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 My Demise

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My Demise

By Willy

And you think you have problems! Eighteen months ago, I was happily married; I thought that my wife and I would be together for the rest of our lives. With the money that I inherited from my parent’s estate, I made the last payment on my home and the balance of my credit card was down to $0.00.Financially, I did not have any problems. A couple of months ago, I thought that I could spend a couple of thousand on an engagement ring for my wife.  I had not given her an engagement ring when we were married last year. We got married a week after I met her. I did not have a chance to look for an engagement ring. I took my wife out to celebrate and surprised her with the ring. The total cost for the evening and the ring was almost three thousand dollars. The following week, I lost my job. The company that I was working for went belly up. None of the employees knew that the company was in trouble. The company stole my retirement fund that I had been putting money into for the last fifteen years. I had invested heavily in the company. My retirement nest egg was valued at more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That was not the end of it. I had built up of a month of vacation time so I could take my wife on a long cruise. They stole that also. Now I have so damn many financial problems I don’t know what I am going to do. I still owe twenty-one thousand on the new car that my wife said that she had to have. I owe almost six thousand on my credit card and it is growing.

Since I lost my job 2 months ago, I have been out looking for a job every day. My wife has been kicking me out the house 5 days a week to look for a job. I think she is looking in the yellow pages. She closes her eyes, flips the pages and then she puts her finger on the page. She pick the one her finger is on and adds it her list. She does this twenty times. I don’t think there is any rime or reason in her choices. The unemployment office said that if I don’t get a job soon, they were going to cut off my unemployment insurance. My darling wife has been giving me more hell than the unemployment office. For the last eighteen months that we have been married. She has found someway to spend every cent that I made and more. My credit card is almost at its maximum. I only have a few thousand in my checking account and the taxes and insurance will be due soon. If things keep going the way they are, this is going to be my demise.

          Where in hell am I going to get the money to live on and pay off my debts? My wife does not work. She hasn’t tried to get a job since we were married. I don’t have enough money to support my wife and me; I will have to sell my home. I paid six hundred thousand for my home. The value of my home has dropped almost three hundred thousand in value. It is the same house that I bought 10 years ago and it is in better condition than it was the day I bought it. What in hell has happened to the housing market? With the job market the way it is, I have no other choice. I have to do something drastic to stay alive. I applied for a part time job last week as a janitor. When I got to the company, there were at least a hundred people applying for the job. If I find a job, it will be a miracle.  No one is hiring.

The big surprise:

          As usual, today my wife gave me a list of 20 prospects. Bye lunch I had 16 rejections. I was so damn depressed, that I wanted to kill myself. I have never been this depressed in my life. Lately, everything that I do seems to fall apart. Today, I could not take another rejection. I was ready to stick my fist down the throat of the next person that turned me down. I still had four places on my list that my wife gave me this morning. I was so pissed that I headed home, to hell with it.  When I got home the garbage cans were blocking my driveway. I parked my car on the street, threw my list of possible employers into the garbage can. Usually my wife puts the garbage cans on the side yard. Not thinking about my car parked on the street. I opened the side door to the garage. I see a beautiful BMW parked inside my garage. A flash of anger swept through my body. This was the straw that broke the camels back. I had never blasted my wife about anything. This was too much. Doesn’t she know that we can not afford another car? Damn her, she is the one that has been complaining about everything since I lost my job. She hasn’t worked a day since we were married. She knows how deeply we are in debt. For a moment, I was ready to give her hell for buying the car. That feeling ended rapidly. A fit of rage shot through my body. I could not believe what I was thinking. I saw a man’s hat sitting on the dashboard. I had never felt like this before in my life. I felt like I was in a vacuum and everything in my body had vaporized. My mind went in a thousand different directions. She would never do this to me. We have had a few spats since we were married. Never in my life have I thought that my wife would cheat on me. Memories of coming home from work and finding our bed messed up worse than I left it this morning, shot through my mind. Thoughts of my wife wearing a bath robe with nothing on under it and her hair being messed up kindled the fiery rage that was building within me. I did my best not to believe what I was thinking. I kept telling myself, stop thinking that way. I eased into the laundry. I heard voices, but I could not make out what they were saying. It sounded more like groans and moans. The rage within me sent another shock wave through my body. I started to dash through my home. Something inside of me stopped me before I could take another step. I wanted to kill my wife and the person that she was with. If I killed them, I could not live with myself even if I got away with it. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I crept through my home to the bedroom. The moans became louder. I was about to explode. I stopped and told myself to cool it. It took all of my strength to cool down enough to control the fire that was burning inside of me. With the moaning and rattling of the bed it took all of my will power to stay cool. I started to turn around and leave. If I went into the room, I would kill them. I did not want to see what was going on. Quietly, I shouted to myself COOL IT, you will surely kill them if you walk in there now. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. The bedroom door was open. I did not know what to expect and what I would do. I stepped into the bedroom. It was like watching an X rated movie. I almost let out a chuckle. They were so busy that they did not hear or see me walk in. I sat down on the couch and watched. I saw my digital camera on the dresser. I picked it up and started to film them. I watched them on the small screen of my digital camera. They had their eyes closed. They were so engrossed in what they were doing; I don’t think anything would have stopped them. They were at it for quite a while. They finally climaxed together. He rises up off of my wife as if to roll off of her. I quickly slipped the camera into my jacket pocket. My wife opened her eyes and saw me. She slams her fist into the man’s face. He gently slaps her and said, “Sweetheart, why did you hit me? I think you broke my nose.”

          Without saying a word, my dear wife points at me. The guy turns his head and looks over at me. All hell broke loose. I had never seen anyone so frightened. His reactions were comical, I almost laughed. He moved so fast that he steps on my wife trying to get out of the bed and falls to the floor on his back. I stood up and looked at him. He must have though that I was going to attack him. He crawls rapidly backwards and rams his head into the corner of my dresser.

          My dear wife had not taken her eyes off of me nor did she move. With hate and anger across her face she yells, “Get out of here.”

          Her lover screamed, “I am trying to get out of here. I cracked my skull on the damn dresser.”

          My wife screams back at her lover and said. “Damn it, I was not talking to you. I was talking to my husband, the bastard that is standing there staring at us. ”

          I did not say a word. He jump up and reaches for his pants. He headed for the door. I wanted to know who he was. I quickly blocked the door. I pulled his pants out of his hands and reached into the pocket for his wallet. I felt his car keys. I started to give him the keys. He tried to pull his pants out of my hand. I said, “I will give you the keys to your car, but not your pants. Get the hell out of here.”

          He yells, “I can’t go outside like this.”

          I shouted back, “If you don’t get the hell out of here now, I am going to call the police.”

          Reluctantly he grabs the keys from my hand and runs into the garage. I could hear the garage door opening. The tires on the car screamed. Within seconds, I could no longer hear his car. I looked back at my wife. I shook my head and said, “Why in hell did you do this to me.”

          She screams, “He was raping me. Didn’t you see me fight back?”

          I laughed and said, “You lying bitch. How long do you think I have been sitting here?”

          She yells, “Why didn’t you pull him off of me.”

          “Sweetheart, you were enjoying yourself. You looked like you were enjoying him as much as he was enjoying you. I saw you hugging and kissing him. You have not made love to me like that since before we were married. I did not have the honor of taking your virginity from you. You are the one that dragged me into your apartment the evening we met. Your demeanor changed shortly after our wedding night. I did not question you about it. I felt that it was just another boring evening, and that is what marriage is like. Now, let’s get back to the subject. Who in hell is that bastard?”

          Annette looked away and said, “He is my attorney. I want a divorce. Why did you have to come home so early? You have ruined everything.”

          I could not believe what she said. She is blaming me for coming home when I did. Ignoring why I came home early, I asked, “Are you paying him off before he files for the divorce.”

          Annette screams back, “Hell no, we are getting married after the divorce. Do you think that I am a whore?”

          I laughed and said, “Do you really want me to answer that? I know what you are. How long has this been going on? Are you pregnant?”

          “Hell no, I am not pregnant and I don’t want any kids. It would ruin my life.”

          I could not believe how calm I was. I did not want to hear another word from her. As I walked out of the bedroom, I told Annette that I was going to call the police and tell them that my wife just got raped. Stark naked and screaming Annette follows me into to the hall. “Don’t you dare call the police? I will tell them that you forced yourself on me.”

          “They will not believe you. They will take sample of the semen from you. They will know that you are lying.” 

          Annette was starting to get to me. I calmly turned around and said, “Annette, get your thinks, I am not going to sleep in the same house with you. I will call a cab for you.”

          Pathetically, Annette said “Jerry darling, I don’t know where he lives; I can’t pay for the cab with my credit card.”

          I chucked and said, “Annette, I don’t want to hear any more excuses. I will give you twenty dollars for the cab.”

          With a huff she turns around and heads for the bedroom. I heard the shower being turned on. I turned around and yelled, “Turn off the shower. I want you out of the house in fifteen minutes.”

          I walked into the bath room. If looks could kill, I was dead a dozen times. I turned off the shower, pulled her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I told her to put on some clothes. I went out to the garage and took a couple of large suit cases and carried them back into the bedroom with me. I dropped them in the center of the bedroom and repeated that I wanted her out of the house in fifteen minutes. I looked at my watch. If was ten minutes after One. My mouth was dry. Emotionally I was drained. It took all of my strength to walk into the kitchen. I grabbed a beer from the refrigerator. There was at least a six pack in there this morning. Some of the cold cut that I was going to have for lunch was gone. They must have had a party. I plopped down at the dinner table. The truth of what had been going on started to soak in. I could not pay off my credit card with the cash that I had. I have to sell my home so that I can afford to live. I have no other choice. The debt that I have accumulating since I was laid off is rising. How much is it going to cost me for the divorce?

          I opened Annette lover’s wallet. It was stuff with hundred dollar bills. I was tempted to take the money. I made copies of his driver’s license, credit cards, and all the other documents that were in his wallet. Her lover’s name was Peter Parker. I had seen that name in the newspapers. I could not remember why his name was in the paper. When I returned his documents to his wallet it took all of my strength not to take his money.  Why not, he drank my beer and ate my food. When I put my empty bottle in the recyclables, there were the other empty beer bottles and an empty bottle of wine. Annette never entertained me like this. This turned up the fire that was still burning inside of me. Revenge, revenge and more revenge flooded my body. But, there was a weak spot within me. I had been living with and loving Annette for 18 months. Maybe I should forgive her. What had I done wrong? Did I drive her into the arms of another man? I should not kick her out of the house.

 Annette never looked for a job or made a cent since we were married. She always had enough money to spend on herself. Oh yes, she had my credit card and my check book. She was always able to go to the beauty parlor, and shop for things that she wanted. She wanted a maid to come every day. I limited that to three times a week. Yet, I never questioned her about money. I just thought that this is what marriage was all about. Take good care of your bride. I looked at my watch. Annette had two minutes more to get out of the house. Inside of me, I wanted to let her stay with hopes that we could stay together or part on a more peaceful manner. I forced myself out of the chair and headed for the bedroom. I saw her dragging the two large suitcases down the hall. I offered to help her. In a fit of anger, she refused my help. That ended my hopes of a more peaceful separation. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and scrolled down the list to taxi. I pushed taxi and told the operator where we were.  After a short pause, she said that the cab would be there shortly. I wanted to have a few moments to talk to Annette while we were waiting for the cab. No such luck, the cab must have been in the neighborhood, he was parked out front by the time Annette reached the front door. I gave Annette her lover’s wallet and showed her the hundred dollar bills and said, “I think there is enough money in the wallet to get you out of the country.”

           She grabbed the wallet out of my hand and said, “Go to hell.”

          I said to her, “That where you are going. I was going to keep the money. I could not bring myself to do it. Make sure you give Peter his wallet and the money.”

          Annette said, "That bastard owes me more money than what is in the wallet.  I'm not going to give him a damn cent.”

          I almost laughed. I asked Annette again if she would like for me to help, she gave me a look that I will never forget.  I have never seen her as angry and furious as the look she gave me. Maybe she has been bottling it up for the last 18 months. Maybe it was my fault. We don’t always see the mistakes that we make or see ourselves as other see us. I have always though that I had bent over backward just to please her. No matter what I did was never enough to please her. I took a deep breath and watched her drag the suitcases down the step. She will be pissed again when she see the scratch on the new suitcases. She will blame it on me.

 The cab driver saw her struggling and hurried up to the house to help her. Annette said something to him. Before he turned and headed for his cab, he looked back at the house and saw me at the front door. He gave me an angry look. I knew what he was thinking, why didn’t I help her? As he carried the suitcases to the cab he looks back at me a couple of times with that same angry look on his face. I was wondering what Annette had told him. I watch the cab pull away. Annette gave me the finger. A feeling of laughter came across me. I had never seen this side of Annette.                                                                                                                                                  Home alone:

I turned around and looked at the empty living room. A feeling of emptiness flowed through my body. The reality of what was ahead started to sink in. All the things that I had worked for were going to be taken away from me. The house wasn’t worth what I paid for it and it still isn’t worth the market value.  Annette wasn’t working when we got married and she has not worked a day since we were married.  She has spent almost every cent that I made. When we were married, her total wardrobe would not have filled a quarter of one of the suitcases.  She must have spent a fortune on cloths and jewelry. I melted into my recliner and turned on the TV. I scanned the channels. There was nothing on TV that would take my mind off of my problems. I roamed my empty home. When I walked into the bedroom and saw the rumpled bed, emotionally I exploded.

Memories of our marriage came alive. The pleasant though of our marriage were steam rolled over by reality. Seeing Annette making love to a stranger tore me apart. The rage that was in me started to build up again. I wanted to kill both of them and myself. My whole body was ready to boil. My inner self yelled out to me, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you don’t take control of yourself, Annette is going to rob you blind. Maybe she has already ripped you off.”

With this thought in mind, I went into our small office and turned on the computer. I took the bank statement out of the file cabinet. I noticed that she did not deposit my paychecks each month. She deposited cash. The amount that she deposited was a thousand dollars less than my paychecks. There was no indication that she deposited any of my pay checks. She always deposited cash. She never paid cash for anything. She always used our credit card. What has she done with the money? I thumbed through the files in the cabinet with hopes of finding an answer. I saw a file laying flat under the other files. I released the lever behind the files and pushed the files back far enough to remove the folder lying under all the other files. The file wasn’t labeled like the other folders. In the folder were bank statements from another bank. That damn bitch, she deposited my checks in another bank. She deposited a thousand dollars and took the remained of my paycheck and depositing it into our joint checking account. Nothing went into our saving account. The last time I looked at the saving account, it had over five thousand in it. I found the saving account booklet. That little thief, she has been dipping into the saving account since we were married. There wasn’t a cent in the account. I picked up the phone and called my bank. I knew the manager personally. I told him to close our joint accounts and do not cash any more checks. I told him that I would be down shortly, but stop payment now. I said that someone has been fooling around with our account.

At the bottom of the folder was a check book. None of the checks had been used. According to the latest statement, seventeen thousand dollars had been deposited in the account. That bitch has been steeling part of my pay check every month since we were married.  I wrote a check and did not put the amount on it. I made the check payable to me and signed Annette name. I looked at my watch. I had over an hour before the banks would close. Surprisingly, I had very little trouble cashing the check. I filled in the balance of the account. It was $17,312.72. I asked them to give me a casher’s check. I told the clerk that we were buying a car and needed the cash. With Annette nest egg in my pocket, I took off for the bank that held our joint accounts. As soon as I walked into the bank, the manager came over to me and wanted to know why I was closing the account. I repeated what I told him before and said that Annette had lost a check book and we were afraid that someone would try to cash one of the checks, if not more. I wrote a check for the few thousand that was in the joint checking account and asked them to give me the money in cash, which they did. I also closed the saving account even though there wasn’t anything in the account. The bank manager tried to get me to open up another account in his bank. I told him that if someone tried to cash a check it just might go through and they would lose the money. We do not know how much the check would be written for. It seamed to satisfy him when I told him that the bank would lose the money, not me.

I stopped at Mac Donald’s for a quick snack and a cup of coffee. I had almost dug myself out of the emotional hole that I was in. I was all fired up to fight to the end. Frequently, I slipped back a few notches. I tried to convince myself that it was a normal reaction. I had mixed feelings about spending the night in my home. I did not know what Annette and Peter Parker would do. The way that Annette looked at me, she may kill me or have someone else do it for her. The thought of sleeping in the same bed that they made love in made me more eager to sell the damn house and never go back there. I did not have the desire to sleep in the bed that they were making love in; I would never be able to fall asleep. I could have stayed there and slept in the guest room. But, I did not trust Annette or her lover. Knowing that Annette left the house without the money that she had stashed away, she would come back to get it. I was afraid to sleep in my own home.

Another surprise in my life:

 I went out on the interstate and took a room in a cheep motel. As I was entering the room a young prostitute came up to me.  She told me that she did not have any money for a room and would I let her spend the night with me. She said that she would sleep on the floor.  She said that she was afraid to sleep outside at night. I have not had sex with another woman since I married Annette. I asked the young lady what her name was. She said, “Just call me Patty. What is your name?”

I told her that my name was Jerry. I looked around to see if anyone had come with her.  I did not see anyone. I was still a little apprehensive.  I did not know if Annette or her lover had someone following me.  I invited Patty in. She reaches up, gives me a kiss and thanks me for letting her stay with me for the night. I hadn’t agreed to let her stay. I wanted to feel her out. Why did I get so lucky? She was a beautiful young girl. Parker and Annette must be behind this. They will probably bust in on me in the middle of the night taking pictures of us.

But, somehow, I believed the young girl. The appreciation and affection that I saw in her face was not phony. I truly believed her. I had a weak spot in my sole, I felt sorry for the homeless.

Patty was a very beautiful young lady, but her cloths were a disaster. They were filthy. She again told me that she was afraid to be alone outside at night. There were always some creeps roaming the streets. She told me that she was looking for a job and had run out of money. With the look on her face and the way the words came out of her mouth, it hit a weak spot in me. I truly believe her. Her eyes glistened a little when I invited her to stay. A tear started to roll down my cheek. I knew how it felt to be out of work and with no money coming in. As I looked at her, I though that if I don’t get a job soon, I would be looking for a place to stay.

I shook my head and said, “I lost my job about two month ago and I am still looking. If I don’t find something soon, I will be in the same predicament that you are in.”

I felt sorry for her and again told her that she could stay. Looking at the rags that she was wearing, I asked, “Don’t you have some more cloths?”

          Patty nodded her head and said, “I have a few things. I hid them outside.”

          She opened the door and said, “My bag is hidden over there in the bushes. I will go get it.”

          I said, “Tell me where they are and I will go get it for you.”

          Patty said, “It’s a larger black garbage bag with a small suitcase inside it. I felt that someone would take the suitcase, but not a garbage bag. It also keeps the suitcase dry. I am soaking wet from the rain we had this afternoon. I can’t wait until I get these wet cloths off of me.”

          I smiles and said, “You go get those wet cloths off of you and take a warm shower. I will find your garbage bag. Oh, don’t lock me out of my room. Please leave the door unlocked.”

          It only took a few minutes to find the garbage bag with the suitcase. At first I though it was a booby trap and it was set to go off when I picked it up. What the hell, I wanted to kill myself before. If it goes off, I hope it kills me.  I don't want to be an invalid for the rest of my life. I lifted the bag. Thank God it did not go off. When I got back to my room, the door was locked. For a moment, I wanted to kill the bitch. She conned me out of my room. Within seconds, the door pops open. Patty was standing there dripping wet with a towel wrapped around her. She apologized and said, “The door must have shut by itself. I heard you trying to open the door. I am so sorry.”

          “There is no need to apologize. I should have known. Most of the door in motels automatically shut and lock when you let them loose. Go finish your shower. I am going to watch TV.”

          I was so damn tired that I fell asleep in the chair. Patty said, “The shower is yours.”

          Her voice woke me up. For a moment I though that it was Annette and I laughed. Patty with a sad look on her face asked. “Do I really look that bad?”

          “No Patty. You are a beautiful young lady. I was asleep. When I looked at you, for a moment I thought that you were someone else. I was laughing at myself.”

          I asked Patty if she would like to go someplace and have dinner. She looked at me sadly and said, “I don’t have enough money to buy something even at Mc Donald’s.”

          I interrupted her and said, “The dinner is on me.”

          Patty grabbed her garbage bag and hurried back into the bathroom. When she returned, she was ravishing. I could not believe how beautiful she was. I slipped my shoes on and we headed for the door. I opened the door for her and motioned for her to go ahead. She walks over to the passenger side of my car and tested the car door to see if it would open. She waited for me to unlock the door. I walked to the passenger side and pressed the button on my remote and opened the door. I opened the door and waited until she was seated before I closed the door. She never took her eyes off of me.  I felt a little self conscious.  When I got into the drivers seat, Patty pulled me over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “This is the first time in my life that a man has open a car door for me and helped me into a car. Thank you so very much.”

          Patty’s eyes started to glisten. A tear or two rolled down my cheeks. That moment was so precious that I wanted to take her into my arms. This small moment of my life gave me the most wonderful feeling. I have never felt like this in my life. I could not hold myself back. I leaned over and kissed Patty on the cheek. She reaches for my neck and pulled me over. With the tears in her eyes and the way she kissed me made my life worth living. To hell with Annette, during the few weeks we were together before our marriage and since, she never showed the feeling and thanks that Patty has shown me in the last hour.

          At first, I thought that Patty was a prostitute, and then I thought that Peter Parker and Annette had set me up. Now, I fell like I am falling in love with a complete stranger. It was a wonderful feeling. I felt live again; I haven’t felt this good about myself in months.

          I pulled into the parking lot of a small diner down the road. I said to Patty, “Is this place OK or would you like to go somewhere else?”

           Patty smiled at me and said, “My stomach is driving me crazy from the lack of food. Just the smell of food makes it feel better.”

           I opened the door and Patty was already waiting for me in front of the car. The poor think must be starving. I wonder how many other Patties in this world that are starving. It felt as if Patty was trying to get me to hurry. She could not wait for another minute. I started to help Patty into a booth. With a look of desperation she said, “We will be waited on sooner if we eat at the counter.”

          I did not argue with her. She was seated at the counter before I turned around.  She was ordering her dinner before I could sit down. I felt sorry for Patty. The poor thing looked as if the dinner would never come. Finally Patty’s dinner was served; she started to gulp the food down. I put my arm around her and whispered, “I don’t want to insult you. The food will taste much better if you eat it slowly and you will enjoy it more.”

          Patty smiled at me and said, “You don’t know how hunger I am. I fell that if I don’t eat it quickly, I would die. I knew that I was eating like a pig. I could not help myself. I haven’t had much of anything to eat for three days.”  

            When the waiter came with my dinner, he asked Patty if she wanted seconds and said that it was on him. Patty looks over at me for my approval. I smiled and said, “You can have a much as you want. The waiter said that seconds were free.”

          Patty could not say anything. He mouth was full. She nodded her head.

          As I ate my dinner and watched Patty, I remembered what I had thought before. If I don’t find a job soon, I will be in the same boat as Patty; we both will be out on the streets looking for food. What is going to happen to Patty tomorrow? Is she going to leave me or is she going to tag along with me. Knowing her predicament, I could not dump her off along the interstate. I could not dump a stray dog or cat; I certainly could not dump another human being. What the hell, I will take her with me. I would only have to pay for her meals. Before I can make any decisions, I will have to wait and see what she wants to do. Where did she come from? Was she running away from another life of misery and this one is just as bad. I had fallen for Patty, I wasn’t sure if I had fallen in love with her or I just felt sorry for her. I could see that the waiter also felt sorry for her. He must have seen many more just like Patty. I was wondering if he thought that I was taking advantage of a starving young girl. When I asked for the check, the waiter said that the dinner was on him. When we started to leave the waiter reaches under the counter and hands Patty a bag of food. Patty thanks him and leaned over the counter and gave the waiter a kiss on the cheek. She said, “I will always remember you.”

          On the way back to the motel Patty falls asleep. I had to wake her. I did not want to leave her in the car all night. I helped Patty out of the car and into the motel room. I took her over to the bed. She sits down, kicks off her shoes and pulls the cover over her. I sat down in front of the TV and muted the sound. The poor thing was exhausted. She must not have slept for days. I dosed off watching a soap opera.  When Mother Nature woke me up to go to the bath room, I notice that Patty had gotten up and taken off her dress. I went into the bath room to relieve myself. I took a quick shower and put my under ware on. I eased around to the far side of the bed and crawled in trying not to wake Patty. Once I had the covers over me I felt a warm hand under my undershirt.  Patty stroked my back and ran her hand over my body onto my chest. She pulls her body tightly against mine. She kisses me on my neck and said, “I don’t know how I can pay you back for what you are doing for me. I feel that I am indebted to you for taking me out to dinner and letting me spend the night with you. I have had boy friends and I am not a virgin. Deeply, I feel that I have to repay you for your kindness. If you want me, you can have me. I rolled over and pulled Patty tightly against me. I stroked her silky hair. I pressed my lips tightly against hers. She kissed me back. I said to Patty, “Nothing else in this world would give me more pleasure. I want very much to make love to you. I don’t want you to feel that you are indebted to me for anything that I have done for you. The waiter gave us the dinner. I had to pay the same price for a night in the motel whether there is one or two sleeping here. You do not owe me anything. Let’s enjoy the warmth of our bodies and call it even. You don’t know anything about me and I don’t know anything about you. I don’t want you to give yourself to me for letting you sleep here in the motel with me. I would feel that I had taken advantage of you; I could not live with myself. Let’s get to know each other before we do something that we both will regret. Patty hugged me tightly and said, “I have fallen in love with a stranger. I have never felt this way about anyone else in my life. I don’t want to lose you. If you have another life and you want to leave me tomorrow, I will understand. I have no other life than the one I am in now.”

