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Welcome to my web site.

This could happen to you!!!!

It happen to me,  I got a speeding ticket for going over the 25 miles an hour limit. It cost me $130. Of course, I paid the $130 dollars. It was my first ticket!!!

This is just a reminder of what can happen to you and me if we all do not SLOW DOWN!!!!

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    My Demise






   My Miserable Life


By Willy

It will never happen to me.  I am a good driver!

Who are you kidding? We are all good drivers and we think we are the only ones on the road. Everyone has to get out of my way. Who does that sound like? You?

Grandma is all dressed up. She jumps into her SUV. She is running a little late. Everyone is going too slow. She weaves in and out of the traffic going 20 miles over the speed limit. Where is she going? A religious person that she is, of course she is going to church. Grandma, God will forgive you if you are a little late for the services. He may not forgive you if you kill someone in your haste to get to church. Please slow down.

 Grandpa always drives at the speed limit. He is cursing at all the people that are passing him. They are all speeding. Oh, the light ahead has turned yellow. Grandpa doesnít want to wait for the light. He slams on the accelerator and runs through the red light. Grandpa, do you want to kill yourself and someone else? Please donít run another red light. You may get to your final destination before you plan to.

Mom or Dad always tries to get a couple more winks before they get up in the morning. They rush through breakfast and rush the kids. They have to take the kids to school or go to work. They dash out of the house with a cup of coffee in their hand. They didnít check to see if the kids were buckled up. They are speeding down the road driving recklessly and cursing all the other drivers because they will not get out of their way. The little eyes and ears are taking it all in. They are learning how to drive. Mom and/or Dad are teaching them how they should drive and act when they get their license. Mom and Dad you may never see them get their driversí license. It is a very big price to pay for the few extra minutes of sleep. Go to bed a little earlier. Eat your breakfast in peace and enjoy those precious minutes with your kids. Teach the little ones to drive carefully. The lives that you save will be well worth the few minutes earlier you get up.

 Junior or Sis just got their driverís license. Freedom!!! They have been watching Mom and Pop drive for the last 16 years. Mom or Pop thinks they are the best drivers on the road and I took lessons from them. The speedometer says the car will go 120 miles an hour. Why should I go the speed limit? No one else does. It is no fun driving around by myself. I will get some of my friends and show them what a good driver I am.

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health researcher Li-Hui Chen and her colleagues found that 16-year-olds carrying one passenger were 39 percent more likely to get killed than those driving alone.

 That increased to 86 percent with two passengers and 182 percent with three or more. The rate for 17-year-olds was higher: 48 percent, 158 percent and 207 percent, respectively.

 The rate was as much as 21 times higher during early morning hours when passengers were present, according to the study in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.

Chen also found that the driver death rate increased significantly when the passengers themselves were in their teens or 20s.

 Every second of every day someone is in an auto accident. It is costing us billions of dollars Thousands of lives have been lost and many more have been maimed for life, mentally and physically.  The next time you are on the road slow down. The life you save my be your own. It could happen to you!!!



Books By Willy

Email Scams

Please note. I had over a hundred Emails below. I dumped all of them. I am not going to publish any more. Please don't send any more. I will not answer them.

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    My Demise






   My Miserable Life



Please, do not get hungry, for lack of money.

They are trying to take your Money!

 If fill out the forms that want you to fill out, you will get burned. It is like playing with fire. Don't you remember when you were a kid, your parents told you not to play with fire. 

Well, you can get burnt in many ways. Believe me. We all want to become RICH QUICK. So does the people that send you email like the ones below. First, on email like the ones below, do not click the link. Second, do not respond to any instruction on the page. If you do they have you hooked. You will be like a hooked flopping fish, you may get away, but not likely. Just hope that you don't let them steal to much. 

Why do they send these emails to you, they are not giving you their money.

 They want to take your Money!!!!

Below is just a few of the emails that I received. I did not edit the body of the email. I did clip off some of the garbage from top and bottom of the page. I copied, printed copies and transferred the pages to notepad text files, then I copied them to FrontPage for publishing them. If I am getting this many email, how many are being sent around the world. How many poor soles have lose their life saving on scams like these?

God help them all! 

Is this a scam?? I wish it wasn't. I could use the $550,000.00. Don't be a fool if you get email like this one. I don't know what their motive is. I am almost positive that I would have to put up some money and never see a cent of the $550,000.00


Congratulations Your Email Has Won $550,000,00.

- FROM, EURO AFRO ASIA SWEEPTAKES LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL AN AFFILIATE OF FOUNDMONEY INTERNATIONAL IPP AWARD DEPT, 580 N.TENTH STREET, SACRAMENTO,CA 85914 ARENA COMPLEX, KM 18,ROUTE DE RUFISQUE AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS.WINNING NOTIFICATIONWinning Number 433 56 434 77 R 99 We happily announce to you the draw of the Euro - Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery International programs held on the 7th September 2008 in Amsterdam Holland. Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: (433 5643477 R99)which subsequently won you the lottery in the 3rd category. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of US$550,000.00 (five hundred and fifty thousand united states dollars)either cash or cheque. This is from a total cash prize of USD$40,000,000.00 Dollars, shared amongst the winners. Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our Africa booklet representative in Accra-Ghana as indicated in your coupon.In view of this, your US$550,000.00 (five hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars), will be relased to you by our Affiliate bank with the assistance of our fiduciary agent in Accra-Ghana, either cash or cheque depending how you want your prize. Our Fiduciary agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your winning prize as soon as you contact him. All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites and guest books through computer draw system and extracted from over 80,000 individuals and companies. This promotion takes place annually and it is sponsored by Sultan of Brunei, Bill Gates of Microsoft and his associates to encourage the use of internet and computers world wide. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning informationís confidential till your claims is processed and your total winning sum is received by you.This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements. Please be warned. To file for your claim, please contact by email first our fiduciary agent, find below his details: DR. GARRY JOHNSON.Address: Accra GhanaEmail Address: Telephone number. 00233-244-016164 .To avoid unnecessary delays and complications, you are to contact the fiduciary agent in Ghana with the followings details below.(1) Your full names.(2 Age.(3 Telephone number.(4) House or Office Address(5) Your winning ticket number.Always quote your Ticket number in any correspondences with us or our designated agent. Winners under 16 years of age will be automatically disqualified. Congratulations, once more from all members and staffs of this program. Thank you for being part of this promotional lottery program. Our special thanks and gratitude to Sultan of Brunei, Bill Gates of microsoft and all his associates.CONTACT YOUR FIDUCIARY AGENT DIRECTLY.Sincerely,MRS Laura Fredericks.ZONAL CO ORDINATOR.

Hello you scammers. I was offered another 12 Million Dollars today.

I will not publisher any more of your emails. I don't want to share the Millions with anyone. Hi, Hi, Hi.





    Books By Willy

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You have been counted.


    The Gross National Debt

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       My Demise






       My Miserable Life







    For your own sake whether you are young or old, read  Fleecing and Scams.

     If you have children or grandchildren, for their safety read this book.

    The life or the money that you save may be your own or your children.

    Also, take a peek at the eMail Scams!









                                         My Demise              


    Thanks for stopping in.______Have a nice day.


    Having served in the Marines WWII and had been in the Burial Escort Service and seen the wounded in Navy Hospitals. I oppose all wars when diplomacy is available. ONE casualty is ONE too many. Once someone is killed whether it is one of our own or the enemy we have gone too far. I hate the glorification of war. War is not a thing that should be glorified. George had two choices. He and his administration chose the wrong path. It has cost our country and the Iraqis many lives and destroyed property needlessly. It is still costing us lives and costing everyone in this country. We will be paying for it for many years to come.

    Where will we go now? Will it ever end? When George opened his mouth and pointed his finger at countries that were the axis of evil, he recruited hundreds of millions of suicide bombers, snipers and made every man, woman and child in the United States TARGETS of the millions that hate our country because of many reasons. United States Big Business' has enslaved the people in the poorer countries around the world.

    The propaganda that is spread through the news media does not help our country.   Many of the announcers on TV have claimed that anyone that opposes the war does not support our troops. This is a terrible mistake and accusations. As I said before one service personnel is too many to lose. Once they are dead, nothing will bring them back. We never want any of our service personnel to be lost where reasoning and negotiation can be used instead of war. They volunteered to defend our country, not invade another country.

    The talk of weapons of mass destruction, every weapon is a weapon of mass destruction when it affects you. If Iran and North Korea were or are going to attack this country with NUCLEAR BOMBS MOMENTARILY AND IT IS SO WHY HASNíT  the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, DISTRIBUTED Potassium Iodide (KI) to every man, woman and child in this country, and built bomb shelters for the people of this country?

    When are the wars around the world going to stop?

    Like this country, everyone in the world has their opinion on how to run their governments. Why canít we all stop and look back to the history of all countries. There have been wars from the beginning of time and we havenít learned how to prevent wars with another war. Wars donít prevent wars. Wake up and get your friends to wake up. This will never happen. Everyone thinks that they have the right solution to solve all the worldís problems. The United Nations cannot solve the worldís problems. What makes you think that your ideas and the candidateís ideas will stop all the war mongers from wanting to go to war to solve all of our problems? HELL NO! God bless all of our children that will have to go to war to preserve the MONEY HUNGRY BASTARDS that live amongst us.

      God bless us all!


    Remember, If you find any mistakes please let me know. It is hard to find your own mistakes.

    Thanks for stopping in!  


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    Books by Willy

    Fleecing and Scams

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    My Demise







    My Miserable Life





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    It is your money that they are stealing!!! 

       Fleecing and Scams

    By Willy




    Itís your money they are stealing!!!



    I dedicate this book to the millions of poor souls that have been victims of SCAMS AND FLEECING. The RICH, the POLITICIANS, and the millions of thieves around the WORLD have victimized all of us. Hundreds of billions dollars are being stolen by con artists, legitimate business and governments around the world.

    The YOUNG and the OLD are the ones that have suffered the most. They take the brunt of the fleecing. Unscrupulous SOBís since the beginning of time have been using the Children of the world for slave labor, prostitution and all types of servitude. The scam artists prey on the elderly.

    Everyday children and young adults around the world are being kidnapped and forced into a life of slavery. Many governments around the world put a deaf ear to their screams for help. Some of these governments are the ones that are enslaving their citizens of all ages.

    The over-eager prosecutors that have convicted innocent people are as guilty as any thief or crook. With the aid of modern technology a number of innocent people have been released from prison. The prosecutors that convicted these innocent souls deny they did anything wrong and still believe the people they convicted are still guilty. This has bothered the hell out of me. Some would not lose a wink of sleep over it.

    I have to thank my dear Foxy Wife for proof reading and criticizing my work. Thanks Honey, you are a doll!

    William Wallace Wynne


    The political unrest in this country and the world, and the vultures that are pulling scams are fleecing the citizen of the world. We are being fleeced 24 hour every day from one source or another. Greed has stuck it ugly head into the hearts and souls of the majority of the people on this earth. Everyone is trying to steal from everyone else.

    You may have heard all of this before. Now you will hear it again. The story may be different. The results are the same. Someone is trying to rip you off. We cannot be reminded enough. Beware; today may be your unlucky day.

    Has a con artist ever ripped you off? Have you ever been fleeced? Of course you have. Our government is fleecing all of us. They are constantly raising taxes, locally as well as nationally. Have you ever been shortchanged? We overpay for everything we buy!!! Most of us live from hand to mouth, from one paycheck to the next. We cannot afford to be fleeced any more. Let us all wake up to what is going on around us. If I ask everyone that has been ripped off stand up, everyone would be standing. This is very common in the good old USA and the world. If you have a computer, go on the Internet and search for "scams." I did and I came up with 18848 articles on scams. The numbers of scams are growing every day. This is the result of only one browser. Just imagine how many there would be if I used all the databases around the world. Donít think that the scams that are going on in other countries are not affecting you. They are affecting everyone in the world by increasing the prices of the basic needs of all of us. Stocks are traded around the world. Even though the world is approximately 26000 miles in circumference, you can talk to someone on the opposite side of the world. See them on your computer. Jump on a plane and be half way around the world in 24 hour. The good old U. S. of A. is not isolated anymore. Everyone in this world is effected by the illicit activities that are going on anywhere in this world.

    People from all over the world are fleecing you. From the highest officials in every country down to the common thief that walks the streets of the world. Your nice neighbor that drinks and drives too fast, the shop lifters, the clerk that helps himself to the cash register, the store that over charges you and many, many more ways that are too numerous to list. All of them are increasing the prices of our everyday living.

    My unedited edition was filled with off color words. They expressed my feeling a lot better than the words my dear wife suggested that I use. To all of you Seniors, please forgive me from using the word "coot". Coot is one of the words that I substituted for a no, no word. I am sure you know the word that coot replaced.

    All of you old coots out there take notice, scam artist are after your money. They think you are an easy hook. They think we are all senile. This goes for you young coots also. They think you are naive and gullible. The con artist preys on all of us. The Federal Trade Commission Chairman Robert Pitokfsky told the Senate Subcommittee that telemarketing FRAUD and other schemes cost the consumers at least $3 billion to as much as $40 billion annually. You old coots, you are the target of these SOBís. You represent 80 Percent or more of the victims. You youngíuns are the other 20 percent. That is a hell of a lot of money any way you slice it. This is only telemarketing, what about all the others.

    I am not trying to scare you. Think before you open your wallet or write a check for something you donít need. If you feel that you have to get rid of all of your money before you say your last farewell, give it to your kids. They will enjoy having that extra money. You can see the joy in their faces while you still can. I think the IRS will let you give them $10,000 a year without them taxing you or them. Donít blame the IRS, blame the jackasses that you elected and sent to Washington to work for you. Call them up, write to them, and threaten to have a referendum to kick their Asses out of their office. If they donít work for you, then donít vote for them when they run for office again.

    I donít know if this book will ever get off my computer. My wife doesnít listen to me. The local paper does not publish my letters to the editor. And they limit how many words you can write and the number of time you can write to the editor.

    Writing this book helps me to let off a little steam without hurting anyone. And, it lowers my blood pressure. Try it. It will give you something to do and keep your mind alive and thinking. Get yourself a computer, a modem, and a word processor. Find a subject that you like and do a little research. You will have a lot of fun. The prices for computers have gone down and you can get a decent computer for just over $500. Whether you want to write a book or do a little research. It doesnít matter if you cannot type; there are a lot of programs on the market that will type for you. You just talk and the computer types on the screen for you. You will have to do some correcting. With my Southern, Brooklyn, New England, Hawaiian, and Western accent, and my poor pronunciation the damn program doesnít know what to do. I spend more time correcting the mistakes the voice recognition program made than those I made with my hunting and pecking. If you keep typing your WPM will increase. The more you type, the faster you get. After a while you just think and the fingers do the rest. I still have a lot of correcting to do. I found out that I could not spell half of the words that came out of my head. The plus is this has improved my spelling as well as my typing. Anyway, get off the couch; donít let your mind vegetate. Typing will keep our friend Arth Ritis out of your hands.

    Note about scams:

    No matter how many scams are uncovered new ones will pop up. There are millions of con artists out there that want to become rich over night. They do not care who has to suffer and lose their life saving so they can wallow in your wealth.

    Also, you may find items in this book that I had written about before. Iím sorry; you will have to forgive an old jackass. I tried to eliminate the repeats.

    I am not going to research each detail of a particular sham. I will tell you about them, so that you are aware of them. You may have already been aware of some of these shams that have been going on for many years and someone is continuing the same sham or has put a new wrinkle in the old sham. It is up to you, step back and take a look at what you are spending your money on. You are the one that writes the checks, uses your credit card or spend your hard-earned cash. Donít be foolish. Make damn well sure that you are getting the best deal for your money when you purchase something. Donít be suckered into something that you will regret. If you are using a credit card, make sure you are never, never late in your payment. The interest on your credit card will be extremely high. Be a smart coot!!!! As I said before Coot was one of the substitute words the Foxy Lady made me use.

    I want to talk to all of you out there, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and most of all the young ones. No matter how young or old you are. Please read what I have to say. Drive these words into all the little ones brains until they know what is waiting for them in this world. Please!!!


    You may think some of the things that are listed in this book are trivial. If they only happen to you or someone else once in a lifetime, you are right. That is not the case. Most of these scams are happening to millions of people every day. The cost to the people of the world is in the hundreds of billions of dollars, if not in the trillions.

    Whether these scams are legal or illegal we must try to stop them. They are making the rich richer and the poor poorer. You need the money more than the huge corporations around the world. If we donít try to slow them down we all will be slaves to these corporations. Is this the type of society that you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in? If you have gotten this far into the book, donít stop now. Please read the next few pages.


    Please read the following. It may keep you from having many sleepless nights.


    What I am going to tell you can happen to the best of us. Do everything you can to keep your children at home until they can take care of themselves. Make damn sure you can communicate with them and they will communicate with you. Let them know they can talk to you about any problem they may have, whether it is personal or not. With the desires of the youth of today, I know how tough it is to hold them back. We all want to be free and control our own destiny. We all have wanted to get out of our parentís control. We want the best things in life. We want to feel important.

    Kids before you decide to leave home. Think, think, and think. How are you going to support yourself? Where are you going to live? Who is going to provide you with the basics for living if you are not at home? (You will need money!!) If you havenít finished high school, what are you going to do to make a living? It will cost you a lot of money to live alone. Those of you that already have finished high school and college will have a very rough time of making a living. And, it is certainly not easy to support yourself without a high school education. Even with your education and job skills, there are very few jobs out there that will pay you enough to live on. Ninety five percent of the families in this country, good old USA, have a difficult time keeping ahead of the bills that pop up every month. Think twice, if not three or more times before you jump ship and head out into the unknown ocean of life alone. It will be very hard to keep your head above water.

    I have traveled all over this country at different times of my life. It is the same, whether it was sixty years ago or today. If you cannot support yourself, you will become a BUM. There is no way around it. You have to have food, clothing, and shelter, they all cost money. Are you going to dig through the trash outside a fast food restaurant with hopes of finding a few fries that someone didnít eat to fill your empty stomach? Are you going to dig through someoneís trash hoping to find some clothing to keep you warm? Are you going to find a cardboard box to sleep in during those bitter cold nights?

    Whether you are a boy or a girl, there are unscrupulous people who are waiting to enslave young people. Believe me, every day someone is being enslaved. You will become their slave. If you think living at home is hell, just wait until one of these creeps gets hold of you. You will pray that you never left home, and this is only a nightmare and when you wake up you will not be at home. You will wish you were at home. You will wake up with an empty stomach and pain from hunger in the doorway to hell. Your body will stink for the lack of a bath for a week or two. You will watch those lucky ones walking down the street, smiling, drinking their morning cup of coffee, clean, neatly dressed on their way to work. You reach out to them for a few coins. They ignore you and keep on walking. You do this a 100 or more times before you get enough money to buy a cup of coffee. Is this the type of life that you want for yourself or your kids?

    I would like to tell you about a young girl. What happened to her is happening to young people around the world every day. It will happen to you if you do not have the money to support yourself.

    She had finished high school, and she was the Queen of the prom. She and her parents thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. She was a beautiful girl. But, there are millions of beautiful girls in this world. She had dreamed of being a high priced fashion model. She was just eighteen and she thought she had the whole world by its tail. She did not listen to anyone or make any preparation for her future in the modeling field. She was hell bent on being a model and nothing anyone could say or do would stop her. The advice that her friends and family gave her went in one ear and out the other. At this point I want to tell all of you, do not do anything stupid!!!! She did!!!

    First she did not have enough money to support herself for a month. Second, she had never had any experience at modeling, nor did she know what she had to do to get into the modeling field. There are millions of young beautiful girls trying to get into the modeling field every year. Only a very few ever get into the business. They are the lucky ones. They are not only lucky; they planned, prepared, and had the guidance of someone that knew the modeling field to guide them.

    If you have the financial backing of your parents, they will support you through all the problems that you will encounter, and they will be there when things get rough, then go for it and good luck. (There will still be many problems that you havenít prepared for!). I suggest that you stay at home until you have broken into the field where you can support yourself. Save your money and use it to get into the field of your choice. If you are doing it on your own, make damn sure that you have researched the field that you wish to enter, have a skill that will support you until you get into your desired line of work. Most likely, at first you will not make enough money to support yourself. Make sure you do not get into debt. Donít start off your life owing someone money. Things will be tough enough without having this extra burden,

    Let's go back to the young lady. She took off for New York with only a few hundred dollars. She did not have a place to stay nor knew where to stay while she was looking for a job. No sooner than she gets off the bus in New York a pimp spotted her and tried to strike up a conversation with her. She ignores him. He went away but he kept an eye on her as she wandered the streets of New York and not knowing where to go and what to do. Fear and indecision engulfed her. She should have turned around and headed for home. But, her pride stood in her way.

    After about four hours of trying to find a room that she could afford, she found a fleabag hotel. With only the few hundred bucks she had, she would not be able to stay there very long.

    She spent many hours walking the streets of New York searching for a modeling job. When she found an opening, there were dozens of other beautiful girls applying for the same job. Due to the fact that she didnít have any experience or references, she was turned down repeatedly. She tried her best. That was not good enough. She looked for a modeling job every day without success. There were hundreds of beautiful young ladies doing the same thing she was. At some of the places she had to provide sexual pleasures to get the job. At home she was the big fish in the pond. In New York she was a just a minnow in an ocean. It was beneath her dignity to work as a waitress at night, or any other job to help stretch out her finances.

    In little over a month she was flat broke. Her pride kept her from calling her parents and going back home. (Donít ever be afraid to talk to your parents. They have cared for you this long; they will care for you now.)

    The pimp that she had met the first day she was in New York had been keeping an eye on her. All the others young ladies in his stable were hooked the same way she was going to be hooked. He knew that sooner or later she would be broke.

    When she was kicked out of the hotel, she was broke and didnít have a place to live. And she didnít have enough money to go back home. The pimp had given the desk clerk a few bucks to let him know when she was tossed out on the streets. The pimp waited for her to leave the hotel. He followed her in his car. The pimp let her roam the streets a few hours. When he knew the time was ripe; he knew she would be tired and hungry. He pulled up in his big beautiful car and rolled down the window and called to her. She came over to the car and he inquired if she wasnít the young lady he saw a few weeks back. She told him that she was. He wanted to know if she was going back home. She told him no. He wanted to know why she had all of her suitcases with her. After a little more probing she told him her tales of woe. He invited her to dinner and she accepted. During the drive to the restaurant the pimp primed her and she told him her life story. The pimp gained her confidence, and told her that she could stay at his place until she got a job. And, of course she accepted his kindness. She was hooked.

    He gave her money and showered her with expensive gifts and beautiful clothes. She lived the life of luxury for a few months. Then all hell broke loose. She didnít have a job and he wanted her to pay back all the money he had given her. Also, he took back all the gifts that he had given her. He told her to get out of his apartment and he still wanted his money back.

    She packed her bags and was about to leave; the pimp reminded her that she still owed him a lot of money and he wanted it back. He told her there was a way that she could pay him back. Need I tell you how? He said that he ran an escort service and he needed someone to go out to dinner with a man that was in town on business. She jumped at the chance. She didnít ask if she had to sleep with him nor did the pimp say anything about it.

    She had met some of the other girls that the pimp had hooked. They had talked about being a prostitute and she was never going to be a prostitute. Little did she know? She had been warned.

    The pimp gave her all the information on the customer. She met the man at his hotel and they went out to dinner. He invited her to his room for a few drinks and she went with him. When the man got down to the real reason she was there, all hell broke loose, and she ran out of the hotel.

    When she got back to the pimpís apartment and she told him what had happened he beat the living hell out of her. He asked her, "What in hell did you think I sent her there for.Ē

     He told her that she just cost him $500. She would have to come up with the money or he was going to kill her.

    Within a few weeks she was turning tricks and he was supplying her with coke. In a few months she was so addicted, she became useless to the pimp. He kicked her out on the streets. She peddled her ass for just enough money to get a fix. She hooked up with a male junky. He had her begging for money on the streets. She looked so bad that she couldnít sell herself, even though she tried. She was having sex with every bum on the street just to share his booze, a drag off of his joint or just a bit of food. The only shelter she had were the doorways of old building.

    When the winter came around and the nights became very cold she was found dead in a back alley. Among her meager possessions was her home address. Her family is still having nightmares, wondering what had happened to their beautiful young daughter.

    Whether you are leaving home to get a job, go to school in another city or whatever the case may be. Be careful; keep a conduit of communication with your parents. Donít shut them out. If you cannot communicate with your parents, keep a channel of communication to someone that can help you, whether itís a friend, your grandparents, a relative, a casual acquaintance, or an enemy. They may have a soft spot in their heart and get in touch with someone that can help you out.

    If you are old enough to go out into the world on your own, you are old enough to discuss your sexuality with your parents or relatives. Never let someone talk you into giving them sexual gratification for a promise of a job or anything else. More than likely they will renege on their promises. And, you will have lost your own self-respect and cheapened yourself. That person knows it and the word will get around. Donít cheapen yourself. Your reputation is worth more than a promise for a job. How many times must I say this? Donít do anything stupid. And, donít let this type of thing happen to you.

    The very same thing is happening every day all around the world. The stories may differ, but the results are the same. Please donít let this happen to someone in your family. This can happen to boys as well as girls. The end is usually the same.

    This has been going on since the beginning of time. The hustlers of this world have been enslaving children and still are. Many years ago when I worked as a cab drive in New York City I saw these poor kids wandering the streets of the city and begging for a handout. It is still the same in all the cities across the country and the world. You name the city and you will find them wandering. They are not only wandering the street of San Francisco, L. A., Boston, N. Y., Miami, Atlanta, and New Orleans; they are right in your own hometown. The reason you notice them in the larger cities, there are so many of them, and it is obvious. Just because there is only one or two in your hometown, do not ignore the problem. That one or two is too many in any hometown. Help them out. Ignoring this problem only leads to larger problems later on.

    There are kids around the world that have been kidnapped or have run away. It doesnít matter which way they were lost. It is a tragedy for their love-ones. I have read that there are 750,000 are lost every year in the United States. If you ever lose one of your children, there is an origination that may be able to help you. It is the "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Where are they? What type of life are they living? You can call them at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678). They are also on the Internet. www.

    Slave trade:

    Every moment of every day someone is being sold into slavery. Is your child one of them? No place in this world is immune to slavery. You or your children can and may become victims. These poor souls are being sold into a life of hell, whether it is into prostitution, slave labor, or any other forms of servitude.

    How does one become entrapped into slavery? Theyíre countless ways people become victims. We all are not born into wealth, but we all want the better things in life. I am no different. When your circumstances are beyond your control or your desires override your common sense, you are a prime target to be hooked into slavery. The old saying if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Donít be a fool. Make damn sure you know whom you are dealing with. Donít let someone con you into a job that takes you away from your home and friends. Make sure you do not have to pay the agent that gets you the job, or anyone else. There are many agencies where the company pays the fee. If you have to pay the agent you are putting yourself into debt before you are employed. The fee that they charge may be more than you can ever pay off in the next 20 years. The salary may not be enough to pay off the interest that the lender is charging. You think this is crazy. Many unsuspecting souls around the world are being hooked every day into a lifetime of debt. This can happen to you in the good old USA and in every country around the world. This is happening all over the world.

    The first 18 years of my life was spent in the hot, sweltering, and dusty, Mississippi Delta. My family had to scrape the bottom of the barrel just to survive. Like thousands of Blacks and Whites they had to make do with what they could scrape together. We didnít starve, but we ate a lot of grits and potatoes seasoned with fried pork fat. We were well off compared to most of the people. My Mother being a seamstress and my father a barber did bring in a few dollars to keep a roof over our head. We didnít have the best of clothes, but they were clean and neat. During that period of my life I saw and heard things that were engraved in my mind. They keep surfacing today. Writing about slave labor has triggered something that has always been on the top of my mental database. The Blacks had been freed from slavery for half a century. As I look back at that period of my life you would not have know that slavery had been abolished. For the few cents they earned for a day of incredible hard labor was unimaginable. The fragile little ladies working in the Cotton fields dragging those heavy cotton sacks all day in the hot sun left an incredible picture of servitude that branded my mind. The men carrying 500 pound bales of cotton form the platforms into the freight cars all day long for a measly few dollars also left a lasting impression in my soul. There are many more memories like this still floating around in my head. Most of this data was planted in my mental database before I was 10 years old. To this day when I see people of any race slaving like those poor Blacks it tears at my heart. Throughout my life I have not been able to put another human being through the torture of heavy manual labor.

    My wife and others have asked me why I had not hired someone to do a job that required very strenuous efforts. I cannot force myself to put someone else through physical hell. Thanks to my wife I keep myself physically fit so that I can go through the physical hell so no one else has to go through it and my conscience is clear.

    When I get old and feeble then I will have to hire someone else to go through the physical hell. I know there are many poor souls who would love to have the opportunity to go through the physical hell so they could make a few extra dollars. I hope that someday no one will have to go through any type of hell on this earth.


    These sweatshops and slave labor manufactures are robbing people of their lives. You donít believe me? Almost every country around the world has these sweatshops or something similar. Every now and then one is uncovered and you will see them in the paper or on TV. This does not stop them. They set up shop someplace else. Who are they manufacturing good for? They are providing goods for the major merchants around the world.


    If you are young and desperate for money, you are a prime subject. Please donít let this happen to you or your children.

    Another way we are losing our children, GUNS:

    If you have a gun or guns around your home, make damn sure that kids and young adults cannot get their hands on them. There are thousands of young people that are being killed by guns every year.

    I read an article that said, almost 80,000 young people under the age of 20 were killed and over 300,000 were wounded between 1979 and 1997 with guns. Doesnít this alone tell us that we have a very serious problem with young people with guns?

    How do these kids get the guns? Most of the time, they are lying around their own home or their relativeís home. If they have the money they can find someone on the street that can provide them with a gun for a price.

    There are many reasons that kids want guns. I thing the most predominant reason is fear and hate. Our kids have a very difficult time growing up. There is more pressure on them today than the kids had when I went to school. Of course, we had bullies, hate, and other pressures that bothered us. With the advancement of the media we see almost instantly the problems that are going on around the world. In many cases it is very informative. On the other hand, the good with the bad is spread around the world. There will be people that will disagree with me. We can see the copycat crimes that are happening around the world whenever a new wrinkle pops up.

    I do not think the media should be censored. They should use some judgment on the type of news that is damaging to the welfare of the world. As long as they think there is a buck in the story they will plaster the incident on the front pages of every paper in the country. The TV industry is no different. No matter what station you watch it will be flashed around the world. For the few dollars they make in advertisement they are setting a train reaction that will cost the world lives and millions of dollars by releasing these acts of violence to the public worldwide. We will pay for this ten-fold. Please lock up your guns; the next shot that is fired from it may kill you or your love ones. Donít say, "This will never happen in my family." What make your family immune? Please do not let this happen in your family.

    I told you that between 1979 and 1997 80,000 of our children lost their life from guns. Every day 15 children are killed by gunshots. I said this before. I will say it again. I want it to sink in and hope you will remember it!

    Just think about this, will your child or grandchild become a statistic? I hope not.

    There is many ways to prevent a gun from firing. For just a few, have the gun plugged, remove the firing pin, remove the clip, disassemble the gun, and hide the parts in different places. If you can delay someone in a fit of rage from getting his or her hands on a gun it may save a life. That life may be your own. The sure way to keep your guns out of your children hands is, do not have them around the house.

    I wrote the above in early part of 1998. Look at what has happen since then. Do we have to have a tragedy to change the laws of or country to make it a safer place to live? The Republicans have been fighting gun controls with President Clinton for too long. I read in the paper that one Republican is starting to wake up to the danger of guns in the wrong hands. What is it going to take to wake up enough Republicans that are in the back pockets of the gun manufactories? Will someone in their family have to be killed intentionally or by accident before they wake up? It is always someone else that has to suffer from the actions or inaction of the politicians, not the politicians.

    Denies any wrong doing:

    Have you read these words in the newspapers or heard them on your radio or TV? I have, many times. These are the words that are spoken when a large corporation or others have been caught with their pants down. They have been crapping all over you.

    Many corporations add a fee or a surcharge to their bills. They come in many forms. Some are legal, but uncalled-for. Not much is said about these charges until you complain about them. They are costing us billions of dollars each year. Itís not only the corporations your local government as well as state and federal add additional fees on everything you purchase. Most of these extra charges will not appear on you retail receipt. Sometimes utilities will have a string of these surcharges. If someone complains to the authorities about these charges and they are found to be illegal then you will hear those all-famous words, Denies any wrong doing".


    Cost overrun:

    Most of you will know what a cost overrun is. For those that do not know, I will try to explain. Whenever a project is planned a cost estimate is given. The extra money that we have to pay over the estimate is a cost overrun. I know it is hard to estimate the cost to the penny for every project and maintain the cost within the estimate. I can understand when the project comes within +/- 5 or 10 percent of the estimate. The amounts that run 20 to 100 percent over the estimate are the ones that disturb me.

    Your community or state comes up with a project that sound good. The government approves of the project. They add a tax surcharge to your taxes. It may come as a 1 or 2 percent added to your sales tax or it may appear on property tax or you income tax. The tax is added into the law. You have to pay for the project. You have no choice, you will pay for the project whether you like it or not.

    You start paying for this project two or the years before the project is started. By the time the project the cost of living has gone up and the cost of the project has gone up. The estimate that they had when the project started is way out of whack. The price now is 1Ĺ times the original cost. Time passes by, and the project is finally finished. The final cost was double the original estimate. For the next ten years you and I are paying for the cost overrun. That not all you are still paying the extra tax that they slapped on you at the beginning of the project and it has not been removed from your tax bill and it never will be. Over the years I have seen this happen too many times.

    This scam has cost the taxpayer trillions of dollars over the years. Every level of Government has pulled this scam. There have been many projects that have had cost overruns. There have been local, state and federal projects that have had millions of dollars spent in cost overruns. You will very seldom hear about these cost overruns. They are paid and forgotten about. Your government leaders are not going to tell you that they have screwed you out of all that money. You would never vote for them again. It has been so long since the taxes were added to our tax bill and they lumped the taxes all together, most of us have forgotten about it. They have this extra money coming in, and they have another project in mind, why give it back to the public? They can finance the next project without raising taxes again. But they want; they will hit you with another cost overrun.

    Regional Monopolies:

    There are fishing communities around the world. The salaries of the fishermen depend on the catch, after the expenses are paid. The percentage of the catch the fishermen receive is usually very low. The major portion of the catch usually goes to a company that controls every aspect of the fishing business in the community. They own and/or control the dock, the boats, bait, and the lives of the fishermen.

    They charge a fee for the use of the boat and the dock. They are the middlemen for the bait the fishermen use. They control the price that they pay for the baitfish and how much money the other fishermen pay for the bait. They control the price the fishermen get for the catch you purchase at local market. They control the price you pay for the fish. They have their fingers in every transaction.

    Whether they are fishing for cod, lobster, crab, shellfish, tuna, swordfish or any other type of aquatic creature itís the same.

    In some countries around the world boys as young as 9 or 10 are hired to retrieve fish caught in nets that are still in the water. I should not have said hired! They get a place to stay and a meager ration of food. They are slaves. Fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in this world. The next time you enjoy an aquatic delicacy, remember that someone risked their life for your enjoyment.

    My heart goes out for those who risk their lives every day for a meager existence. I canít blame the companies that run the fishing industry for wanting a return on the money they invest. I wish there were ways for the ones that risk their lives could get a larger share of the profits. I think the fishermen of the world are being fleeced.

    Fine Print:

    What about fine print? The legitimate businesses sting the seniors and everyone else more than any other scams especially the seniors because of their eyesight. Most of us are lazy and donít want to be bothered with details. Why do businesses try to hide the fine print, and put what they have to say in fine print? Well, I will tell you. If most of us read the fine print, we probably would not buy the item. It is so confusing and in a language that I donít think the writer knew what he had said. But, the companies want to cover their Asses in every way possible. I am no different than most of us. But, it bugs the living hell out of me every time I see it.

    Every time I see an asterisk, or any other notations concerning a product. I look to see what they have to say. Usually they put it at the bottom of the page. Then they will tell you to go to another page. When you finally find the fine print, you cannot read a word even with a fifty-power magnifying glass. (What I just said was, "You can not read a word even with a fifty-power magnifying glass.) And, they lump all the exceptions in one place. You can spend an hours trying to figure out what they are saying about the item you want to buy. All I can say, if you have to have the item and you want to take the chance that you wonít get stuck then buy the damn thing and pray. If the advertisement is too good to be true, donít buy it; it will probably fall apart before you get it home. Personally, in a lot of cases I go ahead and buy the damn item because I want it. But, I will look for a similar item that is manufactured by another company and compare the two items before I purchase one. Good luck.

    Food & Clothing:

    After you have had your purchases rung up, did you check the receipt or watch the register as your purchase is rung up? Did they ring up the same item twice? If the item was on sale, when the cashier rang up the item, did they ring up the sale price? A lot of times they ring up the original price, not the sale price. Have you seen an item advertised fifty percent off? When you get to the store there are none of these items on the shelf. They will give you a poor excuse why they do not have the item. They are all sold out. Ask for a rain check. If they say that it was a limited offer, and they say that there were only 4 or 5 at that price. Check the flyer and see if they mentioned the quantity that was for sale. If it is, I will bet it was in very small print.

    Have you seen an item on a shelf marked down to a lower price, when you get to the register they ring it up at a much higher price? When you questioned it, they tell you that the item that you have is not on sale. They tell you that the Bar Code reading of the item that you have is not the one that is on sale. You go back to the shelf and there are none of the items above or below the sale sign with the Bar Code reading of the item that is for sale. The items on the shelf looks just like the items that are shown in the advertisement. Put the damn thing back on the shelf and donít do business with the store that pulls this type of crap. Let the manager know that you are pissed off, but do it calmly. Let him know your intentions. Do your shopping somewhere else.

    I wrote the above at least a year or maybe two years ago. I was proof reading the above when my wife was shopping at one of the largest food chains in the country. They had advertised 3 cans of tuna for $1.00. When my wife got to the register they rang up a price twice the advertised price. The little Fox said, "They are 3 for a $1.00."

    The cashier told her the "water packed" were on sale not the "oil packed". She had them change the "oil packed" cans for the "water packed". The "water packet tuna" was on the opposite side of the store and the sale price was not shown. The "water packed tuna" was not in the area where the tuna is usually is kept. The "oil packed tuna" was in the usual area.

    I looked at the advertisement and it did say the "water packed" were on sale, but in small characters. I wonder why they moved the "water packed tuna" to the other side of the store. How many customers bought more tuna than usual at the higher price thinking they were getting a bargain?

    This doesnít have anything to do with food or clothing. Two weeks ago I was looking for some concrete garden blocks. The store had a display outside with the prices for all of the items. The one that I wanted had a price tag extending across the face of the block. I assumed that was the price of the block. That is where I made a mistake; donít assume anything. After sweating, loading the blocks, and wheeling the heavy load on a very hot day to the checkout counter the cashier rang up a much higher price. I told her that the sign outside had a lower price. She walked outside with me. She looked at the display and said that was the price for the block above the sign. She told me that they always put the price below the items, not above. I paid for the blocks and told her I wanted to talk to the manager. The manager went outside with me to the display and I asked him what was the price on the blocks that I purchased. He looked at the blocks on the cart then looked at the blocks on the display. He told me it was the price that was over the block. I told him that they charge me the price that was below the blocks. I explained to him what the young girl had said that prices of all the items in the store are always below the items. That was not the truth. He told me that the display was misleading and he said for me to go inside with him and he would sell the blocks to me for the lower price. I was too hot and tired to push the heavy load any further. I thanked him and declined the offer. Of course when I got home and told my bride what had happened, and I didnít go back into store to get the refund. The Fox gave me hell.

    The display is still up there with the prices for the less expensive items above hanging across the face of the more expensive items below. I wonder how many times this has happen to other customer. Every time I look at the display I wonder if it is deliberate. The following is similar.

    You pass a table with different items in a row across a table. Above or below the items is a row of prices in large letters. The description of the item is below the price in very small print. The prices above or below the items are not the prices of the items. You have to read the fine print to see what item the price is for. The items and their respective cost do not line up. For an example, peaches are not in season. Letís say that at this time of the year they are selling for $2.00 a pound. The sign above the peaches is marked 50 cents a pound. The apples are 50 cent a pound, but the price above the apples is not 50 cent a pound. You put a couple of pounds of the peaches in your shopping cart. You think that is a bargain. When you get to the checkout counter the cashier ring up $2.00 a pound for the peaches. If you didnít check your receipt, you just got ripped off. It you did check your receipt and the price for the item was much higher than the sign above the item, you tell the cashier that the sign indicated the item cost 50 cent a pound. The cashier pages or calls someone to check the price. Of course you are wrong. The price and description is not for the item you bought. Many of us trusting souls pay a very high price for items, and do not check our receipts or watch the register. Almost every time I go shopping I find an error in the sales slip.

    I went shopping for some little fancy bags. The sign on the rack said 99 cents. I selected 5 different bags. I looked at the fine print under the 99 cents. If said, "Was $1.49." When I got to the checkout counter the cashier rang up more than the $4.95 it should have been. I told her that the sign on the rack stated that they were 99 cents. She told me some of the items scanned were $2.50. I went back to the rack and there were higher priced bags mixed in with the $1.49 bags. If I didnít watch how much she rang up I would have paid over twice the amount that I expected to pay. Some of the same bags that were marked $1.49 were identical to the ones that were marked $2.50. I switch the ones that I had that were marked $2.50 for the ones that were marked $1.49. The bags were over priced at 99 cents.

    When you are buying a perishable item, check the dates on the item. They will put the item that has been on the shelf the longest in front. A lot of items in the stores across the country should have been removed for the shelf many weeks before. Check the date on the item. This goes for all items that are not used within recommended life of the item, batteries, film, chemical, and even water. Some of the bottled water has more bacteria than your city water. Just be careful.

    You are walking through the store and you see an item that you would like. Letís say the price is $25. The price is too high and you walk away. The following week you see an advertisement 50% off on the item you wanted. For $12.50, you would buy the item. You go to the store, and what do you see? The item is still $25. The sign says, "Was $50." They got you in the store again, didnít they? Even though you are mad as hell, you bought something else. They got you!!!

    The Federal Trade Commission said that merchants across the country have over charged the public. Why? The bar code readers across the country are all screwed up if they ringing up the incorrect price of the items you are buying. It is not that the computer that is ripping you off, itís the company. They deliberately leave the original price in the computer and programmed for the old shelf price. Or, the computer programmer has not put in the new sales price. Or, the scanner needs to be replaced or repaired. Keep a list of the prices of the items that you buy and check them against the sales slip. It is not only the database ripping you off; the scanner is helping the store rip you off. Donít be intimidated by an irate cashier. It is your money they are stealing from you. You are the one that should be irritated and furious. Donít blow your cool, if you are sure that you are right and they have over charged you, calmly and firmly let them know you are tired of being ripped off. The managers of the stores know that they have a problem. When you prove to them that they have over charged you, the manager will tell you they are sorry and they will have it corrected. I have deliberately returned to the store the next day and the problem had not been corrected. Some stores will give you the item at a reduced price if they are at fault. You need the money more than the store does. Take it.

    Short changed:

    (Make sure they charge you the price that is marked on the item or that is displayed. If you can, give the cashier the correct amount of your purchase.)

    You purchase a item, go to cashier, they ring up the item, you give them a large bill, they place a bill in front of you, and give you the loose change, the cashier looks away, you pick up the bill and change and walk away. Did you count your change? They gave you a smaller denomination bill than they should have. The trick is, when the cashier turn away, you assume that they are finished with you and you walk away shortchanged. If you havenít picked up the bill and change and you are still waiting, they have the rest of your change in their hand and will give you the rest of your change. That pause is very smooth and most people never notice it. The cashier will look like they are thinking about something else. What they are doing is watching you out of the corner of their eye reaching for your change. You should also watch out for this trick in ticket booths and change booths, it can happen everywhere. Remember that they have practiced that routine hundreds of time a day. Think how much money they are making fleecing the public.

    For an example, you make a purchase of $2.75. You give the cashier $20. They should give you $17.25. The cashier gives you $7.25. They turn away. You take the $7.25 and donít count your change and walk away. You have been had. If you counted your change and you are still waiting for the $10. The cashier has the $10 in their hand and turns around and gives you the $10. Just remember to count your change.

    The cost of AIR is going UP:

    Being 73 years old I have notice the prices change over the years. Who hasn't! There are many ways the manufacturers have fleeced the public. Being addicted to candy, cookies, and all the other sweets, I have watched the shrinking of candy bars. I remember what a nickel would buy you, that candy bar will cost you a dollar now. Over the years they did not change the size of the wrapper, they changed the size of the candy bar inside the wrapper. They were stealing from all of us and they still are. Yet, being addicted, we pay the price for the smaller candy bar.

    Have you noticed the size of the little cardboard tube that the toilet paper is rolled on? Not only has the tube size grown, also the amount of paper on the roll has shrunk. And, the prices per roll have gone up. The paper on the roll is waffled and the paper is loosely wound on the roll. Basically the overall size of roll hasnít changed too much. The length of the paper has been drastically shortened. The manufactures are shafting us four or five different ways. Maybe we should go back and use the mail-order catalogs instead of toilet paper until the paper industry gets the scent.

    When I was working a million years ago, I always bought a container of milk for lunch. I noticed one day that the container was not quite full. This made me start looking inside the containers every time I bought a container. The amount of milk in the container continued to drop. I look at the quantities in ounces that were printed on the container. It was 8 ounces. Months would go by then the price of the milk would go up. Then I noticed the container would be full again.

    The containers were at least 2 ounces shy or the 8 ounces. That is 25% less in each container. The milk companies would be buying the milk from the dairies. Letís say a company bought 100,000 gallons of milk. To keep the records straight for Uncle Sam they could only report 100,000 gallons sold. What happen to the 25,000 gallons they cheated us out of? Are the milk companies still cheating Uncle Sam and us? The milk today has more water in it than it was years ago. Of course we can see through the plastic jugs and they are all filled up, with what? Water!

    I have noticed that in many containers the quantity of the items that you are paying for does not fill the container. I called the manufacturers of a number of the items. I complained that the containers were only about ĺ full. They assured me that the amount in the container was correct to the amount that was stated on the container. I had to look all over the container for the quantity. The quantity was in small print. I asked them why they didnít put it in a smaller container. They explained that the contents being put into the container would overflow the container if the container size were reduced. They put up a good argument. I told them, with all the high-tech systems around and the money they are making, they would save 25 percent on the cost of the container material, and all the other savings for having a smaller container. They all thanked me for my suggestion. I still find the containers are about three-quarters full, if not less, in a lot of items. What, they want you to think is that you are getting more for your money. Larger boxes, more inside, ha, no way in hell are they giving you more.

    On the opposite side of the coin, they fill the container to the brim. I am talking about junk food, Chips etc. The cost of junk food is outrageous. Many stores will almost give you a 10-pound bag of potatoes. A bag of chips that is the same size, as the 10-pound of potatoes is 8 to 10 times more expensive than the 10-pounds of potatoes, and a fraction of the weight. Donít buy those bags of air. If you like chips, make them at home. You will get a lot more from the 10-pound of potatoes than you get from those bags of air. This goes for all the junk food. The food stores stack them all close together. I know they taste good. I like them too. Just donít make it a habit. You are throwing your money away.

    When you purchase bread do you pick the loaf that is cheaper, larger, lighter, or heavier? I like good heavy breads that have nuts, grain and/ or raisins. Some of the loafs are so light and contain 60 percent air. The cost is almost as much as the ones that are twice as heavy. You are paying for the air in the bread.

    Whether it is money or goods you are being shortchanged. Buddy, you are being fleeced.



    Have you bought a house lately? Have you seen the so-called model homes? Donít they look fantastic? Donít be confused by the price. You are not going to get that house for the price that is listed. Did you notice those little tags all over the house? My friend, they are options. Everything in the models that makes them looks beautiful options, options, and more options. That includes everything from the roofing material, exterior and interior walls, flooring, rugs, cabinets, front door, fireplace, etc. etc. etc. Need I say more? Before you sign your life away for 20 or 30 years, check to see just what you are getting before you sign on the bottom line. Check the tax assessorís office to see if there are any liens on the property. Inquire about the landscaping and sprinkler system, central air, number of garages, gutters, easements on the property, and make a final inspection to be sure everything you are paying for is installed before you sign. Remember that you are paying for the house. It is your money. Donít let anyone pressure you into doing anything that you donít want to do. If you can, spend about 4 to 6 months looking for the perfect home for yourself, not for someone else. When you go to the closing make sure that everything has been completed before you sign your life away. If things are not to your satisfaction, have money put in escrow for the things that need to be finished. Or, wait until all the things are completed. It will be well worth the time you spend. By the time you finish you will know that you have done your best! Good luck!

    Internet Scams on the Phone or E-mail:

    If you get a call on the phone or an e-mail telling you that they are representatives of your Internet service provider and they tell you that they are confirming your account and or any other question regarding your Internet service or password, hang up on them or donít reply to the e-mail. Report it to your Internet service provider. They will not call you or e-mail you for any type of information about your account.

    The scam is, to get your confidence they will offer you a prize or free time on the net if you give them a few minutes of your time. This scam takes many forms. They may tell you they are doing a survey for a company. Or, to give you better or faster access to the net. Whatever the reasons do not discuss your account or password with them. Once they have your confidence, they will say, "Oh, what is your password, your account number, your credit card number or other personal information that may cost you money.

    Another scam in the same or similar category is to give you a gift for some personal information. Without you knowing it, you have changed your telephone service provider. You may get a small gift in the mail. But, you will also get a telephone bill from a different service. You have authorized them to change your telephone service.

    These creeps are smooth talkers. Please donít let them sucker you into changing your service unless it is a better deal than the one you already have. My wife is always looking for a bargain. She had one of them switched our telephone service. They promised her all types of free service at a much lower cost than our present service. When we got the first monthís bill, it was more than our old service and none of the freebies that the caller had promised. She called the Phone Company that had our line switched and told them to switch us back to our original carrier. Not only was the phone bill higher, we had to pay for the service to be switched back. Donít let this happen to you.

