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Annette's Follies 

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Annette’s Follies

By Willy

As I had learned years later, Dad left Mom when I was just an infant. Mom had to go back to work. She hired Alice to take care of me when she was at work. When I was just an infant with Alice taking care of me, I thought that Alice was my mother and Mom was her friend. Alice lived in one of the two bedrooms of the dump that Mom rented. As I got older, to me, Alice was my second Mom. Alice was happy to stay at home and take care of me. She hated having to go to work. When I was about five years old, Mom brought home a man that lived with us. He slept in Mom’s bed with her. His name was Al. As time passed, Al did not like the arrangement with me sleeping in the same bedroom with Mom and Al. Mom tried to smooth over the arrangement by telling me that Alice was lonely and she wanted company. I moved in with Alice and slept in her bed with her. I loved the arrangement, so did Alice. The walls were paper thin. Late one evening when Alice and I had gone to bed, Al was giving Mom hell about Alice living in the house and having to pay for her food. Mom yelled at Al, “Who in hell is going to care of Annette.”

Al yelled back, “She is old enough to take care of herself.”

Mom yelled back, “You knew the arrangement that I had with Alice before you moved in. You told me that this was not a problem. Annette is not old enough to take care of herself. If this gets out that we are leaving a five year old child at home alone. They will put the both of us in jail.”  

Al yells, “You stay home with Annette.”

Mom with a pleasant voice said, “Great, you will have to pay for all my expenses.”

Al seemed surprised. He said, “What expenses do you have?”

Mom started listing the expenses, “My health insurance, my car insurance, my car payments, the utilities, the food and all the other miscellaneous things that I have not mention.”

Meekly, Al said, “She can come only when we are not at home.”

Mom laughed and said, “You will have to pay her minimum wages, if not more.”

Al scrams, “Why.”

“You stupid jerk; I paid for her room and board, and give her twenty five dollars a week.”

Alice was no fool. She had kept track of what house keepers and maids were making. Mom was getting a bargain. It came out of Alice’s heart. She knew that Mom could not afford to pay the normal salary for a full time housekeeper. She loved living with me and Mom.

Mom told Alice that she would have to let her go. Mom was going to stop working and stay at home. I hated Al and blamed Mom for letting Al fire Alice.  I cried profusely every time the subject came up and I told Al that I hated him. When I started school, Mom got a part time Job that fitted in with my school schedule.

During my wild teenage years I forgot about Alice. I only thought of myself. As the years passed, I lost contact with Alice. Being home alone, I would reminisce about my earlier life. I was quite bored. I wanted some company. Recently, I started searching for Alice. Unbelievable, Alice was living in the same little apartment that she moved into when Al kicked her out of our home. When I felt lonely, I would drive into town and spend a few hours with her. Alice is living on her Social Security and the money she gets from doing odd jobs.

I called Alice to see what she was doing. She said, “Like most the days, nothing important. Why do you ask?”

I said, “You have never been to my home. I am always visiting you. I am alone and I want company. If you would like to spend the weekend with me, I will call a cab and have him drive you out here.”

  Alice said that she would love to see my home. I called the same cab company that I usually us. They knew where I lived and were very helpful.

I took a shower and put on a fresh face. I went out front and waited. About an hour had passed when I saw the yellow cab driving up the street. I went out to the curb and helped Alice out of the cab. She did not make a comment about my home. I carried her small suitcase for her. After I served her coffee and cake, I showed her through my home; when we were settled down, Alice said to me, “It has been a long time since Al kicked me out of your home. You have visited me a number of times, you have questioned me about my life, please tell me about your life after Al kicked me out of your home. That bastard was always yelling about something. I don’t think that stupid son of a bitch knew how to talk. I wanted to kill the bastard. I don’t know how or why your Mom put up with the son of a bitch. With him in your home I was glad to get out of the house. I hated having to leave you and your mother.”

I said, “As you know, Al was not my father. Mom came home with Al one night and he took over our lives. I don’t recall very much of what happen right after Al kicked you out. I cried my eyes out. I think I blocked all the memories of the terrible things that happened. I do recall something that was very freighting. I will never forget it. I was about eight or less when the most shocking experience of my life occurred. With rage and fear running inside of my body, I thought that Al was beating Mom. I had seen them yelling and screaming at each other a few minutes earlier. If my memory is correct, they were always fussing at each other. It seemed as if they were always screaming at each other.”

Alice chuckled, “That is an understatement. They were constantly fighting.”

I laughed and continued. They left the living room together. Mom had a frightened look on her face, Mom looked down at me. She did not say anything. Fear ran through my body. I expected the worst. They went into the bedroom and shut the door. I crept up to the door and heard moaning. I thought that Mom was suffering with pain.  I thought that that Al was beating Mom. He had slapped her around a number of times. I opened the door and screamed at Al, “Leave Mama alone. She is littler than you are.”

I ran across the room and jumped on top of Al and started pounding him on his back. With a swing of his arm, he sent me flying across the room. He yells at me to get the hell out of here. Mom said, “Honey, we were just playing.” 

Lying in pain on the floor, Al gets out of bed with out any clothes on. He drags me out of the room with my hair and throws me down the hall then slams the door. With pain in every part of my body and tears streaming down my face, I ran to my room. My whole body ached. Blood was running down my leg from a cut on my knee. I went into the bath room to wash the blood off of me and to stop the bleeding. I took a piece of toilet paper and put it across the cut. The paper was filled with blood almost instantly. I removed the wet toilet paper and placed a wad of toilet paper over the cut. Mom walked in and saw the cut. I was still crying from the pain and the experience of Al throwing me across the room and dragging me by my hair. Mom tried to calm me down. The more sympathetic Mom was, the more I cried. Mom asked me why I jumped on Al. I thought that he was hurting you. I could see the pain in your face. Mom said that it was a pleasant pain and it did not hurt her. I was confused; I never had a pleasant pain. Mom reaches into the medicine cabinet and gets a box of gauze. Al came in yelling at Mom.

 Al said, “Come on back to the bedroom. She will get over it.”

 Mom lashes into Al and curses him for throwing me across the room. She points at the cut on my knee and said, “You could have broken every bone in her body. Go get some clothes on. We are taking her to the emergency room.”

Al yells back, "We are not going to spend $200 for a scratch on her leg."

Mom did not say a word.  She pushed past Al.  He followed Mom down the hall. Within seconds Mom had returned. She had slipped on a dress. She grabs my hand and lefts me up and carries me out to the car.  Al followed us screaming every step of the way.  Mom did not say a word. She opens the car door and puts me on the seat.  She told me to put on my seat belt.  Al was still hounding Mom and following her around the car. Mom gets in the car and turns on the engine, she yells at Al, “Go back in the house and put some clothes on.”

 Our neighbors had come out to see what was happening. They were laughing at Al. Al was determined to stop Mom from taking me to the emergency room.  He stands in the back of the car. Mom revs up the engine and slams it into reverse. Al bounced off the car. Mom slams on the brakes. Mom lowers the window. I could not see Al. He must have been on the ground. Mom said, “I hope I broke your legs. Do you want to go to the emergency room with us?”

Al yells at Mom, “You crazy bitch, you almost broke both of my legs. If you leave, I will not be here when you get back and you will never see me again.”

Mom yells back at Al, “I hope you keep your word. I don’t think that you got the gut to leave. You will be here when we get back.”

With Al screaming and cursing Mom as she backs out of the driveway and headed down the street, Al ran after the car still screaming. I pulled the visor down and looked at Al chasing the car until he was out of sight and we could no longer hear his screams.

Mom used her cell phone and called the hospital and told them that I had a very larger cut on my knee. As soon as we pulled in front of the emergency room, the nurses put me on a stretcher and rolled me into a room. They took off the gauze and washed the cut. One of the nurses gave me a shot in the arm. The pain went away and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I wanted to see the cut. I had enough gauze on my knee that I could have wrapped it around the room. Thankful, Mom said that they took x-rays of my body and they did not find any broken bones or other wounds. There were bruises all over my body.

The doctors and the nurses were so kind. They gave me a bag full of candy. I told them that when I grew up I was going to be a nurse. The doctor wanted to know what happen. Mom lied to them and told them that I had fallen out of a tree. It seamed to satisfy them.

Returning home:

I told Mom that I did not want to go back home. I started to cry. I knew Al would beat Mom. I had seen him beat her before. I pleaded with Mom and told her that I was not going back in the house. Al would beat the both of us. When we drove into the driveway, it was already dark. All of the lights in the house were turned off and Al’s car was gone. Mom said that Al was probably down the street at Ben’s. Ben’s was a bar where all the locals hung out. I asked Alice if she knew about Ben’s. Alice chuckled and said, “That the place where I hung out when your mother let me go out in the evening before Al moved in. Your mother had a knack with men. She could always find another man.”

Mom said that Al was probably soaking up the booze. I became more frightened. I did not believe Mom; I thought that Al was still in the house. He never took his car to Ben’s. He was afraid that he would be locked up for driving while intoxicated.

Crying and scared to death Mom dragged me in the house, Thank God Al wasn’t there. He left Mom a nasty note. Mom told me that he was keeping his promise. We would never see him again. Al was a mean bastard that pushed his way into our lives. I never got to know my real father. He and Mom divorced before I was two years old. I don’t remember anything about him. He was a very good looking man. There was a picture in my room of him. I would talk to the picture as if he was in the room with me. I had asked Mom why he had left us. She said that they just could not live together and that someday she will tell me about my father. She never told me about my father. Alice did you know my father? “No Annette, I came to live with you and your mother after your father left you and your mother. The only thing that your mother said about your father was that they fought just as much as your Mom did with Al.”

Mom was a beautiful woman and was well built. Some say that she was quite buxom. As you said, “She never had any trouble finding men. I can’t remember the number of men that she brought home with her. Miss Sawyer, the lady that lives next door was a good friend of Mom’s. She was not married and I heard her complaining about her looks. She would do anything to get men to come home with her.”

 Mom said to her, “Don’t be so eager. Don’t approach them, let them approach you. Play hard to get. Let them buy you a drink. It they don’t buy you a drink, they are usually married or don’t have a pot to piss in.”

Alice laughed and said, “I wish she had told me that. We never talked about our boyfriends. Of course, I never had anyone that I really liked.”

 It must have worked. I saw a number of men leaving Miss Sawyer’s home after Mom talked to her.

For the next three years Mom worked her butt off. If she was not working she was sleeping. I had to do the laundry, clean the house, make the beds, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, shovel the snow and still go to school. I never had the time to play like most of the other kids. There was always something for me to do. On my twelfth birthday Mom brought a man home to live with her. His name was Harley. His father owned a motorcycle shop. He inherited it from his father. He was the present that Mom gave me for my birthday. Mom could stay home and do the chores and I could hang around with the kids. We even had a woman that came in three times a week to clean the house and do the laundry. I felt like a caged animal that was let free. I literally went crazy. I was a wild little brat. I started smoking cigarettes and pot before I was 13. I was arrested and sent to a reform school for 6 months. It reformed me. I became a nastier brat. I learned every trick in the books. The girls told stores about their lives. They all were brats. Between them all, there wasn’t anything that they had not done. Everyone one of them had sex with a member of their family, a school teacher or sold their ass to some jerk on the streets. I had messed around with the boys that I hung around with, but I never went all the way. I felt embarrassed that I had never had sex. I bragged and said that I had sex with a number of guys.   

When they sent me back home, Mom had gone back to work. She said that she wanted some extra spending money. Harley was still living with Mom. My breast had fully developed; I was so proud of myself and flaunted it. Harley could not keep his eyes off of me. He was a nice looking man and I loved the attention that he gave me. He gave me a nice allowance. We did not have to worry about money like we did with Al. Mom thought that the allowance that Harley gave me was too much. When we were alone, he would give me money without Mom knowing about it. As the months passed his affections became more aggressive. I caught him peeking at me through a crack in the door to my bedroom that was partly open. It excited me knowing that he wanted me. I enjoyed teasing him when Mom was not at home and we were alone. I would deliberately walk around the house with only my underwear on or wearing a short dress without anything under it. Alice chuckled and said, “You were a nasty little bitch, weren’t you?”

“Alice, at that time of my life, the only thing I thought about was sex and money. There was no limit to the amount of money that I wanted. Sex came second, I was afraid if I had sex, I would become pregnant. I did not want to have a child. I had seen what Mom went through with me. I felt that my life would come to an end if I had a child. I would be in the same predicament that Mom was in.”

Alice patted my lap and said, “The men in my life only wanted a quickie to satisfy their hunger.  Once they were satisfied they would put on their clothes and leave. They did not care if I was satisfied. Most of the time I wasn’t, I wanted more.”

I chucked and said, “How well do I know what you mean. I have been through that hundreds of times.

I lost my virginity:

Alice sat there quietly and listening without saying a word. During the following months I had Harley eating out of my hand. I would hit him up for a few bucks every day. I knew that the teasing would not last very long; Harley wanted something for the money that he was giving me.

With Harley paying all the bills and having a hired woman to do the house cleaning; Mom was hardly ever at home. I don’t know where she went after work. Harley would ask her where she had been. She would come up with a story that seamed to satisfy Harley. Harley did not give a damn; he wanted to mess around with me. I think Mom had another boyfriend and she was making it with him. Knowing what Mom usually looked like when she came home early. When she comes home late, she looked like she had just taken a shower, and recently put on a new face.

I got home from school around three thirty. Harley came home around five. It was around five thirty when Mom usually came home after work. Some nights she did not get home until around eight or nine. Some afternoons Harley would be home with I got home from school. This was our play time. I had a feeling that Harley wanted to do more than just play. The look on his face and the way he greeted me was much more aggressive. He lifts me up as he had done a number of times. He carries me into Mom’s bedroom. When he put me down, I ran out of the bedroom.  Harley walked back into the living room. He sat down, and motion for me to sit down beside him. He said, “You mother is cheating on me. I think that she is going to leave me.”

By her reactions to Harley, I was almost certain that she was seeing someone. I interrupted Harley and said, “How do you know?”

Harley frowned and said, “I was downtown and I saw her in a car with a man. She was all over him. I followed them to a motel. I wanted to beat the living shit out of both of them. I cooled down and came home.”

I felt sorry for Harley, he had giving me and Mom a much better life than we ever had. I cuddled up to Harley. He could have walk out on us any time he wanted. There wasn’t anything that we could do to stop him. I gave Harley a kiss on the cheek and held him tightly in my arms. Harley pulled me upon his lap. The bastard had conned me. I felt something in his pants. It wasn’t a pocket knife. He lifts me up and carries me up the stairs to my bedroom. I did not resist. I did not want him to leave us. I enjoyed the money that he gave me. I was still a virgin and did not know what it would feel like the first time. If I don’t give in to him, he will surely leave us.

Harley laid me on my bed and started disrobing. When he finishes, he started to undress me. I helped him. He lies down on the bed and pulled me on top him. I wanted to pull away, but I could not. I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

He penetrated me. There was some pain. I looked down and blood was flowing out of my body. Harley had his eyes closed. I jumped off of him and ran into the bath room with a trail of blood following me. Harley yelled at me, “Get back in here.”

I yelled back and said, “I told you that I was still a virgin. I knew you did not believe me. Look at your body. There is blood all over you. I have to clean up the mess before Mom comes home. She will kill the both of us.”

Harley joined me in the shower. We finished what we had started. It was over to soon. I wanted it to last longer. I pulled away and grabbed a few towels and started cleaning the trail of blood from the floor. I pulled the sheets off of the bed. The mattress was soaked with blood. I pointed at the bed and told Harley to take a look. I ran down stairs with the sheets and filled the washing machine with water. I poured a whole bottle of soap into the washing machine. I looked at the floor and my body. I was still bleeding. I got a couple of towels off of the shelf in the laundry and wet them down. I made a diaper out of one of the towels and started mopping the floor. I was in the hall outside the laundry with my rear end facing the front door. I did not hear the door open. Mom yells at me, “Go put some clothes on. Where is Harley?”

I pointed upstairs. Mom headed for the stairs and I follower her. Within seconds all hell broke loose.  Mom was accusing Harley of raping me. Of course, Harley denied raping me. Mom said, “Annette is only fifteen years old. I am going to call the police. Harley pleaded with Mom. I told Mom that he did not rape me. Mom said that since I am only fifteen, it is rape even if I consented. Mom looked at me and said, “I told you to get dressed.”

She walked out of my bedroom and said, “I am calling the police.”

Still necked, Harley flies past me and pleads with Mom. He offers her a thousand dollar if she did not call the police. They haggled over what my virginity was worth for over an hour. It ended up costing Harley fifty thousand dollars. She would not let Harley sleep with her. He had to sleep on the couch in the living room.

I took another shower and washed the dried blood from my body. The right side of the bed was soaking wet. I crawled into the bed on the left side. I could not remember if I ever slept on the left side of the bed. I listened to Mom walking around the house for most of the night. I did not know what she was doing. I didn’t dare open the door. I did not want to be ripped apart by Mom again. It was almost morning before I fell asleep. I was awakened by Harley and Mom arguing. I was afraid to leave my room. Harley had been somewhere and Mom asked him if he had it. Harley said, “Here is the fifty thousand. If you call the cops, I will tell them that you were peddling Annette’s ass. They will put the both of us in jail. Don’t come back asking for more money. If you do I will through your ass off one of those cliffs down by the beach. They will never find your body.”

I heard Mom telling Harley that he could have her. She said, “The little slut is all yours. You take care of her and make sure that she finishes her education.”  

The front door slammed. I jumped up and looked out the window. Mom had hitched the trailer to the car and it was loaded down. The back seat of the car was filled also. That is what she was doing all night. She is really leaving. I felt so alone. I started crying. I don’t recall any other time that I cried about losing Mom. She was always on my back. I hated her. I had wished many times that she was dead. I wanted to run out of the house and ask her not to leave me. I could not force myself to go after her. She backed the car and trailer into the street. I ran out of my room to the front door. I quickly opened the door. I was too late. She was half way down the block. I was still crying. She did not say goodbye to me. Harley came up behind me and put his arms around me. He kissed me on my neck and said, “Thank God she is out of our life. We don’t have to worry about her anymore.”

Alice said, “Your mother left you with that son of a bitch?”

“Yes Alice. At first I was proud of my conquest. I was more attractive to men than my mother. Most of her friends envied Mom because she had the pick of the bastards.”

Alice looked at me and said, “You are much more beautiful than you mother was. Have you seen your mother lately?”

“No, I tried to find her a number of times. I have no idea of who she went away with or where she went to. I also tried to find my father. At least I found my second mother. As you know, at first I thought that you were my mother.”

Alice said, “Yes honey. When you were a toddler, you called me Mommy. What happened between you and Harley after your mother left you with Harley?”

I pushed Harley away from me and yelled, “You have driven my mother away from me. You paid her off for not calling the police. She did not sell me to you. If you think that you own me, get it out of your mind. No one owns me. If you want me, you are going to have to pay for it.”

Sarcastically Harley said, “I just gave your mother fifty thousand dollars for your ass. I am not going to pay you a damn thing.”

Harley picked me up and laid me across his shoulder. I bit his ear. He screams at me and let me loose. I slid down his body and ran into my room and locked the door. I hear Harley running down the hall to the bathroom downstairs. I could still taste his blood in my mouth. I did not realize that I bit him hard enough to make him bleed.

I waited for the explosion to happen. I knew that Harley could bust the door down if he really wanted to get into the room. I open the window and raised the screen. If he came in the door I could climb out the window and scream for help. Screaming in that neighborhood would not bring anyone out of their homes. There was always someone screaming about something.

I was surprised; Harley came to the door and knocked on it. He apologized to me and begged me to open the door.  I yelled to him that if he hurts me, he will never touch me again and I would call the police. I said, “Don’t threaten me by telling me that you are going to through me off a cliff.”

Harley said that he would never kill anyone, especially, me and my mother. We spent the next hour cooling down. We kissed and Harley lifts me up and carries me into my mother’s room. The room was almost empty. She had taken the sheets, pillows and blankets. Harley laid me down gentility and started to get undressed. He asked, “How much is it going to cost me.”

I laughed and said, “It will cost you only a thousand dollars if I enjoy it. If I don’t enjoy it, it will cost you two thousands dollars.”

For the next two and a half years, we lived like husband and wife inside the house. On the outside of the house, we were father and daughter. I wanted to tell my friends about our arrangement. Knowing them, if I told them, the whole town would know about it within a day. Harley would be locked up and I would be sent to a reform school.

During the next few years, I became very bored with Harley.  I want more out of my life.  I was tired of living with a middle-aged man.  There were a number of young men in school that I fantasize about. Harley had threatened me.  He said that if he found out that I was having an affair with anyone else he would kick me out of the house.

After I graduated, I applied for a number of jobs.  I wanted more out of life.  I did not want to spend the rest of my life working for a living.  I wanted to be free and have enough money so that I would never have to work again. Over the years I had accumulated a few thousands dollars by exaggerating the cost of food and maintaining the house.  When Harley was a sleep, I would go through his wallet and take out a few dollars. Every now and then I would come up with an excuse to ask Harley for money.  Thankful he never questioned me about the money.

Leaving Harley

The first six months after school was tolerable.  After that the desire for freedom was driving me crazy. Not thinking rationally I decided to take off with the little money that I had saved up.  It didn't take long before I realized that I had to have a lot more money just to survive.  At times I thought about going back to Harley. That idea faded quickly. I went back to work.  I wasn't making enough money to live on.  I had to do something else.  I became a prostitute. I hustle men in the bars until I got arrested. I had been arrested a number of times. A group of wealthy citizens had opened a rehabilitation center. 

Alice said, “Why did you become a prostitute? There are hundreds of jobs out there that I am sure that you could have done.”

I said that at the time and being a teenager, you had to let the bosses screw you also. I was not going to work all day and screw my bosses all night for minimum wages. At least when I was a prostitute, I could choose the ones that I wanted. Where was I?”

Alice said, “You had been arrested a number of times and a group of wealthy citizens had opened a rehabilitation center. Did you go to the rehabilitation center?”

We had a choice of either spending time in jail or going to the center. Of course I went to the rehabilitation center. On one occasion they introduced us to the wealthy citizens that were trustees of the Center.  They all wanted to know each one of us personally. They invited us to their homes and lectured us about the evils of prostitution. At one of the trustee’s home they had us fill out a form that questioned us about our lives and where we had lived. Of course, I did not have a permanent address and I was not going to put the address where I grew up. I did not want Harley to know where I was. I did not want to spend another day with Harley, regardless of my finances. I left it blank. After they fed and lectured us, they took us on tours of the trustee’s home. The old bastard that owned one of the homes had to be very wealthy.  I could not imagine how anyone could have the money to afford a home like his.  I had an opportunity and I was going to take advantage of it.  I put on my best behavior and had the old bastard eating out of my hand before the day was over.  Of course it was short lived.  At the end of the day they took us back to the rehabilitation center.  Laying there on my little cot, I tried to think of a scheme that would get the old man interested in me.  Unfortunately it was getting close to the time they were going to release us back onto the streets.  I would not have another chance to visit the old bastard. When I told the counselor at the rehabilitation center that I did not have a place to live, they let me stay there until I got a job.  Almost every day they set me out to apply for a job.  One evening when I returned to the rehabilitation center, the rich old bastard that I wanted to get friendly with was getting into a limousine.  I waved to him. He paused for a Moment then he called me by my name.  I could not believe that he had remembered me.  I said, “Hello Mr. Clarington, how have you been."

He said, "I'm fine, how are you Annette. Please call me John. Have you gotten a job yet?"

I shook my head and said, "No sir, no one wants to hire me.  I have been looking for a job for over a month."

