not answer any question.

While the reporters waited for Senator Bigmouth they flooded the aide with hundreds of question. The poor aide did not know anymore than the reporters. He did let it out that Senator Bigmouth had a long talk with Senator Foghorn about a half-hour ago. Other than that, he told them that they knew as much as he did.

Frank grabbed the phone and started to call Hacker. Sam stopped Frank and told him that he didnít want Hacker to see this number when he picks up his phone. Sam told Frank to use the phone in the down stairs hall. Frank ran down the stairs 3 or 4 steps at a time. Frank picked up the remote phone and headed back up stairs. He was half out of breath when Hacker came to the phone. He told Hacker what TV channel to watch and to call him back at Samís. Hacker wanted to know what was going on. Frank told him he would miss it if he didnít turn on the TV. Frank hung up before Hacker could ask any more questions.

When Frank reached Sam workshop, Sam was watching the Think Tank meeting on another monitor. Frank told Sam to cut it off and watch the news. Sam said, "Relax, I will turn this off just as soon as the Senator goes on the air.

The portable phone rang, and Frank picked it up thinking it was Hacker. It was Judy. Sam said, "If you want to watch Senator Bigmouth go down stairs. I am not going to miss this call for all the money in the world. Itís my Honey."

Frank went flying down the stairs again and turned on the TV. The reporters were still bombarding the aide. The aide asks the reporters to excuse him for a moment. He went into the Senatorís office and Senator Bigmouth was talking to Senator Foghorn on his speaker phone. The aide could hear every word Senator Foghorn was saying. Senator Bigmouth calmly listened and did not know his aide was standing behind him. As the one sided conversation continued the aide couldnít believe what Senator Foghorn was saying. When the aide heard that there was a conspiracy between Senators Bigmouth and Foghorn to disrupt Project X, he gasped. Senate Bigmouth looked around and almost shit in his pants. While Senator Foghorn was still screaming, Senator Bigmouth asked his aide how long has he been standing there? The aide told him 3 or 4 minutes. Senator Bigmouth turned off the speaker phone and put the phone to his head and said, "You fucking idiot you just told the world about your little scheme. You were shouting so loud that very one in the office heard you."

The aide turned around. The reporters had followed the aid into the Senatorís office. The cameras were running and so was the sound. It was a dark picture, but they recorded it all. Senator Bigmouth turned around and tried to salvage the new conference. As Sam had told Bigmouth it was his idea to investigate the handling of the Project X contract and no one else. Senator Bigmouth said that he was calling off the investigation. He had reviewed the handling of the contract and that everything was aboveboard. He shoved the reporters out the door and locked the door.

Hacker was jumping up and down. He couldnít believe his ears. He was desperately trying to get Frank on the phone. Sam heard the call waiting but didnít give a shit. He and Judy were acting like two newlyweds that had been torn apart.

Hacker jumped into some cloths and called his chauffeur and they headed for Samís. When they reached Samís, Sam was still talking to Judy. Frank saw Hacker drive up and called to Sam, "The old fart just drove up."

Sam cupped the mouthpiece of the phone and said, "Tell the old fart that I am taking a shit. I am locking my lab from the inside."

When Sam started talking to Judy again, Judy said, "Honey, if you have to go to the bathroom, go. I will call you back later."

Sam said, "Donít hang up, I was just telling Frank that so he would keep Hacker off of my back. Go ahead and tell me about the kids."

Hacker went storming through the door. He wanted to know if Frank had anything to do with the Senator calling off the investigation. Frank told him to calm down and have a seat. Sam had engineered the solution to their problem. Sam is in the bathroom upstairs. He will be down in a few minutes. I will get you a drink. Hacker was impatient he paced the floor for about 20 minutes until Sam came down the stairs. Hacker ran to Sam, "Tell me what happened. Frank wonít tell me a dam thing."

Sam looked at Frank standing behind Hacker. Frank shook his head as to say, "Do not to tell him a dam thing."

Sam looked at Hacker and said, "It was Frankís idea, and he is the one that got Senator Bigmouth to change his mind not me."

Frank interrupted Sam, "I am not going to take the credit for the ingenious efforts that Sam has put into shutting up Senator Bigmouth. It is best you do not know the details. If Senator Foghorn yelling over the phone starts an investigation, it is best that you donít know a thing. I just want to give credit where credit is due. Sam is one of the brightest men in this world. He has been surprising me from the very first day I saw him at the Justice Department."

Frank went over to Sam, put his arm around him, and gave him a big hug. A tear trickled down Frank face. Hacker went over to Sam and thanked him. At first Hacker put his hands on Sam's shoulders. Then Hacker hugged Sam. When he pulled away, he said, "Dam it, I havenít hugged another man since I was a kid. That really felt good. I am going to have to do it more often."

He shook hands with Sam and Frankís, thanked them again, and walked to the door. Hacker was still curious. He wanted to know what Sam had done. He respected Frank and Sam ingenious but, he was still noisy. Hacker turned around and said, "Sam, tell me what happened."

"Mr. Hacker, Frank is right. It is best you donít know anything about what went on tonight. What you heard on the news is all you should know. If someone suspects you had anything to do with this, it could blow Project X contract. And, I am sure you would not want that. One question I would like to ask. Who owns the property next to Project X?"

"I do. Why do you ask?"

"It was one of the things that came up tonight."

Hacker looked at Frank and Sam. He sensed that Sam and Frank were not going to tell him the details, so he decided to let it go for now. Again Hacker thanked them and said goodnight.

Frank locked the front door as Hacker walked out. He put his arm around Sam and they headed back up stairs. Sam unlocked his lab and they went inside.

Sam only showed Frank the last part of Hackerís Think Tank of the tape, where Sam had hypnotized them all. It took only about 15 minutes. Sam wanted Frank to pay close attention to the occupation of the members of the Think Tank. All these men had direct links to the heads of states of the countries that they were associated with. With Hackerís control over these men, he had the control the worldís economy.

With that sarcastic look on Samís face, he said, "You wanted to see what you looked like under hypnoses. Look at that that face of yours."

As Sam had said, Frank looked as he was in a trace like the members of the Think Tank and Hacker. "You look like a jerk. I think I will show this tape to Peg so she will know what she is getting."

As usual Frank shook his head and said, "My fucking friend. I donít need any enemies. I got a friend that is worse than any of my enemies. Sam you are a real ball buster."

Frank started to leave and Sam invited him to stay and sleep over. Sam felt the phone at Hacker Inc. would be ringing off the hook. Frank agreed. It would be the first night they had a good night sleep in months.

The following morning Frank got up early and took off for the office. He knew that Hacker almost always came in early. Frank had something on his mind that had been bugging him for a long time. He wanted Hacker to dump the drug trade and laundering of drug money. He felt this was an ideal time to have it out with Hacker.

  Getting out of the drug trade:

When Frank reached Hacker Inc. he went straight to Hackers office. The door was open and Hacker was at his desk. Frank didnít shut the door behind him. He smiled at Hacker and said, "Letís have breakfast together."

Hacker said, "I already had my breakfast. Thanks anyway."

Frank glance ups at the security camera and said, "Then have your second cup of coffee while I have my breakfast."

Hacker notices Frank glancing at the security camera and agrees to go with him. Neither of them said a word until they were out of the building then Hacker said, "Whatís on your mind. Do you want to talk about what happened last night?"

Frank looked at Hacker with a very determined look and said, "No. What I am going to say to you, I have said before. You have said that you would think about it and you have not done anything about it. I asked you to get completely out of the drug trade. I had to buy two prefab buildings a few weeks ago just to store the fucking money at BB Lodge. It is getting worse every day. You have Project X in your lap, thanks to Sam. After what happened last night, no one is going to investigate Project X contract. You are sitting on a time bomb that is waiting to go off. All it takes is one little bastard to blow the whistle on you and everything you have worked for all these years will go up in smoke. Just one little snowball rolling down the hill will turn into an avalanche. There is no way in hell you, Sam, or I, and anyone else could stop it. The government will take everything that you have away from you and you will spend the rest of your life in prison. There is no place in this world that you could hide. Is this really what you want? You are going to make billions over the next 20 to 30 years. You will be able to sleep ease at night. If you go down, so will I. I donít want to lose what I have worked for. The first thing is to get the money out of the US. I have worked out a plan to get all the money that is stored all over the country off of our properties. You will still be getting money from the drug trade, but no one will be able to link you to it. You have a large piece of property in the Caribbean and you own a bank on the same island. All the drugs money goes there anyway. The Governor has been pushing for a larger share of the money for the last two years. You can open another casino and laundry the money there."

Hacker interrupted Frank, "Frank you donít have any idea how much money I am making every day from the drug trade. Itís in the Millions. What am I going to tell the Think Tank?"

Frank said, "Tell them you are just moving the money out of the US, and things are getting hot around here. You are not getting out of the drug trade. Your storage and distribution of the money will be outside the US. It will cost you less to run the business at one place. You and I will be clear of the drug and money trail. The drugs will come into the country the same way they are coming in now. The only difference will be the drug dealers will have to get the money out of the country and to the Caribbean. I know they will bitch about that. We will tell them that things are getting to hot here. We have to move our base of operation or they will lose everything."

Hacker replied, "Dam it Frank, I donít want to change anything."

Frank asked Hacker, "What is Hacker Inc. stock going for today? Do you think I could sell all of my shares today? As you have said, you have been walking on thin ice since I came to work for you. I just donít want to live that type of life any more. You are not losing any money you are changing you base of operation. You have enough control around the world that the island will be hands-off by every country in the world. No one will go near it to investigate the activities on the island."

Hacker shouted, "Look Frank you canít sell Hanker Inc. on the open market. It is the keystone of my business. You are forcing me to buy you out at the market value. Thatís at least 3 to 4 billion. Itís the keystone of my business. Dam it Frank donít put me in a corner."

