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 There are many people that I want to thank for contributing to this book. I will not list their names in fear that I may leave some of them out. I do not want to offend them by not mentioning their names. I will only list them in general terms.

           I want to thank the Republicans, the Talk Show Hosts, their Guests, the Religious Bigots, the OIC and anyone else that showed their overwhelming HATE for President and Mrs. Clinton. If there had been any compassion and understanding in the Republican side of our government I would not be enjoying myself in the final years of my life. I would be someplace in this world letting my mind vegetate and my fingers would be lumped with Arthritis. My lovely wife would not have to read all the crap that comes out of my feeble mind.

          Thanks to those that have contributed to the attempt to Overthrow the President of the United States. I want to thank all the Senator and House members that never replied to the questions that I addressed in my email to all of you. There was one exception, and I wish I hadnít lost her email. She respected my thoughts, but she disagreed with my opinion. This is not saying much for the people we elected to work for us.

          Most of all I want to thank the Florida Secretary of State, and United Supreme Court that disenfranchised more than half of the voters in the United States. They say every vote should be counted. Their decision will be appealed to a much higher court. There Justice will be served.

          I know there will be many of you out there that will disagree with me. This is MY TWO CENT  and you are welcomed to put in yours.





When I read the above, chills ran through my body and tears flowed from my eyes. You can almost feel the deep-seated desire for freedom and justice in the words our forefathers wrote.

Have we let them down?

          Everyone has said their piece about the impeachment of President Clinton. I am going to put in My Two Cents. The last eight years has torn this country down the middle. I must express my opinion before I leave this world. We all must pull together and make this world and our country a heaven on this ball that is floating around in the universe. If the hate that has persisted continues our children and grandchildren will live in a quagmire in hell. With the help of my Foxy wife I hope to quell some of the hate that is flooding all of our souls. Maybe we all can work together we can save our world.

The political unrest in this country is slowly destroying our country. Greed has stuck it ugly head into the hearts and souls of the majority of the people on this earth. The overpowering lust for political power is turning the citizens against our Government.

I started writing this book after the Republicans and their friends started depriving the public of a President that we elected. They have been and they are still doing everything to destroy President Clinton and his family. The hypocrites, bigots, liars and the puppets of the Republican Party have not let up. The Republicans expect us to embrace George W. Bush as our next President. How can we embrace a President that stole the Presidency of United States with the help of a partisan United States Supreme Court? If there were a sprinkling of bipartisan votes in the House Judiciary Committee when they tried to impeach President Clinton I would not have written this book. It was obvious that Ken Starr and the Republicans did everything in their power for 6 years to destroy the President of the United States, his family and his friends. They have not let up; they want to prosecute President Clinton after he leaves office. This period of our government has put a scare on our country that will not heal for generations to come. Just look at what has happening in Kosovo? This century has had enough dictatorial types on this planet. If this HATE prevails in the Unites States it wonít be long before we will destroy what our forefather have given us. We must all stop hating each other and work together. The Republican and Democratic parties have this country split down the middle. There is no JUSTICE in this country. There is only PARTISAN politics. 

President Clinton if by chance you pick up this book, I admire you for staying in office with all of the BS that has been thrown at you. I donít know how you could have ran the country and lived under the crap the Republican and the so-called religious leaders have thrown at you and Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton I wrote an email to you almost a year before you were elected to the United States Senate. I wished you well in your endeavor and sent you a picture of yourself that I copied from the White House Home Page and wrote under your picture, ďSENATOR HILLARY RODHAM CLINTONĒ. Congratulation, I had hopes that just by chance you would see the email and it would inspire you to keep fighting as you and the President have been doing over the past 8 years. God Bless You Both!

I have 4 years of postgraduate study in profanity at the expense of the Federal Government. I would be using my postgraduate studies but my Foxy little wife told me to tone down my language. I was pure and protected from all the evil of the world until World II came along and our government threatened to induct me into the Army. Like a jerk, I joined the USMC. I do not regret joining the Marines. I learned a lot about life in those four years. The one thing that I abhorred about our Government, they let the tobacco industry use the Marine Corps as an addiction center for the young men of my generation. Not only did they introduce tobacco to my generation; our government forced it on us. They distributed and collected the money for the tobacco industry. This was a gross violation of our human rights. We had no choice whether we wanted the cigarettes or not. And we had to pay for the damn cigarettes. As far as the profanity goes, the unedited edition of this book was full of it. It expressed my (I want say HATE) true displeasure for the way the Clintonís enemies treated President and Mrs. Clinton. It didnít take long to remove the profanity. The word processor removed the profanity in a microsecond. If the bigots by mistake had started reading the unedited version book they would have dropped dead of a heart attack. I did not want to be the instrument of their death. With the pressure of my wife I omitted 99% of the (no, no) words

When will the BS stop?

I think we all have heard it in one form or the other. May there be Liberty and Justice for us all! When are we going to get Justice for all of us? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The distance between the haves and have-nots is getting greater every day. Due to this, the crime rate will grow and grow. Half the population will be locked up, a quarter of the population will be guarding them, and the remainder will be footing the bill. The Big Money of this world is stealing the resources and enslaving the people of this world.

Just recently I read a letter to the editor from someone that was displeased with our nation as much as I am. It was a reply to a young lady who said that if you vote for Al Gore the people will not be able to fulfill the ďAmerican dreamĒ, if you vote for George W. Bush, people would be able to fulfill the ďAmerican dream.Ē

In his reply to this young lady, he said, ďThe American dream is a crock and that only a select few have the opportunities to fulfill their dreams. The rest are held down by the many institutions that exist in this country to keep our classes intact. Letís face it: It doesnít matter if you vote for Al Gore or George Bush because neither one of these puppets will do anything to benefit the majority of the people in this country. Letís quit using all the political mumblo jumbo about the dreams and realize that our country is run by the rich, white people who want to continue to run the country. Donít vote for Al or George if you want something to change around here. Vote for someone else if you want to see a change, big or small, get active in the things you believe in!"

I am sure there are many other people in this nation that have the same thoughts as this gentleman. There are many troubled souls in this world. At the moment I wrote the above, all hell is breaking loose in the Middle East. An American ship was blown up, Israeli soldiers were killed by a mob, and the Israelis were blasting away at the Palestinians. The thing that really disturbed me was the pleasure and joy the Palestinian mob displayed after they had killed the Israeli soldiers. How can so many people get pleasure by killing someone? May God have mercy on their souls. I had not thought of the following for many years until I started writing this book and when I saw the Palestinians mob in a frenzy of HATE for the Jews. These memories resurfaced again.

This world is filled with HATE. Everywhere you look there is HATE. There is HATE in every family. If they donít HATE each other, they HATE someone else. HATE has been around since the beginning of time. Billions of people have been murdered because of HATE. There has been HATE in every society, from the most primitive to the most civilized society.

My first encounter with HATE was when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I attended a political rally in the Deep South. A very popular white racist United State Senator was campaigning. In those days if anyone that was in the public eye came to town, everyone in town would attend. On this occasion only the whites attended.  Every seat in the football stadium was filled. The football field and every square inch around the stadium were packed with angry people. I was too small to see over the heads of the adults. The public address system was overwhelming. I heard words of hate that I had never heard before. The Senatorís speech was filled with HATE for the Black people. There were Blacks living just across the railroad tracks from the football stadium and definitely in hearing distance of the stadium. As loud as the public address system was, there was no question the Blacks in the neighborhood heard every word. The Senator had the Whites so worked up with HATE that my body was soaked with FEAR. I thought that I was going to be trampled in the HATE frenzy. I felt ashamed of myself because I was White. I felt I had to have the same HATE that was in the souls of all the people that were around me. I felt they knew that I did not share the HATE they had. I didnít yell or scream as everyone else did. I felt ashamed for being at the rally. Fortunately, there was no riot and as far as I know no one was hurt or injured. The Senator fanned the HATE in the minds of the Whites and fear in the minds of the Blackís.

Many times in my life I felt the FEAR that must have racked the bodies and souls of the Blackís that listened to the HATE the Senator bellowed. Just imagine that you are sitting in your home less than 100 feet from a 1000 or more raving idiots that are filled will racial HATE and you are the one they HATE. What kind of memories would this leave in your mind?

The days following the rally as I walked through the Black neighborhood to and from school I though the Black would seek revenge and take it out on me. FEAR and shame cloaked my body as I passed their homes with my eyes looking down and silently asking them to forgive those men and me for the HATE they had in their souls.

I had many Black friendsí young and old. You could not segregate the Blacks and the Whites. Their lives intermingled extensively. This incident like many things in my life drifted to the back shelf of my brain. In the last eight years I have seen so much HATE, the FRUSTRATION has aggravated me immensely. The mob of Republicans that were flown from Washington D.C. to disrupt the counting of the ballots in Florida also reminded me of the above incident.  The Republican said that they were just protesting. I as well as many others saw it differently. They were a mob of paid raving maniacs.  They were far from a group of peaceful demonstrators.  They were paid by the Republican Party to create disturbances across the State of Florida. Why didnít the police protect the voting station from this mob? Were the police told to lay off?  The Republican Party has made a mockery of our nation. The Republican Party imported ex-cabinet members, Senators, Governors from other states, Representatives, and God only knows whom else to spread propaganda and prevent the recount. 