    Buying a Car:

    Are you ready to buy a car, have you seem the prices lately? I havenít, they only give you the monthly payments in their advertisement. The advertisement will say only $495 a month. How many months? What is the interest rate on the loan? How long will I have to pay $495 a month, for the rest of my life, probably?

    When they do give you the price, donít believe that is the amount you going to pay for the car. Notice the fine print under the price with an asterisk (*). Somewhere on the page you will see the asterisk (*). It will tell you in super fine print, that it does not include any part of the car, only the keys. The car you are going to buy for the price that is shown in the paper does not include shipping, taxes, AC, automatic transmission, fancy wheel covers, radio with CD player, white wall tires, cruise control, the fancy chrome, the big engine, power seats, keyless entry, the spoiler, and a dozen other things that you see in the demo. The price you see in the newspaper is the stripped model. Or, they only had one for that price and it has already been sold. Who are they kidding?

    Be careful when you are shopping, donít be confused with the sticker price. Look for the total price. Make sure that you are informed of all the hidden costs that are not included on the sticker. Ask about the taxes, shipping charge, dealersí preparation, and any other charge that you can come up with. They will also add other charges that other dealers do not have. Donít be bashful. Always have them give you the total price. It is your money that you are spending. Make sure that you are not charged for anything that you do not want. Give yourself plenty of time to shop around. Do not buy a car on impulse. Donít let them know that you are going to trade in another car. If you do, they will jack up the price, and you will not get a cent for the car that you are trading in. Most of the new car dealers donít want your trade-in, unless it is a bargain. These sale persons know all the trick of their trade. If they donít, management will send in the first string. You may have been talking to the second string.

    Research, research, and research before you go into the car lots. Like a home, you will be paying it off for some time. Get the car you like. Know the car or cars that you are considering. Take a pad, pencil, and a calculator with you when you go shopping. Write down all the prices. Not only the basic price for the stripped model. Write down the price for all the options, handling, shipping, dealersí prep, taxes, and all the other little things that different dealers tack on to the price. All the dealers have different chargers and different names for them and different prices for the same thing. Before you leave home do your homework to make sure you are making the right decision. Go to the library, go on the Internet, and ask others that have bought the same car that you want to buy. Know more about the car that you want than the sales person that is going to sell it to you. Donít let him stick it to you.

    Another one of the gimmick that the car dealer does, it is kind of a bait and switch. They will advertise that they have a car for a very, very low price. If you call up the dealer that had the advertisement, they will tell you all type of tales. It was just one car at that price and it has been sold, the salesperson doesnít know anything about it, or they will try to interest you in another car. The advertisement was just to drum up a little excitement. All the salespersons are sitting around on their fat Asses.

    If you have visited the same car lot 4 or 5 times and the same sales person has waited on you each time and has spent a lot of time with you, do not feel obligated to buy a car from him. That is his job! You have a job to do when you are at work. You may not like the things that waste your time and not get paid for it. He may not like waiting on you. Donít feel sorry for him and buy a car from him just because you feel guilty for wasting his time. Buy the car that you want and at the price you want to pay for it. You should like the car that you are buying. You will have to make all the payments. Satisfy you, not the sales person or anyone else!

    When you get to the bottom line, go back to the top and know that you understand what every item mean. Check every line to see if they are giving you the deal they have said they were giving you. Make sure they are giving you credit for your trade-in. If the dealer is giving you a loan, make sure the interest rate is the same that they had promised you and the payment reflects the correct interest.

    Before you sign on the dotted line, take the contract and tell the salesperson that you want to go over the contract by yourself. If your wife is with you go into a room where you are alone and check every item in the contract. You may not find anything wrong. If you donít review the contract and sign it you may hate yourself later for not doing so. Not to say the dealers are not honest, there may have been a misunderstanding between you and the dealer. For your sake, go over the contract.

    I shouldnít complain the prices in other countries are a lot worse than they are here in good old USA.

    Fleecing Through Car Advertisement and Poor Driving Habits and Alcohol:

    Every year people around the world purchase millions of new and used cars. Why are so many cars being bought? There are a few good reasons. The ones that I want to tell you about are those that are bought to replace the ones that were destroyed by accidents. Have you notice how the manufactures advertise their new cars. They show how rugged and how well their cars will handle on a curved road at high speeds. They insinuate that their cars are indestructible. They display unsafe driving habit for the eyes of the young. They promote all the large auto races across the country. They donít tell the young teenager, that canít wait to get his drives license, the cars in the races have been specially modified to hold the road at high speeds and to protect the driver. The drivers are well trained for this type of driving. The ones that you see in the races are not the one that you will be driving off the car lot. Most of the cars that are in the races have steel tubes welded around the inside of the car. These cars can be rolled, flipped, and rammed into without the driver being seriously injured.

    There are more teenage deaths from auto accidents in this country every year than any other factor. There is not a day that goes by without hearing about a teenager in an auto accident. During the Vietnam War, I read an article that said more young men between the age of 18 and 21 were killed in auto accidents in U.S.A. than those of the same age group were killed in Vietnam. You say that you donít want to send your children to war. Yet, you have not spent enough time with your kids before they are let out on the battlefield of the interstate. This is a tragedy that is still going on. Please spend a lot of time with your kids and stress the importance of safe driving habits. If they do not practice safe driving when you are not in the car, take the keys away from them.

    Remember monkey see monkey do. When you are driving and your kids are in the car with you, make damn sure you practice safe driving habits. Donít speed, run red light, cut in and out of traffic, tailgate, talk on the cell phone, and fool around with any other hi-tech device and any other careless driving habits while you are driving. Remember that you have been driving for a long time. You may be able to get away with some of the things that you do that are not safe. Your children have not been driving all the years you have been driving. His or her lack of experience and your reckless driving habits may kill your child. Donít say you are not a reckless driver. We all do foolish things while we are driving. If you cannot control your poor driving habits when your children are in the car with you then have someone else drive. Do not set a poor example for your children.

    I should not be the one that criticizes young drivers. I did a lot of foolish things in my life. Fortunately, I was never in any serious accidents. While I sit in my car in a shopping center waiting for my wife while she is shopping, I watch the drivers. I am not going to say all the young drives are at fault with most of the accidents. But you can tell the ones that think they are above it all. They have their baseball cap on backwards and they have gutted the muffler on their car or truck. They zoom in and out the lanes of the parking lots as if they on an obstacle course at a speedway. Many adults are very careless drivers also. They are on their cell phone, reading the paper, looking in the back seat, and scolding the kids or some other activity that keeps their eyes and mind off of their driving. The important thing is that they could not stop if someone stepped out from between two cars. The reaction time is the killer. You cannot react quick enough to stop the car before you hit someone. There should be a national law forbidding speeds over 15 miles an hour in parking lots and in many cases 15MPH is too fast.

    To all you young mothers, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Do not push your childís carriage out in front of you when you are walking between cars. Drag the carriage behind you. The number of larger RV and Vans has increased 10-fold in the last few years. Even if the driver is driving at a safe speed he could not stop if you pushed your child into the cars path. Put your child in the carriage and pull it behind you. Look both ways around the parked cars before going into the car lanes. PLEASE! I have seen too many near misses; it scares the hell out of me when I go between cars. This also goes for crossing the street even if you are crossing at a crosswalk. Moms when you are out with your little ones and you are about to cross the street, stop whatever you are doing and pay attention to the traffic. Practice what we all have been taught, look both ways before you push the carriage into the line of traffic. Make damn well sure they all have stopped. Especially the ones making a right turn on RED! Some people think if they can turn right on red and they donít have to wait for the pedestrians.

    Recently a young girl pushed a shopping cart out into a line of traffic. A car hit the shopping cart, in turn the shopping cart slammed into the young girl. At the time I read the article she was very seriously injured.

    This morning before I started proofreading I saw an article in the paper that a 73-year-old woman was dragged 75 feet before the drive could stop. The driver was making a right turn on a red light. She looked to the left and the traffic had stopped. She made the right turn without looking to see if anyone was crossing the street. Whether you are walking or driving you must look both ways before you proceed.

    There are states that are thinking of putting more restriction for teenage drivers and increasing the age for them to drive alone. My opinion is that Parents must insist that when their children are driving they obey the traffic laws and practice safe driving habits. If they donít, the parents should take away their driving license. If the parents do not take away their kids license, then the parent license should be taken away as well as the kids. Moms and Dads if you love your kids, make damn well sure they practice safe driving habits. And, do not be a poor example for them. When the kids are in the car with you, be on your best behavior. Just imagine what you would do if you knew a policeman was on your tail.

    I have been complaining about the younger generation. Theyíre many dangerous drivers out there of all ages. They tail gate, and never obey the speed limits regardless of where they are. They have their whole family in the car with them and they still drive like idiots. They are of all ages and sex.

    I think a lot of the car manufactures should be fined when they produce an advertisement that depicts an unsafe scene. They are the ones that benefit from all the accidents that occur across the country every day. Just think of the billions of dollars the auto manufacturers are making just from auto accidents. You would think the insurance companies would pressure for laws that restrict car manufactures advertising unsafe actions.

    Have you been to the junkyards lately? On a weekend take the whole family to a junkyard to see the junks. They are overloaded with wrecked cars. Many cars in the lots would not be there if the driver or another driver were more careful. You may say that these are old worn out cars. The newer ones are at the body shops being stripped for parts or they are being repaired so they can be put back on the road. Car junkyards and body shops are making millions from the reckless drivers.

    A car is a deadly weapon. They kill more people every year than guns do. Yet you donít see anyone pressing for safety catches on cars. The cars that they are building today are built to drive at much higher speeds than they were 30 or 40 years ago. The handling and braking system are much better on the newer cars today than they were 10 years ago. I think this is the major problem. You do not realize how fast you are going and how long it takes a car to stop. The reaction time for putting on the brakes is the same if you are going 10 or 90 miles an hour. The problem is when you are going 10 miles an hour you may be able to stop in 10 feet. At 90 miles an hour you will be lucky if you can stop in 200-300 feet. Think about it, the next time you are following someone on an express highway, could you stop your car if the car in front of you jammed on his brakes or hit something and came to an instant stop. I have no basic for saying this other than for my observation. I believe that 75 percent of the drivers in this country drive to close for the speed they are going. For an example, very frequently you will see in the news that there was a multiple car accident with as many as 50 to 100 cars involved. This must tell us all something, but no one pays any attentions to this problem.

    I was on a trip from LA to Vegas on a Friday afternoon. The speed limit is 70 mph. If you went 70 the other drivers would run you over. I pushed my speed up to 75-80 and I was still being passed. If they could not pass me and the left lane was full, they would hug my bumper trying to get me to go faster. They would be as close as 10 feet or less behind me. Also, you could see the irritation on their faces when they had the chances to pass me. Some would give me the famous finger and say something in a fit of anger. Why were they all rushing? They canít wait to get to Vegas to lose all of their money or kill themselves.

    What does this have to do with fleecing by advertising? The advertising encourages people to drive faster and more reckless than ever before. The more accidents they can encourage the more cars they can sell to the survivors. They are fleecing you and your family. Also, they are taking someoneís life.

    I can only ask that you think before you and while you are driving. Is it so important that I speed? Do I have to have that second or third or fourth drink? Am I in any condition to drive? Will I fall asleep while I am driving? Is it worth my life or someone elseís and the consequences that will follow an accident if I donít think and drive safely? If I am late for where ever I am going, is it worth my life and maybe someone elseís? Slow down, if you donít the life you take may be youíre own, your child or someone you love. Nothing in this world is worth sacrificing a life for just to getting there on time. Ask yourself the next time you are speeding, "What the hell will happen if I am a few minutes late? Why should you take the chance, SLOW DOWN THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN! IF YOU THINK I AM KIDDING, JUST KEEP READING!


    The following are reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, DC:


    This is only some of the highlights of the report. If will give you an idea of how automobile accidents and drinking cost all of us!


    The cost of motor vehicle crashes that occurred in 1994 was $150.5 billion, the equivalent of $580 for every person living in the United States, or 2.2 percent of this countryís Gross Domestic Product.

    Each fatality resulted in lifetime economic costs to society of over $830,000. Over 85 percent of these costs are due to lost workplace and household productivity.

    The average cost for each critically injured survivor was $706,000 -- nearly as high as for a fatality. Medical costs and lost productivity accounted for 84 percent of the cost for these Maximum Abbreviated Injury Scale (MAIS) level 5 injuries.

    Present and future medical costs due to injuries occurring in 1994 were $17 billion, representing 11 percent of total costs. However, medical costs accounted for 22 percent of non-fatal injury crash costs.

    Lost market productivity totaled $42.4 billion, accounting for 28 percent of total costs, and lost household productivity totaled $12.3 billion, representing 8 percent of total costs.

    Because of their high incidence, crashes of vehicles that sustained only property damages were the most costly type of occurrence, totaling $38.9 billion and accounting for 26 percent of total motor vehicle crash costs.

    Property damage in all crashes (fatal and injury) as well as property-damage-only crashes totaled $52.1 billion and accounted for 35 percent of all costs, more than any other cost category.

    Motor vehicle crashes costs funded through public revenues cost taxpayers $13.8 billion in 1994, the equivalent of $144 in added taxes for each household in the United States.

    Alcohol-involved crashes resulted in $45 billion in economic costs in 1994, accounting for 30 percent of all crash costs.

    Seventy-eight percent of all alcohol-involved crash costs occur in crashes where a driver or a pedestrian had a blood alcohol content of 0.10 percent or greater, the definition of legal intoxication in most states.

    The impact of alcohol involvement increases with injury severity. Alcohol-involved crashes accounted for 17 percent of property-damage only (PDO) crash costs, 29 percent of nonfatal injury crash costs, and 47 percent of fatal injury crash costs.

    An estimate was also made of the impact of excessive speed on motor vehicle crashes:

    Crashes in which police indicate that at least one driver was exceeding the legal speed limit or driving too fast for conditions cost $27.7 billion in 1994.

    Speed - related crashes resulted in 12,480 deaths, 710,000 nonfatal injuries, and damage to over 2.3 million vehicles in property damage only crashes in 1994. This represents 31 percent of all fatalities, 14 percent of all nonfatal injuries, and 10 percent of all PDO involved vehicles.

    The total economic cost in 1994 resulting from motor vehicle crashes is estimated to have been $150.5 billion. Of this total, medical costs were responsible for $17 billion, property losses for $52.1 billion, lost productivity (both market and household) $54.7 billion, and other costs $26.6 billion.

    Alcohol use is one of the major causes of motor vehicle crashes. Historically, about half of all fatalities have occurred in crashes where a driver or pedestrian had been drinking. This report focuses specifically on the cost of alcohol crashes and includes estimates of the incidence of alcohol-related crashes that were reported and not reported by police. The results indicate that alcohol is involved in crashes that account for 30 percent of all economic costs, with over 78 percent of these costs involving crashes where a driver or pedestrian was legally intoxicated, defined as Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) > .10.

    Section 163 of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) created incentive grants for states enacting and enforcing a qualifying .08 BAC illegal per se law. Some of the states have adopted the TEA-21. Lowering the BAC to .08 has significant decreases in alcohol-related fatal crashes.


    Today 10/23/00, President Clinton signed TEA-21. States will lose billions if they do not enact laws in their States related to TEA-21 by year 2003.

    An alcohol related accident occurred recently where a father saw his family seriously injured through his rear view mirror. His wife and children were following him on an expressway. A drunken woman entered the expressway going the opposite direction. He dodged the car and saw his family being hit head-on through the rear view mirror by the car. The woman was killed in the accident and his family was seriously injured.

    Accident Fact Sheet:

    In 1998, nearly 42,000 people were killed in traffic crashes and almost 3.2 million more were injured, at a cost of over $150 billion. Speed--defined as exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast for conditions--is a factor in nearly one third of all fatal crashes. Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that when speed limits were raised by many states in 1996, travel speeds increased, and motor vehicle fatalities went up significantly on Interstate highways in those states.

    Speed reduces the amount of available time needed to avoid a crash, increases the likelihood of crashing, and increases the severity of a crash once it occurs. The public needs to be made more aware of the dangers of speeding. If we are to combat this dangerous, life-threatening behavior, we must devote increased resources to better enforcement, including more law enforcement officers to patrol the highways, and we must support technological advances, such as video cameras, to target aggressive, speeding drivers.


    Speed was a factor in 30 percent (12,477) of all traffic fatalities in 1998, second only to alcohol (39 percent) as a cause of fatal crashes.

    ` (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, 1999)

    In 1998, 40,000 people were critically injured in speeding-related crashes, 72,000 were moderately injured, and 599,000 received minor injuries. (NHTSA, 1999)

    The economic cost to society of speeding-related crashes is estimated at $27.7 billion per year. (NHTSA, 1999)

    Crash forces on impact double with every 10 mile per hour increase in speed above 50 miles per hour. As crash forces increase, so does oneís chances of being killed or seriously injured in a crash. (NHTSA, 1995)

    Young drivers (under 30 years old) are more likely to speed than other drivers. Of all drivers involved in fatal crashes, young males are most likely to speed. The relative proportion of speeding-related fatal crashes decreases with increasing driver age. (NHTSA, 1999)

    Alcohol involvement and speeding often go hand-in-hand. In 1998, 43 percent of drivers with a 0.10 BAC or higher who were involved in fatal crashes were speeding, compared with 14 percent of the sober (0.00 BAC) drivers in fatal crashes. (NHTSA, 1999)


    Travel speeds increased on Interstate highways in the states that raised their speed limits after Congress repealed the National Maximum Speed Limit in 1995. Increased travel speeds historically have led to increased traffic fatalities. (IIHS, 1999)

    In the 24 states that raised their speed limits in late 1995 and in 1996, fatalities on Interstate highways increased 15 percent. Deaths on other roadways where speed limits were not raised were unchanged. (IIHS, 1998)

    The increased fatalities and fatality rates on Interstates where speed limits were raised translate to approximately 450-500 additional deaths a year on Interstate highways and freeways. (IIHS, 1998)

    As of October 1999, 28 states have raised speed limits to 70 MPH or higher on portions of their roads and highways. (IIHS, 1999)

    In a public opinion poll conducted by Louis Harris for Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety in May 1996, 64 percent of those polled said they were concerned that higher speed limits would contribute to even more aggressive driving. Sixty-six percent were concerned that highway crashes would rise again, and 52 percent were concerned that they will feel unsafe on the highways because drivers would go "much faster," exceeding even the posted limits.

    Teenage Drivers:

    The following is an article that I saw on TV copied off of the Internet. I hope they donít mind me spreading this information around. The article is blaming "foolishness and distractions" as the cause of more deaths of teenage drivers. Being a teenage once myself, I can say that many of the kids wanted to show-off when other teenagers are in the car with them. Mom and Pop take notice of the following. You have raised them to the age when they want to be on their own. Help them through this foolish period of their life.

    Blaming "foolishness and distractions," researchers reported today that the risk of a teen-age driver dying increases with each additional passenger -- particularly with young passengers.

    Johns Hopkins School of Public Health researcher Li-Hui Chen and her colleagues found that 16-year-olds carrying one passenger were 39 percent more likely to get killed than those driving alone.

    That increased to 86 percent with two passengers and 182 percent with three or more. The rate for 17-year-olds was higher: 48 percent, 158 percent and 207 percent, respectively.

    The rate was as much as 21 times higher during early morning hours when passengers were present, according to the study in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.

    Chen also found that the driver death rate increased significantly when the passengers themselves were in their teens or 20s.

    While the death statistics relate specifically to drivers, experts said other studies have shown that accidents involving new teen drivers also often kill or seriously injure passengers and people in other vehicles.

    The problem is "general foolishness and distractions" for drivers who are just getting to know the rules of the road, said Robert Foss of the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center.

    "They will egg one another on to try to run a stop light or say, 'Let's see if you can get it up to 70 miles an hour before the next stop sign,"' Foss said.

    Even more often, he said it's simpler things -- animated conversation, for example.

    "Most of it is things that are no problem for an experienced driver," said Foss, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study funded in part by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The findings -- coupled with numbers showing teen accidents rates increasing after 10 p.m. and even more dramatically after midnight _ are prompting safety experts to renew their calls for stiffer restrictions on new drivers.

    "It's pretty clear that states should not let them drive later at night for a while and not let them drive with teen passengers," said Foss, who thinks the curfew should be 10 p.m. "They need to focus their attention entirely on driving."

    Ten states -- most recently Washington -- restrict the number or age of passengers who can ride with new teen drivers. Twenty-eight states have driving curfews, most of them beginning at midnight. New York, which imposes a 9 p.m. curfew on drivers under 18, is among the states with the toughest restrictions.

    Previous studies of young drivers in New Zealand, Canada and Florida found that so-called graduated driver licensing reduced crashes by 7 percent to 32 percent, Foss said. Graduated systems impose passenger restrictions or curfews on young drivers.

    Foss said that in states with no such rules, "parents of 16- and 17-year-old drivers would be well-advised to impose the restrictions themselves."


    A 14-year-old boy was KILLED while riding with a friend. His friend was driving a SUV and making donut circles on a baseball field. He was driving at a high rate of speed in a circular pattern. He was riding on the passenger side when the SUV rolled over, and crusted him. Every day another one our young men are killed from foolish antics.


    In 1998 42,000 people were killed in automobile accidents. That is an average of 115 people killed every day. Recently I saw an article relating the number of people killed in automobile accidents against the number of fully loaded jumbo jets that would have to crash to equal the same number kill in automobiles. If there were 300 people aboard the plane, there would have to be a crash every 2-Ĺ days. The people of the world would be in an uproar if that many planes crashed. Why isnít the country in an uproar over the number of people being killed off the roads of America?


    Moving in this country can be one of the most expensive things that you will go through. Whether you have moved or plan to move, keep on reading. Before you select a mover get as many estimates in writing as you can!!! Take the lowest price and see if you can get them to make it a firm price. Most of them will not give you a firm price. They will give you an estimate of the weight and a price per 100# plus +++++ and more ++++.

    Hypothetically, letís say that you go alone with their estimate and they give you a price of $70/100#. The weight estimated weight is 5000# and the PLUSES are $500. It would cost you $4000 to move. You are disgusted with the price, what choice do you have? Itís the lowest estimate you have received. When the mover arrives at your home he looks around for five minutes and he is grumbling that the sales people donít know how to estimate loads. They have 5000# and it is at least 6500#, if not 7000#. You have already signed the contract. Your home has been sold and you have to have everything out of the house today. The mover came later than they said he would. Itís after 5:00 PM. It will take them to midnight for them to finish loading. You call the moving companyís office; it closed at 5:00 PM. You canít tell him to get out of here, and you do not want to pay for the extra 2000#. What are your choices? You will not be able to get another mover and the new owner is moving in tomorrow, you are stuck. You have no choice; you have to let them take the furniture. The driver said that he would call you tomorrow and tell you how much the furniture weighed. Sure enough the driver calls and tells you that the total weight was 7000#. He informs you that the moving company will call you and tell you how much the final bill will be. And, you will have to have a cashierís check for the amount when your furniture is delivered. They have shoved it up your butt. Itís already hurts. This is not all they stick you with. If you are not at the destination with the full amount, they will deliver it to a storage area and put your furniture in storage. You will have to pay them for delivering your furniture to the storage locker. You cannot remove the furniture from storage until you pay the first mover and storage fee. The Storage Company will not let you take your furniture until the mover signs a release. You will also have to pay for a full month of storage even if itís only for 1 day. PLUS you will have to pay another mover to pick it up and bring it to your new home.

    When the moving company calls the price is not $4000, its $5400. You yell and scream, what good does it do? How did the trucker know, in a 5 minutesí walk through of your house, the weight was going to be 2000# more? The salesman with 15 years experience couldnít come up with a closer estimate? The salesman spent more than two hours going over every item.

    Donít stop now; the best is yet to come. You should make a list of every box and its contents and what itís weight. Weight yourself and then weigh yourself and the box, Take the difference between your weight and the total and that the weight of the box. Do this with every item that you can lift. Keep a record of all the items. For the larger items, some of the companies have an estimated weight. It should be close enough. Add them all up that is the approximate weight of you furniture. Thatís not all. Donít let them know that you are going to have the truck re-weighed until they tell you how much it will cost you. Then have it re-weighed at the other end. All the big truck stops have scales. It cost around $10 for two weighing, with the truck full and empty. They usually have two or three men working together. When they weigh the truck make sure that the same men are in or out of the truck when it is weighed, both times the truck is weighed. They will have all the men in the truck when itís first weighed and when the truck is weighed the second time; the men try to disappear. Make sure all the workers are in the truck the second time it is weighed. Three men averaging 200# times 3 equals 600# times $70 per hundred equals $420. The re-weight is 1500# lighter than what you are paying. 1500# times $70 per 100# equals $1050. You have over paid. Keep the weight tickets and make sure the company knows that you have over paid. Donít let them get away with it!!!

    The above happened to me. I had to give the driver a cashierís check for the original price. I had the re-weighing slips from the truckís weighing. The company reimbursed me for the overcharge.

    I called the moving company. I selected them. I was willing to pay them to move my furniture. I paid them for moving my furniture. But donít try to rip me off.

    How do they make the truck get lighter on the first weighing before they picked up your furniture? They didnít, the truck is the same weight. There is several ways they could have lightened their load. The water and fuel tanks could have been empty and they filled up the tanks before the second weighing, or had 10 guys stand on the scale. There are many other ways to add to the overall weight of the load.

    I do not know if the moving companies are behind this type of scam or it is the driver doing his own thing. They will not tell.

    Come with me at the Mall:

    If someone comes up to you in the mall and asks for your help, and they say that something happened to someone outside the mall and they need your help. Donít go with them. Tell them to call the security guard. The malls usually have someone that can help in an emergency.

    They will tell you that there is no time to call someone else. You must hurry, it is an emergency, and they need your help. They are betting that you are a Good Samaritan. Again, donít go with them. If they insist, go into one of the shops and have them call security.

    They usually prey on women. But, they could pull this on anyone. Once they have you outside they will rob you. They usually have someone else helping them and they may shove you into a car or van.

    Another version of this scam, they may say that they are giving away something and you were selected to receive an expensive gift or some other item. Or, they may say they have a promotional booth outside and the first 10 people that come to the booth will get a very expensive gift. Whatever they say, be careful, whatever it is, it is not worth the chance of being robbed, kidnapped, raped or being killed.

    This type of scam is going on all over the country. It may take many different angles. Tell your kids and grandchildren never leave a crowded area with a stranger. Be careful of anyone that wants you to go with them. It doesnít matter if they are men or women, or young or old, do not go with them.

    Giving your car to Charity:

    I am not going to tell you not to give things to charities. What I am going to say is donít be duped into giving your car to an outfit that is going to sell your car and the charity gets nothing. There are these companies all over. They are ripping you and the Charities off.

    Go directly to the Charity of your choice and give them your car or other items you want them to have. The Salvation Army and Goodwill will take you car and give you a receipt so you can deduct the value of the car from your taxes. There are other organizations that are run by charities. Think smart; donít play into the hands of a scam artist.


    Why am I including hate as a scam? Just think for a minute. Most people would not rip off someone that they like. The crooks donít give a damn about you. They would just as well kill you for a few bucks as look at you. They donít care who they steal from or hurt.

    This world of ours should be built on love, not hate. I hope you donít get offended by what I am going to say. I am going to say it the way it is.

    In W.W.II the Germans hated the Jews. All of this nation there are whites that hate the blacks and the black hate the whites. In Florida people hate the Cubans and the Cubans hate back. Along the Mexican border hate goes both ways. Look what is going on in Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, and Africa and in every country in this world. There are religious and ethnic groups that hate each other. There are no set rules for HATE. Look at the road rage that is upon us. And most of all look at what is going on here in our country. The election was at a standstill. The Democrats hate the Republicans and Republicans hate the Democrats. With the help of the news media they are fanning the hate and it is spreading across the country. Everyone on the talk shows, host and guest are trying to out yell the others. The political leaders of both parties are also fanning the fire of hate. What is our country turning into? Will the ones that can yell the loudest be our next political leaders?


    Oct. 12, 2000: Look at what is happening in the Middle East. I donít know who to blame for this incident. I am sure that both sides have their own reasons for their actions. I am sure you have heard all the detail. I canít say any more about this except, God give both sides help to forgive each other.

    In this good old USA there IS hate in almost every household. Donít tell me that there is no one that you donít hate. If you donít call it hate, itís someone you dislike. Just look at the number of divorces each year. Half of all marriages end in a divorce. There is a tremendous amount of hate that is generated in a divorce.

    I canít leave out the hate that is generated in the teens in our society. The older I get, the more hate I uncover. I can understand why many of us get pissed off at others. I get pissed off every time I get into my car. The drivers are getting worse or I am becoming more careful. Maybe they are being pissed off at me. Anyway, it is understandable to be irritated at others. But please donít hate them. Donít do anything that will hurt you or them. Forgive them and try to stay cool. I know it is hard, but try.

    I feel sorry that the kids in the schools across this country. In every school there are bullies that pick on others. What has to be done to stop this hate? I donít have the answer. I have heard the professionals on TV saying what has to be done. But, no one is doing enough to eliminate the hate these kids have. Everyone has to get involved. Parent, teachers, police, politicians and the students have to work together if they want the killing in our schools stopped.

    In every school across the country there are bullies. They will pick on the smaller kids. They make fun of them. They threaten and extort money from them. You name a type of humiliation and the bullies are doing it. The kids that are picked on are more than likely the ones that are not admitted to the cliques, and are left out of all the activities and are going to take revenge on the group that picked on them.

    Parents know if their children are getting picked on or they are picking on their brother or sister, or someone outside their family. Many parents will yell at their kids and tell to stop it without taking them aside and explaining to them that what they are doing is wrong. We are just too busy or tired of yelling at the kids so you let them settle their dispute themselves.

    Moms and pops donít be that lazy. You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you nip the problem in the bud.

    Why is this fleecing? Hate is costing the world billions if not trillions every year. I will start in the United States. The two major political parties are costing us billion in one way or the other every day. Their lack of common sense, the politicians in this country are wasting our money by voting on important issues along party lines, not by what is honestly good for the country. This morning I read in the paper that the Republican and the Democrats voted along party line for the nuclear test ban treaty. I do not know the answer to who is right, the Republicans, or the Democrats. But, I will tell you one thing for sure neither do the politicians know. When they vote along party lines they are not working together for the good of our country.

    Whenever you hear a politician saying, "They were just PLAYING POLITICS," it is costing us a bundle. You donít play politics with our hard-earned dollars.

    When I hear that there is a surplus this year and they are going to take that money and do all the wonderful things with it, this drove me nuts. WE CAN NEVER HAVE A SURPLUS WHEN WE ARE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT. PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT THEN WE WILL HAVE A SURPLUS. Who do they think they are kidding? When you are paying off a mortgage, a car loan, you consistently have a very high balance on your credit cards, and you cannot pay off the balance. You donít have a surplus and neither does the government. The politicians talk about a surplus. Until the national debt is paid off there is no surplus. We are all in debt up to our necks and so is the government. Who do the politicians think they are kidding?????

    Please pay off your credit card debt. Take the money you save on interest and buy something you like and keep the economy going. This will provide more jobs for us and you will not make the rich richer. You can use the extra money yourself.

    It is no way in hell anyone can convince me that every Senator and Representative in the Republican Party will think the same way on every issue. This also goes for the Democrats.

    You cannot get five people that will think the same way on any issue, much less a couple hundred. When our elected officials vote along party lines they are not working for you. They are working for their political party. This is Legal Fleecing. They are ripping us off.

    Is there a way to pressure politicians to work for the people not the party? Havenít they any idea what it is costing us with all of their wrangling. The useless hearing along party lines trying to pin something on the other party members is costing us billions. God help this world in the next 2000 years.

    When the Judicial Committee was debating if the president should be impeached you could see the HATE in the Republican congressmen faces. During the impeachment hearing our government wasted our tax dollar on a political witch-hunt. The Republican had so much hate in their souls that they bled the consensual sexual conduct of the President for political gains and still are.

    There is no need for me to recap what has been going on during the recount of the ballots in Florida. The Republicans are calming the Democrats are splitting the country down the middle. In my opinion the country has been split down the middle since the Democrats took over the White House and the Republicans started attack everyone that was associated with President Clinton. They are still dividing the country. It you listen to the rhetoric, the accusations and insinuation, the Republicans are spreading across the country, these comments that you see on television are fanning the hate of the citizens of this great nation.

    Marriage and Divorce:

    Marriage is a very difficult relationship between two people. At the beginning of the relationship both couples found something that they liked about the other. I can list a thousand reasons why they chose their respective mates. After the marriage, half of the marriages will go on the rock. Why? Again there are just as many reasons if not more why they want to break up their relationship. I am not a marriage counselor and I am not going to try to reconcile a marriage. There are too many things that have taken place between the couples that would take a long time to smooth things over. They must do this themselves.

    What I am going to do is tell you how difficult it is to maintain a marriage. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage and there never will be. Once you get married you must do everything in your power to keep the marriage intact. Both of you must work together throughout the marriage to keep it from deteriorating.

    Both of you must do everything you can to prevent hatred in the marriage. Have respect for your spouse. You cannot let your temper get out of control. As I have said before, both of you saw something in your mate that gave you the desire to spend the rest of your life with them. My wife and I have been married for over 50 years. Just like many couples we have had many disagreements. With our desires to keep the marriage afloat somehow we managed to stick together. It is not easy to keep a marriage going. You will have fights over large and small things. Just take a step back and look at the problem and ask yourself if it worth destroying your marriage over this problem. One of you must give in otherwise it may lead to a bigger problem. Most of the time my wife would not go to bed until we have settled and resolved the problem and kiss and made up. Both of you have your own ideas and desires. You must compromise otherwise a conflict may develop and destroy your marriage.

    A divorce can be devastating emotionally and financially for both of you. If you have been married for a considerable period of time financially it could destroy the both of you. If you have children it will tear them apart emotionally. They will suffer more than you will. You and your spouse are the ones that should decide whether or not you want to break up the marriage. Do not let anyone provoke you into the divorce. You and your spouse are the only ones that should make that decision. The two of you will have to live with your decision.

    If the marriage is not reconcilable and you are going through with the divorce please do everything you can to maintain a decent friendship with your ex-spouse for the good of both you. Good luck.

    Divorces are tearing many lives apart emotionally. The children are the ones are going to be fleeced. Many times the breadwinner will not help to support them. They will not be able to live the type of life they should have or get the education they deserve. Before you make the final decision thing again what you are doing. The new life that you are going into may be worse than the one you are in.

    The little Asterisk *:

    Watch out for the little asterisk, they will hang you every time. When you think that you have a good buy, you forget to look for the explanation of the little microdot that is next to the price.

    What does the little microdot stand for? You will find out when you get the bill for a very low priced item. You will find that there were many extra charges attached to the price. Always check out the tiny, tiny speck of fly dung that is next to the price. The SOBs are betting that you will not notice or bother looking at or looking for the microdot. Some are as small as the period at the end of this sentence or smaller. I have talked about the small print and the asterisk before. I will not go into it too much now.

    Have you noticed all the free things you see in the papers today? Do you think they are free? They are not. Look for the little (*) asterisk. Read the fine print. By the time you have done all the things and/or committed yourself to do, you could have bought the item for its full price and saved yourself time and money. When you see free donít believe it. No one gives anything away without getting something back. You may not pay for it at the time you got it. But you will pay for it later on.

    As little as asterisks are they are there to cover the merchantís ass. Just watch out for the little microdot. I think I said that before. Oh well, Iím not perfect!


    Do you remember the $300 hammer, and the $3000 john? That is only a grain of sand on the beach compared to the overall costs that is wasted. Letís talk about the hammer for a moment. You do not go to the local hardware store when you purchase something for the military. There are specifications on almost everything the military buys. The hammer specification and all the documents that are referenced on these specifications would probably fill a file cabinet.

    The individual who wrote up the specifications was following the requirements of the military. The cost of writing up the specifications for a hammer and the inspection cost to make sure the hammer is built to the specification would have been enough to pay for all the hammers the military would ever need. This not only applies to the hammer; it applies for almost everything the military buys. Some will say this keeps the economy going. What it does, it make the manufactures richer and the taxpayer poorer.

    First letís take the wood in a handle. The specifications for wood alone would probably take up half of the file cabinet. The inspection and certification documents to verify that the wood has been inspected in and tested would fill another file cabinet. The same would go far the metal in the head of the hammer. Thatís not all; the hammer has to be packaged. The military has specifications for packaging everything.

    The procedure for purchasing the hammer is also very complicated and expensive. By the time you add up the cost for all of this the General Accounting Office will put a $300 price tag on the hammer.

    This is only one item. You multiply the wastes to purchase a $5.00 hammer and all the other expensive items you can see why military budget is so high. There should be a way that the military purchasing department can purchase commercially available items without going through all of the military hassle on commercial products. I can understand where the requirements must be met on the more complicated pieces of equipment but not on simple everyday items that you can be pick up almost anywhere.

    At a place where I worked many years ago, we sold many items to the military. After the item was shipped to the military we would get a spare parts order. Whoever wrote the purchase order for the spare parts did not know what he was doing. The individual that was his supervisor also did not know what they were doing. They ordered spare parts that cost as much as a new machine complete if not more. It is like buying the frame of a car for a spare part for a car. You do not go out and by a new frame for a car to put on the wheel, engine, and the reminder of the car. I have often wondered what happened to those unnecessary parts. What the government paid for the spare parts they could have bought 3 or 4 more machines and salvaged parts from them. It would have been cheaper.

    Some of us will say that is what keeps millions of us working. I think that it must be a better way to spend this money, so it would reduce our taxes. Have any of you any ideas? I wish someone in our government would spend some time and money to reduce the unnecessary costs to the taxpayers.

    From what I saw on TV the military may be trying to end some of these problems. We were paying for telephones that would still be working on a ship even it were sunk. Who would be under the water talking? The Navy was paying $400 for this phone. Now they are paying about $40 for a phone that doesnít work if the ship sinks. If I am correct Vice President Gore was involved with this effort.

    Many years ago I worked at a company and uncovered a problem that was wasting millions of dollars. I do not know if it was deliberate or by accident. The company would get a contract to design a particular piece of equipment. (It was a very large piece of equipment. Letís give it a bogus name. I will call it a giant bottle.) The military had plans in the future to purchase 30 of these bottles. But, they wanted to purchase only 4 or 5 at that time. The contract read that they wanted a design contract for 30 bottles and a construction of only 5. That was no problem. Later the military wanted a modification on one of the bottles and added a cork to one of the bottles (bottle #1). The contract was for only for one cork for bottle #1. Later on they felt they needed a one corkscrew that only would work with bottle #1. The military contract orders 1 corkscrew without a handle only for the #1 bottle. (Are you getting confused? I am almost to the point.) Later the military decided to add a handle to the corkscrew for bottle #1. When the order came down from contracts it stated that it was a construction contract to add a corkscrew handles for bottles #1 through #5. The handles would not work without the corkscrews. And bottles #2 through #5 didnít have a cork or corkscrew. The handles were useless without corkscrews and the corks. When I told my supervisor about the problem he told me to go ahead and have the handles installed anyway. In my supervisorís own words he said. "The Contracts department wants us to do it, then, just do it and donít ask questions." I went ahead and did what my supervisor told me to do. Being nosy as I am, I went to the Contracts Department and looked up the original contract. The military had only ordered 1 handle for bottle #1. The company ordered 5 handles and 4 were installed without the cork and the corkscrew on bottles #2 through #5. Of course, the handles on the 4 bottles were useless. The system did not work. One handle cost over a $250,000. The installation was another $25,000. All together the military got ripped off for over a million on this one incident. I cannot tell you if the military eventually installed the cork and corkscrews on bottles #2 through #5.

    From then on I always went to contracts to check the original contract from the military. I found numerous occasions where this had happened. I started keeping records of all of them. The company had a program that would reward you if you had a suggestion that saved the company money. They would give you a percentage of the savings. I thought I was going to make millions.

    Before I could put together my suggestion, I had a job offer that I could not refuse. A few days before I went to my new job I put in my suggestion. I listed all the things that I had uncovered and outlined a way this problem could be eliminated. I went to my new job and about 6 to 8 months later I got a reply from the company. It was a strip of paper from a continuous feed printer. It read as follows: "The company has ways to prevent this problem from occurring."

    This pissed me off greatly. Every time I think about this, it burns me up. This was a blatant scam and if they were honest about the problem, they would not have waited for over 6 months to reply to me. I could not remove the contracts from the vault area and I had no documentation of these actions. All of the documents were classified secret. It would be my word against theirs. I know the company was being paid for these installations. I do not know if this is still going on today. I am sure that if they have been getting away with this type of scam for the last 35 to 40 years, they are still doing it.

    At that time I wrote a letter to a Senator and told him about the problem. I never received a reply from him. The government and a new President of the corporation were investigating a "denies any wrong doing" situation at the company. I wrote a letter to the new President of the corporation and explained my problem with the bottles. I never received a reply from him. This happened almost 40 years ago. It still burns my ass every time I think about this scam.

    If they got caught, their response to the media would be, they "denied any wrong doing."

    This is only a drop in the bucket, compared to the amount of money that is still being wasted.

    Towing Your Car:

    Have you ever had your car towed from a parking spot? If you are in an area that you are not familiar with the parking rules and law, donít park your car in an open spot unless you are sure that it will not be towed away. This goes for public and private parking areas. If you park there anyway, you may not find your car when you come back. It has been towed. The price and time to get your car back may blow your mind. It could be as high as one or two hundred dollars out of your pocket.

    Even if you have obeyed the signs that are posted, you may still be towed away. In cities across the country there are towing companies that will tow your car whether you stayed over the time limit or just parked there for a few minutes. The tow trucks are cruising the area just waiting for some poor soul to park his car. Within a few minutes they will tow your car away. I suggest that you call the police and hope they are not involved in this scam. Have witnesses and press charges for car theft. It may be a lost cause if the police are involved. It is hard to tell you what you should do. If you get hooked, there probably have been many more that have had the same problem. The best advice I can give is to get you car back and then consult the authorities at the state and federal level. The local and county officials may be part of the scam.

    Do you remember the speed trap scams that were going on before the interstate highways were put in? Some of the small towns across the country had no income. They would arrest you and have a judge ready to charge you for every cent you had on you. Of course they knew how much money you had on you. The arresting officer would ask to see your driverís license. He did not care whether you had a driverís license or not. He wanted to see how much money you had in your wallet. The amount you had in your wallet was the amount of the fine.

    There were some honest areas across the country. You could not blame them for enforcing the speed limit. They posted the speed limit well in advance to warn you before you entered the town. They wanted to protect the pedestrians and the community from speeders that did not care about the safety of the local residence.

    There are many scams like these across the country. You may have seen the one in the state of Louisiana. The high officials across the state defended the action of the police. It was a blatant scan and they knew it. How can this be happening in this country? Where is the federal government? Why arenít the FBI, CIA, the House and Senate investigating these so-called legal scams? Why hasnít the Justice Department gotten involved? The Supreme Court gave these jackasses free range to arrest and prosecutes everyone that gets into a car. You donít solve a problem by destroying a Democracy. They are trying to set up a police state in a Democracy. Every bill or law that is passed chips away your freedom. We have lost a lot of freedom in this country since it was founded. I canít imagine what it will be like in the next two hundred years. When the government is taking your freedom away they are legally fleecing you.

    What happen to our car and our furniture? :

    Do you live in a nice neighborhood where no one locks their doors and everyone trusts all their neighbors? You donít lock your car and you leave you garage doors open. Or, you are too lazy to put the car in the garage and leave it parked on the street.

    Change the way you are doing things. Put your car in the garage, take the keys out of the car, and close the garage doors and most of all lock up your home when you are home or not. Take time to do these things, they may save you a lot of headaches, money, and your life.

    We are living in a New World. It is not like the good old days when you knew everyone around you and they knew you. Today the world is getting over populated and the distance between the haves and the have-nots is getting wider ever day. Not by a snailís pace, but the speed of lightning. I feel sorry for the unfortunates in this world. It is no way I or you can solve the worldís problems. The controlling governments of the world are not doing anything about it, and you and I canít.

    There are many poor people out there that will do almost anything for a few dollars. They are very desperate. Some of them may have drug habits and need money to support their habit. Also, there are ones that donít need the money, but they want to get as much of it as they can. And unfortunately there are the poor souls that are trying to feed their families and they take desperate measures because no one cares about them and their family.

    Letís get back to "what happen to our car?" While you are so trusting some crook is watching you and taking notes of your habits. They know what time you get up, and when you go to sleep, and every other thing that you do. They cruise through your neighborhood looking for suckers. Are you going to let them rip you off?

    Whether it is your car or your household items they are after. You are telling them when it is safe for them to rip you off.

    These people are professionals in their field. Even though you have all kinds of the latest security systems in your car and your home, these crooks are up on all the latest gadgets that have came on the market. They are not stupid. I have seen documentaries that kids in their early teens can disengage the security systems and steal your car in less than a minute. There was a young man on television that said he had stolen over 10,000 cars. He was finally caught and did his time and fortunately he is going straight.

    Another switch to this scam is, a wrecker will drive up and start towing your car away. If you donít see them, they will have stolen your car. If you catch them they will give you a story that they were told to pick up a car that fits your cars description. Usually the wrecker that came to pick up the car does not have any markings on it. If you can get the license plate number of the wrecker this may help the police in their investigation. Call the police and tell them about the incident. It may be an honest mistake. And again it may not.

    This does not only apply to your car. They will take everything they can get their hand on, including everything in your home.

    If you are going on a trip tell your neighbors when you are leaving and hope they will keep an eye on your home while you are gone.

    I am not trying to frighten you. I just want you to be aware of the things that are going on in the world today. If you are an old coot like me, then you got this far in life by keeping your guard up. Donít drop it now. For the youngsters take my word for it. There are a lot of crazy jackasses out there. Be sharp, be careful, and just be aware of the scams that are going on around you. There are millions of greedy SOBs out there and they are waiting to steal everything you have.

    Low rate credit cards:

    Almost every day I receive an offer from a credit card company. They have a very low interest rate, or they have some kind of a deal that is out of this world. I rip them up and put them in the garbage.

    If you get one of these offers, and you will, make damn sure that you check out all the fine print. How long is the low interest rate going to last? How much is the interest rate or penalty if you are late or forget to pay the minimum payment.

    These are not only small companies that are doing this type of fleecing; the large corporation and banks are ripping you off also.

    The low interest rate may only last to the time you get the credit card. I cannot express it enough, think, think, and think.

    I canít believe the number of companies that have sent me the wonderful offers of credit. How did they get my name?

    I worked hard for my money and I am sure you did too. Never get yourself in debt. It is hard enough to make end meet without paying high interest rates on your debts. You can use the money you are spending on high interest rates for yourself.

    Buy one get one FREE:

    This is a good deal if the price for the first item is at a reasonable price. Sometimes you get a break. Most of the time the price of the first item is priced at the manufactures recommended list price. The manufacturerís recommended list price is usually about twice the normal price the item is sold for. Are you getting a bargain? No way! The markup on some of the items may be as much as 4 or 5 times what the retailer paid for the item. You donít believe me? How can they reduce the price of an item 50- 60 percent after Christmas? They are not going to lose money. Would you?

    Usually there is a reason they are giving you a price break. The items are reaching the end of their shelf life. The merchants have to get the items off the shelf. What do they do with the items? Some dump them. Some are returned to the manufacturers, repackaged, returned to the store, and put back on the shelf. Some are sent to the manufacturerís outlet stores. The prices may be reduced from the store price. You are getting old merchandise for almost the same price you would have to pay at the regular store. What you donít know, a lot of the items will be leaving the store soon. They are sold to individuals who work the flea markets. The canned and boxed items may still be good. I said that they "may" be good. You want know until you open them at home. Some of the powdered items have caked together. Mold has penetrated the itemís container. Others are dried out. The cans may have started to rust. You are not getting what you paid for. If you have to take the chance, good luck.

    On the other hand, you may have hit a jackpot. Just be aware that these are come-ons they are using to get you into the store. The money that they may lose on the "Buy one and Get one Free" They make up on the other items in the store that are overpriced. They got you, again. You can save a lot of money by buying only the items that are on sale. They are called lost leaders. They pick items that are not selling and mark down the price with hopes to get rid of them. If you can use them, OK, but donít buy them and let them gather dust. That is a waste of money.

    I donít want to discourage you. I just want you to be aware of the schemes that the vendors and manufactures are working to get your money. I donít blame them for trying to make a living. I appreciate their efforts for providing the public with all of the goodies that we want in life. I donít like them ripping us off. There are a lot of them out there that are fleecing us.

    Mail in rebates:

    I think everyone has had a mail in a rebate slip. I have mailed in dozens on them. Have you kept a record of the ones that you have set out and how long it took to get the refund? Or did you get the refund. Being a computer nut I buy a lot of junk that I donít need that is free after you send in a rebate slip. I had written, called, sent e-mail, and complained to the store managers about the problem of not receiving the rebate. I had almost two hundred dollars in rebates coming to me. One manufacturer, the best one, mailed me my refund three months after I requested the refund. It took nine months for the next one to come in. I was such a pest at the computer store that the manager paid for all the remaining rebates that I did not receive. If you donít get your rebate, complain. It may help.

    It had been almost 2 years since I wrote the above. I still have not received the rebates the store manager was nice enough to give me.

    My argument with the merchants is if they advertise the item and include the rebate in the advertisement then they are responsible for making the manufactures honor the rebate.

    Have you noticed the advertisements for computers and other electronic items lately? They have a new wrinkle and it has been going on for a while. The Internet service providers are giving you up to $400 off the price the items if you sign for 3 years at $21.95. That is almost twice the $400 dollars they are giving you. You are stuck for 3 years with this service whether you like it or not. There are many free Internet providers. Of course if you like the service of the Internet provider and you are going to have the service for the next 3 years, then go ahead. These providers are making millions if not billions providing space for advertisement on the Internet. They flash up in your face every time you go on line.

    Some of the merchants will show you the price after all the rebates. Then you will have to look for the Asterisk and the Fine Print to figure what the item cost if you didnít want to sign up for 3 years to the internet provider. I wonder how many millions they are making with this scheme.

