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This could happen to you!!!!

It happen to me,  I got a speeding ticket for going over the 25 miles an hour limit. It cost me $130. Of course, I paid the $130 dollars. It was my first ticket!!!

This is just a reminder of what can happen to you and me if we all do not SLOW DOWN!!!!

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By Willy

It will never happen to me.  I am a good driver!

Who are you kidding? We are all good drivers and we think we are the only ones on the road. Everyone has to get out of my way. Who does that sound like? You?

Grandma is all dressed up. She jumps into her SUV. She is running a little late. Everyone is going too slow. She weaves in and out of the traffic going 20 miles over the speed limit. Where is she going? A religious person that she is, of course she is going to church. Grandma, God will forgive you if you are a little late for the services. He may not forgive you if you kill someone in your haste to get to church. Please slow down.

 Grandpa always drives at the speed limit. He is cursing at all the people that are passing him. They are all speeding. Oh, the light ahead has turned yellow. Grandpa doesnít want to wait for the light. He slams on the accelerator and runs through the red light. Grandpa, do you want to kill yourself and someone else? Please donít run another red light. You may get to your final destination before you plan to.

Mom or Dad always tries to get a couple more winks before they get up in the morning. They rush through breakfast and rush the kids. They have to take the kids to school or go to work. They dash out of the house with a cup of coffee in their hand. They didnít check to see if the kids were buckled up. They are speeding down the road driving recklessly and cursing all the other drivers because they will not get out of their way. The little eyes and ears are taking it all in. They are learning how to drive. Mom and/or Dad are teaching them how they should drive and act when they get their license. Mom and Dad you may never see them get their driversí license. It is a very big price to pay for the few extra minutes of sleep. Go to bed a little earlier. Eat your breakfast in peace and enjoy those precious minutes with your kids. Teach the little ones to drive carefully. The lives that you save will be well worth the few minutes earlier you get up.

 Junior or Sis just got their driverís license. Freedom!!! They have been watching Mom and Pop drive for the last 16 years. Mom or Pop thinks they are the best drivers on the road and I took lessons from them. The speedometer says the car will go 120 miles an hour. Why should I go the speed limit? No one else does. It is no fun driving around by myself. I will get some of my friends and show them what a good driver I am.

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health researcher Li-Hui Chen and her colleagues found that 16-year-olds carrying one passenger were 39 percent more likely to get killed than those driving alone.

 That increased to 86 percent with two passengers and 182 percent with three or more. The rate for 17-year-olds was higher: 48 percent, 158 percent and 207 percent, respectively.

 The rate was as much as 21 times higher during early morning hours when passengers were present, according to the study in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.

Chen also found that the driver death rate increased significantly when the passengers themselves were in their teens or 20s.

 Every second of every day someone is in an auto accident. It is costing us billions of dollars Thousands of lives have been lost and many more have been maimed for life, mentally and physically.  The next time you are on the road slow down. The life you save my be your own. It could happen to you!!!