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    The Gross National Debt

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    Having served in the Marines WWII and had been in the Burial Escort Service and seen the wounded in Navy Hospitals. I oppose all wars when diplomacy is available. ONE casualty is ONE too many. Once someone is killed whether it is one of our own or the enemy we have gone too far. I hate the glorification of war. War is not a thing that should be glorified. George had two choices. He and his administration chose the wrong path. It has cost our country and the Iraqis many lives and destroyed property needlessly. It is still cost us lives and costing everyone in this country. We will be paying for it for many years to come.

    Where will we go now? Will it ever end? When George opened his mouth and pointed his finger at countries that were the axis of evil, he recruited hundreds of millions of suicide bombers, snipers and made every man, woman and child in the United States TARGETS of the millions that hate our country because of many reasons. United States Big Business' has enslaved the people in the poorer countries around the world.

    The propaganda that is spread through the news media does not help our country.   Many of the announcers on TV have claimed that anyone that opposes the war does not support our troops. This is a terrible mistake and accusations. As I said before one service personnel is too many to lose. Once they are dead, nothing will bring them back. We never want any of our service personnel to be lost where reasoning and negotiation can be used instead of war. They volunteered to defend our country, not invade another country.

    The talk of weapons of mass destruction, every weapon is a weapon of mass destruction when it affects you. If Iran and North Korea were or are going to attack this country with NUCLEAR BOMBS MOMENTARILY AND IT IS SO WHY HASN’T  the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, DISTRIBUTED Potassium Iodide (KI) to every man, woman and child in this country, and built bomb shelters for the people of this country?

    When are the wars around the world going to stop?

    Like this country, everyone in the world has their opinion on how to run their governments. Why can’t we all stop and look back to the history of all countries. There have been wars from the beginning of time and we haven’t learned how to prevent wars with another war. Wars don’t prevent wars. Wake up and get your friends to wake up. This will never happen. Everyone thinks that they have the right solution to solve all the world’s problems. The United Nations cannot solve the world’s problems. What makes you think that your ideas and the candidate’s ideas will stop all the war mongers from wanting to go to war to solve all of our problems? HELL NO! God bless all of our children that will have to go to war to preserve the MONEY HUNGRY BASTARDS that live amongst us.     

      God bless us all!



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