    Most of these items that you are getting free with a mail in rebate are items that are becoming obsolete or a new model is being put on the market. There are many schemes in this world to remove your money out of your pockets and into someone elseís pocket. Keep copies of the mail-in rebates, the original sales slip and copies of the bar code. They may come in handy when they do not send you your rebate. Donít let them get away with it; pester the hell out of the company and the vendor until you get your rebate.

    Upgrades and Options:

    I think we all have gone through this before. Have you bought a house lately? When you walk through the house, wasnít it beautiful, did you see all those little tags? They were all options. Spend another $50,000 to $60,000, and you can get a house just like the model.

    The tile roof is not included, or the stucco, or the white cabinets, the high ceilings, the three car garage, the sprinkler system, fireplace, gold faucet, the landscaping and on and on and on.

    The same goes for cars. Where should I start? The fancy wheels are not included, white wall tires, the fancy chrome, the big engine, automatic transmission, cruise control, air conditioning, the radio with the CD player, and all the other gadgets you see in the demo. The price you see in the newspaper is the stripped model. There will not be a stripped version in their lot or in the country. And, they may not be able to get one for you. If they say they will get one for you, it may take as long as 3-6 month to get one.

    I have covered the about earlier. Houses and cars are the big-ticket items that you will buy. They need to be repeated. They are the items where you will lose most of your money if you donít watch out for the upgrades and options. There are more options on computers than there are on cars and homes. There are many electronic items that have many options. Before you purchase these items do your homework and decide what options you want. Talk to your friends that have these products. Are they happy with the components they have? Donít be fooled by the looks of an item. There are many versions of the same item. Some are much better quality and they will cost you more money. Do you want to spend the extra money for them? Could you live with the less expensive version?

    All I am trying to do is get you to think before you make a purchase. Look around for the best price. The prices will vary in every store you go to. Satisfy yourself and your wallet. And, remember to do your homework before someone parts you from your hard-earned cash.

    Designed Obsolescence:

    Have you noticed that so many things that you bought many years ago are still working? I remember a story that a light bulb in a theater had been burning continuously for over 50 years. I have purchased bulbs that have burned out in just a few weeks, others that last much longer. I have often wondered why they vary so much. Some bulbs are advertised to last for 1000 hours. Others may say LONG LIFE. How many of you have ever kept a record of how long a bulb has lasted? Not me, Iím too cheap to waste all of that electricity and give the utility companies any more money than I have to. I always turn the lights off when I leave a room. At least I try.

    I do not want to get in to a long story about light bulbs. I wanted to use them as example of how things can be designed to last for almost until the end of time. Others have a pre-programmed life span.

    Manufacturers design objects that will serve you for a reasonable amount of time. They donít want them to fall apart when you get home and turn it on. Some items do fall apart when you turn on the switch! Most items we purchased are designed to last a reasonable amount of time without it costing too much. If they didnít, no one would buy the item. Usually there is a compromise between life expectancy and cost. They are designed to give you a reasonable amount of use, but they all vary.

    What I donít like is the products that are nothing but junk. They look beautiful and the low price for the item sucks you in. When you have had it for a few weeks, they fall apart. You take it back to vendor, they tell you to send it back to the manufacturer or call their service department.

    You go home and look at the warranty and it says they will replace it free of charge for 30 days after the date of purchase. You have to pay for the shipping and handling. That cost of the shipping and handling is almost the cost of the purchase price of the item you bought. They got you! Or, if it dropped dead on the 35th day after you purchased it. You call them up and they tell you that it will cost you three quarters of the purchase price plus shipping and handling to repair the item. Most of the time they will send you a new one. The labor cost for repairing the item is more costly than the new one. The cost to have it repaired is more than what you can buy a new one for. You spent more money on phone bills waiting for the service department and listening to the propaganda about all the other items of junk they want to sell you. You have been screwed. We all get shafted a few times in our life. If you donít care if it falls apart buy it. If you donít want to be shafted, spend some time investigating before you purchase an item. Find out about the warranty and service charges. Ask your friends and family before you spend a lot of money on something that is going to drop dead before you can turn it on.

    There are many sources of information where you can get information pertaining to the manufacturers and their products. Call the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection, Manufactures Association, go to local library and look up anything that is related to the item that you want to purchase. Call Consumers Report and find out if they have any information on the item you want to buy. Buy a copy of Consumers Reports. If you have a computer, go on the Internet and do a search on the manufacturers and the item. I have found hundreds of thousands of articles that relate to companies. Most of them tell how terrible the company is, and they are. Someone has put up a web page of a company so people can complain about the company and they do complain.

    If you donít want any surprises after you buy something, spend a few hours investigating the product you are going to buy so you will not spend sleepless night and building up hate for the vendor or the manufacturer. Time is money. You should weigh the time you spend on your research against the cost of the product. If it is worth the time, do it. If it's not worth the time, don't do it.

    My darling wife does more investigating and comparing quotes before she buys or hires anyone to do something than anyone else I know. If she canít get a bargain, she doesnít buy it. If she gets suckered into buying something, and gets caught, I feel sorry for the poor soul. They will give in just to get rid of her. She will do almost anything to return an item and get her money back.


    If you have a computer, you may have gone through this problem. Some of the programs that you purchased will not work properly until you register the program. Or, they tell you that the program has to be updated for some reason or the other.

    What they are telling you, they put the product that you just bought on the market before it was tried and tested or they want information about you on their database. There is big money in selling and using information they ask you for. You may have bought a product that should not have been put on the market.

    Some of the products have been designed so they will not work until you have registered the product. You start filling in the question on the registration form on the screen and you get to some personal questions that you donít fill in, when you go to register the item on line they come back with a message that you must fill out all the blanks. They have got you between a rock and a hard plate. I fill in some bogus crap and send it through.

    If the registration irritates me, I return the software to the place in which I purchased the software. I tell them that the software does not work on my computer and get my money back or get software in exchange. When I purchase an item, why should I give my person information about my family to use their product? I should not have to and I will not.

    You will never know whose hands this information will get to. The biggest offender of looking into your personal files is Microsoft. They will flash a message on your screen that you need an upgrade. Unsuspectingly they put another message on the screen that they are peeking into your files of your computer. They say that they are doing this without giving the information to Microsoft. Should I trust them? How do I know what information they are gathering? I donít know and they are not going to tell me. Are they looking to see what software that I have on my computer? Are they looking at my financial information I have on the computer? Are they gathering information from your computer to sell it to other companies? Microsoft isnít the only company that looks into your computer. What they are doing I canít tell you. As a manufacturer of software this would let them know what the consumer wants and what their competition is doing. With this knowledge it would give them a head start on their competition. Are they stealing your personal information? I donít know. It you want to use their product, you are stuck with it.

    Do you know what they do with your name when you register the product? They sell or use it themselves to sell you something else. Some of the questions that they want you to fill out are also sold. Donít you think that you deserve something for giving them the information about your private life? Many will say, it just the American way.

    If the software manufactures are not doing this, why am I getting all of this junk mail from vendors that I donít even know? With 250 million people in this country, how in hell did they find little old me? Some jackass told them that I looked like a sucker for their junk. I cannot blame these companies for trying to sell their wares, but donít dig into my personal files to do it. If you are a computer nut like I am, watch out. There are probably a million scam artists out there trying to look into your personal life.

    Manufactured Shortage of Everything:

    While I am writing this, gas prices are soaring. When is it going to stop? It will not until the government gets involved. Even then itís a fat change they can do anything or will do anything. This will never happen. This world is filled with greed, greed and more greed.

    We are going through the second fleecing of the public since I started writing this book. When will it stop? Never!

    We have gone through the gas, oil, sugar, meat, coal, grain, coffee, and many other MANUFACTURED shortages. Everyone complained, the politician yelled, and screamed the prices dropped a little. Later the prices eased up more and more. The windfall the companies made over the so call crises is a manufactured fleecing of the public. The best way to avoid this type of scam, stop using the products that have jumped in price. Limit the miles you drive your car. When the public refuses to pay the high prices for these items and there is a glut of the products on the shelf around the world. The prices may drop. With the increase of the world population, the world becoming more affluent and the rapid depletion of resources drives the prices higher and higher.

    During the gas shortage in the mid-west the price of gas skyrocketed. There were suggestions to eliminate the 18-cent Federal tax. There is no way in hell the politicians are going to eliminate the Federal tax on gas. There are too many pork barrel strings attached to that money. They would be cutting their own throats. Of course they did not eliminate the 18-cent tax and now there is another gas shortage.

    I can understand a shortage of product due to uncontrolled problem with the weather and major accidents that may cause some shortages. Most of the ones that I have seen over the years have not justified the massive increase in prices. Donít let them put the squeeze on you. Change your habits to suit the conditions.

    Y2k / Year 2000:

    \ Y2K has come and gone. The world didnít end. The Nation Banks didnít collapse. The market has slowed down a little. Most of us are still living. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2000.

    All the software manufacturers knew that January 1, 2000 was coming. Why didnít they design the Software to take this into account? You donít know? Then, think a little. They knew that when Y2k would come around and if they did not add the line or two in the software program, they would get new contracts to redesign the software packages. Some of the big corporations are suing the software manufactures. The attorneys love this, look at the money they will be making.

    If my memory is correct there was a wakeup call to the Y2K problem back in the 1960ís and 1970ís. If the leader of the industry and the government had listened then, we would not have had the Y2K problem. Some departments of the government and businesses did take the Y2K wakeup call seriously, but not enough of them. Now we have the Y2K scams running amuck. According to what I have read we are lucky. It is only costing us 100 billion dollars. This is a lot less than was expected. How much were they expecting, 100 trillion dollars? Some will say this is what is keeping our economy going. This 100 billion could help our country get out of debt. Build new schools and many more projects that would keep the economy going. Federal, State and local government are going to increase your taxes to pay for it. The corporations are going to increase the prices of their products. You my friend are going to have to take this money out of your pockets to pay the 100 billion dollars.

    Now the GOB's are trying to pass legislation to limit the amount the consumer and businesses can sue the software manufacturers. There is a never-ending process to rip of the consumers. I am not a software programmer. I know very little about programming; my first personal computers ran on basic. Every time I thought that I had learned something useful, the programming language would change. When you have to work all day and part of the evenings to support two growing teenagers and a wife, you donít have time to keep up with Bill Gates and all the other smart young coots.

    The rate the computer industry is changing, I believe it is deliberate. Instead of inching up in progress, they could have made giant steps in progress before it impacted the consumer. There has been a steady climb in technology. Every day something new pops up. It is a leapfrog effect. The older programs donít work on the new computer systems. The new software does not work on the old computers. You have to buy the newest computers for the new software to work. The only way that you can get an upgrade on your software is to buy a new computer. This has been going on and on and on. The average citizen cannot afford to continue to upgrade every year. This is a very heavy burden on a moderate-income family. In order that their children can stay abreast with the school system and the other kids, they have to keep upgrading every few years.

    When you buy a new software program look on the container and see what type of system you have to have to operate the program. Donít be surprised that you have to buy a new computer if you want to use the program. The same applies to peripheral equipment.

    I know they are all trying to keep abreast of everyone else or stay ahead so they will be able to stay in business. But, please donít make it impossible for the poor. Give us poor souls a break. Stop fleecing us. Stop price fixing and putting the squeeze on all the little guys in this rich nation of ours.

    Y2K Bank Scams:

    This scam has come and gone. It has been replaced with others that will leave your bank account empty as the Y2K Bank Scam did too many of you.

    Never, Never give anyone information about your bank accounts. Never discuss your bank account with a stranger or a friend. Never give the name of your bank, your social security number, your parentsí names, or any other information that may be helpful to a scam artist. If you get a call from someone and they tell you that you may have a problem with your bank account since year 2000. No matter what they say, do not tell them anything concerning your bank account. If you have a caller identification device on your phone, take down the number and hang up. Call your local bank and talk to the President of the bank or someone that you know and tell them about the call and give them the telephone number.

    Year 2000 has come and gone but the ones that were running Y2K scams are still out there. There may be many version of this scam. You may get several calls. They may call you and try a different scam. If the first call isnít successful. They may try again and ask you if you got a call trying to get your account information. They will tell you they are investigating these scams. If they think they have suckered you into the scam, they will pump you for information on your account. I cannot stress it enough, do not tell anyone about your account or any information on the telephone. Hang up on them. Donít even tell them your name or street address or any other information. HANG UP THE PHONE. The scam is, they try to get your account number and any other information from you so they can steal your money, simple as that. When someone calls or comes to your home and tells you they are having a survey, my advice is, tell them that you do not discuss you personal opinions with strangers, period! And, never, never discuss you personal life over the telephone.

    We all get telemarketing calls all the time. You may have heard it called cold calling. Someone picks up the phone book and goes down the list. If your name is the phone book you will get these calls. There are many legitimate businesses that use cold calling to drum up business. Many years ago my little foxy wife sold the Wall Street Journal. She was excellent at cold calling and she still is. Over a period of time she sold more subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal than anyone else in the country.

    If you have to discuss your bank account with the bank, go to the bank and discuss the account at the bank. If you cannot get to the bank, have a member of your family help you.

    I cannot tell you whom you should have faith in. You must decide that for yourself. There have been many cases where family members, lawyers, bankers, police, and friends have scammed trusting souls. Just take care and know the ones that you can trust. Good luck.

    Phone Cards That Donít Work:

    There are Phone Cards and there are phone cards. You see them all over. Some of them are a real bargain for making calls whether you are at home or on the road. My wife buys them when we go on the road. She calls family and friends to let them know where we are and to save us a few bucks, she found out the hard way that a few of them didnít work. You buy the card for $10 or $20; they were to give you a certain number of minutes of long distance calls to anywhere in the continental U.S.A. Some worked for only a few minutes, others didnít work at all. You may get stung once, donít get stung twice. Know the company that you are doing business with. Some will save you money. Others will rip you off. Make sure that you are getting a bargain before you buy your next phone card.

    Tourist traps in all the cities that draw tourist:

    I think that all of us that have traveled through our beautiful country and have purchased souvenir that were overpriced. There are many honest merchants all across the country. Again, there are the ones that have no conscious at all. You will pay a fortune for a piece of junk. They will have items in the shop windows and the price is well below the price in your hometown. When you open the carton it is not the item you saw in the window. It looks just like it, but it is not the same manufacturer. You have been hooked. This scam has been around as long as I can remember. I call it the bait and switch.

    One that I stumbled on to was in Florida many years ago and I saw a bathing suit on display for a very good price. It was one of the best bathing suits on the market at that time. I took the bathing suit into the shop and told the young lady that I want to purchase the suit. She said to me that the one I had was a display item and she showed me a stack of bathing suits to choose from. The bathing suits inside the store were not made by the same manufacturer, and they did not have any label on them. The quality of the suit outside was excellent and the suits in the shop we pieces of junk. I asked the clerk what was the price of the suit. I handed the clerk the money for the suit and walked out with the suit that was on display. She called to me as I was walking out the door. She said to me that the suit had been outside and it was faded. I called back to her that was OK I liked the faded color better than the brighter colored ones. From the look on her face I knew she was in trouble. At that moment I felt good about outsmarting the young lady. But, this incident has branded my conscious. I still feel sorry for the young lady. She may have lost her job because of me.

    This scam is still being practiced all over the country. Just make sure before you give your money to the clerk that you know for sure that it is the item you want. This country is being flooded with every type of imitations of the original that are manufactured in foreign countries and here in the good old USA. Some of the items are just as good as the original. But, most of them are not anywhere close to being quality of the original. The manufacturers of the imitations are fleecing you and the original manufacturers. Donít forget to shop smart.

    Amongst many other things that you should look out for is a purse-snatcher, pickpockets, and planned thievery. These thieves are costing many tourists and residence millions every year.

    The best way to avoid this type of scam is donít take large amount of cash with you. If you get hit you donít lose too much money. Donít wear expensive jewelry and donít flash large bills in public. You are inviting them to hit you. Friends of ours were in a European city sightseeing. They were strolling down a congested street when two men ran up to them and one of the two men slammed into my friend. He landed face down in the gutter. The other man grabbed his wifeís pocketbook. By the time my friend raised his head out of the gutter the thieves were half a block away. The crowd on the street just watched and did nothing.

    They found a police station and the officer could not speak English and they couldnít speak his language. The frustrated officer with gestures and charades told them they were lucky that the thieves didnít cut off his wifeís hand for her rings and her neck for the necklace. You can be ripped off anyplace in this world and it is getting worse every day.

    Recently we took a red eye flight to New Orleans. We were checking in at a motel around 1:30 AM. If we had been a half-hour earlier we may have been the middle of what had just happened. A group of men busted into a womenís room and robbed her

    So be careful no matter where you are. To avoid pickpockets stay out of crowded places, whether you are at home or on vacation. Ladies keep your pocketbook closed. Donít be lazy and forget to zip or buckle your purse. You guys make sure that your wallet pocket is buttoned up.

    My Foxy little lady is lazy about closing her pocketbook. We were in NYC shopping. We donít like to shop together. She does her thing and I do mine. Later we meet and go home. When we met she told me that someone had taken her change purse out of her pocketbook. She said that she was at a bagel shop in Times Square waiting for her order and someone had taken something out of her pocketbook. New Yorkers as they are, they do not want to get involved. After her purse was taken, a man told her that a young kid about 8 years old took something out of her pocketbook. She had taken off some of her jewelry and put it her change purse so that no one would rob her. Well, he didnít see anything on the outside so he took a look inside.

    Some purse-snatchers ride in cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. If you are walking, stay away from the curb. If someone snatches your purse from a car they could drag you along the street.

    Again, I am not trying to scare you. Just keep in mind there are many thieves out there waiting for you to do something foolish. Donít take large amounts of cash with you or take valuable items with you. Get out in this world and enjoy yourself. Good luck and be a cool cat.

    Having something installed, fixed or repaired:

    If you do not know the reputation of the company you are going to hire, call the Consumers Protection or the Better Business Bureau. Request information about the companies that concerns you. This is a good policy whenever you are planning to make a large purchase. Do your homework. Get at least 3 quotations for any job that you are planning. Check out their references. It is your money that you will be paying. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

    Oh, he is such a nice guy; I donít want to question his integrity. I would be embarrassed. BS!! If they make you feel guilty. Donít do business with them. Gets a written contract spelling out everything they are going to do? List everything, item for item, the exact price to the penny. No options and no additional cost. If they under estimated the cost, and they want you to pay the difference, make damn well sure that you are not being had.

    I can understand when a contractor estimates a job and runs into a problem that was not expected. They took core samples to 4o feet below the surface. They missed a mammoth rock and it would cost well over the estimate to remove the rock and complete the project. If it had to be removed, either cancel the job, or make some adjustment that would satisfy both you and the contractor.

    It is very important to know how much each item is going to cost you before you have them done, whether it is a large job or a small job. It may cost you more to have it done than you can afford or you want to spend. If you cannot afford the cost of the job, cancel it. Wait until you can afford it. Donít put yourself in debt!

    Warranties on Products:

    Have you ever bought and item and the salesman wanted to sell you a service contract. When you look at the overall price and the terms of the service contract, you could almost buy a new one for the price of the service contract. When you read the small print and it is deliberately small to make it hard for you to read. The warranty is so long, and confusing that most of us gives up trying to understand what is warranted.

    Some of the warranties are so limited that they are useless. The conditions and terms on the product require you to do everything under the sun to keep the item from falling apart. I pay attention to the warranties on the big-ticket items, the ones that will cost you a fortune to repair.

    I try to trust everyone until I find out that I have been taken. This gets my dander up. I recently purchased studded snow tires for my daughter-in-law. So that my son did not have to pay for the tires to be removed from the wheels in the spring and remount the regular tire, I purchased new wheels for the snow tires. I gave the tire sales person the size of the tires that I wanted and the wheels. The size of the tires was written on the sales slip. When I went to pick up the tires, a very nice man offered to put them in the trunk of the car. Of course they would not let me go into the service area. You have seen the signs. (Our Insurance Policy doesnít allow customers in the service area.) This may be true. Anyway I didnít get a chance to see the tires before they were put into the trunk of my car. I didnít think about looking to see if I had the right size when I removed them from the trunk.

    When my son started to put them on the car he noticed that only one tire was the right size. He lives about 35 miles from me and where I bought the tires. I didnít have the tire warranty and final sales slip. I had given it to my son. But, I found the slip they had written up when my wife paid them for the tires. I just wanted to find their phone number. I called them and they didnít have the right size tires in stock. I asked if they could get the tires from another dealer of the same franchise. They told me that there wasnít another dealer anywhere around. (Later I found out this was a bold faced lie.) They told me that they had to have them shipped in from their distributor. Rather than put you through all the gory details. There are other dealers nearby and I found out that they had the tire in stock. I told them I would call them in a couple of days to see if they got the tires in. I looked at the sales slip and started adding up the cost. They had charged me for a road hazard warranty, not for one tire, but for all the tires. The total cost for the road warranty was more than the cost of one tire. We did not request a road hazard warranty, nor did they tell us about the warranty and explain our options. I requested 4 snow tires with studs; valve stems, balanced, and mounted on my wheels. Nothing else. Two days later I called to see if they had the tire. Of course they didnít. I was a little bit nasty. I told them I was going to get more wheels and they better have the right size tires when I got there. They promised that they would have the tires when I came in. I got the other wheels and went to dealer. They told me that they had sent someone to pick up the tire and it would be ready about noon.

    I confronted them with the road hazard warranty that I had not requested. He said we always quote with the road hazard warranty. I did not tell them that I didnít ask for road hazard warranty nor did anyone tell me that it was included in the price. He told me if I didnít want the Warranty, he would give me the money back when I brought back the other tires. I left the wheels and they promised that the tire would be in within a few hours. When I returned to the store, they didnít want to refund the road hazard contract cost. They told me that they had given me a package deal that included the valve stems, the balancing, and the road hazard. They said that they would take off the road hazard, but the cost of the valve stems and the balancing would be as much as the package. I asked, ďIn other words, you will not give me back my money. But, you are going to take away the road hazard contract." He answered, "YES." I said, "In that case, you will get a bill for me for my trouble, time and expenses you have caused me. My fee is $100 hour and the expense for my trip to pick up and deliver the tires. I have spent over eight-hours because of your mistake. I will bill your company for $800 plus expenses. I will have to calculate the cost of the use of my car and gas."

    Of course they made me purchase the other three tires. They installed the tires on the wheel. I delivered the tires to my son. When I returned the next morning they gave me back the money for the tires plus the road hazard money. My wife told me I should have billed them for my trouble anyway.

    I am 73 years old I have never had a tire damaged from a road hazard. In W.W.II I used a tire until it was worn through and would not hold the air pressure. Do you remember putting a boot inside the tire that had a large hole?

    It has been so long since I have had a flat, I could not for the life of me tell you when I had a flat or a puncher. The only time I do remember having a flat was when I came out of a movie and all the cars in the parking lot had flats or partial flats. I was one of the lucky ones. There was a gas station about a block away. I slowly drove to the gas station. Fortunately there was enough pressure left in the air tank to inflate the tires so I could get home. Others were not that fortunate. (I never had a tire go because of a road hazard, which is the truth.)

    After I wrote the above, I took a trip across country in a new car with four brand new tires, I didnít have one blowout, I had two and a nail in the third tire. I guess that someone up there heard me; they thought that I should get my share of blowouts and flats. And I have had two more flats since then.

    Make sure that they explain all the options and details on your estimate before you sign on the dotted line. It you ever get hooked, fight like hell. Donít let them get away with it.

    When you purchase an item sometimes the sales clerk will ask you do you want an extended warranty on the item. I always ask the clerk how long is the standard warranty. Usually it is for 30 days. Some have a warranty for a year or more. From my experience over the years, if the item doesnít have instant mortality, and it runs good for a week or two, you donít need an extended warranty. I may be wrong on some things. Many items will last for many years if you take good care of them. You may get burnt a few times in your life. You will have to be the judge on what you purchase.

    When you have a problem with an item you purchase and the dealer doesnít assist you in resolving your problem, look for help elsewhere. If they are a franchise of a large corporation, call or write to them about your problem. If they donít correct the problem, call the Better Business Bureau and Consumers Protection in your State. If we all attack the businesses that rip us off, maybe we will get a fair shake in this world.

    Budget Surplus:

    I have gone over this before. It burns my ass like a flame three-foot tall.

    George W. Bush said that there is a surplus and the surplus should go back to the people. What people? The rich? When the nation debt is still in the trillions of dollars there is no surplus.

    Whether itís a family, a city, a state or a nation you have a surplus when all the bills and debits are paid off. There is no surplus in this country. Most of the families, the cities, the states, and the country are deeply in debt.

    The Republicans and some of the Democrats wanted to give us a tax break. It isnít a tax break for most of the taxpayer in this country.

    If my memory is correct, a number of years back, congress tried to even out the amount of taxes a single person had to pay compared with those that were married. A single parent had to pay the same expenses as a married couple with only one income. Now they want to change it around again.

    The amount they wanted to increase your personal deductions is not a saving on your taxes. The increase in medical, mortgage rates, credit cards, drugs, state, and local taxes, and many other expenses that are deductible would well exceed the increase in personal deductions they wanted to give us.

    The cost of living and other cost have gone up so much that you can itemize your personal deductions and save as much if not more than the amount they were going to give us.

    I have mentioned the following before. When you and your wife both reach 70 1/2, the extra amount that you have to add to the top of your income will put you into a higher tax bracket and the more taxes they will drain from your social security.

    If they let you start drawing money out of your IRAís when you need the money and you can write it off on your personal expenses they will be doing all of us a favor.

    If we pay off the national debt and if there is anything that is left over, then there is a Surplus. The politicians think us, "the American People", they are always talking about, are all a dumb bunch of jackasses. Maybe they are right; we have let them stomp all over us for all of our lives. You are being scammed by the politicians that you elected to represent you in your government. You are paying their salaries and they are screwing you. I may sound bitter, well I am.

    Who is really getting a tax break? It is not the average American.


    Have you worked for a company that insists that you contribute to a Charity of their choice? They deduct it from your paycheck. You see the company president in the news presenting a check to the head of the local branch of the charity that you and your fellow workers have been contributing to. They did not mention that the employee contributed the money that was given to the charity. The Company gets all the praise for their community services. That is a slap in your face. The president of the company could well afford the contribution that the company demanded the employees could not.

    Then one day you read in the paper about the CEOís, of the Charity you and your coworkers have been contributing to for years has been ripping off the Charity. Or, he gave himself another million-dollar raise. From the publicity the Charities have been shoving down our throats, you would think the CEO of the Charity had donated a year of his pay to the Charity. The hell he has, he has been fleecing you and me.

    Donít get me wrong; I am not trying to tell you not to contribute to your favorite charity. Just keep tabs on them. Find out where the money is going. How much of the money that is collected goes to help the unfortunate.

    There are companies that do all the promotional work for the different charities. The charities only get a small fraction of the money that is donated. The promotional companies get the lionís share. If you are going to contribute to your favorite charity, just mail a check directly to them. This way most of the money that you contribute will go to help someone.

    Religious Groups and Cults: (All of them!)

    You will want to nail me to the cross. I think they all should be examined. Who is going to do it? No one! When someone in the group isnít getting his share of the take, he will turn on the leaders and expose them. The whistleblower and his friend will rob the congregation and the followers until someone else comes along and blows the whistle on them.

    Again, donít get me wrong. I have my belief in God. No matter what religion you believe in and the way the leader of your faith expects you to worship. We all have one God regardless how we worship him. I cannot say that I hate the hypocrites. They burn at my soul. I cannot let myself hate anyone. I may dislike what they think is right, but I will not hate them for it. It is very easy to hate someone; it is much harder not to hate them. Do not let hate erode you souls. If you hate, do everything to wash it out of your body. I went over hate before and it needs to be repeated many more times.

    Do you know how many trillions of dollars that are taken from the pockets of those that cannot afford to give one cent to their faith? The rich are not giving their fare share, nowhere close to it. These groups have quotas to fill. They demand that you give a percentage of your pay or all of it, not a penny less. They will shame you, and tell you how unfaithful you are to your church. They will pressure you until you give everything you own.

    The thing that bothers me the most is the poor souls that are going to these churches with such deep belief in God and the Church. They will follow the demands the church leaders to hell, thinking that is the right thing to do. I know that God will judge them for what they do here on earth.

    A Religious institution has scammed their member out of millions of dollars by having them invest in a company that they recommended. From what I heard on the news, the members were told that if they invested they would double their investment in less than a year. The truth of the matter is they may not get any of their money back. Who can you trust? If the minister of your church suggests that you invest your money into something that sounds too good to be true. It probably is too good to be true. If you are greedy you will invest. Donít be surprised if you lose part, if not every cent you have invested. The chances are that you will be intimidated and feel that you have to do what your minister tells you. If he is everything you think a minister should be; he would not be offended if you told him that you are skeptical of this type of investment. If he insists that you invest, I would change to another church. The minister should preach the gospel of the Lord. He is not an investment counselor.

    There are many get rich schemes on the Internet. They tell you how you can double or triple your money is a very short time. Donít be a fool. Make sure you do your homework before you invest in any of these shams. The minister that had his congregation invest in this scam may have been hooked by the scam himself. The way some of these scams start off they let some of the invested at the beginning of the scam get a big return on their investment. They are so pleased with their good fortune they have to tell everyone else how much money they had made. In turn this group may get a nice return. Then they will tell someone else until there are millions of people investing into the same scam. The scam artists have taken the moneys from the newer investors had paid off the older investors. When the scam artist feel that they have reached their limit they close shop and leave millions loosing every cent they have invested. This scam has been around as far back as I can remember and it is still being pulled.


    The following is for everyone, Man, Woman, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Smart, or the Dumb. What I am telling you can happen to all of you and it has happened to many people. Believe me! It is happening every minute of every day.

    I have mentioned the evils of man, POWER, MONEY, HATE, and GREED. I could have said sex instead of romance. Either one would have meant the same. At this very moment I do not know what percentage of marriages goes on the rocks. I remember the divorce rate was around 50 percent. That is, for every 100 that get married, 50 get divorced. Love and commitment is not what it was many years ago. There are many factors that cause divorcees. I will not go into the depth of why couples get divorced. I will discuss how many brilliant individuals get fleeced from the problems that come from divorce and the need for romance. I am going to the top of the age group and work down.

    I saw in the news a report about the number of older men and women have the same type of sexual problems. I will not enter into the facts that were in this report. What most of us in our senior years need is some type of companionship. Whether it is sexual or just plain loneliness, it does not change how vulnerable you are for a scam. It is a shame that this world is so full of people that are vultures just waiting for someone to lose their love ones, or friends. The worst are the young that prey on the elderly that have lost their mate. It does not make any difference how they lost their companion; the vultures will adjust their sham to suit the circumstances.

    If you lost your love one and it appears in the paper, there are hundreds of people out there that will use your circumstance to relieve you of whatever money or income that you have. Whether your love one passed away or married another person. The vultures will help you fill the void in your life for a price. You will pay the price. We all need to continue life no matter what occurs. But donít let your better judgment be over ridden by your desires. I know it is hard to live alone and have the other side of the couch or bed empty.

    My advice is do not sit around and deteriorate in a corner of this world and go into self-destruction. If you find yourself slowly deteriorating, take a step back and look at your problem. There are others that have gone through the same problem. You had friend before you lost your mate. Talk to them; tell them about your problem. Just donít give up. Start doing the things that you wanted to and never had the time or opportunity to do. Look around for support groups that you never had the use for. They may be able to help. Talk to your friends that have gone through the same problem. Just do not become a victim of a scam.

    Every day the same thing that has happened to you happens to millions of individuals around the world. The vultures are everywhere. The void that they want to fill in your life is not a solution to your problem. The solution they have in mind is to relieve you of your money and leave you in a condition worse than the one you were in.

    A younger person marries an older person that had lost his or her mate. Scam artists are experts at getting involved in your life. The approach is very smooth. The older person does not know that the vultures have been through this situation many times and know all the tricks of the trade. Before you know it you trust this vulture. You bring them into your life. Before you know it, they are the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. You will never remember who proposed marriage. Heaven is on earth. The most wonderful person has entered your life. You rewrite your will and left everything to him or her.

    There are many cases where someone has come into someoneís life and killed him or her for their money. Many victims have died from various causes and the murderer has gone free. Not only have the victims lost their lives; they lost their homes and every cent they had. There have been many criminals that have gotten away legally with this scam. Just be careful and donít let your desire override your common sense.

    I will say this again; I am not trying to scare you. Nor, have you think the worst of everyone you meet. Just keep your head on your shoulder, do you remember the rooster that walked across the railroad tracks, and a train clipped part of his tail off. He turned around to see what had happened and the train cut off his head. Just remember donít lose your head over a piece of tail.

    This is for the young and middle age Romeoís. If you get divorced or lose your mate, do not think the world is over. Do not let anger and hate destroy your life. So, you have lost you mate. Start a new life without your mate. It may be hard for you to start over, look for help. You are not the first and only one that has had this problem. The ones that have gone through the same problem you are going through are eager to help others with the same problem, they can help you, and you can help them. Both of you need to discuss your problems with someone else. Keep your head straight. Donít throw it all away. There is a better life out there waiting for you.

    For the ones that get divorced, when you are alone and have a few moments to yourself list all the things that you feel that destroyed your relationship. Do not put all the blame on your X. Try to remember why you married your X. List all the wonderful things you saw in your X. Think about the good time as well as the bad. If you get a divorce try to keep a friendship with your X. You had a lot in common at one time. It may be hard, but try to be civil with each other. If you find someone else that will fill the void in your life, do not make the same mistakes that you made before. On the other hand, donít be taken in by a smooth talker. Get to know more about your new friend before you make a new commitment. If they do not want to talk about their past, be careful. Yet, donít irritate your prospective mate. Donít rush into any commitments with anyone that does not eventually open up to you freely and invites you to meet their family and friends. Do not let them know how much money you have or your financial status? If they care for you, that is not a concern to them. You want someone that likes you for who you are not how much money or property you own. Of course you will want to know how they are set financially. This is a very tender subject. Too much pressure into the finances may frighten them away. If they want to borrow money and tell you that all of their assets are tied up. Tell them that yours are tied up also. If they try to make you cash a CD or sell your stock to help them make a bundle, the bundle they are talking about may be your cash.

    When you marry if it is the first time or twenty fifth times, do not put all of your finances in a joint account until youíre sure that both of you can trust each other. It is best that both of you have you own nest egg. Both of you should be somewhat independent of each other. This way neither one of you will have to be dependent of the other. It is a good feeling to be able to spend your money and not have to ask your mate for money. And, have them question you about what you are going to spend it for. This is humiliating for both of you.

    The money you both make should be divided into three parts, one for any major purchases, a home, a car, and any similar purchases. The next is a joint account that is for all your living expenses and your future. The last should be for each of your personal accounts. Try to be fair to each other and do not argue over money. This is one of the major reasons for a break up.

    Many men have the problem called a roving eye (sex). Women have the problem also, maybe not as much as men. I believe women want a little more romantic and security (money and power). Why are those words keep popping up? That is just the way life is. I guess?

    Ladies if you have found your mate do not let you ego and self-esteem override you common sense. We know that it would be nice to be a Princess married to a Prince that is handsome, rich and powerful. Men donít those big boobs and that sexy little ass drains the blood from your brain. Both of you must think twice before you do something foolish. Also, donít get all bent out of shape when you see your mate looking at someone other than you with desire in their eyes. Remember you both are human. I believe so.

    Many years ago I worked with a married woman that talked quite openly about peopleís sexuality. We worked in the front of the building where we could see everyone passing by. One day her husband came to the office. As he approached the building a beautiful, sexy young lady with all the right features to drive most men out of their mind passed by her husband. Her husband spun around in his track like any red blooded healthy man. His month hung open and his eyes were popping out of his head. They were glued on the young lady. His wife was a little upset with what she saw. Her eyes were cutting him and the young lady apart. After his senses returned he entered the building with a smile on his face. He greeted his wife with a, "Hi Honey," and a peck on the cheek. She was still a little perturbed. He put his arm around her and patted her on her butt. She pushed his hand away and told him to stop it. In a few minutes he got a smile on her face and she pulled him close to her and put a hand on the back of his neck and gave him a big kiss. She had forgiven him.

    After he had left she looked over at me and said, "Donít say a word, I donít care where he gets his appetite as long as he comes home for dinner."

    That understanding and forgiving made a very happy marriage. We all have those moments when we get jealous of something our mate does. Just remember what was the attraction for you and your mate. Remember the grass always look greener on the other hill.

    Whether they are young or old, the vultures are always looking for a sucker. Please donít let it be you. These vultures will approach you in many different ways. It doesnít make any difference which approach they use. Whether its romance, friendship or casual acquaintance or they are young or old, men, or women, just be careful.

    Losing Weight:

    There are many diets and weight loss programs on the market. A lot of them are very good. But, there is one factor that they do not stress enough. They should tell you up front that if you expect miracles do not buy their product. I know from my personal experience that there is one ingredient that most of us do not pay much attention to, the guidelines that are presented in these programs. The companies that sell the programs whether they are tapes, or books, and since we have paid for them already, the company cares less. They have hooked you, you bought their program, and they are going to enjoy your money.

    What are the secret ingredients? WILL POWER, DETERMINATION, JUST FOLLOWING THEIR ADVICE. I know we all love to eat. When it comes to eating, I am in the front row with the best of them. Fortunately I have a little bit of will power. That will power is my wife. You know the old saying; behind every successful man is a brilliant woman. You could call it a nagging wife also. I am thankful for my little nagging wife. If it wasnít for her, I may not be here today. Through her nagging and determination she got me to stop smoking. She being a vegetarian and exercising religiously has helped me to stay in line. I have to eat what she cooks and she drags me out of the house to exercise.

    If you go on one of these programs just keep in mind how long it took you to get into the shape you are in. It will take twice that long and maybe longer just to show some improvements. Do not go on a crash diet. Donít expect miracles. If you do you may burn out before you get started. If you really want to lose some weight, start slowly, keep it up, and donít give up the battle.

    A balanced diet of all the basic food groups is the best diet. As long as you do not over eat and exercise you will lose weight. Do not cut your throat, sew up your mouth or have your stomach stapled. Start by cutting down a little every week. Do not cut down on your regular meals and then snack all day. I know it is hard, just try to have the will power to hold off to the next meal. Over eating is just as much an addiction as smoking or any other additive things. They all are very hard to break. If you cannot hold off eating something, have something prepared like carrot stick, celery, and just plain water. You can satisfy the hunger pains with these. Try to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. I have heard that this helps somewhat. The habit of putting something in your mouth is very difficult to stop.

    Look at yourself; do you really have to eat everything that is within your reach to survive? Hell no. I am not a Physician. Nor do I claim to know anything about nutrition. It is just common sense. Long before the diet fad came around, the schools taught us that a balance diet in moderation was the best for our health. I do not practice what I preach. But, I do my best. That is all anyone can ask, just do your best to cut down on your intake.

    Have you watched TV lately? The rear ends of the average American looks like the rear ends of an elephant. Almost 20 percent of the 275 million in this country are overweight. People in other countries are not as fat as we are. I know we have to keep the economy going. If we all stopped eating, the world would go broke. Seriously, just cut down on the amount that you eat gradually. Make it a challenge for the whole family. Have fun doing it. I wish you all the luck and me too.

    Why did I put "Diet" in with fleecing? I have seen in my own home the things we have bought that have not worked. They are just gathering dust. If you take my home as a classic example then multiply that by the number of home in this country. It will be in the billions, not including the rest of the world.

    Uncle Sam:

    There are so many ways that Federal, State and Local Governments rip off the citizens of the U.S.A. The same applies for all the countries around the world. The IRS rules have been changing. Will they work? I hope so. Only time will tell. My heart goes out for those poor souls that have had their lives torn apart from the overzealous IRS agents who prey on the citizens of this country, just to get promoted to a higher position in the IRS. They should never promote an individual for destroying someoneís life. There should be a compromise or give the individual an honest chance to pay their debt. The government cannot get anything from a dead horse. This type of attitude breeds discontent all over the country. It makes honest individuals cheat on their taxes. If the IRS is going to play dirty, why shouldnít I? We donít need this type of attitude in a civilized society.

    I donít mind paying my fair share of taxes. But, the waste that is going on right now with a special prosecutor is driving me up the wall. How can the Senators, Representatives, and the Justice Department justify the unlimited expense that is going on now and has been gone on in the past? There has to be a limit on the time and the money spent on this type of activity. In my opinion the results do not justify the expense. If the government can spend all the millions to investigate the President, what can it do to average citizen? I pray that the country will abolish this type of extravagance.

    I may I have mentioned the pork barrels. Too many congressmen have a pet project that they want the government to finance. Most of the projects do not benefit the citizens of the state that the money it is going to. It is usually going to a corporation that has financed the congressmanís political carrier. In some cases, the contract may keep the residents in a particular area working. In many cases the amount of money that goes back to the working population is very little compared to the growth of the stock in the corporation that gets the pork barrel contracts.

    The politicians will tell you all the benefits this project will bring to your community. I can understand that some of the money supports the community and provides jobs to the community. The money that is spent by the government for these projects does not provide enough money to the residents in the community. The local contractors are usually over looked and the few jobs that are provided for the local residents are only a drop in the bucket.

    Almost every Senator and Representative has a pet project that they want the taxpayers to pay for. Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire would give out the Golden Fleece award to some of the projects that were not worth the money that the taxpayer had to give up. If you read a little further there is an article about the "Golden Fleece Award."

    Donít get me wrong, there are many projects across the country that are desperately needed and the states cannot pay for the projects alone. They need help from the federal government. The federal highway systems across the country, and the Hoover or Boulder Dam are two examples. Everyone in the country had to help one-way or the other. All branches of the military and NASA could not be operated by one state.

    We all live in this environment. We must keep it fit to live in. If we do not spend our taxes on the environment we all will eventually drop dead. Some will say we all are going to die anyway. Why spend the money? Why, it is for the future generations on this earth. This world we live in is a beautiful place. Letís all work hard and spend the money so that our children and grandchildren all over the world enjoy the wonderful place we call earth. MAY THERE BE HEAVEN ON THIS EARTH.

    Senator McCain was on TV and he made fun of two pork barrel projects. The biggest problem that lies in this country is that all of the politicians cannot see the value of other pork barrel projects. They can only see the values of their own projects. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Senator please stand in the corner for the rest of your political career.

    Before I would ridicule any of the pork barrel projects, I would want to know if the funding is warranted. Letís look at the two that Senator McCain made fun of. First letís take the Mississippi manure project. Without digging into the manure pile, we do have a massive problem with waste from every creature that walks on this earth. If we do not do something drastic about the waste problem we all will be in trouble. None of us will be able to live on this earth. The people in Mississippi may have taken a trip through parts of Texas and California. The runoff of the massive cattle pens that I have seen must put a great strain on the ecology of this planet. The runoff of these areas must be contaminating the water systems.

    The other pork barrel topic that Senator McCain complained about was the grasshopper problem in Alaska. He had not looked into or had his staff look into either project. We have all seen the problem that locust and other insect can do by destroying the crops all over the world. Before I would make fun or vote against these two pork barrel projects until I was sure that they were not pipe dreams or a pet project of one of the GOBís. Wake up Senator. Tomorrow you may wake up with cow manure flowing across your bedroom floor and a horde of Grasshoppers eating your house and everything in it including you.

    Recently I saw an article in the paper that Texas was having a Grasshopper problem. I wonder if the Texas Senators belittled the Alaskan Grasshopper problem. What about it George W?

    The biggest problem we have is the GOBís. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. It doesnít matter whether the project benefits the public or not. You vote for my project and help me get it through and I will do the same for you. Buddy, they are fleecing you and damn it, itís legal.

    Donít get me wrong. There are many reasons that we have to pay taxes. In general we get more for our money than most people do in other countries. Pay attention to what your elected official are doing with your money. There are some things our government spends money on that I donít believe are necessary. Other will disagree with me. Well the world isnít perfect and my bitching alone will not change anything. But, if enough of us complain and elect the person that thinks the same way we think then maybe things will turn around to all of our advantage

    We all have to be serious with what we spend our money on. This is why I am writing this book. The Senators and Representatives must not let their partisan political attitude blind them of the seriousness of the need to be frugal at all levels. Wake up America; you may need that penny that is lying on the ground that you passed up.

    Drug War:

    Many businesses around the world are holding on for their dear lives. Other businesses are putting them out of business. How is this happening? Their competitors are charging less for their wares. Competition is usually the mean to the end of their competitors. If the federal government goes into the drug business and control the distribution of drugs then there is no more drug war.

    First let me tell you that I do not approve of any drugs, over the counter, prescription, or illegal. Yet, there are times we must take a prescription drug for health reasons. There are many prescription drugs that are abused by billions of people around the world. Many of them kill themselves from self-induced overdose. Please do not take more than is prescribed by your physician. If he gives you more than you need, take only what is required.

    Various administrations have been fighting illegal drugs as far back as I can remember. Your government has been throwing your hard-earned money into the trashcan. They have not stopped the drug trade. The drug trade has increased every year. As long as large amounts of money can be made in the drug market, there will be someone among us that will take the chance and sell illegal drug.

    Prohibition did not work and the drug war will not work. There are too many people that are making huge profits from the sale of drugs. Do you remember William Bennett; he was going to single-handed stop the drug trade. Fat chance!

    The federal budget for the drug war is well over a billion dollars. Another billion or so is given to the military to aid the DEA. The state and local governments spend at least that much if not more.

    The innocent people in this world are caught in the crossfire of the government and the drug trade. Not only does the government take and waste your tax dollars on the war on drugs, they have stolen and/or destroyed innocent individualís property due to the new laws that are on the books. If you are a property owner and the DEA, FBI, state and local police have probable cause they can wreck you property or take it away. You do not have to be guilty, they will build a case against you, and you will have to spend a fortune fighting their charges. If they say they found drugs on your property, the courts will believe them not you. Even if the evidence is planted on your property, what chance do you have? They can leave your property damaged and find nothing. They will not pay you a penny for the damage. If you file a claim against the ones that destroyed your property, they will tell you the government does not have to pay you a cent. They send you a statement of other court rulings that were similar to yours where the claims were thrown out of court or ruled in favor of the government. You get nothing!

    The jails are full. Why? Most of the inmates are in jail for the procession of small amounts of drugs. Would you put a man in jail for carrying a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of wine? In Alaska, they have passed a law that allows small amounts of marijuana for personal use. I am sure that they still have a drug problem. But, I believe the jails should not be filled with inmates that were convicted for carrying a joint or a small amount of marijuana. We use many things to let us have a little euphoria. Just because there are a few well-intended individuals opposing the use of drugs, the rest of the world has to suffer from the laws that they perpetuated.

    My feeling is that we will never stop individuals from doing things that are objectionable and that are detrimental to our society. As there are drug users today there will be drug uses 10, 50 or 100 years from now.

    If the government allows private concerns to open drug shops across the country, and control the production of drugs, the price of drugs will come down. The users would come out of the closet and they could be helped to control their habit. It would take the money out of the underworld. The loss of money, time, and deaths of many of our citizens would be greatly reduced. And, last but not least, instead of spending our money to fuel a never-ending war on drugs, the government could collect taxes on the sale of drugs. Just maybe this would help give us a tax cut the Republicans have been screaming about.

    The gangs that have sprouted up all across the country are largely from the selling of drugs. The number of gangs would be reduced if drugs were legalized. The gang wars that are going on today are mostly to control the sale of drugs. There will always be gangs that will try to extort money from others. At least, it will take the profits out of the hands of the gangs. The money we save fighting the gangs in this country and all the Latin American gangs could be spent to reducing the national debt. There is a spot on the Internet that shows how much deeper our country is getting into the quagmire of drugs.

    If you believe all the BS that is coming from the United Nation, and politicians around the world, it would be of no use to continue reading about the drug war.

    Like any addiction, it is a medical problem. We should put more money into the treatment and prevention. Not into fighting the drug dealers, who profits from the sale of drugs? The DEA would go out of business. The unscrupulous police forces around the world could not survive with their meager pay. The large businesses that are laundering the profits would lose billions every year. The poor nations around the world only source of income would vanish. A pound of poppy seeds will never get the same price as a pound of heroin. The profits for drug sales are going into legitimate business around the world. Will the leaders of these countries stop their people from growing poppies and coca? Never! We cannot get the government to stop tobacco from being grown here in good old USA.

    Leaders of other countries around the world are telling our leaders to clean up our problem of drug addiction. They are right. Stop the addiction in this country and the drug trade will dry up.

    Kids in this country are not being educated to the problems that drugs can do to oneís body and mind. They are all going to raves parties around the country and nothing is done to stop them. They are experimenting with every type of drug that is on the market. These are the breeding grounds for the future drug addicts.

    Why hasnít our government spent a few of the millions to stop these drug fests that are popping up all over the country? Wake up Senators before it is too late! Your children and grandchildren are going to these drug fests.

    Mail/Telemarketer Scams:

    If you received a letter in the mail, or a phone call and itís too good to be true, then it probably is. That should set off a red light to stop you from being set up to being ripped off. You can bet itís a scam. Someone out there, whose career is to rip off the unexpected, is knocking on your door. If you are greedy and think that you are smarter than they are, go ahead, 999 chances out of 1000 you are going to be hooked.

    I received a letter that said there was millions of dollars waiting to be transferred to my account. They will pay me 35 percent of the amount that is deposited into my account for letting them use my account. They said that this must be kept in strict confidence and do not tell anyone about this transaction. The letter tells you not to go through international telephone operators like AT&T. They want your account number, the name of your bank, the bank's address, and the telex number of your bank.

    Never give this type of information to anyone through a letter, over the phone, or fax this information. Know whom you are doing business with and watch what they are doing. At times we have to trust someone. But, make damn sure that they donít screw you. Since I came over the hump of old age, the number of people that have been trying to shaft me has doubled. They look at me and say to themselves, "That stupid old coot doesnít need all of the money heís got. I need it more than he does."

    These bastards think since you are old, you have a good nest egg, and they want that egg. Be sharp you old coots donít let those creeps fleece you!

    Never send the information they requested or call them. There are scams that bill you for connect time to their telephone system. It is similar to the 900 number we have here. You will receive a letter that you have won or if you are one of the first ten that call the number you will receive a very valuable prize. You call the number, they will put you on hold, and you will run up a large bill. The greedier you are the longer you will stay on the line, the bigger the phone bill will run be. Millions of dollars are lost every year with this scam.