Tempers were starting to fly. Hacker had never had anyone stand up to him. He yelled and screamed at Frank. Frank held his cool and let Hacker finish. When Hacker had let out all of his steam and settled down Frank said, "One way or the other I am going to sever my ties with you unless we get the drug money off of my property. You have no idea how much money is stored around the country. You donít know how much money you are making. There are billions of dollars sitting around the country that is not being used. Some of the areas the rats are eating the fucking money. You will be able to put the money to work for you and you will know how much you have. We have to get the fucking money off of Hacker Inc. properties. You put me in a corner when you hired me. There is nothing in our contract says that I have to manager your illegal activities. When you had me locked in, you stuck it to me. You informed me that I was managing a laundering empire of yours. You informed me, in your own words, whether I liked it or not, if I got out of line and fucked up and you went down, I would go down with you."

Hacker mumbled to himself then said, "You handle it, you get the fucking money out of the country and buy the property you need in Caribbean. To be honest with you this has been bugging me for quite a while. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and worrying about it. I donít even know how much money we have around the country."

Frank said, "That is one of the problems. No one knows exactly how much you have lying around. Those bastards out there could be stealing you blind. You have no control over the money or them. They could be stuffing the boxes with paper and you would never know it until you shipped it out. Itís a wonder that we havenít been sending empty boxes out."

Hacker had mellowed somewhat, he said, "I get your point. How much do you think we have?"

Frank said, "I will give you a rough idea. The paper work says that you have about 20 billion. From the cubic feet it takes up, itís somewhere close to 20 billion. It could be off a billion one-way or the other. No one has any idea. You have been sending untaxed cigarettes and other items that are illegal to the island for distribution around the world. We will send the money with the other cargo."

Frank filled in Hacker on the details. Reluctantly, Hacker gave Frank the go-ahead.

All during Frankís breakfast Hacker was mumbling to himself. The best Frank could make out, Hacker was wondering how much money it would cost him to make the transition and how much money was he going to lose.

How do you move 20 billion dollars?

Frank top priority was to get all the drug money out of Country before to many questions were asked about all of the boxes in the hangers and all of the other building at the Lodges. He called Bill and Peter; they were monitoring most of Hackers illegal enterprises.

When Bill and Peter were on the way to Frank office, Bill as well as Peter was thinking, what the fuck does Frank want? They had always reporting to Hacker.

Peter stopped and questioned Bill. He asked, "What do you think he wants?"

Bill said, "Hell if I know. I was thinking the same thing. We havenít been in his office with him since we came to work here."

They got off the elevator and walked to Frankís office. Frank got up and thanked them for coming. He shut the door behind them and invited them to have a seat. Peter did not hesitate, he asked, "What can we do for you?"

Frank said, "How would you like to take a vacation at Hackerís casino in the Caribbean? We have some business to take care of down there. You can take you wives with you if you want."

Bill said, "Iím not married. What about a girl friend?"

Peter wanted to know how long would they be down there? Frank answered both question, "Bill, you can take two girls friend if you want; they have to be able to keep their mouths shut. Peter, I donít think you will have to be there for more than a week or two."

Frank didnít tell them that it might turn out to be their permanent home. While Peter and Bill were talking it over, Frank called Peg and told her to pack her bags; she and Sally were going on another vacation. She told her to round up Henry also.

Peg said, "That will be easy Henry is probably over at Sallyís. Sally wanted to get a few of her things out of her apartment. She called one of her neighbor and she told Sally everything was quiet. All the excitement stopped a couple of days after we left for Hawaii. I was wondering why Henry didnít go to work."

Frank answered, "I told him to take a few days off to look for a place to stay."

Frank hung up the phone and asked Bill and Peter it they would join him for lunch. They both jumped at the chance. When they were out of the building Frank laid it on them. Frank said, "We are moving the drug and laundering business out of the country. We have too much money lying around that is not being used. Do you think we can move all the money out of the US and how long will it take?"

Frank could see that this had taken them both by surprise. They looked at each other, and Peter said, "We can do it, but it may take six months to a year to move it all."

Frank said, "What about a month."

Bill said, "No way in hell could we get it all out of here in a month."

Frank came back, "We can try.

In unison they said, "Forget it."

Frank said, "One way or the other we are going to take the drug trade money out of the US or we all are going to be living together if we donít. I got a tip that one of the undercover agencies has been snooping around since George and Jim got locked up. We are going to move the headquarters to the Caribbean if it kills us all. Otherwise it will kill all of us."

Peter wanted to know where his tip came from. But, Frank wasnít going to give him a clue for there wasnít any. He told them not to go around turning over stones trying to find the worm, this may lead to more trouble than they wanted. Frank told them that the most important thing was to get the money out of the country as quickly as possible. They were to transport the money in shipping containers to the ports in which the drugs entered the country. If the authorities quibble about their payoffs, they were to give them a little extra and tell them they will get more on the next shipments that coming in. They were going to hire container ships to transport the containers to the Caribbean. Frank wanted them to get all the people that had been working for them and put them on this job. If they got the money out of the US before an investigation started, the better the chances of it blowing over. If they found the money, they all would lose out and probably go to jail. Frank told them they already had men at all of the sights where the money is stored. Tell them that they will get a bonus if they get the money out without any problems. Frank said that they have made hundreds of shipments into and out of the country without any problems. Letís donít start now. The boxes already had labels of paper products on them. Leave them on, stack the boxes on pallets, wrap, and band the boxes to the pallets. We donít want any loose boxes popping open like the ones at BB Lodge.

After lunch was over and they headed back to the office, Frank said, "We will be leaving tomorrow morning. Donít forget the sunscreen?"

Frank returned to his office and called the Governor of the little Caribbean island and asked if he was still interested extending his business on his little island. Also, he wanted to know if the land adjacent to Hackerís property was still for sale. The Governor was overwhelmed. He couldnít have been happier and he said the property was still for sale. Frank told him that he was taking a group on vacation and for him to make arrangements at Hackerís casino for about two dozen. It may not be that many but he wanted to make sure he had enough room. The Governor assured Frank if it wasnít enough room at the casino they could stay at the Governor Mansion.

After Frank hung up the phone he was wondering where Sam was. He called the receptionist and asked if she had seen Sam. She told Frank that they had been missing each other all morning. Sam had gone out for lunch and told the receptionist to nail Frankís butt to the floor until he got back.

In about an hour Sam came busting into Frank office. He bellowed out, "Where the fuck have you been? You left without saying a fucking thing. I didnít know what happen to you and it scared the shit out of me. I didnít know if the receptionist was giving me the run around."

Frank apologized and told Sam what he had been up to. And, they were going on another vacation. He told Sam to pack his bags.

Sam was confusion and bewildered, he asked Frank, "When are we leaving? Judy and the kids will be home in a few hours and I donít want to leave them alone. And, I havenĎt even unpacked my bags."

Frank smiled and said, "That great. You are all set. Just tell them not to unpack. We will be leaving at 8 tomorrow morning."

"Oh, God." Sam uttered, "Judy is going to kill us both."

Frank said, "Better yet, just tell Judy to stay at the Transit House at BB. I will call Helen and tell her that she will have a few guests for the night."

Sam was headed for the door, turned, and said, "I am getting to feel that I shouldnít have taken this job."

As usual, Frank shook his head, laughed, and said, "After we get this mess straighten out, things will be a lot smoother."

Sam had a surprise for Frank. He went over to Frank and put a headset on him. He put a finger over his lips and told Frank just to listen. After a few moments a smile came across Frankís face. Hacker was having a conference with his Think Tank. He was trying to explain why they were shipping the money out of the US. They were all screaming at the same time. Finally Hacker had enough of it and yelled back at them and said, "Shut the fuck up and sit down. You are not going to lose a cent. We canít keep an accurate account of the money now. No one knows how much money we are losing and how much money we have. We get the figures from over a hundred locations. How do we know the figures are correct? We have run out of places to store the fucking cash. If we open up more places to store the fucking stuff, someone is going to ask question that we donít want to answer. This has been bothering me since Frank can here. I have been losing sleep and have nightmares about losing everything. We have Project X and I donít want to lose that. We will make more money with less worry when the drug money is out of the states. The meeting is adjourned. Good day."

Sam took Frank out onto the roof garden and pointed at the parking garage across the street. Frank said, "What do you want me to look at?"

"That is how they get into the building without you seeing them on the security tapes. I overheard Sally telling Peg that Hacker had a bedroom suite and an elevator in his office. Did you know that?"

"No, how did Sally find out about it?"

"When Hacker gave her the bonus. He tried to give her something else. He led her into his private suite; she excused herself and took off."

"That dirty bastard. There is nothing on the building plans that shows a bedroom and an elevator."

"Thatís true. When they put in the elevator and suite they stole a little from Hackers office and some from the office next to Hackerís. They have a tunnel under the street and a locked door that leads to stairs to the tunnel."

"Now you know why I hired you. It takes a nosey bastard like you to figure out the obvious."

Sam said, "I am taking off. I will see you at BBís, if Judy doesnít kill me."

"Donít let anyone hear that tape. Burn it. Hacker will kill us and save Judy the trouble."

"Will do, good night."

The next morning they all met at the BB Lodge airport and flew to the Caribbean. They arrived around lunch. The Governor met them at the airstrip with a caravan of limos. They all received a red carpet welcome. The Governor had reserved the top floor of Hackerís casino for the group. Frank didnít want to waist a moment. He arranged a meeting that afternoon for the Governor and his staff in the conference room adjoining their rooms. The girls and the kids headed for the beach. Sally was disappointed that she hadnít bought a metal detector. But, they all enjoyed the beach anyway.

Frank had called Henry aside and they took a walk along the beach. Frank asked Henry if he had any idea why they were on the island. Henry was afraid to answer Frank. Yet, he wanted to be honest with him. From the conversations he had overheard in the past he had pieced together the picture. He knew that Hacker Inc. was involved in the drug trade and he suspected the worse.

Henry looked at Frank and said, "I have known for some time that Hacker was in drug business. I had heard official in DC talking about it when they were in my cab. They believe that they can talk in private as long as the window between the rear seat and the drive is closed. As you know, with the mike in the back seat I get all of the DC gossip. I have worried about you and Pegís involvement with Hacker."

Frank said to Henry, "If this is bothering you enough that you donít want to get deeper involved than you already are, you can end your association with Hacker Inc."

Henry put his hand on Frank shoulder and said, "Frank I have been sticking my neck out all my life and for a friend I would stick it out a little more. What do you have in mind? What would you like me to do?"