John said, "Would you like to have dinner with me?  Maybe I can help you find a job and a place to stay.  I understand you have been living here at the rehabilitation center."

"Yes sir. With no money and no job, I have no other place to stay. I would love to have a place of my own."

John motioned for me to get into the car.  The chauffeur held the door open. I climbed in and move to the far side of the car.  John held out his hand, I took his hand and thanked him for the invitation.  I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and again thanked him.  I could see the fire building within him.  The old bastard had only one thing in mind.  He wanted me and there was no question about it. The way he scanned my body made me a little nervous. John introduced me to the chauffeur. His name was Charles Benton. The damn chauffeur kept looking in the rear view mirror. I tried to ignore him. I don’t think he took his eyes off of me for more than a second. I think John saw Charles looking at us. John said, “Charles, keep your eyes on the road. I don’t want any dents in the car.”

The evening was mostly cordial. The meal must have cost him a fortune. The cheapish item on the menu was over a hundred dollars. The items on one of the pages did not a price mentioned. The menu was in French and John ordered for both of us.

After dinner I thought that John was going to take me back to the rehab center. I noticed that Charles did not head back to the rehabilitation center.  It was headed down that long country road to John’s home.  The guard at the gate flagged us through.  I did not say a word about where we were heading. I just listened to John bragging about himself. The chauffeur drove to the side of the building.  He gets out and opens the door on my side of the car.  I get out and he escorts me to the far side of the car.  He opens the door and helps John gets out of the car.  John takes my arm and leads me up the steps to the side door of his home. He takes my hand and guides me through a number of rooms to a small parlor.  He offers me a drink. I told him I would love a glass of Chardonnay.  John spent the evening tasting the different wines and bragging about how much each bottle cost. I had only tasted cheep wines that Harley brought home.  For the life of me I could not tell the difference. I pretended to love them. After he excused himself and went to a bathroom, we talked about my past and what I wanted in the future. Having sex with him never came up, but his hands roamed my body and got very close to my personal parts. I looked at my watch. It was almost one. I said, “Mr. Clarington I have taken enough of you time. They are going to send me out to look for a job tomorrow.”

Mr. Clarington nervously said, “No, no, it two late to wake up Charles.  You can sleep here. You can take your choice of the rooms you want to sleep in. Come with me.”

Clarington puts his arm around me and pulled me tightly against his body. He kissed me on my forehead. I did not reject his advances. With John’s arm still around me we walker through his massive home. One floor of the home was 20 times as big as the home that I grew up in. We took an elevator to the second floor. Across from the elevator was a very large room. Our whole house was not as big as this room. He guided me across the larger room to a bedroom. When he turned on the light I gasped. There was a monstrous bed on the far side of the room. John said, “This is my bedroom. You can sleep in here with me if you wish.”

I did not know what to say to him. If he thinks that I am going to let him have sex with me and kick me out tomorrow. He has another think coming. Before I sleep with him he is going to pay dearly for it. He can well afford it. I was in another world when John said, “Would you like to sleep in here with me?”

I turned around and put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him down. I kissed him on the lips and pulled my body tightly against him and said, “That is a very kind offer. I don’t want to crowd you out of your own bed or interfere with your privacy.”

He tried to assure me that there was more than enough room and he would love my company. After five minutes of holding him tightly against my body and trying to convenes him that we did not know each other enough to be intimate. He tried to convince me that he would not force himself on me and that he had never forced himself on anyone.

I finally convinced John that we did not know each other long enough to make a commitment to each other. Forlorn, he takes my hand without saying anything further and took me to an adjoining bedroom. I was overwhelmed. Never in my dreams have I ever visualized anything as rich, and as beautiful as this room. I turned to John and pulled him tightly against my body and said, “Let’s give it a little time. I love you now. I think that you love me. I don’t want to rush into a relationship to quickly. I want us to be sure of what we are doing, before we make any commitments. Good night and thanks for your affection.”

John said, “The closets are filled with cloths. I am certain that you will find something you will like. Make me happy by wearing them. Goodnight Annette.”

I gave John another hug and a long kiss and stepped into the bedroom. John closed the door behind me. I turned to lock the door. It would not do any good. John more than likely has a key for every door in his home. I hurried over to the closet. It was enormous. There was a beautiful and expensive wardrobe, everything from a shear nightgown to a large mink coat. Every outfit had shoes to match. I tried them on. They were a perfect fit. Everything that I put on fit me perfectly. Did he order them especially for me? If he did, how did he get my size? There was a cabinet on the other side of the closet. I opened it up and pulled out a drawer.  It had stockings, panties, bras and all types of jewelry.  There was a shelf with at least a dozen hats. I had never worn a hat. After exploring the room for over an hour I finally took a bath and tried on one of the sexy nightgowns. I climbed into bed and tried to go to sleep. This was the life that I had dreamed of. I said to myself don’t screw it up. The excitement had fired me up and I could not fall asleep. When the excitement wore off, exhaustion took over; I fell into a deep sleep.

I paused for a moment and Alice said, “Don’t stop now; you have me on the edge. I don’t want to fall off.”

I laughed and said, “The following morning, when I woke up all the lights in the room was turned on. Still half asleep, I just laid there with my eyes closed. I heard footsteps. I open my eyes and saw John starting to take a seat in a chair across the room. I quickly closed my eyes and lay back down. I wanted some time to think before I talked to him. I had prayed for a life like this and I was not going to let it slip between my fingers. He must be forth to fifty years older than I am. So what if he is an old man. In those few Moments I prayed with hopes that he would marry me, otherwise I will not give in to him. I opened my eyes and looked across the room at John. He had a broad smile on his face. He gets up and walks over to the bed. He sits down beside me and kissed me on my forehead. I turned over on my side to face him. He puts his hand on my shoulder and run it down my back to my butt. I glance down at his hand. He did not move it. I looked back at John and smiled. I sat up in the bed and removed the sheets and blanket. The nightgown was so shear that John gaped at me. I excused myself and headed for the bathroom. I turned and said, “Give me a few minutes.”

John said enthusiastically, “Take your time we have all day. I can not take my eyes off of you. You are so beautiful.”

I shut the door and looked into the huge mirror. I could not believe it; I looked as if I was necked. The black patch of hair at my crouch stood out like a waving flag. No wonder he gaped at me. The gown did not cover anything. I recalled the times I teased Harley. Why not tease John.

I did my morning usual and took another shower. I dried myself off, put on a face and combed my hair. I looked around the room for something to wear. I wasn’t going to put the nightgown on again. I grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around me. I opened the bathroom door and John had his eyes glued on me. I headed for the closet. John gets up and meets me halfway. He puts his arms around me. In return, I put my arms around John and deliberately let the towel drop to the floor. I quickly reached for the towel and pretending to be embarrassed. I ran into the closet and shut the door.

With all the beautiful and expensive clothes in the closet, there were no short skirts. I wanted to get the shortest skirt in the closet. Unfortunately, they all were about the same length. I picked a skirt, blouse and a matching jacket. I rolled the skirt up a few inches and tucked it under. With the jacket on, it hid the folds in the skirt. I looked in the mirror at myself. I could not believe how much better I looked with this outfit. I said to myself, “With money you can do anything, it even makes me look sexy.”

John was waiting patently staring at the closet. I spread out my arms and twirled around and said, “How do I look.”

After absorbing me with his eyes for a few minutes he said, “You are absolutely ravishing. Annette will you marry me? I have never found anyone as charming and beautiful as you are. I will give you everything I have if you marry me.”

I shook my head from side to side. John said, “Please don’t turn me down.”

Still shaking my head from side to side, I said, “Darling, I am not turning you down. I can not believe that you want to marry me. There are thousands of beautiful women out there that would marry you in a second, why me?”

John put his arms around me and said, “I know that there are a number of women that would marry me. I have seen them all. No one excites me as much as you do. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. With all the other women that came to my home, none of them create a flicker of life inside of me. Annette sweetheart, you set off the power of a nuclear power plant inside me. I have not felt this young in years. Please marry me!”

I wrapped my arms around John and said, “After what you have said about me, how can I say no. I would love to marry you. I saw the youth in you when I walk into the room. You look so much younger.”

John said, “Are you certain. I want to make sure that you do not change your mind. It will take a week or two for the paperwork to be finished before we can get married. You can live here with me until we are married.”

A though ran through my mind. The old bastard will tire of me if I give in to him; he will give me a few bucks and kick my ass out. My mind was someplace else. John brought me back. He said, “You are not kidding me are you.”

“No John, I am not kidding you. Are you kidding me? I don’t want to prepare for a wedding that will never take place. I want to consummate our wedding after we are married.”

The way that John looked at me, I was sure that he would withdraw his proposal. He stood there motionless for a few Moments and said, “I promise you that we will get married. Don’t you believe me?”

“Of course I believe you. The marriage will be much more pleasant if we wait. I don’t want to deprive you of your honeymoon night and I don’t want to deprive myself of our honeymoon night. Our honeymoon will be much more enjoyable if we wait until we are married.  I want our marriage to last. I don’t want it to fall apart before we are married.”

With a glum look on his face, John mumbled something. I thought that he said OK.

I said, “I am sorry darling; I did not hear what you said.  What did you say?”

John was looking down at the floor. He raises his head and said, “I understand how you must feel. I think I can wait that long. Come and meet the household and have your first meal in your new home.” here

John gave me a tour of his home and introduced me to the staff. Everyone was older than I was. I felt like that I was in a home for the elderly. At the end of the tour, John took me into the main dinning room. If we ate in here I would feel like I would be eating in the middle of an empty football stadium. I told myself to get the hell out of here. I can not live in a place like this. I would go crazy. John walks over to a door in the dinning room.  John opened the door and motioned for me to go on in. Like the rest of the rooms in the house, it was magnificent. There was a small table with a setting for two in a circular booth. On one end of the room was a small bar. John asked me if I wanted something drink. With the hunger for sex written all over his face, I was not going to drink anything he gave me. I did not trust him. Since I didn’t want anything to drink, he said, “Breakfast will be served soon. “

John got himself a bottle of wine. Open it and again asked me if I wanted some. I shook my head and said, “Not before breakfast.”

  He pours himself a glass of burgundy.  He turns around and salutes me with the glass of burgundy and said that I was beautiful and our marriage will be beautiful also. I thanked him and got up and gave him a kiss. John questioned me about my life. I told him about my life with my mother and that she had abandoned me. I skipped over the years that Harley was with us. John was quite sympathetic. He assured me that the rest of my life I would be very happy and I would never again have to worry about anything. He emphasizes anything.  I could not imagine what type of life was ahead of me.  I had seen movies of the very rich and the life that they lived. I had fantasized about being rich and never again having to worry about money.  My thoughts were interrupting by a knock on the door.  John said, "Please come in."

With one hand holding a large tray an elderly woman opened the door. I think John had said that her name was Mary. She had a smile on her face.  I was wondering what she was thinking.  Was the smile from joy or was it from the most mismatch couple she had ever seen.  I forced a smile on my face and ask if I could help her.  She told me to have a seat and thanked me for the offer.  She said that she was an expert at carrying large trays and she had many years of practice.  After she emptied the tray onto the table, she said, "I hope you enjoy your first meal in your new home. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to call me."

I thanked Mary and said, "I hope I won't become a burden to you."

Mary said, "Annette, you will never be a burden to me. I will enjoy assisting you.  I know we will have many enjoyable moments with each other."

It was like an electrical shock. How did Mary know that John had proposed to me? He has not been out of my site since he proposed to me. Was it the usual sequence of things when John brought so bitch home with him, that he had proposed to her. How many times has he done this? How did Mary know that this was going to be my new home?

John appeared to be a little annoyed.  He thanked Mary and from the look on his face, Mary quickly walked out of the room. The frown on John’s face quickly turns into a fake smile. I said to John, “I am sorry. What did I do to make you mad?”

John shook his head and said, “Darling, you didn’t do anything to make me mad.”

It must have been something that Mary said or something I said about my life. With my glass of water, we toasted each other. 

During the dinner there was very little conversation.  John and I both commented on how wonderful the food was.  I cannot remember any time in my life having a meal that was this delicious. The helpings were large.  I had never eaten this much at one time in my life.  During the meal, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed John's glancing over at me. I wondered what he was thinking.  I tried to use a little finesse with my table manners. I wasn’t eating with Harley and Mom.  I learned my table manners from the movies.  When I had cleaned my plate, I said to John.  I was taught not to waste food and to clean my plate.  I have not eaten this much food at one time in my life.  The portions were enormous.  John chuckled and said, "Mary is a fabulous cook.  Everything that she prepares is delicious. She has been with me for a long time.  I don't know what I'll do if she decides to leave me.  I am addicted to her cooking.  I hope that you will enjoy the meals that she prepares for us as much as I do."

I looked over at John, I said, "How do you stay so slim and trim.  You have a very nice slim body. With meals like this, I will gain 100 pounds in a week."

With that familiar chuckle of John's, "That is Mary’s secret.  I do not know how she does it; everything she prepares only has a few calories."

We finished our meal and John took me on a tour of the grounds.  The properties next to the homes along the streets were narrow. The depth and width of the property behind his home ran back of the properties of his neighbors on both sides of his home for quite a distance. About a quarter mile back of the home was a barn with a fenced in area with a number of horses grazing. I had always wanted to ride a horse. When we reached the fenced-in area the horses all came over to greet us.  John went into the barn and came out with a large bucket of food for the horses.  He said to me, "If you want to get on the good side of them, take the bucket and spread the food in the trough over there.  They are amazing; they will remember that you were the one that fed them.  They will do anything you ask.  They will not shy away from you or be afraid of you.  To paraphrase an old saying, they will know which side their bread is buttered on. To prove it, when they finished eating I will stand about 10 feet away from you.  They will come over to you to ask for more food or thank you for the food that you have given them.”

John walked down the fence and stopped. We both waited for the horses to finish eating.  One of them raised his head and looked around.  He looks at me and then at John.  He slowly walked over to me and puts his head over the top of the fence.  I ran my hand along the top of his nose and on his cheeks for a few minutes.  When I stopped he looked over at the trough where the other horses were still eating.  I could almost read his mind.  I looked over at John he shook his head as to say no.  I rubbed the horse again and said goodbye to him.  I walked over to John.  John said, “You have made a friend for life. They say elephants will never forget anything.  I think horses are close behind”.

 We headed back to the house.

Alice said, “Would you please give me a tour of the grounds.

 “Of course honey. This is your home as long as you want to stay here.”

Preparing for the wedding:

We discussed our wedding.  John wanted a small quiet wedding in his home.  He said, “I do not want the media to know about our wedding. Please, do not invite anyone that will tell the world that we are married. I do not want them to upset our honeymoon.  Sooner or later they will all know about our wedding.”

I took John arm and said, “Frankly, I don’t have any close friends that I would invite to our wedding. The ones that I know would steal you blind. They would come with large empty pocket books that would be filled to the brim when they left.”

John chuckled, “I will have to nail down everything in the house before the wedding.”

“John, the only person that I would love to invite is my Mother. Our parting wasn’t the best. It was the worst. She did not want to see me again. I had to start working before I finished high school.”

John asked, “What type of job were you applying for?”

 “Anything that had a decent salary, I would have taken any job they offered me.”

John put his arm around me and said, “You will not have to work again as long as we stay married.”

I stopped and looked at John and said, “Why did you say as long as we stay married. Are you going to kick me out when you no longer like me?”

“No, No Annette, I am afraid that you will want to leave me.”

John tried to assured me that he would never kick me out and I would be the one that wanted a divorce, not him.

Promises, promises, I had heard all the promises that Harley and Mom had promised. Where are they now? I think people make promises so they can break them. We all have good intentions.

John and I spent the day with each other. We had our lunch and dinner together. I was not out of John sight until I had to go to the bathroom. John had a movie theater in his home. He has copies of the latest movies. After dinner we spent two hour watching a movie. I fell asleep a couple of times.

It had been a long day, and very unusual, from rags to riches all in one day. John dropped me off at my bedroom. I let him pet me for a while. That was almost a mistake. I finally convince him to please wait.  I gently pushed him out of my room and did not lock the door. I thought that it would be an insult to him. I took a long shower. I could not believe what had happened. I thought that I was dreaming. When I finished my shower, I went into the closet to pick out something to sleep in. The room was on the cool side. I picked a long warm nightgown and tucked myself into the huge bed. I rolled and tossed for hours. I could not take my mind off of what had happened today. I finally fell asleep.

I was so groggy when I woke up, I wanted to go back to sleep. I rose up in bed; John was sitting there watching me. I excused myself and headed for the bathroom. John got up and headed in my direction. I said, “John, please give me a little privacy. I will be back in a few minute.”

I went into the bathroom and locked the door; I did not want him to come barging in while I was on the toilet.  He has been smothering me since I got it in the limousine in front of the center.  It was starting to get to me.  Thinking about the money, soothed some of the pressure that I had. If I want the damn money, I will have to put up with his crap. I took a deep breath to relax me. One deep breath did not help much. I still did not know what I wanted to do. After I finished in the bathroom, I looked around. I asked myself, where and when am I going to get an offer of a life like this? I took another deep breath and tried to smile. I opened the door and John was standing next to the door.  He took me into his arms and said, “I am so glad I waited. You are ravishing. I can not wait until we are married, please.”

 I pulled away form John and said, “John, you promised me that you would not force yourself on me. I am afraid to live here with you. I’m afraid that you will come into my room and rape me.”

John backed away looking at my body. I only had my bra and panties on. The nightgown had a few button, they were not buttoned. I grabbed the gown and wrapped it around me. I said to John, “I am sorry, I did not expect to see you here. I thought that you would still be sitting on the couch.”

With one hand, I held the gown together, I stood on my toes and gave John a long sexy kiss and said, “I hope this will help until we are married.”

John cleared his throat and said, “We have a busy day ahead of us. After breakfast we have an appointment with my lawyer, he is finalizing our pre marital agreement. Then we are going over to my accountant and get you some money and a credit card. I know that you will want to go shopping before we are married. I could lend you my card, but it nicer when you have your own.”

I wanted to jump up and hug John. I controlled my emotions. Money, money, money flooded my mind. I had never had enough of it. I turned and said, “John, please give me a few minutes to get dressed. I am sorry that I slept so late. I will be with you in a few minutes.”

I went into the closet. I picked out a beautiful dress and a jacket to match. The shoes, the dress and the jacket were a match. Someone must have spent hours picking these outfits out. The though of having my own credit card blew my mind. No one would give me a credit card. I finished dressing and opened the closet door. I modeled the outfit for John. John said, “Annette, I haven’t seen you look so beautiful and happy.”

I thanked John and took his arm. We went to the breakfast nook next to the enormous dinning room. Just as soon as we were seated Mary came in with a pot of coffee and asked what we wanted for breakfast. I let John order for me. I did not know what they could prepare for me. I listen to John bragging about the wonderful staff he had working for him and how loyal they were.

When Mary came with our breakfast, I could not believe the portions that she put on my plate. I never eat this much in a day. John had the same thing that I had and the portions were the same size.  He was finished before I had eaten half of what was on my plate. He motion to me to finish what was on my plate. I told him that the portions were to large and I could not finish. He tried to insinuate that Mary would be disappointed and think that I did not like her cooking. I was already full and John continued to nudge me into eating everything on my plate. I was getting madder by the minute.  I looked directly into John eyes and pushed the plate away from me. “I am sorry John. I can not eat any more. If I do I will through up.”

John looked a little pissed. He gets up looks at his watch and said, “Charles is waiting for us.” 

 I wanted to go back to my room and brush my teeth and touch up my makeup.  I hinted that I wanted to go to the bathroom. John ignored me and took my arm and pulled me through the house to the side door. Charles opens the door for us and helped me down the steps. He opens the rear door of the limo and helps me in. His left hand slid across my back and onto my butt.  I ignored it thinking that it was an accident. John sits down beside me. I expected to hear him say something about Charles stroking my butt. He either did not see what Charles had done or ignored it. I wonder if Charles was getting fresh or it was an accident.

At the rate of speed that Charles was going, the ride into town took only a few minutes. Charles pulled into a reserved parking space in the rear of a building. Charles helps us out of the car and opens the door to the building with a key. John genteelly pushes me ahead of him and points to an elevator. When I got to the elevator there was only one floor listed. John pushed the button and the door opens. Again John pushes me ahead of him. When we got off of the elevator, John takes my hand and leads me down the hall. He opens a door and tells me to take a seat. He leaves without say a word. He slams the door shut behind me. The old bastard has a bug up his ass. I wonder what ticked him off. I waited for about thirty minutes until a bald headed man about sixty years old opens the door and apologizes for keeping me waiting. He closes the door and points to a chair next to a table. I get up and moved over to the table. He said, “Annette, I am John’s Lawyer, Paul Henderson.  I would like for you to read the marriage agreement between you and John. You know John is quite wealthy. It is best to know ahead of time what the settlement will be if you decide to get a divorce.  Paul started to leave, I said, “Is there a ladies room near bye.”

He motions to me to follow him. He points down a long hall and said, “It the last door on the right.”

After finishing my usual and refreshed my makeup, I headed back to the office. As I passed Paul’s office I saw John and his lawyer laughing about something. I had not seen John in this mood before. What the hell are they laughing about?

I returned to the office. Before I picked up the document to read, I said to myself, “I will be here all day reading that. It is at least and inch thick.”

I started to turn around and leave. The thought of money came to mind; it dragged me to the table. I sat down and opened it and started reading it. I did not understand what was written on the first 20 pages. I thumbed through to the money section. When I got to the dollars and cents, my brains went to work. Everything was in John’s favor. He could kick me out at anytime that he wanted without giving me a cent even if I contested the divorce. It wasn’t any difference if I or John decided that we wanted the divorce.  I could not make a claim on any of this businesses or his estate. I glanced through the remainder of the document. There was nothing in my favor. It protected John, not me. I was not going to sign the document. I closed it and went out into the hall. I had seen John in Paul office before. I glanced into the office. They were still laughing. I was going to tell them that I was not going to sign the agreement. I went to the toilet again. I did not want anything to interfering with my mind when they came back and saw that I had not and was not going to sign it. As I passed Paul’s office I saw John and his lawyer still laughing.  I took a second look at John, seeing the laughter coming from him made me think that the pompous asses were congratulating each other for the wonderful job of shafting me.

I knock on Paul’s door.  With a surprise look on his face, John motioned for me to come in. I open the door and smiled at them. Paul said, “Have you finished reading the documents.”

I smiled at him and said, “Yes I have.”

They both get up and came over to me. We followed Paul to the office down the hall. John and I sat on one side and Paul sits on the opposite side. He picks up the documents and turns to the last page. He turns the document around and asked me to please sign and pointed to the spot where he wanted me to sign. I smiles at Paul and said, “You must think I am crazy. I would not sign that if my life depended on it.”

I took the document and thumbed to the pages that were in John’s favor and said, “You can remove every page up to this point. From the next page to the end of the document is in John favor, not mine. There is nothing in the document that protects me. Also, I want it in a language and written where I can understand what John is offering me. I am offering my life to him. What do I get in exchange?”

Paul said, “What do you want?”

I looked at John and said, “Let’s forget about the marriage. Reading this document tells me that there is no love for me in our marriage. You can divorce me anytime you want and I do not get anything regardless of how long we have been married.”

I reached for my pocket book and headed for the door. John jumped up and said, “Please don’t leave. I will give you everything that you want.”

I looked at John and said, “John, I don’t think you give a damn about me.”

“Annette, I love you. Paul, send someone in here to take down what Annette wants and take that agreement with you.”

John apologizes for Paul. He said that it was a standard agreement that is offered by his attorney. He tried to convince me that he had nothing to do with the agreement. I did not interrupt John. I knew that he was well aware of what he wanted me to sign.