          I asked, “What are your plans for tomorrow?”

          I could feel Patty tears dripping down onto my chest. She sniffled and said, “I will be doing the same things that I did before I met you. I will be wondering the streets and begging for money or food and looking for a dry warm place to sleep. I have no family or close friends. Like all the other poor soles out there, I don’t have a job. I have searched throughout the state with no success. The job markets in the other states are as bad if not worse than they are here. The only way that I can get from one place to another is to hitch hike. I have hitched hiked all over this state and the neighboring states. All the men drivers want something for the ride.  I have not given in to any of them. Since I did not give in to them for the ride, some of them would drop me off miles from any civilization. I had to walk miles before I came to another town. I became so afraid of catching a ride that I would hide when I saw a car or truck coming. I eventually I end up here.” 

          I asked, “Why didn’t you go to a homeless shelter?”

          “I have been to the shelters. It was worst than living on the streets. Being homeless and owning nothing but the clothes that you wear. Some of them would beat the hell out of you just for a trinket that you are wearing. Then they would sell it for a beer or a package of cigarettes.  When I would leave the homeless shelters, someone would follow me until I lost them. I would go into a shop and tell one of the employees that someone was following me and would they let me go out the back door. I went to the homeless shelter here. A few times when I left the shelter, men would follow me. I could not shake them until I went into the mall. They followed me in. I lost them by stepping into a fitting rooms or bathrooms. Thankful, when I came out they were gone. I was lucky enough to shake them. That is one of the reasons that I hate to be outside at night.  It is a very cruel world out there especially when you don’t have anything. I want so much to find a place where I won’t be afraid to sleep. I haven’t had a good night's sleep in over a year; the slightest bit of noise will wake me up. Some night I would not be able to go to sleep. I would fall asleep on the streets and a cop would come around, wake me up and tell me to get moving.”

          I whispered, “Speaking of sleep. Why don’t we continue this conversation tomorrow? We both need our rest. Good night.”

          Patty asked, “Do you mind if I cuddle up to you?  Being next to you makes me feel more secure.”

          “Patty, just having you close to me gives me a wonderful feeling. You can cuddle up to me all night if you wish.”

          Patty pulled her body tightly against my body. I enjoyed her affection as much as she enjoyed mine. Patty was in a deep sleep within seconds. I was enjoying her affection so much that I could not fall asleep. Fortunately, finally I did go to sleep.

          When I woke up, I heard the water running in the bath room. Mother Nature was calling again. I had hopes that Patty would be finished soon. No such luck, she was in the shower for thirty minutes. As soon as she opened the bath room door, I excused myself, slid past her into the bathroom and shut the door. Oh, what a relief. I washed my hands, combed my hair, but I could not brush my teeth. Patty had left her tooth past on the counter. I squeezed a little out and used my finger. When I eased out of the bathroom, Patty was sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked up at me and smiled. She stood up and put her arms around me and said, “I am sorry, I thought that you were still sleeping. You should have knocked on the door. I would have let you in. It has been a long time since I have had a warm bath. I was enjoying the shower. I don’t know when I will get another warm bath.”

          I pulled away from Patty. If I didn’t, I could not have held back my urges. She only had a towel wrapped around her. I grabbed my pants and turned around to hide my embarrassment. It did not help even with my pants on. Sill facing away from Patty, I put on my shirt. I pick up my jacket and held it in front of me. Patty came over to me and puts her hands on my cheeks and said, “I sorry if I excited you. Please don’t be embarrassed. I feel the same way you do. Not to change the subject, I would like to continue our discussion that we were having last night. I think it is best for you to continue your life and I will continue mine. I will be a burden to you.”

          I pulled Patty tightly against my body and said, “Let’s not close the door on our lives. Let get to know each other before we make a decision. You can stay with me as long as you wish. You can leave whenever you want. Personally, I don’t want to walk away from you. I would die worrying about you. I have a home where we can live while we try to put our lives back together. You can have as many warm showers as you wish. Please go home with me. “

          With tears in her eyes, Patty stood on her toe and pulled me down and said, “I want so much to make our friendship last. We have known each other for less than a day. Don’t be ashamed about leaving me. I will not hate you if you decide to leave me. Being with you these few short hours has made me into a new person. I wanted to call it quits. I was at the end of my rope.  When I was walking into the city and saw the building in the distance; I did not want to go through the same hell that I went through in the other cities. I saw a large truck heading for me. It would be so easy to end my life. All I had to do was jump in from of the truck just before it reached me. The truck wasn’t to far down the road and the truck was going quite fast. Time and the truck seamed to stop or slow down. A voice within me said to me, don’t be a fool. Think positive. Life will be better tomorrow. I promise you. Suddenly, time accelerated.  The truck flew by before I had a chance to think.  Fortunately, I am still alive and I am glad I had the courage to walk up to you and ask you to let me stay with you. I had seen a number of single men entering their rooms before I asked you. I felt that I could not trust any of them. Within me, I knew that you would not harm me. I am very happy that I asked you.”

          I pulled Patty tightly against my body. My embarrassment had subsided. Tears leaked from my eyes. Patty laid her head on my chest. We stood there for a few moments without saying a word. I put my hand under Patty chin and lifted it. I said, “Less get the hell out of here. I am going to take you home with me.”

          With tears in her eyes Patty grabbed her black garbage bag and her suitcase. I smiled and said, “You will not need the garbage bag. I promise you that you will never need a garbage bag to carry you things in again.”

          On the way home we did not question each other about our past. I could since that Patty wanted to know about me. I simply said to her that I am married and my wife wants a divorce.

          When I pulled into the driveway Patty said, “You have a beautiful home. If I can find a job, I will pay you for letting me stay here. I would love to live here with you.”

Another big surprise:

          I pulled into the garage; there was the usual display of boxes with junk that I could not part with. The laundry room and the kitchen were not disturbed, but the rest of the house looked like a cyclone had hit it. I did not say a word. Patty let out a gasp and with a subdued scream said, "What in the hell happened.”

          I chuckled and said, “I think my darling wife has been looking for something and she could not find it.”

          Patty and I surveyed the rooms. Every thing in the house had been empted onto the floor. Every closet including the one in our office was ransacked. The file cabinet where we kept our accounts was empted. I picked up the phone and dialed 911. I gave the operator my street address, and told her to send a policeman to my home. I had been robbed.

          Patty and I went out on the front porch and waited for the police. Within a few minutes a police car pulled into the driveway. I got up and introduced myself. He said his name was Tom Harris. I told Patty to wait on the porch. I walked inside with Tom. When he saw the mess, he said that it looked like someone deliberately trashed your house. He asked me if I had any idea who would have done this. I gave Tom my wife’s maiden name, Annette Stockwood and gave him the address of her attorney, Peter Parker. Tom said, “Why would  she do this to you?”

          “She has a new boy friend and she wants me to give her a divorce.”

          Tom said, “Why didn’t you give her a divorce? This would have never happened.”

           I chucked, “If I had know that she wanted a divorce, I would have given her a divorce. I came home early yesterday afternoon and found her and her lover. They were doing it in our bed. I chased him out and told her to go with him. She was really pissed off when she left.”

          Tom asked, “Who is the young lady out on the porch?”

          I lied, “She is an old friend and I was in a terrible mood. She had warned me that Annette was a little wild. I didn’t think too much about it until yesterday when I caught my wife entertaining her lover in our bed.”

          The office chucked, and I continued, “She gave me holy hell for coming home early. I got laid off a few months ago. I had been looking for work. I have had so many rejections, I was emotionally exhausted. I could not stand another rejection. I had four more interviews on my list and I could not take any more rejections. So, once in my life time, I came home early and I get hell for it.”

          Tom asked, “How long has she known her friend?”

          “I have no idea. If I did not come home early yesterday, I still would not have known. After I caught her cheating yesterday, little things started to add up. I think she has been seeing other men since we were married. She must not have given a damn about me. She just wanted someone to support her until she found someone with more money than I had.”

          Tom said, “Please don’t stay here for a few days. Leave every thing just as you found it. I will have some men over here dusting for finger prints. We have other burglaries in the neighborhood.  We will find out if it was your wife or someone else.  You have a spare key?”

          “Yes I do, it is hidden on the side of the house. I will get it for you. I think that you should take the bed sheets and test them for DMA. I assure you that none of them will be mine.”

          Tom chucked and said, “Are you sure that I won’t find your DNA.”

          I laughed and said, “To think of it, my wife was always washing the sheets. I asked her why she washed the sheets so often. She said that she hates to sleep in a dirty bed. At the time, I did not think too much about it. Now I think I know the real reason.”

          Tom followed me out through the garage. I open the electrical panel and retrieved the spare key. Tom said, “That’s a good place to hide a key. I have never though of putting a key in an electrical panel. How did you get it out of there without being electrocuted?”

          “Simple, I just cut the power off.”

          Tom chucked and said, “How stupid can I be?”

          I walked Tom to his cruiser and thanked him for his time. After he was out of sight, I went inside with Patty to see if Annette had left any of her cloths that I could give to Patty. I looked at Patty to see her size. She looked a little slimmer than Annette. If there were any of Annette’s cloth in the house at least they would not be too small. I told Patty that the police were coming later today to dust for finger prints and don’t touch the walls, windows and furniture. I did not want the police to think that she was the burglar. Patty did not want to take any of Annette cloths. She felt that she was stealing. I told her that when I married Annette, she did not have as many outfits as she has. I said, “Annette did not pay for any of her cloths. She used my credit card to purchase almost every thing she has. I am giving them to you.”

Reluctantly she picked up a few outfits that were scattered across the floor. I gave her one of the small suitcases from the garage. When she was finished I put the suitcase in the trunk with her suitcase. I told Patty that we had to find another place to sleep tonight. The police office said that if it wasn’t my wife who thrashed my home, they wanted to know who did it.

           I backed out of the garage and saw Sammy waving at me from across the street. We both had worked together and we both were laid off on the same day. I backed the car out of the garage and pulled over to Sammy side of the street. I got out and went over to Sammy. I could tell from the expression on his face that something was terrible wrong. I shook his hand and ask if he had gotten a job yet. He shakes his head and said, “No. You had a surprise waiting for you yesterday when you came home early. I wish I had told you about Annette. I saw what happened yesterday. You know those little camcorders that we installed to keep a watch on our houses; mine has a sad story to tell. Annette has had different boyfriends visiting her since you two were married. The one that fled the house yesterday has been seeing her for the last few months. You were so proud of your marriage to Annette that I could not bring myself to telling you about it. I have four DVD’s filled with movies of Annette’s friends. I knew that some day you would find out about Annette and the DVD’s would save you a lot of money. The way things are going, you will need ever penny you can get your hands on.” 

          Sammy paused for a moment. He glances over at my car and asked, “Who is the young lady in the car. She is very beautiful. I was watching her while you and the cop were inside the house.”

 I didn’t want to lie to him, but I did. I said, “She is a friend of mine. I was so upset yesterday after I caught Annette cheating on me. I had to talk to someone.  She is an excellent listener. I called her and I loaded her down with my problems.”

          Sammy asked, “Do you want the CD now?”

          “No, please keep them for me, Annette and her friend trashed the whole house. They may come back. The officer told me to stay out of the house for a couple of day. They want some of their experts to search for finger prints. Thanks for watching my home. I will pick up the CD’s when this blows over, if it ever does. If you had told me that Annette was having an affairs, at first, for a moment I wished that you had told me. After thinking about what happened yesterday, if you had told me, I would not have believed you. I would have killed you, Annette, her lover and myself.”

          Sammy laughed and said, “Yew, I know what you mean. You worshiped Annette. Weren’t you suspicious?”

          “As I told the cop, after what happen yesterday, I had gotten a few clues that something was going on. I kicked my own ass for not thinking my dear bride would cheat on me. I have to find a place to stay for a few days. Thank again Sammy.”

          I gave Sammy a hug, a pat on his back and headed for my car. Sammy said, “How do I get in touch with you if something comes up?”

          “Sammy, I will be around. You can call me on my cell phone. I don’t think Annette and her friends will be back anytime soon. Thanks again, bye.”

          I opened the car door. Patty had fallen asleep. I quietly slid into the seat. Pulled the door shut without slamming it. I took off not knowing where I was going. The seat belt was a little uncomfortable. I stuck my hand into the inside jacket pocket. I had forgotten about the damn money. I drove into the parking lot of a bank only a few blocks from where I lived. Annette must still have her credit card. I have to cancel it. I call the credit card company and told them to cancel the credit card.  I told them that we were getting a number of charges that we did not make. She wanted to know if I wanted to open a different account.  I told her not now but maybe later.

          Through the racket, Patty was still asleep. A few blocks from where I lived, I opened a new checking account and kept five hundred for myself. I asked the bank teller if I could open up a credit card account. With the amount of cash I deposited she said that would be no problem and I could start using it as soon as I walked out of the bank.  With a new checking account and new credit card from different banks, I felt a little more relieved. Annette will go crazy when she finds out that she cannot use her credit card, she will want to kill me. When I got back into the car Patty was awake. I looked at her sleepy eyes. We had not eaten breakfast and it was almost noon. I must have wakened her when I open the car door. I asked Patty, “What would you like to have, breakfast or lunch? We also have to find a place to stay for a few days. The police do not want us to go back into the house until they have had a chance to search for fingerprints.”

          Patty said, “First let’s find a bathroom and then we can find something to eat. My bladder is about to burst.”

          I smiled at Patty and said, “I wish you had not reminded Mother Nature. You woke her up. I don’t think I can hold it back any longer.”

           Patty chuckled, and then said, “Pull into that gas station and buy some gas. They will let you use their toilets if you buy gas.”

          After we were refreshed, we started looking for a restaurant.  We passed a deli and Patty said, “Let go to the deli, I love their sandwiches.”

          I pulled to the curb and parked. We were only four or five car lengths from the entrance of the delicatessen.  I got out of the car and looked back at the deli.  I saw a man backing out of the deli. He looked like Peter Parker. Sure as hell it had to be him. Annette was following him out of the deli.  I stuck my head back into the car and told Patty to take a look at the couple standing in front of the deli. Patty looked then asked, “Who are they?”

          I laughed and said, “That’s my wife and her lover. Go over there and listen to what they are talking about.”

           Annette looks like she is pissed off about something. Peter was still munching on a sandwich. It was close to noon and the lunch hour crowd probably filled all the seats. I watched Patty. She stops and looked at the menu next to the deli door. She was only inches from Annette. After a few moments with an angry look on her face, Annette said something to Patty. Patty spun around and gave Annette a tongue lashing. Oh, how I wished I could hear what they were saying. If Annette knew who she was talking to, she would have scratch Patty’s eyes out. Peter intervened and pulled Annette away from Patty. They headed in my direction. Annette was still trying to put in the last word and Peter was pulling her in my direction. I quickly ran into a jewelry store. The windows were slightly tinted. Annette passed my car then suddenly looked back at my car. She looks up and down the streets. She was sure it was our car. She pointed at a dent on the right front fender that she had made. Peter pulled at Annette. Peter looked like he was scared to death. He was looking up and down the street. Peter was pulling Annette away for the car and down the street. I waited a few minutes before I went outside.  I looked down the street. I did not see them. They must have turned to the right at the corner. The jeweler was busy  with another customer. When he saw me walking out the door, he called to me and said that he would be with me in a few minutes. I told him that I was window shopping and I would be back another day. When I reached Patty, I asked her what Annette said to her.   Patty said, “She accused me of listening to their conversation. Which I was, Annette and Peter were discussing a bank account she had and she could not find any of the statements or check books for the account.  Annette thinks that you have the statements. Peter told her to forget about the money and not to bring up the subject when they go to court.”

          By the time we picketed up our order, the crowd had thinned out. We had a choice of a few tables that we could sit at. I took one that was in a corner away from the other tables. Patty had taken my advice and ate slowly. We ate and talked for over an hour about my home, Annette, and our future. We both wanted to stay together and felt that it was the best for both of us. Patty had nothing and I could not let her go back on the streets. I had fallen in love with her.  Patty felt that she would be a burden to me since I was unemployed and with a divorce coming up, and Annette’s attorney would use her as a tool to get Annette most of my money. I tried to convince Patty that she would not be a burden on me. I also told her that I had fallen in love with her and if she left me, it would tear me apart. I took Patty hand and kissed it. I had not seen the happiness that showed on Patty’s face before. She hugged me and said, “Jerry, I love you too. I have never felt this way with anyone else in my life.”

After discussing the pros and cons, we decided to go back to the motel that we stayed at last night. We both felt that the motel was our good luck charm. Also, it was less expensive than the other motels. We checked in, laid down on the bed to let our system digest the large sandwich and fries. We kicked off our shoes and cuddle up on the bed. We both were tired. I think I fell asleep before she did.

          When I woke up, I heard the shower running. The shades were drawn and I could not see my hands. I thought it was midnight until I glanced at the clock in the room. Patty must have closed the shades. I had a few moments alone to think about my future. I thought about the same thoughts that I had gone through when I was laid off.  If I don’t get a job, what the hell am I going to do? I don’t want to sell my home and Annette will get most of money if I have to sell it. My thoughts went to Patty. She never told me how old she was. At times she acts and looks like a teenager. She also appears to be a woman about the same age that I am or younger. Neither one of us have questioned the other about our past life or our age. What if she is a run away teenager, she must be at least 18; I hope so, if she is 16 or under I will get my ass in trouble. A few moments after Patty finished her shower, she opens the bathroom door. She looks in my direction then walks over and picks up the suitcase that was filled with Annette cloths. She did not have any clothes on. She had a beautiful young body. It fired up my libido. She heads back to the bathroom and glances over at me. Her eyes must have adjusted to the darkness. She drops the suitcase and climbs on top of me. She starts to unbutton my shirt. I took her hands into mine. I pull her down against my body and stroked her damp hair. I planted kisses across her brow and whispered, “I want you very much. I believe that you want me. It is taking all of my strength to keep from taking you. We have known each other for only a day. I think if we made love now, it would take away some of the love and excitement that we both have for each other. I hope I have enough willpower to wait until we know that we really love one another and it is not lust that is pulling us together. I can think of a thousands reason why we should make love. All of the reasons have lust attached. My love for you is what is holding me back. Patty straddles me and sits up. I could not take my eyes off of her beautiful body. Patty took my chin and lifted it. She looks me into my eyes and said, “I can see and feel the lust that is in you. The same thing is happening inside of me. I agree with you. I am going back to the bathroom and get dressed. Then I am going to tell you about my life. I think we both should know what we are getting our self’s into. Take a good look at me. I don’t want you to lose the lust that you have for me and I do not want it to go away if you really want to keep me.”

          Patty jumps out of the bed and goes into the bath room. She stuck her head out the door and said, “Is Mother Nature calling, if not, I am going to shut the door.”

          I laughed and said, “You are getting to know me personally. Usually when Mother Nature hears her name, she can’t wait. I had 18 months of waiting for Annette to come out of the bath room. I have been well trained.”

          During the last few minutes I saw Patty as a wild teenage girl and a mature woman. I had two choices. What did I really want from Patty? If she ends up like a wild teenage kid and I am not mature enough to put up with her for the rest of my life, would I want to dump her? I love the teenage part of Patty as much as I like the mature woman part of her. Something inside of me said, “Enjoy Patty the way she is or dump her. You can not stand on the fence for the rest of your life.”

          I climbed out of bed and turned on the light. I looked in the mirror I had not shaven in two days. I saw my cloths and toilet articles lying on the floor. I walked out without getting a toothbrush. My breath must smell like hell. I tried to make myself look presentable. The suit was wrinkled to hell. I called Patty and said, “Before we go to eat we are going shopping. I forgot to take a few things that I need.”

          Patty said, “That’s OK with me. I think the fries are still running around inside my stomach. There is a shopping mall two miles down the road. There are a few nice restaurants in the mall. I am just finishing up; I will be out in a second.”

           When Patty walked out of the bathroom, I could not believe that she was the same person. She looked ravishing. She was completely a different person. I could not believe that she was the person that came up to me last night and asked to spend the night with me. I was overcome. I told Patty how beautiful she looked. I was mesmerized by the way she looked. She was defiantly a mature woman.

          Patty reminded me that Mother Nature was calling. She was as beautiful with cloths on as she was nude. Patty pushed me into the bathroom and said, “You can use my toothbrush if you wish.”

          I shut the door and chuckled. Patty is nothing like Annette. She gave me a gentle hint that my breath stunk. Annette would have said that my breath smelled like a garbage can. I washed my face and hands. I picked up the well used tooth brush that Patty left on the sink with the toothpaste. The toothpaste tube was almost empty. She had put all of her other articles in a pouch. 

          When I walked out of the bathroom, I asked Patty how I looked. She said that I did not comb my hair. I reached into my back pocket and checked to see if I had forgotten my comb, it was there. When I looked into the mirror, I remembered how Patty and I looked yesterday when we first met. Now I looked like a street person. I remember the way she looked yesterday and seeing what she looked like today sent a strange feeling through me.  Was Patty a woman that Peter Parker had hired to set me up or was she a God forsaken young girl that has gone through hell. Was the woman that was standing in front of me the person that I fell in love with or was it compassion for the poor child that I met yesterday? Silently I yell to myself, “Stop worrying, Patty is the person that you fell in love with yesterday and she is the same person today. You love both of them, but she is only one person. I opened the bathroom door. Patty walked up to me and puts her arm around me and said. “I love you and I always will whether you keep me or not.”

          I could not hole the tears back. I said, “I will always love you. I will do every thing in my power to make you happy. I don’t need to know about your past. I am frightened that later you will stop loving me.”

Patty said, “No, I will always love you whether you love me a not.” 

          We kissed and Patty said, “You will probably recognize the flavor of the lipstick.  It is one of Annette’s. I found it on the floor in the bedroom.”

          I shook my head and said, “No, Annette never let me kiss her when she had lipstick on.”

          We took off for the mall. I gave Patty a hundred dollars and told her to have fun. She did not want to take the money. I told her that she could pay me back when she got a job. We agreed to meet at the checkout counted and we parted. I had an empty feeling inside me. I did not want to let her out of my sight. I felt that she would leave me. God had given her to me and he would take her away just as fast as she came into my life. I tried to shake the feeling, but I couldn’t.

          I purchased the toilet articles that I needed including mouthwash, 2 sets of underwear, 2 shirts, a sport jacket, socks and 2 pairs of slacks.

As I passed the condoms I reach for a package. My hand stopped before I touched them. I quickly walked away. When I got to the checkout counter, Patty was no where in sight. After a few minutes, I started to worry. Minutes felt like hours. The longer I waited the worse I felt. All types of scenarios came to mind. The worse one was that she was just like Annette. She took what ever she could get and left me. I had waited for an hour and I was ready to take off. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name.  I turned around and saw Patty running toward me with tears in her eyes. She said, “Honey I was waiting at the checkout counter where we came in. It finally dawned on me that you may be over here.”

          All the hate, fear and uncertainties’ were still flooding my mind. I was over whelmed with the joy of seeing Patty’s beautiful face. I hugged her and asked if she had checked out. She shook her head as to say no.

          I took the things out of her cart and put them with mine. She had a confused look on her face. I wondered what she was thinking. We waited in line without saying a word. My emotions were all tangled up. I paid for Patty’s things and mine with my new credit card. As we were walking out of the store she slips the money that I had gaven her into my pocket. I stopped and gave it back to her. I took her in my arms and kissed her and whispered, “I though that you had left me.”

          Sill with tears in her eyes, she said, “So did I.”

          When we got outside, I could not find my car. Patty said to me, “Where are we going?”

I said, “I am looking for my car.”

Patty chuckled and said, “It’s on the other side of the mall. “

I apologized to Patty. We walked around the mall to the other side. The walk had given us enough time to wash out the thought that were flooding our minds a few minutes ago. We put our things into my car and walked through the mall checking out all the restaurants.  I let her pick out the one she liked. She picked a Chinese restaurant and said, “They give you more for your money and the food is very good.”