Frank filled him in on the shifting of the drug business out of the US and he wanted him around to watch the progress and to inform him if anything that came up that he should know about. Frank put his arms around Henry and hugged him. He told Henry that he and Sam could not be on top of everything. It was just too much for the two of them to handle. He didnít want to get Peg and Sally involved in the project. He told Henry that he would be working with Peter and Bill, and they would be running all over the country keeping tabs on the progress. Frank wanted Henry to tag along with them and report directly to him. Frank thanked Henry and they headed back to the hotel.

At the conference with the Governor and his staff Frank laid out the details of their project of moving 20 billion dollars out of the U.S. The meeting lasted until late in the night. Everyone was exhausted. Frank felt the fewer times they had to get together, if anyone was watching their activities, to many meeting would make them nosy. At this time they didnít want anyone nosing around.

The transition went into action. The money was being package as Frank requested. At hundreds of locations across the country, teams were working around the clock. Each group packed the container and accompanied them to the port in which they would be shipped. The container never left their eyes until they were stacked in the storage area in the Caribbean. They all were given a percentage of money they accompanied. Some of the crew had to make as many as four or five trips to the Caribbean. But, at last the last container was delivered to the island.

The operation was a success:

The shipment went smoother than expected. Bill, Peter, and Henry had worked around the clock for the last two months. They didnít make it in a month as Frank had requested, but Frank and Hacker were delighted. Frank didnít have the slightest idea how long it would take. He felt if he requested it be accomplished in a month, maybe it would be done in 6 months. Hacker had a meeting and invited the three key players, Peter, Bill, and Henry. He gave them all substantial bonuses. Hacker wanted to know what motivated the team and made the program run so smoothly. They all looked at each other and Henry answered, "Money, I think that was what motivated them the most."

Peter and Bill both laughed and agreed with Henry. Peter said, "I believe we all wanted to get the money out of the country. We all felt that we were sitting on a powder keg. We have been looking for places to store the money. The guy that runs the Vegas group has a farm with a herd of horses. He had to have someone else keep his horses so he could use the barn and his home for storing the overflow of cash.

The problem now was to hurry and finish building the Distribution Center to replace the 100 plus places that were in the US. Also they needed the personnel to run the center. Frank felt the best way to staff the Distribution Center was to transfer the ones that were working for Hacker Inc. in the US. This transition was basically easy; most of the employees liked the move. The problem was to find housing for employees and their families. Even though Frank had foreseen this problem and started a community development. It was not anywhere close to being completed. The money was in place and the destitution center was setup in prefab buildings and it was almost complete, but the housing wasnít. They had bought additional prefabricated building to store the money once the center was completed. They use these buildings to temporarily housing for some of the employee. Most of them were pleased with the accommodations. Hacker wasnít pleased with one of the ideas that Frank came up with. Frank had made arrangement for some of the crew to stay at Hackerís deluxe casino. Frank tried to console Hacker by telling him he would get the money back. Hacker wanted to know how. Frank said to Hacker, "There are only three things to do on the island, fish, swim and gamble."

Hacker smiled and said. "Maybe you are right; they canít fish and swim all the time."

The distribution center would handle the money traffic that was handled all over the US. Producing the narcotics, distribution, and selling was left up the existing groups. The moneys now had to be shipped to the island for laundering. The groups that sold the narcotics to the dealers were not pleased with their new job of shipping the money out of the US. Frank felt if they could get the narcotics into the country, they could get the money out. Enough people had already been bought off so the process was running smoothly.

The containers were all stacked neatly in an open field that was encircled by an electric fence, with razor wire and guard dogs roaming the area. The Governor was delighted that it was all over. Hacker would still be laundering the money on paper, not raw currency. Hacker new casino ground breaking ceremony was only a week away. Frank had a big celebration when it was all over. Peter and Bill took their relocation in stride. Hacker Inc. was building another BB Lodge on the island, included a string of beautiful homes for some of the workers that worked in the drug business. Peter was getting one of the homes. Bill became a special agent for the Governor and had a suite at the Governors Compound.

After the casino ground-breaking ceremony was over Frank and his gang went back to Metro. Henry was living at Sallyís. Peg missed having Sally around. Sally and Peg made an agreement that they would be together at least one day a week. Sally was back at OS Supply and Peg was pestering Frank.

Sam was collecting information on the newly elected government officials. He had also gathered information on anyone that was remotely connected to the impeachment of the President. He felt if he could tie all the loose strings together, he would know the network that was behind the impeachment. He also went over all the contracts that Hacker Inc. had and the businesses they owned. Sam had put together a staff of bright young men and women from various parts of the world. They all were deemed geniuses by their respective universities. He felt if he had to head the intelligence at Hacker Inc., his staff had to be made up of geniuses. They all specialized in different fields. Sam had given them all projects in their related fields. Every Friday afternoon they all briefed the others on their project. Sam felt that 12 minds were must better than one even though they didnít specialize in the others fields. The briefing and the open discussing gave them all new ideas and it aided them in their own project.

Frank was still managing Hackerís associated businesses. That was 100 jobs stacked in one. Even though he never handled the affairs of Hacker drug business and the laundering, the laundering did tie into the legitimate business that he managed. Most of the drug money was laundered through the legitimate businesses. And it was still a thorn in Frank side. He was going to do everything he could to sever his ties with Hacker. He had about another four years on his contract with Hacker. And, it was going to be a miserable four years.

Frank wanted to make sure that no one was storing money on Hacker Inc. property and no one was holding back Hackerís money and had not been shipped out of the country. Frank sent Sally and Henry around to all the locations where the money had been stored. To get Peg out of his hair he sent her with them.

They were on the road for almost a year. They came across a number of places that hadnít cleaned out all the money. They did not know if it was on purpose or by mistake. Someone may have forgotten where the money was stored or they were keeping what they thought was theirs. Frank had told them not to make a stink about the money. Just get it shipped out of the country to the Caribbean. And, donít threaten anyone. The venture was well worth it; they recovered over fifty million dollars.

Sally was the bird dog. She had an instinct for knowing where someone would hide something. They would fly over the complex and take photographs of the complex and the adjoining area. All three of them would have copies of the photographs. Each one would pick the location and the building that they felt something was hidden. They would inspect these building first. The 120 locations that they visited 20 still had drug money on the property. Of the 20 locations, Sally hid the jackpot at 12 different places, Peg got 5, and Henry only got 3. Some time all three would pick the same spot. They all got better at it as time went by. They are still wondering how much more was lost or stolen. No one will ever know. The main thing was to get all of the money off of Frankís holdings. The three of them individually checked every square foot of all the buildings on Frankís property. They told the nosy ones that they were cataloging and checking the structures for insurance purposes. That seemed to satisfy their curiosity. When they came across a stash of money the resident manager pretended to be very surprised. Sally felt that the money was only part of the money the manager had held out or they did not want the money in their homes. They thought it would be safer at the lodges, or the manager had no place to hide all the money they had kept. When they came across a large stash of money they called Frank for advice on how they should handle the situation. Henry told Frank about Sallyís thoughts about the problem. Frank felt that Sally was more than likely correct. The manager had either had felt that no one would inspect the area or they did not want the money stored at their homes. Frank told Henry that Hacker had retrieved most of the money and not to pressure them. Frank wanted them to ship the money out of the country as soon as possible without any hard feeling. Fortunately there was no slipups and everything ran smoothly. Their mission was finely accomplished.

Sally returns to OS Supply:

John had hired a young lady to stand in for Sally while she was gone. Frank had told John that Sally could have her job back when she returned.

I had forgotten that someone would take over my job while I was gone. When I walked into my old office at OS Supply a young girl was sitting at my desk. The reality that the young girl would be laid off flashed through my sympathetic mind. I felt hollow and confused. I was looking forward to going back to work with John. Yet my soul would not let them fire the young girl.

John told me the job was mine if I wanted it. I told John that I would not let them fire the young lady. I would not have any part of it. I was going to quit before I would let them fire my replacement.

John called Frank and told him that Sally would not let them fire the young lady. Frank told John to let the young lady keep the job. He had a job for Sally at Hackers.

Sally had made more money during the last year than she would have made in the next 20 years at OS Supply. Hacker had given the three of them a percentage of the money they recovered. Peg and I settle down for a couple of months of well-deserved relaxation. Frank had Henry and Sam running around the country pumping up the employee at companies that were not living up to Frankís expectations.

Henry shakes up the Island:

Frank wanted an update on what was happening in the Caribbean. He and Sam were too occupied at Hacker Inc. to take the time off. He sent Henry to get a firsthand look at what was going on down there.

Frank didnít want to notify anyone that Henry was coming. It would not take long for them to know he was on the island. But, they would not have time to cover their ass if they were up to anything. Security checked out everyone that set foot on the island. They knew more about the visitors than they knew about themselves.

Henry took a commercial flight to the island. He rented a car and headed for the storage area. As he drove around the area he filmed the progress of the Distribution Center and all of the other buildings. After filming the area Henry headed for the beach to film the community development. He hadnít gone a mile when three police cars pull him over. The police jumped out of the cruiser with guns drawn. Henry was going to film the incident. Someone yelled for him to get out of the car. The camera had a display; Henry could hold the camera to his side as he got out of the car and continued filming the scene. As a joker he was, Henry joked about the welcoming committee. But, the police were not laughing. He told the officer that was doing all the talking that he had a letter that he wanted to give to the Governor. Henry told the officer that the letter was confidential and he advised him not to open the letter. The whole crew looked around at each other, bewildered with their eyes wide open, as if to say what the fuck have we done now. Henry asked the officer if he could open his jacket so they could see the letter. The guns had lowered and were no longer pointing at Henry. As he started to open his jacket the expression of everyone changed to fear and the guns rose again. Henry assured them that he was not going to harm them and he felt they were doing a good job protecting the area.

After the Sergeant took the letter and saw it was address to the Governor, he went to his cruiser and called someone on the radio. He knew that Bill was running the security. Henry called to the officer that was on the radio and said, "Tell Bill its Henry from Hacker Inc."