The people that disturbed me the most are the Religious BIGOTS. These religious leaders have many followers. These men are breading HATE in their flocks. Many times I have seen the deep-seated HATE flowing from their faces when they appear on the talk shows. And, they are still showing their hate for the Clintons.

The impeachment hearing in the House of Representatives was another HATE frenzy that curdled my soul. There are a number of media talk show hosts and their guest that have generated the intense HATE for the Clintonís and they still are. The news media fanned HATE during election 2000. The anger shown in the faces of the people that represented both political parties disturbed me. They all lost their self-control; they reminded me of a pack of hyenas fighting over a kill.

I can understand why animals and sharks go into a feeding frenzy. They have to survive. But, why do humans have to go through these hate frenzies? Are these people descendants of jackals, hyenas, vultures, or sharks? Do they still possess the genes of these creatures? I think these genes are still deeply implanted in the souls of many human.

          With all the new technology in genetic research, maybe someday hate can be eliminated from the human genetic makeup. Just think about this. Wouldnít it be a wonderful world if there was no hate, jealousy, greed, fear, just peace and serenity to all mankind? I hope God is listening.

The politics of this country has reached the filth of the sewer. The political parties, the news media, and half the nations are all wallowing in the same sewer. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Lying under oath, who hasnít lied in their life? Every human on this earth has lied or will lie before they die. What would you have done if you were in President Clintonís predicament? Donít lie to yourself. You would have done the same, lie, lie, and continue to lie. The holy than thou bigots that condemned and publicly crucified the President should read the bible and practice what they preach. Pray for the President, not condemn him to hell. I wonder what these bigots will think about when they are in their last minutes of life of this earth. You better pray that God will forgive you for your hypocritical ways on this planet. 

There have been many things in my life that have bothered me. The special prosecutor investigating the President and his friends has bristled the little hair I have. All my life, I have watched the political parties sling mud at each other. This time they have gone too far. The money that the Office of the Independent Prosecutor (OIC) and its gang spent to tell the nation at the impeachment hearing that there wasnít enough evidence to prosecute President Clinton is a mockery to justice. To put someone under this type of pressure for 6 years and come up with a consensual sexual affair that had nothing to do with the any of the items they were investigating and use this to impeach President Clinton is ludicrous. The OIC did not come up with the consensual sexual affair until a revengeful woman that was kicked out of the White House gave the OIC on a silver platter some illegal recorded tapes of the affair. The Independent Council (IC) intern gave the information to a business associate to entrap President Clinton. If Monica and Linda had kept their mouths shut the (OIC) would still be trying to dig up some dirt to justify their existence on this earth.

Do you remember how the Republicans and all the others wanted to destroy the President for lying? Of course you do. How old do you think a person has to be when they can tell when someone is lying? I was visiting my Sonís family. My Grandson was playing with his toys on the floor. His parents and my wife were having a conversation at the other end of the room. I was reading a magazine on the couch near my Grandson. The TV was on and there was a station break; the announcer repeated a comment that one of the Republicans made about the impeachment hearings. Who it was, I do not know. He mentioned that the President was lying. My Grandson replied, ďThey all are lying.Ē

Everyone looked at him. My son asked, ďWhat did you say?Ē

My Grandson said, ďI think they are all are lying,Ē and continued playing with his toys. I went over and asked my Son if they had been discussing the impeachment with him.

My son said, ďNo, we have never discussed the impeachment with him or in front of him.Ē

He was only six years old. I would have loved to been able to read his mind. What does it take to know when someone is lying? Sometimes it doesnít take very much. You can see the subtle look on their faces, the rolling of their eyes, the tightening of their lips; they look out into space trying to think of an answer, perspiration starts pooping out of their face. Some have lied all their life about everything. You will never be able to tell when they are lying or telling the truth.

I am retired and have plenty of time on my hands. The impeachment hearings and the TV talk shows have emotionally pumped me up to a point that I must say what is on my mind.

I must express    M! MY TWO CENTS:

You may agree with me or not. That is your prerogative. This is my viewpoint and what I feel about our country. You may write about your feeling and many will. Many books have already been published since I started writing.

It you feel this book will corrupt your morals, close the book now, return it to the store where you bought it, ask for your money back and wonder what the hell was in the book. Go back and buy it again. Read it and maybe you will understand the way a lot of us free souls feel about our countryís political and business environment. It may be the best in the world, but it needs a lot of improvement.


Note: If you want to spend many hours learning more about the wasted millions our country spent probing into the personal life of our President, go on the Internet. You will find out how wasteful this witch-hunt was. I downloaded thousands of pages so I could read them at my leisure. You can also listen to the conversation of Monica and Linda Tripp. You can watch and listen to the President when he was question by Paulaís Attorney. I have said it before and I will say it again. What type of society are we living in when our government spends millions of dollars on smearing one of its citizens? I cannot imagine the living hell the President, his friends, his associates, and all the other citizens went through. The emotional stress that they went through must have been devastating. Many of us would have committed suicide. Unfortunately one young man could not take the pressure that (OIC) had generated. I blame the OIC and the Republicans that pushed him to his death.

I think that the people that enjoyed watching the agony the President and his friends went through are mentally disturbed. They remind me of the spectators that watched the Gladiators kill one another. What disturbed me most of all was the vocal religious leaders that gloated and showed their lust for hate in their faces when they were on television. The Republicans and the television talk show host and guests had the same hate in their faces. What is this world coming to?  

If you are a Republican and do not have an open mind, I suggest that you close this book. I am sure you will go out of your mind before you get to the end.


If you read it and get mad at me, donít blame me, I have warned you.

When did it all start? 

In a small town in Arkansas, there was a young boy that wanted to become the President of the United State. He had hopes and dreams like all of us. He climbed and reached the pentacles of his life. I didnít believe he would make it, but with the grace of God and a few voters that wanted a change, William Jefferson Clinton became the President of the United States of America. I do not think he ever dreamed of the hell he would be going through.

We all have dreamed of the day that we achieve success, be admired, and liked by (almost) everyone. I think we all want to have a very important position in this world of ours. Some of us reach our pinnacles of life and others do not. Some of us will beg, borrow, or steal to get the top. Some of us are just plain lucky. There are others that are blessed with a brilliant brain and determination. There are those that lie, cheat, and prey on all of us. And there are those that sell their souls to the highest bidder. They are puppets of the very wealthy and the huge conglomerates. You do not have to be smart or have the best intentions for the people of the country to become the President of the United States. All you have to be is an obedient puppet, and jump through the hoop when your strings are pulled. If you were planning to run for a political office, which way would you choose to become successful or how did you become successful? Donít lie to yourself. Does your conscience bother you? I will let you dwell on that.

We have the best government money can buy. Not really, the rich have the best government that money can buy for them. Do you know that only about 5% of the population of this country have most of the money and control the people and the government? I thought our forefatherís got rid of the Monarchy type of government. The type of government didnít change, only the name was changed to ďThe Rich and PoorĒ.

We all know what the news media has reported to the whole world. We all have our own opinions of what is the truth and what is not. Do you express your true feeling of what you believe is the truth? Or, do you express what your party affiliations or what others want you to express. If you are expressing yourself as your party or as others want you to, you are a slave to a Good Old Boys Club (GOB). You are lying to yourself, doesnít this prey on your soul. Donít you have sleepless nights? Donít you feel ashamed of what others can force you to do? I would, it would burn my soul if I had to cower to the commands of others.

There are people among us that can do the most heinous crimes to humanity and never be bothered by it. If I swat a pesky fly or mosquito, it bothers me. I feel guilty. Oh yes, I have had times in my life that I wanted something terrible to happen to someone for something they had done. I have regretted it when I cooled down and wished I had never felt that way. Hate will destroy you. Hate is the cancer of the soul. So be it, we are all different.

Go get the enemy!

The Republican leaders were outraged that a country boy from Arkansas had done the impossible. President Clintonís enemies conspired to overthrow the duly elected President of the U.S.A. The Presidentís enemies through their persistence managed to have a Special Prosecutor assigned to look into the Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, Mrs. Clinton, their friends and God only knows who else.

The independent counsel statues gives person dictatorial powers with no time limit and no cap on the amount of money they can spend.

 It became a vendetta between the Republicans and the Democrats. This is sick, sick, sick. Again this is our modern day gladiatorsí kill or be killed. Look what went on in Florida. Politics has become the most sickening occupation in our society.

The Republican Party and the vicious right wing idiots have been smearing President Clinton since he started his first campaign to become the President. The Republicans didnít give President Clinton a chance to prove his true ability. They started slinging the mud before he could warm up the seat in the oval office. I am sure he had enemies long before this vendetta started.