          We had a quiet meal. We talked about losing each other in the mall. She told me that when she walked into town and saw the mall, it was like an oasis in the middle of a desert.  She said that she used their facilities because she did not have any money or a place to stay. I asked her where she slept. She told me about a small creek about a mile up the road. She noticed it when she walked into town. She had slept under other bridges and this one was much better. The only problem was it had more traffic. Best of all, when it rained it was high and dry. The water in the creek was crystal clear and it was only about four feet deep. The foliage around the bridge gave her a little privacy when she took a bath. I asked her if she slept on the ground. She said only if the ground is flat. The ground at the creek down the road is on a slight slant.  She said that the bridge is supported on each end by concrete foundations and they were wide and long enough to sleep on. I asked Paddy what she did when she ran out of money. She told me that she would pick a busy place near a large business. She would put on one of her black garbage bags that she had cut holes for her arms and head. She had a small metal saucer that she used to eat out of if she had something that did not come out of a can. She would sit down next to the building and put the saucer in from of her with a few pennies in it. She has a broad brim hat that shades her face so no one can see her face without bending down. She felt that most of the people walking the streets wanted to she who was underneath the hat. She said that an old street person told her not to let them see your face. For some reason their curiosity gets to them and they fell guilty if they squatted down and did not give you something. She told me a dozen ways that she used the black garbage bag. She wore them to keep warm. She slept on top of them when the ground was wet. They were her rain coat. When she was in a big city and did not have any place to hide. She would go to the business district where the streets were empty and climb into a dumpster with the other trash. She would pick one that did not stink. She would step into the garbage bag and pull it up over her body and tuck it in her blouse around her neck. She felt that if someone looked into the dumpster they would think that she was just another bag of garbage. She said that she always slept with her wide brim hot on to cover her face. If they don’t see your face, they think that you were a man. I was surprised at the ingenuity that she had to survive.

          I told Patty about my uneventful life like millions of other teenagers that had to pay for their college education because their parents did not have the money to send them to college. After college, I was lucky enough to get a job in a small company that was just opening up a business in town. Over the years I was promoted to supervisor in customer service. I saved my money and put it all into my home. With the inheritance of my parent’s estate, it helped to pay off the mortgage on my home. Annette had worked at the same company that I worked for. If my memory is correct I was the only single man in the company. She worked in another department. She had only worked there for a week or two. The week before Christmas she was fired. They had invited her to the companies Christmas party before she was fired and they let her go to the party. I was sitting with Sammy and his wife; there was an empty chair at our table. Annette come over and asked if the seat was taken.  I stood up and offer her the seat and asked her to join us, which she did. There were a number of empty seats in the ballroom. I was thrilled that she wanted to sit with us. One thing about Annette, she could turn me on or off in a flash. She fired me up and we were married two weeks later. For the first month she was an angle. Then her mood changed. Everything that I did or said got her pissed off. For a while I thought that it was my fault and tried to please her. That did not work. I had asked her to marry me and I felt that I should do everything to make the marriage work. I tried not to argue with her. I would let her do anything she wanted to do. I chucked and said, “And, she did everything she wanted to do.”

Patty smiled but she did not laugh. I told Patty that Annette never applied for a job. She spent a fortune on cloths and jewelry. She also stole a large part of my salary. I said. “I believe that is what she was talking about with Peter, and why the house was torn apart. Please don’t mention this to anyone. I think you can piece together the rest of my marriage. Of course, I met a very beautiful young lady and I hope that the divorce that Annette wants will come soon.”

          Paddy had been holding my hand. She slightly squeezed it and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Patty said, “I would not live with anyone that did not love me, also I have to love them. Jerry, I have never loved anyone. I am not sure the feeling that I have for you is love or respect. The way that I feel about you now, it has to be love. When I was waiting for you at the mall and you did not show up, the strangest feeling come over me. I don’t know if it was tainted with love or hate. The feeling I had the other day came back. If I did not find you, I think I would have gone out on the interstate and step in front of a truck,”

          A cold chill ran through my body. I felt the impact of the truck hitting Patty. I flinched from the pain. I put my arms around Patty and said, “Please don’t do anything crazy like that. Don’t even let it enter your mind. I think that I would have gone crazy if you did not show up. I dropped a 20 on the table and took Patty hand and helped her up. We strolled through the mall and window shopped. I pleaded with Patty to let me buy some cloths for her. Her argument was that if I left her, the clothes would be a burden for her to carry around. I finally convinced her that I was not going to leave her and reluctantly she purchased a few casual outfits, undergarments, a pair of sneakers, pair of high heals shoes and some stockings. 

          We went back to the motel and went to bed. We cuddled and fell asleep. With the blinds closed we slept much later than we thought when I go up to answer Mother Natures call. I peeked out to see if my car was still there. Thankful, it was only covered with dew. Having the car in the garage, the dew did not collect on it. Suddenly I felt a warm body against me. I looked around and saw Patty’s beautiful face. She looked like she needed another few hours of sleep. She was a very affectionate young lady. Looking at her beautiful smile made me want to hold her in my arms for ever. Annette and no one else in my life have given me this feeling. I asked, “Are you getting up to answer Mothers Natures call.”

          Patty said, “I am enjoying you so much, I don’t want to lose any of it by going to the bath room. Have you gone yet? If you have, may I go?”

          I chuckled; living with Annette was never like this. I loved the openness between Patty and me. I said, “I can hold off for a while. But don’t be in there as long as you were yesterday. If you do I will flood the room.”

          For the next hour we did our morning usual. When Patty came out of the bath room she wore one of the outfits that she purchased last night. She looked absolutely fabulous. For a moment I was overwhelmed.  How could I be so lucky?  Annette never looked this beautiful with all the money she spent on her clothes. Patty had stolen my heart. I could not believe how much I loved her. I told her how beautiful she looked.  I gave her a hug and kissed her on her neck so I would not smear her lipstick. When I left Patty to do my finishing touches in the bathroom, I had the same feeling that I had when she left me to go shopping in the mall. I felt that she would not be there when I came back into the room.

          Patty was still there when I came out. She greeted me with, “Good morning handsome. What are we going to do today?”

          I said, “Let go somewhere to eat and see where the day takes us. I hope the cops have finished. I want to see how much damage Annette and Peter have done. I hope they did not do too much damage.”

          We left our things in the motel and went for breakfast. In a way I felt guilty about telling Patty not to eat so fast. I believe I made her self-conscious about eating fast. While we were eating breakfast, I noticed that I was eating twice as fast as she was. I had said enough, I kept my mouth shut and ate slower. Her table manners were excellent. Where did she learn to eat so elegantly? My parent told us how to hold a fork and how to act when we had company. Mom was never as elegant as Patty.

          My thoughts were interrupted when my cell phone rang. It was Sammy. He told me that I could come home. He said, “The cop were leaving and I went over and asked them if I could call you and tell you that you could come home. Also he said to tell you that they took the sheets with them. “

          I chuckled and said, “I am sure they are going to find finger prints on them.”

          Sammy said, “After the cops left I went over and peeked through the windows. What a mess.  What in hell made Annette do this?”

          I was almost certain that she was looking for the book of checks and her accounts statement. I said to Sammy, “Sammy your guess is as good as mine. Hell only knows. We are having breakfast and we should be over there with in an hour.”

          My cell phone buzzed. I said to Sammy, “I have another call. Do you want to hold on while I answer it?”

          “No, answer your call. We can talk when you get over here.”

          Sammy hung up and I switched to the other call. It was Tom; he told me that he had found three sets of prints that were usable. There were others, but they were smeared. He said that he put my key in the electrical box without being electrocuted. He mentioned that they had seen a couple circulating the block in a black BMW. He said that he parked one of the old cruisers in the driveway. It helps to keep people from snooping around and they will pick it up some time today. He said that they usually don’t do DNA’s on robbers, but he was curious who it belong to. I thanked him for his trouble and he said that it was part of his job, and then hung up.

          I look over at Patty. I think she read what the conversation was about. I said to her. “You want to pay me back for what I have done for you. I have a problem.”

          Patty broken in and said, “You do not have a problem. If I am going to live in your home with you I am going to help you clean it up. It is our problem.”

          We finished eating what we had on our plates and took off. We picked up our things at the motel and checked out. When I got back in the car Patty was looking at me and said, “Do you think we will be safe there?”

          “Sweetheart I don’t know. Staying at the motel and eating out is putting me more into debt. The police have a police car parked in the driveway. I can ask them to keep it park there for a few more days. He said that with the cruiser parked outside, it helps to keep people from nosing around.”

          Patty said, “Let’s go and clean up your home. I feel much safer being with you than sleeping outside. At least we can lock the doors.”

          When we reach my home and went inside, the place was just as we left it, a holy mess. I told Paddy that there was something that I wanted to do before anything else was done. She said, “I bet you want to get rid of the bed that they were sleeping in.”

          I asked, “How did you know that was what I wanted to do.”

          Paddy said, “You did not want to sleep in the house because that’s where it all happened. I don’t blame you. It would irritate me every time I looked at it. I imagined that I would feel the same way.”

          “Patty that is one of the many reasons that I have fallen in love with you, we both think alike.”

          I called Sammy and ask him if he would help me move some furniture. He told me that he was glad that he could help; it would give him something to do. Patty and I disassembled the king size bed in the bedroom, we were dragging the mattress down the hall and Sammy helped us carry it across the lawn to my car. I told Patty where there was so rope in the garage. Sammy and I went back for the box springs. When we finally had all the parts, we stacked them on top of the mattress. We tied all the pieces together and ran ropes through the windows. We tied the ends of the rope to the visors and the sweat bars.  I gave Sammy the address of Peter Parker and asked if he knew where it was. He knew where Peter lived.

When we reach Peter’s home, we drove around the block to see if anyone was at home. Fortunately there was no one on the street. We unloaded the bed and carried it to the front door of the house.  I had asked patty to make a sign to put on the bed. She read it to us, “Peter you enjoyed making love to my wife in it so much, I am giving it to you for your wedding present.”

          Before we could get out of the yard, Peter’s neighbors started to gather. I told them it was my wedding present to Peter since he spent more time in it than I did for the last three or four month. Some of them chucked. Other shook their head with disbelief.

          Patty and I spent the next two weeks cleaning out the house and repairing the damage that someone had made. I was not certain that Annette or Peter had made the mess. The police had not told us anything. 

          Patty worked her butt off. The house had not been this clean since it was built. Patty told me not to waist my money on another king size bed. Spend the money on a good mattress and box springs. We slept together in the quest room until we got the new bed. I flipped a coin to see who would christen the new bed. Patty picked heads. I flipped the coin and tails came up. Before she looked I told her that she won and put it into my pocket. She did not want to sleep in the bed since I had purchased it. But, with a little persuasion from Patty we both christened our new bed.

          Over a month had passed and we have not heard from the police or Annette. We were wondering what they were up to. Sammy said that they were more than likely preparing their case for Annette’s divorce, Sammy was right. The following week, a process server showed up and had me sign for some papers. I could not believe what I was reading.  They were throwing the book at me.  Peter did not leave out anything.  There was one thing that wasn't in the documents.  I was not charged with murder. Thank God for that.  They're not wasting time. They are having a hearing next week. I called Patty over and let her read the documents.  She said, "They not only through the book at you but they also through the library."

          I went into my office and sat down and itemized all in charges against me.  The first thing on the list was sexual abuse, then physical abuse; I never forced Annette to have sex with me during the 18 months we lived together.  Nor have I physically abused her in any way.  What a liar.  Patty said, "I heard Peter telling her not to mention the money."

          "Patty, I have old bank records in the trunk of my car.  Also I have old credit card statements that we got during our marriage.  Since she is lying about the money, maybe we can convince them that she's lying about all the other charges."

          I spent the rest of the day going over the documents.  Since I was not employed, I spent a lot of time putting my defense together.  Thank God, I had enough sense to open a trust and made my parents beneficiaries. At least it should hold them off for quite a while until they found out that both of my parents had passed away.  I laughed and said, "Peter is filing assault charges and robbery against me.  I never touched the bastard and I gave Annette his wallet.  I should've have given it to Annette."

          I spent the rest of the evening going over all the bank and credit card statements for the charges and checks she wrote for herself personally. During all of this confusion, I had forgotten that I had recording them making love.  I wonder if I turned off the camera when I stuffed it into my coat pocket.  I hurried into the bedroom, turned on the light and rummage through the closet looking for my jacket. I woke up Patty. She said, "What happened?

          I turned around and apologize to Patty for waking her up.  I told her about filming Annette and Peter making love and I don’t remember where I put the camera. Patty said, "The coat you were wearing the day I met you was lying on the pile of cloths next to your closet. It was filthy.  I checked the pockets and found your camera.  The camera is in the top drawer of your dresser. You said that you were going to take pictures of the mess. Later you said that the police officer told you that they would film the mess and give you a copy of their report with the film and the pictures.”

          I thanked Patty and open the top dresser drawer. There it was. I turn it on. The battery was dead. With hopes I was wishing that it lasted until Annette left the house. I told Patty that the battery was dead. She said, “There are a couple of batters in the top drawer. I found them on the floor with all the other mess.”

          I was always draining the batteries by forgetting to turn it off; at one of the parties that we went to Annette wanted me to take a few pictures of the guest. The battery was dead. Annette bought me two spare batteries and a charger.  I fumbled through the mess and found the two batteries. I was hoping that one of the batteries was charged. I again apologized to Patty, turned off the lights and went into the kitchen. I replaced the battery and put the dead battery in the charger. I turned on the camera I scanned through the pictures and saw Annette with Peter on top of her. I turned to the movie mode and watched. My mood turned to the hate I had for Annette on again. I almost forgot why I was looking at movie. When it came to the part were I stuffed it in my pocket, the sound was still going. It recorded me giving Annette Peter’s wallet.  I was curious how long the battery would last.  I sat down on the couch and it continues to play. I could not believe how long it had run before the battery was dead. The camera was still running when I came back to the motel with Patty’s black garbage bag. I went back into my office and continued to read the document. Most of the documents were fillers. I examined what the items on first two pages said. I thumbed ahead, when I got to the last page I could not believe what I was reading. I let out a yap and Patty ran into the room and asked what happened. I was laughing and crying at the same time. I could not believe who the Judge was that signed the documents. Patty patted me on the shoulder and asks again, “What happened.”

          The words did not want to come out of my mouth. I handed the documents to Patty and told her to look at the name of the judge that signed it. She chuckled and said, “I was in his court before I met you. A police officer picked me up for loitering.  The Judge gave me a lecture about being on the streets. He told me that I should be looking for a job. He was going to lock me up for a month to teach me a lesson. When I had enough of his lecture and I could not hold back any longer. I thanked him for the thirty days and asked him if he could make it six month because I have been looking for a job for over a year and I ran out of money. I was over qualified for most of the job offers or I had to sleep with the bastard that hired me. I was tired of being rejected. I would love to go to prison. I would get three meals a day. A warm place to sleep and it would be safer than sleeping on the streets. In frustration, he told me to get the hell out of here. I gave him a finger and walked out of the court room.”

           I said to Patty, “That’s the name of the bastard that was sleeping with Annette.”

          Patty chucked and said, “Annette must be really crazy or that old bastard has a hell of a lot of money.”

          I asked, “Was that the guy that was with Annette the day we saw them coming out the deli?”

          Patty shook her head and said. “No, the Judge is twice that guys age. The guy that was with Annette, looked younger than Annette. She was bossing him around like she was his mother. I am positive that a relative can not preside over a case when another relative is involved.”

          “Patty, whether you're right are not, that's the bastard that is going to preside over the case.” 

          For the next week Patty and I worked on my case. I went through all of our checking and charge card statement again. I added up all the charges that Annette made for goods and services for herself. I made a DVD of the movie that was on my digital camera. I purchased a portable DVD player with a small screen. I would be able to play the DVD of Peter and Annette making love and the four DVD’s that Sammy had recorded. I rigged up an old purse that Annette had left to enclose my digital camera so that Patty could film the hearing. I used a USB cable to attach my cell phone to my computer. I could record the hearing on my computer. I purchased another cell phone just like mine to carry to the court.

          I told Patty about the money that Annette took from my paycheck every month and put it into her personal checking account. Patty said, “I read an article about a woman that was pulling a scam. She would marry a guy using a fake name, rip him off and then take off looking for another sucker.”

          An embarrassing look came across Patty's face; she shook her head and said, "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to offend you."

          I laughed and said, "I have been kicking myself in the ass sense I married Annette.  It was my first marriage and I did not know what to expect.  Nothing that I did would please her. I did not give Annette an engagement ring. Before I was laid off, I spent around $3,000 on an engagement ring and to celebrating the occasion.  That did not change Annette’s mood. She was still pissed off at everything that I did. I think she wanted me to file for a divorce.”

          I chuckled and then said, "Annette gave me hell for coming home early the day that I caught her sleeping with Peter. Yes Patty, I am a sucker.  I have been had.  I think I am going to be shafted again."

          Patty quickly said, "We will fight her to Hell and back. You are too nice a guy to be shafted, not only once but twice."

          A tear trickle down my face.  I asked myself why I didn’t meet Patty before Annette came into my life.  I got up and put my arms around Patty.  I told her how much I loved her.  I lifted her chin up, gave her a kiss and asked, "Will you marry me?  Would you pick a sucker to live with you for the rest of your life?"

          She said, "Jerry, I have met a number of men in my life.  It was worth the hell that I have been going through just to find you.  I love you very much.  I would marry you and in a second.  I won’t to make sure that you really love me and it is not just your compassion for me that is keeping us together.  It has to be love and respect for each other to make a marriage last."

          With both of us without a job, what kind of a life would I be able to give Patty?  If we win in court, I could sell my house we could live comfortably for a few years. What then? Would we still love each other? Would she tire of me?  If I no longer loved Patty, and she still loves me or vice versa. What kind of life would we have? Would we end up wanting to kill each other? I was in a different world. Patty brought me back when she said, “What are you thinking about. What ever it is, don’t think about it. You looked so angry. It scared me. We will live through this segment of our life together and we will live together no matter what happens. Please don’t get upset. It is not worth worrying about. We have each other.”

          I hugged Patty. Just having her with me gave me back the will to keep fighting. I looked Patty in the eyes and said, “We are going to win. As you said, if we don’t we will still have each other.”

          For the remainder of the week we planned out strategy. We were going to let every one spill their guts and then hit them with our side of the case. I made copies of all the DVD’s and gave them to Sammy just in case the judge confiscated them.

          The night before the hearing, I don't believe I slept in hour. I was rolling and tossing all night.  I snuck out of bed around five o'clock, shaved and showered etc. I knew how long women could spend in the bathroom.  I didn't think Patty was in any different than Annette.  But I was hoping that Patty was completely different than Annette. So far she was the complete opposite.

          When I got out of the bathroom Patty was up and dressed. She had breakfast on the table. Patty had gotten up earlier and taken her shower. Since I was not awake she went back to bed. When I got up she went into kitchen prepared our breakfast. After we finished breakfast, I told Patty that I would wash the dishes and she could use the bathroom. After I finished cleaning up the kitchen, I went into my office and turn on my computer. For the tenth time I tested my cell phone recording.  Everything was working perfectly.  

My day in court:

          It was only a ten minute drive to the court house. We left early to make sure that we could get into the court house with our camera and cell phone. I set the phone at home so that it would not hang up until after the caller hung up. Before I went into the court house I called my cell phone at home and started to leave a message. The good part of our scheme, I could use the cell phone at home while it was being charged. It would not drain the battery. Patty loaded her pocket book with things that would set off the alarm when we walked through the metal detector. With hopes they would not discover the camera. If everything that I planned worked, I could record the hearing without anyone knowing about it.  We both got through the metal detector. When the guard looked into Patty’s purse, he shook his head, told us what room to go to and sent use on. The court room was empty. As soon as Patty sat down she opened her pocket book. She unzipped the side pocket where the camera was attached. She pushed the button on top of the camera to see if it still worked. She places the pocket book on the table and aims it at the Judge’s desk. The camera worked perfectly. She shut it off and we sat impatiently waiting for something to happen. A few minutes later the judge showed up and looked around the court room. Then he looks at his watch. With a sour look on his face he said that his name was Judge Peter Parker and asked if I was in the defendant Jerry Pritchard.  I nodded my head and said, "Yes your Honor, I am Jerry Pritchard.”

          The judge apologize that the plaintiffs had not arrived and they would be here shortly. No sooner as he said it, Annette and Peter walked into the courtroom. As they walked across the courtroom Annette stared down Patty. I could read her lips, she said, "Who in hell is that bitch?”

          Peter said, “How in hell am I supposed to know. He is your husband.”

          The Judge told Peter to take a seat then he look over at us and asked if the young lady was my attorney. I told him that she was just a friend that was helping me. The judge asked Patty for the record, what was her name. Patty said, “You honor, my name is Patty.”

          The Judge asked again, “What is your last name.”

          “I am Patty Wallace is there anything else you would like to know about me. Jerry and I are old friends. He needs all the support that he can get. I am thankful that I can support him at this time.”

          The Judge said, “I understand Patty. Let me see what the charges are.”

          After a few minutes the Judge read them off. There was nothing in the document that stated anything about Peter and Annette having sex. The Judge asked Peter to tell him about his charges of assault and robbery. Peter gets up and points at me and said, “I was going over the divorce case with my client, Mrs. Annette Pritchard and Mr. Pritchard comes into the room and for no reason hit me in the face. I think that he fractured my nose. Then he slams me into the walls almost knocking me out. He took my wallet out of my pocket and told me to leave. Which I did, he has assaulted Mrs. Pritchard since they were married and treated her like a sex slave.  Brutalizing her for no apparent reason for the 18 months they have been married.  He kicks her out of her home on to the streets without any money."

          I glanced over at Annette; she was pretended that she was crying. I asked myself, “Why in hell didn’t I realize what was going on in her mind for those 18 months. As I glanced back in time, flashes of memory with Annette that stunned me started to appear. I did notice the change in her demeanor. Why didn’t I do something about it? Maybe if I had, I would not be in the predicament that I am in now.

          I came out of my trance with the Judge asked Annette if she would like to add anything. Annette stands up and started to yell out complaint about me that never happen. She was lying about things that must have happened with someone else. I never tried to drown her in a bathtub or shoot her when we went hunting together. I have never hunted in my life or owned a gun. She accused me of trashing her home and stealing her things. I think she recognized the pocket book that Patty had on the table. I could not hold myself back. I stood up and tried to tell the Judge that she was lying. He told me to sit back down before I could get out of the chair. The tirade lasted for a long time until the Judge said, “I have heard enough.”

          The Judge lashed into me and gave me hell for being so unmerciful. That lasted for about ten minutes and he was going to turn the case over to the criminal justice department. When everything had cooled off a bit, Patty stood up and said, “You Honor, are you related to the plaintiff.”

          The Judge yelled out at Patty, “Sit down and shut up.”

          Before the Judge could say a word, Patty said, “Your honor, what you are doing is unethical and illegal in this state. You and your son could lose your license to practice.”

          Still standing Patty reaches down for the pocket book and pulls out a tissue. She pretended that she was wiping he eye and aim’s the camera at the Judge. The Judge went into another tirade. To make it worse Patty was smiling at the Judge. I pulled on Patty arm; still smiling she looks down at me. I motioned for her to sit down. The Judge was standing and headed for the door behind him. I stood up and said, “Your honor, I am the defendant, don’t I get a chance to defend myself.”

          The judge snapped back, “With what you have done to the poor woman they should lock you up without a trial. Go ahead.”

          “Your honor, with due respects for the court. Every word that came out of my wife’s mouth and her attorney’s is a bold face lie and I can prove it if you give me a few moments.”

          The Judge said, “Get with it. I don’t have all day. I have heard enough.”

          I said, “Your Honor, may I approach the bench.”

          With a harsh voice, he said, “Hurry up.”

          I grabbed my DVD player and headed to the bench. I already had the DVD with Peter and Annette making love in the player. I placed the player in front of the Judge and folded back the screen. I pressed the play button and the Judge said, “What is this all about.”

           “Please, just watch the screen.”

          He pulls the player up close to his face. I thought that he was going to have a convulsion. He glances over at Annette and Peter. I said, “That is my wife. The man on top of her is not me. It’s her Attorney.”

          When the screen went blank, the Judge started to close the player. I said, “Please don’t. Listen to the voices.”

          I turned the volume up enough that Annette and Peter could hear the recording.  Annette said, “Turn that off. That is not my voice.”

          When it came to the part where I gave her Peters wallet and Peter hear what Annette said about him. Peter went into a tirade.  He called Annette a thieving bitch. We all turned and watched Annette and Peter. Annette screamed, “You owe me that money and I desire ever cent of it. “

          Peter yelled back, “If you are a damn prostitute. You are not worth that much money.”           Annette laid a heavy slap across Peter’s face and screamed, “Where are the all things you promised me. You promised me the world and I haven’t gotten a damn thing.”

          Peter screams back, “I wasn’t going to marry you; you just assumed that we were going to get married. You think I would marry a woman like you that cheats on her husband.”