After a few moments the officer in the cruiser called to the others to holster their guns and he emerged from the cruiser. The officer took off his hat and wiped his brow and apologized to Henry. Henry said, "I want to congratulate you all, you did a terrific job and I have it all on film. The Governor and Mr. Hacker will be very pleased. This is why I am here. They wanted to know how secure the area is."

The officer asked Henry if he needed an escort. Henry told him that would be a good idea. But he preferred to ride around in a rented car as a tourist. The Sergeant said, "I am Sergeant Kelly. It would be my pleasure to drive you. Where would you like to go?"

Henry had a list of places that Hacker wanted him to visit. He already had seen the exterior of the distribution center and he was headed to the community development. He told Kelly that he would prefer that Sergeant Kelly drive and he would be free to film the various areas as they drove by. Kelly agreed and they headed to the beach. They came upon a gated community with arm guards. When the guard saw Kelly they flagged them through. Henry first thoughts when they approached the guard shack, this was a tropical version of BB Lodge and all the other complexes that they had visited over the last year. There was a golf course and a clubhouse but no airstrip. Henry noticed a number of guards with dogs patrolling the complex. As they drove along the beach Henry filmed the homes that had been completed. Some of the homes were occupied. Henry told Kelly that he wanted to see the interior of one of the homes. Henry pointed to one of the larger homes and asked Kelly if they could ask the occupant if they could inspect the home. Kelly pulled into the driveway, they got out and they approached the homes. Henry rang the doorbell. A young lady opens the door and asked them what they wanted. Henry told her that he was a representative of Hacker Inc. and was inspecting the homes. Henry could see the young lady was frightened. Before she could say anything Henry ask her if she would like to call someone to verify who they were and why they were there. With relief on her face she wanted to call her Father. Henry told her their names. The young lady was still uncertain she locked the door. After a few minutes the young lady returned and invited them in. Henry asked the young lady what her name was. She told them her name was Penny. Penny took them through her home. She was very proud of her home and the location. Henry filmed every room and was overwhelmed. The home was fabulous. The view of the ocean and the beach was a tropical paradise. The homes were set back from the beach. On the beach side of the homes there was beautiful green lawns with all types of tropical plants and palm trees with a beautiful white sandy beach. Henry was flabbergasted. He looked at Kelly and the young lady and said, "I donít think I am going back to Metro. I think I will become a beach bum and stay here."

Kelly and Penny both laughed. Henry was so overcome with the beauty of the home he asked Penny if she would mind taking him for another tour of her home. This time he would not be looking at the home through the viewfinder of the camera. Penny walked Henry through the house one more time. He took notes of everything that he thought that Frank should know about. As he passed one of the halls he notices a door that Penny had ignored. He asked her what was inside the room. Penny answered, "That the security room."

Henry tried to open the door, it was locked, and he asked Penny, "Do you have a key for this room."

She said, "No, but, I know where my Father keeps the key."

Penny ran to the other side of the house to get the key. She returned with a key and gave it to Henry. Henry turned the key in the lock and started opening the door. Alarms of all types went off. Henry immediately shut the door. The alarm continued. Kelly had a call on his portable radio. He answered the call. Security wanted to know what was going on. Kelly told the caller they were just checking the alarm system and to shut off the alarm. Within a few seconds everything was quiet again. Henry again opened the door. This time the alarm did not go off. It was dark in the room. On a far wall was the security panel that was lit up like a Christmas tree. A string of an overhead light brushed his face. He pulled on the cord and the light lit up the room. Henry could not believe the number of wires that were coming from security panel.

Where Henry was standing, he blocked Kelly and Penny view of the room. In a far corner of the room was a stack of boxes with a sheet covering them. The sheet did not cover one corner of the boxes. Henry discreetly turned on the camera and aimed it at the boxes. He turned as if to leave the room. Penny and Kelly turned and walked out of the room and headed down the hall. Henry followed them down the hall then he called to Penny and asked if she would get them a glass of water and he asked Kelly if he wanted some. Kelly indicated that he did. Henry told them that he had forgotten to turn off the light in the security room. He told them he would meet them in the kitchen. Henry hurried back down the hall and filmed the boxes and the security Panel. He heard Kelly walking down the hall. Henry quickly turned off the camera, turned off the light in the room, and locked the door. Kelly asked if Henry wanted him to call security and tell them that the room was secured. Henry replied, "Please do."

During the last year Henry had seen thousands of boxes like the ones stored in the security room. Henry thought, "These guy must be highly paid, or they are skimming the cream. That looked like a million at least."

Since Penny had called her Father, Henry wanted to get out of the house before Penny Father came home. He told Kelly to circle the beach then head to the Distribution Center as they walked toward the car, Henry said, "I forgot to give the key to Penny. I will be right back. Cool off the car, it kind of hot out here."

Henry returned to the house and knocked on the door. Within a few seconds Penny came to the door. Henry apologized for not giving her the key and told her that she might get into trouble if she told her Father she had given him the key to the security room. He told her to tell her Father that he had his own key. Henry asked Penny where her Father worked. She told Henry that he was a guard at the Distribution Center. He also asked where they lived before they move to the island. She said, "My Father was head of security at a golf club outside of Dallas."

Henry thanked Penny and caressed her cheek. He was a charmer. He told her if she didnít tell her father about the key, he would not. With a big smile on her face she whispered, "Itís our secret."

Henry hurried to the car. As the car pulled away, Henry looked at the rear view mirror on his side and saw a car pulling up in front of Pennyís home. Henry said to Kelly, "There is a car pulling up in front of Pennyís house I wonder if it is her Father? I would like to talk to him."

Kelly said, "Thatís no problem I will make a U-turn."

As their car approach Pennyís house, the man was walking toward the house, Kelly Tapped on the horn. The man turned in his tracks. Henry could see that the man was very nervous. When he saw Kelly he made a motion as if to run away. His body moved, but his feet did not move. Henry looked at Kelly and said, "I will be right back." As Henry walked toward the man, he could see the blood draining from the manís face.

Henry wanted to make the guy feel at ease. Henry said, "Hello Mr. Johnson. I am Henry from Hacker Inc. You have a very nice young daughter. I want to thank you for allowing her to show us your home. She was quite helpful. You must be very proud of her. Hacker Inc. sent me down here to check up on the accommodations of his employees. Personally, what do you think of your accommodations?"

There were beads of perspiration rolling down his face. Henry knew that Johnson thought that he had been caught. It took a few moments before Johnson could respond to Henryís questions.

Mr. Johnson cleared his throat and appeared to relax a little. Johnson replied, "Thank you very much. Penny is a sweet young girl. We love our accommodations here."

Henry wanted to steer away from anything related to the security room. All of his questions were related to construction of the complex. When Johnson remarks veered away from in his questions, Henry was sharp enough to keep the conversation relating to the construction of the complex.

When Henry felt that he had relieved Johnsonís thoughts about the money he thanked him for his time and hospitality. Henry returns to the car and waved goodbye as Kelly drove away.

Henry did not know whether Kelly had seen the stacks of money or had paid any attention to it. Henry wanted to ask Kelly how much money they made and what type of benefits that Hacker Inc. provides. But, he felt that if he had mentioned salaries or benefits Kelly may have seen the money and knew that Henry was fishing for information. Henry kept the conversation along the construction of the complex and progress they were making.

On the way to the Distribution Center Henryís filmed everything that they passed by. He could review the films later and determined what was of any value. Kelly pulled up in front of the guard shack. The guard motioned for him to stop. Kelly rolled down the window and the guard handed him a pass for Henry. Kelly told Henry to pin the pass over his pocket. Kelly told Henry that they have very tight security at the Distribution Center. If he did not have the pass on him and one of the guards saw him without a pass they may rough him up.

They got out of the car and walk toward another guard shack. One of the guards asked Kelly for his gun and patted him down. They also patted down Henry. Along the path to the Distribution Center were a number of guards with police dogs. Razor wire lined the tops of all of the fences. Another guard was stationed at the entrance to the Distribution Center. The guard asked them to please sign in, and state why they were visiting the Distribution Center, and who they come to see. The guard wanted to take Henryís camera. Henry removed an envelope from his pocket and handed it to the guard. The letter stated that Henry was authorized to go anywhere in the complex and do anything that he chose and if they questioned his authority they should call the Governor. The guard walked to his office, picked up a phone, and called someone. When the guard returned he told Henry that he was free to do anything that he wanted and asked if he wanted someone to accompany him. Henry asks Kelly if he was familiar with the complex. Kelly said, "I have never been inside the Center."

Henry suggested that they have someone else accompany him through the Center.

Henry said to Kelly, "Thanks, you have been very helpful. I have taken enough of your time."

Henry thanked Kelly again, shook hands, and walked to the guard gate with Kelly.

When Henry returned to the guard office, Henry asks the guard if he knew Mr. Johnson. The guard replied, "You must mean Commander Johnson. He just went home for lunch."

Henry said, "I was told that I should have the Commander show me around the complex. I was just at Commander Johnson home. I didnít know he was the Commander. His daughter, Penny, said he was a guard here. I just wanted to tell the Commander how helpful Penny and Johnson were. Well I guess I will have to tell him again."

Henry asked, "Is this his normal lunch hour? Donít you have a cafeteria here?"

"Yes we do have a cafeteria here. Commander Johnson usually eats here at the cafeteria. Sometimes he goes to the casino and has lunch with his wife. She works at the casino," replied the guard.

Henry looked a little disappointed and said; "I was hoping that Commander Johnson would show me around the Distribution Center. I think I will have lunch here and wait for Commander Johnson to return."

The guard showed Henry where the cafeteria was located then left. Henry wanted to see if the guard called his Commander. Henry headed in the direction of the cafeteria and glancing back to see where the guard went. When the guard was out of sight Henry turned around and headed back to the guard shack. As expected, the guard went back to his office and made a phone call. Henry walked in on the guard. When the guard saw Henry, he quickly hung up the phone. The look on the guards face told Henry what he wanted to know. Even though Henry was checking up on the guard, he didnít want the guard to think he was checking up on him. Henry said, "Where is the restroom? I am about to piss in my pants."

The expression on the guard face changed from fear to humor. Henry had a talent for changing his facial expressions to communicate. The guard laughed, "The restroom is just beyond the cafeteria."