    A number of these scams are being run by people in foreign countries. Not only are you running up a long distance call, you are paying them a fee for the use of their 900 number. You get socked both ways.

    I receive unbelievable offers in the mail and over the phone. These individuals would not be giving me all of the wonderful things unless they were getting something for their efforts. They have to pay the person that called me or spend the money to publish and mail all the letters they are sending me. A larger number of people out there are being hooked. Donít you be the next one that gets hooked?

    Just a reminder, if you want to give to your favorite charity or any other charity, make damn sure it legitimate. In my local paper I read about a telemarketer who had had raised over a million dollars and only gave about one hundred thousand to churches. Wait the best is yet to come.

    The money that was raised was to help AIDS victims. The church founders havenít provided any evidence that they have given any of the money to help AIDS victims. The telemarketerís friends established six churches. The new churches have only 2 members.

    This is the clincher. The FBI-led a criminal probe of the people involved so far they have not broken any laws. Need I say more?

    Prescription plan:

    I do not know it this is a scam or just a legal rip-off of the seniors. My wifeís doctor has prescribed a prescription drug that she is taking. As the Democratic have said, the drug companies are ripping us off. As Mr. Gore said in his acceptance speech seniors should not have to make a decision whether to spend the money on the drugs they have to take or pay the rent.

    My wife has been receiving calls from various companies that have a prescription plans where you pay a small fee and the pharmacy that are associated with the companies will reduce your cost for the drugs you purchased. She asked the various companies that called her what would be the price of the drugs she had to take. They would not tell her how much of a saving she would get. The pharmacies that she called that were associated with the plan would not tell her how much of a saving she would receive either.

    She joined one of the plans and had her prescription filled. Do you know how much of a saving she got? Nothing, not one red cent. She called the company she had signed up with and told them to please tell her why she did not get a reduced price for her prescription. They said they would look into it and call her back. She hasnít received a reply. She discontinued the plan and is not going get involved in another plan unless she gets all the details up front. I have no idea if this is a scam or a legitimate business. We should not have joined the plan before they tell us how much of a saving they would give us. Just be careful if you sign up for one of these plans.

    Dial 90# :

    I received an e-mail from a friend of mine about a scam that allows someone to use Your Phone account. He received a call from someone telling him that he was an AT&T Service Technician and he wanted to run a test on his phone. The caller said that to complete the test my friend had to dial 90# and then hang up. He refused to do what the caller requested and the following day he called the Phone Company and inquired about the call. The phone company representative told him if he had dialed 90# he would have allowed the caller to use his phone line to make a long distance call to anywhere. This has not happened to me and I havenít checked it out. My suggestion is never fall for this type of scam. If you get this type of calls hang up on the caller, call the Phone Company, and tell them about the call.

    Scams do occur:

    Just a few days ago my wife and I were leaving a very large food chainís local store. Two of the things I have written about occurred on one purchase. The checkout clerk did not return my wifeís change of the amount of $12.84 and they rang up the regular price of an item for $3.69, not the sale price of $2.49. If my wife didnít ask the clerk for the change and didnít check the sales slip we would have been fleeced for over $14. Donít think this was a simple mistake. No one would have called us at home to tell us that we were over charged and the clerk forgot to give us our change. As I said before, she is a foxy little lady. Donít be one of the suckers they hook. Be a smart old coot.


    I will not mention the names of the companies that have ripped the citizens for billions over the years. When they can give away million in prizes, they must be making billion of dollars. You know who they are!

    When I get these letters and they tell me that I am in the runner-off for winning the sweepstakes. And they send a long list of items that I can buy and they tell me to send my order to one address and if I am not going to order send it to another address, they are intimidating me to buy something. They make you feel that if you donít buy something your name will not get in the drawing. If you buy, they have you hooked.

    I appreciate manufacturers sending me advertisements. This broadens my knowledge of what is new and I can compare prices of products that are in my area. If I want the item, I order it. If it is something that I donít want, I put the advertisement in the recycle bin.

    Donít let them intimidate you into buying something that you do not need or want. They will do almost everything to get you to buy the product they are promoting. You know what you need and what you want. It only costs you a stamp to mail in and register the sweepstakes ticket. They will tell you over and over again that you are one of the lucky ones that have been chosen in you district until you buy something or the contest is over.

    I called one of the companies that were promoting a sweepstakes and asked them why they had two different addresses for registering your entry, one address for those that bought something and another for those that do not buy anything. They gave a bunch of BS about efficiency and cost. I gave the individual my opinion of what I thought of his BS. No matter how you slice it they have to do the same amount of work to open those envelopes and add the entrees and place the orders.

    It is a scam on all of us especially those who think they are going to win and buy something to improve their odds. You have a better chance of winning a jackpot in a casino. The odds of you winning the sweepstakes are in the range of 100,000,000 to 200,000,000 if not more. Every year you will read in the news of some poor sucker has spent a large part of their income or life saving trying to win one of these sweepstakes. I pray this will open the minds of you out there that have been hooked into the belief that a miracle will occur and you will become an instant millionaire. Please think, the next time you receive one of those sweepstakes in the mail. If you are suckered into this scam you have become a slave to the company. Do not become addicted to this scam!!!!!

    After I wrote the above there was a hearing in Washington DC I wish I had taped the shows that were on TV. There are Thousands of people all over the country. They believed if they bought something, they would have a better chance of winning the sweepstakes. Some had bought many subscriptions of the same magazine. Another person had bought VCR tapes that filled every room in the house. Someone had spent well over a $100,000 on items thinking it would improve their chances of winning.

    Many people have received letters from the sweepstakes organization thinking they had to go to Florida to get their winnings. When they got there they found out they had not won anything. One man flew from Hawaii thinking he had won the sweepstakes. Many of the people that are fleeced are old coots like I am. They live on a fixed income and cannot afford to spend the few dollars they have on objects they donít need.

    If you have been suckered into buying items that you donít need and believe that you have been hooked, call your States Attorney General. Some of the States are filling lawsuits against those for their deceptive tactics of fleecing people all over the world.


    Things that are on sale and 50% OFF:

    There are a lot of legitimate sales going on all over the country and the world. I believe that I mentioned this before. I have seen prices doubled on the old price tag. Example: The original price was $10, they add, "Was $20." The price of the item was $10 and is still $10. Another version off the same trick is they put a price on most of the items in the store and state they are on sale for 20% off. Then they advertise that everything in the store is "50% off *." Notice the asterisk! Down at the bottom of the advertisement in very small print that you have to have a microscope to read, it says "* except for items that are already on sale"... They know that the elderly cannot read the small print and they donít want them to read the small print. Donít ask me why, most of the elderly are very trusting souls and these businesses know it and they prey on the elderly.

    Almost everything in the store is always on sale. When you get to the cashier they ring up the sale. If you donít look at the register and donít check the price on the receipt, you did not get any of the items that are 50% off. If you catch them, they will say, "This item is already on sale." There are 10 people behind you waiting for you to pay up and to move on. Donít let the crowd intimidate you. They are banking on you paying the price that is rung up and not telling the cashier that you donít want the item. It is your money that you are giving them. If enough of us complain and hold up the lines, just maybe the shops will not try these scams. Knowing human nature, most of us will never look at the sales slip and if they do they will be embarrassed to confront the cashier. If enough of us were more diligent in watching for these scams things might get better.

    Airline Rates:

    If you donít ask they will not tell. How many of you shop for the best prices? If you donít, you should. Why pay two to three times the price for a trip that you can get for much less. SHOP, SHOP AND SHOP. If you have an emergency trip and you are leaving in a few days, expect to pay through the nose. They are going to hang a heavy price on the trip. It you can, plan your trips well ahead of time, the longer the better. Try not to plan your trip during a heavily traveled period or the blackout period around the holidays. Do not forget to ask for all the specials that they are running. Call the same airline at different times. Different individuals that wait on you may know of specials that others do not know or refuse to tell you. Oh yes, call all the airlines. Donít become inpatient and take the very first price they offer. Ask about leaving at different days and different times of the day.

    There are a lot of discount brokers that buy up block of ticket and get them at lower prices. Check the advertisements in the paper. If you go through the airlines they will not tell you about the brokers and will not sell you tickets at the same price as the brokers. Most of the travel agent will not give you a ticket at the same low price as the discount brokers. Some of the travel agents will give you a better price than the airlines. You will have to shop, shop, and shop.

    If you are over 62, you can buy coupons that you must use up within a year or pay a fee to have the time extended. Again, shop around for the best price. The money you save is well worth the time you spend shopping for the best price.

    Remember if you donít ask, they will not tell you of their specials. They are out to get the most they can out of every passenger. Good luck and keep looking for the best price. The money you save can be spent on other things that you enjoy. So, donít deprive yourself of the things that you enjoy by not doing your homework.

    A major airline that services a particular city charged an outlandish fare for a short flight. Why? They were the only airline servicing the city. A smaller airline company started providing service to this city at a lower rate. The major airline in turn lowered their price below the smaller Airlineís price. The smaller airline could not afford to match the fares of the major airline. They had to discontinue the flight. As soon as the smaller airline stopped this flight, the major airline increased the fare to its original rate for the flight. When these larger corporations have a monopoly or no competition, they are legally holding us up. They may as well have held a gun to the passenger head and ask them for their wallet. They fleeced the residents that lived in this community. The passengers had no choice but to pay the ludicrous price for the flights.

    Car Repairs:

    Letís start off at the bottom.



    There are hundreds of brands, grades, types, and sizes. Donít be cheap on tire quality. You or your love oneís life may be at stake. Again, spend some time investigating the types and grades of the tires you are going to bet your life on. After you have chosen the brand, qualities, and size that you need for your car, shop around. The prices for the identical tire will vary over a wide range. When you shop around make sure that the sticker on the tire is the same model number on the brand and quality that you want. When you are shopping for the lowest price, make sure the price includes the valve stem, balancing, mounting, disposable charge, federal, state and local taxes, tire insurance for road hazard and any other charges that they may dream up. They will try to sneak part if not all the above on your sales slip. Read the slip before you sign it. If you see something that you do not understand, question them about it. If the sales person tries to intimidate you about an item on the sales slip and it makes you uncomfortable, thank them for their time, and find another place to do business. Oh yes, be careful when you get the real nice guy. Donít let him slip something by you; they will try to get away with anything they can. Donít fall for their line of BS.

    Remember the little old lady on TV who had a new roof put on her house. Her son asked her why she had a new roof installed. She said, "He was such a nice man, he helped me bring in my groceries and he just loved the cake I had baked. He told me that the roof on the house would not last through the winter."

    The house had a 25-year roof put on the previous year. And, they also sold her a driveway sealer that washes off during the first rain. I bet they just climbed up on the roof and hammered on something for a couple of hour and did nothing. Think, Think, and Think. You are probably wondering what this has to do with tires. It is the nice guy that has a line of BS that rips you off. Most of us would not do business with someone that they hate. Whether it is tires or roofs there are scams everywhere. There are many reputable tire centers in this country, just make sure you are doing business with the honest ones.


    Again do some shopping around. There are many shops that will inspect your brakes free. In some cases they may tell you that there is nothing wrong with your brakes. In other cases, the guy that did the inspection creates a problem that does not exist. I went to a small service center and had them inspect the brake system. They removed all of the tires and inspected all four wheels. They even let me watch the inspection. They said that there were no leaks, and I only needed pads on the front end. The disks were also OK. Then I went to a service center of a very large corporation that has stores nationwide. I just wanted to get a comparable price from what I thought was a reputable organization. They would not let me in the service area where I could watch what they did. They told me that I needed a complete brake job front and rear. They gave me a fancy inspection report and a list of parts that had to be replaced. If my memory is correct, every part that is associated with the braking system had to be replaced. I have not been back to do business with that company for anything else since that incident. Who told the service person that inspected my car to write up an inspection report saying the whole braking system had to be replaced? Did he do it on his own? Was it his supervisor? No, it came from corporate headquarters. Others beside me had the same experience. Again, SHOP AROUND AND THINK!

    I thanked them for the free inspection and went back to the small shop. They replaced the front pads. They told me that I might need to have the rear brakes checked in a year or so. It has been over a year and I had them checked just recently. They still do not need to be replaced. Donít be cheap. Good brakes are very important. Donít put off having your brakes repaired. You and your familyís lives depend on your brakes working.

    Tune Up:

    It is important that you have you car serviced. You donít want to be stranded on the side of the road at any time. It doesnít matter how handy you are. When you are stuck in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, are you going to leave you wife or kids and try to walk 50 miles to the nearest town? I would not. You can have car problems even if you have a new car and keep it serviced. The chance of having a car problem is less likely if your car is periodically serviced.

    Letís look into who you should have serviced your car. The dealer that sold you your car may not give you the best service and at the lowest price. Usually the price for the same service is higher than other service companies. Ask your friends whom they go to and ask them if they trust the Service Company. Does your friend have the same person work on his car? If he is honest and he tells you that you have a problem with your car, have it fixed. Having your car fixed when it is needed, it is very important. It is also important that you have someone that knows what they are doing and is honest. I have seen service companies and dealers letting inexperienced personnel working on cars. I can understand that service personnel need to learn the trade. But, the service companies should have an experienced person watching and training the new mechanics. When you are traveling at 65-70 MPH, your life depends on the operation of your car. Too many people on the roads put too much trust in the car. That is when the unexpected happens. Even though many accidents are not caused by the failure of the operation of the car, the object behind the steering wheel causes more accidents than the car. Drive safely and be around for a few extra years.

    If you are on the road, you stop for gas, and you have someone check your car, stay around while they are checking the car. Many shams are pulled on people that are on the road away from home. When you leave the car in the hands of someone while you go to the rest room and the restaurant, this is the time the scam starts. The guy that you left your car with has had time to set up his scam. There are hundreds of things they can do to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. They can disconnect a wire, squirt oil around, and loosen up a bolt or two to convince you that you have a problem. This could delay your trip for days, cost you many dollars, and emotionally destroy your vacation. The chances are an unscrupulous individual will not do anything if you are looking over their shoulder while they are servicing your car. Make them think that you know what they are doing even if you donít. Just watch and keep your mouth shut. Donít give them a hint that you donít know a damn thing about servicing a car. You know that you donít know for beans what they are doing. Donít let them know that you are as stupid as I am. If you do, they have you hooked.

    Learn a few simple things that do not take long for you to do yourself. Check your plugs, air filter, brake fluid level, oil level, coolant, and tire pressure. Look at your tires to see if they are worn or have irregular wear. Donít be lazy. You can do all the above in less than an hour. The only tools that you need are a spark plug wrench and gauge, air pressure gauge, and a paper towel. If you donít know how to check your car, spend a few minutes watching what the service person is doing to your car. You may learn something. This could save you a lot of trouble, money and your life.


    If you have a garage, keep your car in it. Wash your can when it needs it. The body should last a long time. I knew a guy that had a beautiful car. He hardly ever drove the car. He took a bus to and from work. When he did drive the car it was for only for a short distance. The car never had time to warm up the engine and boil off the condensation that had developed in the engine. Every weekend he would back the car out of the garage, wash, and wax the car. Then he would drive it back into the garage. In about three years with this routine he noticed that the car was rusting around the bottom of the car doors. Why? With the continuous washing of the car, water had collected on the inside of the doors. The car had started rusting around all four doors and other spot around the car where water had settled. The car was rusting from the inside of the body.

    With the lack of use and he never changed the oil, and rust had started to eat up the inside of the engine. This is an extreme case. Most of us will not have this problem. Just keep you car clean, change the oil and use it. You have spent the money for the car, so why not enjoy it.

    If your car starts to get cancer and there are rust spots all over the car, go to the dealer and ask them why this is it happening. Just maybe it was a fault of the manufacture. They may have had a recall of your model, miracles may happen and you will get a new paint job. But donít plan on it. Check around at other body shops. Get their opinion and ask for an estimate. Again, get a number of estimates. The lowest estimate is not always the best estimate and they may not give you the best job. I have been stuck myself a couple of times with miserable paint jobs. And, I have received a few very good paint jobs.

    You will see advertisements that shops will paint your car for a very low price. There is a catch to this paint job. For that price every dent and rusty area is an addition to the low price. By the time they have walked around your car the price may be three or four time that low price. If you do not have the rust spots fixed, they will be bleeding through in a short time. Check around, ask your friends, and be sure to get everything in writing before you sign on the dotted line. Again, donít be intimidated by the sales person. If they start to give you any crap, you will know at the beginning that you have a problem. Donít let them pressure you into a signing the contract for the paint job.

    My point is that we all want to have a nice looking car. A car that is used over the years will get areas that need some tender love and care. If you have taken care of your car, and it is still running well, a GOOD paint job is a lot less expensive than a new car. Why spend ten to twenty thousand dollars or more for a new car. A good paint job will give you a few more years and a nice looking car. It will also get you a few more dollars when you sell it. I know it takes time to look around for the best deals. Donít be lazy, do your homework I am lazy too. The money you save is worth the effort.

    Credit Cards:

    It is nice to have a credit card; it gives you the freedom of buying things when you do not have the cash on hand, the conveniences of buying something over the phone, and not having to carry a large amount of money with you.

    If the credit card Companies gives you a grace period and the interest rates are low, and they give you something for using their card. Thatís the company I would use. (Pay the bill before the grace period is over, it will save you a lot of money.)

    Donít use a company that charges you a fee for using their card, has no grace period, has a large interest rate, and doesnít give you something back for using their card. Drop them. Find another Card Company.

    Donít let your charges pile up. You will be paying a lot more for the services and for the items you purchased. By all means this is a bill that can get you into a lot of trouble. It is very easy to get deeply in debt in a very short time. It doesnít hurt when you purchase something with a credit card. When you see the bill at the end of the month and you cannot make the payment then you let it ride. That is when it starts to hurt. Whether you believe it or not the emotional pressure will bear heavily on your mind. Try your best to stop purchasing things until you have cleared the balance on your credit card. You will feel a lot better.

    If you have to buy an expensive item, try to get a loan. It might save you a lot of money. Never buy a big-ticket item with your credit card. It will be a bigger ticket item than you expected. There are many people that get so deeply in debt that they can never pay off their credit card debt. You lose your credit, they will hound you, and your debt will grow.

    If the company that holds your credit card is sold to another company, make sure that the terms of the new company is the same as the terms as the old company. You may be paying a higher interest rate.

    I knew a young lady that would run up the charges on her credit card and declare bankruptcy. She would apply for another credit card from another company and she would get it. She did the same thing over and over again. The last I heard about her she had left the country. She is on the run from her creditors. Donít let this happen to you. I could not live my life on the run. We are all paying higher interest rates because of people like her.

    Do not fall for the pitch that you will earn air-miles, free gifts, and many other things if you use a companyís credit card. First figure out just how much you have to spend to earn an air mile or other things. Then, if you want to take the chance make sure you pay off the bill during the grace period. It will take a lot of purchases on your credit card to get a free gift and many other purchases just to get a short flight. Be careful when there are fringe benefits when you use your credit card. Someone has to pay for the gift. They are out to make money. Donít give them any more of your money than you have to.

    It is almost impossible to rent a car, make reservations for a flight, reservation for a hotel room, and purchase items over the phone. We canít live with them and we almost canít live without them. Just use them to your advantage, not the credit card Companyís advantage.

    If you have to have a credit card, be sure that you read the fine print of the terms and conditions. They may give you a low interest rate, watch out for the penalty for late payment and all the other details they all put in fine print. They know that if they write the rules and regulation in legal terms and print it in very fine print; no one will bother to read it until they are hit with a very high penalty for some unbelievable high charge. Please read the rules and regulations. Please pay attention to the statement, make sure that every item on the statement is accounted for. If you see a questionable charge on the statement, call up the company and ask them about it. Only pay for the things that you bought. Otherwise you may be paying for charges made by someone else. Always check your credit card statement. I cannot stress it enough; you are the one that will pay for your laziness. Before you use a credit card you must read the terms and conditions or whatever they are labeled. Particularly when you take cash, use it in a foreign country, and transferring your account to another card company when you still have a balance on your present card. Donít be surprised that they will be ripping you off legally with charges that are written in the fine print.


    What can I say about smoking? Even though I smoked for many years and I stopped many times. But, I returned to smoking and smoked more than I had smoked before. Fortunately my wife and I stopped in 1968.

    When I was a little fellow my father smoked. He rolled his own cigarettes. He was so good at rolling his own cigarettes he won a cigarette roller in a cigarette rolling contests. In my archives there is a picture of me with a pipe in my month and a can of Prince Albert in my little hands. I could not have been over 2 years old. I think that is kind of young to start smoking. In those days people used tobacco in many forms. You chewed it, you dipped it, and you smoked tobacco of all types. I remember the old ladies sitting in a rocking chair spitting out the snuff. The men chewed plugs of tobacco and did a lot of spitting also. It fascinated the little fellows to watch all the pleasure the older folks were having. My mother made an imitation chewing tobacco. She would over cook a thin pan of cracking bread. What is crackling? She would cook pork fat until it was very crisp then add it to corn bread. She would cut the crackling bread into squares the size of plug of chewing tobacco. We pretended that we were chewing tobacco. Of course, we would swallow the bread.

    When I was about 5 year old, a friend, and I were sitting on a bridge that crossed a small creek. We were eating our crackling bread and watching the fish in the stream. An old man that lived down the road from us stopped and joined us on the bridge. As the three of us sat and talked about the fish, the old fellow took a plug of chewing tobacco out of his shirt pocket and took a bite. We watched with envy. He looked like he was in heaven. He would chew, spit, chew, and spit over and over. It looked like the most wonderful thing in the world. He must have seen it in our faces and the desire that we expressed. I donít remember if we asked for a bite of the tobacco or he offered us a bite. Anyway, we both got a big bite of the tobacco. And, like little fools that we were, we swallowed the tobacco juice. It didnít take long; we were vomiting and were sick as a dog. I canít remember any other time that I chewed tobacco. Just maybe he knew that this would cure us from wanting to chew tobacco.

    The cool thing for young kids was to make corncob pipes, and smoke corn silk. There were plenty of both. Most of the cool cats smoked the so-called "ready roll" cigarettes. The merchant would open a pack of cigarette and sell single cigarettes. I think the price for a single was a penny. When an adult earned only fifty cents to a dollar a day. They could not afford to pay 15-20 cents a pack.

    I smoked of and on until Uncle Sam wanted me to work for him. I was not addicted to smoking at that time. I could take it or leave it. When I went into the USMC they gave me a laundry bag with a lot of goodies in it. It had a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, soap, other little items, and a carton of Pall Mall. Uncle Sam took the cost of these items out of our first paycheck. I think the salary was less than a dollar a day, $21 a month. They made it easy to be hooked on cigarettes. At 5 cents a pack, you could let a cigarette hang on your lips all day, which I did until I was 38 years old.

    My loving wife and her Uncle had tried to get me stop smoking. He had smoked and had stopped. Unfortunately he stopped too late. He died of lung cancer. His death helped to save our lives; my beautiful wife continued hounding me until I stopped smoking.

    A cigarette was my buddy, my friend, and it was always there when I wanted him. He would drive me crazy when I ran out of cigarettes in the evening after all the stores were closed. If there werenít any long butts in the ashtrays, he made me go out and get a pack, at any time, even in a blizzard just to buy another pack of cigarettes.

    I became very ill about the same time Martin Luther King was killed. I lay in bed and watched his funeral on TV. I tried to smoke with a very sore throat. When I tried to inhale the smoke, it was like a blowtorch burning my throat. I could not smoke for three days.

    The Seventh Day Adventist Church was having a five-day Smokers Clinic a few days after my throat had healed. My wife bought me a plastic cigarette pacifier to chew and puff on for two days.

    Fortunately we attended the smoking clinic and stopped smoking. About five years later I was at a dinner party, a young lady across from me was smoking. I asked her if I could have a drag off her cigarette. It looked so delightful. The old memories of the smoking days returned. When I took the first drag, it was the same feeling that I had when I was sick five years before. My throat felt like I had inhaled fire. I coughed for about ten minutes before the coughing stopped. I havenít smoked since. Yet, every now and then the urge comes over me. I reach for the cigarettes in my shirt pocket. Then I remember I donít smoke anymore.

    There are little bells that ring in your subconscious mind that tell you to reach for a cigarette. When you wake up in the morning, when you have you first cup of coffee, you head out the door for work, and you have to have a couple more on the way to work after some nut tries to run you off the road. You set down at your desk, you light one up, you have another one with you second cup of coffee, someone pisses you off and you reach for another one. The phone rings you light up again. The pressure of the job makes you take a few more before lunch. After lunch and before you go back to work you light up another couple. The second one is still hanging on your lips when the boss comes in all pissed off about something and you reach for another one. You stick it in your mouth without remembering that you already have one there. The boss looks at you as if you are some kind of a nut. He yells at you and tells you that you already have one in your mouth. He shakes his head and mumbles something to himself. The afternoon is hell; everyone is on your back. You reach for another one and the pack is empty. You canít wait to get to the cigarette machine. It is out of your brand. You curse and kick the machine. You decide on another brand. You reach into your pocket you donít have the right change. You kick the machine again and go back to your desk. The rest of the afternoon you are smoking the butts in the ashtray. They taste like hell. Finally you are on your way home. You stop at food mart and buy a couple of packs of cigarettes and enjoy the ride home smoke a fresh cigarette. The kids and you wife are yelling and screaming at each other over nothing. You have already made a dent in one of the packs of cigarettes. Before you hit the sack you have knocked off four or five more.

    This next morning you start off another day the same as you have been doing for the last 20 years. Who said that smoking was not addictive? Was it the tobacco growers, the manufacturers, or the political leader from the tobacco growing states? They are all liars.

    A little bit of advice, if you do not smoke, do not start. If you smoke, I hope you stop. If you stop, do not replace the smoking habit with another habit. It will not work. Every time you have a desire to have a cigarette, do something different. But, never do the same thing twice in a row. As an example, start a sequence of things you do every time the craving for a cigarette comes over you. Take a walk around the office, get a drink of water, take a stick of gum, take ten deep breaths, do ten deep knee bends and make it a game to see how many different things you can do. Write them all down. You can do the same thing that is on the list, but do not do them in the same sequence. Make it a game that you enjoy. The life you save will be your own. Your kids and spouse will not have to inhale the smoke or be driven out of the room. When you are in a car or a closed room your children and spouse will not have to suffer because of your addiction. For your own good, please stop.

    The tobacco industry has hooked hundreds of millions of people. It is a filthy habit. Once you are addicted it will take a lot of will power to stop. The tobacco industry has pulled every sham in the books to hook the younger generations. The heads of the tobacco industry are child molesters. They have preyed on the young, as long as I can remember. Once they have the children of this generation hooked, they have many adults hooked for the rest of their life. They will probably die of some form of cancer related to their smoking or from using some other tobacco product. I think the tobacco industry executives and the members of the House and Senate that support the tobacco industry should be prosecuted for providing an additive drug to our children.

    Many people have complained about the lack of knowledge about smoking. They have been told about the side effect of smoking many times. No one wants to listen. They put a deaf ear to what was written about the ills of tobacco and alcohol. Many textbooks have told us of the evils of these additive drugs more than a hundred years ago. The lobbyists have bought off the politicians for many years. That is why so many have not heard of the real dangers of using these drugs. I do not believe we should make smoking illegal. There will always be a few of us that will never stop smoking. Even narcotics should be made legal. This way we would know who is taking these drugs. We may be able to help them.

    Why have I put smoking under fleecing? You think about it. It costs you a fortune and what does it do for you? Sooner or later it will kill you. Billions of dollars are spent each year on tobacco related illnesses. The losses in wages are in the billions. The medical expenses are astronomical. Whether you smoke or not you are paying for those medical bills by the increase in medical care. Would you buy your children or your grandchildren a pack of cigarettes? The legislators and the tobacco industry are encouraging them to smoke. This is just as disgraceful as providing narcotic to a child. Again, if you do not smoke, do not start, and do your best to stop smoking.

    The taxes the governments is getting from the sale of tobacco products is only a fraction of the trillions of dollars that it is costing the governments and the citizens of the world for the illnesses that the tobacco products are causing.

    Something for you to think about, every week approximately 10,000 people die from a smoking related illness. Will you become one of the 10,000? Many live a life of hell for month if not years before they are relieved of their misery.

    Not only is it bad for you body. It can destroy you financially. Billions of dollars every year are lost because of careless smokers. Many lives and billions in property losses occur every year. It not only affects the smoker, it affects us all. If you are going to continue to smoke, PLEASE DONíT SMOKE IN BED. It may be the last cigarette that you smoke. When you are driving, donít flip a lit cigarette out the window. There have millions of fires caused by this bad habit. Put it in the ashtray. When you are finished make damn sure the butt is extinguished! Please keep this in mind for all of us.

    Phone / Bank:

    Over the years I have read about suckers falling for the same scam over and over. The one that I canít believe is still hooking poor old souls. The scam may be pulled in many ways. Someone at the bank is stealing your money. The scam artist calls you at home or catches you leaving the bank. They tell you that they are investigating a bank employee that is withdrawing money from your account.

    The person wants you to assist in catching the thief. They will have a plan that will involve you withdrawing money from your account.

    There are many versions of this scam. They may see you coming out of your bank or they come to your home. They give you a line that sounds reasonable. They are very polite and very sincere. If one version fails, they will come up will a different version and they are very persistent. You are going to have to be on your toes. Never, never tell anyone about your bank account over the phone or anywhere else or agree to remove money to help catch a thief. Tell them to use their own money.

    If you get a call from anyone that is anyway similar to this scam, get a pad and pencil and write down everything related to the conversation. Try to get them to tell you as much information about themselves as you can. What position they hold at the bank, their name, who they are working with, the name of the person that they are trying to catch and other things that will help the police catch the scam artist. The odds are they will not tell you a thing about themselves. Donít agree to anything that they want you to do. Tell them you have to think about it. They may tell you time is of essence. Donít give in to them and hang up if they continue. Record the conversation if you can.

    When they hang up the phone call a family member, the police, FBI and if you have a family lawyer, call him. The banks and the police have ways to catch the crooks without you participating.

    You may wonder why they picked you. Many of these con artists are very bright. They may be watching your neighborhood or your bank. They have pulled this scam many times and they have learned whom they can con. You may be the trusting type and believe that everyone is as honest as you are. They practice their trade constantly and they love it. Some of them get an emotional high when they pull off a scam. Literally they are addicted to pulling a scam. They have to continue pulling these scams to relieve them of their anxiety.

    Do not try to out fox the crooks. Pulling this type of scam is their career. They probably have fleeced hundreds of others before they found you. Remember do not take money out of the bank for a stranger. And, read the following scam. More than likely the same con artist will try to pull the Found Money scam.

    Found Money or Pigeon Drop:

    This is one that I call "Bait and Switch." Again, there are many versions of this scam and others. They are betting that you are greedy and would not turn over a large amount of money that you have found. It may involve two or more people. If a stranger comes up to you with a large amount of money and tells you that they had just found it. And, they want to share their good fortune with you, donít be a fool. Get your ass away from them as fast as you can. The pile of money is probably just a stack of paper with a large bill on the top of the stack.

    They will share it with you if you put up some of your own money to show your good faith. They will have someone hold the found money and your good faith cash for some outlandish reason. How people fall for this is beyond me. Just think, if you were the type that would not return the money that you have found, would you share it with a stranger? Most likely you would not tell anyone about the money you have found. Hell no. They are looking for someone that would think they are some kind of Good Samaritan. If you are an unscrupulous individual they will hook you. You will lose your money that you put up for good faith.

    Get away from these types as quick as you can. If you see a cop around, go tell the story to the cop. Believe me, almost every day someone gets swindled out of large amounts of money.

    An elderly man that had a large amount of money with him approached a woman in a Kmart store. He asked this lady to help him find someone and he would give her a larger percentage of the money. Along came a younger man he said he overheard the conversation and he would help also. He offered to put up some money to show good faith that he would help find the person that the old man was looking for. The young man told the women that she should put up good faith money also.

    The women agreed, she took some money out of the bank, and took off her jewelry then gave it to the old man to show good faith. The old man said that he wasnít feeling well and he asked the younger man to go into the pharmacy and have a prescription filled. The younger man went into the store and returned shortly and said that he had trouble getting the prescription filled and he asked the lady if she would try to have it filled. The lady went into the store. The clerk told her that no one had tried to have a prescription filled.

    The woman went back outside and the old man and the young man had gone with her money and jewelry.

    Donít be greedy, this can happen to you. No one in their right mind is going to give you a large amount of money for any reason. Would you give someone a large amount of money to find someone?

    I heard this woman tell a story about herself. She was on her way to Tahiti and they had stopped in Hawaii to pick up supplies. In the early morning she would take her dog for a walk along the beach. One morning her dog found a pocket book lying on the beach. She opened the pocket book and it was stuffed with large denomination bills. She quickly closed the pocket book and hid it under her jacket. She looked around and the beach was empty. She hurried back to her boat all excited about the newfound she fortune. She bordered the boat looked around to see if anyone was following her. She went into the cabin and locked the door. She was overcome by her newfound fortune. Slowly she opened the pocketbook. With jubilation flowing through her body she dumped the contents of the pocketbook on the table. When she saw what she had found, she felt like someone had drained everything from her body. There were neatly bound stacks of fake money jammed into the pocketbook. A large number of people would do the same thing. Take the money and run.

    Something to look out for:

    When you are shopping around for something that you want or need and you see an item on sale for a much less than the item in a carton. Whether it is a display model or an item that has been returned. Beware; ask yourself why they are selling that item for so little. Ask the salesman why the item was being sold at that price. Check to see if all the parts that go with it are included. Check for non-working parts. Remember if it is selling for a low price, why didnít the salesman or someone else in the store buy the item?

    Many times stores will get returned items. The boxes have been opened and someone found something missing or had a problem with the items. Anyway, if you decide to purchase the item, make sure all the parts are included and the item works, as it should. Also, make sure that this is not an as-is item. You may get home and find out the item will not work. Some as-is items are not returnable. You will have to be the judge if you should buy it. I have bought many open box or display items and fortunately I have been very lucky. If the item is as-is, I would do everything I could to make sure the item worked before I put down any money.

    Who am I?

    Have you lost your identity? Has someone else taken over your life? Is someone using your name? They know your birthday. They know all about your personal life. Where you were born? They know your mother and fathers names. They know your bank account number or your credit card number. They have obtained a driverís license in your name. They are using your Social Security number. They have opened a PO Box in your name. Have you noticed that there are charges for items on your checking account or credit card statement that you did not purchase? I could go on with a hundred more things. I hope you get the point.

    I am going to repeat myself. If I have not told you this before forgive me. I will tell you again. Never give anyone information about your personal life over the phone or on the Internet. Never tell anyone what your motherís maiden name is or your personal family history. Even if you know the person and is a very dear friend, they may tell someone, that tells someone, etc. You will not know how far the information about yourself will go.

    I will repeat myself; in this nice world we are living in there are thousands of individuals that are waiting to hook you. Taking your identity from you is just another scam among the thousands of others. Please check your statements every time you get them. Keep records of every check you write and every receipt from your credit card. Do not throw these items in the trash. You do not know who is looking into your trash. If you are discarding anything that has your account number on it, shred it before you throw it in the garbage.

    Across this country and around the world there are people that want to change their identity, or use your identity to steal from you, or use your identify to cover their own tracks. There may be a 100 more reasons why they want to use your identity. Just try not to let someone take over your identity. It may take you years to recover your identity, and years of frustration and lots of money. This is not a figment of my imagination. The person that is taking your identity does not have to live in your community. They may live in another state or another country.

    Three quarters of a million, if not more, are being fleeced each year by someone taking their identity. They my only forge one of your checks or take over your name, and every aspect of your life. Again I am not trying to scare you; I just want you to be careful. Good luck.

    Independent Prosecutors:

    The following is an email letter that I collected from the Internet. Since it goes along with my thoughts about the waste of money from all sources and Senator Proxmire "Golden Fleece Award" I felt that I would include it in my list of Fleecing.

    I did not change the contents or edit this email; it expresses my own thoughts about the Independent Prosecutors.

    "Ken Starr is a traitor!! He has been interfering with the operation of the government ever since he started his foolish witch-hunts. Iíve forgotten who it was now but someone used to give out the "Golden Fleece Award" for people in politics who were fleecing the American taxpayer. This man should get The "Golden Fleece Award of the Century"!! Think about it voters once Starr and his supporters rid the government of all those "Dangerous Bogey Men," and they have nothing to do they will start with you and me!"

    I have read a lot of the transcripts and depositions that were published. I often have wondered what motivates politicians and other in this world of ours to be so narrow-minded. To use the Laser idea that Representative Graham used in questioning Mr. Blumenthaul. The narrow-minded nit picking thoughts and ideas of the Republican Party, the Right Wing Extremist, and Holier Than Thou Religious Groups have used to weave a web that would entrap the President is horrendous. There are over 275 million people in this country. And, there are about the same number of thoughts and ideas about this subject. The House manager wanted us to believe that the source of the stories that were leaked to the press had come directly from the White House and the Presidentís mouth. Every day in the media you will read a story that a reporter has released which is filled with his or her thoughts. Do you remember Sgt. Friday, Just the Fact Maíam?

    Mr. Starr must have thought that anyone that had a sexual affair with someone and did not want anyone to know about it would lie. I would and everyone else in this world would do the same thing, LIE.

    Now they are going to prosecute the President after he leaves office for lying in his deposition relating to his conduct with Monica. What in the hell is the link between the Paula trial and Monica. Just because he had a sexual contact with Monica does not prove that he did anything with Paula.

    Mr. Starr though that Linda Tripp was his life preserver when she brought the illegal tapes she had secretly recorded from a Federal Employee at the Pentagon. Mr. Starr was OIC abetting and participating in a felony? Isnít it a felony to tape a Federal Employee of the Pentagon? Especially when the person is discussing conversations about the President of the United States. What authority did OIC have to tell Linda Tripp to continue recording Monicaís conversation and to take the illegal recorded tapes to aid and entrap the President in a civil law suit that was not related to the crimes that you were investigating? Mr. Starr isnít it true that as a private attorney in 1994 you had dealings with Paula Jonesí attorneys in her then-pending lawsuit against President Clinton and you had prior involvement yourself with the Paula Jones case? While the people of this country were paying you, you were aiding your old associates in a private lawsuit. Isnít this true? How much time and money did you spend aiding your associates?

    A State prosecutor charged Linda Tripp. Why didnít a federal prosecutor charge her? Who put the pressure on the state prosecutor to drop the charges?

    Just think about the $50,000,000+ that they spent in the investigation of the President and his friends. They could have given every state a million dollars to spend on their school system. Or, pay the Social Security for a month for 50,000 people. This is only the money that Ken Starr's team spent. The prosecutor for Sec. Espy spent around 15 million for accepting a free admission to a ball game or something like that. This whole mess has driven me CRAZY.

    Did the President lie in his deposition? Did the president have sexual intercourse with Monica?

    If you were the President or Monica and put in the same circumstances, what would you have done? Just be honest with yourself. You do not have to tell anyone but yourself. God will know if you are lying.

    I do not condone this type of behavior. There have been many statements made about the Presidentís conduct. There has been enough said about his conduct and I will not add to it.

    If there is any forgiveness in your soul, show it by forgiving him for what he has done. He and his family have paid a very high price for his mistakes. The only ones that have gained from this are the news media. The millions that Monica will be making is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions that the news media has made and will make.

    This may not be the time or place that tell you about a show that I saw on TV. But, it is a very important part of all of our lives. The show was a documentary of a couple and the birth of their son. Tears came to my eyes and I could not stop crying. I am crying while I am writing this. The miracle of life is the most beautiful thing that will ever happen to all of us. God knew what he was doing when he added sexual desires to all of his creatures. He did not screw up we screwed up. Some of us cannot control the sex drive that God gave us. This is a fault in our judgment. It isnít the most pleasant thing when our sex drive overloads our common sense. Unfortunately we are all human and so is the President.

    When a majority political party can authorize unlimited funds to overthrow the duly elected President, for a consensual personal sexual encounter. They are fleecing the taxpayer.

    Reckless Driving, Speed, Road Rage Or Just Stupid Drivers:

    I wonder how many of you will fit the image of the drivers that I am going to tell you about. If this changes the driving habits of one person and saves ONE LIFE, it is well worth my effort.

    I have driven across this country many times. I have driven in almost all the major cities across the country. Every year the average speed of the drivers has increased without the speed limits increasing. The newer cars have improved over the years. At 70 or 80 miles an hour you feel as if you are only going 30 or 40 miles an hour. When you have to make a quick stop or come up a sharp curve then you awaken to the fact that you are traveling to fast. The comfort of the ride, and the newer braking system, lulls the driver into a feeling of complacency and security that is not there. The drivers are driving faster and closer than they should. Drivers are not allowing enough distance between the car that is in front of them and their car. One factor all drivers should remember. Your reaction time has not changed. The amount of time it takes for you to react to a situation is the same as it has always been. When you are driving, please adjust your distance between you and the driver ahead of you depending on the speed you are traveling. If you have children in the car, increase the distance between you and the car in front of you. In case of an emergency stop and you have to slam on the brakes your little ones may be thrown from the car. It is best to leave enough space between you and the driver ahead of you so that you can see what is happening on the road ahead. If the person in front of you starts to stop, you will have enough time to stop. If you are talking on a phone while you are driving, double the safe driving distance between your car and the car in front of you. I suggest that you do not talk on the phone while you are driving. Never try to dial a number while you are driving. You cannot look at the phone and the road at the same time. When you are driving you should not be distracted for one second. That second may be the last second of your life.

    Since I wrote the above a number of lives and millions of dollars have been lost due to people tailgating at high speeds. In the paper there were articles about an 80-car pileup, a 77-car pileup, and a 60-car with 4 tour busses. As soon as the weather turns nasty you will see this type of thing happening across the country. If you are traveling at 70 MPH and are 2 or 3 hundred yards behind the vehicle ahead of you, you will reach your destination within 2 or 3 seconds later. Is it worth risking your life on saving those 2 or 3 seconds?

    I know that there will always be someone out there that is in a hurry. They are always going to be late and rush to get to their destination. They are late for work, late for the flight, late for church, late for picking up their kids at school, late for the bridge party, and late for everything. There is a route that my wife and I travel very frequently. There is a church we pass going from home and coming back home. People of all ages and sex rushing to church have literally pushed us off the road. They weave in and out of the lanes. They tail gate and give you a dirty look when they get the chance to pass you. They speed up to make a light that is changing too red or has already changed too red. Have you ever sped up just to make a light? Will you speed up to make the light tomorrow on your way to work. I hope not. You may make it to the light, but you also may meet someone jumping the light.

    Whether you are the driver that is in hurry or the one that is being pushed off of the road, tempers will flare. In my life I have had my share both ways. We all, at one time or the other will have this happen to you. Please keep your cool. If you are the one that is being pushed off of the road, pull over and let them pass you. Donít aggravate them by deliberately blocking them. If you are the one that is in a hurry, donít get bent out of shape and put yourself as well as others in danger. Again, PLEASE KEEP COOL!

    Why did I consider Road Rage Fleecing? Because of the accidents that are costing us all higher premiums on our insurance, this cost is coming out of our pockets. The insurance companies are not going to take it out of their pockets. Please be careful.

    Some of the thing that has troubled me!!

    Almost every morning my wife and I drive down the same street. The following are some of the thing we have observed. The speed limit of this street is 35 MPH. It is a four-lane street; I try to stay in the right lane and try not to go over the speed limit. The following are some of the things that have troubled me. These things donít just happen on this street. They happen all over the country and around the world.

    Slow driver:

    I was behind an elderly man that was driving at or below the speed limit. I was not in a hurry and it was a pleasure to see someone driving within the speed limit. I passed him just to verify that he was an elderly man. I pulled back into the right lane and was driving at the speed limit. Ahead of me was a traffic light that started to change. It was already on yellow. A car zoomed past me and ran through the red light. You guessed it; it was the elderly man. Why did he run the red light? He put himself and others in danger. We all do foolish things in our life. Why do we do things like this? I donít know why. But we all do crazy thing; it also includes me. These questions will apply to all of the following and many other foolish things that we do.

    Yesterday a 19-year-old boy killed a young woman and a baby. He ran a red light and slammed into the side of the car. I hope that the people that read about this accident will think twice before they try to run a red light again.


    On a Sunday morning I was driving down the same street. The traffic wasnít very heavy. There were cars in both lanes behind and in front of me and they were traveling about the same speed that I was. I noticed a larger SUV behind me weaving in and out changing lanes at a high speed. I told my wife to look through her vanity mirror at the SUV coming up behind us. She had to be going 20 to 30 miles faster than we were. The SUV passed us and it was going too fast for us to see who was driving. A light ahead of us turned red and the SUV had to stop for the red light. As I came up on the SUV I looked to see who was driving it. It was a woman about 75 years old. She was all dressed up and was sitting up straight with her nose up in the air as if she was the Queen of England and with the attitude, you peasants get out of my way. Here I come. I told my wife, I wonder where she is going in such a hurry. Soon as the light changed she sped off like she was going to a fire. We watched her as she sped ahead of us. For a moment I thought I was going to lose sight of her and would not know why she was in such a hurry. I was in luck. I saw her turn left across traffic coming in the opposite direction. Thankful the cars slowed down for her. Where was she going? To church, maybe God is looking over her. I pray that God was looking over the people that she was putting in danger. If the lady that I am writing about reads this, I know God will forgive you if you are a little late for the services.


    During the school year you will see Moms driving their little ones to school or to a daycare center. I know there is not enough time in the morning to do all the things that you have to do. A solution to this problem is to go to bed a little earlier and get up earlier. You will get the kids to school on time and you can relax and enjoy them as you drive along. In this town you can get from one end to the other in 20 minutes. If you get up a half-hour earlier you do not have to rush and put your kids, yourself, and others in danger.

    To you Moms that are so much in a hurry that you donít have time to buckle up all the kids in the car and traveling at a high speed, SLOW DOWN. If you have to make a quick stop the little ones that are not buckled up will be thrown through the car as if they were baseballs. Think MOMS!!!

    Most of the drivers on this street:

    The traffic is so heavy during the morning rush hour and the number of stop lights along the way weaving in and out of the traffic will not get you to where you are going any sooner. You will be under pressure at work, which is bad enough. Relax while you can. For the 50 some odd years that I went to work I gave myself time to relax and enjoy the long trip to work. You will be surprised, if you get up earlier and take your time going to work. The aggravation you will have trying to fight your way through traffic and the anger that you generate is not worth it. Just cool it and relax.

    Why does Road rage occur? Usually they are someone that is a type A personality that is always in a rush and not relaxing and not accepting the traffic and the road condition as they are. Donít let these things bother you. If you cannot learn to relax on your own, get some help. It will be money well spent and it may save your life and others also.

    If you are the recipient of one of the acts of a dangerous driver, donít lose your cool. It is not worth it. I know that it is hard to control the anger that goes through your mind when someone threatens you and your love oneís life with a deadly weapon. A car is a deadly weapon. Why hasnít the lawmakers taken it seriously and clamped down on those that drive recklessly. Call, write, or email your government official and demand they take action against those that use a car as a deadly weapon.

    There are a lot of other times that I have seen acts of recklessness and I am sure you have also. I think we all do not see our own faults. Every time you get in your car, promise yourself that you will not do anything that is reckless, stupid, and get angry, and keep your promise. We all are fleecing each other when we drive recklessly.

    Free trial issue:

    Have you ever received an offer for a free trial of a magazine? They may offer you something else to get you to check a little box that says, "Yes." You will receive an invoice for a yearís subscription before you receive the free issue and your free gift.

    They want you to pay for the yearís subscription before you get a chance to see the magazine. Donít pay them for the subscription. Put it aside until you get the free issue and the gift they offered you for looking at their magazine. After you get the issue and if you donít want the magazine, write cancel on the invoice and send it back to them. If you enjoyed the magazine and want to subscribe to it, then mail in the invoice and your check for your subscription. Make a note of the date you received the first issue. Some of them will invoice you next yearís subscription 6 to 8 months before it is due. The price for the following year is usually much more than the first yearís subscription. Hold off as the year passes the price usually drops.

    If you are familiar with the magazine and it is a good deal, go ahead and pay for it. But, I would wait until after I get a chance to read the magazine before paying for the yearís subscription.

    They are betting on you paying for the subscription before you have a chance to see it. If pay for the subscription before you have a chance to review the magazine and you donít like it, you have been had. You are on their sucker list. Donít be surprised that you will get more of the same type of offers.

    Free trial of an item:

    This scam is similar to the one above. A Company will send you a flyer offering you a free item to try out. You return the flyer and check the square for the free item. You receive the free item and there is more than one item in the package. There is no invoice in the package. You shrug your shoulders and say to yourself that was nice of them to send me all the extra items.

    You try the items out and you find that they are junk and they are not worth anything. You have forgotten about the junk that you received. A month or so later you get an intimidating letter with an invoice telling you that they have not received payment for all the extra items that you received.

    They are threatening you to pay for something that you never ordered. Mail the invoice back to them and tell them that you never ordered the items and you are not going to pay for them. Tell them the items were junk and you have thrown them in the garbage. By all means do not let them intimidate you into paying for the items you never ordered. They are betting that you will buckle in and pay for them. Please donít. If they continue to intimidate you, get in touch with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection. Tell them what has happen. With hopes they can settle the problem. Good luck.


    Everyone has their opinions, and they are all different. Who is right? From the most brilliant scholars to the dumbest person in the world they all think their opinion is the only one that is correct.

    When all the constitutional scholars debated what was an impeachable offense and they all thought they knew the answer. If these individuals donít know what is an impeachable offense and they cannot agree amongst themselves how in hell is the average citizen going to know.

    When our Senators and Representatives think their opinions are the only ones that are right. What should we think when they all vote along party lines?

    The television talk shows host invites guests that have different opinions. All of the guest yell, scream, and so does the host. They never let the others express their opinion without talking over them. You watched the show in hopes that you could learn something from the show. You end up more confused at the end of the show than you were at the beginning.

    What irritates me most of all is when the host thinks they know more than the quest. Usually the quests are experts in their field. It doesnít matter what is the subject the host talks over the guest, ridicules the guest opinion. The host belittles their quest and tries to bring them down to the level they are. Why do these people accept an invitations and go on these shows is beyond me?