Annette slams her pocket book across Peter’s face. Peter tripped over a chair and falls to the floor. Annette kept pounding Peter. Peter grabs the pocket book and pulls Annette down on top of him. Annette lets loose of the pocket book and claws at Peters face with her long artificial nails. Blood was running down Peters face. The Judge pressed a button on his desk and four cops bust through the door. The Judge point at Annette and Peter and said, “Lock them up in the holding cells. Keep them separated.”

          Peter yells at Annette, “I want that money back. What did you do with my driver’s license?”

          Patty spoke up and said to the cops, “Just one minute please. Peter, the money belongs to Jerry. Not to you or Annette. You and Annette enjoyed yourself for over three months; you ate his food, drank his beer and wine that Jerry purchased.   You also, had sex with his wife three times a week for those three months. In any Brothel it would have cost you ten times the amount of money that was in your wallet. Since Jerry is not a Brothel owner, you stole his food, beer and wine that were in his home. You also stole his wife.”

The Judge motioned to the cops to take them away. The Judge went over to the door and locked it. Patty and I were still standing at the bench. The Judge invited us to sit down with him at the table where we were sitting. Patty backs away with her pocketbook still aiming the camera at the Judge. She sits at the far end of the table. I think she wanted to film the conversation that the Judge and I would be having. I could tell that he was worried about something. He looks at Patty and then at me. In a humble voice, he said, “I know I was a little harsh to the both of you. I want to apologize to both of you for my son’s and my behavior. If any of this gets out, my son and I will lose our license to practice law in this state.”

          The Judge looks over at Patty, with his superior arrogance, he sarcastically said, “How do you know so much about the law. Are you a lawyer?”

          Patty looked over at me and said, “Not quite, maybe in a few years if condition change for the better. We both have been laid off. The cost of living is draining what little we have. We are in the same boat that millions that are just like us. With the country in debt up to it’s ears, we all will be out of work, how in hell is the country going to get out of debt. There will be no one to pay the taxes. The whole country will go down the tube. The managements of large corporations are taking all the profits for themselves and it is costing the people across America to lose their jobs. The way that things are now, with a huge depression setting in on top of us, who is going to buy their products. They will go down the tube also. Greed has been planted into the minds of the rich. They do not know or care about what happens to the poor and unfortunate across this country. Without jobs and no food on the table and no warm place to get out of the cold, they will do anything they have to do just to stay alive. I have been there. I have seen it all. I am surprised that you did not recognize me.”

          The Judge stared at Patty for a few moments and said, “Give me a hint.”

          Patty said, “Give me six months.”

          Then she gave him the finger. The Judge sequenced his face up for a few moments then laughed and said, “You are not the young lady that was picked up for loitering are you?”

          “Yes I am, if Jerry had not taken me in when he did. I would not be here now. He is kindest and most generous person that I have ever met. I was at the end of my rope. I was ready to call it quits. I had been hitch hiking around the state looking a job. Begging for money on the streets and eating the food the restaurants throw out. I could be like Annette and sell my sole to the devil. I am not like that. I would not sell my body for the last drop of food that would save my life.”

          The Judge again apologized to us. I asked him would he like to see another video. I think he had enough, but he said to go ahead. The DVD was dated. I explained why my neighbor and I had recorded the visitor to our homes. I told him that this one was taken a month after I was married.  Sammy had edited it and showed only the cars that were entering and leaving my garage.  I told the Judge that these are the car of my wife visitors.  When the Judge looked as if he had enough, I took out the one that Peter was in. Peter drove up in his older car. The Judge recognized it and said so. Peter bought a new BMW to impress Annette. Annette walked out to the garage to see it and as Peter was leaving he stopped and called Annette over to his car. Annette looks up and down the street, then goes over and kisses Peter a couple of times. It looked as if Annette did not want Peter to leave. The Judge recognized both of Peter’s cars. He was pissed off because he had given Peter the money to buy it. His  car wasn’t anywhere as nice as the BMW. He said that he was going to take the car away from Peter. He said that the car was registered in his name. We listened to the Judge whining and groaning about Peter for almost an hour. Finally Patty had enough of his whining, she interrupted him and said, “Judge Parker, we came to court today because you summoned Jerry to be here.  Have you made a decision regarding the charges that was brought against him?"

          The judge cleared his throat, stammered then said, "Oh, just forget about it.  Nothing will come of it."

          Patty stood up, and aimed the camera that was in the pocket book directly at the Judge and said, "Your honor, I know enough about the judicial system that your court order has been registered. Would you please give Jerry something in writing that would dismiss all of these charges."

          The Judge stammered again, "Just don't worry about it. I will take care of it."

          With a bowl voice, Patty said, "Your Honor, there are some very serious charges against Jerry.  Without a court order from you I am advising Jerry to file a complaint against you, your honor."

          The Judge went into another tirade.  He shouted so loud that the police on the outside broke down the door trying to get in the courtroom.  They all drew their guns and aimed them at us.  Paddy turned the pocket book in the direction of the policeman.  All hell broke loose.  They threw me to the ground and handcuffed me.  Patty yelled to the police, "The Judge is the one that started this mess; he said that all a charges were going to be dropped. I spoke on behalf of Jerry. Since the Judge is dismissing all the charges we wanted it in writing.  The charges have been recorded and we want all of the charges removed from the record.”

          Tom, the officer that investigated the robberies at my home came in. He walks over to me and asked, "What the hell's going on here?"

          I told him that my wife and Peter Parker, the judge’s sons, filed about a dozen charges against me. The Judge said that the charges would be dropped.  My advisor, Patty, the young lady standing over there, requested a written statement that all the charges would be dropped.  The judge blew his stack and you guys broke the door down.  All the charges that they brought against me were false and we proved it in court today. The Judge's son was one of the plaintiffs; the Judge said that he would take care of it.  My advisor strongly recommends that all of the charges that are dropped be noted in writing with the judge's signature."

          Tom told an officer to take the cuffs off of me. When the judge settled down he looks over at me and at the police officers.  He pulled away from the officers around him and dashes into his chamber.

Tom chuckled and said, "I know you will like the news I have for you. There was semen stains on the sheets and the bed.  We came up with four different DNAs.  There were drops of blood all over the floor next to a dresser.  It matched one of the other DNAs."

          I asked, "Do you have any equipment with you to take fingerprints. I would appreciate it if you dust the area next to those two chairs at the other end on that table."

          I pointed at the table where Peter and Annette were sitting. The offices said, "Who was sitting there?"

          I smiled and said, “My wife and her lover, I am sure that they will match some of the fingerprints that you got in my home."

          Patty spoke up and asked, "What is the usual procedure when all the charges have been dismissed?"

          Without answering, Tom said, "Why don't you to go home.  I know where you live and if anything comes up, I'll let you know.  If a word of this gets out that Parker presided in a case where his son was involved, he could get kicked off the bench. It will be a mess. You don’t want to get into this. It will tie you up in court for years before it is resolved."

          I took Patty arm. She was reluctant to leave. She did not want to walk away without getting something in writing that stated that I was innocent of all charges. I led her out of the court room. We did not say a thing until we were in my car and on the way home.  Still not knowing what will ever come of this; I laughed, and said, "Never in my life have I thought that I would go through something like this.  If it wasn't so serious I would laugh even harder.  God knows what those three are going to do." 

          Patty said, "I'm sorry that I spoke up.  They had some very heavy charges filed against you.  If you stack them altogether, and you are convicted of all of them, you would be spending the rest of your life in jail." 

          I told Patty how glad I was that she was with me.  If she had not spoken up; I would probably be in jail.  I leaned over and kissed her and said, "You are my guardian angels.  You came into my life when I desperately needed someone.  I am so happy and grateful that you came with me.  Every moment I am with you, my love for you intensifies.  If I searched for another hundred years I would not have found a better person to have as a friend and a wife.  Darling, you are an angel."

          Patty thanked me and laid her head on my shoulder and said, “I am so glad that I was some help. The four years in colleges was worth what happened today. I still don’t trust them. They have too much to lose. I don’t know what the Judge has in mind. He is not going down without a fight. I don’t believe it’s over yet.”

          As I approached the house, I said, "Darling, you go ahead I can hold it for a few more minutes."

          Patty chuckled and smiled, "How did you know what was so my mind?"

          "The same thing that is on your mind is also on my mind and we think alike."

          I looked at my watch. It was almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  No wonder my stomach was given me hell. I thought it was the excitement in the court room that was causing it. I opened the refrigerator for something to eat. Nothing looks good. Hopefully with Annette out of my life, I can enjoy life again.  Patty yelled out, "It’s all yours."

          I replied, "Let's celebrate and go out to dinner. With Annette off of my back, I think we can splurge a little bit.  Where would you like to go for dinner?"

          Patty said, "I don't feel quite safe staying here tonight.  The look those three gave us, it scared the living hell out of me.  I don't trust either one of them.  I thank that all three of them are malicious and dangerous.  They have a lot to lose.  Both of them could lose their license. Let’s go to the diner and stay at the motel for a few days. Leave the computer running with the cell phone on. We can get a charger at the mall for the other cell phone. We can listen to the phone, if anyone comes into the house, we can call the police. I don’t believe anyone knows that we are living at the motel.”

          “Patty, I agree with you. Peter and his father have there whole career going down the drain.  I am almost certain that one of the cops that came into the room hates Judge Parker.  I am sure that one of them will leak what happened to the media. I can see the headlines now. That is why the Judge did not want to give us anything that would go into the records of the court. Let’s get the hell out of here before someone catches us here.”

          Patty said, “Don’t you have to go?”

          I chuckled and said, “Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten about the pain for a moment. I will be back in a few minutes.”

          After reliving myself, I remembered that I had not checked the computer to see if it had recorded the court hearing. Surprisingly, it worked; I had to turn the volume up.  I hid the cell phone behind the computer. I asked Patty to say something I wanted to check to see if I could hear her on the other cell phone. I told Patty that I was going outside and to walk around the house and talk. I hear her talking but I could not understand every word she said. When she got closer to the computer room, her voice was audible. It was loud enough that I would know someone was in the house.     

We both packed a small bag to take with us. I did not forget my tooth brush. During the trip to the diner and to the motel, we only talked about what we wanted for dinner. The problem at the court house, Annette, Peter and the Judge never came up. I think we both had enough of Annette and Peter. I was wondered what was going on in Patty’s mind. Most of the time, I wasn’t thinking about what happened in the court room today. I was worried of what would happen in the future. I felt that we had made three dangerous enemies. I had dragged Patty into my messed up life. A flash of anger shot through my mind. If anything happen to Patty. I will kill both of those bastards and blame it on Annette.

          We checked into the motel and I asked the clerk to give us room No. 27. It was like a home away from home as well as a good luck charm. Patty and I both felt more secure in room No. 27 than we felt at home. As long as Annette still had a key, I was not going to spend a night at home. I know that I would be awake all night. As I open the door to the room, Patty let out a breath of air and said, “Thank God we are home again.”

          I laughed and said, “If I don’t get a job soon. We will be living in an apartment about the size of this room.”

          Patty came over to me, smiled and said, “I have lived a year and half without any money. Don’t worry your little head. I will take care of you, in more ways than one.”

          Patty pulled me tightly against her and said, “Let get ready for bed. I want you to know everything about me. I can think about the past much better when I am in bed and not distracted by anything else. You go to the bathroom first. I can wait.”

          I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I did not want any surprises. I did not know what was on Patty mind. When I finished doing all of my S’s, I put on my PJ’s. I wanted a little more protection for Patty, not me.”

          I opened the door of the bathroom and said, “It is all yours. You don’t have to tell me about your life. There is nothing in this world that you could have done that would change the love I have for you.”

          Patty said, “I want you to know everything that I have done in my life. When and if we get married you will not be able to say that I never told you about that. That is the type of thing that caused my parents to fight so frequently. If we get married, I don’t want anything to tear us apart, especially my past.”   

Patty opens up:

             We climbed into bed and Patty lay across my shoulder and said, “Before I was twelve the only thing that I remember that formed my future was my parents fighting. That disturbed me more than anything. Every time that they fought, I was afraid that both of them would go away and leave me home alone. As I grew older and they started to fight, I would go into my room and lock the door. This pissed them off, but I did not give a damn. During my twelfth year I started to notice boys. It did not intensify until I was about fifteen. I came obsessed with men. When I saw someone that turned me on, I would fanaticize about having sex with him. I would do everything to get him to notice me. Once I had his attention and we went on dates. We petted, that was as far as it went until a boy I met that I really liked. We did a lot of heavy petting and I made the mistake of letting him go to far. I lost my virginity. I had blood all over me. I became scared to death that my parent would kill me. My boyfriend drove me home. There was blood all over the car seat. He let me off a few houses from my home. I went on the side yard and took the garden hose and washed the blood off of me and the dress. I sneaked into the back of the house up to my room. I used my hair dryer to dry my dress. I sneaked out the backdoor and went back in the house through the front door. My parents bitched a little about me coming home so late. I simply said that I did not think it was that later and walked up to my room. The guy that took my virginity was so proud of his conquest that he told his friends and his friend told their friends until everyone at the school knew about me losing my virginity. After everyone had gotten tired of talking about me losing my virginity, I passed a group of boys. The boy that stole my virginity was in the group. Another boy in the group made a sarcastic remark about me losing my virginity and that I was a slut. I said that I may be a slut but the father of my baby was going to have to marry me and pay all the expenses for what he did. I told them that I was pregnant. I wasn’t pregnant. I just wanted to scare him. The boy that took my virginity yelled out. I never had sex with you. I did not get you pregnant. The other boys in the group took my side and starting to give him hell. Particular one of the nicer boy, he gave the kid hell for spreading the story around and bragging about it. To egg it no, I told them that my parent have seen a lawyer and they are going to take it to court if the DNA of the child matches his DNA. They were going to charge him with statutory rape, because I was not sixteen when he forced himself on me. Of course I was already over seventeen. I don’t know what happened to him. I never saw him again at school or around town. At the time I told them that I was pregnant, I did not feel ashamed of what I had done. I left the group and started laughing uncontrollable. That did not last long. A feeling of guilt came across me. I felt ashamed of what I had done. I turned around looked back down the street. The group had dispersed. I did not know where the kid lived and I did not know his last name. The obsessions with sex subsided somewhat.”

          Jerry said, “I don’t blame you for getting back at him, he deserved it.”

          Patty continued, “When I was in college, I did not have to worry about saving my virginity. During my first year in college I net this very nice guy. The relationship lasted for a couple of months. During my last year in college I became friends with a guy that was in a couple of my classes. We studied together and our friendship became intimate. When we graduated we went our separate ways.”

          I said, “I am not a stud, but I have been intimate with a number of women. Most of them wanted to get married. There wasn’t any love or affection in these relationships. A few of them had been divorced and were like Annette. They just wanted a meal ticket. I did not want to marry them; I could tell that they really did not love me. I did not want to get into a loveless marriage. Annette fooled me. I thought that she really loved me.”

          Patty said, “Jerry that is why I fell in love with you. You have a heart and compassion with love mixed it. That is the same way that I feel and that is why I love you. Speaking of love, my parents lived a loveless marriage. They fought about everything, but for some reason beyond me, they stayed together. There biggest problem, they lived beyond their means. They bought things that they could not afford. They bought a home, car and went on expensive trips that were paid for with a credit card. They were so much in debt that I had to get a student loan for my third and fourth year of college. I had started my third year of college; I had written my parents that I was coming home for Thanksgiving. I never put a return address on letters to my parents. They knew where I was. Of course they did not reply and I assumed they were expecting me. When the cab pulled up in front of my home, I saw a for sale sign and it was owned by the bank that gave them the mortgage. My parents were friends with the couple that lived across the street. I went over and knocked on the door. I asked them about my parents. They knew just as much as I did. They said that about a month ago a large truck was parked in front of our home. Three or four men loaded the truck with the furniture. Then they loaded our car. My parent never came over to tell them what had happened. They invited me to stay with them for Thanksgiving. I was expecting to get some money from my parents when I got home. I did not have enough money to get back to college. They must have known my plight. I did not ask them for any money. They give me an envelope and said that they would get the money from my parents when they saw them. I did not want to take the money, but they insisted. I am thankful that I took it. I had to stretch the five hundred dollars that they gave me for the next 2 years. Of course I took any part time job I could find just to keep my head about water.  After I graduated, I told the administrators at the college that my parent had moved and I did not know where they moved to and if they received any mail from them to please hold it for me.

There were companies that were recruiting graduates. I was hired by this law firm to do all the paper work for the lawyers. I paid back the five hundred and started paying for the student loan. I was happy and fell in love with a young man that worked at the law firm. I had been going out with him for a month and let him come home with me. That was the biggest mistake that I have ever made. Like the kid that took my virginity he blabbed it all over the company. For about a month I got these quaint smiles and looks. One evening he dropped by my apartment, I confronted him and he said, so what. I was furious. I gave him hell, and slapped him. I told him to get out and never show up at my apartment again. This was the beginning of the end of my career.”

          I said, “I would have killed the bastard.”

          Patty continued, “I wanted to beat the hell out of him every time I saw him at the office. About a month later my boss Attorney Powell came in my office and locked the door behind him. It scared me to death. Why did he lock the damn door? In the past he just came in and leaves the door open. He never locked the door before or says anything to me. He usually drops off some documents that he wanted me to work on with a note attached. Without saying a word, he comes over to my side of the desk and puts his hand out. I thought that he wanted to thank me for something. I took his hand and he pulls me out of my chair. I stood up and he puts his arm around me and lifts up my skirt. I was so scared that I could not move. I had a good job and a nice salary. They were going to pay for my tuitions so I could get my license. They were going pay my full salary as long as I was in college. I did not want to lose my job by refusing to have sex with him. He slid my panties down and put his hand on my personal. I pulled his hand away and pleaded with him to not force himself on me. It did not help. I had to shove him against a cabinet and ran to the other side of my office. Again, I pleaded with him. He kept coming at me. I told him if you touch me, I will scream. He said that I had sex with Charles, wasn’t he good enough for me. I told him that Charles was a mistake and he forced himself on me. I did not tell anyone because I thought we both would have lost our jobs. He calls me a slut and headed for the door. During the following week, the looks that I got from everyone changed. It bothered me quite a bit. What were they thinking? On Thursday morning when I went into my office, Liz, one of my co-workers was sitting at my desk. She gets up and gives me a hug and shut the door behind me. She also locked the door. She turns around and tells me that I should apologize to Mr. Powell. She said that if I didn’t he would find an excuse to fire me. She said, what are a few minutes of your life worth? You have your whole life ahead of you. If you are not giving in to him, you will be giving in to someone else. Isn’t your future worth those few minutes? She continued lecturing me. I was getting angrier by the minute. I said to her firmly that I would never sell myself for a million dollar. I will give myself to the ones that I want to give it to because I love and respect them. If I don’t want them, they will have to forcefully take me. Liz shook her head and headed for the door. Before she opened it she turns and said that I was a fool and I better start looking for another job. She opens the door and slams it behind her. The following week I cleaned out my in basket. Nothing came in for me to do. On Friday when I open the envelope with my pay check, I found a letter. It said that the reason I was being terminated was for the lack of work. They gave me a month’s severance pay. I clean out my desk and left a note to Mr. Powell. I told him that sometime later in his life he will regret the last time he came into my office and for firing me. It was only ten O’clock. I stood up straight, walked down the hall saying good bye to everyone that passed with a smile on my face. Before I left, I tore out of the telephone directory all the names and address of the Attorneys. I spent the next couple of weeks applying for work. They all wanted to know where I had been employed. Of course I told them about the law firm that I had worked for. I never got a reply from any of them. I wish that there was someway I could find out what Powell could have said about me.”

           I rolled over and kissed Patty and said, “I am sure it wasn’t that you refused to have sex with your boss.”

           Patty chuckled and said, “I am positive that Mr. Powell advances were not mentioned.”

           I asked, “Patty, since you did not get hired by one of the law firms, what types of jobs did your applied for?”

           Patty crunched up her face and said, “Anything that was in the classified ads. Most of them said that I was over qualified for the job that that was advertised. Like Mr. Powell, there were a number of them as bad as or if not worse than him. With each rejection that I got that were similar to Powell’s made me more discussed with humanity? I was kicked out of my apartment because I did not have the money to pay for the rent. Since it was over due, they only let me take my small suitcase and a few things. They were going to sell all of my things to pay for the rent that I owed. I closed my saving account and withdrew the few hundred dollars that was still in the account. I started hitch hiking around the adjoining states. Only men picked me up. Not all but enough of them wanted me to pay for the ride. Some of them were so furious because I would not give in to them; I became so scared that I was afraid to stick out my thumb for a ride. All the money that was in my saving account went too fast. I became a street person. I begged for money and food. I hit all the shelter that I could find. There were so many people out of work; it was useless to apply for a job. Usually when I found an ad for a job, and went to apply for the job, there was a long line of people waiting in the cold with hopes of getting it. I did not have any money to buy a newspaper. The paper that I used to look for a job was usually a day or two old and the jobs were already filled. Most of the jobs were for a month or shorter. In a number of cities, I could not find a shelter that fed the homeless, I would go into restaurants that were closing and asked for food that they were throwing out. Some would kick me out and not give me a thing. At times I had not eaten for a couple of days. I would hit the fast food stores and pizza joints. I would fish out food from the garbage cans that they had thrown out.”

            Patty lay quietly without saying anything more for a while. I wondered what she was thinking about. I felt that I knew enough about her life. I did not need to know anything else. I was not going to ask her anymore questions concerning her life. It made me feel selfish for the things I have had in my life. Why do people have to live on the street in this country? I wonder how many people are living on the streets in the riches country in the world. The rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer.

           Patty said, “Do you remember me talking about the old man that gave me tips on how to survive on the streets?”

           I said, “Are you talking about the guy that told you to wear a broad brim hat?”

           Patty nods her head and said, “Yes, that the one. I had not seen him for about two months. I was in a community on the outskirt of San Diego hoping that I could find a job. I saw him sitting on the steps of a building. He was heavily tanned and wrinkled. He looked like he had lost a lot of weight. He was almost a skeleton. I sat down beside him and asked him if he remember me. He said of course I remember you. He flatters me by saying, how could he forget a beautiful young girl. I thanked him for the complement. We got into the subject of food. He looked like he had not eaten anything for months. I offered to buy a loaf of bread and share it with him. He told me to save my money; I needed it more than he did. We chatted about different things for a while. A woman passes by with a cart loaded down with food. He jumps up and grabs a loaf of bread from the cart and waddled raptly down an alley between two buildings.  The woman screams to the top of her voice and point down the alley. A cop was standing near by. The cop sees the old man running down the alley. The cop yells for him to stop. The old man kept waddling down the alley. The cop pulls out his gun and aims it at the old man. I ran over to the cop screaming, don’t shoot him. The cop glance over at me then fired at the old man. The old man fell to the ground. I ran down the alley to the old man. The bullet must have gone through him. Blood was streaming out his back and from under him. A crowd was gathering. I got into a heavy argument with the cop. I accused him of deliberately murdering the old man.  I cursed him for not running after the old man. The woman followed the crowd down the alley.  I picked up the blood soaked loaf of bread and through it at the woman. I gave the woman hell for making a scene over a loaf of bread I pulled out some change and through it at her. I told her to buy another loaf of bread and I hope that she chokes on it. The cop was going to arrest me for being the old man’s accomplices'.  The crowd came to my rescue. They had seen what happened. I blasted the cop for not running after the old man. As the cop walks away I heard him say, “I am glad that I got that slimy piece of trash off of my beat.”

 "I screamed at the cop, you murdered him you bastard. I hope he haunts you for the rest of your life. The cop glances back at me with rage written all over his face. I gave him the sign of Satan. I think I spooked him. At least I hope that I did."

           Patty was quite upset, tears were flooding her face. I could not help but cry. Patty continued, “In my heart I knew that the old man felt that he had enough of this world. He wasn’t stupid enough to think he could get away with stealing the bread. He saw an opportunity to leave this world quickly and he took it. I truly believe that he had planned his demise. I waited for the ambulance to pick him up. They let me go to the morgue with them. I told them that I would like to look at him one more time before they took him away. They pulled down the sheet coving his face. It surprised me and the medics. He had a smile on his face. I believe that this is why he told me that I needed the money more than he did. He knew the end of his life was near.”

           Tears were running down Patty’s face. I could not hold back my emotions. I pulled Patty against me and we cried together.

           The silence was broken. I heard voices coming from my cell phone. I picked it up and listen. I could hear a man talking; he must be in another room. I picked up the motel’s phone and called 911. I gave the operator my address and told her that someone has broken into my home. I gave her my address and hung up the phone. I said to Patty, “Lets take a ride. I want to see what happens.”