Henry thanked him and headed back to the cafeteria. After he turned a corner, and out of sight of the guard, Henry peeked back at guard office. The guard was making another phone call. Henry knew they had their own little click. And, what else did they have?

Henry relieved himself and had his lunch. Before he finished his lunch, Commander Johnson walked into the cafeteria and joined Henry. The Commander must not have had a large lunch at home; he ate more than Henry in the cafeteria.

After lunch Johnson and Henry toured the Distribution Center. Henry filmed everything. The computer room was enormous. Henry had seen the computer rooms around US, but none as larger as this one. Johnson had the supervisor of the computer room brief Henry on the operation. For security reasons, the supervisor did not want Henry to film him during the briefing. He allowed Henry to record his voice. Henry spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Distribution Center.

Henry asked the Commander about the accounting process at the Center. He wanted to know how much money came in and where it came from, where it went and how much. Johnson told Henry that they could not print out a report at the center. They transmit a report to Hacker Inc. every hour on the hour. It is done automatically. We do not see the reports. We only know what we put into the computers. We do not have the password that will print us a copy. Johnson asked Henry if he wanted a report. It would not be printed out here. It would be uploaded to Hacker Inc. and the controller at Hacker Inc. would be the only ones that could print it out. Henry told him to run off a report for the last 24 hours and an average cash flow for the last 6 months and the present balance at the Center. Johnson said the system has not been in operation for 6 months. The system went into operation 4Ĺ months ago. Henry said, "Will that report show the opening balance when the system was put on line and the average cash flow for the last 4Ĺ months."

Johnson was somewhat reluctant in having the report ran. He again told Henry that it would not print out here. They needed the password for it to print at the Center. But, Henry insisted and he said, "The report will go to Metro, right. When I get back I will look at the report."

The Commander asked the computer room supervisor to run off the report. Henry watched and filmed the operation. When the supervisor had finished the input to the computer Henry hit the print button on the computer. The printer starter printing out the report, Johnson and the supervisor faces turned a bright red. They both told Henry this had never happened before. Henry looked at them and said, "Have you ever tried printing out the report?"

This time their faces turned a much brighter red. They both said that they had never tried it. Henry replied, "If you never tried it, how did you know that it would not print out?"

Perspiration started appearing on both of their faces. Henry picked up a phone, dialed a number, and said, "Hello, who is this? Will you connect me with Frankís office? Hi Frank, I think we need to change the print out code. Yes, I have a printout in front of me. How did I get it? I just pushed the print button on the computer. Yes, I will bring it with me. See you tomorrow."

Henry hung up the phone, looked at Johnson and the supervisor, and said, "From now own, donít try to break the code. If it is breached, the one or ones that are signed on will be recorded at Hacker Inc. Hacker doesnít want this information out. And, I cannot tell you what the consequences will be. I do not have any control over the outcome. I am just an employee just like you. I do just what I am told. They have known that someone has been fooling around with the program and they have a good idea who it is. If it continues, no telling what will happen."

Both Johnson and the supervisor were talking at the same time trying to cover their asses. Henry thought that he had stirred up enough trouble; Henry tried to calm them both down. He joked with them for about an hour while they toured the rest of the Center.

Henry was really about to piss in his pants. He headed for the restroom and took a long piss. As he stood there thinking he started to laughing to himself. He knew that he had accomplished what Hacker had sent him to the island for. He knew they were dipping into the till.

Henry put the print out in his pocket, said goodbye and walked out of the Center. As Henry reached the outside gate he asked the guard how to get to the Governorís Mansion. The guard gave Henry the direction. Within a few minutes he was in the Governorís office and handed him the envelope that Hacker had given him. Henry had no idea what was in the letter. But, with the look on the Governors face, Henry knew that the Governor was very pleased. The Governor looked up and saw a smile on Henry face. Henry looked around the room as to see if anyone was looking, then said, "I hope you are pleased. I think Mr. Hacker is very pleased with your operation here. From my visit today I think that you should rotate your employee so that they donít get to cozy with each other. When they work side by side to long they get ideas on how to cheat the system. Do you know what I mean?"

The Governor replied, "I know exactly what you are talking about. They will start skimming the frosting from the cake. I read you loud and clear."

Henry smiled, "If you let them eat the frosting sooner or later they will try to eat the whole cake. Keep shifting them around. The ones that appear that they are becoming good old boys separate them. I am not trying to break up friendship; I donít think it is a good idea in this business to have a group of friends working together."

The Governor agreed with Henry. Henry stood up and started to leave. The Governor wanted Henry to spend the evening with him on the Island. Henry wanted to get back to Metro and be with Sally. He told the Governor that he had another assignment and had to get back to Metro. Henry left the Mansion and just caught the last flight home. It was just before midnight when he slipped into bed with Sally.

Sally awake and cuddled up to Henryís back, she reached over and picked up his limp Jolly Roger and gently stroking it. Henry asked Sally if she wanted to do something. She said, "No honey it is too late I am just playing with my toy."

Henry muttered, "If you keep playing with your toy, I am going to have to play with my toy."

Sally said, "I want stop you. You can play with your toy anytime you want to."

Henry said, "Let play." And, they did.

The following morning Sally was up bright and early. She enjoyed being at home when Henry was around. She prepared a wonderful breakfast for Henry. Henry was exhausted from his trip. The midnight encounters with Sally had also sapped a little of Henryís strength.

The aroma of bacon frying and the coffee brewing found its way into the bedroom. Henry eyes slowly open and when he saw the time, he jumped out of bed. He hollowed good morning to Sally and asked, "What are you cooking?"

It smells wonderful. He jumped into the shower. Sally poured a cup of coffee for Henry and tiptoed into the bathroom. She put the coffee on the counter. Sally slowly opened the shower door and slapped Henry on his bare butt. She jumped back so he could not pull her into the shower. Sally said, "Donít blame me for spanking your sexy butt. You have the cutest little ass. I could not control myself."

Sally reached for a towel and said, "Turn the water off. I want to dry you off."

Henry said, "Oh, no. I know what you have on your mind. You knocked me out last night and I overslept. I have a meeting with Frank this morning. Honey, I will make it up to you tonight."

Sally with a disappointed look on her face said, "Just looking at your sexy little butt made me horny. I donít know if I can wait that long."

Sally walked back into the kitchen with a smile on her face. It wasnít long until Henry came into the kitchen half dressed. He pleaded with Sally to forgive him. He would like to make love with her, stay home, and play as they did last night. Sally put her arms around Henry and stood on her toes and kisses Henry on his nose and said, "Honey, I hope I can control my desire until you get home."

Henry hurried through his breakfast and dashed out. On his drive to Hacker Inc. he rehearsed what he was going to tell Frank. He loves working with Frank. He had made more money sense he started at Hacker Inc. than he would have made driving a cab for the next 10 years. He felt that he could afford to marry Sally. He was just making ends meet when he was driving a cab.

Henry asked the receptionist if Frank was in. She told Henry that Frank was expecting him. During the long elevator ride Henry review his notes. When the elevator doors open Sam and Frank were waiting at the door they welcome Henry home and asked about the trip. Henry hooked the video camera to the TV and took out his notes. Henry had a remarkable memory and didnít leave out a thing. When Henry finished, Frank asked, "How did you know about Hackerís computer system?"

Henry told Frank that he felt that they had a Good Old Boys group and they had been dipping into the till. When he saw all the boxes stacked in that closet and how Johnson looked. He knew something was going on. Henry didnít think Hacker was that generous with his money? Frank asked Henry how much money he thought Johnson had in the closet. Henry said, "They usually pack $50,000 in each box. If they were all full, I would guess that they could have somewhere between 1 to 2 million."

Sam said, "You are right Henry, Hacker isnít that generous. From the tapes, you could see Johnson was scared out of his wits."

Henry with a smile on his face said, "I was going to take a chance that they did not know how much I knew about Hackerís computer system. I donít know a damn think about Hackerís computer system and I felt that they didnít know what I knew about the system. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I hit the print button and the printer started spitting out the report. I pretended that I call here and said to change the password. By the time I left, Johnson and the computer room supervisor was just about to shit in their pants."

Frank looked over at Sam and shrugged his shoulder and said, "How much of this are we going to tell Hacker?"

Sam asked, "Do we have to tell him anything?"

Frank answered, "Yes we do, and he is the one that wanted someone out of his group to go down there. I believe that he is suspicious of the group down there. Itís best that we tell him everything and let the chips fall where they may."

Frank called Hacker and outlined Henry trip. Hacker wanted to see the tapes and wanted to talk with Henry. Henry went to Hacker office and repeated everything that he told Frank. Hackers wanted to know if the boxes were empty. Henry told him that he tried to lift part of a stack of the boxes and they were quite heavy. A box on one of the stacks had been opened and Henry had looked in. Henry told Hacker that he saw a stack of twenties. And, he didnít have enough time to check out any of the other boxes. Henry told Hacker that he felt that in this type of business it is best to find out what is going on, and donít threaten anyone. Just let them know that you are aware of what they are doing. If you intimidate them, you have no idea what they will do. If you keep them unbalanced and uncertain on what you are going to do, they will lighten up on their activities for a while. Other words keep them guessing. Periodically shake them up again. No matter how hard you try to control them, sooner or later they will return to their old habits. You do not want them to hate you. If you do, you will never know when they will blow the whistle on you. Other words keep cool and keep them off balanced.

Hacker asked, "Is this your suggestion or is it Franks?"

Henry told Hacker, "I have to give Frank credit. He is very sharp. But these are my thoughts on the problem. When you are in this type of business you have to expect the employee to be just a little less than honest. When you ask them to help you in this business, frankly what else should we expect?"

Hacker said, "Did Frank make any suggestions?"

Henry replied, "No. All he told me is to tell you everything. I havenít left out a thing."

Hacker put his arm around Henry shoulder and said, "Henry, when I was younger I was not as smart as you and Frank. I would do it the hard way. I would be so mad that I would have had the whole gang used as shark bait. It would cost me more money to replace them than the amount they were stealing. At this age in life I am a little smarter. I am doing what my Father had told me to do years ago. Hire loyal and brilliant men and listen and do what they say. That is why you hire them. Take their advice. If you donít want to take their advice, donít hire them in the first place. Your thoughts on the problem are brilliant. I had a mole down there and it took him 6 months to figure out that something might be going on, but he wasnít sure what it was. In less than a day you told me what I thought might be going on."