Paul returned with a young lady that was going to take the dictation. After three hours of haggling I got most of what I wanted. If John wanted the divorce, I would get half of everything that he owned. If we both agreed to get a divorce, I would only get twenty five million. The estate was valued at two billion. I asked John about my daily needs for cash. He told me that Paul was not involved with this. His accountant would work out an agreement between us. After we signed the new document and Paul notarizes it, we headed for John’s accountant’s office.

John accountant name was Henry Thomas. Henry was all business. There were only a few pages of the agreement. I got a credit card that had a limit of fifteen thousand dollars on one purchase. If I returned anything, the credit would go back into the account. I could not get the refund in cash. I regretted this later. I also got five hundred dollars a week in cash. I argued that was not enough. Henry said that all my expenses would be paid by John’s company. If anything came up that I needed more cash to call him and they would pay for it. In one respect, I was quite happy with the agreement. I had never had enough money to purchase anything. We signed the agreement. I could tell that John was not happy with the terms of our divorce or the finances. We also set a date for the wedding.

The next three weeks I shopped, shopped and shopped for the wedding with my new credit card. I used one of the five cars that John had, a small BMW. I enjoyed my new life. As the wedding got closer, John became more aggressive. Some days he was more forceful than others. I had told him dozens of times that I would not do anything until we were married. I did not trust him. John had his fingers into every aspect of the wedding. He wanted to have his say on my wedding dress. The ones that I liked he did not like. We finally compromised on a wedding gown that I did not like. I thought that it made me look ten years older. It looked like one that my great grandmother had.

My wedding day:

          Mary came to my room and offered her help. John had sent her to help me. I had no idea what I had to do. All the weddings that I had been to were held in churches or by Judges. The receptions were held in someone home. It was no different than a birthday party or family get together.  The bride and groom wore street cloths. All of them were informal. I did not know what to expect. The night before the wedding was like a normal day. On the day of our wedding all hell broke loose. There were dozes of cars and trucks parked along the street. I could hear noises and people talking inside and outside the house.

Mary and I laid out my wedding dress, shoes, vale and crown. We had a dry run. I put everything on to make sure that everything fit.  Everything fit perfectly. I had not eaten breakfast. We went down the service elevator to the kitchen. Mary prepared my breakfast. John had eaten earlier. Mary said that John and Charles had taken off early this morning and she did not know where they had gone. The main living room was a beehive of activity. It looked like there would be a hundred guests if not more. I had not invited anyone. I did not want to invite all the whores and pimps that I knew.  Mary and I went back to my room, she was a doll. She made me feel like I was at home. I had made a friend in the household. She told me about the previous wedding that John had. His first wife left him for one of his business associates. The next two were girls that had worked for him. There had not been any love in any of John’s marriages so far. It was all for John’s money. Mary asked me if I loved John. I had trouble answering her. I wanted to tell her that I loved John, but down deep inside me I did not feel any true love in my soul for him. Since I didn’t answer Mary, she said, “I should not have asked that question. Please don’t answer it.”

I said, “Mary, since you asked, I will tell you how I feel. I am only 20. I did not come from a wealthy family. My father left Mom and me when I was a child. The only men in our home were boyfriends of my Mom. Most of the boyfriends left after a raging argument.  I love John more like he is my father, not as a husband. Marrying John will resolve many of the problems that I have been going through. I hope that we both will be happy with our marriage.”

Mary said, “I knew the answer before I asked it. I just wanted to know how you felt marring a man old enough to be your grandfather.”

I wasn’t looking at Mary. I picked up my wedding dress and held it in front of me and said, “My mother’s live-in boyfriend raped me when I was only 15. I was a wild kid. I let him go to far. At that point of my life, sex was the only thing that was on my mind. I was as much to blame as he was. Mom and I had been fighting verbally since he moved in. She must have known that he cared more about me than he cared about her. I enjoyed his attention and the money that he gave me. In a way, it was more about the money than sex. I knew that I was encouraging him and I enjoyed it. The more that I encouraged him the more money he gave me. I had a feeling that Mom knew that we were messing around. It’s a wonder that Mom did not kick him out of the house. He was paying for all the expenses. She wasn’t making enough money to afford all the expenses we were accumulating. She came home on the day that he raped me. I was trying to clean up the mess. She walked in and saw me wiping up the blood from the floor. She threatened to call the police. He bought her off and she left me with him. At the time, I was happy as hell that she left him for me. The enjoyment of having sex with an older man wore off. Like Mom, I blackmailed him and left home. When I ran out of money, I became a prostitute. I was arrested about six or seven times. Frankly, I lost count. I have put them out of my mind. I don’t want to think about it. It’s all a blur. If I had to tell you about each one on them, I don’t remember what they looked like or if I enjoyed it.”

Mary interrupted me and said, “Honey, I know how you must feel. There are things in my life I want to forget about and I wish that they never happened. When I was your age, a young man that I knew wanted to marry me. I was having fun playing the field. I turn him down. I have regretted that all of my life. I see him now and then. He has a beautiful wife and family. I envy his wife. I want to kick myself in the ass. I have met a number of other men in my life, but none that I would want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Tears were running down Mary’s cheeks. I hugged Mary and said, “Us girls do have our problems. You are a beautiful woman. Hasn’t John ever asked you to marry him?

“No honey, I was a fool and I give in to him. All that I got was a nice salary, a good job and a place to live.”

 Mary and I empted our lives to each other, we forgot about the time. The phone in the room rang. It startled the both of us. Mary picked up the phone. I heard someone say where the hell is Annette? They are ready to start the wedding ceremonies. Mary said, “Oh, shit. John is going to give me hell.”

I said, “I will tell him it was my fault.”

Within minutes I had my gown on we were walking down the hall. Mary was carrying my veil, gloves and my shoes. I was trying to center the crown on my head. Fortunately, we had everything in place by the time the elevator opened on the first floor.

 I asked Alice if she had heard enough. She said to me that she had missed most of my life and she wanted to hear about the part that she missed.

My wedding:

The elevator door opened. I was talking to Mary. I turned and saw the crowd. The room was packed. It sounded like every one in the room was talking. There wasn’t an empty chair in the room. Suddenly the room became deadly quiet. Everyone in the room was looking at me. I froze. Mary nudged me. The aisle was filled with guest. Someone handed me a bouquet. A couple of young girl came out of the crowd and started walking down the aisle spreading rose peddles. An older man took my arm and walked down the aisle with me. Mary draped the veil over me. I was thinking, “What in hell have I gotten myself into. John said that he wanted a quiet wedding.”

I heard a middle age women say, where in hell did John pick up that bitch? I think my escort heard her also. I pulled away from him headed for the woman. He quickly grabbed my arm. I smiled at her and said, “Are you jealous honey.”

She turned white as a ghost. I thought the bitch was going to faint. The women with her went into a laughing frenzy. We proceeded down the aisle. John and his attorney were smiling at me. I asked myself, “Should I run now or wait until after the wedding. I don’t want to sleep with that old bastard.

”I hesitated for a Moment. My escort nudged me. He whispered, “Don’t stop now.”

I chucked and looked up at him and said, “Don’t I have the right to change my mind.”

He chuckled and pushes me into John hands. The wedding vows took only a few minutes. Thankful there weren’t any lengthily promises from John. John lifted my veil and gave me a long kiss. I thought that I was going to through up. He must have been drinking all morning. His breath smelled like a brewery. I pulled away and through my bouquet at the crowd. It fell in the lap of an old woman. The other women reached for the bouquet. The old women slapped their hands. She said, “Thank you. I hope that I am as lucky as you are.”

John introduced me to dozens of men and only a couple of women. They all looked at me with envy. I think that John was proud of this conquest. He strutted around like a proud peacock. I did not know what to say. I just nodded my head and said thank you. We drank and ate until the wee hours of the morning.  John was so drunk that two men had to help him to our room. They laid him on his bed. Within minutes he passed out.  I asked the men to please leave. I told them that I would take care of him.  They all smiled with a slight chuckle.  I gave them all a dirty look and the smiles on their faces faded. I locked the door behind them. I looked back at John and laughed.  I went back and stood over John.  I said, "Wake up sleepy head."

John did not move.  For a Moment I thought he was dead.  I shook him a couple of times.  I removed his shoes, rolled him over and took his jacket and shirt off.  I unbuckled his belt.  Zipped down his fly and pulled his pants off of him.  I sat down in a chair next to the bed and waited to see if he woke up. Every few minutes, I shook him. It was fruitless, he will sleep all night. John gasped a few times. It scared the hell out of me. I thought that he died.  I picked up the phone and dialed Mary’s extension. I asked her to please come up I think John is dying. Within minutes, Charles and Mary rushed into the room. Charles laughed. He puts his arm around Mary and said, “I knew that it was going to happen. Once John starts drinking he can not stop. I warned him this afternoon.”

Still frightened I asked, “Are you sure he is just drunk?”

Mary said, “We have seen him in that condition a number of times. He will wake up tomorrow morning and will not remember a damn thing that happened today.”

 Charles rolls him over and covers him up. I wanted to talk with Mary. We shut the door to John’s room. Charles said that he would check on him during the night. Mary and I went to my bedroom. She shut the door and locked it. She turns around and said, “I am sorry about your wedding night. Charles had a hard time getting him ready for the ceremonies. It’s a wonder that he stayed awake this late. If I was you, I would have the ceremonies repeated when John sobers up. He pulled this on one of his wives. He had the wedding annulled because he did not remember anything about the wedding. The poor thing did not get anything after the annulment. I am dead tired. You must be also. Goodnight and remember what I said.”

I hugged Mary and thanked her. I went to the door with her and watched her walking down the hall. Was she telling me the truth? There were hundreds of people at the wedding. I did not know that he was drunk until later in the evening. He looked sober when we said our vows. Before I give in to him tomorrow, I am going to take a ride downtown to that wedding chapel and get married again. I got myself ready for bed. I checked John to see if he was still breathing. Fortunately, he was still breathing. I could smell the boozes across the room.

I could not sleep. I kept waking up during the night to check on John. I only slept a couple of hours. When I woke up, I went in to check on John. The old bastard was still alive. I went back to my room and tried to go back to sleep. The noise of people removing the chairs and tables kept me awake. It was as noisy as it was when they brought the furniture. It was useless to try to go back to sleep. I took a shower, and then I went for breakfast in the kitchen. I did not want to bother Mary or the other help with setting up the small dinning room. There were two more women and a man that worked in the house. John had introduced me to them earlier. I had forgotten their names. Mary was kind enough to introduce us again. Surprisingly, they all agreed with Mary. I should have the ceremonies repeated. Hearing this reinforced my determination to force John into getting married again. I knew that he had something up his sleeve when his attorney. Paul Henderson advised him not to go along with my request of sharing his estate with me if he wanted the divorce.

I spent the morning watching them taking away the decoration and furniture that they brought in yesterday. John’s staff had it easy, without John around they only had to put up with me. When I was not socializing with the staff, I looked in on John. I thought that he would never wake up. It crossed my mind that he just might not wake up. What would happen if he did not wake up? Would our marriage be annulled? How much of his estate would I get, if any?

 Being up most of the night started catching up with me. While I was waiting for John to wake up, I dozed off to sleep. I was woken by Mary asking, “Where is John?”

Bleary eyed, I looked over at the bed. He wasn’t there. I shook my head and said, “I don’t know. He must be in the bathroom. He was still in bed when I dozed off.”

Mary went over to the bathroom door and listen. She knocked on the door. There was no reply. She tried to open the door. It was locked. She shouted, “John, are you in there?”

Still no reply, she shouts, “Annette, dial 5 and tell Elmer to get Charles and come up to John room. Tell Elmer that John is locked in the bathroom again and he is not answering.”

I had already dialed 5 and the phone was ringing. Elmer answered the phone. I said, “John is locked in the bathroom. Mary said to get Charles and come up to John’s room. Elmer hung up the phone before I could say another word. Within a couple of minutes I heard foot steps. I asked Mary, “Do you think he has passed out?”

Before Mary could answer me Charles passed me and put a key into the bathroom door. Charles said, “I knew it would happen. I warned him yesterday.”

Charles and Elmer rushed into the bath room with Mary behind them. I followed them in. John was lying on the floor. Charles kneels beside John and tries to wake him up. There wasn’t any response. Mary grabs a bathrobe. They wrapped the bathrobe around John. Elmer and Charles picked him up and heads out the door. Mary told me to follow them. I was thinking the worse. Tears came to my eyes. Mary said to me, “Honey, this has happened before. I hope he is alright. He is still breathing. We all piled into the limo. Charles takes off. He was on his cell phone talking to someone. He said, “Meet us at the hospital. Charles also called the police station that we are headed for the hospital.”

I could not hold back the tears. I felt that I had caused this. I should not have told him that I would marry him. My greed was costing him his life. Mary put her arms around me and said, “Annette, this has happened before when John drinks too much. Usually he doesn’t get to the bathroom. He collapses when he gets out of bed. He must have knocked himself out when he fell. There was swelling on the side of his head. He is a tough old coot. He will be ok.”

Before we got into town the police were waiting for us. They lead us through the back streets to the hospital with their sirens blaring. A crew of nurses was waiting. They had John out of the car and into the hospital within minutes. The hospital crew took over. They would not let us in the room with them. After three hour and three cups of coffee, Dr. Perry came over to Mary and told her that John came to. He had a nasty concussion on the side of his head and they had sedated him. Also, he said that they would keep him until they could see what damage the fall had caused. He told Mary that she could go in to see John, but don’t stay to long.  Mary looks over at me and said to the doctor, “Can Annette go in also.”

The doctor said, “It best not to have too many in the room at the same time.”

“But doctor, Annette is John’s wife.”

I had to hold back the humor that flashed through me.  A surprised expression flashed across the doctor’s face. His head swiveled back and forth between me and Mary. He stuttered, “Oh yes, John wife can go see him.”

Mary and I went into John’s room. John eyes were closed. Mary said, “John wake up. You have guest.”

John did not respond. There were two chairs in the room. One was at the end of the bed and the other one was against the wall at the head of the bead. Mary points at the one at the head of the bead. She sat down at the foot of the bed and shook the bed. John still did not respond. Mary said, “I have gone through this a number of times. His drinking affects his mind. He has been diagnosis as having Alzheimer's disease. It seams to get worse every time he goes on one of drinking binges. He has been warned that the next time just might be his last time. He is only 59, but he looks like he is 79. Maybe you can get him to settle down.”

I did not know that John was that young. I though he had to be eighty years old. Damn it he will probably pull out of it. I will be stuck with him for the next twenty years. I was about to get up and take off. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Where in hell will I go? I only have the credit card Henry gave me. He will stop payment on it the Moment I leave. I eased back into the chair. Mary said, “If you have to go to the bathroom, I will stay and watch him.”

I shook my head and said, “No, I do not have to go. I was straightening the wrinkles in my dress.”

Almost an hour had passed. Now I was getting close to having to go to the bathroom. I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes for a Moment. Mary said to John, “I know that you are awake. Open your eyes.”

John said, “Where in hell am I. This looks like a hospital room. Why am I here?”

Mary said, “You went on another one of your drinking binges. When you woke up, you went into your bathroom and fell down. The fall must have knocked you out. They are going to keep you here until they find out if you have any brain damage.”

John said, “No wonder my head aches. I though that I had a hangover. Tell them to give me something to deaden the pain.”

John had not looked in my direction. I said, “Darling they have already given you something to relieve the pain.”

I must have frightened him. John quickly turned his head around and looks at me as if I was a stranger. He said, “Who are you?”

I wanted to hit him over the head and put him out of his misery. I was sure that he was trying to get out of our marriage. I said, “John they think that you need a private nurse. I am the lucky one that got the job. I am Betty, can I get you something?”

I thought that Mary was going to burst out laughing. She turns around and muffled the chuckle. John said, “I am the lucky one. Sweetheart, see if they will give me something to deaden the pain. It is killing me.”

I said, “They have already given you something for the pain.”

John said, “Is Perry my doctor? That bastard likes to see me suffer.”

I nodded my head and said, “I will see if I can get him to give you something for the pain.”

I pushed the button and Perry said, “Is John awake?”

“Yes doctor, he is awake and he wants something to deaden the pain in his head.”

Perry did not respond. Within second he comes into the room.  He politely tells me to move over. I got up and pulled the chair with me.  Perry spreads John’s eyelids and shines a light into John’s eyes and said, “John it doesn’t look to bad. How is your memory?”

John snaps back, “I am fine, get me something to stop my head from aching. I want to go home.”

Perry said, “Before we let you out of here, we are going to have a couple of our specialist take a look at your x-rays and examine you. You have a hell of a lump on your forehead. Relax and I will get something for your headache.”

Mary said to John, “They don’t want us in the room with you. They want you to go back to sleep. We have been here quite a while. The nurses in the hospital will take good care of you. We will see you tomorrow.”

I followed Mary out the door. John said, “Miss, what is your name?”

I turned and said, “You have forgotten already. Just call me Betty. I will be back tomorrow to see you.”

 I shut the door behind me and said, “John has not lost his mind. He knew who I was. The bastard wants to back out of our wedding agreement.”

Mary interrupted me and said, “Annette. I don’t think so. John can not put on an act like the one he gave you. He may not come out of it. He loses his recent memories when he goes through an ordeal like this. Your marriage was yesterday. Sometimes he will not remember what happen during the last three or four month. We will have to wait and see what happens.”

I did not believe Mary, but she was so adamant about him going through the same thing a number of times.

Charles was waiting in the limo for us. He had fallen to sleep. Mary walks around the limo to the drives side of the car, reaches into the car and pushes on the horn. The ignition was off and the horn did not go off. She reaches down to his crotch and gave it a hefty pat. Mary quickly pulls her hand out of the car. I thought that Charles was going to jump through the roof of the car. Mary and I both went into a laughing frenzy. Charles was a bit pissed off. He yells a Mary, “Why the fuck did you do that?”

Mary said, “What were you dreaming about. You had a boner on. I did not want you to be embarrassed when you got out of the car to open the rear door for us. They are locked.”

“Damn it Mary that hurt. Move out of the way and I will open the doors for you.”

Mary said, “Just unlock the rear doors. Annette and I can open them. Who were you fancying about?”

Charles said, “You sweetheart, every time I look at you I get a boner on.”

Mary laughed, shook her head and said, “Bull shit that will be the day. You were fancying about Annette, not me.”

I laughed and said, “Don’t get me involved in your love affair. I have enough problems with John. He doesn’t remember my name. From the look on his face, I though that he was going to climb out of the bed do it in front of Mary.”

Charles and Mary both laughed. Mary said, “Annette, wait until he realizes that you are married to him. You will never get any sleep.”

Charles took off for home. They continued to kibitzing me all the way home. Charles dropped us off at the side door. Mary headed for the kitchen. I went up to my room and flopped down on the bed. I dozed off. I don’t know how long I had been sleeping. I was awakened by Charles kissing me. I jumped and butted heads with Charles. I open my eyes and Charles was pulling away. He was holding his noise. I sat up in bed and said, “No Charles, please leave. You are a nice guy, but I do not give myself to every man that comes into my life. Please go.”

Charles took a couple of steps in my direction. I rolled over to the far side of the bed and picked up the phone. I punched the number for the kitchen. Mary answered almost instantly. I said, “Honey, I have a problem. Would you please come up here and get Charles.”

Mary said, “Give Charles the phone.”

I through the phone across the bed and said, “Mary wants to talk to you.”

Charles picked up the phone and just listened. I could hear Mary screaming. I could not make out what she was saying. After a few minutes, Charles said, “OK, OK, I hear you. Please don’t tell John. Alright, I am leaving now.”

Charles hung up the phone and gave me a hateful look. He did not have to say a word. I knew what he wanted to do. He could have thrown me across the room. When he gets to the door, he turns around and looked at me for a few Moments with the same hate on his face. I felt like I should have given in to him. I have made an enemy in the household. After Charles closed the door, I went over and locked it. I did not know what he might do. I headed for the bath room and the phone rang. It rang a couple times before I could answer it. Before I could say anything Mary was apologizing to me for what Charles had done. I told her that she did not have to apologize to me. Mary told me that when John is not around, she is the boss and Charles knew it. She knew that Charles had an eye for me and would try to sleep with me. She felt that she should have told him that I was off limits and don’t even think about having sex with me. She said that dinner would be ready soon and come down to keep her company and that she had sent Charles home. I told her that I would be down in a few minutes. I wanted to take a quick shower.

Not only was I afraid of Charles, with John in the hospital, Charles may do something to me.  John knew that I was a prostitute and I am sure that Charles knew also. This left me uneasy about staying here. Should I stay at a hotel in town while John is in the hospital? I could use one of John’s cars. I loved driving the small BMW.

After I finished, I went down stairs to the kitchen. Mary had a sad look on her face. From the look on her face, I think she had a crush on Charles and they had been sleeping together when Charles spent the night at the estate. I went over to Mary and gave her a hung. She again apologized to me. She continued to blame herself. I tried to convince her that it was not her fault. I gave up and changed the subject. She told me that she had gotten a call from Doctor Perry. John had convinced Perry and the other doctors that he was fine. Perry said that we could pick him up around noon tomorrow. I asked Mary if we could pick up John in one of the other cars. Mary said, “No, I know that you don’t want to face Charles. He will get over it and so will you. It is best that we continue our lives the way they are and don’t let a small incident change the paths of our lives. Smile Annette, I love to see your beautiful face when you are happy. We are the only ones at the estate. The others are taking a few days off.  Spend the evening with me and tell me how you ended up here.”

I did not want to tell anyone about my past. I had already told her too much. I simply told her that my parents abandoned me and I could not find a job. In order to live, I had to sell my body. If John did not take me in, I would still be on the street selling my ass. This seamed to satisfy Mary. I asked Mary about her past. Mary said, “My life was almost the same as yours. The only exception was I met John in college. I though that we were going to get married. Like a fool that I am, I gave in to him and we never got married. As I told you, he gave me a life time job as his chef. While I was in college, I was also going to a culinary school at night. John loved my cooking as well as my body.”

I put my arm around Mary and said, “That’s the reason I did not give in to John. He promised to marry me; I had gone this far a few times already in my life. I just don’t trust men. When I was in the shelter, they drummed into our minds, don’t sell your body for a one night stand. Only give it to the one that wants you for the rest of your life. John tried to seduce me the first night he brought me out here. I did not give in to him and I will not give in to him until we are married again.”

Mary got up and patted me on my back and said, “That’s my girl. I am getting hungry. What do you want to eat?”

“Surprise me; I want to watch you cook. The only thing I can cook is frying eggs and I end up cracking the yoke.”

For the next hour I watched Mary prepare our dinner. While she was cooking, she told me about the years she had been working for John. She had given up the idea of having a family. Her mother was pissed off at her. She was the only child and her mother wanted grandchildren. She had left John a few times and he would track her down and convince her to come back. The salary and the benefits were more than she could make anywhere. When she was not working for John, she could not find a job that paid anywhere close the salary that John had been giving her. Over the years she did not have to worry about money and she enjoyed the independence of being single. Mary was having the type of life that I wanted and had dreamed about. No one to tell me when to eat; when I had to go to sleep: and where I could or could not go.

It was almost midnight. I asked Mary if she thought Charles would come back. She assured me that he would not come back. But, I was still afraid of him and what he may do to me. I said to Mary, “When you are the only one in the house, doesn’t it scare you?”

Mary smiled and said, “Not any more. I was a little uneasy when I first started working here and when I was the only person in the house.”

I gave Mary a hug and said good night. Mary hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. As I pulled away she said, “You will get use to being in an empty house. Don’t worry, we will be fine.”