The President follies:

Letís look back a few years. Jennifer Flowers was having a relationship with a married man. Why? Why does any woman have a relationship with a man that is a married? I am not a woman, so I cannot tell you what was on her mind. Only Jennifer knows the real reason. Everyone and including me can guess. Every guess could be right. There may be a dozen reasons why a woman or man would try to steal someone elseís mate. If they do, they should pay the penalty for trying to destroy another personís relationship and life. What was the reason Jennifer made the relationship public and at that particular time? We can all guess what her reason was. Do you know? Was it fame and fortune?

          In May 1994 Paula brought charges against the President. She had kept it a secret for a number of years. If the encounter was that devastating, why did she wait so long before she made it public?  Did it take that long for the Republican to find someone to point a finger at President Clinton?

If you have followed the news you know that once someone starts a new campaign against President Clinton everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  Paula had a slew of them. They saw how much attention Paula had drawn and they tried to get as close to Paula as they could. If they succeeded they would be in the spot light also. There was a long line of envious souls under the guise of wanting to help a poor young lady that was fighting the world all by herself. They flocked around her like a horde of knights to defend this young lady. There were lawyers by the carload, religious groups, and last but not least the news media. They all tried to lead the parade.

At the end, the lawyers fought over the money. After the parade was over, Paula received only a hundred and fifty thousand or so. That is not very much money for sticking her neck out for six or seven years. The lawyers get the lions share of the settlement. If my memory is correct well over five hundred thousand.

Paula had an offer that she couldnít resist. Penthouse magazine wanted her to tell all and show all and she did. The vultures that jumped on her bandwagon did everything to cover their asses and abandon ship. They all thought that Paula had betrayed them. They denounced Paula in self-serving declarations and condemned her for her actions.

If you are curious about all the back stabbing that went on in the back rooms of Paulaís camp go on the Internet, it is all there for you to read. I am sure they must be a lot more that never got on the net.

Paula again I donít know who is telling the truth. I feel sorry for you. If you are telling the truth you were shafted from both sides. Your so-called friends that abandoned you are self-serving leaches. You canít change what has happen to you. Paula, you know now that there is only one person in this world that is going to give a damn about you, and that is Paula Jones. All of your so-called friends are all going to evaporate in thin air. They will leave you like a spent cigarette butt.  God bless you.

 Who encouraged you Paula to file the law suit?  Judge Wright at the end, we all saw what ended the law suit, Money. At the beginning Paula did not have anyone helping her. The Republicans and their friends joined Paula to destroy our duly elected President. With the aid of the Rutherford Institute Paulaís suite dragged the President through the muck and mire of the legal system of this country

How can a Judge convict anyone under these circumstances?  If Paula was in the room with Clinton, only Paula Jones and President Clinton know for sure what happened. What made Judge Wright rule in favor of President Clinton? Then what made the Judge Wright change her mind? Was it the consensual affair between Monica and President? Judge Wright allowed Paula Jones lawyers to entrap the President with evidence that were obtained through illegal means. The encounter with Monica had nothing to do with the complaints in the Paula Jonesís case, which had happen almost ten years earlier.  Was the pressure from a political party or was there any justification for her decision.

Paula was it worth all of the trouble? You let those vultures use you to tarnish another human being. The money you received is pocket money for the vultures that pushed you into the spotlight. If it is money you really want, you could make millions telling the story about the Good Old Boys that used you. Go ahead; if you told the truth about those that pushed you for six long years, you would make millions. You could say anything that may come to your head and no one could prove you were lying or telling the truth. Of course there would be lawsuits and who would go to your defense. The leaches that abandoned you would never come close to you again.

Paula, donít you know the hell that you put the Clintons through. Doesnít this bother you?  May God be with you and let the part of your live fade from your memories.

How can the Clintonís enemies live with themselves? How can they sleep at night? Who are these revenge-seeking individuals that spent millions pushing Paula to destroy the President? They paraded her around to discredit the President. No way in hell could Paula afford that expense? Was the Republican Party involved in sponsoring Mrs. Jones? I wouldnít put it passed them. Remember Nixonís little slush fund. It is so easy to pass money under the table. If you havenít had enough of this, as I said before, go on the Internet.

Why do Republicans hate President Clinton? The most obvious reason, William Jefferson Clinton won two elections in spite of all the BS and HS the Republicans could throw at him. Letís face it; we are all human. We all have our faults. Many of us do foolish things in our life. If we get caught, we will regret it. We will do everything in our power to prevent anyone from knowing about our personal little secret. If you say you would not lie to cover up an embarrassing situation, I think you are a liar and a damn fool. Most of the people that I have spoken to have said they would lie to hide an inappropriate situation. I wonder how those vicious religious leaders that slaughtered the President on the TV talk shows sleep at night. I could not live with myself. I think you know whom I am talking about; you are constantly seeing them on TV.

The Republicans have made their bed. The Republicans and the future Republicans will have to sleep in it. When are the Democrats and the other poor old souls in this country going to forget about it? It will take many years. In reference to the President and Monica, the Republicans are asking what are you going to say to your children. I am going to say, ďDo not vote for the Republicans.Ē  I am not affiliated with any political party, nor do I plan to join any. At my age, I may see two more Presidential Elections. I usually vote for the individual that I think will best serve our country, but from now on I am going to vote a straight Democratic ticket. By chance, there may be a Republican out there that is a human being. I didnít see one Republican during Election 2000 that I could look up to, not even George W. Bush.

Someone out there will want to hang me by my ďyou know whatĒ in the oval office. You may like me or hate me, just buy this book. I want the money. Money is the root of evil. I want to be evil during a little of my life!

What is Justice?

Many years ago I worked as a Soda Jerk. I may still be a jerk. There will be many in this world that will think I am a Jerk. Let me get back to what I started to say.

 At work I tried to please everyone regardless of how disgusting the customers were. I would never give them a reason to justify being the jackasses as they were. My attitude would drive these creeps crazy. The other customers would stare down the pissed off customer. Most of the time he or she would know they were wrong and I was doing my best to please them. Eventually they would apologize for their behavior. They usually left me a larger tip than usual. The larger tips were part of my incentive for me to please all the irritated customers.

One of the regular customers about 70 years old would come in and take his regular seat next to the magazine rack, order a cup of coffee or if it was warm day, a glass of ice tea. He was a cheap old coot about my present age. He never gave me a tip. But I was nice to the old coot anyway. He would read the magazines and never buy any.

One day he was sitting in his favorite seat reading the magazines as usual. Another customer came in and from the way he reacted, I knew he was pissed about something. He asked for a soda. I took a glass, put some ice in it, and started to add the soda. The glass was half full with ice and the customer yelled at me that he wanted a bottle of soda. This attracted the attention of everyone in the store. I told him that we didnít have bottled soda. He said, ďGive me that damn thing.Ē

I gave him the soda and then he told me that it had too much ice in it. I took the soda back and he snapped at me, ďWhat are you doing with my soda.Ē

I told him that I was giving him another one with less ice in it. He told me to hurry up that he didnít have all day. When I gave him the other soda with less ice, he told me the soda was not cold enough. I took the soda, poured it into a larger glass, and added more ice and returned the soda to the customer.

He was really getting mad and said, ďWhat are you going to do charge me for a larger soda?Ē

I told him no, that I would not charge him for a large soda. The color of his face was turning a bright red. I knew he was about to explode. By this time everyone in the store was staring at him. I wondered what he was going to complain about next. He looked around and saw everyone looking at him. This customer was a real jackass. I bent over backward to please the SOB. I never gave him a reason to be the jackass that he was. I didnít get mad or talked back to him. The old man at the magazine rack was watching me handling the jackass.

In frustration and embarrassment the customer reached for his wallet and fumbled around for a small bill. The smallest bill that he had was a ten spot. He slammed the bill on the counter and walked out the door and he left his soda on the counter. As he walked out the door, I called to him to give him his change. He waved a hand in disgust and kept walking. I never saw the man again and never found out why he was pissed.

After the man left the old coot returned the magazine that he was reading to the magazine rack and came over to me. He smiled and shook his head. He was surprised at how calm I was during the encounter. He told me he wished that he could have been that calm during his life. He told me that he would have blown a gasket if he were in my shoes. (At the present time of my life I would have jumped all over his ass).

 As time passed the old coot became a friend of mine. I found out that he had been a judge for many years. We talked about different cases that he presided over. From the few years that I knew him, and what he told me about the law, I thought I knew what law and justice was really all about. I was proud to be an American Citizen. We were in the middle of WWII and I was willing to give my life to protect our government. The woman standing with the balance scale with her eyes open and the scale was level was what I thought justice was all about. I have noticed over the years that many of these ladies have blindfolds over their eyes and the scale is tilted to the extreme. Justice in this world is nothing like what I thought it was. It is the complete opposite. In many cases we have partisan political justice. If you donít belong to the party that is in power you will not get justice. 

Over the years the pictures that he painted of justice has faded away. Or, the laws we have today are not the laws that we had 60 years ago. On the other hand, I may have been naive, and the laws have never changed. I have seen many flaws and injustices in the laws over the years and it has totally disillusioned me. Maybe I am asking for too much and expecting too much from the legal systems in this country.