Hacker told Henry that he and Frank think alike. Hacker wanted to look at the tapes again. Hacker asked Henry what he knew about his computer system and how did he get the information. Also, he wanted to know who he called to change the password. Henry told him that he knew nothing about either and they did not know what he knew about the system. It was just a bluff to catch them off guard. Hacker was quite amused at what Henry had pulled. Hacker walked around the room laughing. Hackerís laughing became quite intense. Henry thought that Hacker was going to have a stroke. It was hard for Henry to keep from laughing at Hacker. After the laughter settled down Hacker looked over at Henry and said, "How would you like to work for me?"

This took Henry by surprise. He looked Hacker in the eyes, "Mr. Hacker that would be quite an honor. Frank is a very good friend of mine. We go back a long way. He has been very generous and I enjoy working for Frank. I am sure that I will be around if there is anything else that you would like me to look into. I am sure that Frank would let me help you out whenever you need me. I am very thankful for your offer and I sorry that I have to decline you offer."

Hacker walked over to Henry and handed him an envelope. He told Henry that he understood his feelings and wished he had a friend like Henry. He thought that Frank was very fortunate to have a friend like Henry. Hacker thanked him for taking the time to take the trip. He liked his idea of shifting the personnel around. He would talk to the Governor and see what they could do.

Henry went back to Frankís office and handed the envelope to Frank. Frank wanted to know what it was for. He told Frank that Hacker had given it to him. Frank said, "Hey buddy, if you want me to take it I will. Hacker usually gives out a bonus if he likes your work. How did things work out?"

Reluctantly Henry told Frank about the job offer and said he had turned it down. When Sam heard it he said, "You should have taken it. With an ass hole like Frank running the company we all will be looking for a job."

Henry smiled, "I rather go down with my friends even if they are ass holes than stay afloat with someone that I donít like."

Frank walked over to Henry and said, "Donít believe anything that comes out of Sam mouth. We are going to stay afloat longer than Hacker. Take your bonus and take Sally out for dinner and a movie."

Henry did not wait around. He took off. When Henry got to his car he opens the envelope and counted the money. He could not believe his eyes. Hacker had given him 25 thousand dollars. When he walked into the apartment Sally had fallen asleep on the couch. Henry took the money and laid it across Sally body. He walked quietly over to the door and rang the doorbell.

  The ringing of the doorbell woke me up. I opened my eyes and there was money scattered all over me. It scared the hell out of me. I didnít know what had happened. For a moment I had forgotten the doorbell. I quickly gathered up the money. The doorbell rang again. I hid the money. My jaw dropped and my mouth flew open. I tiptoed to the door and peeked through the door and saw Henry. I open the door and looked around. I told Henry to come on in and I shut the door. I went and got the money and showed Henry. Henry asked me, "Where did you get the money? You have been busy since I been gone. How much do you charge? I donít think I can afford you."

In frustration I said, "Henry I have not been doing anything. I woke up and found all this money lying across me. I donít know where it all came from."

I caught a slight smile on Henry face; I shouted, "You put it there. Didnít you? Where did you get it and how much is it?"

"$25,000, that not bad for one dayís pay," smiled Henry.

Henry told me about his meetings and that Hacker offered him a job and gave him the bonus. I could not believe my eyes. I counted the money and put it in neat stacks of $2500. When I got to the last stack it was it was $100 shy. I looked disgustingly at Henry and said, "That old fart cheated you out of $100. Go right back down there and get the other $100.00."

"No honey, I have the other hundred. Frank told me to take the rest of the day off and take you to dinner and a movie, and thatís what I am going to do."

I jumped up, hugged, and kissed Henry. I stroked his hair back and caressed his cheeks. I looked into his eye and said, "I am the luckiest girl in this world."

Henry picked me up and carried me into the bedroom, and laid me on the bed. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse. He put his hands under me and unsnapped my bra. I slowly removed it. Henry told me that my breast was beautiful. He kissed me around my nipples and they started to enlarge. We hurriedly removed each otherís cloths. The afternoon was filled with love and emotions. After a short nap we showered together and enjoyed a wonderful evening on the town.

Since I was no longer working at OS Supply Frank had me working at Hacker Inc. in the personnel office. Henry was running around the country resolving problems Frank didnít have time for. Frank was over worked and over scheduled. He didnít have time to attend all his engagements around the country. Sam came up with an idea of letting me take some of the strain off of Frank. He felt that I could record the meeting and address the groups as well as anyone else could. They would brief me before I attended the meetings. Frank had asked Peg if she thought that I could handle it. Peg assured Frank that I would not have any problem. Peg reminded Frank that I had a degree in business administration and could bull shit the best of them. Peg reminded Frank that she wasnít doing anything and if he paid her expense she would go along with me and help me. Frank thought that was a wonderful idea. This would keep Peg out of his hair. It wasnít that Frank did want her around. He was overloaded and he was sure Peg would pester him to see more of her. Peg was ecstatic and so was I. Peg had been sitting around on her butt doing nothing while Henry, Frank and I were all burning the midnight oil.

Peg and I were jumped around the country like grasshopper. We returned home for the weekends. Henry and I had set aside the weekends for romance. We slept late, romanced, took long walks, talked about our future, and counted our money. We both wanted to get married even though we were living a married life, so to speak. One weekend Henry took me for a long ride into the country to a beautiful spot on top of a mountain overlooking a valley with a lake. We took a picnic lunch with us. We were sitting in the shade of a tree. Henry rolled me over on my back. Lying beside me he looked into my eyes and said, "Sweetheart, I was here once before with my Mom and Dad. I was just a little fellow, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. Mom and Dad were lying in this same spot. I watched them loving each other. They held me close to them and Mom told me that loving someone was the most beautiful thing in life. Someday I would meet a beautiful young lady that I would love very much and I would come to this spot and love her like my Father loved her."

I interrupted Henry, "Were they having sex in front of you?"

"Nooo." Henry laughed, "They were just holding each in their arms and kissing."

"Ohoo, for a moment I thought you were watching them have sex."

Henry put his finger across my lips and said, "I want to get married. We have played house long enough. Together we have enough money to buy us a small house in the suburbs. Nothing elaborates, just 3 bedroom and 2 baths and a 2-car garage. For the second time, will you marry me?"

I screamed, "Yes, yes, yes a million yesís"

I wanted to know when and if he had set a date. Henry told me that Sam had convinced Frank to hire someone to help them at the office and they are catching up on the work in the office. Henry said that in a month things would slow down some and he would ask Frank if he could take a month off. I wanted to make it sooner. But, I was excited anyway. I couldnít wait until I told Peg. Peg had been asking me when and if we were getting married.

As we packed up our picnic basket and were heading to the car I let out a scream and said, "I have been here before."

Henry with a surprised look on his face said, "When honey?"

"I have been here a hundred of times in my dreams. What is the color of the leaves on the tree?"

"They are red with a hint of green. Why?"

"Was there moss on the ground under the tree?"

"Yes there was."

"I have had this dream since I was four or five. It always starts with me trying to get out of a forest. If I get out of the forest I end up in a place just like this. I talk to my Grandfather and he has guided me throughout my life."

Henry didnít try to undermine Sally thoughts. It was the first time he had heard about Sallyís dreams. He himself had dreams that he could not explain and wondered about. Henry thought that this was a good omen and maybe her Grandfather was talking to her.

Sally Is Getting Married:

Henry and I had been living together since we consummated our relationship in Hawaii. During that time we had our differences like most married couple. I was torn between wanting to be free with my new life and wanting to settle down with a house full of kids. When Henry and I announce that we were getting married. Peg insisted that the wedding be held at her Fatherís estate. Peg was going to having her Father provide the most elaborate wedding and honeymoon that money could buy.

To Peg this was a prelude to her marriage to Frank. My wedding was going to be a dress rehearsal of her marriage. Peg had threatened Ben with their secret, if he complained or argued about how much money it would cost. She would remind him of the tapes. Ben was happy just to have Peg around him. The expense for the wedding was only pocket money. Ben had come to a realization that he could not take it with him. Ben had become more generous with his employees and was no longer the tight fisted bastard he had been for many years.

I had battled with my conscious and invited my Mother and Father to the wedding. I sent my Mother money for the trip. If I had sent it to my Father he would spend it all on booze. My Mother came alone and was staying with Henry and me. We gave Mom our bedroom and we were sleeping on the convertible couch. The small apartment was overloaded and a mess. Peg came for a visit and to meet my Mother. When she opened the door and saw how crowded it was. She told me that Henry, me and my Mother had to stay at her home. Everyone would have their own bedroom and bath. I said no. But, Peg insisted. I left the living room and went into the bathroom. Mom came out of the bedroom and saw the profile of Peg and said, "Sally where did you get that beautiful outfit? It must have cost you a fortune."

Peg turned around, smiled and said, "I sorry, I know we look a lot alike, Iím Peg."

When Mom heard Peg mentioned her name. Old memories flashed through Momís mind. Henry and I heard Mom gasp. I ran into the living room. Mom fell to the floor. Henry picked Mom up and carried her into the bedroom. I thought my Mother was going to die and I burst into tears. I hugged Mom and stroked her brow and said, "Mom, I love you so very much, I didnít know you were ill. Peg was dialing 911."

Everyone in the room was in tears. Mom called to Peg, "Honey, I will be all right. I felt a little faint."

Peg insisted that they should call a doctor. Mom called to Peg, "Please come and sit next to me. I want to talk to both of you girls."

Tears were flooding Momís eyes. She could not see us clearly. She reaches up, pulls both of us next to her body, and whispered to us, "Please forgive me, I love you so very much I hope that you do not hate me for the way I have treated you."

Peg thought that Mom was delirious. We both told Mom that we did not hate her.

 Pam said to herself, "God I have my babies in my arms. God thank you for answering my prayers, please donít let them hate me even though they should. Forgive me for being a bitch of a Mother."

Pam loosens her hold on Peg and Sally and said, "Henry, would you excuse us I want to talk to the girls alone."