           We quickly got dressed and took off. I could still hear the voices. There were two men wondering around in my home. Patty was listing while I was driving.  I pulled into the street that my home was on. I did not see any cops on the street. The 911 operator must have called the motel after I hung up. I turned off my headlights and slowly drove past my house. There wasn’t any light on inside. I started to turn into my driveway. Patty said, “There is someone inside. I saw a flashlight shining through the front door. I drove further up the street and parked. I took the phone from Patty and hung up. I turned it back on and dialed 911. The same operator come on, I told her that I had called before from a motel. I told her that I had a device in my home that let me know if someone is in my home. I just passed my home and someone is still in it. She told me not to hang up and she would call the police. We waited and waited, I was ready to go in and see who was in my home. Through my rear view mirror I saw a police car with flashing lights coming up the street. It pulls into my driveway. Patty and I got out of the car and walked up the street. Sammy lights were on. We crossed the street and knocked on Sammy’s front door. When Sammy came to the door, I told him what was happening. He turns the lights off and tells his wife to join us on the front porch. We watched the cops creeping around the house. The flashlight was still flashing through the windows and front door. Suddenly the garage door opens. Two men hastily walked over to a BMW. When they noticed the cop car blocking the driveway, they panicked. One of them ran back into the house and the other went out the side door of the garage into the arms of a police officer. I told Patty to stay put. I got up and headed across the street. Sammy said that he would go with me. As we approached the garage the officer draws his gun. I told the officer that I owned the house and this was my neighbor from across the street. The second office came from around the house and joined the group. Again, I had to tell the officers who I was and that I had called 911.  When I got close enough to see who the officer had handcuffed, it was not any surprise. It was Annette lover. Peter tried to convince the officer that his fiancée owned the home.  I asked Peter where his fiancée was. He said that she was inside the house. I asked Peter who is the man that ran back into the house.  The officer locked Peter into the back seat of his cruiser.  The two offices drew their guns and headed into the garage.  Sammy and I followed them.  I told the officer that they may be surprised at who they would find inside my home.  I told them that they'd probably find the father of the young man that they just locked in the back seat of their cruiser.  I convinced them to let me enter the house ahead of them.  I turned on the lights when I went into the laundry.  I opened the door leading to the kitchen and turn on the lights.  I tiptoed to the kitchen and turned on the lights in the hall. This gave enough light to see who was in most of the rooms in the house. We searched all of the room except the master bedroom.  I told the officer that there were two closets in the master bedroom.  If there was anyone else in the house they had to be and one of the two closets.  I had checked the back door and it was locked from the inside.  I reached into the door to the bedroom and turned on the lights.  One of the closet doors was open.  I crept across the room and turn on the light in the closet.  There was no one in the closet I pointed to the other closet and whispered that he must be in their.  With an officer on each side of the closet door, one of them opened the door at the same time the other one turned on the lights in the closet.

           Crouched in furthest corner was Judge Parker trying to cover his face. I said, “You honor, why do I deserve your presents in my home. You are welcomed in my home anytime. Why don’t you join us in the living room? Your son is waiting for you outside in a police cruiser. He is a little tied up now. I don’t think that he is going to join us. Usually my guest comes over when I invite them and when I am at home. An officer sticks his hand out to help the Judge up. The Judge hesitated, and then he takes the Officers hand. When the Judge was half way up, the officer slapped a handcuff around the Judges wrist. The Judge flinched and pulled away from the officer.  The officer wasn’t playing around. He pulled the Judge out of the closet. The Judge’s feet did not keep up with his overweight body. The Judge falls face down. His overweight body slams onto the floor rocking the house. The officer quickly cuffs the other hand. It took both of the officers and me to lift the Judge to the standing position. I think the fall was too much for the old man. I cringed when he hit the floor. I told the officers to let him sit on the bed for a few minutes until he recovers from the fall. He was dazed and incoherent. One of the officers called for an ambulance. I told the Judge to lie down. Help would be here soon.

           After the Judge recovered somewhat, I asked, “Seriously, your Honor, why did you and you son break into my home. He quickly replied, “Your wife said that we could. She had given my son a key.”

           I questioned, “Why didn’t my wife come with you.”

           Without thinking the Judge said, “We have not seen her since we were in court. I told them to let her go. I don’t know where she could be.”

           I said, “When was the last time your son saw my wife?”

           “As I said, we have not seen her since we were in court.”

           I shook my head with disbelief and asked, “Since you have a key to my home. When did my wife give your son the key?”

           The Judge falters for a few minutes, as if to think of and answer, and then he said, “I don’t know exactly. He has had it for some time.”

           I said, “Your son told me that my wife was inside the house. You told me that you have not seen her since we were in court. Which one of you is lying? Judge, don’t you think under the circumstances that it is a little unusual for you to accompany your son. I kicked your son out a few weeks ago and told him not to come back here. The following day my home was ransacked, the police found evidence that your son was one of the two people that literally tour my home apart. It took three people two weeks to make my home livable. Be honest with me why did you join your son and what were you looking for.”

           “I wasn’t looking for anything. My son left some of his things over here. He came to pick them up.”

           “Judge there is nothing in this house that belongs to your son. We had to put my home back together piece by piece. Nothing in this house belongs to you or your son. Nor was anything that we through away belonged to you are your son.”

           An officer said, “Excuse me, are you going to press charges against the two intruders?”

           I looked squarely in the Judges eye and said, “Only if he and his son tell me in front of witnesses what he and his son were looking for?”

           The Judge bellows out, “I told you before. My son left some of his things over here.”

           “Don’t lie to me; you are looking for the DVD’s with the recording of your son and my wife.”

           The Judge yells back, “That is court evidence. You should have left it with me.”

           “If I left it with you, you would have destroyed it. You are in deep trouble. You should not have presided. You had already ruled in favor of my wife and your son before I had a chance to say a word. When my adviser told you that you should not be hearing the testimony in this case, you went crazy.”

           I could see the pressure building inside the Judge. I was waiting to see what would make him explode. I turn away from the Judge and said, “Lock them both up.”
           The Judge exploded; he stood up and lunged at me. One of the Officers stepped in front of the Judge. That was a mistake. With his hands behind his back, the Judge tries to slam his cuffed hands at me and the officer got the blunt of it. One of the officers said, “That it. I had enough of his BS.”

           They dragged the Judge through the house and out to the cruiser. They locked the judge with his son. All hell broke loose again. The Judge gave his son hell for dragging him along with him. The son yelled out, “You are the one that insisted that we come over here and get those DVD’s. That bitch dragged me over here the last time to find some money she had over here. We could not find it. Now they are surely going put me in jail.”

           Sammy and I went back into the house through the garage. I saw a metal pipe lying on the floor. I stuck my finger into one end of it and picked it up. I was wondering where it came from. This was about the spot where Peter and his father were standing when they opened the garage door. I took a trash bag from the shelf and put the pipe in it. Sammy said, “It a good thing that you called the police. Those bastards would have creamed you with that pipe.”

           I shut the garage door and checked all the other doors and went out the front door.

           I locked up the house and thanked Sammy for being there when I needed him.  He said, “If you don’t press charges, you will never get them off of your back.”

           I took a deep breath and said, “I wish I could walk away for this and never hear about it again.”

           Sammy was walking me over to my car. Paddy said, “It has gone too far. You will have to press charges again them. Otherwise, they will still try to hang you. In order to resolve this, you have to let the court play it out. You still will have to go to court to get the divorce. Annette will also hound you also. Do you want to stay here are go back to the motel.”

           “Patty, it is paid for and all of our things are still in the room. We have to go back to the motel.”

           I thanked Sammy for his help. He said that he was with me all the way. If I needed him, please do not to hesitate. I climbed into the car and gave him five as I drove away. I leaned over and gave Paddy a kiss on the cheek. I thanked her for waiting for me.  I apologized for dragging her into my miserable life. She cuddles up to me and said, “I am the one that broke the ice. I can’t tell you why I picked you, but I am very happy that I did. No to change the subject, after you and the police went in, I walk up to your driveway and saw Peter Jr. locked up in the back seat of the cruiser. The police did not pat him down before they locked him up. He was on his cell phone talking to a lawyer. He wanted the lawyer to get a bail bondman and for him to arrange for an immediate release of him and his father over a trumped up arrest.”

           I asked, “What precinct did Peter tell them they were taking them to?”

           “I don't recall him mentioning the precinct. I thought they would be taking them to the precinct where the courthouse is located.  Isn't that the closest one?"

           "I asked the cops where they will go take them.  They said they were taking them over to the precinct on 2nd St. they were from that precinct, not the one downtown."

           Patty laughed and said, "The lawyer and the bondsmen are going to have a long wait."

           We were only a few blocks from the precinct.  I stopped for a red light and the police car with Peter and his father sitting in the backseat turn the corner and headed to the precinct on 2nd St.  When the light changed I caught up with them before they reach the precinct.  The police drove their car to the rear of the police station.  I could not follow them. I told Patty that the entrance that they were headed for was for dangerous criminals.  Patty said, "Those two bastards are very dangerous prisoners.  Your whole life was on the edge off ending.  You are still on the edge.  They will do everything they can to push you over the edge.  Don't take them lightly.  They are just as dangerous as any murderer."

          I parked in front of the building. As we entered the building an officer asked me what I had in my hand. I said, “It is evidence. One of the burglars left it in my home. I think he was going to use it if he had to. He dropped it in my garage when he saw the police car parked in my driveway.”

He said, “Why didn’t the officers take it with them?”

I said, “They were putting one of the burglars in their cruiser. I saw it on the floor and I knew it did not belong to me. I think it has finger prints of one of the burglars. I think the same burglar burglarized my home before.”

   The officer took the bar and laid it on his desk. He patted us down and sent us through the medal detector. I told him that we were here to file a complaint against two burglars. He pointed to an officer sitting at a desk. The officer already was writing up the complaint against Peter and his father. He looked up at us and said, “Are you sure you want to go through this? I could write it up as a simple trespass.”

          Patty spoke up and said, “It is a lot more serious than a simple trespass. They were trying to steal evidence that would clear this gentleman from bogus charges that would have sent this man to prison for the rest of his life. It is criminal malice with forethought. Jerry found a metal pipe that one of them dropped when they saw the police car parked in his driveway. Why would they take a heavy metal pipe with them unless they intended to use it? No, it was not a simple trespass.  They were there to cover their asses for a blundering mess they had gotten themselves into.”

          The officer said to Patty, “Would you like to write up the complaint.”

          Patty said, “I would love to. It has been a while since I wrote up a complaint. I need the practice.”

          When Patty finished she handed the complaint to the officer and said, “That should hold them for a while.”

As we were leaving, Patty said to the officers, “Don’t mess up the evidence. Give it to Officer Tom Harris. He has all the finger prints that they have collected already.”

          As we left the precinct I told Patty that I wanted to go to the precinct downtown. I want to see who the lawyer was that talking to Peter. It was only a twenty minute drive. When we were parking Patty said, “Oh shit, what is that bastard doing here.”

          I looked around and saw a heavyset guy in his late fifty’s looking down at us from the top steps. There was no one else in sight. I asked Patty, “Do you know the man standing at the top of the steps?”

          With anger in her voice, “Do I know him? He is the SOB that ruined my life. That's Attorney Powell in all his glory. I wonder what he is doing here.”

          I said, “He could be the Attorney that Peter was talking to. Let go inside. Don’t say a word to him. Ignore him. He probably won’t recognize you.”

          I told Patty to walk on the opposite side of me so he could not see her. We passed him without drawing his attention to us. When we walked into the precinct office there were a half a dozen reporters standing there. They rushed over to us. They hit us with a bunch of questions concerning the Judge. I told them we were here to pay a parking ticket. Disappointed they walk away. Patty said, “There is a man outside that may be involved with the Judge. Why don’t you talk to him? He is known for firing all his women employees that didn’t sleep with him.”

          The reporters huddled around us again. Patty said, “A friend of mine worked for him and she would not sleep with him so he fired her. Go outside and ask him about it.”

          They all ran out of the door. Patty pulled on my arm. She wanted to see the fireworks. The moment they got outside, the cameras started flashing. Attorney Powell tried to cover his face. He must have thought that they knew about the Judges arrest. He bellows out, “I don’t know anything about Judge Parker arrest.”

          One of the reporters said, “What was Judge Parker arrested for.”

          Powell said, “I don’t know anything about him being arrested. So please leave me alone.”

          I looked around and did not see Patty. Fear struck me. I panicked. I started to go back into the precinct. I saw her hiding behind a column. Slightly relieved, I walked over to her. She said, “Stay here behind the column with me. I don’t want Powell to see me. We were a little to close to him.”

          One of the reporters asked about the women he had fired because he would not have sex with him. He vehemently denied the actuation and refused to discuss it. He wanted to know who made such an allegation. A reporter told him that a young lady that went inside to pay a parking ticket. He pushed through the reporters and headed for the entrance of the precinct with the reporters on his tail; suddenly he stops in his tracks and turned and headed for the parking lot.  I told Patty that Powell did not want to confront anyone with all the reporters listening in. Patty said, “You are in enough trouble with the Judge. God only know what they are going to do next. One of these days I am going to make Powell eat his words.”

          I said, “Patty, you just set his ass on fire. He is going to do everything he can think of to keep the fire from spreading. I am surprised that he didn’t take a look inside to see who had told the reporters.”

          Patty said, “I have often wondered how many other women have been through the same predicament that I went through. How many gave in to his aggressiveness and how many refused to have sex with him. I have wanted to have Powell viciousness exposed. I promised myself that some day I would destroy the bastard.  I have to put my anger aside for a while. I have found someone that is more important to me than getting revenge.”

          We watched Powell speeding away. The reporters hounded him until he sped down the street. If he is Packer’s lawyer, the judge is going to spend the night in Jail. Patty and I headed back to my car. As we were approaching my car a burley man with a straw hat pulled into the parking lot in a pickup truck. I was ready to get into my car when the burley man said, “I am sorry that I am late. I am not use to big cities. I got lost and went all over town trying to find the court house. How much of a bail are you looking for?”

          I told Patty to get inside the car and just listen. If I get into trouble with this guy, run inside and get a cop. I walked over to burley man and said, “Are you a bail bondsman?”

          With a proud look on his face he answers, “Yes I am, I have been a bail bondsman for going on thirty years. I usually don’t work in this neck of the woods. An attorney called me and said that he needed someone to bail out a couple of men.”

          He paused and I had a chance to say something, I said, “I am a bondsman also. I have been waiting for an Attorney named Powell. The bastard never showed up. I went inside and they told me that a Judge Parker and his son Peter were arrested for burglary and they let the bastard go home without bail. They put one of those beepers on each one of them and let them go. I am still going to charge the Attorney five hundred dollars. I had to round up half a million dollar to get the Judge and his son out of Jail. I am going to hit Powell up for a big figure; don’t let him get away with it. He owes you a lot of money for coming all the way over here. Good night and good luck.”

          I hurried and got into the car. Patty was laughing uncontrollable. I rolled up the windows so the guy would not hear her laughing. When Patty calmed down, I said, “Our Parker friends are going to be pissed off. I can see the headlines tomorrow. Those reporters knew something was newsworthy was going on otherwise they all would not have been hanging around waiting for the Judge to show up. A few of them followed Powell. They will not walk away from a good story. Let go home. It is almost two.”

          Patty had been fighting to keep her eyes open for the last hour. She just mumbled something and rolled over against me.

          The following morning we slept late. When Mother Nature pushed me out of bed I saw the newspaper sticking under the door. I picked it up and walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I looked at the headlines, it read; “Judge Peter Parker and his son Attorney Peter Parker Jr. were arrested for criminal malice with forethought”. I heard a tap on the door and Patty said, “I saw you pick up the paper. Don’t you dare try to read it in there. I was ready to go in there when you got out of bed.”

          I quickly finished and opened the door. Patty shoves past me and said, “Please shut the door. We are not friendly enough to watch each other yet. I don’t think I will ever be that friendly”

          I said, “I don’t think I will ever be that friendly either. I like my privacy.”

          I knew it was daylight outside, but I had not looked at my watch. I pulled the curtains back, looked at my watch. It was almost noon. So much for breakfast: where are we going for lunch?  I look around for the paper. In my haste, damn it, I left it in the bathroom. I did not want to disturb Patty. I unlocked the door and looked down the walkway. There was a paper two doors down. I looked down at myself. I only had my boxer short on. I hurried down the walk, grabbed the paper and went back to my room. I again glanced at the headlines, and then I scanned down the column. Surer than hell, it had my life history on the front page. Where in hell did they get this information? There was information about me that I had forgotten. Someone must have been up all night writing about me. From the article, it looked like the Judge and Peter was still in jail, or the paper went to press before they were released. On the second page was a small article about Attorney Powell. An unidentified woman accused the prominent Attorney William Powell of firing female employees that would not have sex with him. Attorney Powell denied the accusations and would not discuss the subject. At the bottom of the article was a telephone number that you could call if you had been fired because you would not have sex with your employer. It also noted that the conversation with the caller and there name would be confidential. Patty is going to love this. I refolded the paper and snuck out of the room to return the paper. I sprinted down the walk and back in my shorts. The damn door locked on me. I forgot to put the night latch in the door frame. I pounded on the door. I hear Patty telling me to see who was at the door. I yelled as loud as I could, “I locked myself out. Please open the door.”

I think everyone on this side of the motel open their doors and looked out. I could hear them laughing. I turn around and waved at them and said, “I locked myself out.”

I heard a number of replays, “We hear you!”

Suddenly, Patty opens the door. She was soaking wet and laughing. She said, “I hope we don’t have to have another replay of this. I hate getting out of the shower soaking wet. It reminds me of the times that I took baths in ponds or streams. I did not have a towel to dry myself off with. Come on in.”

I asked Patty if she knew what time it was. She said, “I really don’t care. I have more time on my hand and I don’t know what to do with it.”

“I will tell you anyway. It’s noon. Did you have any plans for today?”

“No, what about you?”

“I want to go back home and see what Peter and his father did to my home. I did not see any damage last night. I was hoping that they didn’t trash my office. I did not look in there last night. The rest of the house looked just like we left it. I did not get a chance to see my office. Peter has been in my home almost as many times as I have and stayed there longer than I have. I am certain that they were looking for those DVD’s.”

My cell phone rang. I looked to see who was calling. It was Sammy. I said, “Hi Sammy, did you see the paper today.”

“Yes I did, they are not going to like you.”

“I don’t gave a damn if they like me or not.”

Sammy said, “Do you remember Mary Wilson?”

“You must be kidding. She is an Angle. How could I forget her? She gave me my pay check for fifteen years.”

Sammy said, “She has been trying to get in touch with you. She has been calling your home all morning. She was afraid that something had happened to you after she read the headlines.”

I asked, “Does she still live next to the park on the north end of town?”

“I am sure she does. She loved that home.”

I said, “I am not to far from where she lives. I will drop by and see her. Thanks, Patty is waiting for me to get dressed. I will keep in touch.”

I took a quick shower and got dressed. We checked out of the motel again. I was hoping I did not have to come out here again. We stopped for a quick bit and headed for Mary’s with a dozen donuts. For years, every Monday morning, I would drop off a couple of dozen donuts for the office. She was always so thankful. I told Patty that if she wanted to get on the good side of Mary, for her to give Mary the donuts. We pulled up in front of a beautiful old home. Standing on the porch looking down at us with a broad smile on her face, Mary hurries down the step and greets us. Sammy must have called her. When she saw Patty, she showed a little resentment. Then she smiled and said, “Jerry, you always attracted the pretty one. Hi, I am Mary. What is your name?”

Patty quickly got out of the car, handed Mary the donuts and said, “I am Patty, I am a waif that Jerry picked up off the streets. I heard that you two have been friends for years. I wish I had found him sooner. Knowing him for just a few weeks has been like a life time. I have never been so happy.”

Mary said, “Come on in. We will start with the donuts, when Sammy told me that you were dropping over, I put on a fresh pot of coffee.”

Mary was about ten years older than I was. She was married when I joined the company that we both worked for. Shortly after I went to work there she filed for a divorce. That is something that always bothered me; why do so many people get a divorce and instantly start looking for another spouse? Mary was chasing every single man at the company. I felt sorry for her. I think that she was over anxious and everyone knew it. When she ran out of men her age, she started chasing the men older than she was.  Poor Mary, she never found the man she was looking for even though she was still looking when we all were laid off.  I always treated Mary as if she was an aunt or my mother.

Despite Mary resentment, I think Patty and Mary will hit it off. Mary sat me down at the dinner table and asked Patty to help her. I could hear them talking but I could not make out what they were saying. Patty came in with cups and saucers. She returned to the kitchen for the other items. When we finally settled down and ended the small talk. Mary looked over at me and said, “I have a secret that I have wanted to tell you for some time. Sammy filled me in about what has happen during the last month. I have fought with myself since I found out that your wife’s name was not Annette Stockwood. When she applied for work, we were required to do a background check on her. We knew a few days after she started to work that she gave a false name. You were dating Annette and engaged before the full background check came in. We were not allowed to tell the employee that we had a background check on them. All that we could say to anyone; they were not qualified for the job in which they applied.  Unexpectedly, you married Annette. This has bothered me for a long time. Annette has a prison record. She has been marrying to a number of men since she was a teenager. After you two were married, I had the company that did the background check on her to do a more thorough background check. Since we both do not work for the company anymore, I am going to give you a copy of the report that we got on Annette. You can read it now or when you want to.”

Mary gave me a large tan envelope. It was filled with documents. Seeing it, I chucked and said, “If this is a background check before I met Annette, it would be twice the size now. I think she had affairs with a least five men during the time we were married. Her life would be a book in itself.”

I throw the envelope on the chair next to me. I looked at Patty and said, “When we have nothing better to do we will read about my soon to be X-wife. Mary, Patty and I spent the next hour discussing the future on the country and the world. Mary had saved enough money over the years that she did not have to worry about the depression.  Patty’s and my future was something else. We had to make drastic changes to stay alive and kicking.

When we felt we had over stayed out welcome. Patty helped Mary with the dishes while I peeked into the large envelope. Annette had over a dozen different names. She had been in jail four times on miner charges. I looked back at myself. I was so gullible. For a moment I thought that I had let Patty come into my like to easily. Has she been honest with me? On the other side, have I been honest with Patty. Am I using her?  

The silent was broken when Mary and Patty walked in rousting with laughter. I was so happy to see that Patty and Mary had hit it off. That is one of a many things that I hated about my miserable life with Annette, She hated most if not all of my good friends. Socially they seamed to drift away.

After hugs and kisses and a few tears we drove away. Patty buried herself in Annette life. She did not say a word during the whole trip home. I had to remind her that we were home. She quickly and neatly replaced the pages in the envelope. I asked Patty if it was worth reading. She said, “You know, Annette was her real name. She had it changed a number of times. Before she married you, she had her name changed from Harriet to Annette. She had more surnames than given names. I have just scratched the surface. Most of what I have gone through are the name changing. I would like to finish it if you let me. I feel ashamed of going through your wife’s history. I am sorry that I started reading it without asking you.”

I said, “As my lawyer, you have every right to know about me and my wife. As a friend, I give you the right to look into my past. As someone that I am madly in love with, anything that is mine is also yours.”

We pulled up into the driveway. I pressed the remote; I expected to see the BMW in the garage. The BMW was gone and boxes were blocking the parking spot. There wasn’t enough space for my car. Someone has been moving things around in the garage.”

Patty started to get out of the car. I told her to wait a minute. I tried to visualize the way the garage looked yesterday when Peter’s car was parked in the garage. He had more than enough room on each side of his car. Someone still has the remote for my garage. I picked up my cell phone. I scrolled down to Tom Harris and pressed it. Within seconds Tom answered. I told him where I was and why I called him.  I told him that someone came and picked up Parker’s BMW. But, someone has been shuffling the junk in my garage around after the BMW was removed. He said, “Jerry, you do have problems. What in hell have you got that everyone wants?”

I said, “The Parkers wants the DVD’s that blew my case wide open. That is why they were here last night. I don’t know if they came back to look again or someone else came around.”

Tom said, “I will send a few men over to look around. Don’t go inside the house. They may still be in there. Go over to your friends and see if he recorded anything.”

I asked, “Is the Judge and his son still in jail.”

“Yep, another Judge made the bond so high that they could not find a bondsman that would put that much money up.”

I said, “That leave them out. Someone else came to picked up the car. It had to be my wife. Annette gave the remote and my keys to the house to someone else.”

Tom hung up his phone. Patty said, “How many men beside Peter did Annette entertain?”

I shook my head. I did not want to think about it and said, “I did not count and I do not want to know. I have never felt this bad about myself. I can’t believe that I had a blind trust for Annette. I never though that Annette would cheat on me. Sammy and June knew from the very beginning that she was having affairs. As I said to Sammy, I would not have believed him and anyone else that Annette was having affairs. Even though I saw them in the act, the inside of me still does not want to believe what I had witnessed. The human mind is a crazy piece of machinery.”

Patty chuckled and said, “Tell me about it. At times I can not believe half of what has happened to me had ever happened. As I look back over my short life, I wonder if it was all a dream or did it really happen.”