 The outlandish fees that lawyers receive are disgusting. Two examples the enormous fees that the lawyers received from the tobacco industries and the Holocaust cases, of course many of the victims did not receive anything!!!!  Our system of justice is probably the best in the world and we all will have to live with it, whether we like it or not.

From my memories of the talks with the old Judge, the one thing that stands out in my mind more than any other, if you are accused of crime and are never tried or convicted in a court of law then you are not guilty. You must be caught, tried, and convicted of a crime for it to be illegal. I donít know how true it is; you are innocent until you are proven guilty in a court of law. We are too quick to accuse and convict someone without giving the accused the right of a trial and be convicted or proven innocent by an impartial jury. Were some of United States Supreme Court Justices jumping into a case that they had not given enough though to? Why did they stop the hand count? Only five chose to stop the hand count. They deprived the majority of the voting public of their wishes. Why? Did politics have anything to do in their decision?

Why do the prosecutors have to convict someone before they are tried? Just watch the papers. They publish the feelings of the prosecutors and the government officials before the trial is started. They create public hate frenzies against the accused and the accused cannot get an impartial jury. The rush for justice has put many innocent people in jail without a fair trial. Very recently, I have read about hundreds of cases that have been overturned. Modern science has proved that the convicted person could not have committed the crime. At the last count DNA tests have released sixty six innocent people that were convicted for a crime they did not commit. How many poor souls are still in jail for crimes they did not commit? Going over many of the transcript the investigators have found that the cases should have never gone to trial. There wasnít any evidence showing that the convicted man was connected to the crime. After many years the cases were reviewed and the men were set free. The people that sent these innocent men to jail would not admit that they had made a mistake. How can they live with themselves, knowing that they had sent an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life or to be executed so that they could hold on to their job? How many imbeciles of this type are out there and are still sending innocent people to jail. Donít get me wrong; I want justice for the victims. Never rush for justice and send an innocent person to prison or to death. There is too much pressure for quick resolutions for a crime. I would rather see ten guilty people go free than see one innocent person go to prison. 

Kenneth Starr:

Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate; for six years Kenneth Starrís and his Storm Troopers interrogated, intimidated, and threatened many honest citizens. What was his motive? If he brought down the President of the United States would he be in line for a seat on the United Supreme Court? What they did was to discredit, humiliate, and did everything to overthrow the President of the United States. The Republican leaders relentlessly preyed on the President, his wife Hillary, and their friends. This has been a partisan smear campaign from the very beginning and is still going on. Since they couldnít get the President on one thing, they tried another. I feel the Republicans and the Holy than thou religious leaders are the biggest hypocrites I have seen in my life.

They had nothing on the President until Linda Tripp made an illegal tape recording of a fellow Pentagon employee. Isnít this a federal crime? The tapes could have had top-secret information on them. Why did Linda give the tapes to Ken Starr? How do we know that Linda is not a mole for some foreign country? She was taping a conversation of a person that had inside information of what was going on inside the White House. You can say that there wasnít any top-secret information recorded. How do we know? Who would know? Mr. Starr I think you should have investigated that possibility rather than advising her to continue taping the phone calls and turning them over to Paula Jones lawyers. Why did you tell her to turn the tapes over to Paula Jones lawyers? Is your conscious still bothering you? Do you have a conscious? Werenít you an associate of Paula Jonesí lawyer? Didnít both of you work for the same firm?

What in the world was Linda Tripp going to do with the tapes? We all have heard her tell her story. Do you believe her? Is she lying? Who in the hell knows? I would not have taken the tapes to a literary agent if I thought that my life was in danger. What kind of protection could a literary agent give Linda? If I were looking for protection, I would have gone to the police, FBI, or the Attorney General for protection. Did she have hopes of writing a book relating to the information she had on the tapes? Did her desire of fame and fortune outweigh her integrity? If I had the tapes and I had sold my soul to the devil I would have gone to a literary agent.

Was the literary agent afraid to get involved with the illegal tapes? Only the agent knows her true motive in telling Linda to give the tapes to Mr. Starr. What was her motive?

There is no question of the motive of Mr. Starr. He had spent six years and millions of dollars trying to overthrow the President of the United States. If he were a truly independent counsel would he have taken the steps that he did? What was his motive to participate in entrapping the President in a consensual sexual affair? Isnít this a conflict of interest? Mr. Starr did you step over the line when you got involved in the Paula Jones case? What was your motive in telling Linda Tripp to give the tapes to Paulaís attorneys? Mr. Starr would an honest religious individual do what you did and set a scandal into action? I would not have done what you did. I am sure that many others would not have advised Linda Tripp to turn the tapes over to Paulaís attorneys.  It doesnít take a lifetime of studying the Bible to know what honesty, integrity and justice is all about. I can assume that you knew that any man would lie about an inappropriate sexual conduct, especially the President of the United States. Mr. Starr wouldnít you lie to hide an indiscretion you may have had? Didnít you know it would be a setup?  Mr. Starr, isnít there a secret that you wouldnít tell another soul on this earth? I am sorry, but due to the conduct of the OIC I have lost all of my respect for our countries justice system. There are no words in anyone vocabulary that would express my immense displeasure in the conduct of the OIC, and the Republican House and Senate members viciousness in their attack on the duly elected Government of the United States of America.

We all know that the President knew that he was being setup by the Paula Jones Lawyers. From the question they asked him and how they asked them. I canít blame him for being evasive.

Have you read the 81 questions the House Judiciary committee sent to President Clinton? All of the questions begin with ďDo you admit or denyĒ.

It you havenít read the 81 questions, below is a sample of the type of questions the House managers sent to the President.

  1.                 Q: Do you admit or deny that on 2600 hours, February 31, 1990 you took your comb out of your pocket and combed your hair 47Ĺ times opened your mouth and brushed your teeth with your right forefinger 25 times and did not wash your hands when you left the restroom?

   A: The records indicate that the President denied all of the above.   There is only 24 hours in a day. February has the maximum of 29 day. I donít own a comb, I donít have any hair or teeth and I always wash my hands before I leave a restroom.

There are 81 questions that were intended to deliberately entrap President Clinton. How would you like it if the Federal Government financed a never-ending vendetta to remove you from your place of employment, fine you an outlandish amount and possible lock you up for a undetermined time? I would LIE, LIE AND CONTINUES TO LIE.

Monica: Who is She?

If you watched the talk shows everyone has their own opinion of Monica. I have my own opinion of who she is. She is a female human being. She is one of Godís creatures. There are trillions of female humans in this world. They all have their own personal characteristics. There are as many types as there are female on this planet we call earth. There are no two alike, even if they are twins. We are all individuals, even though many of us may have almost identical characteristics.

How many women in this world would do everything that Monica had done if they had the same opportunity? I think there are millions of women of all age groups that would do anything to take the place of the First Lady, but they may not admit it in public. I believe there are many women in this world that would openly admit they would do anything to have been in Monica shoes. There are millions of young ladies that look at Monica as a Role Model. You donít believe me? Just look around, Linda Tripp also has her followers.

I donít think anyone will know the real story about the relationships between the President and Monica, Paula, Jennifer, Juanita and Kathleen. At the present, any women in this country can accuse the President of anything. There would be millions of self-serving idiots that would jump on the bandwagon to rip him apart if they felt they could get away with it.

The only relationships that he has admitted to are with Jennifer and Monica. We all know that what he did was inappropriate and his conduct was not expected of the President. What business is it of yours or mine? How many past Presidents or high government officials have had lovers that were not their wives? I would like to give sodium pentathlon or a lie detector test to all the members of both the House and the Senate. Larry Flint really shook up the House and Senate. I could see them trying to cover their Asses.

I think that you all have had enough of Monica. Everything that had happened between Monica and the President has been taped, filmed, told in every shape and form.

 I think I know the answers to the questions I am going to ask Monica. But, I will ask them anyway. Monica, you knew that the President was married, why oh, why did you show your ass to the President? What kind of individual are you? Are you stupid? Do you want to have a sexual activity with every man you come in contact with? Was this an ego trip you were on? Do you get your jollies out of destroying marriages? Why did you tell Linda Tripp about your relationship with the President? Were you bragging? When he wanted to break it off, why didnít you take the hint that it was all over? I canít blame him for calling you a stalker, if he did. You let your desires override your common sense. How could you let yourself become obsessed with destroying another person? Couldnít you see what you were doing? I wanted to tell the world what I really think about you. I will not. It would not serve any purpose.

Monica you gave the media across this country and the world the opportunity to make trillions of dollars. For your sake, I hope you made enough money to clear your conscience.

Monica, I feel sorry for what you had to go through. I hope that you will learn from your mistakes. You cannot go through life destroying other men and women for your own desires. Please control your behavior from now on. I believe that you have an emotional problem. Please try to get some help and take their advice. You are a grown woman. Please try to control your actions in the future. I pray that your future is a very happy one and you will find someone that will bring a loving and lasting relationship into your life.