    The candidates for political offices of the same and opposing parties all have different ideas of how to run this country. They all think their ideas are the only one that should ever be considered.

    Manufacturers think their products are superior to their competitorís products. Doctors are no different. This bothers me more than all the rest. The pharmaceutical industry develops a drug that is approved by the FDA and it goes on the market. One Doctor tells you the drug is a miracle drug, another will tell you that it is dangerous and my cause the patient a problem. It is like playing Russian roulette. If your Doctor prescribes the drugs to you, there is another Doctor out there saying that your Doctor is trying to kill you. Who should we believe?

    How are different opinions fleecing us? They are leaving us all out in the cold. When we donít know what to do and neither do the opinionated jackasses know which way to go, this leaves us all in a quandary. When we are lead down the wrong paths in our life due to an individual lack of knowledge or lies, we are being ripped off.

    Lost Dog Found:

    There is a couple running around the country claiming that they found someoneís lost dog. They are searching the classified ads or looking for posters for lost pets. As I said before scam artists are smooth talkers. They come up with a very believable sob story and call the person that lost a pet. They usually call from another city. The pet had been injured and they have spent a larger sum of money caring for the Pet. They say that they are tourists and were visiting a friend in your hometown. When they were leaving they saw the injured pet and picked it up. They were going to take the Pet home with them, but they called their friend to tell them they had arrived at their next stop on their trip. They told their friends about the pet they had found. Their friend told them that someone had lost a pet that fit the description of the pet they had found and also gave them the pet ownerís telephone number.

    They make an arrangement for the owner to wire them money to reimburse them for their expense plus money to ship the pet home. The owner wires the money and the scam artist gives the pet owner details on the shipment of the pet. When the pet owner arrives at the location where the pet was going to be delivered, his pet is not theirs. The pet owner finds out that a number of other people have had the same problem.

    The pet owner has been ripped off. The scam artist more than likely stole the dog and sold it to someone else in another city. If you lose your pet and someone call you and tell you that they found your pet. Call the police in the city where the individual said they were located and give them the location where you are to wire the money. It you cannot make the trip ask them about the local Human Society. I am sure they would be happy to assist you in recovering your pet. Donít send money to someone you donít know. I know you are glad to get your pet back. Go pick up your pet yourself or hire someone that knows you and your pet to go for you.


    Isnít it wonderful to wake up in the morning with your window open and a cool breeze of clean air is filling your lungs? I hope our grandchildren will be able to enjoy this feeling.

    When I was young this never entered my mind. I expected this to last forever. We all know that the air we are breathing is getting more polluted every day. If you leave your windows and doors open everything in your home will be covered with dust from pollutants of all sorts.

    One of the largest polluters is fossil fuel. The demand for fossil fuels over the years has increased drastically. Almost every household in the industrial countries has a least one car. In the United States the majority of the families have two or more vehicles that use gasoline. There have been efforts to replace gasoline and diesel that are used in motor vehicles with other fuels. California has been one of the leaders in this effort to reduce the pollution from the vehicles.

    There are many other pollutants that we have that must be eliminated. There are thousands of chemicals and elements that are polluting our environment. Not only the air that we breathe but the water we drink, the foods we eat, and the things our children and we are exposed to. If I listed all the elements and chemicals that are affecting our environment it would double the size of this book.

    The population of the world is growing extremely fast. In order for us to live on this earth we must change our habits and reverse this trend. We must do everything in our power to reduce the pollution of our earth. If we donít we will destroy every living thing on the face of the earth. Please do your part. Donít pollute!


    If you have gotten this far in the book, I hope that the money you spent on the book has saved you 100 times the cost of the book. I am just writing this book out of frustration of the way this country has changed through my lifetime, or I am just awakening to what has been going on all of my life. I know there have been sleazy individuals from the beginning of time. I guess I finely have the time in my retirements to take notice to the things that are going on around me. Whether you buy, borrow, steal, or find this book in the trash I hope it saves you from being fleeced. We all are being fleeced every day. We are so accustomed to being fleeced, that we donít care or know that it is happening.

    If you are interested the things that are polluting our planet, go on the Internet. Log in to You can spend hours on end reading about all the things that are polluting our environment.

    This is one that I though you should know about:


    I just want to wake you up and make you look out for yourself. You are the best defense against scams.


    A company targeted senior citizens and told them they had won one of four prizesóa "big screen" television, a "diamond" watch, claimed to be worth over $1,000, an automobile or a cash award of thousands of dollars. The company required consumers to send between $250 and $900 in "processing fees" by overnight mail in order to receive their valuable award. Many consumers received no prize. Those who did received a watch worth less than $100 and magazine order forms. Consumersómany of them elderlyówho tried to cancel or stop payment on their checks, were harassed and threatened by the Companies agents. The FTC alleged that the company misrepresented to consumers that they had won valuable prizes worth more than the amount consumers pay to "participate" in the promotion, failed to disclose the odds of receiving a particular prize and failed to disclose that no purchase is necessary to win a prize, in violation of the FTC Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule. The complaint was filed in the U. S. District Court for the Central District of California.


    Most of us want to be wealthy. Maybe not filthy rich, but have enough to maintain a comfortable life. Millions of us will never have enough money to satisfy all of our needs and desires. Some of us make comfortable salaries, but did not manage our money. We spend more than we earn. Some of us are so deeply in debt that we will never be out of debt. Once you get that deep in debt you can never get out of debt. It is like quicksand. The more you try to get out, the deeper you get. The ones that are in this condition must look for help for their predicament. Their whole life has to be turned around. Their spending habit, their style of living, and how much they work has to be changed. They should try to get extra income. They should take a second job. If they are married, they should have their wife work. They have to decide where they can cut their expenses so their income is more than their expenses. It is a very hard to do this when you are so deeply in debt.

    If you gamble, you are taking a risk. Gambling is not a means for making money unless you are the house. Where did the money come from that built the casinos in Las Vegas? It came for people like you and me, not too much from me, but some. Of course we all like to play the lottery and have hopes of becoming an instant millionaire. If you have a few extra bucks that you can throw away and you enjoy the excitement, the desire, and the disappointment, then have fun but donít go overboard.

    Why did I include gambling as a scam? Most of you have been in the casinos around the country and all over the word. There are lotteries in almost every state in this country. If you donít have one of the above, then I am sure you can find a bookie in your town. Almost everyone has bet on something the office pool on the World Series, basketball, football, a fight, the election, or something else. There are the poor souls among us that are addicted. They gamble every penny that they can put their hands on. They cannot stop gambling until they spend their last penny. They think that the next bet is going to be the big one. No way. They hock everything they have to gamble. I pray for these poor souls. You have a better chance of finding a buck on the streets than winning a dollar on the machines.

    I have known the above for the last 60 years. It never surfaced until a few days ago. I was in a casino and a young ladies profanity drew my attention to her. She was playing two, one-dollar slots. She continued to dig into her purse. Time and time again. Until she was broke. Her hate, frustration, and desire over-rode her common sense. Later that evening I saw her playing a nickel Keno machine with the same determination she had with the dollar-slots. From the clothes she wore I know she could not afford to gamble the nickel machine much less the dollar machines. Her depression, hate, desire to win touched my soul. I could not get it out of my mind. She is not the only one that has that problem. There are millions of people out there. Whether it is in the casinos or any other form of gambling they are trying to break the odds.

    I read an article in the local paper about a man from Michigan that had gambled his business away. Over a period of time he had made many trips to Las Vegas. After losing everything he returned to his home in Michigan and killed his pregnant wife, his three children and himself. This is a tragedy that I hope that will never happen again.

    If you can afford the sport of gambling and can control your emotions then go ahead. The casinos, bookies, loan sharks, and the credit card companies will love you.

    Chain letters:

    I have not seen or received a chain letter in years. Guess what, I just received one. In the FTC dirty dozen Chain letters are listed. I canít believe people are still trying this scam. There are many version of this scam. If you want to throw away a few dollars in hope of getting a larger sum of money and being thrown in jail, go ahead.

    If my memory is still holding out they all are illegal. Please donít fall for this scam. If it is an honest chain letter and it runs like it should, half of the world would get money and the other half would get fleeced.

    Someone that sends out hundreds of letters to people around the country starts most of these chain letters. I have no idea how they pick their suckers. They tell you to send money to the first name on the list. Then you are to copy the letter and leave out the name of the person that you sent money to and add your name to the bottom of the list.

    They tell you of the thousands of dollars others have made how soon you will get the fortune that you are looking for. If you are lucky you may get some money back. How much you will never know. The question is whom would you send the letters to, your friends, coworkers, or strangers. Would you want your friends and coworkers to lose money or get in trouble over a possibility they may make a few dollars? You will have to decide if you want to take the chance. Throw the letter in the trash and donít take the gamble. Think before you do anything foolish.

    Internet scams:

    If you have a computer you should remember, no matter where you are there are thieves trying to rip you off? Again, it you came across something that is too good to be true, be cautious. You will find scams on the Internet as you will find them anywhere else. Whether you are at your computer surfing the net or walking down the street donít do anything stupid. A scam is scam no matter where it takes place.

    There are thousands of scams on the net; just as there are scams any place else. Some of the types of scams you will run across on the net, auctions, travel, hotel accommodations, merchandise of all types, pyramids scheme, access service, credit card repair, investments, work at home, flight tickets and vouchers, and many, many more.

    I am not advising you not to use the net. I use it for many purchases and investments. Just research the company that you are doing business with. Good luck.


    We donít want to think about this scam, but our family or someone else will.

    Funeral Services:

    I am sure that we all donít want to think about our departure from this world. Eventually we all will have to say goodbye. This can be one of the most expensive occasions in our life. Make the arrangements for your own funeral so that your loved ones do not have to go through this problem. You can spend as much or as little on the services as you want. You can bargain with the Funeral Service yourself. It is no different than buying a car, a home, or anything else. There are many options you can choose from. I know that you donít want to go through this. Itís the last thing you want to think about and it is. Donít put your children through this problem.

    In some communities there is only one Funeral Service and you may not have any options. If you are stuck with one service, try the next town. They may be more accommodating. If not, you will be stuck with whatever they have to offer. In larger cities you may be able to bargain a little. Like all businesses they will try to sell you as much as they can get away with. Just remember donít be suckered into a plan that is well above your means. Donít feel bad about shopping for your last bed. I hope we all sleep well.


    The following are some of the items that I found on the Internet. They are informative and will enlighten you of other scams that are going on.


    The following was taken from the FCC web Page. I never thought that so many of us would get into these types of scams. This is a guideline for all scams! It does not have to deal with telemarketing. Remember a scam is a scam no matter how it is wrapped.



    Investment Scams:

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is offering guidelines to help protect potential investors in wireless telecommunications services from being defrauded by unscrupulous promoters. Recently there has been a surge in the number of reported cases of fraud in emerging telecommunications services such as Paging, Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR), Wireless Cable, Interactive Video and Data Services (IVDS), Personal Communications Service (PCS) and Cellular Radio Telephone (undeserved areas).


    Telecommunications is an undeniably alluring, fast-paced, multi-billion dollar industry. Combine that with brain-numbingly-complex technologies and it creates the perfect environment for scam artists. The problem for the potential investor is differentiating opportunity from opportunism.

    Separating truth from fiction in these sophisticated scams is not easy. However, the experience gained by the FTC and other agencies prosecuting these types of scams suggests some common warning signs that should alert you that the investment proposal might not be legitimate.

    Common Warning Signs

    Cold Calls & Infomercials:

    If the first contact with the telemarketer is an unsolicited call from a salesperson that you do not know - be skeptical! Another favorite tactic for luring investors is via television or radio infomercials. Donít trust a stranger!

    High Profits-Low Risk:

    Scam artists are clever liars. If the sales representative promises high profits with little or no risk, hang up the phone!



    Beware of promoters who say that it is urgent to invest now. Swindlers do not want you to have time to think things over. Some may even pressure you to promptly send your money by courier or wireless transfer. When they say "rush," you say "whoa!"


    IRA Funds:

    Many scam artists claim that their investments have been approved for use in Investment Retirement Accounts. There is no formal, government approval process for certifying the appropriateness of funds for IRA status. Donít believe them.


    Avoiding Fraud

    Be Skeptical:

    The best protection against being scammed is skepticism. Investigate thoroughly any representations from sales persons BEFORE sending any money because, if duped, you are unlikely to recover any of it. Make sure you fully understand the telemarketersí answers to your questions. Continually ask yourself whether their answers are reasonable. At the end of this pamphlet we have provided a list of contacts to assist you to check the telemarketersí answers independently.

    High Risk:

    A venture which seeks to obtain immediate, short-term profits from ownership of a FCC licensed or authorized service is a high-risk enterprise. Investors can and do lose money. In evaluating your risk tolerance, you should consider whether you could afford to lose your entire investment. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Ask Questions:

    Do not rely solely on the representations of the salesperson. Obtain advice from someone you know: friends and family, an attorney, an accountant, an investment advisor, appropriate industry trade groups, the Better Business Bureau, your state commission on corporations, your state attorney general or other business professionals. Be suspicious of representations that the investment is not subject to registration with or regulated by such federal agencies as the SEC or the FTC. If the answers donít check outódo not invest.


    Administrative Costs:

    Fraudulent telemarketers often take most of the money they solicit from consumers as commissions, promotions, management and other administrative costs. A shockingly small amount of your investment actually goes into your ownership interest.


    If the license is subject to an auction, be sure that: The auction is scheduled by the FCC; The telecommunications service in which you are interested is included in that auction; You know how your investment will be maintained pending the auction; Your venture is a "Qualified Bidder" in the auction; If the venture wins a license, there will be funds and expertise available to the venture to construct and operate the system; If the venture does not win a license, you know how much, if any, of your investment will be returned.

    License Speculation:

    Be skeptical of any representation that the venture will quickly sell the license or authorization to another company for a huge profit. Sales of systems typically involve a long and complex process. The FCC has regulations that prohibit some services from being sold until the system has been constructed and is operating.

    Construction Requirements:

    Construction of advance telecommunications systems may cost tens of thousands or even millions of dollars beyond your initial investment. Know exactly where that money is coming from. Ultimately, the responsibility to construct and operate the system falls on you the licensee. Some licenses are subject to construction deadlines; the failure to comply with these deadlines may result in the automatic cancellation of your license.

    The burden is entirely on the investor to investigate the technology, the potential of these licenses to produce revenues, and the condition of the marketplace. License holders are responsible for being familiar with Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations.

    The Commission does not approve any individual investment proposal, nor does it provide a warranty with respect to any authorization. Receiving an authorization for a license from the FCC is not a guarantee of success in the marketplace.

    For More Information:

    If you have questions about FCC auctions, call the FCCís Auction Hotline: (800) 322-1117. For more information on a particular type of FCC license, call the FCC National Call Center, 1-888-225-5322.

    Information about telemarketing investment is available from the Federal Trade Commission at (202) 326-2222, or from the Securities and Exchange Commission: (202) 942-7040. Additional information on wireless telecommunications can be found on the Federal Communications Commission World Wide Web page:

    An index of available FTC publications dealing with telecommunications investment fraud can be found at


    Enforcement and Consumer Information Division

    Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

    Federal Communications Commission

    2025 M St. N.W.

    Washington, D.C. 20554




    Senator William Proxmire and the History of the Golden Fleece Award

    (The following is from the Internet; I have no idea who wrote it.)


    Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire issued a Golden Fleece Award every month between March 1975 and December 1988. In his own words, the award singled out a "wasteful, ridiculous or ironic use of the taxpayersí money." Through the Golden Fleece Award, Senator Proxmire fought for American taxpayers by focusing public attention on budgetary waste in every department of government. A number of the programs or projects he targeted were curtailed, modified, or canceled, helping to save American taxpayers millions of dollars.

    Criteria for the Award:

    The dubious distinction of a Golden Fleece Award was not awarded to just any example of government waste in the federal budget. Instead, it was awarded to federal programs that most Americans would agree were outrageous and wasteful. For example, although Senator Proxmire believed that the MX Missile was a waste of money, he never gave a Golden Fleece Award to that program.

    More importantly, projects receiving the Golden Fleece Awards did not necessarily have high costs, but rather violated a principle of responsible government spending. Some examples include a $27,000 study to determine why inmates want to escape from prison, and a $792 designer doormat. Senator Proxmire stated in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution in 1985, "My own favorite was the study to find out whether sunfish that drink tequila are more aggressive than sunfish that drink gin,"

    Lastly, to receive a Golden Fleece Award, an example of government waste must never have received national press coverage.


    Proxmire was inspired to create the Golden Fleece Award in early 1975 as a way to galvanize public opinion against wasteful spending. In March 1975, the Senator gave his first Golden Fleece Award to the National Science Foundation for conducting an $84,000 study about why people fall in love. After that, the Golden Fleece Award became a regular news feature and favorite with the public.

    "The purpose of the award was to dramatize wasteful and extravagant spending to try to discourage it. Highlighting specific, single wasteful expenditures is more effective than simply complaining in a general way about government waste," Senator Proxmire told The Wall Street Journal in 1988.

    Golden Fleeceís Greatest Hits:

    Over the years, almost every federal agency has received a Golden Fleece Award. Some of the more memorable Golden Fleece recipients include:

    The Economic Development Administration of the Commerce Department for spending $20,000 in 1981 to construct an 800-foot limestone replica of the Great Wall of China in Bedford, Indiana. The National Endowment for the Humanities for a $25,000 grant in 1977 to study why people cheat, lie and act rudely on local Virginia tennis courts. The Office of Education for spending $219,592 in 1978 to develop a curriculum to teach college students how to watch television. The Department of the Army for spending $6,000 in 1981 to prepare a 17-page document that told the federal government how to buy a bottle of Worcestershire sauce.

    The Health Care Financing Administration for spending $45 million in 1983 by allowing Medicare to foot the bill for cutting toenails.

    The Environmental Protection Agency for spending an extra $1 million to $1.2 million in 1980 to preserve a Trenton, NJ sewer as an historical monument.

    About Senator William Proxmire:

    First brought to Congress in a special election in 1957, Senator William Proxmire, a Democrat, served 32 years for over five terms in the U.S. Senate until he retired in 1989. During that time, he chaired the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, and Joint Economic Committee, and was a subcommittee Chairman on the Senate Appropriations Committee.

    Senator Proxmire lives in Washington, D.C. In early 1998, it was announced that the Senator had Alzheimerís disease.

    The Senator was well known for his high standards of integrity, dedication, and frugality. After a ritual morning exercise of 100 push-ups and a four-mile run, the Senator brought his extraordinary energy to his work in Congress. Present for more than 10,000 roll call votes during the course of 22 and a half years, he still holds the record for the most consecutive votes in the history of the U.S. Senate. In his last two Senate campaigns of 1976 and 1982, Senator Proxmire refused to take any campaign contributions, whatever their form, and spent less than $200 out of his own pocket on each of the campaigns.

    Praise for Senator Proxmire and the Golden Fleece Award:

    In a November 1995 speech, Senator Christopher Dodd commemorated Senator Proxmireís career and 80th birthday:

    "Senator Proxmire is perhaps best remembered for his fanatical devotion to saving taxpayer dollars. He refused to travel abroad at government expense, and he returned $1 million to the Treasury over 6 years by cutting back on staff expenses. This commitment to personal thrift gave him the credibility to stand up to the waste of taxpayer money elsewhere in the government... . Golden Fleece not only makes its point about the potential dangers of ill-managed and ill-conceived government programs, but reminds us of the humor and character of this noble public servant."


    Why canít we have more of our Senators and Representatives like Senators Proxmire??????

    Federal Trade Commission:

    Every day millions of people around the world are being fleeced. Their hard-earned money is being taken away from them. Billions of dollars each day are taken away from gullible, trusting and those of us that want to get rich quick. With trillions of people on this earth that want to get rich quick are the ones that are going to get hooked by a scam artist. Please, believe me save your money and do not get dragged into the thousands of scams that are across the world. There are no boarders for a con artist. He may be the next person that you come into contact with, at your front door, through the mail, over the phone, on the bus, in the shopping center, and everywhere you may go. Be alert, they are everywhere.

    On the web site of the Federal Trade Commission ( you can find the many scams that are going on now and or have been going for a long time. I will list a few that most of you may come into contact with. For more information, go to their web site. If you do not have a computer or donít know someone that can help you visit their web site, write them a letter. Other sources for this type of information call your local Consumer Protect or Better Business Bureau.

    Watch out for the following:

    FTC Names Its Dirty Dozen:

    12 Scams Most Likely to Arrive Via Bulk Email

    Email boxes are filling up with more offers for business opportunities than any other kind of unsolicited commercial email. Thatís a problem, according to the Federal Trade Commission, because many of these offers are scams.

    In response to requests from consumers, the FTC asked email users to forward their unsolicited commercial email to the agency for an inside look at the bulk email business. FTC staff found that more often than not, bulk email offers appeared to be fraudulent, and if pursued, could have ripped-off unsuspecting consumers to the tune of billions of dollars.

    The FTC has identified the 12 scams that are most likely to arrive in consumersí email boxes.

    The "dirty dozen" are:

    1. Business opportunities

    These business opportunities make it sound easy to start a business that will bring lots of income without much work or cash outlay. The solicitations trumpet unbelievable earnings claims of $140 a day, $1,000 a day, or more, and claim that the business doesnít involve selling, meetings, or personal contact with others, or that someone else will do all the work. Many business opportunity solicitations claim to offer a way to make money in an Internet-related business. Short on details but long on promises, these messages usually offer a telephone number to call for more information. In many cases, youíll be told to leave your name and telephone number so that a salesperson can call you back with the sales pitch.

    The scam: Many of these are illegal pyramid schemes masquerading as legitimate opportunities to earn money.

    2. Bulk email

    Bulk email solicitations offer to sell you lists of email addresses, by the millions, to which you can send your own bulk solicitations. Some offer software that automates the sending of email messages to thousands or millions of recipients. Others offer the service of sending bulk email solicitations on your behalf. Some of these offers say, or imply, that you can make a lot of money using this marketing method.

    The problem: Sending bulk email violates the terms of service of most Internet service providers (ISP). If you use one of the automated email programs, your ISP may shut you down. In addition, inserting a false return address into your solicitations, as some of the automated programs allow you to do, may land you in legal hot water with the owner of the addressís domain name. Several states have laws regulating the sending of unsolicited commercial email, which you may unwittingly violate by sending bulk email. Few legitimate businesses, if any, engage in bulk email marketing for fear of offending potential customers.

    3. Chain letters

    Youíre asked to send a small amount of money ($5 to $20) to each of four or five names on a list, replace one of the names on the list with your own, and then forward the revised message via bulk email. The letter may claim that the scheme is legal or that itís been reviewed by a lawyer, or it may refer to sections of U.S. law that legitimize the scheme. Donít believe it.

    The scam: Chain lettersótraditional or high-techóare almost always illegal, and nearly all of the people who participate in them lose their money. The fact that a "product" such as a report on how to make money fast, a mailing list, or a recipe may be changing hands in the transaction does not change the legality of these schemes.

    4. Work-at-home schemes

    Envelope-stuffing solicitations promise steady income for minimal laborófor example, youíll earn $2 each time you fold a brochure and seal it in an envelope. Craft assembly work schemes often require an investment of hundreds of dollars in equipment or supplies, and many hours of your time producing goods for a company that has promised to buy them.

    The scam: Youíll pay a small fee to get started in the envelope-stuffing business. Then, youíll learn that the email sender never had real employment to offer. Instead, youíll get instructions on how to send the same envelope-stuffing ad in your own bulk emailing. If you earn any money, it will be from others who fall for the scheme youíre perpetuating. And after spending the money and putting in the time on the craft assembly work, you are likely to find promoters who refuse to pay you, claiming that your work isnít up to their "quality standards."

    5. Health and diet scams

    Pills that let you lose weight without exercising or changing your diet, herbal formulas that liquefy your fat cells so that they are absorbed by your body, and cures for impotence and hair loss are among the scams flooding email boxes.

    The scam: These gimmicks donít work. The fact is that successful weight loss requires a reduction in calories and an increase in physical activity. Beware of case histories from "cured" consumers claiming amazing results; testimonials from "famous" medical experts youíve never heard of; claims that the product is available from only one source or for a limited time; and ads that use phrases like "scientific breakthrough," "miraculous cure," "exclusive product," "secret formula," and "ancient ingredient."

    6. Effortless income

    The trendiest get-rich-quick schemes offer unlimited profits exchanging money on world currency markets; newsletters describing a variety of easy-money opportunities; the perfect sales letter, and the secret to making $4,000 in one day.

    The scam: If these systems worked, wouldnít everyone be using them? The thought of easy money may be appealing, but success generally requires hard work.

    7. Free goods

    Some email messages offer valuable goodsófor example, computers, other electronic items, and long-distance phone cardsófor free. You are asked to pay a fee to join a club, and then told that to earn the offered goods; you have to bring in a certain number of participants. Youíre paying for the right to earn income by recruiting other participants, but your payoff is in goods, not money.

    The scam: Most of these messages are covering up pyramid schemes, operations that inevitably collapse. Almost all of the payoffs go to the promoters and little or none to consumers who pay to participate.

    8. Investment opportunities

    Investment schemes promise outrageously high rates of return with no risk. One version seeks investors to help form an offshore bank. Others are vague about the nature of the investment, stressing the rates of return. Many are Ponzi schemes, in which early investors are paid off with money contributed by later investors. This makes the early investors believe that the system actually works, and encourages them to invest even more.

    Promoters of fraudulent investments often operate a particular scam for a short time, quickly spend the money they take in, and then close down before they can be detected. Often, they reopen under another name, selling another investment scam. In their sales pitch, theyíll say that they have high-level financial connections; that theyíre privy to inside information; that theyíll guarantee the investment, or that theyíll buy back the investment after a certain time. To close the deal, they often serve up phony statistics, misrepresent the significance of a current event, or stress the unique quality of their offeringóanything to deter you from verifying their story.

    The scam: Ponzi schemes eventually collapse because there isnít enough money coming in to continue simulating earnings. Other schemes are a good investment for the promoters, but not for the participants.

    9.Cable descrambler kits

    For a small sum of money, you can buy a kit to assemble a cable descrambler that supposedly allows you to receive cable television transmissions without paying any subscription fee.

    The scam: The device that you build probably wonít work. Most of the cable TV systems in the U.S. use technology that these devices canít crack. Whatís more, even if it worked, stealing service from a cable television company is illegal.

    10. Guaranteed loans or credit, on easy terms

    Some email messages offer home-equity loans that donít require equity in your home, as well as solicitations for guaranteed, unsecured credit cards, regardless of your credit history. Usually, these are said to be offered by offshore banks. Sometimes they are combined with pyramid schemes, which offer you an opportunity to make money by attracting new participants to the scheme.

    The scams: The home equity loans turn out to be useless lists of lenders who will turn you down if you donít meet their qualifications. The promised credit cards never come through, and the pyramid moneymaking schemes always collapse.

    11. Credit repair

    Credit repair scams offer to erase accurate negative information from your credit file so you can qualify for a credit card, auto loan, home mortgage, or a job.

    The scam: The scam artists who promote these services canít deliver. Only time, a deliberate effort, and a personal debt repayment plan will improve your credit. The companies that advertise credit repair services appeal to consumers with poor credit histories. Not only canít they provide you with a clean credit record, but they also may be encouraging you to violate federal law. If you follow their advice by lying on a loan or credit application, misrepresenting your Social Security number, or getting an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service under false pretenses, you will be committing fraud.

    12. Vacation prize promotions

    Electronic certificates:

    You receive an electronic certificate congratulating you. You have won a fabulous vacation for a very attractive price is one among the many scams arriving in your email. Some say you have been "specially selected" for this opportunity.

    The scam: Most unsolicited commercial email goes to thousands or millions of recipients at a time. Often, the cruise ship youíre booked on may look more like a tugboat. The hotel accommodations likely are shabby, and you may be required to pay more for an upgrade. Scheduling the vacation at the time you want it also may require an additional fee.


    For Release: October 31, 2000

    Law Enforcers Target "Top 10" Online Scams;

    Internet Auction Fraud

    Internet Service Provider Scams

    Internet Web Site Design/Promotions - Web Cramming

    Internet Information and Adult Services - Credit Card Cramming

    Multi-level Marketing/Pyramid Scams

    Business Opportunities and Work-At-Home Scams

    Investment Schemes and Get-Rich-Quick Scams

    Travel/Vacation Fraud

    Telephone/Pay-Per-Call Solicitation Frauds (including modem dialers and videotext)

    Health Care Frauds


    I have written about some of the above. I am trying to finish the book. Every day that passes new scams pop up. Be careful.


    Web sites that list scams and advice:

  Trade Commission Fraud information canter Business Bureau Securities and Exchange Commission Web of the Public Debt online Bureau Investor Scam


    There are many web sites that list scams. If I listed all of them I would never finish. I have told you about the ones that I think you may come across and I hope that you never get hooked.



    I hope you have enjoyed reading "My Two Cents" and it will give you a little insight on what is going on in this world of ours. Again I hope I didnít offend anyone or step on their toes. Good Luck and God Bless everyone on this planet we call earth.


    Book By Willy

    Written and Published


    William W. Wynne


    Copyright © 2001

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    William W. Wynne

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       My Demise






       My Miserable Life





    President William Jefferson Clinton

    Books By Willy


    By Willy


     There are many people that I want to thank for contributing to this book. I will not list their names in fear that I may leave some of them out. I do not want to offend them by not mentioning their names. I will only list them in general terms.

               I want to thank the Republicans, the Talk Show Hosts, their Guests, the Religious Bigots, the OIC and anyone else that showed their overwhelming HATE for President and Mrs. Clinton. If there had been any compassion and understanding in the Republican side of our government I would not be enjoying myself in the final years of my life. I would be someplace in this world letting my mind vegetate and my fingers would be lumped with Arthritis. My lovely wife would not have to read all the crap that comes out of my feeble mind.

              Thanks to those that have contributed to the attempt to Overthrow the President of the United States. I want to thank all the Senator and House members that never replied to the questions that I addressed in my email to all of you. There was one exception, and I wish I hadnít lost her email. She respected my thoughts, but she disagreed with my opinion. This is not saying much for the people we elected to work for us.

              Most of all I want to thank the Florida Secretary of State, and United Supreme Court that disenfranchised more than half of the voters in the United States. They say every vote should be counted. Their decision will be appealed to a much higher court. There Justice will be served.

              I know there will be many of you out there that will disagree with me. This is MY TWO CENT  and you are welcomed to put in yours.





    When I read the above, chills ran through my body and tears flowed from my eyes. You can almost feel the deep-seated desire for freedom and justice in the words our forefathers wrote.

    Have we let them down?

              Everyone has said their piece about the impeachment of President Clinton. I am going to put in My Two Cents. The last eight years has torn this country down the middle. I must express my opinion before I leave this world. We all must pull together and make this world and our country a heaven on this ball that is floating around in the universe. If the hate that has persisted continues our children and grandchildren will live in a quagmire in hell. With the help of my Foxy wife I hope to quell some of the hate that is flooding all of our souls. Maybe we all can work together we can save our world.

    The political unrest in this country is slowly destroying our country. Greed has stuck it ugly head into the hearts and souls of the majority of the people on this earth. The overpowering lust for political power is turning the citizens against our Government.

    I started writing this book after the Republicans and their friends started depriving the public of a President that we elected. They have been and they are still doing everything to destroy President Clinton and his family. The hypocrites, bigots, liars and the puppets of the Republican Party have not let up. The Republicans expect us to embrace George W. Bush as our next President. How can we embrace a President that stole the Presidency of United States with the help of a partisan United States Supreme Court? If there were a sprinkling of bipartisan votes in the House Judiciary Committee when they tried to impeach President Clinton I would not have written this book. It was obvious that Ken Starr and the Republicans did everything in their power for 6 years to destroy the President of the United States, his family and his friends. They have not let up; they want to prosecute President Clinton after he leaves office. This period of our government has put a scare on our country that will not heal for generations to come. Just look at what has happening in Kosovo? This century has had enough dictatorial types on this planet. If this HATE prevails in the Unites States it wonít be long before we will destroy what our forefather have given us. We must all stop hating each other and work together. The Republican and Democratic parties have this country split down the middle. There is no JUSTICE in this country. There is only PARTISAN politics. 

    President Clinton if by chance you pick up this book, I admire you for staying in office with all of the BS that has been thrown at you. I donít know how you could have ran the country and lived under the crap the Republican and the so-called religious leaders have thrown at you and Mrs. Clinton.

    Mrs. Clinton I wrote an email to you almost a year before you were elected to the United States Senate. I wished you well in your endeavor and sent you a picture of yourself that I copied from the White House Home Page and wrote under your picture, ďSENATOR HILLARY RODHAM CLINTONĒ. Congratulation, I had hopes that just by chance you would see the email and it would inspire you to keep fighting as you and the President have been doing over the past 8 years. God Bless You Both!

    I have 4 years of postgraduate study in profanity at the expense of the Federal Government. I would be using my postgraduate studies but my Foxy little wife told me to tone down my language. I was pure and protected from all the evil of the world until World II came along and our government threatened to induct me into the Army. Like a jerk, I joined the USMC. I do not regret joining the Marines. I learned a lot about life in those four years. The one thing that I abhorred about our Government, they let the tobacco industry use the Marine Corps as an addiction center for the young men of my generation. Not only did they introduce tobacco to my generation; our government forced it on us. They distributed and collected the money for the tobacco industry. This was a gross violation of our human rights. We had no choice whether we wanted the cigarettes or not. And we had to pay for the damn cigarettes. As far as the profanity goes, the unedited edition of this book was full of it. It expressed my (I want say HATE) true displeasure for the way the Clintonís enemies treated President and Mrs. Clinton. It didnít take long to remove the profanity. The word processor removed the profanity in a microsecond. If the bigots by mistake had started reading the unedited version book they would have dropped dead of a heart attack. I did not want to be the instrument of their death. With the pressure of my wife I omitted 99% of the (no, no) words

    When will the BS stop?

    I think we all have heard it in one form or the other. May there be Liberty and Justice for us all! When are we going to get Justice for all of us? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The distance between the haves and have-nots is getting greater every day. Due to this, the crime rate will grow and grow. Half the population will be locked up, a quarter of the population will be guarding them, and the remainder will be footing the bill. The Big Money of this world is stealing the resources and enslaving the people of this world.

    Just recently I read a letter to the editor from someone that was displeased with our nation as much as I am. It was a reply to a young lady who said that if you vote for Al Gore the people will not be able to fulfill the ďAmerican dreamĒ, if you vote for George W. Bush, people would be able to fulfill the ďAmerican dream.Ē

    In his reply to this young lady, he said, ďThe American dream is a crock and that only a select few have the opportunities to fulfill their dreams. The rest are held down by the many institutions that exist in this country to keep our classes intact. Letís face it: It doesnít matter if you vote for Al Gore or George Bush because neither one of these puppets will do anything to benefit the majority of the people in this country. Letís quit using all the political mumblo jumbo about the dreams and realize that our country is run by the rich, white people who want to continue to run the country. Donít vote for Al or George if you want something to change around here. Vote for someone else if you want to see a change, big or small, get active in the things you believe in!"

    I am sure there are many other people in this nation that have the same thoughts as this gentleman. There are many troubled souls in this world. At the moment I wrote the above, all hell is breaking loose in the Middle East. An American ship was blown up, Israeli soldiers were killed by a mob, and the Israelis were blasting away at the Palestinians. The thing that really disturbed me was the pleasure and joy the Palestinian mob displayed after they had killed the Israeli soldiers. How can so many people get pleasure by killing someone? May God have mercy on their souls. I had not thought of the following for many years until I started writing this book and when I saw the Palestinians mob in a frenzy of HATE for the Jews. These memories resurfaced again.

    This world is filled with HATE. Everywhere you look there is HATE. There is HATE in every family. If they donít HATE each other, they HATE someone else. HATE has been around since the beginning of time. Billions of people have been murdered because of HATE. There has been HATE in every society, from the most primitive to the most civilized society.

    My first encounter with HATE was when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I attended a political rally in the Deep South. A very popular white racist United State Senator was campaigning. In those days if anyone that was in the public eye came to town, everyone in town would attend. On this occasion only the whites attended.  Every seat in the football stadium was filled. The football field and every square inch around the stadium were packed with angry people. I was too small to see over the heads of the adults. The public address system was overwhelming. I heard words of hate that I had never heard before. The Senatorís speech was filled with HATE for the Black people. There were Blacks living just across the railroad tracks from the football stadium and definitely in hearing distance of the stadium. As loud as the public address system was, there was no question the Blacks in the neighborhood heard every word. The Senator had the Whites so worked up with HATE that my body was soaked with FEAR. I thought that I was going to be trampled in the HATE frenzy. I felt ashamed of myself because I was White. I felt I had to have the same HATE that was in the souls of all the people that were around me. I felt they knew that I did not share the HATE they had. I didnít yell or scream as everyone else did. I felt ashamed for being at the rally. Fortunately, there was no riot and as far as I know no one was hurt or injured. The Senator fanned the HATE in the minds of the Whites and fear in the minds of the Blackís.

    Many times in my life I felt the FEAR that must have racked the bodies and souls of the Blackís that listened to the HATE the Senator bellowed. Just imagine that you are sitting in your home less than 100 feet from a 1000 or more raving idiots that are filled will racial HATE and you are the one they HATE. What kind of memories would this leave in your mind?

    The days following the rally as I walked through the Black neighborhood to and from school I though the Black would seek revenge and take it out on me. FEAR and shame cloaked my body as I passed their homes with my eyes looking down and silently asking them to forgive those men and me for the HATE they had in their souls.

    I had many Black friendsí young and old. You could not segregate the Blacks and the Whites. Their lives intermingled extensively. This incident like many things in my life drifted to the back shelf of my brain. In the last eight years I have seen so much HATE, the FRUSTRATION has aggravated me immensely. The mob of Republicans that were flown from Washington D.C. to disrupt the counting of the ballots in Florida also reminded me of the above incident.  The Republican said that they were just protesting. I as well as many others saw it differently. They were a mob of paid raving maniacs.  They were far from a group of peaceful demonstrators.  They were paid by the Republican Party to create disturbances across the State of Florida. Why didnít the police protect the voting station from this mob? Were the police told to lay off?  The Republican Party has made a mockery of our nation. The Republican Party imported ex-cabinet members, Senators, Governors from other states, Representatives, and God only knows whom else to spread propaganda and prevent the recount. 

    The people that disturbed me the most are the Religious BIGOTS. These religious leaders have many followers. These men are breading HATE in their flocks. Many times I have seen the deep-seated HATE flowing from their faces when they appear on the talk shows. And, they are still showing their hate for the Clintons.

    The impeachment hearing in the House of Representatives was another HATE frenzy that curdled my soul. There are a number of media talk show hosts and their guest that have generated the intense HATE for the Clintonís and they still are. The news media fanned HATE during election 2000. The anger shown in the faces of the people that represented both political parties disturbed me. They all lost their self-control; they reminded me of a pack of hyenas fighting over a kill.

    I can understand why animals and sharks go into a feeding frenzy. They have to survive. But, why do humans have to go through these hate frenzies? Are these people descendants of jackals, hyenas, vultures, or sharks? Do they still possess the genes of these creatures? I think these genes are still deeply implanted in the souls of many human.

              With all the new technology in genetic research, maybe someday hate can be eliminated from the human genetic makeup. Just think about this. Wouldnít it be a wonderful world if there was no hate, jealousy, greed, fear, just peace and serenity to all mankind? I hope God is listening.

    The politics of this country has reached the filth of the sewer. The political parties, the news media, and half the nations are all wallowing in the same sewer. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Lying under oath, who hasnít lied in their life? Every human on this earth has lied or will lie before they die. What would you have done if you were in President Clintonís predicament? Donít lie to yourself. You would have done the same, lie, lie, and continue to lie. The holy than thou bigots that condemned and publicly crucified the President should read the bible and practice what they preach. Pray for the President, not condemn him to hell. I wonder what these bigots will think about when they are in their last minutes of life of this earth. You better pray that God will forgive you for your hypocritical ways on this planet. 

    There have been many things in my life that have bothered me. The special prosecutor investigating the President and his friends has bristled the little hair I have. All my life, I have watched the political parties sling mud at each other. This time they have gone too far. The money that the Office of the Independent Prosecutor (OIC) and its gang spent to tell the nation at the impeachment hearing that there wasnít enough evidence to prosecute President Clinton is a mockery to justice. To put someone under this type of pressure for 6 years and come up with a consensual sexual affair that had nothing to do with the any of the items they were investigating and use this to impeach President Clinton is ludicrous. The OIC did not come up with the consensual sexual affair until a revengeful woman that was kicked out of the White House gave the OIC on a silver platter some illegal recorded tapes of the affair. The Independent Council (IC) intern gave the information to a business associate to entrap President Clinton. If Monica and Linda had kept their mouths shut the (OIC) would still be trying to dig up some dirt to justify their existence on this earth.

    Do you remember how the Republicans and all the others wanted to destroy the President for lying? Of course you do. How old do you think a person has to be when they can tell when someone is lying? I was visiting my Sonís family. My Grandson was playing with his toys on the floor. His parents and my wife were having a conversation at the other end of the room. I was reading a magazine on the couch near my Grandson. The TV was on and there was a station break; the announcer repeated a comment that one of the Republicans made about the impeachment hearings. Who it was, I do not know. He mentioned that the President was lying. My Grandson replied, ďThey all are lying.Ē

    Everyone looked at him. My son asked, ďWhat did you say?Ē

    My Grandson said, ďI think they are all are lying,Ē and continued playing with his toys. I went over and asked my Son if they had been discussing the impeachment with him.

    My son said, ďNo, we have never discussed the impeachment with him or in front of him.Ē

    He was only six years old. I would have loved to been able to read his mind. What does it take to know when someone is lying? Sometimes it doesnít take very much. You can see the subtle look on their faces, the rolling of their eyes, the tightening of their lips; they look out into space trying to think of an answer, perspiration starts pooping out of their face. Some have lied all their life about everything. You will never be able to tell when they are lying or telling the truth.

    I am retired and have plenty of time on my hands. The impeachment hearings and the TV talk shows have emotionally pumped me up to a point that I must say what is on my mind.

    I must express    M! MY TWO CENTS:

    You may agree with me or not. That is your prerogative. This is my viewpoint and what I feel about our country. You may write about your feeling and many will. Many books have already been published since I started writing.

    It you feel this book will corrupt your morals, close the book now, return it to the store where you bought it, ask for your money back and wonder what the hell was in the book. Go back and buy it again. Read it and maybe you will understand the way a lot of us free souls feel about our countryís political and business environment. It may be the best in the world, but it needs a lot of improvement.


    Note: If you want to spend many hours learning more about the wasted millions our country spent probing into the personal life of our President, go on the Internet. You will find out how wasteful this witch-hunt was. I downloaded thousands of pages so I could read them at my leisure. You can also listen to the conversation of Monica and Linda Tripp. You can watch and listen to the President when he was question by Paulaís Attorney. I have said it before and I will say it again. What type of society are we living in when our government spends millions of dollars on smearing one of its citizens? I cannot imagine the living hell the President, his friends, his associates, and all the other citizens went through. The emotional stress that they went through must have been devastating. Many of us would have committed suicide. Unfortunately one young man could not take the pressure that (OIC) had generated. I blame the OIC and the Republicans that pushed him to his death.

    I think that the people that enjoyed watching the agony the President and his friends went through are mentally disturbed. They remind me of the spectators that watched the Gladiators kill one another. What disturbed me most of all was the vocal religious leaders that gloated and showed their lust for hate in their faces when they were on television. The Republicans and the television talk show host and guests had the same hate in their faces. What is this world coming to?  

    If you are a Republican and do not have an open mind, I suggest that you close this book. I am sure you will go out of your mind before you get to the end.


    If you read it and get mad at me, donít blame me, I have warned you.

    When did it all start? 

    In a small town in Arkansas, there was a young boy that wanted to become the President of the United State. He had hopes and dreams like all of us. He climbed and reached the pentacles of his life. I didnít believe he would make it, but with the grace of God and a few voters that wanted a change, William Jefferson Clinton became the President of the United States of America. I do not think he ever dreamed of the hell he would be going through.

    We all have dreamed of the day that we achieve success, be admired, and liked by (almost) everyone. I think we all want to have a very important position in this world of ours. Some of us reach our pinnacles of life and others do not. Some of us will beg, borrow, or steal to get the top. Some of us are just plain lucky. There are others that are blessed with a brilliant brain and determination. There are those that lie, cheat, and prey on all of us. And there are those that sell their souls to the highest bidder. They are puppets of the very wealthy and the huge conglomerates. You do not have to be smart or have the best intentions for the people of the country to become the President of the United States. All you have to be is an obedient puppet, and jump through the hoop when your strings are pulled. If you were planning to run for a political office, which way would you choose to become successful or how did you become successful? Donít lie to yourself. Does your conscience bother you? I will let you dwell on that.

    We have the best government money can buy. Not really, the rich have the best government that money can buy for them. Do you know that only about 5% of the population of this country have most of the money and control the people and the government? I thought our forefatherís got rid of the Monarchy type of government. The type of government didnít change, only the name was changed to ďThe Rich and PoorĒ.

    We all know what the news media has reported to the whole world. We all have our own opinions of what is the truth and what is not. Do you express your true feeling of what you believe is the truth? Or, do you express what your party affiliations or what others want you to express. If you are expressing yourself as your party or as others want you to, you are a slave to a Good Old Boys Club (GOB). You are lying to yourself, doesnít this prey on your soul. Donít you have sleepless nights? Donít you feel ashamed of what others can force you to do? I would, it would burn my soul if I had to cower to the commands of others.

    There are people among us that can do the most heinous crimes to humanity and never be bothered by it. If I swat a pesky fly or mosquito, it bothers me. I feel guilty. Oh yes, I have had times in my life that I wanted something terrible to happen to someone for something they had done. I have regretted it when I cooled down and wished I had never felt that way. Hate will destroy you. Hate is the cancer of the soul. So be it, we are all different.

    Go get the enemy!

    The Republican leaders were outraged that a country boy from Arkansas had done the impossible. President Clintonís enemies conspired to overthrow the duly elected President of the U.S.A. The Presidentís enemies through their persistence managed to have a Special Prosecutor assigned to look into the Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, Mrs. Clinton, their friends and God only knows who else.

    The independent counsel statues gives person dictatorial powers with no time limit and no cap on the amount of money they can spend.

     It became a vendetta between the Republicans and the Democrats. This is sick, sick, sick. Again this is our modern day gladiatorsí kill or be killed. Look what went on in Florida. Politics has become the most sickening occupation in our society.

    The Republican Party and the vicious right wing idiots have been smearing President Clinton since he started his first campaign to become the President. The Republicans didnít give President Clinton a chance to prove his true ability. They started slinging the mud before he could warm up the seat in the oval office. I am sure he had enemies long before this vendetta started.

    The President follies:

    Letís look back a few years. Jennifer Flowers was having a relationship with a married man. Why? Why does any woman have a relationship with a man that is a married? I am not a woman, so I cannot tell you what was on her mind. Only Jennifer knows the real reason. Everyone and including me can guess. Every guess could be right. There may be a dozen reasons why a woman or man would try to steal someone elseís mate. If they do, they should pay the penalty for trying to destroy another personís relationship and life. What was the reason Jennifer made the relationship public and at that particular time? We can all guess what her reason was. Do you know? Was it fame and fortune?

              In May 1994 Paula brought charges against the President. She had kept it a secret for a number of years. If the encounter was that devastating, why did she wait so long before she made it public?  Did it take that long for the Republican to find someone to point a finger at President Clinton?

    If you have followed the news you know that once someone starts a new campaign against President Clinton everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  Paula had a slew of them. They saw how much attention Paula had drawn and they tried to get as close to Paula as they could. If they succeeded they would be in the spot light also. There was a long line of envious souls under the guise of wanting to help a poor young lady that was fighting the world all by herself. They flocked around her like a horde of knights to defend this young lady. There were lawyers by the carload, religious groups, and last but not least the news media. They all tried to lead the parade.

    At the end, the lawyers fought over the money. After the parade was over, Paula received only a hundred and fifty thousand or so. That is not very much money for sticking her neck out for six or seven years. The lawyers get the lions share of the settlement. If my memory is correct well over five hundred thousand.

    Paula had an offer that she couldnít resist. Penthouse magazine wanted her to tell all and show all and she did. The vultures that jumped on her bandwagon did everything to cover their asses and abandon ship. They all thought that Paula had betrayed them. They denounced Paula in self-serving declarations and condemned her for her actions.

    If you are curious about all the back stabbing that went on in the back rooms of Paulaís camp go on the Internet, it is all there for you to read. I am sure they must be a lot more that never got on the net.

    Paula again I donít know who is telling the truth. I feel sorry for you. If you are telling the truth you were shafted from both sides. Your so-called friends that abandoned you are self-serving leaches. You canít change what has happen to you. Paula, you know now that there is only one person in this world that is going to give a damn about you, and that is Paula Jones. All of your so-called friends are all going to evaporate in thin air. They will leave you like a spent cigarette butt.  God bless you.

     Who encouraged you Paula to file the law suit?  Judge Wright at the end, we all saw what ended the law suit, Money. At the beginning Paula did not have anyone helping her. The Republicans and their friends joined Paula to destroy our duly elected President. With the aid of the Rutherford Institute Paulaís suite dragged the President through the muck and mire of the legal system of this country

    How can a Judge convict anyone under these circumstances?  If Paula was in the room with Clinton, only Paula Jones and President Clinton know for sure what happened. What made Judge Wright rule in favor of President Clinton? Then what made the Judge Wright change her mind? Was it the consensual affair between Monica and President? Judge Wright allowed Paula Jones lawyers to entrap the President with evidence that were obtained through illegal means. The encounter with Monica had nothing to do with the complaints in the Paula Jonesís case, which had happen almost ten years earlier.  Was the pressure from a political party or was there any justification for her decision.

    Paula was it worth all of the trouble? You let those vultures use you to tarnish another human being. The money you received is pocket money for the vultures that pushed you into the spotlight. If it is money you really want, you could make millions telling the story about the Good Old Boys that used you. Go ahead; if you told the truth about those that pushed you for six long years, you would make millions. You could say anything that may come to your head and no one could prove you were lying or telling the truth. Of course there would be lawsuits and who would go to your defense. The leaches that abandoned you would never come close to you again.