 Regardless of what Mary said, with only the two of us in this mansion, I was scared to death. There are so many places where someone could hide. I was afraid that Charles had not left the complex. He was outside waiting for Mary to go to sleep. Every room that I passed, I expected Charles to jump out and grab me. Not only was he John chauffer, he was also John’s body guard. Memories of Al throwing me across the room with one hand sent goose pimples through my body. Even after I went to bed, I could not fall to sleep. The slightest sound sent goose pimples through my body. I tried to tell myself that Charles would not come back. That did not help

I was just dozing off when I heard someone knocking on the door. It scared the living hell out of me. I yelled out, “Who is it?”

When I heard Mary’s voice, I jumped out of bed and ran to the door. I opened the door and looked down the hall. Mary said, “There is no one with me. With only the two of us in the house, would you like a little company?”

I pulled Mary’s into the room and said, “I would love to have you spend the night with me. Being on the opposite side of the house scares me to death.”

Mary put her arms around me and said, “Years ago when I first came here and there was no one else here. I would be so scared that I went to bed with a butcher knife. I would only fall asleep when I was exhausted. I think you feel similar to the way that I felt. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?”

I said, “Take your pick. It is so big that it doesn’t matter.”

I took the far side of the bed and Mary took the side nearest to the door. We had not been in bed for only a few minutes. Mary said, “Do you mind if I cuddle up to you. It has been a long time since I cuddled up to a warm body.”

At the Moment the thought made me feel secure. I said, “I loved cuddling,”

Mary pulled me tightly to her and put her arm around me. The room was on the cool side and with Mary with me, I felt relaxed. I was no longer afraid that Charles would hurt me.

 When the daylight woke me, Mary was gone. Knowing that we had to go get John, I hurried with my morning ritual. As I was ready to walk out the door, the phone rang. I picked up the phone, it was Mary. She told me that we had to go pick up John at the hospital. They are releasing him and he has his memory back. He can not wait to get home.

After breakfast Charles shows up. He apologized to me. He was a hell of nice looking man. Maybe I should have given in to him.  I got up and gave him a kiss and whispered to him, “If the circumstances were different, I would have made love with you.”

Mary said, “I am glad the two of you have made up. I hate it when my little family is unhappy.”

We followed Charles out of the house. He locked the door after us. The drive to the hospital was cordial. Of course Mary and I did not talk about us sleeping together last night. I was glad about that. I was afraid of what Charles would think. He may think that the both of us are gay.

Charles had been on his cell phone with John. When we got to the hospital John was in a wheelchair waiting for us. Mary and I were sitting in the back seat. Charles gets out and opens the front door for John. John tells Charles that he wants to sit next to his bride. Mary gets out and gets in the front seat. Charles attempts to help John get into the limo. John assures Charles that he did not need any help. John gets in the limo and pulled me close to him and kisses me.  Thank God, he did not taste or smell likes a brewery. When Charles took off, John noticed that we were not headed home. Later I found out that Mary and Charles had made an arrangement at a small wedding chapel so we could get married again. Charles said that I wanted to be married again since John did not remember that we had been married.

When we get to the chapel, I opened the door and got out before Charles came to the door. I stuck my hand out to John. Reluctantly, John takes it and crawls out of the limo. John said to me, “I don’t thank this is necessary.”

          I stopped and said to John, “Where have you been since we got married? Tell me what happened during the wedding. Where did we go on our honeymoon?”

          John thought for a few Moments trying to think of something to say. John quickly picks up both arms in frustration.  He stuttered for a Moment then said, “We got married.”

I said, “I asked you, where we went on our honeymoon? Did we consummate the marriage?”

Bewildered, John said, “Of course we did.”

I said, “Who is the other part of the WE? It wasn’t me. It had to be someone else.”

With a little pressure from Mary and Charles, John consents to a second marriage.”

It was short but sweet. Not thinking about sleeping with John, I was thinking about the money that would eventually be mine.

We went on a two month cruise for our honeymoon. Having sex with John was bearable. I could not stand to look at John when we had sex; I would close my eyes and let John play.  I gained too much weight and had to buy new outfits. That was not a problem. With every port there were dozens of places were I could shop with my credit card.

After the honeymoon was over, my marriage to John was over. I hardly saw him. We had breakfast and sometimes dinner together. The rest of the time John was somewhere else. I did not try to keep track of him and he did not question me about what I had done. I became so bored that I would take off for a couple days and fly to different cities around the country. I would shop and pickup men to make love with. When my trips started to boar me, I would go back to John.  I had done this so many times that I could not remember them all. I also married a few of the men that I slept with. I have often wondered about the nicer one. What was their life like after I left them?

Alice said, “Honey, you committed adultery. What names did you use and how long did you stay with them.”

I told Alice that I would pull a name out of the air and I would leave them within a few days. I would start to feel guilty and I would fly home. Usually John was not home and he never seemed to give a damn. This made our marriage worse. I would take off again.

When I was home and John was off on one of his business trips Charles and I became interment. I think that Mary knew that Charles and I were having an affair. When John and Charles went someplace together, Mary would come to spend the night with me. I think that the rest of workers knew that I was sleeping with Mary and thought that we were gay. To keep Mary and Charles on my side, I felt that I had to please them. I did my best not to rile anyone in the household. John’s billion dollar estate was at stake. I was very generous to the staff. I flooded them with gifts. I wanted everyone on my side if John and I split up. For a while I wanted my marriage with John to be enjoyable. I tried to spend more time with John. He would not take me on any of his business trips.” When he was at home, I tried everything to get him to go out with me. He was always too tired. Even when I tried to have sex with him, he had some excuse that he could not get it up anymore. Months had passed since our wedding. I tried to talk with John about our marital problem. He felt that there wasn’t anything wrong with our marriage. I thought that Charles had told John that we were having an affair. Mary had noticed my changing moods. To make things even worse, when John was home he was usually drunk and his breath was nauseating. I could not stand to being close to him. Many nights after he passed out, I would to the bedroom that I slept in before we were married. As large as the bed was, I could still smell John’s nauseating breath.

I had dreamed of a life with lots of money. Now that I have it, I can buy anything I want. One of the things I loved to do was shop. It started to become boring.  Nothing satisfied my frustration. This was not enough. I had the freedom to go and do anything I wanted, but I still was not happy. I constantly felt bored. With all the money that I had to spend, I could not think of anything to do that would give me pleasure. I was starting to hate everyone in the household, including John, and Charles. They just wanted to use me for their own pleasure. I felt that I had to satisfy them all. I thought that I finally realized what I really wanted, freedom. Freedom from everyone! I did not want to be dominated by anyone. I had saved over $50,000 from my alliance. I had deposited it in a saving account under my maiden name.  I told John that I want a little freedom and to travel alone. He did not give a damn. He told me go and to stay as long as I wanted. For the first couple of months, I hit every resort in Central America. I got tired of having every man that I came in contact with wanting to sleep with me. Disgusted, I flew to London. I had taken a cruise with John to most of the ports in Europe. I wanted to see the cities again without John tagging along. Europe was no different than Central America as far as men were concerned. I knew that every man that I had met wanted to sleep with me. Why did I think men in the rest of the world would be any different? I flew back to the States and settled down in a city about 20 miles from where John lived. I even applied for a job. I though this would relieve me of some of the boredom that filled my body. That did not work either. I felt that John may want to divorce me because I abandoned him; I went to a local library and emailed him a letter thanking him for letting me enjoy the freedom of being alone. I knew with the money he had, if he wanted to find me, he could. I knew that he wanted me out of his life as much as I wanted him out of my life. His fortune was keeping us together, not our love for each other.

One evening I was cruising the bars. I was watching the young prostitutes selling their bodies.  Out of curiosity I wondered if I still had my touch.  I did not want to give the young girls competition. I remembered how much I hated the other prostitutes when they made contact with a John that I had been working on.  I grabbed my pocketbook and drove around the city looking for bars that I had not frequented. I had rented a room in the home of an old lady just in case I needed a place to hide.  It wasn't the nicest neighborhood.  The home needed many repairs, but the room that I rented was clean and comfortable.

My first trick was a young man in his mid-20s.  We haggled over the price and finally came to an agreement.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed it as much as he did. He became one of my regular customers.  After a few months my new career as a prostitute no longer was a pleasure. One evening while I was having dinner, a well dressed middle-aged man approached me; I wasn’t looking for a trick. He asked me if he join me. I told him that he could. He ordered his dinner. We had an enjoyable conversation. As the evening passed, out of the blue he asked me how much did I charge? This caught me off guard. Without thinking I said that my usual fee was a thousand dollars. I thought that this would end the conversation. It didn’t.  Like all the others we haggled over the price. I agreed to go with him for eight hundred. He did not want to go to my room.  He wanted to go to his home.  Reluctantly, I agreed to go to his home.  As soon as we got into his bedroom, he disrobes. When I saw his body, I thought that I would throw up. His whole body was covered with folds of skin. The loose skin of his stomach hung over his personal like an apron.  He must have weighed 500 pounds.  I could not stand to look at him.  I told him it would be nice if he took a shower before we made love.  He agreed.  As soon as he walks out of the room I headed for the door. I see his pants laying on the bed I quickly his wallet.  I rummaged through a few drawers and found a few expensive watches.  I stuffed the wallet and the watches in my pocket book. After I left his home, I wanted to kick myself in the ass.  Why in hell did I steal his watches and his money?

This incident ended my career as a prostitute.  Every man that I looked at reminded me of the grotesque body of my last trick. I was bored again.  I did not know what I wanted to do.  I was ready to go back and live with John.  One evening while I was having dinner, the bastard that I ripped off walked up to my table and said, “You fucking whore.  I hope you get 20 years for stealing my wallet and watches."

The bastard turns around and motions to a couple of men at the entrance of the restaurant. Oh my God, I knew they were cops.  I open my pocket book to get some money to pay for the dinner.  One of the cops grabbed my pocketbook and looks inside.  He gave it back to me.  I took out a 20 and left it on the table and walked out with them.  They helped me into the back seat of the cruiser.  One of the cops said, "Let's make it easy for all of us.  We found the complainant’s watches in your apartment.  If you admit to petty larceny, you will get a shorter sentence and fine."

I do not want to fight it in court.  I did not want to bring John into it. I called John's lawyer, Paul Henderson and told him about my problem.  He told me not to admit to anything and we would fight it in court.  I told him that I had already admitted to the crime and I didn’t want him to tell John. I thought that it was a good idea to keep John out of it. I knew it was a stupid mistake and it should not have happened and I did not want to drag John down with me.  Paul did not get involved in the case. He did send one of his associates to make sure that they did not shaft me. I think they shafted me anyway. They gave me five years with a possible parole in two or three years.  

I got another change in my life:

I had gone through the circle of rags to riches and I was starting over again. Paul must have told John. Occasionally, John sent me a few trinkets with out a return address. Nor did John come to the prison to visit me. The cops had taken away my credit card. They thought that I had stolen it. The name on the credit card was Annette Clarington.  I had told them that my name was Annette Harrison. I used the name of one of the cops that arrested me.

I had been through this crap when I was a teenager. It was no different. They humiliated me and all the other women. Like before, there were the bullies and the bitches. Some liked me and some hated me. There was no reason behind their behavior. I think that they were raise to hate everyone they came in contact with. After things settled down, I realized that there was nothing that I could do about my life in prison. Why fight it, it would make my life worse than it was. I did what I was told to do without giving the guard a hard time. I did not antagonize the guard or the other inmates. I bleached my hair, within a few days the dark roots would come back in. I was harassed about my hair color. I knew that if I let them rile me, they would keep it up. I would smile and thank them for their complement. I could not believe the way I felt. I enjoyed the happier moments and would not let the aggravating moments get to me. I started to enjoy my new life. My new home was not as big as the smallest closet in John estate. My cell mate was a shy timid little girl in her early twenties. Her name was Kitty Loften. Like most of the women, they did not have a job and did anything to keep their self alive. Kitty was caught shoplifting and got one and half years with possible parole in nine months. It bothered me, why did I get five years?

One evening I was just about to fall asleep. Kitty was in her bunk above me. The bed shook and Kitty let out a gasp. It scared the hell out of me. I jumped up and looked at Kitty. I knew what had happen. I eased back down into my bunk. I had masturbated a number of times. My orgasms were never that intense. The thought of having an orgasm as intense as the one Kitty had stimulated my libido.

Kitty climbed down from her bunk and went to the toilet. When Kitty came back to the bunk, without thinking, I reached up and pulled her into my bunk with me. With a slight hesitation, she lay down beside me and started to fondle me. We consummated our friendship.

For the next eight months. Kitty and I were inseparable. I cried for the first time in my adult life when they let her out on parole. My next cell mate was nothing like kitty. She kept to herself and hardly said a word to me. I usually had to initiate the conversation. Connie was a book worm. She could read a book in one evening. It took me two or three long days to read the same book. I had not read a book since I left high school.

Having met Mary and her cooking ability, I got a job working in the kitchen. During the summer months, it was almost intolerable. The winter months were pleasant. I enjoyed the warmth of the kitchen. The rest of the prison was like living in a refrigerator. I became friends with Mable; she was an elderly lady that supervised the kitchen. Mable taught me a lot of simple tricks to improve the taste of different foods that were naturally disgusting to eat. Surprisingly, I starting preparing part of the meals and enjoyed my own cooking. When I lived with Harley; we never ate dinner at home. We both prepared our breakfast and lunches.

When my parole hearing came, Mable was the key that open my door to freedom. One of the members of the parole board asked me how much money I give Mable. I told her that I did not have a cent and if I did I would never bribe a dear friend. I told the board members to turn down my request to be paroled if they thought that I had paid Mable to speak in my behalf. It was the feeling of a loving friend and nothing else. The other board member chastised her for making such an accusation.

Before they let me out on parole, they gave me a lecture on how to conduct myself when I applied for a job and a list of companies that would hire paroles. They made an arrangement for me to stay at a halfway house until I got a job.

There was no one at the prison to greet me when I walked out the door to freedom. I was not ready to go back and live with John. Even with the time that I was in prison, I did not want to go and live with John. I think I hated that more than I hated the prison.


I still had almost four thousand in the account that I opened before I left John. I rented a small home. It only had two bedrooms.  The thought of going back to John bounced around in my head. I did not notify John that I was out of jail. Before I go back to John, I wanted to try to see if I could come up with a better life. I went through the list of employers that they gave me in two days. I was not qualified for any of the positions. I searched the want ads and came up with a list of employers. I was not qualified for any of the jobs. My only choice was too lie about my background. I changed my name and went for interviews. I found a company that hired me. That did not last long. On the very first day they knew that I was not qualified for the position and more or less told me to get my ass out of there company. It was right before Christmas and they let me stay for an extra week and gave me two extra weeks pay. They had invited me to the companies Christmas party. One of the girls that I had worked with told me that it was a very lavish party and to please come. I debated whether to go or roam the streets. The Christmas party won out. When I got there, all the seats were taken except for one seat at a table for four. There were two men and a lady at the table. I went over to the table. I asked if the seat was taken. Too my surprise, the seat was not taken. The younger man jumps up and invited me to join them. He introduced himself and the couple with him. His name was Jerry Pritchard. I had seen him at the company but our paths had never crossed. I had overheard a couple of women talking about him. He was single and had a very important job at the company. From the conversation, they thought that he may be gay or did not want to get married. One of the girls said that she did everything to get him, including sleeping with him and he did not ask her out again.

I put on my best manners. The couple at the table with him was married. I was cordial with them. The young man acted as if he was shy. During the evening I never let him out of my site. I danced with him until the party was shutting down. I told him that I was disappointed that the party was over and asked him to take me home.  From the conversation, Jerry and his friends had money. So what if he is gay. I will bleed every cent that he has out of him. The couple at the table left before Jerry and I. Jerry’s friend hinted to Jerry to go for it. Jerry blushed. Shortly after the couple left, Jerry took me home. I invited him in; he was still a little shy. I had to drag him across the yard and into the house. Just as soon as the door shut behind us, I started taking his cloths off of him. He resisted slightly. I told Jerry to relax and to get comfortable, I wanted to freshen up. As I got to the hall, I turned around and said, “Don’t fall asleep. I have a surprise for you.”

When I returned, I asked, “Jerry would he like to freshen up? I had to brush my teeth. I could not stand the stale food in my mouth. There is a spare tooth brush lying on the counter to the left of the sink.”

I took Jerry hand and helped him up. I guided him to the bathroom and shut the door behind him. While he was relieving himself and brushing his teeth I slipped on a shear nightgown and folded down the bed. When I hear the water being turned off, I turned off all the lights except the night light. When Jerry opened the door he turned off the bathroom lights. Not being able to see, Jerry turned the bathroom lights back on. Jerry saw me sitting on the side of the bed in my nightgown. From the look on his face, I thought that he was going to faint. I said, “Turn off the bathroom lights. It’s nicer with only the night light on.”

He turns off the bathroom light and did not move. I patted on the bed for him to join me. He takes a couple of cause’s steps in my direction then stops. I get up and planted kisses all over his face. I unbutton his shirt. I zip down his fly and dropped his pants on the floor. I lifted his under shirt and ran my tongue across his nipple. As I ventured further down his body, Jerry lifted my head and my nightgown. He drops his under pants to the floor, kicks off his shoes and lifts me up into his arms. I wrapped my legs around him. He carries me over to the bed and lays me down. I pulled him down on top of me and reached between his legs. Jerry is defiantly not gay. We made love for the rest of night until we both we exhausted. We fell asleep in each other arms. Within a week we were married. The couple that was at the Christmas party was the only guest at the wedding. Jerry wanted to take me on a cruise. I have had enough of cruises. It would take away some of the money that I wanted to steal from him. 

Our marriage was perfect for the first month until I found out how much money he was making. He wasn’t one of the executives of the company. Also, our sexual attractions wore off within a week. Jerry lust for me was no longer there. It was almost like a chore or ritual that we had to go through, whether we wanted to or not. As the months passed our sex like was nill. We hardly ever went out together or with other couples. Jerry spent more time with his friends across the street than he spent with me. Sammy and his wife were cordial. But, there was something about them that I did not like. They were not cold, but I always felt that they were jealous of me. I had taken away their friend. In a way, I was glad that we never went out with them. I made my own friends. Jerry worked overtime almost every day. It gave me time to visit the popular night spots during their happy hours. There were plenty of nice looking men. I usually never had to pay for my drinks. Since Jerry was not making the type of money I wanted and our love life was no long their. I missed the affection young men gave me when we were alone together. Of course they all wanted to make love with me.  Frankly, I wanted to rob them. I wanted enough money that I did not have to depend on the allowance that I would be getting from John. The problem was, most of them were flat broke, and they were in financial hell. I stopped hitting the bars and concentrated on milking Jerry for every cent he had.

Alice said, “Why didn’t you get a divorce from John?”

“Alice darling, if I get a divorce from John I would be losing almost a billion dollars, if not more.”

Alice let out a gasp and lay back in the chair with her head hanging over the back of the chair. I jumped up and went over to Alice and asked her if she was alright?

Alice said, “You must be kidding.”

“Alice, I would not be living here now if I was lying. All of this is nine.”

Alice said, “Go ahead with your fairy tale.”

I chuckled and smiled at Alice, then said that during the boring life with Jerry, I kept getting the itch for other men. Not just any man, someone as wealthy as John if not wealthier than John. I started visiting the wealthier night spots and country clubs. I had no trouble getting in when I told them that I was John Clarington wife. Most of the men were middle class, spending more money than they were making and were married. All they wanted was a quickie. This was over almost as soon as it started. My other problem, I had to get home before Jerry got home from work. I did not want him to kick me out. I was draining $1000 a month out of his salary.

Jerry and I had been married over a year. As the months passed I entertained a few of the men that I thought were wealthy. They were not as well off as Jerry. I met this young attorney. His name was Peter Parker. I had frequently seen his name in the papers. He gave me the impression that he wanted to marry me. He would say, “When you get a divorce, I will take you around the world.”

I was at a point that I believed him. The way he flashed his money around, I thought he had millions.

To make our marriage worse, the company that Jerry worked for went bankrupted. I was still seeing Peter. I had to find a way to keep Jerry out of the house so I could entertain Peter. I would load Jerry down with a list of companies that I pulled out of the yellow pages for him to go for an interview. This worked fine for a while. Peter was painting a beautiful picture of our marriage. I did not expect Jerry home for another couple of hours. I had made lunch for Peter and purchased some expensive wine. Peter complemented me on the wonderful dinner. He took my hand and led me into the bedroom. He dropped his cloth to the floor. He started disrobing me. Like a dozen times before, we fondled each other until Peter’s pecker was fully extended. He pulls me down on top of him. I rolled off of Peter and he climbed on top of me. When Peter was making love, Peter had a grotesque look on his face. I closed my eyes because I hated the way his face looked. After Peter climaxed, I opened my eyes. I could not believe who was looking at us having sex. Without thinking, I slammed my fist into Peter’s face with all of my mite. Peter shouted, “Sweetheart, why did you hit me? I think you broke my nose.”

I pointed at Jerry. When Peter saw Jerry, in haste he literary jumped off of me and landed on the floor on his back. Jerry stood up and Peter back peddled across the floor and slammed his head against Jerry dresser. I yelled at Jerry, “Get out of here.”

Peter shouted back, “I am trying to get out of here. I cracked my skull on the damn dresser.”

I shouted, “Damn it, I was not talking to you. I was talking to my husband, the bastard that is standing there staring at us.

”Peter grabbed his pants and heads for the door. Jerry stopped Peter at the door and took Peter’s pants out of Peter’s hands. Jerry told Peter to get out of his home. Peter yells, “I can’t go outside like this.”

Jerry shouted back, “If you don’t get the hell out of here now, I am going to call the police.”

 I had never seen Peter move so fast. I screamed to Jerry, “He was raping me. Didn’t you see me fighting him back?”

       Jerry laughed and said, “You lying bitch. How long do you think I have been sitting here?”

I yelled, “Why didn’t you pull him off of me.”

With anger in his voice, he said, “Sweetheart, you were enjoying yourself. You looked like you were enjoying him as much as he was enjoying you. I saw you hugging and kissing him. You have not made love to me like that since before we were married. I did not have the honor of taking your virginity from you. You are the one that dragged me into your apartment the evening we met. Your demeanor changed shortly after our wedding night. I did not question you about it. I felt that it was just another boring evening, and that’s what marriage was like. Now, let’s get back to the subject. Who in hell is that bastard?”

 Jerry looked away; I said sarcastically, “He is my attorney. I want a divorce. Why did you have to come home so early? You have ruined everything.”

Jerry asked, “Are you paying him off before he files for your divorce.”

I screamed back, “Hell no, we are getting married after the divorce. Do you think I am a whore?”

Jerry laughed at me, and then said, “Do you really want me to answer that? I know what you are. How long has this been going on? Are you pregnant?”

“Hell no, I am not pregnant and I don’t want any kids. It would ruin my life.”

Jerry walked out of the bedroom, He told me that he was going to call the police and tell them that his wife just got raped. I jumped out of bed naked and screaming. I followed Jerry into to the hall. I screamed at Jerry, “Don’t you dare call the police? I will tell them that you forced yourself on me.”

Jerry smiled at me with a sarcastic look on his face then he said, “They will not believe you. They will take samples of the semen from you. They will know that you are lying.” 

Jerry was getting pissed he looked at me angrily and said, “Annette, get your thinks, I am not going to sleep in the same house with you. I will call a cab for you.”

Pathetically I said “Jerry darling, I don’t know where he lives; I can’t pay for the cab with my credit card.”

Jerry chuckled and said, “Annette, I don’t want to hear any more excuses. I will give you twenty dollars for the cab.”

Pissed to no end, I turned around and heads for the bathroom and turned on the shower. Before I could get the water temperature warmed up, Jerry yelled, “Turn off the shower. I want you out of the house in fifteen minutes.”