Monica I have read your book. I was bored through most of the book. You knew what you were getting yourself into from the start. This was the second time that you have screwed up a marriage. I will not condemn or condone your actions. Why didnít you take the hint when they kicked you out of the White House? How stupid could you be to think that the President would leave his wife for you? Wishful thinking I guess. I am sorry, but you have an ego problem that needs a lot of help. I read that you told your close friends about the affair. How stupid can you be? Your family should have dragged your ass out of DC and put you in a monastery in Tibet. You let your ego destroy many lives. You gave Ken Starr and his mob more garbage than he could dig up about the President in 6 years. How naive can you be?

How in hell do you think you could keep an affair with the President a secret when you are telling everyone you knew? Of all places in the White House, the employees of the White House have eyes. Did you think they were blind and stupid? I assure you that they knew everything that went on between you and the President. When they kicked you out of the White House, this alone should have been enough to tell you that everyone knew what was going on. I could go on for hours blasting you. Your Mother, Aunt and your friends that you blabbed to should have hog-tied you and dragged your ass down Pennsylvania Ave.

Monica you are still young. Everyone says that you are a bright young lady. Your actions almost got the President kicked out of office. You have made history. It will be there till the end of time. You have the opportunity to turn your life around. I pray that you can be remembered for something other than the Bimbo that seduced the President of the United States.

I think that your book was self-serving. As the book reveals, you thought of no one except Monica. You dragged the President, Betty Curry, your family, friends, the nation, and countless others that you donít know through hell. I feel sorry for you and everyone else that was harassed by the OIC. Please learn something from this episode of your young life.

The House of Representatives Impeachment Hearings:

All the scholars that testified in the hearing could not agree on what was an impeachable crime. These are individuals that have spent all their lives studying the constitution. How was congress going to determine what is impeachable? Last but not least, how are you and I going to know what is impeachable? How are we going to assess the impeachment? We will have to look into our own soul and ask God to help us to determine what is the correct answer to this dilemma. Our Representatives and Senators did not follow the RULES OF LAW when they shoved the impeachment down the throats the citizens. When there is no clear cut RULES OF LAW that covers impeachment, what or who gave them the right to impeach the President???? I believe Mr. Starr and the Republican House Judiciary Committee made up their own RULES OF LAW

          This was not a hearing. It was a platform to over throw the President of the United States. The members of the Republican Party did not listen to the witnessís. The hearing was like most of the TV Talk Shows. Everyone was talking over everyone else. The Congressman would ask the witness a question, when the witness started to answer the question, the congressman would ask them another question before the witness could answer them their time would run out. Mr. Hyde had set a five-minute time limit for questioning. Mr. Hyde why, and/or who set the time limit for the questioning for FIVE-MINUTES. The public did not want that type of Christmas present. Nor did the public want this frivolous attempt to overthrow the President.

          I call this hearing a GOB Club Kangaroo Court, the House of Liars. They talked about honor, the law, (what law) betrayal, and disgrace of the office of the President of the U.S.A. He lied to all of America and the world. Show me a man or a women that has said they havenít lied. I will show you a liar. Donít give me that BS about being under oath. All of the Senators and the Representatives have taken an oath when they took office. Yet they all have followed the Party line not the law.

 Who was writing the script for the House of Representative Judicial Committee? The Republicans were all singing the same song. Even during election 2000 they all were repeating the same propaganda. Canít the Republicans think for themselves? Donít they have a mind of their own? Have they all been brainwashed? 

The President has not been proven under the law that he has lied under oath or obstructed justice. Yet all the Republicans have convicting the President with their words. Is this Justice? All of you should keep your mouths shut until he has been proven guilty in a court of law. In a regular court of law, what would a judge do to a juror if they reacted the same way the House members reacted? He or she would have been locked up or kicked off of the jury.

          Donít be a hypocrite, what about JUSTICE. THIS WHOLE THING WAS RIGGED FROM THE BEGINNING. This scam has been about power hungry idiots trying to over-throw the elected government. There should be a class action suit agent the Republican GOB Club for the billions of dollars that has cost the public. The House and Senate came to a screeching halt. They stopped working for this country. This has and will cost our country trillions of dollars. How will the historians calculate the real cost to the world? How will GAO calculate the governments lost? This is money out of your pocket. It is not the cost that was accumulated in 1998 on the Lewinsky problem. Nor, the $40 Million Mr. Starr accumulated or the $52 Million when they OIC decided to call it quits. It is the cost to the economy of the world. If the Republicans should have worked with President, the world would be a better place to live in than it is today.

The Republicans were hell bent on overthrowing a duly elected Government of the U.S.A. and disrupting the business of the people. Shouldnít this be called treason or perpetuating anarchy?

The raw power that OIC had is equivalent to dictatorial power. If you didnít tell OIC the answers they wanted they had the power to lock your ass up. Mr. Starr, if you are as honest as you wish everyone to believe, please forgive me. Only you really know how honest you are. If you are not, I will pray for your soul.

 No one in this country ever gets to the level in society that Mr. Starr is in without partisan politics being involved. The prestige of our country and the ability of the President to run the country have been damaged severely. There could be a foreign country bank rolling the whole affair. And, the Republicans loved it. Did you look at the faces of the Republicans when they spoke on television? The anger and hate was project across the nation. Are these the people that you elected and want to run our government? I donít want anyone that possesses that mush hate holding any position in our government.

Mr. Starr, you said that the President lied and all the testimony in your report was the truth. How did you accomplish this miracle? How do we know that you are not lying? Why did you get bent out of shape when someone questioned your integrity? Why did you have such a happy gloating smile on your face every morning when you met the reporters? You never personally question anyone or were you present when the witnesses were questioned, how do you know they were telling the truth? It was your responsibility to keep your investigators in line. Were they telling the truth? I donít think you had control of any of them. As long as they could come up with some dirt on the President, whether it was the truth or not, I believe you gave them the freedom to do anything in any way they chose. What type of justice does a common citizen have when the government can put on a witch-hunt like the one they put our President through? Look at what the independent prosecutor put Secretary Espy through. Secretary Espy went through four years of agony. The $19,000,000 spent to exasperate a few citizens that had done nothing but support or belong to the Democratic Party. The OIC witch-hunter put his whole family through hell for a number of years.

          If Linda wasnít in the picture, there would not have been an impeachment hearing. Judge Wright letting the Paula Jones trial go forward is as much to blame as anyone. She could have postponed the trial until the President was out of office. She should have let them fight it out on even terms. Donít destroy our country. Judge Wright allowed ONE individual to smear and aid in attempt to overthrow our ELECTED GOVERNMENT. She took Paulaís word over that of the President. We still donít know who told the truth. We know Paula was groomed by a group of Clinton haters. I have seen too many hypocritical idiots in my life. Was Paula Jones paid by someone to incriminate the President? Who financed Paula Jones?

          In the news recently Paula Jones was posing for Penthouse Magazine. Judge Wright, you reversed your decision after Linda Tripp exposed the consensual relationship of the President and Monica. Donít you think you should consider reversing your decision again? Was Paula Jones the sweet innocent little girl that she implied she was? Does the Republican Party have their hook in you?

          This whole process has brought bitterness to our government. How can you and I stop a majority political party from overthrowing our government? You see what happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City bombing, how could this type of action be quelled when the congress we elected is ripping us apart. God give us all strength.

          The Republican counsel and the House Republicans controlled the Judiciary Committee that tried to impeach the President. Most of them are lawyers. I pity this country and the citizens that have to go to court for some reason and face this type of prosecutors. Just pray that the prosecutor does not belong to the opposite political party. If he does, your ass is surely in trouble.

As I have said before, if the House members had not voted along party lines, I would not be writing this book. Their vote tore me apart. It was the most outrageous miscarriage of justice that I have ever seen. To have justice, I thought that the jury had to be impartial. They had to listen to the facts of the case and vote to convict only if the facts are beyond a reasonable doubt. How in hell did the Republicans see the facts one way and the Democrats saw the facts completely opposite? This is when my mind was blown apart. There is no way I can express my feeling about both political parties. AND, THEY CALL THIS JUSTICE?


I went on an email campaign writing to all the House and Senate members. It didnít do any good. The vote in the Senate was still along party lines. When we thought it was all over, another woman came out of the woodworks after 20 years. What motive did she have? The media had a field day for a day or two then it petered out. This was sickening. Then the Clinton administration was blamed for leaking of nuclear secrets to China. Then the republicans screamed about our involvement in Kosovo. They quieted down after the Serbs left Kosovo. What are we going to have next?

I am not going to repeat all the mudslinging that has happened over the past eight years. The Republicans are still at it! Now they are all on Hillaryís back. They have been blasting her. Show me one political official that has not taken advantage of his or her position one way or another and I will show you a Saint. I havenít seen the Pope headed for DC.

I was baptized when I was a very young. My Mother thought if I had not been baptized and I was killed in W.W.II. I would not go to heaven. I believe that my God will look at my whole life and justice will be served in heaven even if it is not given here on earth. I may go to hell, who knows.

These self-righteous ministers should preach the gospel of their belief, not the hate they have in their soul. God will look into their life and judge them. I will not judge them. I will say that any clergy that preaches hate should be stripped of all their religious credentials.