    Paula, donít you know the hell that you put the Clintons through. Doesnít this bother you?  May God be with you and let the part of your live fade from your memories.

    How can the Clintonís enemies live with themselves? How can they sleep at night? Who are these revenge-seeking individuals that spent millions pushing Paula to destroy the President? They paraded her around to discredit the President. No way in hell could Paula afford that expense? Was the Republican Party involved in sponsoring Mrs. Jones? I wouldnít put it passed them. Remember Nixonís little slush fund. It is so easy to pass money under the table. If you havenít had enough of this, as I said before, go on the Internet.

    Why do Republicans hate President Clinton? The most obvious reason, William Jefferson Clinton won two elections in spite of all the BS and HS the Republicans could throw at him. Letís face it; we are all human. We all have our faults. Many of us do foolish things in our life. If we get caught, we will regret it. We will do everything in our power to prevent anyone from knowing about our personal little secret. If you say you would not lie to cover up an embarrassing situation, I think you are a liar and a damn fool. Most of the people that I have spoken to have said they would lie to hide an inappropriate situation. I wonder how those vicious religious leaders that slaughtered the President on the TV talk shows sleep at night. I could not live with myself. I think you know whom I am talking about; you are constantly seeing them on TV.

    The Republicans have made their bed. The Republicans and the future Republicans will have to sleep in it. When are the Democrats and the other poor old souls in this country going to forget about it? It will take many years. In reference to the President and Monica, the Republicans are asking what are you going to say to your children. I am going to say, ďDo not vote for the Republicans.Ē  I am not affiliated with any political party, nor do I plan to join any. At my age, I may see two more Presidential Elections. I usually vote for the individual that I think will best serve our country, but from now on I am going to vote a straight Democratic ticket. By chance, there may be a Republican out there that is a human being. I didnít see one Republican during Election 2000 that I could look up to, not even George W. Bush.

    Someone out there will want to hang me by my ďyou know whatĒ in the oval office. You may like me or hate me, just buy this book. I want the money. Money is the root of evil. I want to be evil during a little of my life!

    What is Justice?

    Many years ago I worked as a Soda Jerk. I may still be a jerk. There will be many in this world that will think I am a Jerk. Let me get back to what I started to say.

     At work I tried to please everyone regardless of how disgusting the customers were. I would never give them a reason to justify being the jackasses as they were. My attitude would drive these creeps crazy. The other customers would stare down the pissed off customer. Most of the time he or she would know they were wrong and I was doing my best to please them. Eventually they would apologize for their behavior. They usually left me a larger tip than usual. The larger tips were part of my incentive for me to please all the irritated customers.

    One of the regular customers about 70 years old would come in and take his regular seat next to the magazine rack, order a cup of coffee or if it was warm day, a glass of ice tea. He was a cheap old coot about my present age. He never gave me a tip. But I was nice to the old coot anyway. He would read the magazines and never buy any.

    One day he was sitting in his favorite seat reading the magazines as usual. Another customer came in and from the way he reacted, I knew he was pissed about something. He asked for a soda. I took a glass, put some ice in it, and started to add the soda. The glass was half full with ice and the customer yelled at me that he wanted a bottle of soda. This attracted the attention of everyone in the store. I told him that we didnít have bottled soda. He said, ďGive me that damn thing.Ē

    I gave him the soda and then he told me that it had too much ice in it. I took the soda back and he snapped at me, ďWhat are you doing with my soda.Ē

    I told him that I was giving him another one with less ice in it. He told me to hurry up that he didnít have all day. When I gave him the other soda with less ice, he told me the soda was not cold enough. I took the soda, poured it into a larger glass, and added more ice and returned the soda to the customer.

    He was really getting mad and said, ďWhat are you going to do charge me for a larger soda?Ē

    I told him no, that I would not charge him for a large soda. The color of his face was turning a bright red. I knew he was about to explode. By this time everyone in the store was staring at him. I wondered what he was going to complain about next. He looked around and saw everyone looking at him. This customer was a real jackass. I bent over backward to please the SOB. I never gave him a reason to be the jackass that he was. I didnít get mad or talked back to him. The old man at the magazine rack was watching me handling the jackass.

    In frustration and embarrassment the customer reached for his wallet and fumbled around for a small bill. The smallest bill that he had was a ten spot. He slammed the bill on the counter and walked out the door and he left his soda on the counter. As he walked out the door, I called to him to give him his change. He waved a hand in disgust and kept walking. I never saw the man again and never found out why he was pissed.

    After the man left the old coot returned the magazine that he was reading to the magazine rack and came over to me. He smiled and shook his head. He was surprised at how calm I was during the encounter. He told me he wished that he could have been that calm during his life. He told me that he would have blown a gasket if he were in my shoes. (At the present time of my life I would have jumped all over his ass).

     As time passed the old coot became a friend of mine. I found out that he had been a judge for many years. We talked about different cases that he presided over. From the few years that I knew him, and what he told me about the law, I thought I knew what law and justice was really all about. I was proud to be an American Citizen. We were in the middle of WWII and I was willing to give my life to protect our government. The woman standing with the balance scale with her eyes open and the scale was level was what I thought justice was all about. I have noticed over the years that many of these ladies have blindfolds over their eyes and the scale is tilted to the extreme. Justice in this world is nothing like what I thought it was. It is the complete opposite. In many cases we have partisan political justice. If you donít belong to the party that is in power you will not get justice. 

    Over the years the pictures that he painted of justice has faded away. Or, the laws we have today are not the laws that we had 60 years ago. On the other hand, I may have been naive, and the laws have never changed. I have seen many flaws and injustices in the laws over the years and it has totally disillusioned me. Maybe I am asking for too much and expecting too much from the legal systems in this country.

     The outlandish fees that lawyers receive are disgusting. Two examples the enormous fees that the lawyers received from the tobacco industries and the Holocaust cases, of course many of the victims did not receive anything!!!!  Our system of justice is probably the best in the world and we all will have to live with it, whether we like it or not.

    From my memories of the talks with the old Judge, the one thing that stands out in my mind more than any other, if you are accused of crime and are never tried or convicted in a court of law then you are not guilty. You must be caught, tried, and convicted of a crime for it to be illegal. I donít know how true it is; you are innocent until you are proven guilty in a court of law. We are too quick to accuse and convict someone without giving the accused the right of a trial and be convicted or proven innocent by an impartial jury. Were some of United States Supreme Court Justices jumping into a case that they had not given enough though to? Why did they stop the hand count? Only five chose to stop the hand count. They deprived the majority of the voting public of their wishes. Why? Did politics have anything to do in their decision?

    Why do the prosecutors have to convict someone before they are tried? Just watch the papers. They publish the feelings of the prosecutors and the government officials before the trial is started. They create public hate frenzies against the accused and the accused cannot get an impartial jury. The rush for justice has put many innocent people in jail without a fair trial. Very recently, I have read about hundreds of cases that have been overturned. Modern science has proved that the convicted person could not have committed the crime. At the last count DNA tests have released sixty six innocent people that were convicted for a crime they did not commit. How many poor souls are still in jail for crimes they did not commit? Going over many of the transcript the investigators have found that the cases should have never gone to trial. There wasnít any evidence showing that the convicted man was connected to the crime. After many years the cases were reviewed and the men were set free. The people that sent these innocent men to jail would not admit that they had made a mistake. How can they live with themselves, knowing that they had sent an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life or to be executed so that they could hold on to their job? How many imbeciles of this type are out there and are still sending innocent people to jail. Donít get me wrong; I want justice for the victims. Never rush for justice and send an innocent person to prison or to death. There is too much pressure for quick resolutions for a crime. I would rather see ten guilty people go free than see one innocent person go to prison. 

    Kenneth Starr:

    Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate; for six years Kenneth Starrís and his Storm Troopers interrogated, intimidated, and threatened many honest citizens. What was his motive? If he brought down the President of the United States would he be in line for a seat on the United Supreme Court? What they did was to discredit, humiliate, and did everything to overthrow the President of the United States. The Republican leaders relentlessly preyed on the President, his wife Hillary, and their friends. This has been a partisan smear campaign from the very beginning and is still going on. Since they couldnít get the President on one thing, they tried another. I feel the Republicans and the Holy than thou religious leaders are the biggest hypocrites I have seen in my life.

    They had nothing on the President until Linda Tripp made an illegal tape recording of a fellow Pentagon employee. Isnít this a federal crime? The tapes could have had top-secret information on them. Why did Linda give the tapes to Ken Starr? How do we know that Linda is not a mole for some foreign country? She was taping a conversation of a person that had inside information of what was going on inside the White House. You can say that there wasnít any top-secret information recorded. How do we know? Who would know? Mr. Starr I think you should have investigated that possibility rather than advising her to continue taping the phone calls and turning them over to Paula Jones lawyers. Why did you tell her to turn the tapes over to Paula Jones lawyers? Is your conscious still bothering you? Do you have a conscious? Werenít you an associate of Paula Jonesí lawyer? Didnít both of you work for the same firm?

    What in the world was Linda Tripp going to do with the tapes? We all have heard her tell her story. Do you believe her? Is she lying? Who in the hell knows? I would not have taken the tapes to a literary agent if I thought that my life was in danger. What kind of protection could a literary agent give Linda? If I were looking for protection, I would have gone to the police, FBI, or the Attorney General for protection. Did she have hopes of writing a book relating to the information she had on the tapes? Did her desire of fame and fortune outweigh her integrity? If I had the tapes and I had sold my soul to the devil I would have gone to a literary agent.

    Was the literary agent afraid to get involved with the illegal tapes? Only the agent knows her true motive in telling Linda to give the tapes to Mr. Starr. What was her motive?

    There is no question of the motive of Mr. Starr. He had spent six years and millions of dollars trying to overthrow the President of the United States. If he were a truly independent counsel would he have taken the steps that he did? What was his motive to participate in entrapping the President in a consensual sexual affair? Isnít this a conflict of interest? Mr. Starr did you step over the line when you got involved in the Paula Jones case? What was your motive in telling Linda Tripp to give the tapes to Paulaís attorneys? Mr. Starr would an honest religious individual do what you did and set a scandal into action? I would not have done what you did. I am sure that many others would not have advised Linda Tripp to turn the tapes over to Paulaís attorneys.  It doesnít take a lifetime of studying the Bible to know what honesty, integrity and justice is all about. I can assume that you knew that any man would lie about an inappropriate sexual conduct, especially the President of the United States. Mr. Starr wouldnít you lie to hide an indiscretion you may have had? Didnít you know it would be a setup?  Mr. Starr, isnít there a secret that you wouldnít tell another soul on this earth? I am sorry, but due to the conduct of the OIC I have lost all of my respect for our countries justice system. There are no words in anyone vocabulary that would express my immense displeasure in the conduct of the OIC, and the Republican House and Senate members viciousness in their attack on the duly elected Government of the United States of America.

    We all know that the President knew that he was being setup by the Paula Jones Lawyers. From the question they asked him and how they asked them. I canít blame him for being evasive.

    Have you read the 81 questions the House Judiciary committee sent to President Clinton? All of the questions begin with ďDo you admit or denyĒ.

    It you havenít read the 81 questions, below is a sample of the type of questions the House managers sent to the President.

      1.                 Q: Do you admit or deny that on 2600 hours, February 31, 1990 you took your comb out of your pocket and combed your hair 47Ĺ times opened your mouth and brushed your teeth with your right forefinger 25 times and did not wash your hands when you left the restroom?

       A: The records indicate that the President denied all of the above.   There is only 24 hours in a day. February has the maximum of 29 day. I donít own a comb, I donít have any hair or teeth and I always wash my hands before I leave a restroom.

    There are 81 questions that were intended to deliberately entrap President Clinton. How would you like it if the Federal Government financed a never-ending vendetta to remove you from your place of employment, fine you an outlandish amount and possible lock you up for a undetermined time? I would LIE, LIE AND CONTINUES TO LIE.

    Monica: Who is She?

    If you watched the talk shows everyone has their own opinion of Monica. I have my own opinion of who she is. She is a female human being. She is one of Godís creatures. There are trillions of female humans in this world. They all have their own personal characteristics. There are as many types as there are female on this planet we call earth. There are no two alike, even if they are twins. We are all individuals, even though many of us may have almost identical characteristics.

    How many women in this world would do everything that Monica had done if they had the same opportunity? I think there are millions of women of all age groups that would do anything to take the place of the First Lady, but they may not admit it in public. I believe there are many women in this world that would openly admit they would do anything to have been in Monica shoes. There are millions of young ladies that look at Monica as a Role Model. You donít believe me? Just look around, Linda Tripp also has her followers.

    I donít think anyone will know the real story about the relationships between the President and Monica, Paula, Jennifer, Juanita and Kathleen. At the present, any women in this country can accuse the President of anything. There would be millions of self-serving idiots that would jump on the bandwagon to rip him apart if they felt they could get away with it.

    The only relationships that he has admitted to are with Jennifer and Monica. We all know that what he did was inappropriate and his conduct was not expected of the President. What business is it of yours or mine? How many past Presidents or high government officials have had lovers that were not their wives? I would like to give sodium pentathlon or a lie detector test to all the members of both the House and the Senate. Larry Flint really shook up the House and Senate. I could see them trying to cover their Asses.

    I think that you all have had enough of Monica. Everything that had happened between Monica and the President has been taped, filmed, told in every shape and form.

     I think I know the answers to the questions I am going to ask Monica. But, I will ask them anyway. Monica, you knew that the President was married, why oh, why did you show your ass to the President? What kind of individual are you? Are you stupid? Do you want to have a sexual activity with every man you come in contact with? Was this an ego trip you were on? Do you get your jollies out of destroying marriages? Why did you tell Linda Tripp about your relationship with the President? Were you bragging? When he wanted to break it off, why didnít you take the hint that it was all over? I canít blame him for calling you a stalker, if he did. You let your desires override your common sense. How could you let yourself become obsessed with destroying another person? Couldnít you see what you were doing? I wanted to tell the world what I really think about you. I will not. It would not serve any purpose.

    Monica you gave the media across this country and the world the opportunity to make trillions of dollars. For your sake, I hope you made enough money to clear your conscience.

    Monica, I feel sorry for what you had to go through. I hope that you will learn from your mistakes. You cannot go through life destroying other men and women for your own desires. Please control your behavior from now on. I believe that you have an emotional problem. Please try to get some help and take their advice. You are a grown woman. Please try to control your actions in the future. I pray that your future is a very happy one and you will find someone that will bring a loving and lasting relationship into your life.

    Monica I have read your book. I was bored through most of the book. You knew what you were getting yourself into from the start. This was the second time that you have screwed up a marriage. I will not condemn or condone your actions. Why didnít you take the hint when they kicked you out of the White House? How stupid could you be to think that the President would leave his wife for you? Wishful thinking I guess. I am sorry, but you have an ego problem that needs a lot of help. I read that you told your close friends about the affair. How stupid can you be? Your family should have dragged your ass out of DC and put you in a monastery in Tibet. You let your ego destroy many lives. You gave Ken Starr and his mob more garbage than he could dig up about the President in 6 years. How naive can you be?

    How in hell do you think you could keep an affair with the President a secret when you are telling everyone you knew? Of all places in the White House, the employees of the White House have eyes. Did you think they were blind and stupid? I assure you that they knew everything that went on between you and the President. When they kicked you out of the White House, this alone should have been enough to tell you that everyone knew what was going on. I could go on for hours blasting you. Your Mother, Aunt and your friends that you blabbed to should have hog-tied you and dragged your ass down Pennsylvania Ave.

    Monica you are still young. Everyone says that you are a bright young lady. Your actions almost got the President kicked out of office. You have made history. It will be there till the end of time. You have the opportunity to turn your life around. I pray that you can be remembered for something other than the Bimbo that seduced the President of the United States.

    I think that your book was self-serving. As the book reveals, you thought of no one except Monica. You dragged the President, Betty Curry, your family, friends, the nation, and countless others that you donít know through hell. I feel sorry for you and everyone else that was harassed by the OIC. Please learn something from this episode of your young life.

    The House of Representatives Impeachment Hearings:

    All the scholars that testified in the hearing could not agree on what was an impeachable crime. These are individuals that have spent all their lives studying the constitution. How was congress going to determine what is impeachable? Last but not least, how are you and I going to know what is impeachable? How are we going to assess the impeachment? We will have to look into our own soul and ask God to help us to determine what is the correct answer to this dilemma. Our Representatives and Senators did not follow the RULES OF LAW when they shoved the impeachment down the throats the citizens. When there is no clear cut RULES OF LAW that covers impeachment, what or who gave them the right to impeach the President???? I believe Mr. Starr and the Republican House Judiciary Committee made up their own RULES OF LAW

              This was not a hearing. It was a platform to over throw the President of the United States. The members of the Republican Party did not listen to the witnessís. The hearing was like most of the TV Talk Shows. Everyone was talking over everyone else. The Congressman would ask the witness a question, when the witness started to answer the question, the congressman would ask them another question before the witness could answer them their time would run out. Mr. Hyde had set a five-minute time limit for questioning. Mr. Hyde why, and/or who set the time limit for the questioning for FIVE-MINUTES. The public did not want that type of Christmas present. Nor did the public want this frivolous attempt to overthrow the President.

              I call this hearing a GOB Club Kangaroo Court, the House of Liars. They talked about honor, the law, (what law) betrayal, and disgrace of the office of the President of the U.S.A. He lied to all of America and the world. Show me a man or a women that has said they havenít lied. I will show you a liar. Donít give me that BS about being under oath. All of the Senators and the Representatives have taken an oath when they took office. Yet they all have followed the Party line not the law.

     Who was writing the script for the House of Representative Judicial Committee? The Republicans were all singing the same song. Even during election 2000 they all were repeating the same propaganda. Canít the Republicans think for themselves? Donít they have a mind of their own? Have they all been brainwashed? 

    The President has not been proven under the law that he has lied under oath or obstructed justice. Yet all the Republicans have convicting the President with their words. Is this Justice? All of you should keep your mouths shut until he has been proven guilty in a court of law. In a regular court of law, what would a judge do to a juror if they reacted the same way the House members reacted? He or she would have been locked up or kicked off of the jury.

              Donít be a hypocrite, what about JUSTICE. THIS WHOLE THING WAS RIGGED FROM THE BEGINNING. This scam has been about power hungry idiots trying to over-throw the elected government. There should be a class action suit agent the Republican GOB Club for the billions of dollars that has cost the public. The House and Senate came to a screeching halt. They stopped working for this country. This has and will cost our country trillions of dollars. How will the historians calculate the real cost to the world? How will GAO calculate the governments lost? This is money out of your pocket. It is not the cost that was accumulated in 1998 on the Lewinsky problem. Nor, the $40 Million Mr. Starr accumulated or the $52 Million when they OIC decided to call it quits. It is the cost to the economy of the world. If the Republicans should have worked with President, the world would be a better place to live in than it is today.

    The Republicans were hell bent on overthrowing a duly elected Government of the U.S.A. and disrupting the business of the people. Shouldnít this be called treason or perpetuating anarchy?

    The raw power that OIC had is equivalent to dictatorial power. If you didnít tell OIC the answers they wanted they had the power to lock your ass up. Mr. Starr, if you are as honest as you wish everyone to believe, please forgive me. Only you really know how honest you are. If you are not, I will pray for your soul.

     No one in this country ever gets to the level in society that Mr. Starr is in without partisan politics being involved. The prestige of our country and the ability of the President to run the country have been damaged severely. There could be a foreign country bank rolling the whole affair. And, the Republicans loved it. Did you look at the faces of the Republicans when they spoke on television? The anger and hate was project across the nation. Are these the people that you elected and want to run our government? I donít want anyone that possesses that mush hate holding any position in our government.

    Mr. Starr, you said that the President lied and all the testimony in your report was the truth. How did you accomplish this miracle? How do we know that you are not lying? Why did you get bent out of shape when someone questioned your integrity? Why did you have such a happy gloating smile on your face every morning when you met the reporters? You never personally question anyone or were you present when the witnesses were questioned, how do you know they were telling the truth? It was your responsibility to keep your investigators in line. Were they telling the truth? I donít think you had control of any of them. As long as they could come up with some dirt on the President, whether it was the truth or not, I believe you gave them the freedom to do anything in any way they chose. What type of justice does a common citizen have when the government can put on a witch-hunt like the one they put our President through? Look at what the independent prosecutor put Secretary Espy through. Secretary Espy went through four years of agony. The $19,000,000 spent to exasperate a few citizens that had done nothing but support or belong to the Democratic Party. The OIC witch-hunter put his whole family through hell for a number of years.

              If Linda wasnít in the picture, there would not have been an impeachment hearing. Judge Wright letting the Paula Jones trial go forward is as much to blame as anyone. She could have postponed the trial until the President was out of office. She should have let them fight it out on even terms. Donít destroy our country. Judge Wright allowed ONE individual to smear and aid in attempt to overthrow our ELECTED GOVERNMENT. She took Paulaís word over that of the President. We still donít know who told the truth. We know Paula was groomed by a group of Clinton haters. I have seen too many hypocritical idiots in my life. Was Paula Jones paid by someone to incriminate the President? Who financed Paula Jones?

              In the news recently Paula Jones was posing for Penthouse Magazine. Judge Wright, you reversed your decision after Linda Tripp exposed the consensual relationship of the President and Monica. Donít you think you should consider reversing your decision again? Was Paula Jones the sweet innocent little girl that she implied she was? Does the Republican Party have their hook in you?

              This whole process has brought bitterness to our government. How can you and I stop a majority political party from overthrowing our government? You see what happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City bombing, how could this type of action be quelled when the congress we elected is ripping us apart. God give us all strength.

              The Republican counsel and the House Republicans controlled the Judiciary Committee that tried to impeach the President. Most of them are lawyers. I pity this country and the citizens that have to go to court for some reason and face this type of prosecutors. Just pray that the prosecutor does not belong to the opposite political party. If he does, your ass is surely in trouble.

    As I have said before, if the House members had not voted along party lines, I would not be writing this book. Their vote tore me apart. It was the most outrageous miscarriage of justice that I have ever seen. To have justice, I thought that the jury had to be impartial. They had to listen to the facts of the case and vote to convict only if the facts are beyond a reasonable doubt. How in hell did the Republicans see the facts one way and the Democrats saw the facts completely opposite? This is when my mind was blown apart. There is no way I can express my feeling about both political parties. AND, THEY CALL THIS JUSTICE?


    I went on an email campaign writing to all the House and Senate members. It didnít do any good. The vote in the Senate was still along party lines. When we thought it was all over, another woman came out of the woodworks after 20 years. What motive did she have? The media had a field day for a day or two then it petered out. This was sickening. Then the Clinton administration was blamed for leaking of nuclear secrets to China. Then the republicans screamed about our involvement in Kosovo. They quieted down after the Serbs left Kosovo. What are we going to have next?

    I am not going to repeat all the mudslinging that has happened over the past eight years. The Republicans are still at it! Now they are all on Hillaryís back. They have been blasting her. Show me one political official that has not taken advantage of his or her position one way or another and I will show you a Saint. I havenít seen the Pope headed for DC.

    I was baptized when I was a very young. My Mother thought if I had not been baptized and I was killed in W.W.II. I would not go to heaven. I believe that my God will look at my whole life and justice will be served in heaven even if it is not given here on earth. I may go to hell, who knows.

    These self-righteous ministers should preach the gospel of their belief, not the hate they have in their soul. God will look into their life and judge them. I will not judge them. I will say that any clergy that preaches hate should be stripped of all their religious credentials.

    The religious faiths have been fighting since the beginning of time and they still are killing one another. Why is there so much hate between faiths? I do not think MY GOD, the one that I believe in, would be prejudiced. He would not hold it against you if you worshipped him in any faith.  I am sure that God admitted those poor souls into heaven that had no faith or beliefs.  He judged them on the life that they let.

              We all are human and we all sin. The President is human just like all of us. If all the religious critics were religious they should remember. Those without sin cast the first stone. Which one of you will be the first in line? Step up those of you that are without sin and cast that stone, otherwise shut your filthy mouth. The President has asked for forgiveness. If forgiveness is not within your soul and hate dominates your soul, then you have sold your soul to the devil.

    Why do young children hide when they play with themselves? Sex is Godís given urge to keep all living things propagating. Everything on earth would eventually die if wasnít in our makeup. Read the newspapers, you will see how many religious leaders are convicted every year for sexual acts that are forbidden by the law and the church. Yet they still step over the line. Their religious training has made sex a sin. I do not condone the sexual filth that exists in the world. I believe no one should be ashamed of his or her sexual urges, whether you are young or old, male or female. We all need to reeducate the world on sexuality. If anyone has not lied about their sexual conduct, then no one has ever asked them the right question.

    In the Senate the House Manager talked about the Rule of Law, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God. Did the House Manager practice what they preached? I donít think so. They said that they were only doing their job. The President had brought this whole matter on himself. I donít think that is the truth. If the Republicans had taken the defeat of the Presidency without trying to overthrow the President, you would not have had that job and you know that is the truth.

    We all will get through this problem and I hope we all can forgive and forget. And, pray that some way this world will have peace and prosperity for all.

    As I had mentioned before, when the House decided to impeach the President, I started sending e-mail to the House and Senate members. When I received an automatic reply from them, it would burn my guts. I only receive one reply that addressed my concern. I know they must have received many letters and e-mail from all over the country. They all have staffs. I am sure there are many letters that had the same concern as mine and they should have responded with a form letter to these particular concerns. They could collect all the letters that have the same concern and answer these letters.

    I feel that there must be others out there in this country that wanted to be heard, as I wanted to be heard. So I started putting my thoughts on paper. One thing led to another. I started hunting and pecking and I am still at it.

    I feel sorry for everyone that has had the wrath of the media. The media reporters that have relied on the scandal of the President for their livelihood are all vultures. They are going to milk the President and his ladies for as long as they can. Manufactures will pay millions to advertise their products on these shows. Idiots will watch these shows and will pay millions for the wares they promoted. When and if this mess dies down, who is going to be the next poor sucker that the media vultures are going to attack?

    I feel that many millions of hypocritical jackasses have done the same thing the President did. They would be the first ones to ridicule me as they have ridiculed the President. God will punish the sinners, and the Holy hypocritical jackass that donít know how to forgive one for his sins.

     If this book every gets published, those SOB will be all over my ass. Just in case the book does get published. I will get in the first word. To all of my critics take a flying leap into the nearest john and pull the handle as you float down the drain into the sewer where you belong.

    Another thing that has pisses me off are the so-called authorities that the media has had on the talk shows. Not only are the hosts is pompous, egotistical jackasses, so are their guests. They all yell and scream at each other and you cannot hear or understand a word they are saying. What type of individual listens to these bastards? The sponsors of these programs must be making money sponsoring these idiots. They all think they are the only authority in the world on the subject that they are discussing.

    Really, who was behind the Impeachment of the president? Who has been behind the overthrow of the U.S.A. Government? Is it the tobacco GOB Club? Is it the conservative religious GOB Club? Is it the Republican GOB Club? Why did Mr. Starr wait until he appeared before the Judicial Committee before he cleared President Clinton of the charges in White Water, Travel Gate, etc.? Did he do this on his own? Who pulled his string? Does someone have Mr. Starr Hooked? If he is hooked, what GOB Club hooked him? Who is buttering his bread? Does he have to butter someone elseís bread? Question, question and more questions? I could ask hundreds of questions. I know you have a few that you want to ask. I would like to be a fly on the wall of all of these political closed-door sessions. There should be a law that would forbid any unit of the government from having a closed-door session unless the subject concerns national defense of the country. The public is paying them and we should know what they are doing behind those closed doors. One thing is for sure; they are fleecing all of us.

              This whole process has brought bitterness to our government. How can you and I stop a majority political party from overthrowing our government? You see what happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City bombing, how could this type of action be quelled when the congress we elected is ripping us apart. God give us all strength.

    The right wing religious extremist hates our President so much that there is no limit to the money they will spend to get him out of the office. Does their congregation believe the hate their ministerís are preaching? If they do, they have been brainwashed.

    How do we know the people the special prosecutors convicted were really guilty? Were they framed by overzealous investigators that wanted to justify the money they had spent? This opportunity would spring board the younger attorneys into much higher position in their field. This may lift them to the pinnacle they had been dreaming of. They could be in line to be the next president. Who knows what goes on in these over eager souls? Is it money, power or both? They will pay for their actions, whether it is here on earth or in hell.

    Mr. Starr said they were doing their job. They were doing a job on the poor souls they were investigating. If they can persecute and prosecute the President of the U.S.A., what chance in hell has the average citizen against a government finance shielded prosecutors and FBI investigators? My heart goes out for the Hubbellís, Mr. and Mrs. McDougle, Secretary Espy, the Espy family and all the other poor souls that were prosecuted, persecuted and/or harassed by those jackasses. I hope President Clinton pardons all of them.

    Where is the little lady with the balance scale? There is no more JUSTICE in this country. If you donít have money or belong to a GOB Club, you do not have a chance in hell. They all talk about justice in our country. Where is it?

    When this is all over what is the media going to do. Their rating will go down. Will they have a GOBís Club sponsor a Sally or Joe to attack someone to accuse, and sue for a crime that never happened? All of the yelling and screaming talk show guest will again tear out our hearts. They will muddy the beauty of our county. Who will be the next victim?

    Year 2000 is here and the jackasses are still on the Clintonís back. The Republicans are attacking Mrs. Clinton and Vice President Gore. When is it all going to end? NEVER, NEVER IN MY LIFETIME! No wonder Castro hates our Government.

    George W. Bush:

    George W. Bush is campaigning for the Presidency. Where are all the millions of dollars for his campaign coming from? Who is making this investment? George W. you are going to have to pay them back. They have you in their pocket with a collar around your neck. I hope it fits. What are your credentials for running this country?

    Do you think George W. Bush is going to be a good leader? From what I have heard him say, I think he is living a pipe dream. What about those years that he doesnít want to talk about? What is he hiding? He said that he had enough of it and he is not going to play that game. Are the same finger-pointers going to dig into George W. Bush personal life? Why shouldnít the media vultures continue their way of life? I will just have to wait and see what happens in the future.

    Why do they call him the execution Governor? Doesnít it bother him just a little bit for letting all those people be executed? It bothered Governor Ryan of Illinois and it also bothered me. Over fifty percent of those on death row in Illinois have been exonerated. The track record of your state is as follows: 10 were executed in the first 2 months of year 2000; 35 in 1999; 20 in 1998; 37 in 1997. I havenít heard the final tally for the years 2000. I understand the number is way up there. What make Governor Bush think that Texas Judicial System is any better than it is in Illinois? He doesnít know if it is any better, nor does anyone else. If it isnít, over 105 innocent people in Texas have been executed since 1982.

    Recently another poor soul has been put to death. I pray that he will have a better life wherever he is going than he had here on earth.

    George I have not heard a thing that would convince me to vote for you. How did your oil company investorsí feel about you running for President? I am worried about the type of world my Grandson and your children are going to have to live in.

    I feel that our countryís financial situations should not be a Role Model for all of its citizens. I think the national debt should be paid off before we get a tax cut. You will never get ahead in life if every month a large part of your salary is used to pay the interest on your credit card. That is what is happening to our country. We are strangling our country with the unpaid balance of the national debt. As long as the national debt is hanging over our heads, there is no surplus. 

    Friday August 18th, 2000:

    Independent counsel Robert Ray has empanelled a new federal grand jury to consider evidence on whether President Clinton should be indicted on criminal charges arising from the Monica Lewinsky investigation after Clinton leaves office.

    Isnít this the pits, I wonder how these men sleep at night? I pray for their souls. God what is this world coming to. The time and money they have spent to overthrow the President makes me wonder what type of Government and Society we live in. What drives these men? Are they trying to make a name for themselves? Are they paving the path for themselves to the White House? Has the Republican Party got hooks in them and they have to pay their dues? Who knows, and they want tell!

    Whitewater, do you remember when this started:

               Kenneth Starr started the investigation after $52,000,000.00 +/- Robert Ray has called off the Witch-Hunt. What a waste of Time, Money, Disruption of the Elected President, Dragging many innocent people through hell, Divided out Government, Divided the people of our country, and Countless other atrocities. The Truth is Hate, Power and Greed! If it is just Politics, I hope this type of crap will end and never show its ugly face again. Fat Chance. Hate, Power, and Greed will be with us for eternity.

    When is it going to end?

    Who are the finger pointers? Who were the ones that started the investigation of the president of the United States? Why oh why did this all happen? Is this the type of country we want to live in? For eight years President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton went through holy hell. Some will say this is just politics. If this is the way our political leaders are treated? $58 million was spent to harass and belittle our duly elected President. Just before the second term ended there were is insufficient evidence to prosecute the President and Mrs. Clinton, what a waste of time and money. It was like asking the President to walk a tight wire across the Grand Canyon and after he starts someone was continually shaking the wire. This has been the biggest fiasco in our countryís history. Does our next President have to go through the same harassment throughout his term of office? I pray for the next generations of Americans. I can see our forefathers not just turning in their graves but also trying to dig their way out.

    When will this ever stop? Enough is enough; leave the President and his family alone. Those jackasses never will. This is the type of nuts that we have in our government.

    We have the largest Good Old Boys Clubs in the world and more of them. Every small town to the largest city has GOBs Clubs. You can call them any name you want. They are out there ripping us off. Whether they are legal or not they are there to remove your hard-earned money from you. If you think I am kidding, just look around your community. I am sure you will find a few, if not a dozen or more. They may be linked to larger cells or just an independent group. I am sure you have at least the Democratic and Republican Parties. They are two you can start with, see if you can dig up a few more.

              There is no question in my mind this world would be better off today if the Republicans had taken the defeat of George Bush like men instead of children. This will show you the type of people the Republican Party is made up of. Donít say this was just politics or the Clintonís were breaking the law. It took 8 years, over $52,000,000, harassment of thousands of people, and disruption of our Federal Government.

    Election 2000:

    What do you think of our political leader? They are the ones that you elected, or going to elect. Are they worth the money we spent on them? Are they working for the people that elected them? They are required to work for all the citizens of the United States whether you voted for them are not. They donít know if you voted for them or their opponent. They are required by, those famous words, ďthe Rules of LawĒ. They have to work for everyone whether you are RICH, or POOR.

              A billion dollars was spent on the election. That is a hell of lot of money. Just imagine if that money could have been spent on the things that really count. It was wasted on the propaganda that both parties drummed into our ears. Has anyone kept an account of the promises they have made?

              When the ballots are counted in Florida and the election is so close the desire of the majority of the people depended on the accuracy of the Florida count. Thousands of the ballots were never counted, by hand or by machine. The counting machines for some unknown reason threw out these votes. This alone should have told the election officials that something was terribly wrong. There are too many ballots being kicked out by the counting machines. Florida has had the problem for a number of years and nothing was done about it or did anyone seem to care about this problem. Even though many states use the same voting machines, in my opinion the stations are crudely designed. The way the stations were designed it made it easy to manipulate the outcome of the elections. This was never addressed in the courts nor did anyone bring up the problem. What they did bring up was that the rubber in the stations had hardened and the chad from some of the voting stations had not been removed in 8 years.

              The way the stations were built made it easy for anyone, the voter, or one of the election officials to manipulate the outcome of the vote. The number of votes that were thrown out by the counting machines made me curious why these ballots were thrown out or miscounted by the counting machine. I have thought of a number of ways the stations could be altered to keep the chads form being removed from the ballot (punch card). The simples one is to squirt a little cement into the holes that the styles is inserted through and take the stylist to spread the cement between the sheets of rubber. A drop of super glue would bond the split in the rubber so when the stylist was inserted to remove the chad it would only put a dimple on the chad. A more sophisticated way would be to insert a sheet of .0010Ē shim stock with holes located in the same locations of the chads. If they wanted to prevent a vote from being cast, a hole in the shim stock would be omitted in that location. When the voters tried to register a vote on that particle slot only a dimpled chad (pregnant chad) would be registered on the ballot.

              Something could be inserted into the slot where the ballot is inserted so that the ballot would not align with the location of the chads. None of the chads would be removed or they may become a ďswinging doorĒ, a chad that is only partially removed. More than likely none of the above ballots would be counted and would be ejected by the counting machine. If these ballots were never looked at, how would anyone know that someone was altering the voting stations? It is obvious that for the past years everyone has thought that the world is made up of angles. With the deep-seated desire of POWER, MONEY, AND GREED anything and everything is possible. This election especially is no exception. From the money and ambitions of thousands, I would bet that in every precinct throughout the country, there was someone that manipulated or wanted to alter the election.

              If the Republicans were so sure that they had won the election fair and square, what was the reason that they fought the hand counting of the ballots that had been thrown out by the counting machine?

    Every Republican that spoke on television kept saying that every ballot had been counted. The number of ballots was counted, but the votes on the ballots were not counted. Not only in Florida, but all across the country many ballots were thrown out by these machines for one reason or the other. Why werenít those ballots looked at?

    If the number of ballots that were thrown out by the machine was more than the number of votes the candidate won by, these ballots should be counted by hand to see what was the intention of all of the voters. I believe that all ballots that are thrown out by the ballot counter should be examined. Particular when there are thousands of ballots rejected.

    There was mishandling of the ballots in other counties by the Republican election officials. The lawyers for the Republican are saying that the election officials did not do anything improper. Shouldnít the rules of law apply in those cases?

    The court battles are over. The Election 2000 is over. George W. Bush won the election without all of the questionable ballots in Florida being manually counted, and later on the ballots will be counted. If Al Gore gets more votes than George W., it will be a travesty. Our country is already the laughing stock of the world and what are the people in the third world thinking of DEMOCRACY. There is no Democracy in this country when a political party can buy an election.

              During Election 2000 everyone was expressing his or her opinions about every topic related to the campaign. They all are mentioning the ďAMERICAN PEOPLEĒ. Who are these American People? They must be referring to People that I donít know. You have seen them telling the world what the American People want, think, believe, like, dislike, and what they are going to do. I guess I am not included in this group of American People that they are talking about. None of their remarks reflect what I want, think, believe, like, dislike, and what I am going to do! Why donít they identify whom they are referring to?

              The poles and predictions were spread across the country. They swung from one end of the spectrum to the other. In many cases they all were wrong. Do we have to live with this type of crap for the rest of our life? We know that the Florida Sectary of State slammed the door shut on the Democrats. The Florida Supreme Court gave the contested counties an impossible task. Judge Sauls ordered all the ballots in question hauled to Tallahassee. This burned up the time for appeal and he ruled against the recount. The case went back to the Florida Supreme Court. They ruled that the recount should continue. Bushís lawyers appealed to the United Supreme Court. Five of the Justices slammed the door on Gore in record time.

    In my opinion someone screwed around with the voting stations so if someone voted for Vice President Gore the chad would not be pushed out of the ballot. Since there is only one way a dimple or a pregnant chad could be made, something solid had to be behind the chad to prevent the chad from being pushed out. If enough pressure was induced to produce a dimple and the chad did not come off of the ballot something had to be holding the chad in place. The law of physics for every action there is a reaction. With the amount of pressure that it takes to produce a dimple, the chad should have popped off of the ballot.

              Another way to prevent the chads from being removed from the ballot is to shorten the styles. If the styles had been shorted enough so that when it was inserted into the hole it bottomed out before it penetrated the ballot, the styles would only dimple the ballot or there would be a mark at all. If I had the opportunity to examine a voting station, I am sure that I could come up with a dozen ways to prevent votes from being reregistered. There wasnít any comment made that the voting stations could have been tampered with, why?

              You have heard the Republican scream about the count, recount, and recount. The intent of the voter, the arguments are along party lines, the resident of Florida are the ones that should decide who they voted for, not the Republican or Democratic parties or the courts.

              The Republicans have done everything to stall and prevent the count of the undercounted ballots. Why? I think the Republican knew that if there were a count of the undercounted ballots Governor Bush would lose the elections. The Republicans have done everything possible to prevent the undercounted ballots from being counted. Again Why? Did they know that the ballots, the voting stations or by some other mean the election was compromised by over zealous partisan individuals? What has bothered me, with the fever of the partisan voters, they would do anything to prevent the opponentís votes from being counted. There are numerous ways to prevent the chads from being pushed out. The voting stations had not been serviced in the eight years they have been in service. The punched out chads had not been removed from the voting stations. The chads could have clogged up the voting stations and impeded the removal of the chads.

    Have you ever used a hole-punch? They clog up frequently. The residue from the punching has to be removed periodically. 


    All of the ballots are in.

    They have been counted, recounted, partially recounted, and guessed at. The lawyers have argued, debated, insinuated, delayed, and stalled the counting of the ballots that were kicked out by the ballot counter. The politicians have accused, yelled, intimidate and lied along party lines. The judges have listened, questioned, demanded, decided and fallen asleep during the hearings. The talk show host and their guest have fanned the fire between the parties, shouted their opinions, and sounded like a bunch of egotistical maniacs. The voters are demanding a recount, donít want a recount, have been cheated of their vote, and protested the action of the legal system.

              Time is running out for a complete recount of the votes that have been kicked out by the counting machine. The Republicans have pulled every legal tactics to stop the recount. The Florida Supreme Court did not give the Democrats enough time to recount all the ballots. The Democratic were shafted by the Florida Secretary of State; the Circuit Courts shafted the Democrats; the Florida Supreme Court short change the Democrats; the Republican Partisan United States Supreme Court Shafted the Democrats, and then at the end United States Supreme Court ran over Al Gore with a steam roller.

              This was a delay tactics designed, and manufactured by the Republican Partisan Judicial system. The only thing Vice President Gore wanted was a fair shake; just count all of the votes.

              With the help of the partisan Judges the counting of all of the ballots were denied and by default George W. Bush stole the Presidency. I pray for us all. The devils have taken over. 

              George W. Bush has asked us to forgive and forget. I find it very difficult to do what he asked. He is the one that filed the suit in the United States Supreme Court. I believe the United State Supreme Court should never have interfered with the election in Florida. The count would have gone forward and we all would have known who won the election. When the ballots are counted and it is discovered that Al Gore won the election the Supreme Court will be known to have contributed to the thief of the Presidency. How will we look at our highest court? Will we think justice has been served? Will we respect the decisions of the court in the future? Will we look up or down on the highest court? I have lost all respect for the courts. They all are corrupted with the stain of political partisanship.

              The constitution should be changed so that all elections should be and are decided by the votes, not the States and not the Courts. The voterís votes should decide the outcome of the election. Every vote should be put under a microscope and a no-partisan committee should decide the intent of the voter. Too many votes were never counted across this country. There is always the threat of fraud and mishandling of the ballots.

              I am afraid from what I have seen over the last 10 years or so; I cannot believe you can change the partisan attitude of the Republicans. It would be like changing a tiger into a lamb. I will keep an open mind and my eyes open; only time will tell. God bless all of the poor souls in our country. The Republicans are now in POWER!

    Jeb Bush, where was he?

              During the election 2000 Jeb Bush could not be found. Was he behind the scene controlling the action of the Florida Legislature, Secretary of State Katherine Harris and insuring that his brother robbed the 25 electoral votes? 

              After the Republicans appointed Justices in the United State Supreme Court gave George W. the Presidency Jeb came out of the underground and was going to reforms the voting system in Florida. Why in hell didnít he come out of hiding when they had the problem with the voting system? You know the answers as well as I do. He knew the problem that existed with the voting system in Florida. They had just as many undercounts in 1998 as they had in 2000 and they said that this was not unusual. I think this was very unusual. I do not believe that thousands of voters went to vote only for local candidates. If Jeb had the rights of the voters in mind he would have came out of hiding and demanded a recount. Especially if his brother George W. was only a few hundred votes from winning the 25 electoral votes, I am sure that Katherine Harris, Jeb, George Senior and Barbara Bush would be counting votes.

    Florida Republican State Legislators:

              The Florida Republican Legislators were going to steal the 25 electoral votes from the people of Florida by holding a special session to elect another 25 electors that would have to swear to vote for George W. Bush regardless whether the voters wanted Al Gore or George W. What type of Legislators do they have in Florida? If the Legislators represent the honesty and character of the people in Florida, I wonder what I should expect of the local precinct supervisors? We saw what happened in some of the precincts.

    The Florida Court Judges:

              Florida Judge Nikki Clark handled the Seminole County lawsuit, and Judge Terry Lewis the Martin County lawsuit, they both ruled against the Democrats to throw out 25000 absentee ballots. There were irregularities in the applications for absentee ballots requested; the judgesí felt that these irregularities did not reflect any irregularities in the ballots themselves.

    Circuit Court Judge N. Sanders Sauls said in reading his ruling from the bench. ďIn this case, there is no credible statistical evidence that the results of the election would have been changed.Ē Judge Sauls said. ďIn conclusion, the court finds the plaintiffs have failed to carry the requisite burden of proof,Ē

     Sauls also said that differences in the standards used by elections officials in the counties where hand recounts were conducted could place Floridaís vote totals in ďlegal jeopardyĒ if they were included. Goreís team appeals the Florida Supreme Court.      

               Attorney Boies said, ďOur position from the beginning is consistent with Florida law, the ballots were the best evidence.Ē

     ďUnfortunately this ruling comes with the judge not having looked at a single one of those ballots. ... One of the points we will make on appeal is that ... in an election contest you canít resolve that contest without actually looking at the ballots.Ē 

    ďThey won. We lost. Weíre appealing.Ē

    As you know the U.S. Supreme Court sent the case back to the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gore and the recount started by was never finished. The United States Supreme ruled 5-4 to stopped counting of the ballots which gave George W. Bush the election

    The rush for justice by the United States Supreme Court disillusioned me in the justice system of this country. I donít think the Supreme Court has ever made a decision on any case this quickly. How did they come up with a decision so quickly?

    The right to have their vote counted!

              The Republicans were screaming that all of the Military votes should be counted regardless if their ballots meet all the requirements of the election laws. If the Republican insists that all the Military ballots be counter what about all the veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the Bosnia conflict. Also consider the citizens that have made this country the most powerful country in the world. Do not forget the Senior that canít see, hear, or has other physical impairments. This country is for all the citizens not just one group. Why should the Military be exempted from the rules and laws that everyone else in this country has to live up to?

    The ballot counting machines:

              These machines have been around as far back as I can remember. They were the predecessors of the present day computers. Why did IBM sell the rights these voting machines? Newer equipment that is more efficient and a lot more accurate has been designed. Do you have an old printer or coping machine? Have you noticed that more than one sheet of paper has been ejected out of the machine? These machines will do the same thing more than one ballot can go through the counter at the same time and both ballots may be kicked out even if they both are good ballots. Have you mailed a letter to someone in your own hometown and when they received the letter there is a postmark from a city on the other side of the country? How did it get this postmark? A similar type of scanner reads the zip code or bar code on the letter. If another letter is behind the one that is scanned, both letters will go to the same area unless someone notices the error. 


    What is a surplus?

    Surplus: Being more than or in excess of what is needed or required:

    George W. Bush says that our Country has a surplus. How can anyone say the United States has a SURPLUS when the National Debt is hanging over our heads? We are TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT. If you have a mortgage on your home, paying off the loan for a vehicle, and your five credit cards that have reached their limits, then your boss gives a $5.00 a week raise. Pop goes out and buys an extra 6 pack of beer. You donít have a SURPLUS and neither does our country have a SURPLUS. This is the financial situation our country is in today. With the grace of God and a few frugal individuals maybe our children will be out of debt.

    Until you have paid off all of your debts, meet all of your daily expenses, if anything is left over then you have a SURPLUS. I donít want anyone like George W. Bush and his advisers managing my finances.

    George W. Bush plan for Social Security:

              Where in hell have you been George? Have you been hiding out in your ivory tower? Climb off of your pedestal and mingle a while with 95% of the people that are citizens of the country that you want to lead. Who in hell came up with your Social Security plan? Donít you know that 95% of the citizens donít have the money to invest in the stock market or any other bright-eyed scheme you have? They canít pay off their credit cards much less have money to invest. The 95% donít make enough money to invest and they spend every cent they get their hands on. If you let these people manage the few buck that the government is going to give them. In the next 30 or 40 years this country will have 95% of the retires still trying to make ends meet or be on welfare. Thank God there are a few of us that know the facts of life as it really is.

    70 1/2 Mandatory distributions of IRAís:

              If the government is considering changing or manipulating our retirement accounts. If they really want to do something for the seniors, they should eliminate the 70 1/2 mandatory distributions of our IRA accounts. When one gets to this age the unexpected always happens. This is the time when the Seniors need the money to pay for the enormous medical bills. It isnít cheap to stay alive. George W. if you want to give us a tax break, this is one you should consider.

    Bush wants to let the young manage their Social Security:

    George W. Bush plans to let young people invest and manage part of their social security. The majority of the young families in their 30s and 40s need every cent that they can get their hands on. I am afraid that very little of the money will ever get into a retirement plan. At the rate of inflation, the cost of living, and the uncertainty of the stock market when they get ready to retire they will not be able to. They will not have enough funds to carry them through their retirement years. They will have to continue to work for the rest of their life.

    With hopes the government will never implement this type of scam. Most of the people in this country spend every cent they can get their fingers on. The young think they are always going to be young and continue to be in good health. They are going to have big surprises when they reach their fifties and sixties. I am not going to go into the details of what happens when you get to that age, it is bad enough just thinking about it.

    I have put in MY TWO CENTS, I think I said enough:

    I am sorry if I offend anyone. I am not a lawyer, nor do I know what is considered a deformation of character. I am expressing my God given feelings and my right to express them. There are millions in this country that feel the same as I do.  Under the constitution, it gives me the right of freedom of speech. I believe I have a right to express my opinion as well as anyone else.

    My S...T List

    There are a number of people in this country that I categorically dislike. The sight of their faces on TV makes me sick. They sound of their voices gives me the same feeling as squeaking chalk on a blackboard. I cannot understand how these individual can process so much HATRED in their souls. They must have extremely troubled minds. Who know what lurks in their feeble brains. I pray for them for they know not what they do!