"Yes, certainty," Henry left the room and closed the door behind him.

Mom looked at me and then a Peg and in a low voice said, "I have had a secret for many years. I have prayed for years for this moment. I believe my prayers have been answered. Oh God let this moment be what I have prayed for. Sally, do you remember all the times that I went to Metro with the Swansons? I was looking for someone that was very precious to me."

"Yes, Billy told me you were looking for a woman. Were you looking for your Mother?"

"No honey, I was looking for my first daughter."

Surprised, I said, "What, you never told me that I had a sister."

Mom looked over at Peg and said, "Peg is your Fatherís name Ben?"

With a concerned look on her face, Peg nodded her head and said, "Yes."

Pam asked, "Is his name Benjamin Franklin Smith?"

Still with the concerned look on her face, Peg causally said, "Yes."

Pam started to cry again and said, "You girls may be sisters."

With tears in their eyes they both laughed and said jokingly, "No way, impossible."

With reluctance she said, "Peg, does the name Pam mean anything to you? Is your birthday on June 2, 1973?"

With that statement, Peg looked white as a ghost. She turned away from Pam. A look of hate and suspicion came across her face. With arrogance in her voice, Peg replied, "Yes and my Motherís name is Pam. Sally must have told you."

Sally snapped back, "You never told me that your Motherís name was Pam. Momís name is Pam."

  Peg spun around and looked at us angrily, first at Mom then at me. Peg was bewildered and she thought that Sally and this woman were trying to pull a scam. Peg shouted, "What the fuck are you two trying to pull."

  As much as I disliked how Mom had treated me over the years, I yelled, "Peg, Mom would never try to pull anything on anyone. Donít you ever yell or accuse Mom again. I had hoped that our friendship would last. You have no right to talk to Mom in that tone of voice. You better have a damn good reason for acting like that."

Peg apologized for the outburst and said that she was sorry and she explained that she had build up hate for her Mother over the years for never coming to see her. Peg said in anger, "If you are who you say you are, why in the hell did you hate me? Why didnít you come to see me? Why, why?"

Pam pleaded with Peg to listen to her. Pam wanted so much to tell Peg how much she loved her. Peg and Pam were talking at the same time. Again and again Pam pleaded for Peg to listen to her. I told both of them to shut up. Peg quieted down a little and arrogantly told Mom to go ahead.

Peg meets here Mother:

I told Mom to wait for a minute. I turned to Peg and said, "I donít know what the hell is bugging you. If you canít control yourself, get the fuck out of my home."

Mom said, "Sally, shut up. Donít make more out of this than is necessary. Please both of you sit down on the bed and hold my hands."

Peg sat on one side of the bed and I sat on the other side.

Both of us were glaring at each other. We both looked as if we were going to explode.

Pam rolled her eyes back and looked deep into her memories and said, "Peg if I am right please forgive me and your Father. Sally I want you to understand that the reason I kept a tight leash on you, I didnít want the same thing to happen to you that had happened to me. I want you both to understand that I loved you both very much. I just didnít know how to control my life the way I wanted to. I want to tell you both that the events of my life may explain why the both of you must hate me. It goes back a long time ago. I would like to start at the beginning."

Pam closed her eyes for a moment. Peg and I looked and wonder what Mom was going to tell us. Suspicion ran through Peg and my minds. I was totally confused.

Pamís secret goes back about 25 years. Mom said, "I was only 14. There was this cool hunk with long black hair that wore a black leather suit. He was a couple years older than I was. One time he took a girl friend and I for a ride in his car. I fell in love with him. I could not forget about him. His name is Tom. We lived in the same town but our paths didnít cross again until after my parents had abandoned me. I had no money, almost no food in the house. Every day I would go looking for work. One morning I went to the only restaurant in town looking for work. When I entered the restaurant the owner was in the kitchen working on orders. I saw Tom sitting at the counter. I went up to the counter and took a seat. He had the same problem I had. It was like a plague. Parents were abandoning their kids. Tom parents had left him with almost an empty house. He sold what was left in the house. The landlord was going to kick him out at the end of the week. I told him he could stay we me. My parents had paid the rent till the end of the month and there was some canned food left in the house. Tom helped me sell what was left in my home. We talked a lot about what we should do. We both wanted to go to California. We pooled our money and headed for California. We got as far as Texas and our car broke down. We spent all our money trying to fix the car. We lived in the car and did menial jobs. We didnít make enough money to eat, much less afford a place to stay. Tom would hang around in a bar that had strippers while I was working at a fast food restaurant. I would eat at the restaurant and carry home food for Tom. Our home was the car. Tom saw the money that the girls were making and came up with an idea that I could become a dancer. Tom noticed the fist full of money that the girls were leaving with. He didnít know that they were all singles and the girls had to work 2 jobs just to stay afloat. Tom became friends with a few of the dancers and asked one of them if she would teach me how to dance. The dancer invited us to her apartment. She showed me how to dance. After I practiced for about a week, they thought that I was a natural. The dancer taught me a few trick of the trade. They told me to show the customers almost everything and to keep teasing them. I practiced my routine on Tom for over a week and every day I would come up with another sexy movement. Tom thought that I was as good as the other dancers and I should apply for a job at the bar."

"Tom and I had not been in the bar together. I wanted to apply for the job without Tom around. I didnít want Tom seeing me dance naked in from of a bunch of men. One of the dancers had lent Tom one of her outfits. I carried the outfit to the bar in a shopping bag. I went to the bar alone. As I entered the dark smoke filled bar, a cold chill ran through my body. I walk slowly around the bar watching the men drooling over the half-naked dancers. I turned around and headed to the door. When I started to go out the door, I turned around and saw the men putting money in the dancers g-string. I watched for a few minutes and the dancer had made ten dollars. I would have to work a couple of hours if not longer just to make that much. I turned around and walked up to the bar. I ordered a soft drink and watched the dancer for a while."

"The bartender asked me if I was dancer. I told him that I was and I was looking for a job. The bartender told me that the boss wasnít in, but, one of the dancers didnít show up today and the girls had to do an extra set. He told me that he would talk to the girls and ask them if they would mind if I filled in for the girl that didnít show up."

"The bartender went into the dressing room. In a few minutes the girl that taught me. Peeked out of the dressing room and motioned to me to come into the dressing room. One of the girls thought I was too young to be a dancer you had to be 18. I told them I was 18. The bartender told me that he could not pay me anything. I would have to work for tips only. He told me his boss would slip the girls 20 dollars if the bar had a good might."

Peg and I were all ears. We listened intently. Pam continued, "All the girls worked on me. They made me look real sexy. The girls told me that those horny bastards would be stuffing my crotch with money all night. During the first set, I was clumsy as hell. I didnít make but 2 dollars. An old man felt sorry for me and didnít bother stuffing the money in my g-string. He just left the money on the stage in front of him."

"When I finished I was almost in tears. I wasnít going to do another set. The oldest dancer put her arm around me and asked if I really needed the money. I nodded, yes. She told me that she started the same way. She told me when she went on the stage she would think about having sex. Fantasize about the man you would like to sleep with. Imagine how wonderful it is. Donít even think about what you are doing. Just do it."

"When my set came up Tom was sitting at the stage. At first I felt embarrassed that he was watching me. I remember what the dancer had said. I went over to Tom and started working on him. As the moments went by I forgot that I was on the stage. One at a time I would squat in front of the customer and put my crotch in the guyís face. I would pull my g-string to one side and shown them just enough to make their eyes light up. Before the set was over I had all the men that were sitting in the bar lined up at the stage and stuffing dollars in my g-string."

"I only danced for about 2 hours before the next crew of dancers showed up. I had made $40 in the two hours. Tom and I thought we had struck it rich. We didnít realized how fast the money would go. Tom took $20 and blew it the first night on booze and junk food."

"I worked at the fast food restaurant during the day and danced at night. Tom didnít work at all. We fought all the time. I had been dancing for about a months when Ben came into my life. Ben was obsessed with me and we got married."

"I was pregnant with you Peg within a month after we were married. It wasnít a real marriage. I was left alone in that huge house of your Fatherís. I was very lonely. I called the bar and asked the girls to tell Tom to call me. The girls were so happy to hear from me. I enjoyed talking to them. Angle got on the phone; she is the one that taught me how to dance. She wanted to know about everything that had happen. I told her that I was pregnant with you Peg. She wanted to kill Ben. She knew that I was only 14 years old. I told her to get Tom to call me. Tom called me. As usual he was flat broke. I sent him money. I became so lonely that I mailed Tom enough money for him to get a bus ticket to Metro. For the next year, Tom and I lived high on the hog. Peg, after you were born we started going out when Ben was out of town on business. Like kids as we were, we partied. Ben was gone more than he was a home."

"Peg, a few months after you were born, your Father started having different young men as houseguest. I think there were three different ones. At first I thought Ben was gay. One of the cooks warned me after the first guy that showed up at Benís. He told me that Ben used these guys to set up his wives so he could divorce them. They were the same guys that seduced Benís other wives. They all tried to seduce me. The whole thing was a setup.

After they made a pass at me I threatened to call the police if they didnít leave. Like the other two, the third guy started to make a pass. Again, I threaten to call the police. When I told him he turned around, went to his room, got his stuff and left. Ben was furious with me for kicking them out. After the third guy left, I told Ben that if another man showed up, I would call the police. Ben was fuming. He didnít say a word. I was ready for a divorce. Ben lawyer started calling me and questioning me about the money I was spending. I told him that it was none of his damn business. I had given Tom enough money to buy a used car and have it fixed up if Ben kicked me out. At least we would have transportation."

"I stuffed my pockets with all the money I felt that I could get away with. I knew that the marriage would end soon. I did not know when. Of course Tom didnít work a day during that period. I had given Tom some of the money that I had taken from Ben. Tom would spend it on drugs and booze."

"Ben started the divorce proceedings, his lawyer threatened me with all type of charges and told me if I ever tried to take Peg or come close to Peg; he would have me thrown in jail. I had no money to fight Ben. I was afraid. I did not know what I could do. I did not want to go to jail. I had no choice but to leave you with Ben."