A cruiser came up behind me. The blast of the siren scared the hell out of Patty and me. It was Tom. Even though I was watching him drive up the sound scared the hell out of both of us. Patty looked over her shoulders and sees Tom getting out of the car. He had a smile on his face. Patty jumps out and said, “Tom, you have one coming. I am going to get you for that. I almost wet my panties.”

Tom, still chuckling apologizes and said, “When you go after me, don’t be to rough on me. I saw what you did to the Parkers. I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop over myself. ”

I got out on my side and listen to Patty give it to Tom. I could not help from laughing. Patty looks over at me. She pointed her finger at me and, said, “I will take care of you later.”

Tom puts his arm around Patty and said, “Forgive me. I am just a joker at heart.”

Patty said, “I will forgive you this time. I did not wet my panties. But, it was close.”

Tom said, “Did you see anyone come out of the house since you have been here?”

“No Tom, if they did come out, they would have gone over the fence in the backyard.”

Tom said, “I just talked to the guys in the other precinct. They said that the Parkers are still locked up. I asked them about the car. They said that it was still in the garage when you shut the garage door. Who else has a key or remote to your house?”

I chuckled, “I just went through that with Patty. I have no idea. It could be hundreds or thousands of people that Annette knew.”

I looked around and saw Sammy coming over. I said, “Maybe Sammy can put some light on the subject.”

Sammy yells, “Good morning, Jerry you had another visitor last night. Someone showed up around three this morning. The only thing that was recorded was when the garage door was opened, the car pulled out of the garage. I could not tell from the video who was driving the car. “

A thought went through my mind. Could Annette have come with them? Peter said that she was in the house. Was she waiting in the car when we went in the house to find the Judge? I said, “Let go in. I will bet that Annette was in the car when we came over last night. Last night Peter said that Annette was in the house. The Judge said that they had not seen her since we were in court. With Annette with them, it gave them an excuse for being in the house. It was her home. I wonder if she was in the car when we came over last night. No one bothered to look in the back seat of the car. We walked in the house through the garage. Someone had searched the boxes in the garage after I had left last night. Annette had to be the one that took the car.

We searched the house and the only thing that was messed up was our new bed. Someone had been sleeping in it. Patty saw the messed up bed and said, “I think that Annette waited in here until she though it was safe to leave.”

I said, “Let’s go into the office and see if anything is missing. I did not look in there before we left last night.”

As I walked into the office, I knew what had been taken. There wasn’t a CD or DVD left in the room. Even the blank disks were gone. They will spend months going through all of those disks I thanked Tom for coming over. He pull out his camera and took a picture where the disk were stored and said, “We filmed this room. I am going to compare this picture with the one on film. I noticed the number of CD and DVD that you had. I felt that you spent a lot of money on them.”

I shook my head and said, “No, I have been collecting them since I was in high school. I am afraid to through any of them away. I feel that someday I will be looking for one of them. Let who ever took them do what they want with them. The only ones that have any value are the new ones that I recently purchased and the backup that I made recently. I will have to backup everything on the computer again.”

As we were walking out of the office Tom sees a picture of Annette. He asked, “Is this you wife?”

I nodded my head and said, “That’s Annette.”

Tom said, “I picked up woman a few years ago that resembles her. She was a blond. We got a call that a prostitute had robbed this guy. He had picked her up in a bar. According to him she reluctantly went home with him. She told him to go take a shower. He thought that was a reasonable request. When he came out of the shower, the woman was gone. She ripped him for about three hundred dollars some expensive watches and other jewelry. He searches the bars for her. He was lucky enough to find her. He followed her home. He came in and files a complaint. We got a search warranty and went to visit her. We could not find the money, but she still had the watches. She got five years and was let out for good behavior after serving two year. I don’t remember her name.”

I felt like someone hit me in the gut. I did not want to believe that I had lived 18 months with a prostitute. Knowing what I knew about Annette now, I could not feel any worse. This really flipped me for a loop. I could not believe that could have been Annette. She never had sex with him, but she ripped him off. It was no question that Annette was a thief. She ripped me off royally.  I came out of my trance when Tom said, “I have to go now. I will look in the archives and see if I can find out where she is living. She may still be on parole. If she is I will talk to her parole officer.  I will let you know what I find out.”

          We walked Tom to the door. We thanked him for coming. Sammy was like a quiet shadow, he took everything in without interrupting the conversation. When Tom was out of earshot, he said, “When I looked at the video, it looked as if there were two people in the car. The driver wasn’t a woman. There was enough light from the head lights that I saw a man driving with a woman in the passenger seat.”

I said, “Who in hell could the driver be.”

Patty said, “Another one of her boy friends.”

I asked Patty if she brought in the envelope that Mary had given us. It may give us a hint. She said that she had left it in the car and she was out of the door before the words left my mouth. It was like she had read my mind and knew what I was going to ask.

Annette Past:

I looked out the door and waited for Patty to return. Sammy said, “How do you get so lucky. Patty is a bright and beautiful young lady. I think you have a good one this time. I never saw Annette as affectionate to you as Patty is. Don’t take out your hate for Annette on Patty. I have a few errands to do. See you later.”

Sammy was leaving when Patty came back in the house. She had a broad smile on her face. I was wondering why she looked so happy. She looks up at me and said, “You will not have any problem getting a divorce from Annette.  She used a bogus name when she married you. You said that her name was Annette Stockwood. She has a dozen different names, but there is no Stockwood listed. Also she has about a dozen different addresses. She had only been out of jail for about three months when she married you. The name that they had for her when she was in jail was Annette Harrison. I wonder if Annette is the person that Tom Harris had arrested. Some of the impersonators take the names of people that they have known or have associated with. No wonder they fired her. It is a miracle that the company did not tell you about her past.”

I shook my head and said, “No, they would fire you on the spot if you divulged the background of anyone that worked or had worked for the company. Patty there is a sucker born every minute. I trusted her with my life. Never during my marriage did I disbelieve anything that Annette said to me. I truly loved her when we first got married. Over the months she became quite tiring. The way things were going, I don’t think either one of us could do anything to hold the marriage together.”

I paused for a moment thinking about the marriage, Patty said, “It is hard for two people to live with each other unless they truly love each other. They both have to sacrifice some on their life for their spouse. It they don’t the marriage will be a disaster. My parent fought every day about trivial things. I don’t condemn them for the way they lived. They probably stayed together for the security they had by staying married.”

I turned Patty around and held her in my arms and said, “Do you think that you could live with me for the rest of your life.”

Patty smiled at me and said, “Do you think that you can put up with me for the rest of your life? If you think that you can live with someone like me, for the short time that we have known each other, you have more confidence in yourself than I have in myself. Knowing me personally, I could not put up with someone like me. We would fight constantly. “

“Patty, I had to put up with Annette for 18 months. If she did not want a divorce and I did not catch her, I would still be putting up with her. Knowing the two of you, I feel that I can trust you a lot more than I every trusted Annette. If I can get out of my marriage by getting an annulment, would you marry me?”

“Jerry, after knowing you for only a day, I felt that I could trust you for the rest of my life. Of course I would marry you. I would be a fool not to.”

I pulled Patty tightly against me and planted kisses all over her face. I pulled away and look into her eyes and placed my lips on her lips. The excitement that flowed through my body set me afire. I could not hold back my desires I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and said, “Can we share this bed tonight.”

Patty reaches up and starts to unbutton my shirt. I could not stop her and did not want to stop her. When she finishes unbuttoning my shirt she stands up and pulls me up. She releases my belt and unzipped my pants. They fell to the floor. She turns around and asked me to unzip her dress. Which I did, the dress fell to the floor. She did not have anything on under her dress. She turns around and pulled me into the bathroom and turns around, presses her body against mine and said, “Drop your under pant, you do not want to get them wet.”

I dropped my under pants. Without looking down she thrust her body tightly against mine. She starts planting kisses all over my chest and slowly continued down my body. When she got to my navel, I pulled her up and reached into the shower and turned it on. We made love until we both were exhausted. We dried each other off and crawled into bed with our nude bodies pressed tightly against each other. For a long time we enjoyed the pleasure of feeling each other warm body until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I heard the shower running. I laid there until Patty stuck her head out of the bathroom. I said, “You love taking showers, don’t you?”

Patty smiled at me and said, “Yes I do, but you don’t want any little ones yet do you.”

I said, “That department is up to you. I will respect you and your decision on that subject. When you are ready, I will be ready.”

Patty said, “I would love to have a dozen children. But, due to the circumstances, I think we should wait for a while.”

I said, “If by chance you became pregnant. I would want to keep him or her. They struggle so hard to come alive, they deserve to live. I did not want to cast you aside after I met you. I could not abandon you and I could not abandon our baby.”

Patty flew out of the bathroom with tears running down her face. She dives on top of me and said, “I will never want to leave you. I pray that you will not leave me. The love I feel for you and the love you have for me is more than I ever expected in my life.”

We hugged and kissed with out necked bodies press tightly together. My libido started to rise. Patty lifts up her body and looks down between us and said, “Would you like to try again.”

I chucked and said, “Only if you are ready to start a family.”

Patty falls down on top of me and said, “I would love to, but I want a better life for my baby than the one I had. I want to be able to give him or her everything they need to make life wonderful for them. I don’t want them to have to go through what I went through. Maybe what I went through has made me into a better person. I have no way of measuring what I would have been like if my parents had given me a better life.”

I said, “Let think about the future, not the past. I want to close the door on all of my life up to the moment you asked me to let you stay in the room with me. That is when my life started. Before that, it is nothing but a memory.”

I have never felt the intensity of the love that was coming from Patty. It was a warm and wonderful feeling. It sent a glow into my sole that will last for ever.

Patty jumped up and said, “I going to see what is eatable in the kitchen. I am starving.”

While Patty was fooling around in the kitchen, I took a shower. Being alone in the shower was not as pleasant as it was with Patty. I want to call her and tell her to forget about the food. I wanted to try for a baby again. I stood there letting the warm water roll down my neck and back until Patty yelled, “Dry yourself off and come and eat with me. I hate to eat alone. When I am talking to someone I don’t notice how much I eat. I hate being on a diet.”

Waiting for something to happen:

For the next two months we scanned the employment section of the newspaper. There were no full time jobs listed. There were only part time jobs listed. Patty and I drove to the different places that advertised. Most of them were employment agencies. There were just cataloging the types of employees that were available. Of course Patty and I had our names added to the list. On one occasion the interviewer noticed the same address, she wanted to know if we were married. Patty spoke up. She knew the bitch was just nosey. She answered, “No, we are not married. We live in the same building. Jerry is kind enough to let me ride with him when we both go job hunting.”

The interviewer said, “Oh, you are neighbors. You have the same phone number. Is this a pay phone?”

Patty said, “No, it is not a pay phone. I don’t have a phone and can not afford one. Jerry takes all of my calls when he is around. We are friends and we both are looking for a job. As you know we both are unemployed. Any more pointed questions.”

The lady said, “No, no.  I am sorry if I sounded acquisitive.”

This was almost typical at all the agencies.  I wondered if they all were nosey or if it would make a difference if we got a job. All we wanted was a job, any kind of a job that would help us stretch our pennies. The local taxes and the insurance became due. This took a big bit out of the cash that was still left.

Patty went house to house looking for work. She took anything that was offered. She baby-sits, cleaned houses, walked dogs, washed and ironed clothes, cooked meals, raked and cleaned yards, and dozen of other chores. She wanted to share the money with me. She was mad at me for not taking the money. The employment office called me for a few part time jobs. I cleaned out office building in the middle of the night. Through this job, I got a part time night watchman job. The guards on duty put in a word for me. I would clean the building and make the rounds checking the building every hour. I had to hustle my butt to do both jobs. Thankful, they paid me for both jobs. They paid me the minimum wage. With both of us working, we put ourselves on a budget. The few dollars that we made kept our heads about water. So far, I did not have to sell my home.  

The second time in court:

Six months had passed. We were subpoenaed for the hearing for the Parkers. Judge Howard Dixon would be presiding. He was the one that put a million dollar bond on the Parkers. Yet somehow they got out on a two hundred thousand dollar bond.

I had made copies of the DVD’s. I did not want to lose the originals if the court requested them. They were the only thing that I had in my defense. If I lost the DVD’s, I would have nothing to substantiate my innocent. The Parkers and Annette could lie about everything and I could not prove it. Patty and I set up the computer and cell phone to record the hearing. Patty also brought the purse with the camera hidden inside. After the hearing started, the Judge requested the DVD’s.  This blew my mind. How in hell did the Judge know that I had the DVD’s? Reluctantly, I gave the DVD’s to the Judge. The Parkers looked relieved after the Judge took the disk. This bothered me, was the two hundred thousand dollar bond a ploy? Was the Judge trying to pull a fast one on me? The Parkers knew that the DVD’s were the only thing that would prove the accusations against me were bold face lies.  Thankful, I had the originals and two copies.

When the Judge put the DVD’s on the floor next to him Patty jumped up and said, “You honor, I would like to make a request.”

The Judge sarcastically said, “Who are you?”

“Your honor, my name is Patty Wallace. I am a friend and adviser to Mr. Jerry Pritchard. Isn’t it a requirement for you to examine the evidence in court to verify that the evidence is not just a blank piece of paper and they are marked as evidence?”

The Judge told Patty to sit down. For a moment the old bastard did not know what to say. The court room came deadly quiet except for the court stenographer, she continued to type away. The Judge looks over at the stenographer and said, “Strike that.”

The Parkers were obviously bothered. They kept looking back and forth at the Judge and Patty. I wondered what they were thinking. They surely remembered the last time that they saw Patty in court. The chatter between the Parkers picked up. The court stenographer kept on typing. She was doing what she was taught to do, record everything that happened in the court room. Patty was still standing.  The Judge yells at her to sit down. Patty refuses and said, “Don’t try to pull your weight on me. That is why Judge Parker is in court. He tried to take the law into his own hands. The boundaries of the court in this state are very precise. Your Honor, you are out of bounds. That is why the stenographer is still typing.”

 Peter Jr. as well as his father looked quit upset. Patty did not sit down.

The Judge gets up and yells to the bailiff, “Take Judge Parker and his son and lock them up. Don’t let them have any visitors.

After the Parkers left the court room, the Judge let out a sigh of relief. Then he sits back down. He picks up the DVD’s and said, “How am I going to examine these things.”

Patty still standing said, “That will be no problem. Mr. Pritchard has a DVD player. I am sure he will play them for you.”

For the next three hours. We watched the DVD’s with Jerry telling the Judge who, where and what was going on. He also played the hearing that Judge Parker presided. Patty and I could see displeasure written all over the Judge’s face. The Judge asked what was Judge Parker looking at. He looked quite disturbed. Jerry picks up the disk of Annette and Peter making love.  Patty said, “Your Honor, this is what started the whole mess. Attorney Peter Parker Jr. tried to hide what he and Mr. Pritchard wife were doing. They filed a number of serious charges against him. None on them were true.”

Impatiently the Judge said, “Get with it. I have not seen anything in your favor yet. Only, Judge Parker's conduct was deplorable.”

Patty said, “Your Honor, the Parkers came into Jerry’s home with malice of forethought. They stole every DVD that Mr. Pritchard had. Without the DVD’s Mr. Pritchard would not have had any proof that he was innocent of the charges that Attorney Parker Jr. had filed against him. Judge Parker and Attorney Parker were not aware of the DVD’s until Mr. Pritchard played them in court for Judge Parker. Mr. Pritchard wanted Judge Parker to drop all the false chargers that his son Attorney Peter Parker and Annette Stockwood had brought against him. Judge Parker refused. ”

Jerry put the last disk into the player. The Judge wasn’t looking at the DVD player. He must have seen the action on the player. He snaps his head around. His mouth popped open.  The stenographer hears the moans and groans and asked, “Will you please turn up the volume up. I can not hear what they are saying.”

I obliged, and looked over at her. For a moment she stops typing. Her face flushed and she continued to type. I was wondering how she would react if she saw what was going on. The moment that Annette started talking, the stenographer became quit attentive. I was thankful that she put it all on the record. With this as evidence, the Parkers would have to steal the court records as well as silence the court stenographer.

After we finished listen to the DVD’s, Judge Dixon told us to go home and not to worry. He said that he would have the charge against me be thrown out of court. Still having the charges on the books, I did not trust Dixon, he and Parker looked like a couple of good old boys. It appeared as if they had been friends for a long time and he could not let his buddy down now. With breaking and entry and malice with forethought hanging over their heads, how were the Parkers going to defend themselves.  How is he going to get the Parkers off the hook was another question. Patty did not trust either one of them.  

We thanked the Judge for his patience. He was cordial, but Patty and I both felt that he was putting on a front. I had seen the same smile on hundred of people during my life. Their smiles give them away. We headed for home. A thought flashed through my mind. I asked Patty if the folder of Annette’s past was in the car. She unbuckled her seat belt climbs over the seat. Her beautiful butt was exposed. I took a double take and my emotions started to act up. She grabs the folder and slides back into her seat. I smiled at her. She asked, “What are you smiling about. Let me in on it so I can smile too.”

With the smile getting broader, I said, “You beautiful butt. I almost lost control of the car looking at you sexy rear end.”

Patty started laughing uncontrollability. It brought out the humor in me. I could not control it and my sides started to ache. Fortunately we got control of our laughter. I had forgotten about the folder and asked Patty, “What was I thinking about before we went into the laughing frenzy.”

She said, “You asked if the folder with Annette past was in the car.”

“Oh yes, how would you like to go see where Annette had lived. If I am not mistaken, she lived at dozens of different places.”

Patty said, “I would love to. I think I counted about eighteen different addresses in the report. She had a different name at each of the places. I pulled to the side of the street and took the folder. I scanned at the different address. I knew where three of them were. I made a u-turn and headed for the address where she lived before she went jail. It was the closest. I pulled up in front of the house and looked at it. A sinking feeling ran through me. I could not imagine that Annette would have lived in a dump like this. I looked over at Patty. From the way she looked, I knew she felt the same way I felt. Patty said, “No wonder she was hustling men. A number of times, I felt like that was the only way that I would be able to live. I was at this point of my life the night I met you. I was so happy that you did not ask me to have sex with you. I respected you for not being aggressive. I fell in love with you because you respected me. I would have given myself to you because, I loved you.”

I reached over and kissed Patty. Tears were running down her cheek. I looked back at the home. I felt sorry for Annette. She was desperate. She grabbed the first thing she came across to get out of the hell she was in. As I looked back, I could not blame her. If I had the same problem, I think I would have done the same thing.

I heard the door opening. I looked over at Patty. She said, “Let me go up to the house and inquire about Annette.”

Patty knocked on the door. An elderly woman came to the door. They talked for about ten minutes. Curiosity we getting to me, I was ready to go up to the house and listen to what the old woman was saying. Patty turns around and looks at me. She shook her head. Why was she shaking her head? Did she know that I was on the edge of getting out of the car? She turns back at the woman. It looked like the old woman did not want her to leave. Patty pulled away and headed for the car and still talking to the old woman. When she finally gets into the car, Patty said, “Annette was in a lot of trouble. According to Agnes, that is the woman name. Annette never had enough money to pay the rent. She could never find a job and every man that she met was a bastard. Annette rented the bedroom in the front of the house. Agnes said that every man that Annette brought home with her, they fought with Annette about have sex. Agnes and Annette had to fight them off to get them out of the house. Agnes would go to Annette room and knock on the door. The men reluctantly left when they saw Agnes. She told me that she has not seen Annette since the police picked her up.”

I looked at Patty and said, “I wonder what changed her approach to men after she got out of jail, was it the influence of the inmates in prison that change her? Annette dragged me into her apartment and seduced me the first night that I met her. It was a much nicer than this house.”

Patty cuddled up to me and said, “I would have dragged you home with me the first night that I met you. I felt the same as Annette the first night that I met you.”

I started to pull Patty over to me. She turns around and pulls me over to her, kisses me and said, “You are the loveable type of man. You always look like you want to be loved.”

I asked Patty, “How do you know what I am thinking. Just now I was going to kiss you and you beat me to it. When you were talking to Agnes, I started to get out of the car you turned and shook your head.”

Patty smiled and said, “I have been able to read your mind since we first met. I knew you would let me stay in the room before I ask you.”

I felt sorry for Annette. I felt ashamed of digging into Annette past. I did not want to dig any further. I said to Patty, “I don’t want to know anymore about Annette’s past. I don’t blame her for hanging on to me. I would have done the same thing if I was in her shoes. Let’s go home.”

Patty said, “If you had not taken me in. I would have stepped in front of a truck or became a prostitute. I was at the point of doing anything for a warm secure place to sleep, a good meal and someone to love. I was fortunate enough to pick the right person. I love you Jerry.”

I started to give Patty another kiss. Again she beat me to it. For the next couple of month we struggled along. It looked like we would be treading water for the rest of our lives and never getting on dry land. We were only making enough money to pay the utilities. The little that was left over was hardly enough to feed the both of us. Patty was excellent in putting together a nourishing meal with the few bucks we had for food.  

Months had passed and we had not heard or seen a thing in the paper or the new about the Parkers. I did not want to stir up the mess. Patty had said that it was best for me to let them play it out without aggravating the problem. The good old boy were wheeling and dealing to get all the charges nulled.

We did not have enough money for cable TV. I installed a cheap antenna on the roof. I was wasting time watching TV until it was time for me to go to my janitor’s job.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the envelope that had Annette past in it. I had seen it lying in the same spot for over a year. I started to get up and thumb through it. Something changes my mind. I sat back down. Without thinking of what I was doing, I stood up took the few steps and picked up the envelope. I thumbed through the pages. I looked down and saw Annette name. I started to read the report. Annette was only in her early twenties. Her home address was in a very exclusive neighborhood. After seeing where she once lived, I was wondering how she could afford this neighborhood. I looked over at Patty, gave her the folder and said, “Do you know where this neighborhood is?”

Patty did not say anything; she shook her head as to say no. I said, “I was quite surprised at the home where Annette lived. I think we will have another surprise when we see where she had lived or is still living.”

Patty asked, “Is this area worse than the other place?”

“No honey, it is just the opposite. This is a very exclusive area. It is a gated community. We may not be able to get in. Look through the files and see if you can find a name associated with this address.”

I pointed to the address. Patty was a very observant and had an excellent memory. When she started searching, I could almost hear her thinking. She was quite intense. There must be close to two hundred pages in the folder it not more. I looked over at her a few times; she was scanning the pages ten times faster than I could. I did not disturb her.

Patty yelled out. “Bingo, I think I have a match. I told you that her given name was Annette. Her last name on an earlier driver’s license was Annette Clarington. It matches the address that you showed me.”

I jump up and said, “let’s go for a ride.’

Patty was in the car before I got my car keys. Patty said, “How exclusive is the neighborhood.”

“Very exclusive, one of the owners of the company lived up there. We had a very prosperous year and he invited all of the employees to his home for a picnic.  I would have rather had a bonus than a few hot dogs and a beer.”

Patty laughed, “They through you a crumb and expect you to work your butt off.”

“Patty, I can’t complain too much. I had a wonderful job for a long time. But, they robbed me when they laid me off. I would hound them for the money they stole from me if I knew where they went after they kicked us out.”  

The street to the complex was just ahead. I pulled into the complex drive. A guard saw me approaching. He looked as if he was going to flag me through. He quickly put up his hand for me to stop. I said to the guard that Annette was expecting us. Without saying anything, he motions us to continue. I looked in the rear view mirror and the guard picked up a phone. I looked over a Patty and pulled to the side of the road. I told her to get into the back seat and keep her head down. The guard must have known the car because he started to flag us through. When he did not see Annette, he stopped us. When I mentioned Annette, he let me in. Patty said, “I got the same impression. He though Annette was in the car. I am certain that he is going to call Annette. Why don’t you let me out and you go alone.”

I shook my head and said, “No, I want a witness. I have no idea what we are walking into. If we have to make a quick retreat, I don’t want to go looking for you. All the houses are set back with driveways up to the homes. I will park on the street and walk up to the house.”

Instead of getting out of the car Patty climbed over the seat. She gave me a peek at her beautiful rear end. It is surprising how seeing her beautiful butt affects my libido.  

I was approaching the address. I saw Annette standing on the porch. The moment she recognized the car she ran inside the house. I pulled in front of the house and told Patty to keep down. I got out of the car and looked up at the house. I saw Annette looking out a window with a man standing behind her. I asked myself, “Who in hell is this guy.”

As I approached the house I saw a new BMW parked inside a garage that was detached from the house. It had three bays. There was another three bays attached to the house. I asked myself, “How many cars does she have.”

I knocked on the door. No one came to the door. There were windows each side of the door. I peeked through the door. I saw an elderly man standing on the far side of the room. I reached over and knocked again. I looked through the window again. Annette was trying to keep him from coming to the door. I stood there and looked at them arguing. Annette was in a one of the many fits that I had seen her in.  She finally gives up and walks out of the room.  The old man opens the door and said, “If you are looking for Annette, she is not here. I am her husband. What do you want?”

I said to the man, “I am also Annette husband.”