Jerry walked into the bath room and turned off the shower, he pulled me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. He told me to put on some clothes. Jerry left the room. When he came back he had two suitcases. He drops them on the bedroom floor. He told me again that he wanted me out of the house in fifteen minutes. Jerry looked at his watch. The bastard was going to time me. I stuffed as much of my outfit into the two suitcases. I was getting more pissed with every outfit that I stuffed into the suitcase. When I could not stuff anything else into the two suitcases, I dragged them down the hall. I wanted to get my bank book out of the office. With Jerry watching everything that I did I could not get close to the office. Jerry asked if he could help me. I hated him so much; I did not want him to touch anything of mine.

When I reached the front door, Jerry gave me Peter’s wallet and showed me the hundred dollar bills in the wallet. Jerry said, “I think there is enough money in the wallet to get you out of the country.”

 I grabbed the wallet out of Jerry hand and said, “Go to hell.”

Jerry said, “That where you are going. I was going to keep the money. I could not bring myself to do it. Make sure you give Peter his wallet and the money.”

 I said, "That bastard owes me more money than what is in the wallet.  I'm not going to give him a damn cent.”

  Jerry asked again if he could help with the suitcases. I told him to go to hell. The cab driver came over and helped me with the suitcases. He asked me why Jerry didn’t help me. I told him that my husband was a bastard and he was kicking me out of my home. The driver asked if I wanted to go to the police station. I had been in to many police stations in my life and I was not going in another one even if they were going to give it to me.

I looked through Peter wallet for his driver’s license. I gave the driver Peter’s address. The cab driver wanted to question me about my husband and our marriage. I told him that I did not want to discuss it and I was trying to forget about it.

When we got to Peter’s home I was disappointed. His home was not as nice as Jerry’s. The driver helped me with the suitcases. He sat them on the front porch. I looked into Peter’s wallet the smallest bill was $50. Reluctantly, I gave it to the driver. I waited until the driver was out of sight before I rang the doorbell. I waited for a few minutes and no one came to the door. I pressed the door bell again. No one came to the door. I took Peter’s driver license and pushed it through the crack in the door and opened the door.  I pulled my two suitcases into the house and shut the door. I called for Peter. There was no answer. I looked around the house. No one was in the house. I dragged my suitcases into a bed room and hung my clothes in the closet. When I finished I went into the kitchen. The refrigerator was empty. There was only a couple of bottles of beer and two doggy boxes with molded leftover’s. I had Peter’s cell phone number. I called it. Peter answered. I asked Peter where he was. He told me that he was at a friend’s home. He was afraid to go home. He thought Jerry might call the police and he wanted time to think.  Peter asked, “Are you still at your home?”

I answered, “Hell no. The bastard kicked me out of the house. I am over at your home.”

Peter asked, “How did you know where I lived?”

I did not want to tell him that I had his wallet. I told him I looked up his address in the phone book. It seamed to satisfy him. He told me that he would be home in about an hour.  I told him to bring home some food. He said that he did not eat at home and he would take me out to dinner. I went into the bedroom and took off all of my cloths. Jerry would not let me take a bath and I was worried that I would become pregnant if I did not do something soon.

After flushing my body, I filled the bathtub with warm water. I laid back and tried to straighten out my miserable life. Should I go back to John or see what my life with Peter would be like. One thing for sure, I had to go back to Jerry’s home and get my bank book. With out it I only had the two thousand that was in Peter’s wallet. I dosed off. The water cooled down and I woke up. I climbed out of the tub dried myself off. I went into the bedroom and started putting on some cloths. I felt a hand on my bare butt. It scared the hell out of me. I spun around and slammed a fist at Peter. He grabs my hand before it hit him. I screamed, “You scared the hell out of me. Why didn’t you say something? “

Peter said, “I wasn’t sure who I would find in my home. I see that you have made yourself at home.”

I lashed back, “You got me kicked out of my home. Now you are going to have to take care of me.”

Peter said, “Did Jerry give you my wallet?”

I was not going to give him the wallet. I would be like I was when I first met Jerry. I said, “No Jerry did not give me a damn thing. He kicked me out of my home. I did not have a chance to get my personal bank book before I left. I am going to have to go over there and get it when Jerry is not at home. Maybe you can find your wallet also.”

Peter said, “Not only did I loose the money, I lost my driver’s license. Do you want to go over their later tonight?”

I said, “The sooner, the better. I think we will have to go over there after dark. Also he may be at home. We will have to find out if he is still there.”

Peter said, “I borrowed some money from my friend. Let’s go get something to eat. It will be dark by the time we finish eating.”

During dinner Peter planned a counter attack. He was going bring charge against Jerry for stealing his wallet and assault. He asked me if Jerry ever assaulted me. I told Peter that Jerry never touched me. Peter said, “They always believe the wife, we will tell them that I was questioning you about the divorce and Jerry came in and assaulted the both of us.”

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go along with Peter. But, he is a lawyer. After dinner, it was quite dark. We drove out to Jerry’s home. There weren’t any lights on in the house. Peter circled the block and parked the car two houses before Jerry’s home. We watched the house for about an hour. No one came or left the home. Peter said, “Let go in.”

Knowing Jerry’s habits, he is not in the house. I opened the door of the car. The overhead light came on. Quickly I shut the door and told Peter to turn off the overhead lights. I did not want anyone to seeing me getting out of the car. I had a key that fit the front door and the side door. We walked to the side door. To my surprise, the door was not locked. We went into the office. I shut the door and closed the shades. I turned on the lights. I saw my bank book folder lying on the table. I opened the folder. It was empty. I let out a scream. I thought Peter was going to faint. I yelled, “The bastard got my saving account book.”

Peter tried to calm me down. I could not hold back my anger. This is the money that Jerry owed me for putting up with his crap for 18 months. I turned on all the light in the house. It took me over an hour to search every room in the house. A number of times Peter tried to get me to leave with him. I told him if he wants to leave to go. I was going to find the money before I left.

Peter did not say a word. He turned and left me in the office alone. I tried to calm down and think rationally. I sat down at the computer and turned it on. Jerry had a file that kept all of our accounts listed. I open the file and it was blank. I yelled, “Oh shit.”

Peter flew in and whispered, “What happened?”

I yelled, “Jerry erased all of the account from the computer. I had a copy of the file in the drawer and it is gone also. Damn it, I don’t have a penny.”

Peter put his hand on my shoulder and said, “We will get even with that bastard. Come on lets go to my home.”

Reluctantly, after I searched every room and closets in the house and packed some of my clothes I gave up and went home with Peter. My problems were not over. The only money that I had was the $2000 that was in Peter’s wallet. I had fifty thousand in an account that been there since I left John. The damn cops took all of my indemnification from me when I was locked me up. Those bastards at the bank will not let me withdraw any of the funds without proper indemnification. Damn if I am going to let Peter know that I had his wallet and the money. On the way to Peter’s home, I asked Peter if he would lend me some money. He said, “How much do you want, ten, twenty bucks?”

That cheep bastard, I wanted to slam my fist down his throat. I said, “Peter darling, I don’t have any money. I don’t have a place to stay and I don’t have enough money to eat. What am I going to do?”

Peter looked over at me for a few seconds as to think of something to say. With a look of discuss on his face, he said, “Oh, you can stay with me.”

I caught the cheep bastard off guard. I think that the $2000 was all the money that he had. At dinner, he did not leave a tip. The bastard is as broke as I am.  

I could go to see John accountant and ask him for a new credit card. If I did, he would surely call John and tell him that I am out of jail. The thought of seeing John again was sickening. I will have to stay with Peter and see what develops.

The following morning, Peter was up and dressed before I woke up. He was walking out the door. I called to Peter. He turns and said, “Good morning.”

I asked, “Where are you going.”

He said to me that he had to get some cash and file a complaint against Jerry for stealing his wallet. Also, he was going to a doctor to see about his nose. He said that he looked at his face this morning and it looked like it was bent to one side. I asked, “When will you be back.”

 He said that he would be gone most of the day. I told him that I did not have any money and there was no food in the house.  Grudgingly, he stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out a twenty. He put it on the dresser and told me not to spend all of it. The cheep bastard, what in hell attracted me to him, his damn name. I had seen it in the paper a hundred times.

I did not get out of bed. I wanted to close my eyes and go back to sleep. But, I could not fall asleep. My screwed up lift was running around in my head and it was driving me crazy. I forced myself out of bed, took a long shower. It was almost twelve when I got dressed. I walked to a small restaurant down the street for lunch and tried to forget what had happen. By the time I had finished lunch I had decided to go back to John. The handsome young men in restaurant flirting with me ended my desire to go back to John. But, on the other hand, it would end my need for money. I took a long walk and tried to resolve my problems. No matter which way I went, I would still be in the same predicament that I am in now.  When I got back to Peter’s home his car was parked outside. I stopped and thought for a few minutes. Again, the desire to go back to John was spinning around in my head. I stood there motionless for a few minutes. I came out of the trance that I was in when Peter yelled, “Come on in. Don’t hang out in front of the house.”

With a look of discuss, Peter looked up and down the street as if he was looking for someone. This continued until we were inside his home. He shuts the door behind me. Within a minute he opens the door again and looks up and down the street. I asked, “What the hell are you looking for?”

He spun around and said, “You’re fucking husband. You will never know what those crazy bastards will do. I have seen a number of cases where the spouse killed their mate or beat the living hell out of them. I would not put it past Jerry after what he did to us.”

It had not entered my mind what Jerry would do to us. I have never seen him as angry as he was yesterday. Maybe I should go back to John. For the rest of the day both of our heads were swiveling. Damn you Peter, I am as bad as he is.

With the fear that Jerry would harm us, Peter took me with him to file the charges against Jerry. While I was waiting for in the Court House, every man that I saw, I thought that it was Jerry. Chill run through me. I had been sitting in the lobby for four hours. I was ready to go to Johns. I was thinking that the bastard went out the back door and left me here. I was on the verge of leaving. The elevator door opened and Peter walked out smiling at me. He said, “We are going to hang Jerry by the balls. I have filed so many charges against him that he will not get out of Jail for at least 20 years. I wanted to blast him for leaving me down here. But, when he told me that I would get Jerry’s home and all of his money, I kept my mouth shut.  We went to a nice restaurant and took a table away from the other guest. Peter couldn’t think or talk about anything but his genius. The more he said, the more I did not believe him. I was thankful when he got up to leave. As we were walking out the door I mentioned the money in my saving account. Peter said, “Forget the fucking money and don’t bring it up in court.”

His fucking attitude lit a fire inside me. I was tired of men telling me what to do. In the middle of our conversation a woman came up and stood next to Peter. She could hear everything we said. I pointed at the woman. Peter shut up, looks around and jumped with fright. He turns around and bumps into the woman. He accused her of listening to us. She said, “I am just reading the menu. You are talking so loud that everyone in the restaurant can hear you.”

I pulled Peter’s arm and we walked down the street. Peter was still steaming and so was I. We passed a car. A dent in the car triggered my memory. I yelled, “That Jerry car.”

Peter, said, “Are you sure.”

“I am positive; I am the one that cause the dent.”

Peter pulled me and said, “Come on. Let’s get the hell out of here the bastard is following us. He wasn’t to get even with us. I don’t trust the bastard.”

We hurried to Peter’s car and did not say a word. After a few minutes Peter lets out a puff of air. It sounded as if he had been holding his breath since I told him that the car belonged to Jerry. I had never seen this side of Peter. He kept looking in the rear view mirror and asked me to watch for Jerry’s car. Peter is scared as a rabbit.

When we finally reached his home, instead of parking in the driveway, he parked in the garage. Peter said, “With the car in the garage, Jerry will not know if we are home or not. I think the bastard is following us. I am going to get a restraining order to keep him away from us.”

Peter did not want to stay in his own home. He was scared to death that Jerry would come in the night and kill the both of us. Peter had taken me to his beach home a couple of times. I said, “If you are so afraid that Jerry will come here to kill us. Let’s stay in your beach home.”

Peter looked over at me. It looked like the cat had got his tongue. He asks, “I have to ask Dad if we can stay there until Jerry is locked up.”

Peter called his father. Peter’s father said that we could stay there as long as we wanted. We loaded our things in the car and headed for the beach. Peter is a lying bastard. He told me that he owned the house. He is just another one of those kids that are living on their parent’s money.

While we were at the beach, Peter did not want to stick his head out the door, he was afraid to sit on the patio, have his dinner outside or going to the local market to buy food. Occasionally he called his father about the trial. About a week later he asked his father if the cops had seen anyone hanging around his home. Peter Sr. said that he never asked the cops to check on his home and said that he would give them a call. A few minutes later Peter Sr. called back and said that his neighbors had complained about a bed in his front yard. Peter raises his voice and said, “What bed?”

This caught my attention. What were they talking about? I picked up the extension in the kitchen and asked, “What is this about a bed? Did Jerry spray the bed with bullets?”

The old fart said that there is a bed in the front yard and his neighbors complained about it. I look around the door at Peter and asked, “What in hell is a bed doing in the front yard?”

I was confused. Did Peter order a new bed for me and since no one was at the house they left it in the front yard. I asked, “Is it a new bed?

Peter Sr. responded, “Hell no, from what the cops said, it looked like someone was on the way to the dump and scattered their junk on your yard. Peter, are you still on the line?”

“Yes, Papa.”

Peter Sr. said, “Get your ass over to your home and clean up the mess. You are giving the family a bad name.”

“Ok Papa.”

Peter hung up the phone and looked over at me. I said, “I am not going to help you move the damn bed. Hire someone to come and pick it up.”   

Without saying a word to each other, we packed out things and headed for Peter’s home. I could tell that Peter was still afraid that Jerry had put the bed on the lawn and knew that he would have to come out of hiding to remove it. Perspiration started to appear on Peter’s forehead. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Honey, I have seen you looking to see if someone is following us. After living with Jerry for 18 months I don’t think that he would ever harm anyone. Relax, we will be fine.”

I must have soothed his fear. He let out a long breath of air and a smile came across his face. He looked at me and said, “I was just being cautious. There have been too many people killed by jealous spouses. You never expect it until the marriage turns sour. Then all hell takes over. I have seen too many cases like this one. He may try to kill the both of us.”

The sincerity of what Peter said made me get goose pimples. Closer to Peter’s home we got, the more afraid I became. Now, I am worse than Peter. I was ready to jump out of the car and go back to John’s. We had spent over a month at the beach. I had gotten use to living in a large house. I did not want to go back to the dump that Peter lived in.

As we were approaching Peter’s home, we saw the pile of junk in the front yard. Peter was still a little cautious. Peter yells, “Who in hell left that crap in my yard.”

I yelled, “It had to be Jerry. Don’t you recognize the headboard? You have been sleeping in it for the last three months.”

Peter said, “I am not going to stop. Look around and see if you see Jerry’s car. I don’t remember what it looked like.”

Peter circled the block three times before he pulled into the driveway. I said to Peter, “If Jerry was going to do anything; I think he would have done it. He doesn’t want to add another assault charge against him.”

Peter opened the side door. I had to push him inside. Peter whispered, “If he is in here, I don’t want him to know that we are coming in. I yelled, “Jerry, Jerry are you in the house”

Peter jumped backward and fell to the floor. Peter was in a state of shock. I said, “Jerry is not in here. If he was the type that was going to kill us, he would have done it the day that he caught us.”

I put my hand out and helped Peter to his feet. He blasted me for scaring him to death. I said, “With the trial coming up, he would be a fool to do anything to us.

For the next few days I twiddled my thumbs while Peter and his father discussed how they were going to shaft Jerry. I would have left Peter already if he had not told me that I would get Jerry’s home and all of his money. I could sale the house for two hundred and fifty thousand. That would give me a little pocket money.

The day of the trial:

Peter got up before five. He and his father had a long talk last night. Peter Sr. was positive that they were going to rob Jerry for every cent that he had and send him away for years for beating the hell out of me. For a Moment, I felt sorry for Jerry. That went away in a flash when I remembered that I would get his home. 

On the drive to the Court House, they were bragging how wonderful a team they were. They could take on the world. Frankly, I was wondering how they got this far in life, especially Peter Jr.

When we walked into the court room Jerry and a woman that I have never seen were whispering to each other. I noticed a pocket book on the table next to the bitch. It was one my pocketbooks. I told Peter that we could add the thief of the pocketbook to the list of the things that Jerry stole from us. Peter said, “Don’t be childish; we are going to hit him for the big items. You will be able to buy a hundred pocketbooks.”

The Judge told Peter to take a seat then he look over at Jerry and asked if the young lady was his attorney. Jerry told him that she was just a friend that was helping him. The judge asked the bitch, for the record, what is your name? The bitch said, “You honor, my name is Patty.”

The Judge asked again, “What is your last name.”

She said “I am Patty Wallace is there anything else you would like to know about me. Jerry and I are old friends. He needs all the support that he can get. I am thankful that I can support him at this time.”

The Judge said, “I understand Patty. Let me see what the charges are.”

The old bastard had gone over the charges with Peter a hundred times. We are in trouble if he cannot remember what they were talking about fifteen minutes ago. After a few minutes the Judge reads them off. There was nothing in the document that stated anything about me and Peter having sex. The Judge asked Peter to tell him about his charges of assault and robbery. Peter gets up and points at Jerry and said, “I was going over the divorce case with my client, Mrs. Annette Pritchard and Mr. Pritchard comes into the room and for no reason hit me in the face. I think that he fractured my nose. Then he slams me into the wall almost knocking me out. He took my wallet out of my pocket and told me to leave. Which I did, he has been assaulted Mrs. Pritchard since they were married and treated her like a sex slave.  Brutalizing her for no apparent reason for the 18 months they have been married.  He kicks her out of her home on to the streets without any money."

I pretended that I was crying. I took a handkerchief out of my pocketbook and wiped my cheeks. Peter Sr. gave me a passionate look. He nodded his head. The Judge asked me if I would like to add anything. I stand up and started to yell out complaint about me that never happen. I don’t remember the lies that I told him. If they ask me later to repeat what I said, I will be in trouble. I do remember telling the Judge that Jerry tried to drown me in the bathtub and he shoot at me when we went hunting together. Peter pulled on my dress. I looked down at him. He shook his head. I was going to continue, but I thought that I had said enough. I saw Jerry getting up. The Judge told him to sit back down. He started to blast Jerry. It went on and on. I thought he would never stop. Finally the Judge said, “I have heard enough.”

The Judge was going to turn the case over to the criminal justice department. When everything had cooled off a bit, that bitch stood up and said, “You Honor, are you related to the plaintiff.”

The Judge yelled, “Sit down and shut up.”

          Before the Judge could say a word, the bitch said, “Your honor, what you are doing is unethical and illegal in this state. You and your son could lose your license to practice.”

          I thought she was going to cry. She reaches down into my pocketbook that she stole from me and pulls out a tissue. The Judge blasted the bitch. To make it worse the bitch was smiling at the Judge. I think Peter Sr. was really getting pissed off at her. Jerry pulled on her arm; still smiling she looks down at Jerry. He motioned for her to sit down. The Judge was standing. He turned and headed for the door behind him. Jerry stood up and said, “Your honor, I am the defendant, don’t I get a chance to defend myself.”

          The judge snapped back, “With what you have done to your poor wife they should lock you up without a trial. Go ahead.”

          “Your honor, with due respects for the court. Every word that came out of my wife’s mouth and her attorney’s is a bold face lie and I can prove it if you give me a few moments.”

          With a surprised look Peter Sr. face he said, “Get with it. I don’t have all day. I have heard enough.”

          Jerry said, “Your Honor, may I approach the bench.”

          With a harsh voice, Peter Sr. said, “Hurry up.”

          Jerry picked up something and headed to the bench. He placed the object in front of the Judge and folded it back. Peter Sr. said, “What is this all about.”

           Jerry said, “Please, just watch the screen.”

          Peter Sr. pulls the object up close to his face. I thought that he was going to have a convulsion. He glances over at me and Peter. Jerry said, “That is my wife. The man on top of her is not me. It’s her Attorney.”

          Jerry said, “Please Listen to the voices.”

          Jerry turned the volume up enough that Peter and I could hear the recording. When I heard my voice I said, “Turn that off. That is not my voice.”

          When it came to the part where Jerry gives me Peter’s wallet and Peter heard what I said about him. Peter went into a tirade. He called me a thieving bitch. I screamed, “You owe me that money and I desire ever cent of it. “

          Peter yelled back, “If you are a damn prostitute. You are not worth that much money.” I laid a heavy slap across Peter’s face and screamed, “Where are the all things you promised me. You promised me the world and I haven’t gotten a damn thing.”

          Peter screams back, “I wasn’t going to marry you; you just assumed that we were going to get married. You think I would marry a woman like you that cheats on her husband.”

          I slam my pocket book across Peter’s face. Peter tripped over a chair and falls to the floor. I kept pounding Peter. Peter grabs the pocket book and pulls me down on top of him. I let loose of the pocket book and claws at Peters face with my long finger nails. Blood was running down Peters face. The Judge pressed a button on his desk and four cops bust through the door. The Judge pointed at me and Peter and said, “Lock them up in the holding cells. Keep them separated.”

          Peter yells at me, “I want that money back. What did you do with my driver’s license?”

          The bitch spoke up and said to the cops, “Just one minute please. Peter, the money belongs to Jerry. Not to you or Annette. You and Annette enjoyed yourself for over three months; you ate his food, drank his beer and wine that Jerry purchased.   You also, had sex with his wife three times a week for those three months. In any Brothel it would have cost you ten times the amount of money that was in your wallet. Since Jerry is not a Brothel owner, you stole his food, beer and wine that were in his home. You also stole his wife.”

The Judge motioned to the cops to take us away. I was pissed to no end. I kept my mouth shut and did not resist the cops. They locked me in a small room. There were not bars and I could not see what was going on out in the hall. There was a small cot and a toilet and a sink. A small window above the toilet lit up the room. I sat down on the cot and thought about what had happened. I should have gone back to John. The thought of having to sleep with him reminded me of how much I hated him.

Alice said, “How in hell did you get yourself into this mess.”

I said, “Alice it was stupid childhood. I never grew up. Since I was twelve there were two things I wanted, sex and money. I thought that I would never get enough of either.”

Alice said, “What happened after they locked you up?”

I had only been locked up for about fifteen minutes. There was a knock on the door. A male voice said, “Can I open the door?”

I said, “Yes, please do.”

I backed away from the door. The door opened a crack and the officer said that Judge Parker wanted to see me. I opened the door wide enough to get out. I followed the cop through the building. He stops and looks back at me. I smiled at him. He knocks on the door. I could hear Peter Jr. saying, “Please come in.”

I said, “I am not going in there. That is not the Judge. That his son.”

The cop opens the door. I saw Judge Parker motioning me to come in. Reluctantly, I stepped around the cop and headed for the chair that was next to the Judge. Judge Parker told the cop to please shut the door. Peter Sr. asked me to please sit down. Pete Jr. with a face that could kill did not take his eyes off of me. I turned around and headed for the door. The Judge said, “Annette, please sit down. We have something to discuss.”

 I paused for a Moment, then went over to the chair and sat down. If that bastard comes after me, I will crack his head with this chair. The Judge said, “Peter and Annette we all have a problem. Peter should not have filed charges against your husband, Mr. Pritchard. The both of you lied in court and in your deposition. The only thing that Pritchard had for his defense was the damn CD’s. We have to get them and destroy them. Annette do you still have a key to your home?”

“Yes sir, I did not give it to Jerry when he kicked me out of the house. I used it when I went back for some of my things.”