The religious faiths have been fighting since the beginning of time and they still are killing one another. Why is there so much hate between faiths? I do not think MY GOD, the one that I believe in, would be prejudiced. He would not hold it against you if you worshipped him in any faith.  I am sure that God admitted those poor souls into heaven that had no faith or beliefs.  He judged them on the life that they let.

          We all are human and we all sin. The President is human just like all of us. If all the religious critics were religious they should remember. Those without sin cast the first stone. Which one of you will be the first in line? Step up those of you that are without sin and cast that stone, otherwise shut your filthy mouth. The President has asked for forgiveness. If forgiveness is not within your soul and hate dominates your soul, then you have sold your soul to the devil.

Why do young children hide when they play with themselves? Sex is Godís given urge to keep all living things propagating. Everything on earth would eventually die if wasnít in our makeup. Read the newspapers, you will see how many religious leaders are convicted every year for sexual acts that are forbidden by the law and the church. Yet they still step over the line. Their religious training has made sex a sin. I do not condone the sexual filth that exists in the world. I believe no one should be ashamed of his or her sexual urges, whether you are young or old, male or female. We all need to reeducate the world on sexuality. If anyone has not lied about their sexual conduct, then no one has ever asked them the right question.

In the Senate the House Manager talked about the Rule of Law, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God. Did the House Manager practice what they preached? I donít think so. They said that they were only doing their job. The President had brought this whole matter on himself. I donít think that is the truth. If the Republicans had taken the defeat of the Presidency without trying to overthrow the President, you would not have had that job and you know that is the truth.

We all will get through this problem and I hope we all can forgive and forget. And, pray that some way this world will have peace and prosperity for all.

As I had mentioned before, when the House decided to impeach the President, I started sending e-mail to the House and Senate members. When I received an automatic reply from them, it would burn my guts. I only receive one reply that addressed my concern. I know they must have received many letters and e-mail from all over the country. They all have staffs. I am sure there are many letters that had the same concern as mine and they should have responded with a form letter to these particular concerns. They could collect all the letters that have the same concern and answer these letters.

I feel that there must be others out there in this country that wanted to be heard, as I wanted to be heard. So I started putting my thoughts on paper. One thing led to another. I started hunting and pecking and I am still at it.

I feel sorry for everyone that has had the wrath of the media. The media reporters that have relied on the scandal of the President for their livelihood are all vultures. They are going to milk the President and his ladies for as long as they can. Manufactures will pay millions to advertise their products on these shows. Idiots will watch these shows and will pay millions for the wares they promoted. When and if this mess dies down, who is going to be the next poor sucker that the media vultures are going to attack?

I feel that many millions of hypocritical jackasses have done the same thing the President did. They would be the first ones to ridicule me as they have ridiculed the President. God will punish the sinners, and the Holy hypocritical jackass that donít know how to forgive one for his sins.

 If this book every gets published, those SOB will be all over my ass. Just in case the book does get published. I will get in the first word. To all of my critics take a flying leap into the nearest john and pull the handle as you float down the drain into the sewer where you belong.

Another thing that has pisses me off are the so-called authorities that the media has had on the talk shows. Not only are the hosts is pompous, egotistical jackasses, so are their guests. They all yell and scream at each other and you cannot hear or understand a word they are saying. What type of individual listens to these bastards? The sponsors of these programs must be making money sponsoring these idiots. They all think they are the only authority in the world on the subject that they are discussing.

Really, who was behind the Impeachment of the president? Who has been behind the overthrow of the U.S.A. Government? Is it the tobacco GOB Club? Is it the conservative religious GOB Club? Is it the Republican GOB Club? Why did Mr. Starr wait until he appeared before the Judicial Committee before he cleared President Clinton of the charges in White Water, Travel Gate, etc.? Did he do this on his own? Who pulled his string? Does someone have Mr. Starr Hooked? If he is hooked, what GOB Club hooked him? Who is buttering his bread? Does he have to butter someone elseís bread? Question, question and more questions? I could ask hundreds of questions. I know you have a few that you want to ask. I would like to be a fly on the wall of all of these political closed-door sessions. There should be a law that would forbid any unit of the government from having a closed-door session unless the subject concerns national defense of the country. The public is paying them and we should know what they are doing behind those closed doors. One thing is for sure; they are fleecing all of us.

          This whole process has brought bitterness to our government. How can you and I stop a majority political party from overthrowing our government? You see what happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City bombing, how could this type of action be quelled when the congress we elected is ripping us apart. God give us all strength.

The right wing religious extremist hates our President so much that there is no limit to the money they will spend to get him out of the office. Does their congregation believe the hate their ministerís are preaching? If they do, they have been brainwashed.

How do we know the people the special prosecutors convicted were really guilty? Were they framed by overzealous investigators that wanted to justify the money they had spent? This opportunity would spring board the younger attorneys into much higher position in their field. This may lift them to the pinnacle they had been dreaming of. They could be in line to be the next president. Who knows what goes on in these over eager souls? Is it money, power or both? They will pay for their actions, whether it is here on earth or in hell.

Mr. Starr said they were doing their job. They were doing a job on the poor souls they were investigating. If they can persecute and prosecute the President of the U.S.A., what chance in hell has the average citizen against a government finance shielded prosecutors and FBI investigators? My heart goes out for the Hubbellís, Mr. and Mrs. McDougle, Secretary Espy, the Espy family and all the other poor souls that were prosecuted, persecuted and/or harassed by those jackasses. I hope President Clinton pardons all of them.

Where is the little lady with the balance scale? There is no more JUSTICE in this country. If you donít have money or belong to a GOB Club, you do not have a chance in hell. They all talk about justice in our country. Where is it?

When this is all over what is the media going to do. Their rating will go down. Will they have a GOBís Club sponsor a Sally or Joe to attack someone to accuse, and sue for a crime that never happened? All of the yelling and screaming talk show guest will again tear out our hearts. They will muddy the beauty of our county. Who will be the next victim?

Year 2000 is here and the jackasses are still on the Clintonís back. The Republicans are attacking Mrs. Clinton and Vice President Gore. When is it all going to end? NEVER, NEVER IN MY LIFETIME! No wonder Castro hates our Government.

George W. Bush:

George W. Bush is campaigning for the Presidency. Where are all the millions of dollars for his campaign coming from? Who is making this investment? George W. you are going to have to pay them back. They have you in their pocket with a collar around your neck. I hope it fits. What are your credentials for running this country?

Do you think George W. Bush is going to be a good leader? From what I have heard him say, I think he is living a pipe dream. What about those years that he doesnít want to talk about? What is he hiding? He said that he had enough of it and he is not going to play that game. Are the same finger-pointers going to dig into George W. Bush personal life? Why shouldnít the media vultures continue their way of life? I will just have to wait and see what happens in the future.

Why do they call him the execution Governor? Doesnít it bother him just a little bit for letting all those people be executed? It bothered Governor Ryan of Illinois and it also bothered me. Over fifty percent of those on death row in Illinois have been exonerated. The track record of your state is as follows: 10 were executed in the first 2 months of year 2000; 35 in 1999; 20 in 1998; 37 in 1997. I havenít heard the final tally for the years 2000. I understand the number is way up there. What make Governor Bush think that Texas Judicial System is any better than it is in Illinois? He doesnít know if it is any better, nor does anyone else. If it isnít, over 105 innocent people in Texas have been executed since 1982.

Recently another poor soul has been put to death. I pray that he will have a better life wherever he is going than he had here on earth.

George I have not heard a thing that would convince me to vote for you. How did your oil company investorsí feel about you running for President? I am worried about the type of world my Grandson and your children are going to have to live in.

I feel that our countryís financial situations should not be a Role Model for all of its citizens. I think the national debt should be paid off before we get a tax cut. You will never get ahead in life if every month a large part of your salary is used to pay the interest on your credit card. That is what is happening to our country. We are strangling our country with the unpaid balance of the national debt. As long as the national debt is hanging over our heads, there is no surplus. 

Friday August 18th, 2000:

Independent counsel Robert Ray has empanelled a new federal grand jury to consider evidence on whether President Clinton should be indicted on criminal charges arising from the Monica Lewinsky investigation after Clinton leaves office.

Isnít this the pits, I wonder how these men sleep at night? I pray for their souls. God what is this world coming to. The time and money they have spent to overthrow the President makes me wonder what type of Government and Society we live in. What drives these men? Are they trying to make a name for themselves? Are they paving the path for themselves to the White House? Has the Republican Party got hooks in them and they have to pay their dues? Who knows, and they want tell!

Whitewater, do you remember when this started:

           Kenneth Starr started the investigation after $52,000,000.00 +/- Robert Ray has called off the Witch-Hunt. What a waste of Time, Money, Disruption of the Elected President, Dragging many innocent people through hell, Divided out Government, Divided the people of our country, and Countless other atrocities. The Truth is Hate, Power and Greed! If it is just Politics, I hope this type of crap will end and never show its ugly face again. Fat Chance. Hate, Power, and Greed will be with us for eternity.