    Table of Contents

     Have we let them down?. _Toc506018310 \h 1

    When did it all start: PAGEREF _Toc506018311 \h 6

    Go get the enemy! PAGEREF _Toc506018312 \h 7

    The President follies: PAGEREF _Toc506018313 \h 8

    What is Justice?. PAGEREF _Toc506018314 \h 10

    Kenneth Starr: PAGEREF _Toc506018315 \h 12

    Monica: Who is She?. PAGEREF _Toc506018316 \h 14

    The House of Representatives Impeachment Hearings: PAGEREF _Toc506018317 \h 16

    George W. Bush: PAGEREF _Toc506018318 \h 21

    Friday August 18th, 2000: PAGEREF _Toc506018319 \h 22

    When is it going to end?. PAGEREF _Toc506018320 \h 22

    Election 2000: PAGEREF _Toc506018321 \h 23

    Jeb Bush, where was he?. PAGEREF _Toc506018322 \h 27

    Florida Republican State Legislators: PAGEREF _Toc506018323 \h 27

    The Florida Court Judges: PAGEREF _Toc506018324 \h 28

    The right to have their vote counted! PAGEREF _Toc506018325 \h 28

    The ballot counting machines: PAGEREF _Toc506018326 \h 28

    What is a surplus?. PAGEREF _Toc506018327 \h 29

    George W. Bush plan for Social Security: PAGEREF _Toc506018328 \h 29

    70 1/2  Mandatory distribution of IRAís: PAGEREF _Toc506018329 \h 29

    Bush want to let the young manage their Social Security: PAGEREF _Toc506018330 \h 30

    I have put in MY TWO CENTS, I think I said enough: PAGEREF _Toc506018331 \h 30


    I hope you have enjoyed reading "My Two Cents"  Good Luck and God Bless everyone on this planet we call earth.

    Written and Published


    William W. Wynne

    Copyright © 2001




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    Sally and Peg

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    Sally and Peg

    By Willy


    Where is Dustville? Itís the last place anyone wanted to be during the early seventies. Dustville is a nickname of a town that was founded by a carpetbagger after the Civil War. Tom Duster had taken over a beautiful mansion after the Yankee soldiers killed the Rebel owners. Tom Duster named the town Duster Ville. One way or another he stole all the land around Duster Ville. One night a group of men that had owned the land that Tom had stolen, decided to take back their land. They lynched poor Tom in his favorite shade tree in front of his home. After a few decades, the few remaining members of the Duster Clan that survived the lynching reclaimed their heritage. After all the Dusters passed away, a good-for-nothing bastard named Billy Thompson inherited the Duster Farm. The inheritance was questionable. Billy Thompson is now in his late forties. For some unknown reason everyone calls him Old Man Thompson. Maybe everyone thinks he is old because he had lost all of his front teeth before he was thirty and he carried his store bought teeth in his shirt pocket.

    All the streets and roads are paved with dirt and gravel. When automobiles invaded Duster Ville, the people christened the town Dustville. The cars would leave a dust trail that never seemed to go away. They looked like the vapor trails from planes, except they were brown. The dust particles seamed to hang in the air for hours.

    If Tom Duster were still living, he would be proud of his little namesake. Thieves were still running Duster Ville.

    A few months back this poverty stricken little dusty town was a thriving little community. It wasnít Beverly Hills, no way close to it. But with the grace of God and credit cards, the residents of Dustville survived. There was a modern parts factory that provided replacement parts for most of the automobile industry. Everyone in the town, except for a few, worked at the townís only large employer until a large conglomerate bought it out and shut it down. Why would anyone in their right mind shut down a profit making enterprise? You guessed it, to eliminate the competition and money, money, money. This small company was cutting into the profits of the conglomerate.

    Dustville had a few prejudice and self-righteous bigots that went to church every Sunday Morning in their fancy duds with their noses in the air. They already had control of the community yet Monday through Saturday they schemed to bleed the last drop of blood from the remaining residences and enslave them. They had been conniving and stealing from the community for many years. The leaders of this Good Old Boyís Club was the local Sheriff, Simon Pinket and of course Old Man Thompson. Simon was a fat loud-mouthed jackass, and a cold-blooded killer. Both of them would kill you without blinking an eye. They and a few or their friends controlled the town and the economy. The Sheriffís little GOBís group had about 10 active members. They had been stuffing the ballot boxes for years. Through threats and intimidation they prevented the minorities from registering to vote. They pulled every trick in the book to make sure that the Good Old Boys were elected to the town and county offices.

    In the summer of 1972 in this remote poverty stricken little town lived a young girl name Pamela Harrison. Like most of the teenagers in the town, there was nothing to do but roam the dusty streets of a ghost town.

    Pamís parents and most of the other parents in the community had worked at the parts plant. The wages at the plant were at the minimum wage. Most of the employees had no other skills other than the ones they had learned at the plant and they lived from paycheck to paycheck. Most, if not all of them, were in debt up to their necks and had no savings. The closing of the plant made Dustville a social disaster. This destroyed what little family life that remained in the community. The divorce rate had tripled. When the kids were at school or at work the parents packed up their meager belongs and hit the road. Many of the couples did not have the money to go through divorce proceedings. They simply walked away from each other, and went their own way, leaving their children to fend for themselves. It seemed that no one cared what happened to the children of Dustville.

    One afternoon Pamís father packed everything that was of any value, loaded it into their only car, and drove away. The following day Pamís Mother under the pretense of looking for Pamís father packed her meager belongings and anything that she thought had any value and stuffed it into her suitcases and left town. Pam had just turned fourteen. She was left in an empty house with no food, no money, and no one to turn to. Pamís world had been turned upside down. Until this time she had never experienced the real world. Nor, knew what went on in the world outside of Dustville. Of course they had TV, but that was another world, a fantasy world, not the world that she lived in. In her young life she never dreamed that she would venture outside the county line.

    There were no federal or state social services in Dustville. The federal and state governments were blaming each other for this manmade disaster. Both were dragging their feet hoping the other division of the government would set up some type of relief for the community. FEMA was not going to help out. It was not a natural disaster. There was no flood, tornado, or hurricane, why should they waste their budget on this worthless God forsaken little town. There were no wealthy beachfront homes destroyed. The state excuse was the federal government had allowed this disaster to happen and they should foot the bill. Did I say it was a ghost town? Well it was. There were so many empty houses; you could not give them away. HUD, the banks, and all the other lending institutions that mortgage these homes were stuck with them. Of course, Dustvilleís political party had stolen the townís funds and there werenít any local social services. The local Sheriff and his political cronies had been stealing the town blind for years. This Good Old Boyís club was an offshoot of the carpetbaggers and had been controlling and robbing the community since the Civil War.

    Pam had been alone for almost a month. Her Mother didnít leave her any money and what little food that was left in the house was almost gone. Pam roamed the streets everyday in her best hand-me-down faded print dress and worn out sneakers looking for a job. Pam was beautiful, with long blonde hair, a happy smile and extraordinary beautiful blue eyes. Like many mornings she stopped in the only restaurant that was still open. Pam asked the owner, Sammy, if an opening had come up, as usual with a sad look in his eyes he shook his head and he told her no. He could not afford to hire anyone. He was in the same predicament that everyone else in town was in. The crowds that were coming in for their meals had all left town or they were eating at home and could not afford to go out for meals. Sammy knew the plight of the kids and did what he could for them.

    Sammy told Pam to take a seat at the counter, and he would fix her a nice breakfast. At the counter was a young man two years older than Pam. He was very good-looking young lad with jet-black hair and a pleasant smile. His name was Tommy Henderson. Tom looked over at Pam and smiled. Pam quickly looked away and blushed. Pam took the seat furthest away from the Tom. She was embarrassed. Pam felt ashamed for the way she looked. Her Mother had taken her best clothes and shoes with her. Her Mother had left Pam with only the things that should have been thrown out months ago. Tom had been left in the same predicament as Pam. Fortunately his parents didnít take his cloths. Pam had seen him at school and she had a crush on Tom. He had given Pam and her girl friend a ride in his car a few months back. Pam didnít know that Tom liked her; he was also a little shy. Tom had thought that Pam was too young for him? Tom moved over to the seat next to Pam and said, "Hello, your name is Pam, isnít it?"

    Pam face started to flush and her heart picked up a few beats. Without looking up, Pam nodded her head and whispered, "Yes."

    "My name is Tom."

    Pam was breathless. For a moment, she didnít know what to say. Pam was not only embarrassed, she was excited. He had remembered her name. With confidence in her voice, "I know that."

    Tom put his hand on Pam shoulder and asked her why she was blushing? Pam shrugged her shoulders and giggled then said, "I don't know."

    "I think I know. Pam, everyone in town is in the same predicament as we are. I know your parents left you and so have mine."

    Until this moment, Pam had not looked at Tom. She turned and looked at Tom with astonishment in her eyes and said, "Your parents have left you too? How do you know my parents left me?"

    Without hesitation, Tom said, "Half the kids in town parents have abandoned them. I have seen you walking the streets looking for a job. Are your parents coming back?"

    "I don't know, my Mother told me she was going to look for my Father. The house is almost empty, what my Father didn't take my Mother did. The house is empty except for the big things that they couldnít take with them."

    Tom whispered, "Same here. I came home one night and almost everything in the house was gone. I thought someone had come in and robbed us. I didn't dare call the Sheriff he was probably the one that robbed us. I went across the street to our neighbors and asked them if they had seen anything going on at our house. They told me that all morning my parents were loading up our car and they had left shortly before I got home."

    Tom had whispered because the Sheriff was sitting at the other end of the restaurant.

    Pam asked, "Tom, do you remember the first time we met?"

    "Yes. I took you and a friend of yours for a ride in my car. You had your first beer and you shared a joint with me."

    Pam giggled and said, "Do you still have your black leather suit? You looked so nice in it."

    "Yes, I still have it. That is about all I have that is of any value."

    Pam had noticed the group of men in the corner of the restaurant. One of the men kept staring at her. It made Pam feel very uneasy. The man that was staring at Pam was Sheriff Pinket.

    The booths at the other end of the restaurant were reserved seats for the towns Good Old Boyís Club. Every morning they sat in the corner discussing the problems of the day. Usually they planned scams to fleece the residents of Dustville. Today they were blaming each other for the closing of the factory. The wealth of their little empire was quickly vanishing. Sheriff Pinket was sitting where he could see Pam. Old man Thompson was sitting across from the Sheriff and Dustville Banker Mr. Paul Pierce was sitting next to Thompson. Jasper Hill was sitting next to the Sheriff. Old man Thompson as you know owned most of the land around Dustville. He also owned a number of general stores on his property.

    If the field hands that lived on his property didnít have transportation, these stores were the only places they could buy food or anything else. Most of field hands could not afford transportation. A few of the hands had old worn out mules or horses. Without transportation, it was too far to walk to town, even for some of the mules. If they wanted food or anything else, they had to buy it from Thompson. Of course he would sell them almost anything they wanted on credit. You think the Credit Card rates are high. They are a bargains compared to the interest rate Thompson was charging. To make things worse he would also jack up the total price of their purchase when he recorded their purchase in his ledger. The poor field hands were getting poorer and more in debt with every bite of food they ate. Pierce didnít own the bank, but he had been stealing it blind. Hill had a large warehouse that was filled with untaxed cigarettes, liquor, stolen property, and all types of items the Sheriff had confiscated from the poor souls that he arrested. Also, Hill was the local fence for the thieves in the area.

    Today they were trying to figure out a way to drain the last ounce of blood out of the remaining residence of Dustville. The Sheriff kept looking at Pam. Thompson said, "What the fuck are you looking at?"

    Simon smiled and said, "That little filly sitting at the counter. I would like to ride her little ass all over town."

    Thompson yelled, "Get you fucking mind out of the gutter. We got business to attend to."

    Normally Thompson would not give a damn who Simon was looking at with a lustful look on his face. He had heard Sammy talking to Pam when she came in. Thompson had had his eyes on Pam for a few years and had fanaticized about making love with her. Pam was a beautiful well developed young lady for her age. Now that her parent had left town, Thompson was trying to think of a way to seduce her. He felt that in a few more weeks of roaming the street, she would be willing to sleep with anyone for a meal. Dustville had a number of women whose husbands had left them. They would shack up with anyone just for a place to live and a free meal.

    Tom and Pam overheard the outburst. They both knew what was going on. They had seen Simon making eyes at Pam. Pam had done her best to ignore him.

    Sammy was a kind-hearted soul. He gave Pam a large plate filled to the brim. There were two eggs, a slice of ham, a large pile of grits, and three slices of toast. He went back into the kitchen and brought back a tall glass of milk. Sammy felt that this would be the only meal she would have for a while. He knew the plight of the kids in town. Everyone was talked about it, but no one did anything about it or couldnít. One family had abandoned all of their kids and the idea spread like wild fire. Let someone else take care of them or let them take care of themselves. There didnít seem to be anyone in town that gave a damn about these children. If there were, they could not support all the kids that were abandoned.

    Tom waited for Pam to finish her breakfast. They walked out of the restaurant together. Tom asked her if he could drive her home. Pam nodded and got into the car with Tom. Tom knew where she lived, but he asked Pam where she lived anyway. She told Tom that she lived about three miles north of Duster Ville on the Old State Road. When they got close to her home Pam said, "That it up there."

    There were two houses up the road. Tom knew it was the house on the left. He had deliberately driven by dozens of times with hopes of seeing Pam. He did not want her to know that he had fallen in love with her. Tom asked, "Is it the one on the right or the one on the left?"

    Tom had dropped Pam and her friend off at her home only a few months back. Pam looked over at Tom and was wondering why he had not remember where she lived. Pam said, "The one on the left. You dropped me off at my home before. Had you forgotten where I lived?"

    Tom with a slight grin on his face said, "No, I did not know if you had moved."

    Pam did not question Tom any more. Tom pulled the car into the dirt driveway next to the house. They got out of the car and went into the house. Tom looked around the house to see what her parents had left. Surprisingly, there were some things Pam could sell. He told her that there was a man in town buying up things from people that were moving out of Dustville and could not afford a mover. He wasnít giving them very much, but it was better than nothing. Tom told Pam that he was in the restaurant this morning sitting next to the Sheriff. His name is Jasper Hill.

    For the rest of the day they talked about their plight. Tom had sold everything except for a few blankets and his clothing to Jasper. He told Pam it was not safe for her to be in the house alone. Some of the homes in town had been ransacked and the women had been molested. People that had never stole anything in their life, now they were stealing to support their families. Listening to Tom telling her about all the robberies and rapes frightened Pam. Pam asked Tom where he was living. He told her that for a while he was living in his empty home until the owner kicked him out. Pam thought that she would be safer with Tom than being alone in the house and said, "You can stay here with me."

    With a surprised look on his face Tom said, "Are you sure you donít mind?"

    "There are two beds in the house and the couch and the rent has been paid till the end of the month. There are a few cans of food still left in the house."

    For the rest of the day, they went through the house to see what they could sell. Tom estimated that she could get about $500 for everything. He told her it was worth a lot more. But, there are so many people abandoning their homes and selling everything they had for the little money Jasper would pay them.

    As the night started to creep up in Dustville, Pam heated up a can of chili. Pam had felt uneasy sleeping in the empty house out in the country even before Tom had told her about the robberies. The house across the road had been empty for a couple of months. Pam felt much more secure with Tom in the house with her. Fortunately the power company hadnít turned off the electricity. They sat on the couch eating their supper and watched television. They discussed what they should do. They couldnít stay in the house and pay another monthís rent. There were no jobs to be had in Dustville or any other place within 50 miles. Tom had tried to find work in the small towns near Dustville and they were as bad off as Dustville. Many of the residents in the adjacent communities also worked at the plant. They stopped talking about their future. Tom looked over at Pam beautiful face. He wanted to reach over and pull her close to him. Not hearing Tom say anything for a while, Pam turned her head and looked at Tom. They gazed into each otherís eyes. An emotional fire started to build inside both of them. Tom cautiously put his arms around Pam, expecting her to pull away, but she didnít. This was the first time anyone outside of Pamís family that had ever hugged her. An emotional surge cascaded through Pamís body. She became short of breath. Tom pulled Pam close to him. Surprisingly Pam snuggled up to Tom. She wanted to wrap her body around Tom. She pulled his shirt out of his pants and ran her hands across his bare chest. They loved the feeling of the warmth of their bodies touching each other. Tom took her chin in his hand and lifted her head and kissed her. Pam caresses the back of Tom neck and held their lips together. Fire flowed through their young bodies. They kissed until their lips were raw. Pam felt safe and secure in Tomís arms. Hours had passed. Pam pulled away and put a hand on Tomís cheeks, gave him a peck on the lips, smiled, and said, "Donít move, I will be back in a few minutes."

    Tom had petted before but he never felt like this before. His heart was pounding, perspiration was starting to bead up on his forehead, he also felt short of breath as if he had just ran a mile, and something was bulging in his pants.

    About 10 minutes had passed and Tomís foresaid problems had subsided a little. Tom heard a noise and looked up. Pam was walking down the stairs wearing a pink nightshirt that ended just below her crouch. It was buttoned about half way up. Her cleavage and half of her beautiful young breasts were exposed. Tomís problem returned. He tried to hide his embarrassment by putting a pillow over his lap. There were no other words to describe Pam she was ravishingly beautiful.

    She walked over to Tom and removed the pillow and sat in Tomís lap. With a wanton look on her face, Pam put her arms around Tom and gave him a long and sensual kiss. Tom stroked Pamís beautiful blond hair, and kissed her on her breast. The young couple alone and embracing each other brought sexual desires to both of them. These desired flooded their minds. Tom hands started exploring Pam's body. After an hour of kissing and exploring each other's body Tom picked up Pam and carried her into the bedroom. Pam allowed Tom to undress her. In turn, Pam undressed Tom. Somehow they both knew that they should not have sexual intercourse. But, they both satisfied each other's sexual desires.

    The following morning they got up and showered together and again satisfied each otherís sexual desires. In this very short day both of the young lives had changed. Neither had dreamed the day before that they would be together. 

    They searched the cupboard for something to eat. There was another can of chili and a half a dozen cans of mixed vegetables. None of these tempted them. Finally they found a box of dry cereal that was almost empty. They shared the cereal with no milk to wash it down. This was the happiest Pam had been since her parents had left. She felt happier being with Tom than she had been with her parents. There was no more of her parents yelling and screaming at each other and at her. She felt that she was free and this gave her a new excitement in her young life.

    Tom left Pam and drove over to the warehouse to see Jasper Hill. Jasper followed Tom back to Pam's home. Jasper with his fat body waddled through the house talking to himself. Pam and Tom followed him through the house wondering how much he was going to offer. All of a sudden Jasper stops, wheels around and said, "I will give you $400. The junk isnít worth anymore."

    Tom was no fool; he knew the cost of the refrigerator the television set, the washer and dryer, the kitchen stove and all of the furniture throughout the house would cost well over $3000, if not more. And some of the items looked new. Tom said, "For everything in house."

    "Yew, everything."

    Tom yelled at Jasper, "You fucking bastard you robbed me. I am not going to let you rob this young girl. We will burn everything in this house and crush it before I let you rob this young girl. This is everything she has. Get your fat ass out of here unless you can come up with a better figure."

    "$500, thatís my final offer. Take it or leave it."

    "Get the hell out of here and don't come back. We will burn everything before we sell it to you."

    $500 was more money than Pam had ever seen in her life. She thought Tom had made a big mistake. With fear in her eyes she looked at Tom as the man walked out the door. She tugged at Tom and started to say something.

    Tom shook his head and told her, "He will be back."

    No sooner had Jasper walked out the door he stuck his head back in the door and said, "$600."

    "$800 and we keep the television set," yelled Tom

    Jasper shook his head and said, "$700 and I get the television set."

    Tom yelled, "You have so damned many televisions in your warehouse you'll never sell them. $800 dollars and we keep the television set. We are not going to let it go for anything less."

    Jasper walked away from the door. Pam again tugged at Tom sleeve. Tom shook his head. Jasper had left the front door opened. Tom walked over and slammed the door shut. Pam was watching Jasper through the window. When he heard the door slam he stopped and turned around with a discussed look on his face. He looked at the house for a moment then turned back around and headed for his car. When he reached his car he paused for a few moments and headed back to the house. Jasper knocked on the door. Tom told Pam to go to the door and tell him that they had decided not to sell the furniture. They were going to have a tag sale everyday until everything was sold. Pam went to the door and told Jasper what Tom had said and started to shut the door. Jasper put his hand on door to stop Pam from closing it.

    Jasper growled, "All right, all right. $800 and you get the television set."

    Pam said, "That's a deal. When will you come and picked it up?"

    "I'll have a couple of men come over here later this morning and I'll pay you tomorrow."

    Tom yelled, "The hell you will, it you don't give us the fucking money now, don't think about coming back."

    Tom walked over to the door, slammed it in Hillís face, and yelled through the door; "Donít come back unless you got the money on you. You pay this girl before you put your foot in this house."

    Pam watched Jasper from the window as he walked to his car. He looked like he was cursing and yelling to himself. He jumped in his car and slammed his foot on the accelerator leaving a cloud of dust as he drove away.

    Pam was concerned that he would not return. Tom assured her that this was just an act and part of his game.

    An hour had passed and Pam saw a truck with a cloud of dust followed it coming in their direction. She yelled to Tom, "Someone's coming in a truck. Come look!"

    Tom walked out in front of the house to see who they were. The truck pulled into the side yard and a couple of burly black men got out of the truck and said, "Mr. Hill told us to pick up some furniture at this house and that he had already paid for it. He told us if anyone gave us any trouble, just push them out of the way and load the truck."

    Tom told them that Hill had not paid Pam and he was not going to let them in the house until Hill paid Pam.

    One of the men said, "Mr. Hill was right these kids are trying to keep us from taking the furniture."

    The men headed for the house. Tom grabbed one of the guys around the waist and tried to stop him. It was like a 2-year-old trying to stop his Father. The guy was dragging Tom across the yard. Tom was losing his grip on the guy and slid down the guy legs. Tom held on and had his arms around the guyís ankles. The guy tripped and fell flat on his face. The other man started laughing and said, "Son, you must be a good football player to be able to tackle Bugger. He was the star running back in high school."

    Bugger yelled, "Moon, stop laughing. I think I broke my nose and get that kid off me. Take a rope out of the truck and tie him to the tree."

    Moon went over and grabbed Tom by his belt with one hand. He put Tom under his arm as if he was a toy and told Tom, "Son, I ainít going to hurt you. If you kick or hurt me, I will spank your butt."

    Pam was standing at the door and saw everything. She ran into her Fatherís bedroom and pulled a chair over to the closet. She was not tall enough to see what was on the shelf. She knew that her Father had stored his shotgun and shells on the top shelf. Hoping that she would find it, she stood on her tiptoes, she felt something, but she could not reach it. She pulled herself up and saw the gun. Her Father in his haste to get out of the house had forgotten the gun. She held on with one hand and grabbed the gun. The chair tilted and she fell to the floor with the gun. She had seen a box of shells but when she climbed back up the shells were gone. For a brief moment chills of fear ran through her body. Then she looked at the floor and saw the box of shells. Her Father had taught her how to load the gun when she was only 7 years old. She had not forgotten. She loaded the gun and ran to the front door. The two men were tying Tom to a tree. Pam fired a shot into the air. Both of the men fell to the ground. Pam told them to untie Tom. They got off the ground and untied Tom. She told them to sit down in the shade and wait until that bastard Hill showed up. One of them said, "He ainít coming. He will be at the bar drinking all afternoon."

    "Well we will just have to chain you to the tree until he gets here."

    The two men started to argue amongst themselves. One of them said that they should have never taken the job. Tom overheard them talking and asked if they worked for the Warehouse Company. Both of them emphatically said, "NO", at the same time.

    They told Tom they made pick-ups and deliveries for Hill at times.

    Tom said, "That bastard was going to pay this young lady $800 dollars for the things in the house. They are worth more than $3000."

    The men apologized to Pam. They told Pam that Mr. Hill had said that he had paid her parents for the items in the house and that their daughter and her boyfriend would try to stop them from picking up the items. Pam walked back into the house, picked up the phone, and called 911. She told the operator to send a state trooper to her home that someone was trying to steal everything out of the house. She went outside of the house and did not tell Tom or the two men. She noticed a car headed toward her home. It was not the State Police. It was Jasper. When he pulled up he said, "What the hell are you two doing. Get the fuck off your asses and start loading."

    The two men looked at each other and then one of them said, "We have a new policy. We donít load anything until we get paid and the owner says it is all right with them. One, we have not been paid and second, they say you have not paid them for their furniture."

    Hill started screaming and yelling at everyone. He could not hear what the others heard and saw. Pam saw another cloud of dust coming down the road. The troopers pulled up in the road, got out of the cruiser, and listened to what Jasper was saying. Jasper was digging a hole for himself. The more he said, the deeper he got. The troopers did not interrupt him. When Jasper ran out of steam, one of the troopers said something to him. Jasper whirls around and sees the trooper. His face turned white. It looked as if he had seen a ghost. After the fear faded away from his face he smiled at the offices and said, "Good morning officers what can we do for you?"

    "You canít do anything for us. I think we have heard enough. When did you say you paid the girls parent for the furniture? Was it the Mother or the Father that you paid?"

    "It was the Father. I gave him $1500 for the furniture."

    "Where was he when you paid him?"

    "Yesterday afternoon, it was in the front room of the house."

    Pam yelled, "You are lying my parents havenít been in this house for almost a month. You came here this morning and looked at the furniture. Officer that old bastard is lying. My parents left me here about a month ago. We have been in the house since nine oíclock yesterday morning until now. Mr. Hill was not here yesterday. He was at Sammyís with the sheriff."

    "What are you talking about? You know I paid them. You were standing next to your Father when I gave him the money."

    Jasper looked over at the trooper and said, "I'm here to pick up some furniture that I bought from her parents. These kids won't let us in the house."

    The office told Jasper to hold on a minute and asked Pam if her name was Pam? Pam nodded her head.

    "Your parent worked at the factory."

    "Yes sir."

    "We have been making a list of the parents that left their kids in Dustville. We have been trying to locate your parents as well as all of the other parents that abandoned their kids."

    The trooper looked at Tom and said, "Your parents left you also, didnít they?"

    "Yes sir."

    "Where are you living?"

    Pam and Tom looked at each other and Tom said, "I was living in our home until the landlord kicked me out. Pam said I could stay here with her. There are still two beds in the house and she is afraid to live out here alone."

    "How old are you?"


    "How old are you Pam?"


    "Since you both are sixteen I donít have to take you to the stateís juvenile detention center."

    The trooper looked at Jasper and said, "Jasper, your name is Jasper isn't it."

    "Yes Sir, my name is Jasper Hill. How do you know my name?"

    "We have at a number of complaints about you. You should be ashamed of yourself. The poor folks that worked at the plant have lost almost everything, and then bastards like you come around and take the rest."

    Jasper was a little indignant, "What are you talking about. Iím an honest man. I wouldnít cheat anyone out of anything."

    Bugger, Moon and the two officers all started laughing. Jasper face turned a bright red and started to say something. One of the officers stopped him and said, "Jasper we have already heard enough out of you. Are you going to pay them for the furniture? I know her parents have not been in town for over a month if not longer. You have been lying to me."

    Jasper didnít say anything. The officer asked Pam if she wanted to press charges against Jasper. Tom looked at Pam and he saw that she did not know what to do. Tom looked at the troopers and told them that her parents had deserted her and left her with only the heavy items that they could not take with them. She does not have a job and she needs the money to live on. If Jasper wanted to buy the items for $1500 she would probably not press charges.

    Jasper turned around and cursed, "You should lock them up. They are blackmailing me. That gal said she would sell everything in the house except the TV for $800."

    One of the officers said to Jasper, "You better keep your mouth shut. You lied to us. The more you talk, the deeper you get. You could get 20 years already."

    Jasper shouted, "What did I say, what did I say? 20 years? I havenít done anything."

    "You told us that you gave her parents $1500. You have been lying to us and you hired these guys to steal for you."

    One of the officers looked at the other and winked. The other officer agreed and said, "I saw a case like this before and old Judge McCain gave the guy 50 years."

    Jasper mumbling to himself, reached into his pockets, pulled out a roll of bills, and gave Pam $1500. Before he could put the money back into his pocket Moon said, "What about the $200 you owe us."

    "$200, you agreed to move this stuff for $100."

    "That was before you told us a bunch of lies. We have been waiting here for almost half the day and you said that it was a small house with not too much furniture. $200 or we are going home."

    Jasper reached for the roll of bills again. He peeled off the $200 and gave it to one of the movers.

    Moon asked Pam if they could see how much furniture was in the house. Pam took them through the house. Pam asked Moon, "Did your parents name you Moon."

    Bugger answered, "Donít tell the Officer, thatís short for Moon Shine. He got himself a still up in the woods. He brews some pretty good stuff."

    Moon smiled and said, "You want me to tell you why we call him Bugger?"

    Before Pam could answer, Bugger said, "Donít answer that big mouth. He will tell you a bunch of lies. When I was little my brother and sister called me Bugger because I was always picking my nose, and my so call friends have been calling me Bugger ever since. This jackass calls me that every time he wants to embarrass me."

    Pam didnít want to get into the middle of old friends. She changed the subject and started telling them what was left in the house and where. Moon told her that she should go through the house and look through everything. Open all the drawers; she may be surprised what she might find. Moon said, "Since we started hauling for Jasper we have found a lot of valuable things that people had forgotten where they had hidden them. Have your boy friend help you. There may be a lot of important papers that you may need later in life. Today they may not seem to have any value; they may be very valuable later on."

    Moon told Pam about a ladyís husband that had left her without a cent. She was going to sell everything to Jasper, but she had not closed the deal. They had gone over to see how much furniture was in the house and told her to take all of her personal items out of the drawers before she sold the furniture to Jasper, pack the things she didnít want in boxes and give them to the Salvation Army. Salvation Army would come and pick them up and not charge a dime. Jasper would throw all the stuff in the Dumpster anyway. Also it would make their job easier. The woman did what they suggested. Just a day before she was going to close the deal with Jasper the police came to her house and informer her that her husband had been killed. They told her that he was found in a ditch. He must have fallen asleep and ran off the road.

    When she was looking through the drawers she had came across an insurance policy for $100,000 that her husband had through the company that he worked for. If he got killed while he was at work she would get $200,000. He was a salesman and was going between customers at the time of his death. The insurance company gave her the $200,000. She didnít sell her things to Jasper and is still living in the same house. Bugger told them that the woman called them about 6 months later and asked them to come over to her house. The woman gave them both a box of candy with a check for $500 each.

    Pam, Moon and Bugger were in the rooms in the back of the house and they heard Jasper yelling to them. They went out front and asked what he was yelling about. He wanted them to start moving the furniture now. Bugger told him that they could not load all the furniture before it got dark and they would come back tomorrow. Jasper did not like this, but what could he say. Pissed off, he left in a cloud of dust as he drove away.

    That night Tom and Pam searched through all the drawers and closets. There were a few trinkets, but nothing with any great value except a folder with all the familyís personal photographs and birth certificates. Pam did not know she was born in Florida and that her Motherís maiden name was Spencer. She found a lot of old letters that her Mother had kept.

    The following day the movers came and picked up the furniture. They moved everything out of the house except a mattress, a few blankets a couple of chairs, a few cooking utensils and the TV.

    The landlord came around and told Pam that they had to get out in two weeks or pay another monthís rent. Through the next few weeks they went through all kinds of ideas of what they were going to do. They both wanted to go to the west coast. They made up their own version of California Here We Come. They packed up Tomís car and headed west. Their few friends came by to see them off and wished them a pleasant journey.


    Pam and Tom returns to Dustville:

    Almost two years had passed. No one had heard from Pam and Tom, or knew if they ever got to California. Early one morning a couple walked into Sammyís restaurant. Fortunately Sammyís survived the social disaster of Dustville. Sammy and the restaurant had not changed. Sammy looked at them for a few minutes. He knew who they were but for a moment he couldnít remember their names, then he remembered and said, "You are Tom and Pam, where have you been?"

    Tom without too much enthusiasm said that they had been roaming around the country for a few years. They brought someone home with them. They showed Sammy a beautiful blue-eyed little girl named Sally. Pam laid Sally on the counter. She turned Sally around so Sammy could see her. Sammyís eyes glistened over. With a lump in his throat he said, "Pam she is going to grow up to be as beautiful as you are. Look at those beautiful blue eyes. How old is she?"

    With a smile on Pamís face she said, "She will be 10 days old tonight."

    Pam and Tom had their breakfast. Pam asked Sammy if he needed a waitress. Unfortunately, Sammy said that things had not changed since they had left. Pam told Sammy if an opening did come up to please keep her in mind.

    When they left the restaurant they went to Tomís old home and they talked to the neighbors. Tom asked if they had seen his parents or any of his brothers or sister. They had not seen any of his family since they left two years earlier. Then they went to Pamís old home. Someone was living in the house. They had came all this distance hoping, just by chance, one of their parents had returned and someone might know where they were.

    The stranger told them he had been living in the house for almost 2 years and had no idea who or where the old tenants were. As Tom and Pam were walking away a woman in the house across the street yelled, "Pam."

    When she looked across the street she saw a woman waving to her. The woman invited them in. She told Pam that she had worked at the plant with her Mother and she moved in shortly after Pam had moved. She told Pam that her Mother had returned about 6 months after Pam had left. Her Mother was furious that Pam was not living in the house. The woman said that she had argued with her Mother and asked her how she expected a 14-year old kid to pay the rent when she and her husband couldnít. This had not appeased Pamís Mother. She thought that the welfare department would pay the rent for Pam. She said that she reminded her Mother that there wasnít a welfare department in the town at that time. The woman told her that she had heard her parents had divorced a couple of years ago and she did not know where they were. She invited Pam and Tom to have lunch with her. Pam discussed their problems with the lady. The woman told Pam that since she left the federal government had established a few services that may help her, but donít expect too much from them. She told them the State had opened a Welfare Department. She suggested they call the Welfare Department and the Salvation Army.

    After lunch they drove to the Welfare Department. The lady that interviewed them was an angle. She found them a furnished apartment. The rent was low and the apartment was much better than the places they had been living in. She arranged interviews for Tom. The woman at the Welfare Department called a number of charitable organizations and they delivered many baby items and clothes for Sally.

    For the first couple of years Tom and Pam saved their money and tried to get ahead. A couple of Pamís old high school friends and their parents helped them immensely. Suzanne was a token integrated student in her class. Janet and Pam were Suzanne only friends at school. Janet and Pam were very much alike. They were friendly with everyone. A lot of their classmates hated them because they did not let a personís race, religion, or financial status interfere with whom they chose as a friend. Hate was not embedded in their souls.


    When Sally was 6 months old Pam put her in a day-care center the Welfare Department provided for working Mothers. Tom was working at an auto paint shop. He painted murals on vans and other vehicles. Thing were looking up for them. They bought an old 2-story farmhouse that HUD had fixed up. There were so many foreclosures that they were almost giving them away. They didnít have to put anything down and the monthly payments were quit low.

    Things had been surprisingly good for them. They were both happy and working until Tom wanted more money for his work. What they were giving him was just at the minimum wage. He had been working there for about 2 years without any increase in salary. They refused to give him a raise and Tom quit. This started to be the downfall of Tom. Tom started drinking. He could not hold down a job. Things went from bad to worse. Pam worked at two and sometimes three part-time jobs. The Welfare Department discontinued the day-care center. For a while Tom became the baby sitter. Pam became the breadwinner. This didnít work out to well. Who was sitting for whom? Pam come home from work and found Tom passed out on the couch and little Sally had climbed into the bathtub. She had removed her diaper and was trying to clean herself in the bathtub. It is a wonder that Pam didnít kill Tom. She ripped him apart. She threatened to have him thrown in jail. Unfortunately nothing worked. When Pam was at work she worried about Sally. She called frequently to see if Tom was awake.

    They couldnít quite keep their heads above water. There was one bill that Pam always paid. It was the payments on their home. All the other could wait for another month. Pam did not want to be homeless again.

    Suzanne was working with Pam at that time and she knew that Pam was deeply worried about letting Tom watch Sally. At work one morning, out of the blue a thought came to Suzanne. All of a sudden she yelled out, "Why didnít I think of this before."

    Everyone in the restaurant turned and looked at her. With her embarrassment she covered her face and ran into the kitchen where Pam was working. Pam said, "What was the racket out there?"

    Excitedly, Suzanne said. "Me, I just came up with a solution that will solve your baby sitting problem. I have a perfect baby sitter for you and she loves kids."

    "Who is it?"

    "I am not going to tell you. After work I will take you over to see her."

    Pam was impatient. She wanted to know whom Suzanne had come up with. Time dragged by. Pam couldnít wait for the day to be over. Fortunately, but slowly the day finely ended.

    Pam and Suzanne both walked to work. The direction they were walking was not in the direction of Pamís home or Suzanneís. Suzanne still would not tell Pam who the baby sitter was. They had walked almost three miles. They passed a row of old abandoned shotgun houses. Pam said to herself, "I will have to get up at 4 to take Sally out here and to get to work on time.  How much further is it from here?"

    "Not too far."

    Pam saw a small house with a row of clotheslines. She asked Suzanne, "What is that place where all the sheets hanging on the line? Is it a laundry?"

    "That is Grandma Jackson house. You could call it a laundry. She washes clothes for people in town. She has this big black kettle. She fills it with a hand pump one bucket at a time. She heats it with wood that Grandpa Jackson brings home. She is still using the same scrub board that she had when I was a kid. She uses those old flat irons that she heats on a big wood stove. I have been in her kitchen in the summer while she was ironing. It was so hot I couldnít breathe. It didnít bother her. At least that is what she told me. She and Grandpa Jackson are the sweetest and kindest couple in the world. Pop said they have been living there all of his life and they havenít changed. They look the same as they did 50 years ago. Pop has offered to fix the house. He said the structure is fine, but there are big cracks in the walls and the floor. They are big enough to stick your hand through. They are a very proud couple and will not let anyone help them. Yet, they are always helping everyone else. They get up before daybreak and donít stop working until the sun goes down. At the crack of dawn Grandpa hooks his mules to his wagon and goes looking for work. They are always feeding the poor. I think there is someone eating on their back steps now."

    Pam asked, "What type of work does he do."

    "Anything and everything, I think people take advantage of him and Grandma. They tell everyone how much they will charge and they get it. I have never seen them sitting around. They are always working, even when I visit them."

    Pam said, "That house is smaller than my living room. Do they have any utilities? There is no power line going to the house."

    "No, there is an old well in the front of the house with a hand pump and an outhouse in the back. They have old coal oil lamps they use for light. Both of them are angels. There is nothing they would not do for you if you needed help."

    "Do they have any children?"

    "They both love children, but God did not give them any. With all of Maryís desire to have children, she accepted her fate. She knew God must have had a very good reason for not letting her become a Mother."

    "I would love to meet her."

    "I will take you over to see them when we have more time. Grandpa Jackson isnít home and I want you to meet both of them."

    "How do you know he is not at home?"

    "His mule is not in the pasture."

    "How much further do we have to go?"

    "Thatís it over there."

    In the distance Pam saw a nice large country home with a big wide front porch encircled by a railing. On the porch were about 6 or 7 little black kids playing. Pam had mixed emotions about bringing Sally way out here in the country. Pam said to Suzanne, "I canít bring Sally all the way out here and pick her up at night. It would take all day."

    "Before you make any decisions, you will see there will be no problem."

    They waded through the little ones that were playing on the front porch and a cute little girl about Sallyís age with a ribbon in her hair put her arms around Suzanne and said "Mummy."

    Suzanne picked up the little girl, hugged her, and told her that Mummy would be right back.

    A voice of an older woman came from behind the screen door, "Who is that beautiful girl? That wouldnít be Pam?"

    Pam answers, "No that canít be me. I am not pretty. But, I am Pam."

    A wiry little lady with the smile of an angle opened the screen door. She opened her arms, embraced Pam, and said, "Honey, you are a lot more beautiful than Suzanne had told me. You have a little girl about the same age as Bonny. With a Mother as beautiful as you, she has to be very beautiful."

    Suzanne interrupted her Mom and said, "How would you like another little one."

    "I would love it. Is it Pamís little girl?"

    Pam said, "No, you have you hand full now. I donít see how you can handle all of them. Mrs. Hudson it is very nice that you want to take care of Sally for me, but I have a problem I canít afford a baby sitter. I donít have a car, and it would take me all day to bring Sally out here and pick her up in the evening."

    Suzanne said in a sarcastic tone, "You are not listening to me. I told you that would not be a problem. Dad makes a kiddy run every morning and afternoon. It is his most enjoyable time of the day for him. He hates it when they have to go to school and the school bus comes to pick them up. Mom doesnít want any money for taking care of Sally."

    With a smile on her face, Suzanneís Mother said, "Suzanne, wait a moment and let me talk."

    Placing her hands on Pamís shoulder she said, "Pam, I have been taking care of kids all my life. The more I have to take care of, the more pleasure I get out of life. As Suzanne said, Ben loves being around the kids and so do I. It would give us the greatest pleasure to have Sally with us. As far as money is concerned Ben is making more money than we can spend. One more little one would not cause us any more trouble. I will leave it up to you. Darling I hope you will let me take care of Sally."

    Pam with tears rolling down her cheeks hugged Mrs. Hudson and thanked her for her kindness and said, "Someday some-how, I will pay you back for your kindness."

    "Honey, I donít want you to pay me back. I am doing this because I want to and donít call me Mrs. Hudson. Just call me Mom. It you called me anything else I would not know who you were talking to."

    Pam asked, "What is your first name?"

    "Jennifer, but donít call me that. Within a short time, you will be calling me Jenny. I donít want to be called a female mule."

    They all started to laugh and a little boy about 5 years old was standing outside the screen door listening and said, "Granny is a mule, Granny is a mule."

    Jennifer pretended that she was going to grab him and the little fellow dashed away saying, "You canít catch me."

    Jennifer and Suzanne convinced Pam to let Jennifer take care of Sally. Suzanne drove Pam home in her Fatherís car. Fortunately, today Tom was sober for a change. He had been drinking, but hadnít passed out.

    The next morning bright and early there was a knock on the door. It was Suzanne with her Father. He was driving this large van with all of the little ones in the back. Pam hurried and put Sallyís diaper and things in a paper bag and hurried out to the van. Pam thought Sally would cry when they drove away, but she didnít. Sally was so pleased to be with the kids about her own size she didnít even look at Pam when they drove away. Pam was the one that cried. This parting moment brought tears to Pamís eyes and a feeling of emptiness. This was the first time Sally had gone anywhere without Pam being with her. Of course with Sally being home alone with Tom was a little nerve racking for Pam.

    Most of the time, on his way home, Mr. Hudson picks up Suzanne and Pam at work. The Hudsonís invited Pam and Sally for dinner many times. Sally loved playing with the other kids. Sally heard the other kid calling Jennifer, Granny. The little vocal cords came out with Nana. Jennifer picked up a new name.

    When Sally was about 4 year old she started to notice the difference in her skin color and the other kids. One day she asked Nana why her skin was white and the others skin was black. Jennifer told Sally that it was hereditary. That wasnít enough for Sally. Those big words didnít satisfy Sally. Jennifer then told her that they had spent more time in the sun and had gotten a suntan. At the moment this satisfied Sally.

    One weekend at home Pam thought that Sally was in her room playing. When Pam didnít find her in her room she started looking for Sally. Pam found her lying on a blanket naked in the back yard. Pam asked her what she was doing. She told her that she wanted to get a suntan like Nana and the kids. Pam told her that if she stayed in the sun to long she would get burned and it would hurt her.

    Sally spent as much time in the sun as she could. One day she noticed a few freckles on her arms. She ran to Jennifer very excited and showed her the freckles and said, "I would do better if Mama would let me stay in the sun. Mama told me I would burn if I stayed in the sun to long."

    With determination Sally continued, "When I get to be as old as you are I am going to be as black as you are."

    With compassion and understanding Jennifer said, "Honey, I know you will. You will be as black as that stove over there."

    Jennifer smiled and said to herself, "It is amazing what kids will do. They are never satisfied with what they are. Blacks are trying to turn white and whites want to be black."

    Sally was growing like a weed. At times Tom would tease her and call her Olive Oil. Sally started school and loved it. Sally was a perfect student and was very bright. Pam was very strict with Sally. If she was not at school she was within Pamís sight. The only time Sally visited someone was when Pam and Tom went to Metro with Janet and Ted Swansons.

    Sally was only nine years old. On one of the weekends when Tom and Pam went to Metro with the Swansons Pam let Sally spend the weekend with one of her coworkers. Her coworker had a daughter a few years older than Sally. Sally was sleeping with the young girl. The young girl fondled Sally while she was asleep. It awoke Sally and she froze. Sally had experimented like most children. This was something that bothered her little mind. The little girl took Sallyís hand, placed it on her genital area, and whispered to Sally to play with her the same way that she was playing with Sally. Reluctantly Sally did what the girl wanted. The young girl told Sally if she ever told anyone, she would throw Sally into Devils Pond. After a few years the young girl moved away. Sally like most young people learned about sex through their older friends.

    As Sally grew older, she noticed that her new classmates became very good friends for a short while and then their friendships seemed to evaporate. They were polite, but Sally was never invited to the functions that other kids went to. She would hear them talking about parties and other private gathering they had attended. Some kids would deliberately talk about the parties in front of Sally knowing that she was never invited. This bothered Sally. It left a lasting emotional impression on Sally. Kids can be so cruel.

    Sally didnít know that her Mother danced in a topless bar at night to help pay the bills. Once the newcomers found out what Sally Mother did for a living they forbid their children from associating with Sally. Sally had no choice but to accept her life as it was.

    Sally concentrated on her schoolwork and took small jobs to help out at home. She opened a savings account and started a college fund for herself at the age of eleven. She never spent any money on herself. Pam and Tom borrowed money from her and never paid it back. And, they couldnít.

    Sally was getting to the age when boy and girls start to date. Pam would not let Sally wear makeup and any outfit they made her look sexy. All of her dresses were long and loose. Sally had a crush on one of the boys in her class. He never looked or talked to Sally. This made Sally feel unwanted. Her desire for male attention was pushing her to the limits of her self-control.


    Mom would let me go to the school dances but forbid me from leaving the dances with anyone. On the nights that Mom worked Tom would pick me up after the dance. On occasions Tom would pass out and leave me at the school waiting for him. I would have to walk home. This had happen a few times. Tonight was one of those nights. I wanted to kill Tom.

    A group of boys and girls drove by and made fun of me. They called me and parents names as they drove back and forth in front of the school. It was getting late and the school light will be turned off the soon. I had not seen those bastards for a while. I was hoping they had gone home. I started walking home. I had entered an area that was quite dark. There were no more street lights on the road until I reach the center of Dustville. I had walked about half a mile from the school. I saw headlights coming from town. I was hoping that it was the assholes that had be harassing me. Unfortunately it was them. They passed by at a high rate of speed. It left me in a cloud of dust. It was heading in the direction of the school. I knew they would be headed back soon. I ran down the road hoping that I would reach a lighted area before they returned.

    I was hoping that they would leave me alone. I was running and I did not hear the car approaching me. All of sudden the headlights of the car was turned on. It scared the living hell out of me. It was almost on top of me. They slammed on the brakes and stopped just inches away from me. Chills of fear ran through my body, I frozen in my tracks. They had turned around at the school and headed back in my direction. They had turned off the headlights and engine of the car and let it coast until they were almost on top of me. I heard a guyís voice asking if I want a ride. I shook my head and said, "No thank you."

    I started running again. I heard a girls voice in the car yelling out, "Go get that bitch and we will give her a ride she will never forget."

    I ran as fast as I could. The car passed me and the quickly stopped. Two boys jumped out of the car and grabbed me. They dragged me over to the car. I fought for my life. I thought they were going rape and kill me. They threw me into the back seat of the car. I fought them off the best I could. They held me down and a girl in the back seat started to smear make up on my face. I made it worse by trying to stop them. The guys held my face and the girl smeared makeup all over my face. They took me to the middle of town and shoved me out of the car. I fell on my back. I raised my head and watched the car speed away I wanted to kill them all. I jumped up and started running home. I was about 3 miles from home. I thought they had finished with me, but they had not. The group followed me and continued harassing me by yelling profanities at me. This continued until I was in sight of my home. I was exhaust from fear. It took all of my strength to climb up the few steps to the door.

    When I went inside, Tom was upstairs asleep in his bed and Mom was in the kitchen. Mom looked at my face and said, "What the hell happen to you."

    Mom thought that I was upstairs sleeping. Again, Mom asked me what had happened and I told her. Mom was furious. Mom went upstairs to get Tom. He was passed out cold. She shook his body and slapped him a couple of times. It was useless. Mom went back down stairs and called the Sheriff Office. There was no answer. Mom hung up and called again. This time she let it ring until someone answered; Mom asked to speak with the Sheriff. The woman on the other end of the line told Mom that he was asleep. Mom demanded that the women wake up the Sheriff. To appease Mom she called the Sheriff. When he finally came to the phone and Mom told him what had happened. He shouted over the phone, "Leave the fucking kids along. They were just having fun. If you call here again I will lock up your whole family. Do you hear me?"

    Mom slammed the phone down in hopes that it would burst his eardrums. Mom in her frustration started to yell at me. She took me into her room and tried to remove all the makeup. Most of the makeup was removed, but it left shades of red around my mouth and gray areas around my eyes.

    The following day Mom went to school with me to see the Principal. Mom told him about my experience the night before. He told Mom it was best to forget about it. He told Mom it would be my word against the others. If Mom insisted he would look into it.

    The Principal excused me and had a private meeting with Mom. He told Mom that the kids would all stick together and tell the same lie. More than likely they would harass me more than before. He promised Mom that he would keep an eye on the problem and if anything else came up, we should try to get a witness.

    Still fuming Mom told me what the Principal had told her and for me to do my best to avoid them. Surprisingly the kids looked at me and never said a word. I guess that they were wondering what was going to happen to them. During the day they passed me and never said a word to me. When the day was over and I was waiting for the school bus, one of the boys that helped to hold me down came over and threatened me. The other kids overheard him. He turned around and started to leave. I donít know what came over me. I called to him and said, "Big boy you forgot to kiss me good bye."