With a surprised look on his face, he looks across the room and called Annette. Annette did not answer him. He calls a couple more times. Still Annette did not come to the door. The man said, “When did you marry Annette?”

I told him that I had married her over two years ago. He said, “You could not have married her two years ago. She was still in jail. She just got out about six or seven months ago.”

I said, “No, she got out of jail about a month before we got married. She applied for a job where I was working. We were married a little over a week after Christmas a few years ago.”

I heard tires screaming. I looked over my shoulders and saw Annette driving away in a BMW. I was wondering if it was Parker’s BMW. The old man looked a little upset. I could almost feel what he must be going through. He said to me, “Are you certain that you have the right Annette.”

I said, “After living with Annette for eighteen months, I could recognize her a mile away. I saw her standing on the porch when I drove up. That was the Annette that I lived with for eighteen months.”

The old man turns around and started to walk away. Suddenly, he spins around and said, “How much money do you want?”

I was stunned. I did not know what to say. I stood there with my mouth wide open. I did not say anything. The old man aggressively said, “How much money do you want? A million, two million, five million, how much do you want?”

Stumbling with my words, I finally said, “I didn’t come here looking for money. I came here looking for Annette.”

He bellows out, “You can not have her. She is my wife. Name your price.”

Calmly, I said, “I married Annette also. I lived with her for 18 months until I found her with another man. I don’t want Annette back. I want to get an annulment. I no longer love her. You can have her. From what she has done, why would you want her back?”

Softly, the old man almost whispered, “I love Annette. I have been married to her for fifteen years. I will not give her up. I don’t care how many men she marries. She is a disturbed child. I will give you five million dollars and pay for the annulment. My lawyer will take care of all the arrangements. What is your name and please give me the information about your marriage to Annette.”

I said, “My attorney is outside in my car. Can I bring her in to witness what you are saying?”

Without saying a word, he nods his head. I went to the door; I could see the top of Patty’s head. I knew that she could not keep her head down. She was as nosey as I was. I waved for her to come in. She quickly gets out of the car and hurries up the sidewalk. I went outside to meet her. I told her what had happened. She stops in her track and said, “You are kidding me.”

I shook my head and said, “No. But, Annette husband may be kidding me.”

I took Patty’s arm and headed for the front door. The old man was standing there watching us. I introduced Patty to the old man and said to him that you never told me who you were.  He could not take his eyes off of Patty. With a lustful look on his face the old man said that his name was John Clarington. I asked John if he would tell my lawyer what he told me. Patty spoke up and said, “I think it is best to be in written. There will not be any miss interpretation of who said what. Do you have a computer, I will type it up and we all can sign it.

I saw a different side of Patty. She was very professional. John gave in to ever request that Patty asked for. Within a few minutes Patty had typed the agreement and we were walking out with a signed copy. Patty and I did not say a word or make any emotional outburst. We had driven away from the house. As soon as we passed the guard house, Patty screamed, “How in hell did you get him to do this. You must have twisted his arm off.”

“No Patty, Mr. Clarington though that I was going to take Annette away from him. I told him that I wanted an annulment. He offered me the money and the annulment if I gave up Annette. The old man knows about her philandering and he will not give her a divorce. There are a lot of strange love affairs in this world.”

“Jerry, you are right. We don’t have to look too far. Look at us. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you.”

I pulled Patty over to me gave her a kiss and said, “I don’t think that I could love anyone else as much as I love you. The first time I looked at those hungry eyes, I fell in love with you. I questioned myself. Was it sympathy? Once you came into my life, nothing in this world could take you away from me.”

Patty released her seat belt and pulled herself into my lap. She planted kisses all over may face. I almost lost control of the car. I pulled to the side of the road. We kissed until our lips were sore. We talked about the money and what we would do with it.  Also, how long would it take before the annulment would come through and when would we get the money. I felt that it was just a dream. We would never get the money. The annulment yes, but I would never get the money. I looked at my watch, I said, “I am going to be late for work. I don’t want to lose this job until I am sure that we get the five million.”

The waiting:

For the next few months, every day when the phone rang, a car slowing down in front of the house, or someone walking by, set off a moment of excitement, and then it faded out. Patty and I wanted to get married; we could have gone to another state and got married.  We both wanted it to be legal. The waiting did not keep us from enjoy each other. We still scanned the newspapers looking for a decent job with no luck.

It looked like someone was interfering with the charges against the Parkers. There names were no longer in the papers. I was happy about that. I did not want to pull Annette into court while her husband is trying to get an annulment for me. Also, I did not want to lose the money that he promised me.

Another month passed. I wanted to go over to John Clarington home and find out what was happening. Patty calmed me down and said that Lawyers were the most procrastinating people in the world. They would drag out a parking ticket charge for months. You would be better off money wise just to pay the ticket and get it over with.

Summer had set in. The days were hot as hell. The nights were not much better. We were sitting on the front porch when a limousine drove up and stopped in front of my home. The chauffeur gets out of the car and opens the rear door. When I saw who was in the car, a sinking feeling engulfed my body.  Patty reaches over and pats my hand and said, “Annette.”

I never expected to see Annette again. With a pissoff look on her face she climbs out of the car and looked at me. John followed her. It looked like John was forcing her as they walked up to the sidewalk. Patty and I got up and walked over to the steps. I read John lips. He told Annette to smile. The phony expressing that I had seen a thousand times came alive and Annette said, “Hi Jerry, I am sorry that I caused you all the trouble. Will you forgive me?’

Patty nudged me and whispered, “Tell her that you have already forgiven her.”

Reluctantly, I forgave her. Annette had a large tan envelope in her hands. She hands it to me and turn to go back to the limousine. John held on to her and whispered something to Annette. Annette said, “This is for the aggravation that I caused you during our marriage. I hope that it will relieve you of some of the problem that I put you through. I am truly sorry for all the pain that I put you through.”

Annette pulls away from John and heads for the limousine. John reaches for Annette. She pulls away. John apologized for Annette rudeness and hopes that I would someday forgive Annette. I told John that I had forgiven Annette and that I had started another life and I thought that it was the best for both of us. John holds his hand out. I took his hand and thanked him. I did not know what was inside the envelope. What did I thank him for? The chauffeur had opened the rear door of the limousine for Annette.  The chauffeur winked at Annette. A glow that I had not seen for years came across Annette face. The chauffeur helped Annette into the car. While his right hand held the door open, his left hand helped Annette into the car and it slid across her butt as she sat down. The chauffeur looked over at me and John. When he saw me looking at him he quickly slams the door shut. John missed the pat on Annette butt by a second. John had taken a couple of steps in the direction of his car. I called to John and walked down the steps to him. I again looked at the chauffer as he was heading to the far side of the car. I wanted to shake up the chauffeur. I said silently to John, “I hope that you will not have the same problems that I had with Annette, good luck.”

John said, “I have had a number of problems with Annette over the years. I have hopes that Annette has settled down. Thank you for your concern. Oh yes, there is a couple of places for you to sign. There is preaddressed envelope inside, please sign the documents and keep a copy for yourself. Mail the other copy to my attorney,”

I did not know it; Patty had come up behind me and heard what John and I said. When John was out of ear shot, Patty said, “John already has another problem with Annette. Did you see what the chauffeur did and the look on Annette’s face?”

“Yep, that is why I called John. I wanted to shake up the chauffeur.”

Patty chuckled and said, “From the look the chauffeur gave you, he thinks that you told John what he did. I can not understand why John puts up with Annette antics. Men must be crazy.”

After they pulled away, I pulled Annette tightly against my body and said, “Men are crazy. We all love women like you.”

Patty pulls away and gave me with a weird look then said, “What do you mean women like me. What’s wrong with me?”

“You are a woman and I am crazy about you. You drive me crazy. I want to hold you in my arms all day. I feel that if I let you go, I will lose you. I don’t want to lose you.”

Patty puts her arms around my neck, jumps up and wraps her legs around me then said, “Buddy boy, you are not going to lose me. I am not going to let you out of my sight. When I finish with you, you will not want to lose me. What in the envelope?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go inside and see.”

Patty slides down me. I looked over at Sammy’s house and waved. I said to Patty, “I hope Sammy doesn’t put that scene on the internet.”

When we got into the house, to tease Patty, I knew that she was dieing to see what was in the envelope. I said, “Let’s have a cup of coffee, then we can open the enveloper.”

Patty said, “Pleaseee, I am dieing to see what they came up with. This was my first case.”

I open the envelope and looked in. There were a hundred of pages. I whimpered, “I will never get to the end of this.”

Patty pulled the documents out of my hand and said, “This is nothing.”

I watched her thumb through the pages. Suddenly she stops. Her mouth flopped open. For a moment she was frozen. She held the documents up and shakes them. Nothing falls out. For a moment a look of disappointment came across her face. She grabs the large envelopes, turns it upside down and vigorously shakes it. About six of seven envelopes fall out of the large envelope. She spread them out in from of her. She lifts them up one at a time and examines them. One of the small envelopes was sealed. She jumps up and pulls a sharp knife out a drawer. She cautiously opens one end of the envelope. She blows into the open end of the envelope. The envelope bellows out. She slides her thumb and fingers into the envelope and pulls out what looked like a check. She unfolds it and let out a scream, “You are rich, rich, rich, rich and rich.”

“Calm down Patty. How rich am I?”

“What was the highest amount that John offered you?”

I could not think. My mind was a blank. I felt like I could not breathe. I took a deep breath and said, “Patty, I can’t remember. Please tell me.”

Patty puts on a smug look on hers face and sat up straight and said, “Well, you will not have to worry about selling your home. You will be able to buy dozens like it.”

I interrupted Patty and yelled, “How much.”

Still with that smug look on her face, Patty said, “Five million dollars, I think you should have bargained for more. You would have gotten it.”

I could not believe her. I grabbed the document and started to read it. I did not understand half the language on the document, what did I have to do to get the money. I said to Patty, “It I get five million, half of it is yours.”

Patty shouted, “No, no, no, I will have to pay taxes on it. You can give me ten thousand as a gift and I don’t have to pay taxes on it.”

A sad and dejected look came across Patty face. She paused for a moment and said,              “Another thing, in this mess of document is your annulment, you are free. I feel guilt for staying with you. You have everything you need to make you happy. If I stay with you, you will think that I stayed with you because of the money. I will feel that I am putting a blanket over the rest of your life. I have enjoyed being with you. But, I don’t want to ruin the rest of your life by hanging on to you.”

Tears came to my eyes, if I lost Patty, the rest of my life would be empty. I understood how she must be feeling. The emptiness had already started to sink in. I felt the same way that I felt in the mall. I thought that she had left me. Patty had the same sad look on her face when she finally found me on the opposite side of the mall. I reached across the table and took Patty hand and said, “I don’t want the damn money. I will give it all back to John if I lose you by keeping the money. I never had a life until a little waif came out of the darkness and wanted to spend the night with me. The next few days bonded my love for you. I will never let you go unless you really want to go. If you really want to leave me, I will not hold you back. I am serious; I will give up the damn money if that is what it takes to keep you. Patty I love you, not the money.”

Patty face lit up, it was filled with love and affection. She ran around the table and sat in my lap. She said, “I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you want to give the money back to John, I won’t stop you. But, if we stay together it will make both of our lives a little easier. If you marry me, I will have access to the two and half million that you wanted to give me without having to pay taxes on it.”

I could not believe what was going on. I though that I was dreaming. I had a beautiful young lady that loved me and a fortune to spend on her.

My memories of the meeting that I had with John started to came back to me. I remembered the forcefulness in Patty voice when she talked to John about the settlement. I would never have gotten a cent if I hadn’t gotten Patty involved.

I did not see a check for the five million. I was shuffling the document around looking for the check. Patty said, “What are you looking for.”

“Where is the check for the five million dollars?”

Patty search through the document and came across a document that had three pages staple together. She said, “John has opened an account for you. The five million is in your account. You have to go to the bank and have this document notarized and fill out the form with your personal information. After that the five million is yours. I am not sure, but I don’t think you will have to pay Uncle Sam any money. The five million is for damages that Annette has cost you. We will have to ask an accountant about it.”

I said, “There is one across the street. Sammy’s wife inherited her fathers accounting firm. She manages the firm and does not want Sammy to work. With the job he had, his salary was pushing them up into a higher tax bracket.”

Patty helped me fill out all the documents and agreements. We took them to the post office and mailed them. Without Patty’s help, I would still be trying to translate the document. Opening the account only took about a half hour. I could not believe that I had that much money. I think Patty and I were mesmerized by the wealth that we had come into.

 What are we going to do with the money?

The first thing we did, we got married. Patty and I both did not want to squander the money. We both were quite frugal. Due to the depression and all the banks folding around the country, we spent days investing the money in different accounts and investment across the country with hopes that we would not lose too much of the money.

We did splurge a little, we took a long cruise. Patty wanted to finish her studies and become a lawyer. This took up most of her time. I tried to find a job, but with the five million in the bank, I was not motivated. One morning between interviews, I passed a homeless shelter. The line at the shelter had doubled. A guilty feeling ran through me. If I had not gotten the five million, and had to sell my home, Patty and I may have been standing in that line. I was not a very good cook. Before and after I married Annette, we ate most of our dinner at different restaurants or Annette purchase carryout dinners. With Patty at school and studying most of the time, we also did not eat at home very often. At one of the dinners I looked down at my plate. The memories of the people standing in line for a meal came to mind. I looked up at Patty. She was so engrossed in her studies; I don’t think she knew what she was eating. She was in deep thought and I did not want to interrupt her. I think, like many times before, she read my mind. She looks up at me and said, “What is bothering you. Is my studying bothering you?”

I shook my head and said, “No darling, I am amazed at the intensity that you have. I admire you. I wish I had something that would take the boredom out of my life.”

Patty said, “Honey, I will stop this minute and stay home with you. I don’t want you to be unhappy. We can find hundred of things to do. I promise you that you will not be bored.”

“No sweetheart, you want so much to become a lawyer. I will never deprive you of your dream. I passed a homeless shelter the other day and saw all those people standing in line. I felt guilty for having so much money. I wanted to take it and give it all to them. If I did, we would be standing in the same bread line.”

Patty said, “Sweetheart, there are dozen of ways that you can help them. You can work at the shelter. They are always understaffed. You can give them some money, but you don’t have to give them all of the five million. Just keep enough so I can finish my studies. Then you can give them all of it if you want. If we give all the money away, one of us has to work or we will be standing in line.”

          The following morning I applied for a job at the shelter. They welcomed me with open arms. I enjoyed the work, but seeing the poor soles made me very depressed. I had spent most of my adult life selling companies my ideas and I was good at it. Just maybe, I could talk John and others like him to contribute money to help the unfortunate. One evening when Patty was studying, I scanned the telephone book for all the businesses. I made a list of all the banks and larger businesses. I started at the top. I want to see how generous they were.

          I told them at the shelter what I was going do. They gave me a list of the companies that were their regular contributes. I struck them off the list that I had. For the next to weeks I hit all the large companies. Most of them said that they would make a contribution. None of them wanted to commit to the amount they wanted to give. For the next year, I started at the end of a business street. I visited ever business on the street. I got donations for a few buck in cash to food, clothing and larger donation. I had visited most if not all of the business in the city. My next venture was to hit the wealth communities. A number of them were donating clothing and other items to various charities. I pumped them to give cash also. I even hit up John Clarington. He said that he would mail a check to the shelter that I was working for.  

Two years have passed:

            Patty is waiting for her Attorney license. She has completed everything that is required to get her license. Every morning around 10:00 she watches for the postman to arrive. She has been waiting for over a month for the license to arrive. It is driving her up the wall. I was hoping that they would now turn her down for some ungodly reason.

          I have tried to assure her that she would get the license. The state government had lain off hundred of employees because of the depression. After a couple of hour of being depression, she returns to her normal sweet self.

          With nothing to do she went with me to the shelter. None of the staff worked as hard as she did. She encouraged them to clean themselves up and look for a job. She told them that she was once a street person. Some of the men and woman that she had met on the street were still homeless. Patty felt that she was not getting across to them. None of them were taking her advice. On the way home Patty said, “Jerry, I was to spend some money on the homeless. I want to get them working.  They come in the shelter every day for food then go back on the street. Some of them take baths and put on clean clothes. Most of them just return to the streets filthy. I want them to care about themselves. I think that I can pressure them enough to clean themselves up and look for work. There is a lot of work out there. I know that the pay isn’t that good. But, I want to motivate them enough to keep them off the street and out of the shelters. There are a number of them that can work and should not be coming to the shelters for handouts. If we get them out of the shelters we can concentrate on the ones that really need the help.”

          I knew what she said was the truth. Some are just down right lazy. There are others that don’t know how to apply themselves. They need to be pushed. Otherwise they will be on the streets for the rest of their lives.  

     I put my arm on Patty’s shoulder and said, “You know that the money is just as much yours as it is mine. Spend as much money as you need to get the program started. If it works, it will get some of them a chance for a new life. Tomorrow when they go through the food line, I will tell them to come see you after they have eaten. They can neat you in the parking lot behind the shelter.”

“Jerry that a great idea. I was wondering where I could talk to them.”

The following morning Patty had an audience of more than two hundred men and women. Most of them wanted to join the program. The few that did not want to join the group felt that it was worthless. I joined the group just before Patty finished talking to them. Patty had separated the ones that wanted to join the group. There were 15 men and a woman that thought that Patty was wasting her time. They felt that they could make more money panhandling on the street. I told them to give it a try. What would they have to lose? They would get some new clothes, a shave and shower, and be driven to the place of employment. Surprising, they joined the larger group. 

The program was not working the way that Patty was hoping. There weren’t enough jobs for the number of people that wanted to work or the salaries were not enough to keep them in the program. We came up with and idea. We would set aside a million dollars for us to live on. The interest and dividends from the four million would go to charities.

Patty finally got her license. She opened an office and put up her shingle. She did a lot of pro bono work. She enjoyed working, it kept her busy and she felt that she was helping to relieve the pressure on people that were loosing their home because of the depression. Patty was a glutton for punishment. She took on more cases than she could handle. There was no way that I could help her, except make sure she was comfortable when she was at home.

She had not told me that she had also been working to bring Attorney Powell to his knees. One evening Patty had fallen to sleep at her desk. I went over to help her to the bedroom. When I was trying to pick Patty up the document that she was working with fell to the floor. After I tucked her in bed, I went back to pick up the documents that had fallen to the floor. I could not believe what I saw. There was a list of over two hundred women that had been fired because they would not have sex with their employer. The names of the companies were listed next to the victim. I was surprised at the companies that were on the list. I was as naive about the world around me, as I was with Annette. How had they gotten away with this for so long? How deep was Patty involved? Was she going to bring charges against these companies on the testimony that these women had given her. There two many companies involved. They would spend huge amount of money to defend themselves. They would have hundred of witness to contradict what the victims testified to. I did not want to spoil Patty’s desire for revenge.  They had destroyed her life. It would be much easier to kill the bastards. Maybe she wants to humiliate them and expose there character to the public. With hopes it would destroy them.

As the weeks turned into months Patty’s list grew. It looked like every woman it the city had been sexually assaulted by their employers. It took all of my willpower not to interfere with Patty's project. She had buried herself in her project for the last year. I had listened to her on the phone with a number of women. We had been getting calls in the middle of the night from women who had been sexually assaulted recently. They had seen her ads in the newspaper. I was wondering why they called so late in the night.

I had been at the homeless shelter all day. On the way home, I stopped to pick up a few groceries that we were running short of. While I was waiting in the checkout line I scanned the evening paper. I saw an article that woke me up. The headlines read, “Local lawyer filed lawsuit against prominent law firm.”

I picked up the paper and scanned the article. I saw my last name bulging out of the article, “Attorney Pritchard.”

I knew that Patty had changed her name to mind when we were married, but I never expected to see my last name on the front page of the local newspaper. The shock of seeing my name in the paper frozen me in my tracks until the cashier brought me out of my trance yelling at me, “There are others that want to check out. Would you please empty your cart onto the counter?”

I apologized, but it did not remove the angry looks of the customers behind me. I quickly put my item on the counter and made a comment about seeing my name in the paper. They were not impressed.  

            I folded the paper and put it under my arm. When the cashier finished ringing up the items on the counter, with a sarcastic mouth she said, “Give me the paper so I can ring it up or were you trying to sneak it out without paying for it.”

          I said, “No, I just did not want to lose the page that I was reading.”

          I unfolded the paper and gave it to her. She did not scan it. She just punched in the amount on the register and stuffed the paper into the bag with the other item. I shook my head and chuckled.  With the same sarcastic mouth the cashier said, “What are you smiling about.”

          “If you knew that I had picked up the paper and you did not have to scan it, why did you make me lose the place that I hat been reading?”

          The cashier did not answer me. She ignored me and started ringing up the next customer’s items. I grabbed my bags and took off.

          With all the money that Patty and I had, she did not need the money that she would get from a lawsuit. I have always felt that revenge was a poison to your sole. It was like a virus. It would eat at you until it destroys your life. I did not know Patty was so vindictive. In a way I could not blame her. I can not say how I would feel if something like this had happened to me. Of course, I did not like what Annette had done to me. At the beginning I wanted to kill her and Peter. Being as vindictive as Patty, would she hate me as much as she hates Powell if we got a divorce? I was so deeply in though that I had driven home and could not recall how I got home. I was inside the house before I came out of my trance. Patty brought me back to life when she said, “What did you buy honey?”

          With nothing else on my mind, I said, “The newspaper.”

          Patty said, “Sweetheart, we have the paper delivered to us.”

          “I know, I was standing in the checkout counter and I saw my name in the paper. It was only my last name. I did not know that you had filed law suit against Powell.”

Patty goes to court:

            For the next four weeks Patty was living in her small office that she had rented. It was packed with women that volunteered there help. Also there was a constant flow of women. I think Patty did not expect to see this amount of reaction when she opened the small office. There was a long table with chairs on both sides in the middle of the office. It was filled with women writing in longhand their experience with the companies that fired them. There were four women at computers typing in the information that they receive in long hand.

          I was recruited to provide meals for the ones that worked there all day. I set up a snack bar of them and the women who would testify in court. Patty personally interviews every woman that was part of the law suite. There were a number of them that thought that they could ride on the coat tail of the real victims. Patty was excellent in separating the real victims from the phonies.

          Sunday was their day off, or was it. The whole crew including Patty brought their work home with them on there their day off. I had never seen so many women dedicated to their project.

          Our love life had come to abrupt stop. I loved Patty and I respected her desire to help those that could not help themselves. On the day of the trial, we got up early. I went to the office to pick up the boxes of data that they had collected. When I drove up to the office, I noticed the glass in the door next to the handle had a circular cut in the glass. The memory of finding my home trashed surfaced. I was certain that the office had been raided. I was not going to tell Patty until I was certain that the office had been broken into. I locked up last night and there was not a perfect circular hole in the glass.  I reached into my coat pocket for my cell phone. I had not cleaned out my telephone director. I scanned down to Tom Harris and pushed the send. I had not seen Tom for over a year on official business. It was only five fifteen; I did not give a damn. He had told me some time back if I ever needed his help, not to hesitate to call him. I let the phone ring until his grump voice said, “Who in hell is this?”

          I told Tom who I was and why I called. He asked if he could send someone else to investigate. I told him yes, but I wanted him to come also. Reluctantly, he agreed to come.

          Within fifteen minutes three police cars drove up. I walked over to the first police car and told the officer my problem. All the offices followed me to the door. All five of them wanted to take a peek. I took a handkerchief from my pocket and opened the door. It was not locked. I asked them not to touch anything. It may destroy any evidence that the robbers had left. When we walked in, I expected to see a mess. The office was as neat as it was last night when we closed it. I went back to Patty’s office. The boxes of files were not there. I explained to the officers what was stolen and that the trial was set for today.  We headed for the front door and out of the office. I locked the door and looked up and saw Tom pulling up behind the police cars.  

          After a brief welcome, I told Tom about the robbery. He told the other officers that they could go and he would handle the investigation. I told Tom that this was not an ordinary robbery. They knew what they wanted and where it was. Nothing else in the office was stolen. I told Tom how long Patty had worked on the lawsuit and how many people contributed their time to help. He asked, “What is Patty going to do?”

          I said, “I have not idea. There is no way that they can go to court. If she doesn't finds out who did this, she will probably kill them.”

          Tom asked, “Does Patty know about the robbery?”

          I shook my head and said, “No, I will call her now and tell her.”

          The phone rang a few times the Patty answer and said, “Is this my darling husband.”

          “Yes honey, it is your husband. I have some terrible new for you. The files are gone.”

          Patty laughed and said, “I expected it. I have CD’s of all the files a hard drive with the files on it and copies of the files in the garage. Since it took you so long to get them I loaded the copies that were in the garage in my car. Did you call the police?”

          “Yes I did,”

          “Do not tell them that I have copies of the files. I don’t want anyone to know that I have the original files. In the boxes that were in the office were fragmented copies of the original files. I took all the junk and packed it in the boxes. I am almost certain that I know who Powell planted in my office. I hope she is in court today. She will be my first witness. Come on home and have breakfast with me. Goodbye lover.”