When is it going to end?

Who are the finger pointers? Who were the ones that started the investigation of the president of the United States? Why oh why did this all happen? Is this the type of country we want to live in? For eight years President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton went through holy hell. Some will say this is just politics. If this is the way our political leaders are treated? $58 million was spent to harass and belittle our duly elected President. Just before the second term ended there were is insufficient evidence to prosecute the President and Mrs. Clinton, what a waste of time and money. It was like asking the President to walk a tight wire across the Grand Canyon and after he starts someone was continually shaking the wire. This has been the biggest fiasco in our countryís history. Does our next President have to go through the same harassment throughout his term of office? I pray for the next generations of Americans. I can see our forefathers not just turning in their graves but also trying to dig their way out.

When will this ever stop? Enough is enough; leave the President and his family alone. Those jackasses never will. This is the type of nuts that we have in our government.

We have the largest Good Old Boys Clubs in the world and more of them. Every small town to the largest city has GOBs Clubs. You can call them any name you want. They are out there ripping us off. Whether they are legal or not they are there to remove your hard-earned money from you. If you think I am kidding, just look around your community. I am sure you will find a few, if not a dozen or more. They may be linked to larger cells or just an independent group. I am sure you have at least the Democratic and Republican Parties. They are two you can start with, see if you can dig up a few more.

          There is no question in my mind this world would be better off today if the Republicans had taken the defeat of George Bush like men instead of children. This will show you the type of people the Republican Party is made up of. Donít say this was just politics or the Clintonís were breaking the law. It took 8 years, over $52,000,000, harassment of thousands of people, and disruption of our Federal Government.

Election 2000:

What do you think of our political leader? They are the ones that you elected, or going to elect. Are they worth the money we spent on them? Are they working for the people that elected them? They are required to work for all the citizens of the United States whether you voted for them are not. They donít know if you voted for them or their opponent. They are required by, those famous words, ďthe Rules of LawĒ. They have to work for everyone whether you are RICH, or POOR.

          A billion dollars was spent on the election. That is a hell of lot of money. Just imagine if that money could have been spent on the things that really count. It was wasted on the propaganda that both parties drummed into our ears. Has anyone kept an account of the promises they have made?

          When the ballots are counted in Florida and the election is so close the desire of the majority of the people depended on the accuracy of the Florida count. Thousands of the ballots were never counted, by hand or by machine. The counting machines for some unknown reason threw out these votes. This alone should have told the election officials that something was terribly wrong. There are too many ballots being kicked out by the counting machines. Florida has had the problem for a number of years and nothing was done about it or did anyone seem to care about this problem. Even though many states use the same voting machines, in my opinion the stations are crudely designed. The way the stations were designed it made it easy to manipulate the outcome of the elections. This was never addressed in the courts nor did anyone bring up the problem. What they did bring up was that the rubber in the stations had hardened and the chad from some of the voting stations had not been removed in 8 years.

          The way the stations were built made it easy for anyone, the voter, or one of the election officials to manipulate the outcome of the vote. The number of votes that were thrown out by the counting machines made me curious why these ballots were thrown out or miscounted by the counting machine. I have thought of a number of ways the stations could be altered to keep the chads form being removed from the ballot (punch card). The simples one is to squirt a little cement into the holes that the styles is inserted through and take the stylist to spread the cement between the sheets of rubber. A drop of super glue would bond the split in the rubber so when the stylist was inserted to remove the chad it would only put a dimple on the chad. A more sophisticated way would be to insert a sheet of .0010Ē shim stock with holes located in the same locations of the chads. If they wanted to prevent a vote from being cast, a hole in the shim stock would be omitted in that location. When the voters tried to register a vote on that particle slot only a dimpled chad (pregnant chad) would be registered on the ballot.

          Something could be inserted into the slot where the ballot is inserted so that the ballot would not align with the location of the chads. None of the chads would be removed or they may become a ďswinging doorĒ, a chad that is only partially removed. More than likely none of the above ballots would be counted and would be ejected by the counting machine. If these ballots were never looked at, how would anyone know that someone was altering the voting stations? It is obvious that for the past years everyone has thought that the world is made up of angles. With the deep-seated desire of POWER, MONEY, AND GREED anything and everything is possible. This election especially is no exception. From the money and ambitions of thousands, I would bet that in every precinct throughout the country, there was someone that manipulated or wanted to alter the election.

          If the Republicans were so sure that they had won the election fair and square, what was the reason that they fought the hand counting of the ballots that had been thrown out by the counting machine?

Every Republican that spoke on television kept saying that every ballot had been counted. The number of ballots was counted, but the votes on the ballots were not counted. Not only in Florida, but all across the country many ballots were thrown out by these machines for one reason or the other. Why werenít those ballots looked at?

If the number of ballots that were thrown out by the machine was more than the number of votes the candidate won by, these ballots should be counted by hand to see what was the intention of all of the voters. I believe that all ballots that are thrown out by the ballot counter should be examined. Particular when there are thousands of ballots rejected.

There was mishandling of the ballots in other counties by the Republican election officials. The lawyers for the Republican are saying that the election officials did not do anything improper. Shouldnít the rules of law apply in those cases?

The court battles are over. The Election 2000 is over. George W. Bush won the election without all of the questionable ballots in Florida being manually counted, and later on the ballots will be counted. If Al Gore gets more votes than George W., it will be a travesty. Our country is already the laughing stock of the world and what are the people in the third world thinking of DEMOCRACY. There is no Democracy in this country when a political party can buy an election.

          During Election 2000 everyone was expressing his or her opinions about every topic related to the campaign. They all are mentioning the ďAMERICAN PEOPLEĒ. Who are these American People? They must be referring to People that I donít know. You have seen them telling the world what the American People want, think, believe, like, dislike, and what they are going to do. I guess I am not included in this group of American People that they are talking about. None of their remarks reflect what I want, think, believe, like, dislike, and what I am going to do! Why donít they identify whom they are referring to?

          The poles and predictions were spread across the country. They swung from one end of the spectrum to the other. In many cases they all were wrong. Do we have to live with this type of crap for the rest of our life? We know that the Florida Sectary of State slammed the door shut on the Democrats. The Florida Supreme Court gave the contested counties an impossible task. Judge Sauls ordered all the ballots in question hauled to Tallahassee. This burned up the time for appeal and he ruled against the recount. The case went back to the Florida Supreme Court. They ruled that the recount should continue. Bushís lawyers appealed to the United Supreme Court. Five of the Justices slammed the door on Gore in record time.

In my opinion someone screwed around with the voting stations so if someone voted for Vice President Gore the chad would not be pushed out of the ballot. Since there is only one way a dimple or a pregnant chad could be made, something solid had to be behind the chad to prevent the chad from being pushed out. If enough pressure was induced to produce a dimple and the chad did not come off of the ballot something had to be holding the chad in place. The law of physics for every action there is a reaction. With the amount of pressure that it takes to produce a dimple, the chad should have popped off of the ballot.

          Another way to prevent the chads from being removed from the ballot is to shorten the styles. If the styles had been shorted enough so that when it was inserted into the hole it bottomed out before it penetrated the ballot, the styles would only dimple the ballot or there would be a mark at all. If I had the opportunity to examine a voting station, I am sure that I could come up with a dozen ways to prevent votes from being reregistered. There wasnít any comment made that the voting stations could have been tampered with, why?

          You have heard the Republican scream about the count, recount, and recount. The intent of the voter, the arguments are along party lines, the resident of Florida are the ones that should decide who they voted for, not the Republican or Democratic parties or the courts.

          The Republicans have done everything to stall and prevent the count of the undercounted ballots. Why? I think the Republican knew that if there were a count of the undercounted ballots Governor Bush would lose the elections. The Republicans have done everything possible to prevent the undercounted ballots from being counted. Again Why? Did they know that the ballots, the voting stations or by some other mean the election was compromised by over zealous partisan individuals? What has bothered me, with the fever of the partisan voters, they would do anything to prevent the opponentís votes from being counted. There are numerous ways to prevent the chads from being pushed out. The voting stations had not been serviced in the eight years they have been in service. The punched out chads had not been removed from the voting stations. The chads could have clogged up the voting stations and impeded the removal of the chads.

Have you ever used a hole-punch? They clog up frequently. The residue from the punching has to be removed periodically. 


All of the ballots are in.

They have been counted, recounted, partially recounted, and guessed at. The lawyers have argued, debated, insinuated, delayed, and stalled the counting of the ballots that were kicked out by the ballot counter. The politicians have accused, yelled, intimidate and lied along party lines. The judges have listened, questioned, demanded, decided and fallen asleep during the hearings. The talk show host and their guest have fanned the fire between the parties, shouted their opinions, and sounded like a bunch of egotistical maniacs. The voters are demanding a recount, donít want a recount, have been cheated of their vote, and protested the action of the legal system.