Peter Sr. said, “We have to find those CDs. They could have recorded the hearing. If they did Peter and I will lose our license to practice. I have a tail on them. If they are not in the house tonight we will search the house for the CDs.”

I said, “Are you going to lock me up again.”

He shook his head and said, “No, you can stay with Peter.”

“Hell no, I am not going to stay with him. He will probably kill me.”

The Judge said, “You can stay with me until we clean this mess up. Peter, I will call you when the tail we have on Jerry tells me the coast is clear.”

Peter gets up and heads for the door and gave me a royal finger when his father looked away. Discretely, I gave him one back. I turned and look at my new host. The old bastard had that hungry look on his face, father like son. I hope I don’t have to fight him off this afternoon.

We walked out of the Court House together. When the cops saw us walking together, I could tell by the way they looked at us that the old bastard was going to sleep with me. I looked up at him. Sure as hell, the old fart still had that hungry look on his face. He was a perfect gentleman. He opened the car door for me and helped me in. He had taken the BMW from Peter. We had a long lunch together. He questioned me about my life. I painted a picture of a loving wife who had fallen in love with his son. I told him that I was madly in love with Peter. We talked about our marriage and I was very upset when Peter said that he did not have any intentions of marring me. Soberly, he blasted his son. He places his hand on my knee and patted it.

After lunch we went to his home. It was nice but it was nothing like John’s home. If John was telling me the truth about his age, Peter Sr. had to be 15 to 20 years older than John.

I could not get Peter Sr. off of my back. He had been next to me since we left the Court House. The only way I could get away from him was to excuse myself and go to the bath room. Like John, Peter Sr. was waiting for me outside the bathroom with that hungry look on his face. I finally got a few feet away from him when I walked into the living room and sat in a chair that was about six feet from a couch and another chair. I was bored to death listening to him bragging about himself, I dosed off. The son of a bitch came over and shakes me. I jumped and let out a frightened gasp. At first I did not know what was going on and where I was. I started to slap Peter Sr. I stopped inches away from his face. The old fart jumps back and falls to the floor. I quickly stood up and reached my hand down to him. Peter Jr. walked in the door and with a fit of temper he yelled out, “Don’t you dare strike my father again.”

He dashes across the room and grabs my arm and swings me around. He cocks his arm to slam his fist into my face. Peter Sr. yelled, “Don’t hit her.”

In fear that Peter Jr. was going to hit me, I raised my knee and crushed his balls. Peter Jr. falls to the floor. Peter Sr. rolls over and stands up and stuck his hand out to Peter Jr. and said, “Get up, damn it, Annette did not knock me down. I tripped and fell. She was trying to help me up.  Peter Jr. rolled over on his side and in a mournful voice said, “I thought the crazy bitch had knocked you down and she was going hit you again.”

This brought back what Jr. had said about me in the Court House. I kicked the bastard in his back with my pointed shoe. Jr. winched in pain. Sr. grabbed me and pushes me back into the chair that I was sitting in. He yells to me, “Sit down and don’t get up.”

He turns and put his hand out to Jr. and said, “Get up. She didn’t hit you that hard. The future of our life is at stake. Fighting among ourselves will not solve our problems. Don’t just sit their getup.”

With the look on Jr. face, I chuckled. As he is getting up, he said, “You crazy bitch, I wish you were a man. I would crush your balls.”

Sr. yelled, “None of that, we have to work together. It is getting late and the tail I have on Jerry will be calling me soon. We may have to search Annette’s home. If he left the CD’s or a copy of them in the house we have to destroy them. I made a pot of coffee for us, come in the kitchen and help yourself.

I followed Sr. into the kitchen. Sr. had made a lovely display of food. There were some of my favorites. I was starved. I had not eaten since this morning. I filled my plate to the brim and took the largest coffee mug and took a seat at the far end of the table. When Jr. came in, he looked at the table then looks over at his father and said, “Who else is coming?”

“No one else is coming. I know that Annette hasn’t eaten since this morning”

Jr. said, “I went out to eat before I came over here. There is going to be a lot of wasted food. You and Annette can’t eat all of that.”

Sr. said, “We may be hungry after we search Annette’s home.”

The phone rang. Sr. picks up the portable phone, looks at his watch and walks out of the room. If it’s the tail on the phone and the coast is clear, Sr. will want to leave as soon as he comes back into the room. I stuffed my mouth full of food and picked up the cup of coffee. Within seconds Sr. walked into the room and put the portable phone back in its cradle. He said, “Let’s go. The tail said that they have left the house and they carried luggage with them. He followed them to a motel out on the interstate. It looks like we will have all night to search.

We piled into the BMW and Jr. drove. He mumbled to his father from the time we got into the car until we got to my home.  Jr. circled the block a couple of times before he decided to pull in the driveway. He had turned off the headlights before he pulled into the driveway. He did not pull into the garage. Jr. said, “If I pull into the garage the overhead light in the garage will turn on. I will leave the car out here.”

I said, “Are you crazy, his nosey neighbors will tell Jerry that we were here. I will go in the side door and unscrew the garage light. Peter, call my cell phone. I will let you know if Jerry’s car is in the garage. If Jerry is home and we open the garage door, the noise will wake him up.”

My cell phone rang. I put it to my ear. Peter said, “Hurry up they may have a cop checking the house, if they are not here.”

I took off my high hills, took the garage remote out of my pocketbook and ran to the side door. I tried the side door, it was unlocked. I told Peter the side door was unlocked.  I felt my way through the garage. Why in hell didn’t they think of bringing a flashlight? Jerry had about dozen flashlights in the house.  I remember seeing a few on his workbench. When I came to the workbench, I tried to remember where they were located. Jerry was a tidy bastard. I hope there is more than one flashlight on the workbench. I could not believe I was so lucky. The first thing I touched was a spot light. I aimed it at the floor and turned it on. Jerry car was not in the garage. I took the step ladder, climbed up and unscrewed the light bulb. I climbed down and put the ladder out of the way. I pushed the button on the remote and told Peter that Jerry car was not in the garage. He yells to me on the cell phone that it was too dark he could not see where to park. I told him that he was in line with the parking area. I shined the spot light at the floor. Peter slowly pulled into the garage. I pushed the remote and shut the garage door. I shined the spot light at the workbench. There were three flashlights on the workbench. Both Peters took a flash light. I led them into the house. Peter said, “We are going to search the office for the CDs. Keep an eye on the street to see if anyone shows up.”

I sat down in a chair next to the front window. I was about to fall asleep. I got up and walked into the office. I asked, “Have you found the CDs yet.”

Jr. said with a sarcastic voice, “Hell no. We eliminate the ones that were program files. We are looking at the ones that don’t have a label or a homemade label. Go back and watch the streets.”

To hell with him, I went in to the bedroom and looked to see if any of my clothes were still in the house. It looked like not one had touched any of my clothes since I left. I went into the garage and go a small suitcase and started packing the things that I wanted to take with me. I even search Jerry’s closet. Surprising, I did not find any of that bitches things.

Peter yelled, “Where are you? They must have taken the CDs with them. We are leaving.”

I had picked out more clothes than the suitcase would hold. I yelled back, “Give me a few more minutes. I have to get another suitcase out of the garage.”

In a sarcastic voice Peter yelled back, “We are leaving now!”

I yelled, “Jerry’s fucking neighbors could have heard you.”

That son of a bitch, why is he in such a fucking hurry. I tried to stuff the other things in the small suitcase. They would not fit. I hear the door to the garage slam shut. I dropped everything and ran through the house. As I reached the kitchen, Peter Sr. dashes through the laundry and yelled, “There are a hundred cops out there.”

I panicked; I open the broom closet and hid behind a house coat that I used when it was cool. I quickly shut the door. I heard voices and shouts coming from somewhere. I did not know if they came from outside or inside of the house. I heard footstep approaching. I will never forget that voice. Jerry was telling the cops where to look. The old fart said that there were a hundred cops outside. With the number of footsteps passing through the kitchen, there could be a couple of dozen inside the house. The footsteps stopped. I heard Jerry’s voice. I don’t know who he was talking to. I heard the sound of something hitting the floor. Then there were footstep running through the kitchen. I was so scared that I thought that I would piss in my panties. Time was endless. When in hell are they going to leave? Finely, I heard Jerry talking to someone. Their voices faded away. I could hear an ambulance in the distance. The sound got louder and louder. Had Peter did something stupid and the cops knocked him unconscious. I heard the ambulance and cars leaving. I heard the garage door shutting. Was Jerry or one of the cops still in the house? I waited for another hour.  The pain was killing me. If there is anyone else in the house I will piss on them. I never enjoyed pissing as much as this one.

While I was in the bathroom I looked at my makeup in cabinet. I don’t think the bitch lives here with Jerry. The cabinet looked the way I left it when Jerry kicked me out.

I roamed around the house checking to see if anyone was still inside or outside the house. If they left someone to watch the house, they could be anywhere. I will wait a while before I leave. I went to the bedroom. I could not believe how soft the bed felt. I wanted to turn on the light and look at it. Knowing that Sammy had recorded movies of our home, he would tell Jerry that he saw lights in the house after he left. I felt around the bed. It was much softer than I remembered. That bastard bought that bitch a better mattress that he bought me. I simmered for a while and it kept me awake. It gave me a chance to think about how I was going to get out of the house. Where I would go and how I would get there. I went out to the garage. The BMW was still there. Damn it, the keys were not in the car. I can’t take the damn car; I don’t have the keys for it. Peter’s father, the ass hole, took the keys away from Jr. He must still have them. When I leave I will check the car again.

I went back inside. I lay down and tried to relax and go to sleep. Every car that drove by and every sound fire up my adrenalin. I was starting to get impatient. Why in hell didn’t I think about Charles? He lives somewhere here in town. Damn it, Charles has probably gone out of town with John. I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I put the spot light next to the bath tub and aimed it at the tub. It gave me enough light to take a shower and put on a fresh face. When I finished my shower I search the closets and drawers for another outfit. I looked into the small suitcase that I hid in the closet. I found a very nice outfit. It was a little wrinkled, but it looked better than the one that I have been wearing all day. I finished my face, grabbed my pocketbook and suitcases then headed for the garage. When I reached the door in laundry room I eased the door open. Thankful, there was no one in the garage. When I reached the side door the street lights lit up the side yard. The old farts that lived next door only had the night lights on. I could hear him snoring. The old bitch is probably asleep too. I will just walk through their yard and their neighbors yard before go out to the sidewalk. I dialed Charles cell number. The bastard could be any place in the world. He was always with John when he went out of town. The phone rang, rang and rang. When he answered he said, “Who in hell is this, don’t you know what time it is. I don’t have your number on my cell phone.”

I chuckled and said, “Where are you lover. I hope you are home.”

Charles said, “Who in hell are you?”

“Don’t you recognize my voice? Are you at home or with John?”

Charles shouted and almost busted my eardrum, “Annette, where in hell have you been. What did you do, break out of jail?”

“No darling, I got out of jail 18 months ago. Could I spend the night with you?”

“Hell yes, you can spend the rest of your life with me.”

“Honey, would you came and pick me up?”

 “Hell yes, where are you?

“Honey, I am on the corner of Columbus and Vine.”

“You are only a couple of miles from where I am.”

“Sweetheart, I will be standing in the shadows. I don’t want anyone to see me on the streets at this time of night. Someone or the cops just might want to take me for a ride. Don’t bother getting dressed. Come as you are. I can’t wait to see you.”

Charles laughed and said, “I don’t have any cloths on. Are you sure you want me to come as I am?”

I chuckled “Have you forgotten I have seen all of you before without any clothes on.”

Before I could say another word, Charles hung up the phone.

I hurried across the neighbor’s yard and was at the corner within minutes. I hid in the shadows of a large tree. I did not know which direction Charles would be coming. Not to many cars passed, but each one of them scared the living hell out of me. Charles pulled up in about twenty minutes. Each of those minute felt like hours. This made me feel like he wasn’t going to pick me up. Seconds later Charles pulled up. I don’t think he saw me. I jumped out of the shadows and opened the back door and jumped into his car with my suitcases while it was still rolling. I climbed over the seat and I pulled Charles over to me and planted kisses all over his necked body. He did have a pair of shorts on. When I looked up, the car was still rolling. I said, “Please Charles, less get off of his corner. I want to get as far away from here as possible.”

With no hesitation, we were on our way. In the short ride to Charles home, I tried to tell Charles about my last 18 months. I don’t think he gave a damn. He was too busy driving with one hand and examining my body with his other hand.

   After Charles pulled into his garage, he lifted my body out of the car and carried me into his home. He wanted me to marry him and diverse John. I said, “Charles, you did not hear a word that I said. I am already married to another man beside John.”

Charles had only one thing in his mind. He carried me through his beautiful home to a bedroom that had mirrors on the ceiling and most of the walls. The bed was huge. It looked like two king size bed that were attached. He gently laid me on the bed and started undressing me. Even though I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, I let him do anything that he wanted. Having sex with Charles was no different than having sex with Peter, now I knew why having sex with most of the other men in my life was never enjoyable. I was disappointed when he rolled off of me. I wanted it to last longer. He did not say a word. I climbed on top of him, but it was too late. With the other men in my life, Charles was no different. When John and I were engaged, Charles did not excite me. I did not want it to spoil my marriage to John. The thing I wanted most in life was MONEY. I had put my sex life on the back burner. I did not want anything to spoil my marriage to John.

When I woke up the following morning, Charles had his strength back. He wanted to make love before I had a chance to clean up from last night and brush my teeth. I persuaded Charles to let a least let me go to the bath room and relieve myself. I did not have any clothes on; I used a couple of pillows to cover my body. Before I could got to the bath room Charles had pulled the pillows out of my arm. I kept running to the bathroom. Charles tripped on one of the pillows and it gave me enough time to get in the bathroom and lock the door. I knew it was imposable to fight Charles off. When I finished cleaning up, I ask Charles if he had taken a shower and brushed his teeth. He looked a little rejected. I said to Charles, “Making love is a lot more enjoyable when you don’t have something that will interfere with you libido. A bad breath is one of the worst. Charlie said, “Excuse me, I will be right back.”

I said, “Take a hot shower too. I don’t want to kiss a dirty body.”

He replied, “I will.”       

The room was a little warm. I did not bother to put any clothes on. I would only have to take them off and interrupt our romance.  From the Moment that Charles came out of the bathroom to the Moment we finished, it only lasted five minutes, if that. At this Moment in my life, my desire for Charles was not the most important thing in my mind. The thought of John’s money was the only thing that I hungered for.

After we finished Charles took another bath. I noticed when Charles came out of the bath room; he was rushing around getting himself dressed. He said that he was late and John hated to wait for anyone. To make things worse, Charles told me that he had to go on one of John so called business trips. I told Charles that I had no place to live and I did not have any money. Charles said, “Sweetheart, you can stay here as long as you want. Here is five hundred until I can get you a credit card. Make yourself at home, but don’t answer the phone. I don’t want John to know that you are here. Some of his associates call me and ask about John or want a ride somewhere. I don’t want any of them too know that someone is living with me. They will surely tell John and open a packet of worms that I don’t want to deal with. If John finds out that someone is living with me, he will hound me until I tell him who it is and he will want to meet you. I met this beautiful girl about six months ago. We were going to get married. I took her to work with me too introduce her to everyone at John’s. He blinded her with his fortune and fucked her. When we went home that evening she wanted to back out of our marriage. When I finally got her to tell me the reason she did not want to marry me. She said that John wanted to marry her. I burst out laughing. She wanted to know why I was laughing. I told her that John was already married and he pulls this on all the young ladies that he meets. She did not want to believe me. I told her to go ahead. Marry him, but don’t come back to me when he kicks you out.”

I gave Charles a kiss and wished him a nice trip. I promised him that I would not answer any of his calls. I looked out the window and watched Charles drive away. He looks back at the house. I threw him a kiss. He smiled and threw me one.  

Alice said, “Annette, are you making this up? I am twice your age and single. I haven’t had sex with a tenth of the men that you have.”

“No Alice, before I let you go home I will spill my gut on my whole life.”

Alice smiled and said, “Go ahead, I want to know everything that you have done good and bad.”

After Charles was out of sight, I went into the kitchen to perk a pot of coffee. There wasn’t any coffee in the house. I opened the ice box, it was almost empty. He was bad as Peter. When Jerry took me to his home, his frig was packed full of food. Mary probably feeds Charles or he eats with John.

I took my time getting cleaned up. I filled the bath tub with hot water and soaked. I leaned back in the tub and fell asleep. When the water cooled, it woke me up. I jumped out of tub and dried myself off. I looked at my watch and it was almost noon. I put on the same outfit that I wore last night. I was starved. When I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water to relieve some of the hunger pain, I noticed a key rack. It had space for a set of four car keys on it. Two sets of key were missing and two set were still there. The two that were missing were probably Charles car and the other one missing was probably was for John’s limo. I took the two set of keys. The three car garage was detached from the house. When I got to the back door I did not see a garage door opener. I was pissed there are two cars in the garage and I could not get to them. I walked out to the garage and tried to lift the garage door. It would not budge. When I stood up I saw a keypad mounted to the side of a column that supported the roof of garage. I remember seeing a four digit number on the key rack. I hurried back into the house. I wrote the number down on a piece of scrap paper that I found in the garbage can. I went back to the garage and plugged in the number. The doors did not open. Oh, shit. I tried it a number of times and the door did not open. I was ready to go back into the house. I plugged in the number one more time. The doors did not open. There was a rectangular bar below the numbers. I pounded it with my fist. The damn garage door beside me let out a deep growl. It scared the living hell out of me. I almost pissed. I stepped back from the door and watched it unveiling two beautiful old sport cars. Both of them were out of this world. I was going to take one of them and go shopping for food and get a snack. I tried to open the car door. It was locked. I tried one of the keys. It did not work. I tried one in the other set of key. If worked. The roar of the engine shook me up. I turned it off. If I drove one of the cars and it got a scratch on it Charles would kill me. I remember when I tried to ride one of Harley’s motorcycles, he went bananas.

I locked the car and plugged in the same sequence of numbers to open it and the garage doors closed. I went back into the house to replace the keys on the rack. I could not remember which set of keys went where on the rack. I knew that they were the first two on the left side of the rack. I hung them up and went and dialed for a cab.

The only thing that I feared was seeing Jerry or one of his friends. I had lunch and shopped for enough food to last me and Charles for about a week. I did not want to show my face around town. I did not know if the police were looking for me. While I was eating lunch, a group of men a few table away from my table were gapping at me with their sex hungry eyes. I tried to ignore them. I did not know if they had seen my picture in the paper or they were a group of sex hungry bastards. I hurried my lunch and went back to Charles’s home.

I cleaned out the stale food that was in the refrigerator before I put in the fresh food. I perked a pot of coffee and baked some cookies to munch on. I curled up on the couch and watch the soaps. I dosed off to sleep. I don’t think I was asleep for five minutes. The phone rang. I started to pick it up, but I remembered what Charles said. I listened to Charles message. Then a sexy woman voice said, “Darling, I am sorry that you are tied up with John. I was looking forward to a quiet evening with you. Give me a call if you get back home early. Love you.”

I was wondering what this bitch looked like. Did he cancel a date with her because of me or did he really have to go on a trip with John. During the next half hour two more calls came in. All three messages were similar. John must have just called all three of the bitches and gave them the same excuse. How many more bitches does he have? The bastard gave me the same damn line. I deleted the last two calls. Even being fired up by that lying bastard, I dozed off to sleep again. When I woke up I heard the garage door opening. I jumped up ran a comb through my hair and brushed my teeth. I was just finishing brushing my teeth when I hear the garage door closing. I hurried to the rear of the house. Charles stood there looking at the two beautiful cars as the garage door closed. Suddenly, he turned around and saw me standing in the doorway. A smile came across his face. He hurried up the back step and took me in his arms. After kissing me and running his hands all over my body, he takes a breath and said, “How was your day?”

I said, “Not too bad. I fell asleep in the bath tub, went out for lunch and bought some food. There wasn’t anything to eat in the house.”

With his arms around me we walked into the kitchen. I asked, “Would you like rotisserie chicken for dinner?”

“No sweetheart, I had planned to take you out for dinner. We flew back home earlier than I expected and we had dinner on the plane.”

He walks over to the key rack and hung his car keys on the rack. A strange look came over his face. He reaches up and switches the two sets of keys that I had taken off the rack. A fit of anger came over his face. I knew that I was in trouble. He turns and heads for me. He grabs my shoulders and shook the living hell out of me. I thought that my head was going to fall off. He blasted me for using one of his precious cars. I did not say a word. When he finished and released his grip on my arm. I walked into the living room picked up my pocketbook and headed for the front door. He ran after me and grabbed me as I was walking out the front door. He yells, “Where the hell are you going?”

I turned around and yelled, “Take you fucking hands off of me. No one treats me the way you did. You told me that you wanted to marry me. I will never marry anyone that treats me the way you did. I did not us either one of you precious car. I thought that you night have a junk that I could use. I am no fool. I know the cars are worth a fortune. Let me go.”

I pulled away from Charles and started out the door. He puts his arms around me and whispered, “Please forgive me. Those cars are my nest eggs. I can get two hundred and fifty thousand for either one of them. If I wait a few more years, they will double in price.”

While he was talking, I was thinking about my predicament. I have no other place to go. I turned around and gave him a kiss and apologized. He apologized for his behavior. I walked back into the house with Charles. He notices the light blinking on the phone. He asked if I heard the call. Of course I did. I lied to him and said that it must have come when I was sleeping. He picks up the phone and presses the play button. He listens for a few minutes then said, “It was someone trying to sell me something. It’s a wonder that I didn’t get more.”

We did not go out for dinner. I ate half of the chicken that I bought today. The evening was not as hot and fiery as yesterday. Charles, like the rest of the men in my life; once they have had me, they don’t want me anymore.

Charles felt that we should not live together because of his constant traveling with John. He never knew when John would drop in. Yet he still wanted to marry me. He let me stay with him until I found an apartment. That only took two days. He even paid the rent and gave me a couple hundred for expenses. Charles kept pressuring me to get a divorce from John. No way in hell was I going to get a divorce from John. I had myself locked in for half of John’s fortune. I never discussed John’s and my marital agreement. And, what it consists of with Charles. When he asked me how much money would I get if I divorced John. I never told him that it was in the millions, but I did say it would be more money than I have ever had. The two weeks that I lived in the apartment became disgustingly boring. I only saw Charles one weekend.

I read in the paper that they let Peter and his father out of jail. I did not know if I would be dragged into the problems that the Parkers were in. I called Peter and told him that I wanted to come over and pick up my things. He said, “Don’t bother coming over, I will call a cab and have him bring them over to you.”

I told Peter that I would be standing on the corner of North Main and Apple. Then I hung up the phone. I did not want Peter to know where I was staying. I walked the four blocks to Main and Apple. I did not want to be alone with Charles again. I did not know what he would do if I told him that I did not want to see him again.

Surprising, the cab was at the corner only minutes after I got there. I gave the cab driver the address of my apartment I wanted to pick up the few things that I accumulated in the last couple of weeks.

I did not know what John knew about my last couple of years. John is probably trying to declare me dead. I thought that I better let John know that I was still alive. I called him and said, “Hi John, they finally let me out of jail.”

John said, “Who is this?”

“Who in hell do you think it is?”

There was a short pause then he said, “Annette, is that you?”

“Yes John. For a Moment I thought that you had forgotten about me.”

“No, I will never forget about you. I had forgotten what your voice sounded like. Where are you?”

“I am down town. I thought that I better give you a call before you declare me dead”

In a gentle voice, “Darling, you know that I would not do that to you. Tell me where you are and I will send Charles to pick you up.”