          “Goodbye sweetheart. I will be home soon.”

          I gave Tom the key to the office and told him that I hope that he can find some evidence of who robbed the office. He wished me and Patty luck and we parted.

          I pulled into the driveway and pushed the remote. The back seat and the trunk of Patty’s car were loaded with boxes. Patty heard the garage door open and came out to meet me. With a broad smile on her face, she said, “I knew they would pull something like this the very first day I started collecting evidence. I copied every item of evidence to CD’s and the external hard drive. I took the originals home with me. While you were gone I checked the CD’s and the hard drive to see if the information was still on them. Someone could have seen me making copies.”

          Patty took my hand and dragged me into the kitchen. She had prepared a beautiful breakfast. She said, “This is the beginning of our second honeymoon, I know that you have been putting up with my nonsense for to long. I promise you that I will not take on another project without you consent.”

Patty’s first trial:

          After breakfast we got ready for court. We showered together and scrubbed each other.  This was the first time that we showered together without doing anything. Sex was to far back in the chain of events that were ahead of us.

          I helped Patty cover the few boxes that were in the back seat, we climbed into her car and I drove while she scanned the procedures that she would be going through. She said to me, “Honey, we have to stop at my office for a few minutes. I will only be there for a few minutes. Wait for me in the car. I don’t want anything to happen to the documents that are in the car.”

          Patty had been gone for about fifteen minutes. When she came out she had a smile on her face. She was stuffing a few CD’s into her briefcase. I did not ask her what she had to pick up, but it was killing me. Like many times, she must have been reading my mind. She said, “Thanks to you sweetheart. I filmed the burglar’s.”

When we got to courthouse, Patty said, “Leave the boxes in the car. We may not need them today. My first witness will take up most of the morning.”

          Patty was calmer than I was. This was her ball park not mine. I did not know what was going to happen and it was driving me up the wall. My little beautiful wife was going to take on the world and I wanted to help her. The only thing that I could do was to be at her side cheering her on. The court room was filled, there was standing room only. I knew that they had another court room that was larger than this one. I asked Patty if she could request that they use a larger court room. She dropped me off at our table and went to the bailiff. I could not here what they were saying. Patty pointed to the people that were standing. It appeared that he was not going to let her use the other court room. I don’t know what she said to him. Fear ran across his face and he called to the crowd that we were change court rooms. He told them not to panic trying to get a seat. There were more than enough seats in the other court room on the third floor.  Powell and his staff appeared upset with the change. Also, it was obvious that they notice that we did not bring in any documents. Patty noticed a slight smile on Powell face when he passed Patty table. I head a slight chuckle and the group all looked back at us with smiles on their faces. Patty said, “Sweetheart, we are going to get the last laugh. Honey, don’t look around now. My first witness is trying to hide behind the crowd that is headed for the third floor. She has a broad brim hat on. She is trying to hide her face.”

          I asked, “Who is she?”

          Patty crunched up her face and said, “She is the mold that Powell put in my office. She volunteered to help us prepare our case. I don’t thing she remembers me seeing her at Powell’s office when I worked there. I had seen her a number of times in Powell’s office and in the parking lot. When she volunteered to help us, I knew that I had seen her somewhere else. It bugged me for a while until I heard her talking to one of the other volunteers bragging about where she had worked. I was getting a cup of coffee and when I heard her say that she had worked in a large law firm, a flash of memory hit me. I remember that I had seen her at Powell’s office. I recalled the places that I had seen her and spilt some of the coffee on the floor. She helped me clean up the mess. She appeared to be a very kind middle age woman. I would not have suspected that she was a mole that Powell planted in my office.”  

          I asked, “What difference would it make if she was planted by Powell?”

          Patty laughed and said, “If you were a coach of a football team would you like them to know every play you were going to play and when?”

          I felt so stupid. Why did I open my big mouth? I did one of the many things that I swore that I would not do, discuss anything that I was not well informed about.

          We followed the crowd to the third floor. I glanced around the court room for the women with the broad brim hat on. She had taken a seat behind a column. When we were at Patty table we could not see her. We all twilled our thumbs until Judge Howard Dixon came in.  We all stood up until the bailiff told us that we could be seated. Judge Dixon with his smug, arrogant and pompous look on his face scanned the court room. We he saw Patty smiling at him he almost chocked. The old fart looked like he had seen a ghost. He gets up and leaves the court room. Patty chuckled. With bewilderment, the group from Powell looked over at Patty and saw the smile on Patty’s face. A worried look came across Powell’s face. They all huddled together. I could not make out what they were whispering about. When they took their seats, they did not have the happy smile that they had down stairs. We waited for another half hour until Judge Dixon had enough courage to return. I knew what the old bastard was thinking. He had let his buddies get away with burglary and the Attorney and the defendant was again in his court room. He had hoped that the both of us had died. When he saw me with Patty, it blew his mind.

          The bailiff told us all to stand up, Dixon told us to stay seated. He called Powell and Patty to his desk. He question Powell about defending himself. I could hear them talking about calling a witness. Powell objected. Dixon went along with Patty and allowed her to call Powell mold. The bailiff asked if a Peggy Anderson was in the court room. Now one stood up. Patty called the bailiff over to her and pointed at the column. The bailiff took a few steps over and pointed to Peggy and said, “Would you please come down and take a seat in the witness chair.”

          Powell and Peggy both objected and argued with the bailiff. Judge Dixon finally intervened and said, “Ms Anderson, if you don’t come down, I will have you forcibly brought down here and charge with obstruction of justice. Powell nodded at Peggy. We waited for her to take a seat in the witness chair. The bailiff swears her in. Patty gets up and asked Peggy to identify herself and tell the court where she is employed. Peggy looked over at Powell and waits for a nod from Powell. Powell did not nod and Peggy did not answer Patty. Patty said, “Your honor.”

          Dixon said to Peggy, “I have warned you once and I don’t want to warn you again. Please answer all the questions that Attorney Pritchard asks you.”

          Peggy told Patty that she worked for Attorney Powell and said that her name was Peggy Anderson.

           Patty asked, “During the time you volunteered to work with me did Attorney Powell pay your salary?”

          Powell objects, Dixon said, “Over ruled, please answer the question.”

Peggy said, “Yes, I was paid for the six months and given a bonus for volunteering.”

Patty asked, “Did you tell Attorney Powell about the work you did in my office.”

Peggy nodded her head. Dixon said, “Please answer yes or no.”

“Yes your honor I had to go to Attorney Powell office every night that I worked with Attorney Pritchard and tell him everything that happened that day. I kept a note pad and kept records of the things that happened.”

          Patty asked, “Who went with you last night to my office.”

          Again Powell objects, Dixon said, “Over ruled, please answer the question.”

          Trembling, Peggy said, “I don’t know there names. Attorney Powell told me that they would pick me up and they would take me to Attorney Pritchard’s office with them. I was told to open the office for them.”

          Patty asked, “Did they cut the hole in the glass door and why did they do it? Please tell the court what happened from the time they parked their car in front of my office until you went to bed last night. Please do not leave out a thing, if you don’t tell everything that happened; you could be charge with obstructing justice. It will save us all some time and we can go home sooner.”

          Peggy looked over a Powell. Powell was resting his head with his hands on the sides of his head. He was looking at the floor and shaking his head. The court room was deadly quiet. Dixon finally broke the silence and said, “Ms Anderson, please tell Attorney Pritchard what happened last night.”

          Peggy looks over at Patty with tears in her eyes and said, “I am so sorry we damaging your storm door. It will cost a lot of money to replace the glass.”

          Patty interrupted Peggy and said, “Please tell us step by step every thing that happened last night. Please do not leave out anything.”

          Peggy looked a little disturbed. She looked around the court room for help. She must have realized that she and the men had committed a burglary. Dixon cleared his throat and said, “Ms Anderson, relax. We have all day. All we want is the truth about what happened last night.”

          Peggy took a deep breath and said, “Three men picked me up at my home. I told them where we were going and gave them instruction on how to get there. They did not introduce themselves and I did not tell them my name. When we reached Attorney Pritchard office, the man sitting next to me opened the door and helped me out of the car. They follow me to the office door. I opened the door for them and pulled down all the blinds. I took them to Attorney Pritchard’s office and showed them the boxes that Attorney Powell wanted us to get. They loaded the boxes in the car. When they were finished, one of them took a tool out of the car and cut a hole in the storm door. I asked them why they did that. One of them said, “Honey, you have a key to the office. We wanted it to look like someone without a key broken in to the office.”

          Peggy paused for a few moments and said, “I told them that I had to open both doors with a key. They should have done something to the main door. They said that would make to much noise and someone night hear us and it would take some time to break into the door. It had a dead bolt on it. We got into the car and drove to Attorney Powell office. We parked in the back of the building. Attorney Powell was waiting at the back door for us. The men took the boxes to the basement where there was a trash furnace. I had given Attorney Powell copies of the testimony of most of the women; he did not have to have any of the testimony that was in the boxes. They turned on the gas and burned all the documents in the boxes. Attorney Powell gave the men an envelope and they left. Attorney Powell and I watch the files burn for a while. I heard Attorney Powell let out a sigh of relief. I turn around and he took my arm and we went out the back door where I came in. Attorney Powell put his arm around me and thanked me. He drove me home and gave me an envelope and a kiss on the cheek. I went up to my apartment and went to bed. It was almost two o’clock. I got up this morning and came down here.”

          Peggy looked over at Patty and said, “That’s it.”

          Patty asked, “Did Attorney Powell tell you to stay home today.”

          Peggy answered, “No, he told me to take the day off.”

          “Peggy, did Attorney Powell know that you were in the court room before I asked for you to testify.”

          Peggy shook her head and said, “I don’t think so. When the bailiff called my name, I was looking at Attorney Powell to see his reactions. I think he was quit surprised when he saw me.”

          “Peggy, the questions that I am going to ask you are personal. You are well aware of why we are in court today. Knowing why this trial is taking place, why did you spy on us?”

          Peggy quickly replied, “I did not want to be fired. If you do not do what you are told to do, sometimes they will fire you on the spot. I can not afford to lose my job. I have seen girls being fired for almost no reason.”

          “Peggy, have you ever had sexual intercourse with Attorney Powell?”

          Peggy looked up a Dixon. Dixon said, “I know it is embarrassing. This trial is about the conduct of your employer. Please answer all of Attorney Pritchard’s question honestly.”

          Peggy looked over at Powell. Powell was still looking at the floor with his hands covering his face. Peggy looks over at Patty and said, “You ma’am.”

          Patty asked, “How long have you worked with Attorney Powell?

          “For about thirty years.”

          “When was the first time you and Attorney Powell had sexual intercourse?”

           Peggy looks up at the ceiling for a moment and said, “I don’t recall the exact date. I had only been working for him for a month or so. He came in my office and he asked how I liked working for him. I loved the job and the salary and I told him so. I could not find a job as nice as this one. He came over to the back of my desk and puts out his hand. I took his hand. I was not a virgin and I did not resist his advances. We make love many times after that. He has not come to my office for a long time.”

          Patty asked, “What was going on in your mind the first time that you and Attorney Powell made love?”

          “Not knowing for sure what he was going to do. I was scared to death. I did not want to lose my job for refusing to make love with him. I had affairs with other men before I went to work for Attorney Powell. I enjoy make love with him. It gave me a feeling of security. I felt that he would never fire me if I made love with him. I was very disappointed when he got married to one of the other girls at the office. Occasionally, he would come to my office and we would make love. I felt that I could never get married and be unfaithful to my husband while I was still working for Attorney Powell. If I got married, he would surely fire me. Over the years I have had affair with other men.”

          I whispered to Patty and said, “Don’t make her bare her sole to the world.”

          Patty whispered, “I want the world to know what happen to victims of bastard like Powell. He destroyed the life of this lonely woman.”

          Peggy continued revealing her life secrets until Dixon stopped her. Dixon looked over at Patty and said, “I think we have heard enough from this witness.”

          Patty said, “Yes your honor. This is typically what happens to women that have been abused by their employers. What happens to Peggy is what has happened to millions of women across this country. I want to stop the erosion of morality across in this country. A few years ago, I lost my job because I would not have sexual intercourse with Attorney Powell.  This is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to my husband. I made copies of all the testimony from all the victims. I knew that Peggy had worked for Attorney Powell when she came to work with me and Attorney Powell would do every thing in his power to stop this lawsuit.”

          Patty looks across the court room at Powell and said, “What happen to the smile that was on you face when I walked into the court room without the boxes of testimony. For your information, I filmed Peggy and the three men stealing the boxes from my office.”

Patty reaches into her briefcase and pulls out a DVD. She hands it to the bailiff and said, “Please mark this as evidence and put it in a safe place so it does not get lost like other items that I have presented to the court.”

            It was loud enough that Dixon heard what Patty said. He took a quick look at Patty. He slams down his mallet and said, “The court will adjourn until nine tomorrow morning.”

          I asked Patty what was going to happen tomorrow. She rolls her eyes and said, “Frankly I have not idea. Powell know that we have him out on a limb and it is about to break off. My first witness addressed all of my charges. He will have to prove that she was lying and nothing that she said ever happened. If Powell is smart he will plea-bargain with hope some of his victims will settle for cash. As far as the court, they could hang his ass; he deliberately hired someone to steal my documents. That alone will take his license away from him. Let go home to room 27 and do what we wanted to do the first night we met. Like you and Annette, I don’t trust Powell, the bastard. He will do anything to get even.”

           We stopped off at home and picked up a few things. I setup the cell phone to the computer. The backup copy of Patty document filled up the rest of her car. We took off in separate cars. She left first. I was talking with Patty on our cell phones. We were hoping that no one would follow us. I waited for a few minutes to see if anyone followed her. If they were, they did not pass my home. I told Patty on the cell phone it looked like no one followed her. She said, “Honey, there was a car parked at the end of the block and now he is on my tail. I am going to pull to the side of the street and see what he does.”

          I grabbed my baseball bat and hurried out to my car. Fear for Patty shot through my body. I will kill the bastards if they hurt her. I turned the corner and saw two cars parked a few blocks ahead of me. Patty said, “The son of a bitch pull up behind me. He is right on my bumper. He is still in the car, please hurry.”

          “Patty, I am only a couple blocks away. Put on the brakes and put the gearshift into park. Keep the engine running. I am going to block him in.”

          “Jerry, he may have a gun.”

          It was too late to change my mind. I pulled up as close to the car as I could. I did not step on the brakes soon enough. My car bumped his.  He swirls around with fear in his face. I grabbed my baseball bat and gets out of my car. He opens his car door and literally flies out of his car with his coat covering his face. His car was still running. Patty jumps out of her car and hugs me. Fear was written all over her beautiful face. I dropped the bat and held her in my arms. She said, “Honey, please forgive me for dragging you into this mess. I wished there was a way that I could undo the mess that I have started.”

          “Patty we are in it up to our ears. There are million of women out there pulling for you. You can not let them down now. Emotionally and physically, I'm as deep into it as you are.  We cannot let those poor women climb back into the horrible fear of losing their jobs.  I'm going to call Tom.  I hope that the police can give us some type of protection until this mess is over."

          I called Tom and he said he would be over in a few minutes.  We sat on the curb with our arms around each other.  I felt sorry for Patty. She felt guilty for pulling me into this holy mess.          Patty kissed me on the cheek.  She whispered, "I should have jumped in front of that truck the day I met you."

          "Patty sweetheart, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and my life.  I don't want it to end.  Don't give up now.  We both owe it to the women's that have suffered like you had.  Please don't let them down.  Smile at me I want to see that beautiful face again."

          Patty perked up and said, "Darlings, you are so right.  We cannot let them down now.  As you said, I have to get the piss and vinegar back into me and kick fear out of my body.”

          Without us knowing it Tom pulled up behind my car and walked up behind us.  He said, "You two sure do know how to steer up trouble. I can see the headline tomorrow. You two are going to get international attention. We have had calls from around the world wanting information on the trial. Patty, your witness blew Powell’s defense apart. With that woman’s testimony, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting away with what he has done. What happen to the driver of that car? The engine is still running.”

          “The bastard took off like a scared rabbit when I pulled up behind him. He was tailing Patty. She called me on her cell phone. The bastard scared the hell out of her. What can we charge him with?”

          Tom chuckled, “I am not quite sure. Maybe stalking, why is your car right up against his. Maybe we can get him for leaving a scene of an accident.”

          I asked, “I wanted to find out who was tailing Patty. Can you tell who he was by the license plate?”

          “Sure give me a moment.”

          Tom went back to his cruiser and was on his radio for only a few minutes. He gets out of the cruiser and said, “I know the bastard. He is a sleazy private eye. His name pops up every now and then when divorces are in the works. He testifies mostly for the husbands. Where were you two headed?”

          I chuckled, “Like the other times. We did not want to be in the house if someone came around with intentions of getting even in mind. I don’t have a gun and I don’t think I could shoot at anyone. If I drew a gun on them they would kill me before I got the courage to fire at them.”

          Tom said, “You two go on to where you are headed. Jerry, I have your cell phone number. If anything comes up I will give you a call.”

I gave Tom Patty’s cell phone number and said that my cell phone wasn’t working so good. Tom backed up his car and let me pull out into the streets. I followed Patty to the motel. We parked both cars in front of our room so we could keep an eye on them.

 When we were finally settled down, Patty came over to me with tears in her eyes. She said, “I am so glad that I did not step in front of that truck. Just being with you has made my life worth living again and you are right. I can not leave all those women that had the courage to face the world with the problems their employers forced on them.

With a much happier mood we went out to dinner and came back to the motel, we enjoyed our second honeymoon. I opened my eyes and saw the pleasure that radiated from Patty’s face. There is nothing as wonderful and enjoyable as making love with someone you really love and they are enjoying making love to you. The affection that Patty showed me when we made love was from her heart. Making love with Patty are the most wonderful moments of my life.  We molded our bodies together and had a peaceful night.

A new morning was awaking. I looked over at Patty. She wasn’t there. I did not hear her in the bathroom. I quickly jumped up and looked out the window her car was gone. I grabbed the telephone and dialed Patty cell phone. She answered it and said, “How is my sleepyhead? I am sorry that I tired you out last night. I enjoy you so very much. I am so happy that we still enjoy each other. I hope our feeling for each out never dies down. I want the fire that was in you last night to never end. I love you.”

“Patty, where are you. Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I am at the court house. We all are waiting for Judge Dixon to show up. Powell’s crew is here, but he is not in the court room. I will bet that he is with Dixon trying to cut a deal. Not knowing what went on behind closed doors with Dixon and the Parkers.
It is no telling what kind of a deal they made and what Powell will ask for. Honey, I am going to have to hang up. They are trying to quiet down the crowd.”

“By honey, I will be over there shortly.”

I hung up the phone, took a shower and checked out of the motel. Patty had taken her suitcase with her. I stopped off at a fast food restaurant. I picked up a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee to go. I took off for the court house. When I got a few blocks from the court house, the street to the courthouse was blocked. A cop was directing traffic. I slowed down and said that my wife was the attorney and she is waiting for me. He said, “I have heard them all this morning. Keep moving.”

 I circle around the area. All of the roads leading to the court house were blocked off. I tried to get in again. The cop did not reply. He gave me a dirty look and swiftly motioned for me to keep moving. I gave up and drove home. There wasn’t a parking spot on the streets within a mile of the court house. I checked out our home. Everything was in the right place. I went over to Sammy’s. They were not at home. I took off for the court house. When I got about five or six blocks from the court house the streets and side walks were filled. I recalled what Tom had said yesterday about the publicity. I pushed my way through the crowd. When I got in sight of the court house all the street were blocked off with television vans and trucks. They had a ribbon barrier around the area. I lifted the barrier and continued in the direction of the court house. I was only about ten feet from the entrance of the court house and a cop meets me. He said, “You can not go inside. The fire department will not let anyone else in except the witnesses. You don’t look like all the other witnesses that entered.”

I said, “My wife is Attorney Pritchard. She is waiting for me.”

He asked me for my driver license. He looked at it and said OK, but you are not going to be able to get in there. The court room is on the third floor. You want be able to get off the first floor.”

I thanked him and said, “I will try.”

The officer was right. The halls were filled with reporters and their crew with cameras. I had never seen this many reporters at the same time. I took my cell phone and dialed Patty’s number. She did not have the phone turned on. I left her a message and told her that I was stuck at the front door and wished her luck.

I went outside and sat down on the steps and waited, and waited and waited. My ass was getting sore from sitting on the concrete. I stood for and hour and sat for thirty minutes. My bladder was starting to ache from the coffee. I looked up and down the streets for a place to relieve myself. I wondered what the hell the other people were doing. There weren’t any Porto potties anywhere. I headed home. I thought that I would die from the pain. I was hoping that I would not wet my pants. I wanted to knock on someone door and ask if I could use their toilet. If they refused the time I spent waiting for them to open the door, I would certainly flood my pants. I started running. Surprising, the pain became bearable. Thank God, I made it home. I had not turned the TV on at the hotel. I should have. It would have saved me all the aggravation. Every station had scenes of the court house and the crowd. There were no cameras in the court room. I got a beer and switched channel for almost four hours. I was dozing off when I heard the garage door opening. I jumped up and went into the garage. Patty was getting out of her car. I noticed that most of the boxes in the back seat were gone. I went over and hugged my beautiful and smiling bride. She said, “You could not get into the court house. If I did not call Tom and arrange an escort I would not have gotten in. The halls and stair in the rear of the court house were clear. He said the news media started piling up around nine last night. They were broadcasting from the streets and the curious start to fill the streets.”

I told her what had happen to me. She went into a laughing frenzy. We joked about the morning, emptied the leftovers from the refrigerator and cuddled. I wanted desperately to know what had happened in the court house. Like always, she read my thoughts and said, “You will want to leave me when I tell you what I will be doing for the next year.  We never got to the court room. We spent all morning and part of the afternoon going through my case. Dixon is not as bad as he appears. After skimming through my files he told me that I would need a lot of help. If I didn’t funnels some of the cases out to other firms, I would take me tens years if not more. He said that he would contact the state and federal prosecutors and have a meeting to decide how each case should be handling. You have clients from across the country. I am going to handle the cases with Powell. I agreed to turn the others over to the prosecutors in the area where my clients live. I am not licensed to work in the other states. I will assets them. We will be doing a little traveling. Dixon estimated that it would take about two years get through the cases that I have now. Once we start the trials, there will be a number of other victims coming out of the woodworks. Darling, why didn’t you stop me?”

I took Patty in my arms and said, “As I told your yesterday. This is what you wanted and had worked for over a year. Your desire to settle the score with Powell had been nagging inside you for a few years. If you did not go after him, it would still be nagging you. Darling, I am with you before we met. I love the spirit that is inside of you. I would not have you any other way. Darling, my love for you is much stronger every day that we are together.”

Patty jumped as if something had startled her. She said, “Dixon brought up your problem with the Parkers. All the charges against you have been dropped. Your record is clean. Both of the Parkers have lost their license to practice. Dixon said that they had been trying to contact you, but you were never home. Dixon said that both of the Parkers were fined twenty five thousand dollars and will have to work 500 hours at one on the homeless shelters. He said that if you want, you can bring charges against them. Do you want to bring charges against them?”

The sympathetic side of me flowed through my body like a cold chill. I hated the though of revenge. I wrapped my arms around Patty, lifted her chin, looked her into her eye and said, “No honey, losing their license and the twenty five thousand dollar  fine is enough. I fell sorry for Peter Jr. Losing his license will ruin his life. I fell sorry for him. Annette ruined his life and she put me through hell. Yet, I am very thankful for what she did. She helped me into a better life. Our paths would never have crossed if I had not caught her with Peter. Just being with you is worth more than any amount of money. Darling, I love you.”

Patty pulled me tightly against her. Tears ran down her cheeks. She laid her head against my chest. I could feel her body shaking as she cried. With tears still streaming down her face, Patty looks up at me and said, “The very first moment that I saw you, I could feel it in my heart that you would let me spend the night with you. I had already fallen in love with you and our love for each other has grown. It intensifies with ever day. I hope it continues for the rest of our lives.”


The rest of our lives:

Patty’s crusade to give women the equal rights of men will never end. She is determined to free women of the harrows that some men put their wives through. Also, the slavery employers put their women employees through.  Every day she gets letters and phone calls from women across the country and around the world from women that have to give their body to their employers so they can keep their job.

For the past two years, Patty has been assisting lawyers in other states and countries with law suites similar to her law suite with Powell. I have been tagging along with her and helping her carry the tons of documents. We do enjoy the traveling. We always take a few weeks off after the trial is over.  She is still my little fire ball waft that I scraped up off the streets. We may fight every day, but we make love every night, almost. We have promised each other that we will always make up regardless of what happens. We are two different persons and we respect each other thoughts and ideas. I pray that we can keep our promise until my real DEMISE.


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