          Time is running out for a complete recount of the votes that have been kicked out by the counting machine. The Republicans have pulled every legal tactics to stop the recount. The Florida Supreme Court did not give the Democrats enough time to recount all the ballots. The Democratic were shafted by the Florida Secretary of State; the Circuit Courts shafted the Democrats; the Florida Supreme Court short change the Democrats; the Republican Partisan United States Supreme Court Shafted the Democrats, and then at the end United States Supreme Court ran over Al Gore with a steam roller.

          This was a delay tactics designed, and manufactured by the Republican Partisan Judicial system. The only thing Vice President Gore wanted was a fair shake; just count all of the votes.

          With the help of the partisan Judges the counting of all of the ballots were denied and by default George W. Bush stole the Presidency. I pray for us all. The devils have taken over. 

          George W. Bush has asked us to forgive and forget. I find it very difficult to do what he asked. He is the one that filed the suit in the United States Supreme Court. I believe the United State Supreme Court should never have interfered with the election in Florida. The count would have gone forward and we all would have known who won the election. When the ballots are counted and it is discovered that Al Gore won the election the Supreme Court will be known to have contributed to the thief of the Presidency. How will we look at our highest court? Will we think justice has been served? Will we respect the decisions of the court in the future? Will we look up or down on the highest court? I have lost all respect for the courts. They all are corrupted with the stain of political partisanship.

          The constitution should be changed so that all elections should be and are decided by the votes, not the States and not the Courts. The voterís votes should decide the outcome of the election. Every vote should be put under a microscope and a no-partisan committee should decide the intent of the voter. Too many votes were never counted across this country. There is always the threat of fraud and mishandling of the ballots.

          I am afraid from what I have seen over the last 10 years or so; I cannot believe you can change the partisan attitude of the Republicans. It would be like changing a tiger into a lamb. I will keep an open mind and my eyes open; only time will tell. God bless all of the poor souls in our country. The Republicans are now in POWER!

Jeb Bush, where was he?

          During the election 2000 Jeb Bush could not be found. Was he behind the scene controlling the action of the Florida Legislature, Secretary of State Katherine Harris and insuring that his brother robbed the 25 electoral votes? 

          After the Republicans appointed Justices in the United State Supreme Court gave George W. the Presidency Jeb came out of the underground and was going to reforms the voting system in Florida. Why in hell didnít he come out of hiding when they had the problem with the voting system? You know the answers as well as I do. He knew the problem that existed with the voting system in Florida. They had just as many undercounts in 1998 as they had in 2000 and they said that this was not unusual. I think this was very unusual. I do not believe that thousands of voters went to vote only for local candidates. If Jeb had the rights of the voters in mind he would have came out of hiding and demanded a recount. Especially if his brother George W. was only a few hundred votes from winning the 25 electoral votes, I am sure that Katherine Harris, Jeb, George Senior and Barbara Bush would be counting votes.

Florida Republican State Legislators:

          The Florida Republican Legislators were going to steal the 25 electoral votes from the people of Florida by holding a special session to elect another 25 electors that would have to swear to vote for George W. Bush regardless whether the voters wanted Al Gore or George W. What type of Legislators do they have in Florida? If the Legislators represent the honesty and character of the people in Florida, I wonder what I should expect of the local precinct supervisors? We saw what happened in some of the precincts.

The Florida Court Judges:

          Florida Judge Nikki Clark handled the Seminole County lawsuit, and Judge Terry Lewis the Martin County lawsuit, they both ruled against the Democrats to throw out 25000 absentee ballots. There were irregularities in the applications for absentee ballots requested; the judgesí felt that these irregularities did not reflect any irregularities in the ballots themselves.

Circuit Court Judge N. Sanders Sauls said in reading his ruling from the bench. ďIn this case, there is no credible statistical evidence that the results of the election would have been changed.Ē Judge Sauls said. ďIn conclusion, the court finds the plaintiffs have failed to carry the requisite burden of proof,Ē

 Sauls also said that differences in the standards used by elections officials in the counties where hand recounts were conducted could place Floridaís vote totals in ďlegal jeopardyĒ if they were included. Goreís team appeals the Florida Supreme Court.      

           Attorney Boies said, ďOur position from the beginning is consistent with Florida law, the ballots were the best evidence.Ē

 ďUnfortunately this ruling comes with the judge not having looked at a single one of those ballots. ... One of the points we will make on appeal is that ... in an election contest you canít resolve that contest without actually looking at the ballots.Ē 

ďThey won. We lost. Weíre appealing.Ē

As you know the U.S. Supreme Court sent the case back to the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gore and the recount started by was never finished. The United States Supreme ruled 5-4 to stopped counting of the ballots which gave George W. Bush the election

The rush for justice by the United States Supreme Court disillusioned me in the justice system of this country. I donít think the Supreme Court has ever made a decision on any case this quickly. How did they come up with a decision so quickly?

The right to have their vote counted!

          The Republicans were screaming that all of the Military votes should be counted regardless if their ballots meet all the requirements of the election laws. If the Republican insists that all the Military ballots be counter what about all the veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the Bosnia conflict. Also consider the citizens that have made this country the most powerful country in the world. Do not forget the Senior that canít see, hear, or has other physical impairments. This country is for all the citizens not just one group. Why should the Military be exempted from the rules and laws that everyone else in this country has to live up to?

The ballot counting machines:

          These machines have been around as far back as I can remember. They were the predecessors of the present day computers. Why did IBM sell the rights these voting machines? Newer equipment that is more efficient and a lot more accurate has been designed. Do you have an old printer or coping machine? Have you noticed that more than one sheet of paper has been ejected out of the machine? These machines will do the same thing more than one ballot can go through the counter at the same time and both ballots may be kicked out even if they both are good ballots. Have you mailed a letter to someone in your own hometown and when they received the letter there is a postmark from a city on the other side of the country? How did it get this postmark? A similar type of scanner reads the zip code or bar code on the letter. If another letter is behind the one that is scanned, both letters will go to the same area unless someone notices the error. 


What is a surplus?

Surplus: Being more than or in excess of what is needed or required:

George W. Bush says that our Country has a surplus. How can anyone say the United States has a SURPLUS when the National Debt is hanging over our heads? We are TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT. If you have a mortgage on your home, paying off the loan for a vehicle, and your five credit cards that have reached their limits, then your boss gives a $5.00 a week raise. Pop goes out and buys an extra 6 pack of beer. You donít have a SURPLUS and neither does our country have a SURPLUS. This is the financial situation our country is in today. With the grace of God and a few frugal individuals maybe our children will be out of debt.

Until you have paid off all of your debts, meet all of your daily expenses, if anything is left over then you have a SURPLUS. I donít want anyone like George W. Bush and his advisers managing my finances.

George W. Bush plan for Social Security:

          Where in hell have you been George? Have you been hiding out in your ivory tower? Climb off of your pedestal and mingle a while with 95% of the people that are citizens of the country that you want to lead. Who in hell came up with your Social Security plan? Donít you know that 95% of the citizens donít have the money to invest in the stock market or any other bright-eyed scheme you have? They canít pay off their credit cards much less have money to invest. The 95% donít make enough money to invest and they spend every cent they get their hands on. If you let these people manage the few buck that the government is going to give them. In the next 30 or 40 years this country will have 95% of the retires still trying to make ends meet or be on welfare. Thank God there are a few of us that know the facts of life as it really is.

70 1/2 Mandatory distributions of IRAís:

          If the government is considering changing or manipulating our retirement accounts. If they really want to do something for the seniors, they should eliminate the 70 1/2 mandatory distributions of our IRA accounts. When one gets to this age the unexpected always happens. This is the time when the Seniors need the money to pay for the enormous medical bills. It isnít cheap to stay alive. George W. if you want to give us a tax break, this is one you should consider.

Bush wants to let the young manage their Social Security:

George W. Bush plans to let young people invest and manage part of their social security. The majority of the young families in their 30s and 40s need every cent that they can get their hands on. I am afraid that very little of the money will ever get into a retirement plan. At the rate of inflation, the cost of living, and the uncertainty of the stock market when they get ready to retire they will not be able to. They will not have enough funds to carry them through their retirement years. They will have to continue to work for the rest of their life.

With hopes the government will never implement this type of scam. Most of the people in this country spend every cent they can get their fingers on. The young think they are always going to be young and continue to be in good health. They are going to have big surprises when they reach their fifties and sixties. I am not going to go into the details of what happens when you get to that age, it is bad enough just thinking about it.

I have put in MY TWO CENTS, I think I said enough:

I am sorry if I offend anyone. I am not a lawyer, nor do I know what is considered a deformation of character. I am expressing my God given feelings and my right to express them. There are millions in this country that feel the same as I do.  Under the constitution, it gives me the right of freedom of speech. I believe I have a right to express my opinion as well as anyone else.

My S...T List

There are a number of people in this country that I categorically dislike. The sight of their faces on TV makes me sick. They sound of their voices gives me the same feeling as squeaking chalk on a blackboard. I cannot understand how these individual can process so much HATRED in their souls. They must have extremely troubled minds. Who know what lurks in their feeble brains. I pray for them for they know not what they do!



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I hope you have enjoyed reading "My Two Cents"  Good Luck and God Bless everyone on this planet we call earth.

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William W. Wynne

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