I did not want to be alone with Charles. God only knows what he would do with that tempered. I did not want to give him the chance. I said, “No John, I don’t like to hang around waiting for someone to pick me up. I will take a cab and you can pay him when I get there. Ok?”

With enthusiasm John said, “Sure, I am looking forward to seeing you again. It has been to long since I saw you.”

I hung up the phone and looked outside, the cab was still waiting. I went into the bathroom to pee and see what I looked like. In a way, I did not give a shit what John thought of my looks. I hurried because I did not want the cab driver to run off with my suit cases even though I will probably give them to charity in a couple of weeks. I never liked the outfits that John bought for me. They were quite expensive, but they were not my style. I guess that I was born a flashy whore and I will always be one.

          John must have called the gate. The guard flagged the cab through. When we got to John’s home I told the drive to pull up to the side entrance. Elmer must have been waiting for me. He opened the door and helped me out of the cab. He handed the cab drive a hundred dollar bill and told him to keep the change. The cab driver seemed quite happy. I don’t think the meter had reached fifty dollars.

Welcome home:

I turned around and saw Mary and John waiting at the door. Mary opened the door and stepped outside. As I passed her I gave her a hug, then I looked at the broad smile on John’s face. I had not seen that smile since before we were married. In a way it gave me a nice welcome home feeling. I was still his bride. John put his arms around me and kisses me. I pulled away and said, “Do you still drink as much as you were when we got married. Your breath smells like it.”

John pulled away and said, “Excuse me, I will be right back. I am sorry that I offended you.”

Mary let out a slight chuckle and said, “I told John that he smelled like a brewery before you got here. He told me not to worry about it. I have told him a number of times that is the main reason that drove you away from him, his stinking breath. He did not want to believe me that his breath smelled that bad.”

I gave Mary a kiss on the cheek and said, “Thanks, you are so right. I could not stand to be around him.”

John came up behind me and said. “I promise you, I will not drink around you and I will brush my teeth and gargle every hour of the day.”

John, Mary and I sat down together. They wanted to hear about my life in prison. They did not ask about the circumstances that got me arrested. I think they already knew about that part of my life.

Mary heard the limo pulling into the driveway and so did I. Mary jumps up and excuses herself. John and I could hear the conversation between Mary and Charles. Mary said, “We have a big surprise for you. You will never guess who has come home.”

 Charles said, “I don’t know who had left. Who has come home?”

I turned around and smiled at Charles. I thought that he was going to faint. He was in shock. Nothing he said was intelligible. John said, “Sit down Charles, I had the same experience. It blew my mind when Annette called me up. I did not recognize her voice. Mary, why don’t you get us all a drink?”

 I looked over at John and dropped my head and stared at him. John said, “Mary, make that coffee.”

Mary laughed and said, “That is what I was going to bring you anyway.”

The three of us chuckled. Charles looked bewildered, I said, “We are all going on the wagon. We are not going to drink alcoholic beverages before we go to bed.”

For the rest of the evening and through dinner everyone in the household celebrated my return. I really felt like I was at home. I felt more at ease with them than with anyone else that I have known. I was even enjoying the thought of sleeping with John. That would only take a couple of minutes if he could get it up. The way John looked at me, with lust written all over his face, he already had it up.

The celebration lasted until about ten. John thanked everyone for their company. He took my hand and kissed me on the cheek. Then we went to our bedrooms. John said, “Do you want to re-consummate our wedding.”

I put my arms around John and said, “I would love to. It has been to long since we have slept with each other. Maybe we can start over and make the rest of our lives together more pleasant.”

I took a long hot bath. I almost fell asleep in the tub. In a way it was much more pleasant than the first time we made love. John was ready before we got into bed. It was over within a couple of minutes. He rolls off of me and gasped. It scared the living hell out of me. I thought that he had passed out. I sat up in bed and looked at John. I said, “John, are you alright?”

“Annette, having you tonight made up for the nights that I have missed you. Would you like to go on another honeymoon?”

I whispered, “Only if you want to.”

“Darling, I would not have asked you unless I wanted to relive our lives together again. Where would you like to go?”

John, you are taking me on our second honeymoon. You should be the one that decides where we go. Where ever you take me, I know that I will love it.”

I put my arms around John and said, “Darling, I don’t know what came over me. I sensed that there was no love between the two of us. With all the times you went on business trips and you never took me with you, I felt that you did not love me and you did not want me around. I became very board. I don’t want to rehash my life. I want to look at the future and try to make our marriage last.”

John took me into his arms and said, “Darling, I think I know how you must have felt. Not having you with me, made me think of you most of the time. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t think of you. Especially during meals and when I went to bed. I felt so alone. I will do my best to make it last this time. Nothing is more important than out marriage.”

I throw my arms around John. With the sincerity in his voice, tears rolled down my cheek. I kiss him repeatedly. He pulled me tightly against his body, I did the same. We went to sleep in each other arms.

I had not been alone with Charles since I came back home. I made sure that there was always someone else present when Charles was around. John and I wanted to go shopping together. On the way to the shopping mall, John asked Charles to stop at his attorney office. If I stayed in the car, I would be alone with Charles. I started to get out of car with John. John told me that he wanted to drop off some papers and would only be in there for a few minutes. I sat back down and waited for the explosion. After he helped John out of the car and returned to the driver’s seat, I saw him looking at me through the rear view mirror. All hell was going through my body. A flash of memory of Al throwing me across the room ran through my mind. Still waiting for the explosion, Charles politely said, “I hope you and John enjoy your second honeymoon.”

I was relieved that Charles did not blast me. That only lasted for only a moment. Charles yelled, “Why the fuck did you go back to John. You hated his guts.”

I yelled back at Charles. “The few days I was with you, all you wanted was another conquest. You called three different girls and told them all the same lie that you told me. All you wanted and talked about was the money that I would get if I devoiced John. I saw the real you when you almost shook my head off when you thought that I had touched one of your precious cars. That ended our relationship. I had no other place to go except John’s. I called him and heard his gentle voice begging me to come home. The sound of his voice was real. He really wanted me to come home. Don’t you dare say a word to John about our relationship? I think he knows that we were interment before I left him. If you interfere with our marriage, I will spend the rest of my life dragging you down. It will not be a damn thing you can do about it. Here comes John, it your chance to destroy our marriage. I think John will destroy you if you ever try to destroy me.”

John got in car without Charles helping him. John said, “Sweetheart, I wanted to do this after our last honeymoon, you are set for life and no one can take it from you. Not even Charles.”

I pulled John over to me and planted a long kiss on John lips. With tears in my eyes I said, “I love you and I will love you to the end of my life.”

John looked over at Charles and said, “Take us to the mall. My wife and I are going shopping together for the first time.”

I wondered what Charles was thinking. I saw him glancing through the rear view mirror a couple times. When he saw me looking at him, he glanced away quickly. I enjoyed shopping with John. My whole attitude about John had changed. I saw a different person when I looked at John. Something within him had change and it had changed me. I don’t know what happen to the both of us. Whatever it was it changed my outlook on lift. I looked forward to going on a second honeymoon. I hope this feeling will never end.

While we were on our honeymoon Mary called John and told him that Charles had quit. John told Mary that his accountant would take care of the problem. I asked John if he gave Charles anything for the long time Charles had served him. John looked at me and said, “I have a standard amount that I give all of my employee when they leave the company. Charles will get his and I usually add a nice nest egg. Charles will be pleased with what I gave him. He will probably spend it all on the dozen of girlfriends that he has.”

John chuckled and looked at me. I froze. I wondered what Charles had told him about me, it anything. John must have seen the fear that went through me. He said, “Don’t worry your sweet little head about the employees. They are well taken care of.

The honey moon:

Alice, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of our homey moon. It lasted for two months. I really enjoyed this honey moon. John took me to places that I had never been. He showered me with diamonds. He never let me out of his sight. The happiness that he showed was delightful. It was more what I expected a honey moon to be like. The first honey moon was nothing like this one. I hardly saw him on the first honey moon. I never knew where he was and he never told me where he went. I don’t like to think about our first honey moon, enough said about of our first honey moon.

John Jr.

Believe it or not, I got pregnant on our honeymoon. I had not been pregnant and was not sure what it would feel like. During the second month of our honey moon I started to feel a little queasy. I thought that I had eaten something that disagreed with me or the water in some of the countries wasn’t chemically treated. By the third month I knew that something was going on inside of me. At first, I did not want to tell John, but I did. I had never seen him this protective. He did not want me to do anything that would interfere with his new son. He had to know before our child was born if his first child was a boy or a girl. He pretended that he did not care what sex our child would be. It was no question that he wanted a boy. Yes, I wanted a daughter. I was a little disappointed when we found out that our first child was going to be a boy. When the nurse put him in my arm, tears streamed down my face. I held my delicate son in my arms and looked at his beautiful face. I have never felt this much love for anyone in my life time. When I breast fed my son, it gave me a feeling of love that I have never had. I felt like this must be heaven. This feeling came over me quit often. I thought that God had given me a gift from heaven. I think John felt the same way as I did. He was already planning hunting and fishing trips with Little John (LJ) before he was a month old. John had one of the bedrooms arranged for LJ before he we got out of the hospital. There was no limit of expense for his son.

Like all of us, LJ grew up to fast. We both enjoy the precious moment that LJ went through. The first sounds out of his mouth when he was born, his first smile, his first step and his first birthday. As I look back, Big John (BJ) had become a complete different person. He stopped drinking and he told me about every business trip that he went on. The three of us were always together or we knew where the other ones were. I loved my son, but I still wanted another child, hopefully a girl. Unfortunately, as much as we tried I never got pregnant again.

LJ and BJ grew up together with me watching from the side lines. LJ is in college now. During the summer months LJ works with John. LJ goes on business trips with his father. Surprisingly, through the years this ritual ended when LJ met a beautiful young lady. BJ was disappointed, but he loved to see BJ and Nancy together. He was already wishing for a grandson. Unfortunately BJ and his pilot were killed when they tried to land in a thunderstorm. LJ blamed himself for not going on the trip with his father. I told LJ that God knew that his father was going to die and he was the one that made you go to see Nancy the day of the accident. I told LJ that his father had not left him. He will be with him for the rest of his life.

I looked over at Alice and tears were running down her face. I went over and sat down on the couch and put my arms around her. With tears running down her cheeks, she said, “Annette, I don’t envy you. I am very happy that you had a full life. I just wish that my life was as nice as the latter part of your life. At my age, I can only dream.”’

I said, “How would you like to live here with us. You can go about your life as you have before. We have a couple of guest rooms that are attached. They all have a small kitchen, a bathroom and a large bedroom.”

Alice said, “I could not afford to live out here.”

I interrupted her and said, “The rent is free. Mary would love to have you for company and you would love her cooking. Not only that, you were as much as a Mom to me as my Mother. You took care of me, now is my time to take care of you. There are five cars in the garage and we have a chauffeur that will take you any place you want to go.”

With a little more persuading Alice moved in with us. She wanted to do something for me for my kindness of letting her live with us. She pitch in and helped Martha with the house cleaning and Mary with the cooking. She also helped Elmer with his chores. Martha and Mary both wanted Alice with them all the time. I told them that Alice was the closes thing to my own mother and please do not upset her. I want her to enjoy her life here with our little family. As the months past, it looked like Alice had found a boyfriend. Alice and Elmer became inseparable. Alice still helped Mary with the meals and Martha with house cleaning, but she went shopping and to the movies with Elmer. Thankful, Martha and Mary were thrilled with the love affair. They could not wait for the wedding, it there was going to be one. 

Patty my new Lawyer:

Jerry and I got an unexpected call from his first wife. Annette wanted me to represent her in an inheritance problem that involved her late husband. Annette being Jerry’s first wife, I thought I should at least listen to her problems. I had never been involved in an inheritance cases. But, I felt that since Annette’s late husband had given us $5,000,000 to settle Jerry marriage with Annette, I should at least listen to Annette’s problem. I asked Jerry for permission to visit Annette and listen to her problem. Jerry said, “Patty, you are the Lawyer, you have been representing women all over the country. I know this is not one of usual cases, you just might like the change.”

Jerry it has been over twenty years since we have been out there. We have been married almost twenty years.

With Jerry consent we drove out to the Clarington       Estate. Jerry called Annette and told her that we were on our way. The guard did not question us at the gate. He looked at us and flagged us through. The estates were beautiful and elegant. It must have cost them millions just to build the homes alone. I could not imagine what the land with the home must have cost.

Jerry pulled up in front of the largest home that we had passed. It was twice the size of all of the other homes. Jerry said, “The homes look much larger than I remembered them.”

I said, “I did not get to look at the homes when went came out here the last time. You made me hide so Annette would not see me. She recognized you and took off.”

Jerry got out and said to me, “Let me open the door for you. We have been in too much of a hurry for me to be a gentleman. You are always out of the car before I get out.”

I reached over and kissed Jerry and then said, “Honey, I have always felt that we were equal. I should not rely on you for trivial things. You did open the door for me the day we got married. You opened the door and helped me out of the car. The only reason that I did not get out of the car before you walked around the car was the damn shoes that I had on. They were at least two sizes smaller than the ones that I usually wore. Go ahead; I will wait for you to open the door.”

As Jerry was walking around the car, a very beautiful woman came out of the house and headed in our direction. I was out of the car before she reached us. I did not see Annette the last time we were out here. I saw her a few weeks later when she gave Jerry the annulment papers and the $5,000,000. Oh, I almost forgot, I saw Annette when they tried to shaft Jerry. I looked up a Jerry, by the look on his face, as much as he had hated her, I could see that there was still a flicker of love for Annette. Annette didn’t say a word. She walks over to Jerry and wraps her arms around him and planted a long kiss on Jerry’s lips. She pulled away and said, “Jerry there is no reason in this world that you should forgive me, and I will do anything you ask of me if you will forgive me. Please forgive me for the hell I put you through. You will never know how many nights that I have laid in bed thinking how disgusting I was to you. I don’t know how you put up with me for 18 months. Patty, I am jealous of you. Even though, the last twenty years with John was wonderful. At times I wish that I had come to my senses before I spent the half of my life being a bitch.”

I put my hand out to greet Annette. Annette pulls me tightly against her body and said, “Patty, I fell that I have known you all of my life. You caught my eye the day you stripped Attorney Powell of his license to practice. I followed your career over the years. I had been through some of the same problems that you had gone through. I did not fight back like you did. I took the easy way out.”

I said, “Annette, did you attend any of the cases that I tried. If you did, I think remember you. You attended a number of my cases. I have often wondered who you were. Jerry got tired of following me around the country. I loved seeing a familiar face in the court room. It gave me more confidence knowing that I had someone rooting for me.” 

“Patty, I was fascinated by the way you stomped the hell out of the bastards. Many times I wanted to come up and congratulate you. I was afraid that you or Jerry would tear me to shreds. When I saw Jerry, I would sit on the opposite side of the court room.”   

We followed Annette into her home. There were three women and three men all standing in line.  Annette introduced us to her staff and her son John Jr. He was a handsome young man about twenty. He had a number of the same features that Annette had. With his good looks and the money his family has will make him a hell of a catch. The way he smiled at me and shook my hand made goose pimples poop up all over me. I have not felt like this in years. He accompanied me into the dining room.  If was enormous.

After serving us with wine and hors d'oeuvres, Mary provided us a fabulous dinner. After dinner, Annette excused herself, and left with Little John and Mary. Little John wasn’t little. Annette wasn’t gone long. Annette took Jerry and me to her office. She looked a little depressed. Before we sat down, Annette told us that John’s Attorney Paul Henderson was trying to steal John’s estate and she wanted someone that they did not know or associate with to represent her. Annette asked me to take a seat across from her. She pulls a stack of documents to the center of the desk and told me what the documents were. First she wanted to go through the premarital agreement and John’s last will. After studying them for about an hour, I said to Annette, “It is an open and shut case. John has left everything to you and your son.”

Annette said, “But, Attorney Paul Henderson was trying to tie John fortune into a trust that he had managed years ago.”

Patty said, “John most recent will rescinded all of the other wills and trusts. There wasn’t a word about any other trust in his will. The Trust in the will is the Clarington Family Trust. John last will was two years before his death. If Henderson has funneled any of John’s funds into a trust during the last two years, he embezzled the funds. There hasn’t been any other trust mentioned in his will or the family trust for about 20 years. If there was a trust it was not mentioned in his latest will. Annette, I would love to represent you. I want you to know that this is not the type of cases that I have been doing. ”

Annette took my hand and thanked me for representing her. I pulled her tightly against my body and said, “Annette, how can I turn down my most precious fan. We will fight them to hell and back. I have not lost a case yet and I hope that I can promise you, I will not lose this one.”

It was quite late when we finished. When we started to leave, I looked at my watch. Annette looked at her watch and said, “Why don’t the two of you spend the night here. I have kept you here too late. We can discuss our terms tomorrow and I will give you a tour of the estate. Also, I want Patty to know what we will be fighting for.”

I could not believe the number of business’s that John owned or the companies that he owned shares in.  I looked over at Jerry wishing for his approval without say anything,”

Jerry smiled at me and said, “It is up to you and your client. Today, I am just your chauffeur.”    

Annette pleaded, “It will give me the greatest pleasure having you here with me. I know what you and Jerry must think of me. As I look back over the years. I respected you and Jerry as much as if you were my parents. I was a bitch to everyone. It has taken most of my life to realize what a mess I have made of my life and how terrible I was to my best friends and acquaintances. Please stay.”

 Tears came to my eyes; I saw the hunger for love and the desire for forgiveness in Annette face. I walked over to Annette and said, “We would love to spend the night here. It will save us a lot of time taking the trip home and back.”

Jerry said, “We will need a change of clothes.”

Without any explanation Annette said, “Come with me.”

She took my hand and led us to and elevator. On the ride she said, “John thought of everything. I will take you to one of the quest room. There is everything a person my need in all the guest rooms. If any of the items were over three months old. John would give everything in the quest room to a charity and order a duplicate of every item. And another thing, Jerry you and Patty are over dressed. I want my friends, it you let me call you my friends, to relax and dress like you would at home. Once I got John to wear casual clothes, He did not want to put on a suit, white shirt or a tie again. The first time he went to a board meeting without a suit on, quite a few of the board member did not recognize him. He had so much fun watching the faces of the board members that had not seen him at meeting wearing casual clothes. Jerry you can wear and take home anything that’s in the closet. Patty the same goes for you. If they don’t fit, I will get you one that does fit. Have fun. Before my marriage to John, he had my wardrobe picked out. I went crazy when he told me that I could have everything in the closet.”

The elevator stopped and Annette took my hand and led us down the hall. She opens a door, reaches for the light switch. When I saw the bedroom, it blew my mind. Never in my life did I ever expect to see a bedroom as fabulous as this room. I turned to Jerry and said, “Honey, I never dreamed of sleeping in a room like this, especially when I was sleeping in a dumpster or under a bridge.”

Annette smiled, “I know what you mean. I did not sleep under a bridge or in a dumpster. But, the rooms and doorways that I slept in were not much better.”

I put my arms around Annette and said, “We all have our up’s and down’s in life.”

Annette said, “You and Jerry can stay here as long as you want to. Without John being here, I don’t have very many visitors. If you want anything, just press 5 on the telephone. There is always someone on duty.”

Annette headed for the door, she opens it then she turns around and said, “There is no schedule here, get up when you feel like it. After Annette shut the door I said to Jerry, “Be honest with me. How do you feel with me working for Annette?”

Jerry hesitated and looked around the room as if he was looking for a camera or a microphone hidden in the room. I said, “Honey, what are you looking for?”

“Nothing Patty, after what she did to me there is still a little doubt in my mind. I want to trust her. I don’t care if she does have a microphone and a camera in every room in the house. Do you trust her?” 

“Honey, from what I have heard and seen today, I have no reason not to trust here. I know how you must feel. Knowing you my darling, you would have forgiven Annette the day you caught her with Peter Parker. I felt the uncertainty in you the day we met. There was still a lot of love in your heart for Annette. Let me be the judge. If I see anything that gives me a hint that Annette is not on the up and up. I will blast her. I can’t wait to see what is in the closet.”

I gave Jerry a kiss and dragged him into the closet. The lights turned on the moment we opened the door. I could not believe what I saw. The closet was huge. On the right side of the closet was a row of men’s cloths and on the left side was a row of women clothes. I had never seen a wardrobe this elaborate. Jerry interrupted my thoughts when he asked me if we could wear any of the clothes. I said, “Honey, Annette said we could wear and take home anything in the closet, but I feel a little guilty. To hell with it let have fun.”

While I rummaged through the left side of the closet, Jerry picked out underwear and socks and started to leave the room. I said, “Honey, there are some beautiful shirts and jackets. Why don’t you pick out a nice outfit?”

 Jerry smiled at me and said, “There is too much to chose from, I am going to wait until tomorrow. I am too tired to think. I am going to take a shower and go to bed.”

I hung up the dress that I had in my hand and said, “I want to see the bathroom. Maybe we can shower together.”

I loved Jerry the first time I met him. I still love him. I don’t care if Annette has a camera in the bathroom. She can see what she missed out on.

Jerry and I both over slept. Last night was like our honey moon. We made love most of the night.

We spent an hour trying to decide what to wear. Me and my frugal mind could not imagine what the cost of the outfits that Jerry and I were wearing. I would not spend the cost of the clothes that I had on in a year.

Mary had an elaborate breakfast waiting for us. Annette wanted to hear about my life before I met Jerry. She had more or less seen half of the cases that I had won. Most of the conversation was about the times that we did not have a cent. Surprising, we both went through life’s skid row.  Now we could laugh at our misfortunes.

What is it costing Annette:

Annette and I went to her office, like all of the other cases, when it got to the meat of the cases, Jerry did not want to influence me on my judgment. I loved that about Jerry. It would make me very uncomfortable if Jerry was questioning me about all of my decisions. Jerry went for a walk while Annette and I went over the documents.

I was watching Annette going through her files. She looks up at me and said, “I don’t want you to do me any favors. What is your normal fee?”

Most of the cases that I have tried were pro bono or I only charged for my expenses. We still have most of the five million that John had given Jerry. With uncertainty, I looked at Annette and said, “Most of my cases have been pro bono. I would like to be reimbursed for my expenses. There are a number of different fees. Hourly rate, percentage rate, pre agreement rate and variations of these that I have mentioned; looking at the amount of money that is involved the fee could be considerable. I don’t know if I will win the case. If I don’t win the case, I will not charge you anything.”   

Annette said, “Patty, would you consider a third of the estate?”

I could not believe what Annette said. I shook my head in disbelief and said, “No, it is too much. I could never live with myself if I charged you that amount of money. Let discuss our approach to the problem. I would like to meet the Attorney involved. Frankly, I think he has been embezzling money from you and John for years.”

Annette asked, “When would you like to see the Attorney?”

“The sooner the better, once I start something, I like to get it over as soon as I can.”

Annette picked up her cell phone and dialed a number. She said, “Paul, are you available this morning? Good, I will be at your office within an hour.”

I picked up my cell phone and dialed Jerry’s number. When he answered, I said, “Get your butt back here we are going to town.”

I hung up on Jerry. I did not want to answer any of his questions. I wanted to surprise him. With two women alone with a man, he will bully you. He will not hear a thing you say. I needed Jerry’s support by just being there.

We were ready to go as soon as Jerry got back to the house. Annette drove us. On the way I told Jerry that I wanted him for support and to escort us into the attorney’s office. I wanted him to pretend that he was giving me advice when I turned around and whispered to him. We had done this a few times and it seemed to work. It changes the demeanor of everyone in the court room. Annette pulled into the rear of a large building. She turned to me and said, “This building is one of the investments that John has. I have only been in the building once. It was when John tried to stuff down my throat a marital agreement that gave him everything and me nothing. I would not sign it. John was determined to have me and I got everything that I wanted. Now I have to fight to keep it.”