    In wonderment, he turned around and headed for me. He made a fist and walked over to me as if he was going to slug me. He looked at the other kids watching him. I caressed his cheeks and pretended I was going to kiss him. Instead I lifted my knee and crushed his balls. He fell to the ground and coiled up in a fetal position. The kids all laughed. The school bus drove up and all the kids got on. The driver asked what was the matter with the boy on the ground. I told the driver that it was my boyfriend and I had just told him a joke. He thought it was so funny that he could not stop laughing. The poor kid was in so much pain that he could not get up. I felt sorry for him, yet at the same time I wanted to beat his brains out.

    When I got home that afternoon Tom was already hitting the bottle. He still did not know what had happened to me the night before. I grabbed the bottle out of his hand and poured it down the sink. Tom yelled at me and said, "You little tramp. What the fuck did you do that for?"

    For the first time in my life I yelled back at Tom with tears in my eyes, I said, "You fucking drunk, you forgot or you were so fucking drunk that you didnít remember to pick me up last night. I was kidnapped. I could have been killed while you were laying around here in a drunken stupor."

    I had left the front door open when I came in. Mom was coming up the walk when I started to yell at my Father. Mom heard every word that went on. Tom had his back to the door and didnít see Mom walking up. He started to give me hell for talking back to him. Just as he said his first words. Mom yelled at him to shut his fucking mouth. She went up one side of him and down the other. She threatened to kick him out if he ever forgot to pick up me again. With the heat coming from Mom, Tom settled back down and sat in his chair and didnít say another word for the rest of the evening.

    It was Friday afternoon and Mom had planned to go to Metro the following morning. She was afraid to leave me home alone. Mom called Janet Swanson across the street to see if Ted would be going with them tomorrow. If he wasnít going, I could go with them. She told her that Ted would be going and asked why she wanted to know. Mom told her what had happen the night before and was a little apprehensive about leaving me home alone. Janet told her that Billy would be home and she would have him keep his eyes open and watch the house.

    Sally is home alone:

    I had just turned fourteen. My parents and the Swansons had been taking these trips together for as long as I could remember. For the last couple of years they had been leaving me home alone. The Swansons teenage son, Billy, was a year older than I. He also had been staying home alone. When they we were younger we had played together. Billy treated me as if I was one of his sisters. But, I had a crush on Billy and I wanted Billy to treat me as he treated other girls my age.

    When my parents and the Swansons were away, Billyís home became the hangout for all the kids in his class. I would sit in my room with the lights out and watch through my binoculars the activity going on across the street. Some of the young couple would go out on the front porch and make love. With the binoculars I could see their faces and the pleasures they were having. I wanted so much to have the attention the girls were getting. I would fantasize that I was the young lady that was being fondled.

    Saturday morning we all got up early. Mom was still concerned about leaving me alone after the incident I had with the kids from school. I went to the door with my parents. I kissed Mom and told her not to worry. I would be all right and Billy would be there if I needed help. I slapped Tom on the butt and told him not to get drunk again; if he did I would kick his butt. He turned and gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me he would do his best. I knew that was not much, but it was better than nothing.

    Billy never invited me to his parties or to his home when his parents were not at home even though I had played with him all my life.

    Knowing that Billy would be home alone all day, I wanted his company and affections. I tried to think of some way to get Billy over to my house when we were alone. I yearned for the pleasures that I had seen him give other girls.

    Since he never invited me to his home, I came up with a plan that might get him over to my house while I was alone, but would he make love to me? I unscrewed the fuse for the circuit that ran the TV. I had done this for Tom whenever he was working on one the electrical appliances. I called Billy and asked if he had a spare TV. I told him that my TV wasnít working. He told me no and said that maybe he could fix the TV. Billy told me that he would be right over. I ran upstairs to my Mothers room to put on some makeup. I had never worn makeup, because Mom would not let me. All the girls at school wore makeup. Having never put on makeup before, I had overdone the makeup job and I must have looked like a clown. Billy opened the door and saw my face, he starting to laugh. He could not hold it back. Tears came to my eyes and I turned and ran upstairs to my room.

    When Billy realized what he had done he turned and started to leave. Billy had seen his younger sister attempting to put on makeup for the first time. He remembered the pain they went though when he teased them. He turned around and ran up the stairs to my room.

    When Billy reached the door of my room, I was laying face down and crying. Billy walked over to the bed and sat on the side of the bed. Billy placed his hand on my shoulder and apologized for laughing at me. He rolled me over and told me that I didnít need makeup. I was beautiful already. Hearing these words soothed my feelings. Billy asked me to forgive him and to let him remove the makeup. He asked if there was any cold cream in the house. I said there was some in my Momís bathroom. He told me to stay put. When he came back he applied the cold cream to my face. He gently cleaned my face. When he finished removing all the makeup, Billy lifted me and gave me a long and lingering kiss. I felt limp from his affection. I enjoyed the feeling of his body against mine. He searched my body with his hands. I did not know what to do, or care. An emotional rapture that I had never felt flowed through my body. His hands continued to explore my body. Billy lifted my dress and genteelly stroked the area under my panties. He slowly removed my panties. I lay quietly and didnít care what he did. He bent over and kissed my vagina. He reached over and dipped his index finger in the cold cream. He gently massaged and spread the cold cream over my genital area. I lay motionless with my eyes closed. I had never felt the passion and ecstasy that ran through my body. Billy slipped out of his pants and started to climb on top of me. I opened my eyes and closed my legs. Fear ran through my body. I began to tremble. Billy could feel my body shaking and saw the fear in my face. I looked into his eyes, I begged, "Please donít."

    Billy climbed off of me and continued to massage my personal parts. The fear had gone from my body and I felt that I was in heaven. Billy picked up my hand and placed it on his personals. I had never experienced this type of sexual contact. I had watched the girls and boys at Billyís, and I knew what Billyís wanted. The excitement and stimulation led to oral play. Billy laid on his back and I continued until Billy climaxed. This was a disturbing experience for me. I did not know what I should do. I quickly pulled away and ran into the bathroom. I rinsed out my mouth with mouthwash and brushed my teeth.


    The stunned look on Sally face frightened Billy. He put on his pants and ran out of the house. The few minutes that Sally was in the bathroom, she overcame the shock of the experience. The enjoyment of Sallyís first sexual encounter with a boy shadowed the climaxing experience.


    I hurried back to the bedroom. I did not know that Billy had left. I looked throughout the house and could not find Billy. I was very disappointed. After I had searched the house and could not find Billy, I screamed, "Ah shit, you stupid bitch."

    I frantically ran back upstairs to my room and got my binoculars. I saw Billy pacing the floor in his bedroom. He looked very worried.


    Billyís Father had warned him to never force himself on any girl. This was strongly imprinted in Billyís mind; he knew that this would be rape. Billyís Father told him that he could spend his life in jail if he ever raped someone. He wondered if Sally would tell her parents about the incident. He was frightened and confused. He wondered what he should do. He felt ashamed of himself for what he had done to Sally.

    Billy glanced out of the window and saw Sally looking at him through the binoculars. He was embarrassed and didnít want to face her. He haphazardly waved at Sally.


    I waved back to Billy. I wanted to talk to him. I ran down the stairs and called him on the phone. I knew from the look on his face that he was frightened. I loved Billy and wanted him to feel at ease with what had happened. In a cheerful voice I said, "Hi Billy, where did you go? I looked all over the house for you and you didnít fix the TV."


    Billy was not sure if he should return to Sally's. Reluctantly he agreed to come back over and take a look at the TV.


    I watched from the window as Billy crossed the road. I knew from the look on his face that he was quite disturbed. I greeted Billy at the door with a hug and a kiss. I apologized for running away. I told Billy about stories I had heard earlier in my life how some girls get pregnant. I knew it wasn't the truth, but I didn't want to take the chance.

    I kidded around with Billy hoping that he would get over what had happened. After a while Billy started to lighten up. He apologized to me for what had happened and said, "Please donít tell Mom what we did and don't tell any of the kids at school."

    Fervently, I said "Billy, I would never tell anyone what happen."

    Billy replied, "Pop would kill me if he knew what we did. Have you ever done this before?"

    Sheepishly, I said, "No, you are the first boy I have ever made out with. Did you enjoy it?"

    Billy was caught off guard. At first he didnít know what to say. His face turned bright red and he whispered, "Uh, yew."

    Again, I promised Billy that I would never tell anyone. It was our secret, and no one would ever know. We both agreed that we would never tell anyone about the incident.

    I was hoping that Billy would continue from where we had left off. I gave Billy all kinds of hints. I put my arms around Billy. I thrust my body tightly against him and gave him a long kiss. It didnít faze him emotionally. Nothing that I had done persuade Billy to make love to me. He pulled away from me and walked over to the TV. He tried to fix the television. He tried all of the usual remedies. He kicked it, twisted the knobs back and forth, slapped if on all sides, turned it on and off, and cursed it. Nothing worked. After about a half hour Billy gave up and told me that he was sorry that he could not fix it. He headed for the door. My last effort to keep Billy in the house, I invited Billy for a drink. That didnít work either. I was hoping that he would ask me to go over to his house and watch TV there. He didnít invite me. My plans for a romantic weekend had fizzled. Discussed, I closed the door after Billy left. Again, I loudly cursed myself for leaving the room after Billy had climaxed. Little did I know that my day of excitement was not over.

    About a half-hour after Billy left, there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was Billy, I ran to the door with a smile on my face. The smile quickly faded when I opened the door and saw three angry men standing at the door. Two of them I knew, one was the kid that I kicked in the balls, and the other one was the Sheriff. The last one I did not know. Chills ran through my body. It was like an electric shock. I slammed the door in their face and locked it. I dashed through the house not knowing what to do. I heard the Sheriff banging on the door and shouting profanities at me. Without thinking I dashed up the stairs. I was half way up the stairs when the Sheriff burst through the door. I turned and looked at the Sheriff. He yelled at me, "Get your fucking ass down here."

    I didnít answer him. I ran up the stairs into my Motherís room and hid in the closet. My whole body shook with fear. As I crouched in the corner of the closet I could hear the footsteps of the Sheriff getting closer. From the tone of his voice I knew that he was getting madder with each step. The sound of footsteps stopped for a few moments. I prayed and hoped that he had gone away.

    As I sat motionless in the dark closet the door swung open. The Sheriff grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulling me out of the closet and down the stairs.

    The pain was excruciating. I thought that all of her hair was going to be pulled out. I grabbed his arm with both hands and held on as he dragged me down the stairs. My body was wracked with pain as I bounced down the stairs.

    I yelled, "You son of a bitch, stop it. You are pulling out all of my hair."

    "Shut-up you little whole. You are just like your slut Mother."

    I was still holding to Simonís arm, with one hand reached over and grabbed one on Simonís legs. Simon fell on the stairs and let go of my hair. I ran to the rear of the house screaming for Billy. Simon slowly stood up, he saw me running to the rear of the house. I was trying to unlock the back door. Just as I opened the screen door I felt that my head was going to be pulled off. Simon dragged my limp body through the house.


    Billy was in his room and saw the Sheriff drive up. He heard Sally screaming for him. He ran to the phone and dialed the State Police. The officer took his call and kept Billy on the line while he radioed a patrol car. From what Billy could hear the troopers were only a couple of miles from Billy's. Billy told the officer about Sallyís previous abduction and that her parents were afraid they would do anything to keep Sally from testifying against them. The officer again radioed the trooper and informed him that Sally had been abducted and physically abused by a group a couple of nights before. Billy told the officer that his parents and Sallyís parents had planned a trip to Metro a few months back and they were not at home. He informed the officer that Sallyís parents reluctantly made the trip because they were afraid that these guys would harm Sally to keep her quiet.

    After Billy hung up the phone, he ran out on the front porch. He saw a cloud of dust heading in his direction. He heard Sally screaming. He looked across the street and saw the Sheriff dragging Sally out the front door by her hair. Billy ran across the street, jumped on the Sheriff back, and tried to free Sally from the Sheriff grasp.

    The troopers drove up and saw what was happening. They jumped out of the cruiser and ran across the street with their guns drawn. The kid and his Father were hitting Billy and trying to pull him off the Sheriff back. The troopers ran over to the melee, grabbed the kidís Father, and threw him to the ground. The trooper yelled at the Sheriff to let the girl go. When Billy heard the officer, he jumped off the Sheriff back and started pounding on the kid. One of the officers yelled at Billy and told him to stop.

    When everything had calmed down, the officer had the Sheriff, and his two companions sitting on the ground next to the house. He took Billy and Sally aside and questioned them. They were far enough away that the Sheriff and the others could not hear what the officers were saying. The officers had Billy and Sally face away from the Sheriff so that the Sheriff could not see their facial expressions and to keep an eye on the group. The officer had heard bits and pieces from other kids of what had led up to this confrontation. He wanted to hear Billy and Sallyís part of the story. The officer warned Sally and Billy that they should tell him exactly what had happened and not to leave out any of the details. One of the officer said that he had heard about Sallyís abduction.

    I told the officer what had happen the night of the dance and at school the following day. I said that the guys and girls were giving me dirty looks and threatening me. I turned around, looked at the men sitting next to the house, and said, "After school I went to catch the bus home and that bastard over there was waiting at the bus stop. He doesnít take a bus to school. He came over to me. He cursed me and said that if I told anyone they would take me out to Devil's Pond and throw me in the quicksand. Then he started to walk away. I called to him and told him that he didnít kiss me goodbye. He turned around and gave me this weird look. He started toward me with his fist doubled up. I froze in my tracks; I thought that he was going to beat the shit out of me. He made a fist and showed it to me. I thought that I better get the drop on him before he hit me. I put both of my hands on his cheeks and kneed him in the balls. He curled up on the sidewalk. I got on the bus. And, that was it."

    With a slight smile on his face the officer said, "You kicked him in the balls?"

    "I donít know what you would call it. He was too close to me for me to kick him with my foot. I would have liked to have kicked his teeth down his throat."

    "OK, that enough for now, my name is Norton, when your parents come home tell them to call me. Go in the house and I will take care of everything."

    Billy and I went into my home and peeked out the window. The Officer slung one question after another at them. He must have asked them 50 questions in less than a minute. All of them started talking at the same time. It was so confusing that no one knew what question they were answering and what they had said.

    The Officer shook his head and said, "The whole bunch of you could spend the rest of your life in prison. Kidnapping and assault to a minor could get you life. Threatening bodily harm after the fact would get you at least another 20. Aiding and abetting is a capital offense Sheriff. It would make you just as guilty as they are. They would not let you guys out on bond for this type of offense. I heard about a case like this that went on for 20 or more years. It cost the family millions of dollars just for the lawyer. Then the victim sued for 20 million and won. Sheriff you better think twice before you jump into something like this. You should have arrested the Father and his kid, not this young girl. I understand that her Mother called you, and you threatened to put her in jail if she pressed charges. This is negligence of duty as well. She is only 14. I think I will have to lock you all up until her parents get home. If they press charges you guys can kiss your life goodbye. If this young girl feels frightened with the three of you on the loose, I will have to lock all of you up."

    Sally yelled out the window, "I donít feel frightened. I have Billy here to protect me. I have my Fatherís shotgun and a whole box of buckshot. If they come around I will shoot first and ask question later."

    There was a trio of, "We ainít coming around here, no Maíam."

    The trooper told them all to go home and if he heard they came anywhere close to this house or the kids he would do what Sally had said, "I will lock your asses up and ask questions later."

    The trooper got back in his car and talked on the radio. Then he started writing a report. The Sheriff was yelling at the Father and his son for getting him involved in a federal case. The Sheriff drove off and left them in a cloud of dust. They ran after him to no avail. Then the Father slapped the son on the back of head and asked Tim how he got himself involved in this mess. Not realizing that the sound of their voices echoed back and forth between the two houses, Tim started to tell his Father what had happened.

    Tim said, "We saw Sally standing in front of the school waiting for someone for a long time. Someone said letís give her a ride home. Then Martha said yea, letís give that tramp a ride that she will never forget. When we got back to the school, Sally had started walking home. We didnít want to pick her up in front of the school it was all lit up. We turned around and waited for Sally to get out of the lighted area around the school. When we caught up with Sally she was in this lonely stretch of the road just before the school. It was pitch-black and there was no one around. Martha told Charlie and me to go get the fucking bitch. She is nothing but a whore. We got out of the car and asked if she wanted a ride. She told us no. She liked walking home alone. We grabbed her and carried her to the car. That little whore was beating the shit out of both of us. I was lucky that she didnít kick me in the balls then. We put her in the back seat and held her down while Martha painted her face with lipstick and eye makeup. We took her down town and kicked her ass out of the car."

    Timís Father asked, "Who the fuck is Martha?"

    "Thatís Martha Pierce, her Father owns Dustville Bank."

    "Why did you call her a whore?"

    "Her mom is a whore. Billyís and Sallyís parent play switch every time they go to Metro."

    "They all stay in the same Motel room. What else would they be doing?"

    The trooper had not left and was listening to the conversation. Norton shook his head in disbelief. Norton had lived in Dustville all his life and knew the Swansons went to see their parents in Metro. With all the kids with them, when would they have time to do anything? Not only did Norton hear them, Billy and Sally heard the conversation. Norton yelled, "Get your asses out of here or I will lock the two of you up."

    Timís Father yelled back, "We donít have a ride home."

    "That is your problem. How did you get here?"

    "The Sheriff drove us."

    "Why didnít you go back with him?"

    "He ran off and left us. Will you give us a ride home?"

    "The only people that get in the back seat of this cruiser either go to jail or the emergency room of the hospital. You are no emergency case. Do you want to go to jail? If not, start moving."

    "Maybe they will let us use their phone."

    Sally and Billy yelled out, "There is no way in hell we are going to let them in our home."

    Norton said, "Get your asses moving I have work to do."

    Billy and I were still listening to them until their voice faded out. I had heard enough. I walked away from the window and Billy heard me crying. Billy walked over to me and put his arms around me and asked me why I was crying.

    Between whimpers the words started to come out, "My mom is not a whore is she? The Sheriff said that we both were whores and Tim said our parents play switch." In anger, Billy said, "That bastard doesnít know what he is talking about. I have heard the story before. I beat the shit out of the guy that started it."

    I cried, "Our parents have been going to Metro together for a long time and they never take me."

    "Sally we have gone at least a hundred times. With me, my brothers and sisters along they never had a moment to switch. Do you know what switch means?"

    "No," I whimpered.

    "Itís when two married couple having sex with the other couple husband or wife. My mom would never have sex with Tom. His breath smells like a brewery. It is bad enough just riding in a car with him. None of us wanted to sit in his lap. Mom made us take turns. I liked going to Metro with them. We had a lot of fun at the nursing home where our Grandparents live. It was like having Christmas 4 or 5 times a year. Grandma and Grandpa would give all of us money and presents."

    I said, "Mom makes Dad wash his mouth out with a terrible tasting mouth wash before he goes to bed at night. I used it after we played around."

    Billy laughed and said, "I thought that you would have to fill his mouth with concrete to keep the odor inside. The odor is so bad itís like a flame thrower."

    I chuckled, "I know what you mean."

    "Tim said that both of our families stayed in the same room."

    "No way, most of the time we would load up and drive downtown to pick up your Mom and Dad. The only time we all were in the same room together was when Tom and Pam met us at our motel to come home. That was when we could not get a room on the outskirts of town. They came to the door to let us know they were there. Then they went to the lobby and wait for us. With all of us watching TV in the room, it wasnít any room for anyone to sit down. There were only two beds in the room. The youngest one of us would sleep with Mom and Pop, and the rest of us would sleep in the other bed. If I were still going with them it would be four of us in bed together. Now, itís not enough room for me to go along with them."

    "Did you ever play with Betty like you played with me? She is only a year younger than I am."

    "Hell no Sally, I would never touch my sisters. That would be sick. I feel guilty for what I did to you. I have always felt like you were one of my sisters. You have been very close to me, like another sister. I have always called your Mom, Aunt Pam and your Dad, Uncle Tom.

    I asked, "Do you ever play with other girls like we played today?"

    Billy face turned red as a beet and at first he didnít want to answer the question. Then he said, "Of course I do and you know it. You watched me from your room through your binoculars."

    This took me by surprise. I blushed and asked, "How did you know? I always turn the lights off."

    "The lights from my front porch reflected in your binoculars. A guy in my class saw the reflection one night and told me. The following night he brought his telescope and we put it in the upstairs window. We got one of the guys to take his girl friend out on the front porch and make out with her. While you were watching them, we were watching you play with yourself."

    I could feel the heat that was coming from my face. My face turned a bright red? I turned and ran up the stairs. Billy called to me and said, "Come back here. We are not going through the same thing we went through this morning."

    I sheepishly walked back to Billy. Billy started laughing and put his arms around me. I removed my hands from my face and started giggling.

    Billy said, "Everybody plays with themselves. A few years back I saw Betty playing with herself and I told mom. She took me upstairs to my room and locked the door. She sat me down and told me the facts of life. She told me that everyone finds pleasure playing with their body. Different people do different things. Mom said that when we are young we discovery our body and all it parts. As long as you do not become obsessed with it and keep it private, there isn't anything wrong with it. She warned me not to ever embarrass my brothers or sisters if I happen to catch them. And, donít peep or try to sneak up on them. She said that she and Dad would never punish us if they catch us playing with ourselves and she wants all of us to respect the privacy of others. As she walked out of the room she looked over her shoulder and told me to remember who washes the sheets in this house. You think your face was red. Not only was my face red, I felt so small that I could have walk under a sheet of paper."

    I was fascinated with Billy and what he told me. Perplexed, I looked at Billy and said, "Billy, mom has never talked to me like that. She would only say, never let some smart bustard touch your body or something similar."

    Talking with Billy had unraveled some of my sexual hang-ups. I felt better about my sexuality. Then I started cross-examining Billy again.

    "Do you know what Mom and Pop do when they go to Metro?"

    "Itís no secret on what Tom does. He heads to the closest Bar and spends the whole weekend there. Mom told me that Aunt Pam has to pull Tom out of the Bar on Saturday night and put him to bed. It takes him all day on Sunday to sober him up."

    "What does mom do when she goes on these trips?"

    "I am not quite sure. We stay at a motel on the outskirts of town. Dad drops us off and takes your folks to a motel in downtown Metro. The only time that I can remember that your folks ever stayed at the motel that we stayed at, was when there was a convention in Metro and all the rooms down town were booked."

    "Why did your parents stay at the motel on the outskirts of town and mine stayed downtown?"

    "Sally, you ask a lot of questions. The senior home were my grandparents live is on the outskirts of town. Your mom doesnít have a car and there is no bus service out there. And, your Mom loves to shop."

    "Mom goes shopping; she never brings anything home with her."

    "If your Mom is like my Mom she can shop all day and never buy anything. They just look."

    Billy paused for a few minutes then said, "Sally, I am not supposed to tell you this and I donít know why. I heard Aunt Pam talking to Mom and Mom told me to never mention what I had heard. I still not sure what I heard that I should not mention it to anyone. Sally the only thing I do know, your Mom said that she was looking for someone that was very dear to her and that she lives in Metro. That was about a year ago and she had not found her then."

    I asked, "How do you know she was looking for a woman? I bet Mom is looking for her Mom. I heard Mom and Dad talking about her and wondered where she went."

    Billy said, "I heard them mention "she" a couple of times. Please donít ever tell anyone that I told you about this. My pop will ground me for a year."

    I looked at Billy, kiss him on the cheek and said, "I promise."

    Billy asked me if I thought I would be all right. Reluctantly I answered yes. Billy had some friends coming over tonight and he would have invited me, but he would get killed if anything happened to me. He warned me not to peek. If this group caught me, they just might come over. Billy did not want to have to fight them off.

    I followed Billy to the front door. As Billy was walking out the doors I took his arm and pulled it around me. I stood on my toes and gave Billy a kiss and said, "Maybe someday you will not think of me as a sister. I will never tell anyone about this morning. It is so nice to know someone in this world likes me."

    Billy said, "If I hadnít grown up with you and lived across the street all these years, I would not be leaving now. I would spend the night with you. I canít explain my feeling about you Sally, except I feel the same about you as I feel about Betty. I am very sorry for what happened. Please donít tell anyone."

    "Billy, I promise I will never tell anyone."

    Billy hugged me and gave her a big long kiss. I was melting in his arms. I had never felt this way about anyone before. I wished that I had grown up on the other side of town.

    Sally thoughts:

    Even though Billy did not invite me over for the party, I still loved him. I did not want anyone else around when I was with him. I wanted to be alone with him and have him to myself. I did not give a damn about any of the other guys that I had seen at these parties. I think I would through up if any one of them tried to kiss me. As I lay in bed that night I thought about the day with Billy. Thinking about it made me feel like I had been in heaven. The incident with the Sheriff was washed out of my mind by my thoughts of Billy. This was the most gratifying day of my life.

    As the morning light started to appear on the horizon my thoughts had been so intense on the previous day that I did not know if I had been daydreamed all night or had fallen asleep and dreamed all the things that went through my mind. The night seemed to be too short. I jumped up and looked out the window hoping to see Billy. All the cars that were there last night had gone.

    Sunday was uneventful. I screwed the fuse back in it socket and watched TV and did my homework. I went to the window a hundred times to see if I could see Billy. I did not see him until I looked out and saw Billy talking to my parents in the afternoon. They had just returned from Metro.

    By the time I got out of the house Billy had told them about the incident with the Sheriff. Our parents wanted to get together a lynch mob and hang them all. Their tempers were explosive. I had never seen Billyís and my parents so angry. After they had let off a little steam, I went outside. I said, "Mom, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Swanson this is my problem. With Billy and the trooper helping me I donít think we will have any more trouble with them. As you told me Mom it is best to let it die out. I think Officer Norton scared the hell out of them. I donít think we will have any more problems with them. Mom, Officer Norton wants you to call him tomorrow and I think we should ask for his advice. From what he told the Sheriff, Tim, and his Father, they could get life in prison for kidnapping me. I donít want to put anyone in prison for life."

    Mom put her arms around me and hugged me tightly and said, "You are a very brave girl. Go back in the house and we will be in soon."

    I went back in the house and I overheard Billy telling them that he had some friends over last night. He told them what had happened and I was his cousin. Billy told his friends the names of the guys that were involved and asked them to keep an eye out for me. If I get harassed or hurt by the bastards we will beat the shit out of them. Billy said that they all knew the bastards and would keep an eye on them. Mom hugged Billy and thanked him for looking out for me. As Mom and Dad approached the house, Dad called to me and said, "Come here sweetheart I want to give a brave girl a kiss."

    I yelled back, "OK, flame thrower mouth, keep your mouth shut. I donít want to get my hair singed."

    Billy heard me and burst into laughter. Everyone else except Dad started laughing. They all knew what I was talking about. After a few moments Dad said, "I donít know what you all are laughing about. I canít smell my breath."

    Everyone else chimed in and said, "We can."

    Dad sulked and went up the stairs to his hideaway on the third floor. We didnít see him for another 3 or 4 hours. When he came down he had a painting of himself with his mouth wide open with a long flame coming out and he asked me, "Is this what I look like?"

    Mom snapped back and said, "Honey you forgot to paint the smell."

    "Well, if I breathed on it, it would set the fresh paint on fire."

    Dad told Mon he was going to stop drinking. He had said that a thousand times. He would have all the good intentions and do his best. But that was not quite good enough. He would start over in a month or two.

    For the next few years nothing eventful happened. If I wasnít working I was studying or at school. I didnít buy anything for myself. I put every cent I made into my saving for my college education. When Dad was not working he was drinking. Mom had to borrow money from me to keep a roof over our heads. At times I had as many as 5 part-time jobs and still found time to do my studying.

    Dad was known as the towns drunk and someone had spread a rumor that Mom was the townís whore. When a new kid came to school they would migrate to the one that they thought would accept them. It was always me. As soon as their parents heard the rumors about Mom and Dad, they would forbid their kids from associating with me.

    I had heard my parents fight about each otherís infidelities. There had been many days that Dad didnít come home until the crack of dawn. He would be drunk and had lipstick smeared all over him. He never was able to hold a job. He had worked in almost every minimum wage job in Dustville. There were many days of unemployment between jobs. When Dad was drunk he treated me like I was a stray dog. There seemed to be no love shown for me from my Father and only a little from my Mother. I heard Dad curse Mom for having me. He told Mom that I did not look like anyone in his family and I was not his child. This tore my heart apart. I felt that there was no one in this world that loved me or even cared for me. At times I wanted to go out to Devils Pond and jump in. I was to afraid to even think about it. I was afraid that something else would happen to me and I would die an agonizing death.


    Through all of this, Sally with a heart of gold forgave her parents. She would do anything to develop a lasting friendship with others. She never knew how the rumors about her parents had started and why the parents of her classmates would not let their children associate with her. Some of her classmates liked her, but due to their parental pressure the friendships were casual.

    She accepted her life as it was. She studied hard so that she would be able to attend college. One of her teachers, Mr. Peters tutored Sally. Sally was an excellent student. She had straight Aís in all her subjects. The other kids in her class envied her, with her eagerness; she made the rest of the class look like imbeciles. Mr. Peters helped Sally prepare for college. He guided her through the last 3 years of high school. If it wasnít for Mr. Petersí help, Sally would probably never have left this worthless little dusty southern town.

    Through the last few years of high school Sally grew to like Mr. Peters. He was in his mid to late fifties. His physical appearance was nothing to shout about. Much less consider him a hunk. It was the tenderness that he showed all his students. This is one of the reasons that Sally gravitated to him. Also, he was considered one of the best teachers in the state. Not having any love or affection from Tom, Sally grew closer to Mr. Peters. As graduation grew near, Sally wanted to show Mr. Peters her sincere appreciation for all the time he had helped her. With her meager funds, Sally managed to buy all of her teachers a small gift. She had purchased Mr. Peters a very expensive tie. Sally had stretched her pennies and saved the money for the gifts.


    On the last day of high school I visited all my teachers and thanked them for helping me. As I walked into Mr. Peterís classroom, he was packing his things for the summer. He had not notice me when I walked in. When Peters saw me, his face turned a bright red.


    Peters felt that Sally had read his mind. Peters was daydreaming of the things he would be doing in the summer. He was not married and had no sexual life in Dustville. He would tour foreign countries where prostitution was legal to fulfill his sexual desires.


    I glanced down and saw the bulge in his pants. Peters quickly picked up the briefcase he was packing and covered his embarrassment. The briefcase was not closed and when he put it in front of himself the contents flew all over. I got down on my knees and started picking up the papers. I kept taking glances at the bulge in Mr. Peterís pants. I could not stop glancing at the bulge. The more I looked the more embarrassed Mr. Peters became. I finished picking up all the papers; I stood up and continued to take quick glances at the bulge in his pants.

    I gave Mr. Peters the nicely wrapped gift, put my arms around him, and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I felt his erection pressing against my crotch. I started to pull away, but Mr. Peters had his arms around my waist. Without thinking, I thrust my crotch tightly against him and gave Mr. Peters a long sexy kiss. For a few moments I had forgotten where we were. When I realized where we were, I quickly pulled away from Mr. Peters. I apologized to Mr. Peters. Again I thanked him for all his help through the years and headed for the door. As I approached the door, I looked at Mr. Peters still trying to hide his embarrassment. I remembered the many hours Mr. Petered tutored me. He looked so pathetic standing there with that sexual hunger on his face. I could not walk out on him now. I knew the sexual hunger that must be going through him. I had experienced the same feeling many times myself. I wanted to relieve him of this hell.

    I locked the classroom door and returned to Mr. Peters. I took his hand and led him into the side office of the classroom. He freely followed me across the classroom into the office. I closed the door and looked up at his hungry face. I unzipped his pants. I embraced and fondled him until his sexual desires were fulfilled. After the sexual encounter Mr. Peters begged me not to tell anyone. I promised him that I would never tell anyone. Mr. Peters told me if I ever needed his help to please call him. I again thanked Peters and reached up to kiss him again. As I was walked out the door I turned and through Mr. Peters a kiss.

    My parents had lived from hand to mouth and had never saved a dime, not that they didnít want to, they were like the majority of the families in the country. The cost of living is too high, the salaries are too low, and the interest rates on credit card are robbing us all blind. I had scrubbed floors, cleaned houses; nurse the elderly, baby-sat and dozens of other low paying jobs just to pay for my basic needs.


    If you looked beyond the outfits that Sally wore, the amateurish makeup and hairstyle, she had grown up to be a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, a continuous happy smile, and a slight dimple in both cheeks. The awkward early teenage look was with Sally almost through her college years. Sally started to mature physically during her latter years of college.

    With all of her kindness and her joy for living, Sally could not make or develop a lasting relationship with most of the kids in school and in college. Even though she desperately wanted to make friends and even though she had the ability, she never developed a meaningful relationship during her school years because of her social standings.

    Sally finished college. She paid for her education and living expenses by working at nights in sleazy bars, restaurants, and many below the minimum wage businesses. She was one of the top three in her class. There were many recruiters searching for talented students. No one wanted her. WHY? Your guess is as good as mine. They hired young men with big mouths and no brains and ignored Sally.

    Sally Leaves Home:

    I went back to Duster Ville for a short visit with my parents. Unfortunately, I wasnít blessed with the opportunities that others receive in life. I packed a few my thinks, took the bucks that I had left over from my education, left home and searched for a job. I majored in business administration. Many like me were searching for a job. There were no openings in my field. I went from one town to another until I finely found a job. It wasnít what I wanted, but I had a job. The salary was not great, but it was enough to keep me off the streets if I watched my pennies. I was a sales person in an office supply company names OS Supply.

    I did my best to be presentable and worked hard in hopes of getting a promotion due to my education. None of my co-workers had a college degree. It never happened.

    I wanted the finer things in life. I had set my expectation higher than I should have. Seeing other women that were better looking than me and had more charm made me try harder to achieve my ambitions.

    As I look back, I was stupid. My overwhelming desires blocked my intelligence. I wanted too much too soon. I thought that I would never get the breaks that the other women my age got.

    Like most women in this world I wanted to be romanced, have lots of money, and have a happy marriage. I longed for love and affection from a man that loved me, not my body. Every time I saw a happy couple, I asked myself why couldnít that be me. I dated a number of men in college; all they wanted was a one night stand. My Mother had lectured me about being a virgin when I got married. This had kept me out of bed with a number of guys. The attitude and the sexual aggressiveness of many young men had destroyed my respect for a lot of them. I had to fight them off. This had made me uneasy when I dated young men. I am sure there must be someone in this world that will love me for what I am. I have tried many ways to find a nice young man without success. I bought a new car, nice clothes, went to the best beauty salons nothing seemed to work. All the young studs that I had met had the same desires, the 3 "FFF." Find them, fuck them, and forget them. When I didnít jump into bed with them on the first date, I never saw them again.

    Due to my obsession to fulfilling my desires, I spent most of my salary on the new car, my new clothes and new furniture. I wasnít saving a penny. I was pushing my credit card to the limit and getting deeper in debt. With my meager salary, I was spending more money than I was making. I explored all the dives in town looking for Mr. Right. I ended up in places where most women would not go with an escort, much less alone. I was desperate for male attention on my terms. I had received a lot of attention from men in bars. The older men wanted any crumb of affection that I would give them. My search for Mr. Right was costing me more money than I had. I was on the verge of thinking that I would never find Mr. Right. I became quite depressed. My money problems were growing. I was looking for a way to make a few extra dollars. I could not take a second job; the hours would be too long. The salary they were paying for part time employees was below the minim salary. They were sweat shops and I did not want any part of it. There were other job out there, but you had to sleep with the bosses to get the job and the salary wasnít any better than the sweat shops.

    Sallyís finds another Job:

    The older menís desires for affection made them a perfect target for a sham. I was not spending my money on drinks. Everyone wanted to buy me a drink. They wanted me to pay for the drinks they bought me by shacking up with them. There were a lot of prostitutes hanging around the bars. I wasnít that desperate yet. One night as I was lying in bed worrying how I was going to pay my bills I came up with a scheme that I thought might work. Since the older men in the bars wanted my attention and my affection, I may as well make them pay for it. I could hustle some lonely old man out of his money by letting him fondle me in the bar. Give him a sad story and get a few bucks. I thought that some of the older men were so lonely they would give their life savings for my affection. I spent a whole week planning my approach. I practice and rehearsed what I would do and say. I changed my approach a dozen times until I thought I had a good line of bull shit.

    The first night that I tried out my approach, I visited the bars that I had frequented. I went in the bar and sit alone in a booth. I survey the customers to see who look lonely and whom I thought would be more generous.

    When I saw someone that I felt might be a good hook, I examined everything about him, how he spent his money, his clothing, if his shoe were shined and any indication that he had money. I didnít want any smart-ass young punk. I knew the ones that thought they were hot shit. All they wanted was to take me in a back alley, fuck me and walk away without giving me a cent.

    I showed my best assets. I unbutton the top buttons of my dress. I had bought an up-lift bra that almost pushed my breast out of my dress and a very short skirt. I sat in a booth where I could see the bar. Instead of having my legs under the table I crossed my legs in the isle. All of my legs were exposed; with the extra short skirt a part of my butt was also exposed. I sat on the isle side of the booth, if someone wanted to join me, they would have to sit on the opposite side of the table. I did not want to be pushed into a corner if I had to make a quick exit. I wanted an older man that was gentle and was not so picky about my looks and the way I dressed. I felt that they were easier to con than the younger bastard; usually the older men had more money. The younger guys were probably as broke as I was. If I was going to make any money, I had to find a lonely sap that had money. I think they all thought that I was a whore. In Dustville they thought that Mom and I was whores, maybe I am.

    When I thought I had found the right sap, I made eye contact and give him a flirtatious smile. When the bar was crowded, it didnít take long for someone to come over, strike up a conversation, and offer me a drink. I invite him to sit with me. In a casual way I would give him the third degree. I would ask what he did for a living, how much money he made, and where he lived and any other thing that came to mind. If I felt he was a good prospect. I would excuse myself and go to powder room. I looked in the in the mirror to repair any damage and rinsed out my mouth so I would not frighten him away with my bad breath. I adjusted my bra so that my nipple almost showed. I hurried back. I did not want to lose him.

    When I returned I sat next to him and it he offered me the inside seat, I would tell him that I did not want to bother him every time I went to the powder room. I would insist that he sit on the inside seat. And, if I had a problem with him, I could make a quick retreat. I watched his eyes to see what part of my anatomy he was interested in. I would flaunt that part of my body hoping it would warm him up. By sitting on the outside seat, if it came to a point that I wanted to fondle him, I would be able to block the view of anyone that may be passing by.

    Within a few minutes after I returned from the powder room, I laid it on him. I gave him a sad story of how I was in debt up to my ears and how hard it was to make a living. I would tell him about my meager salary, I was behind in my rent and car payments. I would continue until the sap starting to soften up and show some compassion. When the old fart put his arm around me, to comfort me, this was my cue. I put my hand on his thigh. I slowly ran my hand up and down his thigh, stopping on top of his pecker. If he hinted that he was going to help me financially, I would squeeze his pecker. Thanking him for his offer and continue to fondling him. If he did not have a boner, I would continue to fondle him until he did. If he did not go for his wallet within a reasonable time I would remove my hand from his pecker and apologize for being so forward. This pause in foreplay primed him to reach for their wallets. If he were generous, I would reach down and slowly zip down his fly and continue to massage his pecker. At times some of them would have a climax before I had their zipper open. When the men hinted they wanted to have sexual intercourse. I would give them a line of bullshit and put on an act that would make the men feel guilty for asking or thinking I was a prostitute. I would give them all types of excuses and say that I wanted to save my virginity until I was married. That was the only thing that was the truth and of course I was broke. As the weeks passed my approach became very effective. I was starting to get a few bucks ahead of my expenses. I started to get repeat customers. I did not have to go through the line of BS. Usually they would come up with the same amount of money they gave me the last time. I did not have a fixed fee. I took what I could get. Some new customers would give me some money. I would glance down to see how much money they had given me. If I thought it was too little, I would show them the palm of my hand and look them in their eyes. Most of the time, they would give me another ten and sometimes a twenty. As I said, I would take what I could get.

    The owner of the one of the bars that I frequented had noticed what I was doing. When I came into the bar one evening, he followed me to the booth. He asked me what I wanted to drink. I told him that I wanted a glass of wine. When the owner came back with the wine, he sat down in the booth across from me. For a moment he did not say anything. For those few moments all hell was breaking loose in my mind. What the fuck have I got myself into now? I got a good thing going and he is going to fuck it up. As usual I expected the worse. Finally he introduced himself and told me he was the owner of the bar and asked me what my name was. I was a little uneasy about telling him my real name. I used an alias and told him my name was Betty. He told me that he had noticed my activities with his customers. I thought he was going to kick me out and not let come back in. I was making more money on the weekends in this bar than all the others. Surprisingly he didnít object to what I was doing. It had increased the number of his customers in the bar. He warned me, if any type of trouble came from my activities I would not be allowed in the bar in the future. With a sigh of relief I thanked him and I promised him that I would do my best to select friends that would not start any trouble.

    In the rear of the bar was a small dance floor. If the bar was over crowded I would ask the prospect if he would like to dance. I would warm up the prospect on the dance floor before I made my pitch. At times it worked better than massaging the guyís legs.

    My popularity grew. Someone was spreading the word. Who was it? Was it the bar owner? On the good nights I made $200-$300. Most nights I only made around $100. I cruised the bars mostly on Friday and Saturday nights. Occasionally, I would go out during the week. I had gotten a number of repeat customers. When they saw me, they wanted get right down to business. Usually it was over in a few minutes. A few times they were standing in line at the bar waiting their turn. Some nights it was unusually slow. None of my repeat customer came in and no one would approach me. A night like this made me feel that my customers were using the prostitutes instead of me. But, on these nights, it was also unusually slow for them. This bothered me. I wondered what had caused this. Do men have a period each month like women? Is there a period that they donít have any desire to have sex? I became friends with a few prostitutes. One evening I asked one of them about the slow nights. She told me that when a plain clothes cop came around business slows down. The johns donít want to be arrested. That answered my question. I became paranoid. When someone approached me, chill of fear ran through my body. I was torn between making a few dollars and going to jail. The money won. I continued and forgot about the cops. I thought that I could bullshit them enough they would drop the charges.

    Around the first of the month when my rent and credit card payment were due and I was short of money I would go out on the week days until I had enough money to pay off my bills. On one of the mid week occasions, I was sitting in the bar all evening sipping on the same glass of wine. I hadnít made a damn dime. I was about to fall asleep in the booth. About midnight the owner came over to my booth and gave me a fresh glass of wine and said to me, "It has been a very slow night. Itís getting late and I am going to close the bar in a little while."

    There were only two patrons at the bar. One was a cab drive that came in after work to have a nightcap. The other man was in his mid fifties. He was well dressed and his clothes looked expensive. He looked like a good prospect. He had glanced at me a few times. When I tried to make eye contact with him, he would look away. Business had been so slow the owner had sent the regular bar tender home. The cab driver told the owner good night. The owner went into the room behind the bar.

    I picked up my coat and was preparing to go home. I looked up; the man at the bar was heading toward me. When he reached my booth he held out his hand and introduced himself. I took his hand to shake it. When I placed my hand on his, he opened his hand. I saw a folded $100 bill in his hand. Even though there was no one around, I quickly took the bill out of his hand. I closed my hand tightly around the bill. The guy sat down across from me, took my other hand and gently caressed it. He looked into my eyes. He told me that his wife had left him about 6 months ago for a younger man. The last few months before his wife moved out, she would not have any sexual contact with him and he had not had sexual relation with anyone for almost a year. He said that I did not have to go with him and he would understand and I could keep the hundred dollars. If I did go with him, he would give me another $100. I expressed my deepest sympathy and told him I was sorry, I would not go out with him. I didnít go out with anyone and I did not have sexual intercourse with anyone.

    He looked dejected. He told me that he only wanted my company for a little while and if I went with him, he would give me $200 more. The bar was closing and he did not want anyone to see us together in the bar. Not only was the money getting to me, the gentle stroking of my hand, his emotions and his overall desires that he expressed starting to arouse me. I said to him, "$300 more and I will go with you."

    He nodded and said, "OK."

    I looked around to see if anyone was watching us. The bar was empty and the owner was still in the back room. Politely I whispered, "I want the money in advance."

    He pulled a money clip out of his pocket, peeled off three more bills, and handed them to me. I lifted the back of my dress, slid the money in my pantyhose, and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

    He looked around and said, "I have my car parked across the street we can go anywhere you want."

    I said, "I do not want to do anything in this neighborhood. I know a very quiet street where we can be alone. Why donít you leave first and I will meet you outside. My car is in the parking lot at the side of the building. Why donít you follow me?"

    He started to leave and the owner came back into the bar. He told the man good night, then he looked over at me and said, "I going close the bar in a few minutes, you are welcome to stay until I close and I will walk you to your car."

    I quickly said, "Thank you but, I am getting ready to leave now, thank you."

    I picked up my jacket, said goodnight to the owner again and headed for the door. I saw the man getting into a Mercedes across the street. I looked up and down the street to see if anyone else was around. The streets were deserted. A thought came to my mind. If I turn to the right, I could lose him. I could not do it. My conscious would bother me the rest of my life. What would he do to me if he caught me? I turned to the left and headed for my neighborhood. Every few minutes I looked into the rear view mirror and saw the Mercedes following me. I drove to an empty lot near my apartment and stopped. He pulled up behind me. I got out of my car and walked to the driverís side of his car. He had gotten out of the car and he opened the back door for me. As soon as we sat down, he embraced me. His sexual desire was on overdrive. I tried to slow him down.

    I said, "Honey, take it easy and you will enjoy it more. I want to enjoy you as much as you want to enjoy me."

    He pulled away from me and said, "Iím sorry; I donít know what came over me. I could not hold myself back. I have been thinking about you all evening."

    I embraced him and gently stroked his pecker. It was already erect. I zipped down his zipper. I could not get it out. It was so hard that I had to undo his belt and pull his pants down to get to it. I squeezed it with both hands. He moaned. His strong sexual desires were flowing over to me. I was starting to get sexually aroused. I was enjoying the foreplay as much as he was. I could feel the pulsation of his climax. I grabbed a tissue from my bag and wiped away the semen. I continued to massage him even though it started to soften. He had climaxed so quickly that I felt that I had stolen his $400. Also, my sexual urges were growing as I continued the foreplay. I usually would get a little horny when I fondled someone. For some reason my sexual urges were much stronger than usual. I wanted him to fondle me. I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose. I took his hand and rubbed my crotch with it. He took the hint. I was almost ready to lose my virginity. I was desperately trying to get his penis hard again. My mouth started to excrete saliva. Without thinking about what I was doing, I gave him oral sex. I wanted desperately to keep it hard. I wanted him to seduce me. After a few minutes it started to get harder. I started to have a series of orgasms. They came in pulses, as his penis grew harder. The Harder it got the more intense were my orgasms. I could feel the pulsating of the erection. As he climaxed, my orgasms grew to a climatic crescendo. We embraced each other. I had never had this kind of sexual experience with anyone. I looked up at him and gave him a big kiss. We both laid back in the seat and gazed into space. We relaxed for a while. He wanted to make our relationship on a more personal basis. I told him that I would love to but I felt it was best to keep it on a business arrangement for now. I did not want to lose this customer. I told him maybe at a later time. He told me that he would come to see me again in about a week. I pulled up my pantyhose and pulled down my skirt. He help me out of his car and over to my car. I said, "Goodnight, I am looking forward to seeing you next week."

    When I got home it was almost 2 AM. I had to be at work by eight. I hurried and took a shower. As I was drying myself off, I remembered that I had put the money in my pantyhose. I had put the pantyhose in the dirty clothes hamper. I opened the hamper and search through the dirty clothes, the money was not there. Fear ran through my mind. Where was the $400? We had parked only a block away. I wrapped a towel around me, grabbed a flashlight, and ran down the street bare footed.

    Someone was looking out a window, they saw me running down the street, and dialed 911. They told the operator that a naked woman was running down the street. I was searching the area when a police car turned the corner. I was bending over and searching in the grass. The officers shined a searchlight at me.


    One of the officers said, "Nice buns."

    "Not bad. I wonder what she is doing out here."


    When the lights shined across me, I jumped and started to run away. One of the officers said, "Hold it. What are you doing out here."

    I froze in my tracks. The light blinded me. My mind was a blank. I stuttered, "I am looking for something."

    "What are you looking for?"

    "A friend let me off here a little while ago. I lost Ö (think Sally)Ö an ear ring."

    "Are you all right? There is no one chasing you, is there?"

    I looked around and said, "I am fineÖÖ NoÖÖ. Why?"

    "We had a call that a naked woman was being chased down the street."

    "No one has been chasing me." I smiled and said, "I wish there was."

    "You better put off looking for the Ö.. your earring until you put some clothes on."

    Reluctantly I said, "I guess you are right. I will put it off until daylight Ö and I will put some more clothes on. I didnít think anyone would be up this late. I had just finished my shower and noticed that it was gone. I just wrapped the towel around me and started looking."

    The officer asked me where I lived. I pointed at my apartment down the street. He asked if I wanted a ride.

    I did not want to get into a copís car with two men. They may arrest me. Even though they were police, I felt uneasy about being necked in a car with two men. They may get ideas. I gave them a nice smiled and said, "Oh, no, itís just on the corner. Thanks anyway and goodnight."

    I was walking as fast as I could. I did not want them to change their minds and drag me into the car. I had been dragged into a car once before. Thankful the officers took off. I cursed at myself for losing the money. On my way back to my apartment, I tried to remember where I lost the money.

    The devil side of me said, "You stupid bitch. You pulled down your pantyhose in the car."

    I was quite depressed. The $400 dollars would almost pay for the long overdue payments on my credit card. I knew that if I lost it in the car he would never bring it back to me. I worried about the damn money until I fell to sleep.

    I was hoping that he would find the money and return it to me. It would be just my luck that I never saw the man again.

    The next morning I could not think of anything else but the fucking $400. I searched the area again. The money wasn't there. After work at OS Supply I went to the bar that I was at last night. I bought a glass of wine and waited with hopes that he might show up. The bar was as dead as it was last night. I had dropped off to sleep in the booth a couple of times. I would wake up with a jolt, wondering if he had come in and I didnít see him. I was exhausted, to make things worse, no one had approached me. Maybe they thought that I had passed out. I finally gave up and started to leave the bar when the man with the Mercedes walked through the door. I came al