"When the divorce was over Tom and I headed back to Texas. I got my two jobs back. Tom didnít work. I started to get morning sickness. I went to a local clinic and had a pregnancy test. I was pregnant with Sally. At first I did not tell Tom I was pregnant. Between the two jobs, I still could not pay our expenses. I fought with Tom. He would not or could not get a job. When I pressured Tom to get a job he started selling drugs."

"When my pregnancy started to show I had to give up the dancing job. Tom wanted me to have an abortion. I refused. Our bills started to pile up. Our credit card had reached it limit and the local drug dealers had threaten Tom."

"I was in the ninth month of pregnancy. One night after I came home from work at the restaurant a neighbor told me that the local Sheriff had paid us a visit. We knew the Sheriff was behind the local drug trade and Tom was cutting into his business. Tom and I packed our meager belonging and headed back home. We did not want to know what the Sheriff wanted."

"We had gone through Arkansas and into the eastern part of Mississippi, in the middle of the night my water broke. Sally was born on the back seat of the old car. Tom was in hysterics. Tom helped to clean up Sally and me. We wrapped Sally in one of Tomís old sweatshirts and left the cord attached to Sally. I tied a string around the cord. I donít know to this day if I should have or not. Somewhere I read that the cord had to be tied."

I said, "Thatís why I have a funny looking belly button."

Pam and Peg both laughed and Peg said, "I always thought yours looked bigger than mine."

I quipped, "With all the money your Pop has, it should look nicer."

Pam continued, "We drove through the night until we were in Alabama. Tom spotted a police cruiser coming up behind us. Tom pulled to the side of the road, jumped out of the car, and stood in the middle of the road. The trooper thought that Tom was drunk or on drugs or something. The trooper stopped, got out of his car, and drew his gun. Tom was hysterically tried to tell the trooper what his problem was. The trooper starter to shove Tom into the rear of his cruiser, I opened the back window of the car and yelled, you stupid bastard, listen to what he is telling you. I just had a baby and we need help."

"The trooper froze in his track. He was surprised that someone else was in the car. The trooper shouted back at me, "Shut the fuck up you bitch. I will get to you later."

"I climbed out of the car with Sally in my arms and walked in front of the trooper car. I uncovered Sally naked body and shouter, "You fucking bastard if you canít hear, maybe you can see. Take your fucking hands off of him and get on the radio and call for some help for me and my baby."

"The trooper was in a panic; he pulled Tom out of the back seat and told Tom to follow him. He put Sally and me into the back seat and took off like a bat out of hell. Poor Tom in the confusion almost lost sight of us. The trooper came upon a tiny town that only had a few houses in it and stopped in front of one on them. He banged on the door and a light in the upstairs room turned on. You could see a series of light being switched on as they approached the front door. The front porch light turned on and an old man and women peeked out. The trooper told the couple something and they ran as fast as their old bodies could carry them to the cruiser. Tom car pulled up behind the cruise and left the headlights on. The old man opens the car door and I stepped out with Sally in my arms. The old couple helped me into the house and would not let Tom and the trooper in."

"The trooper apologized to Tom and explained that Tom was so excited that he could not understand what he was saying. After the Doctor and the little old lady cleaned Sally and me up, she tucked me in bed and gave me Sally. When I saw Sally in the light she looked just like you Peg. The little old lady went to the door, called Tom, and asked him to please come in. The trooper hinted that he wanted to see the baby also. She guided them upstairs to our bedroom. I was tucked into the bed with Sally in my arms when Tom and the trooper came in they both cried. Sally you were a beautiful baby. Tom kissed both of us. I never had seen Tom so emotional."

"Due to the excitement the old man had forgotten to introduce himself. He said that his wife name was Sally and his name was Howard. I interrupted him by saying, that what I am going to name her, Sally."

"We all laughed and cried at the same time. Howard told Tom and me we could stay with them as long as we wanted. Howard was a retired country Doctor that had delivered hundreds of little ones."

"Howard would not let me and Tom leave for a week. He did not believe that a woman should exert herself until she was completely recovered from the delivery. Tom and I only had a couple hundred dollars on us and Tom offered it to Howard. Sally jumped in took the money and stuffed it back into Tom pocket. She told us it was the most enjoyable week they have had in years. Through the old Sallyís clever conversation with me, she had extracted every little detail of our lives over the last three or four years. Sally knew that we were almost flat broke. She had put together a gift package for us. It included all the things we needed for little Sally. In the package she had hide an envelope with $500. That is what we had to live on for the next few months."

"Before we left, Howard asked me the name of Sallyís Father. I told him that it was Benjamin Franklin Smith. I have no idea how he knew that Tom wasnít Sallyís Father. He stroked my brow; he looked at me, and tenderly asked, "Does Tom know?"

"I shook my head and whispered no. I donít know how Howard knew that Tom was not Sallyís Father. From the way he asked me, I knew that he knew that Tom was not your Father."

Howard nodded and said, "I think it is best that we do not tell him. It will be our secret."

Again Peg said, "Thatís Dadís name."

Mom replied, "Yes Honey, that is Sallyís and your Fatherís name."

"When we reached the state line, we headed for Dustville. We were hoping that one of our parents had returned and would take us in. When we knocked on the door of Tomís old home a stranger opened the door. Tom asked him if he knew his Parents and if he had seen them. He knew Tomís parent, but he had not seen them around. We went to my old home. I told the man that opened the door who we were and asked if he had seen my parents. The stranger told us he had been living in the house for almost 2 years and had no idea who or where the old tenants were."

"As we walking away from the house a neighbor called to me. She invited us in. She told us that my parents had divorced a couple of years ago. She did not know where they were. She invited us to have lunch with her. I discussed our problem with the lady and she suggested we call the Welfare Department and the Salvation Army."

"After lunch we drove to the Welfare Department. The lady that interviewed us was an angle. She found us a furnished apartment and she arranged for interviews for Tom. We were flooded with gifts from different charitable organizations. Tom got a job and we scratched a living for the next 20 or so years. Well here I am."

  Peg and Sally had listened intently to every word that Pam had uttered. They both wanted to ask their Mother questions. Peg got the first question in, "What make you think we are sister?"

Pam told Peg that she had not had sex with anyone else during her marriage with Ben, not even with Tom. She described Ben home and the guesthouse where Tom had stayed.

Pam opened her purse removed a worn baby picture of Peg and said, "Peg, the only thing that I could sneak out of your Father house were these pictures of you that I had taken when you were a baby. When I saw Sally after the old Sally in Alabama had cleaned her up. It was no question in my mind you were sister. You and Sally looked so much alike during the first few years, you could have been twins. Many nights I lay awake wandering what you were doing, where you were should I take the chance and go see you, or were you still afraid of me. I took all my hate for your Father out on you. We were just kids that pushed our lives into the adult world too soon. I should not have let your Father bully me. I was so afraid. I thought that if I rocked the boat they would have put me in jail. I thought I would be in lot of trouble. They would send me to a reform school until I was 18. Tom told me to grab all the money I could and we would head back to Texas. That was the only place we had friends or anyone that acted like they were our friends."

  Mom paused for a moment. In tears, I asked, "Mom, why didnít you tell me that Tom wasnít my Dad?"

Pam put her hand on Sally cheek and said, "I was afraid he would leave us."

"Mom, he is a real bastard. He was always unemployed and almost never worked at any place for more than a couple of months. You are the one that earned most of the money and did all of the work. Did you ever marry him?" Sally questioned.

"No, Sally we had planned to get married a number of times. But, we just didnít get married and felt that it wasnít necessary."

"Why didnít you leave him?" Peg quipped.

"Peg, I asked myself that question a thousand times. I was very much in love with Tom when I was young. We had many wonderful times together. He was the only person that I knew and that cared for me and loved me. When things were really rough he would be there for me. With all the crap that he gave me, he gave me more love than anyone else did. As time passed, his little help kept food on the table and a roof over our heads. With both of us working and sharing what little we had, we were somewhat secure. As his drinking got worse, I felt sorry for him. We had been together for too many years to separate."

 I was still crying and I hugged Mom and said, "I wish I had known; I feel ashamed for the way I acted toward you."

"Honey, I felt sorry that our relationship was so terrible. I know this is a great surprised for all of us. I think that before we do anything drastic and we will all be sorry for it later. We should just go ahead with Sallyís wedding as if nothing had happened. Poor Henry is outside alone."

Pam crawled out of the bed. And, we all went into the living room. Henry looked at the red eyes of everyone. Their makeup was running down their faces. What little he had heard through the paper-thin wall, he pieced together what had happened. He put his arms around Sally and pulled her close to him. He kissed Sally on her salty teary nose and whispered to her, "No matter what has happened, I still love you and nothing will keep us from getting married."

  I kissed Henry back. With a smile on my face, I told him, "Nothing in the world is going to stop this marriage. Big boy you are all mine and I will kill anyone that tries to take you away from me. I will kick your ass from here to hell and back if you think you are going to get rid of me."

Peg yelled to Sally, "Sis, stop teasing Henry. You can do that on your wedding night. I will not let my family be crowded in this tiny apartment for the next 4 or 5 days we are all going to stay at my house."

  No one argued with Peg. Without questioning anyone, Henry had pieced together what had happen. The first time he saw them together, he had noticed the strong resemblance. He had flipped over Sally that same day. He had thought that there wasnít a chance in hell of getting involved with Sally. He deliberately drove them all over Washington just to be with her. Peg and Sally being sisters would not change the way he felt about either girl. Peg was a beautiful girl. She was a very desirable young lady. But, she and Frank were very much in love. There was no way he was going to mess around with his best friendís sweetheart even though she was a flirt.

For the next hour or so they packed everything they thought they would need and headed to Pegís home. When they pulled into the driveway, Peg noticed that Benís car was in the driveway. She told Sally that she would get to see her Father for the first time.

Sally meets her Father:

Henry and Pam were still at the car as Peg and I walked through the front door. Ben had his back to the door and didnít notice us when we walked in. Peg and I had our emotions jacked up enough that both of us wanted to kick Benís ass. Peg said, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Ben spun around, he was a little surprise at Pegís language, but ignored it when he saw me. A big smile and a lustful look came across his face. With lust written all over his face, he looked me up and down, and said, "Who is this bea