I said, “Annette you don’t have to fight for it. It is already yours and I will not let them take a penny from you.”

The battle for power:

Jerry and Patty followed Annette through the building. They took a private elevator to the top floor. Across from the elevator was a large office. Annette asked us to please wait in the office while she went to get Attorney Paul Henderson. I told Jerry that she felt a little nervous and this always happens at the beginning of a controversy. Once it starts the nervousness goes away. A fire of vengeance fires up my mind. I am ready to conquer the world.

Jerry and I could hear Annette arguing with someone down the hall. I nudged Jerry and said, “I think Annette needs us.”

We hurried down the hall. When we reached the room, we heard Annette telling someone that he is fired and to get out of the building. I heard someone tell Annette that she does not have any authority to fire him and call her a whore.  He demanded that she get out of the building. I pushed Jerry ahead of me and told him to tell them to get the hell off the property. The bastards were bulling the hell out of Annette. The door was opened only a crack. Jerry slams his foot against the door. He yells, “I want everyone in this office out of the building except Paul Henderson.”

A bald headed old fart said, “Who in hell are you.”

Jerry said, “You don’t want to know. If you don’t leave now I am going to call the police.”

Four other men in the office started to leave.  The bald headed old fart yelled, “You don’t have to leave.”

The men paused, Jerry said, “Do you want to face the same charges that Paul is being charge with and be charged with accessory before and after the fact.”

Paul said, “What charges are you going to charge me with?”

Patty opens a folder and said, “Do you really want the world to know the charges that Mrs. Clarington is filling against you. I am Patty Pritchard, I am Mrs. Clarington attorney.”

One of the men said, “Oh shit.”

The other three looked at the one that said “Oh shit”. The four huddled together for a few minutes. The bald headed old fart joined them. He had missed what was said during the huddled. He bellows out and said, “What the hell are you all talking about?”

One of them said in a loud whisper, “Paul must have fucking some of the women in the office. That bitch has won over 40 cases against executives across the country. We don’t want any part of it. Every attorney that defended the defendants was characterized. No one in the country wants to hire them. Then another one of the four said, “Paul, we are leaving. We will get in touch with you in a few days.”

All four of them headed for the door. Jerry steps aside and lets them pass. Then he shuts the door. Patty looked at Paul. He looked like a small child that was left in a lion’s cage. I said to Paul, “You said that Mrs. Clarington did not own this building and that she could not fire you. Will you please tell us how you came to that assumption?”

Shuddering Paul said, “John told me that I would be his attorney for the rest of my life.”

I said, “Paul, I think that you are well aware that John is no longer living. Mrs. Clarington is the sole heir of the Clarington Family Estate. You are the one that drew up the will and trust for Mr. John Clarington. Also, you are the one that drew the pre marital agreement for Mrs. Clarington. The Will and trust that was written two years ago is identical, except for the date, to the one that was written almost twenty years ago. Is John accountant in today?”

Still shuddering Paul said, “He left just before you walked in.”

Annette said, “Why are you lying to my attorney. Henry wasn’t leaving the building. He was headed to his office when we came in. I will go get him.”

As soon as Annette walked out of the door, she said, “Henry would please come in Paul’s office.”

With a demanding voice, Henry said, “No, I have an appointment and I am late for it.”

I walked out into the hall and said, “Are you looking for another job? From the way I see it, you and Paul have been embezzling funds from the Clarington Family Trust. I don’t want to call the police and have you arrested. Please join us in Paul’s office.”

Henry followed Annette down the hall. When he got to Paul’s office, with fear written all over his face, and shuddering he said, “I only did what I was told to do.”

I said, “Who told you what to do after Mr. Clarington passed away?”

 With perspiration running down his face Henry said, “Paul.”

I said, “Let me introduce myself. I am Mrs. Clarington’s attorney. What authority does Paul have to tell you what to do?”

Wiping the perspiration from his brow, he said, “Paul has always handled the small amounts until Mr. Clarington passed away.”

“Who handled the Homeless Welfare Trust.? Are fund still being provided for the Trust?”

Henry took a quick look at Paul then said. “Yes they are.”

“How much money is being provided for the Trust?”

Henry took another quick look at Paul. I looked over at Paul. With vengeance on his face, I could read his mind, he wanted to kill Henry. Paul shook his head. Then Henry said, “The usual amount.”

I said to Henry, “Henry, you are digging a hole for yourself. Quit giving me a half ass answers. How much money was being given to the Trust and do you have a record of where the money went.”

Still sweating profusely, Henry said, “A million a year, giving approximately $83,000 per month.”

Patty pressed Henry, “As I said before, do you have any records that show how the moneys were distributed?”

  Still quivering, Henry replied, “I do not have any records of how the money was distributed. I only have records of the monthly distributions.”

I looked at Paul and said, “Henry, did Paul ever send you any documents relating to the distribution and when was the last distribution give?”

Henry paused and looked around the room, then said, “The distributions are automatically printed out the first of each month.”

I said to Paul, “What did you do with the checks that Henry gives you each month?”

Paul said, “I deposit them to the Trust account.”

I asked, “Who determines where the money goes.”

Paul blasted out, “Hell if I know what they do with the money. I am busy enough as it is. I cannot keep account where every nickel is spent.”

With a commanding voice I said, “Who at Homeless Welfare Trust manages the money?”

Paul said, “Hell if I know.”

I said, “You give a million dollars a year to a trust and don’t know who gets the million. In the last twenty years you never asked anyone where the money went and who had control of where the million went.”

Paul said, “John did.”

I said, “John did not know anything about the trust until a few years ago.”

Annette was sitting quietly and taking it all in. Up to now she had not said a word. She stands up and walks over in Paul and said, “Paul, John told me what you were doing with the money. He mentioned it to me years ago. He had someone investigate the Trust. You were taking the moneys for yourself.  You had worked for him a long time and he considered you a friend. He was too embarrassed to discuss it with you. He told me not to discuss it with you after his death. Since you tried to take my son’s and my inheritance away from us, you gave me no choice. I want every cent that you stole from John’s estate. I will give it to the charities that John wanted the money to go to. If my memory is correct, you stole $18,000,000. Thousands of poor souls went without food and a shelter to keep them warm because you were selfish. If I don’t get every cent back, I have enough documentation that will send you to jail for the rest of your life.”

Paul looked around the room as if he wanted someone to help him. He slowly sits down in his desk chair, looked down with his head between his arms and balled like a child. I wanted to make Paul suffer for what he had done. I wanted him to lose his license to practice. I looked over at Annette. She shook her head. Silently she whispered, “He has had enough.”

 Annette said, “Paul would you like me to read the investigators report to you?”

Paul looked down at the floor and said, “I know what I have done. There is no way in hell that I can pay back the money that I stole from John. I gambled $82,000 every month. I would take a thousand and leave it at home. Otherwise, I would have starved. I spent most of the money the first day I had it. I flew to Vegas and gambled my lift away. Annette there is no way in hell that I can pay you a tenth of the $83,000, much less all the money that I stole from John.”

Annette said, “There is no one else in this world that knows John’s business better than you and Henry. Henry, you knew what Paul was doing and you did not tell John, why?”

Henry face turned to a bright red. It looked like he was going to faint. He looked away from Annette. Annette said, “Henry, how much money did you take from the kitty? You were not a trusting angle. On one of the trips to Vegas you went along with Paul. John had waited for weeks until both of you went to Vegas together. He flew in about 20 accountants from his other companies to go over the books. They searched every document in your office. You were short about fifteen million. What in hell did you do with the money?”

Henry looked around the room. Like Paul no one came to his rescue. His head rotated back and forth. I said, “Henry answer Annette.”

With a trembling voice Henry mumbled, “I reinvested it in the company.”

Annette said, “The lock on your desk drawer did not stop the locksmith from finding the ledge that you kept in your deck drawer. I think it was more that than fifteen million. I will say it was closer to twenty five million. Do you know a Howard Thompson? It looked like he used your desk to make the purchases. Were you going to share the money with him or was that the name that you used to hide your identity? In John’s office there is a computer that has a direct link to corporate headquarter. It has a record of every investor that invests in John’s companies.”

With a surprised look on both of their faces, Paul and Henry quickly looked at each other. Henry screamed at Paul. “You bastard, you told me that you covered our asses and you told me not to worry about anything.”

Henry looked at Annette and said, “I think that you should check the investors list for a Vinson Swanson.”

Before anyone could say a word, Annette chuckled and said, “I have already. After John passed away, I started to do a little snooping myself.”

Paul said to Annette, “Why did you string this out. Why didn’t you bring this out all at once?”

I said to Paul, “It was my idea. You don’t fire all you shots at once. You may need a few later. If you keep digging you may be surprised at what you might find.”    

Paul and Henry started blaming each other. Paul said, “You stupid jackass, why in hell did your leave your account ledger at the office.”

Annette stood up and shouted, “Shut the fuck up. Both of you are pompous asses. You thought that you were invincible. Henry and you Paul thought that I was a dumb little whore. And, you both tried to stuff a worthless premarital agreement down my throat. I left John because he did not love me. John had gotten away with it many times before. I could hear you and John arguing over the details of the agreement that I wanted. You gave in to John and I got what I wanted. How many times had John gotten away with that agreement? Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.”

I put my arms around Annette and whispered, “Don’t tear yourself apart over this. It is not worth it. Let me handle it now. You are too personally involved. We have them by their balls. We will squeeze them until we get every cent that they have stolen. We have enough evidence against the both of them to send them to prison for the rest of their life.”

I turned and faced Paul and Henry. I stared at them for a few minutes then I said. “Annette and John did not have any trouble finding the casinos where you two tried to side track the embezzlement of millions of dollars. John personally visited the casinos to see what you did with the money. Since John was one of the largest stockholder in a number of the casinos, he had no trouble in finding out how much money you spent gambling. Paul, John knew how much of a penny pincher you and Henry were. You both cashed checks in the tens of thousands and only gambled a couple hundred dollars. If you try to get your hands on any of the funds that are still out there and if you don’t help us recover the millions I will file charges of embezzlement against the both of you. Paul, I almost burst out laughing when you told Annette that you were living like a pauper. I want you and Henry to empty your pockets and Jerry will escort you out of the building. We will get in touch with you shortly.”

Without saying another word both of them emptied their pockets. Jerry had to remind Henry that he had to put his wallet on the table also. With a little persuasion from Annette, Henry took out his wallet. The only things that Annette gave them back were their driver’s license. Little did they know Annette had around the clock private detectives following the both of them?

When Jerry came back, he gathered all the employees in the building and told them that the office would be closed for a few days. They would still get their regular salary and would notify them when they could come back to work. Jerry told them that all of the locks to the building would be changed. Also the vaults in the building combination will be changed. Patty told them that they were not allowed to go back to their office.  This caused an uproar from the crowd. Annette said, “The ones that have no objection to leaving now, please leave now.”

Most of the employees agreed to leave the building. Annette and Patty were watching the faces of employees as they left the building. Most of them seemed quite surprised. A few of them must have known about our visit and were worried that their jobs may be in jeopardy or maybe they are part of the embezzlement. When no one else left the building Annette picked one of the employees and said, “Why do you want to go back to your office?”

The young lady said that her pocketbook was in her desk drawer and her car keys and apartment key were in her pocketbook. Annette asked if there was any one else in the room that had the same problem, six women had the same problem. Patty told them that she would escort them to their office. Jerry came back; he asked the men why they wanted to go back to their office. Four of them had left their car keys in their desk drawer. Jerry escorted them to their offices. As they were leaving the building one of them paused and said. “The maintenance crew did not leave the building. I saw them heading down the emergency stairs.”

Jerry thanked him and asked, “How many men are in the maintenance crew.”

He said, “There are six of them. They have keys to almost every door and everything else in the building. They could be hiding in a thousand places.”

Jerry thanked him and said, “Please don’t mention this to anyone else.”

Patty popped in and said, “I saw them standing together. I don’t recall seeing them leaving the building. We should have had some muscles on our side before we started this.”

Annette said, “Don’t worry; I will have a crew here within an hour.”

Annette reached for her cell phone and selected a number and said, “Charles, I need six men built like you did 20 years ago.”

Annette listened for about a minute then chuckled. No there is not any hanky-panky involved; they will be used to search one of John’s businesses.”

She paused for a second then said, “Paul Henderson’s office. You have been here a number of times. Yes I need them now. If you wish, you can come too. But, I am not going to pay you for your time. We will be waiting for you at the back door.”

In less than fifteen minutes Charles and 6 husky men showed up. Annette introduced Charles to Patty and Jerry. She said that Charles had chauffeured John for many years.  Annette told Charles that time was important. She wanted one of the men watching the back door and another at the front door. She did not want anyone to enter or leave the building. Charles told one of the men how to get to the front door and to call on the cell phone if anyone tried to come in or leave the building. We all loaded into the public elevator and went down to the basement. Annette told them to search every room, closet and any other place where someone could hide. She told them that she wanted a clean sweep of the whole building and to make sure that no one could bypass them while they were searching another room. If they found a door locked and could not jimmy the lock. Yell out to them that if they do not open the door, you would come in shooting.

We all stayed at the elevator. The emergency exit stairway circled the elevator. We all sat on the stairs wondering what would happen. Jerry was the joker; he saw how tense Patty and I were. To lighten the fear somewhat, he whispered, “Someone is coming.”

We all jumped up and looked in all directions. Excited, Charles said, “Where?”

Jerry points at the floor. A small mouse was headed in our way. Jerry said, “Do you want me to stomp on him.”

With Annette on one side of him and Patty on the opposite side of him, in unisons they both said. “Don’t you dare hurt that little mouse?”

Within seconds we heard footsteps running in our direction. Charles draws his gun and told us to climb up the stairs and don’t look around the corner. Charles stepped up the stairs and then peeked down the hall. The footsteps got closer. Charles jumps down into the hall with his pistol drawn. He aims it down the hall and yells, “Stop where you are and lay down on the floor with your hands on top of your head.”

Charles motioned to Annette to come down the stairs. Annette slowly eases down the steps and peeks around the corner. She said loudly. “Who are you and why are you still in the building. Everyone was order out of the building. Why are you still here?”

All six of them looked at each other, hoping that someone beside themselves would answer Annette. Since no one answered her, she said, “You with the blue shirt. Why didn’t you leave the building like all the other employee’s?”

He snaps back, “It is our responsibility to clean up the building and lock up after everyone leaves the building.”

The three men that were searching the building came up behind them. One of them said that they were trying to put a large safe onto a dolly. When they saw us they ran into an adjoining room and into the hall. They were never out of our site. Patty pulled Annette aside and said, “This is turning into a holey mess. Annette, there are too many people involved in the embezzlement. I think you should file charges against Paul, Henry and these six men. There may be dozens of other people involved. This will take a lot of time to research were all the money went. I don’t think that this is the end of it. Every employee has to be question.”

Puzzled, Annette said, “What do we charge these men with?”

Patty said, “Attempting to remove a safe and contents from your property, and we will question these six before we charge them.”

Charles calls the guards at the entrances and asked if anyone had attempted to leave the building. No one had tried to leave the building. When we all settled down in a large office, Patty told the six men that she wanted to question each one of them privately. She picks up a notebook and asked who would like to be questioned first. One of them said, “None of us want to be questioned.”

Patty said, “That’s Ok with me, I haven’t eaten lunch and I am a little stressed. Charles, can we get the six men, Annette, me, a guard and a driver in the van that you came over with?”

“Patty we can easily pack 18 in the van.”

One of the men said, “Where are you taking us. I am not going with you. My wife is expecting me.”

Patty smiled and said, “They may let you make a call after I charge you for stealing a safe.”

All hell broke loose. They headed for the door. One of the guards was in the hall. He steps into the doorway with his gun drawn and said, “Line up against the wall and put your hands behind you.”

One of the men tries to run passed the guard. The guard slams a foot into the guy’s groin. The guy folds up on the floor. The other five lined up against the wall. The guard was putting handcuffs on the five. The one on the floor attempts to get up and run. Charles steps on the guy’s ankle, grabs the guy’s belt and said, “Line up against the wall with your friends.”

After everyone was loaded into the van, Annette remembers that her car was still in the back of the building. She jumps out of the van and Patty told Jerry to go with her. Jerry climbs out of the van and heads for the car with Annette. The van pulls out of the parking lot before they reaches the car. Annette stops and watches the van go out of sight. She puts her arms around Jerry, gave him a lingering sexy kiss. She said to Jerry, “You have no idea how many years I have wanted you. I have wakened in the middle of the night and relived our honeymoon. Jerry, I am still in love with you. I am so jealous of Patty. I have wanted to tell you this since I first saw you yesterday. Last night I yearned to have you in bed with me. I listened for sounds of you coming down the hall.  You never came.   I walked down the hall and listen at your door. I heard you and Patty talking. I went back to my room. I wanted to kill myself for not being a sincere wife to you. Please forgive me.”

Jerry leaned over and kissed Annette on the forehead and said, “I did not want our marriage to fall apart. I was going to asked you to stay and try to resolve our problem. When I asked you if you wanted me to help you with the suitcases and you wouldn’t let me help you, I changed my mind. I just wanted you out of the house. They will be wondering what happened to us. We better get going.”

Annette wanted Jerry to drive. She stroked my thigh on the way to the court house. It got him a little heated up.  Fortunately, he did not get an arousal. When we reached the court house, everyone was already out of the van. Patty gave Jerry one of her suspicious smiles and said, “What took you so long?”

Jerry smiled at her, winked and said, “I had no reason to hurry and I did not want to smash up Annette beautiful car.”

Patty asked Annette to call the tails that were following Paul and Henry. Patty said, “They have too much money to let them run around free, bring them to the court house.” From what the tails told Annette. Paul and Henry had ticket to Brazil and were headed for the airport. Patty said, “I knew we could not trust them. With the money they had, they could hide any place in the world and we would never find them.”

The process took the rest of the day and into the late evening. The judge thought the case wasn’t strong enough to lock them up. The judge asked, “What proof do you have?”

Patty laughed and said, “Out of their own mouths, they admitted that they each embezzled at least 25 million each.”

The six workers started to mumble. The judge told them to be. Quiet.  One of them said, “Your honor, we were just moving some equipment around and they dragged us down here.”

Patty said, “All six of you were at the assembly. The owner of the company told all of you to leave the building. She did not order you to move any equipment. Who told you to move the safe and where were you taking the safe?”

None of them answered Patty. With a stern voice, the judge bellowed, “Answer the lady.”

One of the six said, “George told us that the bitch did not own the company. Don’t pay any attention to her; Attorney Paul Henderson owned the company.”

The judge said, “George.”

An overweight burley looking man said, “Yes sir.”

“Who told you that Attorney Paul Henderson owned the company?”

Boastfully George points at Paul then said, “Attorney Paul Henderson, he has been running the company since I came to work there. Everyone says that he owns the business.”

The Judge looks over at Patty. Before he could say a word Patty said, “Open the red folder. Annette Clarington is the owner of the building and the business where George works. Mrs. Clarington has owned the property since her husband John Clarington died a year ago. Mr. Clarington discovered the embezzlement a number of years ago. Mr. Clarington considered Mr. Henderson a friend and was embarrassed when he discovered the embezzlement. Not only that: Paul Henderson and Henry Thomas have been and still are funneling funds from The Clarington Family Trust.”

 After the Judge shuffled through the folder for an hour, they locked up all of them and set the bail at one million each for the workers and ten million each for Paul and Henry. None of them could come up the bail.

After an exhausting day, Annette said, “Less go home.”

Since we only had one car, Jerry and Patty agreed to spend another night at Annette’s home. Security was at the top of the list. We did not know if someone working for Paul or Henry would want to harm one of us or all of us. Charles sent fresh men to escort us home and guard the estate for the night. When we arrived at Annette’s estate, Mary and Alice were there to greet us. After all the hugs and kisses, and what happened, we sat down to a wonderful dinner. Jerry said, “I was getting tired of eating out of the vending machines. I was starting to think that was the only way to get something to eat.”

Annette and Patty echoed Jerry’s thoughts. Mary and Alice were overjoyed at the way we ate with gusto. After Patty gave Mary and Alice a short briefing of the day’s events we all headed for our bedrooms. Knowing that the guards were outside relieved the fear that had been haunting us all. We were asleep by the time our heads hit the pillows.

The following morning we all slept late. Patty and Annette had a long discussion about the coming events. Patty told Annette that it would take months if not years to retrieve most of the money that was embezzled and they may never get all of the fund back.

When Jerry and Patty were alone, Patty said, “Darling, I came into your life the day that you and Annette broke up. I feel that I stole you from Annette. You were at a very vulnerable point in your life.  If I had not come into your life, you and Annette would have gone back together. I cannot blame either one of you if you want to divorce me.  I can see the love you both have for each other.”

Jerry pulled Patty tightly against his body and lifted her chin. He kissed her repeatedly than said, “Honey, you are right. I do have a spot in my heart for Annette. I still care for her. I also care for you very much. The spot in my heart for you is much larger than the spot I have for Annette. During the eighteen months I was married to Annette there were a number of times that we loved each other. Also, there were moments that we wanted to kill each other. I thought this was what marriage was all about. We have had our up and down like most married couples. I have been married to you much longer than the short time I was married to Annette. My love for you is much deeper than my love for Annette. You are a very large part of my life. I did not marry you until I was sure that I could live with you for the rest of our lives.  If you feel that you cannot live with me because I still care for Annette. Please don’t leave me. If you leave me, it would ruin the rest of my life.”

Patty jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. I had a flashback the first time she did this. I could feel the overwhelming love she had for me. I said to Patty, “What would you do if you caught me sleeping with Annette?”

She smiled at me and said, “I will cut it off.”

I winched and said. “I can feel the pain already.”

Patty still had her legs wrapped around me and said, “No, I’ll take that back. I could not have you. I think I know how you feel. In a way, I cannot blame you for the way you feel about Annette. If you weaken, just don’t tell me about it. I might change my mind and cut it off.

Annette’s new Business Manager:

In the following year Annette hired Jerry to take over John’s position at Clarington Enterprises Inc (CEI).  At first Jerry turned down the position. He thought that he was not qualified to manage the corporation. After Annette and Patty persuasion, Jerry took the job at a salary of one million a year which included a smaller version of Annette home just a few blocks from where Annette lived. It also included all the expenses to maintain the home. Jerry did not sell his old home. He rented it out. After three year of research into the corporations accounts most of the funds were returned to CEI. During this period, Jerry almost surrendered to Annette’s advances. Every moment the two were alone together, Annette drove Jerry out of his mind. She told Jerry that she understood his feeling, but she could not stop the desires that were going through her body. Jerry told her to keep trying. Some day he just might break down.

Alice and Elmer were married. They did not want anyone at the wedding except their best friends. The wedding was held in Annette home. Annette showered them with gifts and money. She told them to enjoy the honeymoon and come back home when they wanted to.

Annette had many suitors. None seamed to set a fire in Annette heart. We thought that her earlier life had spoiled her desire for men. She did go out with Charles, but they never got married. Jerry and Patty had let the years slide by that they could have a family. They adopted four children, two boys and two girls. They all were between four and five years old.

CEI had slid through three depressing with only a short dip in profits. Jerry had seen the years before and saw the dips before most of the other corporations. John Jr. became Jerry closest friend. Even with the difference in age. They were like father and son. Annette had told John Jr. that she and Jerry were married when she was very young and they were still friends. John Jr. still had the same girl friend that he met in college. They are engaged, but they have not set their wedding date.

Life for all of us is still going on. We all wake up in the morning not knowing what the new day will bring. May we all live a happy, prosperous and loving life. God bless us all.




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